Shahs of Sunset


We Run L.A.

"If she wants to eat a buttery, chocolate croissant, let her!"
-- Reza Farakhan

Reza, MJ, Asa, Shervin, GG & Mike.  Man, they live the life!  They are TV's most popular Persians, but are you ever puzzled when you watch the Shahs of Sunset?

If so, check out these common Farsi phrases...


Shahs to English Dictionary

  • Dool: means "dick" -- used in a sentence, "Mike's dool has a mind of its own."

  • Joon: means "dear" -- used is a sentence, "Reza-joon, will you fetch me a buttery, chocolate croissant?"

  • PST" means "Persian Standard Time" -- used in a sentence, "Asa will be a few hours late to the kaftan fashion show, she's on PST."

  • Salam: means "hello" -- used in a sentence, "Salam, GG! Will Golnessa or Lochnessa be joining us today?"

  • Salamati: means "cheers" -- used in a sentence, "Salamati to Vida actually liking Tommy now!"

  • Shah: means "king" -- used in a sentence, "Shervin is a shah for getting Annalise to agree to an open relationship."



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