About JEN

There are people who claim not to watch TV. (I don't trust them.)

Many refuse to have a TV in the bedroom. (Mine is on all night.)

Some even cancel their cable packages. (I call them monsters.)

This site is a tribute to my first love: Television.

I got a TV when I was 10 -- it was black & white and all mine.  I've always had more network, cable, and premium channels than I could possibly watch. I've owned a DVR since they were invented and I am a blackbelt in scheduling. Plus, I double down with loads of streaming services, just to be safe.

Do I work? Yes. Do I sleep? Yes. Do I leave the house? Yes.

Do I watch a TON of TV? I think we both know the answer to that...

Let's watch together. No shade, just love.


PS: Want to tell me what you're watching? Send me an email!

I'm Jen. My middle name is Michelle. But also TV.

I'm Jen. My middle name is Michelle. But also TV.