Below Deck


The Stud of the Sea

"I would rather drag my dick through ten miles of broken whiskey bottles than have these assholes on my boat again."
-- Captain Lee Rosbach

I'll probably never be rich enough to charter a private yacht. But thanks to Below Deck, I now know the guests are generally a bunch of pretentious a-holes and the crew has much more fun. 

If I were to assemble my dream team aboard the Honor, Ohana, Valor, Eros, Talisman, My Seanna or Sirocco they'd look a little something like this…

(And honorable mention goes to Captain Sandy. Even though Captain Lee takes the top spot here, she’s a total badass.)

And while we're at it, if you wanted to create a yachting experience that was more of a punishment than a pleasure cruise, you might see these bozos on board:


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