General Hospital


Stone Cold

"Behind every great man is a ticked off woman who hates him."
-- Ned Quartermaine

Back in the '80s GH was my jam. Luke & Laura, Frisco & Felicia, Sean & Tiffany, Duke & Anna, Robert Scorpio, Scotty Baldwin, Blackie... Dr Noah Drake!  These days, I don't keep up with the show except for when I visit my parents in Florida. Every day at 2pm, you'll find my mom in Port Charles. And every day, she emails me a recap of the drama, so I'll post them here! 

You might notice a pattern: She is 1000% #TeamJason and only has eyes for Steve Burton (sorry, Billy Miller). And she loves emojis...

Oh, and this contains tons of SPOLIERS so if you care about that, come back when you're caught up! (Or see the archive here.)


Honorable mention goes to: Alan Quartermaine, Blackie Parrish, Cesar Faison, Duke Lavery, Franco Baldwin, Michael Corrinthos, Morgan Corrinthos, Nikolas Cassadine, Scotty Baldwin, Spencer Cassadine & Victor Jerome.



Monday on GH............
In honor of Maurice Benard’s 25th Anniversary 🏆🥇with General Hospital 🏥, today’s episode is dedicated to his character, Sonny Corinthos.

What would have happened IF a young 18 year old Sonny Corinthos didn’t pull the trigger to kill Vincent Marino on Joe Scully’s orders??

What would happen IF Sonny Corinthos didn’t work for Mob Boss Joe Scully??

We see Sonny Corinthos in his apartment in Brooklyn. He is a Sargent with the New York Police 👮 Department for the past 25 years. Olivia Falconieri is his wife and Dante is his son. He and Dante have been estranged because of Dante’s choices.

So, Sonny and Olivia drive to Port Charles to meet with Dante and his wife, Sam. They meet at a restaurant called Pizzulos which is owned by Ava and Julian Jerome. They took over the mob when Frank Smith died. Dante works for the Jerome family, hence the conflict between father and son. The main enforcer for the Jeromes is Jason Morgan. He is very cozy with Ava Jerome.

Sonny goes to the PCPD to talk to Commissioner Anna Devane to talk to her about the crime in Port Charles. She doesn’t seem to care about that.
Sonny - I guess you were a very good cop 👮 once.
(He sees Alexis Davis, attorney, and asks why is Anna so neutral about the crime and mob ties in Port Charles.)
Alexis - Anna’s daughter, Robin, who was 18 years old, contracted HIV and died .

Carly is married to AJ Quartermaine and they have a son, Michael, who is the head of ELQ. Dante has a recording of mob activities. He hates the Jeromes as much as his father does, even though he works for them.

Carly bursts into the Jerome’s office at the restaurant to tell them to leave her son alone. Michael had to leave and go to South East Asia because of threats from the Jeromes. She sees Jason there.
Carly - Jason, what the HELL is going on with you? Are you going to let the Jeromes ruin your nephews life?

Carly is a drunk, like A.J. So, Sonny gets her out of the office before he gets in trouble.

Dante meets with DEA agent, Jordan Ashford, and gives her the evidence. Jordan arrests Julian and Ava Jerome.

Now that the Jeromes are in jail, Sonny tries to convince Dante to not get in too deep with the mob.
Dante - Sonny, you don’t even know me!

Diane Miller is the lawyer for the Jeromes.

Dante tells Sam when Ava and Julian go down, it is their chance to take over, but Sam wants Dante to get out of the mob.
Dante - Baby, if you don’t like the life I’ve given you, you can leave and I will find someone else to take your place!

Sam knows her marriage is over and tells Jason she wants to go to Montana.
Sam - I’ve never been there but I hear it’s beautiful. You should leave the Jeromes, Jason. You don’t owe them anything! Get on your bike and ride away.
Jason - I don’t have the bike anymore. Frank Smith told me it attracted too much attention. Good luck. I’ve got to go to work.

Jason meets Dante at Pier 55. Dante shoots him.
Jason - WHY are you doing this?
Dante - You would be very valuable, but you’re too loyal to the Jeromes!
(Dante is about to shoot Jason in the head when Sonny shows up.)
Sonny-Dante don’t! Give me the gun.
Dante - This is a business. You don’t understand! With Jason gone, I take over.
(Sonny and Dante fight over the gun. Sonny kills Dante.)

Sonny goes back to the 18 year old Sonny Corinthos with a gun in his hand, ready to kill Vincent Marino.
Marino is on his knees - Don’t do this! It will change your life forever.

We see a grown up Sonny with his father, Mike Corbin, telling him not to do this. Sonny is looking at his 18 year old self.

Sonny - Dad, it is not your decision! If he pulls the trigger it is HIS decision. HE will suffer the consequences.

We see a young Sonny pull the trigger and kill Vincent Marino.

— MOM (11.12.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.........
At Jeanette’s house 🏠.................
Jeanette - The hell with YOU! I’m going to burn these letters, and there is NOTHING you can do about it!
(An angry Margaux comes into the house 🏠)
Margaux - Maybe HE can’t but I WILL.
Jeanette - Margaux, honey 🍯! What are YOU doing here?
Margaux - I came for the TRUTH, Mom, and after ALL these years, I think I deserve it!

At the PCPD...............
(Jordan thanks Carly for coming in for questioning. Carly thinks this is pointless because she already answered questions. Jordan tells her Mary Pat was found with strands of her hair in Mary Pat’s hand.)
Carly - I’m not answering ANY questions without my lawyer.
Diane Miller arrives - That’s the job of the PCPD — to find clues! If you’re going to ask my client to do your job, then the city should refund a considerable sum of her taxes!

At Charley’s Pub............
Sasha tells Nina she is tanking in her job search. So, she tries to flatter Nina, telling her she is a big successful Editor-in-Chief of Crimson. She hopes Nina will offer her a job. Nina offers, and Sasha accepts.

At Jeanette’s house 🏠.............
Jeanette is 😱 scared - Margaux, whatever he said, you can’t believe him! That man is a MOBSTER!! Lying is like breathing to him!
Sonny - I told your daughter the truth. NOW it’s your turn, Jeanette.
Jeanette - You can’t be working with HIM! You’re the District Attorney! This could ruin your career.
Margaux - For once, Mother, I’m not thinking about my career. I’m hunting for the person who killed my father, and that hunt led me to Mr. Corrinthos and he led me to YOU! Give me those letters!
Jeanette - NO!
Margaux - For once in your life, do the decent thing and give me those letters!
Jeanette - Oh, I can’t! They are MY intimate letters. They are not for a child to see!
Margaux - I’m NOT a child, Mother!
Jeanette - You’re MY child, Margaux.
Sonny - Jeanette, give her the letters.
Jeanette - I can’t believe you’re doing this Margaux!
Margaux - I can’t believe my mother is a cheating TRAMP who conspired to KILL my father! (She takes the letters out of her mother’s hand.)
Jeanette is beside herself - Margaux, PLEASE don’t do this! Don’t do this to either one of us.
Margaux reads a letter - “My dearest, Joe, I look at my life in the mirror and I ask am I a working mother or a faithless wife? Then, I think of us and I would break any vow, commit any sin, take ANY risk as long as one day we can be together.”
Jeanette - Margaux, PLEASE! You don’t understand!
Margaux - I understand! Did you not write this?
Jeanette - Could we NOT do this in front of HIM?
Margaux - Why? What do you have to be ashamed of?
Sonny is getting uncomfortable - You know what Margaux? This is a family matter. I am going to take off, is that alright?
Jeanette - YES!
Margaux - NO! You stay because this is YOUR party 🎈. You told me I wasn’t going to like what I found, RIGHT? You LOVE being right! You know what? Let me get you a drink 🥃 cause this is a 🎉 🎈 party 🎊.

At the PCPD...................
Diane - My client has cooperated with you, soooo unless you’re going to charge her?
Jordan - We don’t think Carly did this.
Chase - No.
Diane - Then WHAT are we doing here? Is this to get at Sonny?
Jordan - Neither Sonny or Carly posses the skills to commit such a heinous crime.
Diane - Yes, that doesn’t sound like Sonny. He usually makes people disappear, instead of reappearing in public.
Carly - What about Ava Jerome? She would do ANYTHING to set me up!
Diane - So, is she also going to be questioned?

At Jeanette’s house 🏠.........................
Margaux gives Sonny a drink 🥃 - So, did you love dad or was it all a lie?
Jeanette - I did not have a good marriage. There was nothing between us. I thought I would spend the rest of my life like that. Then, Joe happened and that changed everything! The more I loved Joe, the more I hated your father. So I went to Joe and begged him to get rid of the ONE person who was keeping up apart.
(Margaux is saddened by what she just heard.)
Margaux -Did you ever think I would be losing my father??
Jeanette - Of course!
Margaux - But you did it anyway!
Jeanette - Kids are strong 💪. They move on just like everyone does. I couldn’t 🛑stop thinking about how I wanted my husband gone. I wanted Vincent dead!
Margaux turns to Sonny - Did you get that?
Sonny opens his shirt 👔 to expose the wire - Every word.
Jeanette is caught - YOU work with this man to set ME up? To record my words?
Margaux - I TOLD you I wanted the truth, and I got it!
Sonny - I was wondering, once Vincent disappeared, where were YOU? Two people who would do anything to be together. Even kill? I think you would jump at the chance to be together. Why weren’t you?
Jeanette - Joe Scully wasn’t the type of guy to explain himself. He said wait. We waited.
Sonny - I think Joe found his mark to do his dirty work! Once the cops 👮 found Vincent’s body, whoever pulled the trigger would go down for the murder. Then you two would be together!
Margaux - But there was NO body. NO scapegoat. NO Scully for you? Right, Mom!
Jeanette - If you could just.....
Margaux screams - GET OUT! GET OUT! You DISGUST me!
Sonny - You heard her, Jeanette, leave!
Jeanette - Are you happy 😃, Margaux? Are you satisfied?
(Jeanette leaves the house 🏠.)
Sonny - Well, we got what we came for. You want to go?
(Margaux pours herself a BIG drink 🍹.)
Margaux - YOU got what you wanted? I’M not done.
(Margaux walks to the desk with the letters sitting there.)
Margaux - Look at the desk I would never let my mom get rid of! This was a symbol of my father’s hard work. I went to law school 🏫 to be the kind of lawyer I thought HE was!
Sonny - For what it’s worth, I think he would be very proud of you.
Margaux - No, go to HELL! I mean it! I can’t even nail you for his murder. You win! We’re done here. Thank you so much for getting me the truth I have been searching for my whole life.
Sonny - I really am sorry things turned out this way.
(Margaux pours herself another big drink 🍹.)
Margaux - Is that a confession? I didn’t think so. Cheers 🍻!

Sonny leaves a voicemail for Carly - Carly, I got your message. Is everything ok? Listen, I’m not going to be able to come home 🏠 tonight. I love 💕 you very much.

(Margaux is on the floor reading the letters. She is drinking and crying. Sonny picks her up off the floor and puts Margaux on the couch and puts a blanket on her.)
— MOM (11.9.18)
Thursday on GH........
(We see Margaux Dawson in her car 🚘 at night and who is sitting next to her? Sonny Corrinthos.)
Sonny - Are you sure about this?
Margaux - Absolutely.
Sonny - Your mom wanted your father dead 💀. You’ve got-to ask yourself, do you really want to hear her say those words?

At Ferncliff.........................
Jason and Sam open the door 🚪 of the room they think has the mystery patient and who do they see? Nelle Benson singing Rock a Bye baby to a towel. She is holding it in her arms like a baby.

In Margaux’s car 🚘...................
Sonny - When I prove your mother was involved in your father’s death, it will break your heart. I don’t want to do that!
Margaux - Oh well, you’re free to back out. But if you do, I will know it’s all a lie.
Sonny - Ok!

At Elizabeth house 🏠...................
(Jordan and Chase want to speak to Franco.)
Franco - They’re here about the Floating Rib murder, and they think I did it!

At Ferncliff.....................
Curtis - There are some loopholes that need to be closed. One of the areas we need to look at is your security system.
Nurse - Then close them!

Nelle looks up at Jason and Sam...................
Nelle - Look, sweetheart! Jonah, Daddy’s friends 👫 have come to visit.
Jason - You’re good, Nelle. You really are, but Carly was better.
Nelle - I’m sorry, sweetheart, I made a mistake. Daddy didn’t send them, they/re mean. Daddy wouldn’t do that!
Jason to Sam - I told you about Carly, remember? At the Floating Rib?
Sam - Yeah, after she shot Tony Jones she was going to be charged with attempted murder. So, she pretended that the pillow was Michael.
Jason - She was amazing! I almost bought it, but I knew she HAD to be faking.
Sam - You know the secret to a good con? Research! Nelle has done her’s, because she is copying Carly. Unless it’s not an act at all?
Jason - What do you mean?
Sam - Maybe Nelle’s obsession with Carly has finally caused a break with reality!

At Elizabeth house 🏡..........................
Elizabeth - Someone commits a heinous crime and Franco is the first one you think of?
Jordan - We’re looking for insights you might be able to provide.
Elizabeth - What kind to insights?
Franco - They are not here to talk to Franco, the Art Therapist. They want to talk to Franco the KILLER.

In Margaux’s car 🚘.................
Margaux - Say something!
Sonny - I take the Fifth.
Margaux - Very funny. Ok, the wire is working.
Sonny - I’m sorry for what is about to happen.
(Sonny rings the bell 🔔 at Jeanette Marino’s home 🏠 ....)

Jeanette - May I help you?
Sonny - Hi, Jeanette Marino?
Jeanette - That’s right.
Sonny - I’d like to speak to you about your late husband.
Jeanette - Please, come in. Are you with the Insurance Company?
Sonny - No, ma’am. You might say I knew you in your previous life.
Jeanette - What is this about? Who are you?
Sonny - We have a friend in common. Actually, your friend was my boss...Joe Scully.
Jeanette - Joe Scully was one of Vincent’s clients. We were introduced a few times, but we were certainly NOT friends.
Sonny - That’s not how I remember it?
Jeanette - You said you worked for Mr. Scully? Mr....?
Sonny - Corrinthos, Sonny Corrinthos.
Jeanette - I’d like you to leave.
Sonny - You might want to hear me out, because I know quite a bit about Joe Scully AND your late husband, and YOU, Jeanette.
Jeanette is getting angry - What do you WANT?
Sonny - Answers. I want to know why your husband was killed?

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠...................
Jordan - We are not here for a criminal investigation against you, Franco.
Franco - Then what are you here for?
Chase - To get any insight of past behavior. How you conceived of the crime? What motivated you?
Elizabeth - You don’t have to tell them that!
Franco - They’re here for my help and I want to talk to them. If you want to leave, I understand.
Elizabeth - Nothing you can say will shock me.
Franco - Ok, then, let’s do this, Commissioner.

In Nelle’s room at Ferncliff.................
Sam - Nelle, do you remember who you talked to? Who brought you here from Pentonville?
Nelle - Ignore them, sweetheart. They think I will say something I shouldn’t.
Sam - Watch what you wish for!
Jason - This place is a LOT worse that Pentonville. Especially for someone like you.
Sam - Without allies to help you get released? You just bought yourself a LOT of trouble.
Nelle is rocking back and forth - They think they are SO smart, don’t they, Jonah? This is just a stop 🛑 along out way to freedom.
Sam - Who fooled you into thinking this was a way out?
Nelle drops the towel and gets up - It worked for Carly, didn’t it? They had her for TWO counts of attempted murder. She didn’t go to prison where she belonged! Oh no! She came HERE. Until YOU got her out. Right, Jason? Now, Carly is back with Sonny and Michael. Her WHOLE obnoxious family is rich and happy! Oh, so sure she won? Well, she DIDN’T win. She is NOT going to beat me and when I get out of here, I will show her what it means to lose. She IS going to lose....
Curtis and the Nurse enter the room - Go on? Don’t let US interrupt!

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠............
Franco - You want to know what drives a killer? Only one word...POWER. Absolute power over life and death.
Jordan - Is that what happened with you?
Franco - My alleged crimes were caused by a brain 🧠 tumor.
Jordan - Yes, but can you offer any insight as to motive?
Franco - Motive was always Jason Morgan. I was misinformed. I was told he was my twin brother and I wanted to be better at everything than HE was. I wanted to exercise my power over life and death 💀 with more cunning. I wanted to be harder to catch.
Chase - So, in your mind, you thought it was a competition between you and the man you thought was your brother?
Franco - You should talk to Dr. Kevin Collins. He says different people have the same psychosis, but it doesn’t always lead to murder.
Jordan - We plan to talk to Dr. Collins. In the meantime, we would appreciate anything that will paint a portrait of who killed Mary Pat Ingles.
Franco - If your looking for a portrait, you’ve come to the right place.

At Jeanette’s home 🏠........................
Sonny - Ah, that’s good scotch. I appreciate good liquor. I owned a restaurant, and before that, a couple of night clubs. Before that, I worked in a place that Joe Scully owned, called The Skyline 🏙 in Brooklyn. I KNOW you know it because I used to see you there. I thought you were one of Scully’s girlfriends.I had NO idea you were married to his lawyer!
Jeanette - You must be confused with....
Sonny - Oh, I’m NOT confused. You used to go up to his apartment ALL the time! Then, all of a sudden, you stopped coming?
Jeanette - What do you want?
Sonny - They found your husband’s body in the basement of a place called Charley’s.
Jeanette - I’m aware.
Sonny - The cops 👮 suspect someone close to me, and they are harassing him.
Jeanette - If he is guilty, then he should pay!
Sonny - Oh, he’s not guilty and YOU know it better than anybody!
Jeanette is angry - I didn’t know Vincent was DEAD until they found his remains! For all I know, he could have gone to the Caribbean and disappeared somewhere!
Sonny - You know he wasn’t hiding in the Caribbean, because YOU knew he was DEAD! You wanted Joe to KILL him.
Jeanette - That is a LIE!
Sonny - I have proof. Your own words.

At Ferncliff......................
Nelle picks up the towel - Don’t cry 😭, Jonah. The mean people are leaving now!
Nurse - Are these your associates?
Curtis - They are, and as you can see, they were able to get access to the most restrictive area.
Jason - Who authorized Ms. Benson’s transfer from Pentonville?
Sam - Was she screened by a Psychiatrist? She is obviously faking!
Nelle to the Nurse - Don’t listen. I am supposed to be here! They are Carly’s friends and are out to get me. I’m crazy 😜!
Nurse - Catch 22. If you know your crazy 😜......your not! Mr. Coil and associates please leave.
They all leave and lock the door 🚪.
Nelle is desperate - NO! I am supposed to be here! I am NOT lying 🤥.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠..................
Franco - When I was at my worst, I was told I was very charming. I was an artist 👨‍🎤. I had some success and people wanted to know me, but I didn’t let ANYONE know me. I was an egomaniac, manipulative person and I didn’t know right from wrong.
Jordan - So, our killer can be someone everyone knows and respects?
Franco - I think you should talk to Dr. Kevin Collins. He is the expert. I think that whoever killed the Nurse really enjoyed it.
Jordan - Thank you, Franco, you have been very helpful.
Franco - The killer has a part of him that needs to be fed, and he will not stop 🛑 until YOU stop him.

At Jeanette’s home 🏡..................
Sonny - You said you wanted Joe to kill your husband. That was the ONLY way you two could be together!
Jeanette - What, you were SPYING on us? I don’t know what you THINK you heard! Do you have a recording?
Sonny - ME? Record JOE? Not a chance!
Jeanette - Then, we have nothing to talk about.
Sonny - I can’t figure you out? Whether you were really in love with Joe, OR you were playing with him the whole time? Either way, you were not discreet. First rule of thumb....DON’T PUT IT IN WRITING ✍️!
Jeanette is horrified - NO! You wouldn’t have?
(Jeanette runs to the desk to look for the love 💕 letters.)
Sonny - They are there! Where else would they be, Jeanette?
Jeanette screams - Get OUT of my 🏠 house!!
Sonny - I can see why you held on to these letters, to have leverage over Joe. But once he died, WHY did you keep them?
Jeanette - You’re right about ONE thing! It was stupid for me to keep them. I should have burned these letters YEARS ago, but it’s not too late!
Sonny - It’s later than you think!
Jeanette - You should be GRATEFUL to Joe! He got you started on a business. He was GOOD to you. So, whatever he did ,or didn’t do, for ME has nothing to do with YOU.
Sonny - Someone I care about has been wrongly accused, and I want the truth to come to light!
Jeanette - The HELL with you! I am going to BURN these letters and YOU can’t do anything about it!

(An angry Margaux enters the house 🏠.)
Margaux - Maybe HE can’t. but I will!

At Sonny house 🏠.................
(The doorbell rings.)
Carly - What’s going on?
Jordan and Chase - We need you to come down to the station 🚉 to answer a few questions.
Carly - What’s going ON?
Chase - Forensics has DNA evidence that was on the body of Mary Pat Ingles.
Carly - What does it say?
Jordan - It’s YOUR DNA.
— MOM (11.8.18)
Wednesday on GH............
At General Hospital.............
(Brad tells Britt that Wylie is not his son.)
Britt - The adoption is over and you need to relax. Wylie IS your son.
Brad - No, he is NOT! He belongs to Michael Corrinthos.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.............
(Carly asks Jason to forget about going to Ferncliff.)
Jason - It’s too late.
(Curtis and Sam come in and tell Carly they are going to pose as inspectors.)
Curtis - I will say my staff and I have been retained to look at irregularities at Ferncliff. We think Mary Pat Ingles found out something about the mystery patient and she was killed.

At General Hospital.....................
Britt - Michael Corrinthos is your baby’s father? WHAT? How did...? Congratulations! You completely rendered me speechless.
Brad - I am scum.
Britt - Wow! You really are a wreck!
Brad - I’ve never taken a new born from his rightful father before.
Britt - You sort of have!
Brad - Ok, I helped you steal Lulu and Dante’s embryos. But back then, I didn’t understand how deplorable what we did was!
Britt - So, if Michael is the father, who is the mother?
Brad - Nelle Benson. She took OUR baby, who was dead, and gave me hers.
Britt - WOW! This Nelle creature really told Michael her baby was DEAD?
Brad - Yeah, she hated Michael and his family that much.
Britt - Geez, that beats anything I’VE ever done. Nelle just hands her baby over?
Brad - Whenever I see Michael smile at Wylie, I get physically sick. Michael is everywhere I turn! Ever since I stole Wylie, I run into Michael ALL the time.
Britt - Babies bring families together.
Brad - Yeah, the Corrinthos family! Do you know what Sonny would do to me if he found out I stole his grandchild? I’d be 6 feet under in the pine barrens by sundown!
Britt - I know what Sonny and his people are capable of.
Brad - I’m dead.
Britt - Not if Sonny doesn’t find out!
Brad - How can you possibly think that won’t blow up and destroy my life?

At Sonny’s house 🏠............
Carly - You guys know it will take more than a phony ID to get into see the patient!
Sam - Yeah, Curtis will distract the administrator while Jason and I check it out.
Carly - NO way, Jason! You know your on the security watch list! If you get arrested, Margaux Dawson will NEVER drop the charges. I don’t want you to go to prison just to satisfy my curiosity!

At Ferncliff.................
Dr “Kevin“ Collins tells the nurse that although “Mr. Williams” is heavily sedated, the new security procedures will keep unauthorized people away from him.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
Jason - I’m not going to get caught. It’s going to be fine.
Carly - HOW?
Curtis - I will provide cover for Jason and Sam.
Carly - Ferncliff has its own set of rules. I don’t trust anyone there!
Jason - If this helps you put Ferncliff behind you, then it’s worth it.
Curtis - Look, I have been in some bad situations and I always find my way out. Ok?
Sam - Carly please let us do this for you?
Carly - Thank you. (She hugs Jason.) Please be careful, ok?
Jason - Always. Always.

At General Hospital.................
Brad - I haven’t slept in MONTHS. I lay awake wondering what this will do to Lucas?
Britt - Does he suspect anything?
Brad - No, he is too caught up in being a dad.
Britt - You need to pull it together for your family!
Brad - What about Michael? He has been amazing about Wylie! Not letting his own grief affect our happiness. A happiness that comes at his expense. How can I do this to HIM?
Britt - That baby came out of nowhere when you needed him.
Brad - Because his mother was fleeing from a MURDER rap!
Britt - Everything happens for a reason. Wylie is meant to be yours. Violence surrounds the Corrinthos family. You are doing that little boy a favor by keeping him. Wylie is safer with you and Lucas. A parent is supposed to protect his child!

At Ferncliff................
Nurse - Excuse me? WHO are you and HOW did you get in?
Curtis shows his badge/ID - Dale Coil, Protector. As to how I got in? That is EXACTLY why I am here. I just came through your security and TWO of your guards were playing cards and the other was asleep! I have photos to document this. Your orderly just left this cart unattended and open wide for me to grab these drugs!
Nurse - You have my attention, Mr. Coil.

(Jason and Sam walk down the corridor to the room next to where Carly stayed.)
Jason - Carly is SO sure this patient is in here against his will, like she was.

At General Hospital.................
Brad - Lucas and I are the better parents for Wylie. He will have a safer life with us than as Sonny Corrinthos’ grandson.
Britt smiles - Enjoy your husband and son.
Brad hugs Britt - Love you, Britt.
Britt - Love you, Brad.

At Ferncliff......................
Nurse - So what do you intend to do with your findings, Mr. Coil?
Curtis - My job is to identify issues and fix them, starting with your protocol for securing dangerous patients in their rooms.
Nurse - We’ve already begun implementing new modern measures.

🚨🚨🚨ABC News Report 🚨🚨 for the last 10 minutes.
— MOM (11.7.18)
Tuesday on GH.............
Today is election 🗳 day in Port Charles for Mayor.
Curtis wants to vote and someone tampered with the voting machines.

Dr. Finn takes blood samples from Britt Westbourne. Anna wants him to inject the virus of the common cold into her blood. They want it to get out that Britt is very ill so that they can smoke out Lisle Obrecht. (She is Britt’s mother.)

Jordan gets a call that all the voting machines have been tampered with. She notifies Mayor Ned Quartermaine and Laura Spencer Collins. Curtis gives Jordan the tampered ballots. She in turn, gives them to Mayor Quartermaine. They have three happy 🤡faces on each ballot.

At GH...............
(Dr. Finn and Anna want Brad to run the blood tests from Britt.)
Anna - And keep your mouth shut!

Jordan closes the voting centers. They don’t know this, but Spencer Cassadine (Laura’s grandson) tampered with the voting machines so that Laura would win.

At Kelly’s Diner..........
(Michael sees Willow Tate who is Charolette and Aiden’s teacher. She and Michael were in the Bereavement Group at General Hospital.)
Michael - I don’t know if I have it in me to speak about such personal things in front of strangers?

At the PCPD...............
(Mayor Ned Quartermaine holds a news conference to tell the people of Port Charles that the Board of Elections finds voting irregularities in all the Port Charles precincts. Voting is suspended.)
Reporter Lulu - Are you saying the voting machines have been hacked?
Jordan - The integrity of the vote has been compromised.
Ned - I will not let ANYONE corrupt our democratic process or ideas.
Jordan - I will not rest until we find the party responsible, and when I do I will make sure you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
Laura - I would like to say this is just not an attack on our elections . It is an attack on our way of life and our freedom to choose who we want to govern.
— MOM (11.6.18)
Monday on GH..................
At Jason’s apartment....................
Jason - Are you ok?
Carly - No, I’m not ok! I’ve seem a lot of death. I hated Mary Pat but whoever did that to her was a MONSTER.

At the Floating Rib....................
(Margaux is walking through the crime scene. She speaks into her phone 📱 to follow up with Carly Corrinthos.)
Sonny - Well, guess what? Should I be offended you haven’t returned my phone 📱 calls?
DA Margaux Dawson - Well, I’m a little busy but I will always make time for you. Especially if you’re here to confess.
Sonny - Sorry to disappoint you. I’ve got nothing to confess. We were interviewed by Commissioner Jordan 🇯🇴. I will tell you what I told her: We hated that sadistic nurse 👩‍⚕️. She made Carly’s life a living HELL while she was at Ferncliff. I’m not going to cry over her death 💀. Just so you know, I had nothing to do with Mary Pat’s death.
DA Dawson says sarcastically - This may be one murder you DIDN’T commit!
Sonny - Isn’t it unusual for a DA to investigate a crime scene? Some people might say you’re obsessed. You may want to step back. Things like that will eat at your soul.
DA Dawson - Are you concerned for my soul, or is that a veiled threat?
Sonny - I’m just giving you the benefit of the doubt! You still have a soul.
DA Dawson - I understand your wife made the discovery?
Sonny - In a restaurant full of people!
DA Dawson - I assure you, I will get the person who did this.
Sonny - That’s good to know.
DA Dawson - I always get the bad guys, no matter how long it takes.

At Jason’s apartment.....................
Jason - I called this morning, but no one answered.
Carly - Sonny took me back to the Floating Rib to answer questions.
Jason - Are they looking at you as a suspect?
Carly - Not a serious one. They asked me questions.
Jason - What kind of questions?
Carly - Laura and I went to Ferncliff and saw Mary Pat. Words were exchanged and she said I almost killed her. I said I regret I didn’t finish the job.
Jason - Who heard this?
Carly - Laura. I said it, so I wasn’t going to deny it. Just because I hated her? I didn’t kill her.

At the Jerome Gallery...................
(“Kevin,“ trying to cover his tracks, visits Ava to find out what she told the police 👮‍♀️.)
Ava - I thought I had seen everything, but this was so random and disturbing! The police found that “she” had some blonde hair in her hand. Everyone started looking at me like I was an axe murderer or something!
“Kevin“ - I know you didn’t do this.
Ava - I know that, but THEY don’t know that! Come to think of it, YOU don’t know that. So what makes you so sure?
“Kevin“ - If the police 👮‍♀️ know you as I do, they would know this isn’t your style.

At Laura’s apartment.............
(Laura tells Lulu she is not going to be a write in candidate because Kevin left her. She doesn’t know how his feelings for her changed so fast?)
Lulu - I’m so sorry! It’s Kevin’s fault. Is there someone else?
Laura - I asked him and he said no. He is having difficulty with this too.
Lulu - Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what is wrong with Kevin! YOU have to get elected, so you have to march yourself to the polls and write in your name on the ballet!

At Jason’s apartment................
Jason - Everything Mary Pat did to you is documented.
Carly - You don’t think I should have talked to the 👮 cops?
Jason - I would have refused to answer questions without my lawyer. They would have arrested me, and that would waste time. So maybe you did the right thing?
Carly - You’re only saying that to make me feel better!
Jason - A little of both. Carly, YOU didn’t kill Mary Pat. You have nothing to hide.
Carly - Whoever killed her is sick and twisted. They are still out there!

At the Floating Rib.................
DA Dawson - I will prosecute whoever killed Mary Pat OR my father, if you’re worried about that?
Sonny - I’M not worried about that. What I’ve got to tell you has nothing to do with ME. It has to do with YOU, your father and your mother.
DA Dawson - You can dig up whatever you want on me, but leave my parents alone!
Sonny - You say you want the truth? WHO told you that your father’s death was mob related?
DA Dawson - It was pretty CLEAR! He left home 🏠 one day and didn’t come back. His bones were found at Charley’s Pub.
Sonny - So you thought it was a mob hit?
DA Dawson - I know how things work. YOU killed my father.
Sonny - There you go, making assumptions!
DA Dawson - Not assumptions......FACTS.
Sonny - I will offer you a deal. You will never get me, so here is the offer: You stay away from me AND my family, and I will stay away from you and yours.
DA Dawson - Is that another threat?
Sonny - It is not a threat! It is a prediction. You keep pushing? YOU are the one who will end up getting hurt.

At the Jerome Gallery...................
(Ava tells “Kevin “ she needs to get out of there. She needs to go to a place where there are people and fun.)
Ava - Would that blur the lines between doctor 👨‍⚕️ and friend?
“Kevin“ - I think some lines are meant to be blurred.

At the Floating Rib.................
DA Dawson - Threatening a public official is a felony, Mr. Corrinthos.
Sonny - There you go, making assumptions again. There are different kinds of hurt. If you keep going down this path, trying to find out about your father’s death? Your world 🌍 is going to come crashing down on you .
DA Dawson - You expect me to believe you’re worried about ME?
Sonny - Yes, I am worried. I know you don’t believe that, but it is true. Just remember that I tried. You say you like clarity? Well let me be clear about something: You have NO idea what you are going to find, but I do.

At Jason’s apartment...........
Carly - Do you remember the patient in the room next to me?
Jason - Yes, he kept screaming. Kevin said to stay away from him.
Carly - Jason, I never saw his face but he kept tapping Morse Code on the wall. First, SOS 🆘. Then, held against my will. The room was empty, and when I asked where he was, I got the run 🏃‍♀️ around. They have something to hide!

At Charley’s Pub.................
(Laura, Lulu and Spencer see “Kevin“ there having drinks 🍹 with Ava.)
Laura - You know, I changed my mind. I don’t really want coffee ☕️.
(Spencer stays to talk to “Kevin“.)
Spencer - If it was 1776, I would challenge you to a duel 🤺!
“Kevin“ - Excuse me?
Spencer - You had me fooled! I thought you were the real Pillar of the Community! But like some pillars, you are hollow inside. You seem like someone worthwhile, but its all an act! You’re NOTHING. You have NO loyalty. You have NO soul.
“Kevin“ - There are things you’re too young to understand.
Spencer - I understand you two deserve each other. You’re two of a kind.

Ava - You want to tell me what that was all about?
“Kevin“ - I wasn’t going to say anything, but Laura and I have separated.

At the Floating Rib................
DA Dawson - The only thing I want from you is the truth!
Sonny smiles, it’s time to give it to her - I came to you with the desire for peace ☮️ and you spit in my face. Alright, here is the damn truth because I am feeling good toda!? When I first came to you we were strangers. But your MOTHER wasn’t. I knew her back in the day. I have every reason to believe she was involved with Joe Scully.
(A red-faced Margaux turns around and raises her hand and tries to hit Sonny.)
Sonny blocks her hand - Don’t even try! She used to visit Joe in a club named The Skylight, in an apartment upstairs. I used to watch her go up most afternoons. She was his girlfriend, but Scully had MANY. It didn’t make sense then, but now it makes sense. Your father wasn’t killed because he wanted out of the mob. Your mother was a widow because she WANTED to be!

(DA Margaux Dawson has a look 👀 of horror and disbelief on her face.)

At Jason’s apartment...............
Carly - I can go back with Diane.
Jason - Bad idea.
Carly - I have to find out what happen to him!
Jason - Ok, I will find out for you.

At the Floating Rib...................
DA Dawson screams - You are a damn LIAR! You will say ANYTHING to cover up your own crimes. Even accuse my MOTHER of wanting my father dead! I can’t WAIT to finally get you behind bars!
(Margaux starts to walk out of the Floating Rib.)
Sonny - Your mother conspired with Joe Scully to kill your father, and I CAN PROVE IT!
— MOM (11.5.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH...............
Everyone disliked Mary Pat Ingles but how she died? WHO would do something like that?

(We know).

Ava tells Scott Baldwin she is still seeing Dr. Kevin Collins.
Ava - It’s nice to see someone who understands me, who doesn’t judge me. He has been very helpful.
Scott - I prefer the pre-therapy Ava. The one who was downing all those martinis 🍸.
Ava - For the first time in a long time, I’ve got my life under control.

At the docks..............
(Sasha, Kiki and Griffin see Nina get off the ferry ⛴.)
Sasha - You must have had a good night! You’re in the same clothes.
Kiki - We used to call that the walk of shame in college.
Nina - Nope. No shame, no shame. Just trying to get home. Nothing to see here. Nothing!

At the Floating Rib............
Commissioner Jordan and Detective Chase are interviewing Laura and “Kevin“ about the last time they saw Mary Pat Ingles.

At Sonny’s house 🏠 ..............
Sonny - Police 👮‍♀️ Commissioner Jordan 🇯🇴 called and wants to talk to you at the Floating Rib.
Carly - I’m not sorry she’s dead 💀.
Sonny - You might want to keep that to yourself.

At the Floating Rib............................
“Kevin“ tells Jordan and Chase he last saw Mary Pat at the bar. She was just fired and she was angry at one of his patients.
“Kevin“ - Carly Corrinthos! When Laura and Carly toured Ferncliff, she did threaten Mary Pat’s life.
Jordan - Is that true?
Laura - Mary Pat was angry 😤 that Carly injected her with a drug when she escaped. Mary Pat said she could have died. Carly said she was sorry she didn’t finish the job.
“Kevin“ chimes in - Carly said that about Mary Pat Please get her out of here before I do something I regret.

(We know where this is going. Poor Carly! She is being set up by Dr. ”Kevin“ Collins.)

Laura - Mary Pat treated Carly HORRIBLY when she was at Ferncliff. This was the first time she saw Mary Pat. Carly was upset, and sometimes we say things we don’t really mean .
Jordan - What else happened when you saw Mary Pat, Dr. Collins?
“Kevin“ - Nothing much. Carly suffered terribly under Mary Pat ‘s watch. I left and returned to GH.
Jordan - Thank you for providing your statements. We will be in touch if we need to follow up?

At the Jerome Gallery.................
(Ava gets to her office and sees what looks like a Jack o Lantern on top of a stuffed something.)
Ava - Someone is trying to be funny.
She touches the 🎃 pumpkin’s head and it falls to the ground. Then the body of someone falls to the floor. Ava 😱 screams.

(Who could that be? Mary Pat?)

Ava - Oh my God!!
Nina runs in - Ava, where are you? You’re trying to manipulate my daughter? How dare you!
Ava is rattled - Not a good time, Nina.
Nina - No, you listen to ME! (She looks 👀 at something on the floor.) Oh my GOD! Is that a DEAD 💀 body??
Ava - It appears to be.
Nina - What the HELL did you do?
Ava - I did NOTHING! I just got here a few minutes ago and this was here.
Nina - I’m calling the police 👮.

At the Floating Rib....................
(Carly and Sonny show up.)
Jordan - Thank you for coming back Carly. One question, it won’t take long.
Carly - So, do you guys have any idea who did this?
Chase - It is still early in the investigation. Can you tell us what you remember?
Carly - It was a Fundraiser. I was talking to Michael most of the night. Laura wanted someone to bob for apples 🍏 🍎 and I was the first one. Mac removed the cover and....
Chase - You sure the the barrel was covered?
Carly - Yeah. I’m certain. Mac removed the cover. There were apples 🍎 and I saw this large object floating on top. I recognized it was a human head. Then I realized it was Mary Pat.
Jordan - We have statements from Laura and Kevin that you encountered Mary Pat two days ago?
Carly - Yes I did.
Jordan - Can you recall the nature of those exchanges?
Carly - It was hostel. Mary Pat mistreated me while I was at Ferncliff. I was responsible for getting her fired.
Jordan - At one point, Mary Pat alleged you almost killed her. You said your only regret was that you didn’t finish the job?
Carly - I said that.
Sonny - Carly, don’t say any more.
Carly - I’m not sorry she is dead 💀, but I’m not the one who killed her.
Jordan - Maybe not, but someone close to you may have.
(She looks at Sonny.)

At the docks............
(We see “Kevin“ Collins wander towards the wooden boxes 📦 and with a white handkerchief, takes a large pointy hook out of a bag. He slams the murder weapon into a wooden crate.
Laura - Kevin? What are YOU doing here? You told me you were going to GH!
“Kevin“ - Are you following me?
Laura - This is the second time you’ve lied to me. The other night you told me you were working, and it turns out you were at the Floating Rib having drinks 🍹 with the murdered victim!
“Kevin“ - What do you want me to say, Laura?
Laura - I want you to explain what is going on with you! You have been distracted and cold with me ever since I got back.
“Kevin“ - I have been avoiding you.
Laura - WHY?
“Kevin“ - Because I’m a coward. I realized I don’t feel the same about you as I did before.
Laura - What are you saying?
“Kevin“ - I’m sorry, Laura. I think we should separate.

At the Jerome Gallery..................
(Ava tells Detective Chase when she came into the office she saw a Jack o Lantern. When she turned the chair around, the pumpkin 🎃 fell to the floor. She saw a body and she shoved it away and it fell to the ground. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!)
Ava - That HAS to be the body that belongs to the head at the Floating Rib, right?
Nina - Excuse me?
Chase - A severed floating head was found at the Floating Rib. The victim has been identified as Mary Pat Ingles, a nurse 👩‍⚕️ who used to work at Ferncliff.
Nina - What was it doing HERE?
Chase - Did you know Ms Ingles in any capacity?
Ava - NO! I never met that woman in my life. I have NO idea how the body got here.

At the Floating Rib.................
Carly - Don’t even TRY to put this on Sonny!
Sonny - I don’t even drive over the speed limit these days! You better find someone else to blame. I am NOT going to be locked up for this one.

At Wyndemere......................
(Valentin calls Sasha to come by.)
Valentin - I think it’s time for you to go home. Nina is getting too attached to you.
Sasha smiles - Nina wants me here. Besides, you worry too much. No one will ever find out I an NOT Nina’s daughter.

(Wow, what a dirty trick for Valentin to play on Nina. He has no idea what true love is about!)
— MOM (11.2.18)
Thursday on GH............
At the Floating Rib, Laura tells everyone she is running for Mayor of Port Charles against Mayor Ned Quartermaine.

At Charley’s Pub, Oscar is cleaning tables and Drew comes in to talk to him. Oscar wants none of this. He tells Drew to leave him alone. He is very hostile to Drew.

At Wyndemere, because of the storm and heavy rain ☔️ the Coast Guard shuts the ferry back to Port Charles down. Nina is not happy, but Valentin is thrilled.

At the Floating Rib, Lulu, Alexis and “Kevin“ are very supportive of Laura’s write-in campaign. The rest of the residents of Port Charles — Carly, Michael, Jordan, Curtis, Felicia, Mac and Ava — are there to support the Mental Health Fundraiser. Mayor Quartermaine and Olivia also attended.

Down at the docks, Cameron, dressed at Han Solo, and Joss, dressed as Princess 👑 Leia, are fooling around with swords ⚔️.

At Charley’s Pub..............
Drew tells Oscar the trials start on December 1st.
Drew - We still have time to hit the road! There is a meteor shower in November at Central Florida. We can drive down the coast. Florida is beautiful this time of year. What do you say?
Oscar is unimpressed and angry 😤 - The meteor shower is every year. It’s not that special. I can’t leave town for a month because of the lawsuit, but you already knew that, didn’t you? That was your plan all along! You want me out of town so I can’t sue for my emancipation!
Drew - That is not true.
Oscar - You want me to go on some stupid father/son field trip and I wouldn’t realize it until it’s too late. Then you could force me to go on that science experiment!
Drew - I want you to go on the trip because I want to spend as much time as I can with you! I’m not ready to let you go.

At Wyndemere..................
Valentin assures Nina he didn’t make it storm ⛈ and rain ☔️. He didn’t make the Coast Guard stop 🛑 the ferry ⛴. He didn’t cause the lights to go out at Wyndemere. Valentin manages to steal a kiss 💋 from Nina but she pulls away and sleeps 🛏 on the couch.
Nina - Oh NO! This is NOT happening.

At the Floating Rib................
(Carly badgers “Kevin“ to tell her more about the patient in the room next to her at Ferncliff.)
Carly - Tell me something about the man. He was using Morse Code to say he wants to get out?
“Kevin“ is furious - Well, I can’t!! YOU should know when it’s time to back off.
Carly - Are you ok?
“Kevin“ - I was protecting you! The patient who was next door 🚪 to you at Ferncliff is very dangerous and is right where he belongs. Excuse me.

Olivia assures Ned that since Laura is a write in candidate, she can’t catch up with him at this point. The election is next week.

At the Docks..........
(Joss and Cameron take a selfie 🤳 so Oscar can see them happy and in costume. As they are leaving, Cameron steps on something. It is a photo ID of Mary Pat.)
Joss - What is that?
Cameron - Nothing. Someone just lost their ID card.

Back at the Floating Rib.......................
Laura tells the crowd the first event for charity is bobbing for red apples 🍎 for a $10.00 donation. She then turns the apple 🍎 bobbing over to Mac. The apples 🍎 are in a large wooden barrel with a wooden cover. At first there are no takers. Then, Carly volunteers to be the first apple 🍎 bobber. When Mac takes the lid off, we see red apples swimming in 💦 water. Then, oh, what is this? The HEAD of Mary Pat appears. Everyone starts to scream 😱👀☠️👻👺🎃!
— MOM (11.1.18)
Wednesday on GH.................
At Jason’s apt.............
(Jason and Jake have a pumpkin 🎃 to carve.)
Jason - Ok 👍, Carving 101.
Jake - Ok, I usually start with the 👁 👀 eyes.
(Jake picks up a knife.)
Jason - Woah! Maybe you should let me hold the knife 🔪?
Jake - I thought you said you never did this before?
Jason - I haven’t, but I’m a quick learner and I take instructions well.
(Jake gives the knife to Jason.)
Jason - Ok, what shape do you want the eyes 👀?
Jake - Triangles are the easiest.
Jason - Ok, let’s go for those.
Danny hugs his father - Happy 😊 🎃 Halloween 👻!
Sam - Somebody is hungry for a sleepover?
Jason - Did you have fun trick or treating with your friends 👬?
Danny - Yeah, it was awesome 😎. I got SO much candy 🍭. Hey, 👋 Jake!
Jake - Hey, 👋 Danny!
Sam - Jake, I like your costume!
Jason - You look 👀 awesome 😎 too, Danny. Who are you supposed to be?
Jake - Dad, he is dressed up as YOU!

(This is the Halloween 🎃 episode with lots of parties. All the children, Aiden, Charlotte and Avery wore costumes. There is a Halloween 👻 Fundraiser at the Floating Rib. Peter invited Maxie to go with him, but she declined.)

At General Hospital.......................
(Kiki sees Avery dressed as a pirate and she runs to Kiki to say hello 👋. Ava is not happy with this and tells Kiki to stay away from Avery when she is with her.
Ava - Did you think I forgot you took the man I love 💕 from me?
Kiki - Avery is my sister! I am your daughter.
Ava - My daughter is dead!
Kiki - I feel sorry for Avery when she is no longer your little girl 👧. One day you will turn on her, just like you turned on me.
(“Kevin“ is watching all of this.)

At Windermere ..............
(Nina and Sasha visit Valentin and Charlotte. After the introductions, Charlotte tells Sasha about her horse 🐎, Buttercup.)
Sasha - Did Nina tell you I love 💕 horses 🐎 too?
Charlotte - I want to be a jockey 🏇 when I grow up, or a ⛸ ice skater, or a pediatric surgeon 👩‍⚕️. What do you do for work?
Sasha - I’m a temp.
Charlotte - What is that?
Sasha - It’s kind of cool 😎! I get to try on different jobs until I find one ☝️ that fits.
Charlotte - That’s kind of what you’re doing with Nina, right?
Sasha - What do you mean?
Charlotte - Trying to be her daughter, to see if you like it.
Valentin - Charlotte, that’s not our business.

At Jason’s apartment............
(Sam is going to tackle the pumpkin 🎃.)
Sam - Step One, do you have a marker?
Jake - Yes, right here.
Sam - Jake and Danny, I want you to be in charge of drawing ✍️ the face on the pumpkin 🎃. When you’re done, I will carve them out.
Jake - On it!
Sam - Hey, do you want to hear something funny 😆?
Jake - Yeah.
Sam - Well, years ago before you were born, I decorated the house 🏠 for Halloween 🎃.
Danny - Our house 🏠?
Sam - Yes, your Dad and I were together at the time. I wanted to surprise him!
Jake - Did you?
Jason - Oh, yeah!
Sam - I think he felt like he walked into an alternate universe. He had NO idea what was going on!
Jason - I had no idea what day it was!
Danny - Daddy? Why does Mommy always do something for Halloween 👻 and you don’t?
Jason - I told you both of the accident I was in?
Jake - You hurt your head.
Jason - Yeah. Because of that there are some things that.are missing.
Jake - What kind of things?
Jason - Memories. Like Halloween 🎃. I just don’t remember doing it as a kid.
Danny - You don’t remember dressing up or getting candy?
Jason - None of that, but what is cool 😎 is I have both of you to show me! What do I need to know about Halloween 🎃?
Jake - Well, the best homes 🏡 for trick or treat are the ones that give out those full size candy bars.
Jason - Why?
Danny - Because their bigger.
Jason - More sugar, better. I get it.
Jake - School 🏫 Halloween 👻 parties 🎈 are the WORST because they think chocolate 🍫 covered raisins count as candy!
(Sam and Jason are laughing.)
Danny - They are!
Sam - I’m almost done, guys.
Jake - What was Scout?
Danny - A goat 🐐. We told her it was a bad idea 💡.
Jason is smiling - How did Scout feel about that?
Danny - When Scout is old enough to pick her own costume, she will never pick anything that LAME 😒.
Sam - Are you guys ready to see the best pumpkin 🎃 carved ever?
Danny and Jake - Yeah!!
Sam - Jason, hit the lights!
(Sam put a candle in the pumpkin to light it up.)
Jake - Wow!
Danny - Mom, it’s awesome 😎!
Jason - I’ve got to say, I’m impressed!
Sam - Happy 😊 Halloween 🎃.
Jason - Happy 😊 Halloween 👻.

At Maxie’s apartment..................
(Peter brings dinner and a cake 🎂 to Maxie. It’s her birthday 🎁!)
Peter - It’s your birthday 🎂 and you can’t be alone.

At Jason’s apartment..............
(The lights are out. The pumpkin 🎃 is lit 🔥. Danny and Jake are asleep on the 🛋 couch.)
Sam - It’s the sugar rush.
(Jason picks up Jake and puts him to bed 🛏.)
Sam - What do you think 🤔? Are you ready to konk out?
Danny - Soon. Mommy, I’m really glad you stayed.
Sam - Yeah me too. I had a really fun night.
Danny - I think we helped Daddy to catch up about Halloween 🎃.
Sam - You know what? I think you’re right, because your Dad is really great that way.
(Jason puts Danny to bed 🛏.)
Sam is on the couch 🛋 - Are they both out?
Jason - Before they hit the pillow, lights OUT. I can’t thank you enough for staying. I was in WAY over my head!
Sam - Admit it, you would rather break out of a Russian Clinic then carve a pumpkin 🎃.
Jason - Pretty much, but with you here ..
Sam touches Jason - I saved the day.
Jason - Yeah, I was just afraid to mess up doing something wrong. I don’t want to feel that way around my kids! It’s not good for them.
Sam - You know, all you can do is be there and accept them for who they are. I think you did that.
Jason - I hope so?
Sam - Jason, Danny was YOU for Halloween 👻! If that doesn’t say you’re doing something right, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ what does?
Jason - It’s all so new!
Sam - I know. This is one of their top holidays and your spending it with them makes it special.
Jason - Special for me too.

At the Floating Rib Halloween 🎃 Fundraiser.....................
(Felicia is putting candles 🕯 on the tables. She sees Ava tell “Kevin“ that she has an appointment to see him and Felicia gets angry 😤.)
Felicia - Kevin, can’t Ava find someone else?
“Kevin“ - What do you mean?
Felicia - She KILLED Connie Falconieri and got away with it! You should stay away from her.

At the bar.........
(Ava is at the bar and looks over at the tables and sees Sasha and Griffin. They seem to be enjoying eachother’s company. They are waiting for Kiki. Kiki walks in a sees Griffin standing behind Sasha and doing something with her hair.)
Sasha - Griffin was helping me get my hair out of the clasp in my necklace.
Kiki is not amused - That’s Griffin for you.
Griffin kisses 😘 Kiki - What can I get you?
Kiki - White wine 🍷, please.

At Jason’s apartment............
(Jason and Sam are sitting close to each other on the couch 🛋. Sam is holding a pumpkin 🎃 basket full of candy 🍭.)
Sam - You want one? 🍫
Jason - No thanks.
Sam - What do you mean, no thanks??
Jason - I don’t see how you eat that stuff.
Sam - Come on!
Jason - So, a goat 🐐 ?
Sam - Don’t you even give me a hard time about that!
Jason - Should I even ask what you dressed Danny as when he was little?
Sam - Well, the first year I dressed him up as a hobo. He had this green sack And a red cap 🧢. The second year he was a lobster.
Jason is laughing - A LOBSTER?
Sam - That costume was really hard. It had claws. He would say trick or treat and he couldn’t hold the bucket so...
Jason - What about the third year?
Sam - Well, it was Super Hero after Super Hero after Super Hero until YOU! He told me he wanted to be you for a Halloween 🎃.
Jason - I can see how happy Danny makes you.
Sam - I’ve got to say, I was sad 😔 about the ones you missed. I am really grateful you’re here now.
(It starts to thunder and rain ☔️ 🌧.)
Sam - I should probably go.
Jason - Yeah, you should probably go.
Sam - Thinking 🤔 of tonight, you should think of your Halloween 🎃 costume for next year!
Jason - Yeah, I will get right on it.
Sam - Good night, Jason.
Jason - Good night, Sam.
(Jason opens the door 🚪. Sam looks at Jason and slowly walks through the door 🚪. She turns around and looks at Jason again, but Jason is waiting for Sam to make the first move. After all, Sam told him she is not ready.)

At Maxie’s apartment.............
Maxie and Peter have dinner🥘. She blows out the 🕯 candle on her cake 🎂 . They watch Maxie’s favorite show......The Brady Bunch Marathon.
— MOM (10.31.18)
Tuesday on GH.............
At Sam’s penthouse....................
Sonny - This is exactly what I need!
Sam - I wonder if Margaux had any idea that her mother was involved with Joe Scully?
Sonny - Let’s assume Margaux didn’t know anything.

At Pentonville Penitentiary.............
(Anna is trying to convince Britt Westbourne to betray her mother to get out of prison.)
Britt - That is a tall order. Tell me more?

At the Floating Rib..........
(Two evil 👿 people, Mary Pat and Dr. “Kevin“ Collins, meet up to talk.
Mary Pat - I knew our meeting at Ferncliff would’t be our last.
“Kevin“ - Not yet, but it is soon to be our last.

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Jason - The letter proves getting rid of Vincent was Jeanette’s idea.
Sam - She wanted Marino gone and she used Scully to make it happen!
Jason - Assuming Margaux had no idea her mother wanted to get rid of her father, that letter will blindside her!
Sonny - Or liberate her.
Sam - Liberate her how?
Sonny - Take away all of her illusions about her parents. The most dangerous enemy is someone who has nothing to lose!

At the Floating Rib.............
(Mary Pat is very bitter. She devoted 19 years to Ferncliff. She is also mad 😡 at “Kevin“.)
“Kevin“ - We have a lot to resolve. Meet me at Pier 55.
Mary Pat - They don’t have drinks 🥃 at Pier 55.
(“Kevin“ leans over to get a bottle of booze.)
“Kevin“ - Oh, don’t worry! I know the owners and they let me get away with murder.

At Pentonville Penitentiary..............
(Britt tells Anna she will have to make her a better offer.)
Anna - What do you want?
Britt - Patrick Drake. I’m valuable and I want payback against those who hurt me. Starting with Emma (Anna’s granddaughter).
Finn - What do you have against Emma Drake??
Britt - She poisoned Patrick against me! Don’t be fooled by her. Ha Ha Ha. Damn, Anna! Your face didn’t move with all that. You must be one hell of a poker player!
Anna - All right. You had your fun.
Britt - You are seriously going to fatten the purse 👛? I’m not going to turn my mother over just for an early release! I want my medical license restored.
Anna - No I would rather find your mother the old fashioned way. There is NO way I would let an embryo stealing quack like you near another patient. After what you did to Lulu? I made my offer. You stay here, or you sleep 💤 in a nice comfortable bed tonight?
Britt - Ok, ok fine! I’ll take the deal BUT this is not negotiable. I want a big meal 🥘 at the Floating Rib. Spare ribs, corn on the cob and biscuits!

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Sonny - Those letters can be just as damaging to me.
Jason - You are not mentioned anywhere.
Sonny - There could be other letters!
Jason - We do know Jeanette saved these letters for Insurance.
Sam - It might be best to do nothing now. Margaux doesn’t have anything on you.
Sonny - She won’t stop 🛑 until she finds something. She would lock me up for jaywalking if she could!

At Pier 55................
Mary Pat - I kept your secret.
“Kevin“ - I’m not the one who tortured 😖 patients!
Mary Pat - Do you think your reputation could survived if the world 🌍 knew you were hiding a maniac at Ferncliff? One little call to The INVADER, and life as you know it is over.
“Kevin“ 😆 laughs - Not just my life. You better be quiet 🤐 about my brother being at Ferncliff?
Mary Pat - What do I care about Ryan Chamberlain?

At Sam’s penthouse...................
Sonny - Margaux attacked Carly, my father, and she buried HER father right next to Morgan. Now she goes after Kristina and Michael? Who’s next? Avery?
Sam - So show Margaux the letter! She can either send her mother to prison or back the hell off.
(This is the old Sam! She is knee deep into Jason and Sonny’s business.)
Jason - Sounds right. If Margaux chooses to cover it up, we’ve got her.

At the Floating Rib..............
(Lulu is there with Peter August and she sees Anna and Finn watch Britt eating at the next table. She walks over to Britt and pours a full pitcher of lemonade all over Britt ‘s head.)
Britt yells - You BITCH!!
Finn - We need to get another pitcher.
Lulu - Oh, please! I feel like I missed a spot.(They start to fight.)
Lulu - What is going on? SHE is supposed to be in Pentonville! Why wasn’t I notified?
Britt laughs - I’m out! There is nothing you can do about it.
Peter is holding Lulu back - Who is this?
Lulu - Oh, where are my manners? Britt, this is Peter August. Peter, this is Britt Westbourne. YOUR SISTER!!
(Lulu storms out.)

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Sonny - I wouldn’t want to be Jeanette when Margaux finds out!
Sam - Sonny, you sound like you admire Margaux?
Sonny - No, no. I get where she is going with this. I took a little girl’s father from her. Did Joe Scully give me the order? Yes. Did Jeanette start the ball ⚽️ rolling? Yes. But who pulled the trigger?
Jason - She is coming at you through your family!
Sonny - That is why she has to be 🛑 stopped. Thank you 😊, I owe you. I owe both of you. Tell Spinelli thanks. Thank you for helping me get to the truth. (Sonny is about to leave.)
Jason - Hold on, Sonny. What is the plan?
Sonny - What do you mean, what is the plan? The plan is I take it from here!

At the Floating Rib.................
Britt - So, you’re the half brother I heard so much about? Is it true? You held Jason Morgan captive for FIVE years so you could turn him loose to eliminate our father?
Peter is serious - That’s right.
Britt is smiling - Genius! (She gives Peter a hi 👋 five. He doesn’t respond.).I totally owe you a drink 🥃.
Peter - You’re Lisle Obrecht‘s daughter?
Britt - Yeah, when it’s convenient.
Peter - Your mother held me captive, tied me to a bed for months and then tried to burn me to death!
Britt - Imagine being raised by her?
Peter - We should get together some time and compare notes 📝!
Britt smiles - How about lunch tomorrow? I’m free.
Peter - I noticed you’re wearing an ankle monitor?
Britt - Oh, that thing? It’s coming off soon.
Peter - Why is a WSB agent chaperoning a convicted criminal?
Anna - Can I talk to you please over here?
Peter - It’s bad enough having Faison as a parent but Faison AND Obrecht? Did your search come up empty?
Anna - I have every intention of bring Obrecht in, but in the mean time I need you to put a muzzle on Lulu!

At Sam’s penthouse................
Sam - Wait, Sonny. How are you going to get that information to Margaux? You can’t just show up and tell her what we found!
Sonny - Why not?
Jason - What If Jeanette knows you pulled the trigger? What if it’s in a letter somewhere? It won’t convict you of murder but it will cause a LOT of problems!
Sonny - Can’t we stick to what we know? Margaux is going to find out the father she adored isn’t as innocent 😇 as she thought he was. Her parent’s marriage wasn’t a happy one. She is going to find out her past was a lie. Then, she loses her motive to come after me.

At the Floating Rib....................
(Anna tells Peter she wants Obrecht behind bars to give him a measure of safety.)
Peter - That would be a relief!
Anna smiles - So, then for your own good, can you keep a lid on Lulu? When I get Obrecht, which I will, The Invader gets the exclusive.
(Anna returns to the table with Finn and Britt.)
Anna - Are we ready to go?
Britt - All I want now is a hot shower 🚿. I hope the water 💦 pressure has improved at the Metro Court?
Anna - You’re not going to the Metro Court?
Britt - Well then, where? Please don’t tell me that skeevy motel off the highway?
Anna smiles - No, you’re going somewhere far closer to home 🏠.
Britt is not smiling - You don’t mean.......?
Anna - Yes, my home 🏡.

At Sam’s penthouse....................
Sonny - It’s true, going to Margaux like this is a gamble. But it is better than her going after my family!
Jason - I should do it. I should be the one who confronts Margaux.
Sonny - Well, it makes sense. You could lay it all out for her.
Jason - Ok, then.
Sonny - But you’re not going!
Jason - Why?
Sonny - Because I’M who she wants. You guys are just collateral damage! I have to face Margaux and confront her with the truth.

Outside of Sam’s penthouse..........
(Sonny calls DA Dawson.)
Sonny - Hello, DA Dawson? This is Sonny Corrinthos. It’s time we had it out, just the two of us.

At General Hospital...........
Michael decides to attend a Bereavement Group to be with people who have lost a loved one. He is not handling the death of His son very well. He is not going to pretend he is ok. He need help.

At Pier 55...................
“Kevin“ - I don’t think I have been quite clear? I help you get back on your feet and our association is over.
Mary Pat- It would be short-sighted of me to put an expiration date on our partnership when I don’t know what the future holds.
(Mary Pat walks away. “Kevin“ 👀 looks over and sees a large hook for ice or a bale of hay and says, “Hello.” He picks it up and touches the sharp point with his thumb. He then walks in Mary Pat’s direction.
— MOM (10.30.18)
Monday on GH........

Sam - I try to forget you, but when I see you nothing else matters.
Jason - I thought of you again last night. I picked up the phone 📱 a dozen times to call you, but couldn’t. Me, who is not afraid of nobody....nothing! I was afraid to say it out loud.
(Sam is daydreaming while Jason is looking at the letters she took from Jeanette Marino.)
Sam - What are we looking for?
Jason - We’re looking for something that will say Marino was deeper into Scully’s organization than his daughter wants us to believe. If we can find some dirt on Margaux’s father, something she doesn’t want to go public, them we can get her to back off Sonny.

Sonny checks in with Michael to see how he is doing.

Jordan and Curtis are planning the seating chart for their wedding 💒. They are concerned that Aunt Stella won’t attend.

Dr. “Kevin“ Collins is very angry that Laura and Carly went to Ferncliff.

At Ferncliff..............
Carly - I want to see the patient next door 🚪 to my cell.
Nurse - I can’t do that.
Laura - Then I suggest you get permission! I am here to review the conditions at Ferncliff. I won’t leave until that door 🚪 is opened.
(The nurse goes to get the key 🔑.)
Laura - Are you sure you want to see who is behind these walls?
Carly - Yes, I want to put a face to those screams.

At Sam’s penthouse ...............
Sam - It’s amazing.
Jason - What?
Sam - The affair went on for years with Jeanette and Scully. I can see her saving the letters she got from Scully, but I don’t understand how she got the letters SHE wrote to HIM?
Jason - Maybe she took the letters from Scully, or Scully left instructions to give them to her after he died? I don’t know.
Sam - Hmmmm, mob ties make you do crazy things. There has to be something in here that ties Marino to Scully.
Jason - Ok, he laundered money 💰 himself, on Scully’s orders.
Sam - Yeah, all in violation of the RICO Act.
Jason - Yeah, if we could prove that Margaux’s father was in collusion with Scully, or anyone in the Organization, THAT would be a huge hit to Margaux.
Sam - A big hit! Yes, because she is the DA to Organized Crime.
Jason - Something has got to turn up!
Sam - I almost feel sorry for her.
Jason - For Margaux?
Sam - Yes, for Margaux. She created this whole fairy tale about her father. She spent her entire life trying to avenge him. She is going to find out it was a bunch of lies. It is going to be a pretty tough pill 💊 to swallow.
Jason - She did a lot of damage.
Sam - She will use ANYONE to get what she wants. She came after Sonny’s father, Mike!
Jason - AND Carly, Drew and Kristina.
Sam - It seems like Margaux is 🎯 targeting everyone in Sonny’s life. One ☝️ by one! I wonder who is next?

At the Floating Rib.................
(As Michael and Sonny are talking, Margaux walks in.)
Michael - What do I need to know about the explosion 💥 at Charley’s Pub?
Sonny - The DA wants my head, and she is not going to stop 🛑 until she gets it!

At Ferncliff......................
Carly and Laura peek into the window of the door 🚪 to the cell and don’t see anyone there.
(Dr. Kevin Collins is slumped on the floor against the door 🚪 and they can’t see him.)

At Sam’s penthouse................
Jason - Margaux’s father made choices, and the consequences of those choices should have been HIS problem, not Margaux’s.
Sam - But how would HE know Margaux would spend her life trying to avenge him?
Jason - You see, that’s my point! You can put things on your kids without meaning to.
Sam - We’re not talking about the DA anymore, are we?
Jason - If something happens to me I don’t want Danny to think I was some innocent. I want him to know that my work was MY choice. I was prepared to assume the risks.
Sam - I want you to know I would never, never let Danny know who you really are. He doesn’t need to know all the details, but I would never lie to him. If he asks why you chose the life you live, I would tell him those were your choices and it was the life you had before he was born,
Jason - Choices that can’t be unmade.
Sam - Hey 👋 , it wouldn’t be an easy conversation, but it beats the alternative. Look at the Oscar situation right now! I understand why Kim is trying to keep Oscar in the dark, but in the end, it’s the lies that cause the damage.
Jason - So, we’re on the same page?
Sam - Yeah, as long as you do the same thing for me?
Jason - If ANYTHING happens to you, I would tell Danny the truth! That you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. That he hit the lottery when he got you for his mother.
Sam - Oh, man! I thought we were talking honestly!
Jason - Who’s lying?

At the Floating Rib.......................
Michael - Is there anything I can do to help?
Sonny - You should see the way she went after your grandfather! She doesn’t care. The body that turned up was Margaux‘s father and she is determined to find out how he died. She is convinced I had something to do with it.
Michael - Kristina texted me and told me to talk to you before I talk to the DA.
Sonny - Don’t worry. I won’t be surprised if she comes knocking at your door 🚪.
Michael - I hope she does.!

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Jason - I would never EVER want my kids to follow in my path. Danny and Jake know the work that I do? No way!
Sam - Ok.
Jason - But I am their father. Intentional or not, that is the example I already set.
Sam - Parenting is hard.
Jason - Yeah it really changes the way you look at your choices.
Sam - I have been having nightmares already of Scout (Emily) getting into relationships. I made so many mistakes, and I don’t know how to guide her.
Jason - I think you’re going to guide her in the right direction BECAUSE of the mistakes.
Sam - Come on! There’s a fine line right there. There is a tightrope between parenting and controlling.
Jason - Yeah.
Sam - As much as I would like to keep talking to you about this, we are getting no closer to fixing Sonny’s trouble with Margaux. Come on, Jeanette! There MUST be something here.
(Jason and Sam look at the letters.)
Jason - BINGO!!
Sam - What? WHAT? WHAT??
Jason - Look 👀 at this right here!
Sam reads the letter - “The only way for us to be together is if Vincent were gone, honey. You’re the one who told me you would do anything for me, so if you meant that, prove it for us.” We got it!!
Jason - Give me the 📱 phone!

At the Floating Rib...............
Sonny - That’s Jason. He is with Sam. He wants me to come by.
(When Sonny leaves 🍁, Margo buys Michael a drink 🥃.)
Margaux - Is this seat taken?

At Pentonville.................
(Anna tells Finn she wants to get Britt, the daughter of Cesar Faison and Lisle Obrecht, out of prison.)
Anna - She is definitely an evil person.
Finn - Just like her mother. So, we should definitely get her out of prison!

At the Floating Rib.............
Michael - I was just leaving.
Margaux extends her hand - Margaux Dawson. Clearly, you’re not a fan.
Michael - Did you think I developed amnesia? I was in the courtroom when YOU pushed to have my mother sent to Ferncliff! You put my little SISTER on the stand and forced her to paint 🎨 her mother as a lunatic. For something my mother didn’t do!
Margaux - I didn’t know that at the time.
Michael - That wouldn’t change anything. All you care about is taking down Sonny Corrinthos..
Margaux - Sonny killed my father!
Michael - I don’t know anything about that.
Margaux - Sure you do! After all, he killed your father too.

At Ferncliff................
(Mary Pat, the nurse who drugged Carly, lost her job. She is leaving with a box 📦 of her belongings. She can’t pay her rent and her credit cards were canceled.)
Carly - I TOLD you I wasn’t an ordinary patient. You had a choice to make, and you made the wrong one! I have one question for you: What happened to the patient who was in the cell next to mine? The cell is empty.
Mary Pat - He’s NOT in there??
Dr. “Kevin“ Collins - Laura, what are you doing here? We can’t have Port Charles’ next Mayor taking any unnecessary risks!

At Pentonville..............
Finn - I can’t wait to meet this chick 🐣!
(The guard brings Britt in.)
Britt - Anna Devane? It is so lovely to see you!

At the Floating Rib..................
Michael - WOW! You will sink to any level.
Margaux - I’m sorry? Did I get the facts wrong? Did Sonny not kill your father?
Michael - First, there were extenuating circumstances. If you did your research properly, you would know that. Second, I’m not talking about this with you.
Margaux - What? Are you going to tell Sonny, and maybe he will off me?
Michael - Trust me. My father isn’t the one you should be worried about.

At Sam’s penthouse......................
Sam - Why would Jeanette keep this for over 30 years? It is ridiculously incriminating.
Jason - She must have been pretty confident she was going to get away with it.
(Knock. Knock ...)
Sam - Sonny, come in!
Sonny - What did you find on the DA’s mother and Joe Scully?
Sam - Yeah, they were definitely having an affair and we have the letters to prove it!
Jason - In one of the letters, Jeanette asks Scully to get rid of her husband.
Sonny reads the letter - Margaux‘s MOTHER is responsible for the hit? Well, I’ll be damned!

At Ferncliff...................
“Kevin“ - Carly, this is a maximum security wing and the ONLY reason you were put here was that we ran out of space. Did the patient respond when you tapped Morse Code on the wall?
Carly - No, I looked in through the window but he wasn’t there.
Laura - We asked the nurse for the key 🔑 so we could get in.
“Kevin“ - You did WHAT?!
Nurse - They are not allowed in.
“Kevin“ - Thank you, Nurse 👩‍⚕️. The rules need to be followed! Nurse, can you show them out?
(Kevin leaves.)
Carly - Not open the door 🚪? I have a lawsuit against this place and I WILL call my lawyer. So, open the damn door 🚪 NOW!!

At Pentonville................
(Anna introduces Finn to Britt who reminds them she is a doctor, too. Anna’s son is Britt’s half brother.)
Anna - Would you like to meet Peter at the Metro Court?
Britt - Yeah, in about 5 years.
Anna - What if I could make it happen now?

At the Floating Rib................
Michael - If you want to go after my father, go for it. But when you go after my mother, my sister AND my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s? Then you have a problem with ME! I am the CEO 👨‍💼 of the single largest revenue generator in all of Port Charles.
Margaux - Congratulations 🍾🎈.
Michael - ELQ does more for the city than any other company in upstate N.Y. So, I have friends on EVERY level.
Margaux - And what will these friends do for you?
Michael - They will listen to my legitimate concerns. So, you see, from where I’m sitting you’re abusing your power of office to pursue a personal vendetta against my father. You’re clearly not objective and if necessary I have the resources to prove it. So, I’d watch your step because I can make things VERY uncomfortable for you.
Margaux - Oh, threats?
Michael - Not threats.....facts. I will do ANYTHING to protect my family legitimately and legally.

At Sam’s penthouse................
Sonny - How did you get your hands on this?
Sam - Spinelli and I went to Jeanette Marino‘s house 🏠, posing as insurance agents.
Sonny - Spinelli?
Sam - Yeah, he did a great job.
Sonny - Ok.
Jason - Good, because I would have been useless.
Sam - I would never describe you as useless...
Jason - When it comes to impersonating somebody?
Sam - Spinelli does have a flair for the dramatic.
Sonny - Yeah, I’ll say!
Sam - Anyway, he got Jeanette out of the room so I could go through the desk. I found the letters in a drawer and put them in my briefcase 💼.
Jason - This is IT, Sonny! Jeanette asked Scully to kill her husband. If this doesn’t back Margaux off, I don’t know what will?

At the Floating Rib..............
Margaux - So you’re the lawful version of Sonny Corinthos, is that it?
Michael - Look 👀, if I find out you crossed the line, I would not hesitate to call for an investigation. That would be problematic, don’t you think? After how everything went down with my mother?
Margaux - You have a nice night.
Michael - You too.

(Well lookie 👀 here! Michael is the first person to shut Margaux up. Sonny, Jason and Drew couldn’t do it. Bravo 👏🏻, Michael!!)

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Sonny - I can’t thank you enough for swiping these letters. I know you and Spinelli took a chance. This is EXACTLY what I need! Leverage against the DA. I just have to figure out the best time to use it.

At Pentonville................
Anna - Sign here and you agree to give the WSB your full cooperation.
Britt - Against my MOTHER?
Anna - Yes, it is like a trade. You move out of Pentonville, and your mother moves in!

At Ferncliff..................
Laura - Wait a minute? We can’t do this! Kevin asked us not to. He’s right! There are a lot of dangerous people in here. If we do this it will hurt our cause, not help us. I’m sorry, Carly, we WILL fix this. We will, but NOT this way!
Carly to the nurse - We know the way out.
(Dr. Kevin Collins gets off the floor, looks out the window of the cell and calls....Laura.)
— MOM (10.29.18)

It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH............
Laura has decided to run for Mayor of Port Charles as a write -in candidate. Laura and Carly are going to go Ferncliff. Laura wants to focus on social issues. She wants to hold the government responsible for violations at Ferncliff.

In New York State...........
(Sam and Spinelli are there to speak to Margaux’s mother, Jeanette Marino in search of evidence.)
Sam - I think we make a good team!
Spinelli - I wish Jason could be here with us.
(Ring. Ring.)
Mrs. Marino - Yes, can I help you?
Sam - Mrs. Jeanette Marino? Kitty Gardner of Red Line Insurance Co. This is my partner, Bob Tamra. We were wondering if you could answer a few questions about your late husband?
Mrs Marino - How did you say I can help you?
Sam - Lovely house 🏠. Help US? Oh no, Mrs. Marino, we are here to help YOU!
Spinelli - You recently filed a claim for your husband’s life insurance?
Mrs. Marino - Yes, they only recently discovered his body.
Sam - That must have been a terrible shock, after all these years, to know his body was found in the foundation of a restaurant.
Mrs. Marino - It was a shock.
Spinelli - So, would your statement be you spent the last 30 years waiting for his return?
Mrs. Marino - Yes. No, not exactly.
Sam - Bobby! He is a sucker for a tragic romance.
Spinelli - Indeed I am. I meant no offense!
Mrs. Marino - None taken.
Sam picks up a picture - Is this your daughter?
Mrs. Marino - My one and only!
Sam - Very beautiful! You can see the resemblance.
Mrs. Marino - You’re very kind.
Sam - I was raised by a single mother.
Mrs. Marino - I only work part-time.
Spinelli - Is that right? How do you manage?
Mrs. Marino - My family was very supportive. They were good to us.
Spinelli - Financially?
Mrs. Marino - That too. We were very close-knit. My Margaux, she never wanted for anything.
Sam - Except her missing father, of course.

At the Metro Court...............
(Kiki and Sasha plan-to spend time together.)
Sasha - I’m an only child and now I have extended family.
Kiki - Welcome to the family! Now that you are staying, I think we should kick the getting to know you thing up a notch. Where are you staying?
Sasha - Nina wants to put me up in the Metro Court indefinitely, but I can’t accept that.
Kiki - Say no more! Stay with me, I have room.

At Dr. ”Kevin“ Collins’ office............................
(Lulu talks to “Kevin “ about all the woman 👩 Ryan Chamberlain killed.)
Lulu - How can twins be so different? Ryan Chamberlain is pure evil 😈.
“Kevin“ - Who decides what is evil? Do you think Ryan cared about what others said was evil 😈? His definition was something else. Society has right and wrong. Someone like Ryan may refuse to accept that social contract. He is not interested in what an ordinary person would call a conscience.

At the Metro Court................
When Kiki leaves Sasha, Ava sees an opposition to speak to her.
Ava - So glad my daughter,,Kiki, had a sister!
Sasha - Oh, I don’t know Kiki’s mother was in town?
Ava - Well, Kiki wouldn’t mention me because we haven’t been getting along lately. She took my boyfriend. Oh, I should’ve told you that!
Sasha - Oh, that’s ok.
Ava - Well glad to have met you, Sasha. We will talk soon again.

At Mrs Marino ‘s house 🏠............................
Sam - Must have been a terrible loss for your daughter to lose her father like that. No explanation?
Mrs. Marino - Yes, of course. She missed her father very much.
Spinelli - Forgive me for speaking so bluntly about a personal loss.
Sam - You see, we need to clarify some parts of the claim.
Mrs. Marino - Ok.
Spinelli - Police say the body goes back to 1985. Red Lines recorded show that in March of 85 you went to the police 👮‍♀️ to report your husband missing?
Mrs. Marino- Yes?
Spinelli- In May of ‘85 you stopped paying your husbands insurance premiums?
Sam - 3 months after you stopped paying the premiums it lapsed.
Mrs. Marino - So what? I get NOTHING? I wait ALL these years to find out he is dead and I end up with NOTHING !
Sam - So sorry, Mrs. Marino.
Spinelli - I’m sure you understand the Insurance Company takes time of death very seriously .
Mrs. Marino - No, I don’t understand! You said you were here to help. How does that help?
Spinelli - Well, you paid your premiums from January to May, which means the policy didn’t lapse until September. So, if there was some way to prove your husband died between January and August of 1985?
Sam - When the policy was still active. Then we could award 🥉 your claim!
Mrs. Marino - You could? He died in March.
Sam - Really? Well, how can you be so sure, Mrs. Marino?
Mrs. Marino - Because I just know. I knew the moment Vincent was 🚶‍♀️ walking out that door 🚪 he was heading towards his death.
Sam - How did you know your husband was going to die?
Mrs. Marino - My husband had some very dangerous clients. When he didn’t come home 🏡 that night I feared for the worst. I went to the cops 👮 the next day and either they didn’t take me seriously or they were working for the same people Vincent was. They suggested he walked out on us. Taken off, but he would NEVER have abandoned Margaux. He adored her! That’s how I knew in my heart ♥️ he was gone.
Sam - Is that why you stopped paying the premiums?
Mrs. Marino - I stopped because I thought he was dead 💀 and if I was right about who done it, they would never recover the body.
Sam - Ok, fair enough.
Spinelli - 7 years after you reported your husband missing, you could have had him legally reported dead. File the insurance claim then, and move on. So, why didn’t you?
Mrs. Marino picks up a picture of a 2 year old Margaux - THIS is why I couldn’t. How could I look at this face and tell her that her father was gone forever? She believed in him, and thought her Dad was coming back.
Sam - Of course. How could you break your daughters heart 💜 with that?
Mrs. Marino - Exactly!
Spinelli - Mrs. Marino. I don’t feel well. Could I trouble you for a glass of water 💧? I need to take my pills 💊.
Mrs. Marino- Sure, right this way.

Sam puts on gloves 🧤 and starts looking through the desk. She opens the drawer and finds 50 or more letters wrapped in a blue ribbon 🎀, which she takes and puts in her briefcase 💼.

missed the last 15 minutes of the show.
— MOM (10.26.18)
Thursday on GH.............
Nina gives Sasha a gift 🎁, an amethyst stone and introduces her to Maxie Jones.
Nina - Maxie, this is my daughter Sasha.

Sonny sees Margaux talking to Kristina.
Sonny - Meet Margaux Dawson. She is the one who sent Carly to Ferncliff. Now, she is going after your father!

At Sam’s penthouse....................
Sam - Guess who’s here?
Spinelli - Gracious greetings!
Jason - Spinelli! Thank you for coming.
Spinelli - It is my great pleasure to be back amongst friends 👫.
Sam - We are glad to see you!
Spinelli - I couldn’t help but notice your choice of pronoun! Do you mean you and Jason are working towards a long-awaited and desired reunion?
Jason - Spinelli! What did I tell you about match making?
Spinelli - To cease and desist. I feel you misconstrued my most innocent 😇 of remarks?
Sam - It is not possible to misconstrue your “much-desired reunion.”
Spinelli - It is a simple statement of fact. Your reunion is indeed much desired by a wide circle ⭕️ of family and friends. Including, and not limited to: Danny, Molly, Kristina, Michael, Carly, Sonny and Dr. Quartermaine.
Sam - OK, we get it! You have to understand it is OUR life, OUR relationship and whatever happens between us it is OUR business. Ok?
Spinelli - My most humble apologies! I will restrain myself in the future.
Sam - Well, thank you 😊! I am really glad to see you.
Spinelli - I come with intriguing information on Margaux Dawson!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Sonny - You don’t know when to quit!
Margaux - What is your problem? I came here for brunch!
Sonny - You know she is my daughter?
Margaux - Yeah and she also works here! I was asking her for menu suggestions.
Kristina - Grab a table. These seats are reserved.
Margaux - At a bar for brunch on a weekday?

Sonny - Thanks for getting rid of her. I love your loyalty.
Kristina - Even though I am working for Julian?
Sonny - You can do better, but it is not my call.
Kristina - Thank you. Why is it mom can’t see that?

At Alexis Davis Law Offices..............
Alexis - Come in, Julian.
Oscar - Are you here because of my mother? Did she send you?
Julian - Alexis is a friend. This can’t be easy for your mom, or anyone.
Oscar - So the busboy job is still mine?
Julian - The job is still yours. All you have to do is stop by, fill out the paperwork and grab your schedule.
Oscar - Ok. Thank you, Mr. Jerome, and you, Ms Davis.

Alexis - You gave Oscar a JOB?
Julian - Much to his mother’s chagrin. I thought I was just helping Oscar make a little money! I didn’t realize it was helping Oscar make his own heath care decisions!
Alexis - I can’t discuss Oscar’s case with you.
Julian - I know Oscar is very sick and about the drug trial that can prolong his life. Alexis, there is a lot at stake here!
Alexis - So do I! Are you here as a friend, or to change my mind?
Julian - Kim went to see Sam and she told her to talk to me. Kim is desperate. She will do anything to get Oscar in this medical trial.
Alexis - Even if she denies Oscar control over his own life?

At Sam’s penthouse......................
Spinelli - Sam told me Jeanette Marino was Scully’s paramour. So, Marino’s death may have been a crime of passion, or pure and simple greed. I found that Mr. Marino had a very substantial insurance policy. However, his wife never tried to collect it.
Jason - According to Margaux, her mother wasn’t convinced he was dead.
Sam - Because they never found the body.
Spinelli - Jeanette only had a modest income.
Sam - Ok, maybe Scully was supporting her?
Spinelli - Why wouldn’t she file a claim to her husband’s life insurance?
Sam - Maybe she was hoping he was still alive?
Jason - Yeah, why would she want that? She was cheating on him with Scully!
Sam - Maybe she was in love with two men? She had an affair and felt guilty, so declaring her husband dead was too much for her to handle.

At Alexis Davis Law Offices...............
Alexis - What Kim and Drew want, and what Oscar wants, are not the same thing. Maybe in time it will be.
Julian - So, you think you can make this right for Oscar and his parents?

At Sam’s penthouse.................
Spinelli - A thousand pardons. I didn’t mean to bring up painful memories!
Sam - It’s ok.
Jason - I don’t understand? What memories?
Sam - A couple of years after you disappeared, I was backed into a corner to declare you dead. There was a bunch of craziness going on between ELQ and the Quartermaine’s and Danny’s legacy.
Jason - They should not have pressed you to do that!
Sam - I was forced to face the fact that you may never come home 🏡, and it was a horrible time in my life. Everyone told me to move on and get closure. They were ALL wrong. So, I understand if Margaux mother was reluctant to face the facts. Maybe she was holding out hope?
Spinelli - With all due respect, her feelings for her husband or lack thereof, couldn’t possibly compare to your feelings for Jason.

At the Metro Court............
Nina invites Valentin to the table to talk to Sasha.
Sasha - I need to get back to Chappaqua.
Nina - I didn’t ask what do you do?
Sasha - Right now, I am a temp. I’m good with computer software.
Valentin - Are you currently working somewhere?
Sasha - Well, you’re not tied to a job with temping.
(Nina offers Sasha a job at Crimson.)
Nina - Just think about making Port Charles your home 🏠?

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Spinelli - Why didn’t Jeanette Marino claim her husband’s insurance policy? You did what you had to do to support Danny!
Sam - Maybe she didn’t want people to know she was having an affair with Scully?
Jason - It might cause an investigation. It would draw attention to the fact his death was a hit!
Spinelli - Yes, but there is more.
(Knock. Knock.)
Sonny - Got your text.
Spinelli - Good to see you, Mr. Corrinthos, Sir. We are getting information that will curtail DA Dawson’s dogged pursuit of you?
Jason - We are going to stop her! We are doing what it takes.

At Charley’s Pub......................
(Oscar tells Kristina he is the new busboy and he is emancipating from his parents in court.)
Oscar - Your mom is my lawyer. I also need to find a place to live.
(While Kristina is getting the paperwork for Oscar a girl in the pub overhears Oscar is looking for a place to live and offers him a spot in the communal place she is living in.)
Oscar - I can’t pay a lot?
Strange girl - That’s ok! People pay what they can, and also do chores and stuff. I’ll text you the address.
Oscar - This is great! It proves I am doing everything right. I have to tell Ms. Davis!
(Poor Oscar, this sounds like he is going to be in big trouble.)

At Alexis Davis Law Offices..............
Alexis - Oscar just got closer to choosing his own medical treatment. He found a place to live.
Julian - So, you think the court will take his case?
Alexis - Yes.
Julian - I dread telling Kim, but I trust your judgement. If anyone can find a King Solomon solution in this, it’s you.
Alexis - Thank you.
Julian - Whatever your plan, you need to do it fast. Oscar doesn’t have much time!

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Spinelli - I found out that mere hours after her husband‘s remains were identified, she filed a claim.
Sam - Does she have the money yet?
Spinelli - No. The insurance company has withheld payment, since no payments were paid out all those years ago and there was a murder.
Sam - So. the insurance company is opening their own investigation into Marino’s death?
Spinelli - Yes.

At the Metro Court...........
(Valentin invites Nina and Sasha to Windermere for dinner so Sasha can meet Charlotte.)
Valentin - It will be a family dinner.
Nina - Ok, I accept.

At Sam’s penthouse...............
Sonny - This doesn’t make sense!
Jason - I think it’s safe to say Margaux’s mother was never straight with her about what went down with her, Marino and Scully.
Sonny - Was she trying to get her hands on the 💰 money?
Spinelli - It numbers in the hundreds of thousands!
Sam - Only Jeanette Marino would have the answers.
Sonny - I need to know what she is up to! I need proof to give to Margaux to back off. I won’t let her do anymore damage to my family!
— MOM (10.25.18)
Wednesday on GH.............
Today’s update is all about Oscar Nero.
Kim Nero was unable to get Jason Morgan to speak to Attorney Alexis Davis because he didn’t have any influence with her.
Kim decides to speak to Sam McCall, Alexis’ daughter, to see if she can help her. Sam tells Kim her mother won’t listen to her but she should speak to the only person who may be able to convince Alexis to not take Oscar on as a client.........Julian Jerome.

Drew and Attorney Diane Miller speak to Alexis Davis.
Drew is very angry at Alexis. Alexis tells him she will do what is best for Oscar. She also says if she didn’t take Oscar on as a client he would go to Scott Baldwin. He would use Oscar for his own purposes.
A frustrated Drew leaves and Diane tells Alexis she understands why Alexis took Oscar’s case but she will fight as hard as she can for Drew and Kim.

Oscar sees a help wanted sign for a bus boy at Charley’s Pub.
Oscar asks Julian for a job. Julian tells Oscar it is not a part time job. Oscar tells Julian he quit school and can work full time. Julian realizes Oscar’s quitting school is linked to his arguments with his parents about his medical situation. He decides to give him the job so he can keep an eye on him.

Oscar goes back to Alexis Davis’ law office to tell her he has completed the first order.......he has a job. Now he needs to find a place to live.
— MOM (10.24.18)
Tuesday on GH............
Jason brings a drunk Kristina home 🏠 to Sam.

Outside of Charley’s Pub...........
Oscar - You will represent me with my parents?
Alexis - Yes, but you need to acknowledge that going to war with your parents will come with a cost. It may very well break the bond that you have with them. I’ve seen it happen with other families over a lot less!

At Sam’s penthouse............
Sam - You need to sit down. How much did you have to drink 🍹?
Kristina - It doesn’t matter because I am not drunk.
Jason - She left her car 🚘 keys 🔑 at the park.
Kristina - I wasn’t going to drive.
Sam - So, you were all alone in the park drinking?
Kristina - Contemplating.
Sam - Oh, contemplating what?
Kristina - My habit of bad decisions. Your decisions aren’t always good!
Sam - I wasn’t the one sitting on a park bench in the middle of the afternoon getting hammered!
Kristina - No, but you’re the one letting this gem of a hunk go to waste!
Sam - Kristina, don’t!
Kristina - What? You want Jason, and Jason obviously wants you.

At the Metro Court............
(Valentin comes over to say hello to Nina and Sasha. Sasha notices the spark between them.)
Sasha - Why did you let him go? It’s obvious you’re into each other! Oh, I’m sorry. Your divorce is none of my business.
Nina - Don’t worry about it. You can ask me anything, but it’s a sore subject.
Sasha - I’m just thinking that a guy who cares so much about your getting to know me wouldn’t be bad?
Nina - It depends on who you talk to.
Sasha - I will not bring it up again.
Nina - Ok, Kiki, can you come here? There is someone I want you to meet?.

Outside of Charley’s Pub...............
Oscar - I’m doing this to take control of my own life.
Alexis - Ok, so let’s get to work. I will start prepping your case and you need to get your life in order.
Oscar - In order how?
Alexis - Oscar, if I am going to argue your independence you will have to start living independently. This means you have to find a place to live and a means of paying for it.
Oscar - Right. Speaking of paying?
Alexis - Don’t worry about me. We will figure something out.
Oscar - Thanks again.
Alexis - Where are you going, Oscar?
Oscar - To tell my parents I hired you.
Alexis - No, I would advise against saying anything until you get your affairs in order.
Oscar - You mean keep it a secret? That’s how THEY do things. Not me.
(Oscar and Alexis go into the pub)
Drew - I’m glad you came back!
Kim - Sweetheart, I really do believe if we talk about the drug trial......
Oscar - No, you’re not forcing me into that trial. I’m divorcing you.
Drew - You’re DIVORCING us??
Kim - What are you talking about?
Oscar - I’m taking you guys to court so that I can get emancipated. That means I will live on my own, support myself and make all of my own decisions about my medical health. You guys won’t be able to force me to do anything I don’t want to do.
Drew - Going on your own and shunning the people who love you? You’re not solving anything.
Oscar - I disagree. There is only ONE solution and court is the only way to achieve it.
Drew - I bet we can achieve it by talking it out.
Oscar - I’m DONE talking to you guys! This is my life. I’m going to live what’s left of it the way I want!
Kim - This can’t possibly be legal!
Drew - Alexis, did you put that in this kid’s head?
Oscar - She’s my lawyer.

At Sam’s penthouse................
Kristina - You and Jason are hot for each other. Everyone knows it. Do something about it already, and by doing something I mean have SEX!
Sam - Ok, I know what you mean. You’ve got to STOP 🛑!
Kristina - I’m serious! You two are like the sweet spot. No angst. No drama. Isn’t it better when you can find happiness with both hands? Quit stalling and put your love 💕 back together, like we all know you want to!

At the Metro Court............
(Nina introduces Kiki to Sasha and tells her Sasha is her daughter and Silas, Kiki’s father, is also Sasha’s father.)
Nina - That makes her your sister.
Kiki - I didn’t get to know my Dad that well. I’m sorry that you didn’t get a chance to know him.
(While Kiki and Sasha are talking, Nina thanks Valentin for convincing Sasha to stay.

At Sam’s penthouse.................
Sam - Jason and I don’t have to answer to you. And as long as you’re living under MY roof you have to follow MY rules. Go! Go get a shower.
Kristina - Finnee........
Sam - I don’t know what to say?
Jason - Nothing needs saying.
Sam - Kristina was alone drinking in the park? I thought she had a handle on things!
Jason - Yeah, on the way over she mentioned something about talking to Parker.
Sam - That explains a lot.

At Charley’s Pub......................
Drew - You’re really going to do this, Alexis? You’re going to take Oscar on as a client?
Alexis - I’m sorry. I know how upset this might make you. Yes, and if you decide to get an attorney please have them contact me.
Kim - Do you know that Oscar is sick?
Oscar - Of course she knows! I told her everything.
Kim - Have you seen his medical records? This drug treatment he is trying to avoid is his only hope!
Alexis - I know he was kept in the dark about his health until now. I have great compassion that your son has autonomy over his body? I might want the same thing, if I was in his place!
Drew - Alexis, you’re NOT in his place.
Kim - He is a child, and he is my son, and YOU don’t know what is right for him!
Alexis - I don’t, but I would argue that no one does.
(Kim is enraged and slaps Alexis across the face.)
Oscar - MOM, what are you doing?!?
Kim - I don’t give a damn about your legal perspectives. You’re a mother! How can you stand in the way of me trying to fight for my child’s life? This is a matter of life and death!
Alexis - I’m well aware, and I’m sorry.
Oscar is disgusted - How could you do that? (He leaves with Alexis.)
Kim - I have to go to him!
Drew - No, stop 🛑 !
Franco - You did slap Alexis, and that is not good if you go to trial.
(Kim runs out of the Pub).

At Sam’s penthouse...............
Sam - Thank you again for coming to Kristina‘s rescue. Maybe you can fix the rest of her life?
Jason - She has some things to work out, but she will be ok. I need to go.
Sam - Wish me luck?
Jason - Always. You got this.
Kristina - So am I evicted?
Sam - Not this time.
Kristina - Thanks.

At the Floating Rib
Jason - Kim is everything ok?
Kim - Jason, no. Everything is NOT ok and it is not going to be ok! Honestly, I don’t have the energy to chat with you right now.
(Jason starts to walk away.)
Kim - I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
Jason - That’s ok. No worries, really.
Kim - Actually, if you have a minute there is something I would like to ask you?
Jason sits down - Sure, what do you need?
Kim - Do you have any influence with Alexis Davis?

At Alexis Davis Law Offices...........
Oscar - I’ve never seem my mom act like that!
Alexis - That’s ok. I understand. What happened just now is a taste of how hard your mother will fight if this goes to court. She loves you and she wants you to live. You’re going to have to fight back just as hard! Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared for how much this will hurt your parents?

At the Floating Rib..............
Kim - Drew told me Oscar saw you at the pier and he told you about the tumor?
Jason - Yeah, and I’m really sorry.
Kim - I know you were the one who got him to call us. So, thank you.
Jason - People always thank me for things anyone would do.
Kim - Not everyone would get through to Oscar like you did. Do you have the same influence with Alexis?
Jason - I don’t have any influence with Alexis. She tolerates me, but she does not approve of me.
Kim - Well, I don’t approve of Alexis and if she doesn’t back off she will help Oscar make a decision that will kill him!

At Alexis Davis Law Offices...............
Oscar - I already told you, I will do whatever it takes.This is MY life and I will live it on my own terms.
Alexis - You’re a brave kid, Oscar. Have a seat. This is not going go be an easy road for you.
Oscar - Tell me what I have to do?
Alexis - First, you will have to show the court that you’re self sufficient. You can’t go home 🏠 with your mom and dad tonight.
Oscar - Ahhh. I can’t stay with you?
Alexis - That would undermine our case.
Oscar - I figured.
Alexis - Look 👀 Oscar, if you stayed one more night with your parents I don’t think it will compromise anything.
Oscar - That won’t help us either.
Alexis - I don’t want you out on the street!
Oscar - I may have an alternative.
— MOM (10.23.18)
Monday on GH.............
At Charley’s Pub...........
(Drew is to meet Oscar there for his birthday 🎂. Kim decides to join them. Drew wanted to be alone with Oscar.)
Kim - I can’t let him avoid me again!
Drew - I understand all that, but he might think he is being ambushed.
Kim - I’ve got the right to be here with my son. We don’t have time to wait for Oscar to come around. We have to make decisions in his best interests. He NEEDS to be in this trial!
(Oscar arrives at the pub.)
Kim - Oscar!
Oscar - What are YOU doing here?
Kim - It’s your birthday 🎁! I wanted to be here for you.
Oscar - This is probably my last birthday 🎂. I don’t want anything from either of you! I just want the right to live my life the way I want.

Ryan Chamberlain is still fooling everyone — Laura, Alexis, Felicia, Carly and Scott — into thinking he is Dr. Kevin Collins.

Sonny asks Mike what he thinks of the senior day care center he is going to.
Mike - I like it, but I also like that I can come home 🏠.

At Charley’s Pub..........
Drew - What is on your mind?
Oscar - Moving forward, I want to make my own decisions about my health.
Kim - What does that entail?
Oscar - Anything I want, like dropping out of the trial!
Drew - Your mother and Dr. Randolph worked very hard to get you into the trial. SO many people would want to be in your place!
Oscar - Please! You’re talking like we ALL have this disease. It’s just ME.
Kim - I can’t tell you this treatment will not fail. But if we do nothing, you WILL die.
Drew - Your mother is a doctor 👩‍⚕️ and she knows...
Oscar - You know what, Drew? Keep your advice! I don’t need any from a hypocrite like you.

Kristina calls Parker to see how she is and hears that Parker wants to only be friends 👭 and is doing well without her. She is upset and takes a bottle of liquor from Julian’s pub. We see her sitting on a park bench drinking tequila from the bottle.

At Charley’s Pub..............
Kim - Oscar, don’t speak to your father like that!
Drew - Clearly you’re upset with me about something. Tell me why?
Oscar - Because if ANYONE should know what I am going through it’s YOU. Those people did medical 🏥 procedures on you against your will. Now you’re saying I don’t have a vote on what happens to me?
Drew - Our situations are very different.
Oscar - NOT from where I stand! You two need to back off and let me handle it myself.
Kim - You mean to back off from the trials?
Oscar - I mean, I will deal with this MY way.

At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Sonny - Well, Dad, I’m glad you had a good time at the Senior Center.
Mike - It reminds me of camp. The one your grandma sent me to in the Catskills, but this one didn’t have a swimming 🏊‍♀️ hole 🕳.

At Charley’s Pub.............
Kim - I can’t give you that!
Oscar - Well, I guess we can say we tried.
Drew - Does that mean you will stay in the trial?
Oscar - No. Happy birthday 🎂 to me.

Outside at Charley’s Pub.....................
Alexis - Hello, Oscar.
Oscar - Kristina left already.
Alexis - I didn’t come here to see Kristina. I came here to see you!
Oscar - Is this about my case?
Alexis - Oscar, while I’m not sure 🤔 that you refusing medical treatment is a wise choice, I really believe you have the right to MAKE that choice.
Oscar - Wait, are you saying?
Alexis - I’m saying I will take your case and I will help you emancipate from your parents.
— MOM (10.22.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.............
At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - I went to see Drew to see if he is going to give Margaux something against me.
Jason - And...
Sonny - I don’t know what he will do but he is in the position to take me away from the people I love.

At the Metro Court..........
Margaux - I was happy to get your text. I take it you reconsidered my offer?
Drew - Actually, it’s more like I’m not sure why I didn’t call the cops 👮‍♀️ yet to turn you in!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.............
Sonny - He didn’t say he has my back.
Jason - It doesn’t matter. Margaux can try all she wants .She is NOT taking you down! Her vendetta doesn’t make any sense. You were 18 years old, low man on the totem pole! There was no way you could have refused that order.
Sonny - She could say I chose to work for Scully?
Jason - So did her father! HE knew better than YOU what he was getting into you. Look, Marino was working with dangerous people. He knew the risks and it caught up with him.
Sonny - Margaux isn’t thinking rationally. She is thinking like a little girl 👧 who lost her father.
Jason - We have to show Margaux her father wasn’t a sainted victim. He was a player in this business and his choices got him killed.

At the Metro Court...........
Margaux - Turn me in for what, exactly?
Drew - Come on! You are holding on to stolen property, which also happens to be evidence in an open case. So let’s’re receiving stolen property and there is obstruction of justice. I’m not a lawyer, so.....
Margaux - No, you are not.
Drew - But I can find someone who knows what they are talking about!
Margaux - Someone like me, because I am a lawyer? Everything you just said falls under the category of speculation. This case is impossible to prove!
Drew - Yeah, why is that?
Margaux - Well, first of all you have proof that I even HAVE the flash drive? You didn’t record our conversation that night. Second, I didn’t know what the damn thing was when I found it!
Drew - Wow! Look 👀 at that? On top of everything, the DA is a liar 🤥!
Margaux - It’s your word against mine. Let’s say you’re right? I jeopardize my ENTIRE career just to have leverage over YOU? Why would I do that, unless there was no other way to get justice for my father? Sonny Corinthos murdered my Dad and THIS is the only way I have to bring him down. You might not remember YOUR childhood, but I remember MINE. My dad was a good man!
(Wait a minute! She said she was 2 years old when her father left and never came back. BS!)
Drew - I’m sure he was.
Margaux - My mom told me stories of how much he loved me and how important our family was to him. It’s not fair! It was all taken away.
Drew- I’m not saying what happened should have happened. You need to take into consideration what your father did for a living and who he did it for! He made a choice.
Margaux - No, he made a mistake! He was a principled man 👨 who got involved with unprincipled people.
(This woman is delusional! Her father was in the MOB!!)
Margaux - He wanted out and they had him killed! Sonny Corrinthos pulled the trigger and he needs to pay for that!! It is as simple as that.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.............
Sonny - Did Spinelli come up with anything else on Marion?
Jason - Yes. Marino leased an office and it was next to Scully’s organization. It was a much bigger office than the one he worked at before.
Sonny - Did Scully sign off on that too?
Jason - Yes, he did.
Sonny - What does Spinelli think of that?
Jason - He agrees Marino didn’t look like a guy who was trying to get out of the business.
Sonny - So, Marino gets a home 🏠 in the Hamptons. He moves into a large office and racks up debt.
Jason - He is also moving up in the organization!
Sonny - What if he was working with the cops 👮 to bring Scully down?
Jason - Which is possible! He could have been doing this to keep up with appearances to cover his tracks?
Sonny - If Scully found out? GAME OVER!
Jason - However it happened, Margaux’s crusade is pointless. YOU’RE not the reason her father died.
Sonny - She is not going to believe that.
(Sam comes in wearing a black leather jacket.)
Sam - Once I’m done with her, she will have it.

At the Metro Court...........
Drew - I think it’s important to be realistic.
Margaux - Sonny killed my father. It doesn’t get any more real than that!
Drew - Sonny was what 18 at the time, taking orders from an unprincipled man. He may not have had a choice!
Margaux - Do you think he regrets it?
Drew - Maybe.
Margaux - What I think is, Sonny was eager to move up in the organization. I think he was eager to prove himself and he USED my father to do that. MY father was his ticket to a promotion. I got to hand it to him, because it worked! He is the most powerful Mob Kingpin on the Eastern seaboard. My father was step one on his rise to power. Unless that gun falls through the sky with a Sonny’s fingerprints on it, HE will not pay and I will not get justice for my father! I can still nail Sonny, but I can’t do it without your help.
Drew thinks a minute - Sorry, no deal.

(Time for dinner. I will finish this update later.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Sam - There wasn’t much on Marino, so I had to go the old school way......the library 📚 and look up Marino.
(Sonny and Jason are looking at each other.)
Sam - Spinelli didn’t tell you he handed the case over go me, did he?
Jason - No, he didn’t.
Sam - If you’re uncomfortable with me?
Sonny - No, you’re the best at what you do! I just worry about your business partner. He is engaged to be married to the Police 👮‍♀️ Commissioner!
Sam - We already agreed we can have exclusive outside cases. We don’t work together or share information all that stuff.
Sonny - Ok, well I’m glad you’re on board.
Jason - Yeah, me too.
Sonny - Now, before we get started, I’ve got to go upstairs. Avery needs me for a tea 🍵 party 🎈.
Sam - Take your time.
Jason - I’m not going anywhere.

At the Metro Court...............
Margaux - WHY are you protecting those people?
Drew - That’s not what I’m doing!
Margaux - I don’t understand your loyalty?
Drew - I’m NOT protecting Sonny and Jason.
Margaux - Sam?
Drew - Yes, I don’t want to be the reason why Danny loses his father!
Margaux - But he did things, MULTIPLE things. ALL of which were illegal!
Drew - It is not my job to punish.
Margaux - No, it’s mine! Why won’t you help me?
Drew - I am very sorry about your father. I am also sorry you’ve been manipulating me for months. I don’t feel obligated to help you. The fact is, I have to do what is best for myself.
Margaux - How does not knowing who you are benefit you?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sam - Sonny doesn’t know about Oscar, does he?
Jason - No, he met with Drew about Margaux and could tell something was off.
Sam - With Drew?
Jason - Yeah, but he has no idea how sick Drew’s son is. How is he?
Sam hesitates - Oscar?
Jason - No, Drew, have you seen him?
Sam gulps - Yeah, he stopped by last night. It kind of surprised me!
Jason - Why?
Sam - Because he made it very clear I was the LAST person he could turn to for help.
Jason - But you’re still the person he wanted to talk to. I’m glad you were there.
Sam relaxed - I don’t know if I helped?
Jason - I’m sure you helped more than you know.
Sam - This whole situation is just.....
Jason - Yeah I know. I went to see Monica to check in.
Sam - How is she?
Jason - She is really struggling.
Sam - I bet. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse to be a doctor 👩‍⚕️ when someone you love is 😷 sick?
Jason - I think it goes back and forth. Spinelli didn’t tell me he was going away?
Sam - And that surprises you?
Jason - Yeah!
Sam - Jason, seriously 😳?
Jason - What?
Sam - What do you mean, what? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy 😃 Spinelli gave me this case! I will work with Sonny and do whatever you guys need, but don’t tell me you’re not just a little bit suspicious?
Jason - No!
Sam - NO? Are you kidding? Spinelli dumps this on my lap, you know why! Because he wants us to work closely together. He’s match-making again!
Jason - Yeah, but I told him to stop ✋ and he said he would just drop it.
Sam - Come ON! It’s Spinelli! And when he believes in something, he fights for it! I don’t know if you noticed, he believes in US.

At the Metro Court..........
Drew - Even if I got the flash drive and went through the procedure, I would lose FIVE years of my life!
Margaux - Isn’t it worth gaining the previous years?
Drew - NO! I lose the night my daughter was born. I lose the first time I met my son, Oscar. I loose the relationship I built with my mother! All of my relationships, and I’m not letting them go.
Margaux - That’s only a part! What about your childhood? Your friends 👫? Your Navy Seal service? All of the things that made you who you are!
Drew - You know, you keep saying I don’t know who I am. That’s a mistake. I KNOW who I am. The life I built for myself means everything!
(That’s it in a nutshell. Drew hates Jason because he wants Jason’s life. Without Jason, he wouldn’t have Sam, Jason’s sons, Jason’s money, penthouse, Aurora Media, Monica and the Quartermaine’s!)

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Jason - I will speak to Spinelli.
Sam - Which will accomplish nothing again.
Jason - You don’t think he will listen to me?
Sam - Has he ever before?
Jason - Ouch!
Sam - Ouch? Sorry, no offense.
Jason - Some taken.
Sam - It’s just that Spinelli thinks we are destined to be together, right? Forever and ever. According to him, we are aligned in the 🌟 stars ⭐️. It doesn’t matter what we say, or what we do, or how annoyed 😠 we get. He is convinced that we belong together! He’s pushing. You know he keeps pushing, and I want him to stop 🛑.
Jason - He will stop 🛑 if he knows he is hurting you.
Sam - He’s not hurting me! He won’t listen 👂 to me, and it’s like a child 👶. I already have two of them!
Jason - All right! So what do you want me to do?
Jason - Nothing??
Sam - No, do nothing.
Jason - Ok. You kind of seem 😢 upset?
Sam - Nooo Jason. I’m not upset 😠. I’m frustrated! This is frustrating, ok? Aren’t YOU frustrated?
Jason - Yeah..... cold showers.
Sam - Ok. I want Spinelli to know that we both know that we aren’t ready to be together yet. That’s it. If you can make that clear, that’s enough.
(Sonny returns....)
Sonny - Make what clear?

At the Metro Court...................
Margaux - There’s no changing your mind?
Drew - Sorry.
Margaux - So you keep saying. Ok, what am I going to do with the flash drive?
Drew - Toss it! We can burn it. It is irrelevant at this point!
Margaux is not getting her way - Ok 👌. I think 🤔 I will hold on to it. Because someday you will want it. When that someday comes, you know my terms.
(Margaux walks away and enters the elevator. When the 🚪 doors close, she turns around and bangs on the walls. She starts to cry 😭 and says, “I’m sorry Daddy.”)

At Sonny’s house 🏠................
Sam - I found these records of Margaux’s parent’s marriage and they were very active in the local church ⛪. I found this! It’s a photo of Scully and Mr and Mrs Marino at a Christmas 🎄 party 🎊.
Sonny looks at the photo - You’ve got to be kidding me? I know this woman 👩!
Sam - Margaux’s mother?
Sonny - I didn’t know she was married to Marino, but I know HER! She was having an AFFAIR with Scully!
Jason - Are you positive?
Sonny - YES! That’s what lawyers call a motive for murder!
— MOM (10.19.18)
Thursday on GH...............
At school...........
(Elizabeth and Franco meet with Aiden ‘s teacher 👩‍🏫, Miss Tate.)
Elizabeth - Is Aiden in trouble?
Miss Tate - Oh no, I suspect Aiden is having some trouble.

At Sonny’s house 🏠............
Cameron - Do you REALLY want me to be your boyfriend? What kind of game are you playing?
Joss - It’s not a game. This is how I will get Oscar back!

At school...........
Miss Tate - Aiden is very bright, but socially he tends to be withdrawn, quiet and sensitive.
Elizabeth - He is not quiet at home, and none of his other teachers have ever described him as withdrawn?
Miss Tate - Well, the class went outside to study 📖 nature. Aiden left his sweater in the classroom and insisted on going inside.
Franco - He probably was cold! I don’t see what the big deal is?
Elizabeth - Let Miss Tate explain.
Miss Tate - Aiden refused to go outside again. He wouldn’t go outside for recess. Always wants to stay in the classroom, or usually he’s alone. He likes working on projects, but I hate to see him cut himself off from the rest of his classmates.
Elizabeth- He has always been such a happy and friendly kid. What do you think is going on?
Miss Tate - Has Aiden had any bumps at home that would impact him at school?
Franco - Maybe I should tell her about the ✏️ pencils?
Miss Tate - What pencils ✏️?
Franco - Aiden wanted these princess 👸 pencils ✏️ and his older brother, Cameron, was teasing him about them and I bought them anyway. Then, Aiden was hiding them under his bed and didn’t bring them to school 🏫.
Miss Tate - I’ve seen that pattern of behavior.
Elizabeth - The school 🏫 nurse 👩‍⚕️ sent him home 🏠 the other day with a stomach ache. I thought he was looking for an excuse to stay home from school 🏫.
Franco - I think I know what’s going on.

At Sonny’s house 🏠................
Joss - If I’m right, Oscar still cares and will come to his senses. What do you think of my plan?
Cameron - The truth is, Joss, Oscar has already moved on and you should too.
Joss - Oscar wouldn’t cheat on me?
Cameron - So, we are supposed to pretend we are totally into each other?
Joss - What kind of a friend asks you to lie for her? You know, you’re right, Cameron. It was a dumb idea. Forget it.

At GH.........
Kim - Oscar, the treatment should shrink the tumor.
Oscar - Or, I could die. If today is my last birthday 🎂 I want to celebrate it in my own way.
Kim - You’re right. I’m sorry. It IS your day.

At Aiden‘s school..............
Franco - I know what it’s like for a kid to want to stay in the classroom and draw. Even I managed to make some friends 👬! It just took a little longer.
Miss Tate - Has anything significant changed for Aiden in the last six months?
Elizabeth - His best friend, Josh, moved away in August. He really missed him. What can we do to help my little boy?

At the Metro Court...........
Oscar - Thank you for meeting me.
Alexis - Ok, get to the point. That story about the kid, it was about you, wasn’t it?
Oscar - Wow! You’re good. I need your advice. This stays between us, right? I’ll pay your fee.
Alexis - Oscar, you can’t afford me. You also don’t need a lawyer. Whatever conflict you have, you need to talk to your parents.
Oscar - I can’t.
Alexis - I know what it’s like when parents and kids butt heads. Ask my three daughters!
Oscar - I’ve got cancer. My parents want to force me into some experimental drug trial. THEY don’t know what is best for me. So, will you help me or won’t you?

At Aiden’s school....................
Miss Tate - I suggest you watch Aiden’s behavior at home 🏠. Does he spend time with his brothers or is he by himself?
Elizabeth - You sound like I don’t know my own son!
Miss Tate - You both work and you may have missed something. My students have taught me they hurt and we don’t always see it at first glance.
Elizabeth - He seems perfectly normal around the house 🏠.
Miss Tate - The goal is to get him to open up and face whatever challenges he is facing here at school.

At Sonny’s house 🏠............
Cameron - Maybe it’s not such a bad idea 💡?
Joss - You mean it? You will pretend to be my boyfriend?
Cameron - Sure.
Joss - Awesome 😎!
(They hug.)

At the Metro Court............
Oscar - I have an brain tumor and there is nothing they can do about it.
Alexis - I’m so sorry 😐, Oscar! I know what its like to get a bad diagnosis.
Oscar - Really?
Alexis - I had lung cancer and am in remission now. So, I know how terrified you are. Be hopeful, I have been cancer free for years.
Oscar - That’s good but my tumor is inoperable.
Alexis - There are new treatments every day!
Oscar - This treatment my parents want for me is so new it can KILL me! It’s not THEIR life on the line, it’s mine. You said there were legal measures? I looked it up I can sue to be independent.
Alexis - Emancipated. You have to prove your parents are not acting in your best interest. You have to prove you can live apart from them and support yourself. The courts won’t even consider this motion if you’re under 16 years old.
Oscar - Well, today is my birthday and I AM 16.
Alexis - A courtroom is not the place for this!
Oscar - Please don’t give me more excuses. I am ready to hire you! If you won’t take my case, I will go to Scott Baldwin and ask for HIS help.
Alexis - You do NOT want to take this to court. Nobody wins, and you do NOT want to take this to Scott Baldwin. Please try to work this out with your parents?
Oscar - Please Ms. Davis, look at it from my point of view? Signing up for this drug trial can make my life shorter. How would YOU feel if you made a choice that caused your child even ONE day of life? I don’t have much time. The drug trials begin at the end of the year. PLEASE take my case?
Alexis - I promise I will think about it, but you need to think about it too, Oscar! Once you put something like this in motion in a courtroom there is no predicting how it will end.
— MOM (10.18.18)
Wednesday on GH..............
(Valentin sees Sasha at the Metro Court.)
Valentin - Ms. Gilmore, can I have a minute of your time?

Drew asks Peter August to meet him at Aurora Media.
Drew - Thanks for showing up. If my memory is restored will I lose the last 5 years?

Today is Oscar’s birthday 🎁. Oscar wants Cameron to convince Joss that his fake girlfriend is real.
Cameron - Just because you are sick 😷 it doesn’t give you a free pass to be a jerk.

At the Metro Court..........
Valentin sees Sasha with a suitcase - You should give Nina a chance. She loves you!
Sasha - I didn’t know I was adopted. I had a mother, and I don’t want another.
Valentin - If you don’t give her a chance you will regret it for the rest of your life! Nina is worth it.
Sasha - Look, Mr....?
Valentin - Cassadine. I am Nina’s ex husband.
Sasha - I met Nina yesterday and I can see she wants more than I can give her. It’s too much!
Valentin - Ms. Gilmore, all Nina wants is a moment of your time. I guarantee you it will be time well spent. Don’t leave yet? See her first.
Sasha - Nina, am I too late?
Nina - No, no never!

At Aurora Media...................
Peter August - You need to talk to Dr. Andre Maddox.
Drew - He is in custody with the WSB and they won’t give him a message. So you, Sir, are my next best source. So, when memories are implanted do the old memories disappear?
Peter - Yes.
Drew - So, if my memory is implanted, the last five years will be obliterated.
Peter - Yes, to the best of my knowledge.
Drew - So, forget about my life with Sam, Scout and Oscar? I would be Drew Cain, the Navy Seal, but I would forget about Monica? You know what? Sorry....thank you for your time.
Peter - Do you have the flash drive?
Drew - No, I don’t have the flash drive.
Peter - Sorry, you deserve better.
Drew - Thank you.
Peter - I don’t have any right to give you advice, but there is no peace ☮️ in looking back.

At the Metro Court..............
Nina - I want to apologize. I came on too strong yesterday.
Sasha - Thank you, Nina.
Nina - You have other family, too? Do you want me to tell you about them?
Sasha - Yes.

At Aurora Media..........
(Drew asks Sonny to stop by.)
Drew - The new DA blames you for her father’s death 💀. She doesn’t have the evidence, so she is going to nail you with ANYTHING she can find. I will tell you what I told Margaux. Jason’s memories are not mine to share. Carly, you and Michael were there for me when I needed you.
Sonny - I owe you for saving my life.
Drew - Come on, we are more than even.
Sonny - What Jason did for me, I asked him to do. He did it to protect the people we care about!
Drew - I know, I care about them too.

At the Metro Court........
(Nina shows Sasha pictures of her brother Nathan West, Maxie and their son James.)
Nina - Dr. Silas Clay is your father and Kiki Jerome is your half sister. Thank you 🙏 for seeing me again. I don’t want you to miss your flight ✈️!
Sasha - I can stay here for a few days, if it is alright with you? I had an enlightened conversation with your ex-husband.

At Aurora Media.............
Sonny - Let’s assume Margaux can get you to do what she wants.
Drew - Ok?
Sonny - If I go down, Jason goes down! That impacts Sam, Danny, Elizabeth, Jake AND Monica.
Drew - I know.
Sonny- Margaux is banking on your resentment of Jason to get you to flip. Now, I’m sure you would never let her do that!
Drew - Why are you so sure?

At the Metro Court..............
Sasha - When you said you didn’t want me to miss my flight ✈️, it was very sincere.
Nina - Wait! Valentin asked you to stay?
Sasha - Mr. Cassadine asked me not to leave, and he was right. I don’t know what went down with you two, but I have NEVER heard someone - especially an ex-husband - talk about someone with so much love 💕!

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
(Spencer visits Joslyn and tells her he heard about her breakup with Oscar on social media.)
Spencer - You should let him see you with another boy.
Joss - Spencer, you’re so smart! I will make Oscar jealous. Let me text Cameron.
Cameron - Yo, whats up?
Joss - I need you to be my boyfriend.

At Aurora Media...............
Sonny - You could have gotten payback at any time! Gone to Commissioner Jordan, but you didn’t do it.
Drew - Jordan didn’t have any incentive to offer. Maybe Margaux does?
Sonny - If Margaux wants to come after me, bring it on! But don’t let her do it through YOU.
— MOM (10.17.18)
Tuesday on GH............
At Sam’s penthouse.......
Drew - I said I couldn’t lean on you any more, but I need to talk to you.
Sam - I am here for whatever you need. Always.

Jason visits his mother Monica at the Quartermaine Mansion. Monica hugs her son.

At Sam’s penthouse.........
Sam - What’s going on?
Drew - I want Oscar to live the best life possible, I don’t know 🤔 what that means?
Sam - I’m telling you, you don’t have to do it alone.

Kiki and Griffin are dating.
Ava sees “Kevin“ Collins at the Metro Court bar and tells him about her decision “to avenge or not avenge” Kiki.

At Sam’s penthouse ..........
Drew - Finding out about Oscar has been overwhelming. I can’t stand the thought of Monica losing anyone else! She has been great with Oscar.
Sam - You don’t have to do this alone.
Drew - I just want go be a good Dad. It is impossible making a decision and not effecting other people!

At the Quartermaine Mansion................
Monica - You don’t remember this, but when I had breast cancer ♋️ you were wonderful.
Jason - I was talking to Robin and she mentioned cancer and it all flooded my head. I remembered I knew a lot about cancer.
Monica - When I got sick, you read everything you could about breast cancer. Alan and AJ were so worried, I had to pretend I was a lot stronger than I really was. I didn’t have to do that with you. With you I could be scared 😱, and I was! You were so kind. You were so reassuring, so that is why I am not surprised you are over here tonight. It has always been your first instinct to help the people you love 💕.
Jason - So, how do I take care of you?

At the Metro Court bar........
Ava - Every time I see Kiki and Griffin together I feel like....
“Kevin “ - A bomb 💣 that is ready to detonate? Whether you’re here in Port Charles or not, you will still have those feelings. Stay in Port Charles.

Young Spencer Cassadine leaves school in France 🇫🇷 to come to Port Charles to visit his grandmother Laura Spencer Collins.

At Sam’s penthouse...............
Sam - All we can do is be there for Oscar in the time he has left. I hope 🤞 it is for decades and decades. If not, he needs YOU to be present.
Drew - Find solace in the little moments.

At the Quartermaine Mansion
Monica - I can’t say it to Drew, or anybody else, but I am terrified!
Jason - I know.
Monica - I’m a doctor 👩‍⚕️ and know exactly how bad this is. I can’t believe this wonderful young boy can be taken from me just like that?
Jason - Oscar is a really great kid.
Monica - It seems like he has given up, Jason?
Jason - That can change.
Monica - He only has two options. He will beat the odds, or he will not. All I have in this experience with my grandson is one day and the next.
(Jason embraces Monica and comforts her.)
Monica - Thank you 🙏. You know, it is not lost on me how difficult it is for Drew to be around you. It’s not you.
Jason - I wish it was different.
Monica - Me too, but it may never be if he can ask anything of you! You’ve got to know that you are helping.
Jason - I’m sorry he has to go through this, and Oscar too. The whole situation is terrible. I’m sorry for you. You’ve already lost so much. So many people you already miss. I don’t want you to miss one more person.
Monica - Me neither, this sucks. So, if you miss somebody that means they were important in your life. So, you asked if you could help me? Spend time with Oscar! Get to know him, because if he loses the fight the two of us can remember him together.

At Sam’s penthouse.............
Sam - Name three things about Oscar?
Drew - He started to get into boxing 🥊.
Sam - Just like his dad.
Drew - He likes to listen to music 🎶.
Sam - Just like his dad.
Drew - When he is thinking about something, he will cross ✝️ his arms.
Sam - Just like his dad.
Drew - There are not enough of these.
Sam - There will be more.
(Scout starts to cry and Sam tells Drew to go pick her up.)

At the Quartermaine Mansion......................
Monica - It meant the world 🌎 to me tonight having you come over. You have no idea what it did for me!
Jason - I love you. You’re a good mother and grandmother. Danny and Jake are so lucky to have a strong, loving, patient woman 👩 like you in their corner. You’re the anchor of this family for a reason!
Monica - That’s becomes I am the oldest!
Jason - NO because you will fight to the death 💀 for every one of us! That is what you are doing now for Oscar, right?
Monica - I come to a dead end at every turn!
Jason - But you’re not giving up.
Monica - I just want Oscar to have a chance.
Jason - I know, we all do.

At Sam’s penthouse....................
(Drew brings Scout downstairs.)
Drew - She is wide awake.
Sam - I would love for someone to force ME to take a nap 💤 each day. Yes, please! You, my love, need to go upstairs and get some sleep 😴.
Drew - Listen to your mom, she gives great advice.
— MOM (10.16.18)
Monday on GH...............
Elizabeth pays Sam a visit.

Franco sees Drew at the docks.
Franco - Looks like you could use a friend.

Jason gives Sonny the preliminary research Spinelli did on Vincent Marino.
Sonny - What do you think?
Jason - Like you said, DA Dawson’s father was no innocent victim.

Nelle sees Brad with Wylie at the Courthouse.
Nelle - Brad is that....?.Hi, baby 👶!

At Sam’s penthouse
Elizabeth - I just think things are better if discussed in person to avoid misunderstandings. We’ve had enough of those!
Sam - Just tell me what you came for?
Elizabeth - This is about Drew.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....
Jason - Spinelli is still looking, but this is what we know? Margaux was mistaken about her father.
Sonny - How?
Jason - She said Marino was trying to leave the organization.
Sonny - Well, Marino also was flashing cash 💵 around. He loved being Scully’s consigliere.
Jason - Look here! Marino’s fee went way up when he took on the NY Attorney General’s office. This looks like it was going to go all the way to the Supreme Court.
Sonny - So he was in it for the long haul. There was NO way he would walk away from a high profile case.
Jason - On the next page.....Scully signed with Marino on a loan for a beach 🏖 house in the Hamptons. That says Marino wanted more, not less! He was in deeper.
Sonny - That means Margaux’s whole crusade is built on a lie.

At the Courthouse...........
Nelle - Look at him! He has grown so much I can hardly recognize him!
Carly - Why would you recognize Wylie? How would YOU know how much he has grown? This is the first time you’ve seen him, right?

At Sam’s penthouse...............
Elizabeth - Kim Nero told me you are one of the small circle ⭕️ of people who know about Oscar’s illness.
Sam - Yes, Drew told me.
Elizabeth - He can’t do this by himself and things are going to get more difficult!
Sam - What’s going on?
Elizabeth - Oscar is refusing experimental treatment.
Sam - Drew came by when Jason was here.
Elizabeth - Oh, Jason was here when Drew came by?
Sam - Yes, what about it?

At the dock...........
Drew - I wish I could regain the memories of how I used to be. I know Oscar is bothered by it. I can’t tell him how I was in high school! I want to give him the history of my family.
Franco - You have given him a real sense of family, and you are there for him right now!
Drew - What if I told you I could get my memory back and let him know who Drew Cain is so he can know who HE is?

At the Courthouse...........
Nelle - I recognize Wylie from the photo Brad posted after he and Lucas adopted him. He’s grown so fast? Can I hold him?
Brad pulls away - NO!
Detective Chase - I can’t allow that.
Brad - I’m sorry it ends this way for you.
Nelle - We can’t all have a happy 😃 ending.
Carly - Last chance. What do you need to tell Michael?

At Sam’s penthouse.....
Elizabeth - I don’t know why I am surprised!
Sam - I don’t think it is any of your business.
Elizabeth - Sam, where you and Jason are concerned, other people get trampled!
Sam - What do you WANT from me?
Elizabeth - I want Drew to have all the support he needs!
Sam - I was willing to give Drew all the support he needed! He made it very clear to me I can’t be the person he turns to.
Elizabeth - Do you blame him, when you run right back to Jason?
Sam - That’s IT! You came here to tell me to stay away from Jason for Drew’s sake?

At the docks............
Franco - Do you think there is a way for you to get your memories?
Drew - This is a hypothetical. What would you do?
Franco - If it poses a threat to who you are or all the things you have in your life right now, it is just not worth it.
Drew - What if the risks are minimal and I can get my memories back?
Franco - What’s the catch?
Drew - Ok, I have to give up information on Sonny and Jason that can put them away for a very long time.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - It’s possible Marino was acting like a lieutenant when he just wanted a way out. Scully found out, and Marino got whacked!
Jason - What did Scully tell you?
Sonny - He told me he had a problem that had to be taken care of. If I wanted to prove myself, I had to take care of it. It never occurred to me he had an agenda! I was a young kid. I was ambitious and I hadn’t learned to think that far ahead.
Jason - We have to find the real reason Scully wanted Marino dead and why he chose YOU to do it!

At the courthouse........
Nelle - I know how much this will mean to all of you, especially Michael.
Carly - So you are going to drag this out as long as possible?
Michael - It doesn’t matter. She has told so many lies it doesn’t affect me any more.
Nelle - I KNOW you still care!
Michael - I really don’t.
Nelle - You should! It should matter to you that.....I’m not going to be found guilty?
Michael - WHAT are you talking about?
Nelle - I have changed my plea to No Contest.
Michael - You will accept the charges, but won’t admit you are guilty?
Nelle - So, I have spared you from drudging up all your mistakes and failures. You won’t have to testify. You’re welcome!

At Sam’s penthouse.....
Elizabeth - It would be easier for Drew if he didn’t have to watch you and Jason get back together while he was going through this ordeal with Oscar! I know it’s pointless telling you to stay away from Jason. It’s just like when people were lining up to tell me to stay away from Franco.
Sam - You’re mistake.
Elizabeth - We don’t have to agree on who we see. We don’t have to have a girl’s night out! Can we put our past aside to make it easier for Drew?

At the docks
Franco - There was a time I would have said do everything you can to get Jason out of your life! He saved my life, and Jason and I are good now. I helped him break Carly out of Ferncliff!
Drew - Get out of here!
Franco - I was the point person. HE got Carly out of there, but he couldn’t do that without MY help.
Drew - Wow! Things change. So, you would say no?
Franco - It is YOUR life. Your memories! Jason is your brother and I don’t get a vote.
Drew - There are other people who would be affected by this!
Franco - Sure, but you forgot to mention Sam.

At Sonny’s House 🏠......
Sonny - At the time, I thought Scully was giving me a chance to prove myself. It didn’t occur to me until later that it was a trap. He wanted leverage to use over my head in case I got too independent.
Jason - It kind of makes sense.
Sonny - He was one of those guys who always had a hidden agenda.
Jason - You know you have to have a good lawyer who can keep track of all those secrets!
Sonny - Maybe Marino wasn’t up to it?
Jason - Everything we see so far says he was. What was so special about Marino that Scully used him to get leverage on you?
Sonny - Maybe he was in too deep?
Jason - Ok, then why order a kid to get rid of him? You could have run away or leave witnesses? Why would Scully risk using you?

(I think Scully wanted to teach Mike a lesson. Mike was complaining too much to him and his son. He didn’t want Sonny in the mob. Scully showed Mike he could pull Sonny’s strings any time he wanted to.)

At the courthouse................
Michael - If I don’t have to testify, I’m leaving. Goodbye, Nelle.
Nelle - Michael, I know you’re going to do your best to forgive me. We will always be connected. More than you know!

At Sam’s penthouse.....
Sam - I can see your heart is in the right place even though you went about it the wrong way.
Elizabeth - Gee, thanks.
Sam - Must be Franco’s influence.
Elizabeth - Franco has been a good friend to Drew!
Sam - Ok, ok.
Elizabeth - Drew needs ALL of us. We both know there is nothing more terrifying then loosing a child!
Sam- I would be there for Drew, but he made it clear he didn’t want me.

At the docks................
Drew - Sam would definitely be hurt if I turned Jason in and he went to prison. Then there are Jake, Danny and Monica. They would be brokenhearted!
Franco - Ok, so on the down side, there would be a lot of people you care about. On the upside, you get your memories back! It might hurt your hero cred with Oscar if he thought you betrayed your brother?
Drew- I don’t care about being a hero . I want to be there when he goes through the treatment. I am sure it will be excruciating.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - Tell Spinelli there is something we are not seeing.
(Carly comes home and tells Jason and Sonny that Nelle was in a rush to get it over with. She pleaded no contest and skipped the trial completely.)
Sonny - Michael you alright?
Michael - Yes, I was thinking about the last thing Nelle said. She said she and I will always be connected?

At the courthouse
(The judge 👩‍⚖️ gave Nelle the maximum sentence.)
Nelle - We both know you will never meet anyone like me!
Detective Chase - Promise?

Brad sees Nelle again....
Nelle - Do you mind if I say goodbye to my only friend and his baby 👶?
Brad - Take care of yourself.
Nelle - You never know, Brad, if I play my cards ♦️ right, the judge 👩‍⚖️ may give me an early release.

At Sam’s penthouse.....
Knock. Knock. Guess’s Drew.
— MOM (10.15.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.........
At the Courthouse, Carly and Michael are going to testify against Nelle Benson Corrinthos.

Detective Valerie Spencer (Luke’s cousin) is the new partner of Detective Chase.

Elizabeth is concerned about what is going on with her younger son, Aiden, in school.

At the Metro Court............
(Sasha and Nina have a glass of wine 🍷. Nina asks Sasha if she likes the theater 🎭? Sasha likes musicals.)
Nina - Have you seen Annie?
Sasha - Not yet, but it’s on my list.
Nina - Maybe we can see it together?
(Nina tells Sasha she loves the theater 🎭, writing ✍️,the beach 🏖 and Chardonnay. Nina jumps right in and asks Sasha if she has the other half of her half heart ♥️? Nina is so nervous she is making a lot of mistakes. She is too pushy.)
Sasha - I don’t have a necklace like that.
Nina - Maybe your mother didn’t want you to have it?
Sasha - Sorry?
Nina - Well, if YOUR mom didn’t want you to know you were adopted, and MY mom who arranged the adoption gave it to her, THAT’S why she didn’t give it to you! My mother did unspeakable things to me.
Sasha - Sorry to hear that! My mother and I were close. She even made it possible for me to go to Paris.
When Nina hears this she invites Sasha to go to Paris with her.
Nina - I am going to a Fashion Expo for Crimson!
Sasha - You want me to come?
Nina - Yes! Yes it would be an opportunity for us to get to know each other. What do you think?
Sasha - NO! I’m sorry, Nina, I don’t think that is a good idea at all.

At the Courthouse..........
(Nelle pleads not guilty and did not take a deal.)
Michael - There is SO much evidence against her. She could have saved the court this trial!
Carly - By the time I am through, the jury will see Nelle for the psycho she is.

At the Metro Court...........
Nina - How cool 😎 would it be for us to learn about each other while having this experience together?
Sasha - I’m sorry, Nina, I can’t.
Nina - If Its a money issue I will cover expenses!
Sasha - That’s very kind, but it is not about the money 💴. We literally just met, and it seems kind of premature to take a trip together.
Nina - I’m sorry 😐, it’s too soon. I have this penchant of just going head-first into things. Maybe this time next year we will go to the 2019 Fashion Expo?
Sasha - I’m sorry, this is not going to happen. I wanted to meet you when the DNA results came back. That doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with you! I wanted closure, and today I have it.
Nina - I see.
Sasha - The truth is, I already have a mother. She’s gone and I don’t want another. Finding out she didn’t give birth to me is a huge adjustment, but I will always think of her as my mother.
Nina - Even though she lied to you your entire life?
(Big mistake.)

At the Courthouse....................
(Nelle, dressed in a orange 🍊 jumper and handcuffed, sees Michael and Carly outside the courtroom. She tells Michael she thinks about the child she lost every day and night. She is happy Michael can grieve too.)
Michael - I am sorry you are struggling with your grief for Jonah. I know how that feels, but I have a support system helping me through this.
Nelle - Oh, lucky 🍀 for you.
Michael - I didn’t manipulate everyone like you. The only person to blame for being who you are is yourself!
Nelle - So, that’s it? After EVERYTHING we went through, you’re just going to ignore me like I am no one?
Michael - Look, Nelle. Jonah is gone so, yes, there is nothing between us any more. You are nothing to me.
Nelle - You know, there is still something you don’t know! Something very important that I have to tell you. It is going to change everything.

At Elizabeth’s house...........
(Elizabeth finds a letter from Aiden’s teacher 👩‍🏫 in the bottom of his backpack 🎒.)
Elizabeth - How long have you had this letter?
Aiden - A few days. I didn’t give it to you because I didn’t want to get in trouble.

At the Courthouse................
Nelle - I know you are never going to forgive me, but I want to make things right for our son!
Michael - Why don’t you change your plea to guilty? Spare us the misery of a long, drawn out trial. So we won’t have to relive all the pain and damage that you caused.
Detective Chase - That will never happen! Janelle is all ready for her tears 😭 in court. Do you have your tears all ready, Janelle? The evidence is too strong 💪.The evidence that you provided to us against yourself. The jury will hear 👂 you ask me to kill Michael AND your admission to killing Zach. So cry 😭 for yourself! You’re about to be convinced of murder of Zachary Grant.

At the Metro Court...............
Nina - That came out all wrong. I am sorry.
Sasha - That has been a trend today!
Nina - I don’t want you to deny a relationship with ME out of respect for a woman who didn’t have enough respect for YOU to tell you the truth!
Sasha is very angry 😤 - I’ve had ENOUGH! This is clearly a mistake.
Nina - I am not trying to insult your mother!
Sasha - Well, you did! It was something, meeting you, Mrs. Reeves.
Nina is crying 😢 - PLEASE DON’T GO! I don’t want to lose you again! I still remember being pregnant 🤰 with you. I remember walking you to school and the incredible relationship we would have. It was ALL taken from me! I didn’t know you existed! I thought you were gone! If I knew you existed, I would have spent EVERY moment of my life finding you! PLEASE can we start over? I’m sorry 😐!
Sasha sits back down - This is a lot!
Nina - I just wanted the opportunity to get to know you.
Sasha - That didn’t go so well today.
(Nina is crying 😭 buckets of tears and asks Sasha to stay the night at the Metro Court.)
Nina - I am the ONLY biological mother you will ever have! Don’t you want to know what I am all about?
Sasha - Ok. Where do you want to meet for breakfast 🍳?
Nina - Here, at the Metro Court?
Sasha - Sure, but I can’t promise it will change how I feel.
Nina - Thank you, Sasha. I understand, see you in the morning.

At the park............
Kristina confesses to Valerie that everyone is doing great, except her. She says Molly aced her GRE. Michael is the youngest CEO. Sam is a single mom and an adventurous women. Alexis won a sexual harassment case. What is she? A bartender.

At the Metro Court................
(Valentin looks for Nina.)
Valentin - How did it go with Sasha?
Nina - As far as Saha is concerned, her adopted mother is her real mother. I am disappointed in myself. I did EVERY single thing I promised myself I would not do! I pushed too hard! I was too excited! I insulted her adopted mother. I acted like a crazy person. No wonder she wants nothing to do with me! Everything about her feels like my daughter. I just don’t want to lose her again!

At the Courthouse.............
(Brad brings Wylie there to get him a passport. He sees Nelle, Michael and Carly.)
Nelle - Brad?
— MOM (10.12.18)
Thursday on GH.................
Ava sees Kiki and Griffin 💋 😽 kissing in the park.

Nina is very nervous about meeting her daughter, Sasha.

At the Metro Court.....
Drew - I don’t know 🤔 what game you’re playing?
Margaux - I have the flash drive! The key 🔑 to your identity is safe and sound.
Drew - Can you prove it?
Margaux - See for yourself!
(She shows him a report on her phone 📱, which says, “The Effects of Memory Rewriting. Subject A Jason Morgan. Subject B Andrew Cain.)
Drew - Where is it?
Margaux - I told you I have it!
Drew - HOW do you have it?
Margaux - I found an envelope with your name on it. It had fallen behind a piece of furniture. I didn’t think much of it, until I heard Peter August insist he was going to leave you the flash drive the night he disappeared. I had a hunch and came to the Metro Court asked to see the lost and found bin and it was right here.
Drew - The police 👮‍♀️ swept that room!
Margaux - It’s small and if it fell on the floor. No one would see it.
Drew - Why did you take so long to tell me about it? Peter was in the hospital in JULY! It is now October! You have had the flash drive ALL that time?
Margaux - It took me a while to grasp what was going on between you and Jason Morgan! I wasn’t sure....
Drew - You had the flash drive the night I came to your hotel room, didn’t you? Why are you messing with my life??

Outside of Kelly’s Diner.......
(Ava meets with Scott Baldwin and he tells her she has to curb her anger.)
Scott - You can kick Griffin to the curb, but your daughter is your daughter forever! The more you lash out at Kiki and Griffin, the more you will drive them together.
Ava - How DARE you blame me! I am the injured party here, NOT them.
(Ava bumps into “Kevin” Collins. He notices that she is upset 😢 and suggests she come to his office to talk.)
Ava - Thank you, I can be there in just a little bit.
Scott - Are you out of your MIND seeing that quack? HE is the one who need therapy!
Ava - Yeah, well at least he is on my side!

At the Metro Court....
Drew - These are MY memories and YOU’RE the DA . You STOLE my identity?
Margaux - I haven’t stolen your identity.
Drew - Jordan Ashford might say something different.
Margaux - You have to tamp down your anger, Drew. You still don’t know what I have to say!
Drew - I know what you want! You want me to flip on Jason so you can get to Sonny. I told you no, so you use the flash drive as some sort of leverage. That is blackmail!

At the park...
Curtis - Sasha, thanks for coming. Sasha, this is Nina Reeves. Nina, this is Sasha Gilmore.
Sasha - Hi.
Nina - Hi.
Curtis - I’m glad you made it! Did you have trouble finding the park?
Sasha - No, but there was a bit of traffic on the drive up. Sorry I’m late!
Nina - It’s very nice to meet you.
Sasha - Thanks.
Nina - Sasha is such a great name! It is a great combination of exotic and down to earth 🌎.
Sasha - Thanks. I’m named after my mothers favorite aunt. Nina is a nice name too.
Nina - Thank you!
Curtis - Nina, don’t you have something you want to give Sasha?
Nina - Yes, these flowers 💐. I hope you like them!
Sasha - Thank you. I don’t mean to be rude by bring this up now but I haven’t seen the DNA results yet.
Curtis - Right. They are right over here. I had 2 tests done from different labs. I wanted to be absolutely certain about these results.
(Sasha looks at the lab results.)
Sasha - Probability 99%?
Nina - I was shocked, too. DNA doesn’t lie.
Sasha - Wow! Ok, so it’s true. I was adopted. You’re really my mother?

At the Metro Court....
Margaux - Blackmail is a payment of some kind for withholding incriminating information.
Drew - YOU should know!
Margaux - This is a TRADE.
Drew - My identity was taken from me by force, and now YOU use some kind of leverage? Explain how you are different from the criminals you prosecute!
Margaux - I see you as a good man.
Drew - You are USING me to get to Sonny!
Margaux - That is not true! This is MY life and this is MY father. I spent a lifetime without him, praying ALL those nights he would come home 🏡. He NEVER did because Sonny SHOT him and put him in cement.
Drew - You don’t know that!
Margaux - I do! I just can’t prove it.
Drew - Neither can I.
Margaux - I want justice for my father, and YOU want your memory back. I can give you that, if you can give me what I need to put Sonny away! It’s not blackmail, it’s a fair trade.

At the park.......
Nina - When we have orientation at work, we do this exercise to make people comfortable. Do you want to try it?
Sasha - Why not?
Nina - Ok, describe your best day ever.
Sasha - That’s easy. I wake up early and go riding.
Nina - Oh, English or Western?
Sasha - English. I started riding when I was 5 or so. There was a stable in our neighborhood and I flat out insisted I had to ride.
Nina - That’s so....I’m sorry for interrupting. Go on?
(Curtis decides to leave.)
Nina - Thanks, Curtis. Go on.
Sasha - So, a nice long ride with a gallop at some point. Then, stable the horse 🐎 and go somewhere for coffee ☕️......GOOD coffee ☕️ and maybe a bran muffin, since this is my best day. Then I would have to read the newspaper 🗞 but not online. Take a crack at the crosswords.Then I would head for the beach 🏖......go swimming 🏊‍♀️ and read a good book 📖. Then repeat.
Nina - That’s crazy 😜! I could totally see myself in you.

At Dr. Kevin Collins office at General Hospital 🏥...............
“Kevin” - Ava, come in. I’m so glad you took me up on my offer!
Ava - I’m glad you had that cancellation, because the truth is, I feel worse than I did at our last session.
“Kevin” - Unsatisfied becomes you. You can’t bring yourself to stoop to revenge.
Ava - I got my revenge on Griffin, but it is not enough! I see him with Kiki and I want them BOTH to pay. Especially Kiki! It keeps me up at night. These thoughts of ways I can RUIN her!
“Kevin” - What’s the worst thing you can do to Kiki? What is the ONE thing that would satisfy your need for revenge? Whatever it is, perhaps you should consider it?
Ava - What are you saying?
“Kevin” - What do you think I am saying?
Ava - That I should KILL my OWN daughter?

At the Metro Court............
Drew - You’re not the first person to offer me a fair trade for the flash drive. Peter August did the same thing, and all I had to do was break him out of prison. I told him the same thing I’m about to tell you.....go to hell!
Margaux - You have convinced yourself you don’t care about the man you once were. I’m betting deep down you DO care. You want to know that man. Be THAT man, not some pale imitation of Jason Morgan!

At Dr. Kevin Collins’ office..............
Ava - Are you really suggesting that I MURDER Kiki? (Ava starts to laugh 😂.) Oh, you’re good. You really are! You had me going there! (Now, “Kevin“ laughs.) THAT is some reverse psychology! You use the idea of ME killing Kiki to make me realize that I would NEVER do that in a MILLION years! No matter how furious I am with her. Griffin, if he got hit by a bus 🚌, I don’t think 🤔 I would shed a tear. Am I awful?
“Kevin“ - No, no, not at all. I think these are normal feelings. We are nothing, if not complex. Some of us more than others.
Ava - Just hearing you say that makes me feel a little better.
“Kevin“ - Good, I do understand you, Ava. Your deepest darkest thoughts. Your desire for revenge.
Ava - At least someone does! Well, I can go now. I feel good.
“Kevin“ - I would like to see you again soon. I hope!
Ava - Well, Dr. Collins, you almost sound flirtatious! I’m sure you would never cross the line.
“Kevin“ - No, Dr. Kevin Collins would never do that.

Kiki and Griffin decide to go to the Film 🎞 Festival together.

Maxie overhears Peter ask Lulu to go to the Film 🎞 Festival with him.
Peter - Like a date.

At the Metro Court............
Drew - That’s not going to happen, Margaux. You can KEEP the flash drive, for all the good it’s going to do for you! Your leverage is worthless.
Margaux - Well, I have the flash drive and it is in a secure place. No one can access it except for me, so I will give you some time to think of what you want to do about your future and your past.

At the park.......
Sasha - I’m sorry, I am still trying to make sense of all this. My mother never told me I was adopted! I wish she was still alive so I could ask her why?
Nina - I don’t mean to push. I’m sorry, but I am SO excited to meet you. That’s all. We could just take it slow to get to know each other.
Sasha - Yeah, that sounds good.
Nina - Ok, good. It’s almost noon 🕛 do you want to get a coffee ☕️ or something stronger?
Sasha - You read my mind!
— MOM (10.11.18)
Wednesday on GH.............
Joss tells Cameron she is not going to give up on Oscar.

Finn gives his father, Greg Chase, a diagnosis of PTDS Lyme Disease.
Finn - I will notify your doctor in Berkley. You don’t have to stay in Port Charles.
Greg - Both of my sons live here. I think that is reason enough to stick around!

At General Hospital 🏥........
(Kim lets Oscar know that Josslyn came by to see her. She thinks Oscar is in some kind of trouble.)
Oscar - You didn’t tell her? Did you?
Kim - No, I am respecting your wishes. I am really disappointed ☹️ in you. You think that being sick 😷 gives you an excuse to treat people badly? You are NOT dying. You have options!
Oscar - Yes, I AM dying.
Kim - Go and tell Joss the truth. You keep saying you don’t have much time left, so instead of pushing her away, why don’t you make every minute count?

At the Metro Court.....
Drew - So what is the proposition you were talking about?
Margaux - I am hoping you will consider helping me put Sonny and Jason away.
Drew - Is there anything else I can do for you? Because I can’t do that.
Margaux - You CAN. You won’t! There is a difference.
Drew - I am not going to be part of your vendetta against Sonny.
Margaux - I just discovered Sonny may be responsible for my father’s death. Please, please help me make Sonny pay for his crimes?

At Sonny’s house 🏡.......
Sonny - We will see what Margaux does and figure out a strategy.
Jason - I don’t think we should be on the defensive on this. We need to treat Margaux as a threat!
Sonny - I don’t want to escalate. It’s 2 years since losing Morgan. Everything is still raw. Michael is mourning the loss of Jonah, and you know about my dad. We need a break!
Jason - That’s exactly why we need to back the DA off!

At the Metro Court
Drew - Even if I could get one of Jason’s memories, what would it do?
Margaux - Probable cause! ONE memory could open the door 🚪 for me. So, how about you let me worry about the law, and help me make a case?

At Sonny’s house 🏡 ......
Sonny - Margaux blames me for her father’s death 💀. How do you think we can back her off?
Jason - Well, I have Spinelli looking into Vincent Marino.
Sonny - Since when?
Jason - Since the other night when I got called in for questioning!
Sonny - You didn’t say anything?
Jason - No, but I learned a lot. She is avenging her father and protecting him like you are with your father. It’s personal for her.
Sonny - How does Spinelli fit in?
Jason - It was actually Carly’s idea 💡. If we can prove Margaux’s father wasn’t the hero she thinks he was, we might be able to stop 🛑 her!

(Now we are using logic and strategy?? Whatever happened to shoot em up mob wars?)

At the Metro Court
Drew is getting annoyed - I am going to say this one last time, and after I say that, you are never to ask me again. I have NO desire to go through another man’s memories just to help you. I am trying to separate myself from Jason’s past, not connect to it. Do you understand??
Margaux - There must be SOMETHING you can give me?
Drew - You don’t 👂 LISTEN, do you? You can’t listen!
Margaux - Just one thing. It doesn’t even have to be an actual crime! Just some clue. Some event or situation. Some direction you can point me toward, and I will take it from there.
Drew - WOW!! Ok, I got to go. This is....
Margaux - NO please hear me out this last time? Somewhere along his rise to power, Sonny made a mistake!
Drew - I’m sure he did. I’m sure he made a lot of mistakes, but I am also pretty certain he covered them up a long time ago.
Margaux - You can’t cover up everything! Not in an organization of this size that has been around this long! No, I am going to find that mistake!
Drew - Well, good luck to you. I hope it brings you peace ☮️.
Margaux - I’ve given up on peace ☮️. I’ll settle for justice for my father!
Drew - Well, I’m sorry. I can’t help you.
Margaux - Ok, what if by helping me you could get your memories back? Drew Cain’s memories. Would you help me then?

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Jason - When you found that money 💴 clip at Croton, you said you saw Margaux‘s dad flashing a lot of cash 💰 back in the day.
Sonny - He was constantly showing that money 💴 clip!
Jason - So, he was on good terms with Scully?
Sonny - As far as I can remember.
Jason - So he was a willing participant in the business AND he liked the cash 💰. He wasn’t an innocent 😇 guy who was in over his head trying to get out!
Sonny - He was NOT innocent 😇 by a long shot.
Jason - THAT is what we need to show Margaux.

At the park
(Cameron sees Oscar and tells him to come clean with Joss.)
Cameron - Because none of this is going to work!
Oscar - It HAS to work.
Cameron - Joss is too smart and she is going to find out that you are sick. You lied and faked the break up to push her away!
Oscar - It’s better if she hates me.
Cameron - You’re such a doubter. THAT is why you’re not invited to parties 🎈, man. If you’re too stupid to throw Josslyn away...
Oscar - I am NOT throwing her away.
Cameron - That is EXACTLY what you are doing!
Oscar – Yes, Joss will be sad 😢 when I am gone. I need to make her get over me BEFORE I am gone.
Cameron - The only person who has to get over you, is yourself!
Oscar - I want Joss to remember me as her first love 💕, not the boy she watched die.
Cameron - Joss and I have been friends a long time, and you are hurting my friend.

At the Metro Court
Margaux - I can’t imagine what it’s like to be you. Imagine, another man in your head? I can change that for you!
Drew - How? I explored all my options. I made peace ☮️ with the life I had is gone.
Margaux - There is still the flash drive! You can have all your memories back intact!
Drew - Why speculate? That flash drive is gone.
Margaux is smiling – Actually, it isn’t.

At the park
Oscar - Just do this one last thing for me?
(Oscar asks Cameron to fabricate a picture of him with another girl and send it to Josslyn.)
Oscar – Goodbye, Joss. I love 💕 you.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Carly tells Jason and Sonny she saw Drew with DA Dawson at the Metro Court.)
Sonny - Margaux and Drew having breakfast 🍳?
Carly – Yes, she is pulling out all the 🛑 stops to get something incriminating against you! Drew remembers every detail of the crimes that Jason committed up to 5 years ago.
Jason - What she does is not admissible in court. As far as the physical evidence, I have always been careful.
Carly - She is still a threat!
Sonny - She can’t get me for her father’s murder, so she will come after me a different way.
Carly - I have a thought about that.
Sonny - Jason said you want go prove her father was dirty, which he was. Even if we can convince Margaux of that, there are NO guarantees she will back off!

At the Metro Court
Drew - Peter August swears he was holding the flash drive when Obrecht knocked him out in his 🏨 hotel suite. So either he is lying 🤥, or he dropped it and someone tossed it in the trash 🗑 bin. It is gone. I can’t get it back! It’s over.
Margaux - It’s not. I have it.
Drew - Why are you messing with my life?
— MOM (10.10.18)
Tuesday on GH............
At Morgan’s gravesite
Carly - I can’t believe another year has come and gone without Morgan.
DA Dawson - Neither will I.
Carly - What the hell are you doing?
DA - Don’t worry, I’m not trying to interrupt.
Carly - The hell you’re not!
Sonny - I suggest you keep walking 🚶.
Carly - This is insane! You don’t even know our son.
DA - I’m not here for Morgan. I’m here for my father!

At General Hospital 🏥......
(Oscar overhears his parents talk about the window is open until December for Oscar to enroll in the drug trials.)
Drew - So, what do we do? What if he refuses? What then?
Kim - We force him! Oscar is a minor until his 18th birthday. We have full control over his medical decisions.

At Sam’s penthouse.....
Sam - Jason, I want you to stay.
Jason - You sure?
Sam - I think we should talk about the kiss 💋 this afternoon, if you want to?
Jason - I want to.
Sam - Ok. 🍷 Drink?
Jason - Please.

At Morgan’s gravesite.
Carly - I know you’re still coming to grips with your father’s murder, but this is sick! What is wrong with you?
Sonny - If you have questions, ask me tomorrow.
DA - No questions.
Carly is 😠 mad - Then leave NOW!
DA - I am here because of my fathers grave. I arranged for his final resting place.
Carly - HERE?
DA Dawson - Yes right over there? Crazy 😜 right? My father and your son are practically neighbors.

At Sam’s penthouse......
Jason - What are you doing?
(Sam is looking for something in the liquor cabinet.)
Sam - I thought it was in here? Here it is!
Jason - Oh, wine 🍷, my favorite.
Sam - I know. I know you’re more of a beer 🍺 guy! I must admit my palette has changed over the last 5 years. I enjoy a glass of wine 🍷 and this is a good time to open this bottle.
(Sam has trouble opening the wine and Jason does it.)
Sam - Wow! For a non wine drinker, look at that!
Jason - You know you can tell me anything, right?
Sam - I hope so!
Jason - Anything.
Sam - When we 💋 kissed?
Jason - What about it?
Sam - It meant something. It would have been easy to keep going and be together, like we used to be.
Jason - But you can’t go there?
Sam - Not yet, no.

(OK it is time to bring in all the other girls for Jason. Sam is a big tease. STOP 🛑 IT!!
As soon as someone is interested in Jason then she will want him.)

At Morgan’s gravesite.....
Carly - So you put your father next to our son? That is vindictive! We have to step across your father to get to our son Morgan. Doesn’t get more personal than that! Look, you’re the DA if you want to build a case do it. But this is messed up and not professional!
DA - That is rich, you’re talking about being professional?
Sonny - Here’s the deal: You want to come after me? Be my guest! This is the last time you will use my family to do it! First, it was my wife then my father and now my son. ENOUGH!

At Sam’s penthouse.....
(Sam and Jason are on the couch 🛋 )
Sam - Is this weird?
Jason - Is what weird?
Sam - We’ve been married, and have a son together. We made love ❤️ here many times!
Jason - A lot.
Sam - We want to be together and it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is.
Jason - I think I understand you’re still rebuilding and trying to figure out who you are now. That’s fine. Do I want you? Yes.
Sam - Ok ok, I want you too. I still 😍 love you. It’s just the attraction......the physical. I’ve forgot about it. When we 💋 kissed, those feelings came rushing back to me.
Jason - Was it different than New Years Eve?
Sam - Well yeah. I am in a much better head space now and I see a different way. I just don’t......I’m not ready?
Jason - I get it. I do, and it’s fine. I can wait. If we get to the end of this and something changes for you that’s OK too.
Sam is smiling - Thank you.
Jason - You’re welcome.
Sam is laughing - Don’t, please. Don’t do that thing you do!
Jason - What? What do I do?
Sam - You like to keep a respectable distance .So you take a step back. I don’t want that!

(Pull him forward......push him back. This is getting OLD.)

At the gravesite....
DA - I wrote these letters to my dad about my successes and failures. They made me feel closer to him but I didn’t know where to send them. So I will leave them on his gravestone. (The letters are tied in a red 🎀 ribbon.)
Carly - You have every right to mourn your father.
DA - Thank you.
Carly - But you have NO right to violate the sanctity of this place. That is MY son.
DA Dawson - And that is my father, who you murdered, Sonny.
Carly - Oh, wait! You have no proof of that and you know it. You will never be able to charge Sonny.
DA - Oh, I disagree!
Carly - What are you going to do? You are showing the whole damn world 🌍 that you are powerless against him. Just like every DA before you.

In the Park
(Joss sees Oscar and tells him about Morgan’s memorial.)
Joss - He is not here and he will never be able to do the cool crazy 😜 things he wanted to do. So seeing you right now means everything.
Oscar - Joss.
Joss - I don’t know what is going on with you, but we can fix it! If I learned anything from Morgan’s death, it is how lucky we are to be here.
Oscar - Don’t you get it? There is no WE? There is no US? We‘re over, Joss.
Joss - You don’t mean that!
Oscar - I am on my way to meet someone else.
Joss - What is wrong with you??

At Sam’s penthouse......
(Sam and Jason are drinking wine 🍷......)
Sam - Danny would be really, really disappointed 😔 if you stop 🛑 coming around.
Jason - Sam, I am not going anywhere.
Sam - Good. So?
Jason takes a sip of wine and makes a face - It’s not bad.
Sam - Not bad?
Jason - I’m just going to take your word for it.
Sam - So?
Jason - So?
Sam - I get it. Thanks for sharing.
Jason - When you’re ready. Those cold showers, they’re not so bad.
Sam - Like the wine 🍷?
Jason - Right. Something to get used to.
Sam - We forgot to toast! Is it bad luck?
Jason - I think we’ve had our quota of bad luck.
Sam - That’s a good point. Let’s toast to new beginnings!
(Sam and Jason toast each other and clink their wine 🍷 glasses.)

Sam - That is probably my mother. She knows better than to let herself in.
(Sam opens the 🚪 door .....its Drew.)
Drew- Hey?
Sam - Drew?
(He sees Jason).
Drew - You know what? I’m sorry. I should have called first!
Sam - No.....No. Come in! I’m actually glad I have both of you together. Listen, because of Oscar’s situation, I think we should be upfront about what we know and how we know it.
(Drew is surprised Sam is talking about Oscar in front of Jason.)
Drew - What do you mean?
Sam - The day Oscar took off, Jason found him down at the pier and convinced him to get in touch with you and Kim.

At the park.....
Joss - What is going on with you? You can tell me!
Oscar - Forget it.
Joss - Oscar, I love you!
Oscar - Don’t do this. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.
Joss - Let me in! Let me be part of what you’re going through!
Oscar - I can’t.
Joss - Why not?.
Oscar - Because I don’t love you. I never did, and I never will.
Joss - I don’t believe you?
Oscar - Well, that’s not my problem, is it? I tried to be nice to you, that doesn’t work! I tell you how it is. That doesn’t work either!
Joss - Why are you lying to me?
Oscar - Whatever. I can’t win.

At the gravesite....
DA Dawson - How many people has Sonny put in the ground? Someone who has a wife, mother or children? You don’t care because your married to a man who gets away with it. You don’t even know what’s wrong with that! (Margaux leaves.)
Sonny - She has a point.
Carly - I know you have done bad things, sure, but there are other bad things you could have done but didn’t.
Sonny - I don’t think that will stand up in a court of law.

At Sam’s penthouse......
Drew has his angry face 😡- So Oscar told you?
Jason - Yeah, I’m really sorry.
Drew still with the angry face 😠- Yeah, me too. Thank you for convincing Oscar to call his parents.

(You would think he would shake Jason’s hand and give a heartfelt thank you, but no, not Drew!)

Jason - He’s a good kid.
Drew - Yeah he is. Sorry. I will show myself out.

Jason - You ok?
Sam - I wish we could help him!

Outside Drew gets a call from Margaux.
Drew - What do you want?
Margaux - Actually I was hoping we could help each other.

At the. Metro Court
(Oscar meets with Attorney Alexis Davis. He tells her he is writing a report for school. He asks if parents can make the decision for medical situations for a son or daughter?)
Alexis - Yes, as long as the parents are doing what is in the best interest of the child who is under 18 years old.
Oscar - What if it is not in the best interest of the child?
Alexis - Well in unusual circumstances action can be taken.
Oscar - What action?

At Sam’s penthouse.......
Sam - It hurts Drew to be around me, and I don’t blame him. What is worse than to have feelings for someone and not being able to be with them? Oh, did I just say that?
Jason - I get it.
Sam - Do you? You know it’s different with you than it was with Drew.
Jason - Sam.
Sam - I know you get it. Drew and I aren’t together anymore. We have separate lives.
Jason - You don’t want to see the guy hurt.
Sam - No, of course not! My first instinct is to make everything OK. That is exactly what I did when you first came back. All you can do is say a prayer and be there to help.
Jason - What?
Sam - That is such a you thing to say! Instead of trying to manage someone or fix things for them, you stand back and you wait until you have to step in.
Jason - Yeah, for better or for worse.
Sam - I think its for better.
Jason - I guess it’s time for me to go?
Sam - Hey, thanks for tonight. It is nice to talk.
Jason - It’s all going to be OK.
Sam - I know.
Jason - Oh and Sam? The next bottle we open will be a beer 🍺.
Sam is smiling - OK, deal.
— MOM (10.9.18)
Monday on GH...........
At Sam’s penthouse....
Jason and Sam spent the day putting Legos together for Danny. As Jason was leaving, Sam 💋 kissed him on the cheek and he 💋 kissed her on the 👄 lips!

At the memorial for Morgan.........
Mike tells Sonny he doesn’t have to worry about the gun because it is at the bottom on the Hudson River for the past 30 years.

Ava brings a bouquet 💐 of flowers to Morgan’s grave. Julian is with her.

At Sam’s penthouse...........
While Jason and Sam are on the couch 💋 kissing, Alexis uses her key 🔑 to open the door 🚪 and interrupts them.
Alexis- Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to intrude. You didn’t pick up the 📱 phone!
(Sam and Jason are annoyed.)
Jason - I better go, Alexis.
Alexis - Jason.
Sam - See you later.
Alexis - I think I got here just in the nick of time.

At Crimson
Nina tells Lulu that Valentin found her daughter. Curtis had 2 DNA lab tests done and they are a match. Her daughter is named Sasha Gilmore. She didn’t know Nina was her mother and that she was adopted. Lulu is very happy for Nina.

At the Pier
(Valentin hears from Curtis that the 2nd DNA test is a match. As Valentin bends down to pick up the phone 📱 he dropped, Laura steps on his hand.
Laura - Oh, I have a Cassadine under my foot!
Valentin - Let me get up. Hello, Laura I didn’t know you were back.
(Laura accuses Valentin of murdering Nicholas.)
Valentin - Nicholas went out the window and I claimed my inheritance. While you were gone, Lulu and I made peace for Charlottes sake.

All of the Corinthos family and friends are present at the Memorial anniversary of Morgan Stone Corinthos. (Carly, Sonny, Michael, Josslyn, Kristina, Bobby, Molly, Jason and Sam.)

Ava shows up and Kiki stops 🛑 her.
Kiki - Are you going to do this to hurt the people who love Morgan?
Ava - I loved Morgan too.
Kiki - When did YOU love Morgan? When you changed his medication? When he was spiraling out of control? You NEVER loved Morgan! You are incapable of love. Here you are, a vain, shallow woman 👩 making a day that is supposed to be about Morgan all about YOU! I will NOT let you do that. LEAVE!!
Ava - And if I don’t?
Kiki - I will drag you out of here myself.

At the Pier.........
(Laura tells Valentin that neither her daughter or she will forget what he did to Nicholas.)
Valentin - Waiting for the right time to strike?
Laura - Oh, when the time comes I won’t have to lift a finger. Children grow up fast and you won’t be able to hide the truth from Charlotte forever.
Valentin - I hope she will hear the truth that her Uncle Nicholas faked his own death, skipped town and left Drew (Jason Morgan 2.0) on the hook. An innocent man for his murder.
Laura - I know my son was no saint, but he would never EVER kill someone in cold blood and that is the truth! (Laura grabs Valentin and puts her hands around his throat) THAT is what I am talking about. One day, Charlotte will be old enough to learn for herself exactly who her father is. What he is capable of.
Valentin - You’re assuming she will believe your version of events? I’m her FATHER! I’ve loved her and taken care of her, her whole life. Who are YOU exactly? You’re a stranger at this point. You’re a grandmother in name only!
(An angry 😤 Laura slaps Valentin in the face.)

At Crimson
(Nina confides in Lulu she finally got up the courage to leave a voicemail for Sasha Gilmore, saying she blurted out is her birthmother.)
Lulu - I can understand why you would want to take that moment back, but think of it this way? It is a voice mail that Sasha will never delete. It is the first time she heard her birthmother’s voice.
Nina - A rambling incoherent voice.
Lulu - A voice full of love 💕. No matter how you did it, it was going to be shocking.
Nina - That voicemail proves I have no business being a mother. I have no idea what I am doing! Honestly, what if this girl Sasha wants nothing to do with me?

At the Memorial service for Morgan
Avery - I miss Morgan!
Bobby - We all do.
Sonny - You miss your big brother?
Michael - I miss his dance 💃🏼 moves.
Joss - I miss his movie reviews.
Carly - I miss his smile and his laugh.
Sonny - I miss talking with him late at night when neither of us could sleep 💤.
Mike - The way you all are talking about him, it’s almost like he never left us. He is right here with us.

Ava - I have every right to be here!
Kiki - Try telling that to Sonny and Carly! They are going to be at the gravesite any minute. You should go before you make another scene.
Julian - Ava can we just go, please? You can pay your respects another day.
Ava - Alright, Julian, I’ll go. I pray no one you love speaks to you the way you spoke to me!
Kik i- I just tell the truth.
Julian - Look, I know you’re 😡 angry.
Kiki - No NO Julian! I’ m done. I’m not making any more excuses for my mother’s behavior?
Julian - Ok, well just try not to provoke her. She’s hurting right now and that’s when she is at her most dangerous.

At Sam’s penthouse ......
Alexis - Sam I’m your mother and for your children’s sake and my sake are you back with Jason?
Sam - My relationship status is NONE of your business.
Alexis - Well, you just admitted you’re having a relationship.
Sam - Mom!
Alexis - I don’t want to see you hurt.
Sam - Please respect me enough to back off! It’s my life and I will deal with the consequences, good or bad. I’ve got to go. I need to get to the memorial.

(Kiki puts a white rose 🌹 on Morgan’s head stone.)
Kiki - Sorry for the drama Captain 👩‍✈️. You always liked a good confrontation! If you were here, you would say not to write her off just yet. Make an effort. I’ve tried that more than once. You got a 2nd chance and you seized it. I lost count of my mother’s chances. I’m an idiot for believing that this time would be different. I finally see my mother for who she really is. I’m just sorry I didn’t see it sooner for your sake.
(Kiki 💋 kisses her hand and puts it on Morgan’s stone).

At the Metro Court bar.....
Julian - You and Kiki are family and you will find your way back to each other.
Ava is on her 3rd 🍹 drink - Julian, there are some betrayals that cannot be forgiven.

At the Pier.......
Valentin - The only thing you should care about is if Charlotte is happy 😃? That she receives the love and caring she deserves! Right now, Lulu could use your help .
Laura - What are you implying?
Valentin - Dante is gone. Lulu is a single mother and she is juggling 🤹‍♀️ a career and two young children. She could use your help!
Laura is seeing red - And who is keeping you warm these days ? I heard Nina finally came to her senses and left you. You’re all alone on Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴. Just you and the staff? What a shame, because the weather is going to turn, my friend! It is going to be a very cold and long winter.

At Crimson
Nina - What if the girl calls back and says, “Hey lady please don’t call me ever again?”
Lulu - I have been in your shoes 👠. Remember when Charlotte hated me when I told her I was her mother? It took a lot of time and effort to win her over, but I did.
Nina - You did. Charlotte is a child 🧒! Sasha is a grown woman.
Lulu - That’s true. You do have a tougher task ahead!
Nina - Ok, so you’re saying I should just give up?
Lulu - No, that was not what I was saying! Sasha is your daughter. Don’t wait for her to call you! You need to go to Sasha. Be prepared for it to not to go so well. A good mother never gives up on her child!

At the Metro Court bar....
(Ava wants to make a small revision to her will concerning Kiki and her inheritance. She speaks to Alexis.)
Alexis - You need to find someone else. A - I don’t want to. B - I represent your daughter. I have no interest getting involved in a Jerome family feud. I can give you a referral and some advice.
Ava - Ok.
Alexis - From one mother to another, give it a week and if you still feel like hurting your daughter give it another week. And another week until you let it go. Whatever satisfaction you get will pale in comparison to knowing Kiki won’t answer the phone when you call.
Ava - I need another drink 🍹.

At the tables.....
Margaux - You want to turn your back on my father?
Jordan - It will remain open in the hands of the cold case detectives. I can’t give resources to a 30 year old murder that didn’t happen in my jurisdiction!
Margaux - Thanks, there is no room in the PCPD budget for justice.
Jordan - If you don’t back off and get a sense of perspective, you can do severe damage to your career!
Margaux - I will bring down Sonny Corinthos, with or without your help.

At the Memorial
Jason - I knew Morgan as a boy. I wish I knew him as a man.
Sonny - He was a good man, like his namesake.
Carly - He would have driven you crazy!
Sonny - You would have been very proud of him!
Jason - I don’t doubt that.
Sonny - We are not here to mourn Morgan, We are here to remember the times we had together.
(Many white balloons are let loose into the sky.)

At the Metro Court
(Kiki and Michael are reminiscing about Morgan.)
Ava is drunk - Look at her! Like she is part of that family? Will she choose. Michael over Griffin? Here I am, on the outside looking in.
Julian - We should have gone to Charley’s.
Ava - Wouldn’t it be something if Kiki could find out what it feels like to be hated, scorned and despised. Yes that would be something to behold.

At Crimson
(While Nina is telling Valentin she made a mistake in leaving a voice mail for Sasha.......Sasha calls.)
Valentin - Ok, you have been waiting your whole life. Pick up the phone 📱!
Nina - Please leave, I don’t need an audience.
Valentin - Good luck.
Nina - Hello.....Yes this is she? Is this Sasha? I guess you got my message?

At the Metro Court
Jordan speaks to Michael and tells him to tell his father the case is cold. She also says she appreciates Mike answering her questions.

At Sam’s Penthouse
Sam - It was nice.
Jason - Do you think Danny would like to send a balloon to the sky for Morgan?
Sam - Maybe some other date and time.
Jason - Deal. Well, good night.
Sam - Jason, wait? I want you to stay.
— MOM (10.8.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH...........
Oscar tells his mother he is not going back to school 🏫.
Kim - You always liked school and what about your friends 👬?
Oscar - Why waste time at school when I am not going to college?
Kim - Dr. Randolph says the amino therapy trials are very promising!
Oscar - When it doesn’t KILL the patient!

Danny asks his dad, Jason, do you love 💕 mommy?
Jason - Yes, I love 💕 your mother very much.
Danny - I love mommy, too.
Jason - Mommy loves you and Scout.
Danny - Does mommy love you?
Jason - That’s a question you will have to ask your mom!
Sam - Look 👀, I brought snacks! Danny, you will have to eat them pretty quick because Grandma Monica is coming by for you and Scout.
Danny - We’re spending the night?
Sam - Yes.
Danny - There is a problem.
Sam - What problem?
Jason - Can I help?
(Danny asks his father if he can put his castle 🏰 together while he is a Grandma Monica’s 🏡 house?)
Jason - What?
Sam - You’re going to be sorry you said yes.
(Sam pours 100 pieces of Lego’s on the table.)
Jason - This is important to Danny so let’s get started!

Kiki and Griffin are finding they enjoy spending time with each other.

Maxie wants to have a relationship with Peter.

Joss wants to get Oscar back, so she asks Cameron to help her.

Drew, Kim and Oscar are doing research on brain 🧠 tumors. The parents want Oscar to do the amino therapy trials, but Oscar is not on board.

At Sam’s apt,......
Sam - You clearly have a gift 🎁 for this!
Jason - It’s not too hard.
Sam - I had the directions and I followed it line for line, but I couldn’t figure it out? I tried to make it look like the one on the box 📦. Danny didn’t care, he said mine was way cooler.
Jason - Maybe he meant it!
Sam - How do you know, you didn’t see it?
Jason - Because I know you’re good at improvising!

At Kim’s office.....
Oscar - I’ve got to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.
Kim - You’re angry 😤! You’re angry at us and the situation, but you can NOT make decisions on anger.
Oscar - You’re so patronizing!
Kim - You quit school and broke up with Josslyn!
Drew - Why?
Oscar - So many girls. So little time.
Drew - You’re pushing Joss away because you don’t want her to have a boyfriend who is sick 😷. Maybe even lose you.
Oscar - I don’t want her watching me terrified I am going to die on her. She just got through a bad time when her mother was away! She is happy now, and I want her to stay that way.
Drew - OH, I get it! You think you are doing her a FAVOR by breaking up with her? Oh Son, you couldn’t be more wrong!
Kim - Make things right with Joss.

At Sam’s apt........
(Sam and Jason make a house 🏡, little people and a car 🚗.)
Jason - Well, It’s not really a castle 🏰.
Sam - You did most of the work!
Jason - It doesn’t matter who did what!
Sam - That’s how we work together, anyway. Danny will love it 😍.
Jason - Then that is all that matters.
Sam - Really? 10 minutes tops. He will touch one piece and the whole thing will fall apart!
Jason - He can put it back together as many times as we wants.
Sam - Are you sure you don’t mind?
Jason - I don’t mind at all, and I like working with you.

At General Hospital 🏥........
(Cameron tells Oscar that Joss is very upset. She doesn’t know why Oscar broke up with her.)
Cameron - I can’t do this any more!
Oscar - You PROMISED me you wouldn’t say anything!
Cameron - I don’t remember promising anything. You ordered me to keep my mouth shut. Either way, I am done lying for you. You HAVE to tell Joss the truth.
(Oscar decides to block Joss from his account on social media.)
Cameron - What is WRONG with you? Are you trying to hurt her?
Oscar - I have to make her stop 🛑 caring. It will be easier when I go.

At Sam’s apt......
Jason - Do you really think it will only last 10 minutes?
Sam - One hour, tops!
Jason - Ok, let me know when you want to rebuild.
Sam - Are you sure about that? If he loses one piece it could be hours!
Jason - Well, we could improvise. We’re good at that!

As Jason is about to leave.....
Sam - Hey, thanks for today!
Jason - Yeah, any time.

(Sam 💋 kisses Jason on the cheek and Jason 💋 kisses Sam on the lips 👄. Looks like we will get a Hot💥and Torrid 💋 reunion after all!)
— MOM (10.5.18)
Thursday on GH..............
Maxie doesn’t believe Nina, but she tells Maxie she has proof that her daughter is alive.

Felicia is unaware she is talking to Ryan Chamberlain. She thinks he is Kevin Collins,.her friend.
Felicia - You and I are the only ones who know the truth of what a horror show your brother was. We can tell the gruesome truth about him.

At Crimson......
Maxie - Ok, lets back up for a second. Who is the person who told you that your daughter is alive?
Nina - Valentin. He spoke to my mother and she told him I had a baby .She was afraid 😱 my baby girl was going to get part of my inheritance. So she arranged for a black market adoption .
Maxie - Valentin is a liar. How do you know he is telling the truth?
Nina - Because Curtis found the girl.
Maxie - So Curtis found her? Has he met your supposed daughter?
Nina - Yes, not only has he met her, he had her take a DNA test. It was was a match. This is a picture of Sasha Gilmore. She is my daughter.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.......
Ava - Hello, Jason.
Jason - Is there a problem?
Ava - No problem. I just brought Avery’s ballet things. She has a class today.
Carly - Avery has a drawer full of ballet things.
Ava - Yes, but these are her favorites. Is she here? I’ll go upstairs.
Carly - Avery is in a meeting and not taking visitors right now.
Ava - She’s in a meeting?
Carly - Yes, she is hosting a very important 🍵 tea party 🎈 with her grandfather 👴.
Ava - Not alone, I hope?
Carly - Well, you will never know. Thanks for stopping by.
Jason - I will walk you to your car 🚘.
Ava - Thanks, but I am not done yet. You do realize if it wasn’t for me you would still be a drugged up zombie 🧟‍♂️ in Russia 🇷🇺 or in an unmarked grave somewhere?
Carly - How did Ava save you again?
Jason - She handed me a paper clip.
Carly - Riiiight!
Ava - I gave YOU back to your family. I gave your family back to YOU. That’s what I gave you, and that is how you thank me?
Jason - I got the formula that restored your face.
Ava - Ahhh so we are even now? Your life for my face?
Jason - Morgan was my godson and his life is OVER because of you. So, no, we are not even and we NEVER will be.
Carly - Jason, you don’t need to waste your time here. I know there is something you need to do.
Ava is 😤 angry - Some crimes......extortion? Threatening some of Sonny’s rivals? What a wholesome environment Sonny maintains for my child!
Jason - Are you sure?
Carly - Yeah, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to this. (Jason leaves.)
Ava - Looking forward to what?
Carly - Catching up with YOU, Ava! It must be tough when the whole town knows that Griffin dumped you for Kiki! Morgan or Griffin. All your men seem to prefer Kiki to you.

At Crimson.....
Nina - She didn’t know she was adopted. Her mother has passed on. Curtis talked to her and she did a DNA test. He got the results from 2 labs and it is a match.
Maxie - A daughter? Nina I am SO happy for you. When are you going to meet her in person?
Nina - Oh no 🤦‍♀️ that is not going to happen. She is not a baby. I will have to be ok knowing I have a daughter.

At Dr. “Kevin” Collins office......
Felicia - So many people are asking me for interviews on this anniversary of the Ryan’s murders. What about you?
“Kevin” - No. No one has asked me for an interview. I like it that way.
Felicia - You were upset for years and you had a breakdown. Did you forget that?
“Kevin” - No, I have not. I don’t live in that headspace any more.
Felicia - I just want you to take good care of yourself.

At Sam’s apt......
Jason - Hey, am I early?
Sam - No, come in! Danny will be home 🏡 in a few minutes.
Jason - Kristina, how are you?
Kristina - I’m fine and glad to see you! (They hug 🤗.)
Jason - I’m glad you’re ok.
(Jason saved her during the explosion 💥 at Charley’s Pub.)
Kristina - Ok, might be a stretch. Anyway I’ve got to run 🏃 . Things to do. Feel free to make use of the privacy!
Sam - Bye!

At Crimson.......
Nina - I don’t want to rip her life apart.
Maxie - Ok, that makes sense, but Sasha may want to meet YOU.
Nina - We know that finding your biological parent isn’t always a slam dunk. Look at Peter and Anna?
Maxie - Ok, maybe if you never met Sasha then she never has the chance to reject you! Might that be it?

At Sonny’s house 🏡,.....
Ava - I will pick up Avery tomorrow.
Carly - That won’t be possible. She will be with family.
Ava - We have a court ORDER and if Sonny violates it, I will bring him back to court.
Carly - Try it and I’m sure Kiki will testify what a wonderful mother you are.
Ava - What is so important about tomorrow?
Carly - It is the anniversary of her brother, Morgan’s, death 💀. Avery will be with her family. I know that when she grows up Sonny will tell her about her brother, Morgan. How YOU took away his medication and handed the keys 🔑 to the car 🚘 and opened the door 🚪. YOU killed her brother!
Ava - I will explain to her it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know what would happen.
Carly - My son is dead because of YOU. Get the hell out of my house 🏡!

At Crimson......
Nina - Of course I’m afraid 😱! I will meet her and she won’t want anything to do with me.
Maxie - Nina, if you want to take some time off, that’s fine. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to meet your own child!

At Sam’s house 🏡.......
(Danny comes home from school sees his father and runs to his arms.)
Danny - Daddy!
Jason - So, how was school?
Danny - Good.
Sam - Danny was telling me that in school they are studying families right now? Families come in all kind of packages.
Jason - Really?
Sam - I’m going to get some snacks. Why don’t you show your dad the book 📖 you made?
Danny - Ok.
Jason - Alright, let me see the book 📖!
(Danny takes out the book and the first page has a family, which he colored.)
Jason is reading - Some families have a mom and dad. Some families have 1 mom or 1 dad. Some families have 2 moms and sometimes they have 2 dads.
Danny - Like Uncle Lucas and Uncle Brad!
Jason - Families are made in all kinds of ways. Wait! All these people in one house 🏡 ?
Danny - Yes, but here the mommy and daddy each have their own house 🏡. Just like our family.
Jason - That’s right. Just like our family.

At General Hospital......
Ava goes to see Dr. “Kevin” Collins and tells him she has so much anger in her heart. She wants to do something horrible to Kiki and Griffin so they will hate her as much as she hates them.
She then tell of a dream she has about her daughter, Avery, as a grown up. She follows Ava around.
“Kevin” - What does she see?
Ava - She sees me as an ugly person with scars all over my face.
“Kevin” - You are a beautiful woman.
Ava - Is the Avery in my dream telling me I will never escape my past? All the ways I had to compromise just to survive. That these are scars on my soul.

At Sam’s apt.......
Jason - You did a great job on the book 📖, Danny.! Today, I learned all about families.
Danny - My teacher 👩‍🏫 says families are made up of people who love 💕 each other.
Jason - Your teacher 👩‍🏫 is right.
Danny - Do you love ❤️ Mommy? Does Mommy love 💗 you?
— MOM (10.4.18)
Wednesday on GH............
Joss tells Carly that Oscar dumped her.

Nina calls Curtis to her office......
Nina - Why didn’t you tell me you were searching for my daughter?

An upset Joss tells her mother she thought she and Oscar were ok.
Carly - What did he say?
Joss - He said he needed space and it wasn’t my fault.
Carly - It sounds like Oscar is going through something.

Oscar tells Cameron when he said he had cancer he was right.
Oscar - Plenty of people knew! My parents, your mother and Franco. EVERYBODY knew except me.
Cameron - I don’t know what to say. It won’t be too bad! You’ll get time off from school, right?

Kim and Drew speak with Monica to tell her Oscar has a brain 🧠 tumor.
Drew - It is bad, but we are not giving up.
Monica - Oscar is family. He is your son and my grandson. We will get through this. We have to!

Oscar says he is not going to tell Joslyn.
Oscar - Its not up to you. Don’t tell her!
Cameron - You’re mad at your parents for keeping you in the dark. How do you think Joslyn will feel when she finds out you did the same to HER? You’re sick. You have a brain 🧠 tumor AND you didn’t tell her about it? Joss is smart and she will find out.
Oscar - She won’t. I will make sure of that!
Cameron - How?
(Oscar gave Cameron his book 📖 report.)
Oscar - Consider this a payment for keeping your mouth shut 🤐.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Joss - He told me he 💕 loved me! Why is he doing this?
Carly - You can’t make Oscar tell you if he doesn’t want to. You have to decide how YOU will handle this. Cry, if you must, then pick yourself up and go on. Joss, you’re a strong, beautiful young woman and you will get through this! Whatever is going on with Oscar has NOTHING to do with you.
Joss - I can’t go to school today! I can’t see Oscar.
Carly - You can stay home today, but you will have to see Oscar eventually.

At Crimson......
(Curtis tells Nina he wanted to wait until he had proof before telling Nina her daughter was alive.)
Nina - I believe Valentin wanted to find my daughter and change my mind about the divorce. What did you find?
Curtis - I was able to find the man who brokered the adoption. Then, Damien Spinelli was able to track down the funds, which led to Sasha Gilmore.
Nina - How did you contact her?
Curtis - Email first. Then, we spoke on the phone 📱.
Nina - Do you have a number?
Curtis - Yes, here. If you spoke to Valentin, you know you’re a 99.9% match with Sasha.
Nina - I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ about percentages! When you spoke to this girl, did she sound like she could be my daughter?
Curtis - Nothing Sasha Gilmore said convinced me she wasn’t your daughter. Still i need more evidence. Something that can’t be tampered with!
Nina - Something like this? (She shows Curtis the half heart 💜 on a chain). My mother left me this half heart ♥️.
Curtis - So, you think your daughter has the other half? When I spoke to Sasha, she made no mention of a necklace like this.

(Curtis gets a call that the 2nd lab 🔬results are in ....they match!)
Curtis - Sasha grew up believing the woman who raised her was her biological mother.

Joss calls Cameron to her house 🏡. She wants him to tell her what is going on with Oscar?
Joss - Oscar said he needs space. Is he interested in another girl?
Cameron - WHO can be better than you? You’re smart, you’re hilarious 😂 and really beautiful. Oscar would be crazy 😜 to want someone else!
Joss - Well, he still broke up with ME!

Drew sees Oscar at General Hospital and asks why he is not in school.
Oscar is still upset 😡 - Did you just ask that? What is the point of school or ANYTHING else?
Drew - You have to get ready for College!
Oscar - Yeah, if I live that long. No one knows how long I will live!
Drew- You need to make plans for your future and fight for it!
Oscar - Forget it! I am not going to spend the time I have left sitting behind a desk and staring at the clock! I can tell mom I’m done with school. I’m dropping out.

Carly approaches Kim and tells her Oscar broke up with Joslyn.
Carly - Is there anything you can tell me about why Oscar did that?
Kim - This is the first I’ve heard of a break up? Oscar is going through something very personal right now. That is all I can say.
Carly - Ok, I won’t meddle. Joss and Oscar are young and will fall in love 😍 a million times before they reach our age.

Lulu visits her mother, Laura, and tells her she is working on the Ryan Chamberlain Story and Kevin (Ryan) has been so helpful.
Laura - Thats strange! Kevin never wanted to talk about that before?
Lulu - He has given me so many stories that will be so helpful in my writing ✍️ the story. Only a person who was close to the victims of the crime would know that.
Laura- That’s my Kevin. Even when it is painful for him, he is helping someone.

At Crimson......
(Maxie wants to know what Curtis was doing in her office.)
Nina is smiling - I have a DAUGHTER!
— MOM (10.3.18)
Tuesday on GH...........
At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Carly - Mike doesn’t want me to tell Sonny about the gun. He wants to tell him himself.
Jason - We should honor his wishes.
Carly - Do you think he is telling the truth? Or is he just telling us what we want to hear?
Jason - Did he sound lucid to you?
Carly - Yes, he did.
Jason - He was covering for Sonny and he made sure the gun was never found.
Carly - It’s over! Sonny is in the clear!
Jason - No.

At the PCPD......
DA Dawson - No, there is another way.
Jordan - That would be...?
DA - We flip his right hand man!

At GH.......
(Kim tells Oscar that Dr. Randolph is confident she can get Oscar into the drug trials if they want.)
Oscar is VERY bitter - WE? Now it’s a WE? She should have told ME I was sick TWO years ago! What’s the point when the outcome will be the same? I DIE! I have an inoperable brain 🧠 tumor. Maybe it’s time to go shopping for a coffin.

At Crimson.....
Valentin - We need to talk about your child.
Nina - You said Charlotte was ok?
Valentin - I mean your biological child.

Dr. Kevin Collins (Ryan) is surprised to see Kevin’s wife, Laura, came home from Europe. He is NOT happy to see her. When she wants to embrace him, he pulls away. She wants to know what is wrong and he lies an says he is not feeling well. He has the flu 😷. Of course, he wants to make love to his wife but he doesn’t want her to catch what he has.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jason - The DA and Commissioner are close to the truth. They believe Sonny killed Marino and Mike covered it up.
Carly - If the DA is on a personal vendetta, Diane can discredit her.
Jason - It’s not that simple. Sonny will do ANYTHING to protect Mike. Margaux will scrutinize all of Mike’s deeds from gambling debts to Vincent Marino or Joe Scully.
Carly - Mike has Alzheimer’s
Jason - Exactly, he is vulnerable.

At the PCPD......
DA Dawson - Jason Morgan knows EVERYTHING.
Jordan - Were you in the same interrogation room I was? You throw everything you had at Jason, and he didn’t say a word! He sat there and let his attorney talk.
DA - We can bring him in without his lawyer.
Jordan - You have NO supporting evidence. Jason had NOTHING to do with the body in Charlie’s Pub. The fact that you want to interrogate Jason, without counsel, tells me you are WAY too close to this investigation.

At Crimson.....
Nina - You know I don’t have a biological child!
Valentin - You didn’t miscarry and your child survived.
Nina - PLEASE don’t do this to me, Valentin!
Valentin - I am telling you the truth. Your child is alive and I can prove it.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Carly - Margaux will threaten Mike to get Sonny?
Jason - I’ve got to tell you, when she threatened Mike, it almost got to me.
Carly - Sonny will get angry 😤!
Jason - Here is the bottom line: Margaux wants to avenge her father’s death. Sonny wants to protect is father. If she could find the right leverage, in the right place? Sonny could make a mistake.
Carly - How do we stop 🛑 this from happening?
Jason - We have to shut her down.

At the PCPD......
Jordan - Jason has had hundreds of interrogations and he has not cooperated once. I’ve seen this before, Margaux, it becomes personal and then an obsession.
Margaux - I am looking for justice, the same as I would for any other victim!
Jordan - The case will stay open, but it is not going to come from Jason Morgan. You will have to think of the next best thing.
Margaux - I’ve got to go.

(Oh boy, she is looking at Jason 2.0 for help.... Drew!)

At General Hospital,...
(Oscar doesn’t want his parents to tell his friends he is sick 😷.)
Oscar - I don’t want to be known as the sick kid! Can you at least let ME decide when and IF I tell my friends?
Drew - That’s fair.
(Kim tries to hug Oscar but he is so angry at her that he pushes her away.)

At Crimson......
Nina - Ok, why do you think I have a biological child?
Valentin - I visited your mother at Pentonville. I always had questions about your miscarriage and coma. Madeline didn’t bring you to Krypton Clarke for a full EIGHT months. She hired a private nurse 👩‍⚕️ to care for you. You carried the baby to term and didn’t know it. I offered to secure her freedom if she told me what happened to your baby.
Nina - Did she die before you could get her out of prison?
Valentin - I was never going to get her out of prison!
Nina - You double crossed my MOTHER?
Valentin - Yes.
Nina - Go on?
Valentin - As I told you, she hired a nurse to take care of you until the baby was born.
Nina - She said THAT? She said I had a BABY?
Valentin - A little girl. She arranged for a private adoption, and didn’t want the child to have any claim to your inheritance.
Nina - Say I believe you?
Valentin - I found your daughter.
Nina - You FOUND her?
Valentin - Curtis did.
Nina - Was that the case he was working on for you?
Valentin - Yeah, he tracked her down.
Nina has tears 😭 in-her 👀 eyes - She’s for real?
Valentin - Her name is Sasha Gilmore, and she is beautiful. Curtis says she is very strong-willed, just like her mother. (Valentin shows Nina a picture of her daughter).

At Sonny’s house......
(Oscar speaks to Josslyn. She is worried about him.)
Oscar - We have to break up. I can’t be in a relationship right now.
Joss - YOU want to break up with ME? I want an explanation!
Oscar - There is no explanation. Leave me alone!

Jason - Everything ok?
Carly - Yeah, it’s just Oscar went to see Joss. Ok, how the hell do we stop ✋ Margaux Dawson?
Jason - Leverage. We need something to hold over her.
Carly - What would stop 🛑 her?
Jason - If she can’t charge Sonny for her father’s murder, she will keep digging and find something else. Maybe Sonny will do something today or a year from now. It’s a numbers game. The problem is, Sonny has to win EVERY single time and she only to win ONCE.
Carly - You can’t win if your not motivated!
Jason - Motivation is what she is looking for.
Carly - What if Margaux finds out her father is not worth it?

At General Hospital ......
(Margaux tells Drew that Sonny killed her father.)
Drew - The body in the basement?
Margaux - He was shot, killed and buried in cement. So now that you know, will you help me take down Sonny Corrinthos?
Drew - I am sorry for your loss.
Margaux - My father died 30 years ago. Can you help me?
Drew - You don’t understand. What Jason knows about the body, he found out AFTER the memory loss. I can’t help you.
Margaux - Ok, sorry I wasted your time. Look, you have enough information in your head to put Sonny away for LIFE. Sonny and Jason have a rap sheet a mile long. Crimes they NEVER paid for. Crimes YOU know about!
Drew - Who told you that? I can’t help you.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Carly - What did she say about her father?
Jason - He was Scully’s lawyer and he wanted out.
Carly - Exactly. She thinks her father was all innocent in this? He was a virtuous man who’s life was stolen from him? Does that sound like any mob lawyer you’ve heard of, including Diane? Vincent Marino KNEW what he was doing when he defended Scully.
Jason - Exactly.
Carly - So, if we want leverage against Margaux Dawson, we take a closer look at her father.

At Crimson.......
Nina looks at the picture - My daughter?
Valentin - Curtis traced Sasha Gilmore down in Chappaquaw.
Nina - How do you know she is my daughter?
Valentin - Sasha submitted a DNA sample, and we tested her’s and your DNA at two labs.
Nina - Tell me more
Valentin - She likes horses 🐎 too. Do you want to reach out to her?
Nina is overwhelmed - This is a LOT to process! I think I need to be alone. Valentin, thank you.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Carly - We will have to get Spinelli to investigate Vincent Marino. His tax returns, any and all matters he handled for Joe Scully. His wife, friends, did he have a mistress? We are going to find out he was dirty. YOU will bring it to Margaux and tell her her daddy wasn’t an angel 😇 . If she doesn’t back off, we will tarnish her father’s reputation. Then, if she doesn’t back off we will go after HER.
Jason - Even if we DO find something, I can’t be the one to take it to Margaux. It’s got to be Sonny!
Carly - What if he makes a mistake?
Jason - I know, but HE has to make the decision! It’s HIS history. His problem.
Carly - No, it’s YOUR problem? What if she comes after YOU?
— MOM (10.2.18)
Monday on GH....................
At the PCPD.......
(DA Dawson and Commissioner Jordan call Jason Morgan in for questioning.)
DA Dawson - Jason knows where the bodies are buried.
Jason’s attorney - When Mr. Marino was murdered, Mr. Morgan would have been in kindergarten.
DA - Sonny Corrinthos was working for Joe Scully.
Attorney - Where is the new information that warranted you calling Mr. Morgan in to the station?
Jordan - We have reason to believe Sonny’s father is as involved as Sonny.
DA - If you don’t want Mike scrutinized for every deed he did, I suggest you start talking, Jason!
(Jordan tells Jason’s attorney that Mike Corbin associated with Charley Delaney and Vincent Marino’s remains were found at Charley’s business.)
DA - According to Julian Jerome, Mr Corrinthos wanted to buy the Pub to insure the remains were never found.
Attorney - The only fact I’m hearing is Mr. Corrinthos wanted to buy a Pub.
DA - Mr. Corrinthos and his father would have likely worked together to kill my father.
Attorney - Likely? Could have? Did you actually finish law school?
DA - You know how my father died! Sonny pulled the trigger and his father helped clean it up!

(Curtis gives Valentin the results of the DNA test and it is a match. Sasha Gilmore is Nina’s daughter.)
Valentin - How accurate are these tests?
Curtis - Says 99% confirmed.
Valentin - I think we should wait for the 2nd DNA test results to confirm.
Curtis - Hell NO! We need to tell Nina now.

At the PCPD........
Attorney - What I am hearing are theories based on NO EVIDENCE.
Jordan - I disagree.
Attorney - Do you have any evidence? A murder weapon? A fingerprint? Anything??
Jordan - Vincent Marino was Scully’s lawyer and he wanted out.
DA - So Scully had Sonny kill him.
Jordan - Sonny turned to his father for help or his father protected him.
DA - My father went to work that day and he never came home 🏠!
Attorney - With all due respect, Ms. Dawson, you just showed why you need to recuse yourself. You have NO objectivity and, by the way, no evidence.

As Jason and his attorney start to leave......DA Dawson 🛑 stops them
DA - You know what I did today? Today, I planned my father’s funeral. Strange, putting someone to rest you don’t know. You were gone for 5 years, Jason. What about your kids, Jake and Danny? They couldn’t remember you then, but what about now if you were to get gunned down? What if there was no miracle? What if you were to die like my father did and no body? 30 years from now, would they grieve? Would they remember you and want to avenge YOUR death 💀?

Jason’s attorney FINALLY speaks.....
Attorney - Commissioner Ashford, you need to stop ✋ the DA before she opens your department to a harassment suit.
Jordan - We can wrap this up?
DA Dawson will not stop 🛑. - Think about it, Mr. Morgan. What if someone did to Sam and your kids what Sonny Corrinthos did to MY mother and ME? Would you let them get away with it?

(This is a soap opera but no Real Attorney would let a DA talk to his client like that!)

At the Floating Rib.....
(Mike tells Carly it’s time to look at Adult Day Care Facilities.)
Carly - Is that what you really want to do?
Mike - It will cut down on the incidents. We all need a break. I want to be prepared for what’s to come. I think this day care center will help with that!
Carly - Ok.
Mike - So you’re in, and will help me convince Sonny?
Carly - Yes, just explain it to him and Sonny will be sold.

(Lucy Coe stops by to sit with Mike since Carly has to leave. As Carly passes by Kevin (Ryan) Collins’ table she hears him tapping the Morse Code on the table, like the neighbor at Ferncliff!)
Carly - Kevin (Ryan) you’re tapping Morse Code?
Kevin (Ryan) - I am.
Carly - Yeah, you’re tapping HELP ME.
Kevin (Ryan) - You know, I didn’t even realize I was doing Morse Code. But I did look into it, when you told me about that patient. It must have been a reflex! See you.
Carly - Wait! Whatever happened to that poor man?
Kevin (Ryan) - Well, I haven’t heard about him being released so I assume his situation is unchanged.
Carly - I still have nightmares.
Kevin (Ryan) is unimpressed - Hmmmm.
Carly - I thought about what you said and I think I should continue my therapy.
Kevin (Ryan) is bored - Sure.
Carly - Sure? That’s it?
Kevin (Ryan) wants to get away from her - What?
Carly is confused - I thought you would be a little more enthusiastic!
Kevin (Ryan) - I am. I’m sorry I have a phone 📱 conference and I need to run 🏃 but please call my office to make an appointment. See you.
Carly rolls her eyes 👀 - I will do that.

Back at the PCPD......
(DA Dawson is like a dog with a bone 🍖? She won’t give up.)
DA - I spent YEARS wondering where my father was. DECADES! Once I became a Prosecutor, I realized people just don’t disappear. If they’ve gone without a trace, it’s very likely they are dead. Still, I couldn’t be sure until now. I know my father was brutally murdered and buried in a bar’s foundation .
Attorney - Your loss, while terrible, doesn’t have anything to do with Mr.Morgan or Mr. Corrinthos.
DA - YOU? You don’t have anything to say Jason? Of course not! You owe your loyalty, but it is a waste when it comes to Sonny!
Attorney - Commissioner!
Jordan - Thank you for your time, Mr. Morgan.
(DA Dawson won’t give it a rest.)
DA - You think no one tried to prosecute Sonny before? These guys say, yeah, I am a criminal but I go about it in an honorable way! They’re not the thugs! They think they are the GOOD mobsters, like Sonny. But you kill on orders, Jason! You make widows out of wives and orphans out of children! Tell me, where is the honor in THAT, Mr. Morgan?

(Jason is a Stone Cold Rock. He is not speaking.)
Jordan - Your client is free to go, and we will call you if we have any questions .
Attorney - Thank you, Commissioner. I advise you to get a DA who will follow procedure, or that lawsuit is going to happen.

At the Metro Court ....
Curtis convinces Valentin to tell Nina that Sasha is her child. Valentin doesn’t want Curtis to tell Sasha yet. He is concerned she will be after Nina’s money 💰, since she is a very wealthy woman.

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Are you alright?
Margaux - Sorry if I was over the top with Jason.
Jordan - You’re burying your father. You’re allowed, but that excuse only works once. You need to pull yourself together and recuse yourself!
Margaux - He was bluffing. No grounds for a lawsuit.
Jordan - Actually, there is. You were way over the line, and for what?
Margaux - I still think we can get to Sonny thru his father.
Jordan is angry - NO we are NOT going after Mike! Not only because he is sick, but we have NOTHING on him, Margaux! Honestly, besides a bullet, it is purely circumstantial evidence.
Margaux - Are you saying we should give up? Just let my father’s murder go cold case? That’s NOT happening! I will bring my father’s killer to justice no matter what it takes.

At the Floating Rib....
(Jason lets Carly and Mike know that the DA and Commissioner don’t have anything as long as they don’t find the gun.)
Mike - They won’t find the gun.
Jason - Are you sure, Mike? The other day you couldn’t remember?
Mike - I remember clear as day. They won’t find the gun.

At the PCPD ....
Jordan - It’s been 30 years! We might have to accept your fathers killing could go unsolved.
Margaux - NO I don’t accept that!
Jordan - Because you don’t want to.
Margaux - Because I don’t NEED to. There is another way to nail Sonny!

At the Floating Rib......
Mike - I know the gun is gone. When I took the body at Croton, on the way to Charley Delaney’s Pub, I dropped the gun in the river.
Carly - Are you 100% sure?
Mike - 101%. That gun has been sleeping 💤 with the 🐠 🐟 fishes at the bottom of the Hudson River for decades. Sonny has nothing to worry about.

At Crimson......
Nina - Valentin what are you doing here? Not the divorce again?
Valentin - I need to talk to you about your child.
— MOM (10.1.18)
No GH on Thursday.

Friday on GH, there was an 🚨🚨ABC Special Report🚨🚨 for 20 minutes. .

At Sam’s apt.........
Sam - It’s great that Oscar can talk to you!
Jason - I don’t know 🤔 how much good it did .........what?
Sam - What? What? It’s SO you! You’re not comfortable with the warm and fuzzy stuff. So when you do something that is supportive, you act like it is an accident.
Jason - Yeah, I do that. Don’t I?
Sam - Yeah! I hope you know that giving Oscar a safe place to talk about that stuff ......that’s a gift 🎁.
Jason - I could see that whatever Oscar was dealing with was tearing him apart. He needed to talk about it, but before he could tell me what was going on, he made me promise me not to tell anyone.
Sam - That is interesting. Kim kept the truth from Oscar. Now, he is keeping it from everyone else.
Jason - I gave my word, so I’ve got to keep it.
Sam - It is tearing you up. The people you know who love 💕 Oscar are eventually going to find out, and all those people’s hearts ♥️ are going to break.

Peter tells Maxie that it is better for her if he stays out of her life.
Maxie - Better for me if Peter stays out of my life?? Where have I heard that before?

Chase tells Finn he feels a lot better knowing Finn is taking care of their father.
Chase - Thank you 😊.

Maxie approaches Lulu.
Maxie - Tell me about the little conversation you had with Peter yesterday. You wouldn’t tell him to avoid me, would you?
Lulu - I don’t think 🤔 I told Peter to leave you alone.
Maxie - Well, what did you say?
Lulu - I told Peter his constant presence in your life was muddying the waters. That he should stay away from you, as far a possible, and let you go on with your life.
Maxie (if looks could kill) - IS THAT ALL?? I fully appreciate your interest. That being said.......BUTT OUT!!
Lulu - I got it now. Its your life. Your muddy 💦 waters. I’m not ever going to dip my little toe in your business again.

Felicia, Mac, Lucy and Dr.Kevin (Ryan) Collins meet at the Floating Rib. Felicia tells the group Lulu wants to interview her for the Ryan Chamberlain Story at The Intruder.
Dr. Collins (Ryan) - Are you sure you want to do that, Felicia? Do you want to bring up all those memories?
Felicia - Well, you too Kevin (Ryan)? I know you had a really tough time with Ryan.

(Ryan Chamberlain is masquerading as Dr. Kevin Collins and still no one knows.)

Felicia - I remember he was a sick, empty shell of a human who tried to take my life away from me! The best part is I will NEVER have to worry about him touching me again.
Kevin (Ryan) 😃 smiles and touches Felicia’s hand.

Dr. Finn tells Peter August that Anna is going after Dr. Obrecht .
Peter - Anna is going after Obrecht?? Aren’t there any other WSB agents to do that?
Finn - Tell me, Peter, how many times does Anna have to risk her life to prove she is your mother? Give me a number, Peter!

Ava is at the Floating Rib drinking with Franco. She washes her hands of her daughter after Kiki defended Griffin over her. She sees Kiki and Griffin walk in.
Ava - You would think that living down the hall from each other would be enough.
Griffin - Let’s leave.
Kiki is sneering - No, Griffin! Let’s not leave. I’m done running from my mother.

Peter leaves a messages for Anna.......
Peter - Finn told me you’re going after Obrecht. Will you please stay safe?

Peter sees Maxie at GH......
Peter - Maxie?
Maxie - Are you sure? I thought you were trying to keep your distance.
Peter - There has been a lead on Obrecht! You need to warn Nina in case Obrecht is captured and decides to throw Nina under the bus 🚌 about my kidnapping!
Maxie - Yeah, of course. I will tell her right away! Wait? Are YOU in any danger? She tried to kill you!

At Sam’s apt.......
Sam - I can’t stop ✋ thinking about your mom. Monica has lost SO many people and she and Oscar are really bonding. This is going to devastate her!
Jason - Yes, it is.
Sam - That is what I was trying to tell you at Sonny’s house the other day!
Jason - You’re right. I‘ve got to be present, especially for Monica.
Sam - Remember when I told you Danny had leukemia? I was terrified, Jason! I knew in my heart ♥️ that he was going to be ok. You can call it a combination of denial or instinct but I knew I was right. Now, with Drew and Kim? What they are facing? I don’t know what that is like to know there is no cure. The only thing you can hope for is more time.

Ava tells Franco that Kiki offered no apology for sleeping 💤 with the man she loved. She is putting it in her face.
Ava is 😤 angry - She deserves retribution.
Franco - Ava, this is your kid you’re talking about!
Ava - When someone hurts me, they get hurt in return. She wants to take me on? That’s fine. Let’s see who is left standing!
Franco - Come on, you don’t mean that!
Ava - Just remember this: Whatever happens? Whatever is coming? Kiki asked for it!

At Sam’s apt.....
Jason - Maybe we can do something at the Quartermaine’s this weekend?
Sam is smiling - Did you just say that?
Jason - I mean, nothing big! We can take the kids over there for the afternoon and spend it with Monica. Danny can show Annabelle (the dog 🐶) new tricks.
Sam is smiling - I think Monica would love 💕 it and I would too, actually. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Why don’t we remind ourselves how precious time is?
Jason - If you spend every minute thinking of losing what you love 💕, that can make you crazy 😜. You’ve got to find a balance and find a way to trust what is good and not take it for granted.
Sam looks into Jasons eyes 👀 - I can honestly say, I don’t take you for granted.
Jason - I don’t take you for granted either.

(Now that we know Sam and Jason don’t take each other for granted, when are the writers going to give Jasam fans what they have been waiting for over a year? A Hot and Torrid Reunion!! 💋😍😎)
— MOM (9.28.18)
Wednesday on GH..............
Oscar leaves home and Kim and Drew don’t know where he is.

At the Pier......
(Oscar is at the docks and is about to throw his cell phone 📱 in the water. Too many calls.)
Jason - Hey 👋, are you sure you want to do that?

At Kim’s office at GH....
Drew - Did you find Oscar?
Detective Chase - Not yet. Why did he run away?
Drew - He didn’t run away. He just needs his space.
Detective Chase - From what?
Kim - Oscar was upset 😡 because we kept a condition from him. He has cancer.

At the Pier.......
Oscar - Were you 👀 looking for me?
Jason - No, I was supervising a coffee ☕️ shipment. You alright?
Oscar - Yeah, don’t worry. I won’t collapse on you again. At least not today.
Jason - Why did you ask if I was looking for you?
Oscar - It’s complicated. This is a mess. Can I ask you a personal question?
Jason - Sure. (Jason sees that Oscar’s upset 😢 and he sits down next to him.)
Oscar - What is it like to die?
Jason - I really can’t tell you what it is like to die, because I’m still here.
Oscar - Everybody thought you were dead 💀 all those years? You got shot and fell into the harbor. Do you remember any of that?
Jason - Yeah, I remember the gun shot and falling to the ground. I could barely move and tried to get to the edge of the pier.
Oscar - Why?
Jason - I thought that at least if I could get in the water 💦 I would have a chance to get away. This guy, Faison, planned the whole thing and had people waiting for me. The last thing I remember was him kicking me off the pier and I just went under water 💧.
Oscar - Was there a white light 💡?
Jason - Not for me.
Oscar - Was it scary or did it feel ok? Like you know, it was over and nothing you could do about it?
Jason - I wouldn’t say I felt scared.
Oscar - What about your whole life flashing in front of you?
Jason - I don’t know? I can’t remember.
Oscar - Maybe it wasn’t your time yet? Maybe your soul knew your body could hang on. That it wasn’t time to leave?
Jason - Yeah, maybe.
Oscar - Can I tell you something?
Jason - Sure.
Oscar - First, you have to promise not to tell anyone. Not even Josslyn! I know you’re her mother’s best friend.
Jason - Ok, you can tell Josslyn yourself.
Oscar - I can’t! But if I don’t tell somebody I am going to explode! Please?
(Jason knows this is serious.)
Jason - Yeah, ok, you have my word I won’t say anything.
Oscar - I’m dying!!

At Kim’s office at GH.....
Drew - What can we do to find Oscar?
Detective Chase - Try reaching out to Oscar’s classmates and friends. Maybe one of them knows where he is?
Kim - He didn’t show up at school today!
Detective Chase - I’ll be in touch with any developments, and please do the same.
Kim - Thank you 🙏.

At the pier........
Oscar - I have a brain 🧠 tumor. I’ve had it for 2 years and my mom didn’t tell me.
Jason - I’m sorry.
Oscar - They can’t operate and they said chemo would not do any good. They tried to tell me about some experimental treatment but I couldn’t listen. Anyway, I won’t be alive much longer.
Jason - Did they say that?
Oscar - No, but it is pretty obvious that is what they meant.
Jason - Ok, can I ask you something?
Oscar - What? This is the part where you tell me of all the breakthroughs in surgeries? That I don’t give up on hope?
Jason - No, I was going to say you can’t make assumptions. This is YOUR life. And you need accurate information.
Oscar - What kind of information?
Jason - Did the doctors give you a time frame? Is it 3 months or 3 years? That’s a big difference for what can you still do.
Oscar - I don’t know any of that! I don’t really want to know. Why is this happening to me
(Jason shows compassion for Oscar.)

At Charley’s Pub......
(Alexis calls Diane to find out if the birth mother knew about the baby’s condition.)
Alexis - Diane said the birth mother’s family doesn’t have heart problems.
Brad - What about the birth father?
Alexis - He doesn’t know he has a child!
Brad - Wait! What if he finds out he is a father? Can he try to stake a claim on Wylie?
Alexis - In New York State, the father has 31 days to claim any rights to the child.
Brad - Then we are in the clear?

At the pier......
Oscar - I’m being stupid. People get sick every day. They die. It’s no big deal.
Jason - It IS a big deal!
Oscar - I have NO idea what to do next.
Jason - Have you heard from your parents?
Oscar - They have been calling and texting all day.
Jason - Maybe you should let them know you’re ok?
Oscar - I’m NOT ok! I have a brain 🧠 tumor! My mother has known that for TWO YEARS and she never told ME. My dad hasn’t known that long, but he still didn’t tell me!
Jason - And you think they were wrong?
Oscar - This is MY life! If I died tomorrow, Jason, it’s still MINE. They had NO right not to tell me!
Jason - When I was 20, I had this fight with my parents and I swore I would never forgive them.
Oscar - What did you fight about?
Jason - Details don’t really matter, but I was sure I was right and they were wrong. It took me YEARS to understand what they were up against.
Oscar - What do you mean?
Jason - There is nothing worse for a parent than when your kid is sick or hurting. You want to protect them and it affects your thinking! Sometimes you say the wrong thing, or you do the wrong thing? You love them so much you can’t think straight.
Oscar - Do you think I should call my parents?
Jason - I know they worry like crazy! I think it would help them to hear from you. You know what? It might help you to help them.

Kim - Drew! Drew! I got a text from Oscar!

At the pier.....
Kim - Oscar!
Drew - Hey, buddy.
Kim - You ok?
Oscar - No, and I will never be.
Drew - Let me get you home 🏠. Let’s go!

At Sam’s apt.....
Jason - Hey?
Sam - Hey.
Jason - Do you have a minute?
— MOM (9.26.18)
Tuesday on GH.........
Jason tells Carly that Sonny was questioned by the Commissioner and the DA.
Jason - The situation is getting worse.

Brad is very nervous 😬 that Lucas will find out the truth about Wylie.
Julian - Calm down. (Brad didn’t tell Julian the baby was given to him by Nelle. What will he do when he finds out the baby is a Corinthos?)

Curtis informs results yet from the 2 labs he brought the DNA of Sasha Gilmore and Nina Reeves.

Oscar asks his mother if he is going to die?
Kim - Oscar, your cancer could be fatal.
Oscar - WHY didn’t you tell me about the tumor?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
(Jason also tells Carly the body was identified as Vincent Marino. He was Joe Scully’s defense attorney and the father of DA Dawson.)
Jason - The bullet that hit Marino matched another bullet from a hit in 1982. Both bullets came from the same gun. Mike can remember taking the gun at Croton, but he can’t remember what he did with it.

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Brad tells Julian that Wylie has a heart condition that was not in the medical records.)
Brad - This is how I get caught .

At the Pier ...
(Curtis informs Valentin it is wrong not to tell Nina her child is alive.)
Curtis - If Sasha Gilmore is not a match, I’m out.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Jason - There is a chance the gun is gone. He wouldn’t put it with the body.
Carly - You can’t be sure of that!
Jason - What did you want to tell me?
Carly - Wylie, the son of Lucas and Brad, has the same heart condition that Michael had as a baby.
Michael comes in - What about Wylie?

At the docks.......
Curtis - You’re banking on if you’re the one who brings Nina’s child to her, she will come back to you.
Valentin - I am not telling her until we get the DNA results back.

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Brad begs Julian to stop 🛑 Lucas from interacting with the baby’s birth mother.)
Brad - You can stop ✋ this, before I lose my son!

At Kim’s office at GH.....
Kim - I have known for two years.
(Oscar is mad 😡 and yelling at his mother.)
Oscar - Since BEFORE we moved to Port Charles and you didn’t TELL me?? I’ve been sick ALL this time and YOU covered it up? You NEVER said ONE WORD?
Kim - Baby, if you will just listen to me?
Oscar - NOTHING will change the fact that I have cancer and YOU didn’t tell me!
Drew - I know you’re upset right now, but let your mom explain?
Oscar - Do I even want to hear this?
Kim - I wanted you to live a happy 😊 life, like other kids!
Oscar is angry 😤 - But I WASN’T, was I? Maybe you wanted to protect YOURSELF? YOU couldn’t face the truth, so you kept it from ME.
Drew - Your mother loves you and did what she thought was right.
Oscar - Well, I HATE what she has done, and I HATE her!
Drew - You don’t mean that!
Oscar - Of course, YOU take HER side! YOU kept this from me too! Didn’t you? How long did you know, Dad?
Drew - Your mother told me and we made the decision to tell you after your birthday 🎂. That is the truth.
Oscar - What a HAPPY 😊 birthday 🎁 to ME! Did it ever occur to either of you that this is MY life and I have a RIGHT to know?

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Carly - It’s the strangest thing, little Wylie has the SAME heart condition you had as a baby. What are the odds? He didn’t need surgery.
Michael - I’m glad Wylie won’t need surgery.
Carly - I can’t imagine what it is like to have a baby who needs surgery.
Michael - Mom, what about me?

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Brad tells Julian he has to convince the birth mother to say she had a heart condition as a child.)
Brad - This way, we will be safe when the lawyers ask questions.
Julian - If you were thinking 🤔 clearly you would realize telling the birth mother that something was wrong with Wylie would only make things worse! Let’s not forget her actual baby died and she has NO idea.
Brad - I’m just desperately trying to keep my family together!

At Kim’s office at GH.......
Oscar - Why did we move to Port Charles?
Kim - I researched that you had family here. I never thought we would see your father here!

(Wait a minute! When Kim knew DREW his name wasn’t Jason Morgan! Drew Cain was a Navy Seal and didn’t know he was a twin and a relative of the Quartermaine family. This doesn’t make sense.)

Oscar- Well, you’d better get those tickets to Kilimanjaro soon, Dad, before we run out of time!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Carly - I was unconscious and Jason made that decision.
Michael - That must have been very difficult.
Jason - The doctor 👨‍⚕️ laid it out, and I took the best option for saving your life. That was the easy part. The hard part was the surgery of this tiny baby on the operating table. That scared me worse than anything I had to ever face! But you made it, and thank God, because I never had to second guess that decision.
Carly - Jason took such good care of you. I knew he could!
Michael is smiling - We are lucky to have him, Mom.
Jason - I’M the lucky 🍀 one! (Jason and Michael hug it out as Carly smiles at the two of them.)

At Kim’s Office at GH.....
Kim - I’m a doctor 👩‍⚕️.
Oscar - I’ve heard plenty! You FAILED me! You BETRAYED me!
Drew - Please, calm down.
Oscar - YOU betrayed me too! Whether it was weeks or years, it was CRUEL. You made me think I had a FUTURE when I didn’t! College is a joke.
Kim - You still have time!
Oscar - Fine, you hold on to that! I can’t trust either of you again.
Kim is crying - ✋ Stop! Stop 🛑! (She grabs Oscar.)
Oscar - Leave me ALONE!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Michael is thinking - If the baby 👶 had a heart condition, why didn’t the birth mother notify anyone?
Jason - Maybe she didn’t know? Maybe the baby got the heart condition from the birth father
(This makes Michael very curious!)

At Charley’s Pub......
Brad is annoyed 😑 - I can’t believe you won’t help us!
Julian - We should do nothing.
Brad - Lucas will contact the birth mother!
Julian - Don’t fight him on this. Under other circumstances, don’t you want the baby’s full medical history? If you want to help your family, do nothing. If you start to meddle, you will raise suspicion.

In Kim’s office at GH......
Oscar is upset - Let me go! Let me GO! I can’t LOOK at you right now! (He leaves the office.)
Kim - OSCAR!!
Drew - Let him go. He has a lot to process. He will need some time.
Kim - What did I DO? Oh my God!

(Oscar goes onto the elevator and punches the walls and says I am going to die.)
— MOM (9.25.18)
Monday on GH..........
At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Sam asks Jason to make peace with Drew.)
Jason - What are you trying to tell me?
Sam - He is your brother and you should help each other!
Jason - Well, we can’t, and YOU should know that better than anyone.

At Kim’s office at GH....
Drew - We need to tell Oscar together. If I have to, I will tell him on my own.
Kim - I had a plan but now I don’t know what to do or say.
Drew - I want what is best for our son. What is best is to tell him he has cancer!

Cameron tells Oscar he has cancer.
Oscar - No, I don’t have cancer! Nothing is wrong with me!

At the PCPD........
(Jordan tells Sonny that Vincent Marino is the body that was buried in Charley’s Pub. Sonny says the name means nothing to him.)
DA Dawson - Well, it means something to ME! Vincent Marino is my father!
Sonny - I’m sorry you lost your father.
DA Dawson - My father walked out when I was 2 years old. He vanished and now I know how! Someone shot him and left him in the foundation of Charley’s Pub. Mr. Corinthos, Vincent Marino worked for the same man you did. A Brooklyn mobster by the name of Joe Scully!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - Drew can’t stand me. The only thing I can do is keep my distance.
Sam - That is not possible. You have too many people in common!
Jason - Starting with you! I am not going to pretend I know his motives but we can barely be in the same room with each other.
Sam - True, but that was in the past. The focus was on me and our divorce. Things are different now, Drew is dealing with something.
Jason - And you can’t tell me what that is?
Sam - No.
Jason - Does it effect you?
Sam - Not directly.
Jason - Does it effect anyone else that I love?
Sam - Yeah.
Jason - Is someone in danger?
Sam - It is not like that Jason! Not an enemy you can fight or a threat you can exterminate. The only thing you can do is be present for Drew.

At Kim’s office at GH......
Kim - Once we tell him, things will change. He won’t be a kid anymore.
Drew - That is not his reality.
Kim - He is too young to be at the end of his life.
Drew - I agree. It’s obscene that he won’t make it to adulthood! We are past the point of keeping this secret. It isn’t right.
Kim - Come in. Drew, this is Oscar’s Oncologist, Dr. Terry Randolph. Drew is Oscar’s father.
Dr. Randolph - Good to meet you. I wish it was under better circumstances.
Drew - So do we.
Dr. Randolph - Here is no easy way to put this: You have some decisions to make about Oscar.

At the clothes drive at school...
Oscar - Why would you think I have CANCER?
Cameron - Franco left a voice mail to Drew saying how sorry he was about you!
Oscar- I barely know the guy?
Cameron - Exactly. Franco went upstairs and left his laptop open. I was he was looking at children’s brain 🧠 tumors.
Oscar - So what? Franco works in a hospital. Maybe he was doing research for a patient.
Cameron - I guess.
Oscar - I’m sorry to break it to you but I’m not going to conveniently drop dead so you can have Josslyn for yourself!

At the PCPD......
DA Dawson - Are you going to deny that you worked for Joe Scully?
Sonny - He owned a nightclub in Brooklyn and I was the assistant manager.
DA Dawson - My father was his defense attorney. Does that ring a bell 🛎?
Sonny - I don’t recall.
DA Dawson - Scully was getting reckless, brutal and out of control. My mother told me father wanted out but early retirement isn’t an option in your line of work. Maybe my father knew too much and that is why he was murdered! My father’s body showed up in a building owned by Charley Delaney who was a friend of Mike Corbin. Corbin is your father and you worked for Joe Scully. It all connects!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sam - Our son, Danny, is very perceptive. He sees that whenever you step foot into the Quartermaine house it is an event because you came home 🏠. That’s what I mean by being present. Showing up for everyone, especially Monica!
Jason - Ok.
Sam - So if it mean you have to be in the same house 🏠 or room as Drew, find a way to deal with it. Be tolerant. Be patient. I know it can get a little uncomfortable at the many times you’ve been shot, you can deal with discomfort. Right?
Jason - I can see this is important to you.
Sam - So, you will try?
Jason - I will do my best.
Sam - Thank you 😊. (She 💋 kisses Jason on the cheek and leaves.)
Mike Where did Sonny go?
Mike - I know I made a mistake that will hurt my son.

At the PCPD.....
Sonny - Scully had a lot of employees besides me! My father had friends besides Charley Delaney. All you got is a coincidence.
DA Dawson - I got more than that!
Sonny - What do you mean?
DA Dawson - Ballistics! The bullet that hit my father matches the bullet that hit Anthony Russo in 1982. From the SAME gun and both men had ties to Joe Scully like you Mr. Corinthos?
Sonny is angry 😤 - Am I under arrest? Cause if I’m not, you better let me go!
Jordan - You can go, but we consider you a person of interest. Don’t leave town.
Sonny - Why would I leave?
DA Dawson - Because you are protecting your father. You will do whatever it takes because you love your father! I love MY father too, and I will do this for him. Whatever it takes.
(As Sonny leaves he knows he is in big trouble!)

Jordan - Do you feel any better?
Margaux is angry and tearful 😢 - Did you see him? Did you see the way he was looking through me? That we were wasting his time. My father’s life counted for nothing!
Jordan - The body was ID’d more than an hour ago! Why didn’t you disclose that the victim was your father?

At the clothes drive at school.....
Cameron - I don’t wish you dead!
Oscar - My parents would have told me! Wouldn’t they?
Cameron - Of course.
Oscar - I’m going to take off, but don’t tell Joss about this?
Cameron - There is nothing to tell.

At Kim’s office at GH.....
Dr. Randolph - The tumor is located in an area of Oscar’s brain 🧠 we can’t reach. Surgery would kill him.
Drew - Do we have other options?
Dr. Randolph - Radiation and chemo have not been successful in cases like Oscar’s.
Drew - Come on! There HAS to be a way to help him!
Dr. Randolph - Oscar may be a candidate for a clinical trial involving immune therapy. It has few side effects. This is a trial and the effects of treatment are still being explored.
Drew - What is the down side?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Mike - You’re a father, aren’t you?
Jason - Yes I have two sons, Jake and Danny.
Mike - What do you want for them?
Jason - I want them to be happy 😊 and hope they find meaning in their lives.
Mike - Would you want them to do what you do?
Jason - No.
Mike - Would you try to stop 🛑 them if they wanted to?
Jason - Mike, they are both so young.
Mike - If one of them came to you and said, “Dad I want to be like you!”
Jason - I would tell them all the reasons they shouldn’t and pray that they listen.
Mike - Yeah. I tried to do that with my son. I tried to warn him away from Scully but it did no good. Scully was a big man to him and I was the father who walked out.
Jason - Mike, that was a long time ago.
Mike - Some mistakes you can’t take back.

Sonny comes home 🏠.....
Mike - Where did you go?
Sonny - I was at the police 👮 station. Do you know why the cops 👮‍♀️ wanted to talk to me?
Mike - Yeah, because of the body I hid in the foundation of Charley’s Pub?
Sonny - Tell me everything you remember about the body you moved!

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - I could tell Vincent Marino meant something to you, but I never thought he was your father!
DA Dawson - Saying it out loud to Sonny made it real. My father was murdered! I wonder how it happened? They snatched his body and put it in a second location.
Jordan - You’re too close to this! Let the investigators do their job and see what they turn up?
DA Dawson is 😭 crying - I know! I know you’re right .Oh God, what am I going to do?
Jordan - Take care of yourself. Get help if you need it. Can I call someone for you?
DA Dawson - No! I don’t need any counseling! Need to nail the son of a bitch who killed my father!!

At Kim’s office at GH.....
Dr. Randolph - Some patients did not survive these trials.
Drew - So their treatments can kill Oscar?
Dr. Randolph - Or it could shrink the tumor and prolong his life.
Drew - How long?
Dr. Randolph - That, we don’t know.
Kim - Ok, Oscar is terminal, we know that already. While the treatment might be rejected if it works?
Drew - He gets more time. Is that it?
Kim - When does the trial begin?
Dr. Randolph - If Oscar is accepted, the therapy starts the end of the year. Can I put him in this program?
Drew - Hold on!
Dr. Randolph - You can change your mind at any time but there is a detailed screening process. Should I get the paperwork started?
(Drew and Kim agree. Oscar bursts into his mother’s office.)
Oscar - Mom is it true I have cancer?

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Mike tells Sonny he was all alone when he followed Sonny at Croton. When Sonny, left Mike dug up the body and put it in the trunk of his car 🚘. He went back and saw the gun was still down there.)
Sonny - What did you do with the gun?
Mike - I got it, and then I drove 20 miles out of town and stopped at a pay phone ☎️ and called Charley Delaney. I knew he was expanding his club, so I asked if they started to pour the foundation? By the afternoon, the body was under 3 feet of cement.
Sonny - Good, but what did you do with the gun?

At Kim’s office at GH.....
Dr. Randolph - I’ll be in touch.
Oscar - Just say it, PLEASE? Stop 🛑 pretending!
Kim - Oscar, honey 🍯, you have cancer. (Kim and Oscar embrace and cry.) You have a tumor.
Oscar - Are they going to take it out?
Drew - Where the tumor is located they can’t do surgery? It’s too dangerous.
Oscar - What about chemo? Will I lose my hair?
Kim - No, no.
Oscar - I guess it’s not that bad? I feel ok most of the time. So, it’s not that serious? Right?
(Drew and Kim have no words.)

At the Metro Court bar......
(Curtis asks Sam about her relationship with Jason.)
Sam - I know we are partners and very good friends, but I don’t intend to ever discuss Jason with you.
Curtis - Am I being too intrusive?
Sam - You were, but I forgive you.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Mike - What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about a body or guns. I gambled a little. I don’t get involved with that rough stuff. My son got involved with some very bad people He has a very good heart.
Jason - You’re right Mike. I know your son. He is a very good man.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠......
(Cameron hears Franco talking to Elizabeth and he mentions Dr. Terry Randolph.)
Cameron - Dr. Randolph, what kind of a doctor is she?
Franco - She is a Pediatric Oncologist.

At Kim’s office at GH....
Kim - Oscar, you have a tumor that is growing. That is why you passed out the other day. Unfortunately, your symptoms are going to get worse.
Oscar - How much worse? I want to know!
Drew - There might be a treatment.
Oscar - Whats going to happen to me? Am I going to die?

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Why would Mike Corbin kill your father? He didn’t work for Joe Scully?
DA Dawson - Wait a minute! We have been looking at this backwards! What if Mike Corbin is covering for Sonny? Sonny is the one who worked for Scully! What if Sonny killed my father?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - My father was scared that I killed someone. But when I look 👀 back at that kid, I still would have taken the gun from Scully. I still would have killed Marino, so it still would be the same. I found out that Vincent Marino was Scully’s lawyer and DA Dawson’s father.
Jason - It makes sense. It is personal for her.
Sonny - DA Dawson will not stop ✋ until she takes me down!
— MOM (9.24.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH and a LOT happened today...............

Cameron overheard Franco talking to Drew on the phone 📱 saying he is sorry to hear about Oscar. He also saw the computer 💻 website Franco left open about children’s brain 🧠 tumors. He knows Oscar is sick.

Oscar, Joss and Cameron have volunteered to help with the clothes drive at school.
Joss - Oscar, tell me later.
Cameron - Oscar may not have a later.
Joss - What are you talking about?
Cameron - If Oscar’s mom reports the fight to the school, I can be suspended.

Jordan gets the name of the Charley’s Pub victim........Vincent Marino. Now we know why DA Dawson has a vendetta against Sonny! Vincent Marino is her father.

There is only one thing that connects Sonny to the remains in the basement of Charley’s Pub.......the gun.

Kim wants to know if Elizabeth told Cameron that Oscar is sick 😷.
Elizabeth - No I didn’t but I did tell someone else .......Franco.
(Kim becomes very angry at Elizabeth.)
Kim - I TOLD you not to tell ANYONE about this!

Drew confides in Franco that his son, who he just developed a relationship with, is sick. He may not be able to save him.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Sonny - All I got is his name was Vincent Marino.
Jason - If we can find out Marino’s ties to Scully, then we will know how he links to you.
Sonny - I am worried about my Dad.
Jason - Mike had nothing to do with Marino’s death 💀.
Sonny - Well, he moved the body from Croton to underneath Charley’s Pub. If the cops 👮 can prove he did that, Mike is going to Pentonville for the rest of his life.
Jason - Sonny, he is sick.
Sonny - It didn’t stop ✋ them before when he wandered off with Avery! It’s not just the guilty who go to prison, it happens to the innocent all the time!

At the Metro Court bar.....
DA Margaux Dawson tells Sam she has a lot of questions for her father, Julian Jerome, and Sonny Corinthos. Also, for her ex-husband, Jason Morgan, about the body in the badge of Charley’s Pub.

Finns father, Gregory Chase, meets with his sons to tell them he is ill. He wants His son. Hamilton Finn, to help him. His son, Harrison Chase, thinks Finn, who is the best infectious disease doctor, should treat their father. Finn agrees.

At the Metro Court Bar......
Sam - Everyone wants to talk to Jason. Take a number!
DA Dawson - The DA gets to cut the line.
Sam - Oh yeah? You got anything against him?
DA Dawson - I have something against anyone who makes a career of organized crime. Why couldn’t Jason be more like his twin? Drew is a man who knows how to make a positive contribution to the world 🌍.
Sam - If you have any questions for Jason, ask him yourself.
(DA Dawson gets a call from Commissioner Jordan.)
DA Dawson - Hello?
Jordan - It’s Jordan, you busy?
DA Dawson- I’m about to order dinner.
Jordan - Get it to go! I have something you will want to see.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Sonny - If they find the gun that is the ONLY way the DA can bring a case against me OR my father.
Jason - There is a good chance the gun is gone. Mike’s whole plan was to cover up what you did. He wouldn’t leave the gun with the body!
Sonny - I need conformation from my Dad and I can’t get it!
Jason - All the cops 👮 have is the body and circumstantial evidence that connects you.
Sonny - It is not just me, but my father, who is innocent 😇. The thought of him going down breaks my heart.

In Kim’s office at GH.....
Elizabeth - You can trust Franco not to say anything.
Kim - Well, you’ve given me no other choice!

In Franco’s art room....
Franco - Isn’t there anything the doctors can do?
Drew - Kim and I have a meeting with Dr. Randolph tonight. So, maybe there is some hope. Oscar doesn’t know he is sick. Kim has her reasons for not telling him. I feel like any delay is not fair. I don’t know if I have the right to interfere. This whole father/son relationship hasn’t even been a year!
Franco - What difference does THAT make? You are the kid’s father! You love that kid and he loves you!
Drew - Yeah, so how do I tell him he might be dying?

At the PCPD......
DA Dawson - So what do you got?
Jordan - An ID on the victim. He was directly connected to the Scully organization back in the day, the gangland shooting from 30+ years back. Then the NYPD organize crime unit attributed it to the Scully gang.
DA Dawson - So, our victim had Scully’s target 🎯 on his back?
Jordan - That is what the facts suggest.
DA Dawson - What else do we know about him?
Jordan - It appears our victim was Scully’s criminal defense lawyer. A guy by the name of Vincent Marino. Does the name ring a bell 🛎?

(DA Dawson is in shock! Her maiden name is Marino and he is the father she hasn’t seen since she was 2 years old!)

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - Look 👀 who is here, Jason?
Sam - Hey 👋!
Jason - Hey 👋! Are you here to see me?
Sam - I was going to talk to Sonny, but you’re next on my list? This involves both of you.
Jason - What happened?
Sam - I just had a run in with DA Dawson! She made it very clear she is gunning for BOTH of you.

At Franco art room......
Drew - What do you think I should do?
Franco - Sometimes the truth sucks.
Drew - So, I should let Kim tell Oscar in her own time?
Franco - No, you’re his Dad! If you were in Oscar’s position, would you want to know the truth?
Drew - Yes.

In Kim’s office at GH......
Kim - Just a few days ago, no one knew about Oscar. Now it is you, Sam AND Franco. How long before the wrong person says the wrong thing and Oscar finds out??
Elizabeth - You and Drew can tell him before he finds out the wrong way!
Kim - We will tell him soon, right after his birthday 🎂!

At the school clothes drive.....
Oscar- Hey, Aalady just dropped off a whole bunch of stuff outside?
Cameron - Give me the 📦 box, you just got out of the hospital!
Oscar - What’s your problem?
Cameron - I’m trying to help you! Let me help! (The box 📦 falls to the ground.)
Oscar - Thanks for the help.
Cameron - You are such a jerk!
Joss - Oscar, you said there were more boxes 📦 outside?
Oscar - Yeah.
Joss - Is everything ok at home 🏠?
Cameron - What do you mean?
Joss - Are you in more trouble for shoplifting than you told me?
Cameron - Everything is fine.
Joss - You’re acting really weird!
Cameron - I’m not, Oscar is!
Joss - No, he is NOT!
Cameron is angry 😤 - Then he is lying to you!

At Franco’s art room....
Drew - What if when Oscar finds out he has cancer, it sends him into a spiral?
Franco - That kid is half you!
Drew - So?
Franco - As long as I’ve known you, you never let anything overwhelm you.

In Kim’s office at GH......
Elizabeth - When Oscar finds out, you know he will be angry 😡 at you!
Kim - When Oscar was diagnosed, I made a decision to prioritize the quality of his life. I would do that again in a heartbeat 💗!

At the clothes drive at school......
Joss - If anyone lied, it was ME! I didn’t tell Oscar I was shoplifting. He is a good person.
Cameron - Sorry 😐, I guess I missed his halo 😇.
Joss - Ok, can this be over? What is Oscar supposed to be lying 🤥 to me about anyway?
Cameron - The fight we had was one-sided. He caught me with a sucker punch 🥊!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jason - Did you get a look at the case file she had?
Sam - Jason, no! It was bait! Margaux was playing me and she wanted me to know it. She’s got her eyes 👀 on you, Sonny. Does this have anything to do with the explosion 💥 at Charley’s Pub?
Sonny - We will figure it out.
Sam - Oh, I don’t need details! You’ve got to watch your back. Margaux is not fooling around! If anything happens to either one of you, you’re not the only ones who will pay the price!

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Have you ever heard of this lawyer, Marino?
DA Margaux Dawson - Let’s review what we know. A body was found after an explosion 💥 at Charley’s Pub.
Jordan - A place owned by Julian Jerome.
DA Dawson - Charley Delaney owned the bar 30 years ago.
Jordan - Julian Jerome was in Port Charles 30 years ago. Frank Smith controlled all of western NY.
DA Dawson - Frank Smith worked with Scully and he worked with Sonny Corinthos . Sonny tried to buy the pub, according to Julian Jerome. When he refused, Sonny made his business difficult, possibly causing the explosion 💥!
Jordan - Sonny’s father was on the premises at the time of the explosion 💥!

At the clothes drive at school......
Oscar - Look 👀, Joss is my girlfriend and your friend. If we can’t try to get along, can we just pretend?
(Cameron is jealous because he likes Joss.)
Cameron - I don’t get along with liars! If you won’t come clean with Joss ......hard pass.

At Kim’s office at GH........
(Kim gives Drew a fact sheet for a cancer drug from Dr. Randolph.)
Kim - This drug was the most promising for reducing the tumor, but it was a failure. Dr. Randolph just wants us to be realistic.
Drew - I will, but I need something from you too!

At the PCPD........
Jordan - Mike Corbin had a nonviolent history back then. Passing bad checks and gambling.
DA Dawson - Maybe Mike wanted a loan from Scully? When it was time to pay 💰 up, Scully wanted cash 💵.
Jordan is not buying this - He wanted Mike to KILL Marino?
DA Dawson - Why not? Scully provided the weapon! Mike had a friend, Charley Delaney, to stash the body.
(Jordan is sure Margaux is going down the wrong road.)
Jordan - Why would Scully use Mike to take out Marino? Scully knew plenty of killers! He wouldn’t use an amateur like Mike.
DA Dawson - Ok, Scully wanted someone who he couldn’t easily be connected to. All the times Mike got hauled in, he never gave up names. Scully could be sure he could trust Mike.
Jordan - We could make up all the stories we want, it doesn’t get us closer to the truth!
DA Dawson - We have to get inside Mike’s head!
Jordan is angry - He has Alzheimer’s!
DA Dawson is pulling rank - You know, it is not a good look when the Commissioner undercuts the DA in front of the suspect!
Jordan - It is not a good look 👀 for public officials to take advantage of a sick 😷 old man 👴!
DA Dawson - A man who is connected to what looks like a gangland execution!
Jordan - His Alzheimer’s diagnosis is on the record. Any statement we get from him is probably inadmissible. As the DA you must know that!
DA Dawson - Well, ok if we can’t get it from Mike Corbin we will get it from someone else!

At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Sonny - It’s pretty clear Ms. Margaux Dawson is coming after me. i do appreciate your telling me.
Sam - Of course.
Sonny - Blocked number....can you guess who it is? Yes, this is Sonny?
Jordan - Jordan Ashford here, you are on a speaker 🔊. The DA and I have some questions for you. Can you come down to the station?
Sonny - Well, you know, it’s a little late in the day?
DA Dawson - Well, we would be happy to come to you? Would you want us to serve your father?
Sonny - I will be there shortly.
DA Dawson - We look 👀 forward to seeing you.

Jason - Diane is out of town until tomorrow. I will call her associate.
Sonny - This is easy! Like a fishing expedition. I don’t need a lawyer.
Jason - I’m coming with you!
Sonny - No, you hold the fort and I will be back!
Sam - Do you mind if I go and we will find out what they know?
Sonny - Don’t worry, I know better than to give anything up!

Sam - Can you do something for me?
Jason - Of course.
Sam - Make plans with Danny and spend as much time as you can with him?
Jason - I do, but I can squeeze in more time. You want go talk about it?
Sam - No.
Jason - Ok, I’m here if you change your mind?
Sam - I know that, thank you.
(Jason walks Sam to the door 🚪.)
Jason - This whole thing with Charley’s Pub, it is not over me. Nothing will take me away from Danny!
Sam - You don’t know that! One minute, everything is fine and in an instant it all changes. Can you do me one more favor?
Jason - Sure, if I can?
Sam - I know things are difficult between you and Drew right now, but if there is a way to make peace, try?
Jason - What are you trying to tell me?

At Kim’s office at GH......
Drew - I don’t want to hide the truth from Oscar!
Kim - Drew, you agreed!
Drew - I did, but I made a mistake?
Kim - This is just until his birthday 🎂!
Drew - Oscar should be the one to decide how HE lives his life! We can tell him together, or I will do it alone.

At the clothes drive at school........
Oscar - Why are you being such an ass?
Cameron - You’re being unfair to Joss!
Oscar - HOW am I doing that?
Cameron - There is not going to be a you and Joss, and you KNOW it!
(Cameron is the meanest kid in the world 🌍 or an idiot!)
Oscar - What??
Cameron - Tell her that you have CANCER!
(Oscar is speechless 😶.)

At the PCPD......
DA Dawson - Please, sit down.
Sonny - Am I going to be here that long?
DA Dawson - It depends on what you have to say to us!
Jordan - We identified the remains found in the basement of Charley’s Pub.
Sonny - Ok, and...?
Jordan - Vincent Marino! Is that name familiar?
Sonny - Vincent Marino? I think 🤔 he played short stop for the New York Yankees.
Jordan - Your not personally acquainted with a Vincent Marino?
Sonny - No. No the name means nothing to me.
DA Dawson - Well it means something to me! Vincent Marino is my FATHER!

(Sonny can’t believe what he just heard. He is in a lot of trouble! He killed DA Dawson’s father.)
— MOM (9.21.18)
Thursday on GH............
Mike asks Stella Henry to help him with questions he has about the long term facilities in the brochures she gave him.

Ava complains to Julian if she is over reacting to Kiki and Griffin sleeping 💤 together.
Julian - There is such a thing as a one night stand. We both know that! Are you going to destroy your relationship with Kiki over Griffin?

Michael is in love with babies. He offers to hold James for Maxie.
Maxie - Look at you! You’ve got the touch. I know you will be a great dad.

Lucas and Brad are concerned about Wylie.
Monica - I hope I haven’t kept you waiting.
Carly - You’re the specialist?
Monica - I am.
Carly - But you’re the Chief of Staff?
Monica - I am also a cardiologist and I have been called in for a counsel.
Lucas - What? Oh my God!
Brad - What is going on? What’s wrong with our baby’s heart?
Monica - First of all, no need to panic. There are markers to a heart defect.
Lucas - Oh my God!
Carly - How serious?
Monica - We need to have an electro cardiogram .
Lucas - It’s ok, Brad.
Brad is angry 😤 - I’m a medical professional too. Lucas! I KNOW what a electro cardiogram is.
Carly - The sooner you have all the information, the sooner you will know what to do.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Ava - Should I forgive and forget?
Julian - It is one thing to forgive your daughter for sleeping with your boyfriend. It is another thing to forgive your boyfriend for sleeping with your daughter. Did Kiki forgive you for sleeping with Morgan?
Ava - How many times are people going to bring up the sordid details of my past?
Julian - Do you know if it was more than once?
Ava - No, I don’t.
Julian - How many times did you sleep 🛏 with Morgan?
Ava - You are not helping me!
Julian - When you were in the hospital with 3rd degree burns on your face, where was Kiki?
Ava - She was right by my side.
Julian - You betrayed her far worse than she betrayed you. Hell, I would give anything for one of my kids to talk to me for more than 5 minutes!
Ava - This is my daughter and I love 💕 her. I refuse to lose her over the likes of Griffin Monroe.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - I was going to send Max to give this envelope to Julian, but I want to send you instead.
Jason - This guy is my father in law. I should get to know him.
Sonny - I want you to give that check to Julian. (The check is for damages after the explosion 💥.) I want you to let him know he has to shut his mouth when it comes to my father and the explosion 💥.
(Jason leaves 🍁 and Commissioner Jordan 🇯🇴 comes in.)
Jordan - I need to ask you more questions about the body buried under Charley’s Pub.
Sonny - I thought I answered all the questions the other day when you and DA Dawson were here?
Jordan - That was before we got the ballistic results.

Mike and Stella are on the terrace......
Mike - I finally decided I want to move. I want to go somewhere my family is protected from what is happening to me.
Stella - That is a very brave decision!
Mike - The thing is, my son loves me too much to send me away. I need you to help me convince Sonny it is the right thing to do. When Sonny was a boy, I knew it was wrong to leave him and his mother. Now, I know it is not right to stay. I need you to help before there isn’t enough of me to do it!

At General Hospital.......
Maxie - People say James looks like Nathan. What do you think?
Michael - Yes, I see it in his eyes 👀. Holding him makes me feel a lot better.
Maxie - Lulu says babies have healing they are magic.
Michael is smiling - What do you think, little guy? Are you magic?

At Kiki’s building......
(Kiki and Griffin are spending time together since they live in the same building. Ava comes to Kiki’s apartment to apologize but when she sees Griffin, she changed her mind.)
Ava - What are you doing here?
Kiki - You don’t have to answer her.
Griffin - I rented a studio down the hall. We are waiting for the super to fix the radiator. The apts are too hot.
Ava - You live in this building??
Griffin - It’s all I can afford, since you got me suspended. I guess you’re unhappy I am not laying in the gutter like you wanted me to be.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jordan - DA Dawson was very direct during the last visit.
Sonny - That’s one word for it!
Jordan - Sonny, ballistics shows the bullet was in the gun traced back to a gangland shooting in Brooklyn.
Sonny - Ok?
Jordan - Mike’s records show he was living in Brooklyn at that time.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Jason - This is from Sonny.
Julian - Sonny could have sent anyone of his guys over here to deliver this, but he sent you. So if I am reading 📖 my signal right, this isn’t the only message you want to give me.
Jason - I don’t know you all that well.
Julian - I venture to say you don’t know me at all.
Jason - I know you put a knife to Alexis’ throat!
Julian - I did that to save Alexis from a psychopath.....namely, my sister Olivia! What I did was 🎭 theater. I just didn’t get to tell that to Alexis until it was too late.
Jason - Sam doesn’t buy your explanation. That is why she won’t let you near her, or her kids.
Julian - Did you volunteer to be Sonny’s message boy? A job that is below your pay 💰 grade to what? Throw my past in my face?
Jason - No, I am here because you showed up at Sonny’s house 🏠 and threatened his father!

At General Hospital.....
(Monica gets the results of the test.)
Monica - Wylie has a small abnormality in the small vessel 🚢 of his heart.
Carly - Monica, that is the same condition Michael had when he was a baby!
Monica - Yes, Carly, this is the same condition Michael had as a child. AJ had it as well.
Carly - Michael needed surgery.
Monica - So did AJ. Wylie does not.
Brad - So we have nothing to worry about?

At the terrace at Sonny’s house 🏠.......
(Stella and Mike pick out 3 places to go and see.)
Mike - Would you go with Sonny and me to see these places? I will throw in lunch 🥗!
Stella - You and 🥙? How can I resist?

At Charley’s Pub......
Julian - By Sonny’s check, he and I are in agreement. So why are you here?
Jason - To make sure you keep the agreement.
Julian - I’m sure Sonny told you about our past history? There was a time I would have been a threat to Sonny, but not any more. I spent time in prison and wound up in the infirmary many times, but thanks to Alexis I was released.
Jason - That was generous of her!
Julian - That was generous of her, but that is not the point.
Jason - What is?
Julian - When I got out, I lost the taste for the business. That was a life I was raised in. I didn’t get to chose, but for the first time in my life I decided to make a choice!
Jason - Why are you telling me this?
Julian - Because you are trying to access whether I am a threat to Sonny!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Sonny - My father is not a killer. Are you going to blame him for what happened 30 years ago?
Jordan - On one hand I don’t want the DA to upset him?
Sonny - What about the other hand?
Jordan - I have a body, an open investigation, and a very Hungry DA who wants answers. I am telling you, the walls are closing in!

At General Hospital......
Monica - He needs to have periodic exams, but I think this will go away all by itself.
Lucas - Why didn’t we know about in Wylie’s medical records before the adoption?
Carly - Do you think the birth mother was hiding it?
Brad is nervous - That is a strong conclusion!
Lucas - It still begs the question, what else don’t we know about our son?

Near the elevators.....
Maxie - Are you available for babysitting?
Michael - Any time!
Maxie - Michael, I need to ask you a question. Feel free not to answer: Is this too much for you?
Michael - No, just the opposite somehow? Holding James makes me feel closer to Jonah. I can’t talk to my parents about Jonah because they hate Nelle. Holding James makes me wonder who Jonah would have turned out to be.
Maxie - Michael, I get it. You not only miss the person you lost . You miss the life you thought you would have with them.

At Charley’s Pub......
Julian - You don’t have to worry about me tangling with Sonny. I have more important things to do with my life now.
Jason - Ok, we’re done. (He starts to walk away.)
Julian - Jason, one more thing before you go? There is no love lost between Drew and me. I did respect Drew when he get out of the business . So I ask you you love my daughter enough not to pull her back in?
Jason - What Sam does is up to Sam.

Ava walks in.......
Ava - You were wrong!
Julian - Slow down. Have a drink 🥃?
Ava - No, my daughter is no longer my daughter. She made that perfectly clear and that is just fine. Just fine! Kiki Jerome is just another enemy who stole from me. When someone steals from me, they pay the price!

At General Hospital ,.......
Brad is sweating 😓 - This woman, the birth mother, gave up a gift 💝 and I don’t want to second guess it.
Monica - I agree with Brad. I got to go.
Lucas - What if Wylie has other issues? We have to be prepared for that.
Carly - I agree with Lucas. You need to contact the birth mother.
Brad - You can’t!
Carly - Lucas, do you know who she is?
Lucas - No, but out of a medical necessity, maybe we can find out?
Brad is in a panic - Wylie is going to be fine, just leave it alone!
Carly - If Wylie’s birth mother is keeping secrets about him, they need to be brought to light 💡 now.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jordan - Mike is a sweet man and Curtis’s Aunt Stella is very fond of him, but he has a checkered past.
Sonny - You’re wasting your time! My father has no connection to that body.
Jordan gets a 📱 phone call - Forensics has identified the remains. If he is connected to Mike, we will know soon.
— MOM (9.20.18)
Wednesday on GH............
Curtis is back at Port Charles and meets with Valentin. He shows him the DNA vial from Sasha Gilmore. She is the girl who might be Nina’s daughter.

Griffin is frustrated that the Review Board Meeting at General Hospital was postponed. He is still under suspension.

Carly is worried about Michael. He is still grieving over the loss of his son.

(Griffin tells Kiki he got a call from the Arch Dioceses. He can’t receive Communion, get married in the Church or go to confession in the Catholic religion.)
Griffin - Someone called the Monseigneur and reported me.
Kiki - I bet it was my mother.

Valentin - I have to hand it to you! I didn’t expect her to take the DNA test so readily.
Curtis - She took the test to prove she is not Nina’s daughter. She loves her mother.
Valentin - I guess we believe the story we are given. Proceed with caution.

Griffin - I asked the Monseigneur, but he wouldn’t give me a name.
Kiki - It HAS to be Ava! Who else could it be?
Griffin - Even if I am bared from the rituals, my faith is my own.

At Charley’s Pub......
(Julian tells Ava he is no longer offering Corinthos Coffee ☕️ at the Pub.)
Ava - So Sonny is alright with that? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the skeleton in the basement?

At General Hospital......
Carly - I don’t want to put a time table on your grief.
Michael - You have to accept that you can’t control my grief.
Carly - Are you seeing Dr. Collins?
Michael - No, I don’t need any of that.

At Charley’s Pub....
(Alexis questions Julian about the skeleton in the basement.)
Julian - I didn’t get my time machine! It has been there for decades.

At the Metro Court......
(Nina asks Maxie about seeing her and Peter August leaving the elevator.)
Maxie - Peter had a panic attack when the elevator stopped between floors. That is why he took his shirt off. Thanks to you and Lisle keeping him hostage in the cabin!
Nina - How do you feel about him?
Maxie - When Nathan died, if it wasn’t for James I would have gone off the deep end. Peter delivered the baby and was so kind and didn’t want anything from me. Our relationship is complicated. He is a good man who just wanted to get away from his father.

(Lulu warns Peter to stay away from Maxie and let her go on with her life.)

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Kiki smacks her mother in the face for reporting Griffin to the Arch Diocese.)
Ava - I will let you get away with that just once, because you are my daughter. Next time, don’t have sex with my boyfriend!
Kiki - I will stay out of your life. Stay out of mine!

At the Metro Court.....
(Valentin gives Curtis his money and a bonus for such a good job. He also gives him a sample of Nina’s DNA.)
Curtis - When do we tell Nina?
Valentin - We need to get proof first. Only then, we tell Nina. If we tell her now she will want to meet the girl.

At General Hospital.....
(Lucas brings Wylie in for his 6 week checkup. He sees Carly and Michael there.)
Nurse - Dr. Jones, a patient needs to see you.
(Lucas gives the baby to Michael to hold.)

At Charley’s Pub.....
Alexis - Call me crazy 😜, but I am not comfortable with my daughter working for my ex husband. Why did you hire her?
Julian - She was very persuasive and she makes great drinks 🍸.

At GH......
Carly watches Michael hold Wylie - You are a natural! Are sure you’re ok?
Michael - I feel more paternal towards Wylie than a cousin. More like a uncle. It would have been nice if Wylie and Jonah could have played together. Nelle said I would find peace spending time with Wylie, and I do.

Outside of the Pub.....
Ava - What do you want, Nina? Do you want to gloat?
Nina - No, I heard the conversation with you and Kiki. You could push Kiki away for good!
Ava - My relationship with my daughter is none of your business!

Lucy gets Griffin an apartment in the same building as Kiki.

Back at Charley’s Pub.....
(Alexis shares with Julian that Kristina doesn’t share as much of her life as she would like.)
Julian - Why do you think that is?
Alexis - I think she is lost.
Julian - She is her mother’s daughter, but she is not like her mother.
Alexis - Thanks for listening.
Julian - If you want me to keep an eye 👁 on Kristina, I will.

Outside of Charley’s Pub.....
Nina - I’m sure you don’t want to hear this.
Ava - Not from YOU!
Nina - You couldn’t mean what you said to your daughter! If I was a mother....
Ava - You are not a mother and you will NEVER be.

Curtis brings the DNA tests to the lab 🔬 and asks for a rush on it.

At General Hospital......
While Lucas is talking to Michael and his sister, Carly, a nurse approaches to say a specialist was contacted. Something turned up in Wylie’s tests.
— MOM (9.19.18)
Tuesday on GH................
At Kim’s apartment.....
Kim - Do you know if Sam told anybody?
Drew - Absolutely, you can trust her.
Kim - We can get Oscar through this next birthday 🎂 without worry.
Drew - If that is what you want.

At Elizabeth house 🏠......
Elizabeth - Cameron, do not engage Oscar. After all, you went after his girlfriend!
Cameron - What if he comes after me again?
Elizabeth - Don’t engage! You can take it. Oscar punched you because of Joss.
Cameron - So he can punch 🥊 me??
Elizabeth - You need to apologize to Joss. You can’t kiss 💋 someone when they don’t want you to!

At a restaurant.......
Curtis - Nice to meet you, Ms. Gilmore.
Sasha - Call me Sasha. What is this about?
Curtis - It is about your mother.
Sasha - I don’t understand? My mother died 2 years ago.
Curtis - I contacted you on behalf of a friend of mine. There is a very good possibility you are my friend’s daughter!

At Anna’s house 🏠....
(Nina asks Anna about Cassandra Pierce.)
Anna - Yes, she is awake.
Nina - Ok, Valentin thinks I am in danger!
Anna - What?
Nina - Am I in danger?
Anna - Why do you think 🤔 Cassandra is after you?
Nina - Stop 🛑 the act! You know what I did to Cassandra!
Anna - Cassandra was very sick 😷 so you are safe for now.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
(Oscar is doing his homework 📚 when Sam walks in the living room. Sam and Oscar make plans to take Danny and Scout to the park for ice cream and to feed the ducks. 🦆.)

At the restaurant.....
Sasha - What are you talking about?
Curtis - My friend gave birth while in a coma. I have records and will show you, if you want? The woman who adopted my friend’s would be the daughter.
Sasha - There is one thing wrong with your theory. I am not adopted!

At Elizabeth house 🏠......
(Elizabeth tells Franco that Oscar is very sick. He has an inoperable brain 🧠 tumor. He is dying.)
Elizabeth - When Oscar doesn’t make it, Cameron will remember every time he was mean to that kid. Every time he went after Joss!
Franco - That is something you can’t control. Cameron is a good kid and asked if he can go over to see Oscar and make nice tonight. They are probably bonding as we speak.
Elizabeth - God, I hope so!

At Kim’s apartment......
(Julian visits Kim and notices she is unhappy. He asks if he can help. She tells him not now. Then she says Oscar was in the ER.)
Kim - Low blood sugar. We have been dealing with it for a while.
Julian - Now I know why your always after Oscar! He can pass out walking or driving.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Cameron - Hey, Oscar?
Oscar - Aren’t you grounded?
Cameron - My mom gave me a pass to go to see Joss.

At the restaurant......
Sasha - My mom gave birth to me at Good Samaritan Hospital. I heard the story 100x. I was born in a car in a snowstorm.
Curtis - That is a good story! What if it is just a story? If there is the slightest chance that you were adopted, wouldn’t you want to know?
Sasha gets up to leave - I can pay for my own coffee ☕️. You got the wrong person.
Curtis - You love horses 🐎?
Sasha -Yes. So?
Curtis - The woman who is looking for her child is a champion rider.

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - You’re leaving Valentin?
Nina - Yes, all he has to do is sign the paper 📝. Don’t look 👀 shocked! You were there.
Anna - Yes, but that was months ago! I thought he would win you back.
Nina - He did not.
Anna - What Valentin did with Peter? Handing him over to Faison was .....
Nina - Monsterous.
Anna - Yes, I agree but we were both very young!
Nina - This is not about your son! This is about the child I lost. I woke up from a coma and found out my child was gone. No chance to have another!
Anna - Oh, so when you heard about what Valentin did to Peter?
Nina - Yeah. It hit me in a visceral way. It is all emotional, not rational. WHY am I talking to you about this? We are not even friends.
Anna - Maybe that is why! It is easier. I am sorry for your loss. I wouldn’t defend Valentin, but this I know: He 💗 loves you and would do anything for you.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Oscar - So your mom forced you to apologize to Joss?
Cameron - Again, I feel like we went all over this!
Oscar - I tried to tell my mom about it, but she freaked out! Your mom too?
Cameron - I asked my mom if I can come over to smooth things over. She wants us to be friends.
Oscar - Why?
Cameron - Because she and your mom are friends. I don’t know? So are we cool 😎?
Oscar - Yes, no hard feelings.
Cameron - Awesome 👏🏻! Bring it on! (Cameron gestures he wants a hug 🤗) Ha ha, you should see your face, Nero! See you at school.
Oscar - See you.

Outside on the terrace.....
Sam - Can I talk to you?
Drew - Sure.
Sam - I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say anything about Oscar to Kim.
Drew - That’s fine. Kim has been dealing with Oscar’s illness alone for so long. She is not used to taking help.

At Kim’s apartment.....
(Julian wants to get Oscar to like him so he got 3 tickets to see the Broadway 🎭 play, Hamilton.)
Kim - Thank you 🙏 that is so wonderful! Oscar is going to love it. So when are the tickets for?
Julian - Next spring.....April 17th.

At the restaurant,......
Sasha - A bunch of my friends are terrified of horses 🐴. It is not like there is an equestrian gene!
Curtis - It is just a coincidence?
Sasha - It is a coincidence.
Curtis - Look 👀, Sasha, it would mean the world to my friend if she found her daughter!
Sasha - And I hope she does, sincerely, but it is not me. I have a great life! My mother is my best friend. Sometimes, they say they see a resemblance.
Curtis - Sometimes. Hmmmm, all I am asking is for you to take a DNA test? I have the kit right here! If your mother was telling the truth and you are not my friends daughter, you wont see me again, ok? Will you at least consider it?

At Kim’s apartment........
Julian - Something wrong with April?
Kim - No. No it’s.....April that is a long time away! Next spring? So much can happen from now till then!
Julian - About us you mean? What? Am I too optimistic?
Kim- I think we should focus on the here and now.
Julian - You know what I want to do right now?
Kim - What?
Julian - This. (He 💋 kisses her.)

At the Quartermaine terrace......
Drew - I told Kim I was ok with not telling Oscar.
Sam - But you are not?
Drew - Oscar needs to hear from his parents he is sick 🤕. Can you imagine if he found out another way?
Sam - No, it would be horrible. This is an out of control situation and the one thing you can control is if you tell Oscar or not. If it ever gets too heavy, you know you can lean on me.
Drew - No, Sam, I can’t! When I am around you, I want what I used to have. That is not good for either of us. Thank you but I have to go through this alone.
Sam - Ok I understand. Good luck.🍀

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠......
Elizabeth - This information about Oscar has to stay between us. Drew and Kim will tell him in their own time and their own way.
Franco - I know, I won’t screw it up!
(Franco was looking at brain 🧠 tumor information on the computer 💻 and walked away.)
Franco calls Drew and leaves a message - Hey Drew, Elizabeth just told me about Oscar. I don’t know what to say? If you want to talk, I am here. I’m sorry about Oscar.
(Cameron comes home and is listening to Franco talking on the phone ☎️. Franco goes upstairs and Cameron looks at the open computer 💻 and see The Port Charles Children’s Brain 🧠 Tumor Institute website.)
Cameron - Brain 🧠 tumor??

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Nina - Thank you for the tea 🍵 and talk.
Anna - Yes, any time. I mean that!
Nina - What was it like?
Anna - What was what like?
Nina - For you to know he was your son?
Anna - It was a fraud. Our relationship, if you can call it that, was tenuous.
Nina - But you know where he is, and he knows who you are. I would give anything for that!

At the restaurant.......
Sasha - This is not a scam? You won’t use my DNA to clone me or something?
Curtis - It is not a scam. Just a woman desperate to find out if her daughter is still out there somewhere? Odds are, you are not who I am looking for anyway. But you can really help me scratch your name off the list! Take my search in a different direction. You take this test at your convenience. (He gives her an envelope.) Shoot me a text and I will come and pick it up.
Sasha - FINE! But only to prove I am not her daughter.
— MOM (9.18.18)
Monday on GH...........
Jason goes to see Robin at Anna’s house 🏠.

Drew and Kim want Oscar to talk about the fight he had.

(Elizabeth sees a bruise on Cameron’s face.)
Elizabeth - What happened?
Cameron - I was rough housing with the brothers.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jordan and DA Dawson have some questions for Sonny’s father, Mike.
DA Dawson - We hope you can shed some light on how a body got buried in the basement of Charley’s Pub.

At Anna’s house 🏠.....
Robin - I have been meaning to reach out.
Jason - For what?
Robin - For saving my mom.
Jason - Anna did it herself. I didn’t do anything.
Robin - You never take credit!
Jason - How are you doing?
Robin - Its a work in progress with my mother. You must hate it! Peter stole 5 years of your life, Jason. Peter is out there and free!

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
(Oscar tells his parents he got into a fight with Cameron.)
Kim - I am calling Elizabeth.
Oscar - Can you stop ✋ her, please?
Drew - I don’t think that is a good idea.

Elizabeth - Hello?
Kim - Did you know Cameron and Oscar got into a fight today at school?
Elizabeth - No, I didn’t know that.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Sonny reminds DA Dawson about his father’s condition.)
DA Dawson - A body has been stashed under Charley’s Pub for decades. Do you know anything about that, Mr. Corbin?

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Robin - I’m sorry 😐 Jason. A hideous injustice has been done and it isn’t ok.
Jason - You shouldn’t be.
Robin - You shouldn’t be either! What happened to you is not right and you are allowed to be mad 😡 at that! I’m still 😠 mad!
Jason - And you can’t show it in front of Patrick?
Robin - No, I slipped into the strong, brave Robin. Do you remember her after I found out I was HIV Positive? Everyone was having a hard time with the news and I thought I had to be strong for them. Not with you! YOU were the only person I could talk to. The ONLY person in the world 🌍 I could say anything to. It’s like I think I have a handle on it and Emma will show me a picture of something I missed and I’m reminded of all the moments that I was deprived of. But at least I have the satisfaction that Faison is dead.
Peter, I don’t know, we would be having dinner at the Metro Court right now. It is all because of my parents!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
DA Dawson- You and Charley Delaney go way back?
Carly - Are you implying my father in law had something to do with the body?
Jordan - No, we are hoping he may have some insight. Anything he saw? Anything that will help us?
Carly - DA Dawson sent me to Ferncliff because my last name was Corinthos! How did that work out for you?
DA Dawson - Not well.
Sonny - Let’s get one thing clear: My dad has had trouble in the past but you are DEAD wrong if you think he had anything to do with that murder!

At the Quartermaine Mansion...
Elizabeth on the phone to Kim - Sorry, we don’t want our boys fighting.
Kim - We will talk about that at the hospital.
Oscar - I can’t believe you just did that! Cameron and his friends will have a field day knowing my mommy solved my problems!
Drew - Hey, that is NOT what this is about.
Oscar - Whatever. I want to stay another night with Dad. I need to finish my English project.
Kim - Ok, as long as you know you’re only postponing your punishment for another day.
Oscar - Great! Looking forward to it.
Kim - Fantastic.
Drew - He’s teenager. You know how that goes!
Kim - Happy Birthday, Drew.

At GH.....
Elizabeth - You can’t get into a fight. Especially not with Oscar!
Cameron - What does that mean? Especially not with Oscar?

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Robin - My mom didn’t want Peter prosecuted and my dad, because of his rank at the WSB, was able to make that happen. So he did.
Jason - And they told you this?
Robin - Well no, but I know how they operate. I am SO sorry Jason. Did I want my brother sent away for the next 20 years? No, but he deserves some sort of punishment for what he did to YOU!
Jason - I have no interest in retaliating against Peter.
Robin - Why not?
Jason - Out of respect for you and your mother.

At the Q Mansion.....
Oscar shows Joss his bandaged hand 🤚 and tells her he and Cameron got into a fight after he was told of Cameron kissing her.

At Kim’s apartment......
Kim - What are you doing here?
Drew - We have some unfinished business. If you want Oscar to live a normal life, then boys get into fights.. THAT is a normal life.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
DA Dawson - Charley Delaney and Frank Smith had history?
Sonny - What does that have to do with my father?
DA Dawson - Maybe nothing, but if your father and Charley were friends, there is a lot of crossover between your family and Charley’s Pub! Mr. Corbin, it is only a matter of time before we ID the body. Do you have anything to tell me why you were at the Pub the night of the explosion 💥?
Carly - He will not answer questions without his lawyer!
Mike - It’s ok. I can tell you why I was at Charley’s that night.

At Anna’s house........
Jason - Looking for Heinrik with your mom, I learned a lot about her!
Robin - That she is a good liar?
Jason - Yeah, she never told me Heinrik was her son. But I could see her torn up! She was, you know, I really respect Anna. She made a choice when she was young and she had to carry the consequences with her for the rest of her life. That is not easy!
Robin - Too bad you weren’t there when she told ME about Peter!
Jason - It didn’t go well?
Robin - No., all I could see was the bad.
Jason - Have I thought about revenge against Peter? Yeah, but I won’t get back the time I lost and it would really hurt your mom. So I am willing to drop it.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - I will call Diane.
Mike - No, Sonny I have nothing to hide! I went to Charley’s to see if I could get my daughter a job there.
Jordan - Do you mean your granddaughter, Kristina?
Mike - Kristina? No! She is bearly out of diapers! I am talking about my daughter, Courtney. WHAT? Why is everyone looking at me like that? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ anything about a gas leak OR a body! I was just trying to find my daughter a job!
DA Dawson - Mr. Corbin, your daughter has been dead for 12 years.
Mike is in shock - WHAT!!??

At Kim’s apartment.....
Kim - Don’t give me, the boys will be boys!
Drew - You were right to tell Oscar there will be consequences. Some boys get into fights, so keeping him in a bubble and taking away his choices is not what the original solution was.
Kim - So, what is your solution? Get him up for Fight Club?
Drew - I am going to give Oscar control of his life. I’m going to TELL him he is sick!

At Sonny’s house 🏠 ......
Jordan - DA Dawson!
Mike - How can you say something like that to me? What kind of a sick game are you playing?
Sonny - It is ok, Dad. She was confused and was talking about someone else. Right?
DA Dawson - Yes.
Carly - If you need to talk to Mike, bring him to the station with his lawyer.
Jordan - I agree.
DA Dawson - We will be in touch
(Jordan and DA Dawson leave the house 🏠.)
Sonny - It’s ok, Dad! Don’t get upset, you didn’t know!
Mike is laughing 😂......
Sonny is confused - What are you laughing about?
Mike - Was I good, or was I good?

(Ok, time to make dinner.......... )

At Anna’s house 🏠.......
Robin - Thank you for not pursuing the case against Peter. If you’re able to do that, then one day I might be able to get to know the guy,
Jason - Maybe you should?
Robin - Really? Because it kind of feel like I would be betraying you?
Jason - Whatever Peter did, it is in the past and it is over. Ok? Unless he is actually hurting someone then.....
Robin - All bets are off.
Jason - Yeah.
Robin - I’m glad my mother had you!
Jason - Your mom is a great person. I consider her a friend! Even if she wasn’t a friend, I would still have her back because she is YOUR mother.
Robin is smiling - Can you imagine if we hadn’t found each other all those years ago? Where would we be now?
Jason - No.

At Kim’s apartment......
Kim - We are going to tell Oscar.
Drew - When?
Kim is frustrated - Drew, I don’t know? His birthday 🎂 is coming up. Can we wait until that?
Drew - Too many people know! We have to face facts! He is sick.
(Kim is giving Drew the keep out of my business look 👀.)
Kim - Don’t you say that to me! Don’t you come in here, in the last inning and tell me how to coach!
Drew - I am not doing that!
Kim - It feels like it.
Drew - You have been through all of this alone making every decision by yourself! You are not alone! So let me help you, ok? Oscar can get worse or find out from someone else. Is that what you want?
Kim - No, I don’t!
Drew - We need to tell him.
(Kim is determined to get her way....)
Kim - I am a doctor! I have gone over his tests with his doctors. His odds are excellent to make it through another birthday. (Now she is crying 😢) Can he celebrate another year not worrying. We can deal with the fallout after.
(Drew comforts Kim and agrees.)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Joss - It was nothing and I didn’t want to upset you.
Oscar - Do you like Cameron?

At the nurses station at GH.....
Elizabeth - What did you fight over? Was it sports, school?
Cameron - Oscar doesn’t play sports. it was over Joss. I kissed her!

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Jason - It’s not a problem and I understand why you didn’t bring it up before.
Robin - I don’t know where this is going..........
Jason - Why didn’t you tell me about Patrick and Sam??
Robin - What about them?
Jason - They almost got married, Robin!
Robin - Who broke it to you?
Jason - Sam told me that.
Robin - Your jaw hit the floor?
Jason - Yeah.
Robin - I know, it’s all kinds of wrong on a million different levels. Do you want to grab dinner and never talk about it again?
Jason - I’m buying.

Outside of Sonny’s house......
Jordan - Mr. Corbin has Alzheimer’s and he was having an episode. You know as well as I do any statement wouldn’t stand up in court.
DA Dawson - I know. It is just frustrating!
Jordan - Imagine being him?
DA Dawson - You are right.

Inside the house 🏠.......
Sonny - What are you talking about?
Mike - I couldn’t let that DA use me to get to you! So, I did what I had to do. You’re going through hell because of something I did when you were a kid. I don’t want to be a burden any more. Make an appointment for me at the facility!

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Joss - I’ve known Cameron my whole life, but I want to be with YOU!
Oscar - Really?
Joss - I thought 💭 you were a lover not a fighter?
Oscar - I am somewhere in between. (They kiss 💋.)

At Kim’s apartment.....
Kim - Once Oscar knows there will always be the dark cloud lingering. I can’t save him but I can give him happiness.
Drew - Ok we will tell him after his birthday.

At General Hospital.....
(Franco tells Elizabeth when he saw her hugging Drew, he was jealous.)
Franco - Maybe someone else would be a better parent for the boys?
Elizabeth - I told Kim if you asked me a direct question I would tell you the truth. I was hugging Drew because he got some horrible news. Oscar has a brain 🧠 tumor.
— MOM (9.17.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
(It’s Drew’s birthday 🎁. So it should be Jason’s too.)
Drew - I don’t like to be the center of attention.
Curtis - Happy 😊 birthday 🎂, have fun and don’t forget to act surprised 😮.
(Kim and. Monica are planning the party 🎈 at the Quartermaine Mansion. Sam brings Scout to her Daddy’s party.)

At the Metro Court.....
(Valentin wants an update from Curtis on his progress in finding Nina’s child.)
Curtis - When I have information I will tell you.
Valentin - If this is too much for you give me what you found, and I will find someone else.
Curtis - I will continue. I don’t want Nina to get hurt.

Nina meets with the jewelry appraiser......
Nina - Tell me what you can about this pendant. Have you seen anything like this a half heart?
Jeweler - No signature markings. This pendant was divided in half.

At the PCPD.....
(DA Dawson thinks a report will help her find the killer of the body in the basement of Charley’s Pub.)
Jordan - Ballistics will have a make of the gun that killed John Doe.
Margaux - Tell me more about Charley Delaney?
Jordan - He was connected to a crime boss....... Frank Smith.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Carly tells Sonny what happened at Charley’s Pub is very serious.)
Carly - I think Mike knows it, and you know it too.
Sonny - I will do anything to keep my father safe!
Carly - You think you’re keeping your father SAFE? If it wasn’t for Jason hiding the wrench 🔧 Mike would be in jail!

At the Q Mansion.....
(Sam tell Kim her son Danny was 1 year old when he was diagnosed with leukemia.)
Sam - I didn’t mean to ....
Kim - You know, don’t you?
Sam - Yes, and I am so sorry.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - Everything I do is to protect my father!
Carly - I hear that, but it is not working.
Sonny - Do you want me to send him away? Wash my hands of him?
Carly - You need to let Mike decide while he can. He has been very clear about that. You need to take him at his word. Let him go.

At the Quartermaine Mansion....
Kim - Drew told you?
Sam - Yes I saw something was wrong. He told me of Oscar’s diagnosis. We are family now and if you and Oscar ever needed something, I am there for you.
Kim - We are fine.

Drew - Monica, where are you?
Monica, Kim and Sam shout - SURPRISE! Surprise!
Drew - You guys! Thank you 😊.

At the Metro Court......
(While Curtis is talking to Valentin, Nina calls him to her. She thinks the man in the suit is following her.)
Curtis - Looks like he has a gun.
(Curtis goes over to the guy, he grabs him and slams his head on the bar counter.)
Nina - Ok, stalker. I am calling the police 👮!
Curtis - Wait, Nina! This guy is a bodyguard.
Guy - I am YOUR bodyguard!
Nina - I didn’t hire a bodyguard?
Valentin - I did.

In an elevator........
(Maxie and Peter get caught in an elevator. It stops mid-floor. Peter is claustrophobic.)
Peter is 😓 sweating - Are you hot? I can’t breathe. (He takes off his shirt.)
Maxie - Let’s sit down and try breathing in through your nose 👃 and out through your mouth 👄. In. Out. In. Out.

Back at the Metro Court............
Curtis - No hard feelings, guy?
Nina - WHY did you hire someone to spy 🕵️‍♀️ on me?
Valentin - It was to protect you from someone dangerous......Cassandra Pierce.
Nina - If I need a bodyguard, I will hire him.

At the Quartermaine Mansion....
(Kim is annoyed and goes into the living room to call Oscar.)
Kim - Oscar, where are you? I told you to always keep your phone 📱 on. Get here soon!
Drew - Hey, you know I told Sam about Oscar.
Kim - Can we not talk about this now? I had NO idea you were going to tell Sam.
(Outside, Sam notices Oscar was in a fight.)

At the PCPD.....
Margaux is reading the report - What is this about Luke and Laura Spencer?
Jordan - Luke owned the Haunted Star 🌟. Frank Smith was after him. He and Laura turned on Smith and he went to jail.
Margaux - I want to speak to Luke Spencer.
Jordan - He is out of the country. Laura is in Europe taking care of her grandson.
Margaux - Well, well a list of Frank Smith’s known associates. Jack Bowen, Joe Scully and Sonny Corinthos.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Carly - Your father is terrified he will hurt someone else. He is sending you signals. This isn’t about you. It’s about Mike.
Sonny - What if he doesn’t know what he needs?
(Mike was listening ....)
Mike - I am dealing with a full deck. Carly is right, I have to go. It’s time.
Sonny - How long have you been standing there, Dad?
Mike - Long enough.
Carly - I didn’t mean for you to hear that!
Mike - Carly and I are in agreement. We gave it our best shot, but it is time to rethink things.
Sonny - I can get more help?
Mike - Every day I am losing myself. I don’t want to cause you worry in your own house.
Sonny - We will do everything to keep you safe.
Mike - When does a home 🏠 become a prison?

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Kim - I don’t want to talk about Oscar now. Cheer up. If Sam can see it, Oscar will KNOW something is wrong. He will be here soon.
Sam - I think you need to come outside? Oscar has been in a fight.

Monica looks at Oscars hand 🤚.
Oscar- Seriously you guys need to chill.
Kim - Did you get into a fight?
Drew - Were you jumped?
Oscar - Someone said something I didn’t like so I punched him. Thank you for showing me how to throw a punch 🥊 or I would have been in trouble.
Drew - You shouldn’t punch people because you don’t like what they say.

At the GH mid-floor elevator.....
(Maxie plays “Would You Rather?” with Peter to take his mind off of his anxiety.)
Question 1 - Would you rather have long term memory or short term memory?
Question 2 - Would you rather lose all your pictures or your 💴 money?

At the PCPD.........
Margaux - So, Sonny used to work for Frank Smith?
Jordan - Sonny didn’t come to Port Charles before the early 90’s.
Margaux - Then I need to talk to Charley Delaney.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Mike - No reason for your family to wonder what kind of trouble I will get in. I can’t see you look at me like that.
Sonny - It is not the right time, Dad!
Mike - So what if it is? Can’t I have some pride some dignity?
Sonny - I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ how to do this!
Mike - I left you before. It is going to happen one way, or the other. I don’t want to disappear before your eyes.
Sonny is crying 😢 sobbing 😭 - I don’t want you to disappear!

At General Hospital....
(The elevator moves again and a 👕 shirtless Peter and Maxie exit as the 🚪 doors open to a waiting Nina.)
Maxie - NO, Nina! You have the wrong impression!

At the Quartermaine Mansion....
Monica - You went to the hospital?
Oscar - I had not eaten and passed out. Jason took me to the hospital.
Monica - Jason?
Kim - Yes, Jason was there.
Oscar - I don’t want to spoil your birthday 🎂.
Monica - You can cut the 🍰 cake!

Back at Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Sonny gets a call from the gate.)
Sonny - Tell them I’m busy.
Carly - Too late.
Jordan and DA Dawson - Good afternoon, 😃 Mr. Corinthos.
Sonny - Not now!
DA Dawson - We are not here to speak to you. We want to speak to your father.
— MOM (9.14.18)
Thursday on GH..........
At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - Hi, did you get settled?
Robin - Yes.
Anna - What did you mean when you said you need to think about what to do with Peter?
Robin - If I should talk to him.
Anna - Maybe we can have lunch 🥙 together?
Robin - I prefer just Peter and me.
(Maxie brings James to visit with Anna and Robin.)

At Charley’s Pub.....
Kristina - Welcome to Charley’s.
Sam - Why would you want to do this?
Kristina - It’s a job and I am a good bartender.

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - The body at Charley’s Pub is believed to be a male age 35 to 38 at the time of death 💀. He was in the ground for 30 years.
Margaux - I need to get information on the original owner, Charley Delaney.

At the Metro Court....
(Peter August meets with Lulu and offers her the opportunity to write about the Ryan Chamberlain story with The Invader.)
Lulu - Many of the victims live here in Port Charles. I need to give them a heads up. If you can’t agree to that, you need to find another reporter.
Peter - I want to thank you, Lulu, for leaving the Port Charles Press and working with me. We can go down in flames together!

At Dr. Kevin Collins’ office .....
Ryan is impersonating the good Doctor and is in his office. Looks like Ryan is going to find Felicia. He gets a call from Laura.
Ryan - Kevin Collins. Hello, Laura? Oh Laura, I was going to call you but I was so busy.

At Sonny’s House 🏠....
Julian - I know why you wanted to buy my place!
Jason - Is there a problem?
Sonny - Is he talking about the body?
Julian - There is a body in the basement and the police are digging it up. The gas ⛽️ explosion 💥 tore up the foundation and exposed a skeleton.
Sonny - Why are you telling me?
Julian - Because you wanted to buy my pub and the cops 👮 are tearing the walls down to the studs and bringing the remains to the PCPD .

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Maxie - How are you doing since you found out Peter was your brother?
Robin - I felt numb, angry and betrayed. It’s strange knowing there is a secret she kept from me.
Maxie - Your Mom loves you.
Robin - I never doubted her love 💕 but I am not sure I want Peter in my life. Finding out Peter is my brother makes it complicated. I am going to lunch and you guys need to talk to each other and figure out what comes next!

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Julian- Remember I found the picture of Mike and Charley Delaney when they were young? I showed it to you.
Jason - You should call the gas ⛽️ company and make sure there aren’t any more accidents.
Julian - Accidents. You know if it wasn’t for the explosion 💥 I wouldn’t have found the body for a few months.
Sonny - Thanks for bringing by your local gossip. Jason and I have stuff to take care of.
Julian - I thought I would go ahead with the renovation and I will go with another coffee ☕️ maker. Oh, and I hired Kristina as a bartender.
Sonny - I’ll talk to Kristina. Anything else?
Julian - No, that concludes our business. I will see myself out.

Jason - He is using Mike as leverage. Julian can still cause some problems.
Sonny - He’s got my daughter working for him and now I can’t make a move!
Jason - Do you think he asked Kristina?
Sonny - No it was all her decision. My daughter is a rebel.

At Dr. Collins’ office....
Ryan - I’m sorry, Laura, I turned off my phone 📱 while I was at Ferncliff. So I missed your 4 calls. No, I am not over doing it. I promise. Yes I promise when we have another phone call tomorrow I will be right back to my usual self.

At Anna’s house 🏠.....
Anna explains to Maxie the love she has for her son, Peter. Maxie can now understand a mother’s love because of James.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jason - The DA requested all the remains at Charley’s. I can get it if.....
Sonny - NO! The DA can’t know we have interest in the case!

At the PCPD.....
Margaux - Charley Delaney was mixed up with the mob?
Jordan - It says in the report the body had multiple gun shot wounds to the chest.

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Maxie - Did you know I was there the night Peter almost died?
Anna - At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴?
Maxie - I didn’t think anyone could save him! The barn was engulfed in flames 🔥. Dr. Finn ran into the burning barn and saved him.
Anna - FINN saved Peter?
Maxie - Yes, he did it for YOU! Didn’t he tell you?
Anna - No, he is a good guy.

At the Metro Court.....
Robin - Peter.
Peter - Robin. Would you like to sit down?
Robin - Yes, we should talk. I have no idea what it was like to grow up with Faison as a parent. I do know what it is like to grow up with a mother who was afraid 😱 of him. I am talking to you because of my children.
Peter - You or your children will not have anything to fear from me.

At Dr Kevin Collins’ office.....
Ryan - Married to Luke Spencer‘s ex? Brother, you have gotten more interesting over the years!
Lulu - Dr. Collins, do you have a few minutes?
Ryan - Lulu, what can I do for you?
Lulu - I am writing ✍️ a piece on the Ryan Chamberlain story.
Ryan - I had no idea 💡 people were interested in Ryan Chamberlain?
Lulu - He is a Port Charles legend!

(This is a big mistake! Lulu thinks she is talking to Kevin Collins.)

Lulu - I won’t be conducting all the interviews personally, but I will be overseeing it. I hope you don’t mind talking about your brother?
Ryan - I will back you up completely. He will finally got the coverage he deserves.
Lulu - You are ok with hashing up all your brother’s crimes?
Ryan - it has been 25 years and it won’t end until we bring his crimes out of the darkness. Truth is, press coverage or not, my brother is never far from my mind.
Lulu - Bye, Kevin.
Ryan - Take care.

At the Metro Court.....
Robin - It’s up to you if you chose to have a relationship with my mother.
Peter - No advice for your big brother?
Robin - No I have two children!
Peter - Yes, I saw them at the Nurses’ Ball.
Robin - I told Emma I was going to meet with you. I told her I wasn’t sure if you would be her Uncle.
Peter - Well maybe some day you will introduce me to Emma and Noah?

At Anna’s house 🏠....
Maxie - When I look at Peter, I see the hurt he carries because of your choices.
Anna - I understand that James will be growing up without a father.
Maxie - I love 💕 you, Anna, .you are my godmother.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - I knew that body would be discovered, so I have things in place. Michael will handle the personal business and you will do what you are doing.
Jason- I can get you out of the country at a moment’s notice.
Sonny - I am NOT going on the run.

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - Did you see Peter?
Robin - Yes, I did.
Anna - Can you have a relationship with him?
Robin - He held Jason for 5 years and tried to kill you! So my relationship with him is out of your control. Just like your relationship with HIM is out of MY control.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Julian - So you’re ok with Kristina working here?
Sam - No, I didn’t say that. As long as she works here I won’t take my eyes off of her.
Julian - Good! I will be able to see my daughter.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Jason - The DA will try to put you away for life!
Sonny - I will stay here. Nothing will get me to leave my family!

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Margaux, they found something!
— MOM (9.13.18)
Wednesday on GH...........
At Anna’s house 🏠....
Robert - We put this off long enough. Cassandra has been gone for 3 days. We still don’t know where she is! We wouldn’t have trouble if the good doctor 👨‍⚕️ didn’t revive her.
Finn - Anna, do you know where my socks are?

At Charley’s Pub,....
Ava - Hey, what the hell happened? I read about a gas ⛽️ leak?
Julian - Just another day at the office!
Chase - We closed off the gas ⛽️ but it is still a crime scene.
Ava - I thought it was just a gas ⛽️ leak??

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Drew - I hope you will stay again!
Oscar - I hope so, I need some distance from Mom.
Drew - Do you mind if I walk you to school?
Oscar - We won’t be able to do that much longer.
Drew - Why is that?
Oscar - Because there is no future to look 👀 forward to.

At Anna’s house 🏡.....
(While Robert and Anna are arguing about Finn reviving Cassandra Pierce, there is someone at the door 🚪....... it is Robin!)
Robin - Hi, Dad. (hugs 🤗)
Anna - What brings you to town?
Robin - I was returning from a medical conference when I decided to stop ✋ at Port Charles.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Drew - Why do you say there is no future?
Oscar - Because of the asteroid! I think it would make a good news story. It would be great to go on a road trip to Kilimanjaro! I will be late for school. We are timing cross country for PE. See you later!

At Charley’s Pub......
(Chase and Julian are sitting at a table.......)
Chase - How long have you owned this place?
Julian - One year.
Chase - When did you buy it?
Julian - I sold my media business to my daughter, Sam and Drew. I wanted something different and this place spoke to me.
Chase - Was it in good shape when you bought it and did you have to renovate?
Ava - What is this the third degree? Why so many questions?
Chase - Because we found human remains in the basement.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - How are you doing, Dad?
Mike - I know what you are thinking.
Carly - That we love you!
Mike - I tried to make things better but I made them worse.

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Robert - Is this a short trip?
Robin - I am not heading back to Berkeley yet. I have some unfinished business here.
Robert - Go easy on Mom.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏡......
(Elizabeth and Franco are drinking coffee ☕️ when Kim rings the door 🚪 🛎 bell.....)
Elizabeth - We have to talk to a patient.
Franco - I have Art therapy patients. I’ve got to get to work.
Kim - You didn’t tell him, did you?
Elizabeth - No, but if Franco asks me a direct question I will have to tell him the truth.

At the park....
Oscar - Do you want to explain what you and Joss were doing while I was in the hospital?
Cameron - Oh, it’s my fault Joss and I kissed.
Oscar - You did WHAT?

At Charley’s Pub.....
Chase - Did you know there was a body in the basement?
Julian - Why would I bring a jack hammer in if I knew there was a body in the basement?

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Mike - Kristina almost got blown up!
Sonny - I just talked to her and she is doing fine. Jason saved her. I know it’s hard for you to accept, but you can’t wander off.
Mike - I didn’t wander off! I gave the nurse 👨‍⚕️ the slip. I just wanted to help!
Sonny - You know that I will pay 💰 for all the damages. Charley’s will be good as new.
Mike - It would of been better if I was blown to smithereens.
Sonny - Dad, don’t say that!
Mike - Even if we know it is true?

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - I know I dropped a bomb 💥💥 on you. It was difficult to hear you had a brother.
Robin - It was a shock, especially since he was Faison’s son.
Anna - I just want to know if you forgive me?

At General Hospital....
(Franco tells Drew that Kim was at Elizabeth’s house 🏠 talking about a patient.)
Franco - They could have talked about the patient at the hospital. Why did they have to talk at the house 🏠?

At the park......
Oscar - You kissed Joss?
Cameron - Is this what you wanted to talk about?
Oscar - I want to know what happened!
Cameron - When you didn’t show up for your anniversary, Joss was blaming herself! So I comforted her. Besides, I don’t know 🤔 who you are! Not really. We will be friends long after you are gone.
(Oscar 🥊 punches Cameron and he falls to the ground.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Carly - Let us help you!
Mike - You want to help me? Let me see those brochures of the places that take care of people like me?

At Anna’s house 🏠.....
Robin - I gave it a lot of thought. There is nothing to forgive. You made the right choice at the time. I have no right to judge you.
Anna - Should I have told you earlier?
Robin - Patrick knows of all the times I was missing because of Faison. Maybe it is better I didn’t know? Maybe I couldn’t handle it when I was young? It was YOUR secret to keep.

At General Hospital....
(Chase tells Finn about the body he found. It gave him a creepy feeling.)
Finn - Let’s have a cup of coffee ☕️. Maybe I can help you?

At the park....
Cameron - What the hell, man?
Oscar - What were you saying?
Cameron - I can’t fight you. My mother would give me hell!
Oscar - Bring it on! My father was a Navy Seal and he taught me some moves. (Oscar hits Cameron again.)
Cameron - Ok, you asked for it! (Cameron attacks Oscar and pulls him to the ground).

At Anna’s house 🏠.....
Robin - So what was it like when you first realized Peter was your son?
Anna - I was filled with pain. He rejected me for abandoning him. He is still here in town.
Robin - That must count for something?
Anna - He is not here for me . He is here for Maxie and her son.
Robin - I think there is hope for Peter and Maxie, and Peter and you.

At General Hospital......
(Franco notices Drew has something on his mind.)
Franco - You know being a parent is hard stuff! Look, if you want to talk I am here for you.
Drew - Franco, don’t give up on Cameron. He needs you. I don’t know what to do about Oscar. But if I need advice, Elizabeth is the BEST at parenting 101.

At the park......
Cameron - How is your 🤚 hand?
Oscar - How is your 👁 eye? Do you need to have someone look at it?
Cameron - Do you think I want people knowing I got 🥊 punched by Oscar Nero? You know the thing I said about kissing Joss better than you? You are it for her.
Oscar - I know.

At the Metro Court......
Robert - Dr. Finn and Detective Chase? Finn I need to talk to you about Cassandra.
Finn - I want my brother to stay. After all, he rescued Anna and me.
Robert - What were you talking to Anna about Cassandra?
Finn - I gave her drugs that could be traced.
Chase - That Robert Scorpio is a Australian crime fighter!
Finn is laughing 😂 - That guy doesn’t really like us.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Mike looks at the long term places .....)
Mike - Yes, some of these places don’t look 👀 bad.
Sonny - You don’t have to go there, Dad! You can stay here.
Mike - Can I think about it?
Carly - We just want you to be happy.
Mike - I can-be happy and do the right thing by my family.

At Anna’s house 🏠.....
Anna - Take your bags upstairs and stay with me?
Robin - Good! I didn’t make a reservation. I have to think of what I will do about my brother?

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Sonny answers the door 🚪......)
Sonny - A little too soon to charge me for the damage on the Pub!
Julian - I know why you wanted to buy my Pub! There is a body in the basement.
— MOM (9.12.18)
Tuesday on GH.......
At Sam’s apt.....
Drew - I appreciate your letting me come by and hold Scout.
Sam - Wait a minute? She is your daughter!
Drew - I finally got to make up to Oscar for all the lost time. Now I can’t be honest with him?
Sam - Take it one day at a time. You and Kim will figure out when to tell him. Enjoy your son.
Drew - While I still can. (Sam hugs Drew.)

Outside of Charley’s Pub.......
Sonny - No! NO! Dad you can’t go in there!
Mike - I have to find my granddaughter! She needs me! You don’t understand, it is all my fault.

(We see Jason carry Kristina out just before ......A Big Explosion 💥💥💥!)
Mike - Krissy! Krissy! Oh God, what have I done?
Sonny - Talk to me, sweetheart!
Kristina - Daddy?
Sonny - It’s alright.

Mike - Where is Kristina?
Jason - Sonny took her to the hospital. She will be ok.

🔥 Fireman 🚒 - Mr. Jerome, you got 🍀 lucky. The explosion 💥 is only in the basement.
Mike - I need to go and see Kristina!
Jason - I will take you to see her, but do not say a word.
Julian - Jason, thank you for going in and saving Kristina.

Fireman 🚒 - The fire 🔥 is out and gas ⛽️ line is shut off.
Detective Chase - Let me know what you find. Now, who discovered the leak?
Julian - I did. I smelled gas ⛽️.
Chase - How many customers were in the pub at the time?
Julian - 9-10 customers, and Kristina.
Chase - You hired Kristina as your bartender? Was she there?
Julian - She went back into the Pub. But Mike was here.
Chase - What? Mike Corbin was here?

At General Hospital,....
(The doctor tells Sonny that Kristina has a concussion. Mike brings her flowers 🌺.)
Kristina - Don’t worry, Grandpa, everything will be ok.
Mike - Did your father ever tell you how much you are like his mother?
Kristina - Really?
Mike - Really.

At the Metro Court.....
Drew - Hey, what do we have here? Celebrating?
Margaux - Yes, it is my father’s birthday 🎂. I don’t want to drink 🍷 alone.
Drew - I’ll have a glass.
Margaux - This was my Dad’s favorite wine. (She is sad and on her way to getting drunk.) I grew up believing that my father left us. I found out he was associated with a mobster. He words. Either he evaporated, or he died. I was 2 years old. I embrace justice and I am going to do something about that.

In the waiting room of the hospital .....
(Mike tells Jason there is something he has to do.)
Jason - Just relax, it will come to you. Can I get you some water 💧 or coffee ☕️?

Alexis and Sam arrive at the hospital....
Alexis - How is she?
Jason - She is fine.
(Alexis and Sam rush into Kristina‘s room.)

Back at Charley’s Pub.....
Chase - So, Mike Corbin came to the restaurant alone?
Julian - 🤔 I don’t know?
Chase - That is why Jason and Sonny were here.
Julian - It’s a good thing Jason was here! He went in a saved Kristina.
Chase - Just so we are absolutely clear, are you sure you don’t know who caused the explosion 💥?
(Julian thinks back to Mike totally out of control saying, ”Oh my God, what did I do?”)
Julian - None.

At Elizabeth Weber’s house 🏡.....
(Elizabeth and Franco are discussing co- parenting.)
Elizabeth - I have been a single mom since the boys can remember.
Franco - You have to let me know how much you want me to be involved with the boys.
Elizabeth - There are times you will be the parent in the house 🏡.
Franco - Sometimes it scares me 😱 you know, 3 boys. But we are a work in progress.
Elizabeth - I trust in our working it out together. 3 boys, I thought you would be scared off but you stayed!
Franco - I want a home 🏠 with you.
Elizabeth - I love ❤️ you so much.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Fire Chief - Someone tampered with the gas ⛽️ pipe.
Chase - Do you think the explosion 💥 was deliberate?
Fire Chief - 100%
Chase - Charley’s Pub is now a crime scene.

In Kristina’s room.....
(Kristina tells Sam and Alexis that Jason saved her.)
Alexis - Why did you go back in there in the first place?
Kristina - I wanted to get my 📱 phone.
Alexis - Are you 😜 crazy??

In the waiting room....
(Jason tells Sonny when he got to Kristina she told him about the wrench.)
Sonny - Where is it now?
Jason - In the back of my car 🚘.
Sonny - Everything I have done to keep my father safe is not enough.
Jason - Sonny, we have never experienced anything like this. We’re making it up as we go along.
Sonny - But it is bad.
(Julian goes to check up on Kristina.)
Julian - Detective Chase came by and asked what happened.
Sonny - What did you tell him?
Julian - I told him the truth.

At the Metro Court......
Margaux - I pulled Jason’s records. No one has committed crimes and evaded jail like he has. It is just business as usual for him but you know all about that.
Drew - Yes I do.
Margaux - I want to be the DA that finally takes Sonny Corinthos down.
Drew - Maybe I misjudged you. This is personal for you. You should be warned there is a long list of DA’s who tried to take Sonny down and failed.
Margaux - Well, we will see.

At Charley’s Pub...
Detective Chase - Why would someone want go cause an explosion at Charley’s Pub?
Fire Chief - Revenge. They want to take Mr. Jerome down.
Chase - Ok, let’s get the bomb squad in here.

At General Hospital....
(Alexis and Kristina ask Sonny to thank Jason for them.)
Kristina - Is Grandpa ok?
Sonny - Yes, he is fine. I know what you did for him.
Kristina - I love him 😍.
Sonny - I love YOU 💕.
Alexis - I am so grateful, Kristina, this is the first explosion 💥 you had nothing to do with.
Sam - I got good news, you can go home!
Kristina - Yeah.
Sam - I will stay back to get your medication..

(Mike wakes up from resting....)
Sonny - It’s ok, Dad? I am right here.
Mike - What happened? What did I do?
Sonny - Jason I am taking Mike home 🏠.
Mike - Why are we here?
Sonny - We have lasagna in the fridge at home 🏡. Let’s go.

Sam - Hey 👋!
Jason - Hey! Kristina went home.
Sam - Yes, I picked up her prescription. I want go talk to you?
Jason - Ok.
Sam - Thank you for what you did for Kristina today! If you weren’t there....
Jason - I’m glad I was.
Sam - You saved the lives of two kids..... Oscar, and now Kristina!

At the Metro Court...
Margaux - So I don’t know much about my Dad except his terrible life choices. He had good taste in wine 🍷 and I am not drinking alone. Happy 😃 Birthday 🎂 Dad!
Drew raises his glass - Here’s to your father.

Back at Charley’s Pub....
(Detective Chase with flashlight 🔦 in hand 🤚 is down in the basement looking for clues when he comes upon a skeleton head popping up out of the ground. Could this be Margaux’s father??)
— MOM (9.11.18)
Monday on GH......
(Michael gets a letter from Nelle and it upsets Carly.)
Carly - You need to call the warden and say that you don’t want any correspondence with Nelle.

At Crimson.....
(Nina says maybe her mother is sending her a message from the grave. That she didn’t miscarry and her baby 👶 is alive. The necklace has symbolism.)
Maxie - Maybe your mom just wanted to send you a 💔 broken heart?
Nina - She is trying to tell me I have a baby out there!

At Charley’s Pub....
Mike is in the basement with a 🔦 flashlight. He gets a large red wrench and smashes the gas ⛽️ pipe. It starts to hiss and leak gas ⛽️. Mike runs upstairs.

At Crimson.....
Nina - You think i am crazy 😜?
Maxie - Your pregnancy was over 20 years ago!
Nina - I have no idea 💡 if I had a miscarriage?

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Sonny is very worried Julian could find the body in the basement with all the construction 🚧 going on.)
Jason - Where did you get the gun?
Sonny - Scully.
Jason - Did you wear gloves?
Sonny - No,I was stupid! I can’t tell you how many times my dad told me to stay away from Scully! Mike said he doesn’t care about you

At Charley’s Pub.......
Kristina - Grandpa 👴?
Mike - Kristina?
Kristina - Are you ok? Are you here alone?
Mike - You should not be here! You need to leave right NOW!
Kristina - Why? What is going on? I work here. Does anybody know you are here?
Mike - I’m not so sure about that.
Kristina - Have a seat.
Mike - I don’t mind if I do.
(Julian smells gas ⛽️.)

At The Metro Court.......
(Curtis tells Valentin that Carter Buckley said 25 years ago Madeline hired him to broker an adoption on the black market. He said her daughter was in a coma.)
Curtis - I need to talk to Madeline!
Valentin - That is a problem. She is dead 💀. Madeline had a heart attack after she was denied parole.
Curtis - I think I will follow up on who reaped the benefits of the insurance.

At Crimson......
Nina - When I was in the coma I had 24/7 nurses care. My mother couldn’t do anything to me so maybe I was able to bring the baby to full term? The necklace means something, ”This will mend a broken heart 💔.”
Maxie - In Annie, Mrs. Hannigan was a scammer.
Nina - Do you think my mother is twisting the knife from the grave?

At The Metro Court....
(Brad shows up with baby Wylie. He wants a cup of coffee ☕️. He runs into Carly and Michael.)
Carly looks at the baby - Michael, he looks just like you when you were a baby! I guess it is true all babies look alike.
(Michael tells Brad that Nelle sent him a letter.)
Brad - Don’t believe anything she says. Nelle deceived all of us.
Michael - Look here, Brad. Nelle mentioned you in the letter. She says I hope that being close to Lucas and Brad’s baby can bring you some peace?
Carly - Oh my God! That little bitch says SHE forgives YOU?

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Sonny - You were young when you came to work for me. Everybody told me not to hire you!
Jason - I know. The Quartermaines didn’t want me to work for you.
Sonny - Monica asked me to fire you and I did, but you wouldn’t leave! Why? Was it the power?
Jason - I didn’t care about the power. I wanted to make my own decisions and you were the only one who respected that. Besides, it was the kind of work that I could do.

At Charley’s Pub...........
(Kristina calls Sonny and tells him Mike is at Charley’s Pub.)
Kristina - Dad is on the way to pick you up.
Mike - No, that isn’t right. None of this is right!
Kristina - That is ok. We will wait for Dad.
Mike - He hates this place! No, he can’t come here. That will make it worse!
Kristina - What are you doing with that wrench?
Mike is anxious - Something is wrong. We shouldn’t be here!
Julian - Hey everyone! The bar is closed. You all need to leave. There is a gas ⛽️ leak downstairs. So everyone leave for your own safety!
Kristina - Let’s go!
Mike - It is not supposed to happen this way? (He drops the wrench on the floor.)
Kristina - What is happening?
Julian - Looks like someone wanted to blow up Charley’s Pub?
Julian is on the phone 📱- There was a gas leak in the basement. Come quickly!

Sonny and Jason arrive at the Pub.....
Sonny - Dad, you’re not supposed to be here!
Mike is crying - I wanted to fix it for you!
Sonny - What are you doing at Charley’s, Dad?
Jason - What happened?
Julian - Someone caused a gas ⛽️ leak in the basement. Mike wouldn’t know anything about that, would he?
Jason - Did you call it in?
Sonny - I don’t see Kristina!

(We see Kristina go into the Pub to get the wrench 🔧 . She is overcome with gas ⛽️ fumes and falls to the ground with the wrench 🔧 beside her.)

At the Metro Court.....
Carly - The doctor made it clear that the car 🚘 accident did not cause Jonah’s death. Please don’t listen to Nelle! Tell me you’re not buying a word of this?
Michael - I need to be alone right now.
Carly - I love you so much. Call if you need me?
(Michael re reads the part of the letter that says, ”I hope being close to Lucas and Brad’s baby will bring you peace.”)

At the Metro Court bar......
Nina tells Valentin - I signed the divorce papers and within a week we will be divorced.
Valentin - I understand.
Nina - I want to give you back these rings.
Valentin - You can keep them.
Nina - It means till death do us part and I can’t keep that vow.
Valentin - NO! No, they are yours.
Nina - No.
Valentin - No games. Put them in a drawer. I love you 💕 until the day I die.

At the bar......
Curtis - My partner, Sam, asked her friend who is a genius, the Jackal, to trace a wire transfer. It went to Buckley. Do you still want me to go with this?
Valentin - Yes, I do.

At the tables.....
Nina - Ok, I admit I still love 💕 Valentin. I truly believe he didn’t try to hurt me.
Maxie - Well, he hurt other people.
Nina - The necklace and the note make me believe my baby is alive. Madeline gave the baby the other half of the heart.
Maxie - I need to check up on James. Are you going to be ok?

Nina is on the phone 📱- Hello my name is Nina Reeves and I heard you are an excellent jewelry appraiser. I need to speak to you.

Outside of Charley’s Pub.....
(Mike is in a panic......)
Mike - Kristina is in the pub and I have to go in there and help her!
(Jason runs into the Pub to find Kristina. The gas ⛽️ fumes make him cough but he finds her. He picks her up and is ready to run out when ......)
Kristina - You need to get the wrench 🔧!
Sonny - Mike, you’ve got to calm down! Jason went in to find her. She will be alright.
Mike - You don’t understand! It is ALL my fault.
— MOM (9.10.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.....
At Sam’s apt....
Sam - Come in.
Jason - Ok. Why does Danny need a teacher 👩‍🏫 slip to participate in school activities?
Sam - You need permission for everything. Those meetings are boring you don’t have to go.
Jason - I will go with you.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Mike reminds Sonny of the body buried underground at Charley’s Pub.

In NY............
Jordan - Carter Buckley is going to his adult children in Boston. They will bring him here first.
Curtis - This will be great for Nina if we can get some information from him.

At Crimson......
Nina gets a special delivery 📦 package from her mother’s lawyer. The box 📦 contains things from her childhood.

At Sam’s apt.....
Sam - I’m sorry I didn’t give you any notice. I was in Oregon with Kristina. She is going to stay with me. She needs time to figure out what she wants to do with her life. The way you gave me space.
Jason - You’re a good sister.
(Knock. Knock.’s Drew.)
Drew - I need to see my daughter.
Jason - I was just leaving. How is Oscar?
Sam - Did something happen to Oscar?
(Drew is looking at Jason)
Jason - He collapsed and I got him to the ER. I’ve got to go.
Drew - Thanks.
Sam - Hey, what is going on?
Drew - I just need to see my baby 👶 girl.

(Jason saves Oscar’s life and all Drew can do is give a half-hearted thanks. Why do the writers make this character so unsympathetic?)

At the Park....
Oscar is out of the hospital and now he and Joss are there for the one year anniversary of their first date. Balloons 🎈 and 💋 kisses and hugs 🤗.

At Curtis’ NY. hotel room......
(Carter Buckley is brought to Jordan and Curtis for questioning.)
Curtis - What can you tell me about Madeline Reeves?
Carter - Madeline Reeves? I’ve never heard of her.
Curtis - You sure?
Carter - I have an obligation to protect the identity of my clients.
Jordan - I am sorry you are not well. This compassionate release you got can be reversed if you are in another crime.
Carter - Ok.

At Crimson......
(Nina reads a note from her mother. “This will mend a broken heart 💔 “. There is a half heart 💜 pendent included.)
Maxie - Does that mean anything to you?

At Charley’s Pub....
(Kristina asks Julian for a job as a barista.).
Julian - I don’t think Sonny will like that.
Kristina - Good. Do I have a job?

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Sonny - Julian doesn’t have his permits.
Mike - What if the permits come through? I made a mess moving that body. I am going to clear it up this time.
Sonny - I got a plan.
Mike - But I want to help!
Sonny - No, it is not good for you to get upset. We have to stop ✋ this. I need to take you for your check up this afternoon.
Mike - You’re too busy! I have a nurse who can take me.

At Charley’s Pub.....
(A police 👮 officer comes by to tell Julian the City Counsel has reached a decision about his permits.)
👮‍♀️ Officer - Your permits have been approved.

At Sam’s apt.....
Sam - You’ve got the magic touch! Whenever Scout wakes up she is fussing.
Drew - Crazy 😜 kids grow up so quickly.
Sam - Remember how small she used to be? Let me put her down so we can talk.
Drew - Good idea 💡! I could use a talk.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....
(Sonny gets a call from his guy at the City Counsel. Julian got his permits to renovate.)
Sonny - Great. I am screwed!
Jason - So he got the permits. We will set him up with a construction 🚧 company he can’t afford. Each night, I will check the place until we find the body.
Sonny - If we could find the body it would be a giant worry off my shoulders .

(Mike goes to Charley’s Pub instead of his hospital checkup appointment.)

At Sam’s apt......
Sam - What is going on with Oscar?
Drew - He spent the night in the hospital. I was there with him until Kim arrived.
Sam - Is there something seriously wrong with Oscar?
Drew - Oscar has a brain 🧠 tumor? It is malignant and inoperable.
Sam - I’m so sorry! Does Oscar know?
Drew - Kim decided to keep it from him.
Sam - I don’t understand?
Drew - Kim doesn’t want Oscar to worry about dying. She wants Oscar to enjoy being a teenager and living,
Sam - Do you agree?
Drew - Oscar has a right to know but up until a year ago, Kim was raising him alone. We are developing a good father and son relationship but who am I to say anything?
Sam - Once you know the truth about something it is hard to unknow it.
Drew - I am keeping a secret from him. Unless we get a miracle, I will lose my son.
Sam holds Drew’s hand - Love him and spend as much time with him as possible.

At Crimson....
Nina - When I was a little girl, my parents took me to my first Broadway 🎭 show, Annie. It was my favorite. I had this heart 💜 pendant in my jewelry box 📦 and would make believe it was like Annie’s . But it looks like my mother cut the heart ♥️ in half!
Maxie - Who has the other half? Could it be Madeline’s way of making peace?
Nina - I have half a 💜. Where is the other half?

At Curtis’ NY hotel room.....
Carter - My client’s daughter was in a coma when she gave birth to a baby 👶 girl. Madeline wanted me give the baby to someone Nina’s husband would never find out about.
Curtis - So who did you give the baby girl to?
Carter - I can’t tell you who has the baby. I’m sorry.
Jordan - Thank you for your time. You can take him now.
(The officers 👮‍♀️ lead Carter Buckley out of the room.)
Jordan - So, it didn’t end the way you wanted it to. At least we know Nina’s child survived!
Curtis - We have more than that! Madeline hired a private nurse to care for Nina. Where there is money 💰, there is a paper trail.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Julian - I lost my bartender this morning and now that I have my permits I am going to be very busy for the next few weeks.
Kristina - So?
Julian - So, you can start now!

(Mike with flashlight 🔦 in-hand goes looking for where he buried the body in the basement.)

At Crimson....
Nina - Let’s just say maybe my mother felt something for me. Maybe dividing the heart in half has meaning? In the musical Annie the heart ♥️ has meaning. Maybe Madeline is sending me a signal from the grave? (A light 💡 goes off......) My child is alive!
— MOM (9.7.18)
Thursday on GH............
Curtis is in NY going to Ryker’s Island 🌴 to get information from the attorney who presided over the adoption of Nina’s baby.

In the church....
Maxie and Nina are there for her mother, Madeline’s, funeral. But no one is there.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....
Mike and Kristina are sitting on the terrace as Kristina looks for a job on her computer 💻.

At the Metro Court.....
(Anna tells Valentin to stay away from Peter.)
Anna - You have caused enough damage.

At the church....
Maxie - Maybe we should have put a notice in the papers so people would know?
Nina - What people?
Maxie - She was fine the last time we saw her!
Nina - She died alone because she didn’t have a heart 💜.

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Ava is still out for revenge on Griffin.)
Julian - Where is Father Griffin?
Ava - I am over his hypothetical sermons. Griffin promised he wouldn’t say anything about the blanket. I am only safe if Griffin approves of my conduct.
(Julian tells Ava he is still waiting for the permits to expand his business.)
Ava - That Sonny! He just wants the Jeromes gone.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....
Carly - Why don’t you come to work for me at the Metro Court?
Kristina - I appreciate it, Carly, but I already turned my mother down.

At Madeline’s coffin.......
Nina - I am NOT sad I will never see you again. I am relieved 😅! Now, Maxie and Baby James are my family.
(A homeless person is in the church ⛪ is Lisle.)
Lisle - That is not true.....I am here. I am sorry about Magda. For better or worse, she was my sister. I thought Magda would out live us all!
Nina - She died of heart 💜 disease .
Lisle - Nonsense! She wasn’t overweight and did not smoke. We have no heart 💜 disease in our family!
Nina - My mother is gone and can’t hurt anyone else. I just wanted so desperately to be a mother!
Lisle - From what I saw of you and Charlotte, you have accomplished that.

At the Metro Court......
(Griffin tells Anna he is no longer working at GH. He has been suspended.)
Anna - You’re suspended? What happened?
(Griffin tells Anna about the DNA tests he performed for Peter. He didn’t know at the time Peter August was her son.)

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Kiki and Kristina go there for lunch 🥙.......Kiki sees her mother.)
Kiki - I will bring a cupcake to Avery before her first day of school tomorrow.
Ava is 😤 angry - You are a liar, traitor and a whore. THAT is a good reason to keep you away from Avery. Run along now!
Kiki - Gladly. I will see you tomorrow at the school.
Ava - You will NOT go to her school!
Kiki - You can’t keep me away from my sister. I have an excellent relationship with Sonny and he said I can see Avery any time I want.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....
(Sonny tells Carly he is still worried 😟 about the body that Mike and Charley Delaney buried under the patio at Charley’s Pub.)
Sonny - Carly, if they find the body it will be the thing that finally takes me down.

At the church ⛪......
Valentin - Sorry I missed the eulogy.
Nina - I will give you the abbreviated version. Here lies Madeline Reeves. All she did was take.
(Nina leaves the church ⛪.)
Valentin is at the casket - Nina has every right to feel the way she does about you. Maybe in death 💀 you can give her the greatest gift 🎁 of all.
(Lisle is 👂 listening.....)

(Jordan tells Curtis the man he wants to see at Ryker’s Island 🌴 was released to his family.)
Jordan - He went home 🏡 to die.
— MOM (9.6.18)
Wednesday on GH..........
Kristina tells Sonny and Alexis she has Big News.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Oscar has cancer. Drew arrives at the hospital, worried about his son.

Kristina’s big news is she is leaving Parker and is back in Port Charles,

In Oscar’s hospital room.....
Oscar - Are you crying 😢, mom?
Drew - Hey 👋, what is going on? I ran into Jason.
Oscar - Oh, I passed out.
Drew - Did this happen before?
Oscar - Low blood sugar. I’m fine 🙂. I want to get out of here. No big deal!

Outside the room.....
Kim - I can’t look at Drew and tell him Oscar is going to be alright.
Elizabeth - I know you raised Oscar alone. Drew loves Oscar as much as you do. You should tell him the truth. He needs to know!
Kim - Nothing he can do.
Elizabeth - Maybe Drew can help you?

In Oscar’s room.....
Drew - I was really scared 😱 when I found out when you were here!
Oscar - I’m sorry 😐! I need to call Joss, can I borrow your phone 📱? Hello Joss. I’m in the hospital.
Joss - What?

At the Metro Court.....
Sonny - Great news!
Alexis - I love 💕 that you are coming back to Port Charles.
Kristina - I want to work.
Alexis - I know the perfect job for you. You could be a paralegal!
Sonny - Alexis, she can find a job without us.
Kristina - I will keep looking.
(Sam says that Kristina can live with her.)
Kristina - Now she has a backup babysitter. I love you mom, but we need some distance. Across town would be perfect!

Outside of Oscar’s room....
Drew - Oscar said low blood sugar. Oscar was in the hospital and you didn’t call me?
Kim - Oscar is under control.
Drew - What is going on here?
Kim - Oscar is sick and there is nothing we can do about it.

In Oscar’s room....
Joss - Oscar, this is awful! What happened?
Oscar - I passed out.
Joss - It never occurred to me that something happened to you!
Oscar - I never thought we would be speaking of the anniversary of our first date here! Happy 😃 Anniversary!🎈🎉
Joss - Happy Anniversary!
Oscar - It’s a little goofy 🙃 but I made a montage video of our time together with music 🎼.
Joss - We have so much to look 👀 forward to!

Outside Oscar’s room.....
Drew - So Oscar is sick 😷?
Kim - He has an inoperable brain 🧠 tumor. I consulted with the best doctors and there is nothing they can do for him.
Drew is devastated - How long?
Kim is crying 😢 - It could be months? We don’t know how much time he has left.

At The Invader.......
Anna - Hello 👋, Peter. Glad you are out of the hospital.
Peter - That woman, Obrecht. She hates you!
Anna - Do you want to stay in Port Charles? I am grateful you’re ok. Looks like you landed on your feet. You’re the publisher of The Invader. Did Robert help you?
Peter - I have all the help I need.
Anna - From Valentin?
Peter - I want you to stay out of my life!
Anna - I will never stop ✋ caring about you. I hope you will forgive me. You are always important to me. I am your mother. I will never let you down again!

Back outside of Oscar’s room....
Drew - There has got to be something we can do!
Kim - I have been searching for TWO years and there is nothing out there!
Drew - You didn’t tell me!
Kim - I didn’t know how to tell you!
Drew - What about Oscar?
Kim - He doesn’t know how sick 🤕 he is.
Drew - I think 🤔 I understand why you are protective of your son, but Oscar should know.
Kim - Are you questioning my judgement?
Drew - Maybe there is something we can do?
Kim is smiling - Oscar has a father now. You are in his life and it makes him so happy 😁!
Drew - Shouldn’t he be able to choose how he lives his last days?
Kim - I have gone over this 1000x but I come up with the same conclusion. I want him to believe he will live forever like any other teenage boy!
Drew - You have done an amazing job raising him so I will do whatever you want. You have been carrying this all by yourself!
Kim - You don’t know how hard it is?
Drew - I promise we will give our son the best life as long as we can.

Drew and Kim hug 🤗 each other.....
— MOM (9.5.18)
Tuesday on GH............
At Ferncliff...
Ryan Chamberlain overpowers his brother, Dr. Kevin Collins.

At judge’s chambers.....
Alexis - Diane, the hearing is about to start! Where is your client?
Diane - My client will not be appearing in court today,

At the Metro Court......
Julian asks Drew if he is interested in Kim. If not, can he put in a good word for him with Oscar?

At General Hospital.....
(Jason takes Oscar to the hospital. He had a seizure. Jason approaches Kim and tells her Oscar collapsed.)
Kim - Doctor 👨‍⚕️ tell me what happened?
Elizabeth - Go outside and let us take care of him.
Kim - Jason, what happened?
Jason - He just collapsed. It was a seizure. Do you want me to call Drew?
Kim - I will call him.

At Ferncliff,....
Ryan to a unconscious Kevin - I almost want to say I can’t believe you let me do this to you again! But it is almost over, almost.

At Judges Chambers......
Judge - What are you saying?
Diane - Your honor, my client hereby withdraws all her claims to the child 👶. She relinquishes all her parental rights to Bradley Cooper and Lucas Jones.
Lucas - Alexis, what will stop ✋ her from changing her mind again?
Diane - My client has officially relinquished all her parental rights. Just sign this document, Your Honor?
Lucas - So it is true? He is ours for good?

At the Metro Court.....
Julian - I don’t want to be a wedge between Kim and Oscar, so I am asking you to help me? Unless you are interested in Kim?
Drew - I like Kim and we are parents to Oscar but that is where it ends. Besides she wants YOU.
Julian - Oscar wants his parents back together.
Drew - Oscar is old enough to know that won’t happen. Oscar can make his own decisions.

At General Hospital.....
Kim - I’m sorry. I want to thank you for getting Oscar here safely. Jason, I look at you and I see Oscar’s father and I look at Drew and see a nice stranger.
Doctor - Dr. Nero?
Kim - How is my son doing?
Doctor - Well, I want to do an MRI first.
Kim - I want to wait for Oscar’s doctor 👩‍⚕️.
Elizabeth - We are taking him for an MRI?
Kim- Can you see if Doctor Terry Randolph is still here? Oscar’s doctor?
Elizabeth - Dr. Terry Randolph is a pediatric oncologist?

Jason - How is Oscar?
Elizabeth - His mom is with him now. So you are bonding with your nephew?
Jason - Yes, he is a nice kid.

Oscar - What happened? I was with Jason and I got this really bad headache 🤕 and blacked out. How soon can I get out of here, mom?

At Ferncliff.....
(We see Ryan in doctor’s clothes and Kevin is in a straight jacket 🧥.)
Gordon - Are we done here, Dr. Collins?
Ryan - That’s my name.

Ryan tells Gordon the patients in here are criminally insane and especially the patient in here.
Ryan - Be careful! Your safety and the safety of the community rests on your shoulders if he gets out. Let’s keep that straight jacket good and tight.

At the judge’s chambers....
Diane - My client did not make this decision lightly.
Brad - What are they talking about?
Lucas - Lawyer stuff.
Alexis - Your Honor, we would like to go forward with custody?
Diane - I have no objections.
Judge - Lucas Jones and Bradley Cooper, you are now the parents of Wylie Cooper Jones.
(Alexis hugs 🤗 Lucas and Brad.)

Alexis - How is your client?
Diane - She is as well as she can be. Why?
Alexis - Giving up your baby a second time hardly ever happens.
Diane - Yes.
Alexis - I wonder what changed her mind?
Diane - When I met with her, she told me she had decided not to take the baby. As her attorney I had to respect her decision.

At the Metro Court....
Julian - As long as I am with Kim, you and Oscar are part of my life.
Drew - For Kim’s sake, I hope you are going to change.

(It is the one year anniversary of Oscar and Joss being together. She is waiting for him in the park. Joss has colorful balloons 🎈 tied to the bench. Cameron is there and is asking why Oscar isn’t there? He tells Joss if it was him, he wouldn’t let her wait. Cameron says he cares for Joss and kisses 😘 her!)

At General Hospital.....
Kim - Jason, Oscar is asking for you.
Jason - You said you wanted to see me?
Oscar - I wanted to say thank you 🙏 and thank you for what you said about me and Joss. She is waiting for me at the park.
Jason - That’s why you made the video.

Elizabeth - Do you want to talk about it?
Kim - I wish I had no idea what was wrong with him. He is not ok and he is not going to be.
Elizabeth - If you want to tell me what is wrong, maybe I can help?
Kim - I need Oscar’s medication.
Elizabeth - This is not the first time?
Kim - He had this when he was a little boy. Can you help me get through this?
Elizabeth - Yes, of course, but you should call Drew?

At the Metro Court....
(Lucas and Brad are there to celebrate 🎉.)
Julian - Does this mean what I think it does?
Alexis - Yes, you are a grandfather 👴 again. The birth mother didn’t show up.
Brad whispers - I don’t know what you did, and I don’t want to know, but thank you 😊.
Julian - I will do anything for my family.
Alexis - I can’t help but I notice you weren’t surprised 😯 by the outcome. Why is that?
Julian - I trust you.

Lucas - Say it with me one more time: 1-2-3 our son, officially, Wylie you are finally ours!
Brad - No one can take you from us.

At General Hospital....
Elizabeth - Do you want me to call Drew?
Kim - No, there is nothing he can do. How did it go with Oscar?
Jason - He really wants to get out of here. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Oscar - Mom, I need to get out of here! Joss is waiting for me. It is our anniversary!
Kim - I will call her. Get some rest.

At Ferncliff......
Kevin wakes up - Oh no 🤦‍♂️!! Gordon, the patient, has escaped?
Gordon - Dr. Collins told me you would say that.
Kevin - I AM Dr. Collins!
Gordon - Fool me twice, and shame on you! (Gordon inserts a needle into Kevin’s arm.)

At the Metro Court..
Jason - Hey, did Kim call you?
Drew - No, why?
Jason - Oscar is in the ER.

At General Hospital.....
Elizabeth - Kim, you can tell me. You can tell Drew!
Kim - How do I do that? How do I tell Drew his son is dying?
— MOM (9.4.18)
No new episodes of GH for 8/29-8/30-8/31. They’re showing reruns.
Monday 9/3 is 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Labor Day 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 so I don’t know if there will be a new episode. 🤷‍♀️
— MOM (8.29.18)
Tuesday on GH..........
Sonny tells Carly and Jason he made a decision about what to do with his Dad.

Julian informs Brad he contacted the birth mother.

At Ferncliff.........
(The patient in the straight jacket 🧥 asks Gordon, the orderly, to take the straight jacket 🧥 off so he can escape.)
Patient - Come on, Gordon, you know I don’t belong here!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - I’ve scheduled some appointments to go and see some of the long term facilities.
Carly - I will cancel my appointments for today so I can go with you.
Sonny - That isn’t necessary.
Jason - I will stay with Mike so Carly can go with you.
Sonny - Thanks.

At the park....
(Lulu sees Maxie and Felicia with baby 👶 James. She tells them that The Invader is running a story on the 25th Anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain Murders. Felicia witnessed Ryan killing his wife.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(As Sonny and Carly are leaving, Oscar stops by. He wants to make a video of Joss. Jason is Oscar’s uncle but they don’t know each other very well.)
Oscar - Can I ask you something?
Jason - Sure.
Oscar- Joss is going through a lot lately and I want to be there for her. When I try, she thinks I am telling her how to act. Maybe there are other guys out there better for her than me? She is amazing!
Jason - But she didn’t choose them. She chose YOU.

At the law office of Diane Miller......
(Outside, Brad is bouncing off the walls. Julian says the birth mother didn’t say yes or no.)
Julian - The last thing she wants is to not hear from me again. I went to great pains to assure the birth mother that you and Lucas didn’t know what I am doing.
Brad - She will take Wylie away and find out he is not her child.
Julian - Relax! That will not happen.
Brad - Only one option. Take Wylie and run!

At Ferncliff.....
(Gordon lets the Doctor into the rubber room.....)
Dr. - I hear you have been very busy today!
Patient - Nice to see you too, KEVIN.

(Great 👍!! Now we know that Ryan is the patient.)

Ryan - Well, I haven’t seen you since our birthday 🎂.
Dr. Kevin Collins - You’re claiming you’re me again. You’re not my hostage! When I discovered you were still alive I took you here and not to the authorities. I believe you are still redeemable.

In the park......
(Felicia tells Maxie that Mac saved her when Ryan was going to kill her.)
Felicia - That incident brought Mac and me closer together. Dr. Collins, Ryan’s twin brother, became a dear friend.

Back at Ferncliff...
Ryan - Oh, that is RICH! After all these years you still want to save me. I happen to like where I am, Kevin.
Kevin - You hurt those women because of the abuse we suffered as a child 👶. You can heal!
Ryan - Lets’ assume I want to be healed. Why would I give up this cushy life in exchange for bars?

Outside of the Long Term Facility.......
Carly - I liked the second facility best. What do you think?
Sonny - I know my father will be there eventually but is now the right time? This is very difficult for me. I am getting to know my dad and we are having a good time together. But then, I worry is it safe for Joss and Avery?
Carly - Whatever you decide I am here.
Sonny - I had a really hard time when you weren’t here.
Carly - I am here for you.

(It seems like Sonny is only a tough guy when Jason is at his side. He is showing a weaker side. He is a man that needs a lot of encouragement, protection and help. He has to do what is best for his father, not for himself.)

Sonny - For a long time I had this anger towards my Dad. Since he is sick, the pressure is gone. He is slipping away. When you’re a kid you can hate someone forever, but when you grow up you can’t. I am terrified.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - Carly and Joss are alike. You’ve got to really hear her if she asks for advice. You have to tell her the truth. If she doesn’t want advice, don’t give any.
Oscar - Thanks 🙏. I have to leave and meet Joss.
Jason - I can give you a ride?
Oscar - I have my bike 🚲 but on your bike 🏍? Don’t tell my mom!

At Diane Miller’s office.....
Brad - Lucas and I will take off with Wylie and never look 👀 back.
Julian - That is not rational!
Lucas - What are you and my father hiding?

(Alexis is telling Julian to go home 🏡 and not interfere with the meeting.)
Alexis - Diane.
Diane - Yes?
Alexis - The hearing is about to start. Where is your client?

At Ferncliff....
Kevin- I want to help you, Ryan. That is why I have been hiding you here. You are redeemable!
Ryan - The only way you can test your theory is to let me back into the world 🌍!
Kevin - You know, I can’t agree to your release!
Ryan - If you are not offering me my freedom, what’s in it for me? Say hello 👋 to Felicia tonight!

(Ryan’s straight jacket 🧥 is not buckled in the back. As Kevin is leaving, Ryan overpowers him and Kevin winds up on the floor.)

At the Metro Court......
(Nina sees Curtis and Valentin talking. She tells Valentin that Diane told her she has very liberal visitation rights with Charlotte.)
Nina - I know I am projecting the fact that I lost a child 🧒 with what you did to Peter. But that is the way I feel, Valentin!
Valentin - If I could change what happened?
Nina - I won’t be able to get over it! I just know myself.
(Ring .........Ring.......)
Nina - Yes, this is Nina Reeves. No, that is impossible. I just saw her!
Valentin - Nina, what happened?
Nina - My mother is dead 💀!

(I am not surprised .....)
Outside the Long Term Facility......
Carly - If you think your judgement is compromised, ask Jason. He is logical!
Sonny - That is tempting, but it is up to me.

At Sonny’s House 🏡........
Jason gives Oscar a bike 🏍 helmet but Oscar has what looks like a epileptic attack! His body is twitching. Jason grabs him and is calling him! Oscar! Oscar!
— MOM (8.28.18)
Monday on GH.......
At the park....
While Ava and Julian are watching Leo catch butterflies 🦋 Griffin jogs by.
Julian takes Leo to find more butterflies 🦋 while Griffin talks to Ava. He tells Ava he knows she was the one who got him fired at GH. As they are talking, Julian runs back with Leo in his arms. Leo fell out of a tree 🌳 and hit his head. Griffin checks him out and Leo is ok. While Griffin is cleaning the boy’s scraped knees, he says that Julian returned a blanket to baby Jonah’s room.

Griffin - Ava, did you help Nelle frame Carly?
Ava - Don’t point your finger at me! YOU slept with my daughter!
Griffin - You hid evidence that could have freed Carly, didn’t you?

At Margaux‘s hotel room......
Drew - What is this?
Margaux - That flash drive has federal documents on it for an upcoming trial.
Drew - You are lying 🤥!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Sonny - Turn the alarm 🚨 off! Turn it off!!
Carly picks Mike up - It’s ok! It’s ok, Mike.
Sonny - Did you push the button? Mike, you only do that if there is danger!
Mike - I did see someone on the terrace!
Jason - Mike, it’s ok. That was the guards checking the property.
Carly - Come on, Mike. Let’s get some tea ☕️?

At the. Metro Court......
(Kristina tells Sam about she and Parker moving to a new city 🌃.)
Kristina - Parker is loving her job, but I am lonely all day with nothing to do. I love 💕 her and she loves me but love isn’t enough.
Sam - Then come home! You have to live your own life!
Kristina - I know you have always loved Jason. There is Sam who lives her own life. Kick ass!

At the Park.....
Griffin - Isn’t it convenient that the same blanket should show up at Jonah’s room after Carly said it was there? I know Carly was talking about YOU when she said Nelle had help. You helped Nelle send Carly to Ferncliff, didn’t you?
Ava - What do you mean?
Griffin - Don’t you get tired 😴 of lying?
Ava - Ok, I had the blanket.
Griffin - You saw an opportunity to help Nelle put Carly away and you took it!
Ava - I did it for you! Nelle was blackmailing me!

At Margaux’s hotel room.....
Margaux- I guess I am in possession of stolen property and I am guilty of identity theft.
Drew - Let’s see if the PCPD can tell me what’s on the flash drive?
Margaux - Ok 👌 you want to see what is on the flash drive? I will tell you everything. Give it to me and I will show you what is on the flash drive.
Drew - Not a chance.
Margaux - Fine, you want answers? Load it yourself!
Drew - I need your password.
Margaux - Of course you do! You are the rudest man I have ever met.
Drew - Is that you? (He sees pictures of a young Margaux with her mother.)
Margaux - Yeah.
Drew - You’re a cute kid. I don’t know what that has to do with my case. Unless you want to prosecute yourself?

At the Family Counseling Office.....
(Curtis, Jordan and Stella need help. Stella doesn’t like Jordan and doesn’t want Curtis marring her. She doesn’t trust her.)
Stella - I took care of Curtis and his brother, Tommy. I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ who he settles down with as long as he doesn’t marry YOU.
Curtis - Auntie, please.
Stella - Tell the Counselor why I have a problem with this woman!
Curtis - Jordan is my brother, Tommy’s, widow.
Stella is 😤 angry - SHE is responsible for Tommy’s death 💀!
Jordan - I am done with this! I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ if you don’t like me.
Counselor - What do you mean when you say “done” Jordan?
Jordan - I tried to get along with Stella!
Stella - I am right here! Say it to my face.
Counselor - You blame Jordan for Tommy’s death 💀?
Stella - As sure as if she shot him herself!
Jordan - I had an affair with Tommy’s best friend Shawn and had a baby. Tommy thought the baby was his. When he found out he wasn’t, he went after Shawn. Shawn shot him. I didn’t shoot Tommy! I made a mistake.
Stella - So now, you’re blaming Tommy for getting himself shot?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - How are you doing?
Sonny - Take a wild guess! My old man almost got shot.
Jason - We can make adjustments to the guards patrolling to property.
Sonny - The truth is, I was lucky! How long will my luck last?

At the park....
Griffin - Stop ✋ lying!
Ava - Nelle found out about the DNA test you took of Peter August.
Griffin - How could she find out if you didn’t show it to her?
Ava - She was at my apartment and she saw it on my phone 📱! I chose YOU over Carly and that is the truth. Please tell me that you believe me?
Griffin - Really?
Ava - PLEASE believe I wanted to protect you? That is why I sent Julian to put the blanket back. I wanted to help Carly out!
Griffin - You always hated Carly because Avery calls her mama.
Ava - You just got some new information. The question is what are you going to do with it? Are you going to turn me into the 👮 police?
Griffin - I will not turn you in. Besides, if Sonny finds out...
Ava - Ah, Sonny.
Griffin - You don’t get a free pass! If you hurt anyone else, I go to Sonny.
Ava - Are you blackmailing me?
Griffin - Ava, you haven’t changed at all.

At the Family Counselor office...
Jordan - I am not blaming Tommy. I am just stating the facts.
Stella - We don’t have Shawn Butler’s account. I am so afraid 😱 she will hurt you, Curtis, like she hurt your brother!
Jordan - YOU are preventing us from being a family!
Stella is angry - Oh, family isn’t important to you! You shipped TJ off to a man he didn’t know!
Jordan is yelling - Shawn IS TJ’s father!
Stella - You don’t know about sacrifice! I gave up EVERYTHING I had to help my sister raise those boys! I gave up the man I was supposed to marry to save this family. I won’t let you destroy it now.
Jordan smiling - NOW the truth comes out. You don’t have a life of your own.

At Margaux’s hotel room....
Margaux - Those are my personal photos.
Drew - I’m sorry.
Margaux - Did you come here with me to get into my personal belongings?
Drew - My apologies, from the rudest man you ever met! I don’t trust people and am always looking over my shoulder. I will see myself out.
Margaux - Do you mind if I kiss 💋 you this time?
Drew smiling - It would be ok. (Kiss 💋 kiss 😘) Good night. 🌙

(When Drew leaves 🍁 Margaux goes to the wall safe and takes out Drew’s flash drive.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Jason - Mike, do you want to step outside and get fresh air?
Mike - Sure, maybe howl at the moon 🌝?
Sonny - I thought I could care for Mike here.
Carly - Mike is your father and you have to talk to me and make some decisions.

At the Family Counselor Office...
Curtis - What she means is...
Jordan - I can speak for myself!
Stella - Say what you have to say.
Jordan - You DID sacrifice for Curtis and Thomas and you did an amazing job but that was 20 YEARS ago! I think you don’t want to lead your own life.
Stella - You have been holding that in for years.
Curtis - The two women I love the most can’t stand each other!
Counselor - I can see how much you love each other. We can start on the next session.
Stella - Next session?
Counselor - Yes, we are out of time for today.

At the elevator......
Jordan - Stella, I wish we could just talk.
Stella - We have talked about everything for a lifetime. Curtis, I am not coming back.
Curtis - Now, Auntie, you know we can’t solve things in 45 minutes.
Stella - Ok, I will come back.

At the Park......
Ava - You broke your priestly vows! You broke your medical vows and you slept with my daughter!
Griffin - You are using me to clear your monster guilt.
Ava is yelling - You talk about monster guilt? I will give you the MONSTER!
— MOM (8.27.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.........
At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Sonny and Mike watch a baseball ⚾️ game. This is something Sonny never did with his dad when he was young.)
Sonny - Where are you going, Dad?
Mike - I will be right back.
(While Mike is gone Sonny tells Nurse Felix he put a GPS into Mikes help button.)
Sonny - This way, I will know where he is if he leaves the house.
Mike - Are you talking about me? You can be the Umpire, Flexis. Come on, Sonny Boy! Let’s play ball.

At the Floating Rib.....
Carly - Michael needs all the support we can give him. Then, there is Mike. There is no fixing Mike.
Jason - Yes, but Sonny can spend time with him.

(Drew and Margaux come in and sit at another table.)
Margaux - Does this really count as a second date in the same day?
Drew - Bring on the hot wings!

Carly - There is a picture of Drew and Margaux 💋 kissing on the front page of The Intruder.
Jason - What?

In the hideout.....
Anna - If you think I am bluffing, you are wrong. One ☝️ injection and you will close those baby blues. What is it going to be?
Cassandra - Did Valentin put you up to this?
Anna - Are you going to play along, or we can take you out of the equation all together?
Finn - Good night 💤. (Finn has a syringe in his hand and is about to inject her.)
Cassandra - Stop! ✋ I will do what you want.
Anna - All you have to do is pretend to be unconscious.
(The kidnappers return...)
Finn - Hey, guys? What took you so long?

At the Park.....
Ava - It is so nice of Olivia to let you see your son!
Julian - Let’s keep an eye 👁 on Leo while he 👀 looks for butterflies 🦋. I’m just angry about the birth mother messing up Lucas and Brad’s life.
Ava - If the birth mother wants her baby back? Jules do I have to ask: What have you done?

At the PCPD...
Robert - Look 👀. I don’t mean to offend you.
Chase - Where do we stand?
Robert - Whoever took Cassandra wants your brother to treat her.
Chase - Who do you know who has a vested interest in keeping Cassandra in a coma?

(Chase puts the word out that he is looking for Dr. Finn.)
Chase - I think we got a tip! Someone used Finn’s doctor 👨‍⚕️ ID to get drugs close to the Canada 🇨🇦 border.
Robert - Good work. Let’s go!

At the hideout.....
(When the kidnappers come back, Finn and Anna drink the antibiotic to keep them free from disease. When the kidnappers drink, they fall to the floor. Out cold.)
Finn - You and I drank water 💦. THEY got the dose.
Anna - Are they dead? We need to get out of here!
Cassandra - Wait! Take me with you?
Anna - We need to go, but we will treat you with the same amount of compassion you treated us.

At the Floating Rib......
Margaux - See, we can have fun! No agenda. Is it weird seeing them together?
Drew - No. Carly and Jason are best friends. That, I know.
Margaux - You have his memories? Is it hard so hard to understand, I just want to get to know YOU!
Drew - I don’t know 🤔 anything about you. Do you have a favorite color? Do you have a best friend?
Margaux - Hey 👋, how does a second date turn into an interrogation? Are you trying to pump me for information? Ok 👌. Jersey girl, went to NYU and I married the wrong guy. Ok, it’s your turn!
Drew - Not a lot to tell.
Margaux - I can’t see how you wrap your head around a life that is not yours.
Drew - I’ll get some margaritas. Do you want salt?

Carly - I have a bad feeling about DA Dawson and Drew. How would she use Drew?
Jason - Think about it! He knows every crime I committed.
Carly - 💡That bitch is going to use Drew to get to Sonny!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Back from playing ball....)
Mike - Let’s go to Yankee Stadium and take in a game!
Sonny - You used to tell me that all the time. Ok 👍 it’s a deal, Dad!

At the Floating Rib......
(Jason approaches Drew at the bar......)
Jason - I warned you DA Dawson is out to get Sonny. She will use Carly, Joslyn, you or me to get it!
Drew - Jason, what good am I to Margaux? I no longer work for Sonny.
Jason - She wants Sonny!
Drew - Actually, she wants me to flip on you.

(DA Dawson goes to Carly’s table to offer condolences.)
Margaux - I hate when a guilty person uses a lie to go to Ferncliff instead of jail.
Carly - I hate when a woman uses sex to get what she wants in this ME TOO time.

(Jason and Drew walk back with drinks 🍹.)
Jason - Is everything ok?
Margaux - Well, why don’t we get a table together? Or not.

At the hideout.....
Anna - How long will those guys be out?
Finn - 30 min or 28.
Anna is fumbling with the door 🚪.
Finn - You’re WSB! Couldn’t you use a bobby pin to get us out?
(They open the door 🚪. Anna has gun in hand.)
Robert with gun in hand - Don’t shoot.
Anna is startled - What?

(Robert and Anna embrace while Finn and Chase nod at each other.)

Back at the Floating Rib.....
Carly - Drew can take care of himself. He has a lot of Jason Morgan to draw on. He has YOUR knowledge and skill!
Jason - But does he know how to use it?

(Drew accidentally squeezes BBQ 🍗 sauce on Margaux’s hair and shirt 👚.)
Margaux - Are you trying to get me out of my clothes?
Drew - No, I am a gentleman!
Margaux - Take me home 🏠.

Carly - I called Margaux out!
Jason - Yes, I saw.
Carly - Hate her using sex to get all your secrets!
Jason - Really?
Carly - Yes, I used sex when I was young but not now!
Jason - One more game?
Carly - No, I have to get home 🏠.

(While Sonny is out of the living room, Mike comes downstairs.)
Mike is confused - Where is everybody?
(He sees someone on the terrace so he pushes the help button and the alarm 🚨 goes off. Mike is startled and stars to scream. Sonny comes down stairs with gun in hand as Jason comes in with gun in hand. Mike sees this and goes wild 😜 and out of control.)
Carly - No! No! Sonny! Mike, it’s ok.

At the hideout....
Anna - How did you find us?
Robert - It was Chase’s idea 💡.
(They go back into the room where Cassandra was ......and she is gone. We see Cassandra in the back seat of a car 🚙......)
Cassandra - What do you want from me?
(Someone with a ring with the Cassadine crest touches her knee. Who could it be? Is it Valentin? Is it Nicholas?)

In Margaux’s hotel room......
Drew - Look 👀, I don’t want our date to end like this. Let’s go get a drink 🥃?
Margaux - Ok 👌. Let me change my top and I will be right back?
(While she is changing, Drew sits on the couch 🛋 and looks through papers on the coffee ☕️ table.)
Margaux - Don’t touch that!
(Drew is holding the flash drive...)
Drew - What is this?
— MOM (8.24.18)
Thursday on GH.......
At the Floating Rib...
(Jason and Carly are playing pool 🎱.)
Jason - Pretty good.
Carly - That is great 👍. Good we are playing pool 🎱! We haven’t done this since you came back.
(Jason and Carly raise a glass of beer 🍻.)
Jason - To Jonah. You did good .
Carly - I had your support.

At the PCPD...
Robert is on phone 📱 - 48 hours since Cassandra Pierce has been abducted? I need daily reports!
Jordan - How is it going?
Robert - I think 🤔 Finn and Anna are still alive.
Jordan - How do you know that?
Robert - We found some of Anna’s medication on the floor at the hideout. They want to keep her alive.
Chase - Why didn’t anyone tell me my brother, Finn, was kidnapped?
Robert - We are handling it. You’re too close to this.
Chase - Isn’t Anna Devane your ex-wife? If Finn dies now I will NEVER get a chance to get to know him!

At the hideout.....
(Finn and Anna finally get to see a comatose Cassandra Pierce.)
Finn - Sorry, fellas. No way I can save this patient.
Anna - You NEED to save her.
Finn - I don’t want to do it.
Anna - You’re a doctor 👨‍⚕️, so do it!
Finn - Ok. (He looks at the patient.) No! NO! Put this mask on. If the numbers are correct, the virus is 😷 contagious. (They all put on masks.) Nice work, fellas! Now we are ALL at risk.
Kidnapper - What do we do?
Finn - Here is a list of all the medications I will need. Why are you standing there? If any of you have what Cassandra has, I don’t know 🤔 if I can stop 🛑 it!

(This is all part of Finn and Anna’s plan to get back to Port Charles with Cassandra.)

Anna - She is not contagious 😷, right?
Finn - No and these masks are useless. I am buying us some time!

At Ferncliff.....
(The man in the rubber room in a straight jacket is — I think — Dr. Kevin Collins.)
Kevin - Somebody help me please?
(An orderly comes in.)
Kevin - What is your name?
Orderly - Gordon.
Kevin - Gordon, help me? I am not supposed to be here!

At the Floating Rib.....
(Lucy Coe sees who she thinks is Dr. Kevin Collins.)
Lucy - Kevin, what is wrong?
Kevin? - I am fine.
Lucy - No, you are not. You are drinking on the anniversary of your birthday 🎂. Did your wife forget your birthday 🎁?

(Dr. Kevin Collins has a twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain, who is impersonating him. But why?)

(Jason and Carly are still playing pool 🎱....)
Carly - Joss got Michael to take her out on the speed boat. Sonny, Mike and Avery together. For the first time I am thinking about myself. If someone told you I would be a wife and mother, would you believe them?
Jason - Not a chance!
Carly - Julian was working Mike for information the other day. He may find out about Croton.
Jason - We don’t have to worry.
Carly - He is Sam’s father and will always be in our lives.
Jason - Don’t worry. All Julian knows is Mike has some connection to Charley Delaney.
Carl - So you want to wait and watch?
Jason - For the time being.

At the park....
(Franco takes Cameron, Jake and Aiden to the park to get big pretzels 🥨 . He is supposed to take them shopping for school supplies.)
Aiden - I want Princess 👑 Kalinda coloring pencils ✏️!
Cameron - You can’t have those pencils ✏️!
Franco - Why not?
Cameron - Because Princess 👑 Kalinda pencils are for girls!
Franco - Some people like Princess 👑 color pencils ✏️.
Cameron - I am just saving my brother, Aiden, from ridicule! Aiden where are you going?

At the hideout.....
Anna - Wait! Before you give her the injection......
Finn - So you are saying you would like Cassandra to survive and possibly wake up?
Anna - Yes. What are the odds?
Finn - 70-30? 60-40? Lets not talk about odds.

At Ferncliff......
Kevin - Look 👀 I am not a patient. I am a prisoner! As long as I am in here he can destroy everyone I love 💕!
Gordon - Is there is anything I can do to help you?

(Oh boy! Now I am confused 🤷‍♂️! WHO is Dr. Kevin Collins? WHO is Ryan Chamberlain?)

At the Park......
Jake - You shouldn’t say that about Aiden. He looks up to you!
Cameron - I am protecting him like I would protect you!

Franco - That was not nice what Cameron did to you. There is so much to like about Bevel of Earwood.
Aiden - Kalinda! Why did Cameron say that to me?
Franco - I will take you to the store and you can buy all the pencils you want!

At the Floating Rib......
(Ryan or Kevin tells Lucy to back off. He shares his thoughts 💭 with other people.)
Ryan or Kevin - Jason, thanks for getting Carly out of Ferncliff and keeping her safe.
Carly - You were very kind and fair.
Ryan or Kevin - You’re welcome.
Carly - There were some very sick people in there! What happened to the patient next to me?
Ryan or Kevin - He is still there? I am personally taking care of him.

Back at the hideout.....
Finn - The medication Cassandra needs is pretty rare. Those guys will be gone for a while. (Finn injects Cassandra with the serum. She starts to move.) Well, it worked! Cassandra, can you hear me?
Cassandra - I thought the two of you were dead!
Anna - We need you to help us!
Cassandra - Why should I not believe you won’t turn me over to the WSB? Go to hell!

At the Park.....
Aiden - I don’t want them any more. Ready to go?
Franco - Not yet. YOU need to speak to your little brother first?
Cameron - I am sorry 😐!
Franco - Jake, take Aiden and go get some ice cream 🍨 and stay where I can see you.
Cameron - Are you trying to punish me? I did that for Aiden’s own good! There are bullies at school. Better he hear it from ME than he kids at school!
Franco - What you did was wrong.
Cameron - What about all the people YOU hurt?

At the Floating Rib.....
(Ryan or Kevin is at the bar talking to Laura, the wife.)
Ryan or Kevin - I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch since I came back. Come home 🏠 soon!
Lucy - Will you accept this birthday 🍰 cupcake with a candle from an old friend? Do you want to light it and make a wish?
Ryan or Kevin - Thank you 🙏, I will take it with me.

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Detective Chase, you are now the WSB official liaison to the PCPD.
Robert - He is green like a puppy 🐶.
Chase - I won’t let you down.
Robert - Get this straight. You my work for her, but you will do exactly as I say!
Chase - Who are we looking for?
Robert - Cassandra Pierce.
Chase - If we find her, we find Finn.

At the hideout.....
Anna - If you think you have a choice in this, you don’t. You have been in a coma for 8 months! You contracted a rare blood disease.
Finn - This is like Christmas 🎄 for you! You finally got a rare disease!
Anna - You will make believe you are in a coma and let us know who you recognize. So, pretend coma or real? What will it be?

At the Floating Rib......
(Carly asks Jason if she should go back to Ferncliff for therapy.)
Jason - No, you don’t need it.
Carly - I know, i just wanted to hear you say it!

At Ferncliff.....
(The orderly gives Kevin or Ryan 💧 water.)
Kevin or Ryan - Thank you 🙏. You are very kind, not like the others. Don’t tell anyone we talked or he will kill me!

At the Park......
Franco - You want to know all I’ve done in this 🌍 world? File a FOIA request. We are not talking about that!
Cameron - Aiden is my brother and I know what he needs. If you really care about Aiden, don’t get him those pencils.

(Dr. Bensch was fired and he is going to sue General Hospital and Kiki Jerome.)
Kiki - I will be happy to go to court again and speak against you.

At the Floating Rib....
(Carly tells Jason she might go into therapy with Dr. Collins.)
Carly - I trust Kevin and he has my back.

At Ferncliff....
(The door 🚪 opens at the rubber room....)
Ryan or Kevin - Thank you, Gordon. I can handle this alone.

(Ryan or Kevin looks at Kevin or Ryan. The birthday cupcake candle is lit.)

Happy 🎂 Birthday, Brother. Make a wish.
— MOM (8.23.18)
Wednesday on GH...........
At the Floating Rib......
Curtis - You’re going out with a smart, funny woman because you think 🤔 she has an agenda?
Drew - Yes.
(Curtis shows Drew a picture of Margaux 💋 kissing him on the cover of The Invader.)

At Diane Miller’s law office.....
Alexis - I knew this could happen but I was hoping it wouldn’t. Tell me, after all this time, why does the mother want to end the adoption?
Diane - I wish we weren’t going through this procedure, but the odds of Lucas and Brad keeping the baby are slim to none.

(Diane leaves her office with Alexis to get a file. Julian, who is hiding in a room next door 🚪, enters her office. We see Julian taking pictures of the contents of a file on the birth mother.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - How was it?
Michael - It was quiet and peaceful. I stayed longer than I meant to. I didn’t know how to leave.
Sonny - There is a terrible moment when you bury someone you love. Everyone has said their prayers and you want to walk away but you can’t. You can miss them, but that is just a cover to hide your grief.

At the Floating Rib....
Drew - She asked me to help her to bring down Sonny.
Curtis - And that was when she 💋 kissed you?
Drew - Yes. there is something going on with that woman. I am going to find out what it is!

At the Metro Court.....
(Margaux chastises Peter August for putting the picture of her 💋 kissing Drew in The Invader. Lulu sees the picture and tells Peter to cancel their Friday meeting.)
Peter - No.
Lulu - I don’t deal in Fake News!

(Valentin interrupts Maxie and Nina having lunch 🥗.)
Maxie - This is a working lunch.
Nina - Maxie, it’s ok. Valentin and I have something to attend to.
Valentin - Can you give us a moment? My wife and I will need to speak in private.
Nina - Whatever you have to say to me, say it in front of Maxie. Your 30 days are up!
Maxie - You’re still going through with it, aren’t you, Nina?

At the Floating Rib.....
Drew - Margaux got interested in me too quickly.
Curtis - So what? Maybe she likes you!
Drew - I know where all the bodies are buried because of Jason.
Curtis - Do you like Margaux? What if you are wrong and this attractive woman is dating you for YOU? And you lost out because you’re too stubborn? I don’t want you to lose out on something special because you were hurt on a past relationship. Sometimes, man, you just have to enjoy yourself!
Drew - If I don’t keep looking for something wrong then I will see something right.
Curtis - There is hope for you yet!

At the Metro Court......
Peter - You’re the DA and you have ALL the juicy stories! You accommodate me, and I will accommodate you.
Margaux - In your dreams!
Peter - No expiration date. Take your time.

Valentin - Charlotte misses you!
Nina - You hurt 😢 an innocent child! I will be filing for divorce.
Maxie - Poor Valentin! Didn’t get what you wanted?
Valentin - YOU can’t get what you want from Peter so you’re punishing ME? I don’t regret a minute I spent with my wife! I love everything about her. I don’t want her money. Do what you want to me, but don’t use Nina.

Back at Alexis’ house 🏠....
Alexis - I saw Diane Miller. She is representing the birth mother.
Lucas - She wants her child back, and it is fair game.
Brad is anxious - Wylie left his binky in the car 🚘. ! will be right back.

At General Hospital.............
Kim tells Julian a mother has the right to change her mind. She might be worried about the child and can’t go through with the adoption.

(Brad steps outside and calls Julian.)
Julian - Hey, Brad.
Brad - I am freaking out! How do we make sure they don’t find out Wylie is some other woman’s son?
Julian - Don’t freak out! I am handling it.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Michael - Jonah didn’t leave anything behind. I look at Morgan, I see his room and his little league outfit. I never even heard Jonah cry! I have nothing of his.
Sonny - We loved them both and we lost them both. That’s the hell of it!

At the Floating Rib.....
Margaux - So, you see any front page headlines lately?
Drew - Not that I saw?
Margaux - I hope it didn’t ruin your rep!
(Drew asks Margaux out on a date.)
Margaux - Are you asking me out on a date?
Drew - Do you like BBQ 🍖?

In Diane Miller’s Law Office.....
Diane - Nina.
Nina - Diane, are you ready for me?
Diane - The papers are ready. Have you decided if you want to do this? I can make all this go away!
Nina - I need to divorce my husband.

At the Floating Rib.....
(Curtis meets with Valentin.)
Curtis - Why should I help you? Nina is my friend!
Valentin - I have a job for you and I will pay 💰 you lots of money. The ONLY person who will benefit is Nina.

Back at Sonny’s house 🏠....
Michael - I read somewhere or someone told me, all grief is unique and all grief is the same.
Sonny - You have to understand, the only way out is through. You have a lot of people who want to help you. Let them help!
Michael - You just did that.
(Father and son hug.)

On the date....
Drew - I am trying to figure you out.
Margaux - I didn’t know I was complicated?
Drew - I doubt that!
(Margaux tells Drew of her first conviction. She sent her first love 💕 to prison.)
Drew - Wow, your job is more important than love?
Margaux - What is your passion?

(Earlier when Lulu saw Drew she asked him to put in a good word for her with the Editor at Aurora Media. She is being demoted for a more experienced reporter.)
Drew - I can’t interfere in the Editor’s decision. I trust her.

(So Lulu speaks to Peter August again......)
Lulu - The Chief Investigator Reporter job?
Peter - You mean the one you rejected?
Lulu - Yes, is it still on the table?
Maxie - Are you sure you want go see HIM every day?
Lulu - He will give me assignments besides Chief Investigator. Do you know how long I will have to wait for that title at another firm?
Peter - Are we doing this?
Lulu - Subject to your terms.

At Diane Miller’s Law Office...
Diane - So then, you are sure about this?
Nina - Yes. Did Valentin think I would change in 30 days?
Diane - Your mind.
Nina - He lied so much and he condemned a small child to a horrible life. Love is not enough!
Diane - You’re allowed to have reservations. You don’t have to go through with this! No penalty for NOT signing these papers. I can put the papers in the drawer for safekeeping. The breakup of two lives causes a lot of worry and tears 😭 on the heart. So be certain before you dive in?
(Nina signs the divorce papers.)

At the Floating Rib......
Valentin - I found her child. I don’t know where she, is but that is where YOU come in! Nina has a daughter.
Curtis - How do you know this?
Valentin - Nina‘s mother told me. You can make this happen!

At Alexis house 🏠.....
(Brad tells Alexis and Lucas this is the first time he feels hopeful Wylie will be able to stay with us. 716-555-0198. Is the phone 📱 number of the birth mother.)
Julian - Hi 👋! You don’t know me, but I think we should talk?
— MOM (8.22.18)
Tuesday on GH..........
At the cemetery......
(Jason and Sam are sitting on a bench and looking at a small grave stone.)
Sam - Everything going on with Baby Jonah brought it all back.
Jason - Yeah, I know.
Sam - 14 years this fall. (Sam was pregnant with Sonny’s child. She and Jason were very young back then and he was taking care of her. Their history is something Drew couldn’t compete with.)
Jason is sad - It might have been too short but she definitely made a mark on the world 🌍.

At Charley’s Pub....
Julian - Hey, are you all right?
Brad - Yes, you startled me!
Julian - Are you going to the service?
Brad - No.
Julian - You said Wylie isn’t the birth mother’s to take. So who’s child is he?

(Today is the funeral for baby Jonah at the church ⛪.)
Michael - I don’t know how this is going to go.
Carly - The whole family will be here to comfort you.
Michael - How do you talk about a child who died before he could take his first breath?
Carly - You say Jonah was loved and we will miss him.

At the Cemetery......
Jason - I was remembering Lila’s funeral and you were so brave.
(Sam named the baby after Lila Quartermaine, Jason’s grandmother 👵.)
Sam - So were you!
Jason - This child we loved and had plans Michael is facing the same thing.
Sam - Michael has his family.
Jason - The only good thing is Jonah’s mother is locked up!

(Sam and Jason think back to 2004 when Sam found out the baby she delivered didn’t survive.)
Sam - I wouldn’t have survived without you. I would have given up without you.

At the park.....
Drew - What have you got for me about Margaux?
Curtis - You’re in luck. This girl may be for you!
Drew - Before I go any further, I want to know what I am dealing with.

At Charley’s Pub......
Julian - The 👶 baby you have now, the baby 👶 you call Wylie. Is he the same baby as the one in the hospital?
Brad - No. It is not the baby from the hospital. He died.
Julian is shocked - Oh, Brad! Does Lucas know?
Brad - He has no idea.

At the Church......
Sonny, Joss and Carly are there for the funeral of baby Jonah.
Joss - I am so sorry Michael. It is not fair!

Bobby, Monica and Oscar arrive.....
Oscar - I know you heard it already but I am so sorry about Jonah.
Michael - Thank you. Joss is in there and she could use some support.
Oscar - I got it!

Diane and Max arrive at the church ⛪.
Diane - We are so sorry for your loss.

At Charley’s Pub......
Julian - So, how did the baby die?
Brad - I don’t know! I brought him home 🏠 and a half hour later I checked on him in the crib and he was dead! I tried to give him mouth to mouth! I was taking him to General Hospital. On the way to the hospital, I saw a homeless woman on the side of the road ? She begged me to take her child. This woman was BEGGING and begging and I took the child so I wouldn’t have to go home to an empty crib.
(Brad has had lots of experience lying.)
Julian - I don’t know what to say right now.
Brad - If the truth comes out, I will be arrested and Lucas will be too!
Julian - You said Lucas didn’t know anything!
Brad - Do you think anyone will believe him? The baby will be returned to a woman who is not the birth mother! We NEED to keep the baby.
Julian - From what Alexis says, it doesn’t seem likely. It is not a done deal yet. We can still fight for Wylie. I will ask and see if I can find out information.
Brad - Thank you 🙏! I don’t want the cops 👮‍♀️ to know.

(Do you think Julian would be helping Brad cover this up if he knew the baby was Michael Corrinthos’ son?)

In the park........
Curtis - I did a check on Margaux. No red flags. She was born Margaux Marino, the only child 🧒 of Vincent and Janet Marino. She grew up in Princeton N.J. Went to Princeton University and graduated cum-laude . Married David Dawson and divorced. She enrolled at Stanford Law School. She hung with plenty of wealthy people.
Drew - Maybe she was on the outside looking in?

At Alexis house 🏠......
(Julian speaks to Alexis about Wylie.)
Julian - The birth mother wouldn’t recognize him or know him on the street!
Alexis - I will say the baby bonded with Brad and Lucas and should stay with them. I will speak to the birth mother’s attorney.
Julian - Will they give the baby to the mother?
Alexis - They probably will.

At the church ⛪.....
The priest gives the eulogy - Lord, Jonah now lies cradled in your love. Lord God, give mercy to the entire family and keep Jonah in you heart . A loving Jesus Christ, you will live with him forever and ever.
Joss gets up to speak - When I found out Michael was going to have a baby I was so excited. I was happy for the baby because he was getting Michael for a father. Michael was never too busy for me. When I was little Michael and I would go speed boating 🛶. You always took me and there were 1000 things you would rather be doing but you never put me off. You would have made time for Jonah and made him feel loved.

(I need to stop to make 🥘 dinner.)

Ok, back at the park.....
Curtis - Being a DA in Port Charles, you live comfortably. She graduated in the top 10% at Stanford Law School. She could have made big bucks anywhere but she chose to be Assistant DA in a town with a lot of crime. She worked on many convictions. She is a tough lady. Excellent credit. No bankruptcies. Was a DA in NY and then came to Port Charles.
Drew - This woman has an angle. There is something the background check doesn’t show!
Curtis - Are you afraid of a strong woman?
Drew - No! I have to date her so I can vet her.

(I think Sonny killed her father in NY when he was young. Her going after him is personal. What do YOU think?)

At the church ⛪ ....
Carly - Time to go to the cemetery.
Michael - I want to go to the grave site alone. I know you have a right to go.
Sonny - You do what you think is best.
Michael - I want to be alone when I say good bye to my son.

Sonny - I never wanted to be here in this church grieving for someone we love. The only thing that makes it bearable is you are here with me.
Carly - Michael shouldn’t have to face this loss alone.

Alexis is leaving her house 🏠 ..... Julian follows her to where she is meeting the attorney for the birth mother.

Outside the office of the attorney, Julian listens to what is being said.
Alexis Davis is meeting with Diane Miller, the attorney for the birthmother, on what to do now that the mother wants the baby back.

At Charley’s Pub.......
Michael’s family congregates here after the funeral.
Brad - How was the service?
Lucas - Poor Michael was very brave.

Jason and Monica sit together......
Jason - I’m sorry. I know how much you wanted a great grandchild.
Monica smiles - Well, if something had to happen, it is good Michael has family and someone like you.
Jason - Hey!
Sam - Are Sonny and Carly staying with Michael?
Jason - No, he went to the cemetery by himself.

Kristina is so glad to see Jason......
Kristina is smiling - Jason, I am so happy 😃 you are home 🏠 safe. (She is holding Jason’s hand and Sam’s.) I am so very happy my sister has you to love ❤️ again!

At the cemetery......
Michael sits by Morgan’s grave site. Jonah’s grave site is directly across from Morgan.
Michael - Hey 👋 Morgan, I am sorry I haven’t come to visit. I have been thinking 🤔 about you a lot. I miss you a lot and smile when I think of the way you called me out on all my BS. I messed up very badly. I thought I loved Nelle and couldn’t see how broken she was. I fathered a child..... Jonah. I wasn’t able to protect him and I will regret it for the rest of my life! Morgan, I need to ask you for a favor, brother to brother. Look out for my son.
— MOM (8.21.18)
Monday on GH..........
At Pentonville Penitentiary.....
Madeline Reeves - I thought you would be taller! My daughter and I are estranged, as you know.
Valentin - But you’re still her mother!

In the Park.......
Drew - What was that?
Margaux - What was what?
Drew - You grabbed me, kissed me and ran off!

At Sonny’s 🏠 house ....
Michael, Carly and Sonny discuss Lucas and Brad’s baby 👶.
Michael - All I want is a happy ending for Brad and Lucas.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
Alexis - Sorry 😐 to give you bad news at a party 🎈.
Lucas - We need you to be honest with us. Are we about to lose our son?
Brad is in a panic - Why is this happening??

At the Floating Rib......
(Looks like Chase and Lulu are becoming friends. Chase is still brooding over the death of Michael‘s son.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Michael - I don’t know what is worse: Having a baby for a little while, or losing him at once?
Carly - Brad and Lucas may be able to keep Wylie.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
Alexis - Nothing is decided yet. The contract calls for a hearing with the birth mother. Then, the judge 👨‍⚖️ decides on placement for the baby 👶.
Lucas - Tell us the truth: What are the chances Brad and I will get custody?

In the Park.......
DA Dawson (Margaux) - It was a kiss 💋! Don’t make something of it.
Drew - Was it to get me to help you?
Margaux - I can’t remember a time I was so insulted! I kissed you because I LIKE you. Correction, I LIKED you. You are a paranoid ego maniac. You can’t see that a woman is attracted to you?
Drew - I’m sorry. You said I was sexy?

At Charley’s Pub......
(Peter August offers Maxie a job with The Invader. Nina offers Maxie a promotion to stay at Crimson.)

At Pentonville Penitentiary.......
Valentin - Are you familiar with the name Nora Buchanan? She is my attorney.
Madeline - Yes, I am.
Valentin - I would like to introduce her to you.
Madeline - I can’t afford an high-powered attorney. What is your price?
Valentin - I would like to know if Nina gave birth to a daughter and where she is?
Madeline - Nina will frown on this meeting.
Valentin - Nina will never know.
Madeline - Then we DO understand each other! What do you want to know?
Valentin - Everything! Did you give Nina drugs to induce a miscarriage? I think the baby 👶 survived.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
Alexis - I don’t have statistics. The judge 👨‍⚖️ renders on a case by case basis.
Brad - How many times did the judge 👩‍⚖️ decide for the birth mother?
Alexis - This would be the first.
Lucas - Brad! Where are you going?
Brad - I can’t stay here! I have to go.

At the Floating Rib......
Lulu - I left my laptop 💻 at the table. Come and join me?
Chase - I am fine. I try to weigh the good and the bad. Sometimes the doubts, they catch up.
Michael - Is this seat taken?
Lulu - Michael, I am so sorry for your loss.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Carly - Michael told me Julian showed up and made a bunch of accusations about you?
Sonny - Let’s not talk about that now.

At Charley’s Pub....
(Brad rushes in and gets Julian’s attention.)
Brad - I need your help, Julian!

At Alexis’ house 🏠.......
Alexis - Lucas, I will do everything in my power to help you and Brad keep your son. There are no easy answers and I am sorry.
Lucas - So Wylie will stay with us until the hearing?
Alexis - Yes, we have days.
Sam - Can we say the birth mother waited until the last minute to say she wants the baby back?
Alexis - She is within her rights.
Lucas - Brad will be at Charley’s Pub. I need to find him!

At Charley’s Pub.....
Lulu - How did you hear The Invader was sold?
Peter - I didn’t hear. I bought it and you can write your stories with me if you want? You can pick your own subjects. I will make you Chief Investigative Reporter and pay 💰 you accordingly.
Lulu - You sell a very attractive offer.
Peter - I will be at a table at the Metro Court on Friday at 8pm. It is possible to have serious news and still have fun. If you don’t show up I will know you are not interested. If you do show, up be ready to negotiate.

At Pentonville Penitentiary......
Madeline - You spend too much time with my daughter........wishful thinking.
Valentin - Nina has a daughter. She was in a coma for 20 years but medical records show an 8 month window. So, it made me curious? You have a parole board coming up. Did Nina have a daughter and did the baby survive?
Madeline - Yes.

In the park.....
Drew - You said I was sexy? I was a bit of an ass and I apologize. I can’t remember my past and I just got divorced. I don’t have a track record with women.
Margaux - Maybe you should work on your technique?
Drew - Yes, I can do that.

At Charley’s Pub......
(Nina tells Maxie she lost a child and still goes on the internet to see the medical breakthroughs.)
Nina - How do you grieve for something that never existed?

At Pentonville Penitentiary......
Valentin - Tell me everything! I want facts.
Madeline - I had to be very careful so her husband would not become suspicious. I hired a very discrete nurse 👩‍⚕️ and she looked after Nina until she delivered the baby.
Valentin - What happened to the baby?
Madeline - I wasn’t a grandmother type so I got rid of it.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Sonny tells Carly the body he buried for Joe Scully when he was young wound up in the ground at Charley’s Pub........courtesy of Mike and Charley Delaney. Julian is planning to expand his business and renovate the back of the house 🏠 where the body is buried.)
Carly - How can they connect the body to you?
Sonny - My gun and finger prints are buried with the body. The DA will be all over it! She wants to put me in jail.

At Charley’s Pub......
Julian - Are you ok? Do you need to eat something?
Brad - We were almost in the clear!
Julian - There are exceptions.
Brad - The judge will rule against us, but we will NOT lose Wylie.
Julian - What are you saying?
Brad - Wylie is not ours to take.

In the park.....
Drew - If we pursue this relationship, NO talk about Sonny and Jason?
Margaux - Deal! (she leaves)
Drew calls Curtis - I need a complete background check on DA Margarita Dawson ASAP.

At the Floating Rib.....
(Michael tells Chase he is burying his son tomorrow.)
Michael - Tomorrow I will bury my child who did not have a chance to live.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Julian is concerned - What are you talking about Wylie is not ours to take?
Brad is yelling - I could be going to jail! NONE of this makes any sense!
Lucas comes in - Brad, I’m glad I found you. We will go through it all together. Let’s go!
(Brad looks at Julian as he leaves with Lucas.)

At Pentonville Penitentiary.......
Valentin - You killed Nina’s baby 👶!
Madeline - I just got other alternatives! The girl couldn’t be part of my family.
Valentin - So you put her up for adoption?
Madeline - I used a broker.
Valentin - What name?
Madeline - John Smith. We used aliases.
Valentin - You have no way of tracking down Nina’s daughter, do you?
Madeline - I didn’t say that! I will give you what you want when you have your high power attorney secure my release. Ask Ms. Buchanan to contact me ASAP.
Valentin - I can’t do that! Nina would know. You will have time added to your sentence for kidnapping. You can kiss your parole board meeting good bye.
Madeline - You will never find Nina ‘s daughter without me!
Valentin - Nina ‘s daughter is not a baby but a grown woman. You will rot in here and THAT is what you deserve.
— MOM (8.20.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.........
At Alexis’ house 🏠....
Alexis and Sam invited Sonny, Mike, Bobby, Molly and Julian to a party 🎈 for baby 👶 Wylie. Bobby arrived and said the party should be canceled because it is too soon. The birth mother can still ask for the baby back within the 30 day agreement.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Margaux follows Drew to the pub. She is going to ask Drew to help her bring down Sonny.

At Windermere.....
Peter let himself in . He is waiting to speak to Valentin and to tell him that he is staying in Port Charles.

Nina And Maxie go to the penitentiary to see Madeline Reeves. She is Nina ‘s mother. Maxie wants to give Nathan/Jay’s mother a video of baby 👶 James, Madeline’s grandchild.

(Are you confused? Well, Lisle is the birth mother of Nathan. Madeline Reeves is Lisle’s sister who was given Nathan as a baby 👶 . Madeline changed the baby’s name to James or Jay, as Nina calls him.)

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
Alexis thinks the party 🎈 won’t make a difference or jinx the family. When Lucas and Brad arrive they are not too happy to see everyone. Then, Lucas changes his mind.
Lucas - Brad, if Sonny can be happy for us after he lost his grandchild, we should be grateful. (While Sonny is holding Wylie, Mike remarks that Wylie looks like Carly.)
Sonny - Mike, the baby 👶 belongs to Lucas and Brad. He is not Michael’s son. Brad gets nervous and takes the baby from Sonny.

At Windermere.....
Peter August tells Valentin he is there to collect the favor owed to him. He also is still angry 😤 that Valentin gave a little baby (him) to a monster like Faison. Peter says that when he was captured in the cabin, Nina told him she lost a baby.
Peter - Nina will never forgive you for what you did.
Valentin - I had no idea Lisle was holding you captive!
Peter - Yes, I was held captive and my hand was damaged and will never recover!

At the Penitentiary......
Madeline is so happy to see Nina and Maxie. Nina is angry 😤 at her mother because she put Nina in a coma for 20 years and caused Nina to lose her baby. Madeline was angry Nina’s father left all his money 💰 to Nina when he died.
Nina - I hope you feel half the pain I felt when I woke up after 20 years and found out my child was dead. I asked Nathan to find out who put me in a coma. We were both shocked when it turned out to be YOU!!

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Drew wants to know why Margaux spoke to Jason about him.)
Margaux - I want to use your brother to get close to his boss and I want you to help me.
Drew - Jason and I may not be close but forget about me helping you to get Jason or Sonny.
Margaux - Why?
Drew - It would hurt 😢 people I love 💕 that we have in common. So you won’t get any help from me. DA’s have come and gone. They all want to bring Sonny down and don’t succeed. So give it your best shot.
Margaux - Well, I will go after Jason and squeeze him.
Drew - Sure. If you think Jason will betray Sonny ......good luck! Jason will rot in prison for life to protect Sonny.

Julian is speaking to an inspector and is angry 😡 that Sonny and Jason got all the inspectors and construction 🚧 contractors to reject his permits and desire to expand his business.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
(Julian barges into the house 🏠 and confronts Sonny. They argue outside.)
Sonny - I don’t care about your problems! You picked on the wrong person
Julian - It is not a coincidence that your father and the original owner of Charley’s Pub used to be connected. I am not dropping this!

Back in the 🏠 house.....
(Julian apologizes to Alexis for his behavior.)
Julian - Let me look at my grandchild?
(As Julian looks at Wylie 👶 he notices he looks different.)
Julian - This baby looks bigger than the little infant I saw in the hospital?
(He starts to show a photo he took of the baby 👶 at the hospital when Brad bumps into him and the phone fall to the ground.)
Brad - Oh look, Wylie woke up.
(Sam is watching this and thinks this is very suspicious.)

At the Penitentiary.....
(Maxie shows a video of baby 👶 James to Madeline.)
Madeline - He is precious the way he looks when he wakes up. He is your brother all over again. He is a beautiful beautiful baby 👶.
Nina - James does look like Nathan.
(Madeline confesses she is a changed women after all the time she spent in jail.)

At Windermere....
Peter - I am staying in Port Charles. I am sorry if that inconveniences you. I think I have a better chance of being with Maxie than you do with Nina!
(Valentin arranges to buy The Invader, a gossipy paper, for Peter.)
Valentin - I have one condition.
Peter - What is it?
Valentin - Stay away from Nina!
Peter - Ok, I will.

Back at Alexis’ house 🏠 party 🎈.
Brad - I hope Michael doesn’t come to the party for his sake.
Mike - Here he is! Michael, the man of the hour!
(Michael tells Lucas and Brad he is happy for them and asks to hold the baby 👶.)
Once again, Mike says - Michael, your son looks like Carly.
(Brad is very nervous now. Alexis gets a phone 📱 call from the birth mother’s attorney.)
Alexis - I will speak to my clients.
Brad - What is it? Is something wrong?
Alexis - I have to speak to both of you. Do you want to speak privately?
Lucas - No, tell us now.
Alexis - The birth mother wants the baby 👶 back.

(Brad is beside himself with fear and dread that his secret will be exposed.)

At the Penitentiary.....
Maxie - Nina, don’t worry! Madeline will never see James in person.
Madeline - Well, I have been a model prisoner. I am up for parole. If you two come before the prison board and say how much I’ve changed it will help me.
Nina - You want US to speak on your behalf to the prison board? This is just a ploy to get us here. Well, you haven’t changed at all and I will tell that to the board!
Maxie - I am taking the video of James back and I will go to the board and tell them what you’re really like.!
Nina - I would tell you to go to hell but you’re already in it.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Margaux - I need you to help me get Sonny off the streets and make it safe for your children and make Port Charles a safe place.
Drew - Do it the old fashion way! Follow leads and investigate. How did we go from baseball ⚾️ to this?
Margaux - Jason got arrested. You know where the bodies are buried!
Drew - This is a big waste of your time and mine.
Margaux - Hey, where are you going?
(Margaux 💋 kisses 😘 Drew and leaves.)

(💥⚡️GH spoiler💥⚡️ Billy Miller, Drew Cain, will be going to primetime. You can see him in SUITS, a nighttime show. He will still be at GH also.)

At Charley’s Pub......
Nina and Maxie walk into the Pub and see Peter August sitting at a table.
Nina - You still here in Port Charles, why?
Peter - I am now the new owner and publisher of The Invader. Maxie, you should come and join me there!

At the Penitentiary....
Madeline - Nina?
Valentin - No. I’m Valentin Cassadine, Nina ‘s husband. Now that you know who I am it will be easy. Did Nina have a daughter?
— MOM (8.17.18)
Thursday on GH............
At Sonny’s office .....
Jason - Just got off the phone 📱. The body stays where it is.
Sonny - For now!

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
Sam - So fill me in? How is Oregon and Parker?
Kristina - I already did!
Sam - I want all the juicy stuff you won’t say in front of Mom!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Joss - Hey 👋, Mom?
Carly - Hey 👋!
Joss - What’s up?
Carly - Can I talk to you for a second? I know you were shoplifting. I want you to think about what you will say. Answer truthfully. Did you steal those clothes?
Joss with tears 😭 in her eyes 👀 - Yes.
Carly - You didn’t want the clothes because you stashed them in your grandfather’s closet. Why?
Joss - I was going through a lot of things.
Carly - I can imagine what you are going through. Stealing is not the way to go through this!
Joss - No, you don’t. I don’t want to say it! It is too awful.
Carly - Say it!
Joss - Nelle said all those awful things about you and I believed her.

At Alexis’ house 🏠......
Kristina - What about you?
Sam - When I was in the hospital, Jason came to see me. I made believe I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t want to hurt my husband, Drew. The night of the earthquake, Jason and I almost died and I had to tell him I loved him and always will. Drew couldn’t deal with it and decided to divorce me.
Kristina - So he divorced you?
Sam - Yes and I feel pretty good again.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.........
Sonny - Did I ever tell you about Al, an old mob boss?
Jason - No, I don’t think so .
Sonny - The night Joe gave me the order, Al said, hey kid, the decision has been made. Accept it and don’t look 👀 back . Can you do that? So I told myself I was capable of doing anything that night.
Jason - Did you regret it?
Sonny - Not for a second.

At Charley’s Pub......
(Julian tells Kim that Sonny offered to buy his Pub.)
Margaux - Talking about Sonny? Tell me more!
Kim - Julian, this is DA Margarita Dawson.
Julian - Hello, Julian Jerome.
Margaux - Well, the Corrinthos and the Jeromes in Port Charles.

Kim - You look 👀 so familiar?
Margaux - We met the other day at General Hospital.
Kim - Are you sure we haven’t met before?
Margaux - I’m sure.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
(Monica asks Stella to speak to Michael about grief counseling.)
Michael - I am going to be fine.
Stella - You may not look like your father but you act like him. I have had sorrow in my life so I can understand. You won’t see the grief traps in front of you ‘till you step in them. Take these brochures and read them . Don’t throw them in the trash when I leave.
Michael - I will wait for 5 minutes. Take care, Stella.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Carly tells Joss she doesn’t owe Nelle anything. Nelle is sick, a sociopath who tried to kill your brother.)
Joss - I chose her over YOU! Why don’t you hate me?
Carly - I could never stop 🛑 loving you! People say were so much alike. It was a long time in my life until I had unconditional love 💕.
Joss - With Jason?
Carly - Yes. Jason, then my mom, your Dad and Sonny. You can have it too. I don’t love 💕 you because you have my back! I love you 😘 because you are YOU. You love 💕 me because I am ME.

At Sonny’s office......
Sonny - I never thought 💭 an order from Joe would come back to bite me.
Jason - We have to make sure that body never surfaces. We will handle this. I have to meet Sam.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Margaux - So Sonny wants to buy this place?
Kim - Sonny’s father has Alzheimers and he wants to give him a gift 🎁.
Julian - Yeah! A gift 🎁 Mike won’t remember.
Kim - Julian!!

At the General Hospital nurses’ station.....
(Elizabeth tells her friend Terry about Cameron’s troubles.)
Elizabeth - I think 🤔 i need to carve out a little time for me and Cameron. He is such a good kid. He gets good grades and I never have to remind him to do his homework 📚. I guess I give the younger kids more attention.
Terry - You’re a dam good parent.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Carly - Why did you start shoplifting?
Joss - I was sitting there with a shirt 👚 and I said what is this? Why did I do that? If it helps, I haven’t done it since you got back. I didn’t know where to put the clothes!
Carly - You’re going to bring the clothes back and I will pay 💰 the vendor. You will pay me back with work at Lila’s Kids or cleaning tables at the Metro Court.

At Charley’s Pub......
Kim - Don’t let the DA goad you into picking a fight with Sonny! If you do, I will be gone. We are in such a good place now. So are we on the same page?
Julian - Yes.

(Jordan 🇯🇴 tells Curtis she doesn’t want Stella coming to their wedding 👰.)
Stella - Is that what you want Curtis?
Jordan - How can I trust you? You told Curtis’ ex- girlfriend to make contact with him!
Stella - How can I trust you won’t cheat on your husband?
Jordan - I’ve had enough of this!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Joss - Uncle Sonny, I stole the clothes in Mike’s closet.
Sonny - What?
Joss - I did it a few times but not any more. I’m sorry!
Sonny - I’m sorry too. You should have come to me and I would have helped you! Since you are my step-daughter people are gunning for you.
Joss is laughing 😂 - Then I’m glad I stuck with Jax. Should I become a nun?
Sonny - That’s not a bad idea!
Carly is laughing 😆 - Yes, it is.

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Jason walks in and sees Julian - Sam’s father - and DA Dawson.)
Margaux - Jason, funny seeing you here! Sit down, let’s talk.
Jason - I’m meeting Sam here.
Sam - Thanks for coming! I have Danny’s field trip form and you need to sign since he will be with you anyway.
(Sam sees DA Dawson talking to Julian.)
Sam - Is it me or is there something off with the DA?

(Margaux asks about Jason and Sam and Julian tells her Sam is his daughter.)

Back at Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - You were so put together! I thought you were handling your mothers absence better than I was. I am proud of you.
Carly - Not the stealing part.
Sonny - You are a rock star 🌟.

At the Quartermaine Mansion....
(Kristina visits Michael.....Michael tells her he feels responsible for the death of his child.)
Michael - I thought I could keep him safe! Then when Nelle put him in my arms she told me he was gone and it didn’t compute. This beautiful little boy. He is going to open his eyes! He is going to move and breathe, but he didn’t! The first time I met my child, he was already dead.

At Charley’s Pub.......
Sam - I think DA Dawson’s going to get Sonny is more personal than business as usual.
Jason - I think she wants more from Sonny than a crime boss. She will definitely cause trouble for Sonny!
Sam - That means trouble for YOU!
— MOM (8.16.18)
Wednesday on GH...........
At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Sonny - The thing I need most in the world 🌍 is you and coffee ☕️.
Carly - So, are you going to show your dad the brochures?
Sonny - I mentioned something yesterday and he made it clear he is not ready to make that move. My dad has history here. How will these places help him?
Carly - These places can do things we can’t.

In Dr. Monica Quartermaine’s office....
Monica - Dr. Monroe, I need a minute.
Griffin - Doctor, if this is about what happened in court yesterday?
Monica - Yes, it is.
Griffin - I want to assure you what happened between me and Kiki is nothing like that.

At Ava’s apartment.......
Knock .......Knock
Ava - Go away.
Kiki - Mom, it is me. Open the door 🚪.!

Back at Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Mike is listening to what Sonny and Carly are saying about him.)
Mike - There you are!
Sonny - How do you feel?
Mike - I feel great!
Carly - I have a great idea. How about Mike and I spend the day together?
Mike - Great!
Sonny - I don’t have a problem with that.
(Mike and Carly leave.)

Sonny - Yes? Send her up.
Kristina - Dad!
Sonny - Hey!
Kristina - I’m sorry I didn’t call first.
Sonny - How is Oregon?
Kristina - Great!
Sonny - Parker, how is she doing?
Kristina - She’s good.
Sonny - Are you going back to college?
Kristina - No, but I need something to keep me occupied until I figure out what is next.
Sonny - I don’t want to pressure you.
Kristina - I just want to spend time with my family.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Carly - This is where you wanted to go?
Mike - Yes, this place feels like home.
Julian - Hey, Mike! I dropped off the picture of you and Charley Delaney when you were young at Sonny’s house 🏠.

At Charley’s Pub....
Kim - Hi 👋, I’m Kim. I have been dying to meet you since you sang at the Nurses’ Ball.
Julian - So Mike, you have any pointers about being a grandfather?
Mike - Just spoil grandkids rotten.

In Dr. Monica’s office......
Monica - Did you order up a paternity DNA test without the patient’s permission?
Griffin - Peter August thought he had Huntington’s Disease.
Monica - You don’t order a paternity test for that.
Griffin - I heard your son Jason say if he found Peter/Heinrik he would kill him.
Monica - Did you tell the patient?
Griffin - Yes, I told Peter August.

In Ava’s apartment......
Ava - I had to hear you slept 🛏 with Griffin in court!
Kiki - I could have lost my case because you had to slut shame your daughter!
Ava - What the hell are you talking about? All Griffin did was tell the truth.
Kik i- I told you that was a mistake!
Ava - Well, maybe for Griffin but not for you! You slept 🛏 with Griffin because I slept with Morgan!

At Charley’s Pub.....
(Carly sees Franco and Elizabeth and thanks 🙏 Franco for helping Jason get her out of Ferncliff.)
Franco - I’ve got to go, coming Elizabeth!
Elizabeth - No, I’ll see you later....... Carly I am glad you made it through that night. Joss really needs you.
Carly - Yes, I agree.
Elizabeth - Cameron got caught taking earbuds and my son never did that before. He was with your daughter when it happened.
Carly - Are you saying MY daughter was shoplifting??

In Dr. Monica Quartermaine’s office......
Monica - You put the integrity of the hospital in a lawsuit! Effective immediately, Dr. Monroe, you are suspended from all duties at General Hospital. The board will review my report and will decide on the appropriate course of action.
Griffin - Ok.
Monica - Stay here, I will be back.

Franco - Look 👀 who has been brought to the principal’s office. What the hell? It’s one thing for you to fall from grace, but did you have to drag Kiki down with you?
(Kiki walks in......)
Kiki - Griffin didn’t drag me down.

Back at Charley’s Pub.....
Elizabeth - Joss feels lost without her mother!
Carly - Was Joss caught shoplifting or just your son?
Elizabeth - She was with him when he was caught!

Carly - Mike, we have to go.
Mike - I was just having a good time!

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
(Sam and Molly bring Alexis coffee ☕️ and cakes to celebrate 🎉 her win in court.)
Molly - I will get that....... oh my God!
Alexis - Who is it?
Kristina - Is it too late to say congratulations 🎉 🎈?
Alexis - SO glad to see you! Did you see your father?
Kristina - Yes. Sorry to hear about your divorce, Sam.
Molly - There is always Jason!
Kristina - Yes, Jason is back!
Molly - Sam and I will be in the kitchen.

At Ava’s apartment.....
Kiki - You are a vengeful bitch. The only reason Morgan died was because he wanted ME more than he wanted you.
Ava - Get OUT!!
Kiki - Mom, you‘re just going to be another day older and just as pathetic. Have another drink 🍷 of wine. Good bye!
Ava is crying 😢 looks into the mirror and says.- I am filled with a need for vengeance and I WILL get it!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Carly - We went to Charley’s Pub. Julian said you wanted to buy his place. What was that about?
Sonny - Julian had an old picture of Mike and Charley Delaney and he brought it over. I wanted to buy his place but he wouldn’t sell.

At Alexis’ house 🏠....
(Alexis has a heart to heart with Kristina.)
Alexis - How are you? Are you happy?
Kristina - Yes, Mom, I AM happy.
(Sam and Molly come in with a 🍰 cake.)
Molly - I’m SO glad you’re back.
Alexis - We want go hear everything before you go home 🏡.
Kristina - Mom, this is still my home.
Sam - Come, Kristina, help me with the dishes?
Kristina - So you want ME to do the dishes?
Sam - I want to hear what is on your mind!

In Dr. Monica Quartermaine’s office.......
Monica - The board members are very tight lipped and you will have to turn in your ID when you leave.
Kiki - Griffin is suspended! What about Dr. Bensch?
Monica - He didn’t violate hospital rules.
Griffin - Yes, it looks that way.
Kiki - Is it because of me?
Griffin - My suspension has nothing to do with you or the trial!
Kiki - I need you here to support me.
Griffin - You will be fine. Take care.
Kik i- You too.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Mike - Carly, can you help me? I found these clothes in the back of my closet. Did I go in the wrong room?
Sonny - I go in the wrong room sometimes too.
Carly - They look 👀 like Joss’s clothes. Maybe the housekeeper put them in the wrong room.
Carly sits on the couch and examines the clothes - Joss, what have you been up to?

(Sonny makes a sign ..... Mike’s Room.)
Mike - I didn’t know my son was an artist 👩‍🎨! Now, I will never get lost.
— MOM (8.15.18)
Tuesday on GH............
At Windermere........
Robert - I let myself in. I knew you wouldn’t mind.
Valentin - I didn’t have a choice. What do you want?
Robert - What did you do with Anna?

In the new hideout.....
Captor - Cassandra Pierce.
Anna - How can Finn treat Cassandra Pierce?
Captor - You have to revive her! My employer wants Cassandra awake.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.......
Carly - Michael, how do you feel?
Michael - Keeping busy.
Carly - I never thought I would say this: We have to plan your baby’s funeral.

At Ava’s apartment......
Franco - Ava, open up! I totally get you’re mad 😡.
Ava - What do you want, Franco?
Franco - I wanted to see if you’re all right.
Ava - You texted me my boyfriend is screwing my daughter!

At the courtroom.......
Dr. Bensch - Oh, you seem upset?
Kiki - Yes, I had sex with Griffin.
Dr. Bensch - Hope you’ve saved your pennies! I intend to have you cover my legal fees.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Carly - I’m sorry 😐. I can handle the arrangements if you want.
Michael - We can talk about this.
Carly - No pressure.
Michael - It helps to work. Then, I think about the funeral arrangements. I don’t know if I can go on.
Carly - It doesn’t go away. You just get accustomed to it and over time it recedes.
Monica - Michael .
Michael - We are making the arrangements for the baby’s funeral?
Monica - I would like to help. Your son can be laid to rest in the Quartermaine Mausoleum. He can be with his family.
Michael - I want him to be buried next to Morgan so he won’t lonely.
Monica - That’s a very wise and beautiful thought. Carly, I want to speak to you. We are not finished.
Carly - What is it?
Monica - I need to apologize to you about Nelle. She took me in.
Carly - I accept your apology.

At Ava’s apartment......
Ava - Have you come to drop another bomb 🐚 shell?
Franco - How are you doing?
Ava - 🍑 Peachy! I was betrayed by the two people I loved. You sent the text in the most horrible way!
Franco - I made a mistake! It was for Alexis. I don’t want you to be mad at Kiki1
Ava - Kiki ruined our relationship. I got back at her.
Franco - Did you go back to the courtroom?
Ava - I told Scott to ask the question!
Franco - Ava, did you want to blow up Kiki’s trial?

At the courtroom........
Judge 👨‍⚖️ - Closing arguements.....Ms. Davis.
Alexis - Kiki Jerome is a healthy mature adult with a healthy sex life. She can choose anyone she wants to have sex with. As long as they are consensual adults. Dr. Bensch tried to seduce Kiki and when it didn’t work, he tried it with Francesca. We have Kiki and Francesca. It is a pattern, and it will continue if we don’t stop 🛑 it.

Scott - I find myself agreeing with the opposing counsel. There is no witness to the he said ....she said. This is a civil case and not a criminal case.
Ask yourself, did the plaintiff meet the burden? Thank you.

Alexis to Kiki - I hate it but Scott is right that we don’t have a witness and we don’t have proof.

Dr. Bensch - What was THAT?
Scott - A closing statement.
Dr. Bensch - I want you to prove I am innocent 😇!
Scott - No can do! I am not obligated to prove you innocent, and frankly, I don’t.

At Windemere......
Valentin - What is this about Anna?
Robert - She has been missing for weeks!
Valentin - By whom?
Robert - You tell me!
Valentin - You’re wasting your time! If Anna is in danger you are looking in the wrong place.
Robert - I know you have a history with Cassandra Pierce!

At Ava’s apartment......
Ava - Kiki lied to my face, and so did Griffin. I KNEW something was going on between those two.
Franco - So, if the predator Bensch wins that is good for you? You did FAR worse! You told me Kiki was my child 🧒 for starters. So if Kiki and Griffin lied to you, it is what you deserve.
Ava - Just because I am furious with Kiki doesn’t mean I want that piece of trash to win the case. Can you imagine Elizabeth doing that to you? So now it is time for me to return the favor to Griffin.
Franco - Who are you sending a text to?

(Ava sends a copy of the DNA test Griffin took of Peter August and Cesar Faison. He took the test without Peter’s permission. Ava is sending the test to the Hospital Board. She wants to ruin Dr. Monroe’s medical career!)

At the new hideout.......
Captor - If you both do your part you both will be released unharmed. Dr. Finn, I will give you time to look over the records.
Finn - Ok. What kind of an organization are you running over there? She was being transported and they intercepted and took her!
Anna - It is not my fault! She was running criminal activities an then she slipped into a coma.
Finn - What about Valentin?
Anna - He wouldn’t be interested .

At Windermere.....
Robert - Anna and I talk about you on a regular basis. We know about you and Cassandra.
Valentin - Is she awake?
Robert - I didn’t say that. She was taken while being transported by the WSB. It doesn’t take much to figure out the captors need Dr. Finn to treat Cassandra.

At the Courthouse......
Judge - Have you reached a verdict? On the matter of Lauren Katherine Jerome vs Dr. Bensch. The court finds for the plaintiff and rewards $250,000 to her.
Dr. Bensch - I did nothing wrong! Your Honor, I would like to appeal the verdict using another lawyer.
Judge - You can, but this court is over.

Alexis - We showed he couldn’t get away with this and he didn’t. Kiki, you should be proud of yourself!

At General Hospital.....
Griffin - Ava, I didn’t think you would want to talk to me!
Ava 🤬😡🤯 - I don’t. I am NOT here for you.

At the new hideout....
Finn - She is in need of medical attention and I can help her.
Anna - Can you put that on hold?
Finn - No, I can’t. I am a doctor.
Captor - Ms. Pierce will be arriving at the facility tomorrow. Have you decided to cooperate?
Finn- I will treat Cassandra to the best of my ability.
Captor - If all goes well, you will go home 🏠 in no time. If you try anything, Ms. Devane will pay! Get some rest. Tomorrow is a busy day.

Finn - We need to stay out of trouble. Cassandra has been comatose for months. I will NOT bring her out until we’re safely in Port Charles!

At Windermere .....
Valentin - Cassandra was enraged and blamed me for her downfall. You showed yourself in and you can show yourself out!

(When Robert leaves Valentin says .......Damn you, Cassandra. I should have killed you when I had the chance!)

At the Courthouse.....
(Lulu calls Elizabeth to tell her and Franco that the verdict is in and the jury found for Kiki and she was awarded $250,000.)
Elizabeth screams - She won! She won!!

Kiki- I couldn’t have done it without you.
Alexis - YOU did it Kiki.

At General Hospital.....
Ava - Pardon me? May I have a moment of your time?
Monica - About what?
Ava - I have information that the hospital should be made aware of.
Monica - Ok, in my office.
— MOM (8.14.18)
Monday on GH...........
In the hideout......
Robert - This is the last spot. We don’t know if Anna and Finn were here. I want to thank you for your help.
Jason - Anything I can do for Anna.

At the PCPD......
Cameron - Mom, calm down. Don’t freak out!
Elizabeth - You just got arrested for stealing!
Franco - Chase will drop the charges.
Cameron - No big deal!
Elizabeth - It is ALWAYS a big deal.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Oscar - Cam is a bad influence. He stole things he couldn’t afford to buy.
Joss - He isn’t. I am.

In the courtroom.....
Scott - What kind of friends? Good friends? Special friends? Have you ever had sex with Kiki Jerome?
Griffin is embarrassed 😩 - Ahhh.
Scott - Let me remind you Dr. Monroe you are under oath. Have you ever had sex with Kiki Jerome?
Griffin - Yes, I have.

At the hideout.....
Robert - I know we had our differences.
Jason - Yeah, one or two.
Robert - I didn’t know how you would react!
Jason - I’ve never been asked by the government for help!
(Robert looks down and sees something which he picks up.)
Jason - What is it?
Robert - Finn’s tracker! How the hell did they find it?

(We see Finn and Anna are moved to another place.)

At Kelly’s Diner......
Oscar - Cam is the one who stole. Not you!
Joss - This might be shocking to you but I am not a nun. I have stolen from time to time.
Oscar - He made you do it!
Joss - Before you get all judgmental about Cam, come at me first!

At the PCPD .....
(Franco pays for the earbuds and the charges are dropped. Cam is angry 😤 because all the other kids have money 💴 and can buy whatever they want.)
Elizabeth - You HAVE earbuds!
Cameron - They are old! We are poor.
Franco - You can’t talk to your mother like that! She works very hard to give you the things you need.
Cameron - You are NOT my father!

Back in the courtroom......
Scott - So both you and the plaintiff were on staff when you slept 🛏 together?
Griffin - Yes.
Scott - Was it a form of sexual harassment? You were her superior.
Griffin - No.
Scott - And you never got any harassment claims?
Griffin - No!

Alexis - You were her superior at the hospital?
Griffin - Yes.
Alexis - Were you her immediate superior?
Griffin - No.
Alexis - Was your sexual encounter consensual?
Griffin - Yes, it was only once and it wasn’t an encounter.

At the PCPD....
Elizabeth - When you want something you have to pay 💰 for it. How much did it cost you Franco?
Franco - It was $165.00.
Cameron - I wasn’t the only one who shoplifted!
Elizabeth - Did someone put you up to this?
Cameron - No.
Elizabeth - Did a friend press you to do this?
Cameron - No.
Elizabeth - You are grounded! You will go to work and come home 🏠.
Cameron - What?
Franco - Didn’t you see this coming?
Cameron - You are RUINING my life! You get that don’t you?

At Kelly’s Diner,....
Joss - Do you still want date a thief?
Oscar - Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t do this?
Joss - Don’t analyze me! You take away the things about me you don’t like.
Oscar - I care about you!
Joss - I care about you, too.
Oscar - What are we fighting about now?
Joss - Thank you for being patient.

At the hideout.....
Robert - Those guys were good! They don’t want anyone to find them.
Jason - How good are your people with camera 🎥 services? There must be a camera 📷 across the street that picked up a car or them leaving?
Robert - Are you offering me Spinelli‘s services?
Jason - Maybe.
Robert - We don’t know anything other than Finn was here.
Jason - How sure are you about Finn? What if Anna was the bait for Finn?

At the courtroom.....
Alexis - You said you only had ONE encounter with my client. Have you pursued her since then?
Griffin - No.
Alexis - Unlike Dr. Bensch, you didn’t use your status to manipulate my client?
Scott - Objection, Your Honor!
Alexis - No further questions.

Outside of the courtroom....
Griffin - Ava! Ava!
(Ava screams at Griffin and slaps 👋 him in the face 👨‍⚕️!)

At the hideout.....
Robert - You think Anna was the bait!?
Jason - Yes.
Robert - I haven’t heard from her for a month. We were at odds about Peter August. I thought she was icing me out! Then I called Robin and found out she wasn’t there.
Jason - So, they brought Finn in! Why keep Anna so long? They USED her to bring Finn in.
Robert - Used her for what?

(We see Finn and Anna in a room that looks like a doctors examining room.)
Finn - As long as you are alive, they could have dangled you in front of me.
Anna - It tells me our captors are mercenaries. They want you to treat a mystery patient.
Finn - Who is the mystery patient?

At the courtroom....
Dr. Bensch - Looks like the ball ⚽️ is in our court. Get on with it, Baldwin!
Scott - Your Honor, I would like to call Dr. Bensch to the stand.

Kiki - Does this mean we lost the case?
Alexis - Your sleeping 💤 with Griffin has no bearing on the case.

At Ava’s apartment.....
Griffin - Ava, PLEASE let me in! I KNOW you are in there!
Ava opens the door 🚪 - Get out of here!!
Griffin - Let me explain and it will all make sense!
Ava is crying 😭 with a drink in her hand - You CHEATED on me in court!
Griffin - I didn’t cheat on you! We were broken up!

At the courtroom.....
Scott - Dr. Bensch, the plaintiff accused you of unwanted advances. Were your advances unwanted?
Dr. Bensch - No, they were not unwanted.
Scott - Elaborate?
Dr. Bensch - Early in the relationship, we grew closer. We bonded. I found her crying and she told me she was crying about an old boyfriend who had died.
Scott - Why did you think that was an invitation?
Dr. Bensch - She put her head on my shoulder.

At the new hideout.....
Finn - Our being here is not part of our plan.
Anna - This is not part of the plan. I don’t like you risking your life like this!
Captor - All settled in?
Anna - Yes. We could do with some information, like who are you working for? What do they want from us?

At the hideout....
Jason - Do you know of any enemies Anna would have?
Robert - Not that I could think of? This is where your theory breaks down. I don’t think there is anything to find.
Jason - Wait a minute?
Robert - What have you got?
(Jason picks up a white pill.)

In the courtroom.....
Scott - Thank you for that testimony, Dr. Bensch.
Judge - Ms. Davis?
Alexis - Did my client express ANY interest in you at all?
Dr. Bensch - Not in so many words.
Alexis - You gave her a bad review on the shadow program, which would be revised if she showed up in your hotel room?
Dr. Bensch - No.
Alexis - You took this picture AFTER you berated her and she was crying 😭. Did you go too far and the picture was to cover your ass?
Scott - Objection!
Judge - We will have a recess.

Back at Ava’s apartment......
Ava - Ok, we were broken up but did you have to jump into bed 🛏 with my DAUGHTER?
Griffin - It was the night of the Nurses’ Ball. It was an accident!
Ava - THAT is why you told me you loved me the other night? You KNEW it would come out! Father Monroe, you have a FETISH for women in trouble. You couldn’t resist Kiki!

In the hideout.....
Robert - Let’s assess for a minute. The captors want to keep Anna healthy. Anna is the bait and Finn is the 🎯 target?
Jason - Why pick Finn?
Robert - He is a doctor and there may be a patient they want him to take care of.

In the courtroom.....
Scott - I am sorry. I didn’t want it to go this far.
Alexis - But it did!

Kiki - How did my mom look?
Julian - You know the saying.... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

In Ava’s apartment.....
Griffin - We can fix this?
Ava - I was just an escape for you? A vacation from your morality?
Griffin - Ava, I love 💕 you!
Ava - For MONTHS you wouldn’t say those words. Now you can’t SHUT UP 🤐 about it! You are a hypocrite Griffin! Your words mean NOTHING! You mean NOTHING! GET OUT!!
Griffin - I am sorry 😐.
Ava - You don’t know what it means to be sorry 😐, but you will! I PROMISE you that!

At the PCPD.....
Elizabeth - You ruined my life is what I said to MY parents!
Franco - In my limited experience, kids who shoplift don’t get attention at home 🏠.

(Cameron texts his friends..... Good news arrested. Bad news..... I am grounded . You won’t see me for a while.)

At the new hideout......
Captor - The patient is being transferred to our facility. Once you bring her out of the coma....
Finn - WHO is she??

In the hideout......
Robert - Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. WHAT transport was intercepted? Who was taken?

In the new hideout....
Captor - You know the patient very well.... I think. Cassandra Pierce.
— MOM (8.13.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.........
At the Courthouse....
(Scott texts Franco to warn Alexis now. BUT..... Franco texts Ava and tells her Kiki and Griffin had sex!
He let the cat 🐈 out of the bag does that help spare Kiki??)

At the PCPD......
Jason - I’ve got nothing to say without my attorney.
Chase - I thought you might want some coffee ☕️? All the senior officers 👮 tell me you are impossible to break. Lucky for me, it is not my case! I am just bringing you up for the DA.

At Ferncliff......
(Dr. Collins has a patient who is dangerous and in a drugged up haze. He wants the patient brought out of the haze so he can talk to him.)

At the Courthouse.......
(Franco realizes he sent the text to Ava instead of Alexis!)
Franco - OH NO 🤦‍♂️! How do you unsend a text??

(Dr. Griffin Monroe is on the stand.)
Alexis - Good Afternoon, Dr. Monroe. How do you know Dr. Bensch and Kiki Jerome?
Griffin - We are co-workers at the hospital.

(Scott fakes a sneezing 🤧 fit and the Judge 👨‍⚖️ notices Franco is on his phone 📱.)

Judge - What are you doing with that phone 📱?
Franco - I am reporting on the trial.
Judge - You need to go outside! You don’t have a press pass.

At the Metro Court.....
(Drew introduces Oscar to DA Dawson.)
Margo - Thanks for lunch! See you around.
(Oscar talks to Drew about his strained relationship with Joss.)

At the PCPD interrogation room......
Chase - I don’t know if you heard? The DA has decided not to press charges against Peter August.
Jason - Maybe they told my lawyer?
Chase - Do you know why that is? Is it ok with you? He took FIVE years out of your life!
Jason - I just want to get out of here.
Chase - Well, you broke Carly out of Ferncliff and you threatened people with a gun. Those are major crimes!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Sonny and Carly discuss Mike’s care.)
Sonny - He is my father, Carly. I know what is best for him. I can take care of him here!

At the PCPD interrogation room......
Jason - I thought you weren’t here to interrogate me?
Chase - It is not my case. I guess you don’t know the doctor 👩‍⚕️ said the baby’s death had nothing to do with the crash. But I feel responsible.
Jason - You admitted you knew Nelle and you stepped up to help Michael. The family is grateful.

At the Courthouse......
Alexis - Dr. Monroe you became acquainted with Kiki at the workplace. That connection deepened when you went out with her mother?
Griffin - Yes.
Alexis - Did you take her out to dinner or buy her gifts 🎁?
Griffin - No.
Alexis - What about the photo?
Griffin - I was confronting Kiki when she was crying.
Alexis - So, you have never been sexual with my client?

(Griffin, Ava and Kiki are looking at each other. Oh Boy!!)

Judge - Mr. Monroe, please answer the question?
Griffin - I’m sorry, your honor.

(Someone pulls the fire 🔥 alarm 🚨......)

Outside the courtroom.....
Ava - Franco, explain yourself!
Franco - Ok.
Ava - The text message about Kiki?

(The police 👮 arrest Franco for pulling the fire 🔥 alarm 🚨.)

Back at the PCPD interrogation room...
DA Dawson - There are boxes 📦 and boxes 📦 for Jason Morgan. They should build you your own wing at the PCPD! So, let’s look at these together.
Jason - No response.
DA Dawson - So, let’s begin with the year 1996?

At Kelly’s Diner.....
(Joss and Cameron are talking about shoplifting.)
Joss - I thought you said you didn’t have any money? What are you doing with those ear buds?
Cameron - I know you shoplift! Why do you do it?
Joss - I don’t do it for fun.
Cameron - Why?
Joss - My mother was in Ferncliff and my grandpa has Alzheimer’s. My family is a mess! I didn’t want to think about anything. I broke the law. It was selfish and stupid.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Carly - Dr. Collins?
Dr. Collins - Ouch!
Carly - You know Michael‘s baby is gone.
Dr. Collins - I know, I am very sorry. Come back to therapy.
Carly - I don’t need to see you ever again!
Dr. Collins - You may want go talk about the loss of your grandchild.

On the terrace.....
Sonny - How is your head?
Mike - I’m fine.
Sonny - If there is anything you need? If you need help or a new place?
Mike is angry - A new place?? Are you trying to get rid of me?
Sonny - No, Dad!
Mike - I KNEW it would come to this! You want me out of here?
Sonny - You don’t have to do anything.
Mike - Do you want me to do anything somewhere else?
Sonny - We love you! If you were uncomfortable, we could work that out.
Mike - Why would I not be comfortable in my home 🏠 with my family?
Sonny - Ok, we can close that up.

At Ferncliff......
(We see someone in a straight jacket in a padded cell.)
Orderly - Take your medication. On your doctor’s orders!

At the PCPD interrogation room.....
DA Dawson - Before 1996. you didn’t have a traffic violation! How does the favorite son of a wealthy family have 25 arrests?
Jason - No answer.
DA Dawson - I will say it: You went to work for Sonny Corrinthos!

At the Courthouse......
(Court will resume in 5 minutes.....)
Ava - You make a very convincing witness.
Griffin - All I have to tell is the truth.
Ava - The truth and nothing but..... do you want go tell me now?
Griffin - After the trial I will tell you. Wish me luck? I love 💕 you.
Ava - I know.

Ava to Kiki - Is there anything you want to tell me?
Kiki - No. We will talk later.

At Kelly’s Diner......
(Chase sees Joss, Cameron and Oscar and goes over to say hello.)
Chase - Hi, Joss. How is your mother?
Joss - She is fine.
Chase - You’re Elizabeth Webber’s son?
Cameron - Yes.
Chase - You look like the person who stole those ear buds you have in your ears? Look at the picture! You were also there, Joss!

Back in court....
Judge - Dr. Monroe, you are still under oath.
Griffin - Yes, Your Honor.
Alexis - Dr. Griffin, are you and Kiki just friends?
Griffin - Yes, we are just friends. That’s all.
Alexis - I have no further questions.

Judge - Mr. Baldwin?
Scott - No questions, Your Honor.
Dr. Bensch - Get UP there and do your job!
Scott - Your Honor, can I confer with my client?
Ava leans into Scott - One question in particular has not been answered.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Cameron - That is not me.
Chase - Come on, let’s go.
Cameron - I want a lawyer.
Chase - Joss, I need to look into your bag.
Joss - Here!
Chase - I knew it would be empty. Cameron, we will get to that at the police station. Joss, you have to be careful who you hang out with because of your family.
Oscar - You never know about people.

At the Pier interrogation room....
DA Dawson - If one shred of evidence surfaces, you take the fall on Sonny’s orders.
Jason - No answer.
DA Dawson - Ok, let’s talk about Ferncliff! You had a gun, but no surveillance on the cameras 🎥? You made sure you were not on camera. Very smart of you! I am dropping the charges. How are you and Drew Cain alike? He is a good citizen and YOU are a career criminal. You have not been caught, but you will be!

Jason finds Drew in the Metro Court....
Jason - The DA interrogated me for 30 minutes and dropped the charges. Then she talked about you being a good citizen? I thought it was deliberate. I thought you might like to know. She is up to something.

At the PCPD.....
(Franco was arrested. He tells Elizabeth that Kiki and Griffin had a sexual relationship.)
Elizabeth - You could be in trouble for withholding information!
(Then, Elizabeth sees Cameron with Detective Chase.)
Elizabeth - Cameron!?

At the Ferncliff rubber 🐧room
(The door 🚪 opens and Dr, Collins see the patient in a straight jacket.)
Dr. Collins - Hello again......Brother.

At the Courthouse....
Scott - I don’t take directions from the plaintiff’s mother!
Judge - Do you have a question?
Scott - Dr. Monroe, you just told the court you and the plaintiff are friends. What kind of friends? Good friends? Best friends? Special friends?
Alexis - The counsel is badgering the witness!
(Scott finally says what he did not want go say.....)
Scott - Let me be clear, Dr. Monroe. Have you ever had sex with Kiki Jerome?
— MOM (8.10.18)
Thursday on GH.....
At Sonny’s house 🏠..... Carly is finally home.
Carly - I love 💕 the afternoon light and the garden in bloom. Someone has been smoking cigars in the house 🏠? That is a no, no!
(As they are talking they hear a crash, Mike fell. They take him to the hospital to get stitches on his forehead.)

Stella - Sonny, have you given thought to what Felix was talking about an Alzheimer’s home for Mike?
Sonny - I don’t think he is ready for that!
Stella - I noticed some changes in Mike. You need to talk to him about it while you can. He needs to be part of the decision. Don’t take away his dignity.

At the Courthouse.....
Alexis - Not now. Court is about to start!
Franco - Yes. A case you will lose. Kiki will lose! Alexis you need to talk to me right NOW.
Alexis - What is it that is so important you need to interrupt me before the trial starts? Speak, and it better be good!
Franco - There is a potential minefield. One question you can’t ask.
Alexis - What?
(Court is about to start.....)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Carly - I blame Nelle for the baby‘s death.
Sonny - Let’s stop talking about Nelle.
Carly - I hope they let Jason out of jail soon! We had our cells next to each other and talked all night.

At the Courthouse.....
Alexis gives her opening statement - Dr. Bensch is a respected physician 👨‍⚕️. No one can question his care of his patients. Dr. Bensch is also a sexual predator. You CAN be both. My client is a student 👩‍🎓 nurse 👩‍⚕️. He showed inexcusable and inappropriate behavior with her. I am confident when you see what this man did to my client, you will find for her.

Scott - Dr. Bensch is innocent.
Dr. Bensch - Is that all?

Judge 👨‍⚖️ - Ms. Davis, call your first witness.
Alexis - I call Elizabeth Webber to the stand.

Alexis - Kiki was a nurse’s aid and became a medical student. How did that happen?
Elizabeth - Dr. Bensch told her she should be a medical doctor 👩‍⚕️. He championed her! Dr. Bensch was her first assigned doctor.
Alexis - That is a good thing?
Elizabeth - It should be! Dr. Bensch gave her a negative evaluation and said if she kissed him he would revise it. He also asked her to have sex with him.
Scott - Did you hear him say that?
Elizabeth - No.

Nurse 👩‍⚕️ Johnson - I told Kiki she was going to be working with Dr. Bensch. She asked me to change her assignment.
Scott - Did you change the assignment?
Johnson - I didn’t have to change the assignment to see she was in a world of hurt.

Francesca - I had excellent grades in nursing 🤱 school, until Dr. Bensch. He kept berating me! He said he could turn it around. He said nothing in life is free! I had sexual relations with him and then he left me alone.
Alexis - So, you slept with him to keep your job? Your witness, Scott!
Scott - Did Dr. Bensch use any particular force to get you to have sex with him?
Francesca - Did he rape me? No.
Scott - No further questions.
Alexis - The definition of coercement is to be forced to do something you don’t want to do. Did you have sex with the defendant because of your employment?
Francesca - Yes.
Alexis - THAT is coercement.

Alexis - Ms. Jerome, on the night of October 31st did you receive a visit from Dr. Bensch?
Ava - Yes, he told me Kiki had loads of potential but she was too stressed. I didn’t know she was filing a complaint against him.
Judge - Mr. Baldwin?
Scott - I have no questions for this person at this time.
Dr. Bensch - What are you doing??
Scott - It is not good to turn Kiki’s mother into a martyr.

Alexis - I call Kiki Jerome to the stand.

Franco sends Alexis a text.....I need to talk to you ASAP!

Kiki - Dr. Bensch had more faith in me than I had in myself. I was flattered!
Alexis - When did your opinion change?
Kiki - After Dillon, my boyfriend, and I broke up. I was at the Floating Rib and he insisted on buying me dinner.
Alexis - That sounds harmless.
Kiki - He told me to come to his office. He gave me a rare and expensive medical book 📖. First edition! I didn’t want to offend him, so I took it. He told me that he nominated me for the Shadow Program at General Hospital. Then, he put his hands on my shoulders and gave me a message.
Alexis - Tell the court what happened next.
Kiki - I froze and he said I was too tense. I told him to stop 🛑. He said he misunderstood. He thought we were on the same page. After that, I didn’t want to go to his office alone. One day he told me it was because of him I was in the Shadow Program. Then he kisses me! I got to the head of the line because he wanted to have SEX with me! There were others more deserving. I gave the book 📖 back to him.

Alexis- Was that the end of it?
Kiki - No. Dr. Bensch was just getting started. Dr. Bensch showed me a first draft of my evaluation and said I could get a great evaluation. He gave me the key 🔑 to his hotel room. He wanted me to sleep with him.
Alexis - What was your response?
Kiki - I ran out of his office! Elizabeth found me crying 😭. I HAD to stop 🛑 him? This is NOT right!

Judge - Mr. Baldwin?
Scott - No questions at this time, your honor.
Dr. Bensch - WHAT are you doing? You are MY attorney, SO act like it. Show the photo!
(Scott looks at the photo of Griffin and Kiki hugging.)
Scott - If you want to win this case, let me do it my way.
Dr. Bensch - If you don’t use the photo, I will fire 🔥 you!

(A 5 minute recess is called...)

Franco - Can I talk to you for a second?
Griffin - What is it?
Franco - You know what is wrong and I know what is wrong. I only want Kiki to be spared!

Back in court...
Scott - Ms. Jerome, does this photo look familiar?
Kiki - I see it.
Scott - Let the plaintiff see she is in the arms of Dr. Griffin Monroe.

Alexis- What is this?
Kiki - Dr. Griffin was comforting me when I was crying. After he told Dr. Bensch to leave.
Alexis - Do you think Dr. Bensch was going to use this photo to blackmail you?
Scott jumps up - OBJECTION, your honor!!
Alexis - Now that Dr. Griffin Monroe was mentioned, I want go bring him to the stand.

Scott texts Franco - Warn Alexis NOW!!
— MOM (8.9.18)
Wednesday on GH..........
Kiki’s trial is today.
Franco - Scott, put a leash on your client. You will throw him under the bus 🚌 like we discussed.
Scott - I can’t guarantee all will go well. It all depends on how badly Kiki wants it.

At General Hospital....
Peter - The WSB was interrogating me all night and left less than satisfied
Robert - Well, we will have to change that.

At the hideout.....
Kidnapper - Doctor 👨‍⚕️, we need you for our patient.
Finn - I am not doing anything for you until I know Anna Devane is all right!
(We see Anna on a cot with an infusion to keep her out cold.)
Kidnapper - You are in no position to make demands.
Finn - You NEED me for my medical expertise. Give me proof Anna is alive!
(The man leaves...)
Finn - I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.
(He goes into Anna’s room....)
Kidnapper - Ms. Devane, try to wake up.
Anna - What for?
Kidnapper - Proof. (He takes her picture.)

At Peter’s hospital room.....
Robert - You said you have proof of things we need to know.
Peter - Tell me how you will secure my freedom?

At the nurses’ station......
(Drew introduces DA Dawson to Dr. Kim.)
Kim - How do you know her?
Drew - I met her at the baseball ⚾️ game.
(Drew confesses to Kim he doesn’t know how he can handle the teacher 👩‍🏫 conference and back to school night for Oscar. Oh boy! Boring!!)

At the Courthouse....
Julian - Kiki is my niece and I want to support her.
Alexis - I never thought I would have to represent a client in a sexual harassment case in 2018! I am angry 😤, and if you are not. It is a problem.

At Kelly’s Diner....
Scott - Well, you see son, people can be unpredictable. The truth and nothing but the truth? It gets to them.
Franco - What do you mean?
Scott - When you get them under oath they feel a need to unburden themselves. That’s it. Nothing but shrapnel!

In Ava’s apartment......
Ava and Griffin prep Kiki and tell her when Dr. Bresch looks at her and tries to trap her, don’t give him anything.

In Peter’s hospital room....
Robert - If you provide certain information about the Russian facility where Jason was?
Peter - Just before Jason received the treatment, doctors were bragging about various successes.
Robert - What about the other 5 patients?
Peter - My main focus was about Patient 6.
Robert - That was a test and you flunked it!
Peter - You’re sending me back to Steinbeck?
Robert - For Anna’s sake, we will shelve all the charges against you.
Peter - What does that mean?
Robert - You are free as long as I say you are. IF we want to use you at the WSB, we will use you ANY way I want. Is that clear?
Peter - Yes, it is.
Robert - Don’t mess this up!

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Franco - Are you sitting on some information for Kiki’s case?
Scott - Hypothetically, how do you tell a mother your daughter had relations with an ex-priest who is going with the mother?
Franco - Do you mean Kiki?
Scott - Now, what are YOU going to do with this information?

At the Courthouse.....
Alexis - Sorry 😐 this issue in particular gets me worked up.
Julian - Well, I am angry, thanks to you. The more I think about it, it gets me mad 😡! If a man messes up, he only has to find a good woman. That’s the world I grew up in. No woman wants to be controlled. Kiki is very fortunate to have you in her corner. So are Molly, Sam and Christina.

At Ava’s apartment....
(Kiki wants to wear a very conservative outfit to court.)
Ava - I bet Alexis didn’t tell you to wear that? Kiki if you wear that outfit you will be saying to Dr. Bensch... you win! You are taking away my confidence and my power. You have to get in there and you have to fight!
(Ava and Alexis want Kiki to win the court case they never could. It is hard to put all the hopes of woman who have been sexually abused on her shoulders.)

In Peter’s hospital room....
(DA Dawson tells Peter he is a criminal for what he did to Jason Morgan. But it is not in her jurisdiction.)
Peter - If it is not in your jurisdiction, then it is none of your business.
DA Dawson - Do you know identity theft is a crime?
Peter - I did not steal Jason Morgan’s identity.
DA Dawson - Yes, but you did steal Drew Cain’s! If I can prove it you will go to prison.

At the hiding spot........
(The kidnapper brings a weak, drugged Anna into Finn’s room.)
Finn - Anna???
Kidnapper - If our patient dies, so does Anna!

In Peter’s hospital room...
Peter - I am SO tired of telling the PCPD and WSB I had nothing to do with it.
DA Dawson - You stole all of Drew Cain’s memory!
Peter - YOU are trafficking in stolen information! It could be called blackmail. I think you want to use my freedom for something else?
DA Dawson - You made a mess and it is MY job to clear it up. You give Drew Cain back his identity and I will drop every charge!

At Ava’s apartment......
(Kiki changes her clothes to a youthful outfit.)
Ava - Now you look 👀 better! Harassment is harassment. You will tackle it. (Hugs) There is nothing in this world 🌍 that will tarnish my love 😍 for you, Kiki!

At Kelly’s Diner...
Franco - Have you considered not putting Griffin on the stand?
Scott - Bensch wants Griffin to testify.
Franco - Then I will go to Alexis and warn her.
Scott - Better you than me!
Franco - I will tell Alexis asking the wrong question could not only blow the client’s case, but ruin her life.

At the kidnappers hiding place...
(Anna was faking illness!)
Anna - Why are you here? Is this a rescue attempt or is it Robert’s plan?
Finn - It is Robert’s plan. They brought me here to take care of a patient I never met and to cure a disease I don’t recognize.
Anna - I really missed you. ( kiss 💋 kiss 💋)
Finn - I missed you too!

At Peter’s hospital room...
Peter - Why do you want to help Drew?
Drew - He is a liar and I accept the life I have.
DA Dawson - If you want to press charges I will help you!
Drew - The flash drive is gone. If you want to press charges, go ahead. If it is for thanks!
DA Dawson - Are you sure you don’t want to press charges?
Drew - I am sure. It won’t bring my memory back.

Griffin - That will do it, Mr. August! You are free to go.
Peter - And where will I be going to?
DA Dawson - Our 👮‍♀️ officer will let you go. I don’t want to see you again.

At the nurses’ station......
(Elizabeth and Franco see Griffin....)
Elizabeth - I will be testifying at the trial.
(Franco is giving Griffin dirty looks...)
Elizabeth - What is going on with you? I thought you liked Griffin!
Franco - So did I.

In Peter’s hospital room.....
Robert - Your ass belongs to me! A little 🎁 gift from the WSB.... (he gives Peter his fathers lighter). The WSB has all your father’s things.
Peter - I don’t think I need this any more. I don’t want my father’s money 💰.
Robert - Hold on to the lighter until further notice. You are penniless.

Peter is released and sees Maxie and Nina with baby 👶 James.
Nina - Hey 👋 Peter, does this mean you are free?
Peter - I know I don’t have a right to ask, but can I see the baby 👶?
Peter looks at the baby and says - He grew a lot since I last saw him.
Maxie - Will you be leaving Port Charles? Where will you go?
Peter - I understand why you want me to leave and never come back.
Maxie - I don’t hate you, but I don’t want you to come back.
Peter - I never had a home 🏠 and Port Charles fells like home go me. I have decided to stay and give it another chance.

Drew - I don’t want to press charges on August.
DA Dawson - Well, you just cleared up my schedule!
Drew - I am going to get a hot dog 🌭. Do you want one?

In the hiding place.....
(Finn tells Anna that Robert put a chip in his hand to track him. Anna takes the chip out of Finn’s hand.)
Anna - We have to figure out what they are doing, and we cant do that if Robert comes to the rescue.

Robert - I just lost Finn’s signal...

In the court room......
Julian - How is the team doing? Kiki I support you 100%.
Franco - Kiki, you got this!

Then, Franco sees Alexis at the desk......
Franco - I need to talk to you, Alexis.
Alexis - Not now, Franco.
Franco - I need to talk to you before your whole case falls apart.
— MOM (8.8.18)
Tuesday on GH..........
At the Pier......
DA Dawson - Tell me why I shouldn’t turn you in?
Jason - I have something you need to know.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael - I don’t believe this! It looks familiar.
Sam - THAT is the blanket your mother was talking about.

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - No need to go to the press.
Sonny - If you don’t do anything about it, I will go to the papers!
Jordan - Stay with him.
Chase - How is Michael?
Sonny - How do you think?
Chase - Say it! It was ALL my fault. How many times did you tell me nothing had better go wrong? The baby died and it is MY fault.
Sonny - It is not your fault. Things happen.

In the interrogation room.....
Carly - Hello, Nelle. Long time no see.
Nelle - What are you doing here? 😱
Carly - I had to see you one more time so I can tell you to your face...... I WIN!! Oh, I see they have you cuffed to the table?
Nelle - What about YOUR sentence?
Carly - My sentence is about to be a thing of the past. You’re screwed, Nelle! You don’t have one redeeming quality.
Nelle - I saved Joss’s life.
Carly - Joss’s FATHER saved her life.
Nelle - Yeah, with MY kidney.

At the Quartermaine Mansion....
Michael - The police went over this room with a fine tooth comb!
Sam - Someone who decided to cross Nelle left the blanket here. This will help your mother. Michael, take this blanket to the police 👮 station now.
Michael - Ok thank you! Anyone ever tell you, you make a good P.I.?

At the Pier.......
Jason - This is the consent form Carly had to sign for convulsive therapy.
DA Dawaon - It is signed.
Jason - No, Carly did not sign it.
DA - Where did you get this?
Jason - From a friend.
DA - So she had shock therapy?
Jason - She did not sign this consent form. She did NOT give consent!

At the Interrogation Room........
Carly - My conviction will not stand after your confession.
Nelle - I was coerced to give a confession. I still say YOU pushed me down the stairs and you can’t prove otherwise!
Carly - You came to town to mess with me because Frank (their father) lied. Then, you messed with Sonny, Joss, Michael and Jason. Bottom line, you messed with the wrong family!
Nelle - You did your share of damage. Stop 🛑 me when it sounds familiar? You came to town and trashed your mother’s marriage!
Carly - I regret it every day.
Nelle - You were the WORST.
Carly - Yes, until I grew up and was loved. You are incapable of love Nelle. You have to have a soul to love. You enjoyed torturing me, but when you messed with my baby (Joss)? THAT is when you crossed the line.

At the Pier.....
DA Dawson - As bad as this is, YOU broke her out of Ferncliff.
Jason - When I saw Carly, she was strapped to a table with a rubber stick in her mouth! If she was electro-shocked she would have been a vegetable 🌽! YOU are to blame for sending her to Ferncliff. You have the chance to do the right thing.

(Kiki’s court case is tomorrow. Ava is worried about the trial and how Dr. Bensch’s attorney will portray Kiki. Ava is proud of her daughter and will be in the court to support her.

Alexis asks Kiki for the last time if there is anything she should know before the trial? Kiki says there is nothing. She will not admit she and Griffin slept 🛏 together.

BAD MOVE....... Scott Baldwin knows she and Griffin slept together!)

Kiki - I should get back to work.
Alexis - You have a very good case.

(Scott asks Dr. Bensch to settle the case.)
Bensch - Why would I settle the case?
Scott - The longer the trial hangs on.....
Bensch - It would be an admission of guilt!

At the Pier......
Jason - Carly and I could be in another country now. You could do the right thing!
DA Dawson - YOU showed yourself to ME! I can’t say I didn’t see you. Can you turn yourself in?
Jason - Yes, as long as Carly is safe. I am ok with that.

At the PCPD......
Sonny - No one could imagine the baby would be a casualty!
Chase - But he was.
Sonny - And you have to carry that burden.

In the Interrogation Room.......
Carly - Joss had a big brother who died. A grandfather with Alzheimer’s. She didn’t need your kind of psycho. No one loves you!
Nelle - Well, Michael did.
Carly - For a minute. If this is MY revenge, what do you think Sonny will do?
Nelle - Kicking a mother when she is down.
Carly - Well, at least you can’t use the baby any more.
Nelle - You think you have it all Carly? The world 🌍 revolves around YOU? Well there is a hell of a lot you don’t know.
Carly - You are so oblivious! I don’t care about you! We’re finished.

Outside of Interrogation Room.....
Chase - Mrs. Corrinthos?
Carly - Hi 👋 Detective Chase. I came here to turn myself in.
(Jason and DA Dawson arrive in the station.)
Sonny - You’ve got to be kidding!
DA Dawson - So much has gone wrong with this case, I am willing to sign off on Carly going to Shady Brook,
Sonny - That is SO not happening. Diane just met with the judge 👨‍⚖️. She asked asked if Carly’s sentence can be vacated. You have 24 hours to object. You came after my wife because of ME!

(Michael brings the baby blanket to the police 👮 station.)
Carly - Michael, I am turning myself in.
Michael - I think I can help with that. (The baby blanket falls out of the box 📦).
Carly - Where did you find this??
Michael - It was at the Quartermaine nursery.
Carly - How?
Michael - I don’t know.
Chase - It was the one Carly was talking about!
DA Dawson - The nursery was turned upside down! How do I know YOU didn’t put the blanket there?
Sonny - We had nothing to do with that!
DA Dawson - We will have to check for finger prints.
Chase - You are not the first person who was conned by Nelle Benson! Admit it and move on.
DA Dawson - Good advice. I will speak to the judge 👨‍⚖️ to vacate the charges.

At the Metro Court lounge.....
(Sam tells Alexis that Michael and Nelle had a baby last night. It was stillborn.)
Alexis - I’m sorry to hear that. I heard Jason broke Carly out of Ferncliff. Did you help him?
Sam - No, I didn’t.
Alexis - You would have if he asked!
Sam - No answer.
(Sam and Alexis talk about her and Sonny’s daughter Christina. I guess she is coming back?)

At General Hospital.....
(Griffin confesses to Ava he ❤️ loves her. He also tells Kiki he has to tell Ava he slept with someone. He wont mention Kiki’s name.)
Kiki - If you tell my mother, you will lose her and you will make an enemy of her!

At the Floating Rib.......
Scott tells Ava he is going to trial.)
Ava - Good. Make sure Kiki wins.
Scott - That is, IF she wins. I will do all I can, but I have to make it look good.

At the PCPD....
(The police walk Nelle out of the interrogation room.)
Nelle - Michael, WHERE did you get that blanket?? 😳
DA Dawson - The blanket that you said didn’t exist? Well, it is right here.
Nelle - You are ALL out to get me!! 😰
(The police 👮‍♀️ officer takes Nelle to the area for her to be put in jail.)
DA Dawson - I got Nelle on so many counts, the blanket is the least of it.
Carly - Not to me!

(Nelle is handcuffed and sitting on a bench....)
Michael - Do you want me to make some call?
Nelle - So, you still care?
Michael - I cared about the baby. I will try to get you the minimum, after that you are nothing to me.
Nelle is causing a fuss and screaming - YOU got all you wanted Carly! I HATE YOU!!
I HATE YOU!! 🤯😡🤬

Sonny - Are you going to arrest Jason?
DA Dawson - He broke into Ferncliff.
Sonny - Diane will fight you, and you will lose.
(Jason and Carly go with Jordan.)

Sonny - You feel good about yourself?
DA Dawson - Shouldn’t I?
Sonny - Jason and Carly don’t deserve to be locked up!
DA Dawson - I want YOU.
Sonny - Come and get me!
DA Dawson - Oh, I will! And when I do, the case will be air tight.

In the interrogation room.....
Carly - We could be in Canada 🇨🇦 now.
Jason - That’s ok.
Carly - We stayed for my family. I am sorry you are here because you were trying to help me!
Jason - I knew I would be arrested.
— MOM (8.7.18)
Monday on GH.............
At the Pier.....
Sam - Jason. It’s ok. Why did you call me here?
Jason - I need another favor.

At Kelly’s Diner ......
Ava - Thank you for meeting me.
Julian - What is in the bag?
Ava - This is what I want to talk to you about.

At the PCPD.....
Michael tells Lucas and Brad that Nelle is back in custody thanks to Joss.
Lucas - She is her mother’s daughter.

At the safe house 🏠....
Sonny tells Carly that Joss found Nelle and stopped her from escaping.
Carly - I’m leaving town now at the wrong time. I should have been there yesterday. I should have been there when my family needed me!

At the interrogation room......
Nelle - You have blood on your hands.....Chase and Michael too.
Jordan - I’m sorry for your loss.
Nelle - I can’t get a fair shot. Sonny Corrinthos runs this town.
Jordan - Sonny didn’t force you to kill Zach Grant.
Nelle, I have something you want and it has everything to do with Carly.

At the Pier......
Jason - I will try something and if it doesn’t work Carly and I will have to go to Canada 🇨🇦. If we do, I won’t be able to help Michael?
Sam - Where is he?
Jason - At the safe house. I can’t be with Michael. Neither will Sonny and Carly.
Sam - You don’t have to ask. I love Michael and will watch over him.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Ava - There is nothing incriminating in the bag.
Julian - Why are you holding it so tightly?
Ava - You said you wanted to be a better person for Kim. Nelle’s baby was stillborn.
Julian - Even though I don’t like Michael, he lost a baby too. Why do you need to see me?
Ava - I will just show you.
Julian- Isn’t that what I think it is? A blanket that looks a lot like Morgan’s.
Ava - What is important is that the blanket reappears and helps Carly.
Julian - You are doing this to help YOU.
Ava - I want closure.
Julian - How do you plan to get closure?

In the Interrogation room......
Jordan 🇯🇴 plays the tape of Michael saying Nelle gaslit Carly.
Jordan - Carly never pushed you! For once in your life do the right thing!
Nelle - What is in it for me?

Outside .....
Michael - Congratulations 🎈 on the baby 👶! Were you surprised 😮 when the baby showed up?
Lucas - I was and got a dozen messages from Brad while I was in surgery. Wylie arrived a week early.
Brad - We need to go home 🏡.
Lucas - Wylie, this guy is my nephew, which makes you cousins.
Michael - Can I hold him?
Lucas - Of course.

Michael holds the son he thought had died as Brad looks on.

(This was a sad scene and brought tears to my eyes.)

Michael - You two dads don’t know how lucky you are. Wylie is the one good thing that happened right now. You will raise him in love. The world is so much better Wylie, because you are in it.

Michael gives Wylie back to Brad and walks out of the PCPD.
Lucas - He is right. We are so lucky.

At the pier......
Sam- I love Michael but if you really want to help him, find a way to stay Port Charles. Do it for yourself. I get it, you will do right for Carly. I had to accept that. Carly can take care of herself but you would go to prison for her in a heart beat.
Jason - I am going to find another way.
Sam - So find another way!

At Kelly’s Diner....
Julian - So do I put the blanket on the door 🚪 step and run?
Ava - No. You go to the Quartermaine Mansion and when you find a good time slip the blanket into the baby nursery. Jules please, I am asking you to do this for me? Put the blanket in the nursery?
Julian - Give it to me.

In the interrogation room ....
Jordan - You want to cut a deal? That might be a little tough.
Nelle - That is entrapment. Jason and Michael trapped me!
Jordan - I would have said maybe before the car 🚘 crash. How did you know about the car 🚘 crash Nelle?
Jordan plays Nelle saying got to find a way for Michael to die.
Jordan - Are you sure you don’t want a lawyer?

At the safe house 🏡......
Carly - I don’t have time? I don’t want to go to Canada 🇨🇦 for 3 minutes let alone 3 months. I just want this to be over. Jason, my kid (Joss) needs me!
Sonny- Carly is having second thoughts about going to Canada 🇨🇦.
Jason - You may not have to go. Take a look at this? (The consent form.)
Sonny - Where did you get this?
Jason - Sam and Curtis got the form from Ferncliff. Is that your signature?
Carly - No it is not. The date is the same day as Michael’s wedding 🎩? That was before the treatment!

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Drew sees Margo (DA Dawson) and tells her she may have gotten the wrong impression the other day. He wants to set the record straight.
Margo - I’ve got to ask this.
Drew - Go ahead.
Margo - This stuff with your memory? You were Drew Cain and your memory was replaced by your brother Jason.
Drew - Yes.
Margo - All of your memories are on a flash drive. Is that correct?
Drew - I think Curtis wanted to be my wingman but I am not looking.
Margo - I will tell you this Drew Cain, get over yourself.

Julian goes to the Q Mansion and puts the blanket in a draw in the baby nursery.

Back at Kelly’s Diner......
Julian - Mission accomplished .
Ava - Did anyone see you?
Julian - The housekeeper let me in. No one was near the nursery.
Ava - Thank you 🙏 Thank you.
(Lucas and Brad bring Wylie in and Julian and Ava see the baby. Julian takes a picture of Lucas and Brad with Wylie.)
Ava - You’re a proud grandpa and they make a great family.

At the safe house 🏠.....
Carly - I think it sounds great.
Sonny - Canada 🇨🇦 is safer for everyone.
Carly - Canada 🇨🇦 will take months and this will take a few hours. It is really for you than for me?
Jason - I am good with either way. It is your call.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Monica - You ok?
Michael - No, not for a long time.
Monica - You’re right, you won’t be but you will get through this. You will grieve but you will endure.
Michael - How long will it take?
Monica - Forever until it doesn’t.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Margo - You’re not the only one who is not looking.
Drew - Curtis is terrible at it.
Margo - If we do look 👀. We should us a dating service for an amnesiac and a DA who is not looking. I got to go.

Back in the interrogation room.....
Jordan - We have everything we need to prosecute you for conspiracy to commit murder. In NY that is life. I will let Florida take care of itself. Admit you gaslit Carly. Don’t add perjury to it!
Nelle - I need to go back to the hospital!
Jordan - So you can escape again? If you are really sick 😷 i will bring a doctor in here.
Nelle - Commissioner I would like a lawyer now.

In the Quartermaine Mansion........ in the baby nursery.....
(Michael is looking at the baby clothes.)
Sam - Hey, I thought I would find you here!
Michael - I thought I would pack the baby clothes up and send them to the shelter.
Sam - You want some help?
Michael - Yes, thank you. My marriage was a lie but the baby was real. His name is Jonah.
Sam - Jonah may not have been in the world 🌍 long but he will always be in your heart 💜.
Michael - I don’t know 🤔 how I can do this? I want my son to be proud of me!
Sam - He knows and is proud.

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Mr. Corrinthos. What brings you to the PCPD?
Sonny - What if my wife turned herself in voluntarily? You’ve got the real criminal. Concentrate on her instead of my wife. If you won’t listen, I will have to tell someone else! Did you know that Ferncliff forged Carly’s signature on the consent form to give her electro convulsive therapy?

Carly gets into the interrogation room...
Carly- Hello Nelle.

At the pier.......
DA Dawson - Ok I got your text! I am interested.
Jason - Thanks for coming?
DA - Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t turn you in?

At the Quartermaine Mansion nursery......
Sam - Maybe you can gift 🎁 some baby clothes to Wylie?
Michael - Ok a gift 🎁 to Wylie from cousin Michael.
Michael opens the baby dresser draw and finds the green and yellow baby blanket .
Michael - Sam do you see this? It wasn’t here before.
— MOM (8.7.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH but I can’t write that date and not say Happy 😃 🎂 Birthday 🎁 Jen. I love 💕 you.
(aw, thanks, mom!)

Jordan - Agent Scorpio, Peter August will be released to your custody.

Michael comes into the PCPD..
Michael - What do you want?
Jordan - I need you to tell me where I can find your mother and Jason Morgan?

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Nina tells Maxie that Lisle broke out of custody last night. She caused an accident with Michael and Nelle.
Maxie - Are they ok? The baby? Oh, Michael!
Nina - We know it is bad when your heart goes out to Nelle1
Maxie - Always bad news.
Nina - Hey, I have positive news! Lucas and Brad got their baby last night. So, your cousin is a father!

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Jason broke your mother out of Ferncliff last night.
Michael - I was a little busy with my baby dying.
Jordan - Chase, what is it?
Chase - Nelle escaped.

Outside of General Hospital....
Joss see Nelle trying to escape.
Joss - Where do you think you’re going? Nice scrubs.
Nelle - Joss, you shouldn’t be here.
Joss - I saw you trying to escape so I decided to follow you.
Nelle - Did you tell anyone?
Joss - No, it is just us.

At Finn’s apt.....
Robert - You lead me to the kidnappers and I will grab them.
Finn - What happens to Anna while your doing this?
Robert - I will not let anything happen to either of you. I promise.
Finn - How will you know my whereabouts?
Robert - I will put this chip in you.
Finn - This is what people do with their dogs 🐕!
Robert - Exactly. I need to take care of something first.

At the PCPD....
Michael - What happened? How did Nelle get away 🏃?
Chase - She slipped out of the room while the guard was on a call.
Jordan - Nelle‘s face is all over the news out there. With no money 💰 and no friends to help her. I think I know two people.
(Jordan calls Brad as he and Lucas are leaving GH with Wylie.)
Jordan - This is Commissioner Jordan Ashford. You need to come to the police 👮 station right away.
Brad - What is this about?
Jordan - Did you commit a crime with Nelle Benson?
Brad - I don’t know 🤔 ? You called ME. Look, I am a little occupied now.
Jordan - I expect to see you at the station, immediately.

At the Pier.....
Nelle - Thanks for not calling the police.
Joss - You planned to kill my brother! How could you do that? You used Morgan’s blanket to sabotage my mother!
Nelle angry 😤 - Your mother wanted me to die! My baby DID die exactly like your mother wanted.

Lulu goes to see Peter August in the hospital at GH.
Lulu - You took advantage of me!
Peter - Involving you was not personal. Does Dante want you to stop working?
Lulu - If I give up reporting it will be MY decision. No one else. By the way, Lisle Obrecht is a fugitive.
Peter - She escaped?
Lulu - Yes, I wrote the story myself.
Peter - If I was still the COO at Aurora, I wouldn’t let you go without a fight!

At the PCPD......
Chase - Ava Jerome is not picking up her cell phone 📱 or the land line.
Jordan - The hospital found Nelle on the cameras 🎥.
Michael - I need to go with you.
Jordan - No, you will only make her angry 😡. (Chase cuffs Michael and make sure he doesn’t leave.)

At the Pier......
Nelle - My baby died and you just believe Michael‘s lies! Hey, what are you doing?
Joss - Calling the police 👮.
Nelle - You would do that to me! We are sisters!
Joss - Avery is my sister. Molly is my sister. YOU are a piece of trash.
Nelle - You’re just like Carly.
Joss - You bet I am! You messed with the wrong family.....BITCH.

At Kelly’s Diner....
Nina - Will you come back to Crimson? I need you there! Valentin has me so confused I can’t think straight.
Maxie - I will come back to work, but Valentin is your problem!

At the PCPD......
Chase - Thank you for staying around.
Michael - I don’t want you to lose your job. We should be out there! No one knows Nelle better than we do. I tried to see the good in Nelle. It is time she faced the consequences.
Chase - I was so convinced we were doing the right thing. What if there was another way to do this and the baby was still alive?

At the docks/pier.....
Nelle - You wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for me! I saved your life AND gave you half of my liver.
Joss - All I owe you is to call the cops 👮.
(Nelle knocks the phone 📱 out of Joss’s hand 🤚 and knocks her to the ground.)
Nelle - After all I did for you!
(Joss gets up and socks 🧦 Nelle in the face.)

At GH....
Finn sends a text..... On my way.
He then gets into the elevator and a well dressed man gets in with him .

In Peter August’s hospital room......
Robert - Here I am.
Peter - Didn’t we go through this the other day?
Robert - The WSB would like a word.

Lulu meets Maxie and Nina at Kelly’s Diner....
Lulu gives them a copy of her final article on Faison. She wants their approval before she gives it to her editor.

At General Hospital......
Lucas - Did Jordan say what this was about?
Brad - Lets go home 🏡.
Lucas - You’re holding something back from me.
(Brad is very anxious) Let’s go home 🏡 before the baby is taken from us. Maybe I am not cut out to be a father.
Lucas - I get why you are scared 😱. I am too! We will raise Wylie as ours. I will go with you to the PCPD.

At the Pier......
Nelle and Joss are fighting. Nelle hits Joss in the stomach and tells her to stay down.
Joss gets up and pushes Nelle into the wall and bangs her head against the wall over and over.
Jordan and the police 👮 arrive to stop 🛑 the fight.
Jordan - That is enough!
(Nelle is on the floor.)
Joss - Nelle was trying to escape.

(BRAVO 👏🏻 JOSS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 GOOD FOR YOU.)

At the PCPD......
Michael- I would have done everything differently. I convinced myself I could save Nelle.
Jordan and Joslyn arrive at the station.
Michael - Joss, what happened to your face? Are you ok?
Jordan - Your sister helped apprehend a very dangerous fugitive.
Michael - Who?

The police 👮 bring in a handcuffed Nelle who looks like she was in a 🥊 fight.

In Peter’s hospital room......
Peter - What does the WSB want with me? I didn’t do anything.
Robert - I’m sure Jason Morgan would disagree.
Peter - Where is Anna.
Robert - Dealing with other matters so she won’t be able to save your sorry ass!

We see Finn is handcuffed with a bag over his head...... the bag comes off and he sees two well dressed men.
Finn - Who are you? (He gets a punch 🥊 in the stomach.)
Man - We need you to take care of our patient.

At the PCPD.........
Chase - Where did you find her?
Jordan - Pier 55. Joss did her civic duty.

In the interrogation room.....
Nelle - Arrest Joss! She attacked me. I want to press charges.
Jordan - We have a few questions for you.
Nelle - I can’t be responsible for my actions. My mind is very hazy.
Chase - Sure. You stole the scrubs and tried to escape.
Nelle - I will get you for entrapment.
Chase - Not today, Janelle. We did it by the book.

Outside of interrogation room...
Joss - I am sorry 😐 for the baby.
Michael - The doctor 👩‍⚕️ said the accident didn’t cause his death. We named him Jonah. He is at peace now.
Joss - Why doesn’t we get out of here? Lets take Sonny’s boat 🚣 and ride.
Michael - I have things to take care of.
Joss - Forget about Nelle! She can rot in jail.
Michael - Let me get you a car 🚘? We can take Sonny’s boat out later. Thank you 🙏 for what you did today. I am proud of you.
Joss - I had to do something!

In the interrogation room.......
Jordan - You have the right to remain silent.
Nelle - We are not going to do that now.
Jordan - I have a few questions?
Nelle grabs Jordans hand - Are you insane? You have blood on your hands . Chase and Michael too.

Brad and Lucas come into the police 👮‍♀️ station holding baby 👶 Wylie.
Brad - Michael.
Michael turns around and looks at the baby.

(This should be interesting.👀 Will Brad confess or will Nelle freak out when she sees Brad and her 🍼 baby 👶?)

In Peter August’s hospital room.....
Peter - When you hear this you wont want to arrest me.
Robert is laughing 😂 - Amuse me.
Peter - Locking me up is counter productive. I have information on the others.
Robert sits up - What others?
Peter - The ones who came BEFORE Jason Morgan . Patients 1-2-3-4-&5.

(This is going to be GOOD!! Who are the people who were presumed dead? We have Nicholas Cassadine and of course Morgan Corrinthos. There are 5 people walking around with someone else’s is memory.)
— MOM (8.3.18)
Thursday on GH............
At the safe 🏠 house...
Carly - Thank you 🙏 for bringing Joss here. It is such a beautiful morning. Where is Michael? If you hadn’t gotten me out of Ferncliff, I don’t know if I would have remembered the sky 🌌 again.
Jason - It is over. You are never going back to Ferncliff.

At Ferncliff..........
Sam and Curtis pay Mary Pat a visit disguised as government officials.
Curtis - We are here to discuss the Carolyn Corrinthos’ escape.

Ava is at the Pier with a big black bag, the baby blanket and a lighter.
Griffin - Ava, what are you doing?

At General Hospital......
Michael - I appreciate you, Dad.
Sonny - You don’t deserve this. You can always lean on me.
Michael - Thanks, Dad.
Sonny - You ready to go?
Michael - No, I still need to do something.

In Nelle’s hospital room.....
Dr. Kim - Everything looks good. You’re doing very well considering what you went through.
Nelle - As soon as you release me, they will take me to jail.

At the safe house 🏠.....
Carly - Last night, Joss and I had frozen pizza 🍕, it could be my favorite meal 🥘. I hate Nelle for a million reasons, but I hate her most for manipulating Joslyn.
Joss - Good morning.🌞 I can’t say goodbye! Maybe I can go with you?
Carly - Jax wouldn’t like me taking you out of the country.
Jason - Maybe there is another way?

At Ferncliff....
Mary Pat - We are taking the situation seriously.
Sam - How did she escape?
Mary Pat - She was taken from here with someone who used to work here.
Curtis - We are here to tell you you’re being nominated for the Innovated Peoples Award 🥇.
Mary Pat - That is the highest award the Committee offers!
Sam - We are a little concerned after hearing of Mrs. Corrinthos escape.
Mary Pat - Are you asking to see the patient file?
Curtis - This is the highest form of protocol.
(Sam is looking at Carly’s patient records.)
Sam - Everything seems to be in order.
Curtis - Thank you very much .
Sam - We will see ourselves out.

Curtis - Did you get it?
Sam - Yes, I have the consent form for Carly. This is what Jason is looking for.

At General Hospital in Nelle ‘s room...
Kim - I have no reason to keep you. All I can address is your medical condition.
Nelle - I don’t feel healthy.
Kim - I will find Michael.

Michael - Do Mom and Joss know about the baby?
Sonny - Not yet.
Michael - You can tell them.
Kim - Excuse me, Michael?
Sonny - If you need me me. Bye.

At the pier.....
Ava - I just needed to take a walk.
Griffin - So you came to the docks...alone?
Ava - I can take care of myself.
Griffin - Are you ok?
Ava - I was remembering how you looked at me at the wedding 🎩 when Carly said Nelle had help.
Griffin - She was looking at you.
Ava - You are right. I did help Nelle.

In Nelle’s hospital room.....
Kim - Your baby‘s death is unexplained.
Michael - The baby was fine at the last checkup.
Kim - It happens in 1200 cases.
Michael - 1200 babies die for no reason?
Nelle - The car crash killed the baby!
Kim - The baby didn’t suffer any injury from the crash.
Nelle - Are you sure?
Kim - The car crash didn’t cause your baby’s death.
Nelle - I don’t believe you! You are siding with him!
Kim - The coroner has prepared the death certificate. The name of the baby is blank. Put the name in, and I am sorry for your loss. (She leaves.)
Nelle - I guess it doesn’t matter why the baby died. He is gone. Nothing will bring the baby back!

At the pier....
Griffin - How did you help Nelle?
Ava - I befriended Nelle and offered her a job. It made Sonny and Carly so 😤 angry. Maybe in some way I started Nelle down that path.
Griffin - Did you help her work against Carly?

At Lulu’s house 🏠...
Rocco wakes up Chase. He was so drunk Lulu couldn’t find his keys 🔑 for his apt. So she let him sleep on the couch. He tells Lulu he was the investigating officer 👮‍♀️ in the death of Zachary Grant, Nelle’s fiancé. He followed her to Florida and got involved with her. She reported him to the authorities and the case went stale. He met her again in Port Charles.

At the Safe House 🏠,........
Joss - How long can someone stay here without getting caught?
Carly - It would be nice for Jason and me to stay here but it is too risky. I wish we could find the blanket!
Joss - I can’t believe Nelle knitted a blanket just like Morgan’s.
Carly - I saved Morgan’s baby blanket. If that little bitch got her hands on Morgans blanket.....
Joss - It is MY fault. I’m the one who sided with her over and over again!
Jason - You were raised as a good person and gave her the benefit of the doubt.
Joss - Over my mother!
Jason - She took advantage of you. You can trust your own instincts and make your own decisions. If something goes wrong, you made the call.
Joss - Ok. I can’t wait for the baby to be born.

At the Pier......
Ava - I thought Nelle wanted to get back with Michael. She wanted to hurt Carly!
Griffin - We can only make amends for the hurt we caused.
Ava - I wish I could be like you!
Griffin - You are nothing like Nelle.
Ava - How come you believe in me?
Griffin - Because you have a soul. I wish you could believe in yourself.
Ava - Thank you for showing up in the right place at the right time and saying the right thing.
Griffin - I got to go to work. (hug, hug, kiss 💋 kiss)

Ava calls Julian - Hey 👋 Julian, when you get this message, call me. No, it is not illegal. it is just the opposite.

In Nelle’s hospital room......
Michael - We already agreed on the name for the baby........Jonah. Agreed?
Nelle - Yes. Michael, this is not a negotiation. Our baby is dead.
Michael is angry 😤 - Was that before you wanted all my money 💰 and wanted me dead?
Nelle - I won’t let you steamroll me. I am still your wife!
Michael - You are NOT my wife. You never were!

Back at the safe house 🏠.......
Sonny - You all need to hear this. Michael‘s baby is dead.
Carly - NO! That can’t be! There is some mistake.
Sonny - Nelle left Michael in the car 🚘 after the crash. She went into the woods and had the baby.
Joss - She did this on purpose!
Jason - How is Michael?
Sonny - He is strong, but he has a broken heart 💔.

In Lulu’s 🏠 house......
Chase - I got a call from Jordan 🇯🇴? Nelle is going to be sent to jail.
Lulu - In the meantime we have to bury a baby.
Chase - I gave Nelle every chance to back out of rigging the car 🚘.
Lulu - Do you think Nelle had help in framing Carly?

At GH in Nelle’s hospital room.....
Nelle - We got married!
Michael - The “ mayor” officiated.
Nelle - I just lost my baby! Maybe we can hold together?
Michael - You think so?
Nelle - When I was young, things were taken from me. I get those crazy thoughts.
Michael - Maybe you are mentally ill! Or a sociopath? I don’t care.
Nelle - How can you be so cruel?
Michael - YOU used a disappearing pen. YOU put Morgan’s cologne on his grave site to make my mother think he was there. The blanket was ALL to set up my mom. Well, the “marriage,” the “prenup” and the “will” were all set ups! All of it. I did have a real will filed. If you did kill me, you wouldn’t get a dime. I was protecting my family!

(Michael walks out of the room and Nelle cries buckets of tears 😭. WA 😱 WA 🤯.)

At the Safe House 🏡.......
Carly - Is Michael still at the hospital?
Sonny - Yes.
Carly - You need to go back there! He can’t be alone.
Joss - I will go. I want to be with Michael.
Carly - I love you so much!
Jason - Now that Nelle is a murder and a psychopath, DA. Dawson will want to separate herself from the case.

Michael comes to the safe house...... Carly hugs Michael
Michael - It helps to have my family here. Does Joss know?
Carly - She was here and went to the hospital to be with you! We are all grieving your loss.

At Nelle’s hospital Room,....
Chase is there to take Nelle to jail...
Chase - Nelle? Nelle? Where is she?
Officer - I got called away for a few minutes.

At the Pier......
Jason - Did you have a problem?
Sam - No, here it is.
Jason - This doesn’t look like Carly’s signature. If she was drugged when she signed this it is not valid.
Sam - Be careful.
Jason - I am sorry.
Sam - I know you are sorry for making me worry, but not for helping Carly. That is what I like about you!

Back at the Safe House 🏡....
Michael - The baby’s name on the birth certificate is means dove.
Carly - Symbolizing peace.
Sonny - He is at peace.

At General Hospital.....
Nelle is dressed and on her way out of the building .......
Joss - Where do you think you’re going? You messed with the wrong family.....BITCH!
— MOM (8.2.18)
Wednesday on GH..........
At the safe house 🏠....
Carly - Thank God you were able to get Michael out of the 🚘 car!
Sonny - Michael is fine.
Jason - Michael is safe. Now, we have to think about Canada 🇨🇦.
Carly - Can’t we wait till the baby is born?
Jason - I guess. I have to take care of something.
Carly - Michael is free of Nelle!
Sonny - But at what cost?

At the Jones house 🏠......
Lucas - You’re here, baby 👶! You’re finally here! How did you get by for the first few hours by yourself?
Brad - You’re here now.
Lucas - We have a son!
Brad - And he is perfect.

At General Hospital....
Nelle - I was on the side of the road. Maybe I was thrown from the car 🚘?
Michael - You were IN the car 🚘.
Nelle - I don’t remember. I gave birth all alone in the dark. Then, I realized the baby 👶 was not crying. I tried so hard to get him to start breathing! The crash was too much for him.
Michael - You said the baby was fine!
Nelle - You were too busy trying to get me to commit to something!
Michael - Are you really going to blame ME for this? This happened because of YOU!

At the Floating Rib.....
Chase is there, drowning his sorrows in a beer 🍺 when Lulu comes in.
Lulu - Something is wrong. Do you need to talk to someone?
Chase - You will find out, since you’re family. Michael and Nelle were in a terrible accident.
Lulu - Michael was in an accident??
Chase - A car 🚘 crash. He got Nelle to confess to killing Zach Grant, trying to kill Michael and the gaslight of Carly.
Ava - Nelle was in an accident?
Chase - Yes, but the baby 👶 didn’t survive.

At the Safe House....
(Jason brings Joss to see her mother.)
Joss - Mom, I missed you so much (hugs)! Thank you, Jason!
(Jason and Sonny leave them alone.)
Joss - How are you?
Carly - I’m fine.
Joss - I missed you SO much. What is happening with Michael? Did Jason get you out of Ferncliff?
Carly - Yes, Jason got me out.
Joss - You should have never been in that place!

At the Floating Rib....
Ava - Nelle lost the baby?
Chase - Stillborn. Nelle wanted the car 🚘 to be rigged. She wanted to get out of the car but Michael wouldn’t let her. They crashed. It is MY fault the baby is dead.
Ava to Griffin - I have to go to see Nelle!
Griffin - Do you want me to go with you?
Ava - No, I need to go alone.
Kiki - I will say it. There is something WEIRD about Mom’s relationship with Nelle!

At General Hospital.....
Nelle is screaming at Michael - How can you blame ME for our baby DYING? YOU were driving! You hated me SO much you killed our baby! It is YOUR fault. You ruined EVERYTHING!
Elizabeth - Michael, let me take the baby. You will have all the time you need to say goodbye. Let me take the baby.
Michael - NO! You won’t take my son. Just leave us alone. Please.

(Brad tells Lucas he should spend time with the 👶 baby.....alone. He goes to the hospital to see Nelle.)

Brad - How are you feeling?
Nelle is in bed 🛏 - Fine. They are treating a mother really well. Michael thinks we lost our baby.
Brad - I just saw him. Michael is devastated!
Nelle - Good! Now he knows what it feels like.
Brad - I don’t think I can do this!
Nelle - Look 👀, you would have been arrested on the spot. Lucas would have lost you AND a son in one night. Is that what you want for him?

At the Safe House 🏠...
Joss - I can’t believe Nelle wanted to kill Michael! Now it makes sense! Michael didn’t care when I told him I saw Nelle and Chase 💋 kissing.
Carly - Nelle will go to prison for a long time.
Joss - But she didn’t say you didn’t push her down the stairs! She was lying 🤥. She did it before when she tried to break up you and Sonny. Why did I believe her? I didn’t stick up for you. I am so SO sorry 😐!
Carly - 🛑 Stop! I don’t want you to do this.
Joss - I am so stupid.
Carly - No one is to blame but Nelle.

Jason calls Sam.....
Sam - What do you need?
Jason - I need a favor.
Sam - Yeah. Anything you need.

At the Pier...
Sam - Jason.
Jason - Hey, thanks for coming.
Sam - Tell me what this is about.
Jason - I broke Carly out of Ferncliff and we have to leave for Canada 🇨🇦.

At Nelle’s hospital room.....
Ava - I heard about the accident and the baby. I am so sorry 😐!
Nelle - The baby is gone.
Ava - Should I leave and come back later?
Nelle - No. Brad needs to get back to his family.
Brad - Yes, I need to go.
Nelle - Why are you here? You made it clear you and I are NOT friends. You want to make sure I don’t turn you in? I can call the police 👮 right outside that door 🚪!

At the Nurse’s station.....
Sonny - Elizabeth, is Michael still being checked out?
Elizabeth - Michael is ok. Sonny I am sorry.....the baby.

At the Safe House 🏠.....
Joss - I testified against you!
Carly - I am proud of you. You told the truth.
Joss - I made you go up to apologize to Nelle at the party. I can’t believe Nelle is the mother of Michael ‘s baby!
Carly - She will probably have the baby in jail.
Joss - You will be a wonderful Grandmother!
Carly - You will be a wonderful Aunt.

At the Hospital Church ⛪
Sonny - Michael, is that the baby?
Michael - Yes. Do you want to take him? I am not ready to give him up. I would have given my life to save the baby! I failed him. Nelle begged me to stop driving. I am the reason the baby died.

At the Floating Rib....
Lulu - You can’t blame yourself for the death of the baby. Nelle wanted to kill Michael!
Chase - I appreciate what you are doing. I saw Nelle walking on the side of the road. She just looked at me. Somehow, I knew the baby was dead. That bundle was so still.

At Nelle’s hospital room.....
Ava - Does that mean your under arrest?
Nelle- I was holding a dead 💀 baby at the time. So, no handcuffs. You took the baby blanket, so you are an accomplice! I will NOT admit Carly didn’t push me down the stairs. I won’t give them that satisfaction! Will you go now? Please!
Ava - Nelle, I really am sorry about your baby.

Back at the Floating Rib......
(Kiki and Griffin agree not to tell Ava that they slept 🛏 together.)
Griffin - It would hurt her.
Kiki- You really don’t know my mother! If she found out we slept 🛏 together, she would be very angry 😤 and she would make us pay.

At the Pier....
Sam - How long will you be in Canada 🇨🇦?
Jason - Three months.
Sam - Any way Diane could get you out of this?
Jason - I had a gun, but not on camera 🎥. They gave Carly electro shock therapy. Sonny never approved it.
Sam - Ok, I may be able to work with that!

At the Floating Rib,.....
Ava - Sorry I ran off.
Griffin - How is Nelle?
Ava - She is not good. She lost the baby.
Griffin - Are you ok?
Ava - I am thinking about Nelle, what she is going through.

At the Hospital Church ⛪....
(Michael is holding the baby....)
Sonny - You can’t blame yourself! These things happen. Maybe the baby wasn’t meant to be.
Michael - He looks so perfect. (He sees Elizabeth.) Are you here for my son?
Elizabeth - Only when you are ready.
Michael is crying and kisses the baby - I love you. (He gives the baby to Elizabeth. Sonny and Michael hug each other and cry 😢.)

In Nelle’s hospital room....
Nelle is in bed 🛏 when she says - Sweet dreams, Baby. You are 😊 happy. Michael and his miserable family will not be able to find you, even though you are right under their nose!

(This woman is pure evil! 👹👺)
— MOM (8.1.18)
Tuesday on GH............
Brad took baby Wylie home 🏠. He gets a bottle of formula to feed the baby 🍼. Brad looks into the crib and drops the bottle. Wylie is not moving. Brad is in a panic. He administers CPR to the baby Wylie without success, Wylie is gone.

(Why would the writers do this?? Is this about infant crib death? Too sad.)

Robert tells Finn that Anna disappeared about a month ago. He says he called Robin and found out Anna was not there.
Finn - So the texts I was getting ....
Robert - Are from Anna’s captors.

Drew confides in Curtis that Peter August never intended to give him the flash drive.

We see DA Dawson with the flash drive. She puts it into the computer 💻 and sees it is a report by Dr, Andre Maddox. It is a transfer of memory from Patient A - Jason Morgan to Patient B - Drew Cain.

(What will she do with it?)

At the safe house 🏠 ......
Carly - Are you mad 😡 at me?
Jason - Why?
Carly - We are fugitives!
Jason - Carly, Michael married Nelle. It was part of the plan.
Carly - What plan?
Jason - Michael is working with the cops 👮 to nab Nelle. This is Michael‘s plan and he will solve it.
Carly - What does he think he can accomplish?
Jason - Michael wants Nelle to kill him.

At the crash site......
Sonny helps an injured 🤕 Michael out of the car 🚘 just in time! The car explodes.

At the Floating Rib....
Curtis offers to help Drew find the flash drive.
DA Dawson - Guys, of all the places to come for a beer 🍺?

At General Hospital...
Julian tells Lucas he is a father and shows him the photo of Wylie Cooper Jones. Lucas is ecstatic. He finally is a father.

We see Brad in the car 🚘 with Wylie in a basket in the back. He is crying 😭. Then he looks up and sees Nelle holding a baby 👶 saying, HELP!!

(Is this going to be a baby 👶 swap story? That is an OLD STORY!! Remember when Franco swapped a dead baby for Sam’s son Danny to give to Heather?)

At the safe house 🏠...
Carly - Where is Michael now?
Jason - You can’t call him now. (Jason tells Carly that Chase was once Nelle’s lover. Nelle killed Zachary Grant. Michael is working with Chase and Commissioner Jordan.)
Carly - Did you help Michael scam Nelle?
Jason - Yes, if she wants to rig the car, she needs help.
Carly - Detective Chase.

At the crash site....
Chase - Mr. Corrinthos, are you hurt?
Sonny - No, but Michael needs help!
Michael - NO we need to find Nelle right NOW!
Chase calls in - Find Nelle Corrinthos for attempted murder!
Sonny - Is that the car 🚘 that ran Michael off the road?
Chase - Yes. Lisle Obrecht was in it.
Sonny - Did you find her?
Chase - Not yet.
Michael - I got Nelle to admit she wanted to kill me, gaslight Mom and she killed Zach! Nelle was leaving and I couldn’t get out of the car because the seat 💺 belt was jammed. She told me too bad she didn’t have a lighter!
Chase - She wanted you to burn to death 💀.

Nelle is telling Brad about the accident - Michael doesn’t love me. We were fighting and the car went out of control. He accused me of so many things. He said I was trying to kill him! We crashed. I got out of the car and went into the woods and had the baby 👶 myself.
(Brad is in a daze .....)
Nelle - Brad, what are you looking at? What is in the basket?
Brad - Baby Wylie is dead....
Nelle shows Brad her baby....a beautiful baby 👶 boy.

At the safe house 🏠....
Jason - Nelle thinks Michael’s car was rigged to crash. The car was never rigged but was wired for sound and video. So, Chase heard everything that was said.
Carly - Isn’t that entrapment?
Jason - Whatever they talked about is recorded. Besides, Michael is Nelle’s intended victim.

At the Floating Rib......
Curtis - Join us, please.
Margarita - Thank you. (DA. Dawson starts talking of the organized crime in Port Charles - the Zacarras, the Jeromes and Sonny Corrinthos!)
Curtis - Time for me to get you a beer 🍺!
Margarita - Thank you. Drew, when you told me about the flash drive the other day, I just rolled my eyes 👀 but I did some research and it is all true. You were a Navy Seal and you were given your brother Jason’s memories.
Drew - I don’t remember it.
DA Dawson - The things that happened to Jason happened to you.
Drew - Hey, what are you doing?
Margarita - Nothing! I didn’t mean to upset you. I gave you a baseball cap 🧢 and will pick up the tab. Thank you for an interesting evening.

We see DA Dawson back in her room looking at the information on the flash drive.

(I think she is going to use Drew to get to Sonny and Jason. He knows ALL of Jason’s crimes.)

At Finn’s hotel room....
Robert reads Finn’s texts with “Anna.”
Finn - How will we get Anna back?
Robert - We will give them what they! You got an invite to Berkley.
Finn - If I don’t go, Anna will die.
Robert - Do you love Anna enough to put your life on the line for her?

At the crash site.....
Chase - Did Nelle see the explosion 💥?
Michael - I don’t know. Why?
Sonny - She might think you are dead 💀 and she is a widow.
Chase - Between what happened tonight and the recordings, that is enough for a conviction.
Sonny - Where is that ambulance 🚑?
Chase is on the phone 📱 - I am still waiting for an EMS for Route 23! Oh ok?
Sonny - What?
Chase - We got another call on a single man who broke your wife out of Ferncliff? Do you know who that is?
Sonny - No, I don’t.

At the safe house 🏠....
Carly - Had I known the plan all along of Michael setting Nelle up?
Jason - You wouldn’t have done anything differently.
Carly - Nelle is a psycho! I don’t think she cares about the money 💰 (wrong) she wants to kill Michael. Now, we are fugitives! I am crazy 😜, but YOU could be in a lot of trouble!
Jason - That’s why we’re going to Canada 🇨🇦 . Diane can make a deal. You didn’t give permission for that electro-convulsive therapy. They never asked Sonny!
Carly - How long would we be in Canada?
Jason - Three months.
(Jason hears a sound and takes out his gun...)
Sonny - Jason?
(Carly runs to Sonny.)
Sonny - When Chase told me about the escape, I knew it was you!
Carly - Did Michael‘s plan work?
Sonny - There was a car 🚘 accident. Michael is fine, a little banged up.

In the woods......
Brad - I don’t know 🤔 what happened? He wasn’t breathing! I did CPR!
Nelle - I am sorry.
Brad - I will give you a ride to the hospital.
Nelle - I can’t go with you, but you can take my baby 👶.
Brad - What are you saying??
Nelle - I told you, Michael recorded me confessing to all those crimes! I will lose my baby 👶 and Sonny will take him. I will NEVER be able to see him.
Brad - I am sorry? Maybe Lucas can help you?
Nelle - Lucas is Carly’s brother. You are not listening to me! I will LOSE my baby 👶 and I want you and Lucas to TAKE my baby 👶. He will have a good home ......NOT with Sonny.
Brad - But the baby is not mine!
Nelle - He is mine, and I am giving you my baby 👶! Lucas will never have to know. You will be happy.


At the Brad/Lucas house 🏠.....
Lucas - Brad?
Brad - You’re home 🏠!
Lucas - Where did you go?
Brad - I took the baby for a drive.
Lucas - My son? I would like to meet him! (He picks the baby up.) Wylie Cooper Jones. You’re here! I have been waiting for you! Now, we are a family.

In Finn’s hotel room...
Finn - Whatever I can do to help Anna, I’m in. When do we leave?
Robert - We have to get them to act on our timetable.
Finn - What if they hurt Anna?

We see Nelle walking out of the woods holding a baby 👶. Lights are shining and 🚨 sirens are blaring.

At the hospital....
Michael’s leg is bandaged and braced. He sees Chase.
Michael - Where is Nelle?
Chase is very quiet - She is here. I picked her up on the side of the road.
Michael sees Nelle in a wheelchair holding a baby 👶. Her head is down.
Michael excited - Nelle, you had the baby 👶! Is it a boy or girl?
Nelle looks up - A beautiful boy.
(Michael is smiling and takes the baby 👶. He looks and sees the baby is dead. Horror covers his face.)
Nelle - I’m sorry, Michael. Our son didn’t make it. It’s your fault! YOU ruined everything.
— MOM (7.31.18)
Monday on GH.......
Sonny and Chase hear the crash and the screams......Sonny feels helpless.

At Ferncliff ....
Jason, gun in hand - Drop to the floor! Are you ok?
(Jason ties the hands of Dr. Lazarus and his 2 aides.)
Carly - I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ if you’re real?
Jason - I’m right here.

At General Hospital....
Kim - Elizabeth, have you seen Nelle Benson?
Elizabeth - You mean Nelle Corrinthos?
Kim - She missed her doctor’s 👩‍⚕️ appointment.

At Jordan’s office....
Chase - No! NO! We lost them!
Sonny - Give me the last position of the car 🚘!

(We see the car 🚘 crash..... Michael has a gash on the side of his face and is slumped over the steering wheel. Nelle is ok.)
Nelle, to her stomach - You ok in there? Give me a kick or something? Good. Michael! Michael! (no response). Oh thank God, It is over.

(We see the other car 🚘crash. It is a 👮‍♀️ police 🚔 car with 2 cops hurt. Lisle Obrecht is unharmed. They were on the way to Pentonville.)
Lisle - No hard feelings? Yah. (She escapes.)

At Michael’s car crash.....
(Nelle is about to get out of the car 🚘 when.....)
Michael - Nelle! Nelle!
Nelle - Michael?
Michael - How is the baby 👶?
Nelle - Ok 👌. I was going to get help.
Michael - Enough! ENOUGH! Stop 🛑 that!
Nelle - You set me up!
Michael - I had some help from Chase. Enough of the lies and excuses. YOU tried to kill me. Yes the car 🚘 is rigged.....with audio and video. We recorded EVERYTHING you said!

Outside of Ferncliff.....
Franco is in the get away car 🚙 - Your 10 minutes are up. Jason, come on!

In the room....
Jason - How are you feeling? (He is taking Carly’s straps and mouth piece off.)
Carly - I’ve had better days.
Jason - We have to get out of here now.
Carly - I can’t stand.
Jason - Come on, you have to stand NOW.
Dr. Lazarus is on the floor - You will not get out! They will see you on the cameras 🎥.
Jason - Once we get out of this door 🚪 we don’t stop 🛑 no matter what happens.
Carly - Ok.

In the get away car 🚗.....
Franco - That is enough. You did your good deed. Get out of here....... that blue-eyed bastard took the keys 🔑!

At Jordan’s office in the PCPD.....
Chase - Nelle believed I rigged the car 🚘 to crash. It is on the tape.
Jordan - Lets see?
The tape shows that Nelle says - Chase rigged the car, I know because I told him to do it.
Jordan - She admitted she rigged the car. Let’s hear more.
The tape shows that Michael says - You wanted to kill me over a will! Nelle says - You wanted to control me and forced me to sign a prenup! I wasn’t going to let it happen again. Michael says - AGAIN? You killed Zach. Nelle says- Zach was weak and he was going to change the will.
Jordan - This is good!
Chase - Michael wanted Nelle to admit she gaslit Carly, but the crash happened.

At the crash site....
Nelle - After everything we have been through, you do this to me?
Michael - YES you tried to kill me! You are delusional to think I would trust you with my child 👶!
Nelle - Your mom was not good to me.
Michael - I would have taken care of you. My mother was right! Everyone knows what you did and who you are. It is over!
Nelle gets out of the car 🚘 - I will NOT listen to this.
Michael - Nelle, stop 🛑!
Nelle - Michael, look at you! (He is stuck in the car.)

At Ferncliff.....
(Jason takes Carly down the corridors and out of the building.)
Franco is talking to himself - What am I going to do?? What would Jason do?
(He sees Jason with Carly.)
Franco - Where have you been? What took you sooo long?
Jason - Get out! Get in the back NOW.
Carly - Why is Franco here?

At General Hospital....
(Julian, proud grandpa, is telling Kim and Elizabeth about the baby. He shows pictures on his phone 📱. Julian is waiting for his son, Lucas, to get through with surgery.)

(At 🏠 home, Brad, is staring at baby 👶 Wylie in the crib.)

At the crash site ....
(Sparks are forming around the car 🚘...)
Nelle - You having trouble with your seat 💺 belt, Michael? I smell gas ⛽️. It is right here and dripping away. If I smoked, I would light up a cigarette right now. Good luck! 🍀 I want you to remember, you brought all of this on yourself. (She walks away.)
Michael is in a panic - Nelle! Nelle! (His 💺 belt is stuck.)

At General Hospital....
Jason - Get out!
Franco - I just want to say, nothing says friendship like breaking someone out of a looney bin. Take care, Carly.
Jason - Thank you 😊.

Off the elevator at GH...
Franco - Hey 👋.
Elizabeth - There you are! I wanted to call you but your phone 📱 is off. Where have you been?

(Nelle is walking and doesn’t know where she is.)
Nelle - I need a 🚘 car. Any 🚙 car! (She drops to the ground and has severe pain.) My God, this is NOT happening. Hey, I know you! Your face is all over the news.
Lisle - Nelle, isn’t it? Nina says you’re a lying snake 🐍.
Nelle - I’m in labor!

At the crash site...
(As Michael is frantically looking for something to cut the strap of the seat 💺 belt, Sonny shows up.)
Michael - Dad, do you have a knife?
Sonny - Yes!
Michael - Dad, the car can blow any minute. Go! GO!
Sonny - I’m NOT going without you. Stay still while I cut this belt!

At the safe house 🏠.....
Carly wakes up - Jason! Jason!
Jason - It’s ok 👌. Here, have some water 💦. Drink as much as you can to get the drugs out of your system.
Carly looks around - Oh, we broke out of Ferncliff! I thought I was hallucinating.
Jason - If it wasn’t real, do you think I would have Franco with me? You are safe.
Carly - Thank you 🙏. Thank you.

At the crash site.........
(Jordan and Chase find the police 👮 car and one cop is out cold. Chase calls for an ambulance 🚑.)
One police 👮 officer is awake - The prisoner attacked my partner! I got distracted, and then the crash.
Chase - What happened to the other car 🚘?
👮‍♀️ Police - I don’t know?
Jordan - Obrecht can’t be very far. Chase, you have to find her!
Chase - Will you look for Nelle and Michael?
Jordan - Yes.

Nelle - We had a crash and I barely got out before the explosion 💥!
Lisle - I was on Route 23 in a crash. I don’t see an explosion 💥. I am looking at your eyes 👀. Can it be you are lying?
Nelle is laying on the ground - I am having a baby now! Please help me? You took the Hippocratic oath! First, do no harm.

At General Hospital....
Franco - The truth is alarming. A solid 7 out of 10.
Elizabeth - Tell me the truth!
Franco - You want the truth now?
Elizabeth - Yes, lay it on me.
Franco - We got Carly out of Ferncliff. Jason did all the dirty work.
Elizabeth - You 🛑 stop! I am against rescuing someone out of a mental institution, but I think you did the right thing,
Franco - Really? Is it because of Jason?
Elizabeth - Jason went to Ferncliff to rescue his friend. That is who Jason is. You were a good and decent person to help him.
Franco - A decent person.

At the safe house 🏠.....
Carly - I can’t believe you are here with me! How did you do it? How did you get in?
Jason - I heard Franco say he worked at Ferncliff sometimes.
Carly - You took Franco’s badge?
Jason - I would do anything to get you out of there! Even team up with Franco.
Carly - Don’t feel bad. Don’t be sorry. I knew you would come and get me. And you did! (Carly hugs 🤗 Jason.)

Nelle is on the ground - You can’t leave me here! I need your help!
Lisle is looking into her 👁 eyes - You care about YOU and no one else, but good can come from evil.
Nelle - I am sorry for your son.
Lisle - Bear 🐻 down! Spread those skinny legs and push!!

At the safe 🏠 house....
Carly - I need to say this out loud and tell you. Sonny could never know. After I say this, we will never mention it again.
Jason - Ok.
Carly - It was awful. Days and nights in a padded cell. Sometimes strapped to the bed. She was evil! No other word for her. She (Mary Pat) gave me drugs and all I saw was Nelle. It was the second horrible thing I went through. The first was Morgan’s death. I had to stop 🛑 Michael from marrying Nelle!

At the crash site....
Sonny cuts the strap of the seat belt - Got it! Let’s go!
Michael - Oh my God! I can’t move my legs!
(Sparks 🔥💥 are flying around the car 🚘.)

(Can Sonny get an injured 🤕 Michael out of the car 🚘 in time?? Where is Jason??)
— MOM (7.30.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH, today was a good one.......
At General Hospital.......
Franco tells Elizabeth why did he think he could help those poor people at Ferncliff.

Jason and Franco get into the same elevator.
Franco - I will take the next one.
Jason - No, you won’t. Tell me about your job at Ferncliff.

At Ferncliff....
Mary Pat - Come on Carolyn, pick up your feet! You don’t want to be late.
Dr. Lazarus - Is this the patient?
Mary Pat - Carolyn Corrinthos.

At PCPD....
Chase - Everything is set for today.
Sonny - It looks like you have everything under control. What if Nelle uses someone else to kill Michael?
Chase - She won’t. Nelle thinks the car 🚘 is rigged to crash.

In the car 🚗........
Nelle - I really appreciate your dropping me off at the hospital. Now, the glycerin lollipops are in Sawyer, which is 20 miles away.
Michael - Haven’t you figured out I would do anything for you?

At the PCPD......
Robert Scorpio - Well, well, Dr. Obrecht! I presume, all cuffed in an orange 🍊 suit and ready for prison. Would it be asking too much to have a few words with my old friend here?
Commissioner Jordan - She is in deep grief over her child.
Robert - When I think of how you and Faison made Anna and I think Robin was dead 💀? I am thinking of ways to eliminate you that won’t come back to me. Now, you paid the ultimate price and you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

In Peter August’s hospital room......
Peter - Did you risk your life to save me because of my mother?
Dr. Finn - Yes, I am here because you are Anna’s kid. You are entitled to your anger, but deep down you know Anna cares about you.
Peter - People mention family and they talk of holidays. I don’t have family. I guess you don’t know about that? Do you have some deep dark secret in your closet?
Finn - Every family has secrets.
Peter - Anna said she gave me up to connect with my father. Where is she?
Finn - She thought you were going to a loving couple. You don’t know anything about her!
(Robert Scorpio comes in....)
Robert - Well, I don’t think Mr. August is going to be hanging about. On behalf of the Bureau I am taking him into custody.

In the elevator at GH.....
Franco - I don’t want any trouble.
Jason - Tell me what I need to know! Do you have a Ferncliff ID?
Franco - Is this about Carly? I don’t think she is doing well. You want my ID?
Jason - You’re getting me in there.

At Ferncliff......
Carly sees the doctor - No! NO! I don’t want to do this! No! NO!
Dr. Lazarus - Mary Pat, I will take it from here.
Carly - I don’t want to do this!
Dr. Lazarus - Stay still, Carolyn.
Carly - NO I don’t want treatment! I want to talk to a lawyer. NO!

In the car 🚙......
Nelle - Michael, you missed the turn to the hospital?
Michael - I know. We are not going to the hospital.
(Nelle is getting nervous)
Nelle - Why are we not going to the hospital? I need to see the lactate 👩‍⚕️doctor!
Michael - We will go to get the lollipops 🍭 first, then to the hospital.
(Nelle is thinking about what Chase told her that after 15 miles the car 🚘 steering will lock and breaks will fail.)
Nelle - Let me out here. I will call a cab 🚕!

(Sonny and Chase watch on the computer what is happening in the car 🚘. Chase put a camera 🎥 in there.)
Sonny - See the look on Nelle’s face? She is planing to kill Michael!
Chase - Nelle is angry 😤 about the hand life dealt her. She is a master manipulator. Nelle got away with killing Zachary Grant. Now we know what she is capable of.

At Ferncliff .....
Franco - I need to leave.
Jason - Elizabeth said you changed. Prove it!
Franco - Ok, what do you want me to do?
Jason - Just stay here in the corridor.
Franco says to himself - Why did I get into that elevator?

Jason, with gun in hand, comes upon Mary Pat.
Jason - Where is Carly?
Mary Pat - What are you doing?
Jason - Open this door 🚪 and give me the keys 🔑!
Mary Pat - This is a crime!
(Jason locks 🔐 Mary Pat in the room.)
Franco - Well, that went well!
Jason - You’re not finished yet.

In the car 🚘.....
Michael - No, we are almost there.
Nelle in a panic - We don’t need these lollipops 🍭 after all!
Michael - You can see the Specialist and have the pops.
(The odometer is at 12 miles.)
Nelle - Let’s just go home 🏠, ok 👌?
Michael - I am on the Board! The hospital will be open. We will get there soon!
Nelle is hysterical 😭 - Michael, you HAVE to pull over right NOW!! If you don’t pull over, we will CRASH!

In Peter August’s hospital room....
Robert - All you have to do is release the prisoner in my custody.
Finn - He is not a prisoner! He is a patient. I can’t sign off at this time.
Robert - How long will it take?
Finn - A day? A week? I don’t know 🤔.
Robert - Until Anna gets back?

At Ferncliff......
Jason - If anyone comes down the corridor for 10 minutes, you send them in another direction!
Franco - I changed my life! I am marrying the mother of your son! I can’t be connected to multiple felonies.
Jason - 10 minutes.

In the treatment room....
(Carly is on a table with leather straps on her wrists and feet.)
Dr Lazarus - Just a precaution, Carly. We want to protect you from lasting harm.
(He puts a rubber ball or stick in her mouth.)

At the PCPD.....
Jordan - Nina, are you ready to tell me what happened in the cabin?
Nina - No, I will not say anything.
Jordan - This doesn’t look good for you!
Nina - Peter said Obrecht held him captive all alone. This is a waste of your time! You know it, and I know it. I will wait for the clock ⏰ to run 🏃 out.

Outside of the interrogation room
Lisle - I am so sorry, Maxie! I failed you!
Maxie - In what way?
Lisle - I kidnapped Peter for you and James! To get some closure!
Maxie - NEVER say that again!! You didn’t kidnap Peter for me or James. You did it for yourself! I know how much you loved Nathan. This is NOT what he would want. My son just lost his grandmother 👵, and possibly his aunt too.

At the PCPD.....
(Sonny and Chase are watching what is happening in the car 🚘 on the computer 💻.)
Michael - Nelle, don’t be ridiculous! We won’t crash. I am a good driver!
Nelle is in a panic - If you don’t stop 🛑 now, we will crash and you, me and the baby 👶 will DIE. The car 🚘 is rigged! (She grabs the wheel.) Chase sabotaged us!
Michael - What are you saying? Chase wouldn’t do that!
Nelle - If you don’t stop 🛑 now, we will crash because I asked him to do it!

In Peter August’s hospital room.....
Finn - Don’t you think 🤔 Anna would like to see her son before he is taken to the 🇳🇱 Netherlands?
Robert - If Jason Morgan wasn’t at the pier that night, Anna would be dead. She knew it would happen sooner or later.
Finn - She is with her daughter and I am not signing ANY paper on my patient. You can take it up with the hospital or the courts.

Robert calls Robin - I need to speak to your mother. What do you mean she is not there?!

At the PCPD....
Jordan - Nina, hire an attorney. This investigation is going forward.

Outside of interrogation room.......
Jordan - Dr. Obrecht, did you have an accomplice?
(Lisle looks at Nina)
Lisle - I did it all alone.
Jordan to Nina - You’re lucky your aunt backed up your story.
Maxie - You ok?
Nina - I don’t know what is next.
Maxie - The hard part is getting on with the rest of our lives.

Sonny is looking at the computer 💻 - You almost got her, Michael. Come on, son!

In the car 🚘.....
Nelle - I hired Chase to kill you. You didn’t give me any choice! You wanted to control me!
Michael - You wanted to KILL me over a WILL?
Nelle - You didn’t marry me for love! You FORCED me to sign a prenup! I heard you talking to Jason, you said you would divorce me and take my baby 👶. I won’t let that happen again!
Michael - AGAIN? You killed Zach!
Nelle - I had to......I didn’t want Zach to die but I didn’t have a choice. Zach was weak! I wasn’t going to let him change the will and let his family come between us again! PULL OVER! PULL OVER!

Chase is watching on the computer 💻 - I got you 😉!

Nelle - Michael, STOP 🛑 THE CAR 🚘!
Michael - You LIED 🤥 to my face, and now you’re trying to KILL me?
Nelle - If you don’t stop 🛑, we will DIE!
Michael is angry 😤 - You took EVERYTHING from my family!
Nelle is scared 😱 - I will tell you everything if you stop 🛑 the car 🚘!
Michael - Did my mother push you down the stairs? She didn’t push you, did she? SAY IT!
Nelle - I will tell you everything, if you stop the car 🚘!
Michael - DID SHE PUSH YOU???


(Sonny and Chase are looking at the computer 💻. They hear the crash and screams and the screen goes to static and silence.)

At Ferncliff.....
Franco is talking to himself - Jason needs to save Carly. He is a good friend. You would think 🤔 with those enormous shoulders of his and his baby blue eyes 👀, Jason would know I had a brain 🧠 tumor. I guess he has plenty of reasons to not like me. Oh, its 9 minutes.

Dr. Lazarus with his hand on the dial - Your anger and violence will soon be a thing of the past. Let’s go!
(Jason, with his gun in hand, bursts into the room.....)
Jason - No body move! Shut it off right NOW!

(Carly is on the table with leather straps on her wrists and feet. She has a rubber ball or stick in her mouth and is looking at Jason .... her savior!)
— MOM (7.27.18)
Thursday on GH...........
Jordan - Chase, this scheme you cooked up is risky. Michael is a civilian!
(Jordan listens to the tape Chase recorded of Nelle saying “Michael has to die”.)
Jordan - Do you believe Michael can get a confession out of Nelle?
Chase - Our agreement is that Nelle confesses to framing Carly and saying she wants Michael killed.

Nelle - The baby 👶 will be here soon. Doesn’t it feel as good for you to say it as it does for me?
Michael - You will never know.

At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Dr. Collins visits Sonny.
Sonny - Carly has been gone and I miss her a lot. It is time to bring Carly home.
Dr. Collins - When Carly escaped she caused a lot of problems. I know she was never mentally ill. She told me.
Sonny - So now it is imperative to get her out of Ferncliff!

At Ferncliff.....
Mary Pat - You have a big appointment today, Carly! You want to look your best for what’s to come. Dr. Lazarus has quite a day in store for you!
Carly - Dr. Collins?
Mary Pat - Dr. Collins is not getting through to you, poor thing. Try to relax. Before you know it, you will feel like a new woman and won’t be able to hurt 😢 anyone!
(Carly is in a fog from the drugs.)

At General Hospital....
(Michael leaves Nelle talking to Ava....Ava is getting nervous she will be found out she was Nelle’s accomplice in her dirty deed.)
Nelle - Do me a favor don’t bring up Carly’s name around Michael anymore.

In the park...
Michael - Chase.
Chase - Hey, where is Janelle?
Michael - I left her with Ava.
Chase - The technician 👨‍🔧 unit has your car 🚘 all ready for you. The Commissioner has concerns.
Michael - The longer we wait, Nelle has time to come after me. Let’s put this plan in motion right now.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Collins - Carly’s release was on the horizon. Then, she escaped and assaulted a nurse 👩‍⚕️!
Sonny - The nurse is fine.
Jason - Mary Pat is still in charge of Carly.
Sonny - I have to see Carly!
Collins - I will see what I can do.
Sonny - You never failed our family before, don’t fail us now.

At Ferncliff.......
(Mary Pat brings Franco Baldwin into the day room.)
Mary Pat - This will be your workplace. You don’t need much space. They can’t do much more than finger 🎨 paint.
Franco - I will figure it out.

At General Hospital.....
(Alexis has good news for Brad and Lucas. )
Alexis - Where is Lucas?
Brad - He is in surgery.
Alexis - Well, the baby was born this morning!
(Brad feels weak and Julian, the grandfather, catches him.)
Alexis - You have a healthy baby 👶 boy!
(They go into a private room.....)
Alexis - There is someone here who wants to meet you.
(A nurse 👩‍⚕️ wheels in the baby 👶. Brad sees a beautiful baby boy and picks him up. Julian records the event on his phone 📱 and Alexis looks on, )
Brad - I don’t want to break him!
Julian - You have friends and family to help you.
Brad - Do you think the birth mother will change her mind?
Alexis - I have handled many adoptions and it is very rare for the birth mother to change her mind. Do you have a name for the little one?
Brad - Wylie Cooper Jones. Do you want to hold the baby 👶, Grandpa?

At the Pier.....
Chase - Janelle.
Nelle - Is it done?
Chase - Yes, it is done.
Nelle - Did you rig the car 🚘 for Michael to crash?
Chase - Yes! Do you know what you have to do? Remember, we can’t be seen together.
Nelle - I will get Michael into the car 🚘 and make an excuse not to get in. He will drive away and the breaks will not work and he will crash the car.

At Ferncliff.....
(Carly is hallucinating and sees Nelle.)
Carly - Sonny, Jason get me out of here!
“Nelle” says - Carly, face reality. No one is coming after you!

Franco enters Carly’s room....
Franco - I am as surprised to be here as you are!
(Carly doesn’t know if Franco is real or not.)
Carly - Franco?
(She hears “Nelle” talking to her)
Franco - Yes?
Carly - Is Nelle here?
Franco - Nelle Benson?
Carly - I can hear her!
Franco - Do you want me to get Mary Pat?
Carly - NO! She is giving me drugs. Get me out of here. I need to go home 🏠!
Franco - I can’t help you Carly.
Carly - You HAVE to tell Sonny and Jason!
Mary Pat - Is there a problem?
Franco - There is. She asked me for a pencil ✏️ I don’t have.
Mary Pat - You have to be careful!
Franco - Of Carly?
Mary Pat - You know her?
Franco - Carly? Yes.
Mary Pat - Now, now Carly! What did I tell you about moving without permission?

At the Pier.....
Chase - Ok 👌 Michael’s car 🚘 will only drive for 15 miles. Then, the steering will lock 🔒 and the brakes will fail.
Nelle - It is happening.
Chase - You can still back out of it! Is this what you want to do?
Nelle - Michael is keeping me out of the will. THIS is what I want!

At General Hospital.....
Elizabeth - Jake had a great time with you and Drew.
Jason - Jake is a great kid.
Elizabeth - I wish you could see that Franco means a lot to Jake.
Jason - Jake is a great kid. I have to go!

In Dr. Collins office....
Dr. Collins - The Director has put Dr, Lazarus on Carly‘s case.
Jason - What do you know about him?
Dr. Collins - He has perfected an Electro Treatment and Carly is scheduled.
Jason - When?
Dr. Collins - Some time today.
Jason - What will happen?
Dr, Collins - It is hard to say. Dr. Lazarus’ treatments are for patients who are beyond help.

(As Jason is leaving he hears Franco tell Elizabeth that he doesn’t know why he thought he could help the patients at Ferncliff. A lot of crazy things happening there!)

At Ferncliff ......
Mary Pat - Come on! Pick up your feet. You don’t want to be late! Come along now.

(Will Jason save the damsel in distress? What do YOU think?)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Ava is talking to Michael - When Carly said Nelle had help in framing her, it wasn’t me!
Nelle - Ava I thought you said you had a lunch date with Griffin?
Ava - Griffin couldn’t make it. You know those doctors! I have your final paycheck.
Michael - Final?
Nelle - Yes. I plan to be a stay at home 🏠 mother.
Ava - Well, time to go.

Nelle - I heard from Chase.
Michael - I will call him and tell him to stop 🛑 bothering you!
Nelle - No. No. He knows I believe in ‘till death 💀 do us part.

Michael - Is that everything?
Nelle - We’re missing those glycerin lollipops 🍭 Tiffany ordered. I need them now! The store is 20 miles away.
Michael - You see my keys 🔑 anywhere?
Nelle - Do you mind dropping me off at the hospital first?
Michael - General Hospital is in the opposite direction.
Nelle - Please?
Michael - How can I refuse you of anything.

(Nelle thinks if Michael takes her to the hospital first, Michael will crash the car when he is alone.
But Chase’s tech rigged the car to go out of control while Nelle is in the car 🚘.)

This is a crazy 😜 idea 💡. Something will go wrong!
— MOM (7.26.18)
Wednesday on GH.......
Kiki tells Alexis she wants to drop the lawsuit.

Oscar makes numerous calls to Joss but she doesn’t answer.
Sonny - You going to answer that?
Joss - No.
Sonny - I take it you’re not in the mood to talk. How are you doing?
Joss - I have been better. Mom breaking out of Ferncliff means she has to stay there longer.
Sonny - You can talk to me!
Joss - We never talk about it, but we both know who you are. Can’t you speak to a judge 👨‍⚖️? Do something!
Sonny - Yes, I will do something soon. Sorry you have to go through this.

At the Gym.....
Jason - Don’t try to protect Nelle because she is carrying your child 👶. You have to protect yourself!
Michael - I have never seen you like this worried 😟!
Sam - I didn’t want to say anything at the wedding 🎩. PLEASE be careful with Nelle!

At the Pier.....
Nelle- I have to be a widow first.
Chase - What do you mean?
Nelle - Michael has to die in the next few days.
Chase - Before the will is filed?
Nelle starts to cry 😭.....
Chase - Hey 👋? Hey! We will think of something.

At Alexis house 🏠 .......
Kiki walks into Alexis’ living room and sees Ava, Jordan, Olivia and Kim.
Kiki - You’re all here for ME?
Alexis - Raise your hand if you have been sexually harassed in the workplace?
(They all raise their hands and one by one and tell Kiki their stories. A doctor 👩‍⚕️, a lawyer, a businesswoman, a single mother and a police 👮 commissioner. They all experienced sexual harassment. They couldn’t do anything about it then, but it is different now.)
Alexis - It is a different story now. This behavior will NOT be tolerated any more. We didn’t have that choice. Not all men are predators.
Ava - You have a chance to do something good! Don’t waste it.
Kiki - Thank you all for sharing your stories with me.
Alexis - Did it work?
Kiki - As hard as it is going to be, I can do it. I will take my stand for all woman everywhere.

At the Gym......
Sam - I want you to be safe. It would kill Jason if anything happened to you! It would break his heart. Please be careful!
Michael - I will be careful.
Sam - You sound like Jason!
Michael - Danny had a rocky start in life and you did whatever you could to keep him safe. Jason did the same for me. I am doing this for MY child 👶 and will be ok.
(When Michael 🍁 leaves.....)
Sam - I hope I didn’t overstep?
Jason - No, thank you for saying what I couldn’t.

At the Pier........
Chase - Michael is young and healthy. He is not going away for a very long time.
Nelle - For a long time? THAT is the problem! He could leave me penniless. We NEED to take Michael out of the picture!
Chase - Like, divorce??
Nelle - NO! We need to take Michael out of the picture......PERMANENTLY! People have fatal accidents all the time.
Chase - Janelle!!
Nelle - You said you would raise my child 🧒 as your own! I want you, Chase. I want a life with you and my baby 👶. Please tell me you want that too?

At the Gym.....
Jason - Sam, is everything ok?
Sam - Yes. I am so grateful and so 🍀 lucky. The 2 times I thought the person I 💕 loved so much was gone, they came back to me. First Danny Then you.
Jason - Like father, like son.

At Sonny’s house 🏠 ......
Joss - I am so glad you’re here! I was going to call you.
Michael - Dad, can you give us a minute alone?
Sonny - Sure.
Joss - Did you talk to Nelle about the kiss 💋 with Chase?
Michael - The thing to focus on now is that the baby 👶 will be here before we know it. Don’t focus on the other stuff. I will take care of it myself.
Sonny - See you soon, Joss.
Michael - Mom not being here is hard on her.
Sonny - You are right! Your sister needs her mother.

At the Pier......

Chase - If we are going to move forward, we have to be clear.
Nelle - Yes! Yes! The only way I will be with my child is if Michael isn’t. I thought I was doing the right thing for the baby 👶. If you don’t trust me anymore......
Chase - Janelle I love ❤️ you.
Nelle - I love 💗 you too.
Chase - What do you want me to do?
Nelle - You have to find a way for Michael to die.
Chase - I am a police 👮 officer!
Nelle - I am SO sorry 😐, Michael has to die! I need your help?
Chase - I’m in.
Nelle - Really?
Chase - Yes if it gives me a life with you and the baby 👶, how can I say no?
Nelle - We have to do it fast.
Chase - Aren’t you due any day now?
Nelle - Yes. The Quartermaine’s can’t get my baby 👶!
Chase - I will keep you updated.
(Chase texts Michael........GOT HER!!)

At the Gym.....
Jason - Danny is a tough kid.
Sam - When the Doctor 👨‍⚕️ told me he had leukemia, I froze. I couldn’t hear what they were saying.
Jason - I am sorry 😐 I wasn’t there.
Sam - You were there with me. You were in my heart ♥️! Danny wasn’t going to die, He was just like you. The person who helped me the most was Patrick Drake.
Jason is making a strange face.....
Jason - Patrick Drake!! Robin’s husband?
Sam smiling - Yes. He would say something nice to me? We built a friendship and it became something more.
Jason - How much more?
Sam - We were engaged.
Jason - WHAT!?! You and Patrick?! And no one told me? Not even Carly ?
Sam smiling - It was the same as you and Robin!
Jason- Robin and I were in love 😍 when we were very young. It didn’t happen!
Sam - It didn’t happen for us because of you!

At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Sonny - Do you consider if the plan goes south?
Michael - That was Chase. The trap is set.
Sonny - Now you put the snake 🐍 in a corner. You have to choose who’s life you save!
Michael - I choose my baby 👶! I choose my baby 👶 even if it costs mine.

At the Gym......
Sam - When Jake Doe came to town? I thought he was you coming back to me. So I didn’t marry Patrick.
Jason - I need to thank him. (smiling) You’re having fun with this, aren’t you?
Sam laughing 😂 - Yes, I am. I have a surprise for you!
(Danny runs in and hugs his father.)
Jason - Hey 👋! This is a great surprise!
Danny - 😲 WOW!! Can I go in the ring? Is that a punching bag??
Jason - Yes, go have fun!

Jason puts boxing 🥊 gloves on Danny and teaches him to hit the bag. A smiling Sam holds the punching bag.

In the Park........
Nelle - What’s up?
Joss - That detective isn’t bothering you any more, is he?
Nelle - No. That is not why you called me?
Joss - Oscar and I had a fight.
Nelle - Do you need him more than you’re mad 😠 at him?
Joss - Yes.
Nelle - So go talk to him!
Joss - Well, I will go and see him now. Thanks again!
Nelle - Hey, Joss? I really hope it all works out.
Joss - I have a really good feeling about it.
Nelle looks at the ring on her finger - So do I.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Chase plays the tape of Nelle’ve got to find a way for Michael to die.
Michael - What do we do now?
Sonny - Nothing! Bring the tape to Commissioner Jordan and she will arrest Nelle.
Chase - That won’t work! Nelle will say she wasn’t serious. She was kidding.
Michael - There is NO way I am stopping now.
Chase - Now, we put the plan in motion!
Michael - Let’s go.
Sonny - Lets make sure it is the end of HER life. Not yours.

(The marriage of Michael Correnthos lll and Janelle (Nelle) Benson is a strange one.
Carolyn Leigh Benson and Janelle Benson share the SAME father. So they are half sisters. Which means Michael married his aunt. Carolyn Leigh Benson IS Carly Corrinthos. What are the writers doing? )
— MOM 7.25.18
Tuesday on GH............
At the Metro Court Bar....

DA Dawson and Drew bump into each other. The Daily Press Newspaper headline is, “The Fugitive Is Found,” and a picture of Peter August is inserted.

At General Hospital....
Peter - How are you?
Nina - I’m good. Just kept me overnight. I’m going home today.
Peter - It is nice to have a home 🏠 to go to. Obrecht held and torched me. I’m glad she is in jail.
Nina - What about me? What will you say?
Peter - I meant what I said, Nina. You are kind. You wanted justice for your brother. You saved my life!
Valentin - An old saying: If you save someone’s life, it belongs to you for life.

At the gym.....
Jason - Chase, any update on the plan?
Chase - Nelle HAS to be brought down.
Jason - It won’t matter, if it costs Michael his life!
Chase - Michael went into this knowing the risks.
Jason - Nelle is unpredictable. She could get someone else to help her.

At the Metro Court Grill....
Michael - I am sorry I left the bed 🛏 last night but it’s the Japanese markets.... maybe we can go away. Where would you like to go?
Nelle - You always leave me alone!
Michael - I thought you needed to rest.
Nelle is angry 😡 - I will TELL you what I need.
Michael is 😤 angry - You will tell me WHAT?

At the Metro Court Bar.....
Drew and Margarita talk about Peter August.
Drew - It would be great if they could put him behind bars. Peter was an employee of Aurora Media. His father is...
Margarita - Casar Faison.
Drew - An employee of mine’s husband dies....
Margarita - Maxie Jones.
Drew - Nina Cassadine is the sister of Nathan West, Maxie’s husband. So I hope you come down hard on Peter August!
Margarita - There is more to this story.

At the Metro Court Restaurant...
Griffin - Why are you avoiding Nelle and Michael?
Ava - What do you mean?
Griffin - Carly said Nelle didn’t do this all by herself.
Ava - Don’t believe Carly. Lets go up to our room and have breakfast 🍳 in bed 🛏.
Griffin - NO. Tell me why you keep changing the subject!
Ava - If anyone is changing the subject, it is YOU. When we heard Peter August was brought into the hospital, you wouldn’t talk to me.

At the Metro Court Grill......
Nelle - All I want is to be a good wife to you! So why are you treating me like some obligation you have to put up with?
Michael - I am just worried about my mother!
Nelle - Carly isn’t here and is still coming between us!
Michael - This isn’t a competition. I love 💗 you.
Nelle - You know what I keep thinking about? The ELQ party 🎉. I showed up in the wrong dress and you took care of me. I wish we could feel that way again!
Michael - Hey, are you ok?
Nelle - Yes, I am getting some movement from the baby 👶.
Michael - The only thing we have to do is move forward.
Nelle - Get back to the office. Don’t worry about me and the baby 👶. I will be just fine.

At GH in Peter’s room....
Nina - In what universe do you imply my life belongs to YOU?
Valentin - I was talking about Peter!
Peter - Nina, I don’t want you to think about me for one more minute. You have better things to think about.
Valentin - Thank you for covering for Nina.

At the Gym....
Chase - There is always a risk with a sting operation.
Jason - I know.
Jason - Is that Nelle? Does she want you to help her kill Michael?
Chase - 🤔 I don’t know. She wants to meet at the Pier.
Jason - Either way, I have to know EXACTLY what she says.

At Julian’s apt in the Metro Court Hotel....
Ava - I stopped by to hear about the plan you have to help my daughter?
Julian - No plan. I can’t help you.
Ava - You can’t help defend your niece against a predator?
Julian - I can’t help you with traditional methods. I really love Charley’s Pub. It is a legitimate place.
Ava - With Dr. Kim? Julian, I am SO happy for you.

In Peter’s room at GH....
Valentin - I WISH I could fix what I have done.
Peter - You gave me to FAISON to raise me!
Valentin - What can I do to balance the ledger?
Peter - Don’t worry. One day in the future, I will think of something.

At the Gym....
(Jason is beating the heck out of the punching bag.)
Michael - What did that bag ever do to you?
Jason - Good to see you safe and sound!
Michael - About that...
Jason - You don’t have to tell me! I was here with Chase when Nelle called. Game on!
Michael - Game on. I keep thinking about the baby 👶 growing up knowing its mother is in prison!
Jason - You can handle that because you are the Dad and will put your kid first. Unlike Nelle! Your baby 👶 deserves a loving mother, not one who will use the child to get what she wants.

In Peter’s room....
Dr. Griffin - You’re doing better?
Peter - I’m glad you kept quiet when you found out I was Faison’s son.
Griffin - The thing about a lie is it makes it easy to tell another and another.
DA Dawson - I need to speak to Peter August.
Peter - I know you!
DA - I am the District Attorney.
Drew - I need to ask Peter some questions!
DA Dawson - Be my guest! I can’t ask questions without his attorney present.
Drew - Where is the present you were supposed to give me to get my life back?

(Time to make dinner. Will continue later.)

At the Pier.......
Chase - Janelle!
Nelle - You were SO right! Everything you told me about Michael turns out to be true. Once the baby 👶 is born, Michael will divorce me and I will not be able to see my 👶 child. I signed a prenup! The Quartermaine’s would never hurt me BUT the other family, the Corrinthos’, want to take me OUT!
Chase - What are you saying?
Nell e- They want to take me OUT! I am terrified!

Outside of Peter’s room at GH....
Valentin - When two people love 💕 each other, it gives you clarity?
Nina - Yes, it does.
Valentin - We are still in love and still alive.
Nina - Maybe Peter can forgive you, but I can’t forgive you for taking a baby 👶 and giving it to Faison.
Valentin - I guess I will back off.
Nina - Thank you.
Valentin - I hope we can get together?
Nina - You know who needs help? Peter. Can you give me my brother back?
Valentin - No, I can’t.
Nina - Then we don’t have much to talk about. Go away, please.

Ava is still at Julian’s room at the Metro Court...
Ava - Alexis? What a surprise! What can I do for you?
Alexis - I need to see you right now!
Ava - Is this about Kiki’s case?
Alexis - I will tell you when I see you.
Ava to Julian - I feel like a servant.

At Alexis’ house 🏠 ......
Alexis - Hello.
Ava - I am here. Hope this is important!

In Peter’s room at GH.....
Drew - You bragged you had the flash drive!
Peter in a raspy voice - I had it. I wanted to give it to you! It is in the hotel room.
Drew - Where in the hotel room?
Peter - I had it and then everything went dark!
DA Dawson remembers the envelope she threw away - I have to leave. This is a personal matter.
Drew - You never intended to give me that flash drive!

At the Pier....
Nelle - The other day I heard Sonny say he would take care of the problem.
Chase - What does that mean?
Nelle - I am the problem!
Chase - I have to tell Commissioner Jordan.

In Peter’s room....
Peter - It is true the flash drive is back there?
Drew - STOP 🛑! I don’t believe you.
Peter is coughing with a raspy voice - I want to make this right. It is the truth. It IS out there!

At the Metro Court Bar....
DA Dawson - I was here an hour ago and lost an earring. Do you have a lost and found 📦 box?
Bartender - Sure.
DA Dawson looks in the box 📦 .
DA - It is not here. Thanks anyway!
(She takes the flash drive!)

At the Gymnasium.....
Michael - I hope Nelle was playing me all along. The person I cared about is long gone.
Jason - You have to control the threat.

At the Pier......
Nelle - Sonny’s eyes 👀 are very cold. He can hurt me! So, how are YOU going to protect me?
Chase - I won’t let anything happen to you! I can be very resourceful when necessary.
Nelle - His family is very dangerous. The ONLY way I will be safe is if I become a widow first.

(WOW!! This girl is a piece of work!)
— MOM 7.24.18
Monday on GH........
Kim helps Julian move into the Metro Court Hotel.

Joss tells Oscar that the house 🏠 is theirs tonight. Sonny won’t be back for a while.

Drew gets an invitation to his High School reunion.

Finn goes into the fire 🔥 at Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴 to save Peter August.

Alexis tells Lucas the birth mother is due this week. (Who can she be??)

At GH....
Lucas asks Alexis what will happen if the birth mother wants the baby 👶 back during the 30 day trial.
Lucas - Can we be legally protected?
Alexis - This agreement is non-negotiable. Just enjoy the wonderful times with your new baby 👶.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
Finn finds Peter and brings him out of the fire. They fall on the ground. Peter is out cold and Finn is coughing up smoke. Maxie and Dr, Finn administer mouth to mouth and chest pumps to revive Peter. He is still very ill.

At the Metro Court Hotel....
Julian wants to bump up their relationship but Kim is not ready for that.
Kim - I like that our relationship is easy. No hassles. I also have to consider Oscar. He is not happy I am dating. In the past, it was just Oscar and me. I was too busy to think about dating.
Julian - Ok, I want to spend time with you. We don’t have to move in together. We can take it day by day.

At Sonny’s House 🏠....
Joss wants to go upstairs to “do it.” She tries to lead Oscar upstairs but he pulls back. They are 14 years old!
Joss - What is wrong?
Oscar - I don’t think this is a good idea 💡.
Joss - Are you saying you don’t want me?
Oscar - I don’t want you to regret our first time.
(Joss goes ballistic and Oscar says she is acting CRAZY 😜.)
Joss - Did you say I was 😝 crazy?
Oscar - No! I said you are ACTING crazy 😜.
Joss - You are the ONLY boy in school who doesn’t want to have sex.
Oscar - Now is not a good time.
Joss - Maybe I should wait until you get a lunch 🥙 break at your new summer job? Or maybe we can go behind the bleachers and have a quickie?
Oscar - Are you 😤 angry?
Joss - No, I am over it. I’m tired 💤, go home 🏠!

At the General Hospital emergency 🚨 room......
They all (Finn, Nina, Peter, Valentin, Maxie and Lulu) arrive at the hospital. Dr. Lucas exams Nina and her vitals are strong. Peter is unconscious so Dr. Lucas orders oxygen and a ventilator. Maxie begs the paramedics to save Peter’s life.

Then, Dr. Finn sends Anna an text to say Peter was found, is in the hospital and is very weak and ill. He gets a response from “Anna” that says what a relief 😅 it is to know he is found. Keep me updated on his progress, and I will call you tomorrow.
(Anna was kidnapped and no one knows that!)

At the Metro Court Grill......
Drew runs into Margarita Dawson. She gives him a baseball ⚾️ hat 🧢 to pay 💰 for the mustard she spilled on his shirt 👕.
Drew - I got an invitation to my high school reunion. I don’t remember anything about that time.
Margarita - Most people don’t want to remember their high school days.
Drew - What I mean is, I don’t remember anything before 2014
Margarita - Oh! Well maybe if you go your classmates can help you remember your high school years?
Drew - They will just talk about crazy things we did. That is NOT what I want to know!
Margarita - Well, take care! Maybe I will see you here again.

At the GH emergency 🚨 room.....
Commissioner Jordan is outside of Nina‘s room. She believes Obrecht had an accomplice. Nina is grateful to Valentin for saving her life.
Jordan - Nina, the doctor said I could ask you a few questions?
Valentin - Can’t we do this later? Nina is still recovering from smoke inhalation!
Jordan - I believe that Lisle Obrecht wasn’t the only one holding Peter August captive.
Nina - I can’t speak without legal representation.
Jordan - Lisle Obrecht is in custody and will tell me if you helped her.

So now, Jordan 🇯🇴 is outside of Peter August’s room. When he wakes up, she wants to ask him WHO held him captive? Maxie enters Peter’s room and he wakes up.
Peter - Maxie?
Maxie - You’re alive! That is great. Obrecht tried to kill you.
Peter - Nina tried to save me. I heard you tell the paramedics not to let me die. You still care?
Maxie - I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ about you at all. I just didn’t want you to die. I read your book 📖, The Severed Branch. If any of that is true? You had a horrible childhood. But SO WHAT! Most people don’t take their garbage out on the 🌍 world! 🛑 STOP taking your rotten childhood out on the rest of us! Like, keeping Jason Morgan captive for 5 YEARS. You got a second chance in life, don’t waste it.
(She leaves.)

Jordan - Peter August, we are going to handcuff you to this bed 🛏. You have a long list of crimes you need to answer for!
Peter - Am I going to prison now?
Jordan - No, not for a while. Right now, you are the victim. WHO did this to you?
Peter - I need to get it off my chest! Obrecht kidnapped me alone. Thank God Nina tried to save me in the stables or I wouldn’t be alive!

At the Metro Court Hotel......
DA Margarita Dawson returns to her room. As she is sitting in a chair she sees something by the table lamp. It is a while envelope addressed to Drew Cain. She looks at the envelope and crumbles it up and throws it into the trash!

(This was Peter August’s room and HE wrote a letter to Drew Cain before he was to leave Port Charles BUT Lisle Obrecht hit him on the head and dragged him out of the room.)

— MOM 7.23.18
It’s Cliffhanger Friday once again on GH!
At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Jason - Any word from Diane?
Sonny - Diane got the 👨‍⚖️ judge to let her visit Carly. She got him to approve the visit so she could monitor Carly. Everything was ruined when Carly drugged the nurse.
Jason - Diane is a great 👍 lawyer. If she can’t get Carly out legally, we have other resources.

At Ferncliff.....
Diane - I want to see my client now.
Mary Pat - Carolyn is too unstable.
Diane - If you don’t let me see my client, I will inform the Court. If you lose your position, all the better.

At the PCPD.....
Valentin - I had nothing to do with Franco’s accident.
Chase - I am inclined to believe you.
Valentin - Can I talk to my lawyer please?
Chase - I will see what I can do.

At the Pier.....
Lulu - Maxie, what are you doing here?
Maxie - Just waiting for the launch.
Lulu - The launch is not coming.
Maxie - Because of the West Nile Virus? Oh, please 🙄!
(Maxie and Lulu decide to go to the Island 🌴 together. Maxie tells Lulu that Lisle and Nina are holding Peter August captive.)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
We see Lisle, Nina and Peter in a room with smoke 💨 and flames 🔥. Nina is trying to help a very weak Peter get up. The barn is engulfed in flames 🔥 everywhere. Lisle runs away and leaves 🍁 Nina to care for Peter.
Nina - Get up! I will help you!
Peter - Go! Go! I can’t.
Nina is in a panic - I will get help!
(She opens the door and screams HELP! HELP!.)

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael and Nelle are back home 🏠 .from the hospital.
Michael - Welcome Home 🏠 Mrs. Corrinthos!
(KISS 💋 KISS 😘. Then, Drew welcomes Nelle home 🏠.)
Michael - I will be right back.
Nelle - Where are you going?
Michael - I am just putting your things in your room.
Nelle - You mean OUR ROOM.
Michael - I just thought you would be more comfortable in your own room after being in the hospital?
Nelle - Thanks 🙏, but I am sleeping 💤 with my husband tonight!

At the PCPD......
(Curtis tells Jordan, Chase and Finn that it wasn’t Valentin who knocked Franco out. It was Lisle Obrecht!)
Curtis - Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴 is quarantined.
Finn - Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴 doesn’t have West Nile Virus.
Jordan - We better get someone there.
Valentin - Do I get my phone 📱 call now?
Chase - You are free to go.

At Ferncliff........
Mary Pat - Here we are!
Diane - A padded cell?
Mary Pat - Carolyn is violent! She drugged me.
Diane - So shouldn’t you not be supervising her cell?
(Diane sees Carly in a straight jacket 🧥.)

At the PCPD......
Chase - Hey 👋 man, what’s up?
Michael - Nelle is out of the hospital.
Chase - Nelle is smart and a little paranoid. If she figures out this is a trap, she will be very dangerous.
Jordan - You HAVE to be careful! Nelle can’t know about our sting operation.
Chase - Don’t rush this. If Nelle gets suspicious 😒 we are done. She may not ask me to help her.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Nelle - Drew, we have a lot in common! You were an outsider and I am an outsider. I hope some day the Quartermaines will accept me the way they accept you. How did you do it?
Drew - Do what?
Nelle - Make them forget you are a murderer! Was that out of line? Sometimes I can be blunt.
Drew - No one thinks of me as a murderer.
Nelle - You have Jason Morgan’s memories. How did he get away 🏃 with murder? I think it is fantastic!
Drew - What?
Nelle - That you lead such a interesting life! You’re a one ☝️ man podcast.
Drew - If you want information on murder or anything, else look 👀 elsewhere.

At Ferncliff......
Diane - Carly do you know what drugs they gave you?
Carly - Drugs are bad.
Diane - What drugs did they give you??
Carly - Where is Sonny? I want Sonny!
Diane - I know.
Carly - Tell Sonny you have to stop 🛑 Michael from marrying Nelle.
Diane - What did they give you? Is it shots or medication?
Mary Pat - Time’s up!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - My father didn’t know who I was yesterday!
Jason - This is not your fault, but you will have to live with the choices you make about Alzheimer’s.

At the Pier....
(Valentin arrives and tells Lulu and Maxie the launch captain 👩‍✈️ will be there shortly.)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴....
Valentin, Lulu and Maxie make it to the island and see the barn engulfed in flames 🔥.
Lisle - Nina!
Nina - HELP me!
Lisle - I am sorry! It wasn’t supposed to happen this way!
Valentin - What have you done? You crazy 😜 woman!! Call 911 and the fire 🔥 department.
(Lulu calls the fire 🔥 department and police 👮.)
Lisle - Maxie! Nina was right! She was right!
Valentin runs in to the burning barn to find Nina.
Maxie - Where did Lisle go? I have to try to save Peter!
Lulu - NO MAXIE!! You can’t go in there! Think of James? We have to wait for the fire 🔥 department.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Sonny - I think 🤔 of my time with Deek and my father.
Jason - I look at you and sometimes I see you have a heavy weight to carry.
Sonny - I know my dad is getting old and losing his memory. This is the first time I am getting to know my father, but he is slipping away.
Diane - I am sorry 😐 to interrupt.
Sonny - Did you see Carly?
Diane - For 5 minutes. That is all the Court would allow. Carly is in a padded cell.
Sonny - What the HELL?! We need to get her out of there!
Diane - Brute force will not serve you well.
Sonny - I blame YOU for putting Carly in Ferncliff!
Diane - Yes, I am to blame. I will ask the court to document Carly’s condition and maybe we can get her to Shady Brook.
(Jason doesn’t like what he is hearing.)

At Ferncliff....
Mary Pat - How was your visit with your lawyer? She was one pushy lady! I have something for you.
Carly - NO!
Mary Pat - You started out that way but you are learning. Slowly but surely, you are learning.
(Carly is in a straight jacket and in a total medically-induced fog. Mary Pat gives “Carolyn” some pills.)
Carly - When can I see Dr. Collins?
Mary Pat - Dr. Collins went to see his wife. Dr. Lazarus has something in store for you! He has helped many lost patients. By the time he is through with you, you will be forever changed.

At the Pier....
(Lisle makes it safely to the pier.)
Curtis - You should be careful wandering on the deck at night!
(Lisle sees Curtis and tries to leave.)
Finn - Nope 👎🏻!

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
(Valentin finds Nina and carries her out of the burning building. He puts her on the ground and starts to cough from the smoke.)
Maxie - Nina! Nina! Oh my God! I don’t think she is breathing!

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Nelle - I am sorry if I crossed any lines. I enjoy 😊 mystery shows.
Drew - I don’t enjoy those shows.
Nelle - Michael, you’re back!
Michael- I just wanted to make sure the room is ok for my new bride 👰.
Nelle - I can’t wait to snuggle up to my new husband.

(Michael and Nelle are in bed 🛏 together.
Nelle is sleeping and Michael gets out of bed 🛏.
Nelle is now awake and is thinking of what Chase said to her......she will be alone again and what will she do?)

(Chase is thinking of what he said to is best to keep this from his parents. This time Nelle won’t get away.)

Nelle calls Chase - Chase, it’s Nelle. You were right about everything! I can’t stay married to Michael. I need your help.

Drew - Can’t 😴 sleep?
Michael - No.
Drew - You and Nelle haven’t spent the night together in a long time!
Michael - I hope it never comes to that.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
Valentin - Nina, PLEASE wake up?
(Finn arrives just in time and gives Nina mouth to mouth.)
Valentin - Help her!
Finn - Nina, can you hear me?
Nina - How did I get out?
Lulu - Valentin saved you!

At the Pier....
(Jordan reads Lisle her rights and cuffs her.)
Jordan - I will get a police 👮 van over to the Island 🌴.
Lisle - You won’t get there in time. Tell Anna something for me? Now, we are even.

Back at Spoon 🥄 🌴....
Finn - Where is Peter?
Maxie - I didn’t see him!
Nina - Lisle started the fire 🔥. Peter is still in there. The smoke is SO deep.

(Will Dr. Finn save Anna’s son? We will have to wait ‘till Monday to find out!)
— MOM (7.20.18)
Thursday on GH..................
At Sonny’s house 🏠 .....
Sonny is on the phone 📱 - Diane, NO I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ about procedure! I want to get to see Carly. Do whatever it takes. Impossible is not an option.
(Mike looks at the picture of a young Mike and Charley Delaney.)
Mike - I know this guy! Sonny, are you in trouble?

(Elizabeth hasn’t heard from Franco and is worried 😧.)

(Valentin finds a dazed Franco at the Pier.)
Valentin - Franco??
Franco - You? I know you! (He falls to the ground.)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.......
Nina - Can you stand up?
Peter - Let’s get out of here.
Lisle - Truer words have never been spoken. You, Heinrik, have come to the end of the line. (Lisle has a bottle with flammable liquids and a rope in it.)
Nina - No one deserves that! Not even Heinrik. Put that down!
Lisle - NO. Now you have left me no choice.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - I’m not in trouble, Dad. Why don’t you and Felix (the male nurse) play a game?
Mike - Do you know who this is? Charley Delaney. He is a bad guy!
(Felix touches Mike’s arm.....)
Mike gets very angry 😡 - Keep your hands off of me! Who are you?
(Mike looks at Sonny and doesn’t know who he is)
Mike - I need your help?
Sonny - What do you need?
Mike - I need you to get a message to my son Michael Corrinthos Jr. Do you know him?
Sonny - Yes, I work with him.
Mike - Tell my son to stay away from Charley Delaney’s place. Nothing good can come from it!

At Ferncliff.......
(Mary Pat informs Carolyn that Dr. Lazarus will take over her case. Dr. Collins is out of town.)
Carly - You can save yourself a lot of trouble and put down that needle. I am not like your other patients. I have help in here. Rupert, Sonny will destroy you and take all your possessions.
Rupert - Maybe we should take Carly back to her cell and let Dr. Collins take care of her?
Mary Pat - Rupert, are you getting soft? Hold her tight!
Carly is screaming - Sonny Corrinthos! You remember that name! When your life falls apart, you remember that name!
(Rupert holds Carly as Mary Pat injects her with a strong dose of medication.)

At the Pier......
Valentin - Franco! Franco! Can you hear me? (Valentin uses a handkerchief to pick up a bottle from the floor).
Detective Chase - Freeze!! Drop the weapon. Put your hands where I can see you.

At General Hospital.......
Sam and Curtis tell Maxie that Lisle is staying in a cabin in the woods.
Maxie - Good, she needs some peace.
Sam - She is holding someone captive! We think it is Peter August?
Maxie - Nina asked me how would I feel if Peter died.
Sam - What did you say?
Maxie - I’m angry 😤 at Peter, but NO I don’t want him to die! It wouldn’t change anything. Do you think Lisle would kill Peter?

At 🥄 Spoon Island 🌴......
Nina is 😱 scared - If you knew Jay (James - Nathan’s name) at all he would be ashamed of you......of both of us.
Lisle - What do you mean?
Nina - Look 👀 what we have done to this man! If you have ANY good in you, you will turn yourself in.
Lisle - You want ME to turn myself in? Nina, I no longer owe you anything. I can finish this my way.

(If Lisle lights that rope in the bottle everything will go 💥💥POW🔥🔥)

At the Pier.....
Chase - Mr. Baldwin, hang in there! The ambulance 🚑 is on the way.
Valentin - This is not what it looks like! I was going to call the police 👮 myself.
Chase - With a broken bottle?
Valentin - I saw the broken bottle and picked it up . It could be the weapon that was used!
Chase - Tell that to us at the police 👮 station .

At General Hospital,......
Sam - We don’t have proof that Peter is dead 💀.
Maxie - Do you have proof he is still alive?
Sam - Has Nina been around?
Maxie - What about Nina? Are you suggesting Nina knows something?
Curtis - If she had the opportunity, would she take it?
Maxie - No.
Sam - Even if Nina is not involved, she can lead us to Peter!
Maxie - I saw her today at the Metro Court with 3 bags of food 🥘. She had enough food to feed 2 or 3 people. Oh my God!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - I can get a message to your son.
Mike - It might be too late!
Felix - Maybe we should go upstairs now?
Mike is angry 😤 - Hey, don’t touch me! Who is this guy?
Sonny - This is Felix . Your son hired him.
Sonny - Diane, i need to see Carly!
(Mike pulls the phone 📱 out of Sonny’s hand 🤚.)
Mike - No. No. We can’t talk on the 📱 phone. What is your name?
Sonny - My name is Michael, like yours. I work with your son.
Mike - We need to find my son!
Sonny - You need to stay here. I will treat you with the same respect ✊ I give to my father. Will you let me take care of you?

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴......
Nina - I untied him. I did it.
Lisle- Oh, I see. He kills your brother and you don’t care about losing your brother? My beautiful boy is buried in the ground, So I must finish this with or without you.
Nina - I also missed Nathan’s childhood and his growing up. We can’t be accomplices to this crazy 😜 revenge. It will not bring my brother back.
Lisle - Do you think I am crazy?
Nina - No. Please let Peter go?

At General Hospital.....

Franco is in the hospital.....
Elizabeth - How bad is it?
Griffin - He has a nasty cut on his head.
(Elizabeth tells Sam and Curtis that Franco was found at the Pier.)
Franco - Elizabeth, what happened?
Elizabeth - You tell us! Do you remember anything?
Griffin - No sign of a concussion.
Elizabeth - Franco, do you know who did this to you?
Franco - Yes, it was Lisle Obrecht.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - I’ve never seen him this bad!
Felix - How are you doing, Mr. Corenthos?
Sonny- I’m ok.
Felix - You don’t have to talk to me, but I am here.
Sonny - I appreciate that. I have people.
Felix - Those people don’t know what you’re going through all the time. Have you looked at the brochures?
Sonny - Put him in a 🏠 home? I am not ready for that yet.
Felix - You could still see him anytime you want. All I am saying think about it.

At the PCPD......

Valentin - Tell me you talked to Franco and you owe me an apology.
Chase - He is still unconscious.
Valentin - Did you check the fingerprints on the bottle? I don’t want to involve my legal team but.....
Chase - You could have wiped the prints off. Hey I believe you.
Valentin - I am impressed with your prowess.
Chase - I am impressed with your rap sheet.
Valentin - I have to get back to Windermere?
Chase - Your Island is under quarantine. No one is going anywhere.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴,.......
Lisle - I can’t let Heinrik go.
Nina - You have a choice.
Lisle - There are always choices! YOU were supposed to be on my side.
Nina - This is madness!
Lisle - All the brightest souls, like my Nathan, are extinguished. You call me mad 😡 Nina? It is MY turn to do something for ME. I need to end all this grief.
Nina - Faison is dead. Mission accomplished!
Lisle - The story is finished. It is time to close the book 📖 once and for all.

(Lisle is about to light the bottle.......)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
(Mike comes downstairs after resting......)
Mike - Felix.
Felix - Hey 👋, how was the 💤 😴 nap?
Mike - Is Sonny here?
Felix - He had to run 🏃 some errands.
Mike - Sonny is in trouble.

At Ferncliff......
Sonny - Rupert, I want to see my wife!
Rupert - I can’t help you.
Sonny - We had an arrangement! Those who help my wife are rewarded. Those who don’t...... last chance!
Rupert - I can’t help you.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
Nina is in a panic.... - Put the lighter down!
Lisle is unhinged - What better way to end the story?
(Lisle lights the bottle and it explodes into flames 🔥 🔥🔥💥💥💥💥 the room is all a glow.)
Nina - NO!!!
Lisle - Ha Ha Ha.
— MOM (7.19.18)
Wednesday on GH........
At Sonny’s house 🏠......

Sonny is on the phone 📱 - Diane, call in whatever favors you can.
Jason - What about the appeal?
Sonny - Carly ruined everything by escaping from Ferncliff!

At the General Hospital elevator.....
Chase - Fun wedding 🎩 night?
Michael - All I can say it’s over.
Chase - Are you ready for the next step?
Michael - Yes.
Chase - God speed.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.......
Nina - I got this.
Peter - What?
Nina - A way for both of us out of this! You will be safe from my Aunt behind bars.

At the Pier......
Franco - Lisle, you ok 👌? You’re 😢 crying!
Lisle - Allergy season is upon us.
Franco - I don’t think 💭 that is what it is and I’m here to help.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - What the hell are YOU doing here?
Julian - Nice to see you too, Sonny!
Sonny - I don’t have time for you.
Julian - Wanted to give you this. A picture of a young Mike and Charley Delaney!

At General Hospital......
Sam - What is Franco’s relationship with Dr. Lisle Obrecht?
Elizabeth - What is this about? Is Franco in trouble?
Curtis - We believe Obrecht has Peter August.
Elizabeth - In the woods? Yes, Franco told me about the man in the woods. I will call him! (She leaves a message.)

At the Pier.....
(Franco confronts Lisle with his suspicion that she has a captive Peter August!)
Franco - While I was at the PCPD, I saw Finn.
Lisle - Finn is a known drug addict.
Franco - The police 👮 are not only coming after Peter, they are coming after you.

At the Metro Court Bar......
(Valentin remembers seeing the bartender at the pier.)
Valentin - That was some show you put on at the pier! Who do you work for? Who hired you?
(The bartender tells Valentin he doesn’t know her name but she was tall, athletic and had red hair. She paid him to impersonate a Harbor Master.)

Valentin shows the bartender a picture of Nina - Is this the lady?
Bartender - Yes, that is the lady,
Valentin - She is my wife. (Bartender 🍁leaves.)
Valentin (out loud) - Nina what are you up to?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Julian - Small world 🌍, right?
Sonny - Sure is.
Julian - I found this picture in some boxes 📦. Why didn’t you tell me Mike knew Charley Delaney, the original owner of Charles Pub?
Sonny - When Mike told me he knew Charley I said I have to buy that place.
Julian - At a hefty price?
Sonny - You don’t have to deal with Alzheimer’s! I wanted to buy the place so my dad could come and work there from time to time.
Julian - Your father can come to my place any time he wants. Keep the photo.
Jason - How much do you think he knows?

At Nelle’s hospital room......
(The doctor 👩‍⚕️ gives Nelle the ok to go home 🏠.)
Nelle - I can’t wait to get out of the hospital and start our new life together!
Michael - Oh, this is Alexis! I have to make an adjustment to my will.
Nelle - Ok, see you later?

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.........
Nina - I drop you off at the Metro Court and tip off the police 👮. You don’t tell anyone about Lisle and me. Nathan is dead 💀. Maxie doesn’t have a husband. James doesn’t have a father. You need to do the right thing!
Peter - Ok 👌 take me to the Metro Court and turn me in.

At the Pier......
Lisle - Thank you for the heads up!
Franco - Peter is a fugitive and if the cops 🚓 find you, you are done. I won’t let you do this to yourself!
Lisle - It is too late. My son is dead! I have lost everything.
Franco - You still have me.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Jason - Julian thinks something is up.
Sonny - That’s why I told him about my father!
Jason - We can’t stall his permits for much longer.
Sonny - We can take him out! Do you have a problem with that? He is Sam’s father and Danny’s grandfather.
Jason - He has come after you in the past. No, I don’t have a problem with it. I can do it.
(Michael arrives to update Jason.)
Michael - Nelle is about to get out of the hospital. We need to go to the next step!
Sonny - Isn’t it time to tell me what is going on? Its been a rough couple of days now. I need to know what risks you are taking with Nelle!
Michael - You have to trust me!
Sonny - Nelle is dangerous! I want in.
Jason - Michael, you have to tell your father!

At General Hospital......
(Chase visits Nelle and she tells him Michael has cut her out of the will.)
Nelle - Michael is leaving everything to the baby 👶 and nothing to me if our marriage ends? You told me he didn’t love 💕 me.

At the Pier.......
Franco - You helped me when I needed you. You won’t lose me!
Lisle - How can I be in prison? The PCPD and WSB are after me!
Franco - You won’t be here. As long as Peter is still alive!
Lisle - You will do that for me?
Franco - Yes.
Lisle - I will never be able to return to Port Charles?
Franco - It is better than being dead 💀! So where is Peter anyway? I am guessing he is on Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴?
(Lisle knocks 🥊Franco out.)
Lisle - I wish I didn’t have to do that. Please look 👀 after Maxie and James? Alas, no more delays. I know what I have to do.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.........
Sonny - Let me get this right? You’re trying to goad Nelle into killing you? You will kill your mother!
Michael - Nelle is 9 months pregnant 🤰! She thinks Chase is madly in love 😍 with her and she needs his help to kill me. We can get her for murder!
Sonny - What if she gets an outside contractor to kill you?
Jason - Nelle doesn’t have time to do that.
Michael - She has to kill me before the will and prenup are filed. So I die without a will. Dad, with all due respect, this is my problem and I know what I am doing.
Sonny - I respect you, but there are better ways to deal with Nelle!
Michael - I am stronger than you think. I am fully aware of how things need to be done.
Sonny - What do you want from me?
Michael - I want your blessing!
(They hug 🤗.)
Sonny - I trust you, son, but if you want my blessing you need to do something for me!

At the Metro Court......
(Sam and Curtis tell Valentin they think Dr. Obrecht is holding Peter August captive.)
Sam - Do you know where Nina is?
Valentin - Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Nina is out of town.
(Sam and Curtis don’t believe him.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠 ........
Sonny - Detective Chase, always a pleasure!
Chase - You wanted to see me?
Sonny - Michael told me of your plan to get Nelle to incriminate herself?
Chase - I can’t talk about an active investigation.
Sonny - I understand this was your idea 💡. If my son gets hurt 😢, I will hold YOU responsible.

At the General Hospital elevators......
Jason- Are you sure you want to go through with this?
Michael - The will and prenup have to be filed. Then when the baby 👶 is born I will file for divorce and push for full custody of the baby 👶.
(I think they know that Nelle is listening to their conversation. This is a bad move.)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.......
Nina unties Peter, cleans him up and puts a clean dressing on his 🤚 hand.)
Peter - 😊 Thank you.
Nina - We need to get out of here.
Lisle returns - Truer words have never been spoken!
— MOM (7.18.18)
Happy National Emoji Day! Tuesday on GH...........
At General Hospital......
(Valentin asks Dr. Finn to examine him for West Nile Virus.)
Dr. Finn - Were you out of the country?
Valentin - No, on Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.
Dr. Finn - Don’t waste my time. If there was an outbreak 😷 of West Nile Virus was on Spoon 🥄 🌴, the CDC would have notified me.

On Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴......
Peter - It is only a matter of time before they find me!
Lisle - No one is looking for you!
Peter - What about little James? He needs all the family he can get!
Lisle - Maxie and Nina will take care of James.
Peter - No one can love 💕 James the way you can.
Lisle - There is only one person who can tolerate my presence .........Franco.
Peter - Turn yourself in!
Lisle - ENOUGH! I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ what happens to me.
Peter - Do you feel responsible for what happened to Nathan?

At the PCPD....
DA Margarita Dawson - Commissioner Jordan 🇯🇴! I understand Carly Corrinthos escaped from Ferncliff last night. Why wasn’t I informed?
Jordan - You were!
DA - Were Sonny Corenthos and Jason Morgan involved?
Sam - Jason was just as surprised as we were when Carly came to the wedding!
DA - Commissioner I will be out of the office today. Let me know if Carly escapes again.

At General Hospital......
Jason - Sorry 😐 I took so long to make time for the baseball ⚾️ game.
Jake - That’s 👌 ok!
Jason - Elizabeth, are you coming with us?
Elizabeth - No.
Franco - That would be me?

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Curtis - How was it when you saw Sam?
Drew - It was ok. Saw her last night because of Scout.
Curtis - Boy, the Quartermaines are crazy 😜 with that wedding 🎩!
Drew - Tell me about it.
Curtis - Look 👀, we have to get you back in the game........find you a woman!
Drew - I can’t go on a date. I have a family!
Curtis - Wouldn’t you like a new woman? Someone who can take you in a new direction?

At General Hospital.....
Jake - Franco, are you ready to go?
Franco - I can’t go, I have to work.
Jake - Will I be ok?
Franco takes Jake off to the side - Look 👀, I can see you at home 🏠. You will be great! I never had a Dad to take me to the ball ⚽️ game.
Jake to Jason - Ok 👍 let’s go.

Elizabeth - How did you convince Jake to go with Jason?
Franco - I want him to spend time with his Dad.
Elizabeth - I wish Jason could see this side of you.

In Dr. Finn’s office........
Valentin - I assure you Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴 has been quarantined.
Finn - I had no notice of that?
Valentin - Tell that to the Harbor Master who would not let me on the Island 🌴!
Finn - I will give you a blood test.
Valentin - Can I trust you?
Finn - If I wanted to kill you, death 💀 would be swift and painless. Someone will call you with the results of the test.

At the Ball ⚽️ Park.......
Jason - I am sorry 😐, the game was canceled.
Jake - It is not your fault.
Jason - So, were you able to call your friend and tell him the game was canceled?
Jake - It is not a friend. Oh, there he is..........Drew! Thanks for coming!
Drew - You asked me to come. You didn’t tell me your father was coming here?
Jake - Is it ok 👌?
Jason - It’s your birthday 🎁!

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴......
Lisle - I am not at fault for Nathan’s 💀 death. YOU are! I wanted Nathan to be free form his father.
Peter - If you did one little thing, he would still be alive! I didn’t know he was my brother when I came to Port Charles. YOU did and YOU didn’t do anything!
(Lisle runs out of the room and Peter struggles to get free.)

Franco tells Elizabeth that he thinks Lisle did something that was illegal.

Curtis and Sam tell Commissioner Jordan 🇯🇴 that Lisle is the main suspect in the Peter August disappearance.

At the Ball ⚾️ Park.......
Jake - I want to ask to something, if it’s ok 👌?
Jason - Sure!
Jake - Was it hard when you came back?
Jason - Yes, it was.
Jake - Do you remember what it was like when I finally came 🏠 home? I was mean to my brother, Cam.
Drew - Yes, but it wasn’t your fault.
Jake - We are friends now. He helps me when I have a nightmare. We are all family. I have two fathers. I know you (Drew) are my Uncle.
Jason - We both love you, Jake.

(An uncomfortable 😣 moment between Jason and Drew. Looks like Jake is trying to bring then together.)

At Crimson......
Maxie - Valentin, are you looking for Nina? She isn’t here.
Valentin - I see that.
Maxie - She told me about your plan to win her back. If you really love 💗 her, you will leave her alone. How could Nina forgive you for putting an innocent 😇 baby 👶 in the hands of a murderer?
Valentin - I didn’t know!
Maxie - You knew! At least Peter has an excuse for the way he is. Let’s see..... do I want my baby to go to a loving couple or a murderer?

At the PCPD.....
Finn tells Jordan, Curtis and Sam about the kid 🧒 (Wyatt) who saw a man tied to a bed in the woods. Finn shows Jordan a note 📝 book 📖 with passages from the Severed Branch.
Jordan - I need to talk to Wyatt!
Finn - Let me know if you find something?

At GH.....
Franco tells Elizabeth he thinks Lisle is holding Peter August captive in the woods.
Elizabeth - You need to go to the PCPD!

At the Ball ⚾️ Park......
Drew - You’re a good catcher!
Jake - We practice a lot.
Drew - The game is canceled. I need to get back to work.
Jason - Sounds like you’re a good ⚾️ ball player! Do you want to go and play catch?
Jake - That would be great 👍 !

As Drew passes a hot dog 🌭 cart 🛒, DA Dawson is squeezing mustard on her hot dog 🌭and it lands on the back of Drew’s shirt 👕.
Margarita Dawson - Oh I’m so sorry 😐! Let me clean that off of you.
Drew - Oh, I see.
Margarita - Take my card? I want to pay for a new 👕.
Drew - You’re the new DA?
(Is this lady Drew’s new love 💕 interest?? Spoiler....... Elizabeth Hendrickson is Billy Miller’s ex-wife in real life!)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴......
Nina - No one will find you here.
Peter- Valentin will!
Nina - Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴 is under quarantine! Valentin is staying at the Metro Court. He has other things on his mind.
Peter - Nina, you have now helped your Aunt move me to a second location? You are getting in deeper and deeper. It will not end well!

At the Ball ⚾️ Park......
Jason - You have a good arm!
Jake - Can I ask you something?
Jason - Of course!
Jake - Do you think 🤔 it is worth going after Sam?
Jason - Sam is great, amazing but what happens in the future is not up to me. Sometimes people need time to 🤔 think.......alone. That is what Sam is doing, so it is out of my hands.
Jake - Are we talking about the same thing? I was talking about Sam the baseball ⚾️ player. Do you think I was talking about Sam, Sam?
Jason - Let’s play some more ball ⚾️.

At the hot dog🌭cart 🛒........
Drew - DA Dawson.
Margarita Dawson - Do you like baseball ⚾️ games?
Drew - Yes, that is why I was here.
Margarita - Maybe we can run into each other again and I will buy you a hotdog 🌭?

At the PCPD.....
(Franco is about to go into the room where Commissioner Jordan, Sam, Curtis and Finn are but hears Jordan is on to Dr. Lisle Obrecht.)
Jordan - I sent the police to the cabin in the woods. Someone was there. If we can prove Obrecht took Peter August there, we have all we need. We can bring her in for questioning.

At the Pier......
Franco looking at the sign - Quarantined? Right. That is not suspicious 😒 at all.
(Lisle is watching Franco.)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.........
(Nina arrives with two bags of food 🥘.)
Peter - Tell me what to do the next time your aunt wants to kill me and you are not here?
Nina - SHUT UP 🤐! SHUT UP. I have a way out of this.

At the Metro Court........
(After talking to Maxie, Valentin needs a drink 🥃.)
Valentin - Give me a drink?
Bartender - What do you want?
(Valentin takes one look at him and grabs his collar.)
Valentin - Wait a minute, I know you!

(This man — an actor — was the man posing as the Harbor Master who put up the sign at the pier saying that Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴 was in quarantine.)
— MOM (7.17.18)
Monday on GH..........
At Michael and Nelle’s 👰 wedding 🎩.........

Ned - Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Carly - HOLD IT! My son will NOT be getting married today.
Sonny - Carly? What are you doing??
Carly - Please, he is my son.......Michael, you can’t marry her!
Michael - Mom, I love you but you can’t stop 🛑 me from marrying Nelle. She is the mother of my child!
Nelle - We love 💕 each other!
Sonny - What are you doing?
Chase - I have to take her in. I already called it in.
Carly - I will go.
Sonny - I will go with you.
Carly - Stay here! You HAVE to stop this wedding.
Sonny - No. I am going with you.
Carly - By the way, all that Nelle did? She didn’t do it alone. She had help!
(Ava and Nelle look at each other and Griffin 👀 looks at Ava).

Bobby - So you called the police 👮‍♀️ on Carly?
Ava - Should I have waited until Carly hurt Nelle? That woman escaped from a mental institution! Should I have offered her a glass 🥃 of champagne 🥂?
Bobby - You will get yours, and I will have a front row seat 💺!
Ava - Well, what is a wedding 🎩 without drama?
Bobby - Michael, you are NOT going to go through with the wedding 👰!
Nelle - Let’s get on with the wedding 👰.
(All of the sudden, Nelle doubles up in pain and is taken to the hospital. The guests discuss if Nelle is faking. Sam and Drew take Mike home 🏠.)

At General Hospital.......
Michael - How is Nelle?
Lucas - She and baby 👶 are going to be fine. She wants to see you.
Nelle - Michael?
Michael - You gave me a scare! You need to relax.
Nelle - NO! We need to finish what we started! We need to get married tonight. If we don’t become husband and wife tonight, then Carly wins!
Michael - It is not about that!
Nelle - The only thing that matters to me is to be husband and wife. If we don’t do it now it will never happen!
Michael - Ok. Then let’s do it right now.
Nelle - Really? (They kiss 💋.)

At the PCPD,.......
Sonny and Jason are with Carly......
Jordan - It is up to the Judge 👨‍⚖️ what happens to Carly.
Sonny - She was worried about her SON. You have a son!
Jason - Carly, why did you do that?
Sonny - You injected a nurse?
Carly - Dr, Collins prescribed the medication!
Jordan - Nelle went to the hospital.
Carly - Of course! I didn’t touch her. You have to stop him!
Sonny - Michael has a plan.
Carly - I don’t care! YOU have to save our son.
Sonny - Our goal was to get you out of Ferncliff. You made it worse!

At GH,....
Michael calls Ned to tell him to come to the hospital.
Michael - We don’t want to wait.
Michael calls Jason - We are getting married and I need my best man.

At the wedding......
Griffin - When Carly was leaving, her parting shot. She was 👀 looking at you!
Ava - Griffin, you can’t give into Carly’s ranting. How can you believe Carly?
Griffin - Carly is not 😜 crazy. She got a message and she smelled cologne? This same as you did tonight.

In Nelle’s hospital room......
Michael - Hey 👋 Joss?
Ned - I figure Nelle wouldn’t want to get married without her maid of honor!
Nelle - Joss, thank you for coming! You know I love ❤️ Michael and would never hurt him, don’t you?
(Joss just smiles. Then, Jason arrives.)
Ned - Looks like the gang is all here. (Then, Chase walks into the room.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Mike - Drew, how do you know Sam?
Drew - Sam and I used to be married. I guess it wasn’t meant to be?
Mike - I used to think that of Sonny’s mother.
Sam - Mike, time for you to rest?
Mike - Well, good night 💤 folks.
Sam - All we can do is follow our hearts.
Drew - If we did it all over again, would we do it differently?
Sam - I told you the day we signed those divorce papers. I don’t regret our marriage.

At GH, Nelle is in 🛏 bed........
Ned - Nelle, if you would rather wait.
Nelle - NO everything I want is right here in this room.
Ned - Ok. Let’s cut to the chase...... Michael do you take Nelle to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to love 💕, cherish and forsake all others until death 💀 do you part?
Michael - I do.
Ned - Nelle, do you take Michael to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love 💗, cherish and forsake all others until death 💀 do you part?
Nelle - I do!
Ned - Jason, do you have the rings?
Michael - Nelle, I give you this ring 💍 as a symbol of my love 😍 with all that I am and all I hope to be for as long as I live.
Nelle - Michael, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love 😍 with all that I am and all that I hope to be for as long as I live.
Ned - Michael and Nelle, by exchanging rings it is my honor to declare you are husband and wife. You may kiss 💋 the 👰 bride.
Michael - I really appreciate your standing up for me.
Jason - I will always have your back.
Michael - Yes, I know.
Ned - It is not official until I sign the marriage license. Who has a pen? Oh, the best man delivers! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corrinthos.
Joss - Let me take a picture. Say marriage!
Michael and Nelle - Marriage.
Nelle - Thank you so much, Ned. It is so nice to have a family member officiate the wedding 👰.
Nurse - The 🎊 party 🎈 is over!
Joss - Congratulations.
Michael - Well, I should head out too.
Nelle - NO! On our wedding?
Michael - We will have the rest of our lives. See you in the morning.

At the PCPD......
Carly - When Morgan died, it was the worst pain I’ve felt. I won’t feel that again. I won’t lose Michael!
Sonny - Why are we talking about Morgan now? I remember what it was like!
Carly - I need for you to get Michael out of this. Do whatever it takes!
Jordan - Carly, you are remanded back to Ferncliff?

At General Hospital.....
Michael - Hey, you need a ride?
Joss - Yes that would be good.
Michael - You seem distracted. Is it about mom?
Joss - There is a situation. I don’t know how to handle it?
Michael - What is it?
Joss - It is about Nelle and Detective Chase?

At the PCPD.......
Jason - Where is Carly?
Sonny - Back to Ferncliff. They got married anyway.
Jason - Carly did this? She knew the consequences!
Sonny - This plan of Michael’s? He better kick it up into high gear!
Jason - Who are you calling?
Sonny - Diane. We are going to prove Nelle set up Carly. The DA couldn’t get me so she got the next best thing wife.
Jason - So if we make it public, she will be embarrassed 😳 and vacate the order?

Back at Ferncliff.......
Rupert - Why did you do that? You had so many privileges!
Carly - And those privileges better continue or you don’t want to deal with Sonny Corrinthos!
Rupert - Are you threatening me?
Carly - No. How is this going to go, Rupert?
Rupert - If your husband wants to make special arrangements, he will have to do it with Mary Pat. So why did you do it?
Carly - Have you ever heard of a mother picking up a car when her kid is in danger? Well, it is true.

In Nelle’s hospital room.......
(When everyone leaves 🍁, Chase goes into Nelle’s room.......)
Nelle - You almost had me convinced that Michael didn’t love 💕 me and only the baby 👶!
Chase - So what now? This ring 💍 on your finger will not stop 🛑 Michael from taking your 👶 child! If Michael really loved you, he wouldn’t leave you alone on your wedding 👰 night.
(Nelle tries unsuccessfully to slap 👋 Chase.)
Chase - Congrats, 🍾🎉🎈 Janelle!

At General Hospital.......
Joss - When I got back with the ice bucket to Nelle‘s hotel room, I saw Chase kiss 💋 Nelle. I think Nelle 💋 kissed him back!
Michael - I am not worried. I have everything under control. Lets go home 🏠.

(Nelle got out of bed 🛏 and is listening to what Michael is saying.)
— MOM (7.16.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday (and Friday the 13th!) on GH..........
Today is Michael and Nelle’s 👰 Wedding 🎩 Day.
Minister - By the power invested in me by the State of New York, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.
(Nelle and Michael kiss 💋 and she stabs Michael in the stomach.)

At Ferncliff......
Carly - NO!! (She was dreaming.)

At Nelle’s room at the Metro Court.....
Nelle touches her stomach and says - We did it, baby 👶! (She thinks of her conversation with Michael.) As long as we are together. the papers are meaningless, right?
Ava - You signed the prenup?
Nelle - Ava, a prenup can be dissolved.
Ava - A Quartermaine will not be separated from his money 💰. Just ask Tracy! Her father took his money 💰 to the GRAVE.
(Ava reminds Nelle she has the blanket.)
Nelle - Don’t threaten me! You do your thing and I will do mine.
Ava - I do wish you and Michael the very, very best.
Nelle - I hope you mean that!
Ava- Don’t underestimate the power of this marriage. Sonny and Jason are doing everything to bring Carly home 🏠.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Sonny, Mike and Jason are dressed in suits.)
Mike - Why the long face?
Sonny - Michael has had some bad luck with the ladies.
Jason - Michael is a grown man and it is his decision.
Sonny - No point in putting this off.
Mike - I hope it all works out!
Jason - Did you talk to Carly? How did she take it?
Sonny - She hates it.

At the Metro Court restaurant......
Drew - Looks like we are the first ones here.
Sam - Yes.
Drew- You don’t seem happy 😊 about the wedding 🎩?
Sam - Michael is only marrying Nelle because of the baby 🍼.

Oscar - Sorry I’m late! I was trying to get dressed and Julian was there. He is ALWAYS there.
Joss - You’re wearing the cologne I gave you!
Oscar - Yes, I like it.
Joss - You smell great.

At the Quartermaine Mansion....
(Olivia is fixing Michael‘s collar.)
Olivia - I hope you don’t mind my filling in for your mother? She loves you very much.
Michael - Yes, she does.
Ned - The groom 🤵 is here! How do you feel ,🤵 groom?
Michael - I have been waiting for this day a long time.
Olivia - If there is anything we can do to help you?
Ned - Do you want to come in our 🚘 car?
Michael - No, I have a ride.

Michael - Hello?
Carly - Michael, it is me your mom!
Michael - Mom? I didn’t think they would let you make calls!
Carly - You CAN’T marry Nelle.
Michael - Mom, not now.
Carly - I don’t have much time! I didn’t push Nelle down the stairs. You can’t marry Nelle!
Michael - Everything will be all right.
Carly - I love you 😘 SO much.
Michael - I love you too, mom.

At Nelle’s room at the Metro Court......
Ava - I need to know where we stand!
Nelle - The same as the other months. Shoulder to shoulder, against Carly.
(Joss is the Maid of Honor and arrives to help Nelle get into her dress.)
Joss - Ava, what are you doing here? I am sorry 😐 Morgan couldn’t be here on this special day. (Ava leaves) Whenever I see her, I want to punch 🥊 her! Hey, I have something for you.
Nelle - Oh, it is beautiful! Thank you.
Joss - My mother gave it to me and I am loaning it to you. Something borrowed.
Nelle - Let’s take a picture and send it to your mother?

At the Metro Court restaurant......
(Oscar is taking pictures of the guests as they arrive.)
Lulu - Most of us are here under duress.
Ned - Speak for yourself!
Lulu - Are you saying you approve of this marriage? WHO gets married on Friday the 13th?

(Lucas and Brad are taking bets if Michael will go through with the wedding 🎩!)

Mike - Not much of a crowd! When will Carly get here?
Sonny - She is not coming. Bobby is here.

(Bobby is dressed all in black.......)
Olivia - THAT is how you make a statement!

Ava - I am smelling your cologne!
Oscar - Joss gave it to me. See you later.
Ava - Strange? Morgan wore that cologne. Strange that Joss would give Oscar Morgan’s cologne?
Griffin - They mentioned cologne at the trail!

At Ferncliff.......
(Carly is making a lot of noise. She is banging on the door 🚪.)
Carly - Let me OUT of here!
Mary Pat to Dr. Collins - I will have to sedate her.
Dr. Collins - Don’t touch my patient!

At the Quartermaine Mansion ......
Michael - Jason, you’re here?
Jason - Sonny is with Mike. I need to tell you, don’t marry Nelle! I will make the apologies for you. Nelle is dangerous. Don’t fool yourself! She is not.....
Michael- I am not to blame for what Nelle did. I AM to blame for what I did. Bringing an innocent baby 👶 into the 🌍 world.

At Nelle’s room in the Metro Court.
(Brad gives Nelle a necklace . Something new.)
Nelle - In a few minutes, I will be walking down the aisle to a man everyone thinks I don’t deserve.
Brad - I’ll see you downstairs.

Nelle - Joss, did you go to Antartica for the ice?
(Chase is at the door 🚪, not Joss.)
Nelle - Go away!
Chase - Michael doesn’t love you! He loves the child. What we had was REAL love 💕, not the imitation you are settling for! Do you love him?
Nelle - No, I didn’t say that.
Chase - Are you so empty inside that a wealthy husband and a big house 🏠 will make you happy? Michael will leave you and you will be ALONE! What will you do?
Nelle - Why are you asking me this?
Chase - When it falls apart, what will you do?
(Chase and Nelle embrace and kiss 💋 and........Joss sees them!)
Nelle sees Joss too - Get OFF of me!
Joss - Get off of HER!
Chase - I am sorry, Nelle. I was wrong and hope you get everything you deserve.
Joss - What was HE doing here?
Nelle - He wanted me to run away with him.
Joss - We need to tell Michael!
Nelle - NO! I just want to get married. I have been through enough!
Joss - Ok. (They hug, but Joss is now suspicious of Nelle.)

At Ferncliff.......
(Carly tells Dr. Collins she has to get out of here. She has to stop 🛑 the wedding 🎩.)
Dr. Collins - You can’t do that.
Carly - Nelle is going to KILL Michael! I have to help Michael. I need to help him, but I don’t know what to do!
(Dr. Collins speaks to Mary Pat outside......)
Dr. Collins - She is suffering from a panic attack because of her son’s wedding 🎩.
Mary Pat - I thought as much.

At the Metro Court restaurant......
Jason - Can I talk to you for a minute?
Drew - What is up?
Jason - There is something going on with Nelle and Michael. Nelle‘s first fiancé died of mysterious circumstances. I don’t want Michael to get hurt!
Drew - I will keep my eyes open. I hope you know I care about Michael.
Jason - I believe it.

Sonny - Don’t go through with this marriage!
Michael - Mom called me a few minutes ago.
Sonny - Jason must have given her a phone 📱. Your mother is afraid 😱 for you!
Michael - When you see her tomorrow, tell mom I know what I am doing.

At Ferncliff......
Mary Pat - Poor Carly. You had to make it all about YOU. I am going to give you this shot. You wont be getting out of here anytime soon!
(A strong Carly grabs Mary Pat’s hand 🤚 ..... guess again!! Then, Dr. Collins looks into Carly’s cell and sees what he thinks is Carly.)

Time for the ceremony.......
Ned - Ok, everyone please take a seat 💺?

The music 🎶 starts...... and Joss, the maid of honor, walks down the aisle.........

Jason, the best man, stands beside Michael......

The wedding 👰 march begins 🎶🎶🎶.......

Nelle walks down the aisle.......

Ned - Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Michael Corrinthos III and Nelle Benson in matrimony. If there is any person who can show why these two can not be joined together, they will speak now or forever hold their peace.

— MOM (7.13.18)
Thursday on GH........
At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴...
Lisle - This is maudlin dribble. This is supposed to be a brilliant sequel to The Severed Branch!
Peter - We both know how it ends. I finish the story and YOU finish me!

At the Quartermaine Mansion...
Michael - Thank you for stopping by.
Alexis - I’ve done my share of ELQ business. Why didn’t you call Diane?
Michael - I want my own lawyer. I want you to draw up my will.
Alexis - Not something I expected to hear 👂 from a groom 🤵 on his wedding 🎩 day!
Michael - I want to get it out of the way. The sooner the better.
(Nelle is listening outside the door 🚪).
Michael - After today everything changes. Taking on the responsibility of a family is most important to me. I want to make sure the person who is most important to me is taken care of after I am gone.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
Peter - Where is Nina? Is she coming back? I am hungry and tired.
Lisle - Perhaps some nourishment will help.
Peter - I need Nina! How can I think of a story? You have a message.
Lisle - I will get it later. Probably someone trying to sell me long term health care.

(Sam and Curtis figure out who would want to hurt Peter August.... Nathan’s mother, Lisle Obrecht!)
Curtis - Are you sure Lisle is the one?
Sam - She may be angry 😤 her grandchild will grow up without a father. Nina and Lisle came late to Maxie’s baby 👶 shower.
Curtis - Let’s talk to Nina.

Nina texts Lisle the West Nile virus was detected on Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴. No launch 🚀 to the island. They are quarantined.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Alexis - So Michael, what is the rush? Is everything ok 👌?
Michael - Yes, never better. I want to make sure the one I love the most is taken care of.
Alexis - When you come back we can finish the will.
Michael - My wishes are simple. I want to leave everything I own to my CHILD 👶.
(Nelle is listening and hears this!)
Alexis- Let me see if I understand this?
Michael - My child will be my sole beneficiary. Thank you 😊 for making this a priority.
Alexis - Happy 😃 wedding 🎩, and give my best to the bride 👰.

Nelle - Michael?
Michael - I wasn’t expecting to see you until the main event! What is going on?
Nelle - Do you love ❤️ me?
Michael - Of course, why would you doubt that?

At Crimson....
Nina - What’s up?
Curtis - Sam and I have a new theory about Peter’s disappearance. What can you tell me about your Aunt Lisle?
Nina - My aunt is a person of interest in the disappearance of Peter August??
Curtis - You have been hanging out lately. Have you noticed bizarre behavior?
Nina - No, not really.
Curtis -Let me know if you hear anything. And we never had this conversation.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
Peter - You look 👀 like a mother with a lot of pain?
Lisle - Don’t forget who caused that pain!
Peter - Cesar Faison.
Lisle - The Severed Branch was about YOU and your father. Why can’t the second 📖 book be about you?

Jordan 🇯🇴 wants Stella to help with the planning of the wedding 👰. Stella has a plan to invite Curtis’ old girlfriend to Port Charles to disrupt the wedding 🎩.

At General Hospital.....
Alexis - Before you say anything, I will take care of Michael’s will.
Sonny - What will? I hope I am not too late.

At the Quartermaine Mansion...
Nelle - I don’t want you to think I am trapping you with the baby 👶.
Michael - When we are married, all three of us will be very happy 😊.

Nina informs Valentin of the West Nile virus at Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.
He gets a suite on the executive level of the Metro Court.

(Jordan asks TJ, her son, to walk her down the aisle.)

At General Hospital......
(Stella tells Mike she is not happy 😊 Curtis is marrying Jordan.)
Mike - Let me give you some advice. Life goes by in the blink of an eye 👁. If two people find love 💕, they should grab it. Don’t interfere in their love.

Stella calls Shonda - Hi. It’s me again. On second thought, it is not a good idea for you to visit Port Charles. I forgot to tell you, Curtis is getting married.

On the Pier....
Nina - Thank you. (Nina gives the Harbor Master money 💴.)
Harbor Master - Just doing my job.
Nina - You can leave the sign up. (Launch 🚀 closed until further notice.)

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴......
Lisle - No one has ever considered I might have a story to tell! Where do we begin?
Peter - Repeat after me: Once upon a time....
Lisle - Once upon a time a little girl ......

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Nelle calls a lawyer....
Nelle - Hi 👋? It’s Nelle Benson again. My friend is sick 😷 and she doesn’t have a will. She is terrified her child 🧒 and husband won’t get something if she dies. So my question is what happens if someone dies without a will?
(Michael is listening in on Nelle’s phone 📱 call to a lawyer.)
Nelle - So, in NY if someone dies without a will, the spouse inherits everything? Thank you 🙏 so much. My friend will be glad to hear that!
— MOM (7.12.18)
Wednesday on GH...........
At the Quartermaine Mansion....
Nelle is on the phone 📱 - So you’re telling me if things don’t work out 🏋️ I have no way to protect myself?
Michael - Who was that?
Nelle - I was just talking to a lawyer who said if things don’t work out 💪 I have no way to defend myself with a prenup.

Lisle took Peter to Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.
Peter - Where are we?
Lisle - Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.
Peter - HELP! HELP! I am in the stable. Someone please HELP ME!
Lisle - Are you finished? Kindly refrain from screaming like a banshee. Unless you want to earn those screams?

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Michael - You already talked to a lawyer?
Nelle - I wanted to find out if signing the prenuptial was good for me!
Michael - What did he say?
Nelle - He said it was standard. It seems so unromantic! I think 🤔 we will go into this marriage and it will fail.
Michael - It is a standard prenup and all Quartermaines sign it. Ned insisted on your signing the prenup before he officiated at the wedding 🎩. It only becomes effective if we get a divorce and I am not doing that. Are YOU?
Nelle - NO, Michael! I have no intention of divorcing you. I want to be with you forever!
Michael - Ok 👌 it is just a formality.
Nelle signs the prenup - As long as we’re together it is meaningless. There, it is signed!
Michael - I will file this and get you a copy. You can put it in a random drawer and never look 👀 at it again.

Ned - Hello 👋.
Nelle - Hi 👋!
Ned - Bridal jitters?
Nelle - Certainly. I appreciate your helping Michael and me. We are lucky 🍀.
Ned - Is everything ok?
Nelle - I am not in a celebrating 🎉 mood. The prenup was a buzzkill. I know Olivia signed a prenup.
Ned - Olivia insisted! I was not pushing it. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t marrying me for my money 💰. The prenup was good for us, and you and Michael made the right decision.
Nelle - What about the Q Attorneys?
Ned - They usually want it.
Nelle - Hello?
Chase - I have to see you right away!

At General Hospital....
Finn - Wyatt?
Wyatt - Dr. Finn?
Finn - What brings you back to GH?
Wyatt - Poison oak!

At the Pier.....
Chase - I wanted to apologize for what I said yesterday. I will always care about you. Michael wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He hasn’t given you any reason to doubt him. Has he?
Nelle - Of course! Michael wants me to sign a prenup.
Chase - Nelle, I’m sorry 😐. I didn’t mean to upset 😢 you.
Nelle - You shouldn’t get into my business.
Chase - If Michael divorces you, how will you take care of your 👶 baby? You don’t have to marry Michael.
Nelle - What is the alternative?
Chase - WE can still be together!
Nelle - You can’t be serious!
(Chase and Nelle are holding hands and looking into each other’s 👁 eyes.)
Chase - I want us to be together.
Nelle - What makes you think 🤔 I care?
Chase - It’s now or never.
Nelle - What is your plan?
Chase - Don’t marry Michael! He only wants the baby 🍼.
Nelle - No, he 💕 loves me!
Chase - You and I can raise the baby 👶 together! We can do it right this time. I can give you a love ❤️ Michael never can!
Nelle - The Corrinthos family will hunt us down! Besides, Michael can give me something you can’t.

At Spoon 🥄 Island 🌴.....
Lisle - I lost my notebook 📓. I must have left it in the cabin. I must go back there!
Peter - You know, if the 👮 cops find the journal 📓 they will know I was there with you in that cabin.
Lisle - I have a good memory, so let’s continue without the book 📚.

At General Hospital......
Wyatt - I’ll try my best not to scratch.
Finn - Use the medication I gave your mother. It will clear up in about a week. Say, if I show you a picture of the man in the woods, can you identify him?
Wyatt - I think so?
(Finn shows Wyatt a picture of Peter August.)
Finn - Is that him?

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
(Ned, Drew and Michael have a celebratory drink 🍹.)
Ned - Saw Nelle today. She wasn’t happy 😊 about the prenup. I will get us some cigars.
Drew - Does he know you hate cigars?
Michael - Ned is all about tradition.
Drew - You don’t seem happy about getting married?
Michael - I thought this through, and I made the right decision.
Drew - For you or your kid?
Michael - It’s the right thing to do.
Drew - Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉.

At the Pier.......
Nelle - Michael can give me a life of stability and comfort. Why should I risk it all for you?
Chase - We will figure it out.
Nelle - I really hope you can move on, because I sure as hell have!

At General Hospital.....
Finn - Take your time and look 👀 closely. Is this the man?
Wyatt - I didn’t think 🤔 so?
Nurse - Dr. Finn, a patient needs you.

Wyatt to himself - I guess it could be him but the guy from the cabin had a beard 🧔🏻.

At 🥄 Spoon Island 🌴.....
Lisle - Peter, you are holding back! You mustn’t allow self pity to interfere with the writing ✍️ flow.
Peter recites - “Why is it Octavian wondered you only appreciate life when you are going to lose it all?”
— MOM (7.11.18)
Tuesday on GH.........
At Sonny’s house 🏠...
Sonny - What is going on with Peter?
Jason - I am out of it.
Sonny - What do you mean?
Jason - Peter is Anna’s son. I am here if she needs me. The PCPD hired Sam and Curtis to look for Peter.

At the cabin......
Peter - Think 🤔 about it, Nina! The police 👮 can be here any minute. YOU can set me free and I won’t mention your name. It is a win, win. Nina, make the best choice for BOTH of us!

(Nina takes the restraints off of Peter.)

At the Metro Court.......
Chase - Hey 👋, what are you doing?
Nelle - I am looking for bridal dresses 👗 for a pregnant 🤰 woman.
Chase - You would look 👀 good in anything, but it is not going to work.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
(Michael tells Sonny and Jason there has been a development.)
Jason - You called off the wedding 🎩?
Michael - NO we are getting married 👰 tomorrow.

At the GH elevator......
Franco - You don’t care 🤷‍♂️ about Peter at all? You’re just doing it for your girlfriend. Lisle may or may not have Peter.
Finn - I don’t care about Peter. Anna does! She wants to find her son and I want to help.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - Michael, this is too dangerous.
Michael - It is not your decision to make.
Sonny - I know my son will make the right decision.

At the Metro Court......
Nelle - Michael loves me!
Chase - How? I know what he says but after what you did to his family....?
Nelle - He doesn’t care about that!
Chase - After you are married, he can leave you and take the baby 👶.

(This gives Nelle something to think 🤔 about.)

At the cabin.......
(Lisle is about to open the door 🚪 when.....)
Finn - Hey 👋, Lisle!
Lisle - What are YOU doing here?
Franco - I am just here to make sure things don’t get out of hand.
Lisle - He is harassing me!
(Finn kicks in the door 🚪.)
Lisle - WHAT are you doing??
(When they enter, the cabin is empty.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Jason - I get that you’re an adult, but Nelle is dangerous!
Sonny - I told Carly, you got to have faith in Michael.
Michael - Nelle is overconfident. She thinks she has me in the palm of her hand 🤚.
Sonny - If Michael wants to take this girl down, he will.

At Ferncliff......
(Carly tells Dr. Collins she was so focused on keeping Nelle out of her family’s life. She could have taken her down in her sleep 💤, but Nelle fell down the stairs and she wound up in Ferncliff.)
Carly - I let my guard down and couldn’t protect Michael, just like I couldn’t protect Morgan.

At the cabin......
Lisle - Well, did you find your large man? I will expect payment for the door 🚪 you ruined!
Finn - Look 👀 restrains on the bed 🛏! Where is Peter August? You can tell me or the 🚔 police 👮!
Franco - Tell us what happened!

At the Metro Court,......
Chase - I believed the girl who walked into the police 👮 station. You were vulnerable.
Nelle - You wanted to charge me with MURDER!
Chase - I am angry 😤 at myself because I didn’t take care of you when I had the chance!

At Ferncliff.....
Carly - I was in control when Michael was in a coma. Sonny thought he would never come out of it. I found Patrick Drake, and he performed experimental surgery on Michael and he woke up.
Dr. Collins - Do you take responsibility for Morgan’s 💀 death?
Carly - Ava came into my house 🏠 and she tampered with Morgan’s medication. We knew something was off but we didn’t want Morgan to think 🤔 we didn’t believe in him! We didn’t want to rock the boat 🚣.

At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Sonny - I have to tell Carly the wedding 🎩 is on for tomorrow.
Jason - I care about you, Michael, and I don’t want you to get hurt 😢!
Michael - The PCPD is backing me up, Jason. You have to trust me!
Jason - Stop 🛑! When did that happen?
Michael - It is recent.
Jason - You’d better start talking until I know everything!

At the cabin.....
Lisle - This has been a difficult time for me. More than I could bear 🐻. So I had kinky sex with a willing partner. It wasn’t hard!
Finn - Do you believe this? This is nuts 🥜. (They leave.)

Lisle - Nina!!
Nina - Are they gone?
Lisle - Where did Heinrik go?
Nina - He is in the root cellar.
Lisle - We have a cellar?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - Are you out of your mind??
Michael - It is going to work.
Jason - You will DESTROY your mother and father! They can’t survive you DYING! You are the heart 💜 of this family.
Michael - The heart ❤️ of my family is my child 👶. If I don’t do this, Nelle would have as much say over my child 👶 as I have. I will not allow that. You love me as much as my parents. Like you love your own children!
Jason - Yes, I do.
Michael - I NEED you to do this for me! Don’t take it away from me!

At Ferncliff.....
Carly - Sonny so glad to see you! You’re here! Ok 👌, you have something to tell me?
Sonny - Yes I do.
Carly - Nothing could be worse than Nelle marrying Michael!
Sonny - Even if they are getting married 👰 tomorrow?

Back at GH.....
Finn - Lisle was lying 🤥 through her rotten little teeth!
Franco - I don’t know?
Finn - Those were restraints on the bed 🛏.
Franco - Maybe you want to discuss this with Anna first and get her approval?
Finn - Why are you here? (Finn calls Anna.)

At the cabin....
Lisle - You lied to me!
Nina - Yes. Where are the antibiotics?
Lisle - He is so weak!
Nina - EXCUSE ME? I got him OUT of here. If it wasn’t for ME, you would be in jail now. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??
Lisle - Goodbye 👋, Heinrik. (She puts a pillow to his face.)
Peter - NO!.......NO!

At the Metro Court.....
Nelle - Why are you doing this?
Chase - I love 💕 you, Nelle! I’ve loved you from the first day I laid my eyes 👀 on you. I always will.

At Ferncliff...
(Carly tells Sonny she spoke to Dr. Collins about Morgan.)
Carly - If we had trusted our instincts as parents, Morgan would still be here.
(Sonny hugs Carly.)

At. the cabin.....
Nina 🛑 stops Lisle - Are you INSANE? We can’t kill him!
Lisle - Why not?
Nina - Don’t you try that again!
Lisle - The police 🚔 can be here right now!
Nina - I will NOT let you kill him.

At the Metro Court...
(Jason finds Sam.)
Jason - Can I talk to you for a minute?
Sam - Sure. What is wrong?
Jason - It is about Michael?
Sam - What are you saying?
Jason - Michael is considering something very dangerous. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ if I can handle it. He told me not to interfere. He said he is doing this for his child .
Sam - You told me at the police 👮 station that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. Speaking of things we don’t want to do... these are my divorce papers. My marriage to Drew is over.

At the Metro Court....
Chase - Michael is not the man for you.
Nelle - He is my baby’s father!
Michael - Get the hell away from her! Are you ok?
Nelle - Now that you’re here!
Chase - We were just talking!
Michael - She wants you to go away.
Nelle - So glad you are here.
Chase - See you soon, Janelle.

Michael - Good news! I talked to Ned and he will be happy to officiate.
Nelle - Is something wrong?
Michael - No. I want to get all the business out of the way before the wedding 🎩. This is a pre-nuptial agreement.
(Nelle looks like she was shot in the heart ❤️.)
Michael - You don’t have a problem with that, do you?
— MOM (7.10.11)
On Monday’s GH......
(Maxie brings James home 🏠 but is hesitant 😟.......)
Lisle - We are going to welcome 🙏 Nathan’s son home 🏠 and to do that we have to enter the home!
Maxie - Welcome 🙏 home 🏠, James.
(Maxie walks around the apt. with James and tells him about the N.Y. Yankees, Nathans favorite team. She then takes James into his room and tells him his Daddy painted it.)

At the Metro Court....
Michael - We need to get married today and with any luck our little family will be complete.
(Chase and Finn are having a friendly lunch 🥗.)
Nelle - SO happy 😁 we are getting married 👰 before the baby 🍼 comes!
Michael - We need to get married today.
Nelle - Why the hurry?
Michael - Because of HIM (Chase). I want to get married as soon as possible.

At Charley’s Pub....
Scott - I hate to tell you this, but I have some news about Kiki and Griffin. Brace yourself, Ava, for what I am about to tell you.
Ava - What are you talking about? You’re supposed to look out for Kiki! Remember our agreement?
Scott - Bensch has a photo of Griffin hugging Kiki and his attorney can call other people to address the photo.
(Ava is not listening and leaves. Scott overheard Griffin and Kiki talking about the night they spent together.)

(Julian tells Sonny and Jason about the expansion of Charley’s Pub.)
Jason to Sonny - So, once demolition starts how long before they find the body?
Julian - Can I get you anything else?
Sonny - This place is fine the way it is! Why change it?
Julian - I am just expanding the back room and the patio.
Jason - Back room and patio......not good.
Sonny - I am prepared to make you an offer for Charley’s buy you out.
Julian - I am flattered, but no.
Sonny - Well, the offer is on the table. Think about it? (They leave.)
Scott - When Sonny makes an offer, it is usually a done deal.

At Maxie’s apt......
(Nina convinces Lisle to go to the cabin and give Peter the antibiotics he needs. She doesn’t want him to die.)
Maxie - Nina, thank you 😊 for everything and for coming home 🏠 with me. It is hard for me without Nathan, but when I 👀 look at James I am so grateful.
Nina - How would you feel if Peter died?
Maxie - At first, I was angry 😤. But I don’t want Peter to die. I am saying Peter NOT Heinrik on purpose. I believe he wanted to start over and Nathan would not want me to hate him.

At the cabin.....
(Wyatt is trying to untie the knots....)
Peter - Lisle will be here any minute! (They hear 👂 Lisle.) Wyatt, hurry up and take the bugle and badge and hide! (Wyatt hides under the bed) .
Lisle - There you are! I need solitude to come to the next step. I will be outside, so take this time to contemplate your next step. (She leaves 🍁.)

Peter - Wyatt, go and don’t let her see you. Tell someone I am here!

At Franco’s art room in GH.......
Wyatt - Dr. Franco?
Franco - We don’t have a meeting today.
Wyatt - I saw a man tied up in a cabin?
Franco - Come on!
Wyatt - I am not making it up! There is a guy who is tied to a bed 🛏 in the woods!
Franco - Where is this guy?
Wyatt - In the woods!
Franco - Can you draw a map 🗺?

At the cabin.......
(Lisle finds the bugle under the bed 🛏.......)
Lisle - How did THIS get here?
(Peter is not talking.)
Lisle - Where did this come from? How did it get under your bed? I will make you talk!
Nina - Its mine! The bugle is mine.
Lisle - Why do YOU have a bugle?
Nina - This place reminds me of when I was in summer camp. I thought I could use the bugle to warn you if someone came by. Go and get the medication.
(Lisle leaves for General Hospital.)
Peter - You covered for me. Why?
Nina - When I walked in, I thought Lisle would kill you. That is not what Maxie wants. You were her friend.
Peter - Does Maxie know I am here?
Nina - No, she is too busy with her son James.
Peter - Will you let me go before your crazy 😜 aunt kills me?

At the Metro Court......
Nelle - I have the wedding 👰 dress and I want your family there to celebrate 🎉 with us!
Michael - I want to put our marriage license in his face. (About Chase)
Nelle - I have an idea 💡! Stay here.
(Nelle speaks to Olivia.)
Nelle - I talked to Olivia and she will close the restaurant so we can get married here.
Michael - You are amazing! I will call the family.
(Nelle walks over to Chase’s table.......)
Chase - Nelle.
Nelle - Chase, you are all wrong. Michael gave me this fabulous ring 💍 and we are getting married 👰. You can’t be there ......only family.

Michael calls Commissioner Jordan - Nelle took the bait. The wedding 🎩 is on for tomorrow.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Jason - I got off the phone 📱 with a guy who will stall the permits if Julian makes a move.
Sonny - Good work!
Felix - Mr. Corrinthos, we have a problem with your father.
Sonny - What is wrong with my dad?
Felix - He is agitated and fearful. He keeps mentioning something about not wanting to let you down. I will sit with him and do a puzzle with him to calm him down.
Jason - Thanks, Felix.
Sonny - He is thinking about the dead 💀 body. This has to end tonight.

At General Hospital.....
(Lisle punctures her finger to make it bleed.....)
Lisle - Dr. Bensch can you help me? I was so clumsy...... thank you for the prescription.
Finn - Lisle, what are YOU doing here?

Kiki - Dr. Bensch is trying to sabotage me! My new mentor dropped out of the Shadow Program.
Ava - Don’t let him get to you! I am with you.

At Franco’s art room......
Wyatt - The lady was SO angry 😤. I was under the bed. She wanted to kill the man!
Franco - Did you see the lady?
Wyatt - No, but I saw her shoes 👞. We have to find the lady wearing those shoes 👞!
(Wyatt draws a picture of the shoes.)

Franco and Wyatt walk to the elevators and see Finn and Lisle.
Wyatt - It is HER! The lady! She is the one with the shoes 👞 and is holding the man in the woods. Stop 🛑 her!
Lisle - What is this kid talking about? (She disappears in the elevator.) Close call.

(Finn and Franco want Wyatt to tell them everything he knows about the man in the woods.)
Finn - We believe you.
Wyatt - He told me I have to rescue him before the lady kills him!
Finn - Can you take us to the cabin?

At the cabin.....
Peter - Nina, a little boy scout found me and left the bugle. If you help me, I promise I will not tell anyone you were here.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Julian finds a old picture of Mike Corbin and Charley Delany from 1983.
Julian - What is this ?........ This is interesting!
— MOM (7.9.18)
On Friday’s GH..................
At Sonny’s house 🏠....
Sonny complains to Jason that the piece of trash (Nelle) couldn’t wait to tell Carly about the wedding 👰.
Sonny - I wanted to go off on Nelle! I told that Rupert guy not to let her in again.
Jason - It was a good idea 💡 to put Rupert on the payroll.
Sonny - I got other business to worry about...... that Croton thing.

At General Hospital.....
Michael and Nelle are there for her doctor 👩‍⚕️ visit, but it was delayed.
Nelle - I don’t know what I will do with Carly. She needs to show respect!
Michael - Nelle, you can’t keep pushing Carly now.

Griffin - You ran off before we settled this!
Kiki - It is settled. We are NOT disclosing we slept 🛏 together.
Griffin - Listen to me! I know all about secrets. I was a priest, if they ask us on the stand I am not going to lie. And neither are you!

At Maxie’s apt....
Lulu and Maxie are now best buds. They are sharing a bucket of KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken with Colonel Sanders. (George Hamilton.) He gave Maxie the secret recipe for safe keeping. The mob is after him!

At GH......
Nelle - My visit to Carly was good will. I wanted her to know we were so happy.
Michael - I am completely at peace with my choice to marry you.

Michael gets a text from Chase. He needs to see him, so Michael tells Nelle it is ELQ business.

At the cabin....
Wyatt the scout kid - Hey mister. Where is my bugle? I need it back!
Peter - It is over there.
Wyatt picks up the bugle and makes a lot of noise.
Peter - Don’t do that!
Wyatt - I’m sorry, I’ll leave.
Peter - No, did you tell anyone I was here?

At Charley’s Pub......
Julian tells Ava that these cases are hard to win. Bensch probably hired a sleazy lawyer to find dirt on the victim (Kiki). Scott walks in.
Ava - Here is the sleazy lawyer! Make sure Bensch gets what he deserves.
Scott - It got a little complicated. I have to tell you about Kiki and Griffin.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - One of Scully’s guys told my Dad about the job I was doing. So my dad was watching me. Then, he digs up the body.
Jason - Are you sure Mike was telling the truth?
Sonny - Yes. Everything he told me made sense.
Jason - So, where did he move the body?
Sonny - He left the incriminating piece of evidence under Julian Jerome’s business! Charley Delaney was the original owner of Charley’s Pub.
Jason - So the body is under the foundation of Charley’s Pub??
Sonny - It is ok as long as no one touches the foundation. We need to check it out.

Meanwhile, Julian tells Ava he is looking to do a major expansion on Charley’s Pub.

At Chase’s apt......
Jordan 🇯🇴 - This plan is risky! You will put a civilian in danger.
Chase - Michael is already in danger. Nelle Benson got away with murder and It can’t happen again.
(Michael arrives.......)
Chase - We have a plan and it will have potential risk to you. So you have to let me know if you want to do it.
Michael - How risky?
Chase - You asked Nelle to marry you! You’re already in jeopardy.
Michael - I have Spinelli to help me.
Chase - Nelle is dangerous. Her options are limitless. You can fall in the house 🏠! Be poisoned! Have a drug overdose! Drown in a kayak!
Michael - Ok, I’m in. Tell me what I have to do?
Chase - You have to die.

At Charley’s Pub.......
Nelle - See my ring 💍? Michael and I are engaged!
Ava - Congratulations 🎊🍾! 🎈 Have you set a date?
Nelle - We are hoping to get married before the baby 👶 comes.
Ava - You get married, then you take him out kayaking. On second thought, a kayak would be too obvious. You will 🤔 think of something to do away with him!
Nelle - I would NEVER hurt Michael! He loves me. My falling down the stairs was meant to be. Like me and Michael. Give me back the blanket!
Ava - Nah, I will keep it.
Nelle - Even if you don’t trust me, I still think of you as a friend. I would have asked you to be my maid of honor but Joss said yes. I am going to leave now. Pay for your own lunch!

At the cabin...
Wyatt the scout kid - People say I tell tall tales so I didn’t say anything. If I told anyone they would laugh 😂 at me. I got a badge for helping send food 🥘 overseas. But there is no badge for helping a man tied to the bed.
Peter - But I need your help! I understand some people would doubt you, but they would be wrong. I am really being held as a prisoner!
Wyatt - I brought you some s’mores.
Peter - How can I eat if you don’t untie me? Are these knots hard for you?
Wyatt - Nah. There is a whole chapter on knots in my book 📚!

(Wyatt unties the restraints on Peter.)

At Maxie’s apt......
(Maxie gets a call from the hospital....James is ready to come home.)
Maxie - Oh, this is the best day ever.

At Chase‘s apt.....
Chase - It is best to keep this info to yourself.
Michael - Aside from being dangerous, it is cruel to my family.
Chase - Good luck, and reach out if you need anything.
Jordan - Yes, we kind of frown on people getting away with murder.

Chase - Commissioner, it is my fault Michael is in danger. Zac’s family didn’t get the results they deserved.

At Q Mansion......
Michael - Let’s get married today, Nelle.

At Charley’s Pub...
Jason - I will see if the foundation is still intact.
Sonny - I will talk to Julian.

Julian - I paid you. We are up to date.
Sonny - I am just coming to see how my Corrinthos Coffee ☕️ is selling! Can I get an espresso?
Jason - I checked the foundation. No cracks.
Sonny - So, we are in the clear for now.
Julian - On the house.
Sonny - Why are you so generous?
Julian - Business is good! I am expanding. We are going to expand the foundation. Enjoy 😊your coffee ☕️.
— MOM (7.6.18)
No show on July 4th, catching us up on Thursday’s GH.........
Julian and Ava discuss how many pieces they want Dr. Bensch in when he is found. Dr. Bensch gave Scott Baldwin a piece of evidence that puts Kiki in the cross hairs. Bensch is going to use what he says is proof that the “slut” was asking for it. (Terrible.)

Today is Oscar’s first day of internship at Aurora Media.
Kim - Are you ready?
Oscar - I am ready for you to stop 🛑 spending time with Julian!
Kim - You have a right to your feelings but I won’t tolerate your being rude to Julian, or anyone else, because you want your parents together. It is NOT going to happen.
Oscar - Wait! Drew talked to you about what I said?
Kim - Where are you going?
Oscar - I don’t want to be late on my first day.
Kim - I will take you.
Oscar - Stay with Julian, I want to walk.

Sam tells Drew she is relieved he is not going to have the mapping procedure for the kids. Drew tells Sam he got the finalized divorce papers. Sam wants a clean split from him. She told Drew Aurora belongs to him.

Milo visits Sonny and talks to Mike. He tells Sonny that Mike is in better shape than his mother who died from Alzheimer’s two years ago. Milo tells Sonny to enjoy 😊 his dad and not to be too proud to ask for help.

Ava tells Julian to see what happens in court. She has a plan. (Ava is paying Scott double his fee to sabotage Dr. Bensch.)

Alexis informs Kiki that Franco told her Dr. Bensch took a picture of her and Griffin at GH on 4/24.
Kiki - That was before the Nurses Ball. Griffin was comforting me after Dr. Bensch blindsided me!

Scott is angry 😤 at Franco for calling Alexis.
Scott - You gave up my privileged information! Kiki is a big girl.
Franco - Doesn’t matter how old Kiki is. YOU need to do what is right!

At Aurora Media.......
Sam thanks 🙏 Drew for delivering Scout, and she said it was good while it lasted. She wanted to give Drew back the wedding 👰 rings but he wanted her to keep the rings 💍 for Scout. Through tears 😭, Sam hugged Drew and left.

Drew is happy 😃 Oscar arrived on time. He has a lot of assignments for him.
Oscar - Did you check in with mom on the things you want me to do here?
Drew - What do you mean?
Oscar - Do you and mom talk about me behind my back?
Drew - I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I don’t report to your mother!
Oscar - If you say so.
Drew - Hey 👋, this comes first. You will respect me. Do you get that?
Oscar - Yes. Why did you tell mom I talked to you about Julian?
Drew - It’s not a secret you don’t want Julian with your mother. Your mother has her life. I have mine. We’ve got some work to do.
Oscar - Ok.

In the park......
Scott - I know you think of me as a dead 💀 beat dad. I came into your life late, but I came and I am here if you need me.
Franco - I didn’t have anyone like you when I was growing up. Betsy couldn’t handle it.
Scott - The dark clouds ☁️ are starting to make sense.
Franco - What are you thinking?
Scott- I wish my father was here. He would know what to say. I’m sorry 😐.
Franco - I really appreciate that. Thank you.

At GH.......
Kiki finds Griffin and says she needs to talk to him away from the hospital. She tells him Bensch has a picture of them hugging.
Griffin - Does Alexis know what happened between us?
Kiki - No.
Griffin - We should tell her.
Kiki - Have you heard a secret between two people is safe if one ☝️ of them is dead 💀? We will BOTH be dead 💀 if my mother finds out.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Milo gives Sonny an envelope from Max which has the information he needs on Croton.
Sonny - Dad, there is no statute of limitations for murder. You said you moved the body close to home 🏠. Did you move that body here in Port Charles? 😱😡 Is the body buried in Charley’s Pub?
Mike - It is under the foundation. No one will find it.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - I was trying to get on the same page with your mother. I wasn’t trying to violate your privacy.
Oscar - I get it.

At Charley’s Pub....
Alexis - How do you feel about the divorce?
Sam - When Drew left me, he got into a fight with Jason. I went to the PCPD to bail him out. When he was released, he walked right past me and didn’t say a word. I felt like I was nothing. I am devastated that my marriage is over but I made the right decision.
— MOM (7.5.18)
Tomorrow the start of the 🇺🇸 4th of July 💥💥 weekend. Lots of fun stuff going on. I will resume GH updates on Monday 7/9. Thanks and everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday on GH.....
At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Michael - I told mom I would look out for my family. That is what I am doing.
Sonny - I need to go see your mom and tell her you’re marrying Nelle before she hears it from someone else.
Michael - Mom warned me about Nelle over and over. She should not pay for my mistakes. Tell her I am going into this marriage with my eyes 👀 wide open!

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠...
(Franco meets Dr. Terry Randolph, a transgender person who was Elizabeth’s first love 💕 when she was young, before she came to Port Charles.)
Franco - I am relieved. Elizabeth said she had a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time. I was a little jealous!

At Ferncliff....
(Carly tells Rupert that Nelle won’t be staying long.)
Carly - Rupert, stay close.
Nelle - Someone is in a bad mood 😒! I have news that will make your day: I forgive you Carly!
Carly - You came all the way here to let me know you forgive me?
Nelle - It is part of the healing process.
Carly - How are you feeling? (Carly attempts to touch Nelle’s stomach and she swats her hand 🤚 away).
Nelle - I am wonderful. The baby 👶 is coming soon. There has been a lot going on!
Carly - You’ve been very busy.
Nelle - Very. But never too busy for you, Carly!

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Sonny - I do believe in you.
Jason - Michael, Nelle will do ANYTHING to get close to you.
Sonny - What if she finds out you’re playing her?
Michael - I am smart enough to call for help if I need it.
Jason - You’ve got to walk me through this again. Why the hell are you marring Nelle? She killed her last fiancé!
Michael - She put YOUR best friend in a mental institution! I can guarantee you, I am going to win.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠...
Elizabeth - I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!
Terry - When we ran together, I felt very comfortable with you. In the beginning, my parents didn’t want me to be a girl . The least of brother.
Elizabeth - Do you speak to your brother?
Terry - My brother thought one day I woke up and said I don’t want to be a boy any more. No, we don’t talk.
Elizabeth - I wish I was there for you!
Terry - Why? Do you think you could talk some sense into Shaun? I’ve knocked on a few doors 🚪 over the years. None have been as welcoming as you.
Elizabeth - You are my friend!
Terry - I have an appointment at GH tomorrow.
Elizabeth - I am SO glad you will be at GH in the fall. You HAVE to come to our wedding 👰!
Terry - Thank you, see you soon.

At Ferncliff......
Nelle - Can I get you some 💦 water, Carly?
Carly - That would be lovely 😊.
Nelle - I spend a lot of time with Jocelyn. She is so excited to become an Aunt. She is so grown up!
Carly - What does that mean?
Nelle - I went with Joss to buy some lingerie. Age appropriate , of course.
Carly - I trust you.
Nelle - Well, then you won’t mind if I ask Joss to be my Maid of Honor? We are so excited 😆! Can I call you mom? (Nelle shows Carly the ring 💍.) Speechless, 😶 right? I could hardly believe it when Michael proposed!
Carly - When?
Nelle - Michael wants to get married as soon as possible for the baby 👶.
Carly - Great! Marriages like that can’t last. Just because you make a baby 🍼 doesn’t mean you should get married.
Nelle - You don’t think 🤔 Michael loves me?

Rupert - You have another visitor.
Sonny - What the hell are YOU doing here?? 👹👺😈
Nelle - I thought I would stop 🛑 by to visit Carly! My 💎 jeweler was near by.
Carly - Nelle came to tell me she is marrying Michael!
Sonny - I can’t stop 🛑 you from marring my son, but you will NOT bother my wife. Get out! GET OUT!!
Nelle - So glad I could brighten your day! (She leaves.)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.......
Michael - My parents make the mistake of letting their emotions get in the way. The baby is my #1 priority. I have to make her think I will take care of her and make her feel safe.
Jason - For how long?
Michael - For as long as it takes.
Jason - I got to hand it to you, I couldn’t do what you are doing. Any time you...... don’t give up your soul for this girl. (They hug.) Take care.

At Ferncliff......
Sonny - The engagement is Michael‘s 💡 idea.
Carly - Nelle is DANGEROUS. She is marrying Michael for his money 💵. He could be next! You have to stop 🛑 this Sonny! Do whatever it takes. Michael is blaming himself for me being here. We lost Morgan. We can’t lose Michael!
Sonny - That won’t happen.
Carly - You don’t know that! Nelle could KILL Michael!
Sonny - I have some good news for you.
Carly - Really?
Sonny - You know the flyer? Invisible ink.
Carly - Can we prove Nelle did it?

At the Quartermaine Mansion...
Michael - Hey 👋 how did the ring size go?
Nelle - I went to see your mother. I wanted her to hear it from me that we are 👰 married.
Michael - I don’t think you should have told her.
Nelle - I just wanted to give Carly a little piece of joy! What if she never accepts me?
Michael - As long as we have good intentions it will be fine.

(Jason goes to his favorite bridge..... he sees Sam and Danny.)
Danny - DAD! (He gives Jason a hug.)
Jason - I am so glad to see you! Are you here for the 🔥 fireworks?
Danny - Mom said you built this bridge and this is the BEST place to watch fireworks 💥!
Jason - I didn’t build the bridge, but I paid to have it built.
Danny - Cool 😎! Will you watch the 🔥fireworks 💥 💥💥 with us?
Jason looking at Sam - Yes, I would like that.
(Jason and Sam smile 😃 at each other. They are getting closer. Baby steps!)

Everyone is watching a Bonanza of 🔥🔥 Fireworks 💥 💥💥💥.

Oscar and Joss. Franco and Liz. Michael and Nelle. Kim and Julian.

Jason is with Danny on his shoulders looking at Sam....

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 HAPPY 4th OF JULY! 💥💥💥💥💥
— MOM (7.3.18)
Hey 👋 guys, today is my Anniversary. 52 years of marriage!

Monday on GH..........
At Charley’s Pub....
Nina - Little James is going to visit Lisle and Aunt Nina in Pentonville if someone finds Peter in that cabin!
Lisle - No one will find our guest.

At the cabin.....
Peter is screaming and someone opens the door 🚪..... a young Boy Scout.

At Sonny’s office .....
Sonny - I got a text from Spinelli. The invisible is visible?
Jason - Nelle wrote the note 📝 on the back of the flyer in invisible ink!
Sonny reads - “Meet me tonight.”

At the cabin....
Peter - Hey 👋, I’m Peter. What is your name?
Kid - I’m with the Raging 😤 Raccoons 🐾 trying to get another badge! I found a key 🔑 under the door 🚪 mat but I will go now.
Peter - No, how would you like to get another badge?

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
(Michael wants to give Nelle an engagement ring 💍 but she refuses.)
Michael - Don’t you want to get married?
Nelle - I’m thinking 🤔 of Zack.
Michael - Just what your fiancé wants to hear 👂!
Nelle - He gave me a ring 💍 and died.
Michael - Nothing will happen to me. I want you to wear this ring 💍.
Nelle - Ok 👌 put it on my finger. It’s a bit big. Your Mom is going to be dead 💀 set against this marriage!
Michael - We will soon find out.

At Sonny’s office....
Sonny - So Nelle messed up!
Jason - This note 📝 was in the PCPD so it is valid evidence.
Sonny - When Nelle gets what is coming to her, we will be right there.

At the cabin....
Kid - So, what kind of badge?
Peter - One for service, rescuing someone from drowning and community service. You can earn all 3 today!
Kid - Do you know Mr. Broadwater?
Peter - No.
Kid - If you don’t know him, no badge. The fireworks 💥💥💥 are starting! Maybe I will bring you some s’mores.

At the Q Mansion.....
(Michael calls all his relatives to the house 🏠. Sonny, Jason, Joss, Bobby, Lulu, Ned and Olivia.)
Michael - Thank you 😊 all for coming, family.
Nelle - I guess we are all here.
Michael - I just wanted you to know Nelle and I are getting married 👰.
(Dead silence.)
Michael - I know you all think this is sudden. When our baby 👶 comes into the world 🌍, we want our baby 👶 to be part of a family...THIS family. I hope you will all welcome the future Mrs. Michael Corrinthos.

At the cabin.....
Nina - Peter? Peter? We shouldn’t have left him!
Lisle - I got some antibiotics. Heinrik, wake up! We brought you some cake 🍰 from the 🎈 party 🎊. Tell us what we missed while we were gone?

At Ferncliff.....
(Dr. Collins checks in on Carly....)
Collins - Has the patient next door 🚪 bothered you?
Carly - No. Is there some reason I should be worried about the patient next door 🚪?
Collins - Here you are, in laymans terms, YOU are not crazy 😜 but you are in a place with crazy 😝 people. While you are here, unpack your feelings with Morgan so when it is time for you to leave, Nelle won’t be able to push you around anymore.

At the Q Mansion......
Ned - Michael, this is kind of sudden!
Michael - It is time.
Bobby - Over my dead 💀 body!
Joss - Grandma 👵!
Bobby - Sonny, DO something!
Sonny hugs 🤗 Michael - You’re my son and I love you. I would do anything for you, but I hope to hell you know what you are doing!

At the cabin.....
Peter is kidding - While you were gone I had a few people over for poker night.
Nina - Stop 🛑 talking. I have a magazine to run 🏃. I am going through a divorce. How much longer will this last?
Lisle - Think of Maxie and James. I am going for more antibiotics!

At the PCPD....
Chase - I had a personal relationship with Nelle Benson. Do you want my badge?
Jordan 🇯🇴 - No, what do you need from me?
Chase - I need your authorization to proceed with the case I was working on with Janelle Benson and Zachary Taylor.
Jordan - What do you think you can find NOW that you couldn’t find THEN?
Chase - I was a rookie cop 👮 then. Nelle was smarter than me. I am experienced now.
Jordan - You say Nelle thinks you are still infatuated with her and would do anything for her. What you are planning are not only risky, but could be fatal!

At the Q Mansion ......
Sonny - I make no secret of how I feel about this woman.
Bobby - Jason, what about you?
Jason - It is Michael’s choice and he is his mother’s son. If I try to stop 🛑 him, it wouldn’t work. I wish you all the happiness you deserve.
Olivia - Monica would want the wedding 🎩 here, about September?
Nelle - We don’t want to wait that long.
Michael - We want to get married as soon as possible.

At the cabin....
Peter - I know you hate me.
Nina - Her son is dead!
Peter - We have to stop 🛑 this while you still can.
Nina - You seem different. What happened when we were away?
Peter - I am leaving here dead 💀 or alive. You have to help me! Tell me what are you going to do about this?

At the Q Mansion......
Nelle - Jocelyn are you ok with Michael and I getting married 👰?
Joss - Yes. I always thought you belonged together.
Nelle - You have been thinking about your mother. When she gets out, she can see the baby 👶. I just have one thing to ask you. Will you be my Maid of Honor?
Joss - Of course!
Ned to Olivia - I’m just glad Nelle can’t get her hands on Q stock!
Nelle - This ring is falling off my finger! I just have time to get to the jewelers.

At the cabin.....
Lisle - Where are you going?
Nina - To work! I have a magazine to run.
Lisle - To show you I am not completely without heart 💜, I will allow you a piece of Maxie’s cake 🍰.
Peter - Your generosity knows no bounds.
Lisle - Now, we will continue reading 📖 The Severed Branch.
Peter - I warn you, it doesn’t end the way you want.

At the Q Mansion...
Jason - You are your own man and make your own choices.
Sonny - What will your mother do when she finds out you’re marring Nelle??

At Ferncliff.....
(Rupert opens the door 🚪 to Carly’s cell....)
Nelle - Hi Grandma 👵.
Rupert - Do you want me to escort her out?
Carly - No, let her in.
Nelle - This place is worse than I thought.
Carly - What did you expect?
Nelle - I have news for you!

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Jason to Michael - Why the HELL are you marrying Nelle?
— MOM (7.2.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH!
At Elizabeth’s house 🏠.....
Drew - The thought 💭 has crossed 🤞 my mind to stroll 🚶‍♀️ into the PCPD and tell them everything I know about Jason Morgan
Elizabeth - You wouldn’t do that.
Drew - Can you imagine the PCPD trying to figure out how to handle this with ALL of Jason’s crimes in MY head?

(What a bitter loser.)

At Ferncliff........ knock,.....knock
Carly - Sorry 😐, I can’t help you.
Dr. Collins enters - Carly, how are you doing today?
Carly - Not great. Jason was fired. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?
Dr. Collins - I told Mary Pat that Jason took the custodian job to get close to you.
Carly - You completely betrayed my trust!
Dr. Collins - I did it to protect you!
Carly - Got it.
Dr. Collins - No, I don’t think 🤔 you do! If Mary Pat found out I was working with Jason, she would notify the Board and I could lose my license.

At Sonny’s office.......
Jason - Thanks for coming!
Spinelli - I’m here to help.
Jason - I lost my job at Ferncliff.
Spinelli - That is impossible.!The forged ID’s were impeccable.
Jason - Dr. Collins gave me up. Sam is working on something right now. We hope to clear Carly.

At the cabin......
Nina - When you dragged Peter into the cabin, he lost his flash drive. Do you have it?
Lisle - I don’t know what you’re talking about? Lets go! We are late for James’ baby 👶 shower. (Maxie gave birth early so she didn’t have a baby 👶 shower.)

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠.....
Drew tells Franco he is happy to attend the wedding 🎩.
Drew- I know you love 💕 Elizabeth.
Franco - That’s not what I expected you to say.
Drew - Then why did you invite me?

At Sonny’s Office......
Jason - Carly went to an appointment with Dr. Collins. When she returned to her car 🚘, she saw a flyer on her windshield. It told her to go to Morgan’s grave. At the grave, she smelled Morgan’s cologne. Detective Chase was in the area and got a call there was a prowler at the cemetery. Detective Chase found Carly there and she gave him the flyer. When he turned it over it was blank.
Spinelli - Disappearing ink!

Sam enters.....
Jason - Did you get it?
Sam - A piece of cake 🍰. (Sam and Spinelli embrace. It’s been a long time! Then Jason and Spinelli look 👀 at the flyer.)
Spinelli - I trust this is the flyer in question? How did you get it?
Sam - Curtis and I are P.I.’s with the PCPD.
Spinelli - You and I used to work together!
Sam - Yes, but you’re too far away now. We will work with you when we can.
Jason - I appreciate both of you helping me.
Spinelli - The pleasure is mine.
Sam - Me too. It feel like old times!

At Ferncliff.....
Dr. Collins - YOU lied about being insane and you got YOURSELF in here. My patients need me. I can’t have my privileges revoked!
Carly - I understand, but I didn’t push Nelle down the stairs! Jason was the only one who believed me.
Dr. Collins - You sound like you can’t survive without Jason?
Carly - I can take care of myself, but I want Jason with me.
Dr. Collins - You and Jason have a strange relationship.
Carly - Don’t shrink me!
Dr. Collins - I treated Jason once a long time ago. He was unapproachable. How does a bond like you have form?
Carly - Jason is ALWAYS there for me! He gives me advice, and I don’t take it! But he is always there for me. I can’t explain Jason. Many years ago, I walked into Jake’s one night and saw Jason. I’m good at sizing up people. I knew Jason was going to be the most important person in my life. I ❤️ loved him and when he 💕 loved me, I betrayed him with his best friend. But he still loved me. Now, we’re like brother and sister.
Dr. Collins - You’re a very lucky 🍀 person.

At Sonny’s office......
(Spinelli mixes bottles of liquid and shakes it up.)
Spinelli - Now, we wait a minute. Sam broke a dozen laws to get this flyer from the PCPD!
Jason - Yes, Sam did come through. We need to prove Nelle left that note 📝 for Carly.
(Spinelli tells Jason he is sad 😔 that Sam has a P.I. agency with Curtis and not with him. He is very happy Sam and Drew are divorcing and she is now back to Sam McCall. He hopes that eventually Sam will find her way back to Jason.)
Spinelli - Sam belongs with you!
Jason - So, now what happens?
Spinelli - We wait.
Jason - Nelle wanted Carly to have hope Morgan was still alive and then, she took that hope away.
Spinelli - That is a sociopath!

At the cabin......
Peter is hallucinating and sees Maxie. He confesses he is sorry and wanted to be the person she could count on.
Maxie - But you’re Heinrik?
Peter - No, Heinrik is my father’s pawn! Peter made his own life.
Maxie - I wish you were who I thought you friend.
Peter - I will let go. Just tell me what to do?
(Peter realizes Maxie was never there).
Peter - Help! I’m in here! Can you hear me? (He sees something) Are you real? 👋 Hello?

At Ferncliff.....
Dr. Collins - What would Jason do?
Carly - He would tell me to follow the rules and say everything Mary Pat wants.
Dr. Collins - That sounds like a good 💡 idea.
Carly - Someone is knocking on the wall! Whoever they are, they know Morse Code.
Dr. Collins - Did you respond? The patients in here are very dangerous. I will try to get you to the other wing and maybe out of here. Am I forgiven?
Carly - No.

At Sonny’s office.....
Jason - When I was in Russia 🇷🇺, they had me so drugged I could barely move my 🤚 hands. When I escaped I was going to die trying. Carly is not that strong 💪!
(Spinelli sprays the flyer with the concoction.)
Spinelli - Now, we wait a it is! Meet me tonight.
Jason - Carly was right! We have our proof.

At Charley’s Pub......
Maxie gets a phone 📱 call...... She tells all the guests at the baby shower that James will be coming home 🏠 tomorrow.
Maxie - Let’s pick up our glasses and toast James.

Julian tells Lisle and Nina he heard screaming when he saw Lisle in the woods.
(Sam is listening to this).

(A scared 😱 Nina asks Lisle what did Julian mean?)
Lisle - I saw Julian and Dr. Kim in the woods. When they heard Peter scream I told them I was primal screaming and they believed me.
Nina - If they could hear 👂 Peter screaming, what if someone else finds where he is?

(Sam is watching through the window and is very suspicious 😒 of these two ladies!)
— MOM (6.29.18)
Thursday on GH............
(Just heard Chloe Lanier - Nelle Benson - quit GH.!She didn’t renew her contract. She is going on to TV 📺 and Movies 🎥. Her last day of filming is 6/29/18. The character will be seen through mid August. So what will happen to Nelle? Will she leave Port Charles in handcuffs?)

At Franco’s art room....
Ava - There are all kinds of ways.
Franco - A row boat 🚣 in the middle of the lake. What if we put Dr. Bensch in a drum 🥁 and dumped him in a landfill?
Ava - That is why I need your help! You think of everything.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael - Once the baby 👶 is born, you and I are going to get closer.
Nelle - What are you saying?
Michael - I’m saying let’s make it official! Be my wife. Let’s be a family!
Nelle - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what to say? This is very sudden!
Michael - We are going to be parents.
Nelle - Marriage and parenthood don’t always go hand 🤚 in hand 🤚, Michael.
Michael - Are you turning me down?

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠...
(Elizabeth sends Drew an invitation to the wedding 👰.)
Drew - I got an invitation?
Elizabeth - We sent them out early.
Drew - So, you meant to invite me?
Elizabeth - Yes, Franco thinks of you as a friend. How are things going for you?
Drew - I decided not to do the mapping. I have all of Jason’s memories in my head. If I wanted to, I could do a LOT of damage to him. I know all his crimes.
Elizabeth - Jason is lucky 🍀 you’re not that kind of person.

At the gym 🥊🏋️‍♂️🤼‍♀️.....
Sam - Can I-hold the bag for you?
Jason punches the bag - Yes, I need to figure stuff out. I got a job at Ferncliff.
Sam - That’s good. You can keep an eye 👁 on Carly.
Jason - Yeah, until Dr. Collins got me fired!
Sam - Dr. Collins is treating my mom and seems like a good guy.
Jason - He thought he was protecting Carly. He didn’t want to be taken off the case.
Sam - I agree with him. Carly needs a 👨‍⚕️ doctor.

At the Falconieri house 🏠....
(Dante tells Lulu the WSB is putting a task force together and he is going to be part of it.)
Dante - I’m leaving tonight.
Lulu- You joined the WSB and you’re leaving TONIGHT?
Dante - We are going after Raz, the guy who tried to kill you!
Lulu - I don’t see why YOU have to be a part of it?
Dante - I’m really good at undercover work!
Lulu - Yes. I remember the gun shot wound. You’re not just risking YOUR life, you’re risking Rocco and Charlotte!

At Franco’s art room....
Franco - What about a giant vat of acid?
Ava - That’s good.
Franco - You’re serious.
Ava - As a drug-induced heart ❤️ attack!
Franco - We’re just venting! We’re not going to kill Dr. Bensch?
Ava - We don’t vent. We act. I am not going to let him get away with what he did to Kiki!
Franco - I am going to avoid things like planning a murder.
Ava - The odds are not good for Dr. Bensch to be convicted.
Franco - I hear you.
Ava - So, prove it. Stop 🛑 your waffling and help me.

(Dr. Bensch asks Scott Baldwin to represent him.)
Dr. Bensch - I was cleared with the hospital board but Kiki is suing me.
Scott - No, I cant represent you.

At the Q Mansion...
Michael - Don’t you want our child 🧒 to grow up in a loving and stable 🏠 home?
Nelle - Of course I do! I don’t think 🤔 we should get married.
Michael - We had something real once. Maybe we can get that back?
Nelle - Are you saying you love 💗 me the way I love 💕 you? Do you love 💗 me, Michael?

At the gym 🥊🏋🏾‍♀️🤼‍♂️...
Jason - That place is designed to bring you down. Mary Pat is a bully. Carly may do something dangerous and escape.
Sam - Carly is smarter than that. You can’t let that happen!
Jason - No, I can’t.
Sam - If you can’t find the evidence and Dr. Collins can’t get her out, what then?
Jason - I break her out.
Sam - No! Then YOU will get arrested and go to Pentonville. You have to find the evidence to prove her innocent 😇.

At Franco’s art room....
Franco - Don’t you have a guy?
Ava - Yes, but It is not in Griffin to do this.
Franco - Let’s wait to see if the law fails Kiki.
Ava - If the law fails Kiki......
Franco - Then we get together.

At the Q Mansion......
Nelle - Do you still love 💕 me, Michael?
Michael - I was afraid 😱. Yes, I love ❤️ you. I never 🛑 stopped loving you!
Nelle - YES! I will marry you!

(Kiss 💋 Kiss 💋 and hugs 🤗...... the look 👀 on Nelle‘s face is pure joy. The look 👀 on Michael‘s face could stop 🛑 a clock ⏰.)

At the Falconieri home 🏠........
Dante - This arms dealer brings grief to millions of people and this is MY chance to make a change! If you can make a change by acting and doing, then we HAVE to do it. That is what we teach our kids 💏.
Lulu - How much time do we have?
(They kiss 💋. This was not acting. These actors really liked each other. They had tears 😭 in their 👀 eyes. This was Dominic‘s last scene )

Dante - Thanks for coming over.
Chase - What’s up?
Dante - I’m leaving Port Charles on assignment. I want you to look out for Michael?
Chase - You think I will screw up again? I broke the rules, but I will get her this time!
Dante - Good.

At Franco’s art room......
(Scott tells Ava and Franco, Dr. Bensch asked him to represent him in a counter suit.)
Ava - So you couldn’t pass it up?
Scott - I turned him down. So, thank you very much!
Ava - We have a case for you!
Scotty - You want ME to take Bensch on and tank it?
Ava - If anyone can tank a case? It’s you.........for let’s say, double your rate!

At General Hospital......
Scott - Hey, Dr. Bensch. Good news. Turns out, I wrapped things up and have an opening!
Dr. Bensch - I thought you didn’t like me much?
Scott - I don’t have to like you to defend you.

At the gym 🥊🤼‍♂️🏋️‍♂️.......
Sam - What kind of physical evidence are you looking for?
Jason - The scarf 🧣? Carly said she smelled Morgan’s cologne at the grave site. If we find the bottle, THAT is evidence. Also the note 📝 had writing on it, but when she showed it to Detective Chase it was blank.
Sam - Disappearing ink!

At the Falconieri home 🏠.........
Dante - I’ll have to call my mother from the car 🚘.
Lulu - She is going to hate that!
Dante - Tell the kids I love 💕 them and will call as soon as I can.
Lulu - I will tell them you’re doing important work and they should be proud of you.
Dante - Thanks 🙏 for believing in me. I love 💗 you, Lulu!
Lulu - I love you 😘 💕 more!
(They kiss 💋 and hug 🤗 again.)

At the PCPD......
Michael and Nelle are asking for Detective Falconieri.
Chase - Can I help you?
Michael - We want to get a marriage license.

At the gym 🏋️‍♂️🤼‍♂️🥊......
Sam - Thank you 😊, Detective McMannis.
Jason - What happened?
Sam - Jackpot! Detective Chase has the flyer.
Jason - I’ll give it to Spinelli and he can make the writing ✍️ reappear.
Sam - WE. I am going with you!

At Charley’s Pub....
Alexis sees Dr. Bensch......
Alexis - Hi 👋. I’m on my way to the courthouse to file charges against you.
Dr. Bensch - Oh, that is interesting.
Alexis - You’d better lawyer up!
— MOM (6.28.18)
Wednesday on GH.................
At Ferncliff...
Carly - I don’t want to let you go!
Sonny - I know.
Carly - How did you get here?
Sonny - Dante made a few calls.
(Rupert opens the door 🚪......)
Rupert - You broke the rules, Carolyn. We need to have a talk.
Sonny - What is your name?
Carly - Rupert.
Sonny - Rupert, you and I are going to talk outside.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Chase - Are you wearing perfume?
Nelle - I am not wearing perfume.
Chase - That’s the same scent I smelled when Mrs. Corrinthos was at the grave site.

At Charley’s Pub....
(To thank Julian for going to therapy with her, Alexis gives him the deed to her house 🏠 that he bought for her.)
Alexis - You can do with it whatever you want.
Julian - Don’t confuse the way things start with the way they end. You want to cut all ties? Keep the house 🏠.

🚨🚨🚨 ABC SPECIAL REPORT 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨. 8 minutes of missing GH.

Nelle - So, I should settle for no-name motels with rookie 👮 cops?
Chase - Motels with Michael.
Nelle sees Michael - Don’t touch me!
Michael - What is going on here?
Nelle - Detective Chase is refusing to let the past stay in the past!
Chase - Just talking old times.
Michael - You sent her a tee 👕 shirt.
Chase - From the Salty Dog 🐕? I didn’t send it.
Michael - Let’s get out of here.
Chase - I didn’t send that tee shirt 👕. You should ask yourself who did!

At Ferncliff......
Sonny - Everything stopped when you went to jail. With everything Nelle did, the worst was to make us think 🤔 our son was alive. When the baby 👶 is born, Nelle is going to 💰 pay. I promise you that!
Carly - I am glad you finally believe me.
(I guess Sonny had that little talk with Rupert. He was very respectful when he said it was time to leave.....Yes, Mr. Corrinthos...No, Mr. Corrinthos.)
Carly - Now can you talk to Mary Pat?

At Charley’s Pub .......
Alexis - What’s going on?
Kiki - I want to go ahead with the lawsuit.
Alexis - I will file the papers.
Kiki - Someone has come forward......Francesca.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
(Over a cup of coffee ☕️, Ava and Franco put their heads together to take out Dr. Bensch.)
Ava - The thought of that guy putting his hands on Kiki.....
Franco - Do you ever wish you were the old Ava? I sometimes wish I was the old Franco. I guess we have to let them handle this, but if that doesn’t work.....
Ava - Here’s hoping Elizabeth and Griffin are right and Kiki gets the justice she deserves!
Franco - If they are wrong, Dr. Bensch will get the justice HE deserves.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael - Lay down. Get some rest and don’t think about Chase.
Nelle - I can’t believe he said he didn’t send me the tee shirt 👕!
Michael - Did he threaten you?
Nelle - He said I was crazy 😜 to think 🤔 I could be a part of your family! The funny thing is he is right.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Francesca - Dr. Bensch would call me into his office and say he needed something. He would touch my arm, shoulder and hair. Then he would kiss 💋 me. He told me what would happen if I wasn’t a team player. At first I resisted then I finally gave in and had sex with him. Does that hurt the case?
Alexis - Did he coerce you?
Francesca - He hounded me for MONTHS! Once I did it, he stopped. I was sickened, but then I saw he went on to someone else.
Alexis - Are you willing to say this in court?
Francesca - Yes.
Alexis - Before you do this, there is something you need to know: The Defense will try to discredit both of you.
Francesca & Kiki - We are ready to do this all the way!
Alexis - Damn, I am proud of you girls. I am going to file the papers and then I am going to sue Dr. Bensch back to the stone age where he belongs!

At Ferncliff......
Carly hears the knock ....knock on the wall.
Carly - Oh my God. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ morse code! There has to be an app for morse code on this phone 📱?

(I wonder who the person is? Could it be Nicholas Cassadine or Morgan Corrinthos? They never found their bodies. What about someone who was in the military?)

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Sonny visits Michael......
Sonny - I saw your mother today and she wants you to stay away from Nelle. She is dangerous.
Michael - I blame myself for mom being in that institution! Jason told me the same thing. I got this crazy woman having my baby 👶 but my 👀 eyes are wide open.
Sonny - They’d better be.
(When Sonny, leaves 🍁 Nelle comes in.)
Nelle - I couldn’t sleep 💤. I heard voices? Who was that?
Michael - My father stopped by.
Nelle - I hope your mom is doing better? Believe it or not, Michael, I worry that you believe all the terrible things Chase said about me.
Michael - I believe YOU.
Nelle - You believe in me after all the things Chase has said?
Michael - Why would I not believe you? Why should we wait? Let’s get married and become a family!
(Nelle can’t believe her ears 👂.)

(What is Michael thinking? He may think Nelle heard what he said to his father.)
— MOM (6.27.18)
Tuesday on GH.........
At the PCPD.......
Det. Chase - The last time we spoke, you weren’t happy 😃 with me. All I want to do is protect your family!
Dante - No, you want to bust Nelle Benson. You should have told me you knew her!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Sonny - Thank you 🙏, Jason, for getting a job at Ferncliff to help Carly!
Jason - Sonny, I was fired. I think Dr. Collins gave me up!
Sonny - Why? Doesn’t he want to help Carly?
Jason - He may not want to be a part of our plan.

At Ferncliff......
Mary Pat - Good morning, Carolyn, and what is this we have in our hands? No secrets. I thought I made myself clear!
Carly - You did. Dr. Collins said I should keep a diary. That’s OK 👌, isn’t it?
Mary Pat - Yes. As long as I can read it.
Carly - But it’s my private thoughts!
Mary Pat - What’s this? You don’t mind being called Carolyn? Too bad you can’t share the good news with your friend, Jason Morgan! He is NOT coming back.

Outside Kelly’s Diner......
Joss gives Oscar a gift 🎁 for the award 🥇 he got at school for the article he wrote. She also gives him what’s left of the Morgan cologne that spilled in her purse 👛.
Oscar - Thanks, I never wore cologne.

At the PCPD......
Dante - This has nothing to do with you being the new guy. By going after Nelle you’re putting my brother in danger!
Chase - We are on the same side, Dante.
Dante - I already lost Morgan AND Nathan. I am NOT going to lose Michael.
Chase - I can’t imagine how worried you are about Michael.
Dante- Then WHY didn’t you come forward and tell me you knew Nelle?
Chase - I wasn’t sure I could tell you! We have to be careful in our approach to Nelle. Anything we find to build a case against Nelle will help your brother.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jason - Carly is in trouble with Mary Pat. She is a bully and wants to break her. This place is worse than a prison! In a prison you get to go out in the yard to walk or talk to the other inmates. They’ve got Carly in a maximum security wing like I had in Russia 🇷🇺! Carly can’t handle that. I hope she doesn’t try to escape.

At Ferncliff.....
Mary Pat - Mr. Morgan is one of your friends? You name your late son after him.
Carly - How did you find out?
Mary Pat - Not your business. (MP hears the pounding on the wall.) Banging on the wall. Stop 🛑 it at once! At Once!
Carly - I think 🤔 the person next door 🚪 is trying to contact me?
Mary Pat - That concerns me. He is dangerous. Stay away from him.
Carly - Is he OK?
Mary Pat - Of course he is OK 👍. Every patient here receives expert appropriate care.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Nelle - I can’t believe Chase told you I was responsible for him losing his job!
Michael - He said you reported him to his supervisors.
Nelle - He was hounding ME and was using his power over me. He accused me of things I didn’t do. What would stop 🛑 him from doing that with other women?
Michael - I believe you!
Nelle - You think I did the right thing?
Michael - With Chase, but not with me. Why didn’t you tell me you reported him? I thought we were not keeping secrets!
Nelle - I thought you would think 💭 I reported him to close the case. I thought you would leave me!
Michael - I am here for you AND the baby 👶.
Nelle kisses 😘 Michael - I’m glad were back together again!
(Nelle tells Michael she is going to visit Joss..... girl talk.)

At Kelly’s Diner.....
(Kim tells Drew whenever she wants to do something goofy 🙃 for Oscar, she runs it through the Drew Factor.)
Kim - You have really good instincts.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
(Joss is crying and tells Jason she is sorry she didn’t go to see her mother when she had the chance.)
Jason - So, you made a mistake. Your mother still loves you and she will be home soon.
Joss - My mother was ecstatic when you came home! If you tell me she will come home 🏠, I believe you.

At Ferncliff......
(Carly knocks on the wall to get the attention of the person in the next cell. Mary Pat comes into her room.)
Mary Pat - I TOLD you what would happen if you didn’t stop 🛑! I am a woman of my word. I am going to file a complaint to the board, but in the meantime...(She opens the door 🚪 and Sonny enters.)
Carly is hugging and kissing him - Sonny, I am SO glad to see you!

Back at Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Nelle - Hey, is Sonny or anyone here?
Joss - No.
Nelle - Can I come in?
Joss - Sure.
Nelle - I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I should have given you the attention you deserve.
Joss - That’s ok.
Nelle - Yesterday, I had a bottle of cologne but lost it. Did you see it anywhere?
Joss - Oh my God! The cologne!
Nelle - Did you see it?
Joss - Yes, when our bags fell on the floor. I picked it up while putting my things back into my bag.
Nelle - Where is it now? Can I have it back?
Joss - Well, half of the cologne spilled in the bag 💼! I threw it away. Can I buy you another bottle?
Nelle - No, I’ve got to go.

At the Q Mansion......
(Jason is concerned about Michael and tells him to be careful. Nelle is dangerous.)
Michael - I knew Nelle was trouble. I thought I could save her. Now, I put my MOTHER in an institution! It is MY fault. So, if I have to risk my life to get her out, I will do it.
Jason - Did you have any luck with a Nelle’s computer 💻?
Michael - Not yet, but I am getting close. I have been very careful. Nelle thinks she has me eating out of her hand 🤚. When she makes a mistake, I will be there!
Jason - Nelle has already made a mistake with sending the tee shirt to herself! It could lead to the baby 👶 blanket. Michael, maybe you should back off.
Michael - I am just getting started!

At the PCPD.....
Dante - So, then your relationship with Nelle was fake?
Chase - I thought it was real! I thought she trusted me.
Dante - Work on it, if she trusts you. Maybe she will put her guard down.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Oscar - Joss gave me a gift and some cologne.
Drew - Oh boy. Look out!
Oscar - I never wore cologne.
Kim - Just one spray. Don’t over do it.
(Oscar puts one spray on his neck and Drew and Kim leave.)

Oscar - Hey, Nelle.
Nelle - Hello, Oscar. Are you wearing cologne?
Oscar smiling - Yes, Joss gave it to me!
— MOM (6.26.18)
Monday on GH..........
At the cabin........
Lisle is teasing Peter with the new P.K. Sinclair book 📚, The Severed Branch. She downloaded it to her iPad.
Lisle - I can read this book 📖 as you look 👀 at me.
(Lisle reads portions of the book 📚 to Peter)
Lisle - Though your story is told from your narrow perspectives, you are a very good writer.

At Crimson.......
Valentin - Remember Casandra Pierce? I cleaned up your mess.
Nina - Are you trying to blackmail me?
Valentin - I’m trying to HELP you!
Nina - To go to PRISON!
Valentin - No one knows about Casandra EXCEPT Anna. She may figure it out.
Nina - Anna!

At Ferncliff.....
(Jason and Carly hear someone screaming.)
Dr. Collins - Can I help you?
Jason - Yeah, who is the patient in that room?
Collins - We don’t discuss patients with the custodial staff.
Carly - Hello 👋. What the hell is going on out there?
Collins - Please don’t interact with the patients.
Jason - Ok. I have to clean up in Carly’s room. Can you open it for me?
Collins - Yes, Carly I will be back for our session.

DA. Dawson finds Sam and Curtis snooping in her room. It was Peter August’s room. She calls the police 👮. Sam and Curtis show her their P.I. licenses .They talk their way out of being arrested by saying they are working with the PCPD.

Back at Ferncliff....
(Jason gives Carly a cell phone 📱 and says be careful and don’t tell Dr. Collins about it.)
Jason - Use the phone 📲 sparingly. I don’t think 🤔 I will be here much longer. I think Dr. Collins will turn me in. We will get you out of here. You NEED to be 💪 strong.

At her session with Dr. Collins, Carly tells him she faked the insanity plea. She is not insane but Diane said it was the best defense.
Collins - So you made believe you were insane? Did you push Nelle down the stairs?
Carly - NO I didn’t. Nelle was gaslighting ME.
Collins - I’m sure we can find something to talk about.
Carly - I am not insane.
Collins - You are grieving for your son, Morgan. You were put in a facility for the criminally insane.

At Crimson.....
Nina - 😲 Wow! All the pieces fall into place. Gosh, Anna knows I nearly killed Casandra and Anna is Peter’s mother. That is why you looked after Perter/Heinrik.
(Felicia comes in and asks Nina if she saw Maxie.)
Felicia - I sent Maxie a text message but she didn’t respond. Tell her the grandmothers 👵 want to give James another baby 👶 shower. By the way, where is Lisle?
Valentin - Tell me what is going on?
Nina - I am not playing games with you. I have my brother’s son to think 💭 about.

At the cabin.......
Lisle - If the critic says this is a good book 📖, you live.
Peter - What critic are you talking about?
Lisle - Why, the only one that matters........ME! Maybe you can write a book about Nathan?
Peter - You would need to tell me about him.
Lisle - He was too good for this world 🌍. There is no resemblance.

At Ferncliff......
Carly - Do you think 🤔 Nelle couldn’t set me up if I wasn’t grieving over Morgan?
Collins - You tell me! There are other ways to bond with your son.

Mary Pat - Mr. Nichols? Why are you still here?
Jason - I was cleaning up a spill.
Mary Pat - We don’t pay 💰 for overtime. Go home 🏠. I do appreciate your good work.
Jason - Thank you 😊.

At the Floating Rib.....
Anna - Thank you 🙏 for coming.
Jason - That’s ok 👌.
Anna - Have you heard anything about Peter?
Jason - I have been focusing on Carly.
Anna - I told Robin about Peter.
Jason - She told me.
Anna - You talked to her?
Jason - Yes, we talked about a lot of things and she thanked me for saving you.
Anna - Yes, thank you. I don’t think Robin will forgive me.
Jason - Yes, she will. Did she tell you she loved you?
Anna - Yes . You saved my life and I almost shot you for it. I’m sorry 😐.
Jason - You asked me what would I do if it was Michael? I probably would have shot you. I grew up Michael when he was a child 👶 and I have to protect him at all costs.
Anna - Exactly.
Jason - I’m sorry 😐 Peter escaped. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Robin always talked about you a lot. She said you were brave, smart and kind. After my accident, Robin tried to teach me those things too.
Anna - Whatever you are doing, good luck 🍀.
Jason - Watch your back? It doesn’t help anyone if Peter kills you.

At the cabin.....
Nina - Still alive.
Peter - If you call this living?
Nina - Lisle, Felicia Scorpio was wondering where you were? She wants to have another baby 👶 shower for James.
Lisle - Oh yes! I must make an appearance. She will make a mess of the baby shower!
Peter - How are Maxie and the baby 👶? Did she name him James?
Nina - Yes.
Peter - I am so relieved! Do you want the person who brought your nephew into this world 🌍 like this? Nina, save me!

At Ferncliff.....
(The patient in the next room to Carly’s is tapping on the wall.)
Carly - That is better than screaming. Is that morse code? Hello 👋, are you trying to tell me something?

Mary Pat - It seems you have been deceiving me, Mr. Morgan? I don’t like liars. You can follow me out or I will get Rupert to escort you.

We see Dr. Collins, He is the snitch 🐀!
— MOM (6.25.18)
Friday on GH.....
At Ferncliff.....
Rupert asks Nichols (Jason) to open the door 🚪 to Carly’s room. He has 3 dinners he is carrying.
Rupert - Take one.
(Carly takes the bottom tray and everything falls to the floor.)
Carly - You said take one?
Rupert - You’re a idiot! Nichols, clean that up!
Carly - I can’t believe Rupert let you in here?
Jason - Don’t do that again! You have to be a model patient.

At Charley’s Pub.......
Sonny - You know Charley? Dad, you used to live across the street. Do you remember him?
Mike - I haven’t seen Charley since you were 18 years old. I know that man! I met Charley not when I was living here.
Sonny - Dad, you didn’t live here back then.
Mike - Will you stop 🛑 talking down to me?
D.A. Dawson - Is there a problem here, Mr. Corrinthos?
(She looks at Mike...)
DA - Is this man bothering you?
Mike - No, he is my son.
Sonny - This man is my father. You remember, I mentioned him on the stand?
Mike - We were just talking about when he started in the business.
DA - You mean the coffee ☕️ business?

At Crimson..... the 30 days begin...
Nina - You KNEW who Peter was and you knew Faison would come here to find him? You made me doubt myself and you’re turning my office into “Morocco” reminds me that I should have NEVER given our marriage a second chance.
Valentin - But I love 💕 you?
Nina - I don’t love you.
Valentin - I have 30 days to convince you!
Nina - NOTHING will convince me. That is why I had to take matters into my own hands.
Valentin - What do you mean by that?

At Dr. Kevin Collins office.......
Collins - Well, I would like to thank you, Julian, for coming in today. Let’s get started.
Alexis - I had issues with my father and my mother paid the price. He killed her. This behavior had an effect on me. If a guy was stable, I ran for the hills. Love to me is obsessive, compulsive and damaging because that is what I grew up with.
Julian - How do I fit in any of this?
Alexis - You don’t see the connection between YOU and my father?
Julian - Maybe with Sonny or Rick?
Alexis - They didn’t hold a knife 🍴 to my throat!
Julian - This is a mistake! If she is going to rake me over the coals, let’s call the whole thing off.

Lucas and Brad are afraid 😦 that even after the adoption is final. The birth mother has 30 days to change her mind. They will have bonded with the child 👶 and it will be very painful.

At Ferncliff....
Jason - Rupert is a bully. Mary Pat has it in for you! She is dangerous.
Carly - But I did nothing! Maybe I should do what Kevin says and ask you to quit. How did you get here?
Jason - Spinelli and Elizabeth helped me.
Carly - I will have to thank her.
Jason - Custodians are very invisible. No one noticed them.
Carly - Until they see your blue eyes!
Jason - Only to you.
Carly - To everyone! You are very memorable.
Jason - So you want me to stay?
Carly - Yes.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Sonny - Dad, can you get us some coffee ☕️? It’s free.
Mike - Sure.
Sonny - You want to ask me something? You ask me! You know my father has Alzheimer’s.
DA - I know you’re a member of organized crime.
Sonny - You’re the kind of person who is very cruel. Who comes after me through my wife?

At Dr. Kevin Collins office...
Alexis - I would be very grateful if you stay!
Collins - Maybe we can have a little more structure?
Julian - Ok.
Collins - What drew you to Alexis?
Julian - We were kids.
Collins - I’m not talking about your conceiving Sam. When you returned to Port Charles, you pursued Alexis. What was it about her that made you pursue Alexis?
Julian - I wanted redemption! I saw a chance for redemption.

At Ferncliff......
Carly - I know you will get me out, but I feel so trapped! I hate it.
Jason - It takes everything you have not to escape, I know.......Russia. When I finally made the run? I knew I had to make it all the way out.
Carly - So you waited?
Jason - If you can’t do it for yourself? Do it for your family. We need you back.
(Jason leaves 🍁..... Carly sees Rupert passing out 🍳 breakfast.)
Carly - Where is my tray?
Rupert - You spill your tray, you don’t eat until the next meal 🥘.

At Charley’s Pub.......
Sonny - You sent Carly to that hell hole because of your revenge!
DA - Your wife pushed a pregnant 🤰 woman down the stairs.
Sonny - No justice at the trial! YOU are responsible for the misery that came out of it.
DA - I didn’t make a criminal out of your wife! She committed a felony. I would prosecute you, too.
Sonny - I will make your life a living hell.
DA - I’m not afraid of you. So let the games begin!

At Dr. Kevin Collins office.....
Julian - I never thought I could be a good man but with Alexis, I knew I could be a better man. I did horrible things and I can never ask you for forgiveness. Your mother could not forgive your father. I saw in you a chance to be redeemed! Maybe we can break the cycle for each other?
Alexis - About future sessions? Kevin is right. This is good for both of us.
Julian - Sessions are good.
Alexis - Whatever I can do on my end to help you move on with your life? Don’t hesitate to ask.

At Crimson......
Valentin - What did that mean you had to take justice into your own hands? At the Floating Rib you seemed distracted like you had to be somewhere else? If you’re in trouble, I will help you! But you have to let me!
Nina - You would love for me to be in a crisis!
Valentin - Because I love ❤️ you!
Nina - I can handle it myself.
Valentin - Do you remember when I helped you with Casandra? You were in a panic!
Nina - Are you blackmailing me?

At Charley’s Pub.....
Sonny - We’ve got to go. I’ll meet you outside?
Mike - Ok 👌.
Sonny calls Max - Max I need the team to look 👀 into someone who lived in Port Charles......Charley Delaney?

At Ferncliff....
Jason is cleaning the floor when he hears a patient scream in pain.....
Dr. Collins - Can I help you, Jason?
Jason - WHO is the patient in that room?
— MOM (6.22.18)
Thursday on GH..........
At Charley’s Pub.....
Julian tells Alexis he has to ask Kim if it is ok 👌 for him to go to therapy with her.
Julian - You want me to go to a shrink to talk about our dirty laundry?
Alexis - I didn’t realize your relationship was serious!

Lisle sees Anna and Finn 💋 kissing at the Floating Rib.
Lisle - Look 👀 at the love 💕 birds 🦅. Not a care in the world 🌍!

At the cabin in the woods.......
Nina - We need to talk, Peter. Wake up. Oh my God! 😱 Wake up! WAKE UP!
Peter - Why? What is happening?
Nina - Did you try to make me think you were dead 💀?
Peter - This pain is excruciating 😖! I just passed out 😵 from it.
Nina - Where is the flash drive? It wasn’t at the your apartment.
Peter - You just want me to die? I need to go to the hospital!

At the Floating Rib....
Finn sees Lisle and leaves.
Anna - If you have something to say to me, just say it!
Lisle - You seem happy 😊 with Dr. Finn but some of us don’t have that luxury.

At General Hospital.....
Lulu admits to Kiki she couldn’t find anyone who could corroborate her claim against Dr. Bensch.
Kiki - If we can’t find anyone? My case will go nowhere! I know I am NOT the first one he harassed

At the Nurses’ Station a doctor 👨‍⚕️ asks Elizabeth for the tests he ordered.
Elizabeth - I’m working on them.
Kiki - I will bring them to you.
Doctor - No. That is not necessary.

At Charley’s Pub......
Kim - You don’t have to ask my permission if you want to go!
Julian - There are a lot of things I would like to bills, do laundry or darn socks 🧦.
Kim - Just to be clear: You make your own decisions.

Sonny takes Mike to Charley’s Pub.
Julian - We are up to date.
Sonny - The coffee ☕️ is free and I want this month’s payment.
Julian - Freshly brewed coffee ☕️. Anything else?
Sonny - Just the matter we discussed. Mike, let’s talk about what we discussed the other day. I was 18 years old and you came to Croton?

At the Floating Rib......
Anna - I’m sorry 😐, I didn’t mean to upset 😢 you! It must be hard to deal with Nathan’s death 💀.
Lisle - Don’t patronize me!
Anna - I am trying to reach out to you!
Lisle - YOU put a target 🎯 on my son’s back.
Anna - Are you sure your son would want that?
Lisle - No, he would tell me to forgive. We both have something in common: We will never see our sons again.

At the cabin in the woods.....
Nina - You need to give me your confession!
Peter - Not under duress. Lisle wants me to confess about Nathan’s death 💀. True or not true, it doesn’t matter! Once I give her that she will kill me. You know I’m right!
Nina - You’re trying to get in my head.
Peter - You know how this will end.
Nina - Smacking your hand 🤚?
Peter - She wants to have the satisfaction of killing me! You still have a family and a life! PLEASE make it stop 🛑 now before you lose everything!

At General Hospital......
Elizabeth - Kiki, you have a ton of support out there!
Lulu - We will get Bensch, I promise.
Francesca - Hey Kiki, I just want go say I saw your article. Most people would not have the courage to speak out the way you did.

At the Floating Rib.......
Lisle - You will never speak to your son EXCEPT through a prison glass.
Anna - He is not bad.
Lisle - Don’t forget, Anna. We still have our OWN score to settle. (She leaves)
Finn - How did your talk with the German go?
Anna - She has a lot of grief. She said I will never see my son again. The way she said it makes me think 🤔 she knows something!

At General Hospital......
Alexis- I need to ask you, has anyone come forward?
Lulu - No, my editor says no leads.
(Francesca is listening to this. Could she be the witness they are looking for?)

At Charley’s Pub......
Mike - By Croton, you mean the town down there in Westchester? Why would I be there?
Sonny - You got me out of trouble there! None of this is jogging 🏃 your memory?
(Mike is looking at pictures on the wall.)
Sonny - What caught your eye 👁, Dad?
Mike - I know this guy! This is Charley Delaney.
Sonny - You know Charley?
Mike - I haven’t seen Charley since you were 18 years old.

Lisle returns to the cabin in the woods.....
Nina - Besides the bat 🦇, you don’t intend to hurt 😔 Peter, right?
Lisle - I will do what I have to. Trust your Aunt Lisle!

(After Nina leaves 🍁, Lisle takes a big, juicy burger 🍔 out and starts to eat it in front of Peter. He is very hungry and goes nuts 🥜.)

At General Hospital.....
Kiki - How are you saying that? YOU encouraged me to bring this suit to court!
Alexis - Dr. Bensch can turn around and charge YOU with a suit! I want you to know what you’re up against!
Kiki - It shouldn’t be so hard to do something right!
Lulu - Someone could come forward before you have to decide what to do about the lawsuit.
Francesca - Someone has. 😱

At the Floating Rib.....
(Finn tells Anna he confronted Valentin and told him to leave Anna alone. He didn’t tell her that he threatened him.)
Finn - I can make your death 💀 look like you just went to sleep 😴.
Valentin - Are you threatening me??

At General Hospital......
Lulu - Francesca, what are you trying to say?
Francesca - You want another woman who was harassed by Dr. Bensch? Well, here I am! He did the same thing to me.

Julian agrees to go to therapy with Alexis.
Julian - I was just going to Dr. Collins’ office to say I agree to therapy.
Alexis - Oh, thank you 🙏!

(Julian wants something from Alexis. He just found out Alexis is the attorney who is representing the mother in the adoption for his son, Lucas, and his partner, Brad. She is the only one who knows the identity of the birth mother.)
Brad - Mr. Jerome, we don’t know who the mother in the adoption is. She can change her mind at any time. Even after the adoption.
— MOM (6.21.18)
Wednesday on GH......
At Kelly’s Diner ....
Joss is upset 😠 her mom Carly didn’t go to Shady Brook hospital. Instead, she went to Ferncliff, a prison for the criminally insane.
Also, Oscar is upset 😡 his mother went on a camping trip with Julian Jerome. He wants her with his father, Drew.

At the PCPD......
Chase - What do you think you’re doing?
Michael - Nelle Benson said you’re stalking her!
Chase - Is that what Janelle... er Nelle... told you? Well, she is a storyteller!

At Ferncliff in the day room ....
Dr. Collins - Jason, this is NOT a good idea 💡!
Mary Pat - Dr. Collins, this is our new custodian. Are you acquainted? Dr. Collins, do you know him?
Dr. Collins - You could say that!
Jason - I knew Dr. Collins when I worked at General Hospital.
Mary Pat - Oh yes, General Hospital.

At General Hospital......
Dr. Bensch asks Alexis Davis to represent him in a defamation case.(#GH too).
Alexis - I am representing Kiki. When we are through with you, your career will be in shambles.

At the PCPD.....
Michael- I didn’t ask for your opinion! I just want you to leave Nelle alone.
Chase - What did Nelle tell you about the death 💀 of her ex-fiancé? The case is not closed, just COLD.
Dante - What is going on here?
Michael - Nelle is complaining that Chase is stalking her.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Ava tells Nelle - You really are enjoying this.....Carly at Ferncliff? I wouldn’t wish that place on my worst enemy!
Nelle - She IS your worst enemy.
Ava - What would happen if a certain blanket reappeared?

At the PCPD.......
Dante - So, you came to Port Charles to spy 🕵️‍♀️ on Nelle Benson?
Chase - I tried to help her and had a relationship with her. She dropped a dime on me and destroyed my career. Just like she intended to.

At the Q Mansion.....
Ava - You’re telling me you deleted the photo? Can I believe you?
Nelle - For the time being!
Ava - Well, I will just hold on to the blanket for the time being!
Nelle - Then I will hold on to the photo for the time being.
Ava tells Nelle she better get rid of any evidence to clear Carly. She 🍁 leaves.
Nelle takes Morgan’s cologne out of her purse 👛 and Joss comes in.

At Charley’s Pub......
Oscar - Oh my God! Is that a HICKEY??
Julian - No, a mosquito bite.
Oscar - Well some people are born campers and some should just stay home 🏠.
Julian- I grew up in the city 🌃 and didn’t go ⛺️ camping.
Oscar - You don’t have to do it again.
Julian - But that would make me a quitter! Sorry 😐 kid, 🧒 I don’t scare easily.

At Ferncliff in the day room....
Rupert - Time for your rest, Carolyn!
Dr. Collins - Let her go! I want to talk to my patient.
Mary Pat - Nichols isn’t finished yet and I don’t want a half cleaned room. You will have to speak in his presence!

Jason - Ok 👍 they are gone?
Dr. Collins - You can’t stay!
Carly - What are you talking about? Jason is here undercover!
Jason - I am here to keep an eye 👁 on her.
Dr. Collins - That is impossible! You have to quit today!

At the PCPD......
Michael - So you slept 🛏 with a murder suspect? Now you’re here in Port Charles and you are holding your badge over her. What evidence do you have that Nelle killed Zac?
Chase - Michael some friendly advice......don’t kayak with Nelle.....not never.

At the Q Mansion......
Joss confides in Nelle that she visited Morgan when he was in the hospital for his bi-polar illness and it was nice.
Joss - What was it like when you were in a hospital for your mental disorder?
Nelle - It was scary at first being in a mental hospital. I was sick 😷 and was able to get the help I needed. A good doctor 👩‍⚕️ will be able to help your mom get some control of herself! Even if it is not up to her how long she stays.
(Michael brings in a package 📦 for Nelle.)
Nelle - The Salty Grog is a place I went to in Florida. It’s Detective Chase! It’s starting! Chase is sending a message. Look, a note...Hey Janelle hope you like the sweatshirt?

At General Hospital .......
Ava - Dr. Bensch, you’re a hard man to find! Didn’t you get my messages?
Bensch - For what? 🙄
Ava - The art work!
Bensch - I can’t patronize your business.
Ava - Why? 😳
Bensch - Ask your daughter! 😡
Ava - It’s YOU! 😱 You’re the one who has been harassing my daughter? 😡🤬

At the PCPD.....
Dante - I’ll bet Jordan didn’t know you had a relationship with Nelle, my brother’s girlfriend?
Chase - No she didn’t.
Dante - She would never put us together as partners.
Chase - You have so many relatives here, father and brother.
Dante - I don’t know 🤔 if I can trust you! What was your plan?
Chase - What plan?
Dante - You wanted to arrest Nelle before you told me.
Chase - Janelle Benson is a murderer.
Dante - Do you think 🤔 Nelle put Carly in Ferncliff?
Chase - That was her plan! I should have told you, but the longer Nelle is loose the main danger is your family.

At Ferncliff in the day room.....
Dr. Collins - I understand Jason is a comfort to you. Do you want him to leave? I can protect you? Jason, you gained access to a government facility under an assumed name?
Jason- I can take care of myself. I need to be here for Carly.
Collins - Jason, one misstep and you will be out! If she finds out I knew you, I will be out!
Carly - If you both go I will be given more medication.
Jason - It’s your call!
Carly - I want you to stay!
Jason - I’m staying!

At General Hospital........
Dr. Bensch - What kind of mother teaches her daughter to use her body for sex? I didn’t come on to Kiki? SHE came on to ME.
Ava slaps Dr. Bensch in the face - You lying 🤥 bastard!
Griffin is nearby with Kiki - What is going on here?
Dr. Bensch - You can have BOTH of them!
Ava- You should have let me rip his head off! 👿👹
Kiki- That is why I didn’t tell you!
Ava - Are you going to court?
Kiki - Yes, Alexis is representing me.
Ava - We need to come up with an alternative solution. What would Victor Jerome do if he found out that this sleaze was harassing his granddaughter?

At Charley’s Pub......
Alexis asks Julian to go to therapy with her.
Julian - Is it important to you?
Alexis - Yes, and I am asking you to do this for me.....So?
Julian - Well I need to think 🤔 about it. I would like to help you but we agreed to have separate lives.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Nelle is on the floor and in a panic . She cant find Morgan’s cologne. Who took it ?
Michael - I think you need to go up and rest.
Nelle - It sounds like a plan!

(We see Joss take Morgan’s cologne out of her book 📚 bag 💼.)

Michael calls Spinelli . He put a device in Michael‘s laptop so he can see what Nelle is doing with her laptop.
Michael - Spinelli, she DID research Chase and..... what is this? Nelle ordered a sweatshirt from The Salty Grog! 😱🤯 She sent that shirt to HERSELF !! 🤠🤡 Got her!
— MOM (6.20.18)
Tuesday on GH........
At the Metro Court......
Alexis - Paperwork has been filed. You are now Sam McCall.
Sam - I believe a clean break is good for everyone.

At the PCPD......
Detective Chase is on the phone 📱 - Thanks for sending these files (an evidence box 📦 on Janelle Benson), Abby. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Nelle tells Michael she ran into someone she used to know.
Nelle - I thought he came to Port Charles to see me!

At Ferncliff in the day room ......... it’s morning.
Carly - Can I get a newspaper? I want to see what is going on at home 🏠.
Mary Pat - THIS is your home 🏠. Here, do this puzzle.
Mary Pay says to Rupert - Our patient is different today?
Rupert - Yes, Dr. Collins came to see her.
Mary Pat - I will 👀 look into that.

At the PCPD.....
Detective Chase thinks back to his time in Maine and his interrogation of Janelle Benson (aka Nelle).
Chase - Janelle Benson, do you know why you’re here?
Janelle - I just lost the man I love 💕! Do I look 👀 like a killer to you?

At the same time, Nelle is also sharing her recollection of this event with Michael.
Nelle - The officer 👮 who investigated Zac’s death 💀 is in Port Charles.
Michael - Who is he?
Nelle - Harrison Chase. Do you know him?
Michael - Yes. He is the one ☝️ who arrested my grandfather 👴.
Nelle - He wanted a conviction and didn’t care how he got it.

At Ferncliff in the day room......
Mary Pat- How are we feeling this morning?
Carly - Much better.
Mary Pat - It’s not so bad.
Carly - No.
Mary Pat - That’s the spirit, Carolyn!
Carly - Carly.
Mary Pat - What was that?
Carly - Nothing.

Mary Pat - Mr. Nichols, nice 👍 job cleaning this room!
Jason - Thank you.
(Carly turns to see Jason.)
Jason - You 👌 ok?
Carly - Ok, but it is worse here!
Jason - You can say the words. You can do it!
Carly - Mary Pat, I finished the puzzle. Now I would like to make a bracelet!

At the PCPD.......
Detective Chase is still thinking back to his interrogation of Janelle in Maine.
Chase - Whose idea was it to vacation in Maine?
Janelle - Mine. We wanted to get out of Florida. His family can be very possessive!
Chase - On the water 💧?
Janelle - That was me. I love the 💦 water!
Chase - Can you explain what happened when Zac’s kayak took on water 💦?
Janelle - I tried to help him, but we both could have died! Watch him drown, or drown with him! What would YOU have done?
Chase - Why did Zac change his will before he died?
Janelle - He was loving and generous.
(Chase steps outside...)
Detective Abbey - We charge her or we cut her loose?
Chase - I don’t think 🤔 she did it.
Abbey - Your call. Your case, but she can sure play the helpless victim!
Chase - Ms. Benson you can go.
Janelle - Oh, thank you 🙏 for believing in me!
Chase - Where will you go?
Janelle - Back to Florida.

Nelle is still telling Michael her version of the story.......
Michael - Was that the last time you saw him?
Nelle - I saw him again when he followed me to Florida.
(Now Michael knows Chase can tell him about Nelle’s past!)
Michael - So, what did you think when Chase reached out?
Nelle - I didn’t know what to think 🤔! So, when Chase came to town we got together. Chase was my lifeline! Even though I knew it was a mistake, I grabbed on with both hands.

Chase remember Janelle/Nelle going to his motel room...
Chase - I thought we would meet at the place? Is Zac’s family still harassing you?
Janelle - Yeah. They think I’m trash.

At Ferncliff in the day room......
Mary Pat - Dr. Collins, I’m so glad to see you!
Collins - Is something wrong?
Mary Pat - I understand you altered Carolyn’s medication?
Collins - I don’t report to you! It is between me and my patient.
Mary Pat - And you get to leave and I am left with cleaning up your mess!
Collins - Maybe I’m not following. Has Carly been a problem this morning?
Mary Pat - No.
Collins - Then let me know! Until then, her dosage is correct.

Dr. Collins - Hello, Carly? Stay the course and I will be able to get you out of here soon.
Carly - Ok.

(We learn from Chase’s memories that he and Janelle/Nelle were lovers!)
Chase - Obviously 🙄, you’re not responsible for Zac’s death 💀!
Janelle - I am packed. Can you get me something to 🍷 drink?
Chase - No mini bar here. I will go out and get something!
(While he is out, Janelle calls the Police 👮 Dept. and tells them Chase is having an affair with someone he is investigating.)

Nelle says to Michael - Chase promised to help me and protect me but instead he became obsessive with me! What if he comes here to finish what he started?

Back at Ferncliff in the day room.....
Dr. Collins - Carly, I will be back soon!
(Collins turns around and sees Jason)
Dr. Collins - Jason!!

(Mary Pat hears Dr. Collins call the janitor, Jason!)

Michael confronts Detective Chase...
Michael - Nelle Benson says you are stalking her!
— MOM (6.19.18)
Monday on GH................
At Sonny’s office.......
Sonny - You were in Croton when I buried the body?
Mike - Yes. I took the body.
Sonny - Where did you take the body??
Mike - I wanted to help you, but I knew you wouldn’t let me help you.
Sonny - Of ALL the nights! You chose that night to help me, Dad?
Mike - I wanted to protect you! If someone got caught with the body it would be ME!
Sonny - Where did you take it?
Mike - Don’t worry 😉 about that!
Sonny - I NEED to get on with my life!
(Dante walks in.....)
Mike - Have I got a story! And you have to take care of your father when I’m gone.

In the woods...
(Lisle, Julian and Kim hear someone scream.)
Kim - Do you hear that?
Lisle - What?
Kim - That’s someone in trouble?
(Somehow Lisle talks her way out of the situation.)

At Kelly’s Diner....
(Nina approaches Drew and apologizes for Valentin’s helping Peter August.)
Drew - I want you to listen to what I want to say: It is NOT your fault! I brought Peter on to Aurora and I didn’t know what he was doing, but he sure fooled me!
Nina - He left your entire memory on a flash drive!
Drew - How did YOU know about the flash drive?
Nina - Anna told Valentin and he told me. I’m sorry that Peter had the key 🔑 to your memory!
Drew - I don’t know 🤔 what happened to the flash drive. It’s gone.

At Sonny’s office......
Mike - Sit with us? I was just telling your father about...
Sonny - No he’s a 👮‍♀️ cop. Dad, you don’t want to tell the story!
Dante - I do have to get back to work?
Mike - Sorry 😐! It is a hell of a good story.
Sonny - Dad, he’s a cop 🚓 and has to get back to work.
Dante - What’s the matter?
Sonny - He likes to tell stories.

Back in the cabin.....
Lisle - What is the matter with you?
(Lisle takes a fireplace poker and picks up the snake 🐍 and puts it outside.)
Lisle - No harm done.

At the Floating Rib...
Drew - At different times Faison and Peter dangled the flash drive in front of me and I turned it down.
Nina - Thank you for talking to me and giving me clarity. I am going go put something to bed 🛏.

At the cabin..
Lisle - Swallow the antibiotic....drink...that’s good. Don’t be a baby. Toughen up! (Lisle changes the bandage on Peter’s wrist) Get some rest. The antibiotics will be working!
Peter - I could give you a confession, but it would be under duress.
Lisle - You worry how you aided and abetted the most dangerous man in the world 🌍 and I will worry about what I am doing to you.

At Sonny’s office....
Dante - So, Grandpa, what is this you were telling me about a story about a car 🚘?
Sonny - No, Dad, he has to go?
Dante - I wanted to hear the story but I do have to go. See you later?

Sonny - Can we get back to the story on Croton? Where did you go next?
Mike - I’m sorry 😐. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ what you’re talking about?

At the cabin....
Peter - You plan to KILL me?
Lisle - It won’t make up for my Nathan’s death 💀!
Peter - You know everyone is looking for me... the police 👮... the WSB and my MOTHER!
Lisle - Now Anna Devane is your mother? I have something for you. Close your eyes 👀 and get ready for your surprise!
(Lisle gives Peter a cupcake with a lit candle on it) Open your eyes 👀! No, it is not a burger 🍔. Happy 😃 Birthday 🎂 ! Make a wish!

At the Metro Court,...
Stella and Jordan 🇯🇴 are having a cup of tea ☕️ and when she leaves 🍁, Stella see a pair of keys 🔑 on the floor and gives them to the bartender.
Bartender - I will put them in the lost and found box 📦.

Nina sees Jordan and asks her if Peter August had a flash drive when she arrested him.
Jordan - No flash drive.

(We see in the lost and found box 📦 the flash drive!)
— MOM (6.18.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday!
At Windermere....
Alexis tells Valentin (her brother) she wants to know more about their father, Mikos Cassadine. In exchange for Alexis taking care of Valentin’s affairs, he gives her as the first payment 💰, a watch encrusted with diamonds 💎!
Alexis - Why did you give this watch to me?
Valentin - Because it is beautiful, and it shows how much Mikos loved Kristen, our mother.
(The second payment is a rare recording of Kristen singing 🎤.)
Valentin - This record of Kristen 🎶 singing 🎤 was made for Mikos.

Alexis has an appointment with Dr. Kevin Collins. She shows him the watch and tells him about the the record and picture of her mother. She wants to know if her mother’s devotion to Mikos, even though he was dangerous, cruel and was married to someone else, is the reason she has such bad taste in men.
Alexis - I think I am just like my mother! Can you tell me What is wrong with me?
Dr. Collins - We have to get to the root of your problem with men.
Alexis - How do we do that?
Dr. Collins - Well, we can start with Julian Jerome! It might help you to have him join us? He may see things differently than you.
Alexis - You really think that will help?
Dr. Collins - Our time is up! No need to make a move yet, but think 🤔 about it?
Alexis - I will.

At the cabin......
Lisle - I am not going to hurt you! At least, at this moment. You are infected because you tried to escape. Nathan’s death 💀 is the only reason you are alive. You deserve to suffer. 🤯🤩
Nina - Lisle, are you trying to KILL him? 😳

At Kelly’s Diner......
Drew - Life doesn’t always make sense.
Oscar - Don’t I know it!
Drew - What do you mean?
Oscar - It absolutely makes no sense! Why is my mom is on a camping ⛺️ trip with Julian Jerome? Part of me can’t believe mom is dating an ex con. I want her to date YOU!

At Ferncliff......
Carly - Kevin is it really you?
Dr. Collins - It is me.
Carly - This place and all these people are pretty far gone. I don’t belong here!
Dr. Collins - This is a harsh facility. Frankly, I don’t believe you assaulted Nelle Benson.

At Sonny’s office........
Mike - You were dumb only as a young man can be.
Sonny - Are you talking about Scully?
Mike - Who else? That is why you let me drive your car 🚘 today! You owe me a favor.
Sonny - What favor?
Mike - I didn’t mean that the way it sounded! You don’t owe me nothing. I abandoned you and your mother and left you to that bastard, Deak. But there were times I tried to look 👀 out for you.
Sonny - Dad, we don’t have to talk about that!
Mike - I was a rotten father, but I managed to watch out for you when I could whether you knew it or not. That Jason is a nice guy, but he has ice in his veins! Why do you hang with him?
Sonny - Jason and I go back a long way. He also goes back a long way with you.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Drew - We all want a great family, but it’s ok 👌.
Oscar - I wish you could remember what it was like when you were my age and what it was like to be with my mom!
Drew - I decided not to do anything about that because of YOU.
Oscar - You don’t want your memories back?
Drew - That didn’t come out right. The procedure to get my memory back was never done before. I could have brain 🧠 damage and not know you or your sister. I don’t want to lose the last 5 years!

At the cabin.....
Nina - What happened to first, do no harm?
Lisle - He is ok.
Nina - Sam and Curtis asked me to help them find Peter!
Lisle - Why did they come to you?
Nina - Because of Valentin.
Peter - Did they find anything out? Can I have some water 💦 PLEASE? I think I have blood poisoning ☠️! I’m infected. I think I will die here.
Nina - We have no justice if he is 💀 dead! Nathan wouldn’t want that.
Lisle - I should have done this myself.
Nina - Get him antibiotics or I will call 911! 🤬😡

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Oscar - I’m sorry 😐 I talked about your past. You’re great the way you are. You really don’t mind ever knowing who you used to be?
Drew - There is a flash drive out there, and Peter August has it.
Oscar - So, when they find him will you get the flash drive?

At the cabin....
Peter - Thank you for helping me!
Nina - You sat there and watched my brother DIE in your place. Faison came to Port Charles for YOU. I should let you die!
Peter - What will happen to Charlotte and Maxie if you go to prison? Let me go!
Nina - I’m not listening to you any more. You’re a liar 🤥.
Peter - I’m sorry 😐 my father shot me! I had a bulletproof vest on. By the time I got up, it was too late!
Nina - So you were going to take off without a second 💭 thought?
Peter - The WSB is blaming ME for everything my father did! I went back to my hotel room to write a letter to Maxie and get the flash drive. I wanted to give it to Drew Cain. Did he have the procedure?

At Ferncliff....
Carly - I went to you because Sonny insisted! Everything that happened was because of my grief over Morgan.
Dr. Collins - If you like, I can assign a different psychologist?
Carly - Are you KIDDING? Your face is the first I have seen that is not insane! Mary Pat has me on so many meds! Lithium (mood stabilizer) and Ripadome (anti-psychotic) drugs.
Dr. Collins - You shouldn’t be on that medication!
Carly - Can you get me OUT of here?
Dr. Collins - I will tell them to back off the medication.
Carly - How long will I be here?
Dr. Collins - I will be with you every step of the way.

At Sonny’s office......
Sonny - Dad, did you talk to someone about my first job with Scully?
Mike - I talked to a guy who knew Scully. You wouldn’t listen to me so I figured out a way to save you from the consequences.
Sonny - You NEED to tell me all you know about Croton!
Mike - I saw you dig the hole yourself. I saw you put the body in there. You thought you were alone, but you thought wrong. 🤡
Sonny - Jason and I spent hours digging! We found no body, only a money 💵 clip? 😱
Mike - I know! I took it. 😎🤩😂

Anna tells Finn today is her son’s birthday 🎂. She regrets giving the baby 👶 away. When she told Robert, he said he was sorry 😐 he had not made her feel safe enough to confide in him. Finn goes into the cafeteria and comes back with a triple stacked waffle with whipped cream and a lit candle.
Finn - Anna, blow out the candle and make a wish for a new beginning.
(Anna blows out the candle....)
Anna - I wish my son is well.

Lisle sneaks into General Hospital to get some medication. While there, she hears Anna tell Finn today is Peter’s birthday 🎁. On the way back she runs into Julian and Kim in the woods.

Nina - Lisle will be back with the medication you need.
Peter - She will kill me! You think I am a bad person? I have made some mistakes but I did want to give the flash drive to Drew! I don’t know where it is! I must have dropped it.
Nina - What is in it?
Peter - Everything Drew needs to be the man he used to be..... where are you going?
Nina - To check your story out!

In the woods.....
Julian - Dr. Obrecht? What are you doing here?
Lisle - I am, as you Americans put it, taking time away from Port Charles. Mourning my son my own way.
Julian - Watch out for rattlesnakes!
Lisle - There are no rattlesnakes here. Thank you, I will be fine!

In the cabin....
Peter - WHAT IS THAT!! 😳🙀😱
(Peter sees a rattlesnake on the bed 🛏 and SCREAMS for HELP!!)

Julian, Kim and Lisle hear the screams.......

(Oh boy, Lisle is in trouble!)

💥💥💥. GH Spoiler 💥💥💥
Dominic Zamprogna, who plays Dante Falconieri, just emailed his fans to say he is taping his last scenes at General Hospital. He is leaving for better things. Stay tuned!

Some fans are saying he is leaving because when Steve Burton came back all the money went to him. Well, Burton is a major player. I’m sure Billy Miller is making a good salary too! I’m sure everyone will miss him.

Jason Morgan is my all time favorite soap opera character . He is Superman (protector) 🦇 Batman(Defender) and The Terminator( enforcer) all wrapped into one person.
— MOM (6.15.18)
Thursday on GH...........
At Windermere.....
Sam and Curtis think they found a paper that proves Peter August took a private plane ✈️, courtesy of Valentin, out of the country .

At the Floating Rib....
Valentin insists he will not give Nina a divorce.

At General Hospital.....
Dr Bensch says he just heard of the article in the 📝 paper.
Kiki - Get out of my way!
Dr. Bensch - Not until we clear something up.

At Ferncliff.....
Mary Pat - You will be interacting with the disturbed 😦 patients. Have a problem with that?
Jason - No not at all.
Mary Pat - Are you sure?
Jason - A mess is a mess no matter where you are, and it is my job to clean it up.

At the Floating Rib.....
Nina - Wow 😲! You’re a piece of work!
Valentin - That is what you love 💕 about me!
Nina - You shouldn’t have lied 🤥 to me! If you contest the divorce, I will file on the grounds that you lied to me and betrayed my trust. I don’t blame you for my brother’s death 💀.
Valentin - You blame me for lying 🤥? Well, our marriage is not over.
Nina - Yes it is!
Valentin - Let’s make a deal. Give me 30 days to prove I love you 😘.
Nina - And if you fail?
Valentin - I will sign anything you want.

At GH......
Dr. Bensch - There are all sorts of rumors going around that I am that doctor 👨‍⚕️!
Kiki - Lets cut the crap 💩!!
Dr. Bensch - Just the suggestion of sex can cause me to lose my career!
Kiki - Someone has to stop 🛑 you!
Dr. Bensch - And YOU’RE that person?
Kiki - I am exploring my options and those rumors you’re worried 😦 about will be a reality.

At Ferncliff.....
Mary Pat - That’s all the questions I have. Do you have any for me?
Jason - No. I don’t think so.
Mary Pat - Why don’t I take you on a tour and you can see what Ferncliff is all about?

We see Rupert in Carly’s cell and she is drugged out and very lethargic from all the drugs.

Mary Pat- This is our wing for particularly violent patients . Do you want to see it?
Jason - If I’m going to clean, it I should see it!

At GH.....
Dr. Bensch - This is absurd! You will never make it to court.
Kiki - What about the time you kissed 💋 and massaged me without my permission?
Dr. Bensch - So I kissed 😘 you? Grow up! File your ridiculous suit! I can’t WAIT to see your reaction to the fallout. You know, doctors who won’t want to work with you? Or male nurses who are afraid 😟 to bring you a cup of coffee ☕️? You might accuse them of something. If you go through with this, you will be killing your career before it starts.

Griffin comes in and pushes Dr. Bensch up against a wall.

Dr. Bensch - Well, well. If it isn’t the GH resident?
(Griffin is about to slug 🐌 the doctor 👨‍⚕️.)
Kiki - No, let him go!
Dr. Bensch - Your case will get laughed 🤠 out of court and you know it.
Griffin - She has options.
Dr. Bensch - We will see.

At the Floating Rib.....
Valentin takes a napkin and signs a “contract” that says if in 30 days Nina still wants a divorce, he will give it to her.
Valentin - I will pull out all the stops to prove my love 😍 for you.

At Ferncliff..
Mary Pat - I want you to be fully prepared. This is a facility for the criminally insane.
Jason - Not my job to judge.
Mary Pat points to Carly’s cell - This one pushed a pregnant 🤰 woman down the stairs.
Jason - How long do you think 💭 she will be in here?
Mary Pat - Until we think she is able to return to society.

Carly sees Jason through the bars in the cell - You’re here?? 😳
Rupert - What?
Mary Pat - Perhaps you have to give her a higher dose? Rupert, this is Mr. Nichols. He is our new janitor.
Rupert - YOU need to leave the patients to the professionals and stick to the mop.
Mary Pat - That is a good 💡 idea.
Jason - Got it.

At GH....
Griffin - Are you ok?
Kiki - I’m fine 🙂. You shouldn’t have done that!
Griffin - I don’t care 🤷‍♂️.
Kiki - He can charge you with assault!
Griffin - HE was the doctor you were talking about?
Kiki - He is disgusting. 😖
Griffin - I wish you had come with me to the 🏀 ball?
Kiki - Griffin what happened that night is over.

At Windermere......
Valentin - You’re not as quiet as you think you are.
Curtis - We have some questions for you about Peter August?

(Valentin now knows Nina kept him at the Floating Rib so Curtis and Sam could enter Windermere.)

Valentin - Well, if you’re staying, do you want a drink 🥃?
Curtis - Where is Peter August?
Valentin - YOU were there, Sam? I am not the one who blocked the 🎥 cameras! I was in the cell.
Curtis - You’re holding something back!
Valentin - Absolutely! Because I am.

At Ferncliff.....
Mary Pat - I don’t see any reason to drag this out. We are short staffed. If all your references check out, you can start today.
Jason - That works for me!
(Everything checks out.....)
Jason - So, where do you want me to start?
Mary Pat - The public areas ......lunchroom.....halls.
Jason - I’m up for that!
Mary Pat - You seem competent.

Dr. Kevin Collins visits Carly in Ferncliff.....
Dr. Collins - Carly, are you all right? How many drugs did they give you?
Carly - Are you real?
Dr. Collins - Yes, and I am going to do everything I can to help you!

At GH....
Kiki - For my mom’s sake, we need to stay as far away from each other as possible.
Griffin - You can lean on me!
Kiki - No, we can’t! I have Elizabeth to help me. You’re a really good friend.
Griffin - Can I go to Monica?
Kiki - No. That won’t help.
Griffin - So is it that you don’t want help?
Kiki - Not from you.

At Windermere.....
Valentin - During our altercation in the cell, Peter got my cell phone 📱 and pretended to be me.
Curtis - Why didn’t you call the police 👮?
Valentin - Why? The plane ✈️ never took off. Oh, are you leaving so soon?
Sam - 👋 Bye!

Curtis - How did Peter get away?
Sam - What if Peter never got away and is here in Port Charles?
— MOM (6.14.18)
Wednesday on GH........
At Ferncliff.......
We see Carly sitting on the floor and rocking back and forth saying,......
Stay Strong......Stay Focused,,.....Go Home 🏠.......

Nurse 👩‍⚕️ Mary Pat - I’m surprised 😯 to see you up so early?
Carly - I’m an early riser.
Mary Pat - I see you’re the owner of The Metro Court? I ate there once, very expensive. Well, I’M in charge in here, Sweet Caroline.
Carly - I like to be called Carly. I’m not much of a singer 👩‍🎤.
Mary Pat - The road to healing is paved with a positive thought.
Carly - I’ll keep the sing-a-long 🎶 in mind.
Mary Pat - That’s the spirit! You have 2 children and a dead 💀 son.

At the Floating Rib......
Sam and Curtis tell Nina they are working together as P.I.s and need her help in catching Heinrik!

At General Hospital......
Ava screams at Griffin - My daughter has been sexually harassed and I have to find out in the morning papers? Why didn’t YOU tell me? 😤
Griffin - I didn’t know! I just found out now!
Ava - Do you have ANY idea 💡 who has been groping my daughter? 👿

Franco reads of Kiki being sexually harassed in the paper and is insane with anger. 👹 Kiki gave the story to Lulu in the hopes that another girl would come forward. He confronts Dr. Bensch and shoves him up against the wall.
Franco - I can read between the lines!
Bensch - I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ what you’re talking about? 🙄

At Sonny’s restaurant.......
Sonny, Jason and Mike huddle together and try to come up with a plan to get Carly out of Ferncliff.

🚨🚨 ABC Breaking News 🚨🚨 for 18 minutes.

Back at General Hospital......
Kiki - Don’t make a scene!
Ava - Why won’t you talk to me? I’m your mother!
Kiki - I kept quiet 🤫 because I was afraid 😱 I would lose the respect of my co-workers!
Ava - Why didn’t you tell ME?
Kiki - Because you look at sex as a strategy and a weapon! 😳😰

Nina calls Valentin to meet her at the Floating Rib so Curtis and Sam can go to Windermere. They are looking to see if Valentin helped Peter August to escape.
Nina - I’m not sure 🤔 you will find anything?

Nina - I called you here to tell you I am not your wife. I want a divorce!
Valentin - No.
Nina - Our marriage is over, I want a divorce!
Valentin - I will give you the world, 🌍 but I won’t give you that.

While Valentin is with Nina, Sam and Curtis enter Windermere.
Curtis - You were right! There is a damn maze down there.
Sam - I found this!

At General Hospital.....
Ava - Tell me how you REALLY feel!
Kiki - I told you I didn’t want to talk about this right now! I can’t deal with you! Let me do this my way.
Ava - I have made mistakes in my life, but I have changed thanks to Griffin. I’m sorry 😐 you can’t accept that.
Kiki walks away......
Griffin - Did you talk to her?
Ava is crying 😢 - Yes, but I wish I hadn’t. My daughter thinks I use SEX for leverage. I think she is right! 😳😰

Elizabeth gives Jason a 📝 paper.........
Jason - I appreciate your doing this for us.
Elizabeth - How is Carly? I hope this works!

Back at Sonny’s......
Mike - You have such a great mind! You could have been a 👨‍⚕️ doctor or lawyer. Why are you wasting your time with thugs?
Sonny - We’ve had this talk before.
Mike - I remember my big Belair car 🚘. It was too fancy for the neighborhood. You don’t haul around a body in THAT car 🚗. Oops!

At Ferncliff....
Mary Pat and Orderly Rupert are trying to give Carly some heavy drugs......
Carly - There must be some mistake here! I’m not taking any drugs!
Mary Pat - Take this Lithium. Your order says otherwise.
Carly - It’s just a surprise! 😳 I will take the pills if I must.
Mary Pat - Ok 👌 lift up your tongue 👅. Did you really think 💭 you could hide them? I know ALL the tricks.

(Carly looks scared 😱! These people are threatening.)

Mary Pat - I don’t like doing this but you forced my hand! SWALLOW! I can do this all day! It’s much easier with water 💦. We can wait. Rupert watch her. Maybe we need restraints? 😈🤠👹
Carly - NO! I’ll be good!
Mary Pat - We will see, Carolyn.

At Nurse Mary Pat’s office.......
Mary Pat - Mr. Nichols do you have a resume?
Jason - Yes. I have a lot of recommendations.
Mary Pat - General Hospital? Why would you want to leave there and work at Ferncliff?
Jason - Because I can work long hours and make extra money 💴.
Mary Pat - We do have a hard time keeping custodians here at Ferncliff. Our patients are seriously 😳 disturbed 😧. Do you have a problem with that?
Jason - No! No problem at all.
— MOM (6.13.18)
Because of a TV 📺 cable repairman I was not able to see this portion of GH from yesterday (6/11/18), so here’s what you missed.

DA - Your honor! The state asks — no, we DEMAND that the defendant gets the sentence she deserves!
Diane - The Defense strenuously objects to the DA because she lost the case!
Judge 👨‍⚖️ - As for sentencing, Mrs. Corrinthos has not denied 🙅‍♂️ pushing Nelle Benson down the stairs and canceling her therapist appointment. So she is remanded to Ferncliff for the criminally insane until a doctor says she is well enough to leave.
Carly - NO, your honor! Please not Ferncliff? Not Ferncliff!
Judge - You need treatment, Mrs. Corrinthos, not a vacation.
(As the guard is taking Carly away.....)
Jason - Don’t panic! No games. No short cuts. We will get you out of this! Promise me, Carly?

At the cabin.....
Lisle - Heinrik, you have in common with your father, a talent to try my patience!
Heinrik - I’m 😐 sorry! I didn’t mean to get you mad 😡.

At the courthouse......
Diane - The other option is doing 25 years in JAIL! Do you prefer that? If I need any of you to interfere, I will let you know!
Jason - I can’t wait.

In Anna’s hotel room in Pennsylvania....
(Anna and Finn are acting like two teenagers! Should I stay? Should I go? Is this the right thing to do? Then some pillow talk....)

Anna is in bed 🛏 in her room / Finn is in bed 🛏 in his room....... Talking.

(UGH 😑!! UGH 😑!! What is wrong with you? You’re 40 & 50 years old! Act your age!! Go for it!)

At the courthouse.....
Michael leaves 🍁 Nelle there.
Nelle pats her stomach - What did Mommy tell you sweetheart? It worked like a charm! Now that Carly is in the snake 🐍 pit, I am going to get EVERYTHING I want.

Nelle turns around and sees Detective Chase......
Chase - JANELLE! It’s been a long time!
Nelle - Chase, what are you doing here?
Chase - Well, you were not answering my calls!

OK, now for Tuesday’s GH update (6/12/18)...........

At the Floating Rib.......
Jason is playing pool 🏊‍♀️ and fuming 😤. Sam shows up.
Sam - It looks like you need this beer 🍺!

At Spinelli‘s hotel room......
Michael - I tried, but was unable to get into Nelle’s computer 💻.
Spinelli - The Jackal has what you need to unmask Nelle’s shenanigans!

At the cabin....
Lisle throws a vase with flowers 🌸 at Heinrik. While she is outside, he reaches for the broken glass that is on the bed 🛏. He starts to cut through his restraints.

At the Floating Rib......
Sam - Nice shot! Are you going to let ME take a shot?
Jason - Sorry 😐.
Sam - I was supposed to meet Curtis here, but he canceled. We are opening a P.I. office together...... Ashford and McCall!
Jason - Are you ok with his name first?
Sam - Alphabetical.
Jason - I testified for Carly today, but I didn’t do any good.
Sam - What happened?
Jason - She was sentenced to Ferncliff again.
Sam - Why did she go the first time?
Jason - Dr. Tony Jones kidnapped Michael when he was a baby 👶.
Sam - I remember that!
Jason - Carly took Michael out and he disappeared. I was so scared 😱! Michael was only 3 months old! Dr. Jones got off because of a technicality and Carly shot him in the court room.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Michael tells Joss the Judge 👨‍⚖️ declared his mom not guilty by reason of insanity, but she was sent to Ferncliff, a state facility for the criminally insane.
Joss - I feel responsible. I asked mom to go and apologize to Nelle! How do we help mom? How do we get her OUT of that place?
Michael - Mom will get through this and she will come home 🏠. Nothing will keep mom from us.

At the cabin.....
Lisle - Are you listening to me, Nina? I want you back here pronto! I can’t be alone with him much longer.
(When Lisle comes back in to the cabin she sees Heinrik with a bloodied wrist.)
Lisle - Someone has been busy?

At the courthouse.....
Nelle - So, what brings you to Port Charles? Visiting someone?
Chase - I have been in Port Charles at the PCPD. I testified in this case! You can imagine my surprise when I heard the victim was my friend, Janelle. This is the perfect place, since I know you sat in a kayak and watched your boyfriend die.
Nelle - Don’t you think you shouldn’t throw THAT in my face?
Chase - Like drowning in icy 💦 water? When all the evidence was in against you, it was too late. I was in love with you, and someone reported me. My career was RUINED and you dodged a MURDER charge!

At the cabin......
Lisle - I turn my back for ONE moment and YOU try to escape?
Heinrik - Can you blame me? I didn’t kill him. You win! You win! I will do anything you say.
Lisle - I promise, I do not take ANY joy in doing this. Oh, who am I kidding?
(Lisle takes a bat 🦇 and crushes Heinrik’s wrist.)
Heinrik screams - NO! 😱😳 NO! 🤯😭

At the Floating Rib.....
Jason - Carly spent 4 months in Ferncliff and lost all that time with Michael. She was making believe she was insane and saying a pillow was Michael.
Sam - Why did she do that?
Jason - She was convinced I was going to abandon her and start a family with Robin. The person who belongs in Ferncliff is Nelle Benson!

At the courthouse.....
Nelle - I didn’t use you, Chase! I loved Zac so much. I know what we did was wrong, but my intentions were pure.
Chase - But in this time and place you found someone else to love? You have a talent for latching on to someone from the most powerful family in Port Charles.
Nelle - Are you following me? So you follow me to upstate NY? I didn’t think about you when I left Florida.
Chase - YOU ruined my life! I had to take the police 👮 man test again to get this job!
Nelle - So you’re saying it is just a coincidence that you are here in Port Charles?
Chase pulls Nelle close - Port Charles is a small place. You WILL see me again, JANELLE.

At the cabin.....
Peter - What is WRONG with you??? 🤭😱😳
Nina - What did you do to him? 😤😰
Lisle - He was trying to escape and I stopped him.
Nina - Are you ok?
Peter - Do I look OK? NO! I am NOT ok!!
(Nina gets bandages and wraps his wrist.)
Peter - She is 😜 CRAZY! She will go too far.

At the Floating Rib......
Jason - Nelle set Carly up! She made her think 🤔 Morgan was coming back. Who DOES that? I didn’t understand until too late. Nelle was the obvious suspect and I missed it. Now, Carly is paying for it. If Carly tried to plead not guilty and it went wrong, she would get 25 YEARS.
Sam - What are you going to do about it?
Jason - Nelle had to be at the hospital garage when Carly got that 📝 note. There must be a camera 🎥!
Sam - Even if you get Nelle on camera, it doesn’t help with Carly pushing Nelle down the stairs!
Jason - Yes, but if I find proof Nelle is lying, Diane can take it to the judge and get Carly out of Ferncliff.

At the cabin....
Peter - You HAVE to end this, Nina!
Lisle - SILENCE! You do not have permanent damage to your hand 🤚. Do NOT coddle him in my absence.
Nina gives Peter an aspirin - Maybe this will help?
Peter - Thank you 😊.

At the Floating Rib......
Sam - You said Carly made it through before?
Jason - Yes, but Nelle is walking around free. SHE is the psychopath. I wish I could be in there to talk Carly down!
Sam - No, you don’t! When you went to Pentonville for Michael he was a kid! Don’t do that again! Carly is a grown woman and she can handle herself.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael - Why were you at the courthouse?
Nelle - I wanted to thank the DA!
Michael - THANK the DA for sending my mother to Ferncliff?
Nelle - For protecting me and the baby 👶!
Michael - What happened? You look jumpy.
Nelle - I saw someone I used to know.
— MOM (6.12.18)
Monday on GH....
At the courthouse.......
DA - Besides her husband, would you say you know Carly better than anyone else?
Jason - Yes.
DA - Was she insane when she attacked Ms. Benson?
Jason - I can’t answer that.
DA - Can’t Mr. Morgan? Or WON’T? Yes or no? Was Carly insane when she assaulted Nelle Benson? Your Honor?
Judge - Answer the question!
Jason - I can’t answer the question because I am not a psychiatrist.
Diane - Mr. Morgan is many things, but not a psychiatrist.
Judge - Do the people have any more questions for this witness?
DA - No, your honor.
Judge - The witness may step down. Ms. Miller do you have another witness?
Diane - No, your honor.

At the cabin......
Nina - That’s enough!
Peter - Nina do something! She is crazy 😜!
Lisle - You’re still alive.
Peter - Is treating me this way going to bring Nathan back? Thank you, 🙏 Nina.
Nina - Don’t thank me! I still hate you for what you did! Don’t say my brother’s name. Has he eaten anything? Did you give him water 💧? What are you doing, Lisle? I want justice, not vengeance. We agreed no violence!
Lisle - You say torture. I say persuasion. Go, let ME handle the rest.
Nina leaves 🍁.....
Lisle - I thought she would never leave!
Peter - Wow! My father didn’t do you justice. He said you were one of the most brilliant women he ever met. As much as my father admired you, he was enamored with Anna Devane!

At the courthouse ......
Judge - Closing arguments.
DA - Carly tried to kill her ONLY grandchild and she has to pay 💰 for that.
Diane - We are asking for compassion, your honor. For Carly to get the help she needs!
👨‍⚖️ Judge - I will weigh all the evidence and be back with a verdict.

Court is in recess.....

Diane to Jason - You played it perfectly on the stand. The DA didn’t even dent our defense.
DA - Mr, Corrinthos pays very well! I wonder how do you sleep 😴 at night?
Diane - Like a baby.

The DA calls Nelle - Not good. Carly has a strong case. Even if it isn’t the verdict we want, I will protect you and your baby 👶.
Nelle - Thank you for telling me. Michael, let’s go to the courthouse.

At the cabin.....
Lisle - There will be NO talk of Anna Devane! Unless you WANT to be dead?
Peter - Nathan is dead 💀 because of Anna Devane! His death was Anna’s fault! Let me go and we will make her pay!

At the courthouse.......
Judge 👨‍⚖️ Horowitz has made his decision.
All rise.....
Judge - Counselors, approach the bench.

Michael - Are you up for this?
Nina - Yes.

Judge - Will the defendant please rise? There are no winners or losers in this case. Mrs. Corrinthos, I find you not guilty by reason of insanity.
Diane - Thank you, 🙏 your honor. We have made arrangements for Mrs. Corrinthos to go to Shady Brook.
DA - Your honor, the State asks - no we DEMAND - the defendant gets the sentence she deserves!

Instead of going to Shady Brook, the Judge 👨‍⚖️ sentences Carly to Ferncliff, a place for prisoners who are insane.
— MOM (6.11.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH!
At the courthouse.....
Diane - The Defense calls Dr. Griffin Monroe.

Carly - What is going on?
Diane - Our star 🌟 witness! If Jason doesn’t show up, this is going to be difficult.
Carly - He will show up.

Diane - Do you recognize the defendant, Carly Corrinthos?
Griffin - Yes.
Diane - Did you also treat Carly?
Griffin - Yes.
Diane - When did that happen?
Griffin - Two months ago. She was hallucinating.

Also at the courthouse
Nelle - Thank you. Doctor said to hydrate.
Michael - How are you feeling?
Nelle - Better. The truth is I don’t want to go home 🏠 alone. I see the stairs and don’t feel well. Will you come with me?
Michael - Sure.

Diane - How did Carly describe her hallucinations?
Griffin - She spoke of an explosion 💥. I knew Carly’s son died in an car 🚘 explosion.

At Monica’s GH office.....
Alexis informs Monica she is representing Kiki against Dr. Bresch in a sexual harassment case.
Monica - That case is closed. What does Kiki
Alexis - She wants justice!

At the courthouse......
Diane - What else did she tell you?
Griffin - Carly told me she thought someone was in her 🏠 house. She felt a presence.
Diane - A spiritual presence?
DA - Your honor, are we to believe in a 👻 ghost?

The Defense calls Dr. Kevin Collins.

Dr. Collins - I prescribed anti anxiety medicine for Carly.
Diane - Is my client insane?
Dr. Collins - No, she is suffering from severe anxiety.
Diane - Can the medication cause her to take physical action against someone?
Dr. Collins - Yes, I think so.

DA - Dr. Collins, you mentioned the defendant has been hospitalized TWO times? Did your records show she shot Tony Jones in a courtroom?
Diane - It is well known that Carly has a history of mental illness.
DA - Dr. Collins, why didn’t you have a follow up with her?
Dr Collins - She canceled her appointment.
DA - No further questions.

Jason - Carly, you can stop 🛑 this right now!

In Anna’s hotel room in Pennsylvania....
Anna tells Finn her conversation with Robin didn’t go well. She talks about Robin asking her if when her own children were born and she was holding them with tears in her eyes 👀? Was she thinking about Heinrik?
Anna - Our relationship is damaged, the way she looked at me.

Finn then tells Anna about when he was in the coffee ☕️ shop and he was surprised 😯 by his father, Professor 👨‍🏫 Gregory Chase.
Finn - I just wanted to get away from everyone. Him, her....
Anna - And your brother?
Finn - This is not Chase’s fault. My old man buried his wife and then married someone else. I want to get far away from him as I can.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Michael calls Spinelli - Nelle buried my mother in court. I need some proof!
Michael tells Nelle she needs to rest after a trying day at the courthouse.

While Nelle is supposed to be taking a nap 💤 Michael is talking to Spinelli on the terrace...
Nelle - Michael, what are you doing? Why are you looking at my computer 🖥?
Michael - YOUR computer? No wonder I couldn’t get into it! I guess I won’t have to call a computer specialist.
Nelle - Maybe YOU’RE the one who needs a 😴 nap!

At the courthouse
The Defense calls Detective Chase......
Diane - Were you called to Carly’s house 🏠 for an alleged break in?
Chase - Yes
Diane - How did she react?
Chase - Mrs. Corrinthos was agitated. She found a broken picture of her son Morgan.
Diane - And the second time?
Chase - I was called to a grave site and saw Carly who was talking about notes and cologne. She asked me if I could smell the cologne.
DA - Did you take her to the police station?
Chase - No, I took her home 🏠.

Judge - Call your next witness.
Diane - The Defense calls Michael Corrinthos Jr.
Sonny - After our son, Morgan, was killed it shook our family to the core. I found out that Carly was imagining our dead 💀 son was trying to reach her.
Diane - To the best of your knowledge, these incidents never happened?
Sonny - No.
Diane - To what do you attribute your wife’s hallucinations?
Sonny - Sorrow.
Diane - Are you afraid 😱 for your wife?
Sonny - I’m not afraid, 😟 but I worry.
Diane - Was one of those times at Nelle Benson’s shower?
Sonny - Yes.
Diane - What was your wife’s demeanor before Nelle?
Sonny - I don’t trust Nelle.
Diane - What do you think 🤔 can happen as a result of Carly’s hatred of Nelle?
Sonny - She can lose control.
Diane - Which is exactly what happened?
Sonny - Yes.

DA - Mr. Corrinthos, you are with organized crime?
Sonny - I am a coffee ☕️ importer, your Honor.
DA - Mr. Corrinthos, when you thought you slept 🛏 with Nelle you covered it up. You 🤥 lied! Are you lying now?

Judge 👨‍⚖️ - Attorneys, come to my desk!

Jason - You can stop 🛑 this right now!
Carly - How?
Jason - Fire 🔥 Diane. The judge 👨‍⚖️ will have to call a mistrial. It will give ME time to find the proof we need.
Carly - You want me to FIRE 🔥 Diane?!?
Jason - Yes.
Carly - What is the plan?
Jason - Diane will understand.
Diane - She will NOT understand! You should not be talking to Carly! Carly, you have to decide in the next 5 minutes if you want to continue or go back to Pentonville.

Back to the witness stand.....
Sonny - My father, who has Alzheimer’s, and my 3 year old daughter were lost. My wife was at my son’s grave.
DA - Why did your wife neglect your daughter?
Sonny - She didn’t. She needs help!

Judge 👨‍⚖️ - Call your next witness.

Diane - The Defense calls Jason Morgan to the stand.
Diane - Did Carly receive at phone 📱 call on February 23rd of this year?
Jason - Yes, she said she heard an explosion 💥.
Diane - The two of you went to the PCPD to report the calls to Detective Falconieri. Then the 3 of you went to the pay phone where the calls were made. Where she said she heard an explosion?
Jason - She was sure she heard an explosion 💥. It was near where Morgan died. She also said she saw a scarf 🧣 on her desk with dirt and blood.
Diane - Did YOU see the scarf 🧣?
Jason - No. She said the scarf 🧣 brought back all the pain of the loss of Morgan.
Diane - Were you at Carly’s house 🏠 when she complained about an intruder?
Jason - Yes.

DA - Carly told you about the scarf and phone 📱 calls BEFORE she told her husband?
Jason - Yes.
DA - When did she tell her husband?
Jason - After a few months.
DA - Why?
Jason - Sonny was distracted with his father.
DA - Well what about you, Mr. Morgan? Do YOU think your best friend is disturbed 😳?
Jason - I am not really sure what you are asking. I was concerned 😦 for Carly.
DA - You know Carly better than ANYONE else. Mr. Morgan, can you say your best friend, Carly, was insane when she attacked Nelle Benson?
Jason - I can’t answer that.
DA - CAN’T or WON’T??

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Drew - Hey 👋 everybody! I used my key 🔑.
Monica - Does the luggage mean what I think it means?
Drew - If the offer still stands?
Monica - Welcome 🙏 home, 🏠 son!
— MOM (6.8.18)
Thursday on GH..........
At the Courthouse......

Judge 👨‍⚖️ - ⚖️ Docket #SD032618 vs Carolyn Lee Corrinthos.

DA Margaux Dawson - The State will attempt to prove Mrs. Carly Corrinthos shoved a woman down the stairs. This is a deadly assault committed by a woman who will do anything to get what she wants.

Diane Miller - Carly Corrinthos is a mother who has lost a child 👶! During the last months she was under the delusion that her son was alive.

DA Dawson - The State calls Barbara Jean Spencer to the stand.

DA - How would you characterize your daughter’s relationship with Ms. Benson?
Bobby - I wouldn’t! The relationship is 😂 laughable.
DA - Did Mrs. Correnthos approve of Ms. Benson’s relationship with her son?
Bobby - No, she didn’t.
DA - Was she pleased 😃 that Ms. Benson would become the mother of her grandchild?
Bobby - No.

(Meanwhile, Nelle is trying to get away from Michael. She wants to go to the courthouse separately, and Michael tell her he is going with her. 🎶I’m going to stick like glue..OH...OH...’cause I’m stuck on you! 🎶🎵)

DA - The State calls Josslyn Jackson.

DA - Did you at any time feel threatened by Ms. Benson?
Joss - No.
DA - Is she your friend?
Joss - Yes.
DA - Was there a time when Ms. Benson treated you unfairly?
Joss - No.
DA - Is your brother looking forward to being a father?
Joss - Yes.
DA - And you?
Joss - Yes.
DA - And your Mom?
Joss - She is happy 😊.
DA - Ms. Benson wanted to name the baby 👶 Morgan. What did your Mom think of that?
Joss - Mom was angry 😡. She thought Nelle was using Morgan’s name to hurt 😢 her.
DA - So when you sent your Mom upstairs to apologize to Ms. Benson, you thought she was safe?
Carly jumps up - That is ENOUGH! No more questions! I love you, Joss. I’m not angry 😤 with you!

Judge 👨‍⚖️ is banging on the desk - Ms. Miller control your client!!

Diane - Judge, 👨‍⚖️ can we have a few minutes?
Judge - We will take a 5 minute break.
Carly sees Nelle outside - YOU DID THIS!! 😡🤬

Diane - I know that was hard.
Carly - You just SAT there!
Diane - Ava Jerome is next. Be calm.
Carly - So, I have to sit there while Ava tells lies?

Guard - Court will resume in 5 minutes.

(Nelle sees Ava and runs to her and they embrace. She reminds Ava she has dirt on her so she shouldn’t say anything about the blanket.)

Ava - Well, then Nelle opened my gift 🎁.....a penguin 🐧 mobile. Carly tore into Nelle.
DA - What was Mrs. Corrinthos saying?
Ava - Carly was very angry 😡 and told Nelle that Michael was too good for her. Nelle was upset and ran out of the room.

Carly to Diane - Are you sure you won’t cross examine her?

DA - Did Ms. Benson have a baby 👶 blanket?
Ava - No baby 🍼 blanket.
DA - What was the last thing Mrs. Corrinthos said to Ms. Benson?
Ava - You won’t get your hands on my son.

Diane - No, your Honor. No questions for this witness at this time.

DA - The State calls Michael Corrinthos lll

DA - Can you describe your relationship with Ms. Benson?
Michael - She is the mother of my baby 👶.
DA - Much of your time will be spent with Ms Benson?
Michael - Yes.
DA - But not with your Mom? Were the two of you together when you found out she was pregnant 🤰?
Michael - No.

Diane - Defense reserves the right to examine this witness at a later date.

Nelle - That was hard for you. I’m sorry 😐.
Michael - I just did what was best for our family.

DA - The State calls Detective Dante Falconieri.

DA - Detective Falconieri, you were the arresting 👮 officer?
Dante - Yes.
DA - Read the report?
Dante - Carly grabbed me and said she didn’t want me to be with her son. That is when she pushed my down the stairs!
DA - Sonny Corrinthos is your father and Michael is your brother. Can you testify without bias?
Dante - I believe so.
DA - Do you remember what Mrs. Corrinthos said to Ms. Benson at the police 👮 station?
Dante - She said she wanted Nelle’s head on a sliver platter.

Dante - Sorry about that.
Sonny - Why? You told the truth.
Diane to Carly - Keep your hands and arms inside no matter what! Nelle is next.

DA - May I say, Ms. Benson, that I am happy 😃 that you and your baby 👶 survived without harm. How do you know. Mrs. Corrinthos?
Nelle - It started when I was able to give Joss one of my kidneys.
DA - So, when you first met Mrs. Corrinthos, you wanted to hurt her?
Nelle - Yes. I am ashamed of my behavior. I thought Carly took my kidney and didn’t pay for it. My father lied to me!
DA - So, when you became 🤰 pregnant?
Nelle - Carly insisted on a paternity test. She didn’t believe the baby was Michael‘s.
DA - How is your health today?
Nelle - I have nightmares, but Michael is there for me.
DA - Thank you, Ms. Benson, you’re courageous to tell your story. I have no other questions.

As Nelle leaves she stumbles and Michael runs to her.

Diane - In light of Ms Benson’s obvious distress, we will defer questions until a later date.

DA - The Prosecution rests, your Honor.

Diane - I know that was difficult.
Sonny - What was difficult was listening to Nelle’s fake testimony!
Diane - Now, it is OUR turn. Sonny, are you clear on what you need to do?


Diane - The Defense is ready, your Honor.
— MOM (6.7.18)
Wednesday on GH.......
In the 👨‍⚖️ court room.....
Diane - Good morning 😃.
Sonny - How are we doing?
Diane - Could be better. If Jason mentions she is sane, he could send Carly to prison.
(The guard brings Carly in.....)
Diane - If all goes to plan, you will not be in jail long.
Carly - Did Dr. Collins give you my records?
Diane - Yes, he did.

At Alexis’ house 🏠...
Alexis - Nina, what are you doing here?
Nina - I would like you to handle my divorce.
Alexis - You want a divorce from Valentin?
Nina - I can’t live with his lies.
Alexis - Nina, I can’t represent you.

At the cabin.....
Peter/Heinrik wakes up with a gag in his mouth.
Lisle - I hope you had a good night’s sleep 💤! I will take the gag off.
Peter - What do you want with me?
Lisle - A confession! 😃 You will tell the world 🌍 what you have done.

At Anna’s hotel room in Pennsylvania.....
Finn - I’m here to give you support!
Anna - Hi 👋 Robin! So good to see you.
Robin - So good 😊 to see you, too, and you.....together.
Anna - That is a whole other story!
Finn - I will get coffee ☕️ across the street.
Robin - So... you and Finn seem close. Maxie, how is she?
Anna - Maxie and the baby 👶 are fine.
Robin - Is everything all right? 🤔
Anna - No, it is not. 😳

Anna tells Robin that Peter August is Heinrik Faison. He was captured by the WSB, but escaped. She continues with the story of when she was a young WSB agent and she became pregnant 🤰 and had a baby 👶.
Anna - Peter is my son, and your half brother.

(Robin is speechless. 😱😳😥)

At the court room 👨‍⚖️....
Diane - We all agreed a stay at Shady Brook is better than jail.
Carly - How long will it be? 🧐
Diane - As long as it takes. We have a star 🌟 witness!
Carly - Who is it?
Sonny - I don’t want you to get worked up over this! 😳
Carly - Who’s testimony is it?
Diane - Well, Nelle will testify against you. I want you to be 😎 cool, not like yesterday!
Sonny - What happened yesterday?

Nelle to Michael - I should be the one to tell you this, I have been called to testify against your mom.

At Alexis’ house 🏠......
Alexis - Valentin is my brother, and it could be a conflict of interest.
Nina - Can I ask you a question? Hypothetically of course. What if I know of a crime?
Alexis - You have spousal privilege.
Nina - What if it has nothing to do with my spouse?
Alexis - If you don’t report it, you’re not an accessory.

In Anna’s hotel room in Pennsylvania......
Robin - You had a son with FAISON? 😱 Peter August is your SON? 🙀😿 HOW did that happen?
Anna - No, it was not rape.
Robin - You HAVE to tell me how you had a baby 👶 with Faison!
Anna - I was young and became pregnant 🤰. I had the baby 👶 and gave it up and didn’t look 👀 at it.
Robin - Oh My God Mom! 😰 So, that is it? You just walked away and never looked back? 😭
Anna - I never told anyone this: I thought of that baby 🍼 every day.

Finn is sitting in the coffee ☕️ shop, when a man approaches him.
Finn - Oh my God!! What are YOU doing here?
Father - Berkeley made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. How are you, Doctor? Your brother is a police 👮 officer! How about that?
Finn - I can’t do this.
Father - I miss you, son!

In the court room 👨‍⚖️......
Carly - Nelle paid me a visit at Pentonville!
Diane - And you LOST it. Promise me you will maintain your cool 😎 when Nelle takes the stand?

At General Hospital.....
Dr. Bensch tells Kiki and Elizabeth he met with HR and all is taken care of.
Kiki - What do you mean? You told me if I didn’t have sex with you I would get a bad grade!
Dr. Bensch - That’s not how I remember it! Oh, I submitted your grades to the board today and they are glowing. So, now that the nasty 🤢 business is over. Let’s get to work.
(Kiki runs out of the room.)

Nelle- I know you love your mother. I saw Sonny today.
Michael - What did Sonny ask you to do?
Nelle - Sonny asked me to lie on the stand.

At Alexis’ house 🏠......
Alexis - Do you have something to tell me or the police 👮?
Nina - It’s hypothetically remember? Thank you, 🙏 Alexis. You cleared up a lot of things.

As Nina leaves 🍁, Kiki comes in and tells Alexis about Dr. Brensch.
Alexis - David? What about him?
Kiki - He has been sexually harassing me.

In Anna’s hotel room in Pennsylvania......
Robin - I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ what to say.
Anna - Whatever you are feeling.
Robin - That was a long time ago. You didn’t think 🤔 to tell me I had a BROTHER from Faison, the man who kidnapped me?? 😳😢 You told Peter you’re his MOTHER?
Anna - Yes.
Robin - So, that is why you were working with Jason and left the Ball early?
Anna - Jason saved my life!
Robin - I will have to thank him.
Anna - You were right about him. I love you, and you are my daughter. I didn’t want you looking at me the way you’re looking at me right now!

At the coffee ☕️ shop......
Father - I know you loved your mother, and I re-married too soon.
Finn - I’m with someone who has a daughter here.
Father - Someone to love you back? That is great! I would like to take you and your girl out.
Finn - We have plans.
Father - Maybe we can bury the hatchet? I will be in Port Charles for your brother, Chase’s, birthday.
Finn - I barely know him. The person who belonged to the family is not there anymore.
Father - That happened 20 YEARS ago!
Finn - Good bye, Dad.

In Anna’s hotel room......
Robin - I know you well enough to know the WSB was your whole life. When you got pregnant 🤰 you were terrified!
Anna - I was.
Robin - Rationally, I can see it, but emotionally I looked up to you my ENTIRE life! You’re my mother and I don’t know who you are!

At Alexis house 🏠....
Kiki - I want to take Dr, Bensch to court! I just told you because you had a relationship with him. I just wanted to give you a heads up!
Alexis - Can I ask you a question? Do you have proof?

At the cabin......
Lisle - Come on, Peter! Why be silent when there is SO much to confess?
Peter - What if I don’t confess? 🙄 I would rather DIE than go to prison!
(Lisle takes a knife and attempts to cut Peter’s finger off.)

In Anna’s hotel room......
Robin - I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ you! When I had my children and you had tears in your 👀 eyes, were you thinking of him?
Anna - Yes......I love you!.....I love you!
Robin - I love yo u too. (She walks out.)
(Anna sits on the bed and cries buckets of tears 😭.)

At the cabin......
Nina - I told you, the deal is off if you hurt him!
Peter - Thank you!
Nina - Go to HELL!!
Lisle - Once we get the confession, and we will! We can still face consequences.
Nina - I spoke to my attorney and she said if I don’t report it I am not an accessory.
Lisle - What is this? 🙄
Nina - 🥘 Food!
Lisle is chomping on an apple 🍏 - THAT is aiding and abetting! You ARE an accessory. 😃

At the courthouse......
Nelle - Your mom pushed me and all I want is the best for my family!
Michael - I want the same thing.
Nelle - Are we still in this together?
Michael - Yes.

Nelle leaves and Michael calls Spinelli.

Michael - Spinelli, we have to move against Nelle! I created this mess, and I HAVE to get my mom out of this!
— MOM (6.6.18)
Tuesday on GH......
At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - Still looking for proof Nelle sabotaged Carly? Spinelli is on it.
Diane - So, you haven’t found the blanket? No proof of Carly’s accusations? Carly’s trial starts tomorrow!
Jason - That is too soon! Ask for a continuance. Carly is not crazy 😜. Diane, she didn’t imagine the calls.
Diane - I can’t prove that but I CAN prove Carly’s irrational behavior. I need your help to do it. Ok, 👌 lets start with the phone 📱 call.
Jason - Dante can trace the calls to the place where Morgan died. Oh that bitch! She paid someone to say, I’m Here. She is using Carly’s grief for Morgan AGAINST her!

At Alexis’ house 🏠....
Sam - I need your help.
Alexis - What is it about?
Sam - It’s about my divorce.
Alexis is looking at papers - So this is REALLY what you want?
Sam - I am ready to leave Aurora. We purchased Aurora because we were together. We are not together now.
Alexis - Drew purchased it with Jason’s money 💰.
Sam - Well, he is a Quartermaine!
Alexis - Jason gave Aurora to YOU in the divorce settlement. If he finds out you don’t want it, he may feel differently. Why should Drew get Aurora? We are talking about a multi- million dollar 💵 company!
Sam - Because he wants it and I don’t.

At Aurora Media...
Kim goes to see Drew when she sees a Do Not Resuscitate form on his desk. She becomes very concerned when Drew walks in.
Drew - So, you want to tell me what’s up?
Kim - You first......a DNR? You want to pull the plug?
Drew - I’m sorry you found this paperwork.
Kim - Oscar will be so sad 😞 to lose you! It is a risky procedure and you don’t have the flash drive!

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....
Sam - I am really lucky. I am financially independent. (Thanks to Jason!) I would rather have a clean break. I would rather not go back and forth like....
Alexis - Like what? 🤔
Sam - Like you and Julian. 😳

At Dante‘s house 🏠..
Lulu and Dante have a huge argument.
Lulu - So you NEVER made a mistake? Oh, right! Your mistakes didn’t get someone KILLED!
Dante - I love 💕 you, Lulu, but I don’t love what your job has done to you.
Lulu - I will GLADLY include you in my assignments if you include me in yours.
Dante - Are you saying our jobs are the same thing??

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Diane - Did Carly tell you she found Morgan’s scarf 🧣? Did YOU see it?
Jason - No. She said she found a scarf 🧣 that looked like Morgan’s. Carly has a picture of Morgan wearing that scarf 🧣 on her desk. All Nelle had to do was go buy the same scarf and put dirt and blood on it.
Michael - I hate Nelle. She set me up!
Jason - I hate Nelle, too.
Diane - We have six witnesses, one of which is Carly’s mother, who saw her PUSH Nelle down the stairs.
Jason - I saw Carly at Pentonville and told her not to plead insanity.

At Aurora Media......
Kim - You’re not doing it?
Drew - No, thanks to Oscar. As much as I hate having Jason’s memories, it is not a point where I can risk my life.
Kim - You have people who care about you.

Kim, Oscar and Drew have a happy 😃 family moment when Oscar tells his mother he is working with his dad for the summer.

At Alexis’ house 🏠....
Alexis tells Sam about her father, Mikos Cassadine.
Alexis - He had no interest in me. Maybe that is why I choose men who are just like him? But I would like to know if there was just a sliver of good in him. 😥
Sam - How will you find that out? He has been dead 💀 since the 80’s!

Sam answers the door 🚪 and sees Valentin. She tells Alexis that Anna is the mother of Peter/ Heinrik. After Anna gave birth to the baby 👶 she thought it would go to a loving couple. Valentin took the baby and gave it to Faison.
Sam - If he can do something so cruel to a BABY 👶, imagine what he can do to YOU!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Diane - You told Carly to CHANGE her plea? 😳
Jason - She is going to stick to the insanity plea. She would rather do a few months in Pentonville than 25 years in jail.
Diane - That makes me nervous 😬. Carly is being too rational.
Jason - So, Carly will have to confess to something she did NOT do and jeopardize her relationship with her grandchild?

At the Floating Rib......
Curtis tells Drew he and Sam are partnering up in the P.I. business.
Drew - That is a good move. Sam is a great 👍 P.I.
Curtis - I don’t want that to threaten our friendship?
Drew - No, we are good.

At Alexis’ house 🏠......
Valentin - I’m here to give you a check and information on Mikos.
Sam - Can I speak to you over here? Mom, you don’t have to do this!
Alexis - If I want to know about my father, I have to do this. I will consider the source.
Sam - Valentin, I know you have a lot of enemies in this town. If you hurt 😔 my mom, I will be your WORST enemy.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Jason - Carly is a fighter, and she should fight and say she is innocent 😇!
Diane - I can only prove she was not in her right mind. I need to call you as a witness. If you don’t do this, Carly will be charged with TWO counts of attempted MURDER!
Jason - I will NOT lie on the stand. Don’t call me!
Sonny - What did Carly say to you?
Jason - She said I should have her back but Diane, you have to protect me on the stand. I will NOT say Carly is crazy 😜.

Back at Aurora Media......
Drew gives Oscar some advice - Always ask for more work. It shows initiative.
Oscar - I won’t take advantage of being the boss’ son.
Drew - The reason I started Aurora was for family.


At Alexis’ house 🏠 .....
Alexis - I changed my mind. I don’t need your help.
As Valentin leaves 🍁, Alexis says - You forgot your envelope!
Valentin - I am not interested in the envelope. If you don’t want it, throw it away.
— MOM (6.5.18)
Monday on GH.......
At the Quartermaine Mansion...
Nelle - Now is not a good time, I need to rest. Doctor’s orders!
Sonny - This is the time for us to have a little chat. 😎
Nelle - You know, I am not alone! Monica is in the 🏠 house.
Sonny - I didn’t see her car in the driveway? If you’re uncomfortable, 😣 we can have another person here. You finally got what everything you wanted. Maybe it’s time for you to pay 💰 it forward!
Nelle - THERE it is! 😀 I was wondering when we would get to Carly!

In Maxie’s hospital room....
Maxie - What is this? 🤔
Anna - It was retrieved from Peter’s hotel room. He wrote you this letter.
Maxie - You can keep it or toss it. I don’t want to hear 👂 from him again.
Anna - Peter was on the run but he felt it was important to leave this letter for you.
(Maxie reads the letter.)
Peter - I am sorry for everything and hope you and your baby 👶 have a wonderful life.
(Maxie crumbles the letter and throws it in the trash!)

At the cabin........
Peter/Heinrik - HELP ME! HELP!!
(He sees someone come into the room.)
NINA? YOU did this to me? You hit me with a hypodermic needle and brought me here. WHY? What do you want from me?
Nina - I want my brother back! You 🐛 wormed your way into Maxie’s trust. YOU waited as my brother was killed! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU! Somewhere, Faison is SO proud of you.

At the Q Mansion.....
Nelle - If I could alter my statement, I would. It is in the hands of the legal system now.
Sonny - You CAN change your statement! Say Carly didn’t push you down the stairs.
Nelle - But she did! 😀
Sonny - If you change your statement, you and the baby 👶 will never want for anything.
Nelle - I already have what I want. I am just fine. If Carly got out I would not feel safe and my baby 🍼 would not feel safe. I can’t take that chance! 😁

At Aurora Media......
Drew - Come in!
Monica - Bad time?
Drew - Come here (they hug).
Monica - I hear you are running Aurora all by yourself? I hear you are living in a HOTEL? You can pick a room at the house 🏠!
Drew - It is not that bad! I appreciate your offer, it is very generous.
Monica - My son is ALWAYS welcomed and I want my son to have a key 🔑.

At the cabin........
Peter - I am NOT like my father! The Severed Branch? If you read it, you would know.
Nina - You could have helped my brother!
Peter - I didn’t know OUR brother!
Nina - Don’t you call him OUR brother! He is MY brother.
Peter - Please let go and I will stay away from Maxie forever. 😳
Nina - The person who did this will make sure YOU stay away from Maxie forever. 😡
Peter - If you didn’t do this, WHO DID? 😱😳😥

At the Q Mansion......
Sonny - I figured it would go like this.
Nelle - I would gladly change my statement, but for the 👶 baby’s safety?
Sonny - I understand, but I will have to do what I have to do.
Nelle - Are you threatening me? 😱
Sonny - You see, the Correnthos family? We stick together. You did everything you could to get into this family. What I want to say is, WELCOME 🙏 TO THE FAMILY.

At the cabin........
Lisle Obrecht - Nina, good. You got my text?
Nina - The one that said, go to the cabin? I have a surprise for you?
Peter - My name is Peter August....
Lisle is angry 😤 - I can call you Floppy Bottom.
Nina - That was funny 😄! But you made ME an accessory.
Lisle - What’s the matter, Heinrik?
Nina - Aunt Lisle....a word? (They go outside.) Do you have an end game, or are you just making it up as you go along?
Lisle - One from column A, one from column B.

At Aurora Media.....
Oscar - Got a minute?
Drew - For you? I have 5 minutes!
Oscar - Did you do anything about the summer internship?
Drew - No, not yet. Why are you really here? You could have emailed me!
Oscar - I went to Pentonville to see Carly. You know, I was always jealous of Joss’s big family. But now?
Drew - You’re glad it was just you and your mom. Large families can have problems.
Oscar - I have a sister and a great Dad.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Mike has a male nurse 👨‍⚕️ to assist him. He tells the nurse 👨‍⚕️ Sonny is his son and that he helped Sonny even when he didn’t know it. Mike was the one who moved the body at Croton.
Male Nurse- Oh you helped out a friend of Sonny’s?
Mike - Let’s just say I moved him closer to home 🏠.

Nelle goes to Pentonville to visit Carly.......
Carly - So what prompted this concern for my wellbeing? 🙄
Nelle - Sonny congratulated me for being a part of your family! While you are in here, everyone is supporting ME. I am taking good care of your grandchild. When Joss needs someone to talk to, I will be there for her. Michael moved back into the Q Mansion. So all the time you told me I would never have your were WRONG.

Nelle - Instead of his normal room, Michael will be sleeping in the room next to mine. I guess you can say, our relationship is evolving!
(Carly leaps up and starts pounding on the glass that separates them.)
Carly is screaming - You NASTY 🤢 home 🏠 wrecker! Sonny is coming after you! 😡 Sonny will get YOU! 🤬

At the cabin......
Nina - I want justice, but if this is what you have in mind, I will call the PCPD and tell them you have a fugitive.
Lisle - You’re right. Killing Heinrik is only temporary. We will keep him here and get him to confess! Once he confesses, we’ll turn him over to the authorities.
Nina - What do you want me to do?
Lisle - We need food 🥘 and supplies. Go back to Port Charles and say nothing.
Peter - Are you going to let me go, or at least get help? 😳😱
Nina - I would call my BROTHER, but HE can’t come to the 📱 phone! 👿
Peter - Don’t leave me with this maniac! 😰😳😱
Lisle puts a rag in Heinrik’s mouth 👄 and says - Poor Heinrik. I have a feeling we are going to get along! 🤠🤡👹
— MOM (6.4.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH!
In Heinrik/Peter’s apt.....
Jason - Any leads?
Anna - No, but Peter did come here. Car 🚘 in garage and no hits on his credit cards 💳.
Jason - So what are you going to do to protect yourself?
Anna - I don’t feel threatened.
Jason - He tried to KILL you and will try again!

Sonny visits Carly in Pentonville.......
Carly - Any progress with my case? 🙄
Sonny - Diane is doing everything she can.
Carly - Any progress that Nelle set me up? 😿

In Heinrik/Peter’s apt.........
Anna - I’m the LAST thing on Peter’s mind! He is on the run 🏃 from the WSB.
Jason - Peter hates you!
Anna - AHH. 😥
Jason - I’m sorry 😐! I didn’t say that to hurt 😔 you.
Robert - Jason Morgan? Again! If you keep showing up I will have to put you on the payroll!
Jason - I will check the other rooms.
Robert - You do realize HE is the reason Peter escaped? You are not fooling anyone! You’re HAPPY 😃 Peter escaped.

In Maxie’s hospital room......
Nina visits Maxie and tells her Heinrik/Peter escaped from jail. No one knows where he is.

At Pentonville.......
Sonny - We have no scarf 🧣, no blanket to prove Nelle did that to you when you pushed her down the stairs!
Carly - I DIDN’T push her down the stairs! 🤯 Why did we let her get close to our family? She is a 🤥 LIAR!

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Nelle tells Michael she is sorry 😐 Carly is in jail.
Michael - My mom had a breakdown but she has a lot of friends who care about her. I am going to take care of you, and you are safe.
Nelle - Oh, Michael! 😥 Thank you 🙏 for coming back into my life.

(I think 🤔 Michael is setting Nelle for a gigantic fall after the baby 👶 is born!)

At Pentonville.......
Carly - I did what you and Diane wanted! I pleaded not guilty by reason of INSANITY! 🙄
Sonny - But then you tried to change it! I know this can be a dark place but don’t lose hope.
Carly - If I go to Shady Brook, how can the kids ever believe me again?
Sonny - Do you want to talk to me through this glass for a few weeks or 25 YEARS?
Carly - So we are back to insanity?
Sonny - YES, why can’t you see that??

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael - I have to go.
Nelle - Oh yes, you have work. I will have to ask a staff member to help me upstairs? 🤧
Michael - No! When I said I have to go, I meant to the hotel to pack my bags 💼. I will be living here with you and watching over you day and night.

We see Heinrik on a bed in a house 🏠 with restraints on his wrists. He wakes up.
Heinrik - What the HELL? 😡🤬

In Maxie’s hospital room......
Nina also tells Maxie that Valentin knew about Heinrik from the very beginning. He never alerted Nathan or anyone when Peter August arrived in Port Charles.
Nina - All of Valentin’s secrets go back to Anna. I’ve had ENOUGH! I am divorcing him. 😤
Maxie - What does Anna have to do with Heinrik?😳
Nina - She is Peter/Heinrik’s mother! 😱 She was pregnant 🤰 when she was a young WSB agent. When the baby was born, she let the midwife place the baby with a good family. Valentin intervened and gave the 👶 baby (Heinrik) to Cesar Faison!

In Heinrik’s apt......
Anna - I want Peter found so he can be exonerated! 😥
Robert - What universe are you living on?? 🤪When Robin was captured and we thought she was dead 💀, you didn’t give Jerry Jax the benefit of the doubt?!
Anna - You’re right. I have a double standard. I know you hate it, but he is my son!
Jason - The flash drive is not here. So Peter must have taken it.
Robert - I want to thank you for all your help, and for saving Anna’s life. Because if you weren’t there, Anna would be dead 💀.
Jason - Glad I could help! I have to go.
Robert - Anna, now you have to tell our daughter, Robin, she has a BIG brother! 🤯

At the Quartermaine Mansion......
Michael and Nelle are talking and Jason comes in......
Jason - I need to talk to you.
Nelle - That is my cue to leave!
Jason - How are you feeling, Nelle?
Nelle - Doing ok. (She 🍁 leaves)
Michael - Talk to mom?
Jason - Not since the arraignment.
Michael - She is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity! Nelle says mom PUSHED her?
Jason - Do you believe her?

Nelle is listening 👂 at the door 🚪...

In Heinrik/Peter’s apt.....
Robert - I am not trying to be heartless here. I know this is breaking you up.
Anna - It’s Robin? 😳
Robert - You have to answer that. She HAS to know!

We see Heinrik tied to a bed 🛏 and the flash drive on the floor......
Heinrik - Where are you? 😡 Are you here? 😳WHY have you done this to me? 👿 Talk to me! Damn it!! 🤯🤬😡

At Pentonville,.....
Sonny - It’s your word against Nelle’s and since she was at the bottom of the stairs .....
Carly - FINE!!! How are Mike and Joss?
Sonny - Mike is fine, but I have not been able to see Joss. Nelle moved back into the Q mansion and Michael moved in with her. 🙄
Carly - So Nelle got what she wanted! 👿👹😬

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Jason - Carly did not push Nelle.
Michael - I know you’re on mom’s side, but I have to put my family first.
Jason - Fine, just be careful?
Michael - I always am.
(Jason leaves 🍁)
Nelle - Michael, I couldn’t help hearing you putting your family first. 🤒
Michael - I mean YOU! I am putting YOU first!
(As they embrace, the look 👀 on Michael’s face says, I will get you... it’s just a matter of time!)

Anna - I am going to visit Robin.
Robert - I want to give you a word of advice.
Anna - Of course you would!
Robert - You’re Robin’s hero and this will throw her for a loop. Give her some space and don’t tell her that you think 🤔 of Peter as a victim of Cesar Faison. Don’t tell her you want a relationship with Peter.

Jason visits Carly at Pentonville........
Carly - I’m glad your here! 😥
Jason - Sorry 😐 I wasn’t at the arraignment.
Carly - I will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. 🤧
Jason - When I find the blanket - and I WILL find it - I will prove she was lying 🤥! She had to buy the scarf 🧣 somewhere! Spinelli will search online.
Carly - You’re the only one who believes me! 😳 Even if you find the blanket, it won’t prove I didn’t push her down the stairs. Either way I lose! If I go to Shady Brook, I will be out in a few months.
Jason - You need to fight! Michael, Joss and Avery need you to be free. Don’t cave into something you didn’t do!
Carly - But Sonny and Diane say....
Jason - I don’t care what they say!
Carly - I am sticking with the insanity plan. Jason will you back me? 😬😥
Jason - Always. Even when I think you’re wrong.

In Maxie’s hospital room......
Maxie - Hi 👋.
Anna - Are you up for a visit? We are so happy 😁! So is Robin. I will see her today!
Maxie - To explain about Heinrik?
Anna - I am so sorry 😐!
Maxie - It’s not your fault! When you gave up your baby 👶 you didn’t know he would turn out to be Peter August.
Anna - I am sad 😔.
Maxie - Maybe, because you are his mother.
Anna - Peter left a letter 📨for you. 🤰

(We see Peter/Heinrik in a panic and screaming HELP ME!! Then the door 🚪 opens up and ...........NINA 😱🤬😳 walks in?? HA HA Heinrik your goose 🐧 is cooked!)

Michael makes a phone 📱 call to Spinelli,........
Michael - Spinelli, I want you to investigate Nelle for me? You need to look 👀 for Jenelle Benson and Nelle Benson. She is lying 🤥 about my mom.

(A loyal son!)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....
Nelle - Someone answer the door 🚪! Where is everyone? 😳
Sonny - Look 👀 who answers the door 🚪!
Nelle - If you’re looking for Michael, he is not here. 😡
Sonny - I am not looking for Michael, I am 👀 looking for YOU! This is the perfect 👌 time for us to have a LITTLE chat!
— MOM (6.1.18)
Thursday on GH.............
At Jason’s apt......
Jason - Sam?
Sam - Jason, I need your help! It’s really important and will not take a lot of time.
Jason - What is this about? 🤔
Sam - It is about Drew. 😳
Jason - Kim was here. She told me Drew wants another procedure with Dr. Maddox?
Sam - If Drew goes through with this he will need the flash drive.
Jason - What does he want?
Sam - His freedom!

At Kelly’s Diner.........
Andre - Did you change your mind?
Drew - No just the opposite? This is a DNR if the procedure goes the wrong way. Just let it go! 😱
Andre - If the procedure is not successful, you will lose all of your cognitive capacity.
Drew - Lets call it what it is: Brain 🧠 Damage! 😳 If it goes wrong, I do not want you to bring me back. In Canada 🇨🇦 euthanasia is legal. I don’t want my daughter to see me as a vegetable 🍅 🌽.

At the PCPD jail......
Heinrik - So, this is my good friend?
Valentin - I am the one who gave you to Faison!
Heinrik - If I wasn’t in jail, I would kill you with my bare 🐻 hands!
Valentin - I loved Anna, but she rejected me. I was hurt so I followed her to Brussels. After you were born, I took you to Faison. I will regret that action forever.

In Dr. Monica Quartermaine’s office......
Kiki - I want to report Dr. Bresch!
Monica - On what grounds?
Kiki - For the past few months, Dr. Bresch has been sexually harassing me!

In Jason’s apt......
Jason - Let’s back up. When did you talk to Peter?
Sam - A half hour ago? I told him I was grateful he saved your life! Peter/Heinrik offered Drew the flash drive if he would get him out of jail.
Jason - Drew refused him?
Sam - Yes. I want that flash drive!

At the PCPD jail......
Valentin - It is not your fault Nathan died! Faison shot at you and by the time you looked up, Nathan was dead 💀 and Maxie was by his side.
Heinrik - You knew my father was obsessed with Anna Devane! Why didn’t you tell him I was her son?
Valentin - If your father knew you were Anna’s son, he would have been more obsessed with you than Anna! I am your only friend. 😰

In Dr. Quartermaine‘s office......
Kiki - This afternoon he said he would give me a negative 👎🏻 evaluation if I didn’t have sex with him! 😥
Monica - Did he say it in those words?
Kiki - He said he would change the evaluation if I had sex with him. He gave me the key 🔑 to his hotel room.
Monica - Did anyone witness his action with you?
Kiki - No, I guess no one has? We were always alone. 😳
Monica - So you have no proof of these allegations? 🤔
Kiki - Do you think I’m LYING 🤥?

In Jason’s apt......
Sam - I want you to help me to break Peter out of custody. Drew NEEDS that flash drive.
Jason - Sam, I can’t help you!
Sam - What is it.....Carly? 😳 Are you afraid 😦 you will get caught and won’t be able to help Carly?
Jason - No! I can’t get Heinrik out of jail! He wants to kill Anna! I have to protect her.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Andre - It is irresponsible to clean Jason’s memories from your mind and have NOTHING to replace it with. 👎🏻 I need the flash drive! 😐
Drew - I know where the flash drive is. Peter August has the flash drive, but we can go forward without it.
Andre - Sorry, Drew! I can’t do that. 🙄

In Dr. Quartermaine ‘s office......
Elizabeth - I thought you, a woman in power, would believe these accusations?
Monica - Kiki, it is not that I don’t believe you! I need proof! I was accused by someone years ago and promised the Board I would not handle sexual harassment cases. So you will have to take up your accusations with HR.
Kiki - If I go to HR, Dr. Bensch will know I was the one who accused him! 😥😱

Dr. Bensch visits Ava, Kiki’s mother, at the Gallery to cover his tracks. He tells her Kiki is under a lot of pressure with studies and her job at GH.
Ava - Thank you for mentoring Kiki and recommending her to medical school.
Dr. Bensch - I have some students who are under so much stress refusing to take the exams! Others make accusations because of bad grades.
Ava - Kiki can handle it.
Dr. Bensch - Kiki is lucky 🍀 to have you and Griffin for support.
Ava - Thank you, 🙏 Doctor 👨‍⚕️.

In Jason’s apt.....
Jason - If I got to the pier 10 seconds late, Anna would be 💀 dead! Anna is safe if Heinrik is in jail.
Sam - I am going to break Peter out of jail! It is MY choice Jason just like all the choices you made that I hated, but respected. You have to respect my choices!
Jason - Maybe we can compromise?

In the PCPD jail.......
Heinrik - I hate what you did, but I am an inconvenience to Anna. I always will be, and you are pathetic for loving a woman who DESPISES you. 👹

In Dr. Quartermaine’s office......
Monica - It is possible Dr. Bensch will find out you made these accusations.
Kiki - Then he will make my life a living hell! 😥😭
Monica - We can change your schedule with Dr. Bensch.
Kiki - What will happen if he is found guilty? 🙄
Monica - He will be suspended for a period of time. After the suspension he will be welcomed back.
Kiki - WHAT? To do the same thing to someone else? 🙄
Monica - Sorry, those are the rules. If he is found not guilty, you will have consequences. You have my full support but I just want you to know what to expect.
Kiki - I want to do everything I can to hold Dr. Bensch accountable! 😿

In Kelly’s Diner......
Drew - You’re backing out on me? You said you would help me!
Andre - I need the flash drive! It has your memories. Peter is facing a laundry list of charges. You’re a wealthy man, you can help him!
Drew - I will NOT help Heinrik!

At Dr. Q. office.....
Monica - I will notify HR. Can you come in tomorrow to give your statement?
Kiki - Yes.
Monica - Who knows? Maybe other women will come forward when you give your statement?

Jason and Sam go to the PCPD jail and see Valentin in the cell and Heinrik is gone! 🙀😱🤯
Anna - What is going on?
Jason - Heinrik escaped!
Anna - The security 🎥 cameras are working but no sign of Peter escaping? Sam and Jason why would you want to help Peter escape?
Jason - Peter has the flash drive!
Sam - Yes, and now we will not be able to help Drew get his memory back!
Anna - Let’s go! Valentin can stay in jail.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Dr. Andre - I will agree to perform the procedure IF you agree to be admitted in the hospital and wait 3 days.
Drew - Why ?
Dr. Andre - A lot can change in 3 days! Peter can agree to turn over the flash drive.

We see Heinrik/Peter back in his apt. to get his passport, money and the flash drive. As Peter is putting the flash drive in his bag, 💼 we see a hand stick a hypodermic needle into his shoulder! He falls to the floor and someone is dragging him out of the room! We only see feet.👣

(Do you know who it is? I think it is a relative of baby 👶 James West!! 🤠🤡🙀)
— MOM (5.31.18)
Wednesday on GH..........
In Jason’s apt.......
Jason is on the phone 📱 - Carly is in Pentonville until her trial starts? NO! 😤 I don’t agree with it at all. Spinelli we have to find that blanket!
Jason opens the door 🚪 to Kim......
Kim - I hope you don’t mind? Joss gave me your address.
Jason - This is not a good time. What is this about?
Kim - Your brother. You may be the only one to stop 🛑 him!

At the PCPD......
Heinrik - Simple terms? You help me and I give you EVERYTHING about Drew Cain.
Drew - What the hell are you talking about? 🤔
Heinrik - I have everything you need to get your memory back! 😳 We know Dr. Maddox took a baseline of your mind. The flash drive was put in a Christmas 🎄 ornament which was given to Anna Devane. She put the ornament in a Christmas 🎄 basket. I got the ornament with the flash drive!

At General Hospital......
Elizabeth - Dr. Bensch propositioned you for sex? I just want to understand.
Kiki - He gave me the key 🔑 to his hotel room!

At the Metro Court......
Sam meets with P.I. Curtis Ashford and tells him Anna Devane is Peter August/Heinrik Faison’s mother.
Curtis - What happens to him now?
Sam - The WSB has him.

At General Hospital.......
Nina tells her aunt Lisle (Nathan’s mother) that Peter August delivered Maxie’s baby 👶.
Lisle - Wonderful! 😀 I will make him a strudel!
Nina - Peter August is Heinrik Faison! 😳
Lisle - What?? It can’t be! I remember Heinrik as a child 👶! He was always so clumsy and tripping over his feet!
Nina - He grew up? Heinrik Faison’s mother is Anna Devane. 😳
Lisle - If Faison knew Heinrik was the product of Anna Devane, he would have never escaped!

In Jason’s apt.....
Jason - Whatever is going on with Drew, I can’t help.
Kim - I am sorry about Carly but Drew is in danger! You are Oscar’s uncle and I am asking you for his sake please hear me out?

At the PCPD jail.......
Drew - You had that flash drive since CHRISTMAS 🎄? You could have given it to me anonymously, but you kept it for leverage?
Heinrik - That is good business!
Drew - Be careful, this is my life!

At General Hospital......
Kiki - At first Dr. Bensch was super nice. He was very complimentary. Then he tried to push gifts 🎁 on me? I thought he was my mentor!
Elizabeth - That is NOT the way a mentor acts!
Kiki - Then he KISSED me and when I told him I don’t feel that way! He started treating me differently. Today he wanted me to meet him in-his hotel room and gave me his key 🔑!
Elizabeth - Great! He is about to get what is coming to him! 😡

In Jason’s apt......
Kim - Dr. Maddox thinks its possible to perform a second procedure.
Jason - What is the worst case ?
Kim - Brain 🧠 damage! 😳 Drew insists he wants his own life without YOUR memories.
Jason - What can I do?
Kim - Talk to him and tell him he can have his own memories without this procedure!
Jason - I’m sorry 😐, Drew will never listen to me.
Kim - Why? Because of Sam?

At the PCPD jail.......
Drew - You want me to break you out of here?
Heinrik - It could be done. You did it with my father!
Drew - I don’t need your help! Dr. Maddox is going to do the procedure.
Heinrik - Not without MY flash drive!! 😤 You are making a mistake!
Drew - I made a lot of mistakes! I will NOT set you free.
(Drew walks out of the jail ......)
Heinrik - DREW! 😡 DREW! 🤬🤬

At Alexis’ house 🏠......
Valentin visits Alexis (Natasha) his sister. Mikos Cassadine was their father. Mikos left the Cassadine estate to Valentin.
Valentin - Would you have wanted it left to you to make you legitimate?
Alexis - No! 😐 If you want me to establish a trust, I need a full account of your assets. Also if you want Nina to oversee Charlotte’s trust you need to speak to her!
Valentin - Nina is in no mood to speak to me.

In Jason’s apt.....
Kim - Your personal business is none of my business.
Jason - You’re right!
Kim - The more I talk to you, I can see you’re nothing like your brother! Drew is doing this procedure for Oscar and because of his breakup with Sam!
Jason - Drew wants nothing from me.
Kim - Can’t you try?
Jason - If I had his choice I would take it so I could live my own life.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Drew sits there and thinks back to telling Jason in the gym that he knows of every gun fight and illegal thing that Jason did. It is embedded in his memory. He then calls Dr. Maddox.
Drew - Dr. Maddox? This is Drew Cain. I know what I want to do!

At the PCPD jail......
Sam goes to visit Heinrik to thank him for saving Jason’s life in the clinic in Russia 🇷🇺.
Heinrik - What about Drew? 🤔
Sam - I don’t owe you any explanation!
Heinrik - Drew is planning to have a second procedure.
Sam - What are you talking about?? 😡😳
Heinrik - To remove Jason’s memories, but he has nothing to replace it with! 😱 Tell Drew he NEEDS the flash drive!
Sam - Why should I?
Heinrik - Do it for his daughter! What will you tell her when her father is just sitting there and not speaking?

At General Hospital.....
Kiki - Maybe I misunderstood it all?
Elizabeth - Dr Bensch is harassing you and it is not your fault! The only way to make it better is to speak up.

In Jason’s apt......
Kim - So, you think Drew is making the right choice? That is what you would do?
Jason - It is not my choice!
Kim - The more I listen to you, even though you look like him, I know you’re not Drew! What would make you not do this? 🤔
Jason - Family! People I love ❤️ Sam, Sonny and Carly? If Sam told me not to do it, I wouldn’t. They would say think of your kids! I can hear Carly the way I can’t hear anyone else.
Kim is leaving - Thank you.

At General Hospital.....
Kiki - I know you think I should report Dr. Bensch.
Elizabeth - What Dr. Bensch did is wrong! I want you to know what I did when I was raped. I was silent! He will continue. If not with you, than with someone else!
Kiki - What if no one believes me?
Elizabeth - I believe you, and will be at your side every step of the way. 😍
Kiki - Ok, lets go!

(Lisle sees baby 👶 James West for the first time.)
Lisle - You look 👀 just like your father, Nathan! As long as I am alive, I will protect you and no one will ever hurt you.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Kim - Drew, I was thinking about our conversation earlier?
Drew - We will talk when it is all over. I just got off the phone 📱 with Dr. Maddox and the next time you see me, it will really be ME and not someone else! 😱😳

At Jason’s apt.
(Knock! Knock!)
Jason - Sam? 😳
Sam - Jason, I need your help! 😳😱
— MOM (5.30.18)
Tuesday on GH.............
At the courthouse........
Diane - I need to know if you thought about what you will say? 👀
Carly - I know what you WANT me to say! 😤
Sonny - I don’t want you to go to prison!

The Judge 👨‍⚖️ enters the court room............
Judge 👨‍⚖️- Docket #SD032618 vs Carolyn Lee Correnthos.

At General Hospital.......
Dr. Andre - I have my notes 📝 from the WSB.
Drew - Can you erase Jason from my mind?

At the PCPD......
Heinrik - I have something to trade. Something the WSB desperately wants?
(Robert is listening......)
Heinrik - AH! Now you’re interested?

At the Courthouse.......
Judge - Mrs. Correnthos, you are charged with 2 counts of attempted murder. How do you plead?
Carly - Not guilty by reason of insanity.
Judge - Ms. Miller are you prepared to speak on your client’s behalf?
Diane - My client was not in her right mind when Ms. Nelle Benson was pushed down the stairs.
DA - The people request Ms. Correnthos be held without bond. The Correnthos family is very wealthy.....Private Plane Wealthy. She could be a flight risk! Mrs. Correnthos may be ill 😷 but she subjected Ms. Benson, who is pregnant, to harassment. For Ms. Benson’s safety, Mrs. Correnthos must be held WITHOUT bail. 😱

At the PCPD.....
Heinrik - You will drop all charges against me once you hear what I have to say!
Robert - YOU tried to KILL Anna Devane and I will have the pleasure of putting you away for life. Nothing you can say will change THAT! 🤬😡

At General Hospital.......
Dr. Andre - I never agreed to doing anything, but gather my notes 📝.
Drew - Why are you hesitating?
Andre - If this procedure works it WILL profoundly affect every one of your relationships. All your memories are your brother’s. It could be dangerous.
Drew - I want my OWN memories.

Anna tells Finn she is going to try to keep Peter (the name he picked for himself) out of WSB custody. She also has to tell Robin about her brother.

In the court room......
Diane - My client is NOT a danger to anyone, least of which is Ms. Benson! We would be open to house arrest.
Judge - That is very kind of you, Ms. Miller, but I have already come to a decision. Bail has been denied. The defendant will be held at Pentonville Penitentiary. Your client has admitted to pushing a pregnant 🤰 Ms. Benson down the stairs.
Carly - Your Honor, what if I change my plea? 😳

At GH......
Alexis tell Dr. Kevin Collins about the many men in her life. Nice men, like Ned Quartermaine, she has no interest in. But men who threaten and beat her like Jerry Jax and Julian Jerome are like cat 🐱 nip to her!
Alexis - I need help! You need to fix me.
Kevin - I have an appointment open at 2 pm tomorrow.

Dr. Andre - If you accept the emotional, psychological and physical risks, then I will do the procedure.
Drew - I will.
Franco - Are you going to do this? 😳😱
Drew - Why do you care?
Franco - You saved my life.

Anna tells Dr. Andre her son will be held in Super Max security at the WSB in Switzerland 🇨🇭.
Andre - At least you don’t have to carry that burden any more?
Anna - Yes, but I have to tell Robin?

At the PCPD jail cell......
(Drew visits Peter (Heinrik).......)
Drew - You wanted to see me? What can YOU possibly have to say to me......Heinrik ?

At the court room......
Diane - Changing your plea will not mean you will get bail, but the opposite.
Carly - So he is sending me to Pentonville anyway?
Judge - Mrs. Correnthos, do you wish to change your plea?
Carly - No, your Honor. I will not change my plea.
(Carly is taken away in cuffs.....)
DA - She certainly doesn’t look 👀 insane to me?
Diane - Not guilty by reason of insanity is the right way.
Sonny - You’d better be right on that! 😳

At General Hospital.....
(Elizabeth hears Kiki crying 😭.....)
Elizabeth - Why did you run away when you just saw Dr. Bensch?
Kiki - I don’t know what to do!
Elizabeth - What happened?
Kiki - Dr. Bensch showed me my evaluation and he trashed me! It will end my career before it starts. He offered to make it favorable IF I had SEX with him!

At the PCPD.......
Anna - Robert, I want to accompany Heinrik to Gustav, Switzerland.
Robert - He hasn’t left yet. He asked for a phone call and is talking to him right now.

Drew - Most criminals use the one phone 📱 call to call an attorney, not to his former employer?
Peter (Heinrik) - Are you firing me? Look, you hate your brother. You help me and I will give you the means to remember your whole life. 🤔😀😱😳
— MOM (5.29.18)
Monday on GH..........
No new episode of General Hospital today because of Memorial Day.

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thanks to all who have served and sacrificed. We are lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
— MOM (5.28.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.......
In Kelly’s Diner.......
Robert - How many people know about Heinrik?
Anna - Jason, Sam, Finn, Valentin, Nina, Dante, Lulu and Maxie.
Robert - I believe you wanted everyone to know Heinrik Faison was your son ...........except ROBIN!!😤
Anna - I will tell Robin!
Robert - What do you think 🤔 Robin will say when she finds out her brother, Heinrik, kept her best friend Jason Morgan, in a clinic in Russia 🇷🇺 drugged up for 5 years?? 😱😳

In the Courthouse........
Diane - I think the best defense today is for Carly to plead insanity.
Carly - No! 😡 I didn’t push Nelle down the stairs!
Diane - There is a lot of proof to support Nelle...... witnesses at the baby 👶 shower when Nelle fell down the stairs. No proof of a baby 👶 blanket!
Sonny - Carly do you want go to prison for 25 years just to say you didn’t push Nelle when she was pregnant? If you admit you were not responsible for what you did and go to an institution for 6 months, then you can resume your life!

(Carly is between a rock and a hard place! 😳 What will she do? 🤔)

At the a PCPD ........
Anna - Heinrik how are you doing?
Heinrik - How do you 🤔 think?
Anna - I’m sorry for what happened! I was a new agent with the WSB. Valentin made advances towards me and I rejected 🙅 him. I went after Faison and became pregnant 🤰. I was young and when you were born, I let the midwife give you to a loving couple.
Heinrik - You were only looking out for YOURSELF! 😤 You were protecting yourself when you gave me to that MONSTER!! 🤬😡
Anna (with tears in her eyes 👀) - No, I didn’t. It was VALENTIN who gave you to Faison! When he found out what I did, he could have reported me to the WSB! He thought this would give him leverage over me.
Heinrik - No, no you are wrong! Valentin is my friend! 😢
Anna - THAT is the reason he befriended you and became your mentor! He felt GUILTY for what he did! 😢

Dante comes in ......
Dante - Heinrik, it is time to go to the arraignment. Anna, its time for you to press charges against Heinrik.
Anna - I changed my mind. I will NOT press charges!
Robert - What are you saying? He tried to KILL you!!
Anna - Nothing happened! I was not hurt 😢.
Dante - We already have a statement from Jason Morgan.
Anna - I am a decorated WSB agent and he is a murderous criminal. 😳😢Who do you think the judge 👩‍⚖️ will believe? I abandoned my son once and I will not do that again! 😢😭

Anna walks out of the PCPD to the shock of Dante and Robert 😳😱 while a handcuffed Heinrik stands there smiling 😀😁🤣.
— MOM (5.25.18)
Thursday on GH..........
Sonny visits Carly in the PCPD.
Sonny - How are you doing? I brought you some Corinthos Coffee ☕️.
Carly - Thanks 🙏 I need that! I will be fine when I prove I didn’t push Nelle down the stairs. I haven’t heard from Diane about my case. What is going on?
Sonny - She will be here soon!
Carly - We haven’t heard from Michael. That is just what Nelle wants!

In Nelle’s room......
Michael - I will take you home 🏠 but first I have to make a stop 🛑.
Nelle - You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t go to see your mother!

Kim and Drew have breakfast 🍳 at Kelly’s Diner.......
Kim - You just were funny, like the other Drew!
Drew - Hopefully you won’t see me as the old me, but as me. I just need my memory back and I need to be me for my kids.
Kim - Someone has to put your memory back?
Drew - Not necessarily.
Kim - Drew, the risks must be enormous!
Drew - I NEED to do this for my kids! I need to give them advice. I need to be ME!

At the PCPD......
Diane tells Carly there is no proof she and Nelle were fighting over the blanket. Also, the 👨‍⚖️ judge is a law and order guy. Bad News! 😳🤔
Michael - Can I talk to mom alone? I want to hear her version of what happened.

Diane - Sonny, this is a uphill battle with 2 counts of attempted murder. She is also a flight risk!

Michael - I spoke to Jason and he believes you. He told me about the scarf 🧣, phone calls and the note. He said Nelle badgered you.
Carly - She had a penguin 🐧 mobile and a blanket just like Morgan’s. I KNEW it was her, she was stalking me.
Michael - What happened at the top of the stairs?
Carly - I went to her room to apologize and she was sitting there with the yellow, green and white baby 👶 blanket. When I saw it, I said it was like Morgan’s. She got up and went near the stairs. I grabbed the blanket she pulled back and FELL down the stairs. I didn’t PUSH her down the stairs. I would NEVER hurt the baby 🍼! That is the God’s honest truth!
Michael - Nelle says there was never any blanket.
Carly - Of course she would! 😤 Jason and Spinelli will find the blanket and prove Nelle was behind all the things that happened to me. You are the fairest person I know, and I know you will keep an open mind.
Michael - I love you, Mom. I have to get back to the hospital.

Joss visits Nelle to find out what happened at the baby 👶 shower!
Nelle - I know you don’t want to hear this but your mother PUSHED me. The look in your mother’s eyes 👀 said she wanted me AND the baby 👶 out of Michael’s life forever!
Joss - Oh no?
Nelle - Carly needs help, maybe now she will get it.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Kim - What if something goes wrong?
Drew - Then you can use me for a hat 🧢 rack!
Kim - Don’t make fun! This is serious. Oscar has been waiting SO long for his father.

In Griffin’s room......
Griffin and Kiki spend the night together and in the morning they hear 👂 Ava banging on the door 🚪. She is begging for forgiveness. Kiki goes into the other room while Griffin opens the door 🚪.
Ava - I’m sorry 😐! Can you forgive me for my outbursts?
Griffin - I don’t think I can.
Ava - What is it you’re telling me?
(Griffin gets a text from Kiki) Don’t tell her! 😱
Griffin - I need to get ready for work!
Ava 💋 kisses him and leaves.
Kiki - You ok?
Griffin - NO, I am not! I hate lying 🤥!
Kiki - My mother can’t hear we slept 🛏 together! It would destroy her. Please forgive her! Don’t throw away your relationship, if you do you will regret it.
Kiki leaves........
(Knock ........Knock......)
Griffin answers the door 🚪 in a towel......
Ava is in a MINK and nothing under it - I wanted to finish the conversation, but I don’t like talking. (She takes the mink off and 💋 kisses 😘 Griffin.)

At the PCPD......
Diane - Bad news! Spinelli has not been able to produce the blanket.
Carly - Of course!
Diane - You have a history of violence and you spent time in an institution!
Carly - So did Nelle!
Diane - SHE didn’t push YOU!
Carly - I don’t believe for one second that little snake 🐍 will send me to prison for 10 years!
Diane - Try 25 YEARS.

Back in Nelle’s room......
Nelle - Did your mother say she didn’t push me down the stairs?
Michael - Yes, she did. Something is very strange!
Nelle - Don’t feel bad 😢. You have me and the baby 👶!
Michael - I want to be there for whatever you and the baby 🍼 need. I will not let you out of my sight.

At the PCPD.......
Sonny - If you present Nelle as the bad guy, you will lose the court!
Carly - So I’m losing my mind?? 😢😤
Sonny - I’m NOT your enemy Carly! I‘m on your side!
Carly - Well, ACT like you’re on my side! As God is my witness, I am getting my life back! That BITCH 😡🤬 will NOT bring me down!
— MOM (5.24.18)
Wednesday on GH........
Robert brings a handcuffed Heinrik Faison to the PCPD........
Robert - I’m going to need your interrogation room to debrief my prisoner.
Officer - Peter August?
Robert - Heinrik Faison!

At General Hospital.......
Nina goes to the baby 👶 room to see baby 🍼 West.
Maxie - What?
Nina - What? Nothing.
Maxie - It’s ok if he reminds you of Nathan.
Nina - The baby is well developed for his age!
Maxie - I wonder what happened to Peter? He never showed up!

At the PCPD.......
Detective Chase - I can hold him for 48 hours while you put the papers together.
Robert - That will not be necessary. My key witness just walked in.
Heinrik - I want to press charges on Jason Morgan. He tried to kill me tonight! Mr. Morgan hit me in the head, knocked me down and held a gun on me!
Robert - You forgot to say you tried to kill Anna. 😤
Chase - What grounds do you have to hold Mr. August?
Robert - He is HEINRIK FAISON!! 😡
Chase - Mr. Morgan, what are you doing here?
Jason - I can’t talk without my attorney.
Chase - You are not under arrest! I just want to ask you some questions.
Sam - I have grounds to hold him.
Chase - Good. That is where we will start. 😳🤔

(This guy is CLUELESS!! 😤 He doesn’t know Heinrik, Jason or Anna!! He is a Newbee 😜 and WHERE is Dante? Oh, he is at home 🏠 with LULU!)

Valentin - I knew Peter August was Heinrik Faison. 😳
Dante - Maybe you didn’t give a damn! You could have let your wife know?
Valentin - Let Charlotte sleep 😴. I will pick her up for school tomorrow.
Lulu - We will see what Nina says about that! 😤

In Maxie’s hospital room,......
Maxie - I could not have managed it without Peter?
Nina (controlling herself) - Well, nothing else! I am grateful for that.
Maxie - Why nothing else? I thought you were ok 👌 with Peter?
Nina - You need to rest! I will see you tomorrow?

At the PCPD......
Sam - Peter came to work for us last year. When he filled out his papers he forgot to say he was Heinrik Faison. So his papers were forged! 🤗😜👏🏻👏🏻
Chase - You will press charges?
Sam - Absolutely! 👌😍
Heinrik - Mr. Morgan will say I held him for 5 years, but that is false! 😱😳

At Pier 55......
Anna tells Finn the story of her having the 👶 baby and leaving it with the midwife then not thinking about the baby again. But someone gave the baby to Faison.

At Windermere.......
Nina - I am only here to pack.
Valentin- If I tell you the truth?
Nina - WHAT, you want to lie some more? If you had been truthful, my brother would be alive now! 😢😡
Valentin - Faison went to Aurora/Crimson to find PETER! Maxie and Nathan got in the way.

At the PCPD.......
Heinrik - 5 years ago, my father shot Jason Morgan. He and his brother Drew Cain had a procedure. Once the procedure was over, Father told me to kill Jason Morgan. I didn’t do that! He was almost DEAD and I kept him ALIVE. 😳😀
Sam is very angry 😤 - DEAD 💀!! YOU kept him from his family for 5 YEARS!!
Chase - Mr. Morgan, I know you don’t want to speak. But can you tell me if any of this is true?
Jason - Heinrik’s father, Cesar Faison, shot me in 2012. I woke up in a clinic in Russia 🇷🇺. I was in restraints and they drugged me. When I resisted, they drugged me again.
Chase - Were you taken 5 years ago?
Jason - Yes.
Heinrik - Jason hit me in the HEAD! I have a concussion! I need medical attention.
Chase - We have a cell ready for you, but we will give you medical attention.

Robert calls Anna and tells her Heinrik is on his way to General Hospital.
Anna - Why?
Robert - He says he needs medical attention? It is a stall.
Anna tells Finn and he offers to examine her son.
Robert - I started extradition, but I need your statement.
Anna - I will be there soon!
Robert - What does that mean?

Sam - Why does Heinrik want to go to the hospital?
Jason - He wants to escape.
Sam - Maxie is there! Let’s go.

Drew visits Maxie at General Hospital and sees baby 👶 West.
Drew - Take it easy. If I have to run 🏃 interference between Nina and Peter until you return then I will. It is part of the job.

(Another clueless guy? He doesn’t know what is going on! 😳🤔)

At Windermere .......
Valentin - I was working for Faison! I was highly paid and had a lot of medical bills. A 10 year old Heinrik invited his father to see him in a play at school. Faison MOCKED him. So I went, and he was pretty good. After the play all the families were going out, so I took him to a restaurant. That is how our friendship began.
Nina - So, he was a lonely 😩 kid 🧒?
Valentin - We lost contact and one day he reached out to me and wanted to change his name to Peter August. He hated his father and wanted to shed the Faison name. So when he came to Port Charles I protected him because I owed him.

BANG💥💥 BANG on the door 🚪.......
Anna is tearful and angry 😤 😡 - It only took you THREE DECADES but you got what you wanted! My son almost SHOT me tonight! 😡😢😩
Nina - YOUR SON?? 😳😱
Anna - Yes, Heinrik Faison! It was a secret, but not to HIM! Do YOU know any of this?
Nina - NO!
Anna - Well, I was pregnant 🤰 and I had the baby 👶 and thought it was going to a loving family! But HE gave the baby 🍼 to CESAR FAISON! 😡😢💥
Valentin - YOU pushed the baby 👶 aside like trash! YOU didn’t want the 👶 baby! So maybe the father would want him? So, I gave him 👶 to Cesar Faison! 😡
Anna - YOU SON OF A BITCH!! 🤯🤬😱

(Anna and Valentin choke each other. 👿🤡👹)

Anna - You talk about a little BOY? You handed him over to a MONSTER! 🤬😡
Valentin - I made a mistake!
Anna - Some mistakes you can’t take back!
Valentin - I made a terrible mistake and I am haunted by it every day. I think you know something about that!
Anna - GO TO HELL! 🤬😡😤
Valentin - I am already there!

At the GH Nurses’ Station.......
Jason - Why do you think 🤔 Heinrik wants to see Maxie?
Sam - He may want to tell her his side of the story?
(Maxie is in a wheelchair and she wants to see the baby 👶.)
Maxie - Jason and Sam, do you want go see the baby 🍼?
Heinrik - Maxie?
Maxie - Peter! Why are you in handcuffs?? 😳
Heinrik - Would it be possible for me to speak to Maxie for a minute?
Detective Chase - What about your blinding headache 🤕?
Maxie - Please let me talk to him? Can we have some privacy? This is a mistake! You didn’t commit fraud!
Heinrik - I didn’t disclose my real name. My name is Heinrik Faison. Cesar Faison is my father. I know it is a lot to take in, but I NEVER had an agenda with you.
Maxie - NO! 😳😱 NO! 😢😭😭 THAT is why Faison was at Crimson that night! He wasn’t after ME! He was after YOU! 😳😱😢
Heinrik - Yes.
Maxie - I want to go back to my room NOW....... HEINRIK!

Detective Chase takes Heinrik to be examined.......

Drew - So Peter is Heinrik Faison?
Sam - He has the flash drive. There is a way to restore your memory!
Drew (smugly) - I am NOT going to rely on that thing! I am going to get my memory back. I want to be Drew Cain! I don’t want anything to do with Jason Morgan.

Drew walks away and Sam turns to Jason......
Sam - Drew may not want that flash drive, but I do! 🤔

(Even after ALL that has happened? Jason and Sam solving the mystery of Heinrik and who has the flash drive? Drew is still a BITTER man! 😤 He behaves like HE is the only one who was wronged! HE is the only victim!)

Jason and Sam leave GH together.

Griffin and Ava argue and break up. He and Kiki hook up.

Lulu and Dante argue. She is crying 😭. Peter August made a fool out of her.

Nina packs a bag and leaves Valentin.

Heinrik is examined by Finn.

Maxie lies in bed 🛏 and thinks of the man she thought was Peter being there for her and delivering baby 👶 West.

In time, Maxie will realize that Heinrik is Nathan’s brother and Baby West’s uncle.
— MOM (5.23.18)
Tuesday on’s episode is Action Packed 💥💥 POW 🥊🥊🥊 POW!!

At the PCPD......
Robert - Some people mellow with age, but I get madder. 😤😬
Valentin - That won’t help you find Faison?
Dante - What are you doing?
Robert - This is a WSB matter. Stay out of it! This guy drugged me and imprisoned me! He won’t get to Anna!

At Pier 55.....
Anna - Don’t do that!
Heinrik (with gun raised at Anna) - You can say hello to my father!
Jason (with gun pointed at Heinrik’s head) - You can tell him yourself.....HEINRIK! 😡🤬

(What did I tell you? Jason ALWAYS saves the damsel in distress! What a guy!!)

At General Hospital.....
Sam and Spinelli visit Maxie. She shows them a web cam of her baby 👶, West. She is concerned that Peter never showed up.

At the PCPD......
Robert - Just give me 5 minutes ALONE with him?
Dante - I can’t let you BEAT a confession out of him!
Robert tells Finn - Go to the hospital and check if Anna was admitted with a nasty gun shot wound?

At Pier 55.....
Anna - Jason, please....
Jason - Drop the gun, Heinrik!
Heinrik - Drop the gun, or I swear I will kill her! 👿👹

Jason knocks Heinrik to the ground! BOOM 💥💥👏🏻👏🏻

Anna - Jason, drop the gun!
Jason - I don’t think so.
Anna screams - He is unarmed and not a threat! 😢😳
Jason - He had his GUN pointed at you! He tried to KILL you! Let’s GO!

Anna points her gun at Jason! 😳😱
Anna - You are NOT taking him!

(Anna, you are a fool!! No words.)

At the PCPD......
Robert - I want to know everything you know about Heinrik Faison! Where is he?
Valentin - What are the charges......against him? The longer I am here, the greater danger to Anna Devane!!

At Pier 55......
Anna - Let him GO!
Jason - I can’t!
Anna - Jason, please?
Jason - You’re NOT going to shoot me.
Anna - I will if I have to.....I don’t want to hit an artery.
Jason - WHY are you protecting him?
Anna - Jason, I didn’t want to tell you this...( looking at Heinrik) I am your REAL mother!
Heinrik - You silly 😜 bloody.....
Jason - SHUT UP!! It ALL makes sense now!
Anna in tears 😭 - I couldn’t tell you! PLEASE let him go? He is my SON!

At the PCPD......
Robert - You think I am going to let you walk out of here while Heinrik plays this deadly game with Anna??
Valentin - The faster you decide, the faster we save Anna!
Dante - You’re running out of time ⏰!
Robert - Ok, you have to bring Anna back safe and sound! Tell me, who is Heinrik Faison?

At Pier55......
Anna - Can I ask a favor of you?
Jason - Depends on the favor.
Anna - Before one of us does something we can’t take back, will you let me prove to him that I am his mother?
Jason - Yes.
Anna - 1976 you were born in Brussels at 3:26pm. After you were born, I thought you were given to a loving couple. But someone put you in the hands of Cesar Faison. I need to tell you you have Huntington’s Disease. I lied to EVERYONE! I can’t lie anymore. YOU are my son!

Heinrik hears this and can’t believe his ears 👂. She is his mother! 😱😳

Jason listens, with the gun pointed at Heinrik.

Finn hears all of it too. He heard Spinelli tell Sam about the Pier and came to help.

Jason - You can’t save him! He knew I would kill Faison exactly like I did. Nathan was collateral damage.
Anna - I can’t let you kill him!
Finn - Why don’t you both put your guns down?

Dante goes home 🏠 and tells Lulu that Heinrik has been under our noses 👃 all this time.......Peter August!

At the PCPD.......
Robert - So where is Heinrik now?
Valentin - I can’t say?
Robert gets a email from Finn..... Pier 55.....911.

At Pier55.....
Anna - What are you doing here?
Finn - Robert is on his way with the PCPD.
Sam - Jason?
Heinrik - Ahhh, the whole gang is here!
Jason - Anna, he will betray you! I can’t let him go!
Heinrik (still kneeling) - You are NOT my mother! You’re just a BITCH 😱😳who gave birth to me!

Spinelli calls Nina to say Maxie had her baby 👶. Nina goes to the hospital.
Maxie - The baby is a boy!
Spinelli - He is well.
Maxie shows Nina the baby 👶 on the web cam.
Maxie - Peter never took a birthing class and delivered the baby 👶 like a pro!

At the Falconieri home 🏠......
Lulu - I have been working with him and he has been leading me around by the nose 👃! Why did he stay in Port Charles? ......MAXIE!!
Dante - Faison came to Crimson that night to see Peter/Heinrik! Nathan got in the way!

At Pier 55.....
Sam - Jason, don’t do it! Too many witnesses! 💥💥
Heinrik - Come on! Jason will never let me live! You have to pull the trigger and kill him first. Jason look 👀 at her eyes 👀, Sam is going to witness her killing you!

Sirens 🚨. Robert and the police 🚔 arrive. Anna and Jason put their guns away.

👮 Officer - You have the right to remain silent.
Robert - Officer that isn’t necessary! He is the property of the WSB! Get this creep out of here.
Heinrik - See you, Mommy Dearest!
Sam - Jason, let’s go?
Jason - In a minute.......Anna, I’m sorry 😐.
Anna - So am I.

Anna tells Finn - I never wanted anyone to know. Oh, God! I made such a mess of everything!

At the hospital.......
Nina - Peter delivered the baby 👶??
Maxie - Yeah! On the side of the road! I have to do something for him. Maybe give the baby 👶 Peter as his middle name?
Spinelli - You don’t have to do that! They have such nice greeting cards.

At the Falconieri home 🏠......
Lulu - Maxie relies on Peter! She thinks he is her friend. We HAVE to tell her!

Dante calls Nina and tells her Peter August is Heinrik Faison! 😱😳 And Valentin knew it the WHOLE time!
Nina is in Maxie’s room - I will have to call you back!

Heinrik is with Robert and the police 👮. Jason and Sam leave. Anna is with Finn alone at the Pier.
Anna - That could have ended very badly for my son, Jason and me. We could ALL be dead 💀! This is such a tragedy! 😭😢 I don’t blame Jason. What I am left with now is the truth about my son and me.

Finn hugs 🤗 Anna as she cries. SAD 😢.
— MOM (5.22.18)
Monday on GH.......
At the Nurses Ball, Robert Scorpio punches 🥊Valentin Cassadine in the face!
Valentin - Let’s discuss this like adults!
Dante - What are you doing?
Robert - We can do that. I am arresting Mr. Cassadine. Heinrik is not around to help you.

In Peter August’s office......
Spinelli - What are we looking for?
Sam - If Peter August is Heinrik Faison!

Anna is at Pier 55 ......Heinrik is a no show.

Maxie lays on a blanket in the grass...... Peter calls 911 and asks for an ambulance 🚑.
Peter - No, it is not an accident! It’s a baby 👶!
Maxie is in labor and Peter is right there with her.

Robert drags Valentin outside of the Ball.....
Robert - You son of a bitch! First, I’m poisoned then I’m left to rot!! I know what you did! YOU took Anna’s child and gave it to Faison! 😤

In the grass.....
Maxie - Peter don’t wimp out! Look at the baby and tell me what you see!
Peter - I see the baby 👶! It’s coming out 😱😳!!
Maxie is screaming ......
Maxie - Peter, what is......
(She hears the baby 👶 cry 😭.)
Maxie - We did it!! 💥😳😱 I want to see my 👶 child!
Peter - Maxie Jones, meet your SON!! 💕💥
Maxie - Look 👀 at him! He is so tiny!
(We hear the ambulance 🚑 in the distance.)

In Peter’s office.......
Spinelli finds an email to Heinrik Faison from his mother.
Jason - Anna cut me out! She was supposed to call me for backup!
Spinelli - Why wouldn’t she want your protection?
Jason - Because she believes Heinrik is an innocent 😇 victim of Cesar Faison.

At the Nurses Ball......
A tuxedoed Mike Corbin 🎤 🎶 sings “Summer Wind.” He is doing a good job until his Alzheimer’s kicks in and he forgets the words and starts to cry 😭. So Sonny hops on the stage and 🎤 🎶 sings the song with his father. The audience gives them a rousing round of applause 👏🏻 !!

Act 8 - Ava Jerome 🎵 🎤 sings, “You Don’t Own Me.” She did a very good job 👏🏻.

Robert - You knew all about Heinrik! Who he is and where to find him?
Valentin - I know Heinrik has Anna walking 🚶‍♀️ into a TRAP! We have to find him before it is too late!
Robert - If you’re lying to me, so help me......
Valentin - I am telling you the TRUTH! I swear on my family!
Robin - Dad are you ok? You look terrible! 😳
Robert - Where is your mother? 😱
Robin - Last time I saw her she got a call and took off. Is she in trouble? 😳😱
(Nina hears all of this......)
Nina - Honesty is very important right now! How long have you known Heinrik Faison? Yes or No!!😤 If you had spoken up sooner would my brother still be alive? 😭😱
Valentin - I knew who Heinrik was. Cesar Faison was on a collision course and no one could stop 🛑 him!

At the ambulance 🚑......
Maxie - Peter aren’t you coming with me?
Peter - I will follow you.

In Peter August office......
Jason - No way Anna would leave the ball if it wasn’t important!
Sam - She doesn’t know Peter is Heinrik? 😳
Spinelli - Maxie??
Peter - Spinelli, Maxie told me to call you?
Spinelli - Mr. August 😳😬, how do you have Maxie’s 📱 phone?
Peter - I delivered her baby 👶! Good night, 🌙 Mr. Spinelli.

We see Peter/Heinrik get into his car 🚘 and take a gun out of the glove 🧤 compartment!!

At Pier 55......
Anna - Heinrik?........ Oh, Peter?
Heinrik - You were right the first time........MOM!!🙀😱😳

In Peter/Heinrik’s office.....
Sam - What the HELL is Peter doing delivering Maxie’s baby 👶?
Jason - Spinelli, I know you want to be with Maxie right now but you need to take another look 👀 at Peter’s emails!

At the Ball.....
Lucy Coe closes the ball and thanks everyone. They raised more money 💰 for AIDS research then any other Nurses Ball.

Act 9- The Nurses sing 🎤🎶 the final song, “I’ll Be Your Champion.”

Robert puts handcuffs on Valentin......
Valentin - Whatever you think is going on, there is more to the story! I will explain it to you.
Nina - I know you will.

In Peter/Heinrik’s Office.......
Spinelli - Found it! Peter sent this email. It reads...Midnight....Pier 55.....Come alone.
Jason - Thanks, Spinelli!

At Pier 55......
Anna - Heinrik?
Heinrik (gun in hand) - So THIS is what the WSB has? An agent pretending to be my mother?
Anna - Peter, put the gun down!
Heinrik - I don’t think so!

Will Jason arrive in time to save Anna from Heinrik? 😱😳

What do YOU think 🤔?

I love this guy!! 👏🏻💥💥👏🏻👏🏻
— MOM (5.21.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH................
In Nelle’s hospital room......
Nelle - It means a lot having you here with the baby 👶.........This is a surprise?
Jason - I wanted to speak to Michael.
(Outside of Nelle’s room.....)
Jason - How are you holding up?
Michael - I don’t want to think that mom pushed Nelle down those stairs!
Jason - Carly loves that baby 👶! She didn’t push Nelle. You should know that!
Michael - I know you always defend my mother and I love you for that. You weren’t there!
Jason - Nelle has been sabotaging your mother. The scarf 🧣, phone calls and the blanket.
Michael - You think Nelle did all this?
Jason - Yes. I am going to prove it. You need to be careful!

Sam has the lighter in her hand. She remembers Jason telling her, find the lighter.....find Heinrik!

Ring .....Ring.....
Jason - Hey, what is going on?
Sam - I need to see you. It’s important!

At the Nurses Ball.......

Act 4- Ned and Olivia Quartermaine (Eddie Mane) sing 🎶 “What’s so fun about peace, love and understanding?”

Anna - For the record, I am not dying and I care about you too.
Finn - Are you going to be ok?
Anna - Yeah.

A tuxedoed Drew shows up to see Oscar and Joss perform at the Ball.

Act 5 - Oscar and Joss sing 🎤 “I never knew.” Oscar also plays the guitar 🎸.

Jason and Sam meet outside of the Nurses Ball.........
Jason - What’s going on?
Sam - Is this Faison’s lighter?
(Jason looks at the initials CF.)
Jason - Yes, where did you get this?
Sam - Peter August’s office! It’s in the 📖 book. Peter went to the hospital the night Faison died!
Jason - Faison told the truth for once? He was hiding in plain sight? Peter August IS Heinrik Faison!!

(Sam is hooked! Jason and Sam make a great team!)

Jason - So how did you find this?
Sam - It was on his desk.
Jason - Why were you in his office?
Sam - Peter said he wasn’t a smoker. Then, I found Faison’s lighter.
Jason - So this is why you were staying at Aurora Media?

In Nelle’s hospital room.....
Nelle - The Doctor 👩‍⚕️ gave me the all clear to be released tomorrow.... Something wrong?
Michael - Jason told me about someone harassing my mother for months now. Did my mother mention any of this to you when you were fighting on the stairs?
Nelle - Your mother mentioned disappearing cologne!
(Nelle feels faint)
Michael - Sorry 😐. I didn’t mean to upset you!
Nelle - That’s ok? Carly is your mother.
Michael - Are you sure it wasn’t an accident?
Nelle - I am sure she pushed me!
Michael - You need rest.
Nelle - I will be fine if you’re with me!

At the Nurses Ball.....
Sam - Peter is with Maxie tonight! Oh God! Maxie! How are we going to do this?
Jason - There are a lot of people in there! We have to make sure no one gets hurt.

Anna leaves the ball to meet up with Heinrik! She tells Robin she is meeting Finn.

Jason - Hey, is your mom still here? I need to talk to her.
Robin - No, she left a few minutes ago.
Sam - Peter also left?
Jason - They must be meeting. We need to find them!

We see Peter driving Maxie home 🏠.
Maxie - OH you need to stop 🛑 right here! 😱
Peter - Whats wrong? 😳
Maxie - My water 💦 just broke! 😱😳
Peter is in a panic - Your water 💧 broke??
Maxie - YES!
Peter - Are you sure?
Maxie is angry 😤 - I’ve had a baby before!
Peter - I will take you to the hospital!
Maxie - We don’t have time to get to the hospital!! 😤 Something is wrong with the baby 👶??

At the Nurses Ball......
Jason calls Spinelli - Call me back as soon as you get this! Sam we don’t have a lot of time. You need to hack into Peters emails!

Act 6 - Valentine Cassadine plays the piano 🎹 and 🎤 🎶 sings, “The book 📚 of 💕 love.....I love ❤️ it when you read to me.....I 💕 love it when you give me things.”

Valentin finishes to huge applause 👏🏻. He turns around and a disheveled Robert Scorpio punches 🥊 him in the face. BOOM 💥 down Valentin goes!
— MOM (5.18.18)
On Thursday’s GH.........
Lucy Coe walked on the red carpet dressed in a silver diamond sparkling top with a svelte black skirt. Spectacular! She was leading a very large Llama into the Nurses Ball.

Dr. Kim and Julian Jerome made a handsome couple.

💥🎈 Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the 2018 Nurses Ball 💥🎈

Lucy Coe is the Mistress of Ceremonies......

1st act.......GH nurses singing 🎤💃🏼 and dancing 🕺 to “Everyday People.”

Lulu tells Peter she is working with Anna Devane. She got an email from Heinrik’s mother.

Nina informs Peter and Maxie that Valentin is taking her on a dream vacation tonight.
Peter - Planning a trip?
Valentin - Yes.
Peter is angry 😤 - You exposed me! That is why you want to get out of town. You set me up, Valentin!
(Sam is watching as Peter berates Valentin.)
Valentin - I know this got you unraveled. You need to stay calm!
Peter - NO! NO. I will deal with Anna Devane myself!

2nd act - Detective Harrison Chase 🎶 🎵 🎤 sings that new song you like, I’m a rebel just for kicks now.

Sam remembers Curtis telling her there is something sorely missing from Peter August’s background.
Sam - What is it?
Curtis - His background!

While everyone is at the Nurses Ball, Sam is in Peter’s office at Crimson looking for dirt on him.

3rd act - Optical illusion with Nina and Curtis. (A Magic Act.)

Curtis proposes to Jordan .....
Jordan Ashford, please believe in our 💝 love? Marry me 💍💋?
Jordan says YES!

Anna, as Heinrik’s mother, accepts an invitation from Heinrik (Peter) to meet.
Anna - I am waiting for further instructions.
Heinrik (Peter) - Midnight 🕛. Pier 55.

Sonny and Robin reminisce about Stone Cates, Robin’s boyfriend and Sonny’s friend, who died of AIDS. Sonny dedicated a wing in General Hospital in his name.

Molly presents 🎁 the first Port Charles Pioneer Award 🥇 to her mother Alexis Davis.

Finn approaches Anna at the Ball.
Finn - Look at all the time we wasted!
Anna - What are you saying?
Finn - If you can’t say it, I will say’re dying!
Anna - Why are you carrying on like this?
Finn - Because I still care about you!

Sam McCall Cain hits the jackpot in her quest to find dirt on Peter August! She finds Cesar Faison’s lighter with the initials CF on it. This is the lighter Jason was looking for! The one he asked Anna about? Why would Peter August have it?

WE know why! She will put the pieces together soon.
— MOM (5.17.18)
Wednesday on GH..........
Jason - I’m going to meet Spinelli at the Metro Court to help Carly.
Sonny - I think she is going to have a breakdown! It happened before.

We see Robert Scorpio in a cell with paint 🎨 peeling off the walls. He tries to get up off the bed 🛏 and falls to the floor.

Today is the 🌟🌟 2018 Nurses Ball 💃🏼💥🎈

Everyone looks beautiful!

Peter, in his tuxedo 🤵, and Maxie, in a beautiful sliver sparkling gown, are going together.

Franco, in his tuxedo 🤵 introduces Elizabeth Weber, the heart ♥️ and soul of the nurses at General Hospital, to the TV 📺 audience.

The men look very handsome. Women too.

Back at Sonny’s 🏠 house.......
Jason - When Nelle said Carly pushed her, that is when this whole thing unraveled. Carly would never hurt the baby 👶!
Sonny - Carly has been unraveling for some time.
Jason - I’ve got to go.

Back at the Ball
Alexis and Finn are going together. He found a copy of Anna’s will. (She dropped it.)

Robin looks beautiful in a gold sequined gown. She is going to the Ball with Anna, her mother.

Peter gives Maxie a diamond 💎 necklace.
Maxie - Oh my God! This is beautiful! How does it look 👀?
Peter - Maxie, it was made for you.

Olivia is helping Lucy Coe with last minute adjustments. 💥WOW💥 Her gown is a knock out!

Nina has a magnificent red gown and Valentin is very handsome in his tuxedo 🤵.

Jordan and Curtis are a handsome couple. Jordan’s gown is a deep burgundy satin. She looks exquisite.

Jason tells Spinelli they need to check out all of Carly’s clues to find out how Nelle was able to “gaslight” her.

At Anna’s room in the Metro Court......
Robin - Hi 👋!
Jason - You look 👀 great!
Robin - The Nurses Ball. Mom is getting dressed.
Jason - We’re working on the case together.
Robin - There is a case?
Jason - Yes. Your mom is really fixated on finding Heinrik Faison. Stay close. If she is going to confide in anyone, it would be you.

Anna - Jason, hi?
Jason - Robin said she will meet you downstairs. So did you reach out to Heinrik, posing as his mother?
Anna - Yes, but no response.
Jason - You will tell me first?
Anna - So you can kill him?
Jason - NO! I don’t want anybody to harm YOU.
So we need to stick to the plan!

At the Nurses Ball.......
Sam is wearing a black and burgundy gown. Alexis’ gown has a high neck, sleeveless black and sleek fitting. (I think the mother looks better than daughter!)

Anna Devane wore a purple blouse 👚 with a dark green sash and black dress pants 👖. Not impressive.

Elizabeth is wearing a very pretty spaghetti 🍝 strap white and light blue gown.

Kiki is dressed in a sparkling pink gown. Beautiful!

Ava Jerome arrived with a tuxedoed Griffin (handsome). She is dressed in a black beaded long sleeved gown which covers her entire body. I think it is too dark for her complexion and light 💡 hair color.

Jason sees Sam in one of the rooms.
Jason - Taking a break?
Sam - Yes.
Jason - You look 👀 beautiful.
Sam - I was hoping you would be........
Jason - I sent a donation.
Sam - Of course you did!
Jason - Good luck! You really do look 👀 beautiful.
Sam - Thank you 🙏.

Joss is dressed in a off-white and blush gown. Perfect. Oscar is handsome is his 🤵 tuxedo.

Maxie introduces Robin Scorpio Drake to Peter August.
Peter - Is Robert Scorpio your father?
Robin - Yes, he is.

Sonny and Mike are dressed in tuxedos 🤵 to accompany Stella to the Nurses Ball. She is a 💥💥WOW💥 in a black sequin and blush gown.
— MOM (5.16.18)
Tuesday on GH..........
At the PCPD........
Detective Chase - Would you like some ☕️ coffee?
Carly - Thanks.
Jason - How is Carly doing? What are the charges?
Dante - That depends if Nelle and the baby 🍼 survive.

At General Hospital......
Nelle wakes up - NO! NO! 😱😳😢
Michael - It’s ok! I am here!
Nelle - Oh, Michael! I was so scared 😦!

At the Metro Court........
Drew - You say you want to make amends for what you did to me?
Andre - I do, if it is possible?
Drew - I want you to MAKE it possible!
Andre - If you know a way I can help you, I am all in.
Drew - Re-map 🗺 me?
Andre - I don’t have the flash drive. The human mind can’t withstand writing ✍️ and rewriting!

Valentin assures Peter that Anna Devane is secure. Peter wants to test that and approaches Anna. He pushes the wrong buttons.
Peter - Ms. Devane, a real, live WSB spy 🕵️‍♀️! What are you looking for?
Anna - None of your concern, Mr. August. By the way, Maxie is my godchild and I would die before I let anything happen to her.
Peter - I tried to reach Robert Scorpio through the WSB to no avail. Can you reach him for me?
Anna - No! Why would I do that? If he is unavailable, then he is unavailable!

At GH, Dr. Kim assures Nelle and Michael that the 👶 baby’s heart ♥️ is as strong as ever. No injuries.
Michael - Thank you!
Kim - I want to keep mom and baby for 24 hours. I am ordering a room for you.

At the PCPD......
Carly tells Sonny, Jason and Diane Miller about the blanket and the struggle for it when Nelle fell.
Diane - No blanket was recovered. Carly, is it possible you imagined it?
Carly - Absolutely not! 😡😥
Jason - We have to find out who took the blanket!

At the Metro Court.......
Drew - I’m not going to live like this any longer!
Andre - Don’t make hasty decisions.
Drew - How can I do that with Jason’s memory?
Andre - I can’t remember all the steps to the procedure. I need the flash drive!

At General Hospital.......
Nelle - Now that I know the baby 🍼 is ok, can you get me orange 🍊 juice 🥤, Michael? I am thirsty.
(Michael leaves and Ava shows up.)
Ava - You look good after what you endured!
Nelle - It is terrifying how angry Carly was when she pushed me down the stairs!
Ava - I’m sure your plans didn’t include your falling down the stairs and endangering the baby 👶! Carly is facing 2 counts of attempted murder! Michael was here all night, so it worked out for you. All because of a blanket. Guess who has it now? 🧐🤠

Kim tells Dante that the baby 👶 and Nelle are fine. The baby’s heart ♥️ beat is strong and no injuries.

At the PCPD......
Jason - We’ve got to figure out who took the blanket. We should speak to everyone who was at the 🎈 party.
Diane - What do you think?
Sonny - I think Carly is going towards a breakdown.
Diane - If I can’t produce the blanket, then Carly may talk herself into attempted murder!
Jason - I believe you, Carly. Nelle set you up.

At General Hospital.......
Ava - I was able to sneak the blanket out when everyone was with you. I will hold the blanket for you, since you know about the photo I took of Griffin’s patient DNA test.
Nelle - Ava, please give the blanket to me?
(Ava hides the blanket as Dante and Michael come in.)
Dante - Can I ask you some questions?
Michael - Not now, Nelle is tired.
Nelle - That’s ok.
Dante - What happened with you and Carly before you fell?

At the Metro Court......
Griffin - Are you still looking for Heinrik? Isn’t it dangerous?
Anna - I know it is dangerous, but I am getting very close.
Griffin - I just realized I have to leave.....a patient.
Anna - Don’t you get any breaks? You just got here!

At Crimson.......
Griffin - Peter, you better leave Port Charles or come clean!
Peter - You can’t tell anyone!
(Griffin storms out.)
Valentin - What was that with Dr. Griffin Monroe? 😳😱 What is your connection to him??
Peter - He knows who I really am.
Valentin is screaming - 😡😳😱😥 WHAT??? YOU IDIOT! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?😱🤯😰 YOU SCREWED US BOTH!! 🙀😿👿

At General Hospital......
Nelle - Everything was fine at first. Then it got a little tense 😬.
Dante - How was that?
Nelle - Ava gave me a gift 🎁 with penguins 🐧 on it. Then, Carly got mad 😡 and said it was just like the one Morgan had. She said Michael didn’t love 💕 me and was too good for me. I went upstairs.
Ava - Carly followed you up to your room.
Nelle - She said Michael didn’t want me and when I tried to get away from her, she pushed me down the stairs.
Dante - What about the baby 👶 blanket?
Michael - What blanket?? 😳
Nelle - No blanket.
Ava - If Nelle says there was no blanket, there was no blanket!

At the PCPD......
Jason - Nelle messed up somewhere and I will find it.
Carly - Talk to Sonny. He doesn’t believe me!
Jason - I will try.
(Jason finds Sonny)
Jason - Carly asked me to talk to you.
Sonny - I love 💕 my wife to death 💀, but she is unraveling! We have to take a step back.

At the Metro Court.......
Andre - You’re asking me to erase everything that you are?
Drew - Not everything. Only the Jason part.
Andre - You may not survive that procedure!
Drew - You have to try to remove all of Jason’s memories!

At Crimson......
Valentin - How did Griffin find out?
Peter - At my request, he gave me a test to see if I had the disease Faison had.
Valentin - Oh My God! 🙀🤬😡 What will Anna say when she finds out I knew who you were all along??

In Nelle’s room......
Nelle - Can we talk about what Carly did to me?
Michael - You need to get some rest.
Nelle - Have fun at the Nurses Ball.
Michael - I’m not going anywhere! I will stay here with you.
Nelle - I know you don’t want to talk about it right now. What will happen to your mother?

At the PCPD......
Diane - Your bail hearing is set for tomorrow morning.
Carly - Dante, how is the baby 👶?
Dante - They are fine. It is time for all of you to leave.
(Dante puts cuffs on Carly and arrests her.)
Sonny - Dante, is that necessary?
Carly - Sonny, go to Michael and tell him I love 💕 him and the baby 👶?

At Crimson......
Drew - Did you see Sam?
Peter - No. Is everything all right?
Drew - Yes! Tell her I think I found a way to get back everything I lost.

Anna, as Heinrik’s mother, accepts an invitation from Peter/Heinrik to meet.

Anna also makes two calls to the WSB looking for Robert. No response.
— MOM (5.15.18)
Monday on GH........
At field in Croton N.Y.....
Sonny - What are you doing?
Jason - There is no body.
Sonny - There IS a body! Are you going to dig? I will dig!
Jason - Sonny, there is no body down there 👇.
Sonny - I am not wrong about the location!
Jason - I think the gun and body have already been moved.

At Crimson......
Peter - I called you, but face to face is better.
Valentin - We have an important matter to discuss. Why are you so on edge? I have convinced Anna Devane to stop 🛑 looking for Heinrik.
Peter - Are you sure? Jason is a threat!

At the baby 👶 shower.......
Carly - Nelle, I will NOT let you get your hands on my son!
(Nelle falls down the stairs.)
Carly - NELLE! 😱😳😥
Monica - My God, Carly! 😤😱 What did YOU do?
Carly - It happened so fast!
Monica - Bobby, hold her neck!
Carly - Nelle, you’re going to be ok.
Monica - Will someone get her OUT of here??
Carly - I went for the blanket, and she pulled it back!
Bobby - What are you talking about?
Carly - She had a blanket, like the one you made for Morgan, and she just fell.

At Crimson......
Valentin - You’re right. Jason Morgan is a threat, especially if you refuse to leave Port Charles.
Peter - That won’t happen. Wait! There has been a new development on my end. Something you need to know! Sam Cain is still at Aurora. Let HER go looking for Heinrik, and I will be right here.
Valentin - Something you want to say to me?
Peter - It pains me to admit it. You were right, the walls are closing in on me. Yes, without you I would be quite alone! I’m lucky ☺️ you were there for me. If you’re going to tell me to leave, please don’t!

Anna, as Heinrik’s mother, sends him a message not to trust Valentin.

At the baby 🍼 shower.....
Joss - Nelle is not waking up! 😢😥😳What if she loses the baby 👶? What if she dies?
Monica - Was this an accident? You have been trying to get Nelle out of Michael’s life!
Bobby - Monica, you said your peace. We have to get to the hospital!
Monica - YOU’RE not going anywhere! I am calling the police 👮!

At the field in Croton N.Y. .....
Jason - Spinelli checked. There are no reports of a body being dug up. If we stay here we will have to answer questions that we don’t want to.

Back at Sonny’s House 🏠.......
Jason - Do you really think it is possible Mike knew where the body is?
Sonny - HE told ME about it! I will ask him. I hope he is having a good day. Thank you 😊.
Jason - You know I always have your back.

At the baby 👶 shower .....
Carly - I should be with Michael!
Bobby - If you leave before the police 👮 arrive, you will make it worse!
(Detective Chase arrives.)
Chase - I got a call there was an assault?
Bobby - It was an accident!
Chase - Did anyone see the fall?
Olivia - I ran in and Nelle was on the floor.
(Chase asks if anyone can verify what Monica said that Carly was badgering Nelle all day.)

At General Hospital......
Joss calls Michael - You need to get to the hospital ASAP. It’s Nelle!
(Nelle is in an examination room and wakes up.)
Nelle - Is the baby ok?
Michael arrives - Nelle, are you ok? What happened?
Joss - She fell down the stairs!
Michael - Nelle, WHO did this to you?
Nelle - Carly! 😥😱 She pushed me!
Michael - Nelle, you’re confused 🤷‍♀️. Mom wouldn’t really hurt you and the 👶 baby!
Ava - I bought Nelle a gift 🎁 with penguins 🐧 on it. Carly became unhinged and then Nelle was at the bottom of the stairs.
Dante - You say Carly pushed you?
Nelle - Yes!
Dr. Lucas - Everyone out! I have to examine Nelle. Michael, you can stay.
Joss - What if Nelle and the baby 🍼 are not ok? 😥😱😳

At the baby 👶 shower......
Chase - What did you hear? You’re Dante’s mother?
Olivia - Yes. Tension was flying all over the place!
Chase - Mrs. Corinthos? Can you tell me what happened?
Carly - Nelle was badgering me about a baby 👶 blanket and she fell down the stairs!
Chase - You and Nelle were fighting over a blanket?
Carly - Yes.
(Chase leaves to look at the stairs)
Chase - I just went up the stairs, no blanket?

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jason - Spinelli could have missed something?
Sonny - I hate to admit, but Spinelli is the best and very through.
Jason - No body has been dug up in this field for years. So if the body was moved no one came looking for you.

At the baby shower ......
Carly - I did NOT make this up! Nelle crocheted a blanket like Morgan’s to mess with me! The calls, scarf 🧣 and note 📝 were all Nelle!
Bobby - You’ve got to calm down!
Carly - NO! I will NOT!
Chase - We have conflicting information. I can’t hold her until I get a statement from the victim.

(Knock on the door 🚪’s Dante 😳😱👮)
Carly - Dante, what are YOU doing here? How is Nelle?
Dante - Nelle said you pushed her? Sorry 😐 Carly, I have to place you under arrest.
— MOM (5.14.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH!
At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Jason - What’s going on?
Sonny - Remember what I did at Croton? I just found out construction 🔨 is going on. If they find the body, my life will be blown apart!

At Crimson......
Curtis - All work and no play?
Nina - Here you go! Thank you 😊 for a job well done. You’re worth every penny. It turns out Peter August is not a threat after all.

Peter reads the email from Anna posing as his mother saying she regrets giving him up.
Peter - The excuses start.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......
Jason - You did that job decades ago! They won’t connect you to it.
Sonny - I was young and my fingerprints are on the gun! Now with DNA, and gun is buried with the body? This is food 🥘 for the Feds!
Jason - Well, let’s get started!

At the Metro Court......
Valentin - You’ve been avoiding me! Am I interrupting something?
Anna - What do you want?
Valentin - I need your help finding Robert Scorpio!

At the baby 👶 shower......
Bobby and Carly say Nelle and Ava did this on purpose.
Monica - If Nelle wants penguins 🐧, she can have penguins 🐧!
Carly - I’m not crazy 😜, mom! Don’t look at me like that!
Bobby - I know. This is not a battle you should be picking right now!

Nina helps Curtis pick out an engagement ring for Jordan.
Nina - This is the one. She will love 💕 it!

At Aurora Media......
Peter tells Sam it is not a good idea 💡 for her to stay at Aurora. Drew needs to concentrate on work.
Sam - You’re saying Drew and I can’t work together? Well, I am back and I am not going anywhere!

At the Metro Court,.....
Anna tells Valentin about Robert convincing her to concentrate on the family she has. She should think about the effect it would have on Robin if she went looking for Heinrik!
Valentin - Good. Concentrate on the family you have.

At the baby 🍼 shower.....
Nelle - I feel so terrible. You opened your home 🏠 to me!
Monica - You have nothing to apologize for.
Nelle - Carly, I owe you an apology! All I wanted to do is deepen the connection I have with you.
Carly - Now is NOT the time.
Joss - MOM! Nelle is only trying to make a connection!
Nelle - Carly, I know you don’t want me to name the 👶 baby Morgan. Please let me do this one thing for you? Please let me make this right?
Carly - If you want to make things right, Nelle? Stop 🛑 saying Morgan’s name. Joss, she is using you! You don’t want to make amends. You only want Michael and you need help. He doesn’t love you! Everyone knows my son is too good for you.
Monica - I am too familiar with grieving a dead son. Sonny made sure of that! Nelle is carrying a baby 👶. So, if you can’t be nice to her, than you better damn well fake it! 😡
Joss - Couldn’t you be nice to Nelle just for a couple of hours? Nelle is insecure. That is why she tries so much! I am alive because of Nelle. Are you going to blow up at every party 🎈? Michael will not want to bring the baby 👶 to our house 🏠! They will be with the Quartermaine’s and I will be at the parties, but YOU wont be invited. Why can’t you say you’re sorry 😐?
Bobby - She is not wrong!
Carly - You TOO? Joss is my heart 💜.
Bobby - Than suck it up, and apologize.
Carly - Ok, I will apologize to Nelle.

Peter August suggests to Maxie that they go to the Nurses’ Ball together.

Jason and Sonny go to the cemetery at Croton to find the body and dig it up.
Sonny - It’s here. This is the spot. Let’s dig it up?
Jason - How far do we dig down?
Sonny - Scully said 6 feet. Scully had money 💴, respect and power. All that I wanted. I had two choices: Power like Scully, or weakness like my dad! So, years later my dad who wasn’t there brought me back to the place where it all started. What do you think of that?

At the Metro Court......
Valentin - I will leave you to whatever you were doing. I am sorry you’re not well and in pain. I hope you find peace.
Anna - Thank you.
Valentin - I don’t know if you’re being sincere?
Anna - As sincere as you are.

At the baby 👶 shower...
Carly goes up to Nelle’s room to apologize.
Carly - The baby is going to be here soon and as distasteful as it is, we have to call a truce.
Nelle- Really, Carly? How do you think 🤔 we can do that?
Carly - When did you get THAT?
Nelle is holding a blanket - Oh THIS? I crocheted it myself.
Carly - Morgan had a green, yellow and white blanket like that! My mother made it for him! OH MY GOD 😳😱!! IT IS YOU!! YOU made the calls, left the scarf 🧣 and the note 📝? IT WAS YOU 😡🤬🤯!!
Nelle - I love 💕 Michael!
Carly - He doesn’t love YOU!
Nelle - I love HIM and pretty soon WE will tell stories to little baby 👶 MORGAN. Get used to it, Carly! I think you’re having a mental breakdown! Do you remember what you said about MY breakdown? You shouldn’t throw stones in my face!
Carly - I would like to slap your face, but then you will run to Joss.

At Crimson......
Nina - I am sorry I was so over protective, but It was my job. I think my brother would have wanted it that way!
Maxie - Now you know Peter is a good guy. Something just happened and I want you to hear it from me first. Peter asked me to go to the Nurses’ Ball with him.

At the cemetery at Croton.....
Sonny - We should hit the body soon!
Jason is still digging - If we don’t, we need to get out of here.
Sonny - When you came to work for me, I didn’t want it to be your whole life.
Jason - I CHOSE this life. YOU and Michael are my family.
Sonny - I will never forget what you are doing for me.

In Nelle’s bedroom........
Carly - The shower? All the gifts 🎁 of Morgan? You were setting me up! 👿👹👺
Nelle - Michael should find out how unhinged you are!
Carly - You will never get away with this!
Nelle - Watch me! 🤡👻😁

At the cemetery at Croton......
Jason is digging and finds a clip.
Jason - Are you sure this is his?
Sonny - Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday! He used to flash this money 💵 clip around.
Jason - Oh no!
Sonny - What are you talking about?? 😳😱🙀
Jason - There is no body here!

In Nelle’s bedroom......
Carly is 😤 angry 😡 - Nelle, I will NOT let you get your hands on my son! Michael will know what this (the crocheted blanket) is!
Nelle runs into the hall near the steps.
Nelle - NO you cant have it!
Nell tumbles down the long staircase.
Carly - Is she all right! 🙀😱😳🤭
Monica - I am calling the 👮 police 🚔!!
— MOM (5.11.18)
Thursday on GH.......
Today is Nelle’s baby 👶 shower.

Nelle - Do your part Ava, and Griffin will never know you took a photo of his patient’s DNA test.
Bobby to Carly - I don’t understand Monica! Why can’t she see what Nelle is up to?

At the Metro Court.....
Finn tells Alexis about his family.
Finn - When I was a kid 🧒, my dad was my hero. He was a professor 🤓. He always had time for me. Then, my mother got sick 🤕. The doctor 👨‍⚕️ told him mom was incurable.
Alexis - So what happened between you and your father?
Finn - He remarried right after she died. We were still putting flowers 💐 on my mom’s grave, and he married.
Alexis - Are they still married?
Finn - Yes.

At the baby 🍼 shower,......
Monica - I would like to welcome 🙏 you all. Thank you 😊 for coming. We have a new family member in the fold and I am looking forward to being a grandmother 👵.
Ava, Carly, Joss, Brad and Olivia all toast Nelle 🍷.

Nelle - I have a gift 🎁 of my own from me to you Carly! This is the most precious possession I possess.
Bobby - Nelle, it’s your day!
Nelle - I insist Carly open my gift 🎁 first.
Carly - Ok? We will do it your way.
(Carly opens the gift 🎁.)
Nelle - New guardianship papers! I meant what I said.
(Carly gives Nelle an angry 😡 look 👀.)
Monica - Nelle, are you all right?
Nelle (phony tears 😭) - I just want Carly to accept my offer!
Joss - Mom, why can’t you accept Nelle’s offer?

Everyone makes a wish and puts a gift 🎁 in the wishing well for Nelle.
Carly - My turn. Nelle is right! I accept the offer in the spirit it was given. My wish is these documents never become necessary. But if they do, your baby 👶 will be in the best hands.
(Carly puts the documents in the wishing well.)

At the Metro Court......
Alexis - I feel like you’re taking your anger out on your brother Chase. Why don’t you cut him some slack? Whatever you say to me will stay between us. I just want to help!
Finn - Let’s make a pact? I won’t try to fix your dysfunctional family and you won’t fix mine. Deal?
Alexis - Deal.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Sonny is concerned 😦 that Mike can’t keep a secret about Croton. He has no edit button.
Max - No one will believe him.
Sonny - Thank you 🙏 Max.
Max - We got your back, Boss. Whatever happened in Croton will stay in Croton.
Mike - It might not be that easy?
Sonny - How long have you been standing there, Dad? Max and I were discussing business. What did you hear ?
Mike - What you said about Croton! That is what I wanted to tell you. There is something going on in Croton........Construction. They are building something there. Sonny you don’t have to worry about anything!
Sonny - Did you see ME in Croton? Do you know what I know?

At the baby 🍼 shower......
Nelle - The last gift 🎁 is from Ava! I love 💕 how it is wrapped! What is in it?
Ava - Open it, Nelle.
(This is the gift 🎁 that will blow Carly’s mind)
Nelle - I hope we look 👀 back on this day with pride and joy!
Ava - WAIT!! 🙀😱😳 Keep it and save it for another day when you and Michael can open it together?
Nelle - I can’t wait to see it! A baby 👶 mobile to go over the baby’s crib!
(The mobile has penguins 🐧 on it.)
Bobby - Carly, what is wrong?
Carly - Morgan loved penguins 🐧!! You KNEW that Ava! This was a deliberate act to remind me of MORGAN! You used Morgan for SEX! You held back his MEDICATION? Now, you show up here with a mobile and put it in my face? Screw you, Ava! SCREW YOU!!
— MOM (5.10.18)
Wednesday on GH...........
Nelle gave Ava a gift 🎁 to bring to her baby 👶 shower.
Nelle - It will make Carly’s head explode.
Ava - What in the world 🌎 do you have in store for Carly??

Drew and Oscar are going on a hike today. Kim is concerned 😟 Oscar wont be able to keep up with Drew and Oscar won’t tell him.
Kim - I have to call Drew!
Julian - No, you don’t. You need to stay out of this.
Kim - Ok 👌. I won’t call Drew.

Joss tells Carly she needs to work on her facial 🤪😜😱 expressions at Nelle’s baby 🍼 shower. Carly tells Joss about the guardianship papers.
Joss - So what? Nelle said she and Michael are making progress. She is not the devil.
Carly - Close to it!
Joss - She saved my life, so would it kill you to see some good in her? Please try for me?
Carly - I can do anything for you.
Joss - So I will see you at the baby 👶 shower?
Carly - I will be there.

As they were ready to go on the hike, Oscar tells his dad........
Oscar - I didn’t want to say anything but I twisted my knee in rehearsal for the Nurses’ Ball.
Drew - Let me look at it? Its ok 👌. We can do this another time!
Oscar - Let’s talk.
Drew - What about?
Oscar - Life!
Drew - I’m no expert on life, but I have lived longer than you.
Oscar - Yeah. But you don’t remember any of it. It would be so cool 😎 if you could remember what it was like when YOU were 15!
Drew - Having sex?
Oscar - No, we’re not there yet.
Drew - Sorry I can’t remember these experiences.
Oscar - Is there someone out there to help you get your memory back? Don’t you want to know who you are?
Drew - Yes, I would. I want the people I love to know who I am.

At the Jerome Gallery......
Ava - How far are you going to take Carly today?
Nelle - By the time the shower is over, Carly will be exposed as the raging 😤 lunatic she is. Carly is never going to see it coming.

Drew brings Oscar to General Hospital to get someone to look at his knee.
Oscar - Mom, don’t freak out! Everything is ok. I guess I twisted my knee last night?
Kim - You did this last night ? You’re in a WHEELCHAIR!
Drew - I checked him out.
Kim - YOU checked him out? You’re a doctor 👨‍⚕️ now?
Kim wheels Oscar to the xray room.
Drew makes a phone 📱 call......
Drew - Dr. Maddox? Drew Cain. I want my memory back!

At the Jerome Gallery........
Ava - HOW are you hunting Carly? If you implicate me.......
Nelle - You’re only bringing a present 🎁?
Ava - A present 🎁 that will make Carly lose her mind!

That was the end of today’s episode. But I rewatched yesterday’s GH that was interrupted by ABC News. Remember when Jason and Drew were in the gym? Well, Drew said this to Jason......

Drew - I have all your memories. Every bad thing you did. I was a BETTER Jason Morgan than YOU were! I made her HAPPY 😃. Everything was fine until YOU dropped out of the sky.
Jason - I am not going to apologize for coming home 🏠.

This tells me that even now that Drew knows he was a Navy Seal and was decorated, he STILL would rather be Jason Morgan 2.0 . He was living in the lap of luxury with Jason’s wife, kids, money 💰 and the prestige of the Quartermaine name.

What will Drew Cain find out when he regains his memory? Is he a thief? A murderer or maybe an assassin? He is a very angry 😤 man! Will he like the Drew Cain he discovers?
— MOM (5.9.18)
Tuesday on GH..........
Jason runs into Drew at the gym. 🥊🏋️‍♂️

At Crimson ......
Maxie tells Sam she can’t let her anger over Nathan take over her life.
Sam - Does that include Lulu?
Maxie - I thought you were going to quit Aurora? What changed your mind? You said you wanted to move on with your life! I thought you were taking charge of your life?
Sam - I have some unfinished business.

Valentin informs Peter that Sam Cain was asking questions about him.
Valentin - Considering Sam was married to Jason Morgan, your world 🌍 is going to come crashing down on you!
Peter - Sam is not going to get me in trouble. She needs me for her balance sheet.

At the gym 🥊🏋️‍♂️
Jason - I will come back later. I want to work out, not fight.
Drew - She told you? When did she ask you to move back in?
Jason - Sam and I are not together. Sorry 😐!
Drew - I don’t want your sympathy! I don’t want anything from you at all!

(Drew you are a bitter, bitter man! 💥🥊🏋️‍♂️. You are a world 🌍 class jerk.)

🚨🚨 ABC News Special Report 🚨🚨 interrupts my show.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion.....
Alexis tells Mayor Ned she is suing the City 🌃 on behalf of the citizens who lost their homes due to the earthquake.

At Crimson......
Peter - My father had a weakness for Anna Devane. So do you.
Valentin - You comparing me to your father is insane.
Peter - Anna Devane has to go.

Sam tells Nina she knows P.I. Curtis Ashford was working for her.
Nina - Peter’s resume checked out.
Sam - So, it is possible he is still hiding something! Aren’t you still suspicious 😒 of him?
Nina - No suspicion if it hurts Maxie! I 🤔 think it’s easier for Maxie to lean on Peter because he didn’t know Nathan. Peter made this file of Nathan for Maxie. He is a good man.
Sam - Where did he get all there things?
Nina - He contacted my mother and aunt.

At the gym 🥊🏋️‍♂️
Jason - I’m not going to apologize for coming home 🏠. For living my life. YOU need to live your own life,
Drew - All I have are YOUR memories! I can feel how cold the water was when you fell in.
Jason - You might have the key 🔑 to getting your memory back. Heinrik is still out there. I don’t want to share my memories with you any more. Heinrik has the flash drive. If we find him, you can get your memory back!
Drew - I am tired of letting people do for me! I will find him in my own way.
Jason - Fine.

At Crimson
Valentin - Anna is a beloved figure in Port Charles and is surrounded by family and Jason Morgan. When she is gone, Jason will ask questions. He killed your FATHER for you!
Peter - Do you think that just HAPPENED? I set him up to kill my father!
(Sam enters and Valentin leaves.)
Peter - How was your trip?
Sam - Too short.
Peter - I’m glad you stopped by again! I’m glad you got me this time. What did you want to speak to me about?
Sam - I had decided to leave Aurora.
Peter - I could understand. It’s best for Drew.
Sam - But, I changed my mind...... you don’t look happy about that! Did you want me to leave?

At Kelly’s Diner....
Lulu shows Anna the emails she received from Heinrik and wanted to know if they are real. Anna tells Lulu they are real.
Anna - Yes?
Valentin - Anna, I have to see you! I can’t tell you on the phone 📱.
Anna - I can’t see you now. Maybe later.

At Crimson.....
Nina shows Maxie the file of Nathan that Peter made for her. As Nina reads to Maxie the letters, school grades and summer camp letters, she starts to cry 😭.
Maxie - Peter is not a bad guy after all.

At the Quartermaine mansion.....
Franco shows Ned and Alexis a document that will solve the lawsuit problem.
Franco - Steve Blake is the President of Jim Harvey’s business, Niagara Industries. He will use the money 💰 from the business to rebuild the homes of the citizens who lost them in the earthquake.
Ned and Alexis - Thank you 🙏 Franco!
Franco - Actually, the thanks should go to Steven Blake.
— MOM (5.8.18)
Monday on GH............
At Elizabeth’s house 🏠’s Jake’s birthday 🎁! Will Jason be at the party 🎈?
Elizabeth - Come in.
Jason - Thank you. I won’t stay long. I just want to drop this birthday 🎂 gift 🎁 off for...
Elizabeth - Your son. Hey 👋 Jake, come on down?
Jake - Hi 👋?
Jason - Hey.
Elizabeth - Look 👀 who stopped by to wish you a Happy 😃 Birthday 🍰!
Jason - How are you feeling? Will you have a party 🎈 later?
Jake - Just the family and Franco.
Jason - Well, I just stopped by to give you this......Happy Birthday 🎁!
Elizabeth - Don’t you want to open it?
Jake - I will open it when Drew stops by.
Jason - I hope you get all that you want. Happy 😆 Birthday 🎂!
Elizabeth - Jason, why don’t you stay for a little while?

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Steve - Franco Baldwin?
Franco - Steve Blake?

At Ava’s apt........
Griffin tells Ava he is moving out.
Griffin - I can’t change things, but I don’t have to like it!

At Kelly’s Diner........
Franco - I just want to tell you Jim Harvey is dead.
Steve - I worked for Jim Harvey! I was a kid on the streets when he found me.
Franco - How could you work for him?
Steve - I got used to working and it was hard to let go. Do you understand?
Franco - More than you know.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠......
Jason - So, school is almost over. Are you excited about that?
Jake - Yes, I like my school.
Jason - What are you studying?
Jake - The usual stuff.
Elizabeth - Jake’s favorite subjects are Art and Math.
Jake - Drew helps me with math and Franco with my art.
Jake leaves to talk to a friend.
Elizabeth - Are you ok?
Jason - Yeah. Like you said, it will take a little time.
Jason looks at Jake’s art work......
Jason - Is this one of Jake’s drawings?
Elizabeth - Yeah.
Jason - Well, it is really good.
Elizabeth - Franco helps Jake with his drawings.
(Jake’s back from the phone 📱 call.....)
Jake - I told Spencer Cassadine you were here. Then I felt bad. Spencer doesn’t have a Dad, and I have three.
Jason - I hope you like your birthday 🎁 gift! Happy 😃 Birthday 🍰, Jake .
Jake - I changed my mind. I will open your gift 🎁 now!
Jason - It’s tickets for the Memorial Day game. You can bring a friend!
Jake - Thanks! Can you come unless you don’t like minor league games?
Jason - I wouldn’t miss it.

(AW This Is Great!! 💥💥😻👍👍)

At Ava’s apt.......
Lucy Coe is banging on Ava’s door 🚪........
Ava - This better be very important!
Lucy - Yes it is! (She shows Ava the check she gave her for the Nurses’ Ball. It is blank. Ava signed the check with Nelle’s disappearing ink pen.)
Ava - I don’t understand this? I will give you another check!
Lucy - I am going to run to the bank and cash this check now.

At Kellys Diner.......
Franco - I take responsibility for not stopping Harvey.
Steve - Franco Baldwin, you are full of crap 💩! Jim Harvey told ALL of us it was our fault. He is dead 💀. Let what he did die with him!

At the Quartermaine mansion........
Carly agrees to give Nelle a baby 👶 shower with Monica.
Carly - How can you be so blind to Nelle’s tricks?
Monica - We are giving Nelle a baby 🍼 shower and if you can’t cooperate, you can stay at home 🏠!
Carly - Oh no! I will be there. I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

At Ava’s apt.......
Ava confronts Nelle about her disappearing ink pen!
Ava - I wrote a CHECK with that pen! Whatever you have in store for Carly, keep me out of it!
Nelle - No, things have escalated. I will need your help!
Ava - Whatever you have planned for Carly, you are on your own.
Nelle - You might want to rethink that! How will Griffin feel when he hears you took a picture of private medical information?
Ava - How much do you want?
Nelle - I don’t want your money 💰! I just want you to show up at my 👶 baby shower!
— MOM (5.7.18)
Hey 👋 Jen 💅🏻💃🏼🌻💐
Hope you have a great 👍 day! Eat lunch🍟🍕🍔🍱. Glad you had a laugh 😂 reading 📖 my update before going to 🛏.
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH!
At Anna’s house 🏠.......
Robert - Problems with Jason?
Anna - I said I was going to draw Heinrik out by saying I was his mother!
Robert - He didn’t like the plan?
Anna - No, he didn’t.
Robert - You’re working real hard to get yourself killed. This plan screams trouble.
Anna - I’m simply using the fact he wants to meet me!
Robert - Then, he kills you.
Anna - I will bring him in and then show him my badge!
Robert - The badge is not bulletproof!
Anna - He is my son. i have to let him know about the disease!

At Crimson ........
Nina confronts Peter about the file he has on Nathan.
Nina - Why do you have this file on my brother?
Peter - It is for you.
Nina - For me?! How did you get all this information?
Peter - From your Aunt and Mother.
Nina- My mother is in jail!
Peter - Yes, she saved everything on Nathan.
Nina - I’m going to call my mother in jail to prove you’re a liar 🤥.

At the Metro Court......
Carly prepares to go to Nelle’s baby 👶 shower. She also gets a document from Nelle. It says she wants Carly and Sonny as the guardians of her baby 🍼 in case something happens to her and Michael.
Carly - She did it!
Sonny - We have to step back. From where I am sitting? I think it is a good thing.

At Crimson.......
Peter - No. Don’t make that call.
Valentin - Is there a reason you put together all this information, Peter?
Nina - Look 👀 at this! His grades from school, summer camp photos, letter he wrote to me and awards. I have never seen these things!
Peter - I was there when Nathan died. I can’t get it out of my mind! Maybe this was for me in a way because I couldn’t save Nathan?
Nina - STOP 🛑 using my brother to look 👀 good in front of Maxie! 😢😡🤬

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - I have to convince Heinrik I want to help him!
Robert - What about Jason Morgan? This guy kept him captive for 5 YEARS!
Anna - I just want to give Heinrik a chance to explain himself!
Robert - NO! You want him to say I’M INNOCENT 😇!!

At the Metro Court......
Carly - This is a scam!
Sonny- So what?
Carly - She is trying to show us she can trap our son .
Sonny - If something happened to Michael and Nelle, who would you want to take care of the baby 👶?
Carly - Us.
Sonny - So you are getting what you want!
Carly - Nelle has another reason for doing this!
Michael - Let me guess? You got the documents that Nelle sent over?
Carly - She is PLAYING you!
Michael - She didn’t want Jason as the guardian! I am having a baby 🤰 with Nelle and I need you to back off!

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - YES, I want Heinrik to tell me he is innocent 😇! What parent doesn’t want to see good in his child 👶?
Robert - Heinrik stole 5 YEARS from Jason. Somehow I can’t see Jason not holding a grudge.
Anna - That is not going to happen 🙅‍♂️! I respect ✊ Jason and he respects me.
Robert - I have to leave. I’m working on another case.
Anna - I will be fine.
Robert - Take care of yourself. Keep me updated?

At Crimson....
Nina calls her Aunt and Mother......
Nina - Hey 👋 Lisle? This is Nina. Did Peter August ask you for keepsakes from Nathan?
Nina - I’m glad you saved Nathan ‘s things, mother.
Nina - Hey 👋 Curtis? I am calling off the investigation on Peter August.

At The Metro Court....
Michael to Carly - I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ why she did it, I care that she did it! Ok 👌 lets call her bluff! (He tears the papers up). If Nelle is sincere, she will have new papers in a week. Dad, please try for the 🍼 baby’s sake?

On the plane ✈️,Robert is enjoying 🥃 a drink.
Valentin - Hope you enjoyed that drink 🍹! It is stronger than you’re used to.

Nighty Night. 💤 💤
Robert Scorpio passes out! 😱😳🙄
— MOM (5.4.18)
Thursday on GH..........
At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - I’m Heinrik‘s mother.
Jason - You can’t mean that the way it sounds!
Anna - What I mean is, I will PRETEND to be Heinrik‘s mother.

At Elizabeth house 🏠.......
Elizabeth - You ok 👌?
Franco - I was just on the phone 📱 with one of Harvey’s victims. He said I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ anyone by that name. I said Jim Harvey is dead 💀 and he asked me to repeat that. I said Harvey hurt me when I was little and now that he is dead. 💀 All I want to do is pass that information on to other people. He said, I hope he suffered.

At Anna’s house 🏠....
Jason - You need to be careful! Heinrik said he would like to exact revenge on his mother.
Anna - Yes, the book 📚 does say that. So why would you want to hurt her?
Jason - I want to protect her!
Anna - I have exposure to a lost child 🧒. With my WSB experience, I wouldn’t be acting.

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Nina tells Curtis to continue to dig up information on Peter August .
Nina - I have to find out what he is up to before Maxie has her 🍼 baby 👶.
Nina leaves and Drew shows up...
Curtis - I ran into Sam. I didn’t realize she was back in town?
Drew - Yes. She wants to stay on at Aurora!
Curtis - Why would that be strange?
Drew - Because she wants a divorce.

At Elizabeth‘s house 🏠.....
Elizabeth - The truth will set you free.
Franco - I love 💕 your bedside manner. I called another kid on the list, Brian. His sister said he died. I asked, what was he like? She said he had a good life.
Elizabeth - It’s important that he had a good life.

At Anna’s house 🏠.......
Jason - So what is the plan?
Anna - Robert told me you said Lulu made contact with Heinrik. I will email Lulu and ask her for help in finding my boy.
Jason - That would imply the mother didn’t know Heinrik was her son.
Anna - Do think 🤔 that If Heinrik reads his mother is sorry she gave him up and has feelings for him, it will flush him out?
Jason - I think that could work but what if Heinrik‘s REAL mother shows up?

At Kelly’s Diner .......
Curtis - So how is that going to work? You and Sam side by side in the office?
Drew - I don’t know 🤔. I don’t understand why Sam wants to be there! Peter August is a good man. He can be the buffer.

At Elizabeth ‘s house 🏠........
Franco - All the people on this list have ONE thing in common. When I call about Jim Harvey, they know what I mean. One of the people said, why didn’t HE take him out. The last one to call is Steven Blake. I called a few times. If I can’t connect, I will respect his privacy.
Elizabeth - You’re so brave.
Franco - No, I couldn’t do it face to face so I did it on the phone ☎️.

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Jason - Spinelli is trying to trace the wire transfers for Heinrik‘s Swiss account. We have this to fall back on if it doesn’t work.
Anna - It will work. The ONLY way this will work is if Lulu believes she is working on behalf of Heinrik‘s mother. I will reach out to Lulu as Heinrik‘s mother.
Jason - What if Heinrik takes the bait?
Anna - I will set up an appointment!
Jason - No. you are too close to this.
(Jason doesn’t understand Anna’s emotions. He deals in facts.)

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠......
Franco and Elizabeth have a lighter moment. He says he has to go to work.
Elizabeth - I like to watch you with the kids.
Franco - Yes, the kids and I have noticed. We call you “Gopher.”
Elizabeth - The Gopher??
Franco - Yes! You pop your head in and out like a gopher.
Elizabeth beats up Franco with a pillow.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Curtis tells Drew he asked Jordan to marry him, but his Aunt Stella is opposed.
Drew - Even if Aunt Stella approved your marriage, it would make no difference. ALL marriages have problems.
Curtis - If that is a pep talk? It is whack! 🤪😜🤡

At Elizabeth ‘s house 🏠.......
Franco tells Elizabeth he is there for the kids in his art class while they figure it out.
Elizabeth - You understand the pain of a child 🧒.
(Ding.....Ding.....cell phone rings 📱!)
Elizabeth - Who is that?
Franco - Steven Blake wants to meet in person and discuss Jim Harvey?

At Anna’s house 🏠......
Anna - You’re telling me I can’t be objective?
Jason - If he finds out you’re his MOTHER or a WSB agent? He will kill you. This is wrecking your judgment! You are Robin’s mother and I can’t let you do this.
Anna - You are NOT family! Don’t mention Robin!
Jason - You NEED to call me.
Anna - So you can KILL him?
Jason - To PROTECT you! You said you trust me, so PLEASE trust me?
Anna - Oh, I will call you.
Jason - Ok, thank you. If you hear from him......
Anna - You will hear from me.
(Jason leaves and Anna sits down and cries. 😢☹️😫)
— MOM (5.3.18)
Wednesday on GH.........
Jason - Spinelli, call me back! I need you to go through the book 📖 (The Severed Branch) to find what you can about Heinrik‘s mother.

At Anna’s house 🏠....
Robert - What possessed you to get involved with Jason Morgan?
Anna - What do you mean?
Robert - Morgan is looking for Heinrik‘s MOTHER!

Griffin blasts Ava for how she blackmailed Sonny to get joint custody of Avery.

At Kelly’s Diner...
Sam - Do you have a minute?
Jason - Sure.
Sam - Have you heard from Spinelli?
Jason - Spinelli came up empty with the wire transfers. We did a lot, thanks to you.
Sam (smiling) - I had fun 🤠. I had a lot of fun. 😻
I was going to leave Aurora, but I changed my mind.

At the Jerome Gallery.....
Ava - I was going to tell you the terms of my agreement with Sonny.
Griffin - How long were you going to use Mike to get your daughter back, Ava? Two wrongs don’t make a right!
Ava - Wow 😲! That is profound.
Griffin - You knew Mike was not going to hurt 😢 Avery.
Ava - I dropped the charges!
Griffin - HE IS INNOCENT 😇!!
Ava - I now have 50% of my daughter! Which is more than I had.
Griffin - What would you have done IF Sonny would not agree to joint custody? Would you put Mike, a sick 🤕 man, in PRISON??

At the Metro Court.......
Carly tells Sonny she used poor judgment in not being there for Mike and Avery.
Carly - He is more ill than we thought.
Sonny - What did you think 🤔 you would see when you went to the grave? Did you think 🤔 you would see Morgan alive?

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Sam - I told Drew I want to stay on at Aurora Media. We will see how it goes.
Jason - I will let you know if Spinelli finds anything.
Sam - I guess I should tell you, Drew and I are getting a divorce.

At the Jerome Gallery.....
Ava - It all worked out! Everybody got what they wanted. YOU betrayed me by offering up Mike’s medical records to the court!
Griffin - You’re blaming me for doing my JOB?
Ava - You used to be on my side! Now you’re always against me!
Griffin - I’m angry, 😤 Ava. I would have lost my medical license!
Ava - I wish I could live up to your high standards! But I can’t.
Griffin - I will see you tonight. Despite methods, I am happy 😃 Avery is in your life.

At the Metro Court......
Carly - Jason came back! Maybe Morgan is still alive just like Jason? We never found his body!
Sonny - I‘m really trying to believe you with the scarf, 🧣 phone 📱 calls, and broken picture and the note? Why did you leave Avery because of the note 📝??
Carly - I held the note in my hand 🤚. I read it in the garage and at the gravesite. Dr. Collins prescribed medication for my anxiety.
Sonny - That is good.

Finn and Chase are 1/2 brothers and don’t get along.
Chase - You can’t stand the fact that Dad remarried.
Finn - Why do you keep pressing this?
Chase - Because we are family! We are from the SAME blood and raised by the SAME man.
Finn - There are reasons I walked away from the old man 👴.
Chase - Have some perspective!
Finn - You and I will never be close.

At Anna House 🏠......
Robert - Valentin may tell Jason you’re Heinrik‘s mother!
Anna - Jason doesn’t know Valentin was in Switzerland 🇨🇭.
Robert - You always lie to yourself! That always bothered 😕 me.
Anna - I have to stay one step ahead of Jason.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Sam - There is not going to be a fight.
Jason - You will figure it out.
Sam - Can you say hi 👋 to Sonny and Carly for me? When everything is over, I want to reconnect.

Alexis - Why did you want to see me?
Sam - I want you to represent me in my divorce.
Alexis - The first thing we should talk about ......
Sam - Mom you were right. I shouldn’t have rushed into marriage with Drew.

Sonny tells Jason that Mike wandered off with Avery. He took her to the horse 🐎 stables. Mike wanted to show Courtney the horses 🐎. Sonny says he and Ava agreed to joint custody of Avery so Mike wouldn’t go to prison. The big problem now is Carly.
Sonny - Carly wasn’t there when Mike and Avery disappeared 👻. She was following an imaginary note 📝.
Jason - Where is the note? I will have Spinelli check it out.
Sonny - I think 🤔 Carly is mourning Morgan. Carly has changed in the 5 years you were gone. We lost a son! You don’t know how much she grieved and is still grieving!

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Alexis - Have you discussed the grounds?
Sam - No.
Alexis - I’m going to suggest irreconcilable differences. What about Scout?
Sam - If Drew wants 50/50 custody, that is what he will get. I made an excuse to stay at Aurora Media.
Alexis - Why do you need an excuse to stay at a company you already own? 😳

At Anna House 🏠.....
Anna - Jason, I have some information on Heinrik. Can you stop 🛑 by?
Jason - I’m on my way.
Robert - I hope you know what you’re doing! 😳

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Sam - There are some issues I have to resolve with Aurora.
Alexis - With Drew?
Sam - No. Once all is over I will sign Aurora over to Drew.
Alexis - I will find out who is representing Drew and let you know.

At the. Metro Court.....
Chase - That couldn’t be more clear.
Finn - Sorry, 😐 I know that is not what you want to hear 👂.
Chase - I guess I will see you later. 👋 Or not. Have a good life.

At Anna’s house 🏠.......
Anna - Thank you 😊 for coming.
Jason - Did you find something on Heinrik?
Anna - Robert told me you’re looking for Heinrik‘s Mother?
Jason - Well, I thought that would help?
Anna - Don’t look 👀 any further! Heinrik‘s mother is right here! 😱😳🤩😎
— MOM (5.2.18)
Tuesday’s GH update is short because some of the stories are boring.........
Michael thanks 🙏 Nelle for convincing Ava to go for joint custody .
Nelle - I’m not sure I had anything to do with it?

Ava tells Griffin she dropped Avery off at school. She spent the night with mom.
Ava - Griffin, that is a good thing.
Griffin - I hope you didn’t use Mike against Sonny to get what you want!

Sonny sees Stella, the Alzheimer’s social worker, and tells her Mike is the same.
Stella - I know you don’t talk about your feelings. Hope it didn’t cost you too much?
Sonny - I ‘m not sure about that.
Stella tells Sonny that in time Mike will not recognize him or himself. She suggests a nurse 👩‍⚕️ to take care of Mike at 🏠 home.

Now that Jordan is ok 👌, Curtis tells TJ he wants to talk about his mother. Curtis asks TJ for his blessing to marry his mother!
TJ - You have it.

Carly confides in Bobby that Dr. Collins prescribed medication for her anxiety. Sonny doesn’t believe her about the scarf 🧣 and phone 📱 calls. He also blames her for not being there with Mike and Avery.

Finn and Alexis are in a relationship. They are support buddies for their addictions:
Alexis = booze 🍹and Julian.
Finn = drugs💉and Anna.

Lucy Coe asks Ava for a donation to the 👩‍⚕️ Nurses’ Ball ⚽️. Ava writes the check with Nelle‘s disappearing ink pen ✍️.

Sonny tells Griffin that Ava gave him an ultimatum, either custody of Avery or his father goes to prison!
Sonny - What she did was extortion! 👎🏻👿👹💩

Nelle informs Michael she is opposed to Jason being the primary guardian of their baby 👶 if something happens to them.
Nelle - I would like your mother to be the primary guardian of our baby 👶!

Curtis happily tells Aunt Stella he intends to marry Jordan.
Aunt Stella - I am not happy about that and will not welcome 🙏 her into our family. She destroyed our family when she betrayed your brother.
Curtis - I am still going to ask her to marry me.
TJ - Aunt Stella, dad would be happy 😃 that Curtis wants to take care of mom.
— MOM (5.1.18)
Monday on GH..........
At Kelly’s Diner....
Lulu - Thank you for coming!
Jason - Why do you need to see me?
Lulu - I need your advice on Heinrik Faison.

At Anna’s house 🏠.......
Robert - I assume that is Valentin’s file? I told you Valentin delivered your son to Faison personally. There is your proof.
Anna - That doesn’t prove anything!

At the PCPD....
Sonny - Ava, you’re here? Where is Scott?
Ava - I gave him the night off. This is something I can handle myself .

At Aurora Media......
Drew - Glad you’re back. Where is Peter?
Sam - Peter is not here. Can I buy you a ☕️ cup of coffee? There is a lot I have to tell you.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Lulu - Did you find anything on Heinrik?
Jason - We got into Faison’s safe deposit box 📦. The letters were gone.
Lulu - So, for all we know they have been destroyed? Heinrik maybe closer than you think 🤔!
Jason - Why do you say that?
Lulu - I heard from Heinrik! He said he would like to have the chance to tell his story. Face to face.
Jason - Do you really believe it is him?
Lulu - I do.

At Anna’s home 🏠......
Robert - Valentin put himself in Brussels when you had the child 👶.
Anna - All he had to do was bide his time and wait to use the child 👶 against me. Why would he give my child to that monster? I guess we were all young and different.
Robert - It sounds like you’re about to give Valentin a pass on this? Lets go to Windermere and confront Valentin!
Anna - Jason is going after Heinrik!
Robert - You leave Jason to me.

At the PCPD.....
Carly - Why are you smiling?
Ava - It’s just a very good day for me. Not for you, thanks to your negligence, Avery will be raised in a loving home.
Carly - Please tell me again how you’re a good mother?

Sonny - What do we have?
Diane - Your father is a sick, aging man who did not know what he was doing. There is a 30% chance he will go to jail.
Carly - You live in a fantasy world 🌍 if you think you will get custody of Avery! When Avery grows up she will hear of how you killed Connie and how you contributed to her brother, Morgan’s, death.
Sonny - Ava, can I talk to you?
Ava - Lets get to the point! I get full custody or your father goes to prison. We take the current arrangement and we flip it.
Sonny - Do you think you’re doing the right thing by keeping Avery away from her father?
Ava - You let your senile, unhinged father take Avery!
Sonny - 🤬🤯You know I didn’t! Forget it! I will NOT negotiate with you.
Ava - Don’t pretend you’re not scared 😱!
Sonny - I am terrified that my father could go to prison! There was no malicious intent for Mike to hurt Avery. If we go to court, my family has a lot of experience testifying in court. Even if my father goes to prison, you have to fight ME in family court. I will have my family and your daughter, Kiki, to testify. You are an AWFUL mother!
Ava - What about joint custody?

At Windermere......
Nina - Did you find anything?
Curtis - About Mr. Peter August? Not a damn thing.
Nina - Thank you for trying.
Curtis - I may not have found Peter’s secret but I found something a little off.
Nina - Why would Peter have a file on my brother, Nathan? What would he want with all that stuff? Maybe he wanted that stuff to get close to Maxie?
Curtis - We have no proof of that!

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Jason - This guy is dangerous. I lost 5 years of my life and was held a prisoner on Heinrik’s orders. I could barely stay alive to get home 🏠. Why do you think Heinrik is harmless? He is not!
Lulu - Who was the Dr. who kept you in prison?
Jason - Dr. Klein.
Lulu - What if Dr. Klein did all of those things without Heinrik‘s permission?
Jason - I’m afraid you’re the one that will get hurt! We found a black box 📦 with the Cassadine crest.
Lulu - Do you think Valentin is involved?
Jason - What do you want to do? I left Sam one night and I didn’t come back for 5 years! Is that a chance you want to take?

At Aurora Media.......
Sam tells Drew she helped Jason work on his investigation to find Heinrik.
Sam - There is something I would like to talk to you about. Aurora, what happens next? Professionally, we still have this company. I would like to stay on. Do you have a problem with that?
Drew - No.
Sam - So, it’s a yes? We can work together?
Drew - If you want to give it a shot! If we work together, we have to separate our personal and our business relationship. We have to get a divorce.
Sam - Ok.

At the PCPD.......
Ava - Equal custody? 4 days on and 4 days off.
(There are only 7 days in a week 🙄😳🤩🤪)
Sonny - So, if I agree to this, you will drop the charges against my father?
Ava - Yes! I will also speak at his hearing. Do we have a deal?
Sonny - You feel real good about yourself? Taking advantage of my father’s illness? I am not going to forget this!
Ava to Diane - I want to speak on Mike’s behalf in court. Carly and I had a misunderstanding. I got to know Mike and he is a good man and Avery came home safe.
Mike - Sonny, this is wrong!
Sonny - I couldn’t keep Avery away from her mother indefinitely.

At Crimson......
Peter - The will only talked about the letters, and I paid the banker to destroy them.
Valentin - Scorpio knew about the black box 📦 with the Cassadine crest. He knew you went to school in Switzerland 🇨🇭 the same time I was there! There are TOO many people making TOO many discoveries.

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Jason - Did you find anything?
Robert - I spoke to Valentin. He didn’t know about the box 📦.
Jason - I have a way to get to Heinrik!
Robert - What is that?
Jason - Through his mother.
— MOM (4.30.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday once again on GH!
At Aurora Media.....
P.I. Curtis Ashford is in Peter August’s office looking for stuff.
Sam - Curtis! What are you doing here?
Curtis - Hi Sam! I was.....
Sam - I am a P.I. like you, and I know a break in when I see it! What are you looking for?

In Franco’s art room at GH.
Franco was helping a little patient to paint a picture.
Collins - You’re a natural!
Franco - Kids and dogs 🐶. They dig me.
Collins - I found a support group for abused persons.

At the PCPD......
Sonny - How did it go?
Diane Miller - Your father is lovely one minute and terrified the next. I’m 😱 afraid the judge 👩‍⚖️ will consider Mike a flight risk!
Sonny - What are YOU doing?
Diane - I am working on it! You just have to prepare yourself that Mike won’t be coming home 🏠 with you tonight.

At Windermere.......
Valentin calls Peter August - You have more to worry about than you realize.
(Robert Scorpio visits Valentin Cassadine.)
Valentin - Robert Scorpio! We have never met but Anna talks about you all the time. You showed up uninvited in my home 🏠, so maybe you should go?
Robert - Tell me about this? (Robert shows him a picture of the black box 📦.)
Valentin - A box 📦?
Robert - This is the Cassadine crest?
Valentin - What does that have to do with me?
Robert - It was found in Faison’s belongings.

At Aurora Media.......
Curtis - Well, since I’m busted...
Sam - We vetted Peter before he worked here. Who hired you? Is there something about Peter August we don’t know?
Curtis - I’ll tell you what I know, with the exception of my client. I will not tell you who it is.
Sam - Ok.
Curtis - There is something missing from Peter August’s background. There is nothing there! He is a liar 🤥 or a 👻 ghost?

At Franco’s art room......
Franco - How am I supposed to move on if you want me to remember all those horrible things?
Collins - They won’t think less of you!
Franco - They might think 🤔 less of me if they knew I could have stopped it.

Nelle tells Ava she could win the fight with Sonny by being hard and demanding. But she could lose Griffin! Mike is his patient, so she should think about that.

Franco - I have a list of all the kids Harvey 😔 hurt. If I had spoke up they would not have been hurt 😢!
Collins - You were a kid!
Franco - What if one of these kids finds out I could have saved him?

At PCPD....
Diane - We have to show Mike’s incompetence on the stand!
Sonny - So, you want me to humiliate Mike on the stand?
Dante - We have another way. Scott Baldwin said give Ava full custody.

At Windermere ......
Robert - Its called a Conundrum Box 📦.
Valentin - They are puzzles and only one person can open it. Faison and Helena worked closely together. Look 👀 at that!
Robert - Good guess, but you are wrong!

At Kelly’s Diner......
Anna - I am working with Jason Morgan to find Heinrik.
Finn - You don’t need Jason to find Heinrik!
Anna - Yes, I need to keep Jason in my sights so he doesn’t find Heinrik before I do?
Finn - Why?
Anna - Jason thinks Heinrik did bad things and could kill him!
Finn - If Heinrik was working with Faison, he DID do bad things!
Anna - I am not what people think I am. I made terrible compromises in my life! People I hurt 😢.... secrets.

At Franco’s art room......
Franco - I wish I never forced Harvey to make the list! Elizabeth wants me to call these people. I looked on the internet and found a few of them. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ what to say?
Collins - I’ll bet one of these kids was before you! You were 4 years old! The adults were supposed to protect YOU and they didn’t. YOU made sure that Harvey didn’t hurt Drew. You will not begin to heal until you believe you were not responsible for what happened.

At Windermere......
Valentin - This has nothing to do with me! I never met the man.
Robert - It is hard to believe, since you and Faison were obsessed with the same woman.
Valentin - Did you read my file cover to cover and all the ugly parts?
Robert - 20 years ago you were in Switzerland 🇨🇭?
Valentin - I was in Switzerland and all over Europe.
Robert - I will let you hang on to this picture and I will let myself out.
Valentin - Before or after you bug 🐜 my house 🏠?
Robert - Ha ha. You would know if I did!
Valentin - Good to meet you, Agent Scorpio.

At Aurora Media.....
Sam - Drew needs to know if there is a threat to his company!
Curtis- Drew lost everything. He can’t lose Aurora.
Sam - Like it or not, I am letting Drew know.

At the PCPD....
Sonny - NO way am I giving full custody to Ava!
Diane - But, Scott Baldwin.....
Sonny - I don’t care about Scott Baldwin! Avery has a home 🏠 and people who love 💕 her!
Diane - Then we have to put Mike on the stand.
Sonny - You want me to publicly humiliate my father and put him on the stand?
Diane - I don’t want to do that, but yes we need to do that.
Sonny - My dad is dealing with this damn illness. He has pride! Even if he survives the questions, she wants me to choose between my father and my daughter!

At Aurora Media......
Sam - You just told me our COO Is a fraud! I have to tell Drew. I will let you finish your investigation, but we are partners.
Curtis - We have to handle this my way. Can you dig it?
Sam - Ok.

At Franco’s art room.......
Franco tells Elizabeth that Dr. Collins asked him what would he say to the kid he contacted?
Franco - If things with Harvey were over, than I would want to know.
Franco dials the phone 📱........
Steve? Hello. My name is Franco Baldwin. There is something you should know. It is about Jim Harvey.

Outside Kelly’s Diner.......
Robert - I just came fro