General Hospital


Stone Cold

"Behind every great man is a ticked off woman who hates him."
-- Ned Quartermaine


Back in the '80s GH was my jam. Luke & Laura, Frisco & Felicia, Scotty Baldwin, Blackie... Dr Noah Drake!  These days, I don't keep up with the show except for when I visit my parents in Florida. Every day at 2pm, you'll find my mom in Port Charles. She sends me notes when something exciting happens, so I'll post them here. 

Also, you might notice a pattern: She is 1000% #TeamJason and only has eyes for Steve Burton (sorry, Billy Miller). And she loves emojis...

Oh, and this contains tons of SPOLIERS so if you care about that, come back when you're caught up! (Or see the archive here.)


Honorable mention goes to: Alan Quartermaine, Blackie Parrish, Cesar Faison, Duke Lavery, Franco Baldwin, Michael Corrinthos, Morgan Corrinthos, Nikolas Cassadine, Scotty Baldwin, Spencer Cassadine & Victor Jerome.



Wednesday on GH.......
Lulu says she will gives up her career in journalism to be close to Maxie.

Nina goes back to work at Crimson because Nathan would want her to.

Maxie has decided to do something positive. She is in the process of packing all of Nathan’s clothes and is donating them to charity. Someone can use Nathan’s coat.

Alexis drown her sorrows of losing the Mayoral Election by sleeping with Finn.

Valentin tells Henrik he is at risk from Jason Morgan. Once he finds out who you are you’re in trouble!

💥💥🚨🚨🚨 GH star 🌟 Ryan Paevey will be on a prime time show! 💥💥🚨🚨🚨 The actor who plays Det. Nathan West will be on the prime time show Brooklyn Nine Nine on Fox.

At the PCPD......
Det. Harrison Chase will be Det. Dante Falconieri‘s new partner.
Dante objects and Jordan tells him he may need a leave of bereavement. He should also go to counseling and see 👀 a psychologist.

At Charley’s Pub .......
Oscar and Joss ask Julian Jerome if they can hold their Alternative 💃🏼 Dance/Party in Charley’s Pub? Julian says yes.
(Oh wait! Underage kids in a club or bar that serves booze is against the law. Could Julian lose his liquor license??)

At Maxie’s apt.......
Sam tells Maxie she knows what she is going through. She says she went through grief when Jason died, but she saved some of the things that meant a lot to them.
Sam - You need to save some things for the 👶 🍼 baby.
Maxie - Well, you’re really clueless.
Sam - I’m just trying to say I have been there, Maxie. When Jason was shot I grieved for him. Everything hurt. I couldn’t sleep 😴. I too have been down that road and I understand.
Maxie - Except Jason’s ALIVE and you only THOUGHT he was dead. I watched Nathan get shot. I watched Nathan die. I know exactly where Nathan is right now. He will NEVER come back to me and the baby.

At Charley’s Pub,.......
Oscar thanks his mom for suggesting he speak to Julian.
Oscar - What is going on with you and him?
Kim - We had a few dinners together. We’re only friends.
Oscar - He was a mob boss so be careful.

At WSB Headquarters.......
The WSB summon Anna and Finn to the office.
Finn - Is the WSB trying to get my medical license revoked?
Agent - No, the WSB is going to hold a ceremony and give both of you a citation for bringing down the opioid operations.

At Maxie’s apt........
Maxie - Last of it. The shelter is on the way to pick all of this up. I need to get to work.
Sam - Ok, call me if you need me.

Maxie takes the pictures of Nathan and her off the 🔥 fireplaces mantle and puts them in her keepsake box 📦.
— MOM (2.21.18)
Tuesday on GH....
At Dr. Kevin Collins’ office......
Dr. Collins - Have a seat. 💺.Faison’s brain 🧠 is being biopsied and I’m waiting for the results. At least he was not a child killer!
Franco - I wish I could say the same...
Dr. Collins - What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the
Franco - Feathers.
Dr. Collins - Why feathers?
Franco - My mom cleaned all the time with a feather duster.
Dr. Collins - Was she constantly cleaning up after you? Did she punish you?
Franco - She was a pushover. She let me......
Dr. Collins - Continue.
Franco - Get away with murder.
Dr. Collins - To be clear, you didn’t commit murder as a 👶 child.
Franco - I tried. Betsy sent Andrew away to get him away from ME.
Dr. Collins - How do you know Betsy was telling the truth? You will believe anything against you whether it is true or not.
Franco- Forget this. It is not what I signed up for.
Dr. Collins - Was the time you pushed Andy down the stairs the only time you tried to hurt him? Tell me about Bobby and Andy. What kind of games did you play?
Franco - Hide and seek.

Franco remembers when he was a child 👶, Andy went into a chest to hide from him. Bobby locked the chest so Andy couldn’t get out.
Dr. Collins - What did you remember?
Franco remembers - Bobby let me out! Bobby let me out!!
Franco - You shouldn’t open Pandora’s box 📦.
Dr. Collins - The box 📦 also had hope.

When Franco leaves, Dr. Collins talks into his recorder - Franco Baldwin has a fascination and a fear of his childhood. What is unusual is that he thinks he has murder in his DNA. Is he still Bobby who walks the streets at night?

The Election for Mayor of Port Charles, N.Y. is today........
Who will win..........Ned Quartermaine or Alexis Davis?

Ned and his supporters wait for results at the Quartermaine Mansion.

Alexis and her supporters wait at Charley’s Pub.

🚨🚨They’re about to announce the winner......
With 99% of precincts reporting, we can now declare a winner......🚨🚨

The next Mayor of Port Charles is .....Edward Lawrence Quartermaine!

Drew asks Curtis to find Betsy Frank. Maybe she can shed some light on Jim Harvey and the rabbits foot?
— MOM (2.20.18)
On Monday’s GH.......
At the lawyer office.....
Anna - Faison is still haunting you from the grave.
Sam - Faison is just trying to get the two of you to destroy each other!
Jason - Can you read the provisions again?
Diane reads the provisions to Jason and Drew.........
Drew - A detailed account of Dr. Maddox’s research to restore your memory is in my safe.
Jason - The last whereabouts of Heinrik are locked in my safe in Denmark 🇩🇰.

Sam - No, NO! Like I said these are just words.
Anna - Faison never much cared for the truth but he had an ability to make everyone search for answers.
Jason - You must have an address for the Executor?
Diane - Faison must have left a person in place, but no indication who it is. Faison left this for you.....Anna. A small statue of Fria the goddess of fertility and love 💕 in a glass case. The remainder of the estate Faison is leaving to his son.
Jason - Any indication of where he lives? Which son is he talking about?
Diane - He doesn’t name the son. He recently changed his will.
Anna - He must have intended Nathan to be the heir. Can I talk to Maxie about the will?

Drew - I am so TIRED of being this close to nothing. Jason.....
Sam - You will NOT blame your brother. That is not an option!
Drew - You’re not afraid that I will go after Jason or he will come after me, are you?
Sam - No, I am not. You two are too smart to play his game. The Christmas 🎄 ornament with the flash drive is still out there. We have the media, reporters and resources to find it.

At General Hospital........
Dr. Griffin Monroe - All the tests are done......blood, physical exam and memory tests.
Mike - Time to go.
Sonny - What do you think?
Griffin - I need to order a CT scan.
Sonny follows Griffin out of the room.
Sonny - Griffin, tell me what is wrong with my Dad?
Griffin - The CT scan should tell us a lot. You are correct about your father’s cognitive abilities.
Sonny - Hypothetically, what are you looking for?
Griffin - Hypothetically, a mini stroke. Did he fall or hit his head?
Sonny - I don’t know about Mike’s medical history but Rita never mentioned a fall.

Jason meets Sonny at the hospital......
Jason - How’s Mike?
Sonny - He is getting a CT scan. You know, we fought all those years and I hated him for leaving my mother and me but as we grew older we developed a bond. I don’t know if I can be the son he really needs.
Jason tells Sonny about the will and Heinrik, and how information is locked up in a safe somewhere in Denmark.
Jason - I am not playing his game. Faison left the estate to Heinrik so when he shows up I will be waiting.

At Maxie’s apt......
Anna - They read Faison’s will today. He left his estate to his son.
Maxie - To Nathan! I don’t want his blood money 💰.
Anna - He was a very wealthy man.
Maxie - I don’t need it. The baby 👶 and I will be just fine.
Anna - Then Heinrik will claim it?
Maxie - He can have it. We don’t want ANYTHING from Faison.

Peter August tells Sam and Drew that he changed his mind and will stay at Aurora Media and in Port Charles......
— MOM (2.19.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday at General Hospital.......
Sonny takes Mike to the hospital for tests. Mike says there is nothing wrong.....he is just tired.

At Sonny’s House 🏠.......
Carly - So how did you spend Valentine’s Day?
Jason - I spent it with Danny. He wanted another sleep over.
Carly - How does that feel?
Jason - Pretty great! I just dropped him off at school.

At the lawyer’s office..........
Anna is there for the reading of Faison’s will.
Who walks in? ..........Sam and Drew.

At GH......
Dr. Bench - What seems to be the problem?
Mike - No problem. I’m just out of sorts.
Dr. Bench - Out of sorts? Can you describe what is happening?
Sonny - He went to Kelly’s and started working there, as if nothing has transpired.
Dr. Bench - I will start a full battery of tests and blood work to see if there is anything serious.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Carly - I am pleasantly surprised. Sam would want you to spend time with Danny, but Drew wouldn’t.
The door 🚪 bell 🛎’s Diane.
Diane - Hi.
Carly - You don’t waste any time! Sonny signed the papers.
Diane - Well, there you are!
Jason - It has nothing to do with me.
Carly - What is going on?
Diane - Jason was named as a beneficiary in Faison’s will.
Jason - I told you Diane, I don’t want anything from Faison.
Diane - I can’t finalize the will until the Danish Government is satisfied.
Carly - You have to go. You might learn some new information!
Jason - No! He took 5 years of my life and I killed him.
Diane - Carly made a logical argument and I hope some of that gets through.

At the lawyers office.......
Henry Sullivan - Mr. and Mrs. Cain?
Drew - Yes.
Henry - I’m Henry Sullivan. We are just waiting for Diane and another beneficiary. Oh, Diane has arrived.
Diane and Jason enter the room.......for the reading of the will.

(Drew has that.....”Oh, what is HE doing here?” face.👿😬👹)

At GH......
Drs. Bench and Monroe consult on the results of Mike’s test. Dr. Monroe tells Sonny he believes Mike has cognitive issues. He gives Mike some memory tests.

At the lawyer’s office..........
Diane tells each beneficiary what Faison left them........

Britt (absent): Sand bags that line the estate. You have been a weight around my neck and I am returning the favor.

Drew - I leave the thing you want most. A way to restore your memory. A detailed account of Dr. Maddox’s research is locked in my safe.

Jason - Alas, the last whereabouts of Heinrik are locked 🔒 in my safe in Denmark 🇩🇰. This information will only be left to the surviving party of DEATH.

(Faison wants Jason and Drew to fight to the death.....swords raised like Gladiators! The survivor will get all the information in the safe in 🇩🇰 Denmark.)

Anna - That is not legal. He is pitting you against each other from the grave.
Drew - For one of us to get what we want, the other must die.

(WOW! Drew is chomping at the bit. Finally his excuse to get rid of Jason.)
— MOM (2.16.18)
Thursday on GH, short update today......
Anna goes to the Federal Penitentiary to see Andre, a psychiatrist, who is in jail because he memory mapped Jason and Drew. She tells him Faison is dead and she had a baby with him.
Anna - Faison also had a son named Heinrik. He is the one who held Jason in a Russian Clinic. I thought Heinrik was my son, but Valentin told me the baby was a girl. I can’t stop thinking about her every second. I am consumed about thinking of her!

Sonny and Michael meet at General Hospital. Sonny is worried about Mike. He went out and did not come back.
Michael - When was the last time you saw him?
Sonny - Couple of hours ago. He left without his cell phone 📱. I’m worried he is in trouble.

Nelle goes to Kelly’s Diner and Mike is there and he serves her coffee.

Michael - Maybe he got lost?
Sonny - When Mike is pushed into a corner he runs. I have got to find him!

At Kelly’s Diner.......
The waitress tells Mike to get out from behind the counter and stop serving the patrons.
Mike - Who do you think you’re talking to?
Mike drops the coffee pot and it breaks. The waitress says she is going to call the police 👮.

General Hospital was interrupted........

Back at Kelly’s Diner........
Nelle calls Michael to say Mike is in trouble and is getting arrested.
Sonny and Michael arrive and speak to the Officer 👮.
Michael tell the Officer that his grandmother owns the diner and will not press charges.
Sonny - Mike, you haven’t worked here in years! They don’t know you.

Back at Sonny’s house 🏠........
Carly - Mike, there you are! Did you make it to the florist?
Mike - Who? I am going upstairs. I can find my room.
Carly - The florist for Rita?
Michael - They were closed. Dad will fill you in. I’ve got to go. Nelle did us a big favor tonight.
Sonny - We found him at Kelly’s Diner.
Carly - He was serving coffee ☕️?
Sonny - Just like he used to. I think there is something wrong with him.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Diane tells Anna she was named as a beneficiary to Faison’s will.

Hopefully the storyline will go back to Jason tomorrow!
— MOM (2.15.18)
Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕💐💓

On Wednesday’s GH.......
At the Floating Rib......
Sam - Danny made a Valentine for you.
Drew - It means a lot that Danny sees me as a father.

At Jason’s Apt.....
Jason is looking at the Valentine Danny made for him - I love the card you made. Do you have a Valentine?
Danny - 3 maybe 4. What about you, Dad? Do you have a Valentine?
Jason - No buddy. I don’t have a Valentine.
Danny - Is chocolate 🍫 bad for dogs 🐶? Can it make their tummy hurt?
Jason - Yes.
Danny - Can it also make people’s tummy hurt?
Jason - Yes, did you eat too much chocolate 🍫 at the Valentine’s 🎈 party?
Danny - Yes, I don’t feel so good. I want Mommy!
Jason - Before we call your Mom, let’s see if we can solve this ourselves. You don’t have a fever. Let’s try some club soda,
Danny - Mom gives me ginger ale.
Jason - Club soda and ginger ale are the same. Lets try it!

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......
Mike wants to go and buy Rita flowers 💐 for Valentine’s Day. Sonny wants to go with him and, of course, Mike objects. So he goes out at night alone in a neighborhood he is not familiar with.

At the Floating Rib.........
Drew tells Sam that he and Kim had a disagreement because he taught Oscar to defend himself and he got in a fight at school. Kim also told him that he defended her in a fight before they started dating.
Sam gets a call from Danny - Mom, I don’t feel good. Can you come over?

At Jason’s apt.......
Danny drinks the club soda.
Danny - Club soda works just as good as ginger ale.
Jason - Great! So what do you want to do? Play games or do you want to go to bed?
There’s a knock on the door 🚪...........
Jason - I didn’t know you were coming by?
Sam - Didn’t Danny tell you he called me?
Danny - Am I in trouble?
Jason - Danny ate too much chocolate 🍫 at the Valentine’s party.
Sam - I brought some ginger ale.
Danny - Thanks. I like club soda now.
Sam - Come on, let’s go.
Danny - No. I want to stay here! I want to go to bed 🛏 now.
Sam - Ok. I’ll put you to bed.
Danny - Mommy and Daddy can you both do it?
Sam and Jason tuck Danny into bed 🛏.
Sam - Goodnight. 💤
Danny - Wait. Will you read me a story?
Sam - A story?
Danny - I will be tired after a story. I want both of you to read it.

(What an adorable child 👶! 👏🏻👏🏻💕🐶)

Jason and Sam get on either side of Danny’s bed 🛏. Jason reads a story..... Once upon a time.........
Danny falls asleep .......
Sam - I will stay here with him to make sure he is asleep.

Another knock at the door 🚪’s Drew
Drew - I have been waiting for Sam to bring Danny down. Is he ok?
Jason - Yes, he is. She’s with him while he sleeps.
Drew (his usual nasty self) - Do you know Danny used your phone 📱 to call Sam?
Jason - Glad he knows how to use a cell phone!
Drew - You say you want to take yourself out of the equation? I don’t believe you.

(WOW! This guy has very low self esteem. He is worried 😟 Sam really loves Jason. Sam and Jason have a child 👶 together. They will always be in each other’s lives. CHEW on THAT........Drew.💥💥)

At Sonny’s house 🏠...........
It’s late..... Sonny becomes worried that Mike is not back yet. He goes out to look 👀 for him.

At Jason’s apt........
Sam kisses Danny......
Danny - Mommy, I love you.
Sam - I love you, too.
Danny - You can go home. It was fun when you and Daddy read to me.

Drew - You pretend to be a martyr but you’re passive-aggressive.
(Pot calling Kettle......HaHa😂😙🙃)
Jason (calm and unemotional) - How you deal with it is up to you.
Sam - Ok let‘s go home.

(VIOLENT Drew is going to raise his ugly head soon. Drew may be in for a big surprise! Can you imagine Drew with Jason’s memory attacking himself (Jason)?)
— MOM (2.15.18)
On Tuesday’s GH.....
At Kelly’s Diner........
Robin - Hi, do you have a minute?
Jason - Yes, I’m waiting for Michael.
Robin - I would like to thank you for killing Faison. For what he did to you and me but mostly for my mother. He terrorized her for most of her life. You set her free.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......
Sonny comes home to Carly with Mike. He wants to stay in a motel.
Sonny - We have plenty of room.
Mike - I can make all my decisions.
Carly - I would be offended if you didn’t stay here. I have your room all ready!
Mike - The house is so big. I may not be able to find my room.

Carly - What is going on?
Sonny - Mike is in trouble and I will not let him go until I find out what is going on.

At Kim’s apt......
Kim shows Drew a picture of Oscar with a black eye.
Drew - What happened?
Kim - YOU happened. It is all your fault!
(Kim is angry at Drew for teaching Oscar to fight.)
Drew - Oscar is not a little kid any more.
Kim - Who are YOU to tell me how to raise MY son?
Oscar - Stop, Mom! Stop 🛑.

At Kelly’s Diner......
Robin - Nathan’s funeral was heartbreaking. Sam and Drew were there. I’m surprised that Sam and Drew are married?
Jason - You sound like Carly. Sam wants a life with Drew.
Robin - That is what she THINKS she wants. She is with Drew because she doesn’t want to hurt him. When I came back, Patrick was going to marry someone else. He didn’t because he loved me more. She loves Drew but she love 💕 YOU more.
Robin leaves.....

Michael - Sorry to keep you waiting.
Jason - That’s ok. I was talking to Robin.
Michael - Robin, I don’t know her that well.
Jason - She sure knows you!
Michael - Was my mother the reason you split up?
Jason - That is in the past.
Michael - Did my mom ever use me to get close to you? That is what Nelle is doing with the 👶 baby. Nelle is counting on the baby 🍼 to bring me back to her. I don’t love Nelle. I think she is broken. I don’t have faith in her being a good mother.
Jason - I wouldn’t try to make a family with people you don’t trust. You will have people around you who care. You and the baby 👶 will be all right.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny tells Carly of Mike’s problems with Caruso........$10,000 missing.
The door bell rings.......
Sonny welcomes Robin and she hugs Mike. She shows him the pictures of her children. Mike gets wobbly when he tries to get up too fast.
Robin asks Mike when was his last check-up? Robin’s concern for Mike gets him angry. He accuses Sonny of setting him up. Mike wants to leave. Sonny says. “No way!”
Mike - What are you going to do? Get your goons after me?
Robin - Sorry I upset you.

Michael arrives and hugs Robin.....
Michael - Hey Grandpa .
Mike - Give me a hug?
Carly - Thank you, Michael, for picking up Avery.
Mike gets confused about who’s child Avery is. She is Sonny’s child and he thinks she is Michael’s child.

Sonny - Thanks for stopping by. Great to see you Robin!
Robin - You may want to take Mike in for a check-up to be on the safe side.

At the Jerome Gallery........
Michael - Nelle, I want to talk to you about the apartment.
Nelle - Here is next week’s rent early.
Michael - That is great. I am putting the building up for sale. I don’t mean to make this hard for you, especially with the baby. I will not sell the building to anyone who will turn it into condos or hike up the rent.
Nelle - Oh, I hope you can make a profit. Will you still be attending Lamaze with me?
Michael - Yes. I will do whatever I can for the baby 👶.

At Kim’s apt.....
Oscar - It’s not right for Mom to blame you about what happened.
Drew - Is the black eye about the kid who was bullied?
Oscar - Yes it is.
Drew - I’m proud of you standing up for a friend.
Drew and Kim apologize to each other and promise to do a better job at parenting.
Kim - It will take some time getting used to sharing Oscar with you.
Drew - You’re a great mother.
Kim - Oscar is a great kid!
Then Kim tells Drew a story about bulling. She tells him of a night before they were dating when some guy pulled on her dress and broke the strap. Drew was interested and asked her to go on with the story.
Kim - I feel strange telling you this.
Drew - Please, go on.
Kim - Well, this guy. He tore the strap on my dress 👗 and BOOM💥💥 you were there! You gently pushed me aside and trounced on him like an avenging angel.

At Kelly’s Diner.........
Jake is with Liz and Franco and runs in to get a cupcake. He sees 👀 Jason.
Liz - Hi 👋 Jake won 1st prize in the Art Contest.
Jake - Franco helped me.
Jason - Congratulations 🎈 Jake! Enjoy the celebration. That deserves 2 cupcakes!
Jake - Are you coming to the wedding 🎩 ?
Jason - I’m sorry, Jake. I can’t make it to the wedding 👰. I found a new place to live in. Maybe you can visit sometime?
Jake leaves to get his cupcake......
Franco - When Elizabeth and I are married, I will be Jake’s stepfather. Don’t put Jake in the middle.
Jason - YOU did what you did.
Franco - Yes, because I had a brain tumor but you don’t understand that. What about your killer life and your being in a Russian Clinic? Elizabeth should be more afraid of YOU than me.
Jason - You did what you did, and you will pay for it.
Franco walks outside with Jake.....
Liz - What just happened between you and Franco?
Jason - That is between him and me.
Liz - I am going to marry Franco. Jake was so excited about the wedding 👰 and he wants you to come.
Jason - I can’t go to the wedding 🎩.
Liz - Franco is good for Jake!
Jason - Jake doesn’t know Franco the way I do and hopefully he never will.
Liz - He has changed! We all know that, including Michael and Sam. YOU need to move on. My family is waiting for me. My future. Maybe you should think of starting a family of your own. Jason, I say this with love.....let it go. Happy Valentines Day.

(It’s almost like Sam and Elizabeth are saying to Jason ......Oh no! Why did YOU come back. You’re messing up MY life!)
— MOM (2.13.18)
Monday on GH.....
At the grave site......
Lulu - Maxie, I’m SO sorry about Nathan.
Maxie - You should be! You killed Nathan.
Lulu - How can you say that?
Maxie - Tell me, Lulu, how did it go? Did you get your story? What is the going rate for my husband‘s life?
Lulu - Maxie, I did not fire the gun!
Maxie - No, you just put him in the position to be shot.
Lulu - I loved Nathan too!
Maxie - You USED him to advance your career. What a joke! Your ego knows no bounds. You exploited him.
Lulu - I exploited him? How?
Maxie (with a raised voice) - You put the idea in his head. You did it to get an INTERVIEW! Nathan was a father and husband, you took advantage of that! He wanted to keep his family safe. You risked NOTHING. You took EVERYTHING from me.
Lulu - No! I need to make you understand.
Maxie screams - YOU need to make ME see? Lulu is right and I am wrong because Lulu Falconieri is always right! I will NEVER get an apology from you. You are also a MURDERER but you are a morally superior one.
Lulu - Please, let’s talk about this!
Maxie - It is NOT my job to make things better for YOU. Get out of my sight!

Nina - Let’s go to the reception.
Maxie is crying - I don’t know how to do this. Please tell me HOW I do this?
Nina - We will figure it put together.

At the reception at the Floating Rib, Maxie is overwhelmed by the condolences from guests and insists she leave alone.
Spinelli follows her.

At the gravesite.....
Peter - It feels strange to say goodbye when we weren’t formally introduced. Not as brothers. You were a good man, loving and kind. Not like our father. Maxie so clearly showed how much she loved you. You were truly a loved man. Sorry your luck ran out.

(What does Peter mean by that? Is he more involved in Nathan’s death than we know??)

At the Floating Rib,....
Drew - Hi. How is it going?
Franco - It’s a funeral.
Drew - Are you avoiding me?
Franco - I thought you preferred it when I kept my distance?
Drew - How long have you known this Harvey guy?
Franco - Why do you want to know? Oh, because we’re friends now? I didn’t know him, he remembered ME.
Drew - Can I see the rabbit 🐇 foot? It looks familiar.
Franco - What?
Drew - The rabbit 🐰 foot? Can I see👀 it?
Franco gives the foot to Drew.
Drew holds it, but nothing comes to mind.

Maxie looks at the apt door and puts the key into the lock. She enters the dark empty room and sits on the couch.
There’s a knock on the door 🚪.......
Maxie - What are you doing here?
Spinelli - Your mother was right. You shouldn’t be alone.
Maxie - But I am.
Spinelli suggests Maxie go to Portland with him to see their daughter, Georgie.
Maxie - I still will be thinking of Nathan. Whenever I hear a knock at the door 🚪 or footsteps, I realize Nathan is not coming back. You’re not helping. So just leave.

Oscar gets in a fight at school and has a black eye. Kim told him he should have called the teacher to handle it.
Oscar - There was no time.
Joss - If Oscar didn’t step in, our transgendered friend would have been seriously hurt.
Kim - I don’t care about him or her. I care about Oscar!

At the Floating Rib......
Valentin - I hope you changed your mind about leaving?
Peter - There are complications.
Valentin - Jason Morgan is on the hunt for Faison’s son. If you leave now, it will cause suspicion. Trust me. Haven’t I always taken care of you?

Anna - Why haven’t you said anything about the child all these years?
Valentin - Because I love/hate you. But not enough to destroy you. Do you want to find her?
She is happy and with a good family.
Anna - No, I want to leave it alone.
Valentin - I will give you my best advice.
Anna - Do I want to hear this?
Valentin - Leave the past in the past. You have a good life. Move forward.

At the apt...
Maxie speaks to her baby - I’m so sorry you will not get to meet your dad. He loved you. He would want me to sing 🎶 songs to you. Make you laugh with silly faces. If we lean on each other, we will get thru this. We will be ok. You will see.
— MOM (2.12.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday, and today is a sad 😢 day.....Detective James Nathan West Funeral Service.

Nina and Valentin greet guests at the church while guests sign the condolence book 📖.

Robin, Anna and Griffin talk about how they lost a good man and great friend.

Bobby - Nathan was a great man.
Elizabeth and Franco comfort Lisle.
Lisle - Thank you for coming.
Liz - I am sorry for your loss.
Franco - I wish you didn’t have to feel like this.

Drew and Sam embrace Maxie.
Felicia tells Maxie she has a lot of friends who will come running when she needs them.
Spinelli hugs Maxie and tells her that her daughter, Georgie, loves her.

Peter August and Lulu take a seat in the church and wonder how Maxie is doing.

The procession begins with an American Flag draped over the casket while police 👮 officers in dress blue uniforms with white gloves carry the casket into the church. Maxie, Felicia and Mac follow.

Nathan lays there in an open casket with an American Flag 🇺🇸 draped.

Commissioner Jordan and Dante, both in uniform, walk up to the casket and salute Nathan.

Peter August walks up and looks at his brother.

Lisle kisses Nathan on the forehead.

Nina gives a beautiful and touching eulogy. Nathan was a man of action not words. She asks guests to tell stories about Nathan.

At the cemetery...... police officers 👮‍♀️ in unison give a 12-gun salute.

Dante reads a Poem to Police Men. Then he and Jordan take the American Flag 🇺🇸 off the casket and fold it. Dante gives the flag to Maxie and salutes her.

The drum 🥁 and bag pipes play as guests leave a white rose on the casket and embrace Maxie.

Guests then console Nina with Valentin.

Lisle stands on the side as Anna touches her coat.

At the casket.......
Maxie - I don’t really know what to say? I’m not thinking straight. I love you, Nathan. I always will. You saw the best in me. You make me want to be better. I can’t promise you I will succeed without you here, but I promise I will try. I can’t let you go. Not without this.......
Maxie puts the picture of the sonogram of the baby 👶 Nathan had in his pocket when he was shot in the handle of the casket. It has splatters of his blood on it.
Maxie - Nathan I will miss you so much!
She looks up to heaven and asks her sister Georgie to take care of Nathan.

At the reception for Nathan......
Spinelli - I would like to say something in Nathan’s honor. He was as good of a human being as I have ever known. He then sings, Oh Danny Boy. He stops in mid song. Amy starts to sing with him. Guests chime in.

At the gravesite.......
Maxie feels Nathan’s arms around her. She sees her sister Georgie and Nathan walk away as Nathan mouths, I love you, Maxie.

Lulu walks up to Maxie - I’m SO sorry.
Maxie stares Lulu down - YOU should be. YOU KILLED HIM!

— MOM (2.9.18)
On Thursday’s GH.........
At the Metro Court apts.....
Carly - What do you think?
Jason looking at new masculine furniture - I like it.
Carly - I want you to enjoy it. Let’s look at the boys’ room!

At Aurora Media......
Drew - Are you just going to quit?
Peter August - I will remain until you find a replacement. I have accomplished what I came to do.

At Windermere.....
Valentin - Don’t you want to know what happened to the child 🧒 you had with Faison?
Anna - What are you talking about? You’re delusional!
Valentin - Fine. Run away but you won’t get the answers you’re looking for.

At the Metro Court apts......
Carly - So I thought about getting bunk beds 🛏 but I don’t want the kids fighting over the one they want. Michael and Morgan did that. This is your place and your boys are going to visit you here.
Jason - I hope so.
Carly - So glad you decided to have a relationship with the boys!

At Aurora Media....
Drew - Why make this decision now?
Peter - I am still upset about the shooting. I tried to help Maxie save Nathan’s life and I failed.
Drew shakes Peter’s hand - Well, you will always be a part of the Aurora family.
Peter - Thank you. I never had a family.

At Windermere......
Valentin - Aren’t you tired 😓 of running 🏃? I was very clear. I know you have a child with Faison.
Anna - Stop 🛑!!
Valentin - On a dark night in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 there was a beautiful girl and a deformed man. He watched her go to a place to have a baby 👶. At first I thought the girl was your twin sister, but it was you. YOU had a baby!
Anna - Why are you doing this? You weren’t there. How can you know?

At General Hospital......
Michael tells Nelle he doesn’t want her to name the baby 🍼 after Morgan.
Nelle - I thought naming the baby 👶 after Morgan would ease the tension with your mother?
Michael - Lets see 👀 if it is a boy or girl. Then we can come up with a name we like.

At the Metro Court apts.....
Jason - You got everything finished just in time. Danny is coming over tonight!
Carly - Are you nervous 😬?
Jason - Yes, I am.
Carly - Danny is comfortable with you. He sees 👀 how Sam reacts to you.

At Windermere.....
Valentin - I was always in love with you and wanted to make you see past my deformities. YOU wanted to bring down Faison. You KNEW he was fixated on you. When you stole away from school, I followed you. I followed you and watched you blend in at Piccalilli. Moments later you came out with a blond wig and stiletto heels 👠. I knew it was you. I followed you and you met Faison. He was drunk and you left together. At school the next day, I knew you got a lot more than you bargained for.
Anna - Stop ✋ it!
Valentin - If you leave now, you will miss the best part of the story!
Anna - I was ambitious. I will not apologize for it. He was evil. He made me so SICK!
Valentin - What a dangerous game you played. What brings me back to Brussels, the old house on the street with a midwife.
Anna - How do YOU know that?
Valentin - By the time I got to Brussels, up the creaky stairs there was no mother only a child.
Anna - How do you know that??
Valentin - I didn’t. You confirmed it now!

At Charley’s Pub......
Drew tells Sam that Peter August has decided to leave Aurora Media. Jim Harvey sees 👀 Sam and offers to buy the 🍸 drinks. He talks about all the ads he plans to put in their paper.

Franco and Liz arrive at the Pub and see 😬 Drew and Sam at the another table. They are there to discuss Ava Jerome’s offer to host their wedding 👰 at Jerome Gallery .

Jim - Bobby! Small world 🌍.
Franco - It’s getting smaller.

(Time to stop to make dinner. Easy peasy tonight. Butterfly 🦋 Shrimp 🍤 with French Fries 🍟.)

I’m back!
At Metro Court apts.....there is a knock on the door 🚪
Alexis - Sam asked me to drop Danny over for a sleepover. Is it ok that I brought him?
Jason - Yes, of course! Danny, this is my new home. And it is your home, too.
Danny - I brought you a present!
Jason - Good. A picture of you and Annabelle #2.
Danny - We loved the gift you got us for Christmas!
Jason - I know just what to get you next Christmas.
Carly - There might be a bunch of Star 🌟 Wars toys in your room....
Jason - Let’s go see!
Carly to Alexis - Sam couldn’t bring Danny herself?
Alexis - She had business to attend to.
Carly - She was afraid of being alone with Jason!

At Charley’s Pub......
Sam introduces Drew to Jim Harvey.
Drew - Hello, Drew Cain.
Jim - Wow! You’re Andy. Bobby’s friend! I was dating Betsy and knew you two as Bobby and Andy as children. I heard that Andy died but I can see it isn’t true.
Sam - You knew Drew as a child? Tell us about it!
Jim starts to speak.....
Franco imagines Jim telling Drew - Franco was a horrible kid. He threw you down a flight of stairs when you were 3 years old. Drew says, he did WHAT? Drew attempts to beat up Franco.
What Jim DID say was - Bobby was always a natural artist 👩‍🎨. You were always building things.

At Windermere.....
Valentin - You had Faison’s child.
Anna - No child should have Faison for a father.
Valentin - I agree! That is why I never told anyone.
Anna - Do you know what happened to the child 👶?

At the Metro Court apts........
Jason - So do you want to stay for dinner?
Carly - No. This is a big night for you.
Jason - So what kind of pizza do you like, Danny?
Danny - I want what you want, Dad!
Jason gulps and smiles.
Carly - Yes. Dad! You need to get used to being called Dad. Bye Danny. Have a great night!

At Windermere......
Valentin - The midwife told me you couldn’t bring yourself to look at the baby 👶. You wanted her to find someone to take care of the child. You wanted her to grow up happy and healthy.
Anna - She?
Valentin - Yes. You had a girl.

At Charley’s Pub......
Franco - Lets get out of here.
Liz - Ok.
Drew - Hey, Franco! Why didn’t you tell me about this guy? Jim Harvey knew us when we were kids?
Franco - It was ancient history.

At Windermere.......
Valentin - The story has a happy ending. Faison never knew she existed. You got what you wanted.
Anna - Good night 🌙.

Peter August is on the phone 📱. You should be aware I’m leaving Port Charles.
Valentin - That would be a mistake.

The plot thickens.....😎🤫😱
— MOM (2.8.18)
On Wednesday’s GH.........
At Mike’s apt.....
Mike - Did you sleep all right?
Sonny - By my watch it is afternoon. Where have you been all morning?
Mike - Why, do you have something on your mind?
Sonny - You can say that!
Sonny throws the bag of money at Mike.
Sonny - Do you want to explain this?
Mike - I don’t understand. What is this?
Sonny - YOU tell me?
Mike - What?
Sonny - Where were you this morning?
Mike - I went out for a walk!
Sonny - In the winter. And the 💰 money, Mike?
Mike - If you don’t know about the money, then that makes two of us!
Sonny - What was the $10,000 doing in your cigar box 📦, Mike?
Mike - I don’t know who put it there!

At Aurora Media.......
Sam - This came for you.
Drew - Did you send flowers 🌺? What is this?
Sam - Two tickets to Tahiti. For the honeymoon we didn’t have. We didn’t get to finish our honeymoon. It would be just the two of us. The kids will be with Monica. We would have a real adventure as Drew and Sam Cain.

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Peter asks Lulu to write Nathan‘s obituary.
Peter - It would give Maxie comfort if it was written by a friend.
Lulu - I blame myself for all that happened. Dante lost his partner and Maxie lost her husband. She is so distraught 😫 that she can’t speak to anyone. It would be little comfort to her.

At Mikes apt.......
Sonny - I take time out of my life and come here because my father is in trouble and I find $10,000 in a CIGAR BOX 📦! Look, the debt is paid so keep the money.
Mike - Maybe I will. I don’t want your help. I don’t need your help!
Mike leaves the room.
Rita - Mike is too stubborn to ask for help. We need you, Sonny. We need your help.

Anna goes to Windermere to give Lisle Obrecht the personal items of Faison.
Obrecht - No, don’t give that to me. I don’t want his things.
Valentin - You had a relationship with him. You can dispose of his items.
Anna - What about Faison’s son?
Obrecht - Faison killed my son.
Anna - I mean his other son. Lisle, will you help me find him?

At Mike’s apt.......
Sonny - Rita, I would love to help you out but I don’t know 🤔 what is going on. All I want to know is how did the money 💴 wind up in the cigar 📦 box??
Mike - If you don’t believe me, Sonny, you have to leave my home.
Rita - Do you see that? I know you haven’t seen him in a long time but he is not himself.
Sonny - He may be telling the truth about the gambling. (looking into the bag) Then the money would be short.
Rita - He needs you to believe him. Would you go easy on your father?

At Kelly’s Diner......
Lulu - I don’t know anything about you or your family.
Peter - I never knew my mother. When I got older my father shipped me off to boarding school. No matter how I tried to please him, he didn’t want to be bothered with me.
Lulu - What about siblings?
Peter - I had a brother, he died before I could get to know him.
Lulu - You sound like a Dickens novel.
Peter - I make my own success. I won’t let people define who I am.

At Mike’s apt.....
Sonny - You’re right. I should go easy on Mike.
Rita - He told me he abandoned you and your mother.
Sonny - That is in the past. What is going on?
Rita - I wish I knew. He has been so distracted lately. He is so proud of you, Sonny. He loves you in his own half assed way. The last thing he wants is to need you.
Mike - YOU still here?
Sonny - You see me standing here, don’t you?
Mike - Does that mean you believe me?

At Aurora Media......
Alexis asks Drew and Sam for an endorsement on behalf of Aurora Media in her Mayoral run. They refuse the request. They need to be unbiased.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Lulu - Did you ever try to find your mother?
Peter - My father wouldn’t let me. He got me through an intermediary so I didn’t know who my mother was.
Lulu - That is very sad.
Peter - I woke up one day and said I don’t need your approval. That is when I became my own person.

At Mike’s apt.....
Sonny - Yes, I believe you.
Mike - You do??
Sonny - You can keep the 💴 money. Caruso is square. I think you need a little vacation. I want you to meet Avery, Rocco, Dante and Lulu. They would love to see you.
Mike - What about Rita?
Sonny - Rita too.
Rita - I would love to go but I have to work. Mike, go and meet your grandkids!
Mike - I am not going anywhere!

At Aurora Media......
Ned goes to see Drew to tell him as family we all have to stick together.
Drew - I will tell you the same thing I told Alexis. We will not endorse a Mayoral candidate. We will stay neutral.
Ned - Are those Alan’s cufflinks?
Drew - Yes. Monica gave them to me.
Ned - Being a Quartermaine means we support family. The cufflinks look good on you.

At Windermere.....
Nina - My brother is dead. Have some respect and let us grieve in peace!
Anna - I know you don’t believe me but I am really sorry. I have to make sure everything about Faison including his son is wrapped up forever. Valentin did you ever encounter Faison‘s son?
Valentin - Why don’t you ask me what you really want to know? What do I know about your and Faison’s son?

At Mike’s apt......
Mike - I appreciate the offer. I really do. I have my routine here. I take my walks and I meet friends every day for coffee.
Sonny - If you want coffee, I have more coffee than you can dream of. What do you say Pop?Come to Port Charles and meet your family!
Mike - Ok.
Sonny - All right.

(What do you think about Mike’s behavior? I think at his advanced age he may be sick. Dementia or some other illness.)

At Aurora Media......
Peter- May I speak to you?
Drew- Sure.
Peter- I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity . I am going to tender my resignation. I am leaving Port Charles.
— MOM 2.7.18
Tuesday on GH (it’s a short update today).....
At Mike’s Apt.....
Sonny - Admit it Mike, you took the money 💵 and I will replace it.
Mike - I’m a mess you have to sweep up. I don’t know.
Sonny - Who do you owe the money to and how much is the grand total, Mike?
Mike - On your mothers grave, I have not gambled in years.
Sonny - Then what happened to the money?
Mike - I don’t know.
Sonny - Why would Caruso say you stole the money when you didn’t?

Robin comes 🏠 home ........
Anna - I totally forgot you were coming home for the funeral.
Robin - I didn’t know Nathan very well but he made Maxie very happy. At least Faison is out of our lives forever.
Robin attempts to look at Anna’s open computer 🖥.
Anna closes the computer - I’m sorry.
Robin - Suddenly you don’t want me to see 👀 what is on your computer?
Anna - Just a email from Obrecht.
Robin - You know how much I hate Obrecht. She gave up Nathan to protect him from Faison. She was, at least, TRYING to be a good parent.

At Mike’s apt.....
Mike - I don’t know why Caruso said I didn’t make the drop.
Sonny - What were you thinking? Being a Bag Man!
Mike - I don’t have a pension.
Sonny - I will give you money. Why don’t we offer a deal? I will give you an allowance and make some calls and write some checks.

At Anna’s house 🏡....
Anna - Obrecht was terrified of the threat Faison posed on her son. I should have taken her concern more seriously.
Robin - Faison is gone now. The whole nightmare is over.
Anna - Jason and Sonny helped.
Robin - I have to laugh. You are more alike than not.

At Mike’s apt.....
Sonny - Ok all settled. Caruso‘s debt is taken care of. I don’t want you to work for Caruso or anyone like him.
Mike - Do you want a genuine Cuban cigar?
Sonny - Maybe later.
Mike - Here you are again, taking care of your dad when he couldn’t take care of you and your mom.
Sonny - Let that go. What happened is in the past! We’re together, we’re family. Nothing is more important than that.

At Anna’s house 🏡......
Anna - You must be tired.
Robin - No, I’m starving. Airport food is horrible. Let’s go out to eat.
Anna tells Robin she is no longer seeing Finn. They weren’t dating. It was a cover for the sting operation to capture Faison.
Robin - It didn’t look like acting to me. It was real.

At Mike’s apt......
Mike - You will stay the night. I will make up the guest room. We have a lot of catching up to do.
Sonny goes to get a drink and sees the cigar 📦 box. He opens the box and finds the $10,000 in a brown paper bag.

Robin and Anna go to the Floating Rib for dinner and they see Finn with Alexis. Anna looks angry.
Robin - Tell me how this is just a “working relationship?”

— MOM (2.6.18)
On Monday’s GH...
Sonny knocks on Mike’s door and a woman answers. She tells Sonny that Mike is in trouble. He is working as a courier. He picks up a package and delivers it to his boss, Caruso. $10,000 is missing. Sonny asks Mike if he is gambling? No. He is working because he doesn’t want to depend on Sonny for money.

Carly tells Michael that Nelle tried to attack her. Michael asks Carly if she did something to Nelle? The doorbell rings’s Nelle.
Nelle - I’m so glad you’re both here. I want to apologize to you, Carly.
Carly - I’m sorry too.
Nelle - I thought of how I could make it up to you.
Carly - No. That isn’t necessary.
Nelle - I’ve decided that whether the baby is a boy or girl, I will name it Morgan Corrinthos.

Franco tells Dr. Collins he pushed a boy down the stairs when was 3 years old.
Dr. Collins - How do you know that?
Franco - My mother told me.
Dr. Collins - Parents don’t always tell the truth, maybe you didn’t do this.
Franco - What do you mean?
Dr. Collins - I think you’re not the same person you were as a child. You may be cured. Do you ever want to hurt Elizabeth or Jake?
Franco - No. Never!
Dr. Collins - I think you want me to say you’re a bad person. You are redeemable and I can help you.
Franco - Yeah, like you helped your brother?
Dr.Collins - Ryan was abused as a child by his mother.
Franco - Oh. I’m sorry.
Dr.Collins - I can help you if you will let me.

Sam and Drew are going to continue to look for the flash drive. They remember Anna had it in a Christmas 🎄 ornament. They wonder where it could be?
Sam - You, Jason and me. We can work together to find it.
Drew - No. Not Jason! Just the two of us.

Jason goes to Crimson to talk to Peter August.
Peter - You did a good job.
Jason - When was the last time you saw Faison?
Peter - At the hospital. I went to talk to him. He tried to shoot me.
Jason - Did anyone outside hear your conversation?
Peter - No. The door was closed.
Jason - So you’re the last person to see Faison alive.

A policeman comes in and tells Peter they checked the area where Faison tried to shoot him and could not find the bullet.
Jason - Why did Faison come to Crimson?
Peter - He was after Maxie.
Jason - No. Faison arrived BEFORE Maxie. So who was he looking for? Was it you?
Peter - You’re not a police 👮 officer. I don’t have to answer your questions! I’m very busy. If you have anymore questions, make an appointment.

As Jason leaves Crimson he sees Sam.
Sam - Drew wants to look for the flash drive.
Jason - Good. We can.....
Sam - I suggested you look with us but he said no. I wish you brothers had a better relationship, but you don’t.
Jason - Well we can exchange information.
Sam - No. I couldn’t go behind Drew’s back. You and I will always be Danny’s parents. That will not change. I think after today we should see less of each other.

Drew and Peter meet at The Metro Court.
Peter - Before we discuss business, your brother came to see me today.
Drew - What did he want?
Peter - He asked me about Faison.
Drew - Why?
Peter - I don’t know. I only met Faison once....
— MOM (2.5.18)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH!

At Sonny’s house 🏠........
Sonny - Caruso, how are things in the neighborhood? What about my father? Tell me what kind of trouble is he in?

At Aurora Media.......
Drew - Jason, how long have you known about Henrik? Who are YOU working with?
Jason - Faison said YOU knew Henrik.
Sam - If Drew sees Henrik, maybe it will spark some insight.
Drew - You told me Faison was looking for a traitor!
Jason - We met with Faison’s daughter, Britt and she said when Faison found out I wasn’t dead he freaked. We also found a manuscript of P.K. Sinclair, called The Severed Branch.
Sam - Do you think The Severed Branch is Henrik?
Jason - The traitor and P.K.Sinclair are the same person. We tried to make contact.
Drew - You keep saying WE. WHO are you taking about?
Jason - Sonny and Spinelli. We sent an email to P.K. Sinclair and he responded.
Drew - You were supposed to keep me in the loop! Did you know all of this before the wedding 🎩?
Jason - Yes.
Drew - WHY did you keep it from me? You said you were close to getting Faison and we should take the kids out of town. I could have helped!
Jason - You were keeping Sam and the kids safe. I will let you know if I find anything.
Drew - Truthfully this time?
Jason leaves...
Drew - We will have to find Henrik on our own.

At Metro Court.....
Carly tells Nelle she knows that she was in a mental institution for a year. Nelle becomes enraged and attempts to strike Carly. Carly blocks her hand.
Carly - So you DO have a violent streak!
Nelle - You provoked me!

At Sonny’s House 🏡....
Sonny - My father is in trouble. Mike hasn’t gambled since I put him in rehab. He must have got in with a wrong crowd.
Jason walks in....
Carly - Sonny needs you.
Sonny - No I don’t!
Carly - YES he does!
Sonny - Mike is gambling again.
Carly - What if Faison is using Mike as a prop?
Jason - Faison is dead.
Carly - Why didn’t you tell me this? Now you won’t get the answers you need!
Jason - I have some answers. The reason he didn’t program me was that I have brain damage.
Carly - Did you tell Sam and Drew?
Jason - Yes, I told Sam first.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - If we don’t get information out of Jason that is useful, we need to speak to Anna.
Sam - Anna will help, but as you told Jason, we will be chasing a ghost.
Drew - Weren’t you hell bent on finding Henrik? I have got to do something! I can’t go on living with Jason’s memories. I have to know who I AM for all of us.

At the Metro Court......
Nelle tells Ava that Carly is digging into her past.
Ava - Carly will use anything she finds against you. Be careful. She will say you’re an unfit mother.

At Sonny’s House 🏠......
Carly - You went to tell Sam about Faison?
Jason - I went to see Drew and saw Sam. I told her Faison couldn’t program me because I had brain damage. He was looking through military photos looking for a guy and found Drew who looked like me. That was hard for Sam to hear.
Carly - Because she grieved for you. People say they’re heartbroken all the time. But they’re really just depressed, sad or upset. When you’re heartbroken you can’t breathe. You have a heavy weight on your chest. It takes all your strength to move. THAT is what it was like for Sam. Danny helped her to move on. She moved on heartbroken. Then you came back and she wasn’t heartbroken anymore! Jason, you can go to her and tell her you want to be with her. You LOVE Sam! Damn it! GO to her and FIGHT for her!

At Mike’s Apt.......
Sonny - Mike, it’s me. You’re not answering your phone, Mike. I came all the way out here, open up. MIKE!!

At Aurora. Media.......
Drew - How will I remember things?
Sam - You thought Kim was a person from your past. So maybe the memory implant didn’t work because of Jason’s brain damage. You don’t need a flash drive. YOU can remember on your own.

What a week!
— MOM (2.2.18)
Only one more day until ✈️🌞☀️😎✈️!

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Franco - I really need for my father to come through for me.
Scott - I am not paying for your wedding 🎩.
Franco - No I want you to give me away.
Scott - I would prefer to be your best man.
Franco - Dr. Kevin Collins is doing a study of people like me.
Scott - No not Kevin Collins! If you think you’re crazy, you have NOTHING on Kevin Collins. We don’t know if you pushed Drew down the stairs.
Franco - He already told me about his twin brother.

At Aurora Media......
Jason - Is Drew here?
Sam - No, he went to the hospital to talk to Faison.
Jason - Too late.....Faison is dead.

At GH....
Elizabeth tells Drew that Faison is dead. DNA and cause of death confirmed.
Drew - I guess now I will never find out why he did it.
Liz - Don’t worry about that just go and live your life.

Back at Aurora Media......
Jason - Faison died from complications from a gun shot wound.
Sam - YOU’RE the one who shot him. I’m glad. He took away whatever chance we had for a life together. I’m glad he is dead.
Jason - Me too.

At Sonny’s House 🏠......
Anna tell him that Faison is dead. She also tells Sonny she wants him to leave Henrik alone.
Sonny - Why do you care so much about him?
Anna - I want to debrief Henrik without interference from you or Jason. We are done with this!
Anna - This is a WSB matter! This is official and I want you to stay out of it!
Sonny - This is personal! He kept Jason hostage for 5 YEARS! Henrik went after Jason once, he will not do it 2 times.
Anna - You will not do that!
Sonny - Don’t threaten me, Anna.
Anna - You don’t want to make an enemy of me.

At Metro Court.....
Carly tells Michael she found out that Nelle was in a mental institution.
Michael - I know. She told me.

At Aurora Media......
Sam - I guess I’m responsible for bringing Faison to Port Charles.
Jason - How?
Sam - Our paper through Peter August published the story of Nathan being Faison’s son.
Jason - I went to see 👀 Faison and he told me he couldn’t program me because I have brain damage.
Sam - How did he find Drew?
Jason - He was looking through military photos and saw Drew, who looked like me.
Sam - So because he was a military photo our lives were completely changed.
Jason - We still have Faison’s son, Henrik.
Sam - He asked us to help him get out of the hospital. Maybe we made a mistake and should have helped him. We could have watched him die.
Jason - I don’t know about Drew but you wouldn’t do that.
Sam - Don’t be so sure.
Jason - You would not be so cruel and watch someone die.
Sam - You don’t understand how I grieved for you. I got the miracle Maxie will never get. She will never see Nathan open his eyes. I was able to open my eyes at the pier and see you again.

At General Hospital.....
Dr. Kevin Collins goes to the morgue and the doctor there takes Faison’s brain and gives it to him. Kevin got permission from the WBS and Anna Devane.

Franco asks Liz about Dr. Collins’ twin brother. She tell him Kevin is a good man. It took him a long time to realize that Ryan was very sick.
Franco - Tell me about Ryan.
Liz - You will have to ask Kevin about him.

At Aurora Media.....
Jason - When I pulled you out of the water 💦 I thought you were too out of it to remember.
Sam - I was coughing up water and was very cold. I remember someone was holding me then I was you. The strangest part is I didn’t question it or think it was weird .I knew you were here and I would be ok.
Jason - I will always do whatever you need.

Drew returns - Jason, what can I do for you?
Jason - Faison is dead.
Drew - I know.
Jason - When I spoke to Faison he told me he didn’t program me because I have brain damage.
Drew - So he took me because I didn’t have brain damage?
Jason - He was looking 👀 through military photos and found you because you looked like me.
Drew - Jason, how long have you known Henrik? Who are YOU working for?

(Yeah right Drew! Point the finger at Jason before it is pointed at YOU!!)

At GH.....
Franco goes to Dr. Collins office and sees 👀😱 a brain on his desk.
Franco - You have a brain on your desk.
Kevin - Now that you found me, what can I do for you?
Franco - Well, people who murder start as teenagers. My first attempt at murder was when I was 3 years old.
Dr. Collins tells his secretary to hold all his calls and cancel all his appointments for the day.

Anna goes to the Morgue to see the body of Faison (absent one brain 🧠).
Anna looking at Faison’s cut up body - I beat you, you son of a bitch! You died never knowing my secret. All those years I kept you in the dark. Well here you are and here I am. I’M still standing. I made it. You want to know the kicker? There is a child out there, our child. She imagines Faison gets up and grabs her arm and says, is it Henrik? Anna screams and the doctor comes in.
Random Dr. - Are you ok?
Anna looks like she just saw a ghost.
— MOM (2.1.18)
Last day of your event. 💕💋💐 Good Luck!! 🍾💐👏🏻👏🏻

On Wednesday’s General Hospital in Nathan’s Room....
Machine starts to beep.... Nathan flatlines......
Doctors try to revive Nathan.
Griffin - He is gone. Call it. 12:49pm.

Faison is in a room and sees 👀 Henrik (Peter August) in the doorway. Sam and Drew approach. Peter tell Sam and Drew not to believe anything Faison says. (He lies.)

Outside Griffin tells Maxie, Nina, Obrecht and Dante that Nathan is gone.

Sam and Drew enter Faison’s room.
Faison - I see you got the girl. Jason’s wife. Aren’t you going to thank me?

Griffin tell Maxie - We did everything we could for him. The damage was too extensive.
Mac and Felicia hold Maxie back.
Maxie - NO! Stop! I want to see him!
Maxie sits beside Nathan’s bed and says - How do I say good bye? I can’t find the strength right now. Nathan, nothing works without you. I love you, Nathan. I will always love you. We both will.
Felicia enters the room - Sweetheart, it’s time to go.
Maxie - I don’t think I can leave.
Felicia - I will help you.

Nurse Amy enters the room - I am sorry, Nathan. Thank you for everything.

Dante tells Amy he will take over.
Dante - You’re the best partner and damn best friend I have ever had. Don’t worry about Maxie and the baby.
Dante pulls the sheet up to Nathans face. He leave the room.

Outside Nina tells Maxie - Thank you for loving my brother. You loved him like he deserved to be loved.

Dante calls Jordan to say Nathan is gone. He then called Lulu to say Nathan didn’t make it.
Lulu - Oh My God! Oh No!

Obrecht to Dante - Will you tell your wife Nathan is dead because of HER? Nathan was an innocent who didn’t know what he was doing. But YOU did and you should have stopped her!
Dante - Everyone is grieving now.

In Faison’s room.....
Sam - Does it amuse you to play games with people’s lives?
Drew - Where is the flash drive? What did you do with it?
Faison - I don’t know about a flash drive. I didn’t know it existed.
Drew - Why did you keep Jason alive?
Faison - I didn’t want to keep him alive.
Drew - Your son, Henrik, where do we find him?
Faison - I won’t tell you where to find him. I will tell you if you help me to get out of here.
Drew - I will not help you. I hope you enjoy hell!

Nina runs to Faison’s room. Valentine stops her.
Nina screams - YOU killed my brother! MURDERER! MURDERER!

Lulu arrive at the Hospital and tells Dante - I don’t believe this. Is it real?

Maxie goes into the empty room and touches the bed. She remembers telling Nathan when he woke up that she felt the baby. Nathan put his hand on Maxie’s stomach and felt the baby move too. He smiled, told Maxie he loved her and closed his eyes.

In Faison’s room.....
Henrik - You look like a cadaver! So how are you feeling?
Faison - Like I was shot.
Henrik - You have to admit, Jason Morgan does good work. As good as I do.
Faison - Do you know anything about the flash drive?
Henrik - I don’t have to tell you anything. Those days are over........Dad.

Mac and Felicia take Maxie to her apt.
Mac - We could go back to our place. You could spend the night there?

Amy delivers Nathan’s belongings to Maxie. Maxie looks in the bag with Nathan’s belongings and pulls out a watch.
Maxie - You know what he always said? Your worth waiting for.

In Faison’s Room......
Henrik - Do you know how exasperating it was year after year trying to get you to love me? I am my own man now.
Faison - Where is the flash drive? Why are you NOT hurt?
Henrik - Bullet proof vest. You always told me to plan ahead.....Dad.
Faison - You didn’t kill Jason.
Henrik - Why would I kill the perfect assassin? Nathan is dead. You killed the wrong son.
Faison - Nathan is dead?
Henrik - Thanks to YOU! You’re so old and fragile, you didn’t even know he was your son. I have the flash drive and have plans for Jason and Drew. Better yet, I am WORKING for Sam and Drew. Thank you ....Dad. You killed a son you could love and kept alive the son you hate. I win Dad. YOU lose!
Faison’s beeper to the machines goes off. Faison holds his chest and says - Get the nurse!
Henrik is holding the cord to the machines, but drops it.
Heinrik - No, Dad. You taught me better than that.
He leaves the room.
— MOM (1.31.18)
💕👏🏻👏🏻Lots of Good Luck at your conference today. Love you and try to eat food today. 💥🍾💐💋

On Tuesday’s GH................
Sam and Drew are back from their Honeymoon.
Sam - My mom told me about Nathan. Any news?
Drew - He is still in surgery.
Sam - You and Jason can get Faison to tell you why he switched your lives.

At General Hospital.......
Faison - You kept me alive. Why?
Jason - I want to know why you replaced me with my brother!

Obrecht to Griffin - What about quality of life? Will Nathan have a life at all?
Griffin gives no answer.
Obrecht - What are you not saying?
Griffin - The bullet sent fragments throughout his body. I was able to find the shards around his heart.

In Faison’s recovery room.....
Faison - What is in it for me?
Jason - You get to live.
Faison - For how long? I took you because you would hunt me down.
Jason - Why did you take Drew?
Faison - Because YOU had brain damage.

In Nathan’s room.....
Maxie - I love you, Nathan! Can you hear that?

Lulu arrives at GH and wants to see Maxie and Nathan. The nurse will not let her in the room. She is not on the list of immediate family.
Lulu - You want immediate family.....that woman in there is my best friend.
Obrecht - You are not immediate family.
Lulu leaves and Dante stays.

Peter August tells Drew and Sam that Nathan West made it out of surgery and will be ok soon.
Drew - What about Faison?
Peter - He was shot by Jason Morgan. I know you want to keep your private life separate from this story. But now you can’t. This story is too big. We have the WHO: Faison. The What: Mapping. The Why: You and Jason. If you don’t agree to explore this story the public will see a coverup. The only way to control the story is for you and Sam to own it. Make a statement!
Sam - Thank you. We will consider it.
Peter leaves.
Sam - What do you think?
Drew - I think he is right. I owe it to my family to find out who I really am. Time to confront Faison!

At GH.....
Faison - Once Drew became Jason Morgan, he was sent to Helena Cassadine, a nice lady. She programmed him. You were supposed to die. Henrik betrayed me.
Stone Cold Jason - Why?
Faison - I don’t know? They couldn’t control you. You rebelled.
Jason - Where is Henrik right now?
Faison - I don’t know.

Maxie, Obrecht and Nina take turns talking to Nathan, waiting for him to wake up.

Obrecht finds Anna and tells her she wants to kill Faison for what he did to Nathan. Anna stops her and tells her she needs to be with her son.
Obrecht - If you won’t let me kill him then YOU have to do it!

Maxie asks Dante to stay with Nathan for a while. She leaves and Dante thanks Nathan for saving his life.

At Kelly’s Diner.....
Lulu tell Peter - I am a police officer’s wife. It is a dangerous job. Even when your best friend’s husband is shot, I’m ashamed to say, you’re glad it wasn’t the man you love.

At GH.......
Faison - I will tell you how to find Henrik but you have to meet my terms.
Jason presses his hand down on Faison’s chest - NO! You’re not worth it.
Faison - Ok. If you want to know about Henrik, talk to your brother.
Jason - You’re telling me......Drew knows Henrik??
Faison - Your brother knows so much more than you realize.
Finn chases Jason out of Faison’s recovery room.
Finn - I won’t be responsible if something happens to him.
Stone Cold Jason - Whatever happens to him, it won’t be here.

(I just 💕 love STONE COLD JASON MORGAN 👏🏻👏🏻💋)

Anna asks Jason what Faison said.
Jason - He told me he couldn’t program me because I have brain damage.

Sam and Drew arrive at GH.....
Drew - Did anyone talk to Faison?
Jason - I did. He said he mapped you to be me and sent you to Helena Cassadine for programming.
Anna - Faison has a son named Henrik.
Drew - Ok. When do you want to start?
Jason - With you. Faison said you know Henrik.
Sam, eyebrows raised, looks at Drew....

In Nathan’s room.....
Nathan wakes up.
Maxie - You saved us! Jason shot Faison. You scared me!
Nathan - I’m sorry, Maxie I love 💕 you...
Nathan closes his eyes and the machines start to beep.......

Finn tells Anna he put Faison in a room.
Anna - Ok. I will ask Jordan to go with me.

Drew - I don’t know what Faison is talking about?
Sam - Did Faison say anything else?
Jason - Yes. He said you know more than you realize.

(Jason you will get to the bottom of this. Drew LOOK OUT!)
— MOM (01.30.18)
Today on GH.......
Sonny and Dante enter the stables at Windermere and smell gas. They break in the door to room where Lulu and Dr Obrecht were kept and they are gone.

At the Metro Court,...
Carly - I don’t know how you do it.
Jason - Do what?
Carly - Don’t you care? I would be desperate to know why Faison locked me up for 5 years.
Jason - I care. If Faison dies before tells me, someone else knows.

At the meeting place....
Anna hears a noise - Who is that? Henrik is that you? Henrik if that is you? I don’t mean you any harm.

At General Hospital....
Griffin tells Maxie that the bullet is logged in Nathan’s spinal column. He will prep him for surgery as soon as they stabilize him.

In the emergency room Nathan’s blood pressure is going down. Doctors pump his chest to revive him.

Maxie - What is happening? Is it Nathan?
Bobby - It is sweetheart, it is.
Doctors bring Nathan back to life.

Finn pushes Faison to surgery.
Maxie - Where is he going?
Finn - We’re taking him to surgery.
Maxie - Why are you taking HIM? Take Nathan first!

At Windermere......
Valentin and Nina return home. Loud knock on the door.
Dante - Police, 👮 open up!
Valentin - What do you want?
Dante - Is Lulu here? Faison was hiding here!

At the meeting place.....
Jason and Anna look for Henrik.
Jason tells Anna he shot Faison when he took Carly.
Anna - Did you kill him?

At GH.....
Jordan tells Bobby and Maxie that Jason is the one who shot Faison.
Maxie - What is the matter with Jason? Why didn’t he kill Faison?!?

Griffin takes Nathan to surgery and Maxie asks him to save Nathan.

At Windermere.....
Dante - Faison is in Port Charles and he was in Windermere.
Sonny - Faison was in the stables, Peter August told us Lulu is here. Do any of the passages in this room lead to the stables?
Valentin showed the the door and they find Lulu and Obrecht.

At GH....
Maxie tells Jordan that she went to the Crimson office and saw Peter August and Faison. Faison shot Peter.
Jordan - What! Peter August was shot?
Maxie - I thought he was but he wasn’t. He helped me with Nathan but he couldn’t stop the bleeding.

At the Metro Court,....
Carly sees Peter August and stops him from going up to his Crimson office. She thanks him for telling Sonny and Dante where Lulu went.

Jordan calls Peter August and asks him to come to the PCPD for a few questions.

At the meeting place...
Anna tells Jason she wished he killed Faison, but not to tell Robin she said that. She wishes she was a better person but she remembers wanting to put a gun to Faison’s head the way she always dreamed of.
Jason - One way or the other, Faison is done.
Anna - I will pretend I didn’t hear that and be surprised 😯 if you do.
Jason - Before Faison took Carly, he shot Nathan.

At Windermere.
Sonny tells Lulu and Liesl, Faison took Carly hostage and Jason shot him. Faison shot Nathan.

At General Hospital....
Anna - How is Nathan?
Jason - What about Faison?
Finn - Faison has severe wounds.
Finn tells Anna not to think of Faison any more.
Anna - Just the way you have to save Faison’s life even if you don’t want to. I’m a WSB agent also has a job to do.

Jason finds Maxie.
Maxie - They told me you were the one who shot Faison. I wish you got to him before he shot Nathan. It is not fair! Faison should be the one hurting, not Nathan!
Jason - I’m sorry. At least Faison will be stopped.
Maxie - Are you sure?
Jason - I will make sure.

At the Metro Court...
Sonny tells Carly that Lulu is fine. Carly says Bobby called to say Nathan is in surgery and it is bad.

At General Hospital.....
Maxie - How many times have you been shot?
Jason - A few times.
Maxie - Were you feeling that people were with you?
Jason - I could feel it and Nathan can too. I need to take care of a few things.
Maxie - Make sure Faison doesn’t hurt anyone the way he hurt Nathan.

Obrecht arrives at the hospital and is fearful for Nathan. She wants to help, saying she is the best doctor. She is told no, she is too close to Nathan.

At PCPD.......
Jordan - I heard you got shot?
Peter - I thought I was hit but fell and hit my head.
Jordan - You’re a lucky man. It is a miracle you weren’t shot.
Dante - If Nathan dies it will be your fault. You encouraged Lulu to do that interview.
Lulu - If anyone is to blame, it is my fault.

Anna sneaks into the recovery room of Faison.
Anna - Nathan is fighting for his life.
Faison - How do you know about Henrik?
Anna - I didn’t know you had a son. Did you torture him too like you do everyone?
Faison tell Anna that Henrik is a Cassandine.
Anna - How is Henrik connected to the Cassandines?

At the hospital, an official tells Maxie she has to be prepared if something goes wrong. Nathan is an organ downer.
Bobby tell the official she is family and will take care of it. She asks Maxie if she should call her parents?

Finn pulls Anna out of Faison’s recovery room.
Finn - Faison will be in a room soon. You can see him then but bring another person with you. Faison’s bullet was close to the heart. If he dies you will be the #1 suspect.

Maxie tells Obrecht that Nathan loves her and he will want to see her as soon as he wakes up.

Jason enters Faison’s recovery room.
Jason - I want to know why you replaced me with my brother!

In a alley way Peter August pulls a bullet proof vest out of a trash can. He takes a bullet out of it, then returns the vest to the trash and sets it on fire 🔥.

Jordan tells a police officer to go to Crimson and look for a bullet that should be lodged in the wall....

A busy day at GH.
— MOM (1.29.18)
Today’s GH was good!
At Anna’s house 🏠.......
Finn - All those things you said before you hit me, were just to agree with him?
Anna - Yes. it worked, didn’t it?
Finn - I’ll be saved my life again!

At the Metro Court.......
Lucas tells his mother, Bobby, and his sister, Carly, that he and Brad want to adopt a baby. He asks them to write a letter of recommendation.

Jason and Sonny are at the meeting place waiting to meet Henrik to show up.
Sonny - I think Anna is way too close to this.

Dante tells Jordan that Faison could be anywhere in Port Charles.

At Aurora Media......
Faison knocks out Officer Rogers.
Faison - My son has excellent taste.
Maxie - You stay away from me!
Peter - Maxie!
Faison - Shut up! We do have a lot of catching up to do.

At General Hospital.....
Nathan is frantically looking for Maxie. He asks Amy if she saw Maxie today. Amy tells Nathan that Maxie went to Crimson.

Sonny to Jason - It’s not like Anna to be late. Keep your guard up. We don’t know if this guy is more psycho than his father.

At General Hospital .....
Jordan - What happened?
Anna - Faison came to my house 🏠 and held Finn hostage. When he heard the sirens 🚨 he ran.
(Anna treats Finn’s head wound.) I would love to stay and play nursemaid but people out there need protection.
Finn - You take care.

At the Windermere passage......
Lulu - Help! Help us!
Lisle Obrecht - Faison’s revenge is always swift and prolific.

At Aurora Media.....
A defiant Maxie - A lot of people are looking 👀for you. Sonny Corrinthos is not happy. You shot Jason Morgan in the back and Jason will find you.
Faison - I don’t care about those two.
Maxie - I will give you this one chance to escape before I call 911.
Faison - How long has Nathan known about his father?
Maxie - We didn’t find out about you, a sociopath, until after we were pregnant.
Faison - Nathan is not pregnant. YOU are pregnant.
While Faison is occupied with Maxie, Peter gets Officer Rogers’ gun and tries to shoot Faison. Oh no! Faison shoots Peter instead!

At the 10PM meeting place.....
Jason - Sonny, you read me?
Sonny - What do you got?
Jason - Quiet here. If this guy is here, he is hiding.
Anna arrives and gets into Sonny’s car.

At the underground passage....
Lulu is coughing and can’t catch her breath.
Lisle is passing out— going to sleep.

At the Metro Court lobby......
Carly tells Detective West that there is a commotion on the 3rd floor.....Crimson, Aurora Media......gun shots.

Maxie - Let me go! Screw you!
Faison - STOP 🛑 ! I would love to kill you.
Maxie - I am NOT going anywhere with you. Let me go!!
Faison has a gun in Maxie’s back and sees Nathan, gun in hand, in the doorway.
Maxie - Nathan!
Nathan - Maxie!
Faison shoots Nathan in the chest!
Maxie - NATHAN!!!!!

In Sonny’s car....
Anna - We have to protect Henrik.
Sonny - You can protect Henrik all you want.
Carly calls Sonny - Is Jason there with you? I need for you to get to the Metro Court.
There are shots and screams coming from Crimson on the 3rd floor. Nathan West went up and didn’t come down!
Sonny - Jason did you hear that?
Jason - I’m on my way!

At Crimson.....
Maxie - Nathan, you will be ok. YOU SHOT HIM!! You shot your own SON! NO! Let me go!
Peter with a gun in hand - Faison.
Faison - Drop that gun!
He turns and runs away.

At the lobby...
Carly tells Lucas about gun shots on the 3rd fl.
Carly - You need to leave.
Lucas - 3rd floor? They may need a doctor,

At Crimson.....
Maxie - Everything will be ok.
Nathan - I love you,💕 Maxie.
Peter is trying to stop the bleeding - This is bad.
Maxie - NATHAN stay with me. We are fine. You saved us! My favorite thing is to look at you. OH LUCAS! Nathan got shot, there is a lot of blood.
Lucas - Stay with me Nathan, do it for Maxie!

Anna waits at the meeting place for Henrik.

At the Metro Court.....
Sonny to Dante and Jordan - My wife is inside. I’ve got to get to her.
Dante - NO, I need you to stay here.
Sonny - Carly is inside. You’re supposed to go after Faison, not me!

At the Metro Court lobby.....
Carly tell her staff to vacate the building. Faison finds Carly and puts a gun to her back.
Faison - Who are you?
Carly - I’m the owner.
Faison - I need to get away from the cops. Will you lead the way, please?
Carly - You’re going to have to kill me!
Faison - Yes, I will.
Jason with gun in hand - Faison let her GO!
Faison - Jason, why should I....
Jason shoots Faison in the chest while he is talking. Carly watches in disbelief.

Dante looks at Faison - He is alive, but he will need a paramedic.
Jordan - Jason, turn in your gun!
Sonny - Carly, are you ok?
Carly - Yes, it was so fast.
Sonny - Nice shot.
Jason - You told me not to miss.

Peter August sees Faison on a stretcher- Is he going to make it?
Faison - I hope so. I have Lulu.
Dante goes nuts. Sonny holds him back.
Dante - He has Lulu! I couldn’t get in touch with her all day.
Peter - Lulu went to Windermere this morning.

As paramedics attend to Nathan....
Maxie - Nathan I am here and won’t leave you.

Dante and Sonny go to Windermere, guns drawn.
Sonny - I smell gas.

At the Metro Court Lobby...
Carly - Why didn’t you tell me to duck?
Jason - He is too good. If I gave him any warning, he would have shot you.
Carly - Were you trying to kill Faison?
Jason - If I did,I would have taken a head shot. I want answers from him.
Carly - You shot him in the chest! What if he dies?
Jason - Then at least he is dead. Sonny and I were with Anna on this. Any time she heard his name you would see the fear. This has got to stop.

(Jason Morgan. You are the champion and protector of women! 💋👏🏻👏🏻💕)

Anna - Come on, Henrik. Where are you? I can help you!
Henrik (Peter August) is waiting in the shadows.

At General Hospital,.....
Nathan is brought in.
Bobby - He has the best team working on him.
Maxie - I know, Nathan will be fine. Faison was going to take me, then the elevator door opened and Nathan saved me.

Wow what a day. 3 people shot - OH MY.
— MOM (1.26.18)
Today on GH.....
At Anna’s Home 🏠....Faison points his gun at Finn.
Faison - Hello, Anna. So lovely to see you! Drop your gun or I will blow your lover’s head off.
Anna puts the gun down and kicks it over to Faison.
Faison - You will do anything to make him live, won’t you?

Maxie now has a bodyguard, Officer Roger, to protect her and baby from Faison.

Back at Anna’s House....
Faison - I will kill him if you don’t cooperate.
Anna - I understand.
Faison holds Anna’s hand.....My beautiful Anna.
Anna - I thought you were done with me?
Faison brushes his face to Anna’s......
Anna is in tears - What do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT??!!
Faison - There are a lot of things I want. You’re first on my list.

At the GH Art Room....
Franco is concerned he only has Kiki and Scott on his list to attend his wedding. Ava tells him she will come to his wedding and celebrate his happy day.
Ava - Franco, don’t look at the past. Look to the future. Buy the champagne 🍾 kiss 💋 the bride. Give yourself permission to be happy.

At Anna’s House.....
Faison - Did you tell this 24/7 fool who you are and what you have done?
Anna - No.
Faison - This man claims to know everything!
Finn - NO, ANNA, NO!
Anna takes a vase and knocks Finn out.
Faison grabs Anna and whispers in-her ear. Anna stays still, tears falling from her face.

At the GH Art Room....
Ava writes down Dr. Griffin Monroe as the #4 guest.
Ava - Believe in second chances, Franco.
Franco - He will come.......OK.

Nathan asks Dante to be his baby’s Godfather. He also wants him to be his backup in finding Faison.

A police car 🚔 patrols Anna’s neighborhood. A neighbor complained of loud noise coming from Anna’s house. Faison is spotted and Dante is notified.

Anna - How are we going to play this game?
Robert? Robin? Cat and mouse of a lifetime. I am so tired of running to protect my family. I am sick. I have an incurable disease.
Faison - I am sorry.
Anna - You are NOT sorry. I don’t want to hear about your unrequited love. I am sick of it!

At GH.....
Dr. Kevin Collins want to do a research project on Faison. Elizabeth thinks it would be a good idea. If he can prove that Franco did a bad thing because of a tumor, then maybe Jason would back off of Franco. Jason has respect for Dr. Collins. Liz wants Franco to say yes. Franco says NO! I won’t be a guinea pig for science.

At Anna’s House....
Anna - The only way it ends with us.....
Faison - I want a family with you.
Anna - If it is a family you want, look elsewhere.

Faison hears police sirens and runs away.

At the GH Art Room.....
Franco - Diane proved in court the tumor made me do bad things. Removing the tumor didn’t automatically make me a good person.
Kevin - As part of the study, I will have access to your medical records.
Franco - I do believe the tumor made me do bad things but I still had a gaping hole in my life. Give me a scientific explanation of how Elizabeth saved me.

Dante is at Anna’s house - Nathan, Faison was here! He could be anywhere in Port Charles.

At Aurora Media.......
Faison - Have I come to the wrong office?
Peter August - Your face is everywhere!
Faison - Thanks to you for putting me in your paper.
Peter - The whole Police Department is looking for you.
Faison - What do I care? I only want you........sit down.

At the GH Art Room.....
Kevin - Sorry we interrupted you........working on sketches?
Franco - No. My guest list.
Kevin - You made some interesting points today, Franco. Some are good to explore. There is a lot you don’t know about me, I could be more sympathetic than you think. You know where my office is.

Nathan frantically looks for Maxie at home. She is gone.

At Aurora Media....
Maxie - This will take only a few minutes, Officer Roger.
She enters Peter’s Office......
Peter - Maxie!
Maxie - Peter.......OH FAISON!
Faison - How lucky to see 👀 my daughter in law.

Cliffhanger Friday tomorrow!
— MOM (1.25.18)
Good conversations on GH today.....
At Sonny’s Office.....
Jason - No email from Sinclair?
Sonny - What is Spinelli saying?
Jason - You were right! Someone has been intercepting the emails.
Sonny - Hello, Anna. What can I do for you?
Anna - A favor in Robert’s name: Back off P.K. Sinclair.

In the underground tunnel....
Lulu - My husband is a detective with the PCPD. He is looking for us.
Obrecht - Leave my Nathan alone!
Faison to Lulu - Did you really think you could outwit me? See how that turned out!
Lulu - You make it more difficult than it has to be.
Obrecht - No! Don’t hurt his family.
Faison - Do I have a grandchild?? You said family. Does Nathan have a child?

Nathan tells Maxie he has a brother named Heinrich.

Faison is angry - A grandchild? Our first. You lied to me about my own flesh and blood!
Lulu - Let me call Nathan. I could set up a meeting.
Faison - SHUT UP!!! Both of you are a piece of garbage.
Obrecht - If you hurt Lulu, Anna will never forgive you!

At Sonny’s Office.....
Anna - I want you to do what I ask.
Sonny - Someone has been intercepting my messages to Sinclair.
Anna - That would be me.
Jason - Why do you care about Heinrich Sinclair?
Anna with tears in her eyes - Because I have been there. It’s a special kind of hell. Faison is telling you he loves you and all the time he is torturing you.
Sonny - Anna, we want to help you but we need Faison’s son.
Anna - WHY do you want Heinrich so badly?
Jason - I was in a Russian clinic because of him. He kept me alive. I have to find out why he did that. The traitor and P.K. Sinclair are Faison’s son.
Sonny - Faison stole Jason. He wanted to get rid of me. The easiest way to get rid of me is to get rid of Jason.
Anna - If you use Hendrick to get Faison, he will kill is son. Do you want his blood on your hands?
Sonny - You are Robin’s mother. He put you through hell when he took Robin away for years. That bastard has to die!

At the Underground passage.....
Obrecht - Anna is in love again, with Hamilton Finn, a good doctor.
Faison - I didn’t keep you alive to punish you, but I think you will recognize this one. Goodbye, Lisle. (Obrecht)
(He puts a green canister on the floor.)

Lulu - What is that??
Obrecht - GAS! Faison created this poisonous gas years ago.
Lulu - It’s over 2 1/2 decades old. Can it still be effective?
Obrecht - If the gas doesn’t kill you, I WILL!!

At Sonny’s office.....
Anna - I hate Faison, but not a the expense of his son.
Sonny - He took Robin from you and Jason from me. We have to stop 🛑 him!
Jason - I have to find Heinrich. If he cooperates, I will do everything in my power to protect this guy. Everything. Ok?
Anna looks at her cellphone - He wants to meet tonight.
Jason - When? Where?

Faison finds Finn at Anna’s house and points a gun at him.

At the passageway.....
Lulu - THIS is MY fault!! YOU just got Faison all upset about Anna. Nathan said it was the right thing to do.
Obrecht - You get your way and we are ALL in trouble. Faison made Robert SCORPIO disappear. He made JASON disappear! And you thought YOU could succeed where Sonny’s enforcer failed???!!!

At Sonny’s office.......
Anna - He wants to meet at 10pm.
Sonny - We will be there. Jason will meet Heinrich and I will be in the distance.
Anna - I won’t make a move without checking with you, Jason. Work with me.
Jason - 10pm.
Sonny - We will find Faison, Anna.
Anna - When you do, call the authorities.

At Anna’s house.....
Finn - And you are??
Faison - I am Cesar Faison. How long have you been seeing each other?
Finn - You’re part of her past.
Faison - I am not part of her past. I am her destiny!
Finn - She doesn’t belong to you.
Faison - She belongs to me!
Finn - Ok. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news... She is not into you!! Have you looked at yourself?

Got to stop. Time to make dinner.....loin of pork with roasted 🥔 potatoes and mushrooms 🍄.

Ok, I’m back.
At Anna’s Home 🏠........
Faison - I realize I have a problem here. Anna could fall in love with you but I don’t WANT Anna to fall in love with you. So I could keep you here and have the upper hand.

At the Underground passage......
Lulu - I was convinced there was an entrance to the tunnels here. If I could find it.
Obrecht - Untie me! Where did Faison go?
Lulu - After you told him about Anna? He went to her house!
Obrecht - The walls are secure like Fort Knox.

(Oh no! The gas is released........)

At Sonny’s office......
Sonny - I don’t think I ever saw Anna like that.
Jason - I know.
Sonny - She had the same look on her face my mother had when Deak would hit her. She would hear the door open and freeze. I couldn’t do anything back then. I can now! Anna won’t have to worry about him any more. When Anna said call the authorities, she wanted to say: DON’T MISS when you take the shot!
Jason - I won’t miss.

At Anna’s home 🏡.....
Anna notices the door 🚪 is half open and enters with her gun drawn.
Faison is with Finn - Hello, Anna......
— MOM (1.24.18)
Hey Jen💕💐 today’s update is short.
Anna calls Robert to say any time P.K. Sinclair emails Sonny, reroute it to me.

Detective West and Dante ask Anna to help in the capture of Cesar Faison.
Dante - No one knows Faison better than you. Who will be his next victim?
(Pictures of Jason, Nathan, Anna, Drew and Elizabeth are on the wall.)
Anna - He could target his other son.

Lulu tells Peter August that she thinks Faison is hiding out at Windemere. She wants to go and find him. What a big story for Aurora Media!

Faison threatened Obrecht about not telling him all these years that Nathan West was his son. Obrecht is speechless with fear.

Molly and Julian ask Alexis to run for Mayor of Port Charles to protect the people of the Charles Street District - The Waterfront.

Obrecht tells Faison that Anna despises him and will turn him into the WSB. She will be loyal to him.
Faison - I want our son. Tell me about our son.
Obrecht - Our son is not like you. Nathan is good.

At the PCPD.....
Nathan - I have a brother?
Anna - Yes, his name is Hendrick. Jason found a manuscript when he and Sonny saw Britt. It is about a boy who is obsessed with his father and wants to kill him. He goes under the name of P.K. Sinclair.

At Aurora Media.....
Lulu begs Peter to tell her editor he wants her to let Lulu continue with her research on Cesar Faison. The editor wants Lulu to cover a cat show. She tells Peter she is sure Faison is at Windemere and she knows where the underground passages are. When she locates Faison she will notify the police to arrest him. Great story, and she will also serve the community. Aurora sales will go through the roof!

At the underground passage.....
Faison - I will find him on my own.
Obrecht - Nathan is a police detective and he will do his job and arrest you!

At Aurora Media....
Peter - Lulu you have a nose for news. The editor told you to cover the cat show. Cover the cat show, but what you do on your own time is your business.

Anna calls Peter August and asks for a few minutes of his time. She asks Peter to publish a story that an unnamed WSB agent says Faison is in a life and death fight with his son. Peter refuses her request.

Lulu finds Dr. Obrecht tied up in the underground passage.

At Aurora Media....
Anna - Faison has another son named Hendrick and he is determined to bring his father down. I think the public safety is more important than your newspaper!
Peter - We are all about shedding a light on the truth and this is deception. Sorry, I will not jeopardize the reputation of this newspaper.
Anna - I don’t believe you are at all. You don’t want to help the WSB? Why not?
Peter - Good day, Ms. Devine.

At the underground passage......
Obrecht - Help me!! Faison will be back at any moment.
Lulu - These knots are too complicated!
Obrecht - Hurry! Hurry!

Faison returns and sees Lulu helping Obrecht.

Faison sends Anna a text.....Ready to meet tonight.

Faison tells Lulu - You should have stayed out of it but you didn’t.
Obrecht to Lulu - Do you see👀 what HELL you have unleashed?
— MOM (1.23.18)
On today’s GH.....
Jason goes to the bridge and thinks back on New Years Eve with Sam.

Sam thinks back at her seeing Jason at the Waterfront. She told Jason everything has been taken from you, but I love Drew.

Carly admits to Bobby that she over reacted to Joss and Oscar having sex.

At Sonny’s House 🏠......
Sonny - We have to get Hendrick to expose Faison.
Anna - No! No!
Sonny - Even after what he did to Jason?!
Anna - NO! If you start a feud between Faison and Hendrick you will start fury and you don’t know who will get caught in the crossfire.

Laura tells Lulu and Ned she is dropping out of the Mayoral race. She is going to Paris because Spencer needs her. He got hurt at boarding school. He broke both of his legs.

At Sonny’s......
Anna - Faison wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own son if he had a chance. He may be furious that Hendrick kept Jason alive.
Sonny - If we can’t use Hendrick, how do we get Faison?

At the bridge.....
Spinelli - I hoped I would find you here. There is still time.
Jason - For what?
Spinelli - You know for what! Sam is marrying Drew tonight and you need to stop 🛑 it!

Drew tells Monica he appreciates her coming to his wedding to Sam. She tells him he will always be a part of the Quartermaine family.

Nelle shows Michael a picture of the sonogram of the baby. She tells him the baby’s heartbeat was loud and strong. Michael is amazed and promises he will go to future Dr. visits.

At Sonny’s.....
Anna - I know how to draw Faison out into the open.
Sonny - Because he is obsessed with you!
Anna - Have you made contact with Hendrick?
Sonny - We made contact with P.K. Sinclair. If that is Hendrick? Yes.

At the bridge.....
Jason - I will not interrupt the wedding. She loves Drew.
Spinelli - YOU love HER. Have you told her? If you are not going to do it for yourself, do it for Sam and save her the grief.

At Sonny’s......
Anna - If you hear from Hendrick, let me know.
Sonny - If Hendrick is my best shot to get to Faison, if he calls me. I will use him with or without your permission.

Outside Anna calls Robert. Tells him to divert all of Sonny’s calls to her cellphone. Make sure it is not detected!

Nelle shows Carly and Bobby a picture of the sonogram.
Nelle - You can keep this picture of your grandchild.
Carly to Michael - If this is real, I will support you and the 🍼 baby.

At the bridge......
Spinelli - You would give your life for Sam, wouldn’t you?
Jason - I would do anything for Sam.
Spinelli - At the police 👮‍♀️ station, she KNEW it was you. I watched her face. She is sacrificing her happiness for loyalty and you are doing the same thing.

At Jason’s apt......
With family and friends present, Sam and Drew exchange vows and get married.

Anna returns home to find Obrecht gone and the door opened.

Faison brings Obrecht to a hiding place.

At the bridge.....
Spinelli - Sam told me you were the first person, the only person who treated her with respect. That is not the case with Drew. He doesn’t know himself. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t be a husband right now.
Jason - You don’t know that! Drew doesn’t break the law or put lives at risk.
Spinelli - I watched Drew at the police station. He expects Sam to take care of him.
Jason - STOP 🛑!! I know what you’re doing but you need to leave it alone.
Spinelli - Sam told me she has this feeling, can’t explain it, but you make her feel safe.
Spinelli leaves.

At Sonny’s Home 🏠......
Michael - The paternity test came back. I’m the father.
Sonny- How do you feel?
Michael - I am going to wrap my head around that. Nelle and I are now connected with a baby.
Sonny - You can always trust that you will not lose my love. I am your father and I love you unconditionally.

Carly tells Nelle - You and my son are connected with the baby.
Nelle is meeting Monica, Michael’s grandmother, for lunch.
Monica - Isn’t it wonderful? Oh by the way, Sam and Drew got married tonight.

Anna calls Obrecht and asks if she is all right. Tells her to call.

Faison has Obrecht’s cell phone and texts Anna......Don’t worry I am fine....I will see you soon.

Obrecht wakes up and to her horror sees Faison.

At the bridge Jason remembers back when he and Sam were together. Sam tells him she can sleep in his apt. because he makes her feel safe....
— MOM (1.22.18)
GH was back to normal today.
At Sonny’s house 🏠
Sonny - Did you hear from him?
Jason - Nothing from Sinclair. The best we can do is kill him.
Sonny - Killing that bastard will not bring back what you lost.

At Sam’s apt.....
Sam - I got my wedding 👰 dress!
Drew - I can’t wait to see you in that dress.

A drunken Dr. Obrecht arrives at Anna’s home. She wants to know if Faison is there.
Anna - Do you want to tell me how to reach him?
Obrecht - Faison is coming for his son then for ME and for YOU.

Back at Sam’s.....
Sam - We agreed to get married at home. Our wedding will be beautiful and special.
Drew - But I don’t deserve you.

At Sonny’s house.....
Jason - We were together on New Year’s Eve.
Sonny - Carly told me.
Jason - It did give Sam and I an opportunity to be together. We talked and played dominoes. She said something that I remember. She said that she wasn’t the same person she was after 5 years. Time has passed for her but not for me.
Sonny - Sam loves you and she will love you forever, the same way as you love her!

Sonny to Spinelli on phone - We are going to wait to hear from Sinclair. Don’t send another email. Thank you, Spinelli.

At Anna’s home...
Obrecht - I couldn’t care less about what Faison does to me. Nathan has no idea what his father is capable of!
Anna - We are on the same side. I want to stop 🛑 Faison as much as you do. You have to give me something to work with!
Obrecht - Oh, my beautiful boy.
Anna - Faison always wanted a son. Why don’t you just tell him?
Obrecht - No! I saw the way he treated his other son.

There is a knock at Sam’s apt. door 🚪......
Jason - I just need a minute.
Sam - Now?
Jason - I want to give you guys a heads up.Sonny and I are getting very close and it could be dangerous.
Drew - I want to hear about your plan but now is not the right time. Sam and I are getting married tonight.
Jason - You’re getting married tonight?
Drew - Actually, in a few hours.
Jason - Maybe you should take the kids with you on your honeymoon.
Sam - We will take the kids with us.
Jason - Congratulations.

At Anna’s 🏡 house.....
Anna - I have gone over all of Faison’s files, no mention of a son.
Obrecht - NO mention of Nathan. I made sure of that!
Anna - What about the other son?
Obrecht - Faison shipped Hendrick off to boarding school as soon as he was old enough. Faison had no use for his son. The boy was Faison’s son but not yours.
Anna - What do you know about Hendrick’s mother?
Obrecht - She disappeared after the birth. He didn’t care about the boy.
Anna - How old is the child?
Obrecht - He is not a boy but a man. I know Faison will punish me and take Nathan from me.
Anna - Faison will not do that. We will take him down together. Don’t go anywhere, stay here. I will be back soon.

Obrecht decides to leave Anna’s house 🏡 and is knocked out by Faison.

Back at her apt, Sam is getting very anxious....
Sam - What about the kids?
Drew - We will take them with us.
Sam - What about Aurora?
Drew - Peter can take care of that. What is going on? I am trying to be happy we are getting married!
Sam - This is not about that. You are leaving because of Faison.

At the Floating Rib,......
Jason is playing pool and sees Kim. She wants to play and scatters the balls.
Kim - So you’re a pool shark 🦈?
Jason - I used to play a lot.
Kim - No money involved. Just for fun.
Jason - Just for fun.
Kim - You really look like what he would look like now, but he had more swagger. He talked a lot more than you.
Jason - We are not alike.
Kim - I must just ask you a personal question. You don’t have to answer. When you were gone those 5 years, were you trying to get back?
Jason - Yes, I escaped and made way back to Port Charles. When I saw the date on the newspaper I realized I lost 5 years of my life, I knew I couldn’t go back. I am ok with the life I have right now. Sam and Drew are getting married tonight.

At Sam’s apt....
Sam - Are you saying you want to leave? What if Faison shows up? Don’t you want to choke him?
Drew - I want to choke him but nothing in my past matters. I want a future with YOU.

At the Floating Rib....
Kim - Drew and Sam are getting married tonight? I am happy for them.
Jason - Sometimes you know something in your head, but it takes time for your heart to catch up.
Kim - How is your head?

Julian Jerome comes in and Jason leaves.
Julian - I am glad that my daughter is now with Drew and is staying away from Jason.
Kim - Sam is your daughter?
Julian - I wouldn’t let the blue eyes fool you. Jason is a mob enforcer. He is a killer!

Anna goes to Sonny’s house 🏠.....
Sonny - Do you want a drink?
Anna - No. A disturbed and drunk Obrecht showed up at my home. What do you have?
Sonny - Do I have to be careful?
Anna - No! If you have information on Faison, I want to know where you got it. This is a time when ways justify the means!

A messenger delivers Drew the tickets to Tahiti for their honeymoon.
Drew - I wonder if I’ve been here?

Sam looks at her wedding 👰 dress. She sits down at her makeup table and remembers the day she married Jason.

Back at Sonny’s, Anna tells him that the son of Faison is named Hendrick. As a child he was an annoyance to Faison and sent to boarding school. The boy wanted to be like Faison. He is a man now.
Sonny - Until he was sent away too many times... once we get Hendrick, we will get Faison.
Anna - No! can’t!

— MOM (1.19.18)
No Jason/Drew/Sam saga today.....

Jim Harvey visits Franco at his art studio on Charles Street......The Waterfront.
Jim - What is the matter, Bobby? Do you have artist’s block?

Ned tells Alexis he is running for Mayor of Charles Street. He needs an Attorney. Does she want to be part of his campaign?

Laura Spencer tells Elizabeth she is taking a leave of absence from her position on the General Hospital Board to run for Mayor of Charles Street.

Maxie is beside herself with fear as we see the back of Faison looking at the Port Charles Press with the headline.......Nathan West Is Faison’s Son!

Franco - You track me down at my home. Now you’re at my art studio and you critique my work. What is your deal?
Jim - Most of your neighbors chose to sell. Why are you the last person standing? You could have a beautiful studio somewhere else.

Alexis - No Ned, I can’t work on your campaign.
Ned - Why not?
Alexis - I am very busy now.
Ned - Straight answer?
Alexis - I can’t work on your campaign because I don’t approve of your platform.

At Charley’s Pub......
All tenants of the Waterfront have to evacuate the buildings. Fire Dept. says buildings are not safe and there is a gas leak.

Maxie repeats the same lines over and over again about fear for her baby, Faison and her anger at Lulu.

I am not interested in these story lines....

I DO want to know the answer to this question.....
Franco - I am not selling but I need an answer. When you were hanging around my mother, was there another little boy there about my age?
Jim - I do remember a little boy....Andy...right? I remember he died suddenly. Very sad heart problems.
Franco - No. He didn’t die, Betsy lied about that. He was put into an orphanage and is alive. Andrew is a Quartermaine and lives here.
Jim - Well, I am glad he is alive.
Franco tells Liz he doesn’t remember Jim Harvey and doesn’t trust him.

Jim asks Ned to tell him all he knows about the long lost Quartermaine relative, Andrew Cain.

We see the back of Cesar Faison as he looks at the Port Charles Press. Pictures of Anna Devane and a wedding 👰 picture of Nathan and Maxie.

Cliffhanger Friday tomorrow!
— MOM (1.18.18)
Today’s GH was a little nuts, so you just have to go with it.......

At Sonny’s House 🏠..........
Ava - Thank you for seeing me, Sonny. I am having a medical procedure today. You can never tell what happens when you go under anesthesia. I would like to see my daughter.
Sonny - She isn’t here.
Ava - Where is she?
Sonny - She is with her mother.
Ava - Carly isn’t her mother!
Sonny - She takes care of her and feeds her.
Ava - Sonny let me see her.
Sonny - You will NEVER see her because of what you did to Connie and Morgan.
Ava - I promise you, Sonny, my daughter will know me!

At General Hospital......
Ava goes thru surgery to remove the scars from her face. The operation is a success.

At her apartment, Griffin takes the bandage off her face.
Ava looks into the mirror.....Ahhh, it worked.

At the Metro Court......
Ava sees Laura, who tells her she sold her soul to the devil for her face.
She sees a young girl with dark hair walk past her and follows her to the ladies room. Where is she?
Carly appears - So you have a new face? It will not help my son, Morgan.
Ava - Carly, leave me alone!
Carly - I am not going to stop until everyone knows what a horrible person you are!
Ava looks into the mirror and sees the scars reappear.

(Is this all a dream?)

At Kelly’s Diner......
Ava sees the young girl leave the diner. Outside she can’t find her.
Ava - Nina, did you send me a text?
Nina - What text?
Ava - It said: I know who you are.
Nina - Ava, I don’t think about you any more.

At Ava’s apt...... knock. Knock.
Ava opens the door and sees an injured Morgan.
Morgan - Ava, help me!
Ava - No, this is not real.
Morgan - Ava, it’s me!
Ava - No. You’re dead! (She touches his face.) Oh, Morgan I missed you! Everyone thinks you’re dead. Are you ok? Where have you been??
Morgan - I was in a car. A bomb went off. I woke up in the hospital. I lost my hand, but I am alive.
Ava - So I didn’t lose you? I miss you so much!
Morgan - I couldn’t stay at the hospital. Someone is trying to kill me. They are watching my parents’ house. Kiki’s house. So I came here. I was a prisoner there. Am I making this up? I am a mess!
Ava - That doesn’t matter. You’re alive. We have to tell your parents!
Morgan - No! I can’t face them.
Ava - Morgan you’re alive. It was an accident!
Morgan - It wasn’t an accident. I need to stay here a while.
Ava - Of course, Morgan.

Ava wakes up. She gets a text: I know who you are and I’m coming.
She is still talking to Morgan and tells him he has to let everyone know he is alive.

At the Jerome Gallery......
Morgan - Do you think this is the best idea?
Ava - Everyone will be here tonight. I want to show people that you are alive and that I have changed. Then Kiki and your parents will forgive me!

At Sonny’s House.....
Carly - What are you doing here?
Ava - You need to come to a party at the Gallery tonight.

At the Jerome Gallery party......
Everyone in Port Charles is there. Sonny and Carly arrive.
Sonny - This had better be good, Ava.
Ava - Morgan’s alive!
Carly - You have no shame!
Ava - He IS alive and I can prove it to all of you. He is here!

A woman (Connie Falconieri) appears in a white dress with blood on the front and in the back.
She says - No. He is not.
Ava - No, Morgan was here!
Connie - Morgan was NEVER here. You can’t absolve yourself from what you did to him and me!
Ava - I refuse to be judged for the rest of my life.
She then tells Sonny, Scott, Nina, Kiki and Franco all the bad things they have done.
They, in turn, tell her of all the evil things she did to them.

Then, she sees the young girl she has been following. The girl tells Ava she is the one who was sending the text messages.
Ava - Who are you?
The girl says - Don’t you recognize me? I’m your daughter, Avery!
Ava - Avery! Oh, it’s you. Of course it’s you! How could I not see it? Oh, my girl! But your grown up? I don’t understand, am I dead?
Avery - No, but Morgan is! You sold your soul to get a new face but it can’t make you a new person.
Ava - I refuse to be defined by my past when no one else is.
Avery - Connie Falconieri is dead. My brother, Morgan Corrinthos, is dead. YOU did this!

At General Hospital.....
Kiki - Mom, it’s time to wake up.
Ava to Griffin- I had this dream when I was under.
Griffin - What was it about?
Ava with bandage off, looks into the mirror and says - I have a new lease on life.

At the Metro Court...
Griffin- Are you sure you want to stay here?
Ava - I can go anywhere I want to.
Sonny - Ava, you’re not welcome here. Go eat somewhere else!
Ava - I choose to eat here.
She goes to the bar to get a drink. A girl who looks like Avery makes it for her and says - I know who you are, Ava.

It was an All About Eve episode......
— MOM (1.17.18)
Today on GH.......
At Sonny’s House 🏡.......
Carly - Joss, we need to talk.
Josslyn - You sound so serious, is someone ill?
Carly - It is serious! The other day it scared me when I saw you in that black dress. You’re 14 yrs. old and not an adult.
Joss - I know that.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - Jake! You ok, buddy?
Jake - I need to ask you a question.
Drew - What is wrong?
Jake - It’s Father and Son Day next weekend and I really want you to be there.

At Sonny’s House....
Carly - I want you to experience all the great things at age 14, 15 and 16.
Joss - Oh, we’re this the talk?
Carly - Yes...right now....right now!

At Kelly’s Diner....
Kim - Are you and Joss having sex?
Oscar - Nothing is happening!
Kim - Why is Josslyn running around with condoms?
Oscar - Joss has a friend, Trina. She is holding them for her.
Kim - At the age of 14 Too young to be having sex.

At Jerome Gallery....
Nelle shows Michael a DNA test that says he is the 👶 baby’s father.
Michael - All that matters to me is the baby.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - Must be pretty important for you to break all the rules to tell me about Father/Son Day?
Jake - We do a science project together and then I show you to everyone. Will you come?
Drew - If you want me there, I will be there.
Liz - Drew, thank you for calling me. Jake, if you wanted to come here I would have brought you!
Jake - I thought you didn’t want Dad to take me but the Other Guy.

At Sonny’s Office.....
Jason - Now we have reason to believe that P.K. Sinclair is the son.
Sonny - We need to know why he kept you alive. Was it to get back at his father? We will smoke Faison out and use his son to do it!

At Sonny’s House....
Joss - This sounds like it is coming out of nowhere.
Carly - When a box of condoms fall out of your backpack...
Joss - They are not mine.
Carly - Then who’s are they?
Joss - Trina’s. I was holding them for her.
Carly - Yeah, right.
Joss - Trina has an older boyfriend .
Carly - So you and Oscar are not having....
Joss - NO, Mom!

At Kelly’s Diner...
Kim - So our talk has sunk in. You and Joss are not.....
Oscar - Not something we have even talked about.
Oscar holds his arm.
Kim - What is going on with your arm?
Oscar - My arm is sore from boxing 🥊 with Drew. Hey, where are you going?
Kim - Get your homework done. See you later.

At Jerome Gallery.......
Nelle asks Michael to come with her to Dr. visit to hear the baby’s heartbeat.
Michael - I want to be involved with the baby as much as I can. Look, I don’t want you working with Ava. She is setting you up.

At Aurora Media....
Jake - Not that I don’t like him. I don’t know him.
Liz - Are you thinking that I am pushing you to like Jason?
Jake - What if I am never ready? He is a stranger.
Liz - Jason didn’t go away because he wanted to. He was taken away just like you were. When he came back he didn’t push his way into our lives. He is not like that. He is waiting for you.
Jake - Why?
Liz - Because he really loves you and Danny. He is your biological father and he wants what’s best for you. When you are ready, you will know him.

At Sonny’s Office....
Sonny - Do you remember when Faison was looking 👀 for an enforcer? He wanted you, but he knew he couldn’t control you. You’re an enforcer who does whatever I ask you to do. He wants that.
Jason - He could control Drew.
Sonny - It’s that simple. He turned Drew into you.
Jason - I have to hear that from Faison.

At Sonny’s House.....
Carly - You and Oscar haven’t even discussed having sex? Are the other kids talking about it?
Joss - Some.
Carly - It’s a bad idea to do it before your ready. Trina is dating an older boy?
Joss - She says it’s no big deal.
Carly - It’s a VERY big deal! When I was young I had sex with an older man who didn’t care about me. I am telling you about this because I want you to have a different experience. When you’re older sex can be....
Joss - An experience I will look back on and smile.

At Jerome Gallery......
Nelle - Thank you for telling me that but when it comes to Ava, my eyes are wide open.
Michael - Ok be careful.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - Jake I love you and love being your Dad. You owe it to yourself to get to know your biological father.
Jake to Drew - Will you be upset? Can I still see you?
Drew - No, I won’t. You will see me all the time. Your mom is right. I know Jason. He is a good guy.
Jake - I love you daddy.
Drew - I love you too. You don’t know how much I love you.

At Sonny’s Office, a cell 📲 phone rings......
Jason - Michael, whats going on?
Michael - I’m at Kelly’s. I really need to see you.
Jason - I’m on my way.
Sonny - Who was that?
Jason - Michael, he needs to see me.

At Aurora Media....
Angry Kim - Look, I get it. You may be a Navy Seal but I didn’t raise MY son to be one. Why are you teaching him to fight? Do you want to turn him into a Seal? Into ROTC? He is MY son!
Drew - I am not a Seal any more. See, I’m behind this desk. Besides, he asked me!
Kim - Oh! I’m sorry I said that.

At Kelly’s Diner....
Jason - What is going on?
Michael - The paternity test shows that I am the father.
Jason - WOW! You’re going to be a father. Welcome to parenthood!
Anxious Michael - I got involved with Nelle, a woman everyone told me not to. What if the baby is not ok?
Jason - The baby will be ok because it will have YOU.

At Aurora Media........
Kim - I’ve been having this conversation with Oscar....Now my son who has not has an aggressive bone 🍖 in his body wants to fight?
Drew - A friend of his is being bullied.
Kim - I’m sorry for accusing you.
Drew - You raised him well. He is a good kid.

At Kelly’s Diner .....
Jason - You’re the first baby I ever remember holding. I was scared 😱. I knew nothing about kids. Because of you, I learned to love someone else more than myself.
Michael - What if I mess up?
Jason - No matter who the mother is, it will be amazing 😉. You will be there for the first time the baby recognizes you. The first smile. The first word.
Michael - Its a gift. Terrifying, but an incredible gift.
Jason - The baby can do a lot worse than having Michael Corrinthos for a father!
Michael - I will call you.
Jason - Call me.
They embrace....
Michael - What about Nelle?
Jason - She is not your problem!
Michael - Thanks for the talk.

At Jerome Gallery.....
Nelle - I think Michael and I are getting closer.
Ava - Those people don’t forget anything.
Nelle - What am I supposed to do?
Ava - You cut your losses and find someone else!

At Aurora Media...
Kim - It will take some time. It has been Oscar and me for sooo long.
Drew - I am not trying to be instant Dad..

At Kelly’s Diner...
Liz - One cookie 🍪 and we are going home. What will it be?
Jake - Oatmeal cookie!
Jake sees Jason and he waves hello.

Outside Kelly’s Diner...
Jason gets a call from Sonny - Jason we got an email from P.K.Sinclair. He says we should meet. Jason, he set a date to meet. Are you ready?
Jason - I am ready.

(Wow the fireworks 💥 will start soon.💥💥 )

At Sonny’s House....
Carly - What did you mean that the Mad Hatter Dance will be something special?
Joss - Oh. The Principal told us that we need to come to the dance as who we are. I have a friend who is transgender. She was told she has to wear pants. So Oscar and I are not going to the dance. We are going to have a come as whatever you are party!
Carly - I am proud of you for standing up for a friend.
Joss - Well, mom, it could mean we will be expelled from school.
Carly - I will support you and am very proud of you.

A big day at GH!
— MOM (1.16.18)
At General Hospital......
Carly tells Bobby that condoms dropped out of Joss’s 🎒 backpack. She is looking for Kim to discuss the situation with Joss and Oscar.

At Sonny’s Office......
Spinelli sends email to P.K. your new book.....can’t wait for the sequel.
Return message.....Who is this?

At GH......
Bobby - You shouldn’t jump to conclusions. The box has not been opened.
Carly - I am going to talk to Josslyn but I need to talk to Kim first to see 👀 if she is on the same page.

At Sonny’s Office.....
Spinelli - Now we have to reel him in......(he writes) An admirer, we have something in common. A relationship with Issac (the character in the book The Severed Branch). Fact is stranger than fiction. We both know who he really is..... YOUR FATHER.

At General Hospital.......
Carly - Kim do you have a minute?
Kim - Maybe some other time, I have appointments.
Carly - Maybe later is too late. Condoms fell out of Joss’s backpack! 🎒
Kim - I spoke to Oscar and told him about the ramifications.
Carly - YOUR son is the instigator!
Kim - How do you know your daughter isn’t the instigator?

At Aurora Media.....
Maxie is very angry at Lulu.
Maxie - I thought you were my friend. You put me, my baby and Nathan in jeopardy. It will be your fault if Faison takes my baby 🍼 to hurt me.
Peter - Lulu is a great journalist. Nathan knew of the dangers when he gave Lulu the interview.
Maxie has abdominal pains and Nathan takes her to the hospital. Lulu wanted to go with them.
Maxie - No! You have done enough.
Lulu - Oh God! What have I done?

At Sonny’s office......
Diane - You have signed away everything you own in Port Charles.
Spinelli - His offshore holdings are safe.
Diane - So do you want to tell your lawyer what you have been up to? Just saw that Detective Nathan West is Faison’s son. It has gone viral.
Spinelli - No! I have to go to Maxie!

At General Hospital .....
Carly - You’re right. I shouldn’t point fingers.
Kim - What if we present a united front? We can counsel our kids all we want but at the end of the day, Joss and Oscar will do what they want to do. Don’t you remember when you were their age? I have to go, I have a patient.

At Sonny’s Office.....
Diane - Faison has another son besides Nathan? So you two are hoping that Nathan will lead you to his horrendous father? If either of you are arrested call me. Sonny, you talk too much. Jason, you are a dream when arrested. But a nightmare in civil court.
Jason - Di...ann. Don’t.
Diane - Sonny can you tell Jason he can take care of Danny without giving everything he has to his unappreciative brother?

At Aurora Media.....
Spinelli - Is Maxie here?
Lulu - No, she had abdominal pain. Nathan took her to the hospital.
Spinelli - So you put Nathan’s interview on the internet and Maxie goes to the hospital?
Lulu - Well. if you are saying it is my fault, don’t worry. I am blaming myself!

At Sonny’s Office.......
Diane to Jason - You may consider yourself divorced. All the papers are filed. But if you wanted to make Sam happy, you did not succeed. You created the opposite reaction. She will NEVER be happy with him. If you didn’t come back she could be happy, but you DID come back. She loves YOU!! Even a lawyer can see 👀 that!

At Kelly’s Diner.......
Carly see Joss and Oscar.
Bobby - Now is your chance for the mother/daughter talk.

At Aurora Media......
Spinelli - If your story and my strategy puts Faison in prison, Maxie will thank both of us.
Lulu - I hope so.

At Sonny’s Office....
Sonny - I know Diane is a pain in the ass, but most of the time she is right.
Jason - What am I supposed to do?
Sonny - Go over there and tell Sam you love 💕 her!
Jason - That won’t work.
Sonny - How do you know if you don’t ask?

— MOM (1.15.18)
Here’s an update from today’s GH.....
At the Courthouse...
Jason - The money means nothing to me. I just want you to be happy.
Sam - I know.
Alexis - Don’t sign that.
Sam - This has gone on long enough!
Alexis - We have to talk about the custody of Danny Morgan.
Diane - No discussion. Jason is the father of Danny Morgan.
Alexis - However, Danny doesn’t remember Jason as his father. He remembers Drew as his father.
Jason looks at Sam. (Don’t do this).

The interview begins.....
Lulu - Tell me, Detective West, how did you feel when you found out one of the most wanted criminals, Cesar Faison, was your father?

Lulu - That’s about it. Your depiction of Faison as a nicotine stained relic says a lot. If we play this right, we can draw him out.

Oscar meets Drew at the gym......
Drew - Does your mom know your here?
Oliver - I know you’re a Seal. I need you to teach me self defense.

At the Courthouse.....
Alexis - As you know, it is my obligation to bring up the custody issue.
Diane - If this continues we can tear up everything and go to court.
Alexis - Sam’s son.....
Diane - JASON and Sam’s son!
Alexis - Jason and Sam’s son knows no father but Drew.
Alexis turning to Jason - You let Lucky be the father of Jake. Why won’t you show the same consideration to Danny and let Drew be his Father?

(Alexis you are a heartless WITCH! You know NOTHING about Drew. 👎🏻🤬🤬)

At the gym....
Drew - First, you need to change your clothes to shorts and sneakers. Are you ready? I want to see you throw a punch.
Oscar - I don’t want to hurt you. (Oscar throws a punch)
Drew - I can take it. Ok, put pressure on the hips.
Oscar tries again.
Drew - Oh you dropped your hand. Never drop your hand, it protects your face.
Oscar - What if the guy is bigger than me?
Drew - How big?
Oscar - Some jock... can you teach me?
Drew - Yes, but it would help if you let me know what you are facing?

At the Courthouse......
Alexis - It would be in the best interest of Danny if you denounced your organize crime ties.
Sam - MOM STOP 🛑 IT!! I will NOT sign anything that takes Jason away as Danny’s father. We already talked to Danny and he likes Jason.
Diane - Good decision.
Sam - May I have the pen please?

At the gym....
Oscar - There is this guy, a friend, who is living his life. Not bothering anyone, but this jerk won’t let him alone.
Drew - When you say a friend, are you talking about you?

At the Courthouse...
Sam signs the divorce papers.
Diane - That’s it.
Alexis - Alright Diane and I will file these papers with the court.
Diane - That’s right. Good luck with that.
Diane leaves.
Jason - About Danny.....
Sam - We don’t have to talk about it. I would never, never take Danny away from you, Jason.
Jason leaves.
Alexis - I know that was hard.
Sam - You made it worse!
Alexis - I was protecting you.
Sam - Not any more, YOU’RE FIRED! 👎🏻🤬💥💥

At Aurora Media......
Nathan tells Maxie and Nina that after tomorrow, everyone will know that Cesar Faison is his father.

At Sonny’s Office....
Sonny - How did it go?
Jason - It’s over. Do you have something?
Spinelli - I have a way to get to Sinclair. The publisher sent a email to P.K.Sinclair. He didn’t respond but kept the account open.
Sonny - That would mean we can communicate with him.

At Aurora Media....
Maxie - You gave an interview that you are Faison’s son? What are you trying to do to me? I blame LULU for this. I thought she was my friend!
Nathan - Don’t blame Lulu.
Nina to Nathan - Yes it is Lulu’s fault. What if Faison kidnaps Maxie to get to you?

At the Courthouse.....
Sam - How DARE you bring up the subject of Danny to Jason like that!
Alexis - I would be remiss.....
Sam - MY GOD! Jason already gave up EVERYTHING. Danny loves him. I will not take Danny from Jason EVER AGAIN!
Alexis - What if something happens to you? Do you want a MOB BOSS to take care of Danny?
Sam - You never thought Jason was good for me. Jason is a good man and loves Danny and would do right by him. This is MY life. Stay out of it! Don’t use me as a distraction not to think of Julian.

At the gym....
Drew - Look, Oscar are you getting bullied?
Oscar - It’s not me. Why do you think its me? I don’t want anyone butting in.
Drew - It’s very admirable to care about someone else. You’re a good kid. You need to find another way to deal with this kid. Fighting is not always the answer. Ok, keep your right up to protect your face. I am happy to teach you to box. I will teach you everything I know.
Oscar - I had fun.
Sam arrives....
Sam - What was that about?
Drew - Teaching my son to box. How did it go?
Are you ok?
Sam - The papers are signed. Jason and I are divorced.
Drew - Did you tell him we will pay off the money we owe him for Aurora?
Sam - He doesn’t care about money.
Drew - I do.
Sam - Well, there was one exception. There is no reason to get the lawyers involved. Jason is Danny’s father. I want to do what is best for Danny.
Drew - I agree.
Sam - Now that I am divorced we can get married!

At Sonny’s house......
Carly tell Sonny that she is concerned about Joss and Oscar’s high school Mad Hatter Dance. Joss is dressing too sexy for her age. The dresses she wants to wear are not what Carly wants for her.
Sonny - Well Carly, you can’t control everything Joss does. She is growing up.
Carly - I don’t want her to get into any trouble.
Sonny - Talk to her but you have to let kids make mistakes! That is the only way they learn.
Sonny leaves and Joss comes down wearing a tight black spaghetti strap dress.
Joss - Look at this dress! It’s perfect for the Mad Hatter Dance.
Carly - You know a dress like that could bring you more trouble than you can handle? There is this thing called “slut shaming.” When I was young we didn’t have that. Girls should be able to dress any way they want. Life isn’t fair. So if you’re not 100% sure you can handle what happens when you wear that 👗 dress, don’t wear it.
Joss - That is not fair. I love 💕 this dress!
Carly - Look at this dress in the magazine.
Joss - It is a couture dress. Will you buy it for me?
Carly - Yes I will.
Joss - Oh! Oscar will love me in this dress.
Oscar arrives to take Joss to the library to study. They leave.
Carly - Oh, Joss you forgot your purse!
A box of condoms falls out.
Carly - OH NO!!

At the Courthouse.....
Diane - Hey are you hungry?
Alexis - I was just doing my job. That is why you shouldn’t represent members of the family.
Diane - I know a new place I want to try.

At Aurora Media.....
Nathan - No reason to believe Faison will harm Maxie.
Maxie - I stuck by you with Ask Man Landers. This is life or death. I’m asking you not to do this!

Lulu tells her boss, Peter August, this interview with Nathan could lead to an interview with Faison.

Nathan calls Lulu - I’m sorry, but you need to call off the interview.
Lulu - Why? Did something happen?
Nathan - I want you to kill the story. I don’t want to go public that I’m Faison’s son.

Lulu tells her boss Nathan backed out.

Diane takes Alexis to Charley’s Pub and she sees Kim flirting with Julian.

At Sonny’s Office....
Jason - So it looks like we have a way to communicate with Sinclair.
Spinelli - Perhaps we bait him with what he wants.....Faison.
Jason - You want to be Faison?
Sonny - Too risky. We have to let him know he is on our radar.
Spinelli sends an email saying he loves Sinclair’s book.

Lulu tells Nathan, Maxie and Nina that it is too late to pull the interview. Her boss said it already went to press.

(Hmmmmm Is Peter August ......P.K.Sinclair and Faison’s other son??)
— MOM 1.12.18
Today’s GH update.........
Sonny - Diane, did I call you?
Diane - I’m here for Jason. I’m finalizing his divorce from Sam.

Alexis - Sam time to go to the courthouse.
Drew - Alexis, thank you so much for helping us with this.
Sam - We are only signing papers.

Nathan agrees to work with Lulu. They publish a story saying Nathan is Faison’s son to smoke him out.
TROUBLE !!😳👎🏻🤡

Sonny - Jason and Sam are married.
Diane - Correct, the 2011 marriage is still valid. The current marriage not is valid.
Jason - I said give Sam whatever she wants.
Diane - I am here to protect YOU and that is what I will do.

Curtis meets Drew at Aurora Media......
Curtis - It has been slow going thru your past. I did find something. You graduated from High School in Sawyer N.Y. The pride of the town is the Sawyer Spartans.
Drew - Is that my year 📚 book?

At the PCPD....
Lulu - Your interview will be exclusive to Aurora Media. Once it is published, Faison will know you’re his son.
Dante - You’re going to do WHAT!?!

At Charley’s Pub.....
Sonny - I always liked this place. Olivia told me you were the new owner. I had to come and see👀 it with my own 👁 eyes.
Julian - Did you throw a brick thru my kitchen window?
Sonny - I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have time for small stuff.

At the Courthouse.....
Alexis - If you have any doubts, say it now.
Sam - I am happy with Drew. I know it. Drew knows it. Now, Jason knows it.
Jason and Diane come into the room.

At PCPD......
Lulu - I didn’t see you come in.
Dante - No kidding. What is this I heard about Faison?
Nathan - We want to bring him back to Port Charles.
Dante to Nathan - What happens if he doesn’t go for you, but your wife, the reporter!

At Aurora Media.....
Curtis - Take a look.
Drew - Thank you I appreciate that. Hmmmm Andrew Cain.
Curtis - You were an all-around leader. Academics, Sports, Student Council.
Drew - It says here, I ran Varsity Track. Sam told me Jason ran Varsity Track.

At the Courthouse.....
Diane - All parties are accounted for.
Sam - Thank you for doing this.
Jason - Whatever you need.
Diane - So shall we get started? All right, Penthouse #2.
Alexis - I believe Sam can keep the Penthouse.
Diane - That Penthouse is on prime property.
Sam - Drew and I will find another place to live.
Alexis - They can sell Penthouse and split proceeds.
Diane - Jason owned that Penthouse BEFORE the marriage.
Lots of flashbacks to when they were happy and in love.

At Aurora Media.....
Curtis - My cousin’s daughters are twins. When they were babies 👶 they talked in a gibberish no one could understand.
Drew - Jason and I are miles apart. Sam is with Alexis getting a divorce from Jason. When It is done Sam and I can get married.
Curtis - Congratulations 🍾.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Julian - What are you doing here?
Sonny - I need you to settle a debt. You owe me blood but I will settle for cash 💰.
Sonny puts a box on the bar.....
Julian - What is this?
Sonny - Congratulations Julian! Your bar will be selling Corrinthos ☕️ Coffee!

At PCPD...
Dante tells Lulu he doesn’t like what she and Nathan are doing. Not one bit!
Dante to Nathan - What will Maxie say when she finds out you’re using yourself as bait to catch Faison?

Maxie asks Mac to help her and Nathan disappear. She had a dream that Faison took the baby. I want you to contact Robert to help us disappear.
Mac - You don’t want to be on the run. Does Faison know Nathan is his son?
Maxie - No.
Mac - What are you worrying about? I hate to say this, but Sonny has a lot of connections. Since what happened to Jason, Sonny is already looking for him.

At Aurora Media.....
Peter August tells Lulu that Maxie Jones was singing her praises.
Peter - Did you find Faison already?
Lulu - Faison has a son, my husband’s partner, Nathan West.

At PCPD....
Dante - What is getting Faison to Port Charles going to do to your family?
Nathan- I am doing this FOR my family.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Sonny - My guy will bring you boxes of coffee and I expect payment on time and in full.
Julian - Tell me the truth. Did you throw the brick in my kitchen window?

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - Sam and I want a small private 🎩 wedding to be about us.
Curtis - First, count me in!
Drew - You have been a great friend. I need a partner....
Curtis - Stop. I will be your best man.

At the Courthouse....
Diane - Jason is not going to contest Drew’s shares of ELQ. Now to Aurora Media.
Sam - Do you want Aurora Media?
Jason - No.
Diane - They used his money to buy it so that should pay him interest.
Alexis - Drew and Sam will pay you interest on Aurora Media.
Diane - Jason’s off shore accounts and interests are his and his alone.
Alexis - Mob 💴 money. Sam doesn’t want anything to do with that.
Diane to Jason - Drew has nothing. He has no money. Drew and Sam have lived off you for years.
Sam upset - I get it. Everything I have comes from Jason.
(Finally you see 👀 Jason has made your happy life possible. It’s about time!!!)
Jason - ENOUGH!!
Jason takes the divorce papers and signs them.
Jason - There, it is done.
(More flashbacks of the love they have for each other. 💕 BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS 💋)

Mac - Robert is going to bring Frisco into the loop. I agree Faison is dangerous and if we are lucky, he won’t find out.

At the PCPD...
Dante - What brings you by?
Sonny - Someone threw a brick thru the window of Julian’s Bar. Do you know what that is about?

Lulu - We got the green light from my boss.
Nathan - When do we start?
Lulu - Now is as good a time as any.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - I promise you I will give you all the details as soon as we know.
Curtis - We have to have a cool bachelor party. Have you been to Atlantic City?

At the courthouse......
Jason gives the divorce papers to Sam - I want you to be ok.
Sam - I know.
Sam starts to sign ......
Alexis - I advise you not to sign that yet. As your Attorney, I would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the custody of the minor child, Danny Morgan.

Diane won’t let Alexis take Danny from Jason!
— MOM (1.11.18)
Short one today.
At Elizabeth’s House 🏠........
Jim Harvey - Bobby Frank, man you have grown!
Franco - Hi.
Jim - I dated your mother back then. Even as a kid you were painting and throwing paint on the walls.
Franco - I don’t remember you. So do you want to tell me what you’re doing here?
Jim to Liz - Planning a celebration?
Liz - Yes, we just set our wedding 🎩 date.
Jim - Congratulations 🎈🍾. You’ve come a long way Bobby! No more Bobby, you’re Franco now. Everyone knows Franco! Betsy and I keep in touch and she is very proud of you.
Franco - I don’t remember you as a kid 🧒. Why would you turn up now? Did my mother send you?
Jim - You’re a tough nut 🥜 to crack. Is this yours (looking at Franco’s childhood painting)? What was your inspiration? ......Bobby. I’m sorry, Franco, I want to buy your art studio. I saw you own an art studio and loft. That property is in a prime location. I am going to make you a generous offer!
Liz - Franco loves his art studio.
Jim - I saw your last art show and it was all old stuff. I’m an art lover. I don’t know many artists that I told to eat his vegetables! 🌽
Franco - I don’t remember that.
Jim - Change is good. You’re getting married, starting a new life. Why not the trifecta?
Franco - I like the space I’m in.
Jim hands Franco a check - How is THAT for a number? Please get in touch with me. Congratulations 🍾 to both of you.
Jim leaves.......

Liz - Do you remember him?
Franco - Real question is, why did he remember ME? (Franco tears up the check.)
Liz - Are you sure?
Franco - Yes I’m sure. I don’t do business with people who call me Bobby.

— MOM (1.10.18)
Today’s GH was sad. Not many emojis here.
At Aurora Media.......
Jason - Hey.
Sam - Thanks for coming.
Jason - Something wrong?
Sam - Yes, not life threatening, but something must be addressed.
Jason - Ok.
Sam - I need a divorce.

At General Hospital in Franco’s Art Room......
Franco looks at the his childhood painting.
Franco - This painting reminds my of when I was 3 years old and I pushed Andrew down the stairs. What if Elizabeth doesn’t understand? What if she runs back to Jason? I can’t lose you. Sorry for what I did, Drew. I’m sorry.

At the Metro Court......
Carly tells Michael that Nelle is working at Ava Jerome’s gallery.
Carly - We know what Nelle is capable of, you have to put a stop to this.
Michael - I see Nelle for what she is. I can’t tell Nelle who to work for or who to associate with. My only concern is the baby.

At Aurora Media.......
Sam - My first marriage to Drew was illegal. We had a problem with paperwork. You and I are still married.
Jason - So you need a divorce.
Sam - I know it doesn’t change anything on paper but it is really important to me.
Jason - Give me the paper and I will sigh it.
Sam - In the State of N.Y, we need a reason for our divorce. Abandonment, adultery, illegal imprisonment etc.....
Jason - None of those are us.
Sam - The other night, on News Year’s Eve....It shouldn’t have happened. Things got so screwed up for you. When we got married, we didn’t know this would happen.
Jason - Would you change it?
Sam - No.
Jason - Neither would I. I said those vows because I wanted to make you happy 😃 and I still do. So if divorcing you will make you happy, then I’m in.

At Liz’s 🏠 House.....
Franco comes home with the painting......
Franco - Hello.
Liz kisses Franco - Welcome home. So I was thinking, we haven’t set a wedding date.
Franco - Let’s set a date. Are you sure?
Liz - Yes, I’m sure. I don’t want to wait. It is easy for people like us to stay the same. I love 💕 you, so lets rock the boat 🚣‍♂️.

At Aurora Media.....
Sam - Seems strange to thank you for ending our marriage. I need you to know you made me very happy back then. You made me whole. i can’t really repay you for that.
Jason - Just love. I’m glad you’re at a place that I can’t give you. Irreconcilable differences.
Sam - What?
Jason - Let’s do irreconcilable differences because I love you and you love him.

At the Metro Court.....
Carly tells Olivia she is not thrilled that Nelle will be a part of her family.
Carly - You know the mother has all the rights.
Olivia - If you need my help, let me know.
Jason arrives at the Metro Court.....
Carly - I am so upset about Nelle. Michael will only listen to you. How did you get here so fast?
Where were you? Were you with Sam?
Jason - There is nothing to tell. Sam asked me for a divorce.

(Ok, I’ve got to cook chicken and rice. More later.)

At Aurora Media.....
Sam - I need your help, Mom. I am still married to Jason. We 💋 kissed the other night.
Alexis - How was it?
Sam - I went back in time. I don’t want to go back in time. That person doesn’t exist anymore. We can’t go back in time.
Alexis - Ok, only if you’re not going back in time for the right reasons.

At Liz’s house.....
Liz - So a date for now...February. How does that sound?
Franco - Sounds good. I was supposed to pick up more milk on the way home. The boys love milk.
Liz - You’re going now?

At Metro Court.....
Carly to Jason - I know what Sam is doing. She is hurrying into a marriage with Drew not to think about you. She wants a stable life with Drew but she won’t have you. That is the one thing she won’t have.

At Aurora Media.....
Sam - Are you saying I shouldn’t marry Drew?
Alexis - Don’t do anything right now. Jason is an intricate part of your life and you need to think about that before you marry Drew.

At Liz’s house 🏠......
Liz - Yes, can I help you?
Jim Harvey - Is Franco here?
Liz - No, not right now.
Jim - You know I knew him when we were kids.
Franco returns.
Liz - Franco, this is Jim Harvey. He knew you when you were a kid.
Jim - Bobby Frank. Man, you have grown!

At Aurora Media....
Sam to Alexis - Jason is my first 💕 love and that will never change. I will always love him. That love will be forever, but I am not that person any more. I will not act on it.

At Metro Court.......
Carly - I worry about Sam. You will be all right but Drew will not want to be married to someone who loves another person.
Jason - I love Sam and she is happy with Drew and taking care of the kids. I won’t change that.
Carly - Sam was fine with who you were before.
Jason - She didn’t have kids.
Carly - The night you went away, you were happy.
Jason - Yes.
Carly - Sam had Danny.
Jason - Yes.

At Aurora Media......
Sam - I love Drew and the life we have with our children. I want the whole world to know it.
Alexis - Ok, let’s get you a divorce.

That’s all for today.
— MOM (1.9.18)
Lots to say about GH today......
Spinelli realizes that his and Maxie’s daughter Georgie is going to be half-sister to Maxie’s baby with Nathan. Also Faison is the grandfather. He needs to wrap his head around this.

At Sonny’s Office....
Sonny - Spinelli is odd, but a good guy.
Jason - Maybe you should tell him that.
Sonny - You tell him!

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - The problem is I don’t know 🤔 myself.
Sam - What do you want to do?
Drew - Do you want to start off the year as husband and wife?
Sam - Yes, lets do it now!

(Sam you can’t marry Drew because you’re still married to Jason Morgan. You act like Jason doesn’t exist. WHAT A SHAM!! 👎🏻👎🏻🤡👹👿)

At General Hospital......
Sonny enters Finn’s room and sees 👀 Anna.....
Anna - Lets talk outside. Is this about Faison?
Jason - We need to talk to you about his son.
Anna - His SON? 🙀

At Aurora Media...
Drew - I have a new driver’s license in my name. You have all your IDs.
Sam - All we need is $40.
Drew - You have $40?
Sam - Yes.
Drew - So lets get hitched. (Then he thinks about it.) We’ve got a problem. It says here we can’t get married until 24hrs. after the marriage license is issued.
Sam - Let’s go get the marriage license now because we have all the documents.
Drew - Let’s go!

At General Hospital.....
Jason - We just confirmed that Faison has one son, Nathan West.
Anna - Nathan West? How terrible for him and Maxie! Why are you telling this to me?
Jason - Because Nathan is not the son we are looking for. We think Sinclair is Faison’s son. He betrayed Faison and we need to find him before Faison does.
Sonny - Is there another woman that was with Faison?
Anna - Yes, there is one woman...

At Charley’s Pub......
Maxie is terrified that Faison is the grandfather of her 👶 baby.
Lulu - Maxie, it doesn’t matter WHO the grandparents are.
Maxie - Yes it does! I have to hide how I really feel about this from Nathan. I told him it doesn’t matter.

At the PCPD.......
Nathan tells Dante that Faison is his father.
Dante - What? No!
Nathan - Give it a moment and it will make sense.
Dante - I’m sorry.
Nathan - So now my father is one of the 10 most wanted criminals in the world.
Dante - Sonny is not like Faison. He lives by a code. He has a conscience, but there are many things I don’t like or agree with him. I love him, so I accept what I can and the other stuff I don’t. You grew up a rich kid 🧒 but you became a cop 👮 to help people. You’re a good guy. You will be all right!

At GH....
Sonny - Desiree?
Anna - Yes, she has been dead for decades.
Jason - We know he has another son out there. We will just have to find a way to get him.
Anna - Don’t do that. l will notify the WSB. Be happy you have a life.
Jason - I can’t do that. I have to find out.
Anna - WHY!! 😢😳 He took 5 years of your life. Don’t let Faison take any more!
Anna walks away.
Sonny - There is a hell of a lot more she is not telling us.

At Sonny’s Office......
Sonny calls Brett his PI and tell him to find all he can about Desiree looking at years 1980/1990.
Sonny - We have to find Faison and put a bullet in his head.
Jason - Anna is right. It won’t change anything.
Sonny - Do you mean Sam will still be with Drew?

At the License Office......
Sam - I feel like such an idiot! I should have realized.
Drew - That’s ok.
Sam - I have a way to fix it. I just dread doing it.
Drew - So you can do this?
Sam - No time like the present.

(You didn’t realize you were STILL married to Jason Morgan. What an AIR HEAD! 🤡😵)

At Sonny’s Office...
Sonny - Carly said you were with Sam on New Year Eve?
Jason doesn’t answer.
Sam calls Jason to come to Aurora Media because she needs to talk to him.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - Do you want me with you or do you want to do this alone?
Sam - I think that it will be a lot simpler if I do this alone.
Drew - Are you sure? I will be in my office down the hall if you need me.
Sam - I got this.

(Drew is sooo insecure 😟. You guys need to show Jason respect. He selflessly gave both of you everything he had!)

At Sonny’s Office.....
Maxie - First, I would like to apologize for being rude to you at Charley’s Pub.
Sonny - Maxie sit down.’re too anxious, 😧 it is not good for the baby.
Maxie - You know what is not good for the baby 🍼? Faison being its grandfather! I need you to promise you will not tell anyone.
Sonny - We only told Anna. You need her on your side. Besides her, no one will hear it from Jason and me that Faison is Nathan’s father. Don’t go looking for trouble.
Maxie - If Faison finds out that Nathan is his son, who knows what he will do?

Nathan wants to find Faison and Lulu tells him that she has some contacts, let’s work together.

Knock knock on the door at Aurora Media......
Jason - Hey.

(I am sick and tired of Sam treating Jason — the man she loved and risked her life to find in freezing water and mourned for 2 years — like DIRT. Writers find Jason a HOT BIKER 🚵‍♀️ CHICK 🐣 ASAP!!!)
— MOM (1.8.18)
Very cold out. Eat food 🥘 and stay warm.

At Aurora Media......
Carly - Do you have a minute?
Sam - Yes, I was going to see you 👀. You’re trying to force me with Jason and you have to stop 🛑. It hurts me to hurt 😞 Jason. Jason is my past and Drew is my future.

At Sonny’s Office......
Jason - We know P.K. Sinclair wrote the manuscript but Britt said he is not Faison. Faison said it just showed up.
Sonny - P.K. Sinclair and the person who wanted to keep you alive are the same person.
Jason - Faison’s son.
Spinelli - We are finally making progress, he has a son who wants to destroy his father. The gun fire at the Aurora Party was a ruse to draw you out. They wanted to capture you and bring you back to Russia.

At Aurora Media....
Carly - I am your friend and trying to save you from making a mistake. I loved Jax. He was sincere and but I wasn’t honest with myself that Sonny had a tug on my heart ♥️. Jax is a dream and Sonny is a nightmare but I will always be with Sonny. If he needs me I will be there. Don’t do that to Drew.
Drew appears......
Drew - Don’t do that to me? YOU were busy on New Years Eve! I don’t think you came here to apologize.
Carly - I want you to know you are still my friend. I was just trying to save you from a marriage to someone who can’t stop ✋ loving someone else.
(You go, girl!!)
Drew - Well is she right, Sam?

At Sonny’s Office......
Jason - Britt said she and Faison traveled all over Europe.
Sonny - Then Faison found out he was lied to.
Jason - Faison came back to confront the traitor, but he didn’t.
Spinelli - Because Dr. Obrecht told him you were looking for him.
Sonny - So if Obrecht knows where Faison is, let’s invite her over for a chat.

At Charley’s Pub......
The DNA that Maxie asked Amy to test shows that Victor Cassandine is NOT Nathan’s father. So who is he? Nathan thinks not knowing who his father is can be harmful to his unborn child. Dr. Obrecht will not tell him who his father is.

At the Gallery......
Carly goes to see 👀Ava and finds that Nelle is working there.
Nelle - Didn’t you tell me to get a job? Wasn’t it so generous of Ava to do that for me when I know nothing about art and am prone to dizzy 😵 spells.
Carly - Your prone to something! You will probably sleep with her boyfriend and rob her blind. You two belong together.

At Aurora Media,....
Sam - What Carly went through with Jax and Sonny is different than you and me. Sonny wants Carly, and that is not us.
Drew - Look, you have to tell me what will make you happy.

At Charley’s Pub,...
Nathan tells Dr. O that he knows she loves him and he loves her, but she MUST tell him who his father is.
Sonny, Jason and Spinelli enter Charley’s Pub.
Maxie - You have to go. Oh, hi Jason! Glad to see you back. We are in the middle of a family crisis.
Sonny - Does the crisis have anything to do with Faison’s son?
Dr. O - How did you know? 😳😢

At Aurora Media......
Sam - I want what we have, I want our life. That is what I want.
Drew - What about Jason?
Sam - I want Jason to be happy too. You have a past we haven’t even explored yet. What do YOU want?

At Charley’s Pub.....
Sonny - Faison has a son, you called him.
Dr O - Not true.
Spinelli - I traced the call.
Nathan - Faison has a son??
Sonny - Yes.
Nathan - I know why my mother wanted to keep the truth from me.
Dr. O - Nathan, please leave it alone.
Nathan to Maxie - My father is Cesar Faison.

At the Gallery.....
Nelle - Carly, you should be nice to me. I only have one kidney and if my blood pressure spikes, you can put your grandchild in danger. Why are you so high and mighty? YOU had a baby with a drunk 😵.
Carly - Yes but I had a good friend who straightened me out. You don’t have that.

At Charley’s Pub......
Maxie - No, it’s not. Faison is Britt’s father.
Nathan - Well we can get another DNA test.
Dr. O - It is true. Faison is your father.
Maxie - Oh my GOD! 😢😳🤯
Nathan - You owe us the truth!
Sonny, Jason and Spinelli leave.....

Dr. Obrecht - I loved Faison. He was not a good father. He didn’t care about Britta because she was a girl. When I got pregnant 🤰 again I knew that if I had a boy, Faison would take him. So I gave you to my sister to raise. It was very important to protect you from Faison. The man you have become makes me think I did the right thing.

At Aurora Media,......
Sam - We have to choose how to deal with it. Not only our marriage and family, but your past. Do you want to find out about your past? 🧐
Drew - I can contact the Navy and talk to the men there. They may be able to tell me about myself. What if I can’t remember anything?
Sam - You are Chief Andrew Cain. Even if you can’t recover your memory, YOU are the man I love 💕.

(Does Drew really want to regain his memory?)

At Charley’s Pub.....
Dr. O - I don’t regret the choice I made for you, Nathan. Faison never knew I had a son so he couldn’t poison you. I love you Nathan and I pray you can forgive me and allow me to be part of my grandchild’s life.
Maxie - Faison is your father? A lot to digest, but I would not change a thing about you. We love 💕 each other. Promise me you believe that.
Nathan - I promise.

At Sonny’s Office.....
Sonny - Does anyone think Nathan is P.K. Sinclair?
Jason and Spinelli - No.
Sonny - Then he has another son. We have to draw him out in the open.

At the Gallery....
Carly - I will talk to Michael to give you an allowance so you don’t have to work for Ava.
Nelle - No, I like working here.
Carly - I don’t care about what happens to you. But you are carrying Michael’s baby 👶 and I do care about what happens to that child.

At Aurora Media.....
Sam - The guys at the Navy are your brothers and they will help you. What do you want to do? 🤔
Drew - I want to love 💕 you and honor you every day of my life.
Sam - So let’s get married today!

(Drew doesn’t seem interested in getting information about his past. Maybe he already knows he is a fraud. 🤡🙀👎🏻👎🏻)
— MOM (1.5.18)
Back to Jason today. At Sonny’s office.....
Jason - The key 🔑 is in the manuscript, The Severed Branch, to get Faison.
Spinelli - You are fortunate to have me to decipher the manuscript.
Sonny - Spinelli, good to see 👀 you.
Spinelli - I am misty eyed 👀 at the three of us together again.
Jason smiling - Did you find anything on the manuscript?
Spinelli - Yes, the lead you gave me that P.K. Sinclair wrote the manuscript led to another clue.
Jason - Who wrote The Severed Branch?
Spinelli - Whoever wrote the manuscript was emailing with the Publisher.
Jason - Were you able to trace the emails?
Sonny - A guy contacts the publisher, says he has an idea for a P.K. Sinclair novel on 9/28/2017.....
Jason - The day before I broke out of that clinic in Russia.

Lulu wants to find Faison for Crimson, Dante says No! No! It is too dangerous.

At Charley’s Pub.....
Lulu tells Felicia she wants to interview Faison. Felicia tells her she doesn’t want to get into Faison’s crosshairs.
Lulu asks Dr. Obrecht to help her locate Faison.
Dr. O - Why would I do that?
Lulu - So I can interview him! This may be his last chance to get his side of the story out.
Felicia asks Lulu - If you located Faison would you turn him over to the authorities?
Lulu - Yes of course, I may be a journalist but I am a Spencer first!
Felicia - Start your investigation at Spoon Island 🌴. If Faison is anywhere, that is where he would be.

At Sonny’s office.....
Spinelli - We need to locate the IP address Faison used. One more thing... read it and weep.
Sonny - Where did you get this new manuscript?
Spinelli - I took the burnt manuscript and deciphered it and added what I thought the ending should be.
Jason - This may be enough. We don’t have to know how it ends, we need to know what it means.
Spinelli - The manuscript may tell us all we need to know. If Issac is a stand-in for Faison, then Octavian could be the stand in for.....did Faison have a son?

The Severed Branch. Is this the part of the family tree 🌲 that is broken? If Faison has a son, who can he be? Maybe we will get the answers tomorrow......
— MOM (1.4.18)
No Jason, Sam, Drew triangle today. 💩
— MOM (1.3.18)
It’s 2018 and I’m back to GH updates!
Carly had her bartender disable Drew’s car 🚗 so that Jason and Sam could spend New Years Eve 🍾🥂 at the Haunted Star 🌟 . At midnight 🕛 they kissed! 💋
Jason - I am going to see if I can get this engine started.
Sam - Jason, you don’t know anything about engines.
Drew shows up........👀🤪
Drew - What is going on here?

At the Metro Court New Year’s party 🎉 🥂🎊.....
Sonny scolds Carly for interfering in the Jason/Sam/Drew saga.
Carly - This is one of those times when the ends justifies the means.
Sonny - Well, it will not end well.

At the Haunted Star 💫 🌟.......
Sam tells Drew that Carly told Jason that Sonny wanted to see 👀 him at the Haunted Star. He had new information about Faison.
Sam - When Jason arrived the boat was on auto 👩‍✈️ pilot and moved away from the pier. We tried to stop 🛑 it by turning off the engine and it went adrift. Our 📱 phones were not working so we could not call the Shore Patrol.

Sonny - Carly, if you keep poking the bear 🐻......
Carly - You want Jason with Sam too.
Sonny - It is up to Jason, not you!

Drew - I was worried 😟 you were out here alone.
Sam - Where were you?
Drew - My car 🚙 wouldn’t start. This has Carly written all over it.
Jason - I will talk to her.
Angry 😤 Drew - Tell Carly to BACK OFF or she will create a real problem for you and I!

(Drew has no shame. He takes Jason’s money, 💰
wife, apt, children and HE is the victim. He doesn’t have a dime and is living with Jason’s wife. What a catch! 🤪)

At the Metro Court......
Carly - I want Jason to be happy 😊.
Sonny - Yes, he deserves it.
Carly - He lost 5 years. His wife and kids, his whole life. Everyone is acting like it is wrong for him to come back.
(Yeah Carly, tell them!! 👍👍)

At the Haunted Star 🌟......
Jason leaves to call the Harbor Master.
Jealous Drew - He KNEW what Carly was doing and sat back and let it happen!
Sam - That is not true. She didn’t get what she wanted. Nothing happened.

(Drew is shaking. He knows his 2 years with Sam can’t compare to the tens of years and memories with her one true love 💕.......Jason. Even if Sam stays with him, he will always wonder if it is because she feels sorry 😐 for him.)

Sam - Carly doesn’t run my life.
Drew - I am really upset! 😡 I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with YOU and you spend it with your EX.
(When did Jason and Sam get a divorce?)
Sam - Don’t you know, I love 💗 you?
Drew - Yes, but I am not going to pretend that you don’t have love ❤️ for Jason.
Sam - You have a past.
Drew - Jason is right here. I love 💕 you enough to step aside if you love ❤️ Jason.
Sam - I will always love 💕 Jason . When I met Jason I was a mess and he helped me be a better person. The person I am today. But I love 💗 YOU.

At the Metro Court......
Carly - Are you mad?
Jason - I’m not mad. Carly, I want you to hear me. I love 💕 Sam, and will always love ❤️ Sam. I can’t be the one to cause Sam pain. I know you mean well but please just stop. 🛑

At the Haunted Star 🌟......
Sam - Let Carly do her worst.
Drew - Do you really believe Jason doesn’t want you back?
Sam - He probably does. I can’t be on the back of a motorcycle 🏍 any more. You win!
Drew - It is not about winning, it is about only you. Lets get off this boat 🚣‍♂️. Happy New Year,🎊 Sam.
They Kiss 💋.

At the Metro Court...... with Carly, Sonny, Jason and Michael.
Carly - We haven’t had a New Year’s toast.
Jason - Let me do it. Thank you for believing in me when I came back. I felt lost, and I love you all. Sorry I was gone. I’m very, very happy 😆 to be home.
Carly - Not as happy 😃 as we are.
Sonny smiles as Carly hugs and kisses Jason.
— MOM (1.2.18)

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