General Hospital


Stone Cold

"Behind every great man is a ticked off woman who hates him."
-- Ned Quartermaine

Back in the '80s GH was my jam. Luke & Laura, Frisco & Felicia, Sean & Tiffany, Duke & Anna, Robert Scorpio, Scotty Baldwin, Blackie... Dr Noah Drake!  These days, I don't keep up with the show except for when I visit my parents in Florida. Every day at 2pm, you'll find my mom in Port Charles. And every day, she emails me a recap of the drama, so I'll post them here! 

You might notice a pattern: She is 1000% #TeamJason and only has eyes for Steve Burton (sorry, Billy Miller). And she loves emojis...

Oh, and this contains tons of SPOLIERS so if you care about that, come back when you're caught up! (Or see the archives here: 2017, 2018.)


Honorable mention goes to: Alan Quartermaine, Blackie Parrish, Cesar Faison, Duke Lavery, Franco Baldwin, Michael Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, Nikolas Cassadine, Scotty Baldwin, Spencer Cassadine & Victor Jerome.



Wednesday on GH...........
Lucy Coe is 🚀 launching her Port Charles Guide Book 📖 signing today.

Lulu informs Peter August (Publisher of the Invader) that she can’t get anyone from the PCPD to confirm the connection of Ryan Chamberlain to the recent murders.
Peter - If the police 👮 won’t confirm, it’s because they lack evidence to back it up. Nothing more than a rumor.
Lulu - Are you saying it’s not newsworthy?
Peter - I don’t publish rumors. If you can’t get someone at the PCPD to talk, find someone who will.

Mac 🖥 and Commissioner Jordan Ashford want Maxie to cancel Lucy’s book signing before it becomes a crime scene.

On the day of Laura’s inauguration, ”Kevin“ tells her she needs a clean slate.
“Kevin“ - We need to finalize our divorce.
Laura - My new role compels me to decline your request. The divorce will have to wait.

Aiden is concerned his cousin, Charlotte, will be at grandma Laura’s ceremony.
Cameron - Jake what’s up with Aiden?
Jake - You should ask Aiden!
Cameron - I’m asking YOU.
Jake - Charlotte is bullying Aiden.

Ava asks Scott Baldwin to oversee the sale of her Gallery and Penthouse with all the contents.
Scott - So are you downsizing? Are you leaving town?
Ava - If all goes well.
Scott - If you’re going alone, I hope you have friends where you’re going?
Ava - Scott, I didn’t say I was going to be alone.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
(While Sonny is telling Carly that Ava is leaving town and wants to have Avery for 1-2 months at a time, they hear a loud noise.)
Sonny - Dad?
Carly - Mike?

At Crimson..........................
(Maxie is not going to cancel Lucy’s event.)
Lulu - Why would the PCPD care about a book 📚 signing?
(Mac and Jordan think the killer will do something at the signing because all the deaths happened at big events.)
Maxie - It’s not huge, and not a holiday, so we will be fine.

At the Inauguration.................
“Kevin“ - I have been patient with you. I want that divorce finalized!
Laura - So you can go play house 🏡 with Ava?

At Charley’s Pub...............
Scott - The Gallery will sell, but the 🏡 house market is down.
Ava - Do the best you can. I have one more matter? I can’t leave Port Charles without Avery!
Scott - Well Ava, you better put your feet up and get comfortable! There is NO way Sonny will let you leave the state line, let alone the country, with Avery!
Ava - Sonny and I have shared custody!
Scott - There is no wiggle room in the shared custody. The ONLY way you take Avery is over Sonny’s dead 💀 body!

At Sonny’s house 🏡...................
(Mike is running down the stairs and is very agitated 😡. Mike is complaining that he can’t find his watch.)
Mike - What the HELL happened to my watch? I had it, but now it’s gone!
(Sonny opens the desk drawer and retrieves the watch.)
Mike - What are you doing with it? Give it to me!
Sonny - Dad, you told me to hold it for you.
Mike - NO I didn’t! LIAR! You’re nothing but a thief.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏡.........................
Cameron - Charlotte is bullying Aiden?
Jake - Was. She got in trouble at school 🏫. Other kids are bullying him too. I’ve heard kids say he’s a weirdo.
Cameron - You just let that go?
Jake - What am I supposed to DO?
Cameron - If it’s a boy? Beat him up! If it’s a girl? Tell on her! Girls hate to get in trouble.
Jake - Cam, I’m not like you! I don’t beat people up. If I tell, people will think I’m a snitch.
Cameron - I didn’t say it was easy, but Aiden is your little brother. It’s YOUR responsibility to protect him.
Jake - I’ll try, but I only see him on the bus 🚌. I can’t follow him around all day!
Elizabeth - Ok, lets go! Grab your coat 🧥, get in the car 🚘. I don’t want to be late for the ceremony.

At Crimson.................
Lulu - The PCPD thinks the killer uses big events. Is there an aspect of the event that you think will draw the killer out?
Jordan - No comment. You KNOW it’s the right thing to do, Maxie.

At the Metro Court..................
Mac asks Peter August to help him protect Maxie by taking Lulu off the Port Charles murder story.

At the Inaugural.................
Laura - The divorce will have to wait, Kevin. The people of Port Charles are my priority now.
“Kevin“ - Or are you dragging your feet because of your commitment to a lost cause? Namely, our marriage!

At Charles Pub.................
Ava - What are the odds, do you think, of Sonny dropping dead?
Scott - Not good. People have been trying to kill him for 25 years! No such luck.
Ava - Why won’t you help me?
Scott - I AM helping you. I’m giving you free advice. Drop it!
Ava - I have a chance to get out of here, start over and Kevin says it’s just...
Scott - Hold on a second! Kevin? This is HIS big idea?
Ava - So what if it is?

At Sonny’s house 🏠..............
Mike - You took this out of my room? I want this man arrested. Call the police 👮‍♀️!
Sonny - Dad, it’s my house 🏠.
Mike - What kind of an operation are you running here, lady? You let TRASH go into my room? What’s your cut?
Carly - Mike, this is your son, Sonny! His name is Michael?
Mike - No, I don’t have a son!
(Sonny touches Mike’s arm.)
Mike - Don’t touch me! You can’t have my watch. I will NEVER let you have it!
(Mike punches Sonny in the mouth. It starts to bleed. Carly is frightened and repulsed by what she just saw.)
Mike - Come on, you coward! Fight me like a MAN.
Carly - Knock it OFF!! There is NO fighting here! Go up to your room, or I will have to throw you out! YOU’RE the one who has to cool off.
Mike - If you see me coming? You walk the other way.

At the Metro Court.............
Mac - Peter, you need to keep Ryan Chamberlain’s name out of the story. Look, if the killer knows the police 🚔 are on to him, he will take two steps ahead instead of one. The more Jordan has to study Ryan? The better to catch that killer before he can copy that bastard again! If the killer is copying Ryan, then Felicia and Maxie are BOTH 🎯 targets. So, for Maxie’s sake, you HAVE to bury the story!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Scott - Do you think Kevin will treat YOU any better than the way he treated Laura?
Ava - Why can’t you just be happy for me?
Scott - Because you can do better!
Ava - With WHO? With YOU? No! I’m with Kevin.

At the Inauguration...................
Laura - Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I believe the man I married still exists.
“Kevin“ - Perhaps I wasn’t the man you thought I was? I haven’t lived up to your image of me. We are not a good fit. You don’t challenge me. You don’t see the world 🌎 the same way I do. You don’t play for the same stakes. You don’t even understand the GAME!
Laura - Go to HELL!

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....................
Carly - Sonny, are you ok? This is serious! If Mike comes after you again, you will HAVE to defend yourself.
Sonny - Carly, I can handle it.
Carly - You’re a survivor of domestic violence! (Sonny’s stepfather beat him as a child.) If you have to hit Mike in self-defense? How is it going to feel knowing you had to go that far?

At the Inauguration.......................
Judge - It’s my pleasure to administer the Oath Of Office to Laura Collins.
(👏🏻👏🏻🤲🏼👍 Laura’s friends and family and voters are there.)
Judge - Raise your right hand 🖐 and place your left hand on the Bible. Repeat after me: I, Laura Collins, do solemnly swear...
(Laura looks down at her left hand on the Bible and sees her wedding 👰 rings and stops the ceremony.)
Laura - May I have a moment please? I don’t want to take the Oath this way today because I don’t want go begin my Administration with any sort of misconception. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I will take off these wedding rings. I, Laura Webber, do solemnly swear to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of New York and the Charter of the City of Port Charles. I will faithfully discharge the duties of the Office of Mayor of the City of Port Charles according to my best abilities. So help me God.
Judge - Let me be the first to congratulate you, Madam Mayor!
(The crowd cheers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍👍.)

Aiden gives out his from scratch cookies 🍪. They are a big hit!
Cameron - What’s with the baking?
Franco - You have a problem with it?
Cameron - No, but other kids might think he is weird.
Franco - Weird? Dude, the cookies are DELICIOUS! It’s a win for everybody. You’re not ashamed of your little brother, are you, Cam?
Cameron - At home we can protect Aiden. We can build him up to believing in himself. That doesn’t change how people in the world 🌍 treat him!

(I’ve got to make dinner 🥘. Baked chicken 🐓 and baked 🥔 potatoes.with buttered corn 🌽.)

At the Inauguration.......................
Lulu - You took off your wedding 👰 rings?
Laura - It was time. Kevin showed up to finalize the divorce right before the ceremony.
Lulu - I’m SO sorry, Mom! Never in a MILLION years would I believe that Kevin could do this to you.
Laura - Me neither.
Lulu - I am here for you if you need anything.
Laura - Thank you. If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to talk to Jordan.
Lulu- Good luck, Madam Mayor!

Maxie - So, am I going to see you at Lucy’s book 📚 signing?
Peter - I thought with everything going on with the serial killer, you, Nina and Lucy would think about it.
Lulu - Peter, I got some interesting denials from the Commissioner. We need to talk about it!
Peter - Don’t bother.
Lulu - What?
Peter - It would be a waste of your time to write it now.
Lulu - But you said?
Peter - I changed my mind. The Invader is not going to run with the story.

Laura - Commissioner, gather your detectives on the case. I want a full briefing within the hour.

At Charley’s Pub........................
“Kevin“ - Good news! Laura has agreed to a quick divorce. My marriage will be over soon. No muss. No fuss.
Ava - That is good.
“Kevin“ - Is it?
Ava - As much as I want to go away with you, Scott just gave me a reality check. Even with shared custody of Avery, Sonny is going to keep her by ANY means necessary. I can’t leave without my daughter!
“Kevin“ - Why don’t I have a go at this?
Ava - NO! No, I don’t want to drag you into this.
“Kevin“ - I’m EXACTLY where I want to be.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....................
Carly - Sonny, can we please discuss this about Mike?
(Ring. Ring.)
Carly - Hello?
“Kevin“ - Carly? It’s Kevin Collins. I’d like to apologize for my behavior. You were right. This murder has taken a toll, but that is no excuse. I hope you will forgive me?
Carly - Apology accepted. I guess I could have been more understanding?
“Kevin“ - I know you wanted to talk. I’d be happy to make time?
Carly - There is something I want to discuss with you, but Sonny will have to come with me.
“Kevin“ - No problem at all. Do you have time today?

(This should be interesting! Will Carly and Sonny want to talk about Mike? Will “Kevin“ want to talk about Ava and Avery?)
— MOM (1.16.19)
Tuesday on GH................
At General Hospital 🏥....................
(Anna has a bandage 🤕 around her eyes 👁.)
Anna - I NEED to know! Did it work? Can I see? How bad was the damage to my eyes 👀?

Aiden wants to-bring cookies 🍪 to the school 🏫 bake sale. Elizabeth (his mom) wants to buy cookie dough, bake and put candies on it. Aiden wants to make cookies 🍪 from scratch. So, Franco helps him.

At the GH Chapel 💒..............................
(Joss sees Aiden stretched out on a bench. When she wakes him up, a book 📖 falls to the floor.)
Joss - The Road to Recovery? Are you on drugs?!

Still at GH...............
(This is the day Dr. Terry Randolph speaks to Oscar and Dr. Kim Nero about what comes next for him.)
Kim - Be as candid as you can with Oscar. He has some tough questions. He needs the truth.

Alexis - Oscar, nice to see you out of bed 🛌! Any change?
Oscar - No. I want to finish up my will and make sure everything is taken care of. I’ll call you about the will. Right now, I have a very important meeting to attend. See you.

At the Chapel.....................
(Cameron tells Joss he is on probation because he had to go to court for being busted for buying weed.)
Joss - You care a lot about Oscar to do that. The trials failed, and Oscar is not going to get better.

In Dr. Randolph’s office....................
Terry - So, what do you want to begin with?
Oscar - What’s it going to be like when I’m dying?

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room....................
Dr. Griffin Munro - The surgery went well. We stopped the hemorrhaging in your eye 👁 but we can’t predict if your eyesight will be fully restored. Once we get clearance from the Optic Surgeon 👨‍⚕️, we will remove the bandages. I’m sorry, you will just have to wait.
Anna - I understand.

At Charley’s Pub.......................
(Elizabeth meets with Willow Tate (teacher 👩‍🏫) to talk about Aiden.)
Willow - I haven’t witnessed any bullying since Charolette apologized.
Elizabeth - Do you think it’s over?
Willow - Aiden still avoids his classmates. He my not feel safe around them for some time.
Elizabeth - I don’t understand why these kids would turn on him! Is there something about Aiden that makes him a target 🎯?

In Dr. Randolph’s office........................
Oscar - If I can know what is coming next, I won’t be afraid 😱 when things start to change for me. Will my headaches get more painful?
Dr. Randolph - We will manage your pain with medication, but the pain will get worse and more severe.
Oscar - How about my balance? Will I fall down all the time?
Dr. Randolph - Eventually, you will have difficulty with your balance.
Oscar - What about having a stroke? Will I lose the ability to walk or talk?
Dr. Randolph - Those are all possibilities but you may feel normal for some time.
Oscar - How much time do you think 🤔 I have?
Dr. Randolph - I’m not trying to be vague but I can’t give you a definite answer.
(Oscar gets up and is angry 😤.)
Kim - Ok, what is the longest you have had a patient with a similar prognosis survive?
Dr. - Seven to eight months.
Kim - And the shortest?
Dr. - Six weeks.
(Upon hearing this Oscar drops the water 💦 bottle in his hand and cries on his mothers shoulder.)

At Charley’s Pub..................
Willow - Kids can be cruel and in a pack, single out a child. Aiden is a very sweet kid. He loves to take care of the class guinea pig 🐷. At recess, he stays by me or goes to the library 📚 to read. He is not into the games kids play on the playground. I feel he is taking the first steps to discovering his own identity? He needs the freedom to do that?
(Aiden may be more advanced mentally and creatively than the other children in his class.)
Elizabeth - That’s fine with us. He lives in a non-traditional family, but I still want to protect my child!
Willow - You are a very caring and involved mother. Please remember, I am monitoring this. And it is just ONE chapter in his life.
Elizabeth - This too shall pass, I hope?

In the kitchen with Aiden....................
Aiden - We sift the flour, add the creamed sugar and eggs 🥚.
Franco - I’m impressed with you Aiden! Did you learn this from 📺 TV?
Aiden - Some also from books 📚 in the library. I like the books 📖 with pictures the best. Next time, could we make a three layer chocolate 🍫 cake?
Franco - Sure! I don’t see why not? I’m kind of blown away. Why didn’t you tell us you like baking so much?
(Aiden shrugged 🤷‍♂️ his shoulders.)
Franco - You know, when I was your age I was really into drawing ✍️. I didn’t tell anyone, the way YOU didn’t tell anybody.
Aiden - I just didn’t want to be 😂 laughed at again.
(This kid is so cute! There are plenty of boys who became cooks and then famous chefs. In the end, Aiden, you will have the last 😆 laugh.)

At General Hospital 🏥......................
Monica - I heard. I am SO sorry.
Kim - I want to thank you 🙏 for the Quartermaine family being so welcoming to Oscar.
Monica - Oscar is a joy to me! The time we spent together, I will always treasure.
Kim - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what to do? How do I let go of my son?

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room.....................
(Dr. Griffin Munro takes the bandages off of Anna’s 👁 eyes as Dr. Harrison Finn watches.)
Griffin - Let’s try to be patient?
Anna - I can see, but it’s blurry.
Finn - Keep breathing?
Anna starts to cry - You have the most beautiful eyes. Thank you.

In the Chapel 💒...................
(Joss tells Cam that Oscar is home. The trials didn’t work.)
Cameron - I’m such an idiot! I went on and ON about how he beat ♋️ cancer.
Joss - I think he didn’t tell you because you thought he won. For a little bit, he wanted to pretend he did? Oscar and I have decided not to look for any cures. We don’t want to waste the time we have left. So we’re going to make the best of every day.
Cameron - Is there anything I can do for you and Oscar?
Joss - Just be his friend.

In Elizabeth’s house 🏠.................
Elizabeth - Mmmm something smells very yummy 🤤!
Franco - Come in and meet Chef 👨‍🍳 Aiden! Are you ready to unveil your creations?
Aiden - Tada! Chocolate 🍫 chip🍪, oatmeal and sugar cookies with sprinkles!
Franco - Aiden has watched a lot of cooking shows and it turns out he is a Kitchen Prodigy!
Elizabeth - Cameron, look at what your brother made!
Aiden is smiling - Have a 🍪 cookie!
Cameron - Dude! This is REALLY good.
Aiden - You mean it?
Cameron - Yeah!

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room...........................
Griffin - Looks good. No permanent damage. That’s strange? I don’t recognize some of these markers in this report. Maybe Finn will have better luck?

In the Chapel 💒........................
Oscar - Sorry you had to wait. Joss, I want to tell you about...
Joss - Not to be rude, but you’re on MY time now! We have the WHOLE afternoon in front of us. What do you want to do?

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room...........
Anna - What is it?
Finn - The virus that caused your blindness is one I have never seen in North America!
Anna - How could I get it?
Finn - I honestly don’t know.
Anna - Do you think someone gave it to me intentionally?
Finn - What would be the point?
Anna - You don’t know what caused it? At ALL?
Finn - No, I don’t.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏡...................
Aiden holds a cook book 📖 - Thanks Mom!
Elizabeth - You’re welcome. I can’t believe how happy 😊 he is!
Franco - He is SO excited and chatty. He gives all the tips and facts. This kid is ready for his own cooking 🥘 show!
Elizabeth - HOW did I miss this?
Franco - He was keeping it to himself! This is who he is. Stop ✋ worrying about Aiden fitting in and let Aiden be Aiden.
(Cameron asks Aiden for the password to his iPad. He sees a message: Get Lost Gayden.)
Cameron - Ok, got it. Changed my mind. A stupid game anyway.
Aiden - That’s ok! Want to see a book 📖 mom got me?
Cameron - Sure! Do you know how to make macaroons?
Aiden - Yeah. It takes a whole lot of steps!

At the Chapel 💒 at GH...................
(Joss and Oscar take a look at a book 📖 they made of things they want to do together.)
Joss - The dog 🐕 show is off the list!
Oscar - Only if you take off pottery! THIS one is non-negotiable. Be with Joss on the 16th.
Joss - This is totally non-negotiable. Are you ready to start?
Oscar - Let’s do this. Let the end of my life begin.

(This storyline is very sad and tragic. It is going to be hard to watch.)
— MOM (1.15.19)
Monday on GH................
At Crimson....................
Lisle - There is something you need to know about your daughter!
Nina - There are a MILLION things I need to know about my daughter. I just found out she was alive! I tried to pack in a lifetime in the few weeks she was here. I think I succeeded, but I’m not sure. We have MILES to go. I’m enjoying the journey, Aunt Lisle. I really am! NOTHING you say is going to diminish my joy.
Lisle - Wait and see, my niece. Joy will change to disappoint someday.

At Dr. “Kevin“ Collins’ office..................
(Franco is looking for his medical 🏥 records. Scattering the files all over the desk. He comes across a brown wooden box 📦 and picks it up.)
Carly - What are you up to? Why are you ransacking Kevin’s office?
Franco - I’m not ransacking. I’m doing a little search to find out why Kevin is treating me like dirt! He’s avoiding me and putting me off. When I talk to him, nothing he says makes sense.
Carly - That’s why I’m here too!

At the Pier......................
(“Kevin“ wants Ava to leave town with him.)
“Kevin“ - I think the two of us should leave Port Charles for good. Lisbon, Rome, Madrid?
Ava - A few weeks ago you convinced me NOT to leave town!
“Kevin“ - I didn’t want you to walk out of my life! If you go away you won’t be haunted by Kiki in every restaurant, in your own HOME! I can take you away from all this! We only need each other. They will NEVER find us. Please say yes!

At Charley’s Pub.....................
(Alexis brings a gift 🎁 for Kristina’s new home.)
Sam - I don’t have an actual 🎁 gift. I just have a warning ⚠️ about her new 🏡 home.

At the Metro Court.................
Sonny - What did you need to see me about?
Jason - I got some information about Kristina.
Sonny - What about her? She seems happy!
Jason - Sam says the same thing, but there are some things you may not realize. Has Kristina ever mentioned the name Shiloh to you?
Sonny - WHO is Shiloh?
Jason - He is the leader of the people that Kristina has moved in with.
Sonny - What do you mean they have a LEADER?
Jason - Yeah, I was surprised by that too because Kristina made it sound like she was just moving in with a group of 👫 friends 👭. There is DEFINITELY a guy in charge who calls himself Shiloh.
Sonny - What did this Shiloh call himself before?
(Kristina shows up.)
Kristina - I don’t believe this, Jason! WHY do you want my Dad to worry about me?
Sonny - Is there something I should worry about?
Kristina - NO! I’m not going to give Jason my power.
Sonny - What did you say?
Kristina - I allowed myself to react negatively to your actions, but I can change that with all the positive energy in collecting 🥫🍤🥓🌭🍔🍞🥕🌽 food 🥘 for the soup 🍜 kitchen.
Sonny - Ok, so these are the same people you spent Thanksgiving 🦃with? Your roommate?
Kristina - Yes, I’m beyond happy 😊 and safe in my new home.
Sonny - Ok, good to know.
Kristina - Only Sam and Jason don’t think so!

At Charley’s Pub........................
Alexis - Just yesterday, you were ok with her new home. Do I need to worry?
Sam - No, I came to talk to her.
Alexis - This doesn’t have anything to do with the serial killer, does it?
Sam - NO! No, it’s not that bad. She is in a house with people who care about each other!
Alexis - So, what happened between last night and tonight? What do I need to know?

At Crimson....................
Nina - She would never hurt or disappoint me. Right now, that person is YOU. What happened? I thought we trusted each other?
Lisle - We did. That is why I am trying to HELP you! So that you don’t get a broken heart 💔 again!
Nina - Just because Britt broke YOUR heart 💜 doesn’t mean MY daughter will do the same! She TRICKED you to come out of hiding and return to the States.
Lisle - She is now out of prison, for which I am grateful.
Nina - She BETRAYED you to save her own skin. My daughter and I would NEVER do that to each other. I did nothing to alienate her!
Lisle - Who’s to say SHE will not alienate YOU?

At “Kevin“s office..........................
(Franco and Carly agree that Kevin is acting very strangely.)
Carly - You shouldn’t be looking at the files!
Franco - I am looking for my file because I am switching doctors.
Carly - Really? Things have gotten THAT bad?
Franco - Not my choice. He told me he didn’t want to see me anymore. I spilled my guts to this guy and he tells me to get lost!

At the Pier..................
(“Kevin“ is saying anything and everything to get Ava to leave with him.)
Ava - You make it sound sooo wonderful. So possible and what I need to hear to heal. What about Avery? I could NEVER leave my little girl.
“Kevin“ - We could take Avery with us? Be a family.

At Crimson....................
Nina - What is WRONG with you? Dropping all these hints about how Sasha will hurt me when you know NOTHING about her!
Lisle - Because I hate to see my niece wallow in blindness that often accompanies love 💕. Your comparison with Sasha and Nathan, basking in your new relationship with Valentin. Please Nina, keep your eyes 👀 OPEN. Do not be taken by surprise yet again! I was aware of Faison’s true nature. You REFUSE to see Valentin’s.
Nina - How DARE you compare Valentin to FAISON! Faison SHOT your son. He killed my BROTHER!
Lisle - Valentin killed Nicholas Cassadine! Laura‘s son and Lulu’s brother. How is he ANY better than Faison!?

At Charley’s Pub.......................
(Sam tells Alexis she is trying to figure out how to not alienate Kristina. She is really crazy about this Shiloh guy.)
Alexis - Who’s Shiloh??
Sam - He is the head if the charity Kristina is working with, Dawn of Day.
(Sam shows Alexis a picture of Shiloh.)
Alexis - He looks nice and it’s good to do charity work!
Sam - She says he turned her life around.
Alexis - Why don’t you like him? She seems to be in over her head with this Shiloh fellow.
Sam - Yeah, that would be the case.

At the.Metro Court.................
Sonny - Jason told me about this Shiloh fellow.
Kristina - Jason, you said it like it’s a fake name. Like he’s running 🏃 away from the cops 👮!
Jason - Shiloh has no police record.
Kristina - You HAD to qualify it. Didn’t you?
Sonny - Kristina, if this guy is SO important to you, I want to hear about it. If you don’t want Jason to tell me, you tell me yourself!
Kristina - Yes, his name is Shiloh now. He used to be Davis Henry Archer and he went by Hank. He changed his name after a major upheaval. After Drew saved his life in Afghanistan 🇦🇫!
Sonny - Drew Cain knew him??
Kristina - Yes, he was a defense contractor and Drew pulled him out of a fire 🔥 fight. When Shiloh returned to the States, he started a charity to serve the community. Sam and Jason think he is too good to be true.
Jason - We just have some questions.
Kristina - You question EVERYTHING about him for NO reason. Shiloh has taught me SO much. I love helping people. It makes me happy 😆.
Sonny- Ok, Kristina. I’m happy to hear that.
Kristina - Yet Sam and Jason continue to be paranoid!
Jason - Kristina, we just...
Kristina - I get it .You continue to look out for me. I appreciate that. I’ve got to go.
Sonny hugs her - I love you. You know that. Right?
(Kristina leaves.)
Sonny - What’s really going on here?
Jason - Shiloh is not only connected to Drew, he is also linked to Sam. She was married to his father.

At “Kevin”s office..................
Carly - I relied on Kevin too. Now, he is blowing me off about Ferncliff. Hey, when you taught Art 🖼 Therapy there did you ever encounter a patient named Wilson Ritter?

At Crimson.........................
Nina - Valentin killed Nicholas Cassadine in self defense. He is NOTHING like Faison! What does THAT have to do with my daughter?
Lisle - I’m just being a good keeper. I am only looking after what’s left of my family!
Nina - Your love is the most hurtful thing about you. Please leave and don’t come back until you are happy 😃 for me.
Lisle - Remember what I said.

Outside of Crimson......................
Valentin - What did you say to Nina?
Lisle - Nothing. You will make it more crushing for Nina when she finds out Sasha is NOT her daughter.

At “Kevin“s office
Franco - Give me something to work with.
Carly - He knew Morse Code.
Franco - Anything else?
Carly - Kevin said Wilson Ritter was a notorious serial killer. The worst of the worst.
Franco - I didn’t work with the violent patients. I’ve never heard of Wilson Ritter.
Carly - I couldn’t find no mention of Wilson Ritter online. If he was that big a psycho, how could he avoid the publicity?
Franco - No idea. Publicity follows ME around like toilet paper 📝 on the bottom of my 👞 shoe.
Carly - Something is 🐠 🎣 fishy and not right.
Franco - Well maybe the answer is in this 📦 box?
(Thats the box that has all the driver’s licenses.)

At the Pier...................
Ava - Sonny and Carly will never let Avery leave the States.
“Kevin“ - Maybe we can make some arrangements. I’ll speak to Sonny. I can be very persuasive.

At the Metro Court.................
Sonny - Does Kristina know that Sam conned Shiloh’s father?
Jason - No, not yet. Sam and I confronted him and he said it never occurred to him Sam was the one ☝️ who took all his father’s money 💰. Before Shiloh came onto our radar, Sam was getting emails from someone who knew about her past. Shiloh said he wasn’t involved, but who else could it be?
Sonny - Do you think this Shiloh is using Kristina as payback? That’s why he is giving her individual attention?

At Charley’s Pub.............
(Kristina arrives for work and sees Sam talking to Alexis.)
Kristina - Wow, Sam! You and Jason are definitely on the same page. I just left him talking to my dad about Shiloh!
Alexis - I got you a present 🎁 for your new 🏠 home. It’s a kitchen appliance. It cooks food 🥘 fast and uses 50% less energy.
Kristina - Really? Thank you.
Sam - I’m sorry if things got heated between you, me and Shiloh.
Kristina - Thank you for the apology.
Sam - There’s something I need to talk to you.about.
Kristina - Why, because Shiloh used to be named David Henry Archer?
Sam - It’s more than that. Sit down and hear me out please? I ran a con when I was young. Married rich guys, drained their bank 🏦 accounts and disappeared. I married Henry Archer, who was Shiloh’s father. Jason and I are afraid Shiloh is using you to get back at me!

At Dr. “Kevin“ Collins’ office......................
(Franco shakes the box 📦 and it makes a noise. There is something in there.)
Carly - No, stop 🛑 just leave it! Help me clean this mess up! Why don’t you go to another therapist?
Franco - I don’t WANT another therapist! I opened a vein for this guy, and now he treats me like I am a stranger? It’s weird my file isn’t here! Maybe his patients aren’t the only ones with secrets.

At the Pier.......................
Ava - Oh, a gentle soul like you? No. I will raise the subject with Sonny. I prefer you not get involved. I don’t think Sonny and Carly will say yes.
“Kevin“ - So, you’re just going to give up?
Ava - I would go anywhere with you if I could just see Avery two or three months at a time. But short of Sonny and Carly falling off the face of the Earth 🌎? I don’t see that happening.

(Oh boy! She said the magic words again! Who will be “Kevin”s next victims??)

At the Metro Court........................
Jason - I can’t be sure Shiloh is using Kristina against Sam, Sonny. But I think its possible.
Sonny - I hope you’re wrong because I want this new life to make her happy.
Jason - That’s why this is a tough call! We don’t want to hurt Kristina. We don’t want to make her think we are questioning her judgement. I just wanted to give YOU the heads up. We will stay on top of this.
Sonny - That makes me feel good. I need you to tell me if you uncover anything else on this Shiloh guy. He IS NOT going to be using my daughter!

At Charley’s Pub......................
Sam - You met Daisy and Shiloh when I was getting emails about my past.
Kristina - You think Shiloh is USING me?
Alexis - It sounds like a possibility!
Kristina - Shiloh has NO ill will towards the woman 👩 who married his father and emptied his accounts.
Alexis - How do you know that?
Kristina - He wrote about it in his book 📖. She used an alias. Right, Sam?
Sam - Yes, Kristina, I used an alias when I married Henry Archer. You don’t think it’s a coincidence you end up in his group?
Kristina - This is MY life. How can you make it about YOU? Shiloh doesn’t care who she was. All he cares about is she was a bridge to his betterment.

Outside of Crimson....................
Valentin - I gave her a daughter to bring her joy.
Lisle - You gave her a lie to get her back into your bed 🛌! A LIE that will break her heart 💜.
Valentin - You’re the only one who knows, so if the lie is exposed I will be breaking a LOT more than her heart 💜!
Lisle - What about Sasha? What if SHE slips up? Not everyone is as good as we are at subterfuge.
Valentin - She is back at Chappaque .
Lisle - A tempting solution. Nina will want to see the woman she thinks is her daughter.
(Nina tells Valentin she and Sasha will be going to Europe for a few weeks.)
Valentin - Please postpone the trip. Charlotte needs you, and so do I.
Nina - We can wait until Charlotte is on a break. Then, we can go as a family.

At the Pier.........................
Lisle - Are you sure it’s wise to be here with a serial killer on the loose?
Franco - I’m not afraid of a serial killer! The last time you and I were here, YOU knocked me out cold.
Lisle - I’m sorry, and after you tried to prevent me from killing Peter August. It’s good to see you, my friend.
Franco - Good to see YOU! How did you beat the charges?
Lisle - It always helps to know other people’s secrets. Secrets can be destructive in the wrong hands.
Franco - What secrets were you keeping?
Lisle - Only those that affect some very important people.

At “Kevin“ Collins’ office.......................
(“Kevin“ notices the door 🚪 is partly open.)
“Kevin“ - Carly, what are you doing here?
Carly - You told me the patient who used Morse Code was Wilson Ritter?
“Kevin“ - Yes, we’ve been through this!
Carly - Well, if he was a sociopath or a serial killer, why isn’t there any mention of him online?
“Kevin“ - Maybe someone decided not to reward brutality with fame!
Carly - Did you pull all references to Wilson Ritter off the internet?
“Kevin“ - You’re waiting here in the middle of the night about this pitiful patient? Put your energy on your family!
(When Carly leaves “Kevin “ opens the wooden box 📦 and takes out a paper and adds Carly’s name to the other victims. She will be #14.)

At the Metro Court........................
(Ava 🛑 stops Sonny to tell him she wants to discuss Avery with him.)
Ava - I need to leave town. Too many reminders of Kiki here.
Sonny - I get it. You leave, but Avery stays with us.
Ava - No, I would like to move to another country. I want you to let me have Avery for an extended period of time. Weeks or a months at a time. Parents who share custody do this all the time. Will you consider it?
Sonny - YOU can go to Europe, but you will have to come HERE to visit Avery.
Ava - It is SO painful for me without Kiki!
Sonny - I understand. I have to spend EVERY day of my life without Morgan because YOU messed with his medication! I miss Morgan AND Kiki, but I am NOT going to add Avery to the list of people I’ve loved and lost.

At Charley’s Pub.......................
Sam - Will you consider Shiloh as much of a con as I used to be?
Kristina - You haven’t even TRIED to understand what Shiloh is trying to do! To extend growth in ourselves, because being our best self can change the world 🌎. Go to one of his seminars! Look, Mom, here is one: Love without judgement.
(Jason comes in.)
Kristina - Oh, perfect timing! This seminar is called Handling Personal Relationships .You guys should check this one out!
Sam - Kristina, come on? You’re not even listening!
Kristina - If you want the best for me, then explore what I have discovered. Until then, there’s not much to say.
Alexis - That’s the calmest discussion she has ever had with me. I say we check it out. You game?
Sam - Yeah, attending one of these seminars is a good way to let Shiloh know we are watching him.

Ava calls “Kevin“ to tell him Sonny said no. “Kevin“ adds Sonny’s name to the list of victims. He is #15.
— MOM (1.14.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
At the ☕️ coffeehouse.....................
(Anna collapses and Peter catches her. When Anna recovers, she tells Peter she can’t see.)
Anna - I need Finn. I need a doctor!
Peter- Ok, I will take you to the hospital 🏥. Stand up. I’ve got you.

In his office..................
“Kevin“ pulls out Peyton Mills’ driver license. He put it in a box 📦 with about 20 other driver licenses representing his murder victims. We see Texas, California, New York and more.

At GH.............
(Lisle Obrecht is looking for a job. She is at GH to speak to HR.)
Finn - You may have conned Peter to drop the charges against you, but you have no leverage in this hospital and there is NO place for someone like you here.
Lisle - I am a healer and my employment options don’t concern you.
Finn - When Monica sees your face and she remembers all the things you did in this hospital 🏥? What do they say? What goes around comes around.
Lisle - I’m too good for this place! Mercy Hospital will appreciate my talents.

At the pier.................
(Franco is on his way to his Art 🖼 Studio when he bumps into Ava. He wants to know what she is doing there at night in the cold.)
Ava - Kiki’s killer is still out there. When he finds me he will wish the cops 👮‍♀️ had gotten to him first!

At Crimson......................
Nina is giving Valentin another chance be because he found her daughter.
(If she only knew the truth. Maybe her Aunt Lisle will tell her?)

At the GH Chapel 💒..................
Sonny - Your faith is shaken since Kiki died?
Dr. Griffin Munroe - Not shaken. My faith is BROKEN.
Sonny - Why are you here in the chapel?
Griffin - 🤷‍♂️ I don’t know? Maybe I’m hoping to feel something that will prove me wrong. That will make me feel like my WHOLE life wasn’t meaningless. That everything I believed in wasn’t a lie!
Sonny - There’s no denying I’ve sinned more than most. I believe there is something bigger out there. I’m here praying for a 16 year old boy who has a terminal illness.
Griffin - I’ve dedicated my entire life to healing as a doctor 👨‍⚕️. So, if Oscar gets a miracle it will be from science not from faith. I’m FINALLY clear on that.

At the Pier.................
Franco - That’s your big plan? You’re going to lure the killer here and use yourself as BAIT? That’s not going to work. I used to think like a killer and you’re just not a desirable 🎯 target.
Ava - Hey, what is that supposed to mean?
Franco - You have a reputation for being lethal. The killer will go after someone who may or may not kill him first.

At GH...............
Finn - Anna! Anna, what happened?
Anna - Finn! Finn, I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but I can’t see!

Also at GH.......
(Sonny is picking up medication for his father and sees Drew and Kim. He stops to talk to them.)
Sonny - Carly told me the treatment didn’t go as well as it should.
Drew - No, it didn’t.
Sonny - Well look 👀, you have my resources at your disposal. I’ve got a jet, connections. Anything you need!

At the Pier
(“Kevin“ shows up. Franco tells “Kevin“ that Ava is putting herself in grave danger to catch the killer.)
“Kevin“ - I see.
Franco - I’m really worried about her!
“Kevin“ - I agree with Ava. How she wants to deal with her grief is her business.
Franco - By wandering around the docks late at night with a GUN? What’s going ON? By the way, I have been trying to make an appointment with you for months!
“Kevin“ - I think the time has come for you and I to stop 🛑 working together.
Franco - You are dropping me as a patient?
“Kevin“ - Let’s just say our work together has plateaued. You’re just not progressing the way you once were.
Franco - I don’t want another therapist!
“Kevin“ - It’s in your best interest. I’ll gladly give you a referral.
Franco - The HELL with you!
Ava - Are you SURE you want to do that?
“Kevin“ - Trust me, it’s for the best.

(Why would “Kevin“ do that? Because he is afraid 😱 Franco would figure out he is not the real Kevin. Franco said he was a killer and knows how they think.)

In Dr. Munroe’s Office............
Griffin - Hi, I’m Dr. Munroe.
Anna - Oh, Griffin?
Griffin - Anna, what’s going on?
Finn - I don’t know? She was brought in unable to see anything!
Griffin - Tell me exactly what happened.
Peter - Anna and I were having coffee ☕️. She was complaining about a bad headache. So she said she wanted to see a doctor. She stood up and collapsed. I caught her, but when she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see.
Anna - I had a searing pain in my temple and I knew something was wrong!
Griffin - We will figure it out, I promise. I will send you upstairs for some tests. An EEG and a CT Scan. Hang in there!
Anna - Peter, thank you for bringing me to the hospital 🏥.
Peter - I just did what anyone would have done.
Anna - I’m not anyone to you! Not a random stranger. We have a complicated relationship.
Peter - That’s one way to put it.
Anna - I’m grateful you’re here. Thank you.

At Crimson..............................
Valentin - Hello, Lisle.
Lisle - Valentin, Nina, I hope I’m not interrupting?
Valentin - In fact, you are .
Lisle - A pity. I need to speak to my niece alone?
Valentin - Whatever you have to say, you can say in my presence.
Lisle - I’m sure you’d prefer that.
Nina - What’s going on with you guys and secrets?
Lisle - Secrets? Do you want to tell Nina what we’re keeping from her or should I?

At GH........................
Sonny - This wouldn’t be the first time I got medication into this country. I got the jet ready to go?
Drew - I appreciate that offer. The problem is, there is no miracle drug in some foreign country that’s going to help Oscar!
Kim - I’ve called every doctor, clinic and checked every trial.
Drew - The problem is, there is nothing to do.
Sonny - I really am sorry and hope I didn’t say anything to make it worse.
Kim - No, I’m very touched you want to help us.

At Crimson......................
Nina - Aunt Lisle, cough it up! What’s going on with you and Valentin?
Lisle - Must you, Nina? Cough it up is such an unattractive expression.
Nina - Stop 🛑 stalling!
Lisle - Very well. Your charming ex-husband has graciously offered me a job at Cassadine Industries.
Nina - You HAVE?
Valentin - Sure, I will make inquiries.
Lisle - The medical research department is not hiring, but I appreciate your saying you will keep me in mind.
Valentin - Yes, however I can help. The sooner we get you employment, the better it will be for all of us.
Lisle - I still require a private moment with my niece.
Valentin - Ok (he and Nina kiss 💋).
Nina - What is it you can’t tell me in front of Valentin?

At GH....................
The nurse comes in to take Anna for her first test. Peter wants to stay, but Anna says she knows he is busy.

Outside at the Nurses’ Station 🚉..........................
Finn - Are you up to this? I know you’re grieving over Kiki.
Griffin - You may not understand this, but Anna is the closest thing I have to family. I NEED to do this.
(Griffin is the son of Duke Lavery, the love of Anna’s life.)
Finn - Good. So, what are you thinking?
Griffin - It could be anything from nerve inflammation to glaucoma? We don’t know if it is treatable or if the blindness is permanent.
Finn - She will see again. Right?
Griffin - Yes. Yes, there are many causes for sudden blindness. Viral.neurological and a blocked blood vessel. Some are reversed and some are not. You have a medical degree!
Finn - Forgive me, for once I am not thinking like a doctor because I love the patient. May I say, your bedside manner SUCKS! What happened to holding on to hope?
Griffin - Oh, if you want hope you need someone else because my faith is in the data. Excuse me.

At Crimson..................
Lisle - I no longer have my medical license and it is not easy to find work. I have a more pressing matter to address. Valentin is making every effort to win you back!
Nina - Yeah, he is and I’m fine with it.
Lisle - There are two sides to Valentin. He can be witty and charming, but he is also ruthless and amoral! With Valentin the ends ALWAYS justify the means.
Nina - You’re not wrong or right. Valentin has so much love to give his daughter, and he shows it ALL the time. I made no long term commitments. I did move in with him.
Lisle - YOU are sleeping in his 🛌 bed?? How is that proceeding with caution?!
Nina - 🛑 STOP! I want you to be happy for me! He found MY daughter, Aunt Lisle! I have a daughter and she’s our family. I want you meet her because she is SO smart. She is beautiful and there is such a family resemblance! She looks exactly like Britt and she looks like Jay (Nathan) too.
Lisle - That woman is NOT like my son!

At GH......................
Finn - It’s ok to be scared 😱. I won’t tell anyone.
Anna - I AM scared 😱. Is that Griffin?
Griffin - Anna, it seems you’ve experienced a hemorrhage.
Anna - Wow!
Griffin - It’s ok, you’re stable. The bad news is. we don’t know what brought it about.
Finn - Any good news?
Griffin - Yes, there is a laser treatment that often yields positive results.
Anna - Often yields? What does THAT mean?
Griffin - We don’t know what caused the blindness. We can’t be certain we can restore your vision.

At Crimson...................
Nina - What could you POSSIBLY have against Sasha?
Lisle - Forget I said anything!
Nina - I understand this. You have a lot of guilt for leaving Jay with your sister. Your relationship with Britt is not good.
Lisle - You are sadly mistaken.
Nina - About what?
Lisle - There is something you need to know about your daughter!

At Dr. Collins’ office...............
Assistant - I’m afraid I can’t give you access to Dr. Collins’ office.
Franco - Who are you?
Asst.- I’m Dr. Collins assistant!
Franco - No, you’re not. Where’s Janet?
Asst.- Dr. Collins fired Janet and hired me. I can’t release your medical records. Now, please excuse me?
Franco - The HELL with this!
(Franco breaks into the office to get his medical records.)

At the Pier....................
(“Kevin“ asks Ava to leave Port Charles with him.)
Ava - I’m not in the mood for a vacation.
“Kevin“ - Not a vacation. Forever! I think the two of us should leave Port Charles for good.
— MOM (1.11.19)
Thursday on GH.............
Everyone at the Floating Rib is waiting for the results of the Mayoral election: Too Close To Call

At the Pier...................
Sam - You know something? I don’t know HOW you can come down here.
(This is where Jason was shot and thrown into the 💦 water.)
Jason - It’s bad memories for both of us.
(Jason and Sam were married at the time.)
Sam - Yeah, I’m looking for better ones.
Jason - Yeah, me too!
Sam - Although, I don’t think tonight is the night.
Shiloh - Jason, Sam how fortunate to find you here!

At Lulu’s house 🏡.........................
Peter - Let’s talk about business.
Lulu - No, we’re talking about murder.

At the Pier............................
Shiloh- You wanted to see me. What can I do for you?
Sam - Kristina mentioned you come down here at night to help the homeless.
Shiloh - Ok. What can I do for you?
Sam - Well, you can start by dropping the act!
Shiloh - I’m sorry? I don’t....
Jason - You knew who Sam was when you came to town. That’s probably why you came to town, but you never mentioned a WORD to Kristina. How come?
Shiloh - What makes you think I knew Sam?
Sam - Because I was married to your father!

At the Floating Rib..........................
“Kevin“ - What’s the urgency?
Mac Scorpio - What I am about to tell you HAS to stay between us.....about the murders.
“Kevin“ - I’m working with the PCPD. THEY trust me, so you can!
Mac - Of course, I trust you with my life! (Mac thinks he is talking to his dear friend, the real Dr. Kevin Collins.) Jordan and Curtis came to me with a possible link between your brother’s crimes and the recent killings.
“Kevin“ - Are you serious?
Mac - Dead 💀! No one realized it at the time, but going through files, they figured out Ryan was keeping a trophy 🏆 for each of his victims.....their driver’s license. Get this? The current killer is doing the SAME thing! All three victims’ driver’s licenses were missing from their personal effects.
“Kevin“ - Incredible!
Mac - So, that begs the question: If the Port Charles killer knows about Ryan’s MO, how come no one else did? Not even... the 👮‍♀️ cops?

(BLAH BLAH he let the cat 🐱 out of the 💼 bag. He was told this is confidential.)

At Lulu’s house 🏠......................
(Lulu tells Peter that DA Dawson came by and it was obvious the PCPD stumbled onto something to connect the Ryan Chamberlain murders with the current murders.)
Peter - You mean like a copycat 🐈. Why come to you?
Lulu - She didn’t tell me, but wanted to know if I found a common denominator looking at the files — a signature for Ryan’s crimes — which I did not. I tried to get it out of her. No luck!.
Peter - Say you find this missing link. What are you going to do with it?
Lulu - I’m going to print it! The public DESERVES to know!
Peter - No! NO! Think about it. If the police 👮‍♀️ haven’t revealed the information, it’s for a reason. They want to use it to catch the killer. If you write an article about it you will blow the whole thing up.
(Wow! At last the voice of reason. The Adults are taking over.)
Peter- I will, as the Publisher, decide if you go through with the story, IF and WHEN you find anything. We don’t want to make the same mistake we made with the Nathan West/Faison story!

At the Pier..........................
Shiloh - You and MY father?
Sam - I know you go by Shiloh now...
Jason - Before that, it was Hank.
Sam - But you were born David Henry Archer, right?
Shiloh - That’s correct.
Sam - I was married to your father ,briefly, Henry Archer. I knew he had a son but I never met him. He was overseas spending his trust fund money 💰.
Shiloh - That was YOU?
Sam - Yeah. Not a time in my life I was particularly proud of.
Shiloh - My father wasn’t married to anyone named Sam?
Sam - Like you, I also had a lot of aliases.
Shiloh - It‘s amazing! We’re connected in our own way.
Sam - I’m sorry? You show up in a town I live in . You get my sister to volunteer in your group the DOD. You somehow think it’s a coincidence?
Shiloh- No it’s not a coincidence. It’s fate! I had NO idea my father’s ex was living here in Port Charles.
Jason doesn’t believe this guy - Or Drew was living out here either?
Shiloh - No. No.
Sam - So this is WHAT? Some sort of divine intervention?
Shiloh - What would YOU call it?
Sam - A SCAM!
Shiloh - I wish you knew the person I used to be! Maybe you would understand. After my parents divorced, I bounced around from boarding school 🏫 to boarding school. By the time my father met you, I was an adult. I was burning through that trust fund money 💰 like it was limitless. Guess how that turned out? I was broke and in the streets. I couldn’t go to my father because my father had financial problems of his own. There was NOTHING left for me.
Sam - Because of me?
Shiloh - Now, if you ask me if I blame you, hated you? Yeah!

At a ☕️ coffeehouse..........................
Peter meets with Anna and thanks her for the wonderful time together at Christmas 🎄. She gave him a WSB file of her. No more secrets. He wants to know more and says it is incomplete. What about family?

At the Floating Rib.....................
Mac - You’re the Shrink? Why driver’s licenses?
“Kevin“ - Photos, addresses, date of birth.
Mac - He is a SICK mind!
“Kevin“ - He stayed one step ahead of the authorities!

The Newscaster says - Here it comes! With 99% of the precincts reported. The voters have spoken . We are able to declare a winner.
The next Mayor of Port Charles is Laura Collins.
Lulu - You won!!
Laura - I’m stunned!

At the Pier.............................................................
Jason (always the defender) - Sam didn’t mess up your life. YOU did!
Shiloh - Yes, I accept that. Here’s the thing about hitting rock bottom: It is ultimate reality check, man. There is no one to make excuses for you. There’s no one to clean up your mess. I looked in the mirror and I put the blame squarely where it belonged? So I found work . I wish I could say it was honest work but that wouldn’t be very honest of me. I went for easy money 💴 often in an unsavory way. See, you and I weren’t so different then. Eventually I wound up in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 as a private contractor. That was where Drew pulled me out of that fire 🔥 fight. Drew didn’t just save my life? Drew gave my life meaning. It started me on my journey that brought me here to Port Charles.
(I think this guy is being very truthful with them.)
Sam - That’s inspiring .
Shiloh - You don’t sound convinced .
Sam - It has me wondering: You’re digging around in my past. Using one of my aliases. Is that kind of harassment part of the journey?

At the ☕️ coffeehouse....................................
Peter - Mac 🖥 told me there is this big tribe? Robin, the kids, Patrick and Robert Scorpio?
Anna - Yes, Robert is part of the tribe. It’s your tribe too, if you want us?
Peter - I don’t know exactly what I want.
Anna - There’s no rush. We have all the time in the world 🌎!

At the Floating Rib...................
(“Kevin“ is at the bar . He opens his wallet and pulls out Peyton Mills’ driver’s license. He puts his finger over the face.
Laura - What are you doing? You’re giving me mixed signals. First you couldn’t get far away from me and now your my biggest fan?
“Kevin“ - We may not be together, but I think you will be a magnificent Mayor!

(Ned Quartermaine concedes in person and congratulates Laura.)

At the ☕️ coffeehouse................
Peter - I guess I need to figure out the family tree 🌳. As James’ uncle, I want to know where we all came from.
Anna - Yeah? I will be glad to help you!
Peter - Anna, are you ok? Anna, what’s wrong? Anna?
Anna - I’m in a bit of pain. I think I need to see a doctor?
(Anna gets up and falls down.)
Peter - ANNA!

At the Pier....................
Sam - I’m getting emails from Linda Black. Sounds familiar?
Shiloh - No, you didn’t use the name Linda Black when you were married to MY father. You say someone is harassing you? Is someone threatening you?
Sam - No, actually, they offered to help me?
Shiloh - With what?
Sam - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️?
Jason - The point is, someone is hiding behind a name they would ONLY know if they were aware of Sam’s past.
Sam - Someone like YOU?
Shiloh - Can I ask you a question? Do you think a person can go from one thing to another? Realize they are not on the right path? The person that is not the person whey want to be.
Sam - Well, I believe that people CAN change but whether or not YOU did? That’s a different story!
Shiloh - That’s what our lives are? The story, your story, my story and NOW as fate would have it? Our story. Just not the way you would 🤔 think! I think you and I should get to know each other.
Sam - Why?
Shiloh - Then you would see me the way your sister does! As a friend. Until then, I wish you both nothing but peace and fulfillment.
(Shilo leaves 🍁.)

Sam - How did I do?
Jason - I thought you were convincing. Unfortunately, this guy is good.
Sam - Shiloh didn’t let his guard down ONCE. I kind of bought his story. NO way do I think that it’s an accident that Kristina is in his orbit.
Jason - The whole time he was talking to you, he was looking for information. He was hoping you would give him something he could turn back against you.
Sam - Right. Con 101 you wait for a mark to tell you what they want. Kristina is very trusting. It makes her vulnerable and I’m sure she left herself wide open. Now, Shiloh has the opportunity to do whatever he wants with her.
Jason - You were right. It’s ALL connected somehow: 1 - Shiloh’s past with Drew. 2 - Your past with his father. 3- Kristina in this group.
Sam - So, what is Shiloh after?
Jason - Nothing good!

At the Floating Rib....................
Crowd - Speech! Speech!
Laura - Well, thank you all for being here tonight. What a night! Thank you, Mac and Felicia for hosting this wonderful event. Thank you SO much to my friends and family. My good luck 🍀 charm (she hugs Lulu) for supporting me through all of this and not letting me throw in the towel when I was terrified. Thank you to all of the voters who entrusted this wonderful town that we love 💕 so much, to my care. I can’t promise you I won’t make mistakes or do something you may disapprove with. I WILL promise my utmost priority is your safety, and welfare of the people of Port Charles. know a lot of us are afraid 😱. I want to assure you, I will work VERY closely with the PCPD . I will make sure they have everything they need to catch this serial killer. Whoever it is, and wherever they are. Their days are numbered!

“Kevin“ is listening to this at the bar. As everyone wildly clapped 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, Kevin gets up and also 👏🏻 claps, but if looks could kill... “Kevin“ is very angry 😤.
— MOM (1.10.19)
Wednesday on GH.............
At the Courthouse.................
Alexis - I’m hoping for a judge with a soft heart ♥️. If we end up with Judge Carson, that will be a problem. She is a hard nose!
Bailiff - All rise! Presiding today is the Honorable Judge Naomi Carson.
Judge - Court will come to order immediately.

At the Floating Rib.................
Carly, Sam and Laura are waiting for results of the election 🗳 for Mayor of Port Charles.

At the PCPD..................
(DA Dawson objects to Curtis, a PI, looking at police 👮 files.)
Jordan - Curtis has been a great help. We feel our killer has had access to police files and is a copycat killer.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.........................
Olivia - Laura is very appealing, but she came in after the fact. YOU put the town back together after the earthquake. People should appreciate all the hard work you put in!
Ned - I’m very grateful that when things went south after the earthquake, Port Charles had the very best First Lady.

At the Floating Rib...........................
(Carly tells Sam that Joss is in denial. She can’t let herself believe she is going to lose Oscar.)
Carly - It won’t be long before Joss has to face reality. Oscar is going to die. She will be left to grieve. She is too young to be going though this!

At the PCPD.................
DA Dawson - What is the proof someone got into the files?
Curtis - Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki and Peyton Mills all were missing driver’s licenses. All of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims were missing driver’s licenses.
DA - And the PCPD didn’t release that information?
Jordan - We cross-checked information and all victims were missing their driver’s license.
(Jordan calls former Police Commissioner, Sean Donnelley, who lives overseas. His wife, Tiffany, says he isn’t well and won’t remember, but she can speak to someone who is in Port Charles.)

Sonny visits his daughter-in-law, Lulu, to ask about Dante. He tells her he has someone watching the house 🏡 to keep them safe.
Sonny - Next time you talk to my son, tell him it’s time to come home!

At the Courthouse.......................
(Alexis tells the judge 👩‍⚖️ her client is only 16 years old and has no criminal record.)
Alexis - What he did could be considered an error in judgement. I want to ask if ONE error in judgement should be a mark against him for the REST of his life?
Judge - The dealer in this case, Cole Johnson, is also a minor. He has been sentenced to TWELVE months in a juvenile detention facility. Why should Cameron get a pass?
(Alexis asks if the judge will allow Cameron to read the letter he wrote to the court.)
Judge - Alright.
(Cameron reads the short apology letter and promises not to do this again.)
Alexis - I ask the judge to dismiss the case because it is a first offense.
(Elizabeth interrupts Alexis.)
Elizabeth - I am very proud of my son for taking responsibility, but his letter was incomplete. You should know WHY Cameron did what he did.

Curtis and Jordan go to the Floating Rib to speak to Mac Scorpio. He was involved with the Ryan Chamberlain murders.

DA Dawson visits Lulu and accuses her of looking at the police files. (Which she did.)

At the Courthouse.................
Elizabeth - My son didn’t buy the pot for HIMSELF. He bought it for a sick friend who was battling a serious form of cancer. I’m a nurse at General Hospital. I see the ravages of cancer every single day! His friend was nauseous, didn’t have an appetite. Cameron wanted to help him by making pot brownies. It was a BAD judgement call, but his motives were GOOD! He was just trying to help a friend.
Judge - Cameron, are you a nurse like your mother?
Cameron - No, Your Honor.
Judge - Yet, you thought it was appropriate to intervene in your friend’s medical treatment? How could you POSSIBLY know if it would make thing better or worse?
(Drew comes to the court to defend Cameron.)
Drew - My name is Andrew Cain. My son is the young man that Cameron was trying to help. My son was in pain and Cameron stepped up and tried to help. In my eyes, he is a hero.
Judge - This is a very emotional case. Court is in recess while I make my decision.
Elizabeth - Drew, I can’t thank you enough! (They hug.)

At Lulu’s house 🏡.....................
Lulu - I’m a journalist, and when I come across information the public should know, I report it!
DA Dawson - I am well aware of your First Amendment rights. What gives me pause is how you go about acquiring information! Specifically, classified police files pertaining to Ryan Chamberlain.
Lulu - Oh, my publisher, Peter August, requested I have access to the Ryan Chamberlain murder files for background on the series I was writing ✍️ on the Anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain killings. The PCPD cleared it.
DA Dawson - Did you share the information with anyone?
Lulu - I shared it with my readers. Those cases were all closed, so what’s the problem? Actually, I would like to record this conversation.
DA Dawson - No, don’t! What I am about to tell you is off the record.
Lulu - That’s not fair!
DA Dawson - I don’t care. What I say stays here. People’s lives are at risk!

At the Floating Rib..................
Jordan - We know you were close to the Chamberlain Murders because of Felicia Jones. Were the driver’s licenses ever discussed?
Mac - Not that I know of? Donnelly would have told me if he noticed the missing licenses.
Curtis - Anything else?
Mac - I CAN tell you of the fear in Felicia’s eyes 👀. The fear that MONSTER put there. Are you saying the killer is copying Ryan?
Jordan - We don’t have any reason to suspect that Felicia is in danger.
Mac - If this killer is copying Ryan, he is going to be hard to catch. You will need all the help you can get!

Sonny meets up with Carly and speaks to Laura....................
Sonny - It looks like things will go your way, so you need to distance yourself from me. And I’m ok with that.
Laura - Well I’M not ok with that! You’re connected to Lulu and your Spencer’s favorite uncle. It’s a bit too late to pretend we don’t know each other!

At Lulu’s house 🏡..................
DA Dawson - The PCPD has reason to believe whoever killed Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki Jerome and Peyton Mills may be a copycat killer of Ryan Chamberlain. Did you notice anything unusual in the files?
Lulu - No, but let me write about it. I might help the killer get caught!
DA Dawson - NO.
(When the DA leaves, Lulu looks at her notes and files to see it she notices anything.)

At the courthouse......................
Bailiff - The Honorable Judge Carson, please rise.
Judge - I have rendered my decision. I’ve agreed to an adjournment and dismissal for twelve months. I will also assign community service and counseling. Cameron, you have a year to prove yourself, provided you don’t show up in my courtroom. After that year, the charges will be dismissed and your record will be clean. This hearing is adjourned.
— MOM (1.9.19)
Tuesday on GH........
At the Courthouse..........
(Franco tells Elizabeth the trials didn’t work for Oscar.)
Elizabeth - How long?
Franco - A matter of months

At GH...............
(Cameron visits Oscar and sees he is packing to leave.)
Cameron - Dude, you’re out of here. Excellent!

At the Quartermaine Mansion...............
(Sam drops Scout and Danny off and sees Drew in the living room.)
Sam - Can I talk to you for a minute? It’s about Hank Archer/Shiloh.

Kim is frantically calling hospitals that have trials hoping to get her son in.............
(knock. knock)
Alexis - Hi, I hope I’m not interrupting?
Kim - What do you want?
Alexis - I just want to set the record straight.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....................
Carly - I just voted 🗳.The lines were SO long I can’t wait for you to vote!
Joss - I’m definitely voting 🗳. So is Oscar. That is, if you could get Uncle Sonny to do a favor for us?
Carly - What do you and Oscar need?
Joss - Sonny’s jet, money and his connections.

At the Quartermaine Mansion...................
Drew - I met Hank Archer, but I don’t know anything about a Shiloh?
Sam tells him everyone in Port Charles knows Jason works for Sonny - You are at Aurora Media. I don’t think Shiloh mistook Jason for you. That was his way in.
Drew - In for what?
Sam - You talked to him. Can you tell me, did you believe him?
Drew - You don’t!
Sam - Every con has a sliver of truth. No, I don’t believe this guy is who he says he is. He’s trouble Drew.

In Kim Nero’s office..................
Alexis - I heard you and Julian broke up, and you’re making a mistake.
Kim - Alexis, this is NOT a good time.
Alexis - Nothing happened! We were not together on New Year’s Eve.
Kim - I don’t give a damn who Julian sleeps with! Now, please get out of my office.

In Oscar’s room......................
Cameron - You’re out of here and back to your life? That is the BEST news I have ever heard! I have to face the judge today. I tell myself this is cake compared to what YOU went through. LOOK at you, dude. You beat CANCER!
Oscar - What?
Cameron - You beat it! The trials worked... right?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......................
Carly - Where do you want to go?
Joss - Well, there is this clinic in Mexico 🇲🇽 that offers alternative treatment for inoperable brain 🧠 tumors, like Oscar has, with amazing results!
Carly - Well, Joss
Joss - There is also a drug in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and a doctor in Brazil 🇧🇷!
Carly - Ok, that is an amazing amount of research! What does Oscar’s doctor say? What about the clinical trials?
Joss - Over and done. It didn’t work, so it’s up to US to save Oscar’s life now.
Carly - I’m SO sorry Oscar’s trials didn’t work! Did you talk to Kim and Drew?
Joss - Kim IS a doctor. We don’t have time for a cure to be approved by all the bureaucracies and regulations. She won’t approve a holistic cure. She doesn’t know her way around the internet like I do!
Carly - Do these cures come with ads for the clinic and ask for money 💰?
Joss - Yes, but we have money 💰. Right? I know in my heart if I could get Oscar to one of these places, he will get better. I just need some help. So, will you PLEASE help me keep Oscar alive.

In Oscar’s room..................
(Cameron is happy Oscar is getting out and things will get back to normal.)
Oscar- Why are you wearing a suit? Is it because of your shoplifting?
Cameron - I wish! No, I got busted for buying weed.

At the Q Mansion.........................
(Drew asks Sam to fill him in on what she knows. She tells him Hank changed his name to Shiloh. He is the organizer who does community work around town with kids. His home is called Dawn of Day.)
Drew - Ok, what is bothering you?
Sam - Hank Archer/Shiloh is using Kristina to get to me.
Drew - Why?
Sam - I married his father, Henry Archer, under an assumed name. I cleared his bank accounts out. I need to help my brother, Danny. I would do ANYTHING for him.
Drew - I know all about your past. It’s ok.
Sam - I stole from his dad so I stole from him. He is in Kristina‘s life. She lives at Dawn of Day. I feel like I’m being set up.

At Dr. Kim Nero’s office..................
Kim - I have a lot on my plate right now. I don’t give a damn about your obnoxious relationship with Julian. Whatever was burning between the two of you still exists.
Alexis - I’m sorry. It was wrong to come here.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......................
Drew - Are you sure it’s the same place?
Sam - Yes, Kristina told me Oscar was living there. Did you call Oscar by his name when you talked to Shiloh?
Drew - I don’t remember.
Sam - I was hoping to see the records you got from the Navy? Was there something in the records that you saved someone’s life?
Drew - Nah. Didn’t say much and half was redacted. Sorry, I can’t help you.
Sam - Ok, I will keep you posted. Drew, with all these coincidences with Hank/Shiloh who shows up in town? He has Kristina in the palm of his hand! It doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sorry. I will call you if I find out anything else.
Drew - Hey. Hey thanks. I will call you if I find out anything.
Sam - I just told you the guy who said you saved his life is here and he happens to be the son of the man I conned and stole from! You have NO reaction to that? Drew, is something else going on?

At Kim’s office..................
(She tells Alexis the trials failed. The tumor didn’t shrink and is almost 9 centimeters.)
Alexis - Oh my God! I am SO sorry? Does Oscar know?
Kim - Yes, I made a mess of this entire thing. Not telling him of his diagnosis. Forcing him in to treatment. He was right to hire you so he could get away from ME.
Alexis - No, that is not the way I see it.
Kim - I dangled hope in front of Oscar. Made him believe he had a future. We could have gone ⛷ skiing ⛷ at Christmas 🎄 instead of him being sick here at GH.
Alexis - I took his case hoping he would chose the treatment. He chose hope willfully and freely, Kim.
Kim - And I failed him!

In Oscar’s room.........................
Oscar - Why would you do something so risky?
Cameron - Because the friend was worth the risk. I bought it for him.
Oscar - You IDIOT! You did that for ME? Talk about no good deed goes unpunished!
Cameron - I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but you getting better says everything is ok.
Oscar - I hope so.

At Sonny’s house 🏠...........................
Carly - We would do ANYTHING for you. What about Drew and Kim?
Joss - They have given up. Last night, we could see it was on their faces when they told us it was over.
Carly - They told you the truth. Right?
Joss - Yes.
Carly - Drew and Kim are Oscar’s parents. They can’t offer him another option, because maybe one doesn’t exist. Drew and Kim get to decide what’s best for Oscar! Maybe they want go be a family while there is still time to be a family. Maybe they don’t want to chase after cures!
Joss - If Drew and Kim don’t do anything now, Oscar will DIE! I need to be the strong one .
Carly - Ok, let me go to Drew and Kim and offer the jet. I’m here for you.

In Oscar’s room................
Joss - So?
Oscar - I didn’t feel like telling Cam.
Joss - That’s fine. How are you feeling?
Oscar - Better now that you’re here!

In Dr. Kim Nero’s office.............
Kim - I’ve made bargains with God. I’ve seen miracles! Mothers who couldn’t have babies have healthy babies. I believed I would get MY miracle. My boy would grow up to be a happy and healthy young man. Miracles are unpredictable.
Alex - I’m truly sorry. I’m here for you.
(Alexis leaves and Kim closes the door 🚪 and cries heartbroken 😭 tears.)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.................
Sam - What is going on?
Drew - You should know. I want you to know.
Carly - Hey, I’m sorry. The housekeeper let me in.
Drew - That’s fine.
Carly - Joss is really upset and I hoped we could talk?
Sam - I’ll leave you be.
Drew - No, please stay? You need to know this. The treatment failed. Oscar is terminal.

At the Courthouse...............
(Alexis arrives and Kim and Franco want to know what she will say to the Judge.)
Alexis - I will ask for adjournment or dismissal. It means if Cameron can stay out of trouble for six months or a year, all charges against him will be dropped.
Elizabeth - That would be great!
Cameron - I made it! I’m not late, am I? Let’s do this.
Elizabeth - This morning you were scared to death!
Cameron - I still am. I told Oscar if he could stand up to cancer, this is a piece of 🍰 cake!

At the Quartermaine Mansion....................
Sam - Drew, I am so sorry!
Drew - Dr. Randolph was very clear. There is nothing that can be done, medically anyway. Yesterday Oscar was having a great day. His energy was up, his appetite was back and he was making plans for the future. He looked so healthy. Perfectly normal. Now, he won’t spend the rest of his life in a hospital 🏥 bed 🛏. I hope he is not in pain.
Carly - How much time does he have?
Drew - A few weeks, a few months, less than a year. You should be very proud of your daughter. She was very sympathetic. Very mature.
Carly - I’m here because I promised Joss I would offer you Sonny’s jet to take Oscar out of the country for treatment.

In Oscar’s room....................
Joss - So, can you leave now?
Oscar - I can leave now. So to Kelly’s, then the pier and then go to the Quartermaine’s to play ping pong 🏓.
Joss - Are you sure you’re up for it?
Oscar - No, the worst part is I feel great! Maybe it’s because after all the worry of not knowing if I’m dying. I KNOW I’m dying so I’m with you and I feel alive.
Joss - Today I am not going to worry. I will spend EVERY second with you. (They kiss 💋.) Are you sure you can handle a cheeseburger 🍔 from Kelly’s?
Oscar - With fries 🍟!

At the Quartermaine Mansion....................
Carly - Joss was looking for cures on the internet.
Drew - Yes, me too. It’s some form of denial looking for a non-existent cure. If Oscar wants to go, I will spend ALL the money I have. It’s his choice how he lives the rest of his life.
Carly - Her first response was to fight!
Drew - I wonder where she gets THAT from?
Carly - She is strong enough to face reality, however painful. She knows what is important is what you do with the time you have.

At the Courthouse....................
(Alexis instructs Cameron to present himself to the Judge as a contrite young man who knows he made a mistake.)
Alexis - I hope we don’t get Judge Carson. She is a hard nose 👃.

The bailiff says - Stand for Judge Naomi Carson!
— MOM (1.8.19)
Monday on GH...............
“Kevin“ follows Laura into the gym. She was supposed to meet Sonny there.

At GH..........
Oscar is going to be released from the hospital 🏥.
Oscar - I just want to get back to my life.

Dr. Terry Randolph wants Drew and Kim to come to her office. She has the results from Oscar’s treatment.

At Charley’s Pub............
(Drew visits Julian. He lambasted him for breaking up with Kim.)
Drew - You’re an SOB!
Julian - You’re right. So maybe we BOTH agree that the relationship is over.

At Sam’s penthouse.....................
Sam - I’m a terrible sister.
Jason - No, you’re not!
Sam - Yes, I am. Kristina invites us to her home 🏠, to check it out. I put her on the defensive as soon as Shiloh walked in.
Jason - The guy is lying. Kristina can’t see it.
Sam - Probably.
Jason - No, definitely.
Sam - Listen to me. Right now, I’m doing EXACTLY what I tell my mother not to do. I’m jumping to conclusions. I’m judging her before I know anything about this!
(Knock. Knock.)
Sam - Mom? Hey, we were just talking about you?
Alexis - What have I done now? Does it involve your sister?
Sam - Well...
Alexis - Where is she? I was hoping I could spend one on one time with my favorite middle daughter.
(Sam tells Alexis that Kristina moved out and into a commune called Dawn of Day with Daisy and Oscar. Alexis is ok with it.)
Sam - WHO are you and what did you do with my mother?
Alexis - I think Kristina is an adult . She can make her own decisions. Hi Jason, good to see you.
Jason - Alexis.
Alexis - So, when did this move come about?
Sam - We went over to see her at Dawn of Day.
Alexis - So, what do you think about this move?
Sam - She feels like she is home.
Alexis - Thank you, Jason. It’s very nice Kristina has the two of you to look out for her. Bye.

(Wow! Alexis has changed her tune about Jason since he is helping her with Oscar.)

At Charley’s Pub...............
Drew - What did Kim do for you to treat her like this?
Julian - The relationship is over. There is nothing to discuss with Kim and you. So, you can get the HELL out of my Pub!
Drew - She TRUSTED you and believed in you when everybody told her not to!
Julian - Well, I guess everybody was right.
Drew - Ok, Charley. I’ve got to give you credit for one thing: You were able to keep up that good guy charade much longer than I thought you could!

At GH...................
Kim tells Dr. Randolph she is so happy Oscar is doing so much better. Joss is doing a great job . She has him thinking about his SAT’s and his future.
Dr. Randolph - Oscar has opened himself up to love 💕. Clinically and scientifically love ❤️ helps.

At the Gym...............
“Kevin“ - I followed you to make sure you were safe.
Laura - Thanks for endorsing me.
“Kevin“ - Port Charles needs a fighter like you in office.
Laura - I meant what I said. I will be an advocate for mental health. I will focus on Ferncliff and the patients.
(While “Kevin“ is talking to Laura, he takes the shoe 👟 laces off of the 🥊 gloves.)
“Kevin“ - You need to keep your eye 👁 on the problems in the city. I will keep my eye 👁 on Ferncliff.

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Sam - I understand why Dawn of Day appeals to Kristina. It’s all about empowerment.
Jason - Any specifics?
Sam - They do a lot of food 🥘 pantries, soup kitchens and sponsorships.
Jason - Well, bad guys don’t usually advertise to bad guys.
Sam - It’s a little TOO nice. A little too trust me, send me your money. All very sincere, but something is up! They are hiding something or they’ve got an agenda. I don’t know? How’s the book 📖?
Jason - Basically, what he told us. A little more detail. Hank goes to Afghanistan 🇦🇫, almost gets killed until Drew saves him. Listen to this, “it wasn’t just my body he lifted off the field that day. My soul was in this man’s hands. Only then did I understand his choice to save me could change not only my life, but the 🌎 world.”
Sam - Ok, I understand saving someone but that’s just a little too thick. Don’t you think?
Jason - Yeah. Kristina on the other hand...
Sam - She is looking for a spiritual identity. This is giving her direction.
Jason - And you don’t like the direction?
Sam - No, I do not. Do YOU?
Jason - I’m more interested in his life before he became Shiloh. Why did Hank have to reinvent himself? What’s this guy running from?

At GH..........
(Kristina and Shiloh visit Oscar.)
Joss - What are you doing here?
Kristina- Hey, Oscar. Joss, this is Shiloh.
Joss - It’s nice of you to let Oscar crash at your house. So, what do you do?
Shiloh - Well, I provide space for people to listen and trust themselves.
Joss - Like a therapist or guru?
Oscar - No.
Joss - What? I’m curious! Do you lead a community?
Shiloh - I don’t lead a community. These guys do most of the work. I just pave the way.
Kristina - Joss, you and Oscar should join us at our next community event!
Oscar - Yeah, that way I can pay you guys back for giving me a place to live.
Shiloh - That would be fantastic, but Oscar, you owe me nothing. Our community finds fulfillment in serving others.

At Charley’s Pub...................
Drew - You’re a SOB who strung Kim along as her son was sick! When did you decide to leave?
Julian - Ok, I will tell you. At the stroke of midnight at New Year’s Eve when I saw you kiss 💋 Kim.

At the Gym..................
(While “Kevin “ is talking to Laura about Ferncliff, he is tightly wrapping the shoelaces around his hands. Laura doesn’t notice.)
“Kevin“ - If some of these patients were found to be sane, they would have to go to prison.
Laura - What worse punishment could there be but to live with a broken mind? (Laura finally looks down.) Kevin, STOP 🛑 you’re cutting off your own circulation!
“Kevin“ - I’m sorry. It’s a nervous habit.
Laura - Kevin, are you alright?
“Kevin“ - I’m fine (he is looking around to make sure on one is there).
Laura - No one is here? We are alone. Kevin, is there something you need to tell me?
“Kevin“ - Actually, there is something I want to say to you now that we are alone. Maybe that moment has finally arrived.
(They are interrupted by Scott Baldwin.)

At GH..................
Kristina - It turns out your Dad rescued Shiloh in Afghanistan 🇦🇫. THAT is what caused him to start Dawn of Day.
Oscar - My Dad?? That’s the kind of guy he is, but WOW!
Joss - How is it possible that you guys all were together and NOBODY made the connection?
Shiloh - I had no idea who Oscar‘s parents were. He needed a place to stay.
Oscar - Did he remember you?
Shiloh - I did see your Dad, but he didn’t remember me. Even if your father has his memory back, he still wouldn’t recognize me. It was very hard to put the angry boy I was behind me. I’m a different person now.
Oscar - Could you tell me about my Dad? His time in the service? Without his memory, there is SO much we don’t know.
Shiloh - Of course! I will tell you everything I know as long as it’s cool 😎 with your Dad.
(Kim comes into the room and is introduced to Shiloh from the Dawn of Day house.)
Shiloh - Will you be coming back, Oscar?
Oscar - Thank you, but Mom, I would like to come home 🏡 tomorrow?

At Sam’s penthouse.....................
Jason - Here is something: Dawn of Day first incorporation documents were flied by D.H. Archer as a personal growth platform.
Sam - What does D.H. stand for?
Jason - David Henry. Why?
Sam - Oh NO! It can’t be? David Henry Archer is the ONLY son and surviving child of Henry Archer!
Jason - Who is Henry Archer?
Sam - One of my husbands!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Drew - That’s it? Julian you break it off with Kim because you saw a little New Year’s Eve kiss? That’s IT?
Julian - Drew, don’t say it was nothing! That would be an insult to all three of us. I was tired of spending night after night alone. New Year’s Eve was supposed to be OUR night. Since Kim preferred to spend the night with YOU I responded in kind. OK?
Drew - WOW! You saw this little kiss and you SLEPT with someone else?
Julian - Well, what’s good for the goose...
Drew - I’ve got to go. You don’t deserve Kim!
Alexis - Why did you just lie to Drew?

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Sam - Henry Archer was one of my first big marks. He was huge in advertising. He wanted a pretty, much, MUCH younger woman on his arm.
Jason - And you got him to marry you?
Sam - I was his trophy 🏆 wife. I wasn’t his first, and I’m sure I wasn’t his last!
Jason - Ok, if Shiloh is Archer’s son, you must have met him! Do you know anything about this guy?
Sam - No, I don’t remember meeting him.
Jason - He didn’t go to the wedding 👰?
Sam - No. I think he refused on the grounds his father was marrying a Gold Digger Tramp. I was taking his inheritance, which wasn’t entirely wrong.
Jason - This Archer must have talked about him?
Sam - His father called him David. So him going by Hank was his way of rebelling. I got the impression he was living off of his trust fund.
Jason - Even if you never met face to face, Archer’s son must have known about YOU. Seen a picture?
Sam - Then wouldn’t he have recognized me?
Jason - Maybe he was waiting to see if you recognized HIM!

At the Gym...................
(Scott tells Laura she should get into some self-defense class. There is a crazy person on the loose. He also says the guy that was killed was a TV 📺 producer . He was making a documentary of Kevin’s brother. He said the guy asked a lot of questions and the interview footage was missing.)
“Kevin“ - Is this going to be long, Scott?
Laura - Really? Do they think the killer took it?
Scott - Well, that is the theory. The producer stumbled on something about Ryan that the killer didn’t want anyone to know about.
Laura - What could that BE?
Scott - The connection between Ryan and the killer. That’s what the cops 👮‍♀️ think.
“Kevin“ - Do the police 👮 have any leads?
Scott - They think he is getting cocky and will slip up. He will try to kill the wrong person at the wrong time and 💥 POW💥, they will grab him. Send him to prison for the rest of his miserable life!

In Dr. Randolph’s office.............
Dr. - This is Oscar’s tumor before yesterday and this is Oscar’s tumor today.
Drew - Ok, I’m the only non doctor in the room. Explain?
Dr. - It means the tumor has not shrunk. It’s almost 9 centimeters, with considerable growth into the brain 🧠 tissue. Its entangled with major blood vessels. I’m sorry. The treatment failed.
Drew - So, what does that mean?
Kim - It means the tumor is still inoperable and Oscar is going to die.
(Kim starts to cry and Drew stares into space.)

At the Gym..............
“Kevin“ - I have to say, Scott, I admire your confidence in the 👮 police. You seem so sure the killer will be caught.
Scott - I agree with the PCPD. A head in an apple 🍎 barrel. Kiki found at the Haunted Star ⭐️. The producer at the Metro Court. This killer thinks LOT about him or herself. Nobody’s untouchable.
“Kevin“ - You never struck me as someone who believed in karma?
Scott - Karma has bit me SO many times. As my stepmother, Gail, use to say, ” What goes around comes around.” So, you’ve got to think before you act.

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Sam - Hank or Shiloh or WHOEVER he is made NO attempt to hide his personal history on the Dawn of Day website. It reads, ”growing up in extreme wealth was the chief motivator in Shiloh’s decision to reinvent himself. To create a more meaningful, more welcoming community.” All these buzz words. It’s just like he is full of 💩 crap!
Jason - There are TOO many coincidences: 1 - Your history with Shiloh. 2 - Shiloh’s connection to Drew, 3 - Oscar lives with him. 4 - Now, Kristina! Too many people we care about are in this guy’s orbit.

At Dr. Terry Randolph’s office...................
Dr. - Unfortunately, Kim’s assessment is correct. The therapy didn’t shrink the tumor and it will remain inoperable. So, so sorry.
Kim - Thank you.
Drew - I appreciate how much you fought for Oscar.
Dr. - Oscar is a wonderful kid. It has been my privilege to get to know him.
Kim - How much time do we have with him?
Dr. - I’m not sure. The best we can do is monitor. It’s too soon to tell.
Kim - So, there is time?
Dr. - There is. I will give you some privacy.
Drew - I KNEW it was a long shot.
Kim - Yeah, it was.
Drew - We’re going to have to tell him.
Kim - He’s having such a good day! Joss is here and he is eating. What if this is his last happy day?
Drew - It’s not. We can’t let it be!
Kim - Let him have ONE more day of hope?
Drew - One day becomes a week. Then a month. Ok, listen to me. I KNOW this is hard. We gave him our word. This is his LIFE. Whatever control he will have over that life, we’ve got to give it to him.

At the Gym...................
(Scott tells Laura his stepmother, Gail, passed. She tells him they should get a cup of coffee ☕️ and walk to the pier. Lee, Scott’s father, liked to fish there.)
Scott - I’m the only one left! No one to remember with me.
Laura - You can tell me all the stories about Gail and Lee. We can BOTH remember. Kevin, if you want to talk?
“Kevin“ - Never mind.

(Scott saved Laura from being killed at the hand of the serial killer, ”Kevin“ Ryan Chamberlain. Then, we see “Kevin“ turn the shoelaces in to a hangman’s noose.)

At Charley’s Pub...................
Alexis - This person doesn’t exist! WHY would you lie to Kim and Drew?
Julian - Because I had to give Kim a reason to give up on me.
Alexis - So you made her think you had a random hook up? I hope you didn’t make her think it was ME!
Julian - No, but I didn’t deny it either.

At Sam’s penthouse.................
Sam - Here’s what we have so far: 1 - Oscar is your nephew. 2 - Drew is your brother. 3 - Drew saved Hank/Shiloh. 4 - Shiloh is the son of Henry Archer, my ex-husband. 5 - He is now living with my sister, Kristina. Who is in the middle?
Jason - You.
Sam - First, Kristina is hanging out with Dawn of Day. Then, I get the email.
Jason - It’s not a coincidence.
Sam - No, Jason, it’s not.

Outside Oscar’s room...................
Kristina - Of ALL the people, YOU took the time to come here?
Shiloh touches her shoulder - Are you settled at the house 🏠?
Kristina - Yes, just like home.
Shiloh - It is YOUR home. I just want you to know I am 100% committed to help you learn whatever it is you need to learn about yourself.
Kristina - I know that. Thank you!
Shiloh - You’re welcome. Seriously, whatever you need. You can ALWAYS come to me.

(This guy is a snake 🐍. He is as phony as a $3 bill. Kristina is ⭐️ starry eyed and sees this guy as someone to worship. Beware!)

In Oscar’s room...............
(Knock. Knock.)
Oscar - Come in. Hey guys, what’s wrong?
Kim - Joss, honey, would you mind giving us a moment alone with Oscar?
Joss - Yeah, of course.
Oscar - No. Whatever it is, Joss is with me!
Joss - Only if that is ok with you?
Drew - Actually, Joss, I think it is a good idea 💡 you stay.
(They close the door 🚪. We can see through the glass Kim give Oscar the bad news.)
— MOM (1.7.19)
It’s the first Cliffhanger Friday of 2019 on GH..............
At the PCPD............
Detective Chase is the instructor for the PCPD self defense class. Maxie, Nina, Willow and Elizabeth are in the class. Chase is trying to teach them to defend themselves. There have been 3 murders in Port Charles. BUT all they want to do is argue about Aiden and Charlotte. Maxie has to be the referee.

At Charley’s Pub...........
Julian offers his Pub as a place for the Town Hall meeting on the Mayoral candidates......Ned Quartermaine and Laura Spencer Collins.
Lulu is the moderator 👩‍⚖️. It is an open forum, just ask a question .

The first question is about diversity.
Does Ned have a diverse staff? Ned says he does BUT Laura questions his close-knit staff. She wants to open it up to others and hear their points of view.

The next question to Ned - Do you think your business experience is a positive or a negative?
Ned - Yes it’s a positive. Without thriving business communities nothing else works.
Laura - Ned is a very successful business man BUT you can’t run a government like a business because it is not for profit.
(A dig to President Trump. Even a soap opera can be political).

The surprise comes when “Kevin“ gets up and endorses Laura for Mayor.
Laura assures the community she will be an advocate for mental health.
“Kevin“ is not too happy to hear she is going to put her two cents into the running of Ferncliff. What if she discovers that is where the real Dr. Kevin Collins is??

Lulu ends the meeting by saying the election 🗳 is tomorrow. So go out and vote 🗳.

At the PCPD.................
Jordan and Curtis are going over the facts of the 3 murders - Mary Pat, Kiki and Peyton Mills.
1 - All were surgically killed.
2 - Only driver’s licenses were taken.
3 - All killed on a Holidays - Halloween 🎃, Thanksgiving 🦃 and New Year’s Eve 🎉🎈🎊.
4 - A serial killer is at large.
Jordan - It all began on the 25th Anniversary of Ryan Chamberlain’s murders.
(So she looks at the information on the Ryan victims and finds that the only thing taken was a driver’s license.)
Jordan - 25 years ago Ryan Chamberlain took trophies 🏆.

Jordan and Curtis wonder if this is a copycat 🐱 murderer. They tally the names of all the persons at the 3 events. They zero in on Laura Collins. They don’t think she is the killer. but they think she knows the killer or the killer knows her.

Jordan gets a call from investigators saying there is no sign of the Peyton Mills documentary.

At the ☕️ coffee shop...................
(Stella informs Sonny and Mike that Marcus is taking Yvonne home 🏠. Upon hearing this. Mike becomes very upset.)
Mike - He is trying to take Yvonne away from me!
(Sonny decides to go to Turning Woods center and try to convince Marcus to let Yvonne stay.)

At Turning Woods center...................
Sonny - This is a difficult situation because Yvonne and Mike can’t make decisions for themselves. We have to do the best we can for them.
Marcus - I knew my wife wouldn’t remember me at some point but I am NOT ok with your father giving my wife a gift 🎁.He spends more time with her than I do!
Sonny - When you love 💕 someone, you have to do what is best for them.
(Yvonne comes into the room and wants to know where Mike is?)
Marcus - Honey 🍯 I’ m your husband. We’ve been married for 33 years!
Yvonne - Don’t tell me that! I don’t know you. I want Mike!
(Stella and Mike are waiting for Sonny to return. She is trying to prepare Mike for the possibility that Yvonne won’t be there. Sonny returns and they go back to the center.)

At the Turning Woods center...........
(Mike sees luggage with Yvonne’s name on it.)
Mike - Are we too late? Did she leave?
(Marcus and Yvonne appear, and Marcus tells them Yvonne is staying at the center.)
Mike - What made you change your mind?
Marcus - Your son convinced me.
(Mike gives Yvonne his present 🎁.....a shawl.)
Yvonne - It’s so beautiful and soft. Mike, help me put it on!
(Marcus stands on the sidelines and watches Mike and Yvonne in their own world 🌍. This is very sad.)
— MOM (1.4.19)
Thursday on GH.................
At the Group House.................
(Jason and Sam visit Kristina at the Group House 🏡. Kristina introduces them to Shilo. Jason recognizes him as “Hank” the guy who knows Drew.)
Shilo - Hi, welcome!
Jason - Shilo?
Sam - What? You know him?
Jason - I know he’s lying.
Kristina - What the hell, Jason! You show up right after I move in and call Shilo a liar?.
Jason - Cause he’s lying!
Shilo - Jason and I have met.
Jason - You said Drew knew you as Hank?
Shilo - That’s true. He did. I didn’t want to introduce myself as Shilo to not confuse matters. My apologies.
Sam - You said you knew Drew when he was a 🌊 Seal?
Shilo - I did. That’s true. I’m sorry., I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage?
Sam - Sam McCall.
Kristina - My sister and Drew’s ex-wife.
Shilo - Really? Small 🌍world! Well, Sam, I think you can appreciate when you change lives you change names too. (This guy could be the one texting Sam about her past) Jason, Sam you are more than welcome here any time. Any friend of Kristina is a friend of mine. I hope!
Kristina - If you 🛑 stop being incredibly rude!
Sam - Did you speak to Drew?
Shilo - I did. I did speak to him. He told me about the accident. He told me about his memory loss. I hoped that our reunion may have sparked something, but It didn’t.
Kristina - Drew hasn’t remembered anything before he came to Port Charles.
Shilo - It’s a shame because he will never truly understand how he impacted my life. If not for Drew’s intervention, I might still be “Hank,” shallow, lost and wasted. Drew saved my life! He saved it literally AND figuratively. I intend to repay that debt.

At General Hospital.....
(Kim tells Elizabeth that Julian broke up with her.)
Elizabeth - I don’t believe it? You guys seemed so good together!

At the Turning Woods center................
Marcus informs Stella he is taking complete control over Yvonne’s health. He is taking her home and away from Mike Corbin.

Lucy talks to Maxie about publicity for the book she wrote. It’s about Port Charles as a tourist and vacation attraction. Also a book signing.
Maxie - That’s not what crimson does but Nina and I can come up with some sort of angle.

At the Group Home 🏠................
Jason - So what exactly put you in Drew’s net?
Shilo - Well, it’s in my book 📚.
Sam - Your book 📖? You’re a little too young to be writing a memoir, aren’t you?
Kristina - It’s a LOT more than that!
Shilo - It’s a confessional. The study 📖 of the human condition. A way to look at life.
Kristina - You should read it Sam! There is a lot of stuff in there that can help you.
Jason - So, Drew pulled you out of a fire 🔥 fight?
Shilo - Yeah, he did. He did with bullet 🕳 holes and a few stitches but minus a life wasted. Since I had to evolve, I had to change. I wasn’t much of a man.
Sam - Oh, and Shilo is?
Kristina - YES!
Shilo - Well, that’s for other people to judge 👨‍⚖️. I’m just doing my best day by day.
Sam - How’s that?
Shilo - By creating this.....Dawn of Day. This house 🏡 is where 👫 friends 👬 come to meet and some, like Kristina, they live here.
Jason - What does your outfit do?
Shilo - Anything that needs to be done for our community. For the world 🌎 around us .
Kristina - They help people find houses 🏠 on Charles Street. Ran 🏃 a clothing drive and started a neighborhood compost program.
Sam - Wow? I mean that sounds ambitious and costly! People who live here, do they fund Dawn of Day by paying rent??
Kristina - They don’t pay rent, but they can. That is how Oscar was able to stay here. He’s Drew’s son (she says to Shilo)..
Shilo - Oh really? I knew Drew had a son, but I didn’t connect him to Oscar!
Sam - So, you had a minor living here without telling his parents?
Shilo - Well, Oscar wanted to make it on his own, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the money 💴. We were able to find a spot for him here.
Sam - I’m still not clear how you can afford to take in people who don’t pay rent?
Kristina - Do you have to be such a bitch?
Shilo - Kristina, look, your sister’s questions are completely valid. The way that we can provide outreach and a safe place for people is because I fund Dawn of Day with my own money 💰.
Sam - And the money 💰 comes from what, exactly?
Shilo - Well, I’m a life coach. I help people realize their full potential.

At the Gym...............
Drew isn’t having good days so he tells Curtis - I wonder if a blast from the past is actually a good thing.

At GH..............
Elizabeth - That jerk broke up with you because of OSCAR?
Kim - To hear Julian, it is too much to be with him and take care of my son at the same time.
Elizabeth - Your son is fighting for his LIFE and Julian decides to leave you and acts like he is doing you a FAVOR?
Kim - It just didn’t come out of nowhere. Julian saw Drew and me kiss 💋 on New Year’s Eve.

(Julian didn’t tell Kim that Joss paid him a visit and asked him to stay away from Kim. She said Oscar wanted his mother and father to be together as a family.)

At Charlie’s Pub.................
Alexis - How is Oscar doing?
Julian - You would have to ask Kim. She didn’t tell me.
Alexis - Did I say something wrong?
Julian - Kim and I are through.

Stella meets with Mike and Sonny for coffee ☕️ and tells them Yvonne’s husband is taking her out of Turning Woods. He is taking her home 🏠. Mike asked about the Christmas 🎄 🎁 present he asked Stella to give Yvonne. She said it wasn’t the right time to give it to her so she left it there.

At Dawn of Day.......
Kristina - Are they gone?
Shilo - Yes.
Kristina - I’m sorry.
Shilo - Why?
Kristina - Didn’t you see how patronizing they were to me? They were extremely rude to you!
Shilo - I wasn’t referring to their behavior, I was referring to YOURS!
Kristina - I don’t get it?
Shilo - Sam and Jason, they didn’t bring that anger to you. That negativity came from inside. That came from within YOU. It doesn’t have be that way. That’s the way YOU chose to deal with them. Kristina, we can teach you a different way to interface with the world 🌍 around you. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can teach you to be free of all that negativity!
Kristina - How?
Shilo - Stick around. You just might find out!

At Sam’s penthouse................
Sam - Ok, that could have gone better!
Jason - Well we did get a good look 👀 at her living situation. Her relationship with the guy. Many things.
Sam - Relationship? She practically WORSHIPS the guy. Everything that came out of her mouth 👄 was Shilo’s words. NOT hers.
Jason - It’s too good to be true.
Sam - I think Shilo is neither good or true.

At Charley’s Pub...............
(Scott tells Monica and Lucy that his step-mother Gail is gone. They are all very sad. The actress, Susan Brown, actually die.).
Lucy - Who do you think 🤔 gave Gail the most heartache?
Scott - Not me!
Monica - Not me, either!
Lucy - Don’t look at ME. It was Tracy! I’m going to miss Gail so much.
Alexis - Excuse me. I would like to offer my condolences to all of you. I’m very sorry for your loss.
Scott - Thank you. I called Alexis this morning because Gail hired her to change her will after Lee (Scott’s father) passed away.
Lucy - Can’t this wait?
Alexis - No, it can’t, Lucy. Gail’s will contains a bequest that involves all three of you.
Scott - A bequest?
— MOM (1.3.19)
Wednesday on GH....................
At party/crime scene.............
Jordan - Jason, I would like you to take me through what happened.
Jason - Sam and I have already been questioned together and separately. Our story is not going to change.
Jordan - Investigations are tedious. We need to hear the story several times because any new information can open up the investigation.

Lulu visits Ava looking for “Kevin.“ She wants to interview him about last night.
Ava - What happened last night?
Lulu - A body was found on the terrace of the Metro Court. There’s a chance this murder is tied to whoever killed Mary Pat Ingles and Kiki.

At the party/crime scene.............
Jason - Sam was cold, so I gave her my suit coat 🧥. I spotted something. We were watching the fire 🔥 works 💥💥so the lighting wasn’t good. I thought I saw a hand or arm with blood on it. So I went over to check it out. I kicked over the snowman ⛄️ and the body fell out. It was a guy in late 30’s or early 40’s .
Jordan - Did either of you touch him or attempt to revive him?
Jason - No, it was obvious he was dead. I called 911 and we waited on the terrace for the police 🚔 👮.
Jordan - Did you see anyone else on the terrace or early in the evening?
Sam - No, there was no one out there.
Jordan - That’s all I need to know.
Sam - Does that mean we can go?
Jordan - You’re free to leave. Thank you both for your cooperation.
Jason - You ok?
Sam - Yes, I’m just tired 💤.
Jason - Come on, I’ll take you home 🏡.

“Kevin“ arrives at the scene of the crime..................
Curtis - Thanks for coming.
“Kevin“ - Jordan didn’t give me any details.
Curtis - A TV 📺 producer was murdered and left on the terrace.
(“Kevin“ makes believe he is surprised.)
“Kevin“ - The man who was doing the project on my brother? I thought he was finished. What was he doing in Port Charles?
Curtis - He was in Port Charles to put on finishing touches and was found here during a holiday party 🎉 🎈. I had gone bye the studio and saw lots of blood and no Peyton.
“Kevin“ - So, you knew the man?
Curtis - No, I saw him at the Floating Rib and pitched him a TV 📺 show. He sent me a text to meet him .
Jordan - Medical examiner says Peyton‘s death was approximately at 6 pm.
Curtis - That’s WAY before I got the text to meet him.
Jordan - Why would the killer want you to go to the crime scene?
“Kevin“ - I know why!

At General Hospital.........................
Drew wants Kim to forget about the kiss last night. He tells her he is here for Oscar so she can go to see Julian and wish him a Happy New Year.

At Ava’s apartment..................
Ava - Do you think there is some monster out there choosing victims at random? You know my daughter’s murder will NEVER make any sense to me! Just the idea that she was killed by some SICKO so he can get his kicks is just beyond horrible!
Lulu - Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you Ava. I’m so sorry for your loss.
Ava - Thank you.

At the crime scene...........
“Kevin“ - The killer must have seen Peyton’s previous text to Curtis and lured him to the crime scene to taint the evidence.
(Jordan gets more information from the coroner. Peyton was surgically stabbed 2x . Mary Pat’s head was surgically removed and Kiki was stabbed in the back.)
Curtis - Someone likes attention!
Jordan - It’s official, there is a serial killer among us.

At General Hospital 🏥.....................
A guy gets off the elevator and says - Drew.....Drew Cain?
Drew - That’s me! You must be Hank?
Hank - Yes. You look SO different. What happened to you?

At Sam’s penthouse.................................
Sam - I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault we had to spend all that time answering all those questions.
Jason - Don’t apologize! Most of the time when we are getting interrogated, it’s because of ME.
Sam - That’s most of the time, but this isn’t most of the time. You actually stayed and answered most of the questions. Which is confusing! I thought you would have insisted to have Diane there?
Jason - Well, Max took her to Vegas for New Year’s Eve.
Sam - What? Why Vegas? Are they getting married?
Jason - No, Diane is not going to get married to Max!
Sam - Why not?
Jason - Because it can create a conflict of interest that can be used against her in a court.
Sam - Oh, I don’t believe it! I think Diane will end up marrying Max.
Jason - What makes you so sure?
Sam - Because I think Max is an old fashioned kind of guy. He wants to be married and Diane wants to give him what he wants. I don’t know, maybe they will wait until they retire and get married in Vegas. Either way, I know they’re the type of couple that is going to end up together. It might be very romantic!
Jason - Max?
Sam - Why are you 😆 laughing? Come on! They got things figured out better than we do right now.
Jason - I disagree with that because I think we BOTH know what we want. Maybe it’s time we did something about it?
(They kiss 💋 and Kristina comes home.)
Kristina - Oops!

At Charley’s Pub..................
Kim brings Julian New Year’s hats, horns and a big smile. But he is not buying it. Julian tells Kim he saw her kiss 💋 Drew.

At General Hospital 🏥.............
Drew - I’m sorry, I don’t remember you?
Hank - That’s crazy! Everything we did together? Everything you did for me? You don’t remember ANY of that?
Drew - Don’t take offense. I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t want to talk.
Hank - I’m glad you called. Even with your accident, I thought you would remember me. You and I were real tight in Afghanistan!
Drew - Yeah, Jason mentioned you said that.
Hank - I was a private contractor. You and I crossed paths a LOT. We spent a lot of free time together. We played a lot of poker.
Drew - Was I any good?
Hank - No, you sucked! But man, you were a hell of a fighter. You were totally fearless!
Drew - I lost DECADES of my memory.
Hank - Hold on! Check this out. Maybe this will help? (He shows Drew a picture of both of them. Drew looks like Jason.) Remember that?
Drew - Sorry, I don’t.
Hank - I wish you could remember this because you changed my life!

At Sam’s penthouse....................
(Kristina apologizes for what she interrupted. She tells them she is moving in with Daisy at the group house, the same place where Oscar is staying.)
Sam - I’m concerned for your health. There is a psycho out there killing people!
Kristina - I can’t live my life in fear.
Sam - How well do you REALLY know these people?

At the crime scene................
Curtis - Let’s see? Floating Rib, Haunted Star 🌟 AND Metro Court. All public places on holidays.
“Kevin“ - We have one more thing.....Mr. & Mrs. Ashford. You were both at the Floating Rib the night Mary Pat’s head was discovered.
Jordan - The killer KNEW we would both be at the honeymoon suite at the Haunted Star ⭐️.
“Kevin“ - Curtis, you were led to the crime scene to taint the evidence. Also to taunt you or Jordan, or both of you. The killer chose Halloween 🎃, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve to display their handiwork. That would indicate a trouble with festive events. Perhaps a childhood trauma experienced on a holiday or a family gathering? The person you’re looking for is anti-social, isolated and envious of others’ ability to express joy.
Jordan - So, you think they will kill again?
“Kevin“ - It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN.

Jordan and Curtis are going to feel pretty foolish when they realize they came face to face with the serial killer.

At Sam’s penthouse..................
(Kristina tells Jason and Sam everyone pitches in and works together. They volunteer and Shilo is the head of the family.)
Sam - What is this Shilo like? You must have something nice to say about the guy?
Kristina - Do you think I’m sleeping with him?
Sam - Are you?

At Charley’s Pub......................
Kim - We were just talking and we got nostalgic about years ago in San Diego. That kiss 💋 was nothing!
Julian - Not to me.
Kim - I’m sorry.
Julian - I found a way to move past it. I slept with someone else.

At General Hospital 🏥.......................
Hank - It got a little rough over there, but we had some good times. I hit the bottle a little too hard and you helped me through the dark days. You helped me through a lot! I would really like to return the favor?
Drew - I appreciate that, but I’m good.
Hank - Forgive me, but your son is in the hospital? Is there anything I can do?
Drew - That’s very kind. Oscar is getting the best help at GH. Kim and I have it covered.
Hank - Kim is his mother?
Drew - Yeah, Kim Nero. Did I ever mention her back then?
Hank - No, I don’t think so.
Drew - I just found out I had a son last year. Kim and I lost contact when I went overseas. You know how it goes.
Hank - If you ever need help don’t hesitate to ask. I owe you big time!
Drew - You could just let it go?
Hank - No, I can’t do that Drew. You saved my life.

At Sam’s penthouse............
Kristina - No, it’s not like that, with Shilo, at ALL!
Sam - You seem very taken with him?
Kristina - He encouraged me to do my part to make the world 🌍 a better place. I don’t jump into bed with any guy!
Sam - Ok, I’m sorry. My mind just went there.
Kristina to Jason - What about YOU? Did you assume I was sleeping with Shilo?
Jason - I didn’t assume anything, but I can see why Sam is concerned. I’m concerned too! We don’t know anything about these people.
Kristina - Fine. Why don’t the two of you come by and see for yourself? Once you check it out, you will see it’s like one big happy family. I’m sure I”ll see you soon.
Sam - Ok, I’m going to need you on this right now! Don’t tell me she is old enough to make her own choices.
Jason - She said we can visit. I think we should.

At General Hospital 🏥.........................
Drew - The Navy gave me my service records, but most of it was redacted.
Hank - So you have NO idea that you are a hero? You rescued me from an IED!
Drew - What happened?
Hank - You were with me and some other contractors on a supply run. A IED went off under the jeep 🚙 that I was in. You were in the convoy right behind and it was BAD. I got hit really hard. The jeep 🚙 went up in flames 🔥. There were bullets flying everywhere. I thought I was a goner! You ran back in a hale of gun fire 🔥. You grabbed me and pulled me out and dragged me in the ditch to hide. You stayed with me and protected me. You kept me from bleeding out. The ONLY reason I’m still here is because of YOU. After that, I was a changed man. I cleaned up my act. I quit partying and got my head on straight! I looked for you after I recovered, but you were gone. I didn’t believe it when they told me you went AWOL. So what happened to you man? Where did you go?
Drew - I have no idea. I would like to talk more about our time, but my kid is due for some tests.
Hank - Of course, man! Go ahead! You have my number. Call, text when you are ready?
Drew - Sure.
Hank - Drew, one more thing? Thank you. I wanted to say that for a long time.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
Kim - You SLEPT with someone because you saw Drew and me KISS 💋? Was it Alexis?
Julian - It doesn’t matter. Seeing you and Drew like that made me rethink everything we’ve got going on here. Your son and his father are your priority right now and it’s ok. I don’t want to get in the way anymore, ok?
Kim - So that’s IT? To make absolute sure we are over, you get into BED with someone else?
Julian - It made me see I have to let you go. You can focus completely on Oscar.
Kim - You want to break up with me? Fine. Don’t go and SLEEP with someone else and say you’re doing it for ME. You’re a coward!

Also at Charley’s...................
Valentin sees Lisle with Maxie, Nina and James in the corner of the pub. He tells her it would be best if she left town. Lisle is not going anywhere now that she has a grandson. She tells Valentin in the event something happened to her, she wrote three letters. The first for the DA. The second for Anna Devane, who has always wanted proof of his treachery. The last letter, of course, goes to her niece, Nina. She will know he passed off that impostor, Sasha Gilmore, as her daughter.

At the crime scene................
(Jordan calls Lulu in to tell her off the record that they are dealing with a serial killer, one who will stop 🛑 at nothing to get attention.)
Curtis - There is no saying who the next victim will be!

At Charley’s Pub.................
Valentin - I agree to your terms. Nina is my life. She brings light to my life, but I am very comfortable in the darkness. I THRIVE there. So, should you choose to flex your muscles 💪 and reveal my secrets, I will have nothing left to lose. And every reason to make you pay for it!
Lisle - What do I have to gain by revealing the truth about Sasha?

At the compound..................
(Jason and Sam are looking around.)
Sam - This is a lot nicer than I thought! Let’s hope the people inside are too. (Sam rings the bell 🔔.)
Kristina - Hey, that didn’t take long!
Sam - Well, you said to come by.
Kristina - I’m glad you did! Come in. Good time, too! Shilo is here.
(Kristina introduces Jason and Sam to Shilo. He is the guy called Hank!)
— MOM (1.2.19)

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