General Hospital


Stone Cold

"Behind every great man is a ticked off woman who hates him."
-- Ned Quartermaine

Back in the '80s GH was my jam. Luke & Laura, Frisco & Felicia, Sean & Tiffany, Duke & Anna, Robert Scorpio, Scotty Baldwin, Blackie... Dr Noah Drake!  These days, I don't keep up with the show except for when I visit my parents in Florida. Every day at 2pm, you'll find my mom in Port Charles. And every day, she emails me a recap of the drama, so I'll post them here! 

You might notice a pattern: She is 1000% #TeamJason and only has eyes for Steve Burton (sorry, Billy Miller). And she loves emojis...

Oh, and this contains tons of SPOLIERS so if you care about that, come back when you're caught up! (Or see the archives here: 2017, 2018.)


Honorable mention goes to: Alan Quartermaine, Blackie Parrish, Cesar Faison, Duke Lavery, Franco Baldwin, Michael Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, Nikolas Cassadine, Scotty Baldwin, Spencer Cassadine & Victor Jerome.



Wednesday on GH..................
At the Metro Court.....................
Diane Miller called a meeting of Lucas, Brad, Alexis and Willow. She tells them they can finally relax. Since Shiloh was arrested, the judge 👨‍⚖️ stopped the proceedings at the family court. He has to concentrate on the trial of drugging and killing Douglas Miller. If he loses, well, that’s the end of his ever getting Wylie. If he wins, and is set free he has to start from the beginning again. He has to prove that Willow was pregnant 🤰 and petition for a DNA test etc.

(Everyone is very happy at the news and thanks Diane and Alexis for all they did for them. Then, Lucas brings Willow and Brad down to earth 🌎.)
Lucas - We HAVE to get Shiloh’s medical records.
Brad - Why?
Lucas - Wylie had TWO bouts with a heart ♥️ murmur, so we have to see his medical records.
(Michael has a heart murmur.)

At Charley’s Pub...................
Cameron - I have something to ask you.
Elizabeth - I’m afraid to hear what it is!
Cameron - Look at these keys 🔑! I have a car 🚘. Oscar gave it to me.
Franco - You know your driver’s license is suspended.
Cameron - Yes, but I am doing my community service and I will get it back.
Elizabeth - Well, you will have to contribute to insurance and fees.
Cameron - I will do whatever you want me to do! I will also have to find a place to park the car 🚘, since we have one garage and only one car 🚘 can be parked in the driveway.
Elizabeth - We will address that when you get your license back.
Cameron - Does that mean yes? OK, thank you 🙏 mom and Franco!

(Ava is at the bar talking to Julian when Sonny approaches her.)
Sonny - Ava, why did you tell my daughter, Avery, that Kiki told you she loves and misses her?
Ava - I just wanted to let her know Kiki was thinking about her!
Sonny - Avery is a 4 year old CHILD! She thinks she will see Kiki again. Now, she asked if MORGAN will speak to her!
Ava - She asked about Morgan?
Sonny - Yes. We have told her about her brother, Morgan. Look 👀, do whatever you want with the psychic but leave MY daughter out of it!

Ava - You’re no help! Why didn’t you defend me?
Julian - Because I agree with Sonny.
— MOM (7.17.19)
Tuesday on GH...............
At GH.........................
(Lulu is very angry 😤 at Maxie.)
Lulu - You barged into Dante’s room and destroyed ANY progress he had made!
Maxie - I’m SO sorry!
(Finn tells Lulu she can see Peter now.)
Lulu - Are you ok?
Peter - Yes. I’m sorry for what happened.
Lulu - You’re not the one who created this mess!
Maxie - Can I come in?
Lulu - Time for me to leave!

(A crying Lulu sees her mother and tells her what Maxie did.)
Lulu - Maxie ruined EVERYTHING! I kept thinking Dante would come home and everything would be back to normal. I will NEVER have normal again!
Laura - Now you have your answer. Dante won’t be coming home 🏠 for a long time. Now, you can plan what you want to do. Maxie was trying to do the right thing and bring Dante home to you. You don’t blame her, do you?
Lulu - No, I know she meant well. Maxie has always looked out for me.
Maxie - Is it ok if I come closer?
Laura - I will let you two talk.
Maxie - You were right. I shouldn’t have gone to find Dante.
Lulu is crying 😢 - Well you did something I couldn’t do. You found Dante! Maxie, I am going to need your help.
Maxie - I will always be there for you.

In Peter’s room....................
(Peter tells Finn, as his doctor 👨‍⚕️, he can’t tell Anna what happened to him.)
Finn - Your mother will want to know!
Peter - If I don’t want you to tell her, you can’t.

At Charley’s Pub...........................
(Kim tells Julian she is so sorry he found her with Drew.)
Kim - I am seeing a therapist and told him about what I did to Drew. He told me I should think of the good things in my life and I thought of you first. I know our relationship has changed, and I understand.
Julian - Yes, our relationship HAS changed. You lost your son!
Kim - I know we can’t get back to where we were after you saw me with Drew.
Julian - Our relationship has not changed. I still feel the same about you. You made mistakes and you are fixing them. I have made many mistakes in my life.

At the table.........................
Robert - What do you think Anna will say when you tell her about Peter?
Finn - I can’t tell her. My patient doesn’t want me to.
Robert - And you’re going to listen to him?
Finn - Yes, I have to!
Robert - Well, nothing is stopping ME from telling her!
Finn - You can’t do that!
Robert - Anna will be mad at you if you don’t tell her. Besides this is the perfect reason to get her to come home 🏠.
Finn - I want her to come home, but now may not be the right time.
Robert - Oh, yes! Your ex-girlfriend is in town, Hayden Barnes. Do you know why she is here?

At Aurora Media..................
(Drew is talking to Curtis when Hayden Barnes barges in.)
Drew - What are YOU doing here?
Hayden - I am CFO of Aurora print (Crimson).
Curtis - Do you know each other?
Drew - Yes,.when I found out I was Drew Cain and NOT Jason Morgan, Hayden masqueraded as my wife. A total lie! She then stole funds when she was working at General Hospital.
Curtis - Ok. I will leave you alone.

(Curtis goes into Nina’s office at Crimson. She is talking to Jax.)
Curtis - Jax, I think Hayden needs you in Drew’s office.
Jax - I see you two know each other?
Drew - Why did you give her a FINANCE job? She STOLE from GH!
Jax - I know ALL about it.
Drew - Well, I don’t want her near ANY of my Aurora finances. Please, Jax, don’t bankrupt my business!

Outside of Aurora............................
Jax- You would be out of here if you only worked on the finances. We have a job to do in bringing Valentin down. You get what you want. I get what I want.

At the GH roof
(Sibley Gamble explains to Ava the procedure. When she is the conduit, she can ask questions of Kiki. When she is the vessel 🚢, Kiki talks through her. Sibley reminds Ava she may hear things she won’t like. Sibley wants her check first. Then Ava gives her Kiki’s necklace. Sibley puts her head back and when she comes forward.)
Kiki - Mother, it’s me!
Ava - Kiki? Is that you?
Kiki - What are you doing here? I don’t want to speak to you!
Ava - Kiki, I’m sorry! Ryan said you forgave me!
Kiki - You believe the man who KILLED me?
Sibley - She is gone.
Ava - WHAT? She was just here!
Sibley - She said she didn’t want to talk to you.
Ava is angry 😤 - Oh yeah? You’re going to want more money 💰 to speak to Kiki again?
Sibley - She is back.
Ava - How do I know it’s Kiki?
Kiki - You gave me this necklace and I wore it every day until I found out you drugged Sasha and Griffin. Then, I took it off.
Ava - That was in the news!
Kiki - I went to Charley’s Pub and wanted to slap your face a second time. You grabbed my hand and said you only get to do that one time.
Ava - Kiki, it’s you! We did things to each other. So, let’s make up!
Kiki - What did I do to YOU?
Ava - You took Griffin away from me!
Kiki - I don’t want to ever talk to you again!
Ava - KIKI! Kiki, don’t go away!
Sibley says she got a message from Kiki - Tell my sister, Avery, I love her 😍, even if I don’t want to talk to YOU.
Ava - Can I can contact someone else?
Sibley - Who?
Ava - Nicholas Cassadine.
(Sibley tells her she is not able to make contact with him. He is not there.)


Thursday 7/18/19 - Jason and Sam have good news.
Friday 7/19/19 - Jason and Drew act like brothers.
— MOM (7.16.19)
Monday on GH...............
At WSB HQ.....................
(Remember on Friday Maxie and Peter went to the WSB Headquarters in Ithaca N.Y. to see Dante Falconeri? When Maxie was told Dante didn’t want to see her, she wouldn’t take NO for an answer and barged into his room with Peter right behind her.)
Maxie - Dante, NO!
(Dante sees someone open the door 🚪 and shoots Peter in the shoulder.)
Maxie - Oh no, Peter! We need to take you to General Hospital!

At the Metro Court..........................
(Dev has sticky fingers and is determined to take the wallet from Laura’s handbag 👜. Jason stops him. Carly appears and tells Dev to go into the kitchen and the manager will find something for him to do.)
Jason - What do you think of Dev?
Carly - What do YOU think of him?
Jason - You first!
Carly - Well, Dev saved Sonny’s life and he wants help him.
Jason - What do we know about Dev? He lived on the street, steals and has broken the law.
Carly - Yeah, like we haven’t?
Jason - He thinks he is street smart, but he is reckless and he could make a mistake and get arrested. If that happens we can ALL be in trouble.
Carly - I understand. I will talk to Sonny.

At General Hospital.........................
(Peter is brought in. The doctor who examines him and tells Maxie that the bullet went through the skin and he will not need surgery. Before she goes in to see Peter, she sees Finn and confesses that it was all her fault.)
Maxie - Dante has PTSD and I was told seeing him is not a good 💡 idea. Did I listen 👂? NO! Why do I do these things?

In Peter’s room.....................
(Maxie tells Peter she is so sorry he got hurt. It is all her fault.)
Peter - Maxie, I am all right! I am SO glad it was me and not you who got shot. Let’s be happy we are ok.

At Sonny’s restaurant....................
(Carly tells Sonny she gave Dev a job.)
Sonny - How is Dev doing?
Carly - He is young and can be reckless. You remember how it was when we were young? We made mistakes and didn’t think things through.
Sonny - Well, we will have to watch Dev.
Carly - I know he reminds you of you. He reminds me of you too!

At the Metro Court.................
Dev approaches Jason - Why he didn’t you give me up to Carly?
Jason - Well, I needed to think it through first. The wallet you were going to steal belonged to The Mayor of Port Charles! Dante’s mother in law and Sonny’s good friend. You are new to this town and need to be very careful not to get in trouble. Sonny is a good man and he wants to help you. You have a roof over your head, food and someone to care for you. You don’t need to steal! You may have gotten away with that before but now you can’t afford to make mistakes. I want to help Sonny help you. So, if you can’t do the right thing, I will save you from yourself.
(Dev listened but didn’t like the lecture.)

At General Hospital.............................
(Lulu finds Maxie and wants to know what happened to Peter. Is he ok?)
Maxie - He will be fine and he doesn’t need surgery.
Lulu - Maxie, why are you looking at me like that?
Maxie - Dante SHOT Peter!

At Charley’s Pub...........................
(Ava gets a call from psychic, Sibley Gamble.)
Ava - Yes, I have a photo of Kiki. Yes, see you tomorrow.
Julian - Are you working with a psychic?
Ava - Yes, Sibley Gamble. Please support me in this!
Julian - She probably is a FRAUD and taking advantage of grieving people.
Kristina - NO, she is the real deal! She helped the police 👮‍♀️ capture the Dumpster Killer.
Ava - Some people can make contact with the other side. I need to make contact with Kiki and tell her I am sorry and love her very much!
Julian - She will take your money.
Ava - I’ve got lots of money 💰. I NEED to speak to Kiki.
— MOM (7.15.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
At Sonny’s restaurant...................
(Sonny tells Dev he wants him to go to school. Dev says he doesn’t want Joss and the kids to make fun of him because he will be slow to catch up. He tells Sonny he checked the law and he is old enough to drop out of school. Dev wants to work with Sonny.)
Sonny - No, you can’t work for me. I want you to go to school! When I say no, you’d better listen. You have to EARN my respect. Tell Max to take you to the Metro Court. Carly will give you a job.

At the Metro Court..................
Dev is a bit of a wise guy. He sees a lady (Laura) leave her handbag 👜 on the table and walk away. Dev, the little thief, strolls over to the table and looks around. He attempts to push the handbag 👜 on the floor so he can steal the wallet when a hand 🖐 is placed on the bag and 🛑 stops him. It’s Jason.)

At General Hospital 🏥.........................
(Shiloh has the envelope with the results of the DNA 🧬 test. As he walks to the elevator he tells Lucas he will be a better father to Wylie. He brags that the child will be called David Henry Archer. Lucas loses control and attacks Shiloh. He pushes him up against the elevator door 🚪 and chokes him. Jordan and Curtis pull Lucas off of Shiloh, who falls to the floor.)
Shiloh - I want him arrested!
Curtis - I didn’t see anything?
Jordan - I am on leave and can’t help you.
(Commissioner Mac 🖥 Scorpio arrives with a 👮‍♀️ police officer, Jason and Sam.)
Mac - David Henry Archer, you are under arrest for the drugging of Sam McCall and the attempted murder of Douglas Miller. Officer 👮‍♀️, handcuff him.
Jason - Sam and Lorraine will testify against you.
Shiloh - Lorraine? Harmony will NOT betray me.
Jason - Yes, Lorraine Miller signed an affidavit. And she is no longer called Harmony.

At the PCPD....................
(Michael visits Willow in jail. She tells him that her mother was in the cell next to her. Lorraine/Harmony told her daughter she has come to her senses and is through with Shiloh. Lorraine was brought back to Pentonville.)
Willow - Shiloh is being arrested. He will not be able to get near Wylie.
Michael - Shiloh is at GH picking up the DNA test. He knows Wylie is his son. I need to get over there!

At GH..................
(Michael finds Lucas and Sam. They tell him Shiloh was arrested and Sam picked up the DNA test when Shiloh dropped it.)
Lucas - I don’t know what to do with this. Should I open the envelope?
Michael - No, destroy the results. Don’t read it!
(Lucas tears up the envelope and throws it in the garbage 🗑.)

At the WSB Headquarters in Ithaca, NY......................
(Maxie and Peter are there to see Dante. Maxie’s father, Frisco Jones, arranged the meeting. A WSB agent appears and asks them for ID.)
Maxie - We are here to see Dante Falconeri.
Agent - Stay here while I speak to him.
Maxie - Peter, did you see the revolver he was carrying?
Peter - I’m sure the agent has it to protect Dante from his enemies.
The WSB agent returns - Dante wont see you.
Maxie - Did you tell him we are here on behalf of his wife, Lulu?
Agent - He said he didn’t care.
(The agent goes into the room. Maxie is angry 😤 and she follows him.)
Peter - NO, Maxie! Don’t go in there!
Maxie sees Dante - Dante, NO!
(Bang. Bang.)
Maxie - Bring him to General Hospital 🏥!

(What has happened?? Did Dante shoot the agent? Did the agent shoot Dante when he tried to grab his gun? What has Maxie done??)
— MOM (7.12.19)
Thursday on GH..................
At the PCPD.....................
(Jason surrenders to Mac and brings in Harmony, aka Lorraine Miller, Willow’s mother. She is represented by an attorney.)
Robert - What proof do you have?
Harmony - Shiloh has been stalking Sam for years! I took the blame for drugging Sam, but it was Shiloh. Carol Lockhart did NOT drug my husband, Douglas Miller Shiloh drugged AND killed him. I have proof!

At the Quartermaine Mansion......................
(Shiloh says he was called by Alexis’ secretary 👩‍💼 to be present at the reading of Oscar’s will. An angry 😤 Drew pushes Shiloh, and he falls down.)
Drew - I won’t allow YOU to dirty Oscar’s legacy!
Alexis - The will has to be probated and the Quartermaine family will contest Shiloh getting ELQ voting 🗳 shares.
Shiloh - I’m sure Oscar’s mother will respect her son’s wishes.
Kim - I’ve heard some very bad things about you!
Shiloh - It looks like I’M the one who will honor Oscar’s wishes. Where do I sign?
Michael - You don’t! Oscar’s request is invalid.

At the PCPD.....................
Harmony (Lorraine Miller) - I kept the books 📚 and made copies, which are in a secure place. Shiloh would solicit donations from pillars of the community. He would skim money 💰 off the top. The rest would be put in off shore securities. He paid bribes to law enforcement in Beechers Corners.
Jason - I have proof the drug Shilo drugged Sam with was Carfeninol.
Robert - Where did Shiloh get the drug?
Harmony - Shiloh got the drug Carfeninol by prescription in his name, David Henry Archer, in a pharmacy in Beechers Corners.

At the Quartermaine Mansion..................
Michael - Oscar hand wrote a desire to form a Kilimanjaro Foundation for kids to climb the mountain ⛰. He will use his ELQ voting 🗳 stock and gave the note 📝 to Jason Morgan, his uncle.
Ned - So Shiloh, Oscar’s final bequest supersedes his bequest to you.
(Monica asks Shiloh to leave her house 🏠. As Shiloh is leaving, he gets a call that the results of the DNA 🧬 test of himself and Wylie is at General Hospital.)

At the PCPD...................
DA Scorpio - I will go to Carol Lockhart and bring her here for her statement.
Mac - I will put out an arrest warrant on David Henry (Shiloh) Archer.
Sam - What about Jason?
Robert - No charges will be brought against him. He is free to go.

(Harmony is put in a cell across from her daughter, Willow.)
Willow - Mom, what are YOU doing here?
Harmony- I am going to stop Shiloh! Baby, I have failed you your whole life. I won’t do it again! I will defend you and protect my grandchild, your baby.

At General Hospital 🏥....................
Lucas - What are YOU doing here?
Shiloh - I am here to get the results of a DNA 🧬 test.
Lucas - How could you do that without Brad’s and my permission?
Shiloh - When I was talking to Brad at Charley’s Pub, he dropped a baby cloth of Wylie’s. Soon, I will bring my son home 🏠 with me.
(Boy! Shiloh, Willow and Lucas are in for a SHOCK!!😳💥💥)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.....................
Ned - The Kilimanjaro Foundation has a double purpose. We’ve beat Shiloh AND it keeps the ELQ stock in our hands.
Alexis - We can hold up the probate of the will for YEARS.
(Kim is disgusted and runs out of the room. Drew follows her.)
Kim - I don’t care about ELQ stock, Oscar is GONE!

Michael calls Jason to tell him Shiloh is going to GH for the results of the DNA test.

At General Hospital 🏥................
(Shiloh is approached by Lucas at the nurses’ 🚉 station.)
Shiloh - I am Wylie’s parent. His name will be changed.
Lucas - Wylie already has two parents!
(A nurse gives Shiloh an envelope with the results of the DNA 🧬 test. They will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what we already know. Wylie is not Shiloh and Willow’s child.)
— MOM (7.11.19)
Wednesday on GH.................
At the Metro Court......................
(Sasha is sitting at a table when Shiloh slithers by and sits down.)
Shiloh - Hello, lovely lady! I’m the big bad wolf. You look 👀 sad and I can help you.
(Out of nowhere, Michael Corinthos grabs Shiloh and throws him on the floor. Well, Shiloh accuses Michael of assault.)
Sasha - You sat at my table uninvited. So get lost or I will call the management to throw you out!
Shiloh - Ok, if that’s the way you want it.
Michael - You handled him just fine.
Sasha - I thought he was making a pass at me. I would rather be with you!
Michael - I would like to stay but I have a reading of my cousin’s will I have to go to.

At Oscar’s Meadow.......................
Kim - I would like to speak to you about yesterday.
Drew - Do you mean you DRUGGED me and wanted to have a BABY with me? Do I got that right? I guess you can’t take NO for an answer.
Kim - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what’s wrong with me! I’m sorry, and I know I can go to jail for what I did. I could lose my medical license! So, if you want to press charges, I will understand.
Drew - I won’t press charges, but you need help. You and I will always be Oscar’s parents. Let’s go. We’re late for the reading of the will.

At the Quartermaine Mansion...................
(Today is the reading of Oscar’s will. Alexis assembled the following people at Oscar’s request: Drew, Kim, Joss, Cameron, Monica, Olivia, Ned and Michael. Joss comes into the living room and sees a black box 📦 the size of a man’s jewelry box next to a flower arrangement.)
Joss - What is that?
Alexis - That box contains Oscar’s things.
Joss - Oscar was so bright. He wanted to explore places and do things. Now that box 📦 is all that is left of him?

Alexis - I will read Oscar’s will and for each person I will take something out of the 📦 box.
- For Ned and Olivia, we have music 🎶 in common so I am giving Leo my keyboard 🎹.
- For Michael, you were the first person to welcome me. When you took me downstairs to AJ’s cave, I took pictures of you and Wylie. I give you this picture of Wylie.
- For Grandmother, you gave me this book 📖 and took me around town to show the Quartermaine properties. I wrote in the margins about Cleveland. Hope you visit it one day.
- For Cameron, when you got your driver’s license before me, I was jealous. You were a good friend to me, so take the keys 🔑 to my car 🚘.
- For Joss, you gave me this 🧭 compass. I am giving it back to you. Wherever you go, I am always by your side.
- For Dad, I give you this glass. Joss and I took it from you to prove you were my father. You were a great father. Sorry I couldn’t go to Kilimanjaro with you.
- For Mom, you gave me Mr. Bear 🐻 on my first day of preschool. I give it back to you to remember me by. You were the best mom.

Alexis - Now comes the distribution of Oscar’s ELQ voting 🗳 shares.
(Alexis is about to read who Oscar has left them to when she can’t believe her eyes 👀.)
Ned - Come on, Alexis, who did he leave the shares to?
Alexis - To the person who was so welcoming to me when I needed it. SHILOH, I hope these shares will help you continue to do good works.
(Shiloh comes into the room and everyone is repulsed and 😳 shocked.)
Shiloh - Here I am! Did I miss anything?

At Sonny’s office....................
(Brick 🧱, Sonny’s guy who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, tells Sonny he has the documents he asked for. Jason hears this and wants to know who are they for.)
🧱 Brick - This birth certificate, Social Security card and driver’s license are the real deal.
Sonny - They are for Dev. He saved my life.
Jason - Ok, he saved your life. But do you have to make him a member of the FAMILY? You don’t know ANYTHING about him!
Sonny - He needs my help and I see potential in him.
Jason - You should think about Avery, Joss and the new baby. How he fits in with the family! He doesn’t have to live at the house.

Carly and Dev come by and Sonny introduces Dev to Jason, a member of the family. Sonny tells Dev if he needs help, go to Jason. Jason is suspicious of the new Devon Corbin, son of Helen Corbin, Mike and Sonny’s cousin. Jason gets an important phone 📱 call and leaves.

At the PCPD.......................
(Robert, Mac and Chase are talking when Sam comes in to say she has the proof to put Shiloh away for good.)
Sam - This is a written and recorded statement from Carol Lockhart, stating that Shiloh convinced her to take the blame for Douglas Miller‘s death. SHILOH was the one who drugged and killed him!
DA Robert Scorpio - I cant use this without a corroborating witness. A judge 👨‍⚖️ could say you coerced her, or held a gun to her head!
Chase is angry 😤 - WHAT are we waiting for? Let’s bring this statement to a judge 👨‍⚖️ and let him call her to testify!
Robert - Mac, let’s talk outside and give Chase time to cool 😎 down.
Sam - Don’t loose your cool!
Chase - What good is it to follow the law when the innocent 😇 people go to jail? I’m going to check on Willow!

(Robert and Mac come in and tell Sam without a witness they can’t do anything.)
Sam - Well, I have someone.
Jason comes in and Mac asks - What are YOU doing here when you are a fugitive?
Jason - I am here to surrender and I have the witness who will bring Shiloh down.
— MOM (7.10.19)
Tuesday on GH..............
At the Haunted Star 🌟..................
When the lights go out, Kim runs to the deck and Drew follows. Kim stabs Drew with a syringe 💉 and he falls down. Kim helps a dazed 🥴 Drew to one of the bedrooms. She drops him on the bed and starts to undress him. Drew mumbles what is going on? Kim tells him to relax, and she will take care of everything. She puts Drew in bed and Kim takes her dress off and sits on the bed and kisses 😘 a drugged and sleeping 💤 Drew.

(Out of nowhere, Julian opens the door 🚪 and sees Kim and Drew.)
Julian - Kim, what are you DOING?
Kim - Go away! You’re interrupting us!
Julian - Are you sure Drew is agreeing to this?
(Julian looks at an out cold Drew and Kim starts to cry that she wanted to have a baby with Drew. She is sure that Drew will love the child when he sees him. Julian realizes that Kim is very disturbed and gets her out of there .He convinces Kim that she needs help and he will stay by her side.)

Lisle is on the deck and she winds up in the water 💦. She yells for help and Cameron,,Joss (who decided to have some fun) and Trina hear her. Joss runs inside to tell her father, Jax ,that someone fell into the water 💧. Jax and Curtis jump in the water 💦 and save Lisle. Finn checks her out and Epiphany calls the paramedics. Nina runs to her aunt and asks how did she fall into the water 💦? Nina thinks that Lisle was very drunk 😵. A defiant Lisle tells anyone who will listen that someone pushed her and she fell into the water 💦.

Back in the bedroom..............
Drew wakes up and is confused as to how he got in bed. Curtis finds him and realizes that Drew was drugged. He looks outside the room and finds a syringe 💉. Drew remembers Kim talking to him about a baby and 💋 kissing him. Curtis wants to call Jordan and report this incident, but Drew asks him not to. He knows who did this and the person is in a lot of trouble!

Hayden Barnes, Elizabeth’s sister, shows up and surprises everyone, especially Finn. They were a couple until she ran out on him.

In another room.......................
(Ava and Sibley Gamble are in the room where Kiki died. Ava is talking too much and Sibley tells her to be quiet. Kiki is there. Sibley hears Kiki say she wished she could be with Ava at the restaurant. It seems once a year, Ava and Kiki have a mother/daughter meal at their favorite restaurant. When Ava got the reminder she went alone.)
Ava - What else did she say?
Sibley - She is gone.
Ava - She was just here!
Sibley - I don’t control these things.
Ava - Get her back NOW!
Sibley - It doesn’t work that way. Look 👀, I will try to arrange a seance at another location. It doesn’t always work, and I will be the vessel 🚢 for you and Kiki. When I am in the trance I have no control over what will happen. So, you need to decide if you really want to do this because things may happen that you won’t like.
Ava - Yes, I will be very quiet 🤫 as long as you can let me hear from Kiki.
Sibley - I will be in touch.
— MOM (7.9.19)
Monday on GH...........
At Metro Court.............
(Ava meets with a psychic lady, Sybil Gamble, who tells her she speaks to the 💀 dead.)
Sybil - I spoke to Connie Falconieri.
Ava - I am NOT paying your exorbitant fee if you can’t contact Kiki.
Sybil repeats things she is hearing from Connie - “Connie, put down the phone 📱. Sonny doesn’t need to know.” “Ava, you don’t have to shoot me!”
Ava’s eyes 👀 bug 🐜 out - Where did you hear 👂 THAT?
Sybil - Connie told me. And my fee is non-negotiable.

At the Haunted Star 🌟.....................
Today is Elizabeth and Franco’s re-wedding 🎩 👰 . Franco is dressed in a dark grey suit and Elizabeth is wearing a spaghetti 🍝 strap navy dress 👗. Cameron sees that his mother is so happy 😀 so he and his brothers sing 🎶 🎤 a song,🎼 Hold my hand and together we will stand side by 👋 side.

Drew toasts 🥂 the happy couple. Kim again asks Drew to have a baby 👶 with her and he tells her he cannot do that at this time.

A drunken 🥴 Lisle tells Franco she has many secrets. She tells him poor Brad, Lucas, Wylie and his real father.

(Unexpected guests arrive. Sybil says she needs to see the scene of the crime. So, Ava takes her to the Haunted Star 🌟. They go into the bedroom, where Curtis and Jordan found Kiki. The physic tells Ava that Kiki was alive when she was brought there.)
Ava - What was I thinking 💭?
Sybil - Be quiet 🤐! Kiki is here.

As she is saying this, the 💡 lights go out. Drew using the light 💡 on his phone 📱 sees Kim run 🏃‍♀️ out of the room and follows her. On the deck Kim quickly injects a syringe 💉 into Drew’s arm. Drew falls to the floor.

(I think she did this on purpose. What will she do next?)
— MOM (7.8.19)
Let’s recap last week.........
To everyone ‘s surprise, Robert Scorpio went to law school! He got his law license the same day he was accepted in the WSB. that they retired him from WSB, the Governor of NY, as friend, appointed Robert to the DA position at Port Charles. Mac Scorpio is now the Police 👮‍♀️ the Scorpio brothers are working together again.

Scott’s old age is catching up on him and he asks Bobby Spencer to marry him. She turns him down.

Detective Chase asks Commissioner Mac Scorpio if he knows Judge 👨‍⚖️ David Walters? Chase thinks he is in Shiloh’s pocket. Mac also knows the judge. He took Maxie’s daughter away from her and gave the child to Spinelli. So, this judge favors fathers over mothers. Willow may have to give Shiloh the evidence he wants.

Shiloh now knows that Brad and Lucas’ son Wylie is the child he thinks is his own. Remember, he and Willow are in for a big shock when the DNA doesn’t match!

Ava Jerome cancels her interview with Jax for the cover of Crimson. She wants to postpone it for another date. Jax wants to hold her to the contract, but Ava is going to do what Ava wants to do. She is meeting a medium for a seance to make contact with her deceased daughter, Kiki.

Jason and Sam are in the safe house 🏡. Sam wants to hide Jason from Officer 👮‍♀️ Billy of Beechers Corners. Jason wants to leave, but Sam says NO! He put himself in danger two times and he can’t leave. She suggests that she goes to Beechers Corners to take a statement from Carol Lockhart. Sam thinks she can get Carol to talk about Shiloh forcing her to say she drugged Douglas Miller, Willow’s father.

Officer Billy arrives in the Port Charles police station to ask Mac for help in finding Jason Morgan. Billy says he escaped jail and is wanted for kidnapping. Mac almost laughs in his face! Jason Morgan has no reason to kidnap anyone. Billy says Jason escaped with the help of a kid who’s name he doesn’t know. Michael comes into the station and Billy immediately says, there he is! Mac tells Officer 👮‍♀️ Billy that no, he will not arrest Michael Corinthos. He is a pillar of the community. Mac tells Billy he is out of his jurisdiction he must go back to Beechers Corners.

Drew brings his daughter, Scout, who is no longer a baby but a 5 year old girl, to work. He tells Alexis that Scout makes the loss of Oscar bearable, while Kim lost her only child.

Shiloh sees Brad in Charley’s Pub and wants to talk to him, but Brad is jittery and wants to leave. Shiloh stops him so he can admire Wylie. While Brad is distracted, Shiloh swipes a baby bib. He has what he needs for a DNA test.

Sonny goes to Brooklyn, NY to meet up with Mike‘s cousin, Helen Corbin. It seems she had a son who died in Iraq. Sonny wants to make Dev a citizen, so he cooks up this idea that Helen’s son married a woman and she died in childbirth in NY.
He gives Helen an envelope busting with 100 dollar 💵 bills. She, in turn, tells Sonny that her son wasn’t married and didn’t have a son. Sonny assures her that he has one now. Helen tells Sonny if she is going to say an immigrant, who she never met, is her grandson and put herself in jeopardy she needs more money 💰. Sonny takes a wad of 100 💵 dollar bills out of his pocket and puts it on top of the envelopes. He tells her she will get this amount of money 💰 every month. She takes the money💰 💴.

Jason, dressed in a suit carrying a 💼 briefcase, told guards at Pentonville he is Harmony’s lawyer. He convinced Harmony to say Carol Lockhart did not buy the drugs that killed her husband, Douglas Miller. He convinced her that David Henry Archer came to Port Charles because he was obsessed with Sam McCall. She agreed to help bring Shiloh down.

Sam, impersonating a waitress, went to Beechers Corners to convince Carol Lockhart to make a statement about Shiloh. He convinced her to say she killed Douglas Miller when he actually did. Sam recorded Carol’s statement on her phone 📱 and Carol signed her statement.

Cameron asked Joss to go to his mother and Franco’s wedding 💒 with him. Elizabeth and Franco want a redo, since they wed while Franco was in jail. Joss is hesitant, so Dev teases her. He jokes how it is SO terrible to be asked to go to a party 🎉 🎈 with music 🎵 🎶 and food 🥘. She tells Cam she can’t go because she is still sad about Oscar, and yells at Dev to stay out of it. Dev really knows how to push her buttons!

Kristina asks Dr. Neil Byrne to listen to her confession to her mother, Alexis. She used her mother as her pledge to Shiloh. She said she lied about what happened when her boyfriend, Kiefer, beat her up. She said that she was awake when her mother was driving her to the hospital. She saw her mother hit Kiefer with her car 🚘 on purpose. She wanted to impress Shiloh but Alexis was hurt by what Kristina said. Kristina was crying when she apologized to her mom. The truth is, she was badly beaten and passed out when her mother was frantically driving, and Kiefer stepped in front of the car, and Alexis accidentally hit him and killed him.
— MOM (7.7.19)
Vacation 🏖 Time!

I will not be updating GH from July 1 to July 5. I hope every USA fan of General Hospital has a great 4th of July💃🏼💥💥💥 and International GH fans have a great week.

The next update will be July 8.
— MOM (6.30.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH....................
At GH.........................
Sonny and Carly are in the OBGYN’s office. Today is the first ultrasound. The doctor 👩‍⚕️ puts the jelly on Carly’s stomach and while she is moving the instrument over her stomach she 🛑 quickly stops and excuses herself and leaves the room. Carly is worried something is wrong with the baby. The Doctor returns and gives them the bad news. The baby has Spina Bifida. When the doctor leaves 🍁, Carly is crying. Sonny tells her they will love 💕 the baby 👶 no matter what.

At the Metro Court......................
Sasha has news for Valentin. She has decided to make Port Charles her home 🏠. Valentin is not ok with this. The deal was she would leave when Nina and Valentin got married. The wedding 🎩 is scheduled for September.

At the PCPD......................
Michael visits Willow in the interrogation room. He tells Chase and Willow her father didn’t commit suicide. He was murdered! At first, Willow doesn’t believe him. Then, Michael tells her he and Jason went to Beechers Corners to speak to Carol Lockhart. She told Michael that when she went to visit Shiloh in jail, he was charged with drugging Douglas, he told her that DOD would have to be dissolved if he went to jail . No more taking care of the poor and other good works. So, Harmony and Shiloh convinced Carol to say she bought the drugs and killed Douglas Miller. Chase tells Willow to continue to refuse to give information about Wylie and stay in jail. This will give him time to get a statement from Carol about Shiloh. Then they might be able to take Shiloh down.

At Kim’s apartment.......................
(Shiloh listens to Kim as she asks him to help her keep Oscar alive. Shiloh wants to be clear in understanding what Kim wants. He asks her if she wants to have a baby with him? Kim pulls away and says he misunderstood what she wants from him. She wants him to teach her how to convince Drew to have a baby with her. A deflated Shiloh doesn’t have too much interest in that. So, he asks if she is seeing someone? Kim says yes, but Julian is too worried about his grandchild to help her now.
A 💡 light goes off and Shiloh asks if his grandchild is Brad and Lucas child? Kim has a case of diarrhea 💩 of the mouth 👄 and blabs that Lucas and Brad adopted a baby boy last year. The mother said the father was not involved. Now, the father wants the child.)
Kim - Julian told me the father is a dangerous man.
(Knock Knock).
Julian comes in and says to Shiloh - What are you doing here?
Shiloh - I’m leaving.
(Julian tells Kim that Shiloh is the dangerous person he was talking about. He also tells her that Shiloh drugs young girls and has sex with them. Kim is disgusted and says he touched her arm. Eww.)

At Charley’s Pub.............
Brad rushes in and asks for Julian. The bartender says he is not here. Shiloh comes in and approaches Brad. He asks him why he hasn’t been to DOD? Brad is uncomfortable in his presence. He loses it and shouts at Shiloh to stay away from his family. Brad runs out of the Pub.

Shiloh is confused by Brad’s behavior. Then, he remembered that Brad told him about he and Lucas adopting a baby boy. The birth mother lives in Port Charles and everywhere Brad goes, she is there and wants to hold Wylie. Shiloh sits at the bar and puts it all together. He knows where is son is.
— MOM (6.28.19)
Thursday on GH.................
At Beechers Corners jail.........................
(Officer 👮‍♀️ Billy is telling Jason he is not going to like what he is going to do to him. Officer #2 brings an intoxicated 😵 Michael to the same jail cell. Officer #2 tells Billy he arrested the kid while he was walking in the middle of the street. When the cops leave, Jason asks Michael if he poured a bottle of booze on himself? Michael tells Jason he is there to get Jason out of jail.)
Michael - Do you still know how to pick a 🔐 lock?
Jason - Yes, but I need a paper clip.
(Michael takes one out of his pocket, so Jason works it to open the cell door 🚪. As Jason is opening the cell door 🚪 the cops 👮‍♀️ 👮 come back. Jason closes the cell. Officer Billy tells Officer #2 that he is going go take Jason to “the house”. As Billy approaches the cell, Jason opens the cell door and knocks Officer 👮‍♀️ Billy out, takes his gun and tell Officer 👮‍♀️ #2 to put his gun and cell phone on the floor.)
Jason - Let’s do this without another person getting hurt.
(Jason then tells the cop 👮‍♀️ and the kid, Michael, to drag Billy into the cell. He then tells the kid to get out and locks the cell door with the cops inside.)
Jason - Ok, kid, go home.
(Jason looks at #2 and tells him to find a better place to work and leaves. Sam is outside in the getaway car 🚘.)

At Kim’s apartment..............
Kim suggests Drew doesn’t have to have sex with her. She can be artificially inseminated. Drew tells her, no he can’t do this for her. Kim tells Drew it’s ok and then becomes dismissive and asks him to leave. Kim sits on the floor and cries. She hears a baby crying and gets up and goes from room to room looking for the crying baby 🍼. In the kitchen, she sees Oscar who opens his mouth and the sound of a crying baby comes out. Kim has two strikes since both Julian and Drew turned her down.

Who do you think she calls? It’s Shiloh! And he comes over to her apartment. Kim asks Shiloh if he will help her keep Oscar alive? Shiloh, seeing a woman in distress and vulnerable, says yes.

At Charley’s Pub......................
Drew is worried about Kim’s sanity so he tells Julian what Kim asked him. He implores Julian to take Kim’s conditions seriously and get her help. Julian assures Drew he will give Kim what she needs.

At GH..................
Bobby tells Epiphany she has Type 2 Diabetes. Epiphany says she also has Diabetes and says Bobby should watch her diet, exercise and take her medication. They also do a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about diabetes and heart ❤️ disease.
— MOM (6.27.19)
Wednesday on GH........................
At Beechers Corners.................
(Police Officer Billy wants to know what Jason is doing there? He sees Carol in the car and accuses Jason of kidnapping her. Jason tells Billy to look at the sign. He is not in Beechers Corners, so Billy doesn’t have jurisdiction. Billy, in turn, says then Carol, who is wearing a police band on her ankle, is not in the city limits and she is under arrest.)
Billy - Get out of the car.
(We see Jason in jail and he is asking for his one phone 📱 call.)
Billy - Oh, the phones 📞 here don’t work so well.
Jason - My attorney is Diane Miller of Port Charles. If you don’t call her, this arrest will be overturned. Diane will sue Beechers Corners AND the police 👮‍♀️ department. You, Billy, will lose your badge. So, Billy, what will you do if you can’t bully people?
Billy - That’s it! If you don’t shut up, I will water 💦 hose you.

(Michael sends Sam a BC 911 text and Billy calls Shiloh to tell him he has Jason Morgan in jail.)
Shiloh - Well, Billy, you know what you have to do!

At Kim’s apartment.................
(Kim is kissing Drew and he pulls away. She tells him they can keep Oscar alive by having another baby. Drew tells Kim she is grieving for her son and now is not the time for a baby. Kim tries to guilt Drew with now he can be a father from day one and watch their child grow.)
Drew - What about Julian? I don’t like him, but I could see you have something special.
Kim - I asked Julian to make a baby with me and he refused. Said It was too soon .
Drew - I see. You ask Julian and he says no, so you ask me? Well, maybe down the road Julian will say yes.
Kim - NO! I made a MISTAKE asking Julian. I want US to have the baby.
Drew - I miss Oscar as much as you do! I would give ANYTHING to talk to him again. Having a baby will NOT bring him back. Do you remember that Oscar fought us to have his independence?
Kim - Yes.
Drew - Well, the time comes with every child that we have to let go of them!
Kim - Well, we don’t have to be together to have a baby. There are other ways.
(Drew gives Kim a this woman is nuts look 👀.)

At the Courthouse.................
Shiloh - I hope Willow being in jail will bring her to her senses.
Zahra Amir - Don’t be so sure!
Shiloh is angry and pounds the table - I didn’t know I had a BABY. She kept it from me! I should not have to suffer? It’s all HER fault!
Zahra Amir - Ok, now that you got that out of your system, do you want to 👂 listen to me?
Shiloh - Yes.
Zahra Amir - Blaming the mother will not get you anywhere. You need to answer ONE question.
Shiloh - Willow has some powerful people supporting her. I no longer have a home 🏠. They TOOK it from me! I intend to keep DOD going and increase my flock.
Zahra Amir - So, Mr. Archer, tell me how you intend to provide for the baby if you don’t have a roof over your head?
Shiloh - I will provide for him. I want him to be safe and well cared for. I want him to grow up being kind to the unfortunate people who don’t have a family. He will work with me to expand the DOD flock.
Zahra Amir - Wait a minute! Stop that DOD babble! The Judge will not go for that. You need to practice your answer until I believe you.
Shiloh - I want to take care of my baby and provide a good home.
Zahra Amir - And I presume Willow will be a part of that home?
Shilo - Well, a child needs a mother!
Zahra Amir - Yes, that’s what I thought you would say.

At Charley’s Pub........................
(Brad is beside himself again. Julian tells him not to worry. Shiloh will not find out Wylie is his son. Alexis chastises Julian for destroying the adoption papers and tells him he will be the reason Lucas and Brad lose Wylie.)
Alexis - Brad, there is only ONE way around this. You need to tell the truth!
Brad - I can’t do that.
Alexis - YES, you can! You need to give me something to work with! You can say you didn’t know about Wylie’s father. You were told he wasn’t in the picture. Then, the Judge can compare you and Lucas, and your loving home for Wylie, to Shiloh. It will take a long time before Shiloh can request a DNA 🧬 test.
Brad - Oh NO! No DNA test!
Julian - Alexis, what are you trying to do? Make things worse?
Alexis - Brad, maybe not today, but it WILLhappen. Shiloh will be granted a DNA test with Wylie.
Brad - Oh, I’ve got to go and meet the sitter with Wylie in the park.
(Only Brad and Julian know that the DNA test will show Shiloh and Willow are not the parents. And only Brad and Nelle know that “Wylie” is really Jonah Corinthos, Michael‘s son.)
— MOM (6.26.19)
Tuesday on GH..............
At the Courthouse......................
(The judge orders Willow to give Shiloh all her information about their baby boy.)
Diane - Your Honor, how does Mr. Archer know Willow had a baby boy, IF she did? The records are sealed! If he got that information by illegal means, then that is fruit 🍉 from a poisonous tree 🌲. This case needs to be dismissed!
Zahra Amir - Judge, the child is more important. He may be in danger!
Judge - Ms. Miller, we don’t know where the child is and he may be in danger. So Ms. Tate, you WILL tell Mr. Archer where the child is!
Willow is screaming - Ok, Shiloh I DID have a baby and you will NEVER know where he is! You don’t care about HIM. You only care about YOURSELF!
Judge - Ms. Tate, you WILL give the information.
Willow - NO!
Judge - What did you say?
Willow - No.
Judge - Ms. Tate, you are in contempt of court. Bailiff?
Chase - Judge, I will take care of this.
Shiloh - NO, he is her boyfriend!
Judge - This is MY court. Detective, you can proceed
Detective Chase - Willow Tate, you have the right to remain silent...
(Chase puts handcuffs on Willow while Shiloh gives her a sly smile.)

At Beechers Corners......................
Michael and Jason are there to talk to Carol Lockhart. Michael goes in, while Jason listens and records the conversation in the car 🚘. Michael convinces Carol to go to Port Charles with them to tell her story. There is only one wrinkle, Carol is wearing an police 👮‍♀️ ankle band. So, Jason cuts it off and while Michael is sitting in a diner with the band, Jason leaves to take Carol to Port Charles.

Taking the band off alerted the police 👮‍♀️! The police officer who responds remembers Jason from the time he came to Beechers Corners to speak to Harmony. So, he tells Jason he is under arrest .

At Kim’s apartment....................
Kim invites Drew to her apartment and cooks him his favorite meal. She wants to get Drew in a good mood so she can reminisce about the time they spent together in San Diego. While they are listening to the tape of Drew’s favorite songs, she kisses him. Kim wants a baby and thinks Drew will agree.
— MOM (6.25.19)
Monday on GH...................
At Willow’s classroom......................
(Well, Willow is still there. The parents, Lulu, Elizabeth and Franco and the other teachers signed a petition to keep Willow at the school next year. The principal came in to tell her he changed his mind and wants to offer her a teaching position next year.)
Willow - Thank you all! I know some parents were not happy .
New Nina - I didn’t sign the petition, but I agree you should stay.
(Well what do you know? Nina is softening up!)

At the Courthouse.................
Diane is beside herself. Shiloh is there with his attorney, Zahra Amir, and the Judge is getting impatient. So, Diane calls Chase and tells him Willow is going to lose if she doesn’t get there NOW!

Chase rushes to the school to get Willow.

They arrive at the courtroom ......
Willow - Oh, I’m so sorry, but it was the children’s awards!
Diane - Oh, that’s ok. The judge gave a recess. He is coming back to give his decision.
Willow - I didn’t get to speak!
Diane - Well, YOU weren’t here!

The Judge returns and sees Willow Tate.....
Judge - Miss Tate?
Willow - Judge, I can explain!
Judge - No need. I have reached my decision. I rule in favor of David Henry Archer......Shiloh.
(Diane and Chase glare at Willow.)
Judge - Ms. Tate, you are to give Mr. Archer all the information you have about this child.

At the Metro Court.......................
(Michael tells Jason that Douglas Miller is Willow’s father. We know that.)
Michael - Willow was invited to the Trust when her father was being killed. We know Shiloh doesn’t show up until after the drugging and tattoo.
Jason - So, while Willow was drugged and tattooed, Shiloh was killing her father! A girl named Caroline Lockhart took the blame. She is out of jail and working as a waitress in Beechers Corners.
Michael - I’m going with you!

At Aurora/Crimson................
(Jax hires Curtis as security. Joss stops by to see her father.)
Jax - Joss, sit down. How are you? Your mother told me about Sonny’s cousin.
(Joss makes a face.)
Jax - Yeah, I don’t believe it either. Say, if you’re uncomfortable, you can always live with me!
Joss - You don’t have a home 🏡.
Jax - Well, I am looking at a house and if you like it, I will buy it!
Joss - I like living with mom and Sonny and Avery.
Jax - Ok, come upstairs. I have a surprise for you!

Joss sees Ava - What is SHE doing here?
Jax - Ava is going to be on the cover of Crimson magazine for September!
Ava - Maxie, I will try on this dress.
Jax - Joss, you need to learn this lesson. You don’t have to like people you need to do business with. Hi, Maxie. Is Nina here?
Maxie - Hi, no, she isn’t!
Jax - Well, I will ask you. What do you think of Joss having a summer job here?
Maxie - Oh, Joss? That’s great!
Joss - Dad! Don’t you think you should have asked ME first?

(When Nina and Valentin arrive, Jax tells Nina that he hired Curtis Ashford as security for Aurora/Crimson.)
A stoic Nina - Good, but Curtis is my friend. Why would he take a corporate job and not tell me?
Valentin - Well, Curtis has plenty of doctor and hospital bills to pay.

(This new Nina is very serious. She never smiles. Old Nina was always smiling, even when she was arguing with Willow.)
— MOM (6.24.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH...............
At Willow’s classroom................
Today is the last day of school. Franco, Elizabeth and Lulu want Willow to stay as 3rd grade teacher. The Principal wants to talk to her, so maybe she will. Willow wants to stay to give out awards to the children. Diane Miller wants her at the Courthouse asap.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......................
(Dev is famished and will eat anything Carly puts in front of him. Sonny thinks Dev hasn’t eaten a decent meal in a long time. Joss wants answers from Dev.)
Joss - Where did you come from? What is your REAL name? How do you know Sonny?
Dev - We are friends.

At the Metro Court..................
(Sonny meets up with Robert Scorpio. Sonny tells Robert that he owes him a favor.)
Sonny - What is the WSB doing for Dev? He helped them find Dante AND arrest Raj and his crew!
Robert - Well, not all of Raj’s people are In jail. Dev escaped from the WSB. He can take care of himself.
Sonny - Are you going to leave him and not help? He is in danger!
Robert - Yes, he is,because Raj’s people are still out there. He didn’t stop on MY doorstep, but yours. He is YOUR responsibility.

At the Courthouse...................
(Diane and Alexis are talking when Shiloh comes in and sees them together.)
Shiloh - I didn’t know you knew eachother?
Alexis - Yes, and we are laughing at you!
Diane - Ditto. What she said.
(Shiloh takes Alexis aside and tells her Kristina’s pledge was about her.)
Alexis - I know. Stay away from my girls!
Shiloh - Kristina and Sam became very angry with me. I can see where they get that from ....YOU! If you want me away from your girls, tell them to stay away from ME.

At the Metro Court....................
(Valentin wants Curtis to dig up dirt on Jasper “Jax” Jacks. Curtis will not do that, but he will do research on Jax and Valentin can decide what to do about it.)
Valentin - You have mounting doctor and hospital bills. Jordan may need more time to heal. You know I can pay 💰 you very well for your services.
Curtis - Ok, I can do research.

(Jax is telling Nina that he intends to work with her to make Crimson better than ever. He is a hands-on boss. Nina is not on board with that.)
Nina - Maybe I will go somewhere else where I can have a free hand!
Jax - Nina, you will not get a better deal than what I can offer you. If you feel you can do better, I will let you go.
(Nina is insulted and thinks she went too far. Before she can answer, Curtis shows up and she leaves. Curtis sits down at Jax’s table.)
Jax - Do I know you?
Curtis - Curtis Ashford,,PI. I was offered a job as security for Aurora by Drew Cain. I have decided to take the job.
Jax - Looking at your file here, you are very qualified!
Curtis - I will work closely with you and need to know you.
Jax - I am clean 🧽 🧼 . There is nothing to know about me.
Curtis - This is the information I got on you in FIVE minutes.
(Curtis puts a heavy bundle n the table.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠...............
Carly - Joss, go and pick up Avery’s toys 🧸 at the dock.
(When Joss leaves, Carly asks Dev to tell her about him.)
Dev - Thank you for your kindness to me. What do you want to know?
Carly - I know you saved Sonny’s life, and thank you. Tell me about your family.
Dev - I don’t speak about my family.
Carly - Ok, we will get to know each other soon.
(Joss comes back and wants to know how Dev got out of Turkey 🇹🇷.)
Carly - How do you know that?
Joss - I listened by the window when you were talking to Dev!

(Sonny comes home 🏡 and Carly, Joss and Dev want to know what he found out.)
Sonny - Dev, or Devon, is my cousin.
Joss - Dev is your cousin?
Sonny - Well, he is now!
— MOM (6.21.19)
Thursday on GH............
At the PCPD......................
(Sonny goes into the interrogation room. Dev sees him and stands up.)
Dev - Mr. Corinthos, you came!
Sonny - What are you doing in Port Charles and why did you rob my son’s house 🏠?
Dev - I didn’t.
Sonny - The police said you did.
Dev - Wrong! I went looking and found your house 🏠. A maid was bringing in food and there was a guard and a big gate. So, I went to look for Dante. I found the house and the door was open. A guy was stealing things! I grabbed the bag and he ran out. I was putting everything back when that girl came in and called the police.
Sonny - How did you get here?
Dev - Well, there was a lot of money 💰 hanging around at Raj’s house, so I took enough to get a passport and a ticket 🎫.
Sonny - Is the passport forged?
Dev - Yes, and I need your help. If I’m sent back to Turkey 🦃 I will be KILLED!
(Sonny talks to Lulu and to Chase. He tells Lulu the kid told the truth and he knows him. He tells Chase he made a mistake. The kid is a friend of the family.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠.................
(Carly and Jason are talking in the kitchen.)
Carly - Why do you have to go to Beechers Corners? Can’t you send Max or Milo?
Jason - No, I need to go myself. Besides. I won’t go tonight but first thing in the morning.
Carly - What is keeping Joss so long at the police station?
Jason - She is with Sonny. Don’t worry.
Carly - Well, maybe there is something there that will distract her from Oscar. You know, she and her friends had a seance trying to reach Oscar?
Jason - Well, she misses him. It will take time for Joss to get interested in someone else.
(Carly gets a text from Joss saying they are coming home 🏡 with a surprise.)
Jason - Ok I’ve got to go. They will be home soon.

(Joss and Sonny come home with Dev.)
Carly - Who is this?
Sonny - This is Dev. He will be staying with us for a while.

Outside of Kelly’s Diner.......................
(Willow tells Michael she killed her father.)
Willow - Not literally, but I chose DOD OVER my father.
Michael - What do you mean?
Willow - Before Shiloh and DOD, we were a family and living in a commune. When mom got involved with DOD my dad went along. We all joined and after a time, dad noticed things were wrong with DOD and told Shiloh. He pretended to listen but the next day, my mother started to criticize my dad. She told him to leave DOD. When my dad left, he wanted me to go with him. I wanted to stay at DOD and didn’t go with him. Dad kept in touch with me and even sent me a key 🔑 to his new apartment. One day, he came to Beechers Corners and was staying at a nearby motel. He asked me to go to dinner with him. I said yes, and was going to leave when Harmony told me that Shiloh wanted me to become a member of the Trust. I chose the Trust over my dad. The next morning, I wanted to meet my dad for breakfast, so I went to his motel. When there was no answer, the manager opened the door for me. I went in and saw my dad on the floor of the bathroom, dead from an overdose.
Michael - You can’t blame yourself. Shiloh and your mother manipulated you!
Willow - If I had gone with him to dinner, maybe he would still be alive.

At Kim’s apartment...................
(Elizabeth brings a vegetable 🍅 lasagna to Kim. She is checking on Kim, who looks sad and depressed.)
Kim - I asked Julian to have a baby with me.
Elizabeth - Oh? What did he say?
Kim - He said we should wait.
Elizabeth - Well, that makes sense. Why do you want to have a baby when you are are grieving?
Kim - When Oscar was a baby, everything I did was for him. It was just the two of us. He was my whole world. Now, I am still a mother, without a baby. Being a mother is all I know!
Elizabeth - You will always be Oscar’s mother! Look, do you want me to stay with you? I can get someone to take my shift.
Kim - No, I think I will get some rest. But thanks for caring about me.
(When Elizabeth leaves, Kim looks at the picture of a happy Oscar, her and Drew. She calls Drew and asks him to meet her for dinner tomorrow.)
Kim - I have something important to talk to you about.

At Kelly’s Diner...............
(Alexis is meeting Diane and stops to talk to Dr. Neil Burns, who is leaving. Diane notices Alexis flirting with him. Diane wants to know if Alexis likes him, and.she does.)
Diane - Anyone but Julian! Did you check him out?
Alexis - Yes, but I stopped .
Diane - Well, let’s see what we have here? Oh, maybe not.
Alexis - What did you find?
Diane - Someone died!
Alexis - Oh, he had a daughter who died in 2014. He was married and had a child.

In Dr. Kevin Collins office.....................
(Neil Burns stops by to speak to Kevin.)
Neil - How are things going?
Kevin - Good! I‘ve been reinstated. I-still have a few patients, but lots of empty spaces on my calendar 📆.
Neil - Well, do you have time for a friend?
Kevin - Sure, I’ll have a drink 🥃 with you.
Neil - No, I mean professionally in your office.
Kevin - Sure, come in.
Neil - I have a patient that I think I have feelings for. I have experienced what she is going through.
Kevin - Ok, well, you can counsel her and stay away from her, or you can recommend another doctor for her and take her out.
Neil - I know that’s the right thing to do.
— MOM (6.20.19)
Wednesday on GH..............
At Lulu’s house....................
Joss - What are you DOING? I know what you’re doing! You’re trying to ROB this place! You picked the WRONG house 🏠.
(She takes a picture of the burglar with her phone 📱.)
Burglar - WAIT! You don’t understand!
Joss - You’d better PRAY the cops 👮 come first before my stepfather does.
Burglar - Stepfather?
Joss - HEY, step back! If you touch me, I’ll cut off your hands!
(The burglar makes a run 🏃‍♀️ for it.)
Joss - HEY! Hey, 👋 stop🛑!
Joss picks up the phone 📱 - Hi, I need to report a break in!

At Sonny’s 🏡 house.....................
(Michael brings BLT’s from Kelly’s for Sonny and Jason. He gives his pregnant 🤰 mom a healthy turkey 🦃 and sprouts on whole wheat 🌾 bread 🍞.)
Jason - Sonny, I have news from our former DA. Something that could be helpful in dealing with Shiloh

At the PCPD........................
(Willow is anxious about her court appearance tomorrow.)
Chase - Diane Miller is a great attorney. All of her clients walk, and they are bad! So she will be able to defend a good person like you.
Willow - What if that is not enough?

At Sonny’s house 🏡............................
Jason - Lets talk in the living room.
Michael - If it is about that bastard, Shiloh, I want in!
Carly - I agree, unless there is a felony involved.
Jason - No felonies! At least not yet. Margaux Dawson is leaving town.
Carly - FINALLY!
Sonny - After dropping the charges against Shiloh?
Jason - Yeah! She knows she blew it. So, she is trying to make amends.
Michael - Amends? How?
Jason - She gave me a lead about a suspicious death 💀 at the DOD compound at Beecher’s Corners .

At the PCPD...........................
Chase - If Diane should lose the case, Michael Corinthos is Wylie’s godfather Sam McCall and Carly Corinthos are his aunts. Carly is married to Sonny Corinthos, who has an enforcer.....Jason Morgan. He is with Sam who HATES Shiloh. So, if Shiloh is as smart as he thinks he is? He will get out of Dodge! All the people I mentioned, and I include myself, are Wylie’s army. We’re NOT going to lose.
Willow - Well, when you put it that way.
(Kiss 💋 Kiss 😘)

At Lulu’s house 🏠......................
Joss tells the 👮‍♀️ police woman - Medium heights, slight built, dark hair.
Lulu - Josslyn? What are you doing here? What’s going ON?
Police - I’ll call it in.
Joss - Hi! I came to get Rocco’s mitt and the door was open. I came in and there was a guy who tried to ROB the place!
Lulu - He didn’t hurt you, did he?
Joss - No, no he didn’t touch me. If fact, he was more scared 😱 than I was! When I called 911 he ran.

At General Hospital 🏥.....................
Finn - You should hear this from Monica, but she has some family business. Let’s go into her office
(Kevin and Laura follow him.)
Finn - Monica asked me to speak to you. The Board met today and it was very heated. Some blame you for your brother’s rampage. The word they used was, Reign of Terror.
Kevin - It’s an apt phrase and allegation.
Laura - If I was still on the board, I would tell them Kevin made a mistake. The court didn’t find him responsible! They should look 👀 at his record as a doctor 👨‍⚕️.
Finn - Yes, many members said that. It was a very close vote 🗳 and in the end the Board agreed. So Dr. Collins here is your paperwork and the keys 🔑 to your office. Congratulations 🍾🎈!! You have been fully reinstated!

At the PCPD......................
(A cop brings in the kid who matches the description to who was robbing the Falconieri home 🏡.)
Chase - He looks young!

At Lulu’s house 🏡...................
Lulu - It doesn’t look 👀 like he took anything, but your safety is most important. So, I have to ask, what the HELL were you thinking?? Walking 🚶‍♀️ into a house 🏡 when there is an INTRUDER?
Joss - The officer said I did the right thing.
Lulu - The Officer 👮‍♀️ was being nice because you’re Dante’s sister. I’M your family and I don’t have to be nice!
Joss - Ok! But that doesn’t mean you have to channel my MOTHER!
Lulu - I am channeling ALL mothers. If you come home 🏡 and find a door 🚪 unlocked that shouldn’t be, DO NOT GO IN!! Call the police 👮‍♀️. You watch, you wait, and if someone comes at you? You run 🏃‍♀️ like HELL!
Joss - Ok. Well so much for being brave.
Lulu - You WERE brave! But everyone knows brave and stupid go hand 🖐 in hand 🤚. You could have been KILLED!
Joss - Ok! I get it.
Lulu - I hate that I put you in this position.
Joss - How could you know someone was going to rob your house 🏡?
Lulu - I think I should call your mother.
Joss - No, don’t do that!
(Ring Ring)
Chase - Hey, Lulu, it’s me. We think we found the guy.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.......................
Sonny - Spinelli told me about it months ago. Is this about the guy overdosing?
Michael - What drug overdose?
Jason - It happened near the DOD compound in Beecher’s Corners. The man who OD’d was a member who might have been trying to leave. Shiloh was the suspect at first.
Michael - Does the DA have evidence?
Jason - No evidence. It’s suspicious the man’s name was left out of the papers out of respect for the family. But it has more to do with the DOD influence with the media and the police 👮‍♀️. The guy’s name was Douglas Miller.
Sonny - Miller? Any relation to DIANE Miller?
Jason - No, but the name belongs to a Lorraine Miller, AKA Harmony.
(Oh, so this is what happened to Willows father!)

At Kelly’s Diner..............
Willow - This meeting with Shiloh tomorrow? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how to describe it.
Diane - You don’t have to. Shiloh put you through hell, and you needed to take extreme measures to get away from him and protect your child. Hopefully, the judge 👨‍⚖️ will see that.
Willow - Hopefully? I thought this was going to be a slam dunk!
Diane - I don’t want to 🚨 alarm you, but I do need to prepare you. I looked at the court dockets and I saw the name of Shiloh’s defense attorney. Shiloh’s attorney has a reputation of being ruthless.

At PCPD..................
Joss - That’s him! The kid who robbed your house 🏡!
Kid - No, no you don’t understand!
Lulu - I understand, alright! You used a dating app to ROB me!
Kid - NO, no listen!
Chase - Remember the rights that were read to you? You have the right to remain silent.
Kid - I’m not the thief! I’m a friend of Sonny Corinthos.

At Sonny’s house 🏡...........................
Carly - Harmony? Isn’t she the groupie who took the fall for drugging Kristina and Sam?
Jason - Harmony is NOT a groupie. She is second in command in that organization. Public records show Harmony was married to Douglas Miller.
Carly - Ok, do you think that Harmony and Shiloh killed this Douglas guy and made it look 👀 like an overdose?
Jason - That’s what I am going to find out! I’m heading back to Beecher’s Corners tonight to do some digging.
Sonny - Keep me posted.
Michael - Actually, I think we should hold off on that.
Sonny - What do you mean? Do you know something?
Michael - I might. Can you give me until morning? You need to trust me on this.
Sonny - You know we do!
Michael - Thanks.

At Kelly’s Diner.....................
Diane - We always knew there was a slim chance things wouldn’t go our way.
Willow - I was hoping I was going to come here and you were going to reassure me! Now, I am more terrified than ever.
Diane - Oh, stop 🛑 it! Because being terrified will get you nowhere, my dear. You knew going into this, your situation would be complicated because you lied. You wanted to protect your child from the man you knew was a sexual predator. The law is the law and even horrible people, like Shiloh, have rights. He also has parental rights. Our job is to stonewall them, using all the legal means at our disposal. You’re an understanding teacher 👩‍🏫. He has a circle ⭕️ of women he tattoos. We will focus on that. Leave everything to me!
Willow - Thank you.

At the PCPD......................
Chase - Assuming you are connected to Sonny, and it is doubtful because you were robbing his son’s house 🏠. Knowing Sonny Corinthos does not make you immune to prosecution!
Kid - I’m 😇 innocent! I wasn’t trying to steal from your house!
Joss - Why did I see you with a bag of her stuff?
Kid - Someone was trying to steal from your house 🏠, I grabbed the bag and he ran off!
Chase - Why would you do that?
Kid - Because I’m friends with Sonny Corinthos!
Chase - Take him to interrogation.
Kid - Interrogation? No, PLEASE!
Chase - Calm down.
Kid - I know what happens in interrogations. You TORTURE me.
Chase - No one is going to hurt you. We don’t do that here!
Kid - Why should I trust you?
Chase - We can’t hurt you. You’re a friend of Sonny Corinthos.
Kid - Ok.
(Joss looks at the kid chained to the table and feels sorry for him.)

Outside Kelly’s Diner...............
Michael - Hey, thanks for meeting me. How is it going?
Willow - According to Diane, Shiloh’s attorney is a shark 🦈.
Michael - We knew Shiloh would put up a fight. Diane is the deadliest shark 🦈 I know. You’re in good hands.
Willow - I would give ANYTHING not to have to think of Shiloh or DOD ever again.
Michael - I asked you here because I have questions about a death that happened in Beecher’s Corners.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.........................
Carly - Where did Michael go?
Sonny - To see Willow. She escaped from DOD in Beecher’s Corners.
(Ring Ring)
Sonny - It’s Joss.
Joss - Hey, is my mom with you?
Sonny - Yeah, why?
Joss - Don’t react. I’m fine and at the police 👮‍♀️ station. They’ve got a kid here who says he knows you?

Outside Kelly’s Diner...................
Michael - So, Jason heard about a suspicious death 💀 that happened at the DOD compound years ago..It was brushed aside by the authorities. The man’s name was Douglas Miller, Harmony’s ex husband. So, he was your father, wasn’t he?
Willow - Yes, he was. I can’t talk about this.
Michael - I’m sorry to talk about something so painful.
Willow - I can’t!
Michael - Why not?
Willow - Because I KILLED him!

At Sonny’s house 🏠...............
Carly - Why do you have to go to Beecher’s Corners?
Jason - Because that is the only way I get intel.
Carly - You have a rap sheet at Beecher’s Corners! If they see you ...
Jason - They won’t see me.

At the PCPD.....................
Sonny - Joss, what’s going on?
Joss - I found a kid in Lulu’s house. He says he knows you?
(Sonny takes a look at the kid chained to the table in the interrogation room. He instantly remembers he was the kid who helped him find Dante in Turkey ).
Sonny - Detective, I think you made a mistake.
Chase - This kid is a friend of yours?
Sonny - Can you give me time to clear this up?
Chase - Be my guest!
(Sonny goes into the room and the kid stands up.)
Kid - Mr. Corinthos, you came! .
— MOM (06.19.19)
Tuesday on GH..............
At Kim Nero’s apartment......................
(Kim wants to have a baby 👶 with Julian.)
Kim - I want to be a mother and YOU can be a father and regain what you missed with your other kids! Oscar didn’t grow up with a father, and you can be there from Day One. Are you going to do this?
Julian - No! I can’t give you this.

At The Floating Rib.......................
(Friends are celebrating Peter August’s birthday 🎂. He has never had a birthday 🎁 party. Lulu has a date and has to leave the party 🎈. Mac 🖥 hears that she has an assignment to go on dates to catch the guy who is robbing homes of girls he makes dates with.)
Mac - I am disappointed in you, Peter. HOW could you give Lulu this assignment?
Lulu - Peter didn’t give it to me. I’ve got to go!

(Maxie wants to bring Dante home 🏠 for Lulu. Mac 💻 tells her he has a severe case of PTSD and is in a WSB facility.)
Mac - He can’t come home 🏡 now.
(Laura appointed Mac Scorpio as acting Police 👮 Commissioner while Jordan is recuperating from her kidney transplant.)

At Kim’s apartment......................
Kim - You just said it would be a dream come true to have a child with me! So why are you saying no? Is it because of your other children?
Julian - No. I’m getting along with Lucas and Sam. Olivia is giving me more access with Leo.
Kim - That’s great 😃! So, why?
Julian - Only one reason: You’re not ready yet.
Kim - Yes, I am!
Julian - Kim, you don’t want just ANY child. You want OSCAR back! No baby will ever be Oscar.

At The Floating Rib.........................
Maxie - Peter and I will find Dante!
Mac - There is zero chance a civilian can find Dante.
Maxie - Lulu needs her husband! Want proof? She is using herself as BAIT to lure a burglar to her ACTUAL address!
Felicia - What do you propose to do?
Maxie - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but there HAS to be someone who can tell us something!
Robert comes in - What does a guy have to do to get 🥃 drink around here?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....................
Carly wants Joss, who is so sad, to try counseling. She and her friends have tried to contact Oscar through a seance. Joss reminds her mother that is out of the question. Sonny is watching his grandson, Rocco (Lulu and Dante’s son). They saw a NY Yankee’s baseball game on TV 📺 and now its time for bed 🛌. Rocco refuses to go to bed without his ⚾️ glove 🧤 that Dante gave him.

(Sonny wants to send the guard to go get it. Joss insists she will take an Uber to go get it. Her parents say no way it’s too late.)
Joss - Please don’t treat me like a child! (She is 15 years old and Carly and Sonny are concerned.) I will be back in a jiffy.

At Kim’s apartment...................
Kim is crying and angry 😤 - HOW can you say that to me? I would NEVER try to replace Oscar with another child! How irrational do you think I am?
Julian - I think you’re one of the most grounded and loving 🥰 people in my life. Grief, love and loss have nothing to do with logic, Kim. You want to feel the joy of having another child, I get it.
Kim - So WHY won’t you help me?
Julian - I fear for the baby. He or she will never be Oscar. You need time to grieve, and I am not saying NO! We need to to wait. When you really let go, we can have a baby that sometimes reminds you of Oscar, but won’t ever have to live up to Oscar!
(Kim is crying and pulls away from Julian. Her look says, you won’t help me? Ok, I’ll find someone else!)
Julian - Please don’t hate me for doing this!
Kim - I don’t hate you. I just realized I did want to replace Oscar. That’s the way I feel.

At Kelly’s Diner......................
Lulu is waiting for her “date.” A guy shows up who she thinks is the date. So she calls her friend Steve who is watching her house to go home the “date” showed up.

But meanwhile................
Someone is at her house 🏠 breaking in. Joss is on her way there too to get the baseball ⚾️ glove 🧤 for Rocco. She could be in trouble.

At the Floating Rib........................
(Maxie gets a big drink 🍹 for Robert.)
Mac - Robert! What’s wrong?
Robert - Well little brother, here’s to the Bureau . They are pushing me out the door 🚪. They want me to retire.
Mac 🖥 - After all those years of service? Why would they do that to you?
Robert - It’s all those years of service that did me in! They probably got someone younger and cheaper.
Maxie - It’s a shame. I know you’re still useful.
Robert - Thank you, Maxie.
Maxie - You can help me out in a big way! Do you know where Dante is??
Robert - As a matter of fact, I do. I would like to help you, but I can’t tell you.
Maxie - You owe the WSB NOTHING! They kicked you to the curb!
Robert - I take all my secrets to the grave with me. That’s the way it works, kiddo!
Maxie - Lulu needs Dante.
Robert - Lulu need Dante whole and healed. Until that process is complete,Dante is a security risk. Don’t forget, he went to the Bureau seeking help with deprogramming. I can’t undermine that decision!
Robert gets a phone 📱 call - Must be the newbie asking how to use the pencil sharpener!
(Maxie wants to check on Lulu, but instead, she listens in on Robert’s conversation.
Robert - Tell the director there have been additional inquiries involving Dante Falconeri. I know he is at the Ithaca facility. Any idea 💡 when they plan on moving him?

Maxie returns to the table and tells Peter - I got it! I know where Dante is. We are one step closer to bringing Dante home to Lulu!

At Kelly’s Diner..........................
Lulu - YOU’RE not Timothy from the dating app??
Guy - I tried those apps. They don’t work for me.
Lulu - But you came over, like you were expecting me?
Guy - When you smiled at me, you made my night! I’m Bryce, by the way.
An unhinged Lulu calls Steve in a panic - Get to my house ASAP!

At Sonny’s house 🏠....................
(Carly finally tells Sonny about the MSAFP blood test.)
Sonny - What are they trying to find out?
Carly has tears in her eyes - If the baby has a birth defect. After going out with Avery and you today to the carnival 🎡, I realized that I don’t have to drive myself crazy 😜 on something that MIGHT happen.
Sonny - No matter what, this baby 👶 will be PERFECT in my eyes 👀.
(The gangster with a heart ❤️ of gold.)

At Lulu’s house 🏠.....................
Joss arrives at the house and notices the door 🚪 is open. She goes in turns on the light and sees a kid stealing stuff.
(It’s Dev, the kid who helped Sonny find Dante in Turkey 🇹🇷 🦃.)

The actors who play Cameron, Joslyn and Dev are friends 👫 👬 in real life. Oh, and Billy Miller (Drew Cain) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (DA Margaux Dawson) are ex-husband and wife in real life.

Michelle Stafford (ex Nina Reeves), Billy Miller (Drew Cain) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex DA Dawson) all were on The Young and the Restless. Michelle and Elizabeth went back to Y&R to reprise their roles of Phyllis Newman and Chloe Mitchel.

We will have to wait to see if Billy Miller reprises his role of Billy Abbott!
— MOM (6.18.19)
Sorry, GH fans!

My block lost power to all our houses 🏡 today and GH did not tape. So, I can’t report on the episode right now.

I will instead speak of some SPOILERS 🚨🚨

1 - General Hospital rumor - Billy Miller will be leaving GH in the month of July to pursue other opportunities. He plays Drew Cain.

2 - Cynthia Watros will take over the role of Nina Reeves this week.

3 - Maurice Benard has an upcoming movie 🎥 🍿 called Nightmare Cinema, which comes out this Friday. He plays the part of Father Benedict.

4 - Remember Ashton Arbab, who played Dev, the homeless teen in Turkey 🦃 that helped Sonny find Dante Falconeri? Well, he is coming to Port Charles to find Sonny Corinthos. He could become Josslyn‘s new boyfriend.

5 - There is a behind the scenes writers shakeup at GH. Many fans have complained that the storylines have dragged on for too long. Some are tired of the entire mystery surrounding Baby Wylie. They just want the tot reunited with his father, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Some fans thought that Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) sexual assault took things a little too far. They also have had enough of Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Dawn of Day cult storyline. Both fans and critics agree that a little fresh blood over at the writers table is definitely needed.

6 - When the new Corinthos baby is born in the fall, Morgan Corinthos (who died) will show up. They haven’t named an actor yet. Bryan Craig, who played Morgan, is now in a new primetime series, Grand Hotel, which can be seen tonight on ABC.
— MOM (6.17.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH................
At Kelly’s Diner.................
(Margaux is signing papers to Lucy so that she can sell her house.)
Shiloh comes over and asks Margaux - How do you feel about betraying me for your 30 pieces of silver?
Margaux - Wrong! I did it for nothing. Besides, I hear 👂 you’re losing some of your members .
Shiloh - The day will come when we welcome you back to DOD!

(Lucy is talking to Joss. Maxie told Joss that Lucy can reach people who went to the other side. So, Joss wants Lucy to perform a seance.)
Lucy - Yes, I’ve been know to do that, but it’s too soon for you. Oscar would want you to go on with your life without him!
(Michael comes by. He asked Lucy to find him a house 🏠 asap. She did, and tells Michael that guy is in there.)

Back inside Kelly’s.................
(Shiloh is reading a text from a lawyer which says his retainer is $10,000. Michael goes into talk to Shiloh. He asks him about the house he is renting.)
Shiloh - Yes, I am and you saw it.
Michael - Well, I just bought that house 🏠!
Shiloh - The house I am RENTING?
Michael - Yes, I am a Quartermaine and could have bought the entire block! But your house had special meaning.
Shiloh - Well, I have a contract!
Michael - Too bad. New owner. I am going to turn the house into a refuge for battered women.
(Shiloh looks at the text on his phone, which says he got $50,000 from the trust that Harmony signed from the Cayman Bank and Trust.)
Shiloh smiles - You TRY breaking that contract. I will fight you every step of the way!

At the Metro Court........................
(Jason and Sam are going out together in public. They are having dinner when Carly comes by. She tells them she is happy to see them together. While they are talking, DA Margaux Dawson stops by to speak to Jason.)
Carly - What does SHE want? She isn’t the DA now!
Sam - How are you feeling?
Carly - I saw my doctor today to get the results of the MSAFP - Multi-Marker Screening and AFP plus blood test. I was told my baby might have a birth defect. I am so worried!
Sam - Sonny will help you get through this.
Carly - I didn’t tell him. I want to wait until I have the deep tissue sonogram. It can detect if there is a genetic defect.

(Margaux takes Jason off to the side.)
Jason - Why did you let Shiloh go?
Margaux - Harmony confessed! I wanted to tell you that I checked into DOD and Shiloh’s history. I found that a Douglas Miller died of a drug overdose after he had an argument with Shiloh. Again, someone else took the blame for him.
Jason - Yeah, I heard about that. It happened at Beecher’s Corners. Shiloh had the cops 👮‍♀️ in his pocket.
Margaux - Maybe YOU should go there and see if you can find proof and make Shiloh pay for this crime?
Jason - Good luck 👍 DA.
Margaux - Happy 😃 hunting, Mr. Morgan!

At GH.........................
(Willow is frightened that Shiloh will find Wylie.)
Michael - Well, Shiloh must have found some evidence that you had a baby. But HOW he got that evidence will determine if it will stand in court. Diane is a great lawyer. She will determine if Shiloh got the evidence through legal means. If not, it will not be admissible.
Willow - I’d better call Diane!
(Willow calls but has to leave a message for her. Michael dials a number and hands her Diane on the phone 📱, ready to speak to Willow. Diane tells her she cannot avoid the subpoena. They will go together.)

At Pentonville Penitentiary...................
(Brad acts like a delivery 🚚 boy to get into speak to Nelle. He asks her if she is still on board with their agreement? Nelle says yes.)
Nelle - Is there something wrong with my son?
Brad - My son is well. I am just concerned about the birth mother of the original Wylie. She is hanging around, and now the birth father is in the picture!
Nelle - You mean the parents of the baby that died? They can’t have any claim to Wylie! How is Michael? I saw him on TV at the Nurses’ Ball with some girl.
Brad - Nelle, FOCUS on what we are talking about!
Nelle - I bet he still cares for me. What about Carly?
Brad - Oh, she doesn’t have a clue!
Nelle - Good! I don’t want Carly to get her grubby hands on my son.
Brad - He is MY son. I am a mess! I could lose Lucas, Wylie AND my life if Sonny Corinthos finds out I took his grandson!
Nelle - Well, Brad, I plan on being in my son’s life. He will need a woman’s touch!
(Brad leaves and we see that Harmony is Nelle’s new cellmate.)

Now that DA Margaux Dawson is leaving, it has been rumored that Ric Lansing is coming back to GH to be the new DA! For those of you who don’t remember him, Ric is Sonny’s half brother. They share a mother and he is Alexis Davis’ ex-husband and the father of Molly Davis Lansing.
— MOM (6.14.19)
Thursday on GH.............
Correction from yesterday....................
Kim is NOT pregnant 🤰. In her grief and sedation, she touched her stomach and asked a boy or girl? She wants Drew to impregnate her. She thinks it will make Oscar happy.

At the Metro Court......................
(Jax asks Ava to meet him and Carly is there. She tells Carly that Jax wants her on the cover of Crimson.)
Carly - JAX! Are you out of your MIND?
Jax - Carly, don’t interfere.
Carly - You’re making a BIG mistake. Who would want to read about HER?
Jax - Sorry about Carly.
Ava - Oh no! You can THANK Carly for my signing this contract. Now everyone will know the REAL Ava Jerome!

At the Pentonville infirmary.....................
Ryan meets Nelle. They get to talking and realize they have so much in common.
1 - They both hate Carly
2 - They both had their kidneys stolen
3 - They both were betrayed by Ava Jerome.
4 - They both want out of this place

Nelle asks Ryan if he hates Ava? He says no, he can’t hate her. She is like a falcon among pigeons. She is more like him than she thinks.

Also at Pentonville...............
Shiloh visits Harmony. She thinks he visits because he cares. He tells her he knows he has a son. She asks him to get her a real attorney, not this public defender she has. Shiloh says he can’t spend money 💰 on that. He needs her to sign this document, which he already signed, to take monies from the Trust. Harmony says that money was for future expansion and members. Shiloh tells her he needs to find his son and her grandson. Harmony signs, with Shiloh’s assurance that she will bring the baby up with him.

At Kelly’s....................
(Sonny sees Lulu with a man. When the guy leaves, he goes to her and she says she is on a date. Lulu tells Sonny she is working on a story about a guy who makes a date through the internet and when the girl waits at the restaurant he robs her house 🏠.)
Sonny - With ALL the people at your office, couldn’t they give this assignment to someone who ISN’T married?

(Brad is fretting again and Julian tells him that he’d better hope the real mother of Wylie doesn’t come calling for the baby.)
Brad - Oh, that is NOT going to happen.
Julian - Ok, because DNA cannot be disproved.

At GH....................
(Michael is talking to Willow about Wylie. She is so worried that Shiloh will find out where Wylie is. Michael says, first he has to confirm a baby was born and petition the court for the adoption records, which are sealed. Michael asks Willow where was the baby born. Willow says Mercy Hospital. Those records cannot be revealed because of HIPA, says Michael. Just as he is saying that, a girls asks Willow if she is Willow Tate? She says yes, and the girl puts an envelope in her hand.)
Michael - Get out of here!
Willow - Michael what just happened?
Michael - I believe you have just been served to report to court by plaintiff David Henry Archer.
Willow - Shiloh?
(They turn around and see Shiloh. As Michael approaches him, Shiloh slyly smiles and 🍁 leaves.)

This guy is a thorn in everyone’s side but he is not leaving.The actor’s picture is with the regulars on the show now so he must have signed a long contract.
— MOM (6.13.19)
Wednesday on GH................
At Crimson...............
(Nina is just about to get Ava Jerome to sign the contract to appear in the Crimson September issue, when Jax comes in and insults Ava.)
Jax - I wonder if you will be talking about all of your crimes? Especially killing Connie Falconieri, right here in this office?
(Ava is insulted and thinks that she was duped. She refuses the contract and walks out.)

In Tanzania 🇹🇿....................
Kim and Drew are back at the hotel after scattering Oscar’s ashes on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kim was talking to Drew and then collapsed. Drew calls a doctor who gives Kim a sedative. When it kicks in, Kim starts to hallucinate. While she is taking to Drew, she sees Oscar. Kim calls Drew Oscar and it breaks his heart. Drew is also having a hard time adjusting to Oscar being gone. He tells her to get some rest. When Kim wakes up, she calls him Drew. He goes to get some food and as Kim lays back in bed she touches her stomach and wonders if its a boy or girl?
(Who do you think is the 👶 baby daddy?)

At Pentonville infirmary................
(Dr. Finn is attending to Ryan Chamberlain. He is attached to the bed 🛌 with heavy leather cuffs. Ryan finally wakes up from his coma.)
Ryan - Where am I?
Detective Valerie Spencer - You’re in the infirmary at Pentonville.
Dr. Finn - Yes, this is where you will be for the rest of your life.
Ryan - Why am I HERE? OH, my stomach hurts!
Dr. Finn - See, here is where we took out your kidney!
Ryan - WHAT? I didn’t give permission for THAT!
Dr. Finn - Sure you did! YOU signed the papers. You just forgot.
Ryan is shouting - You TOOK my kidney without my CONSENT! YOU and my BROTHER put me here!
Dr. Finn - No one will believe you. Don’t upset yourself. You need to rest.
Ryan - I am going to ESCAPE from this place. When I do, I will come after you AND my brother!
Dr. Finn - If you keep shouting, people will think you’re 😜 crazy!
(Valerie and Finn leave and the guard stand in front of the door 🚪.)

At General Hospital....................
(Before Jordan got her transplant, she was asking how Ryan changed his mind? Now that the new kidney is in her body and functioning, she is going to get answers.)
Kevin - Just wanted to see how you are doing?
Jordan - Good! I need you to help me get out of this bed 🛏.
(Outside, Curtis, Stella, Valerie and Dr. Finn are talking. Jordan wants to know what they are talking about.)
Dr. Finn - Ryan Chamberlain is out of his coma.
Valerie - Yes, he is complaining and saying he didn’t give consent for the transplant?
Stella - Yes, he did! I was there when he signed the papers.
(Curtis brings Jordan back to bed 🛌.)
Jordan - I thought it was strange when Ryan made a 180 degree 📜 change about his kidney?
Curtis - I need to leave but YOU should rest.
(When Curtis leaves, Jordan calls Chase and asks him to find out what happened to change Ryan’s mind.)

(Curtis returns and Jordan tells him she knows how she got Ryan’s kidney.)
Curtis - You do?
Jordan - Yes, someone went into Ryan’s room when he was sleeping 💤 and injected a drug into his intravenous tube. He has an accomplice to help. (We see Dr. Finn inject the drug while Detective Valerie Spencer watches at the door 🚪.). Then, Ryan has a seizure. (See Dr. Finn and nurse Elizabeth assist. Then, Dr. Finn calms the seizure by putting Ryan in a coma. They wheel him out of the room into the Art Room because Franco canceled all his classes for that day.)
Curtis - Well, sounds plausible!
Jordan - Then, Kevin took Ryan’s place. He did it many times.
(Yes Kevin got in bed and signed the consent papers. Dr. Finn and Nurse Elizabeth wheeled Ryan to the operating room. His kidney was removed and then he was transferred to Pentonville.
Curtis - Sounds right!
Jordan - The plan needed a captain 👩‍✈️. Someone who made sure there were no loose ends.
(We see a meeting in a room with Curtis, Finn, Elizabeth, Valerie, Franco and Kevin.)
Curtis - Are you all in?
Everyone - Yes.
Jordan - I know who the mastermind is!
Curtis - What are you going to do about it?
Jordan - Nothing.

(When Elizabeth said, why should Ryan live when Jordan is going to die, they all thought that wasn’t fair. They all hated Ryan. Since he was still alive, he was going to pay 💰 dearly for killing Kiki and trying to kill Franco and Lulu. Ryan Chamberlain cut off his own hand! Now he lost his kidney and was going to spend what was left of his life in Pentonville Prison.)
— MOM (6.12.14)
Tuesday on GH..............

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
Jason is very angry 😤 - Shiloh is FREE? I don’t want Sam to be blindsided!
Sonny - Wait a minute! I don’t want you to do anything stupid. I haven’t had to say that in a LONG time. You hate Shiloh! You murder him now and worry about it much later. Is that what you want?
Jason - YOU were there with me! You were in the car and heard what I heard!
Sonny - Yeah.
Jason - Shiloh drugging Sam until she couldn’t say no or fight? The whole time I was listening, I had another tape playing in my head. The one where I was locked 🔒 in a room and watching a monitor of Franco drugging Sam? He put her in a shower 🚿 curtain and put her naked in bed 🛌! I couldn’t kill Franco. I tried to, and I failed. With Shiloh, I CAN kill him.
Jason is shouting - You’re right! I DON’T want to wait. I DON’T want to plan it. I just want to do it, and get it over with!
A calm Sonny - Not in that way, with anger or impulse. It’s going to put you in prison! Is that what you want for Sam, for your kids?
Jason - No.
Sonny - You’ve got to wait.
(Jason can’t see straight when it involves Sam.)
Sonny - You’re the best for a reason! I don’t mind you getting rid of Shiloh, believe me, but you got to do it RIGHT for everybody’s sake.

At Charley’s Pub.......................
Shiloh asks a waitress for a cup of coffee ☕️. I guess Julian isn’t there. He looks at a form and calls someone at Mercy Hospital.

At Willow’s classroom...................
(Chase 🛑 stops by. Willow tells him the school year is almost over. She is going to look for another teaching job in Port Charles. Chase gives her the bad news that Shiloh is not going to jail.)
Chase - Harmony confessed that SHE drugged Kristina and Sam. Shiloh has been released.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....................
(Jason calls Sam and tells her Shiloh has been released and all charges were dropped.)
Sam is outside Charley’s Pub - HOW is that possible?
Jason - I will tell you later. Just keep an 👁 eye out for Shiloh. He may come after you!
(Sam goes into Charley’s and immediately sees Shiloh.)
Sam - I am 👀 looking right at him.
Jason - Where are you?
Sam - Charley’s.
Jason - I’m on my way!
Shiloh goes over to Sam - Samantha! I’m SO glad you’re here. I wanted to look 👀 you in the eye 👁 when I told you this.
Sam smirks - Really! What else could you POSSIBLY say to me?
Shiloh - I’m 😐 sorry.

At Willow’s classroom.........................
Willow - HARMONY? My mother will ALWAYS choose Shiloh over me. It’s not like I should take it personally. She will choose Shiloh over everyone!
Chase - Including herself. She just went to JAIL for him.

At Charley’s Pub......................
Shiloh - I’m sorry that you would think 🤔 I would do anything to harm you. That’s why you were so upset at the hospital?
Sam - You DRUGGED me and were going to have SEX with me without my consent!
Shiloh - So, you heard?
Sam - Heard what?
Shiloh - You may have been drugged, but it wasn’t me 😇! It was Harmony.
Sam - OH! You’re going to blame it on Harmony? REALLY? Was SHE the one who carried me up a spiral staircases while I was passed out? YOU laid me down on a table and fondled me! I was too drugged up to fight you off. Was that HER or was that YOU thinking I was just RELAXED?
Shiloh - Sam, I would NEVER do anything that I didn’t think I had permission to do! Just so you know, many people saw us at the DOD house 🏡 and the Nurses’ Ball. They saw how you reacted to my presence.
Sam - I reacted to your PRESENCE?
Shiloh - Yeah. It is nothing to be ashamed of, Sam. Anyone with a set of eyes 👀 could see you were attracted to me! You WANTED to be with me.
Sam - Let me teach you a little lesson, Shiloh. When a person can’t say NO it means they can’t say YES either and that is NOT consent!
(Sam pushes Shiloh.)
Shiloh - Once again, I AM sorry for the misunderstanding. At least the person responsible is owning up to her actions!
Sam - Just like Daisy did with those crazy 😜 emails?
Shiloh - Yes, exactly like that. Now, Harmony will have to bear the consequences of her actions. I’m looking forward to putting this all behind us so we can continue the journey we started on.
(This slime ball doesn’t have a clue how to treat a woman or what the word NO means!)

At Sonny’s house 🏠................
(Kristina runs to Sonny to say Shiloh is not going to jail.)
Sonny - Didn’t I promise you I would keep you safe? Just because Shiloh was released, it is not going to change anything.
Kristina - I hate Shiloh, but I don’t want him to die! I was SO stupid. Some guy told me I was awesome 👏🏻 and I could be awesome 😎 IF I did everything he said. And I fell for it!
Sonny - DOD isn’t a small outfit.
Kristina - I should have known better!
Sonny - Why?
Kristina - Because I’m Sonny Corinthos’ daughter! I’m Alexis Davis’ daughter! And I should have learned by now. Why am I so stubborn that I can’t listen to you or mom or my OWN instincts?
Sonny - I believe in you and I always will.
Kristina - It’s nice of you to say.
Sonny - I’m a nice guy! Everybody knows that.
Kristina - I appreciate everything you do for me, but you HAVE to stop 🛑 fixing things for me. Especially this!

At Charley’s Pub.................
Shiloh - So, anyway, Sam, I apologize.
Sam - WHAT?
Shiloh - You made promises to me!
Sam sneers - I made promises to YOU? Guess what? I LIED! I lied to get what I wanted, just like you lied to get what YOU wanted. The one thing I do admire about you is your skill to run a very long con.
Shiloh - No, that’s YOUR expertise. Not mine.
Sam - Good deeds didn’t bring you to Port Charles, Hank! You came here looking for ME. I saw it in your eyes 👀. It made you happy thinking you had me. Thinking I WANTED to be in your arms. (Sam 😂 laughs) PLEASE! So, who do you think is really running 🏃‍♀️ the con now? Me or you?
(An angry 😤 Shiloh grabs Sam’s arm.)
Jason - Careful! Your next move could be your last.
(Shiloh looks at Jason. This guy is dumb and fearless.)
Shiloh - So, tell me, Jason, is she as good a liar with YOU as she is with ME? She made promises to me!
Sam - When I made promises to Jason, I KEEP them!
Shiloh - What a bond you two have! Well, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if you heard or not? I’m a father! Yeah, it’s true. Out there is a little baby 👶 just waiting for me to find it! I can’t stay and play anymore. Oh Jason, I also reminded the police 👮‍♀️ that you attacked me!
Jason - Did you think they forgot?
Shiloh - Why take chances? With this whole misunderstanding with Sam, I let the police 👮 know that you or Sonny Corinthos may come after me. If anything did happen to me, even by accident, YOU would be the person they would come looking for!
Jason - I’ll keep that in mind.
(Shiloh walks to the door 🚪. Jason and Sam sit at a table and hold hands.)
Jason - You ok?
Sam - Yes, I’m really glad I don’t have to pretend I believe in that guy any more!

At Willow’s classroom.................
(Willow tells Chase her Dad was also a convert to DOD and Shiloh. He believed DOD did good deeds.)
Willow - My mother loved every minute of DOD. Look at me! I’m a strong, badass woman 👩 because Shiloh says I am. We joined DOD as a family, but before too long, she was ALL about Shiloh. She came between me and my father because my dad was WEAK and Shiloh was a superman!
Chase - So, Shiloh used Harmony to take you away from your father?
Willow - My mother was the first woman to join the Trust, and after she slept with Shiloh, it kind of broke my father. Harmony got my dad to leave DOD, and not long after, he died.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......................
Kristina - Thank you for getting me out of DOD. I am grateful, because now I can see Shiloh and DOD for what they REALLY are. You always come to my rescue!
Sonny- That’s what dads do!
Kristina - I need you to try something different. No more getting me into college. No more paving the way. I need you to let me stand on my own!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Sam - I’m sorry.
Jason - For WHAT?
Sam - I got a tattoo, allowed myself to be drugged and almost got raped! Shiloh had his hands all over me.
Jason - Sam!
Sam - Jason, I don’t want this to be like Franco, where I passed out. I didn’t remember anything. That’s NOT what I want.
Jason - Shiloh will NEVER touch you again. I’m going to make sure of that!

At Willow’s classroom.......................
Willow says she has to stay away from Wylie to protect him. So, she gives Chase the only thing she has that reminds her of him. Her baby 👶 hospital band. It has a lot of information about her and the baby from Mercy Hospital.

At Mercy Hospital 🏥..................
(Shiloh is giving a poor, unsuspecting girl a line of BS. He tells her he is trying to locate his sister.)
Shiloh - When we spoke, I felt like you heard me!
Silly Girl - I did! I’m sort of a fan. I know you’re from DOD, and I read your books 📚. We need MORE people like you. We are here to take care of each other!
Shiloh - I’m SO glad our message spoke to you! I need this from you.
(Shiloh gives Silly Girl a paper 🧻 with the sister’s name on it.)
Silly Girl - We don’t give out information on our residents.
Shiloh - Normally, I wouldn’t ask, but I haven’t seen my sister in SO long. I was hoping you would bend the rules a little?
Silly Girl - Let me see what I have on your sister?
(This girl is violating the privacy of the patient and breaking the rules of the hospital!)
Shiloh - Oh, thank you so much! Ever since she ran away, she has been going by the alias of Willow Tate. It gives me great comfort, you being here. A sign I am in the right place!
Soon to Lose Her Job Girl - We DO have a record that Willow Tate was admitted in July 2018.
Shiloh - You do? You don’t know how much joy that brings me!

At Charley’s Pub..........................
(Sam is holding Jason’s hand.)
Sam - When Shiloh drugged me, did you think of Franco?
Jason - Yeah.
Sam - Why didn’t you say a thing to ME?
Jason - It was your risk to take! I still have nightmares. I’m locked 🔒 in a room watching what Franco did to you. I can’t get to you. I can’t stop 🛑 it. Then, I wake up and I have to remind myself it was YEARS ago. Most memories fade, but this one doesn’t. I think it’s because I couldn’t do anything to save you. Deep down, I’m afraid it could happen again!
Sam has tears in her eyes - Maybe I could change?
Jason - You never asked ME to change. I won’t ask YOU to change.

At Sonny’s house.................
Kristina - Dad, I cannot have it on my conscience that I drove you to violence. So, I chose NOT to have Shiloh’s blood on my hands.

At Willow’s classroom....................
Chase takes the baby hospital band and tells Willow when Shiloh is no longer a threat, he will give it back to her.

At Mercy Hospital......................
Shiloh - I shouldn’t ask. You’ve done so much for me already!
Silly Girl - You want to know why she was here?
Shiloh - No specifics. I want to know if she was ok. If it was life threatening?
Silly Girl - Willow Tate was admitted to Obstetrics. She had a baby 👶!
Shiloh - She had a BABY? WOW! I’ve got a niece or nephew running around!
Let’s Sue this Girl - A healthy baby boy!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Sam - Promise me something?
Jason - It depends!
Sam laughs - 🛑 Stop! I’m being serious! When you have these nightmares, if I’m with you, wake me up. If I’m not, pick up the phone 📱 and call me.
Jason - Do you still have nightmares?
Sam - Sometimes, yes.
Jason - Yeah, well, you can wake me up and I’ll remind you that we survived.
Sam smiles - We did, didn’t we? I love 💕 you. I feel safe with YOU.
Jason - I love you too.
(They kiss 💋 and the phone 📱 rings.)
Jason - Yeah?
Sonny - About our conversation earlier? You’ve got to put that project on hold.
Jason - Ok, I’m sorry to hear that.
Sam - Sounds like bad news?
Jason - Sonny wants me to wait to deal with Shiloh.
Sam - Well, if Shiloh disappears, YOU will be blamed.
Jason - Shiloh needs to be finished, one way or the other.
Sam - Ok, we’ll figure it out, cause we’re good at that!
— MOM (6.11.19)
Monday on GH............
At GH........................
(Nurse 👩‍⚕️ Jane goes into Shiloh’s hospital room. She sees him handcuffed to the bed and recites a DOD verse.)
Shiloh - Oh, you’ve taken DOD courses?
(Is there anyone in Port Charles who hasn’t been mesmerized by Shiloh?)
Shiloh - Hey, do you know how to get a baby’s birth certificate?
Nurse Jane - Oh, you have a child? Well, you need to find the hospital and give the name and date of birth of the baby.
Shiloh - The mother of the baby is hiding the baby from me. The father never gets a break!
Nurse Jane - I could get the names of hospitals in the area for you?
Shiloh - Oh, can you do that now? Remember, no matter how dark the despair, perseverance is born in the light 💡 of the dawn.

At Charley’s Pub....................
(Nina assures Ava she could be on the cover of the Crimson September issue.)
Ava - So you want to know about my accomplishments and my personal life? About Ryan Chamberlain? I don’t want women in the beauty parlor to pick up this gossip rag and say, oh that would NEVER happen to me!
Nina - Crimson is a high end magazine! It could happen to anyone. You could tell your story and help women who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous men. Besides, just think, if you get the public on your side, it could help your trial!

At Crimson............
Nina returns and tells Jax that Ava Jerome will be on the cover of the September issue.

At Willow’s classroom.....................
Diane asks Willow - HOW did you mother find out you had a baby?
Willow - I told her.
Diane - You TOLD her?
Willow - Well, I said I didn’t have a baby. My mother keep badgering me and I lost it and said, IF I had a child, I would never let her OR Shiloh near him. My mother said only a mother who had a child would fight this hard.
Diane - Well, he would have to prove you had a baby. If he can’t, a DNA test is out of the question and he loses standing in the court. So as long as Shiloh can’t prove you had a baby, you’re safe.
(Willow tells Diane that the records in Albany have disappeared.)
Diane - WHAT? Don’t tell me anymore. I have a copy of the adoption, and so does Lucas.
Willow - You NEED to help me.
Diane - What are you asking me?
Willow - You need to make sure those adoption paper NEVER get into Shiloh’s hands.
Diane - Look, Lucas has Alexis representing him. Sonny is on your side and he always gets what he wants. I am your attorney and I am the BEST attorney in the state and the country. Just go Google it! So as I said, if Shiloh can’t prove you had a baby, you’re safe!

At GH.........................
(Chase is about to bring a handcuffed Shiloh to the PCPD, when Harmony shows up and says she gave Kristina Corinthos Davis and Sam McCall the drugs.)
Harmony - Shiloh is an innocent 😇 man!

(Chase goes to Sonny’s house 🏡 to give him and Jason some bad news.)
Chase - There is no arraignment. Harmony confessed to drugging Kristina and Sam. DA Dawson placed Harmony under arrest and let Shiloh go!
Jason - What about the rape charges?
Chase - Shiloh says it was consensual.
Sonny - Shiloh is a sexual predator!
Chase - PLEASE don’t do anything to Shiloh! I don’t want to put you in jail. I say this as someone who has worked with you when Mike was concerned. I am not the enemy!

Jason - What do you want to do?
Sonny - Make sure anything that happens to Shiloh doesn’t come back to us.

At Charley’s Pub..................
(Shiloh walks in and Carly, Julian, Lucas and Kristina can’t believe what they are seeing.)
Julian - What are YOU doing here, man?
Shiloh - I was let go. Someone else confessed. I came in for a cup of your great coffee ☕️!
Julian - Get OUT of here!
Shiloh - Julian, you would benefit from our anger management class. Hey Lucas, tell Brad that our happy baby course is starting soon!

Shiloh is on the phone - Yes, I would like to find out how I get a birth certificate. Yes, I’ll hold on.
— MOM (6.10.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH..............
Today, two doctors, a nurse, a PI, a couple and a social worker put their lives and licenses on the line for a police commissioner.

At GH...................
Finn - Ryan is still in a coma. A coma is an unintended consequence of surgery.
Kevin - My brother is hard to kill.

At Charley’s Pub..................
(Franco sees Ava at the bar.)
Franco is smiling and giddy - The universe does have a way of working out. Ryan is in a coma, lost a kidney and when he wakes up is going to Pentonville!

At General Hospital.......................
(While Finn and Elizabeth are telling Curtis and TJ that Jordan is in surgery, Curtis sees the DNR that Jordan signed.)
Curtis - What is THIS?
Finn - A DNR is routine when someone has surgery.
TJ - In the event that something goes wrong, Mom doesn’t want to be left in a vegetative state.
Stella - She told me that is her wish and if need be, I have to enforce it.

Laura is comforting Kevin - I don’t know how you did it! I may not have done it, but YOU saved someone’s life. How do you feel?
Kevin - I feel fine. I thought I would feel some guilt. A LOT of guilt! But the truth is, my brother wouldn’t have given up a kidney voluntarily. So, I signed the permission documents as him.
Laura - Jordan is alive and she will be with us a long time.
Kevin - Like you said, that is something you can’t find fault with.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
(Jax brings a large surf 🏄‍♀️ board to Carly and says he hopes to talk Joss into going on a surfing 🏄‍♀️ vacation.)
Carly - Leave it in her room and on Saturday you call and say, hey, let’s go surfing 🏄 🏄‍♀️!
Jax - Perfect.

At Crimson...........................
(Maxie wants to put Ava Jerome on the cover of Crimson magazine. Nina and Sasha are not so sure.)
Sasha - Ava Jerome is a psychopath. She tells me that Kiki and Griffin are not serious, so I flirt with him. Kiki gets offended and kicks me OUT of the apartment. Then, Ava drugs me and puts me in bed NAKED with Griffin, who she HITS over the head!
Nina - Ava is a grasping, poisonous ☠️ bitch! Why on Earth 🌍 should we put HER on the cover of Crimson?
Maxie - Because she is a grasping, poisonous ☠️ bitch and THAT’S what sells magazines!

At General Hospital......................
(Kevin looks into the window of Ryan’s room.)
Kevin - Laura, when Ryan goes to Pentonville, I am not going to visit him. I am going to cut off ALL contact with him. I am truly going to let him go. I am through with trying to save him!
Laura - He is suffering the consequences of his actions. At least his life won’t be a total loss. He saved Jordan!

(Dr. Finn and Elizabeth give Curtis good news.)
Finn - The surgery was a success!
Elizabeth - Jordan is being moved to recovery right now.

At Crimson............................
Nina - I HATE Ava Jerome more than God hates sin. It would be unfair to Kiki. Ava was estranged from Kiki when she died!
Maxie - We let Ava tell as much about Kiki as she wants.
Nina - Ava is going to play the poor, sad mother. I would rather bankrupt this magazine than put Ava’s face on the cover!
Maxie - Our readers aren’t stupid. They will see her for who she really is.
Nina - A shallow ,despicable, vain human being?
Maxie - Yes, you get to use Ava by playing to her weakness.
Nina - Her vanity?
Maxie - Yes, her vanity!
Nina - Ok, I need to track down Ava Jerome.

At Charley’s Pub..........................
Franco - Ava, you need to have an art exhibit. Call new artists and art collectors. You need to open up your art 🖼 studio. Living well is the best revenge!
Ava - Why are you doing this?
Franco - Ryan took Kiki from you. Don’t let him take anything else!

At General Hospital..........................
Carly see her doctor 👩‍⚕️ to have another test. Its called MSAFP - Multi Marker Screening and AFP plus. It’s a blood test. Carly isn’t sure she should do this. The doctor tells her that with her age and medical history it is necessary.

At Charley’s Pub.........................
Sasha meets Michael and he invites her to take a small plane on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Sasha is delighted. She as always wanted to go there and says, “Yes, when do we leave?”

Outside of Ryan’s hospital room.....................
Franco - How is the patient?
Laura - Next stop 🛑, Pentonville!
Franco - Good! Home 🏠 sweet home 🏡.
Elizabeth - Jordan is awake. The surgery went well and I swear she looks better!
Kevin - We pulled it off!
Franco - Yes, we did.
Laura- Technology. Ryan did with the stroke of a pen 🖊.

In Jordan’s hospital room..................
(Jordan’s family, Curtis, Stella and TJ are ready to celebrate 🎉. Stella is going to make a tasty meal 🥘. They are tired of hospital food, so she and TJ leave to go to the grocer.)
Curtis - It worked! I didn’t know if we would get here. I hoped and prayed!
Jordan - It is unbelievable that Ryan would change his mind and give me his kidney!
Curtis - The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Jordan - You’re telling ME!

At Charley’s Pub....................
Nina - I’ve been looking for you!
Ava - Oh. What do you want?
Nina swallows hard - I want to offer you the cover of Crimson magazine.

Back at Ryan’s hospital room.....................
A comatose Ryan Chamberlain is wheeled to the elevator by the police 👮‍♀️ as Dr. Finn, nurse Elizabeth, Franco, Dr. Kevin Collins and Mayor Laura Collins watch. They knowingly look at each other, and then go their separate ways.
— MOM (6.7.19)
Thursday on GH.............
In Shiloh’s room..................
Shiloh - You can’t arrest me!
Chase - Yes, I can.
Shiloh - I will have your badge!
(DA Dawson comes in.)
Shiloh - You’re going to do something about this?
Margaux - No. You’re charged with assault, extortion and other felonies. You’re going away for 20 YEARS.
Shiloh is shouting - I’m the VICTIM! Jason Morgan THREW me down a flight of stairs. Attempted rape? REALLY?
Margaux - Save it!
Shiloh - This song and dance 💃🏼 is for the detective’s benefit.
Margaux - Wrong. I want to see you in prison.
Shiloh - Why would you believe Jason Morgan over ME?
Margaux - Because he has evidence.
Shiloh - I will have to retaliate!
Margaux -What? Do you mean THIS?
(She shows him the pledge.)
Shiloh - The truth will come out!
Margaux - I’m resigning as DA. My final act as DA is leaving the strongest case I can against you to my successor, David Henry Archer.

At Willow’s classroom.......................
(Harmony doesn’t believe Willow when she says she miscarried.)
Willow - I TOLD you, I don’t have a baby. If I did I would NEVER let my baby near you or Shiloh!
Harmony - Thank you, daughter. Thank you for confirming what I knew. Only a mother who’s child is alive would protest so much. My grandchild is alive!

In Jordan’s hospital room.................
(Ryan’s operation was successful so Jordan is going to be prepped for her transplant. She needs to talk to Stella first.)
Jordan - I have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). If something goes wrong, I want you to enforce it.
Stella - You’re asking me to do the impossible! Curtis and TJ will fight a DNR with everything they have!
Jordan - If they do, I need you to carry out my wishes. I DON’T want to be a vegetable. So, what do you say?
Stella - You can count on me.

At Charley’s Pub...............
(Alexis tells Julian to stay away from Lucas and Wylie’s adoption.)
Alexis - I am representing Lucas, and he doesn’t need YOUR help.
Julian - You can’t tell me to stay away from my SON! If Kristina could have come to YOU for help, she wouldn’t have needed that PSYCHO, Shiloh!

At Ryan‘s hospital 🏥 room........................
(Dr. Finn is in Ryan’s room checking on him now that the 3 hour operation is over.)
Franco - What if Finn comes out of that room and YOU go in there and put a pillow over Ryan’s face?
Kevin - Would you care if I killed my brother?
Franco - Ryan’s death 💀 would be in the plus column, but in the minus column, there would be a lot of people who would not want you to spend the rest of your life in Pentonville. Then there is the whole moral question.
Kevin - What would that be?
Franco - Ryan is helpless. He can’t open his 👀 eyes. Could you live with yourself? Your brother is helpless, even if he deserves to die.
Kevin - I really appreciate your support, Franco, but you don’t have to be here.
Franco - I know, but I want to.
Kevin - Well, I sure as hell don’t!

At Willow’s classroom.....................
Willow - What are you doing here?
Julian - Do you want to keep Shiloh from Wylie?
Willow - Of course I do!
Julian - Then you have to hear me out.
(Willow closes the door 🚪.)
Julian - The only way to keep Shiloh from his son is if he never finds out who his son is! The adoption files in Albany are no longer in play.
Willow - How do you know?
Julian - You don’t need to worry about that. Your lawyer has her own copy of the records. Do you see where I am going with this? If we can eliminate those records, then there is nothing tying you to Wylie.
Willow - Diane will never destroy court documents!
Julian - She won’t but you need to do it.

At General Hospital.................
Harmony wants to see Shiloh and Detective Chase tells her he is in police 👮‍♀️ custody.
Harmony - Oh great, Margaux! This officer 👮‍♀️ won’t let me see Shiloh.
Margaux - Were you an accessory?
Harmony - WHAT?
Margaux - Were you aware that Shiloh was using the pledges as BLACKMAIL? Did you know he was DRUGGING woman and sexually ASSAULTING them? Well, did you know?
Harmony - I have NO idea what you are talking about.
Margaux - You better work on your denial! You will be subpoenaed and I advise you to stay as far away from Shiloh as possible. But, it’s your call. If you want go see him, I’ll allow it.
(Harmony goes into Shiloh’s room.)
Margaux - Yeah, that’s what I thought. With any luck, Chase, she will follow Shiloh straight to prison!

In Shiloh’s room.....................
Harmony - Shiloh, HOW did this happen?
Shiloh - Oh, a detective showed up spewing groundless accusations and ARRESTED me!
Harmony - I just saw Margaux and she is convinced there is a case against you!
Shiloh - Margaux has completely lost her way. She is totally turning against me and my teaching.
Harmony - Well, if you still had her pledge?
Shiloh - Jason Morgan almost KILLED me. I HAD to give him the pledges.
Harmony - You did what you had to do.
Shiloh - What about Willow? Did you talk to her?
Harmony - Yes. You were right! You have a child out there, Shiloh.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.........................
Alexis is talking to Sonny and Carly - Wylie’s biological parents are Willow and Shiloh.
Sonny - Are you KIDDING me?
Carly - Does HE know?
Alexis - No, and we have to keep it that way! Otherwise, Shiloh could try to fight for custody. Lucas is freaking out and he asked Julian to intervene.
Sonny - JULIAN? That will make it worse!
Alexis - Exactly. So, Carly I need you to keep Brad and Lucas calm.
Carly - I’ll do my best, I will.

At Willow’s classroom....................
Willow calls Diane - Diane, my mother knows about the baby. She is going to tell Shiloh. Can you please fit me in at your office today? I’m 😱 scared. Please call me back as soon as you can!

(Chase calls Willow to say it’s done.)
Chase - Shiloh has been arrested. I put the cuffs on him myself.
Willow - Oh, thank God!
Chase - The charges are serious. We’ve got plenty of evidence against him.
Willow - Finally, some good news!
Chase - You can rest easy tonight. The law is on your side.

In Shiloh’s hospital 🏥 room...............
Shiloh - It’s true? I have a CHILD?
Harmony - Yes, Shiloh you’re a father!
Shiloh - That’s amazing! Is it a boy or girl?
Harmony - Willow refused to say, but we will know everything soon.
Shiloh - No, not if the police 👮‍♀️ get their way! They will use this against me and lock 🔐 me up, away from my child!
Harmony - I’m sorry, Shiloh, I wish I could help?
Shiloh - You can!

At the nurses’ station 🚉........................
(DA Dawson tells Mayor Laura Collins she is resigning immediately.)
DA Dawson - My office has been compromised by recent events. I am in NO position to carry on as an effective DA.
Mayor Collins - Well, in that case, I really appreciate your stepping down.

In Ryan’s room...................
(Dr. Finn goes into Ryan’s room and he is still out.)
Finn to Franco - He should have woken up by now. I am going to get a neurologist to consult. I think Chamberlain may have slipped into a coma!

Laura - Have you spoken to your brother?
Kevin - He is still unconscious. I hope he stays that way!

(Jordan is being wheeled in for her transplant.)
Curtis - We will be waiting for you.
Jordan - I will see you on the other side. I love you.💕.
— MOM (6.6.19)
Wednesday on GH.................
Today’s episode is all about the gang doing everything they can to bring down Shiloh.

At the Department of Records.............
Sam and Julian are working together. Sam goes to the Department of Records and poses as Willow Tate. She tearfully tells the employee that she has a document to add to her son’s adoption file. It gives him information about her if he wants to find her when he grows up. The adoption was open. She has forged documents to verify who she is. The employee gets the file and puts it on the counter. Then, Julian comes in as a pushy worker who needs some papers signed and pushes Sam to the side. He tells the clerk he doesn’t have time to wait so sign the papers now. The alarm 🚨 goes off and the clerk goes into the next room to shut it off. Sam opens the file, takes the documents out, and replaces them with papers that Julian gives her. The clerk comes back in, and signs Julian’s paper 🧻.He leaves and Sam gives the clerk her document and the clerk slides it in the folder. So Sam leaves with the adoption documents!

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
(Margaux is summoned and is not happy.)
Margaux - Ok, Sonny, why am I here?
Jason - We have a recording of Shiloh drugging Sam. He tattooed her, and while she was drugged, he took her against her will to a place to RAPE her.
Margaux - Oh, is that why Shiloh is in the hospital and has a broken arm?
Sonny - Look, we have a recording that will stand up in court that Shiloh is a criminal and a sexual predator.
Margaux - Did Sam give her permission for the recording?
Jason - Yes, in the State of NY, you only need one person.
Margaux - Thanks, but I know the law.
(Margaux listens to the recording and hears Shiloh tell Sam to drink from the cup. Jason shows her the toxicology report that says Sam saw drugged. She listens as Shiloh tattoos Sam and tells a drugged Sam they belong together.)
Margaux - I don’t know if I can do anything about this?
Sonny - This guy is a sexual predator and I am going to make sure EVERYONE knows it.
Margaux - Well, you’re jealous of Shiloh since he was a better father figure to Kristina than YOU were!
Jason - Show it to her.
(Sonny takes a paper out of the desk drawer.)
Sonny - Jason got ALL the pledges.
Margaux - What did you DO with them?
Jason - I destroyed them. Except one.
Sonny - This is YOUR pledge. I want you to arrest Shiloh.
Jason - I’ve got to be somewhere.
Margaux - So, you’re going to blackmail me?
Sonny - I want you to do the right thing.
Margaux - You know, I have evidence my mother helped Scully to kill my father and I covered it up. That could be the END of my career if someone found out!
Sonny - Make the call.
Margaux on the phone - Ok, get the warrant.
Sonny - You did the right thing, Margaux. I just helped you to get all the credit.
Margaux - Oh, shut up!
(As Margaux leaves Sonny stops her and gives her the pledge.)
Margaux - Why are you doing this? And is this the only copy?
Sonny - Yes, it is the original. I don’t want to be responsible for you any more.

(SPOILER 🚨 Elizabeth Hendrickson, aka DA Margaux Dawson, is leaving GH to return to The Young and The Restless. She will be going back to her old role as Chloe Mitchell.)

At Charley’s Pub................
(Brad and Michael are talking about Wylie.)
Michael is holding Wylie - How is Lucas?
Brad - He is worried .
Michael - Well, we will do everything we can to protect Wylie.

(Chase comes in and sits at the table. Brad leaves to take Wylie to see his grandmother.)
Chase - Thank you for being there for Willow when Shiloh was with her.
Michael - Yes, Shiloh was intimidating Willow and I stepped in. Now that Shiloh knows he has a child somewhere, we need to do everything we can so that Shiloh NEVER gets his hands on Wylie.
Chase - Yes, I understand and I’m all in.

At Willows classroom............................
(Lucas stops by to speak to Willow. He doesn’t know if she is a friend or foe. Willow assures him that Wylie is where he should be, with him and Brad. Willow worries that once Shiloh gets out of the hospital, he will have someone follow her every move.)
Lucas - You’re very brave and I want you to know I would like you to be a part of Wylie’s life. That is why we wanted an open adoption.
Willow - Thanks, but I can never see Wylie again. All they would have to do is look at me looking at Wylie to know he is not just any baby.
Lucas - When Wylie grows up, I will tell him that his mother loved him very much.

At Charley’s Pub..........................
(Jason meets with Sam and Michael. He tells them that Shiloh will be arrested. Lucas arrives with Brad and Lucas asks Jason if everything is taken care of?)
Jason - It’s good.
(Lucas and Brad go over to Julian and he tells them that it is all taken care of.)
Julian - No one will find a trail to Wylie.
(Lucas and Brad are very happy and hug each other.)

At Willow’s classroom.......................
(Chase stops by to see how Willow is doing. While he is talking to her, he gets a call to arrest Shiloh. He tells Willow, but she is not jumping up and down until he is in handcuffs.)
Chase - Well, I am the arresting officer. So I’d better get going!

At Shiloh‘s hospital 🏥 room..................
(Harmony rushes to his side.)
Harmony - Oh, Shiloh! What happened? How can I help?
Shiloh grabs her arm and sneers - Find my child. Willow hid my child and I WANT it!
Harmony - I don’t know what to do, or where to 👀 look?
Shiloh - Use your little brain 🧠 and THINK! You’re nothing but a poor, boring person. I picked you up and gave you direction. If you don’t bring my child to me, you will be OUT of DOD, the Trust and my life. Gone forever!
Harmony is crying - Shiloh, don’t DO that to me. I am your most loyal follower!
Shiloh pushes Harmony away - Go find my child. Willow hid my child and I WANT MY CHILD!

At Willow’s classroom.....................
(Harmony goes to see Willow and tells her she didn’t tell Shiloh about her being pregnant with a child. Now, he knows she is hiding his child from him.)
Willow - I TOLD you, I had a miscarriage.
Harmony - Willow, stop that! Where is the child?

Back at Shiloh’s hospital room......................
Chase - David Henry Archer, Shiloh, you are under arrest.
Shiloh - What for?
Chase - For drugging a girl, sexual assault and other things.
(Chase handcuffs Shiloh to his hospital bed 🛏.)
Chase - You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at no charge. Do you understand these rights as I have told you?

(SPOILER 🚨 Michelle Stafford, who plays Nina Reeves, is leaving General Hospital. Her contract negotiations didn’t go as planned. She will return to The Young and The Restless as Phyllis . A new actress will take over the role of Nina in June.)
— MOM (6.5.19)
Tuesday on GH..............
At Sonny’s house.................
Carly is concerned about Josslyn. School is ending and she is sad. What will Joss do all summer? Carly thinks of Morgan. This was his favorite time of the year when school ended and he had all summer to enjoy the free time. Joss comes down and plays a song she learned on Oscar’s guitar 🎸. Carly hugs her and feels the baby move inside her. She takes Josslyn’s hand and puts it on her stomach, so she can feel the baby move too.

At General Hospital........................
Ryan is sleeping and someone comes into the room and injects a medicine into his IV. The person leaves (I think it’s a man. We only see him from the waist down and he has gloves on) and Ryan wakes and starts to move and shake. Dr. Finn and Elizabeth rush in and he puts Ryan on his side until the shaking stops. Dr. Finn tells Ryan he had a stroke.

TJ is in his mom’s room and she is telling him how sorry she is that she wasn’t there when he was small. (Jordan was a WSB double agent.)

(Finn tells Curtis and Stella that Ryan had a stroke.)
Stella - Did it damage his kidneys?
Finn - No.
(Curtis tells Stella he tried to convince Ryan to give Jordan his kidney, but he refused.)
Stella - I will talk to Ryan and get him to agree.

In Ryan’s room........................
(TJ pleads with Ryan to no results. Then, Stella takes a turn.)
Stella - You think you’re SO superior? You killed so many people, why should YOU live and Jordan DIE? Karma is a bitch, and it will catch up with you. You think you’re so smart and you don’t want to die. But you will! And when you do, you will go straight to HELL and burn there for eternity. You have ONE chance to do something good. If you don’t, the forces of karma will envelope you and you will be doomed FOREVER.

(TJ runs into Jordan’s room and tells Dr. Finn and Curtis that Ryan agreed to give Jordan his kidney. Curtis and Finn go into Ryan’s room to hear it for themselves.)
Ryan - Yes, I will give Jordan my kidney. Anything so I don’t have to listen to this mad woman ever again!
Stella - You need to sign these papers.
(As Finn, Curtis and Stella watch, Ryan picks up the pen 🖊 then puts it down.)
Ryan - When I am under, someone can slip something to me and I won’t wake up!
Finn - I can assure you, I will take good care of you . Just like my other patients. Nothing will go wrong.
(As Ryan picks the pen 🖊 up again and signs the 🧻, Stella tells him she will speak on his behalf in court.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠..................
(Joss and Cameron are on the terrace.)
Joss - Everyone tells me I should move on, but I don’t want to. I don’t WANT to forget about Oscar!
Cameron - You don’t have to if you don’t want to. He loved you and you love him.
(Joss looks at Cameron and sees a friend who understands.)

In Tanzania 🇹🇿......................
(Kim is crying and Drew asks what is wrong?)
Drew - Don’t drink so much coffee. You will need all your strength for tomorrow when we climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Kim - I don’t want to sleep. When I close my eyes 👀, I dream that Oscar is still with us. When I wake up, I expect to see him, but he is not there. I knew I would have to prepare for this day, but I don’t know how to!
Drew - Well, the good news is you don’t have to go through this alone. I will be there with you. When we release Oscar’s ashes he can stay at the top of the mountain ⛰ or go anywhere he wants to go.
(Drew and Kim hug each other in their sadness.)
— MOM (6.4.19)
Monday on GH.............
In Ryan’s hospital 🏥 room..............
Kevin - Hello, Ryan.
Ryan - Bro, sorry I kept you hanging!
Kevin - I had people who loved me. Do you?
Ryan - Ava loves me!
Kevin - That’s why she put a knife 🔪 in your back? If there is a hell, I hope you ROT in it!
Ryan - It won’t be from you!
Kevin - Don’t count on it.
Ryan - Neither one of us has any interest in killing the other. We’ve had plenty of opportunities.
Kevin - I have no interest in seeing you dead 💀. I want you to live in jail so you will see how little you matter.

At the Metro Court....................
(Valentin is jealous that Jax is going to spend so much time with Nina. So, he approaches Sonny and asks him to help get rid of Jasper Jacks.)
Valentin - Hello, Mr. Corinthos. You got a minute?
Sonny - Not really.
Valentin - I was hoping we could discuss Jasper Jacks?

At the cemetery.......................
(Ava and Franco meet at Kiki’s grave. It’s Kiki’s birthday and they brought her flowers 💐 and say Happy Birthday. Bizarre!)
Ava - Is Ryan alive?
Franco - Yes, he survived the operation.
Ava - Good! I’m glad. Now, I have a second chance to kill him again. THIS time, I won’t miss.

At GH.......................
(Curtis tells Finn he doesn’t care what he has to do to get Ryan to give Jordan his kidney.)
Curtis - I just want my wife to live!
Finn - Well, when he is under the knife 🔪, HE could just die.

(Kevin tells Finn he blames himself for sheltering Ryan.)
Kevin - Sometimes, you can’t help someone. I wish my brother would go away! I guess that makes me a terrible doctor 👨‍⚕️.
Finn - The Hippocratic Oath says: first, do no harm. I believe I need to do everything I can to help. The more I think about it, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

At the Metro Court bar..........................
Sonny - What do YOU know about Jax?
Valentin - Not much. He is the new owner of Aurora and Crimson!
Sonny - I didn’t know that.
Valentin - I think our lives would be better if Jax was sent to the other side of the globe 🌍.
(Sonny laughs.)
Valentin - Think about it!

At the cemetery............................
Franco - When I was at the darkest time in my life, Kiki pulled me out of it. I would like to pay that forward and help you, Ava.
Ava - You want me to let the authorities handle Ryan and get on with my life?
Franco - Well, yes.
Ava - I’m sorry, Franco. I can’t do that.

In Jordan’s hospital room.......................
(Valerie visits Jordan.)
Jordan - Valerie, I don’t want to be bitter. I want to die with dignity, but I want to live. Curtis and I have SO much to live for!
Valerie - You’re NOT going to die.
Jordan - I can’t force Ryan to give me his kidney.
Valerie - Please, get better!
Jordan - I’m working on it.

At Crimson....................
(Nina convinces Jax to not cut her budget if she can increase circulation in three months. The September issue will be spectacular!)
Jax - Well, three months isn’t a lot of time. Do you have a great story?
Nina - I will get one!
Jax - Well, what happens if circulation decreases?
Nina - It won’t.

Back in Jordan’s room.........................
Jordan - Curtis, I have loved being your wife and I don’t regret a day of it!
Curtis - I’m doing everything I can!
Finn - Curtis is right, we aren’t giving up.
Jordan - My body is shutting down. How much time do I have?
Finn - We are doing everything we can to find you a donor.
Jordan - You’re a great doctor 👨‍⚕️, but a terrible liar.

Back at Crimson........................
(Valentin is there to take Nina 🏠 home.)
Nina - Can I ask a favor of you?
Valentin - Anything!
Nina - We need to postpone the wedding 👰.
Valentin - You want to postpone the wedding 🎩??
Nina - I don’t want to, but Crimson needs my undivided attention right now. Oh come on! You would do the same thing, Valentin, if this was your baby and you worked so hard on it.
Valentin - I suppose I would.
Nina - Yes, you would! I’m saying we postpone it until September. It’s a beautiful month in Port Charles! We will be relaxed and I will be able to focus all my attention on the wedding 💒. The September issue will be out and Sasha will be able to stay longer.
Valentin - I love you 💕. If that is what you want.
Nina - Oh, thank you!
(She 💋 kisses Valentin.)

In Jordan’s hospital room........................
Curtis tells a sleeping 😴 Jordan - You are not going anywhere. NOT on my watch!
(Outside, Elizabeth looks in and sees Curtis and Jordan.)
Finn - Are you ok?
Elizabeth - In What universe is it ok that Ryan lives and Jordan has to die?

We see Dr. Kevin Collins talking on the 📱 phone...................
Kevin - I know, it’s better this way.

We see someone in sleeping 💤 Ryan’s room inserting a deadly medicine into the IV!
— MOM (6.3.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
At Sam’s penthouse....................
(Sam is talking to Julian when Jason and Danny come in. It’s Danny’s birthday 🎂 so Julian gives him a gift 🎁. This is a special birthday for Danny, who was a cute blonde haired 6 year old. Now, he morphed into a 10 year old.)
Sam - Aren’t you going to ask me what I was talking about with Julian?
Jason - That is between you and your father.
Sam - I will never keep anything from you. Especially not Julian, or anyone else. He was telling me about Wylie and Shiloh. I told him I would help him.
Jason - Well, if you need my help, let me know.
Sam - I think it’s time for you to stay here with us.
Jason - Are you sure?
Sam is tearing up and softly says - Yes. I have been thinking about this since the first time I saw you when I was in the hospital. There was so much confusion, but you gave me space to think things over. I want you to live here with Danny and me.
Jason - Do you remember what I wanted for Christmas 🎄?
Sam - Yes, you wanted one day, all day, with us.
Jason - Whether it was Thanksgiving or Christmas 🎄 or putting Danny’s toys 🧸 together? I’ve always dreaded leaving.
Sam - So, yes?
Jason - Yes.
(They kiss 💋 - 😄 Hooray! It’s about time. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻)

At GH.............................
Jordan tells Laura - It is a strange and uncomfortable feeling to think that Ryan’s kidney will be in my body.
Laura - Just think of it as cells that will save your life!

Curtis - I saved your life. Now, it’s YOUR turn to save Jordan’s.
Ryan - Why would I want to save Jordan after she hunted me down?
Curtis grabs Ryan by the neck - You don’t know ANYTHING about me, what I am capable of. I would tear your kidney right out of your body!
Ryan - Now, I didn’t say no. I want something from you.
Curtis - Ok, how much money 💰?
Ryan - I don’t want something financial.

Back in Jordan’s room.............
Curtis tells Laura and Jordan - Ryan will give up his kidney if you drop the charges.
Jordan - No deal! Ryan is going to get EVERYTHING coming to him.

Curtis speaks to Dr. Finn and tells him he has a plan and needs his help.

At the courthouse...................
(Scott and DA Dawson are there for Ava’s arraignment.)
Judge - Ava Jerome, how do you plead?
Ava - NOT guilty, Your Honor.
Scott - Will you ok bail, Judge, if DA Dawson doesn’t object?
Judge - DA Dawson, do you object?
DA Dawson - No, Your Honor. Ms Jerome isn’t a flight ✈️ risk. She was only after Ryan Chamberlain, and he is in the hospital.
(So Ava is released on bail of $100,000.00.)

At GH........................
Robert tells Anna and Finn - I’m happy for you.
(Finn leaves.)
Robert - Anna, how could you think I was going to propose to you?
Anna - Well, I saw you talking to Mac and Felicia with a ring. How did you get Finn’s ring?
Robert - That’s a long story. Look, you are the love of my life, but I can see you’re very happy with Finn.
Anna - I have a request? Call it an engagement gift 🎁.
Robert - What is it?
Anna - Maxie is taking Peter with her to visit Robin. I want you to let that happen.
Robert - Why should Robin get close to him if he could be Alex’s son?
Anna - It doesn’t matter to me. I think of him as MY son.
Robert - What is wrong if I want Robin to know he is her cousin? Besides, you’d better get this straight with your sister. She may have other ideas!
(Anna tells Finn she is leaving tonight, she is going to Paris to talk to Alex.)
— MOM (5.31.19)
Thursday on GH.................
At the Metro Court.....................
(Lucas meets with his lawyer, Alexis Davis, to tell her he is fearful of loosing Wylie because his birth mother never got the permission of his birth father.)
Lucas - He lives in Port Charles and will come looking for his son.
Alexis - You know who the birth father is?
Lucas - Yes.
Alexis - Well, he would have to go through a lot of steps to gain custody of the child.
Lucas - The birth father is Shiloh.
Alexis - SHILOH is the father? Go home and be with your husband and baby. Don’t worry, I will take care of this .

At Charley’s Pub.....................
(Lucas goes to see his father, Julian Jerome, to say he need his help. Julian is surprised his son needs him.)
Lucas - I need your help in keeping Wylie’s birth father away from him.
Julian - Is the birth mother changing her mind?
Lucas - No, Willow is not contesting the adoption. That guy in the cult, Shiloh, is the father and he didn’t give his consent.
Julian - Shiloh is the birth father? I will do everything I can to protect Wylie from Shiloh.
Lucas - I hope you mean that!

At Sam’s penthouse.....................
(Sam comes home and sees Julian waiting for her.)
Sam - What do you want?
Julian - Your brother needs your help.
Sam lets Julian in - Why didn’t Lucas come to me himself?
Julian - He asked me to help him, and I am asking Wylie‘s aunt and godmother to help me.
Sam - What do you need?
Julian - I need you to help me get all the documents from the adoption.
Sam - Even if we get those documents, there are others in Willow’s lawyer’s office.
Julian - I will take care of that.
Sam - Yeah, get one of your guys to get the documents.
Julian - Sam, I am not in that business any more!
Sam - Well, Alexis is handling this for Lucas. Let’s wait to see what she comes up with.
Julian - Do you want Wylie to be drawn into the cult?
Sam - A cult? Shiloh is the father?
Julian - Yes, and we can’t let him get his hands on Wylie!
Sam - I will help you.

At Willow’s elementary school...................
(Chase brings Willow flowers 💐 and asks how things went last night.)
Willow - I am SO afraid 😱 Shiloh will find our Wylie is his son!
Chase - Don’t worry, I will do everything within the law I can to protect you and Wylie.
Willow - I will do anything I have to to keep Shiloh away from Wylie!
(When Chase leaves, Lulu and Elizabeth present Willow with a petition from all the parents in her class, except Nina, to tell Principal Schultz that Willow is the best 3rd grade teacher. They want her to return next year. Willow is touched by this gesture and gives her approval but doesn’t think the Principal will change his mind.)

At GH.......................
Jordan is going to give Franco an award 🥇 from the PCPD for his bravery and assistance in the capture of Ryan Chamberlain. Jordan is very weak but insists to Curtis that she is still the Commissioner and this is her job. Lulu is there to record the occasion and put it in The Invader.

(Dr. Finn tells Jordan and Curtis that Ryan made it through the operation and his kidneys were not damaged.)
Curtis - Ok, well can we do the transplant tonight?
Dr. Finn - No, we can’t do anything without Ryan’s consent

After the ceremony.................
(Franco tells Elizabeth to go to the car 🚗 and he will meet her soon. Franco goes into Ryan’s room to tell him today is Kiki’s birthday 🎂.)
Ryan, true to form, says - Why does everyone pay attention to her? She was so boring and dull! Not at ALL like her mother.
Franco - What gives me strength is that Ava was able to beat you at your own game. You LOST and will spend the rest of your life in JAIL.
(Curtis comes into Ryan’s room and tell him Jordan needs his kidney.)
Ryan - Oh, that is a huge operation and it will hurt. I don’t know?
Curtis grabs Ryan - You WILL give Jordan your kidney!
Ryan - How bad do you want it? What will you give me for it?

At Crimson.......................
(Jax surprises Nina with a bottle of Champagne 🥂 🍾.)
Nina - Jax! Great to see you. What are we celebrating?
Jax - I just bought Crimson!
Nina - You bought Crimson?
Jax - Yes I bought a 50% interest in Aurora from Drew and got all of the publications, which includes Crimson.
(Jax is a very wealthy and successful business man.)
Nina - Oh, well you don’t have any experience running a magazine. So, let ME run Crimson as a silent partner?
Jax - No. You, Nina, are very talented and have done a great job here, but you could do better.
Nina - Ok, teach me!
Jax - I want to take 25% of the funds used for fashion projects and put it to publication. I want to make Crimson bigger and better than it is right now!
Nina - Well, I don’t know anything about spreadsheets.
Jax - I will teach you!
Nina - Well, I am getting married soon.
Jax - Well, then, I will help you with the things you don’t know .
(Valentin comes in and Nina runs to him and says this is my husband to be. Jax and Valentin shake hands but don’t look very friendly. Jax is in Port Charles because of his daughter, Joslyn. He plans to make his home in PC.)
— MOM (5.30.19)
Wednesday on GH................
At the Metro Court.....................
(Nina and Sasha are having a lunch date. Nina is angry that Willow pulled Michael away from Sasha at the Nurses’ Ball last night.)
Nina - Michael is a sucker for a damsel in distress. Willow is SO needy!
Sasha - Michael was helping a friend. We didn’t go to the Ball together. He saw me outside and walked me in.
Nina - You know, she had a child and gave him up for adoption! She never told the father. I think that triggered in me what my mother did to me.
Sasha - Maybe you should give Willow some slack?

At GH..........................
Shiloh - Did you get the pledges?
Sam - The pledges were in the envelopes, as you said. When we got to the lighthouse, I saw the table where you almost raped me! Then, I remembered Jason throwing you down the stairs like a bag of garbage 🗑.
Jason - You’d better get a lawyer and hope you wind up in jail! It is safer there.

At Sonny’s house 🏡..................
Jason - Sonny, you got a minute?
Sonny - What have you got?
Jason - We got all the pledges, and one was for Margaux Dawson.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.......................
Alexis - So, the pledge you gave Shiloh was about ME?
Kristina - I’m SO sorry for trying to further myself at DOD.
(Sam arrives and gives a Kristina her pledge. She tells her she was never a part of DOD. It was all an act.)
Sam - I joined because I was worried about you!

At Willow’s elementary school..................
Willow - I’m so worried Shiloh will find out Wylie is his son!
Michael - I will help you keep Wylie away from Shiloh. Shiloh doesn’t know about Wylie, and Diane is a great lawyer. She will win your case.
Willow - Thank you for being there for me last night.
(They hug 🤗.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
Jason - Margaux had proof her mother conspired with Scully to kill her father. She destroyed the evidence. You want something on Margaux? Now, you’ve got it!

At Alexis house 🏠......................
Sam - I wanted to keep you safe. I got the pledges at the lighthouse.
Kristina - So, that’s IT? Shiloh tells you where the pledge is and it’s OVER?
Sam - You have your pledge. It’s up to YOU to decide what you want to do with it.
Kristina - So, you and Jason are not broken up? Why would you leave Jason, after all you’ve been through, for a CREEP like Shiloh? I’m such a fool!

At GH........................
(Margaux visits Shiloh and tells him Sonny told her things about him.)
Shiloh - Why would you believe a thug like Sonny?
Margaux - He said they were serious crimes!

At Crimson......................
Lulu has lunch with Maxie. She tells her of her new assignment at The Invader. Girls have been meeting guys online and going on dates. While they are out, their homes get robbed. Lulu is going on the dates to find the robber.

At Willow’s elementary school...........................
(When Michael leaves, Nina shows up.)
Nina - How is it every time I see you, you’re with Michael?
Willow - What do you want? Thanks to you, my life has blown up!
Nina - Ms. Tate, how have I ruined your life?
Willow - It’s none of your business!
Nina - Have you ever thought about teaching drama? You really have a flare for the dramatic!
Willow - Are you trying to insult me?
Nina - No, I came here to talk to you about Michael. You can’t stand to see him with Sasha. You need him in your back pocket when your boyfriend neglects you. Maybe you’re more attracted to a Michael’s bank account than Detective Chase’s?
Willow - I am not going to discuss my relationship with Michael or anyone else with YOU.

At Sonny’s house 🏠...................
Carly - What’s going on with Shiloh?
Jason - He’s still in the hospital, but we recovered all the pledges.
Carly - You must be happy!
Jason - Yeah. Shiloh has no power now.
Carly is smiling - And there is no reason you and Sam can’t be together now. Right? I am happy for Kristina, but now you need to prioritize. You’ve been home almost TWO years. You and Sam can be together now!

At Alexis’ house 🏠..........................
Kristina looks at the pledge - It’s my pledge.
Alexis - Are you sure?
Kristina - Yes, this is it. Shiloh had me sign it.
Sam - It’s possible there is another copy of the transcript, but that doesn’t matter.
Alexis - The original version is in your hands, so anything else would be hearsay.
Sam - You’re FREE from Shiloh!
Kristina - What should I do with it?
Alexis - You can tell us what’s in it, or never speak of it again. We will respect your decision.
Sam - Right.
(Kristina goes to the fireplace and puts a match to the pledge.)

At the Metro Court......................
(Michael tells Sasha he is sorry he left her alone at the Ball last night.)
Sasha - It wasn’t a date. You met me at the entrance to the red carpet.
Michael - I want to make it up to you. I know we are friends with benefits, and I want to get to know my friends.
Sasha - Friends with benefits?
Michael - You’re not going to make it easy for me?
Sasha - Not a chance! You’re WAY too cute when you’re flustered.
Michael - I was wondering if tonight you would grab dinner with me?
Sasha - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️? It sounds like a date!
Michael - Not a date, just two friends sitting across from each other sharing some food.
Sasha - It could get romantic!
Michael - Then, I will order something with a lot of garlic!
Sasha - Ok, don’t want you to have some feelings.
Michael - We will cross that bridge if we ever get to it. Deal?
Sasha - Deal!

At Alexis’ house 🏠.....................
(Sonny shows up and Alexis goes outside to talk.)
Alexis - Sam gave Kristina the pledge and its burning in the 🔥 fireplace. The pledge isn’t about you. It’s about ME.

In the 🏠.........................
Kristina - Did you go through with the initiation?
Sam - Part of it.
Kristina - I don’t know how I can thank you?
Sam - You’re my sister! I did it for you.

At GH.............................
Margaux - I don’t know what to think, and I want to believe you, Shiloh. Sonny said he had PROOF you committed criminal acts. He showed me things in the attic!
Shiloh - He showed you things at DOD?
Margaux - He called me last night and wanted to meet me there. He wanted to know where you were. He insists you are a con man, a criminal. He said he had proof!
Shiloh - It’s manufactured proof. Sonny is upset with me because I have been more of a father figure (that’s BS) to Kristina than he has been his ENTIRE life. You believe me, don’t you?
Margaux - Yeah. I just needed to hear it from you. I’ll let the others at the house know you’re ok. Get some rest.
Shiloh - Margaux, before you go, there IS something I need from you.
Margaux - What do you need?
Shiloh - If it was just me, I wouldn’t say anything. This will affect a LOT of people. We can’t let Sonny destroy DOD. We can’t let Sonny ruin everything we built here at Port Charles. Can we?
Margaux - So, what do you want me to do?
(Here it comes... Sonny warned her Shiloh would use her.)
Shiloh - Can you make sure that Sonny NEVER gets to use the evidence he has against me? That it never sees the light of day?

At Willow’s elementary school.....................
Willow - Excuse me? Can I help you?
Jason - I’m Jason Morgan. I’m Michael’s uncle. Can I come in?
Willow - Yeah, sure. You just missed him!
Jason - I came here to give you something.
(He gives her the pledge.)
Willow - My GOD! HOW did you find it?
Jason - It’s yours. All the pledges were destroyed. Shiloh has nothing over you anymore.
Willow - Wait, Jason? Why did you give this to me?
Jason - Because you put your life on the line for Kristina! That makes you a hero in my book.

At the Metro Court elevators..................
(Sasha tells Michael she will be ready soon. He kisses her and she leaves. Carly sees that.)
Michael - What are you going to say?
Carly - Oh, nothing. I’m just happy you decided to love life!
— MOM (5.29.19)
GH was a repeat on Monday. Tuesday on GH...................
At Kim’s 🏠 house..................
Drew and Kim are preparing to catch a plane ✈️ to Tanzania 🇹🇿 Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and spread Oscar’s ashes.

At GH..........................
Drew said goodbye to Monica. When Jason appeared, Drew said he wasn’t intruding, after all, they are family. Then, they shook hands and the look on Drew’s face said it was forced.

Jason asked Monica to rush Sam’s blood test. He told her he thinks Sam was drugged.

In Shiloh’s room...............
Shiloh wakes up and is pleased to see Sam - I knew you would be at my side!
Sam - You must be delusional! You drugged me and took me to the lighthouse to VOLIATE me. It made me SICK to pretend I was hanging on your every word!
(Jason comes in with the results and tells Shiloh he has proof Sam was drugged, assaulted and nearly raped.)
Jason - You’re going to jail for a LONG time.
Shiloh - Sam drank from the cup willingly.
Jason - No, she didn’t. You forced her!
Sam - I recorded everything you said. I can give it to the police 👮. In the State of New York, you only need recorded consent from ONE person.
Jason - When you’re convicted and sent to Pentonville and everyone has forgotten about you? Accidents happen.
Shiloh - What do you want?
Jason - Kristina’s pledge.
Shiloh - So, if I turn over the pledge THAT’S the end of this?
Jason - You will never bother Kristina again. Where is the pledge?
Shiloh - In the place you threw me down the stairs!

At the PCPD........................
(Ava is arrested and Scott is representing her.)
Ava - I’m GLAD I stabbed Ryan. My only regret is I didn’t twist the knife 🔪 in him!
Scott - Don’t say that in court, or you will go to jail.
(Scott wants to go for temporary insanity. Ava wants to plead guilty.)
Ava - Is Ryan dead?
Scott - If Ryan dies, it’s premeditated murder.
Ava - To tell the truth, I should be given a medal 🏅! The DA called off the search. The ONLY reason I didn’t pull the trigger was Curtis showed up and pleaded for Jordan.
(Scott calls Julian and tell him Ava got arrested so he needs to get to the PCPD now.)

(Julian arrives and Scott leaves to talk to the DA.)
Scott - Talk some sense into her!
Ava - I’m NOT sorry I tried to kill Ryan.
Julian - If you plead guilty, you will flush your LIFE down the drain and Chamberlain WINS! Do you want that?
Ava - I lured a man to the cabin with the intention of KILLING him. I did it in front of the POLICE 👮.
Julian - You need to plead NOT guilty. If Ryan wins, you will never be able to finish what you started!
Ava - It never occurred to me that Ryan might live and go back to Ferncliff?
Scott returns - Julian, I hope you convinced Ava to plead not guilty?
Ava - I’m convinced! So, get to work and start earning your fee.

At General Hospital...........................
Jordan’s heart ♥️ is weak from the kidney dialysis. When she heard Ryan was alive, she passed out. Now that Curtis is by her side, she wants to know if he found Ryan.
Curtis - Yes, but he is in the operating room because Ava stabbed him in the back. We don’t know his condition.
Monica - Jordan, you had a very serious cardiac episode! You need to take a leave of absence from work.
Jordan - What happens if Ryan dies?
Monica - We are doing everything we can to find you a donor.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.................................
(Kristina wants to tell Alexis about her pledge to Shiloh.)
Alexis - Whatever you said to Shiloh, we will deal with it. You were very brave to come forward. Your dad will take care of whatever secret you told Shiloh.
Kristina - It’s not about him.
Alexis - So Shiloh needed leverage he could use against you or someone you loved? If the secret wasn’t about your father then it’s about ME!

At the lighthouse......................
(Jason and Sam look at the table where Shiloh tried to rape Sam.)
Sam - I was very lucky 🍀 you came for me. If it was Kristina, she wouldn’t have had anyone to save her!
Jason - Yes, she would. We would have saved her.
(They start to look for the pledge, checking drawers while Kristina tries to tell her mother the pledge was about her.)
Jason - I found it!
(Jason finds all the pledges. He opens Margaux’s and Sam finds Kristina’s pledge too. I guess he thinks, why not have leverage over the DA?)
Sam - We got what we need against Shiloh.

At Sonny’s house 🏡......................
Jason tells Sonny - We got the leverage you need over Margaux.
— MOM (5.28.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.....................
At the lighthouse.......................
Shiloh - You want this as much as I want this.
(Shiloh lifts Sam off the table and kisses her. She is drugged and can’t defend herself.)
Shiloh - You’re exactly what I need! With you by my side, I can do anything. We are destined to be together!
(Jason is behind Shiloh. He turns him around, beats him up and throws Shiloh down the spiral staircase.)
Jason goes to Sam - Sam, it’s me. You’re safe!
Sam - Jason?
Jason - I’m right here.
Sam - I tried to stop 🛑 him.
Jason - You did.
(Jason picks Sam up and carries her out of the lighthouse.)

At Ava’s cabin.......................
Ryan - Ava, WHAT are you doing?
Ava points the gun at Ryan - THIS is what I dreamt about since I found out you killed my daughter .
Ryan - NO! You don’t want to do this. We belong together!
Ava fires the gun - That was a warning shot!
Ryan - I killed Kiki for YOU.
Ava - I lied 🤥. Did you honestly think 🤔 I could LOVE you? Ever since we were on the bridge in Canada 🇨🇦, I’ve wanted to get justice for Kiki.
(Ava shoots at the wall.)
Ryan - AVA!
Ava - It’s ok. I’m an excellent shot. You won’t die, until I want you to.

At GH..................
(Curtis asks Mayor Laura about Ryan.)
Laura - The police 👮 are combing the city and will shoot on sight.
Curtis - NO! They can’t kill Ryan. Jordan’s life depends on him!
(Curtis wants Ryan’s kidney to save Jordan.)
Curtis - Dialysis is putting a strain on Jordan’s heart. Kevin is pre-diabetic and can’t donate his kidney.

At the DOD house 🏠......................
Sonny - How can YOU get involved in DOD and Shiloh?
Margaux - What about your daughter?
Sonny - She is young! You’re a grown woman.
Margaux - It’s all YOUR fault. Do you think I forgot what you did? You TOOK my father and mother from me. Shiloh gave me the peace ☮️ I was looking for. Shiloh is a selfless man.
Sonny - The only reason he befriended you is he wants something from you.
Margaux - Shiloh is a kind man and he doesn’t want anything from me.
Sonny - First, Shiloh asks for your pledge. Then, he invites you to The Trust and DRUGS you. He BRANDS you, and then he has SEX with you! Now, I‘m not a lawyer, but that sounds like sexual assault to ME. If you want to save yourself, you have to face the TRUTH.

At GH..........................
(Lucy wants to help find Ava and Ryan. She tells Laura and Curtis that Ava bought a cabin from her.)
Laura - Where is it?
Lucy - It’s two miles off Routes 5 and 7. It is way off the road.
Curtis leaves to find Ryan and Laura contacts Chase - Ryan can’t die. Take him alive.

At Ava’s cabin....................
Ava - Tell me about Kiki’s LAST day!
Ryan - Ava, you don’t need to hear about your daughter’s final day on Earth 🌎.
Ava - Tell me, or I will SHOOT your other hand 🤚 off!
Ryan - I tried to make it as painless as possible.
Ava - I want to know what Kiki did when she saw you in her apartment.
Ryan - She was scared 😱. When I cornered her, she cried, “Mommy! Mommy!”
(Ava starts to cry 😭.)

At Julian’s 🏠 house..........................
(Brad visits him and tells him Lucas knows that Willow is Wylie’s mother. He thinks Shiloh is the father.)
Brad - I need your help! What am I going to do? I have no one else to talk to about this. Willow thinks Wylie is her biological child. Maybe if I tell her the truth, she will back off.
Julian - NO! No, you will shut up!
Brad - What has Shiloh done to YOU?
Julian - If Shiloh goes for custody, you will loose Wylie.
Brad - Tell me what to do?
Julian - Leave it to me. I will make sure Shiloh never takes Wylie away from Lucas and you.

At GH.......................
(Jason takes Sam to the hospital.)
Jason - I’m here. Try to get some rest.
Sam - What happened?
Jason - Sonny and I were outside listening to what Shiloh was saying. When he finished tattooing you, he said, “It is right that only my hands touch you.” Then, Sonny and I went in.
Sam - HOW did you find me?
Jason - I remembered you telling me about the lighthouse. I heard him tell you he will show you a new dawn.
Sam - He put me on a table, and I tried to say no. I couldn’t breathe! Then, you were there. What happened to Shiloh?
Jason - He fell down the stairs.
Sam - Is he 💀 dead?
Jason - I hope so.

At Ava’s cabin..............................
Ryan - The last thing your daughter said to me was tell my mother I’m sorry and I love her.
Ava - She was beautiful in EVERY way. You KILLED her! You are EVIL 😈. I want you to die, but it has to be a shot to the gut. Something painful, so I can watch you bleed out.
Ryan - You wanted me to!
Ava - One more thing before I pull the trigger? Your brother is SO much smarter than you are. He knew EXACTLY how to set you up.
(Ava is about to pull the trigger when Curtis comes in.)
Curtis - AVA! Don’t shoot! Jordan 🇯🇴 needs Ryan’s kidney to live!
Ava - HE killed Kiki!
Curtis - You can honor Kiki by letting Jordan live. Give me the gun!
Ava - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if I can do that?
Curtis - If he dies, Jordan dies. Come on, give me the gun.
(She gives him the gun. Chase and the police 👮‍♀️ arrive with guns drawn.)
Curtis to Ryan - You owe me!
Chase - Ryan Chamberlain, you are under arrest.
(He handcuffs him.)

At GH.........................
(Well, Shiloh survived Jason’s beating with a broken arm and a badly cut up face. Sonny goes into his hospital room.)
Sonny - Good, you’re awake! Remember what I said to you? Family first at ANY cost. You messed with MY family, so now YOU will pay the price. That trip down the stairs is only the beginning! I want my daughter’s pledge. Think it over. Someone will be by in the morning to discuss the details.

(Jason goes into Sam’s room. She is having a Shiloh nightmare.)
Sam - Jason is it really over? Are you really here?
Jason - Yes, I’m here. You’re safe!

At Ava’s cabin..................................
Curtis leaves to call Mayor Laura. Chase tells Ava that someone will contact her to get your statement. As he leads Ryan out, he is smirking.)
Ryan - You couldn’t pull the trigger! You LOVE 💕 me.
(Ava goes into a rage and swiftly grabs Ryan’s large knife 🔪 and plants 🌱 it in Ryan’s back. Down he goes!)
— MOM (5.24.19)
Thursday on GH..................
At Ava’s house in the woods.....................
Ava hears something - Kevin, is that you?
“Kevin“ - Did you miss me?
Ava - Kevin, what’s wrong?
(“Kevin“ is standing in front of Ava with a large knife in his hand.)
Ava - RYAN?
Ryan - I saw you with my brother, all over the internet.
Ava - Why, Ryan, are you jealous?
Ryan - My brother is weak!
Ava - Yes. I missed you so much, and he was the next best thing. Put that knife 🔪 down, so I can hug you!
Ryan - I’ve got to hand 🖐 it to you, if you’re lying, you put on a hell of a show. I KILLED Kiki. So, as my brother would ask, how does it make you FEEL? I killed Kiki, and used YOU as an alibi.
Ava - You didn’t take away what I love the most! I love 💕 YOU. You feed me.

Outside of DOD.........................
(I was mistaken. Sam was touching Shiloh and sympathizing with him to get Shiloh to let his guard down.)

Jason and Sonny are in a car 🚘 outside, listening to Sam. She accepts Shiloh’s invite to go ahead with the initiation. They listen as Sam tells Shiloh she doesn’t want the drink (aka drug) but Shiloh insists. Jason is concerned Sam will be drugged. Shiloh brands Sam while she lays on the pillows. He asks her if it hurts? She says not so much. When he finishes, Shiloh touches Sam’s bare back and kisses it. That’s when Jason and Sonny jump out of the car and rush to save Sam!

Outside of the ballroom.....................
(Lucas is very angry at Brad. He knows now that Willow is Wylie’s mother and she concealed the birth from Shiloh.)
Lucas - Shiloh can take Wylie AWAY from us!
(Then, Lucas sees Michael and Willow and blasts her for keeping the baby from Shiloh. Michael is stunned to find out that his godson is Willow’s son. Brad can’t understand why they hate Shiloh).
Willow - When I heard you were going to DOD I was concerned for Wylie. DOD is a CULT. Shiloh is an evil and dangerous man!
Michael - Yes, he drugs the girls, brands them and has unwanted sex with them. He should be arrested! Shiloh will do everything he can to get his hands on Wylie. We have to protect Wylie!

Back at DOD............................
(Jason and Sonny, with guns drawn, enter the house 🏡 and see two guys who tell them to get out. Jason knocks one guy out and Sonny takes care of the other guy. Jason rushes to the attic and Sam is gone.)
Sonny - Where did they go?
Jason - I know.
(He leaves to find Sam. I think Shiloh took Sam to the 💡 light house 🏡 where Dawn of Day was born.)

Back at Ava’s 🏠........................
Ryan - I saw your performance at the Nurses’ Ball. You were magnificent!
Ava - I was thinking of you when I sang the song. How did you find me?
Ryan - I will always find you.
Ava - The only real, true love 💕 I have is right here with you, Ryan.
Ryan - You said I was your gift 🎁. I can be that again!
Ava - Can you give me what I need?

At the Nurses’ Ballroom......................................
Lucy and Mac 💻 help get Kevin down from the rafters. When he comes to, he is ok. DA Dawson comes in and Laura, who returned from Canada, blames her for the death of April Trembly and the blast at the house because Margaux called off the search for Ryan Chamberlain. Chase reports that Lulu and Carly, Ryan’s victims, are accounted for. But Ava is missing. He tells the guests the PCPD is doing everything they can to stop 🛑 Ryan. Mac, Felicia,Kevin and Laura know Ava is missing on purpose. She is going ahead with her plan to kill Ryan Chamberlain.

At DOD........................
(Sonny calls Margaux to the house 🏠.)
Margaux - I see two bodies downstairs.
Sonny - They are sleeping. Where is your friend, Shiloh?

At Ava’s house 🏡.........................
Ryan - All I cared about was fulfilling your dreams.
(Ava asks Ryan to please put the knife 🔪 down, and he does.)
Ryan - Now, where were we?
Ava - We understand each other. We’re like two sides of the same coin.
Ryan - Why?
Ava points a gun at Ryan - Because neither one of us is afraid 😱 to watch the other DIE!

At the Lighthouse..................
(Shiloh carries a drugged Sam in her gold shimmering gown and puts her on a table.)
Sam - Where am I ?

Will Jason get there in time to save Sam?
— MOM (3.23.19)
Wednesday on GH.................
The Nurses Ball 2019 continues............

Ned and Olivia Quartermaine 🎤 sing 🎶, Darling If You Want Me to Be Closer to You, Get Closer to Me 🎶. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Willow admits to a very angry 😤, vicious and threatening Shiloh that she was pregnant with his child when she left Dawn of Day.

Michael is at a table with Sasha and Valentin when Nina tells him she knows Willow had a child and gave it up. He leaves the table and goes to find Willow.

Willow tells Shiloh - How does it feel to be in the dark?
Shiloh slams his fist into the wall - I have a CHILD?
(He grabs willow’s arm and demands to know where the child is. Then, an angry Michael throws Shiloh to the floor and gets in front of Willow.)
Michael - You want Willow? Then you’ve got to go through ME! Willow, are you alright? Look, you have pushed our family TOO far.
Shiloh - I’m not going anywhere because I’m a father.
(He leaves and Willow cries on Michael’s shoulder.)

Chase tells Felicia, Ava and Mac 🖥 that Ryan is alive and on his way to Port Charles. An APB has been sent out and the police 👮‍♀️ are looking for him.

Valentin Cassadine is the next performer. He plays the piano 🎹 and sings.
🎼 Know my name. You know my name. I love 💕 you now, but I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ who you are.🎶

Down in the basement.....................
Scott bumps into “Kevin“ and tells him they need to have a talk. “Kevin“ says he is in a hurry. Scott grabs “Kevin‘s” left hand and it comes off and drops to the floor. Scott’s 👀 eyes bug 🕷 out of his head...... RYAN! One-handed Ryan hits Scott on the head and knocks him out.

In the ballroom.....................
Michael brings Willow back in and passes Shiloh’s table - That SOB should be arrested!
(Shiloh looks at them and tells Sam, Brad and Lucas that he just found out a woman had his child 👶 and didn’t tell him.)
Shiloh - I am going to find my child!
(Lucas looks at Willow.)

Mac and Felicia ask Lulu if she spoke to her mother? They tell her to sit down and say Ryan is alive and on his way to Port Charles.

A perceptive Lucas says to Brad - I just had a terrible thought about Michael‘s friend, Willow, and your guru, Shiloh!
(Lucas figures out that Willow and Shiloh are Wylie’s parents.)

The next performer is Joslyn Jacks. She 🎤 sings a song she and Oscar wrote together. 🎼 Remember the Good Times. It’s Never Goodbye🎶.

Epiphany finds Scott on the floor. She helps him up and thinks he had too much to 🍹 drink. Scott tells Felicia, Mac, Chase and her that he is not drunk. Ryan Chamberlain knocked him out!

Back upstairs..................
(An agitated Shiloh is tearing his tie off and Sam 🛑 stops him from leaving. She tells Shiloh to breathe and calm down. She is there for him and she lost a child too, so she knows how he feels. Shiloh thanks Sam for supporting him and tells her he needs her now more than ever. Shiloh implores her to go with him to DOD and finish the initiation.)
Shiloh - I need your strength. Bad things are going to happen.
Sam touches his faces and says - Yes.

(What is Sam doing?? I am confused? I think Sam bought into Dawn of Day. She has feelings for Shiloh.)

The Nurses Ball has ended and Lucy is asking the stage hand to open the curtains. Of course, we see Kevin Collins, out cold, dangling from the rope in a straight jacket. Oh, the horror!

Ava left the Ball to go to her hideaway in the woods to wait for Ryan. We see Ryan looking at her through a window.
— MOM (5.22.19)
Tuesday on GH................
The Nurses’ Ball 2019 continues......

Finn proposes to Anna and she accepts.

Lisle Obrecht and Franco sing 🎤 , We Got Nothing to Be Guilty Of.

Shiloh tells Kristina - Sam is with DOD. Kristina, come home to Dawn of Day.
Sonny hears this - Shiloh, stay away from my daughter!
Shiloh tells Kristina - Don’t let your father control your life.
Sonny stares down at Shiloh - Your door 🚪 is about to close permanently. You messed with the wrong family!

At Sonny’s mansion...................
Joss is at home 🏡 and gets a visit from Cameron, who gives her a video from Oscar. He tells her to live her life and sing 🎤 the song they composed for the Nurses’ Ball. Joss gets dressed and looks lovely in a silver shimmer gown with layers of pink and grey. She looks much older than 15 years old.

At the Ball...........................
Willow received a call from Diane Miller. She attempts to leave the Ball and bumps into Nina and spills her drink on her.
Nina is angry 😡 - Will you WATCH where you’re going?
Willow looks at her - The ONE good thing about losing my job is I don’t have to take your CRAP 💩 anymore.

Cameron Webber performs a song called, I Will Be Your Star 🌟, and plays the guitar 🎸. He did a good job! 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Willow is talking to Diane and Nina overhears that Willow has a child.
Willow and Nina argue and Nina says - You can’t even take care of your OWN child?
Shiloh hears this and Willow is frightened.

The next performer is Ava Jerome. She 🎤 sings a smokey song from the Four Seasons, I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.

In Canada 🇨🇦 ...........................
Curtis and Laura survive the house 🏡 blast💥🔥. The EMS arrive to help. Curtis calls Chase at the Nurses’ Ball to say that Ryan Chamberlain is alive and coming to Port Charles.

Back at the Nurses’ Ball.......................
We see Kevin knocked out by Ryan, AGAIN, in the basement. Ryan is dressed in a tuxedo 🤵 with a black glove on his left hand. He picks up the red roses 🌹 that Kevin got to give Ava after her performance, and he goes upstairs.

Will the guests know it is Ryan?
— MOM (5.21.19)
Monday on GH...............
The 💫🌟 Nurses’ Ball💃🏼 2019💥..................

This is the 25th Anniversary of the Nurses’ Ball. It was founded by Robin Scorpio Drake, originally as a benefit for AIDS and HIV research.

Lucy Coe, the emcee, introduced the first entertainment. Nurse 👩‍⚕️ Epiphany and the other nurses sang 🎤 🎶 and danced 💃🏼 to “You Got The Best Of My Love.” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Mike and Yvonne attended the Ball with Sonny and Carly. Yvonne is showing her new ring to Bobby when Finn, who is talking to Chase, sees the ring and says, “SHE is wearing MY ring!” Finn tells Sonny the lady is wearing his ring and he wants it back.

Anna takes Robert aside and reminds him she is Finn’s date. She says Robert is exasperating as an ex-husband. Anna tells Robert she will always love him, but she can’t marry him. Their relationship is in the past. She loves Finn.

At DOD......................
Jason and Spinelli just open the door 🚪 and enter DOD to wire/bug 🐜 the room where Sam’s initiation will happen. Jason tells Spinelli it has to be perfect for Sam.

Back at the Nurses’ Ball................
(Sam and Shiloh sat at the table with Lulu, Maxie and Peter.)
Peter - The Invader is going to do a story with Molly Lansing Davis about Dawn of Day. Lulu, will you help Molly write the story.
Lulu - I don’t know anything about DOD.
Peter - Shiloh can tell you about DOD, aren’t you the leader?
Shiloh - I am NOT the leader.
Maxie is angry 😤 - Ok, save it! What are YOU doing with this guy, Sam? Shiloh means He Who Has Been Sent.
Sam - I don’t judge your dates, don’t judge mine!
Maxie - Shiloh is the perfect name for the leader of the CULT!

In a Metro Court hotel room.................
Spinelli - Looking good. Getting signals from all devices.
(Jason gets a call from Kristina who tells him she saw Sam on the TV 📺 with Shiloh at the Nurses’ Ball. She wants Jason to get Sam away from Shiloh. Jason tells her that Sam can take care of herself.)
Spinelli laments - We can’t be sure Shiloh will incriminate himself.
Jason - It doesn’t matter. This ends tonight.

Back at the Nurses’ Ball........................
Shiloh takes Sam aside - Is Maxie is a friend?
Sam - No.
Shiloh - t was different hearing Maxie call DOD a cult.
Kristina shows up - Shiloh, get the hell away from my sister!

Sonny and Finn come up with a plan to tell Mike the ring he gave Yvonne is a phony. Mike says he can’t afford to buy another ring. Finn offers him the ring Robert gave him and says this one is real. Mike exchanges the ring and Finn has Anna’s engagement ring 💍 back.

Lucy announces the next performer, he moves so arresting, he makes you want to write bad checks.....Harrison Chase! He sings 🎤a song by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay called, Something Just Like This.

🎼 She said where you want to go? How much you want to risk? 🎼
🎼 I’m not looking for somebody with some super human gifts. Some super hero 🦸‍♂️. Some fairy 🧚‍♀️ tale bliss. 🎼
🎼 Somebody I can turn to, somebody I can kiss 💋. I want something just like this. 🎼

Great song! He was singing and dancing 🕺. He brought Willow up on stage and 💃🏼 danced 🕺 with her and 💋 kissed her.

Lucy introduces Anna Devane to speak about her daughter, Robin Scorpio Drake.
Anna - Robin was diagnosed with HIV in 1995, which was a death sentence at the time. HIV and AIDS has taken so many loved ones, in particular, Stone Cates. My daughter’s death 💀 sentence became a life sentence. Where there is life, there is hope. And we must never forget that, because THAT is the true meaning tonight. Hope! Thank you. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Robert and Finn are watching Anna by the curtain on the stage.
Robert - She is one incredible woman 👩. You’d better make her happy, Finn!

Robert takes the ring out of Finn’s hand and throws the ring at Anna’s feet. She looks over and doesn’t know who did it, Robert or Finn?
— MOM (5.20.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
Today is the start of the Nurses’ Ball 2019..................

At the Metro Court........................
Nina Reeves was the emcee on the red carpet. All the men looked handsome in a tuxedo 🤵. The women worked gorgeous, long gowns. When the guests came in, they stood in front of a backdrop of The Nurses Ball 2019. Maxie took a picture for the internet.and Crimson. A photographer took a picture also.
- Lucy Coe the emcee was the first to arrive, and had a sequined brownish dress. Gorgeous.
- Michael came with Sasha (Nina was thrilled and Carly not so much.)
- Carly and Sonny looked fabulous. Her dress was red sparkles.
- Elizabeth and Franco were happy to be together. Elizabeth wore a dark green dress and she looked lovely.
- Chase and Willow arrived together and were adorable. Willow had on a skin tight pink/peach thin strap gown that had shimmer and sparkle.
- Jasper “Jax” arrived alone and looked very handsome. Everyone with the exception of Sonny was glad to see him.
- Scott wore a very expensive tuxedo 🤵, his words.
- Ava and Kevin arrived together, and when Lucy and Scott saw them they were in agreement that A/K should not be together. Ava’s dress was black with silver sequins on the shoulders .
- Anna came with Finn .She had on a plain navy gown.
- Robert arrived alone and looked dapper. Anna was surprised to see him, but he was so happy to see her that he took a picture with Anna and Finn!
- The last couple to arrive were Sam and Shiloh. Nina didn’t know who he was and when Sam said he was Shiloh of DOD she asked where is Jason?

At the picture area, Maxie greeted Sam but was not glad to see Shiloh. She refused to take their picture and walked away. When Lucy announced the Nurses’ Ball was starting. The doors 🚪 opened up to a beautiful shimmering room and all the guests found their seats. On Monday, the entertainment will begin.

In Toronto Canada 🇨🇦............................
We see Laura and Curtis bound up and sitting back to back in a darkened room of deceased April Trembly’s house 🏠. When they come to, they smell ⛽️ gasoline and frantically try to get free of the ropes that bound them. After much struggle, they are free and they get out of the house seconds before it 🔥 explodes ☄️💥.

Where is Ryan Chamberlain?? Will we see him soon?
— MOM (5.17.19)
Thursday on GH...................
At General Hospital.....................
Carly arrives to Dr. Navarro’s office. She is Carly’s OB doctor. The good news is the CVS test showed no sign of any birth defects.

Dr. Finn is very angry at Robert Scorpio. The ring he bought for Anna was a rare Monaco 🇲🇨 Blue Sapphire. It is a one-of-a-kind. Chase suggests Finn propose marriage to Anna .Then they can go ring shopping 🛍 together.

At the Metro Court hotel room...........................
Jason asked Spinelli to come to town. Sam arrives and tells Spinelli that Shiloh drugs, tattoos and has sex with the pledges. These crimes are all felonies! Sam wants Spinelli and Jason to bug 🐜 the attic where the initiation will take place. Sam invited Shiloh to attend the Nurses’ Ball with her. After the Ball, she will suggest they return to DOD to continue with the initiation. The event will be recorded and if anything goes wrong, Jason and Spinelli will be there. After Sam leaves, Spinelli asks Jason if he is concerned that if Sam, while drugged, could slip and tell Shiloh she hates him? Then, Shiloh may become violent. Jason says the audio has to be perfect. They need to know exactly what is going on to get Sam out in time. He says they will put an end to Shiloh one way or the other.

At Kim’s apartment....................
Kim and Drew are going through a box 📦 of Oscar’s things from his locker at school. They come across a poster of the mountain ⛰ Kilimanjaro. Drew says it would be a testament to Oscar if he took his ashes and climbed to the top of the mountain 🏔 and spread his ashes. Kim thinks that is a great idea 💡 and says she is going with him.

At the Metro Court..................
Maxie and Peter are on Cloud ☁️ 9 after their weekend in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦. Maxie tells Lulu all about it. Peter thanks 🙏 Anna for convincing him to let Maxie know how he felt about her. They will be going to the Nurses’ Ball together.

The Nurses’ Ball 2019 is tomorrow. I saw a sneak peek of Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) version of Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. He is very talented. In the end of the song, Chase will get Willow to go on stage with him and dance 💃🏼. He will kiss her and Shiloh will became very angry 😤. You can see his performance on Josh’s Facebook page.
— MOM (5.15.19)
Wednesday on GH.....................
Well, now we know that happened to Finn’s engagement ring 💍 for Anna!

At the Adult Center.................
Mike summons his son, Sonny, to the adult center. He is so happy he can’t contain himself. Mike tells Sonny he is going to propose to Yvonne. Sonny thinks this idea 💡 is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs! Sonny tells Mike someone might object to this. Mike asks who? He convinces Mike to speak to Stella first. Stella was going to have dinner 🍽 with Marcus (Yvonne’s husband) so he hurries over to the center. Marcus tells Stella and Sonny he is NOT going to allow Mike to propose to his wife. Stella convinces Marcus that Yvonne and Mike will not get married, but Mike will not understand if he is prevented from proposing. Yvonne and Mike don’t remember that she is married. Marcus says he wants what is best for Yvonne and leaves. Stella and Sonny witness Mike getting on one knee and proposing to Yvonne. They look at each other and wonder where in the 🌍 world did Mike get that expensive ring?

At the Metro Court....................................
Anna wants to nip this idea in the bud of Robert proposing to her. So, she says she has no intention of getting married again. Marriage is not for her. She is perfectly happy with Finn as things are. He respects her boundaries and is very calm about her special agent life.

Robert goes to GH to return the ring to Finn. He is trying to tell Finn the ring is the least of his problems when Finn opens the box and says, this is NOT my ring! Where is it?

In Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦..........................
Curtis and Laura take a break and have dinner. Laura tells Curtis that she didn’t believe April Trembly when she said she was on vacation in Miami .There were no flights from Miami to Toronto that week. Curtis says that while Laura, who said she was a census taker, was talking to April, Curtis with his Xray vision too see all the way over there 👉 on the coffee table. He saw a copy of The Invader opened to the gossip page. Now, why would someone who lives in Canada want a newspaper from Port Charles, New York? Laura said The Intruder was for Ryan Chamberlain!

At that moment, Curtis gets a call from April Trembly, saying she couldn’t talk to them before because someone was listening. She asks them to please come back asap. When Curtis and Laura get to the 🏠, the door is open and the lights won’t come on. Curtis goes in and with the light on his phone 📱 sees something. Laura sees it too. April is dead 💀! Laura goes outside to try to get a signal on her phone 📱. Curtis bends over April and is hit on the head! When Laura returns and sees Curtis on the floor, she looks up 🙄 and screams 😱😫. Black out!

At the coffee ☕️ shop.................................
Carly and Jason are talking about Sam and her plan to find something on Shiloh. Carly can’t believe Sam is going to get drugged, branded and have sex with Shiloh! Jason assures Carly it won’t go that far. Carly gets anxious and bends over in pain. Jason takes her to the hospital 🏥 and Epiphany examines her. She tells Carly and Jason that the baby is fine. Epiphany tells her she has a doctor appointment tomorrow to get the results of her CVS tests. This is a genetic test for the health of the baby.

In the Park......................
Sam is there with Shiloh. He is putting up fliers to a DOD open house 🏠 for tomorrow. Sam says she will not be attending. She is going to the Nurses’ Ball. Shiloh wants to know why she would go to a party for rich people 🤑? Sam tells him those rich people have donated huge amounts of money 💰 to a very worthy cause.....HIV and AIDS. Sam invites Shiloh to go to the Ball with her as her date. Then, he can see for himself what a worthy cause it is and why it is so much fun. Shiloh accepts. When he leaves 🍁, Sam texts Jason that Shiloh took the bait.
— MOM (5.15.19)
Tuesday on GH.....................
This episode is about a little bit of this and a little bit of that.................

In Canada...............
Peter August wanted to take Maxie Jones West on a romantic holiday in Paris, France. Well, there was a ⛄️ ❄️ snowstorm and their private plane ✈️ had to land in Toronto Canada 🇨🇦. When they got to the hotel 🏨, Maxie was grateful the suite had two bedrooms. After dinner 🍽, Maxie said she had to go to the shop downstairs. She didn’t want to be in her pj’s on this special night. Well, she comes back with Laura and Curtis, who she met in the lobby. They couldn’t continue looking for Ryan Chamberlain in the storm. Maxie invited them to the suite. While they were waiting for the storm to subside, they played board games.

Peter and Curtis were at the window looking at the snow ❄️ storm. Peter lamented that he didn’t know if he and Maxie would ever get together. Curtis advised Peter to make the best of each day, and not to take life for granted. Maxie and Laura sat on the couch 🛋 where Maxie said she thought Peter was slow to make a move. Laura told her to make the first move. By the time Laura and Curtis left it was time for bed 🛏. They each went into their bedrooms. Restless, they came out at the same time and fell into each others arms.

At the Park...................
Ava and Kevin are waiting for Lulu to take some pictures of them to put on the internet. They hear someone approaching so Kevin and Ava kiss 💋 to cover for the fake romance. Julian yells at Kevin to get away from his sister! What does he think he is doing? Now that Laura rejected him, he is taking advantage of his vulnerable sister. Ava tells Julian that she and Kevin are in a relationship . Julian 😆 laughs and says she can’t be serious. Kevin tells Julian that instead of him trying to clean up 🧹 his reputation at Charlie’s Pub, Julian should have paid attention to his sister! Then, she wouldn’t have fallen prey to Ryan. Julian 🥊 punches Kevin and a paparazzo (where did he come from?) snaps a picture. The police arrive, and in order to get publicity, Kevin presses charges and Julian is arrested.

At the Metro Court.................................
Sasha and Michael have their first date. Michael mentions that he heard Sasha say she wished Nina was her mother when she was in the hospital. Sasha covered nicely. She said she didn’t have a good relationship with her mother and wished Nina, who she admired, was her mother. Michael bought her lie.

At PC elementary school 🏫..............................
Willow has a parent/teacher meeting with Nina Reeves, Franco, Elizabeth and the parents who didn’t want Aiden to go to their daughter’s birthday 🎁 party. Aiden was the only child in class not invited. The principal was also there. The purpose of the meeting is that one parent objects to a book about families, namely a gay family, in the class library 📚 for 3rd graders. Willow was trying to explain why the book was there when Nina got up and said this is all Ms. Tate’s fault. She didn’t properly explain about the book. Nina asks Willow was the book 📖 for a specific person? Willow said no. The angry parents said they didn’t want their child forced to learn about a gay family. Nina told her the book was in the library for whomever wanted to read it. There are so many 📚 books. The children can pick the book they want to read. Nina says if there is a child in class that needs extra kindness, let’s give it to him. Franco and Elizabeth were grateful that Nina stood up for their child. Willow was impressed with this side of Nina. She tried to tell her that, but Nina ignored her. After the parents left, Willow wanted to talk to the principal about next year’s curriculum. The principal told her she would not be invited to the school 🏫 next year.

At the Metro Court...........................
Robert got a call from Finn about the ring. Robert is holding the box and tells Finn he will return the engagement ring 💍 today. When he opens the box, the ring is gone! Felicia and Mac 🖥 come by and notice Robert is frantic. He tells them he lost Finn’s engagement ring 💍 for Anna. They help him look 👀 for it, but it’s lost. Mac tells Robert he has a friend who can make a duplicate ring so off they go.

Anna shows up for her lunch with Felicia and she tells Anna that she thinks Robert is staying in Port Charles because he is interested in someone (Anna). When Anna hears that she wishes the lady good luck. 🍀

Robert and Mac are showing Felicia the replacement ring, which doesn’t have the same setting as the original. Felicia thinks Finn will know the difference. Anna walks by and sees Robert with the ring in his hand and thinks Robert is going to propose to her.

In Toronto, 🇨🇦 Canada............................
Curtis and Laura are looking for the lady who got drugs for Ryan. They come upon a house 🏠 they knocked on before when the home owner wasn’t home 🏠. They noticed there was a large amount of mail in the mailbox. Now, the mailbox is empty. They knock on the door 🚪. A woman answers and Laura says she is from the census bureau and asks how many people live in the house 🏠? The woman says one person. Laura mentions that they were there before and noticed a lot of mail. Was she away? The woman said she was on vacation and closed the door 🚪.

Inside the living room is a newspaper 📰 opened to the page with the story of Ava and Kevin. The lady tells someone she got the 🧻newspaper for them. We see a hand with a knife 🔪 and someone stabs the knife 🔪 into the article. Ryan Chamberlain is there!
— MOM (5.14.19)
Monday on GH.................
This episode is all about Oscar Nero Quartermaine.

At the Quartermaine mansion.......................
(Monica, Olivia and Ned are enjoying the morning sun ☀️ when Kim and Drew come in to the living room. Kim is holding a silver and blue urn ⚱️. They look 👀 at her and know what that means.)
Kim - I tried to prepare for this day, but don’t know what to do?
Ned - Well, Oscar planned for this day. He knew what he wanted.
(An invitation is sent out via text to Carly, Joss, Cameron, Trina and Elizabeth. It says: Oscar Nero Quartermaine invites you to Oscar’s 🎈🎊celebration 🎉 . No black dresses. No tears 😭. You can say nice things about me if you want. Jason, Sam, Michael, Alexis, Jax, Julian and Sonny are also there.)
Ned - Today is Oscar’s day. Have some food 🥘 and share a story about Oscar. He would rather you laugh 😆 than cry 😢.

Joss gives Jason a letter from Oscar. He wants a 🌲 treehouse built 🛠🔦 on the Quartermaine property for Danny, Scout and all the future children. Oscar wants Jason and Drew to build the 🌲 treehouse together. Jason asks Drew if he is game? Drew says yes. They shake hands on it.

The tables are set in the outdoor terrace. After all have eaten, Michael gets up to speak about Oscar. He talks about how brave Oscar was to date his sister, Joslyn. Oscar was such a gentleman and he was lucky to know him. Cameron tells about what a good friend Oscar was. Cam also said when Oscar found out he had cancer ♋️ he wasn’t angry 😤 or bitter. Oscar taught Cameron what real bravery looked like. Joss said she had a crush on Oscar, the quiet 🤫 and mysterious new guy. They talked a lot and over the summer and she got to know the real Oscar. He was funny and smart. Oscar always was her biggest supporter. She hopes he felt she was his. Oscar wanted to live more than anything, but that wasn’t happening. So they’re having a party 🎉 🎈 and skipping the bad stuff and enjoying the good was Oscar. The best part was to know him and to love 💕 and be 💗 loved by him.

Drew - Its a scary thing, to find out you have a teenage son. Oscar made it easy. The more I spent time with him, the more I wanted to. Oscar was a gift 🎁 and I wanted so much more. I will always be grateful to be his dad. I will forever carry him in my heart.
Ned - Oscar didn’t want the day to end here. So, kindly follow me to the park.

At the Park...................
Olivia - Everyone take a full bag of flower 🌹 🌸 🌺 seeds.
Ned - Thanks to the Parks Commissioner, this section of the park will be known as Oscar’s Meadow. Now, at the count of three, throw the flower 🌺 seeds in the air. In a few months, this meadow will be full of flowers 🌺 🌸. That concludes the celebration of Oscar’s life.🎊 🎉
Kim - This is so beautiful, and has Oscar written all over it. I had Oscar as a single mother. For most of his life, it was him and me. When I found out Oscar had cancer ♋️, we moved to Port Charles so he could be close to his family. Oscar blossomed and met Joss. Monica, you opened your arms to Oscar and taught him what it meant to be a Quartermaine. Drew, when Oscar found you he was thrilled. Joss, thank you for being Oscar’s first love 💕. Someone else would have run away. I hope you go on to live an incredible life because that is what Oscar would want for you!
(Drew thanks Ned and Olivia for putting the celebration together for Oscar. Joss, Cam and Trina decide to spend the 4th in Oscar’s Meadow.)
Sam - I wanted to ask you if you were ok 👍, but I can see you’re not. You were a great dad to Oscar.
Drew - Sam, I need your help. I want to be the best dad I can to Scout.
(Sonny approaches Kim. She is looking at the memorial plaque to Oscar’s Meadow.)
Sonny - I know you have to make a choice between the emptiness you feel and the rage inside. Life is so unfair. Oscar wouldn’t want you to be sad 😢. Sooner or later you will find the peace ☮️ inside.
Kim - Thank you 🙏, Sonny.
Kim looks up to the sky 🌌 - I love you my beautiful boy 👦. I always will.
— MOM (5.13.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
At DOD.....................
Shiloh opens the door 🚪 and invites Kristina in. He is so happy to see her and says he knew she would come back! A stoic Kristina tells Shiloh she is not coming back. She wants her signed pledge and the recording back. Shiloh tells her it is not that easy. She gave him a gift 🎁 for the Trust. Kristina wants to know what is he going to do with it? Shiloh says she has changed so much. She was so happy there. She turned her back on DOD. Kristina won’t let Shiloh guilt her into coming back. She tells him he drugged her and was going to have sex with her! Well, Shiloh is taken aback at Kristina’s frankness. He tells her he wasn’t going to have sex with her, and wants to know who told her that? Kristina asks if he want to know who it was? (Oh no! Don’t say Willow!) Kristina say it was David Henry Archer. It was Shiloh! As Kristina is leaving, Shiloh says she is always welcome back and hopes she walks through that door 🚪 again.

Shiloh calls Harmony and tells her someone was looking for Kristina’s pledge and took all the files with blank papers. He says he hid all the pledges in a safe place but thinks someone will come back for her pledge.

At Alexis’ house 🏠.........................
Sonny stops by and wants to check up on Kristina. Alexis tells him she isn’t home. Sonny wants to know why Alexis let Kristina go out? Dr. Neil Byrne comes by and Alexis asks him who is right? Dr. Neil tells Sonny to trust his daughter, and if he prevents her from going out, he will push her into Shiloh’s arms. Kristina comes home and is upset. Dr. Byrne asks her how her day went? She says she went to see Julian to get her job back. He gave it back to her, but was angry she was gone for so long. She also told them she went to see Shiloh and that didn’t go so well. Kristina was tired and upset and wanted to be alone, so she went to her room. Sonny was concerned that Shiloh was going to blackmail is daughter. Dr. Neil told Sonny and Alexis to take a minute to reflect on what just happened. Kristina saw Shiloh and still came home. She would rather be with a mother she argues with than Shiloh.

At General Hospital.........................
Jordan and TJ are happy there is a donor for the kidney transplant. Dr. Finn cautions them that tests need to be taken first. Dr. Finn summons Dr. Kevin Collins to GH. He tells Kevin and Ava he can’t give Jordan his kidney. Tests show that he is Pre-Type 2 Diabetic. Being held captive for so long without food and exercise has damaged his body. Kevin wants to go through with the operation anyway, but Finn tells him he is not strong enough. Jordan and TJ are disappointed. Finn asks Jordan if she has family members who could be tested? She tells him she hasn’t spoken to them in years, and doesn’t know where they could be.

Kevin tells Ava he wanted to do something good to make up for all the bad Ryan did. Ava tells him he is a good person and leans in to kiss him. Kevin pulls away, and Ava apologizes. She tells him the guy she thought was Kevin accepted her for who she was, and she loved him. It was just that she got confused, and it will never happen again. A stern Kevin tells Ava he loves his wife and if this happens again he will end this faux relationship.
— MOM (5.10.19)
Thursday on GH..........................
At DOD..........................
Brad is with Shiloh. he is giving Brad a temple massage. Brad tells him he feels much better. Shiloh says that Brad can do these mental exercises himself. Brad confesses the reason he came by was because he is worried about Wylie’s birth mother causing trouble. Wherever he goes, she shows up. Brad tells Shiloh that the birth mother lives in Port Charles. Shiloh suggests he may be able to help. Why doesn’t Brad bring the birth mother to DOD?

At Chase’s apartment........................
Willow is very concerned that Brad is taking parenting classes from Shiloh. She is sure Brad will slip and tell Shiloh who Wylie’s birth mother is. Chase doesn’t think Shiloh will find out he has a son. Willow tells him the adoption isn’t legal because Shiloh never gave permission. Chase says Willow should contact an attorney and find out what to do. Willow leaves a message for Diane Miller.

At Charley’s Pub..........................
Lucas stops by to speak to Julian because he knows Brad spends a lot of time talking to Julian. Lucas wants his father to tell him what is going on with Brad. Lucas tells Julian that Brad is taking classes at DOD. He is worried for Wylie because Willow said DOD is a cult. Lucas doesn’t know why Willow is saying he and Brad are bad parents. Julian knows why, but doesn’t say anything. Lucas wants Brad to speak to HIM about his problems, and not Shiloh at DOD .

At the Quartermaine Mansion............................
Jason and Sam are there because Danny is playing with Annabelle the dog. Jason tells Sam she is off the hook and doesn’t have to return to DOD. Sam tells Jason she covered for him and said an angry 😤 man came in and hit Shiloh because of his daughter. Jason tells Sam that he didn’t get Kristina’s pledge because Shiloh had blank pages in the file. Sam says they HAVE to blackmail Shiloh. She wants to go through with the Trust, get drugged and have sex with Shiloh all while recording this. She says being drugged and forced to have sex against her will is a crime. (I don’t think Jason is ok with this. Just saying...)

Finn’s office at GH.....................
Anna and Finn are planning a big night when Robert interrupts them. Robert tells Anna he has a way to prove Alex is Heinrik’s mother. Anna says his name is Peter. Robert ignores that, and says Frisco Jones has all of the files of where Alex was around that time. Anna is against that and wants Robert to leave Alex’s past alone. Anna doesn’t want to know if Peter is not her son. She will always treat him as her son. This makes Robert very angry 😤. He feels he and Robin should have a say as to whether Heinrik is a half-brother or a cousin. Robert’s heart 💜 broken and tells Anna he thought she would always have his back. When Anna leaves, Finn calls Robert and leaves a message that he is tired of waiting for Robert to give him his engagement ring 💍 back.

At Kelly’s Diner........................
Sonny is having lunch with Mike when Robert storms in. Sonny approaches Robert and wants to know about Dante. Robert tells Sonny it is not a good time. Sonny says he doesn’t care, and they need to speak outside. Sonny asks how is Dante doing and could he speak to him? Robert tells him no, he can’t. They are doing all they can to deprogram Dante but he may not be the same as he was. While they are talking outside, Mike sees something on the counter .He picks it up and it Anna’s engagement ring 💍. (I don’t think this will end well.)

At Alexis’ house 🏠..............................
Alexis is setting the table for breakfast 🍳. Molly made a frittata. Kristina comes down, and she slept well and feels better. Alexis is happy Kristina is home and Kristina wants to know what are the rules? Alexis tells her the only thing she can’t do is have anyone from DOD in the house 🏠 or speak to anybody from there. Kristina agrees. Michael stops by to see if she is ok. Kristina tells him he doesn’t have to worry about her, and says she needs to leave now. Julian, her boss, must be wondering what happened to her? When Kristina leaves, Alexis tells Michael to thank Willow for speaking to Kristina. Alexis was sick to her stomach thinking about if that was Kristina being drugged and having forced sex.

At DOD....................
Shiloh is ready to leave. He opens the door 🚪 and Kristina is standing there. Surprised, he says, Kristina? A sullen-faced Kristina asks for her pledge back.
— MOM (5.9.19)
Wednesday on GH..................
At DOD.......................
Shiloh is in the process of putting his mark on Sam’s back. Jason breaks the door 🚪 down, and with gun in hand goes up to the attic. He kicks the door open and hits Shiloh on the back of the head with the butt of his gun. Shiloh is out cold. Jason tells Sam it’s over. Kristina chose to stay home. Jason looks at Sam’s back and sees that she is bleeding. Sam wants Jason to get Kristina‘s pledge, so she throws a vase at the wall and screams get out. Jason makes his way to the pledge room. Shiloh comes too, and Sam asks him if he is alright? She notices he is bleeding too and gets a ice pack. Shiloh asks what happened, did Jason hit him? Sam says if Jason hit him, he would know it. Sam says a crazed man came in and hit him on the head and said something about his daughter. Should they call the police 👮? Shiloh says no, his door 🚪 is always open. It could be anyone, and he doesn’t want the police 👮 roaming around DOD. Shiloh wants to go on as usual and continue the Trust ceremony, but he is woozy and Sam suggests they do it another time.

At Kelly’s Diner..............................
Detective Valerie Spencer is holding Wylie and talking to Lucas (her cousin) and Brad. She hears from Brad that he is taking classes at DOD. Valerie tells Brad he should stay away from DOD and Shiloh. Lucas agrees and says the classes are very expensive. Brad defends DOD and says they do good charity work. He looks at Lucas and says since taking the classes he is calmer, he can sleep 😴 at night and he is more confident as a father. Lucas says if the police are looking at DOD it must be serious. Valerie says they have their suspicions, but Margaux will not let them formally investigate.

Valerie tells Chase that she also has a family member involved in DOD. When she mentions her cousin Lucas’ husband Brad, Willow becomes concerned.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
Willow runs into Brad and Lucas with Wylie and becomes irate and scolds Brad about staying away from DOD with Wylie. Lucas tells her to leave them alone and they leave.

Back at Chase’s apartment.....................
Willow confesses to Chase that Wylie is her son. (She doesn’t know the child she gave up for adoption has died.)

At Alexis’ house 🏠....................
Kristina is back at home 🏠. Sonny tells her if she ever wants to stay at his house, he has a bedroom waiting. When Sonny leaves, Valerie shows up. Neil and Alexis go outside so Kristina can talk to Valerie alone. Kristina asks Valerie if there is anything she can do about a paper she signed with incriminating evidence against a loved one? She wants it back, but doesn’t think she can get it. Valerie asks if this paper will be made public if she doesn’t return to DOD? Kristina says she is not at that stage yet. Valerie tells her that is blackmail and she should notify the police. Kristina says if she does, that a loved one will be in trouble. Valerie tells Kristina she is glad she is safe. If she needs her help, just call.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......................
Jasper Jacks is back in town! He came to give support to his daughter, Josslyn. Carly is happy to see him, and Joss tells him about Oscar’s last days. Sonny comes home and is less than happy to see Jax. Jax congratulates Sonny on Carly’s pregnancy. They have a drink 🥃. Jax tells them that he is staying at the Metro Court, for now, but has decided to buy the house next door to Sonny. When Jax leaves, Sonny tells Carly HE is going to buy the house. Carly discourages him, saying it would be good for Joss to have her father next door 🚪. They will work it out.

Jason comes by and tells Sonny he got Sam and Kristina’s pledges, and when he looked at them, the pages were blank. Carly asks what can they do now? Sonny assures her that now that Kristina is home, all bets are off. They will take care of Shiloh.
— MOM (5.8.19)
Tuesday on GH...............
At the Safe House.....................
(Kristina needs to make a decision. Will she go back to DOD, or go home with her parents? The door is open and Detective Chase appears.)
Chase - Kristina, you’re a hard person to find! Are you ok?
Kristina - Yes, I just needed time to figure out what I want to do.
Sonny - So, everything is ok here. Why are you here?
Chase - Well, I was just making sure Kristina is ok, since she called Valerie and said she needed help. I can see now that you are ok, so I will leave.
Alexis - Are you coming home, Kristina?
Kristina - Yes. Why, did you rent my room?
(Everyone laughs and hugs each other.)

Outside Kelly’s Diner......................
Michael - Thanks for speaking to Kristina. I know it was hard to relive those hard times.
Willow - I did the right thing in speaking to Kristina. You know I always feel better after I talk to you .
(Nina stops by and sees Michael and Willow together. Nina gives her condolences to Michael for his cousin, Oscar. She mentions that Sasha was happy to see him in the hospital.)
Michael - I’ll get us some coffee ☕️.

(While Michael is gone Nina tells Willow that Michael is sad about his cousin’s death and doesn’t need her there. Nina is jealous that Willow is with Michael. She wants him for her daughter, Sasha. Willow asks Nina if she thinks Willow is after Michael Nina tells her to stay with her police officer boyfriend and leave Michael alone! Then, Nina leaves. Chase shows up and tells Willow he found Kristina and was concerned that Willow would be there too in what could have been a possible kidnapping. Michael returns with the coffee and sees Chase. He tells Michael he found Kristina.)
Chase - Michael, I wasn’t spying on your sister. I know what a bad guy Shiloh is and am glad you sister is ok!

At the Metro Court........................
Anna tells Finn that Robert thought Peter may be Alex’s son and not her’s. She said it is possible, and she was glad she wasn’t with Faison. Anna felt that the memories that were implanted in her brain 🧠 were so real. She didn’t hate her sister. She felt sorry for Alex. Anna decided she wouldn’t say anything to Peter. She felt she could still love him as her son. Finn told her that all this could be true, but there is no proof. Where is the proof that Peter is Alex’s son?

At DOD.....................
Sam arrives and Shiloh is waiting for her. He told her he thought she wasn’t coming. Sam gives Shiloh the recording of her pledge. Shiloh attaches a ear plug to listen to the recording. When he finished, he was not pleased. He wanted a deep, dark secret of Sam’s, not Jason. Shiloh tells Sam she still has feelings for Jason. Sam says she will always care about Jason. He is the father of her son, Danny. So what is the next step? Shiloh goes over and locks the door. He tells her now is the time for the Trust ceremony. Shiloh takes Sam up to the attic where the branding is performed. He offers Sam a cup with liquid to drink. Shiloh tells her it was to calm her. Sam tells him she doesn’t need that, she is calm. Shiloh tells her she will feel pain, then pure joy. Sam takes her shirt off and lays down on the pillows. Shiloh takes out the branding tools 🛠. He was about to put his mark on Sam when.....

Jason was at the door 🚪 of DOD. He turned the knob of the 🚪 door, but it was locked. That was very strange since the DOD door 🚪 was always unlocked. So, Jason kicked the door down, took out his gun and went inside.
— MOM (5.7.19)
Monday on GH...............
At Kelly’s Diner...............
Peter speaks to Anna and tells her he is not sure he can have a relationship with Maxie. He tells her Faison is his father and he doesn’t want Maxie to see the bad side of him. Anna tells Peter he is a part of her, too. He should go to Maxie and have their first date. Maxie gets a text from Peter to meet him at the Metro Court. Peter asks Maxie if she wants to go on their first date. Maxie responds in a positive way, so Peter brings her to a private plane ✈️. They are going on a romantic trip.

At the Metro Court.........................
Lucy and Scott are talking about the Nurses’ Ball when Kevin and Ava come in. Lucy is not ok with that and wants to separate them. Scott tells her not to do that but she goes over to their table anyway. Lucy finds out they are going to the Nurses’ Ball together.

At GH.......................
Finn tells Jordan the antibiotics were not successful. She needs a kidney transplant and she is on the top of the list. While Finn is checking the donors, Curtis and Jordan discussed Curtis finding out Ryan convinced a woman to help him. She is the one who got the drugs he needed. Curtis doesn’t know her name, but he knows that she had a sticker of Madison High School class of 1994 on her car 🚘. Jordan wants Curtis to follow up on the woman. Curtis doesn’t want to leave Jordan, but she insists. Curtis agrees to go to 🇨🇦 Canada in the morning. Laura hears this and says she is going with him.

Dr. Finn discovers that Kevin Collins is a perfect match (blood type and genetic markers) to Jordan for the kidney transplant.

At the Safe House.............................
(At Dr. Neil‘s request, Sonny and Alexis are having a family talk with Kristina. Michael brings Willow by to speak to Kristina about Shiloh and DOD.)
Willow - Hello, Kristina. I’m here to tell you about Shiloh. I spent five years at DOD.
Kristina - I’m not listening to ANYTHING negative about Shiloh.
Michael - Kristina, do you trust me?
Kristina - Yes, I do.
Michael - Just listen to what Willow has to say, and make up your own mind.
Willow - I met Shiloh through my mother and our lives were never the same again. My mother was always looking for a cause, a purpose to our lives. We lived in a commune and when she met Shiloh I was not yet 18 years old. Mom was very good at organizing and Shiloh needed someone like her to work on the Shiloh Movement. Shiloh was interested in me and I was very involved in DOD for five years. When I gave my pledge, I was inducted into The Trust. Shiloh had his Trust members BRAND me. All the girls were branded. And I was given a DRUG to drink. After he put his mark on me, the Trust members left. Shiloh came in, I was in a fog, and Shiloh has SEX with me. He didn’t force me, but I was disgusted. Shiloh has sex with all the Trust members.
Kristina - Well, he wouldn’t do that to ME! He knows I was with a girl. I am not sure of my sexuality.
Willow - Yes, he will have sex with you. He made me think it was an honor to have sex with him. As I said, I didn’t refuse and he will do the same with you. Shiloh takes away all your choices and makes you his puppet. He had such a hold on me that I didn’t even bat 🦇 an eye 👁 when he asked me for my pledge. It’s a secret Shiloh can hold over your head if you leave. I can live with the physical scars, but the emotional scars I will live with the rest of my life. Now, you have all the facts to make your own decisions.
Dr. Neil - Thank you for sharing your story.
When Michael and Willow leave, Sonny is very angry - That son of a BITCH!
Dr. Neil - We’ve reached a crossroads in your treatment, Kristina. Now, how you proceed is up to you. (Neil opens the front door 🚪.) Do you want to go back to Shiloh and DOD, or do you want to stay with your parents?

At Kelly’s Diner....................
(Anna is happy she had a good conversation with Peter. She tells Robert that she is satisfied that Peter is her son.)
Robert - Anna, I’m surprised you didn’t think of it!
Anna - Think of what?
Robert - Has it not occurred to you that Peter is Alex’s son and not yours?
— MOM (5.6.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH................
At the Quartermaine mansion...........
Kim’s suitcase 🧳 is packed and she is ready to leave. Drew is there and she tells him to thank the Quartermaines for the great care they took of Oscar. Drew pleads with her to stay. Kim tells him she is not a Quartermaine and needs to get back to her home.

At Kim’s apartment.............
When Kim arrives home, outside her door she sees a sea of flowers 💐, notes 📝, pictures of Oscar with friends, 🎈 balloons and teddy bears 🧸. Many of his classmates shared his many kindnesses. The janitor thanked him for helping him with the chores. A neighbor thanked Oscar for bringing up the groceries. Kim was surprised to hear how much her son was loved. Kim began to cry 😭 and felt someone’s hand on her shoulder. Julian was there to comfort her. They read the notes together and she told Julian she didn’t know if she had the strength to open the 🚪 door. How could she go into Oscar’s empty room? Julian took the key 🔑 from her and said they will do this together.

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Sam tells Jason she is so sad 😞 about Oscar. She says that Shiloh came to the apartment to give her a recorder for her pledge. Sam repeats what Shiloh told her, that the secret has to be so dark and so serious that if it was made public it would damage the person the secret was about. Jason tells Sam to make the pledge about him. Jason suggests they give Shiloh a faux crime. Say that Jason’s faux crime includes a faux victim. Jason thinks Shiloh could have him arrested. Margaux could investigate a faux crime or Shiloh could keep this secret pledge to hang over Sam’s head. Sam calls Shiloh to say she recorded her pledge.

At Alexis’ house 🏡...................
Diane Miller comes by but Alexis knows that Detective Valerie Spencer is watching her. She hopes Alexis will lead her to Kristina. In the house, Alexis puts on a red wig and dark 🌞 sunglasses. Diane puts on a long brown wig and a green and brown shirt 👚 that Alexis was wearing. Diane leaves and gets into Alexis’ car 🚘 knowing Valerie will follow her. She goes to the cleaners, bank 🏦, and stops off at Kelly’s Diner for lunch 🥙. Valerie is hungry so she goes in and doesn’t see Alexis. Diane appears without the Alexis wig. She tells Valerie her client knows she is being followed. This is harassment and Valerie doesn’t have the approval of PCPD. So, Diane tells her if she persists Diane will sue her and the department!

At the safe house 🏠........................
Alexis and Sonny arrive at Dr. Neil’s request to have a family meeting with Kristina. When Kristina comes down she tells her mother that she is sorry. She heard her mother saying to Dr.Neil that when she looked into her daughter’s eyes 👀 she sees blank eyes. Kristina realizes she wasn’t the only one confused 🤷‍♂️. Her mother shouldn’t be sad because she doesn’t recognize her daughter.
— MOM (5.3.19)
Thursday on GH...............
At Willow’s classroom....................
Shiloh shows up unannounced and harasses Willow. An angry Willow tells him she will never come back to DOD. Shiloh tells her he sent Harmony back to Beecher’s Corners so that Willow can take her place beside him. Willow refuses and Shiloh tells her if she doesn’t come back he will expose her secret pledge.

Michael sees Shiloh leaving and asks Willow if he hurt her? Willow tells him she will not let Shiloh intimidate her any more. She has decided to meet with Kristina and will tell her who Shiloh really is . She will do everything she can to convince Kristina to never return to Shiloh and DOD. Then, Chase comes by and wants to know what Michael was doing there? Willow tells him Michael asked her to speak to Kristina. Chase thinks that Michael knows where Kristina is. He asks Willow to tell him where Kristina is after she speaks to her. Willow refuses and says if Michael‘s family kidnapped Kristina, that is a good thing.

At Sam’s penthouse....................
Sam tells Jason that Oscar is gone, then he goes to the Q Mansion to comfort Monica. Shiloh comes by, unannounced, to see where Sam lives and to find out why she didn’t return his call. Sam tells him that Oscar, Drew’s son, has died. Shiloh tells her there is nothing they can do for the dead. He wants her to record her secret pledge in the recorder he gives her. Sam asks if he wants her to pledge a deep dark secret that, if it comes out, will harm someone she loves? She asks why they can’t just trust each other? Shiloh tells her she is SO close. She has to record her pledge.

At the Quartermaine Mansion..........................
Joss wakes up and sees that Oscar has died. Kim comes into the room and touches Oscar’s face and neck. Drew realizes that Oscar is gone. Joss runs out of the room and Kim and Drew kiss Oscar and cry 😭. Jason arrives to comfort Monica and he hugs Joss.

In the bedroom.............
Kim holds Oscar’s hand - I was so happy when you were born. I loved all the time I spent with you.
Drew knelt beside the bed - I am sorry I couldn’t tell you about myself. You had so many questions and I didn’t have any answers. I’m sorry I didn’t put you on my back and take you to the top of Kilimanjaro. I will never forget you. You made me a better man.
Joss tells Oscar - I felt your kiss on my cheek. I heard you tell me, I love you. I want you to go to a happy place where you won’t be in any more pain. I will love you forever.

Jason, Monica, Kim, Joss,Olivia, Ned and Carly are in the living room. Drew comes in and asks Jason if he is his son’s executor. Jason says he is, and he helped Oscar with his Foundation. Drew reads that Oscar took funds from his trust to form a foundation for kids to get scholarships to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The coroner arrives and it is so sad to watch them remove a 16 year old Oscar while his family and friends look on.
— MOM (5.2.19)
Wednesday on GH..................
At the Quartermaine Mansion........................
Today is a sad day. Oscar in bed sleeping. Joss is at his bedside, afraid to leave. Kim and Drew want her to go into a room that Monica prepared for her, but she wants to finish reading to Oscar. Drew and Kim are sitting on the steps near Oscar’s room, wanting to be close to him. As Joss reads the book 📖, she falls asleep 😴. Oscar wakes up and sees someone at the foot 🦶 of the bed 🛌. He doesn’t know who it is, but we know it’s Lila Quartermaine.

Ned finds Monica in the Quartermaine mausoleum, talking to their family members, Lila, Edward, Alan and AJ, who are resting there.

In Oscar’s room................
Oscar falls back asleep and Lila puts her hand on his chest. Oscar wakes up and feels great. He calls Joss to wake up and attempts to get out of bed. Joss tells him to stay there and calls for Kim and Drew. Oscar tells them he feels great and gets up and hugs his mother.

At General Hospital...................
All the Q’s and Joss are waiting for Dr. Randolph to tell them if Oscar received a miracle. Dr. Randolph pushes Oscar in a wheelchair to tell his family the good news. She took multiple tests and Oscar’s tumor shrunk and you can barely see it. It’s a miracle! He is in remission. Oscar can’t hear what they are saying .He sees Lila and Edward walking away. Back to reality, Oscar hugs his mother and father and Joss. Well, it’s time to celebrate 🎉! Everyone goes to Charley’s Pub to celebrate 🎉 Oscar’s good health.

At Charley’s Pub....................
All the guests, Drew, Kim, Monica, Joss, Ned, Olivia, Carly, Sonny, Julian, Cameron, Trina, Dr. Randolph and Elizabeth are milling about and having a good time. Oscar looks out the window and gets a look into the future. Carly and Sonny have a baby son. Kim is engaged to Julian. Drew is telling Sonny how he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Joss is graduating high school in 2021 and has a boyfriend. Oscar sees Lila and Edward sitting at a table. When they get up to leave, he tells Joss it’s time for him to go too. At first, she doesn’t understand and says it’s so early. She takes him outside and they look up but they can’t see the stars ⭐️ yet. Oscar tells her that he didn’t want to leave, but everyone was putting their lives on hold. He has to go so everyone can go on with their own lives.

Back at the Quartermaine Mansion.........................
Joss is sleeping and Drew and Kim sitting on the stairs near Oscar’s room. Oscar wakes up (it was a dream) and gets out of bed. 💋 He kisses Joss on the cheek and tells her he loves her and it will all be ok. Lila and Edward are there waiting for him, and he leaves with them.

(My mother once told me that when it is your time to leave, family members who have gone before you come back to get you.)

Rest in peace, Oscar Nero Quartermaine.
— MOM (5.1.19)
Tuesday on GH................
At GH................
Jordan collapse and Stella finds her. Finn and Elizabeth run to help. After tests, Finn tells her she has an infection in the one kidney she has left. Jordan can’t take penicillin, so Finn has another antibiotic to give her. If that doesn’t work, Jordan will need a kidney transplant ASAP.

At the Q Mansion.......................
Franco visits Drew and gives him a painting 🖼 he had in the basement that Oscar saw and liked. Franco doesn’t know what to say to Drew but wants to be there for him. Drew appreciates Franco’s effort. He tells his son is dying. He just got to know him and he will be gone soon. Drew laments that he can’t remember his past and Oscar won’t have a future.

At the Metro Court..............................
Lulu interviews Ava. Ava talks about how she fell in love with 😍 the man she thought was Kevin Collins, a man who accepted her as she was and was kind and supportive. Ryan Chamberlain impersonated his brother,,Kevin Collins. She was in love with the man who killed her daughter. Ryan fooled her, but now he is dead. Ava talked about someone who was hurt by Ryan as much as she was...... Kevin Collins. She now knows what it’s like to be with a real man. They hope Ryan sees this interview and comes out of hiding.

At Alexis house 🏠................................
Chase and Valerie pay Alexis a visit. They want to know where Kristina is. Alexis says she is away and she spoke to her. Valerie tells Alexis she got a call from Kristina, but was cut off. She wants to know where Kristina went. Alexis asks why, is Kristina under arrest? As long as she knows where her daughter is, they don’t have to know. Chase and Valerie can’t pursue these questions any longer and leave. They decide they are going to follow Alexis and she will bring them to Kristina.

At DOD................................
Shiloh asks Sam what is she doing upstairs and she says she was looking for a machine to print more flyers. She then asks why the door 🚪 is locked. Aren’t all doors supposed to be unlocked? Shiloh tells her only the members who are in The Trust have access to that room. Sam wants to know if that is where all the pledges are kept? Shiloh says yes. Sam tells him she will do anything to be a member of The Trust. Shiloh says she is too eager and needs to be patient. Her turn will come. Mark Turner (Milo) appears and says that Sam is taking him to lunch to talk about the classes he should take. Shiloh encourages Sam to leave with Mark, then unlocks the room with the pledges. He takes out Sam’s file and wonders what Sam’s pledge will be?
— MOM (4.30.19)
Monday on GH..........
At the Cemetery..................
Ava, Kevin, Felicia, Mac, Laura and Lulu are there for the faux burial of Ryan’s hand 🤚. Lulu tells everyone that she is putting an article in the Intruder that Ava and Kevin are seeing each other. She is also recording the burial and putting it on the internet. She hopes Ryan sees it and is jealous that Ava and Kevin are together. They all wish Ryan rots in hell. Afterwards they go to the Metro Court for a drink 🥃.

At GH........................
Jordan is getting her kidney dialysis and Margaux shows up. Jordan wants to put out a statement that Franco helped identify Ryan Chamberlain as the serial killer. He is still being harassed and she wants everyone to know he is a hero. Margaux says no way!
Valerie and Chase arrive and tell Jordan and Margaux that they want to find Kristina Davis Corrinthos. They think she was taken against her will from DOD. Valerie says Kristina’s mother, Alexis, says she is with friends but she doesn’t believe her. Margaux wont let them form an investigation to find Kristina if her mother knows where she is. So, Chase and Valerie decide to look for Kristina themselves and not tell Jordan or Margaux. Margaux wants to know if Jordan is coming back to the station. Jordan says she is waiting to have lunch with TJ. As she is walking away, she collapses.

At DOD................
Milo is working for Sonny when he goes to DOD to meet Shiloh. He introduces himself as Mark Turner. He tells Shiloh, who is happy to meet a new convert, that he heard Shiloh speak at Beecher’s Corners. Mark tells Shiloh he purchased his book 📖, Dawn of a New Day, and read the entire thing. Mark (Milo) showers Shiloh with all kinds of praise and Shiloh eats it up. Mark tells him his girlfriend left him because he doesn’t have a job. Mark wants to take the introductory class and asks if Shiloh will teach it? (Milo is really there to distract Shiloh so that Sam can find Kristina‘s secret pledge). Sam arrives and Shiloh introduces Sam to Mark (Milo).

While Mark and Shiloh are in the class, Sam goes upstairs to the room that has all the pledges. She jimmies the door open and goes in. She finds the drawer but gets engrossed in her file and reads it. Well, the class is over and Shiloh wants to look for Sam. Mark/Milo sends Sam a text that Shiloh is looking for her. Sam leaves the room and Shiloh wants to know what she was doing there.

In 🇨🇦 Canada...............
Curtis finds a guy who looks like he needs a drug fix and asks about the theft at the pharmacy. The guy wants some cash 💵 to speak, so Curtis gives him $50 and the guy says he didn’t steal drugs but a woman did. For $100, he will give Curtis her name. Curtis gives him the 💴 money. Curtis hopes this woman will lead him to Ryan.
— MOM (4.29.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH............
At the Quartermaine Mansion............
(Everyone is there to comfort Oscar. They are all on the patio.)
Oscar - The photos grandmother Monica took were great!
Kim - Yes, everyone was there.
Oscar - Almost everyone.
(Jason shows up and people are surprised.)
Oscar - Thanks for coming! I would like to speak to Uncle Jason in private.
(Everyone goes into the living room.)
Oscar - Are you still ok with what I asked you to do?
Jason - Yes. I will do whatever you want.
(Jason helps Oscar go into the living room.)
Jason - I need permission to do that.
Oscar - Mom, I want to go on a bike 🏍 ride with Jason.
Kim is against this - Oscar it is too dangerous! What if you have another seizure?
Joss - Jason is a good guy and would never let anything happen to Oscar.
(Drew was looking at his son and noticed the admiration Oscar had for Jason.)
Drew - Sure, let him go.

Back outside.............
(Jason takes Oscar for a ride on the property, which is enormous. Kim asked Drew why did he say yes to Oscar? Drew told her Oscar needs to take a risk to feel alive. When they return, Oscar is all smiles .He had a great time! Oscar had a wish. He asked his father and Uncle Jason to find a way to be brothers. Away from the group, Jason said he didn’t think they had anything in common. Drew said, Oscar.)
Drew - Thank you for taking Oscar for a ride.
Jason - Thank you for trusting me with your son.

At General Hospital..........................
Michael is there to get medication for a cold. He sees Sasha in a room and wants to check on her. Nina is so happy that Michael has interest in Sasha. So he goes into the room, Sasha was given a sedative and is half asleep. Michael hears her say Nina, so he asks if she wants Nina? In her sleep, Sasha says, I wish Nina was my mother.

At the Metro Court.....................
Lulu has returned and tells Peter she has an interview with Ava Jerome. Peter and Maxie were going to have a date but Peter tells Maxie he has so much work to do. He suggests they have dinner at a later date.
— MOM (4.26.19)
Thursday on GH....................
At the Quartermaine Mansion........................
Oscar is in a lounge chair on the patio. He and Joss are writing a song to sing 🎤 at the Nurses’ Ball. Joss leaves on an errand and Oscar asks to speak to his grandmother, Monica, and his mother, Kim. Oscar tells his mother what he is about to say doesn’t change anything between them. Oscar wants to change his name to Oscar Nero Quartermaine. He says because the Q’s accepted him with no questions asked. Monica is very proud and Kim says she understands. They help him into the living room so he could tell his father and Joss the good news. Now, if he was going to change his name, shouldn’t it be Oscar Nero Cain?

At GH.....................
Carly is happy that Bobby, her mother, is with her for her doctor’s 👩‍⚕️ appointment. Today she will be getting a genetic test to make sure the baby is healthy.

At Kelly’s Diner............................
Anna is all smiles. She is now positive that she is Robin’s mother. She found a bracelet that Robert bought her in Europe. She has photos of wearing it on her wedding day to Robert. She also had it on while she was pregnant 🤰 with Robin. Robert tells her he is sure that he was only with her, and not Alex. Anna tears up and tells Robert she never regretted loving and marrying him. They hug 🤗.

At the Floating Rib.....................
Ava asks Felicia if she is on board with the plan? She says not exactly......Mac is against it. Mac tells Ava he is not ok with Ava’s plan to kill Ryan. Many years ago, Felicia was tried for Ryan’s murder. Felicia said she was found not guilty, it was self defense. Mac doesn’t want her in jeopardy again. Ava tells him we all want the same thing, for Ryan to be caught. Mac tells Ava that she only knows the kind Ryan who would do anything for her. The angry and murderous Ryan is not someone she would want to meet. Ava tries to top that and says Ryan has not met the REAL Ava who believes in an 👁 eye for an 👁 eye. He is going to suffer for killing her beautiful Kiki.
— MOM (4.25.19)
Wednesday on GH................
At Kelly’s Diner....................
Willow - You PUSHED me towards Shiloh. You were my MOTHER! You should have protected me.
Harmony - Yes, I was your mother, but I was your only friend. I knew you were pregnant when you left.
Willow - How did you know?
Harmony - I saw a pregnancy test in the garbage.
Willow - You were SPYING 🕵️‍♀️ on me?
Harmony - I didn’t tell Shiloh, but I would like to meet my grandchild.
Willow - I WAS pregnant, but I miscarried .
Harmony - Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But it’s very convenient.
Willow - YOU gave me to Shiloh but your plan BACKFIRED. He liked me better than you and you were jealous. You pimped out your DAUGHTER. I can NEVER forgive you for that.

At the DOD...................
Detective Valerie Spencer is about to knock on the door 🚪 when she gets a call from Kristina who tells her she needs Valerie’s help. Someone (Alexis) grabs the phone out of her hand.

Up in the attic..................
Shiloh is bare chested and tells Sam they have to remove the physical and mental barriers from each other. He wants Sam to take her shirt off. The look on Sam’s face says she wants to throw up 🤢, but she slowly opens the buttons.

Saved by the bell 🔔! Valerie rings the door 🚪 bell 🔔 and opens the door 🚪 that is never locked 🔒. A shirtless 👕 Shiloh and Sam (buttoning up her shirt 👚) go down to see who it is. Valerie wants to speak to Kristina and asks where she is? She hasn’t showed up for work at Charley’s in days. Sam tells her that Kristina is with friends 👫. Valerie wants Kristina to call her, but Shiloh says he thought Kristina wasn’t her friend anymore. He tells Valerie that if she hasn’t heard from Kristina it’s because she didn’t want to speak to her. When Valerie leaves, Shiloh tells Sam she did good. He tells her they won’t go any further and he will let her know when the next step is.

Sam is sick and in tears. She runs to Jason and tells him she doesn’t know if she can continue with this plan. Sam tells a disgusted Jason how Shiloh took her up to the attic and wanted to have sex with her. Jason says they have proof that Shiloh drugged Kristina but can’t give it to the police 👮. The cup was stolen from DOD. Sam realizes she has to keep up the charade and find some evidence against Shiloh.

At the safe house.....................
Alexis grabs her phone from Kristina. She demands to know who Kristina called. Kristina tells her she doesn’t have to tell her a damn thing. She again accuses Alexis and Neil of holding her against her will and she intends to report them for kidnapping. When Kristina runs upstairs, Alexis confesses to Neil that she doesn’t recognize her daughter. She looks into Kristina ‘s eyes 👀 and sees a blank stare. Alexis asks Neil to tell her what to do to get her daughter back. Neil cautions Alexis to be patient. These exit therapies don’t always go well.

At the Floating Rib.........................
An angry Chase warns Michael that if his family kidnapped Kristina, they are giving Shiloh something to use against them. And he will use it. Valerie arrives and tells Chase she got a call from Kristina but someone, possibly her captive, took the phone from her.

At the Metro Court..................
(Jason tells Sonny that the testing of the cup showed it had a drug residue.)
Sonny goes ballistic - That SOB drugged my daughter?? I want you to take him OUT!
(Michael stops by to tell his father that Chase is on to them and knows they kidnapped Kristina. Michael says Chase hates Shiloh as much as they do. Jason convinces Sonny now might not be the right time to eliminate Shiloh.)

At the Floating Rib.....................
(Kevin tells Ava that he and Laura are all in on the plan. Laura takes Ava aside and reminds her that Kevin is her faux boyfriend and this is a faux relationship.)
Ava - I have ZERO interest in Kevin. Besides, when I look at him I see the man who killed my daughter.

At the Metro court......................
Curtis informs Julian he is on his way to Canada 🇨🇦 to search for Ryan Chamberlain. Julian wants to know everything he finds out and hires him. Curtis didn’t tell Julian that Jordan sent him to find Ryan. Curtis did some police work and discovered that someone broke into a remote pharmacy and stole some drugs. Curtis asked TJ about the stolen drugs. TJ told him they were for someone who was injured and lost a lot of blood (like Ryan’s severed hand). Curtis thinks Ryan may be hiding in a cabin along the Falls.
— MOM (4.24.19)
Tuesday on GH.................
At the Safe House 🏠..........................
When Michael suggests that Kristina come home with him, she tells Michael she can’t. She made a promise to never return home. Sonny wants to know what Shiloh has over her? She tells him DOD is her family. Sonny reminds Kristina that she wanted to learn the coffee business. Alexis reminds Kristina about her desire to be a dancer 💃🏼. And Michael reminds Kristina she wanted to go to business school. Kristina is having none of that! She accuses them of trying to brainwash her. She informs them that DOD gave her respect and they welcomed her as she is. Kristina is determined and tells everyone she will be damned if she will give up DOD and Shiloh. He loves her.

Michael has had enough. He almost tells Kristina that after The Trust ceremony Shiloh was going to have sex with her. But instead, he leaves. He is disgusted by Kristina‘s devotion to Shiloh. Sonny follows to speak to Michael. He tells his son that it will take time to bring Kristina back to them. Kristina threatens Alexis, accusing her mother of holding her against her will. She threatens to prosecute her family for kidnapping. When Neil and Alexis go outside, Kristina finds Alexis’ phone 📱, which fell on the floor. She calls someone, but who?

At the Metro Court...............
Ava tries to convince Kevin to be her fake boyfriend. She wants to have a funeral for Ryan and bury the hand. Ava feels Ryan will come back if he believes Ava and Kevin are seeing each other. Kevin thinks Ava is putting herself in grave danger. If Ryan finds out she set a trap for him, he will kill her. Kevin tells Ava he is back with Laura and won’t do anything to upset her.

At the Floating Rib......................
Felicia invites Laura to speak to her about Ryan Chamberlain. She shows Laura a diary she keeps of her thoughts and nightmares about Ryan. Felicia tells Laura that Ava’s plan will work. They need to smoke Ryan out and capture him for the sake of his victims. Doesn’t she want Lulu to be safe?

At the Metro Court.....................
Kevin tells Laura about Ava’s plan. Laura thought about Felicia pleading with her to go along with their plan. Laura tells Kevin that Ava’s plan may work.

Outside of Kelly’s Diner...................
Chase and Valerie meet Molly and TJ. Valerie asks Molly how Kristina is? Molly tells her that Kristina left DOD and-is on a trip to figure out her next move. Chase finds it strange that Kristina would leave DOD and Shiloh on her own, so when Molly and TJ leave, he tells Valerie they need to find Kristina. Valerie heads for DOD and Chase meets up with Michael and asks him if his father had Kristina kidnapped?

At DOD...................
Sam is eager to move to the next step. She asks about The Trust. Shiloh tells her that is invitation only. It consists of trusted members of DOD who help him with the organization. Harmony hears Shiloh mention The Trust and tells Sam she is a novice and will have a long wait to be invited into The Trust. Shiloh has other ideas. Sam tells Shiloh that she wants to start soon. Shiloh tells her now is a good time. He is willing to skip the ceremony and pledge where she shares a secret about a family member. He does not drug her, and cuts to the chase. He takes his shirt off and Sam knows what he has in mind.

At Kelly’s Diner......................
Willow is at a table. Harmony comes in and sits down next to her. She is very happy to see Kali Miller (which is Willow’s real name). Harmony said she was glad to hear that Shiloh found her in Port Charles. Harmony asks Willow to come back to DOD. She was a great teacher for the children. Willow is having none of this! She tells Harmony that she is a real teacher now. She teaches the children from books, not the misguided words of Shiloh. Besides, Willow is still very angry at Shiloh and Harmony. Harmony is sad to hear that and wants to know what she did? Willow tells Harmony she pushed her into Shiloh’s arms. Willow says Harmony is her mother — she was supposed to protect her!
— MOM (4.23.19)
Monday on GH.....................
Laura and Kevin are talking at GH when the UPS guy delivers a box 📦. Kevin asks who is it from? The UPS guy says Chamberlain. Kevin opens the box and Laura screams as she discovers Ryan’s severed right 🤚 hand. The note says it came from the Royal 👑 Mounted Police 👮. Laura tells Kevin she forgives him, loves him and wants him to come home 🏠.

At the gym...................
Now it’s Jason’s turn to punch the daylights out of the 🥊 punching bag. While he is doing that, our neighborhood cult leader Shiloh is harassing him. Shiloh is telling Jason he and Sam went looking for Kristina. He likes that Sam is spending so much time with Shiloh and he says what a great kid Danny is. Jason doesn’t say anything and wants to rip Shiloh’s head off, but doesn’t.

At the Metro Court........................
Jason gets the results from the cup and yes, it was laced with drugs. Carly wants to know if he is going to give this evidence to the police 👮? Jason says no, he will take care of Shiloh

At Ava’s apartment.....................
Ava invites Scott over to ask him to be a part of her plan to bring Ryan to Port Charles. Scott tells Ava he has always cared about her, but he wants no part of this.

At the Metro Court bar....................
Ava sees Kevin. Will he be her next prospect ?

At the safe 🏡 house...................
(Dr. Neil Byrne convinces Kristina to speak to her family. He tells Sonny and Alexis that when Kristina comes down they have to do more listening than talking. He knows they are two very strong personalities and he doesn’t want them to upset their daughter. When Michael arrives, they begin the exit therapy.)
Kristina - My mother never listens and is more interested in who is at the other end of the phone. And my dad doesn’t think I’m smart enough to make my own decisions. He wants me to be someone I’m not!
Dr. Neil - How does that make you feel?
Kristina is crying - I feel terrible.
(Michael takes her hand and tells Kristina their family is very complicated but thry all love each other. He wants her to know he thinks she is very smart and knows when someone is a phony. Michael learned in business that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Shiloh is too good to be true. Shiloh is telling Kristina to do as he says and not think for herself. Michael wants Kristina to come home 🏠 with him, but she says she made a promise and has to return to DOD.)
— MOM (4.22.19)
Friday on GH...............
Today is Friday but not Cliffhanger Friday. Monday’s episode was preempted, so Monday‘s episode was played on Tuesday and so on. Today, Thursday’s episode was played.

At the Gymnasium......................
It seems like all the Port Charles residents take a turn at the punching 🥊 bag. Sasha was attempting to punch the bag. Michael was there and held the bag for her. After their workout, Michael asked Sasha if he said anything to upset her when they were talking at the Floating Rib. Sasha remembers that his ex-wife was a habitual liar, and he wanted a relationship with someone who was honest. But she admitted she has lied 🤥 in the past. Michael asked if the lie had anything to do with him? Sasha said no, and she does like him. Well, this opened the door 🚪 for Michael to say they could be friends 👫 and before you know it, they were in Sasha’s hotel 🏨 room getting to know each other.

At Charley’s Pub........................
(Lisle asked Maxie what Nina said when she found out Sasha wasn’t her daughter? Maxie told Lisle the test showed that Sasha WAS Nina’s daughter. Lisle knew that Valentin tampered with the DNA test.)
Lisle - Oh wonderful. My niece must be very happy.

At the Metro Court..................
Lisle sees Valentin and lets him know she knows he tampered with the DNA test. An angry 😡 Valentin tells Lisle that she’d better keep her mouth shut or he will destroy her.

At Charley’s Pub..................
Elizabeth and Laura are having lunch and Liz tells Laura she saw Kevin at GH. He was cleaning out his office. Laura confesses she couldn’t sign the divorce papers because she still loves Kevin. But Laura can’t get past the betrayal of Kevin not telling her that Ryan was alive. Elizabeth advises Laura to think of the all the good things about Kevin. Laura goes to GH and hopes to see Kevin. He is still there, and she tells him she loves him and wants to start over again.

At the GH elevator.......................
Kevin sees Franco and he tells Kevin that if he agrees, he would like to continue seeing him professionally. Franco tells Kevin he is the only doctor who gets him.

At Ava’s apartment..........................
Ava thinks someone is following her, and she shouts out to Ryan with her gun in hand Come out where ever you are! The person following Ava is Curtis. Julian hired him to be her bodyguard. Well, Ava is NOT ok with that and tells Curtis to leave. Then, she calls Franco over and suggests he be her make believe boyfriend. She wants to make Ryan jealous and when he comes after her she will kill him. Franco tell her she is nuts 🥜! No, he will not be a part of this insane scam. Franco leaves and Ava calls Scott and asks him to come over.
— MOM (4.19.19)
Thursday on GH..............
At DOD...........................
Shiloh tells Sam he wants her to find Kristina. He says he will go with her. Sam tells him she works better if alone. Shiloh says she will never have to be alone again now that she is part of the DOD family.

At the Metro Court........................
Sonny is concerned about Kristina‘s pledge to Shiloh. Jason says Kristina didn’t know about the business. Michael corrects him and says as kids they knew what their father did, but never spoke of it. Jason wants to return to DOD to get the pledge. Sonny cautions him not to. Shiloh dropped the charges the first time but if Jason is caught again, Shiloh will press charges and Margaux will prosecute.

At Charley’s Pub.................
Sam and Shiloh ask Julian if he saw Kristina. He tells them she didn’t show up for work again. Alexis comes in and she speaks to Sam and Shiloh. She tells them she heard from Kristina and she is safe. Kristina left because she was overwhelmed and needed time to think. Shiloh asks if Alexis knows where Kristina is and she says no. He wants Kristina to contact him if she reaches out to Alexis again.

At the Metro Court.............................
Sam meets up with Jason at Carly’s office. He tells her they need to get that pledge. Sonny is worried that Shiloh might have something to blackmail him with. Sam says she will try to get it.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.......................
Kim and Oscar arrive with Drew. Olivia and Ned are there to welcome them. When Kim and Drew leave to get the luggage out of the car 🚘, Oscar speaks to Ned and Olivia. He wants them to plan his funeral ⚰️. Oscar wants a memorial and gives Ned a paper with his wishes on it. They agree to handle the memorial.

At the safe house 🏠........................
Sonny asks Neil about the exit therapy. Neil says he starts by listening to Kristina and letting her think she is in control. Sonny wants to speak to Kristina about what she told Shiloh in her pledge. Neil says it’s a bad idea 💡. If Kristina thinks she betrayed her father, it will shatter her. Neil gave Sonny an example: If a glass 🥃 breaks, it can be put together again. If a glass is shattered, it is lost forever.
— MOM (4.18.19)
Wednesday on GH....................
At GH.........................
Jason is not satisfied with Brad’s explanation that the cup had tea ☕️ in it. So, he approaches him again and sees Brad on the nurses’ station computer 💻 signing up for a DOD class. He realizes Brad lied to him.

Elizabeth sees Lucas and tells him that she is having a difficult time raising three boys. She is upset and says that Cameron had a fight in school and was suspended. A boy called his brother Aiden something unkind. She is also upset in the way she treated Cameron, who was defending his brother but also told him to be “less gay.” She realized Cameron is a kid too, and didn’t really mean to be hurtful.

At Crimson......................
Franco approached Nina to ask if she can help with Aiden’s problems. He reminds her that Charlotte started this by bullying Aiden. He tells her that Aiden was called “fairy boy” and Nina agrees that is wrong. She agrees to ask Charlotte to befriend Aiden. When Franco leaves, she calls Charlotte and tells her she wants to arrange a play date with a friend.

At Charley’s Pub........................
Willow agrees to speak to Kristina about why she left DOD. She tells Michael that when she left she was pregnant with Shiloh’s baby. Willow confessed that her baby did not die, and is alive in Port Charles. She also tells Michael that though Kristina didn’t go through with the Trust ceremony, she did make a pledge that Shiloh can hold over her. The pledge is a secret that Kristina shared and Shiloh had transcribed to a document that she signed. It can be a deep, dark secret about herself or a family member. If Kristina doesn’t come back, Shiloh will expose the secret.

At the Metro Court..................
Jason meets Sonny and tells him that Brad is a member of DOD. So, the results of the cup are false. Sonny says he will give the cup to a trusted friend to have analyzed. Jason believes Shiloh knows he took Kristina. Michael meets them and tells of the pledge Kristina took to expose herself or a family member. Michael thinks the family member is Sonny.

At DOD...................
(Shiloh tells Sam he knows Jason took Kristina. He says Jason doesn’t know he has a secret weapon.)
Sam - What is it?
Shiloh - YOU.
(Shiloh wants Sam to investigate where Jason and Sonny took Kristina.)
— MOM (4.17.19)
Monday’s GH was pre-empted due to the terrible fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Tuesday on GH.............
At DOD....................
Sam is with Shiloh and worried about Kristina. She tells Shiloh that Kristina is still missing and Sonny is worried. He hasn’t heard from her either. Sam wants to go into Kristina’s room and see if she can find some clues. Shiloh asks Daisy to go with Sam to Kristina’s room.

At GH........................
Jason has the cup he took from DOD when he kidnapped Kristina. He asks Elizabeth to have it examined for drugs. She gives it to Brad and he runs into Shiloh who notices the cup. Shiloh wants to know where he got the cup and blabber mouth Brad tells him he is going to look for drugs. Shiloh says that is his cup and says he bets Jason took it from his home. Shiloh says that cup was filled with tea ☕️, not drugs, and to tell Jason he tested it and found tea. So Brad does that and tells Jason the cup had tea in it. Brad is taking classes at DOD and admires Shiloh.

At Cameron‘s school.......................
(Franco is called to the principal office because Cameron got in a fight. Cameron wont tell the principal, or Franco, why he was fighting. Franco takes Cam to see his mother at GH. She wants to know what happened.)
Cameron - I beat up Tyler because he called Aiden a little fairy 🧚‍♀️ . He also called him Gayden!
(Elizabeth and Franco think Aiden may be gay. They tell Cameron he shouldn’t fight and he should support his brother. Cameron says Aiden is a 3rd grader and shouldn’t be called names.)

At the Courthouse.........................
Valentin speaks to Nora Buchanan about changing the terms of his shared custody agreement with Lulu. He tells her that Lulu left town without giving him any notice. Valentin wants to get full custody of Charlotte. At present, Lulu told Valentin that her mother, Laura, will enforce her part of the custody agreement in her absence. Nora tells Valentin the agreement is between him and Lulu. She can’t transfer authority to her mother.

At Crimson........................
Spencer visits Nina to tell her Valentin is preventing his grandmother, Laura, from seeing Charlotte. Nina doesn’t believe him. So, Spencer tells her she doesn’t really know Valentin. He is keeping something about Sasha from her. Valentin hears this and tells Spencer he is going to report him. Valentin gets a call and makes Spencer think he is talking to the police 👮‍♀️ about Spencer rigging the Mayoral election. He is actually talking to Nora. When she says she has the papers prepared, he tells her he changed his mind. Valentin tells Spencer he’d better leave.

At DOD...................
Shiloh returns and tells Sam he knows what happened to Kristina. Jason took her!
— MOM (4.16.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH..................
At the courthouse.............................
Nora Buchanan has an ace up her sleeve. She tells Dr. Kevin Collins he will walk out of the courtroom a free man today. How can she do this when Kevin is charged as a co-conspirator in Ryan Chamberlain‘s three murders and the attack on Lulu Falconieri?

In the courtroom.......................
Judge 👩‍⚖️ - Ms Buchanan, you called this meeting today. What do you have?
Nora Buchanan - I want the charges against my client dismissed.
DA Dawson - This is OUTRAGEOUS!
Judge - Give me the facts.
Nora Buchanan - My client can’t be charged with aiding and abetting because Ryan Chamberlain was pronounced dead. If he was dead, there is no crime.
DA Dawson - Mr. Collins HID his brother from the authorities! HE is responsible for Ryan being able to kill again!
Nora Buchanan - The fact that Kevin hid his brother may be morally wrong, but it is not legally wrong. This court does not deal in morality.
Judge - Mr Collins, your behavior was reckless, but I have to agree with Ms. Buchanan. No crime has been committed if Ryan Chamberlain was considered to be dead. Mr. Collins, your free to go.
DA Dawson - I will appeal, Judge.
The Judge - Appeal if you must, but your office does not have the budget to do that. Let it go.
DA Dawson angrily leaves the courtroom - This is NOT the end of this!

At Anna’s house 🏠.....................
(Anna invites Robert to her house for tea 🍵. Robert is not a tea 🍵 drinker. Anna wants to have Robert reminiscence when they first met. Robert thinks this is strange and asks what is this really about.)
A tearful Anna asks - What if Robin is not MY child, but Alex’s?
Robert - If you weren’t so upset 😭, i would be insulted.
Anna - What if ALEX had Robin and couldn’t take care of her? She was working with Dr. Cabot and had HER memories transferred to ME through memory mapping.
Robert - I KNOW that Robin is my child, so don’t change history.
Anna - Can you PROVE that I’m her mother and not Alex?
Robert - I know you were a double agent, and the WSB didn’t punish you for that. If you want to punish YOURSELF go ahead, but don’t punish Robin OR our grandchildren. Don’t punish ME because this is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t want to hear any more about it!

At Crimson.....................
(Nina is still mad at Maxie for going behind her back to have a DNA test. Thankfully 😅, it turned out that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Maxie apologizes, but Nina is not accepting it. She wants to know where the article is that was due today for Crimson.)
Sasha intervenes - Maxie loves you and she was only doing what she thought was right! Nina, it’s time to forgive her. Sometimes you get caught in something so deep you can’t get out. I hope that if it was me, Nina would forgive me.
Maxie - Sasha, thank you for defending me.
(Nina walks over to Maxie and hugs her.)
— MOM (4.12.19)
Thursday on GH................
At a safe house 🏠..................
(Jason is there with a drugged Kristina. Milo and Max stand guard outside. Kristina wakes up and wants to know where she is.)
Kristina - What happened?
Jason - I took you out of DOD.
Kristina is in shock - Shiloh will think I left! You HAVE to bring me back.
Jason - No, I can’t.
Kristina - You are holding me against my will! You’re just JEALOUS of Shiloh. Sam will NOT come back to you.
Jason - You’re not leaving. Milo and Max are outside.
Kristina - What is WRONG with you, Jason? I have known you my whole life!
Jason - Yes, I have known you your whole life and tried to always protect you. Do you think I would stop NOW?
Kristina - I can’t stay here. You’ve GOT to let me go. I was supposed to be admitted to The Trust. Shiloh is my family now!

At Chase’s apartment..................
Michael stops by and Willow is there. Michael wants Chase to go in with him to get Shiloh. Chase tells him he doesn’t have a reason to arrest Shiloh. Michael asks Willow if she will help get Kristina out of DOD (he doesn’t know Jason got her out). Chase won’t let Willow be in danger by going back to DOD. So, Michael asks her if she will speak to Kristina. He wants her to tell Kristina about Shiloh and why Willow left DOD. Michael tells her that he is the CEO 👨‍💼 of a large corporation and has more money 💰 and resources than Shiloh has to keep Willow safe. His father is a mob boss of all of Port Charles and his reach and contacts are wide. Sonny will protect Willow. Michael asks Willow to think about helping Kristina.

At DOD..........................
Sam comes by to sheepishly apologize for her behavior last night. Shiloh says she made a lot of progress by calling him instead of Jason.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
Molly stops by to talk to Kristina and Julian tells her she is not coming to work today.

At DOD......................
(Molly barges in and finds Sam and Shiloh there. She wants to speak to Kristina and Shiloh tells her she is not there. Shiloh introduces himself.)
Molly - Yeah, I know you. You’re the guy who is NOT brainwashing my sister and this is NOT a cult.
Sam - MOLLY! Don’t talk to Shiloh like that.
Molly - Aren’t YOU concerned about Kristina? What are you doing HERE?
Shiloh puts his arm around Sam - Sam is one of my students. She is taking classes.
Molly is 😳 stunned - WHAT?? Are you out of your MIND, Sam? You must be really good if you got Sam believing in this stuff!
(When Molly leaves, Sam apologizes to Shiloh for her sister’s behavior.)

At the Safe House 🏠.........................
(Sonny comes in and a crying 😢 Kristina runs 🏃‍♀️ to him.)
Kristina - Dad, you’ve got to let me go! You and Jason are holding me against my will. Shiloh and DOD are good to me. THEY are my family now!
Sonny - Shiloh is USING you and making you do what he wants! Kristina, I can’t let you leave here!
Kristina - Where is mom? SHE will understand!
(A knock at the door 🚪)
Sonny - You want your mother? Here she is.
Kristina - So, YOU’RE in on this too? I will have your license! You are holding me against my will!
(Outside we see Jason holding the cup that had the liquid laced with a drug.)

At DOD.................
(Harmony is very upset as she tells Shiloh that she can’t find the cup.)
Harmony - Kristina must have taken it with her. If it gets in the wrong hands, we are in BIG trouble.
Shiloh is panicky 😱 - You HAVE to find it! Go look 👀 for it again!

At the Safe House 🏡......................
(Dr. Neil Byrne arrives. Alexis is surprised.)
Sonny - Do you know Neil?
Alexis - Yes, he is my new therapist.
Kristina 😂 laughs - My father hired my mother’s therapist to WHAT? Deprogram me? I can’t stand this. I’m leaving.
Sonny - Don’t worry, she can’t go anywhere. Milo and Max are outside.
Alexis - Neil, I thought you said no kidnapping?
Neil - That’s the way Sonny wanted it.
(Sonny and Alexis are arguing.)
Neil - If you have to do that, then take it outside where Kristina can’t hear. We have a long and difficult road ahead. If Kristina leaves here and goes back to DOD, you will never see her again.

At General Hospital.....................
Drew, Kim and Dr. Randolph are in Oscar’s room. He is coming out of the coma. Since there was a tube in his throat he has difficulty trying to speak. Drew and Kim are in tears 😭 seeing him so pale and weak. Dr. Randolph asks them to leave while she examines Oscar. In her office, Dr. Randolph tells Drew, Kim and Monica that Oscar’s right side is very weak. He will not regain any of his strength. The tumor has grown and they need to prepare for what comes next. There is nothing medically left to do. Joss goes into his room and reads to him. Oscar is happy that Joss is there. Oscar is very weak and knows the end is near.

This is sad but I read that the actor who plays Oscar wanted to leave to pursue his music 🎼 🎶 career.
— MOM (4.11.19)
Wednesday on GH..........
At DOD........................
Shiloh tells Kristina that Harmony will give her a drink (with drugs) to calm her. She takes the drink and is told to lay down on the pillows and make sure she is ready for her initiation.

At docks.........................
Jason tells Sam she needs to get Shiloh out of the house so he can kidnap Kristina. She calls Shiloh and tells he she needs to see him at the Floating Rib. When Shiloh arrives, he finds a drunk Sam (not really) and he tells her to sit down and he will get her some coffee. Sam sees the pool table and reminiscences about she and Jason playing pool 🎱. She tells Shiloh she can’t get Jason out of her mind. She needs to keep him there for 30 minutes. Shiloh asks her if she was herself around Jason and Sam says no.

At Pozzulo’s....................
Sonny is in his office when Alexis comes in and asks if he is going to kidnap Kristina? Sonny tells her they’ve got to get her away from Shiloh right now. Alexis blames herself and Sonny for being bad parents. Sonny says all parents make mistakes. Alexis says it was hard for Kristina with him being a mob boss. Sonny said if you felt that way they shouldn’t have had a baby together. Alexis then says it wasn’t all bad. They laugh 😆. Sonny says the kidnapping is happening now. Jason is getting Kristina.

At DOD......................
Jason enters the 🏡 house and goes up to the attic. He finds a passed out Kristina. He notices a cup at her side and puts it in his pocket. Jason picks up Kristina and whisks her out of the house 🏠.

At the Floating Rib.........................
Sam thanks Shiloh for spending time with her. He has so many people wanting his attention. She gets a text from Jason that says, “I got her.” So Sam tells Shiloh she is going home 🏠. He offers to drive her home but she declines saying she will take an Uber 🚕. Outside, Shiloh gets a text from Harmony that Kristina is gone.
— MOM (4.10.19)
Tuesday on GH...............
In Pozzulo’s Restaurant.....................
Sonny is speaking to Dr. Neil Byrne about Kristina. He tells him he got his name from a friend who said the doctor had experience in cult indoctrination. Sonny wants his daughter out of the DOD cult, and he wants the doctors help. Dr. Byrne realizes this Kristina is the same one Alexis Davis was talking about when she said her daughter was in a cult. He tells Sonny he has to be a support system and not to criticize the cult. Sonny says they are past that. Kristina has separated from the family. Sonny says he will not lose another child and will get her out of there. Dr. Byrne says if Sonny is thinking of kidnapping Kristina, count him out! He tells Sonny although he does work with cult patients, his last one didn’t go so well. Sonny tells Neil he needs his help and will pay him any amount he wants. Neil realizes Sonny is desperate to free his daughter of the cult and agrees. He tells Sonny when he gets Kristina out, bring her to him and he will take over.

At DOD.................
Sam takes photos of the branding tool and the room and gets out of the attic. Kristina is so excited to be initiated into the circle ⭕️ of trust. But before she is, Shiloh asks her to sign her truth about a family member. An eager a Kristina signs a paper 📝 with her betrayal of her family. Her signing says she gives her complete trust to Shiloh and DOD. Kristina wants to know if Shiloh will be there for the initiation? Shiloh tells her not then, but later. Harmony gives Kristina a pale green, long maiden dress to put on. The ceremony starts at midnight.

At the Floating Rib.........................
Chase and Willow are there and Michael drops by. He is still worried about Kristina and tells Willow it is worse than he thought. He says his cousin, Molly, says their sister, Kristina, is in a cult. Willow tells Michael he needs to get her out of DOD. She mentions The Trust and The Circle ⭕️ of Trust, which is an exclusive group only by invitation. Shiloh makes it sound like you need to belong to it. He is very good at persuasion. Willow doesn’t mention that all females are branded, but she showed it to Chase.

Outside the Floating Rib.........................
Michael meets up with Sam and Jason. Sam shows them the picture the took in the attic. Sam believes Kristina will be initiated in a ceremony at midnight tonight. Michael says Willow told him of the Circle ⭕️ of Trust. After the ceremony, Kristina will be expected to have sex with Shiloh. Jason tells Michael to go back into the bar and get a drink 🥃. This is his alibi. Jason is getting Kristina out of there tonight!

At GH........................
Jordan faints after her dialysis treatment. Curtis is concerned, but Jordan says she is alright. She was arguing with Margaux about Ryan Chamberlain. The DA has closed the case on Chamberlain. Jordan wants Curtis to go to Canada 🇨🇦 and find Ryan. She got conformation that the severed hand was taken from an alive Ryan Chamberlain. But Curtis will not go anywhere now that he is concerned that Jordan is working too much.

At the Metro Court...................
Three unlikely ladies meet to discuss Ryan Chamberlain — Ava, Laura and Felicia — to hatch a plan to get Ryan to come back to Port Charles. Felicia says Ryan is very jealous and if Ava had a new man in her life that would bring Ryan to Port Charles. Will it work? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. Ava wants her revenge and is ready to kill him!
— MOM (04.09.19)
Monday on GH................
At Sonny’s Restaurant...................
Sonny and Jason are discussing what to do about Shiloh. Sonny fears Kristina is getting in too deep. Jason wants to end it now and get Kristina out of there. Sonny tells him he has someone who can help them. Sam stops by to tell them Shiloh has friends in high places, namely, Margaux Dawson. Sam has to get back to DOD so she can speak to Kristina. Jason sees a pattern. At Beecher’s Corners, Harmony has the cooperation of the local police and community. Now, Shiloh has the DA of Port Charles as a member of DOD. Sonny thinks if anything happened to Shiloh they would have the DA breathing down their necks! Jason reminds Sonny that the Mayor and Police Commissioner are NOT members of DOD, and would be suspicious of Shiloh.

At DOD...................
Kristina tells Shiloh she has the $10,000 to join The Trust. She wants to know when they can start and Shiloh tells her tonight.

At Willow’s classroom..................
Willow tells Chase about her horrible day. She almost got fired. When they are talking, Shiloh comes by. He tells Kelly (Willow) that he has something that belongs to her. Willow wants him to leave, but he insists she would want this picture of them when they were in love. Willow tells Shiloh she doesn’t want anything from him, and Chase tells him he is harassing Willow. If Shiloh doesn’t leave, Chase will arrest him. Shiloh insists Willow can return to DOD at any time, she is always welcome.

At the Floating Rib.......................
Maxie and Peter discover they like each other and want to start a relationship. Lulu comes by to say she is leaving Port Charles. Peter tells her she can have a leave of absence. Maxie asks how long will Lulu be gone, but she doesn’t know. She and Rocco will return when she is felling better.

At the DOD...................
Sam sees Kristina and is told something special is happening tonight. Harmony and Daisy arrive with a large black bag and go up to the attic. When they return, Harmony takes Kristina into the kitchen and Sam leaves. Sam comes back and goes up to the attic too. She finds a room with pillows on the floor and lots of lit candles. Sam opens the black bag and finds the tools for what she thinks is a tattoo. The ceremony consists of the member getting a brand on her lower back. This is similar to a cow getting a brand seared into its flesh!

At the Floating Rib.........................
Alexis meets Dr. Neil, the psychiatrist, and tells him her daughter, Kristina, is in a cult. Neil tells her not to do anything. Alexis doesn’t understand. Neil tells Alexis he has a lot of experience with this and has advises parents not to be negative about the cult. He says she should talk to Kristina about their family and show her pictures of the good times. He also tells Alexis that Kristina is an adult and she can make her own decisions.

At Sonny’s restaurant...................
Sonny and Jason talk about what Shiloh is getting out of DOD. Jason says he charges large sums for his classes. Sonny thinks it has to be something bigger. Tuition for classes is not what keeps Shiloh in business. Jason thinks Shiloh could blackmail parents to get their child out of the cult. Sonny says he has someone coming over and it turns out to be Neil. Sonny wants to know if he can get his daughter out of the cult.
— MOM (4.8.19)
It wasn’t much of a Cliffhanger Friday on GH............
At Laura’s apartment.....................
Lulu tells her mom that Dante left and she doesn’t know if he will come back. She says he is not himself and Raj must have done something to him. Lulu starts to cry and confesses that she is not well either. She doesn’t know if she can care for her children. Laura tells her she needs to leave Port Charles. Laura has an apartment in Paris that Lulu and Rocco can go to. Lulu needs to get away from people asking about Dante. After giving her mother numerous reasons why she can’t go, she agrees to go to Paris. Laura tells her to take as long as she needs to get well.

At the gym...................
Chase is helping Finn with weights. Finn is not eager to exercise, but Chase tells him it will keep him healthy. Finn shows Chase an engagement ring 💍 he wants to give Anna. Chase wishes him well.

At Ava’s apartment...................
Jordan stops by to tell her the Royal 👑 Canadian Police 👮 found a right hand 🖐, which belongs to Ryan Chamberlain. Ava says Ryan is left handed so it makes sense he would sever his right hand 🤚 if he had to. The left hand is for killing. Julian worries that Ava is stuck in her apartment for fear of going out. Ava has a gun and is waiting Ryan to appear so she can kill him.

At Willow’s classroom...............................
Valentin and Nina summoned the Principal to Willow’s classroom to complain about her. They have to wait for Willow’s union representatives to arrive. Valentin is taking Nina’s side and complains that Willow has rejected Charlotte moving to an advanced class for gifted and talented students. Willow wants to put an end to this and apologizes to Valentin and Nina. Valentin doesn’t accept her apology and says she accused his daughter of cheating without evidence. Willow says Charlotte and the girl next to her got the same questions wrong. The other girl has an A in that class. Charlotte does not. Valentin and Nina want Willow fired from school. The union rep says that won’t happen. The principal stands with Willow and tells Charlotte’s parents that one parent complaint doesn’t constitute dismissal because Willow has an excellent record. Valentin gets angry 😤 and says Willow better be watched to make sure she doesn’t take her disagreement with them out on Charlotte. If that happens he will see the three of them in court.
— MOM (4.5.19)
Thursday on GH.............
At GH.....................
(Oscar is brought in because he had another seizure while dancing with Joss on the bridge. Joss called the paramedics and they got him to GH. Unfortunately, Oscar is in a coma. The seizure was the worst one yet.)
Drew - Will he wake up?
Dr. Randolph - We don’t know, the seizure has damaged the cortex.
(Joss is beside herself and her mother tells her if this is Oscar’s time, there is nothing they can do about it. Kim is broken and cries in Drew’s arms.)

At Charley’s Pub................
Kim goes to sees Julian to tell him she won’t be able to see him at her apartment any more. Julian thinks she is breaking off with him, but she says she is not. Kim tells him she and Oscar may be moving into Monica’s house. Monica wants Oscar near family.

At Ava’s apartment...................
Ava has a nightmare about Ryan being in her room and choking her. She wakes up and decides she needs new surveillance and lots of 🔒 locks on doors 🚪 and windows. Julian visits her and assures her he will move in to protect her. He doesn’t want her to shoot a delivery 🚚 man. Ava tells her brother she is waiting for Ryan so she can kill him.

At Laura’s home............................
Kevin stops by to thank her for putting up the bail for him. He wants to know why she did that? Laura tells him that he is not a evil 😈 person to society. She didn’t want him to-be in jail after he was held captive for so long.

At GH...........................
Kevin can’t get into his office and asks Epiphany about it. She tells him they changed the locks 🔐. He asks for a new key 🔑, and she tells him the Board was unanimous and he is no longer welcomed at GH.

At the gym........................
Curtis is skipping rope and Drew is working with hand weights. Curtis asks about Oscar and Drew says he is not doing well. Curtis is worried about Jordan, she is not resting and taking care of herself. She is working too much.

At Charley’s Pub............................
Stella is meeting Curtis and Jordan for dinner. She tells Jordan she has news about her kidney dialysis treatment. Jordan wants to stay at GH for her treatments. Stella tells her GH isn’t covered in her insurance for dialysis, so she may have to go to Mercy Hospital. Stella assures them she will try to convince Jordan’s insurer to allow GH for dialysis. Jordan wants to get back to work and Curtis wants her to stay and eat dinner. She gets a call from PCPD that they have information about Ryan Chamberlain.
— MOM (4.4.19)
Wednesday on GH.............
At the courthouse............
16 year old Oscar and Joss go to the Courthouse to get a marriage license. The clerk tells them to come back when they are older. So they go to Jason’s bridge and profess their love 💕 to each other. They put a 🔒 lock on the bridge to show they are a couple and love each other.

At DOD....................
Kristina gives Shiloh her trust. It is a very dark secret of a family member. Shiloh tells her she can be a part of the inner circle ⭕️, she just has to pay $10,000. Kristina is shocked 😳! Shiloh never mentioned money 💰. She doesn’t know if she can get that much. Shiloh tells Kristina since she is doing such a good as Ambassador of DOD, she can join with $2,500 monthly payments.

At the bridge.............
Jason meets Sam at his bridge. Sam wants to know how angry 😤 he is that she let Shiloh near Danny? Jason tell Sam that Shiloh can never be near Danny again. Sam agrees. Jason has had enough and want to get Kristina out of DOD now. Sam wants Jason and Sonny to give her more time to find something on Shiloh. Sam gets a call from Shiloh, who tells her he is ready to mentor her tonight.

At the gym.......................
Sonny is attacking the punching bag. Michael comes by 👋 to tell his father he is going to stay by Kristina‘s side and support her. He wants her to have a dignified out, if she decides she wants to leave DOD. Jason comes by and tells Sonny he attacked Shiloh. Sonny is surprised Jason lost his cool. Jason says he didn’t. He wanted Shiloh to know he can take him out at any time. Sonny wants to end Shiloh, but Jason tells him Sam needs more time. Sonny doesn’t think Michael‘s or Sam’s plans will work. He has someone he can call to help them out. This way, Kristina won’t say it was Sonny who got rid of Shiloh.

At Charley’s Pub....................
Kristina asks Julian for $10,000 and he gives it to her. Julian sees Margaux at a table reading 📖 a Dawn of Day book 📖. He asks her if she goes to DOD. She ask if he has something against DOD? Julian wants her to concentrate on finding Ryan Chamberlain so she can put his sister Ava’s fears to rest. Margaux tells Julian she doesn’t need him to tell her how to do her job.

At DOD..................
(Sam arrives and it is just Shiloh there. He tells her he wants to put a blindfold on her and she has to trust him completely. Sam pulls away. Shiloh tells her she failed the test. Sam says she wants to put the red scarf 🧣 on herself. Shiloh gets very close to a blindfold Sam and asks if she can feel the vibration between them. He whispers in her ear 👂 that she has to trust him with all her fears.)
Shiloh - Do you feel it?
Sam - Yes, I do.
(Shiloh is staring at Sam and is about to put his hands on her (#MeToo) and then stops. He tells her she did good and she should take the blindfold off.)
Shiloh - Sam, you did very well.
Sam - What is the next step?
Shiloh - I will let you know.
(As Sam leaves, she sees DA Margaux Dawson go in.)

At GH......................
(Elizabeth finds out Cameron was in the room with Trina at Niagara Falls. She asks Franco to talk to Cameron about being with a girl 👧 So, Franco calls Cameron to meet him at the GH cafeteria. He starts by saying he wants to talk to Cam about girls. Cameron tells Franco he learned all about it in health class. Franco says there is more to being with a girl than what he reads in 📚 books.)
Franco - When you’re with a girl, you have to give them space and respect. Nowadays there is #MeToo.
Cameron - I know! No means no.
Franco - When I married your mother, I promised I would do right by you and your brothers. When you are with a girl, you need to wait until she says it’s ok.
Cameron - Franco, I’ve got to go to my community service.
Franco - Ah, that went well.
— MOM (4.3.19)
Tuesday on GH..................
Today is the 56th year Anniversary 🎈🎂😆🍾🥂 of General Hospital

At GH........
Alexis gathers everyone to the nurses’ station 🚉. She is the Executor of Gail Webber‘s will. The will was read a few episodes ago. Today, Gail is sending all who get an envelope on a treasure hunt. Alexis hands out the envelopes and in it is a map floorplan of General Hospital 56 years ago. Dr. Leslie Webber, a dear friend of Gail and Laura’s mother, returns for this episode.

Alexis tells the participants that each map has a specific place on the 10th floor they should go to find another envelope. They all find an envelope and the conversations are as follows:

Monica and Leslie argue over how much they didn’t like each other back then. Monica was young and out to have a good time, and Leslie was the good nurse who Monica said didn’t have any fun. Leslie called Monica a slut (wow) but they agreed they admired each other.

Bobby and Felicia remember how BJ died and Tony Jones convinced Bobby to give little Maxie Jones BJ’s heart ♥️.

Scott and Laura remember that Gail, Scott’s stepmother, introduced them and they got married.

Scott tells Franco that he was a difficult young man. Lee, his father, would give him a stiff talking to but Gail was always kind and understanding. Franco says he didn’t know Gail. Scott says now he understands why his parents worried about him. He was very worried for Franco when he was accused of Ryan’s murders. Scott tells Franco he loves him. (A nice moment.)

Laura asks Sonny if he remembers when they first met? Sonny smiles and says yes. Laura tells Sonny he was a good guy in a bad guy’s clothes.

Bobby and Elizabeth talk about the night Elizabeth was raped. Lucky 🍀 found her and called Bobby to help her. Bobby was so comforting and understanding to Elizabeth. She thanked Bobby and said she helped her to heal. Elizabeth said Bobby is why she became a nurse 👩‍⚕️. Bobby tells Elizabeth she is a great nurse.

Laura tells Leslie it was wonderful having a mother like her when she was young, even though Laura didn’t always listen. Leslie tells her daughter she is a lovely and compassionate person.

Maxie tells Mac 🖥 she was glad he stood by her when she acted out. She didn’t want to be known as the transplant kid.

Everyone returns to the Nurses Station 🚉...................
Alexis - I trust all of you have found your envelopes? Ok,one, two, THREE. Open them!
(They all open the secret envelopes and find sparkling confetti 🎉. Franco throws his in the air.)
Alexis reads Gail’s words - There is nothing in the envelopes! I wanted you to remember all the good times we had at General Hospital. Look forward to the future.
(Everyone hugs and Scott goes over to the picture wall of doctors and nurses and unveils the picture of Gail Webber.)
— MOM (4.2.19)
Monday on GH...............
At Lulu’s house 🏠...................
(Sonny and Carly stop by to see how Dante is doing.)
Lulu - Dante is gone.
Sonny - Gone where?
Lulu - He said he is not himself and needs to leave to keep us safe. Did you notice anything when you were with Dante?
Sonny - We were in a very dangerous situation. When we got home, I noticed Dante was troubled, but I thought it would work itself out once he adjusted to being home.
Lulu - WHY did I think everything would be ok once Dante returned? I was only kidding myself! Dante said he didn’t know if he would return and I told him I would wait for him forever.
Sonny - I am here for you if you need me.

At GH....................
Alexis has Laura’s divorce papers from Kevin. Laura doesn’t know if she will sign them. She can’t forgive Kevin for what he did in hiding Ryan, but she still loves him. Alexis told her to take her time no rush.

At the courthouse......................
(As the guard brings in a handcuffed Kevin, Franco sees him and gives him hell.)
Franco - Are you PROUD of what you’ve done?
Kevin - Franco, I am sorry for what Ryan put you through!
Franco - You USED me to get information to help your brother.
Kevin - I NEVER hid the fact I was researching justice reform.
Franco - Your SOB of a brother framed me for his murders, AND he killed Kiki. Please do me a favor and NEVER treat anyone again. You hid your brother, didn’t tell anyone he was alive, and are responsible for his actions!
(Lucy Coe is there and tells Kevin he is not alone. She asks him who is representing him in court.)
Kevin - No one in Port Charles would defend me, so I had to hire an outside attorney, Nora Buchanan.

In the court room........................
The Judge asks Kevin how he pleads. He is charged with being a co-conspirator of Ryan Chamberlain. Kevin pleads not guilty. The judge sets the bail at $150,000.00 and takes Kevin’s passport. Someone pays the bail and Kevin thinks it’s Lucy Coe, but it’s his wife, Laura Webber Collins.

At the Metro Court.................................
(Nina wants to know why Maxie thought it necessary to have a DNA test of her and Sasha.)
Maxie - I wanted to make sure Sasha was your daughter!
Nina - What did the test say?
(Valentin and Sasha are holding their breaths.)
Maxie - Sasha is your daughter.
Nina - Maxie, why would you doubt that?
(Maxie looks at Peter.)
Peter - Because Lisle was blackmailing Valentin.
(Nina looks at Valentin.)
Valentin - I had TWO separate DNA tests to make sure the results were correct. Sasha IS Nina’s daughter.
Nina - Maxie, I am angry and disappointed in you. You had a DNA test about me that I didn’t ask you to do? I need some time alone.
(Maxie and Peter go their separate ways.)
Sasha asks Valentin - How did THAT happen?
Valentin - We got the results we wanted. Leave well enough alone.

At Crimson.......................
(Valentin asks for Nina’s forgiveness.)
Nina - What was Lisle hanging over your head?
Valentin - Lisle knows YOU were the one who injected Cassandra Pierce with the deadly serum.
(A big fat lie. Lisle knows Sasha is not Nina‘s daughter.)
Nina - How does she know THAT?
Valentin - I don’t know.
Nina - We have to confront her! I kept her secret that she was holding Peter August captive. How can she DO this to me?
Valentin - Let it go. Lisle is satisfied with the job at The Invader. Let’s leave it alone.
Nina - Ok, but you need to stop hiding these things from me. I love you for trying to protect me!

(This woman is delusional. 🙄🤪😜)
— MOM (4.1.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH............
At GH...................
(Maxie and Peter are there to get Nina and Sasha’s DNA test results.)
Maxie - I am nervous. Sasha looks more like Nathan’s sister than Nina does!
Peter - If Valentin wanted to find a girl to impersonate Nina’s daughter, he would make sure she looked the part.
(Lisle happens by and asks them what are they doing there. Maxie says she had a DNA test on her gray hair 👩‍🦳 to find out if she is premature gray. Lisle doesn’t believe her.)

At Crimson.....................
Nina is talking to Valentin when Sasha comes in and wants to speak to her in private. Valentin kisses 😘 Nina and goes down to the Metro Court to get a table for their luncheon with Lisle. Sasha tries to confess that she is not who Nina thinks she is, but once again, Nina ✋ stops her and says she is so happy Sasha is her daughter.

At the Metro Court.....................
Lisle tells Valentin that he had better prepare for Nina to find out Sasha is not her daughter.)
Lisle - I just saw Maxie and Peter at GH waiting for the results of a DNA test. Your secret is out!
(Nina hears the word secret and wants Valentin and Lisle to tell her the truth.)
Nina - What secret are you talking about?
Lisle sees Maxie and Peter approaching - Ask Maxie!
Maxie - I have the results of a DNA test.
Nina - On whom?
Maxie - You and Sasha.
(We will have to wait until Monday for the results but I bet Valentin forged the results.)

At the Courthouse.....................
Cameron comes before the Judge and she decides to give him a last chance to finish his community service. She takes away his learner’s permit to drive. She tells him if he comes before her again she will give him a harsher sentence.

At Lulu’s 🏠............................
(Dante tells Lulu he is leaving. She can’t accept this and wants to know why. He tells her he is not well and needs to leave to protect her and the children. She says if he is sick, they will face it together.)
Dante - You HAVE to listen to me. I am not the same person I used to be! I need help.
Lulu - I will call Dr. Collins and he will help you with your PTSD.
Dante - NO, you’re not listening! Talking to someone while I am on a couch is NOT what I need. I need to be with people who have what I have, and understand what I am going through.
(If he would only be honest with Lulu and say he was brainwashed, she would understand. He is talking in circles and she is confused.)
Lulu - What am I going to tell Sonny and your mother? They would want to help you too!
Dante - I am doing this because I don’t trust myself and don’t want to hurt anyone.
Lulu - We can go with you!
Dante - I have to do this alone.
Lulu is crying - I am NOT going to make this easy for you. You’re leaving me AND the children. Are you coming back?
Dante - I don’t know if this is going to work. I should have never left you. I didn’t think when I walked out that door 🚪, I would lose my family. I am doing this so you and the kids will be safe! I want you to be happy. Take care of yourself, and the children.
(Dante kisses 💋 Lulu.)
Dante walks to the 🚪 door - I love you. 💕
Lulu is crying and choking on the tears - I love you and will wait for you.
— MOM (3.29.19)
Thursday on GH....................
At General Hospital......................
Cameron comes into Oscar’s hospital room and tells Joss and Oscar he has to go before the judge 👩‍⚖️ today because he missed his community service on the day they went to Niagara Falls. Oscar has less than a month to live, and he tells this to Cameron. The three friends are very sad about what is about to happen.

In Monica’s office......................
Kim and Drew are telling Monica the news that Oscar doesn’t have much time left. Monica wants to propose an idea to them. She wants Oscar and Kim to move into the Quartermaine Mansion. There, he will be surrounded with loving 🥰 family in his time of need. Kim appreciates the gesture, but says Oscar needs to decide if he wants to do that.

At the school yard.......................
Willow tells Chase she has decided to stay Port Charles. Running away will not solve any of her problems. She does not tell Chase about seeing Brad with a DOD pamphlet or her fear that he may confess to Shiloh about Wylie in a session.

At Kelly’s Diner...........................
Nina stops by to speak to Elizabeth about letting bygones be bygones 👋 about Charlotte bulling Aiden. Elizabeth is not so sure, but Nina tells her that Willow is leaving school and things will be much better since she wont be around the children. Elizabeth can’t believe Nina, since Willow is meeting her to discuss Aiden. Well, Willow appears and Nina joins Valentin at another table. Nina laughs to Valentin that they finally got rid of Willow, but she is in for a surprise! Elizabeth asks Willow if she is leaving, and Willow says no. Elizabeth and Willow discuss Aiden being the only child in class who wasn’t invited to his classmate, Bianca’s, birthday 🎂 party 🎈. Elizabeth tells of her conversation with Bianca’s mother, who told her she would rather have children who get along at her daughter’s party. Bianca told Aiden she would like for him to come to the party, but he can’t. Willow says she can’t do anything about the party, but will include Aiden in all of the class activities.

Willow then goes over to Nina’s table to say she is not leaving school, after all. Nina is shocked and wants to know what happened to the family emergency 🚨? Willow tells her that has been taken care of, and she hopes they can move forward. Valentin informs Willow that they can’t. He thinks Willow has been very hostile to Nina and his daughter. Willow says she may have said things she shouldn’t have. Nina tells Willow she will do everything in her power to make sure Willow’s tenure at school is short-lived.

At the Metro Court..........................
Carly sees Dante at the bar having a drink 🥃. She welcomes him home and says the drink is on the house 🏠. Dante congratulates her on the baby 👶, and says she has a new beginning. Carly notices Dante is miserable and hears him mutter, “I wish I had one.” Jason comes by to tell Carly he is out of jail. He welcomes Dante home 🏡 and a waitress behind the bar drops a tray 🎨. Dante jumps and grabs a knife 🔪 . Jason immediately grabs Dante’s hand 🖐. They lock eyes 👀 and Jason tells Dante to let go of the knife 🔪. Carly looks on in horror and tells Dante it is alright. Dante is in a trance and doesn’t hear her until Jason say, “Stand Down” and Dante releases the knife 🔪. He apologizes and says he has to leave.

Carly asks Jason what was that? Jason tells Carly that Dante knows what happened and Dante will take care of it. Carly asks how could Sam leave Danny with Shiloh, and why did Jason attack Shiloh? Jason assures Carly that he let Shiloh badger him and when he touched him, he pushed Shiloh up against the wall and choked him. Jason wanted Shiloh to be afraid that he could kill him at any time!

In the lobby of the Metro Court...............
Dante calls someone - We need to meet. I need help.

At an unidentified place............................
We see Dante sitting at a table and Anna appears. She just looks at Dante and knows he is in trouble. He tells her he experienced things with Raj where he had to prove his loyalty. She asks if he has PTSD? He says it’s worse than that. He thinks he was brainwashed! Dante says he has this recurring nightmare where he is putting bullets in a gun with a silencer, then Lulu comes in and sees the gun and he shoots her. He thought he could handle it, but he can’t. He feels that Raj programmed him to kill someone, but he doesn’t know who. (It’s like the Manchurian Candidate!) Anna tells Dante she was brainwashed too, as a young agent. She thinks all it would take is a phone 📱 call, word or picture to set him off. She tells him of a place in Sweden where she was taken. She can make arrangements for him to go there too. Dante wants to know if this place will reprogram him to do what they want? Will he be bound and put in a cell? Anna assures him this is a rather peaceful place where he can get help. They will give him the tools to cope with his situation and make him well. Dante agrees to go, and Anna makes the arrangements.

At Dante/Lulu house 🏠..........................
Dante enters and Lulu hugs him and to say she is glad he is home. Dante looks at Lulu with dead eyes and says time is up. He has to leave town.
— MOM (3.28.19)
Wednesday on GH..................
At the PCPD.................
Jason is in the interrogation room handcuffed to the table. Jordan comes in and implores Jason to tell her what happened that got him to attack Shiloh. She tells him he is always so cool and calm and never reacts so publicly. She thinks something Shiloh said got him to attack. Jason won’t answer. DA Dawson tells Jordan to come outside to talk. The DA thinks she finally has Jason and she tells Jordan she is going to charge him with assault. Jordan says that is premature and DA Dawson says why did she change her mind? She tells Margaux that Alexis Davis warned her someone was after Shiloh, but she didn’t mention Jason. Margaux says good, they can charge him with attempted murder. Margaux and Jordan return to the interrogation room and Margaux tells Jason he attacked Shiloh because he was jealous of the attention Shiloh was giving his ex-wife. Jason asks for his attorney and Jordan says Diane is in court and won’t be in to see him until the afternoon.

At GH.......................
(Shiloh asks Sam to meet him there. He woke up in the morning and his head was still bleeding. He got 5 stitches 🧵. He didn’t want to have to file a report, but he needed medical attention. Kristina runs up to Shiloh and is worried about him. She heard of Jason attacking him from the members at DOD.)
Kristina - Sam, HOW could you let Jason harm Shiloh? He could have KILLED him! Jason is lethal! He is my father’s enforcer.
Sam - Kristina, STOP 🛑! Don’t say that.
Kristina - Jason is a KILLER and very strong 💪. He can hurt you with his BARE HANDS.
Sam - 🛑 STOP saying these things!
Kristina is angry - I have to meet my father.
(She leaves.)
Shiloh - Sam, did Jason try to kill me?
Sam - I didn’t want to say this in front of Kristina. If Jason wanted to kill you, you would be dead 💀.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
(Sonny is speaking to Kristina and saying he misses her. She doesn’t spend time with the family. She tells him she is doing well and is happy. Sonny Lets Kristina know her mother is worried about her, and so is he. He wants to know what is she doing with Shiloh and DOD. He says he heard she is pulling away from her family.)
Kristina - DOD IS my family.
Sonny is annoyed - WE are your family. What do you plan to do outside of DOD? What about your FUTURE?
Kristina - DOD IS her future.
Sonny - That is pretty narrow thinking.
Kristina - Do you think I can’t think for myself?
Sonny - I HOPE you are thinking for yourself. I don’t want Shiloh to control you!
Kristina gets mad - You can’t tell ME what to do. I will make my own decisions.
Sonny - If you think I am going to let that Shiloh hurt my daughter? You forgot who I am!
(Kristina blames him for Jason attacking Shiloh and leaves.)

At the park.....................
Chase asks Willow if she has decided to stay, but she is still so frightened of Shiloh that she thinks it’s best if she leaves. Chase tells her he is a police 👮‍♀️ officer and can protect her. She doesn’t say it, but she is so worried Shiloh will find out about Wylie because he has ways to get information. She recounted a time when Shiloh put her and the other members in a room and repeated the same things over and over until everyone told him a secret. Chase tells her that is his way of brain 🧠 washing them. Willow says he has SO many ways to get information.

Back at PCPD.........................
Chase rushes into the interrogation room and demands that Jason tell him what Shiloh said to him. Jason won’t speak. Chase tells him Shiloh has threatened someone close to him and wonders if Shiloh also threatened someone close to Jason? Chase wants to work with Jason to get rid of Shiloh. So he tells him to let him know if Jason finds out anything they can use in a court of law. It is better that Shiloh get arrested than Jason go to prison for killing Shiloh.

Also at the PCPD...............
Shiloh and Sam are at the police 👮‍♀️ station . Shiloh wants to talk to DA Dawson and Jordan, so Chase brings Jason out in handcuffs. Sam spoke to Shiloh about forgiveness and Shiloh needs to be a good teacher by showing forgiveness to Jason.
Shiloh tells Margaux and Jordan he wants to forgive Jason and is not going to press charges. Margaux is surprised, and Jordan is relieved. Shiloh has to fill out some paperwork and Chase brings Jason down to the basement to sign out. Chase reminds Jason he is serious about working with him to bring Shiloh down.

When Jason comes up, DA Dawson tells Jason he owes his freedom to Shiloh and warns Jason if anything happens to Shiloh, she is coming after him. Jason looks at her and says, “Excuse me.” He walks over to the desk and asks the officer for his gun. The officer asks to see his carry license. Jason shows him and the police officer opens the metal box 📦. Jason takes a big, silver gun out, puts it in he back pocket and cool as silk walks out, while Sam, Shiloh, DA Dawson and Commissioner Jordan look on.

At the park.........................
Willow asks to meet Brad and tells him she is leaving town. She asks if she can hold Wylie one last time. Brad is relieved she is leaving and agrees. While Willow is holding Wylie, Brad gets a blanket out of the carriage and she sees a pamphlet of DOD classes. Her eyes widen and she asks him if he is a member of DOD? Brad says he spoke to Shiloh about taking classes on parenting and he was interested in a class about ridding yourself of keeping secrets. Willow clutches Wylie and knows if Brad goes to that class Shiloh will find out about Wylie! Brad wants the baby back and a reluctant Willow obliges. Bard leaves and Chase finds Willow and sees her tear up her resignation letter to the principal. She can’t leave now. She tells Chase she will stay in Port Charles.

At the Metro Court.....................
Dante takes Mike there for lunch. Mike is happy to see him, but in a lucid moment notices Dante is worried about something. He asks Dante if he is happy to be home? Dante tells him he has something to say, but he can’t tell anyone. Mike assures him it will go in one ear and out the other. He won’t remember what they talk about. Dante says he has these nightmares and doesn’t know what to do about it. He fears that he may do something bad and not remember it. He knows his experience has made him a different person. Mike tells him he also does or says things and then he doesn’t remember what he did. Dante is worried if it is safe for him to be around Lulu and Rocco.
— MOM (3.27.19)
Tuesday on GH................
Outside Kelly’s Diner...........................
Jason and Shiloh are there and Shiloh is talking. He makes the mistake of touching Jason. In a split second, Shiloh is up against the brick 🧱 wall and Jason has him in a choke hold! Shiloh is close to passing out when Jason releases him and Shiloh falls to the floor. Sam sees this and yells, “JASON!” The waitress, who was serving patrons (Kelly’s now has tables outside), runs over and sees Shiloh is bleeding. He hit his head and Sam is helping him. The waitress wants to get an ambulance, but Shiloh refuses. Someone calls the police 👮. Shiloh has a ice pack on the back of his head. While Jason gives him his stone cold stare, Shiloh asks Sam if Jason was trying to kill him? He says he was talking to Jason when he attacked him.

Detective Chase arrives and sees Jason and Shiloh. Earlier in the day, he was talking to his brother, Finn, about Willow. He shares how her ex-boyfriend came back and how she was afraid 😱 of Shiloh. So, Chase doesn’t like or trust anything Shiloh says. Chase questions the waitress to find out what she saw. She says she didn’t hear what Shiloh was saying to Jason. Jason didn’t speak and then Shiloh was attacked by Jason. Chase decides to bring all involved to the PCPD.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.........................
Alexis asks Sonny what he and Jason have planned for Shiloh? Alexis wants Sonny to help her get Kristina out of DOD, but she won’t be silent if Sonny and Jason are planning to kill Shiloh. She decides to alert 🚨 the police 👮‍♀️, and calls Jordan Ashford. Alexis has to leave a message and Sonny tells her she did the wrong thing. Alexis is a goody two shoes 👞 and tells Sonny she is not like Carly, who turns a blind eye to whatever he does. She is an officer 👮‍♀️ of the court.

At the docks......................
Peter sees Anna there, and she is crying. She was reading a letter from Griffin saying he had to leave Port Charles. He needs help in his grief over Kiki and feels he can’t heal in Port Charles. Peter tells Anna he knows how she thought of Griffin as her son because he was the son of the love of her life, Duke Lavery. Anna tells Peter that she cared for Griffin but he, Peter, is her son.

At Lulu’s house 🏠........................
Dante returns and Lulu meets him outside. She is about to tell him of the surprise waiting for him inside, when he hears a bang and barges into the house 🏠. (This guy might have PTSD. He jumps all the time.) Well, all his friends and his mother, Olivia, are yelling SURPRISE!! Dante is startled 😱 and his mother runs up to him and welcomes him home 🏠. Jordan and Curtis are there and Jordan wants go talk to Dante about coming back to the PCPD. Olivia is crying and tells her son she was so worried about him and is grateful he is back home. Ned and Laura look on as Olivia announces she made Dante’s favorite Italian meal, manicotti. Maxie shows Dante pictures of James and tells him she is seeing Peter August. After all, he is James’ uncle. Dante is not too happy about that.

While Maxie is talking to Dante he has a blank look on his face. He sees himself putting bullets in a cartridge, and putting that in a gun with a silencer. Lulu says, “Dante what are you doing?” And once again, he shoots Lulu. He is programmed and says, “Finish the job.” Once everyone leaves, Lulu puts Rocco to bed and Dante decides to flip the large table with the food and glasses to the floor for no reason and there is a huge mess. When Lulu returns to the bedroom, Dante is sleeping 💤 . Lulu gets into the bed and sees Dante has scars and long welts on his back.

Outside of Lulu’s house......................
Jordan returns Alexis’ call because she said she has information about a crime that is going to happen. Alexis backs down and says Jordan should look out for someone who might want to hurt Shiloh.

At the PCPD....................
Chase asks Shiloh what did he say to Jason? Shiloh replies that he talked to him about how well Sam was doing at the DOD. He said Sam and Danny were welcomed there and Jason could come also. Chase asks Shiloh if he touched Jason? At first, Shiloh doesn’t remember, and then he says yes, he touched his arm then Jason attacked him. Chase asks Jason if he has anything to add to what Shiloh said? Jason says he wants his lawyer.

Jordan returns to the PCPD and Chase wants to speak to her in private. He tells her that Shiloh is a bad guy and not what he seems. Chase was ready to just let everyone go home when Jordan remembers what Alexis told her, and decides to arrest Jason for assault. A reluctant Chase handcuffs Jason.
— MOM (3.26.19)
Monday on GH...........
I call this the Shiloh episode. There is a small part about Dante and his demons, but Shiloh is the center of this update.

At Dante and Lulu’s house 🏠..............
Dante is in a trance and says “finish the job” while he puts bullets in a cartridge. He slips it into a gun and screws on a silencer. Lulu comes into the room and says, “Dante?” He turns around and Lulu sees the gun and says, “What are you doing?” He shoots Lulu and wakes up in a fright.that he had a nightmare. Rocco sees this and is afraid 😱 of his father. Dante comes into the living room and tells Lulu he has to go and see if Sonny is ok.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
Sonny knows something is not right with Dante. Dante tells him he had to prove himself to Raj and he did things. Sonny says he just got home and it will get better. Dante knows something is not right. He has a heavy feeling in his chest that he can’t shake. Dante may have been programmed to be an assassin, but he can’t live with what he has done.

At Kelly’s Diner.......................
Brad is there with Wylie. Shiloh is talking to Danny and Sam comes back into the room. Jason sees Shiloh talking to Danny and comes into the Diner too. Danny runs to his dad and hugs him. Danny tells Jason that Shiloh is his mom’s friend. Jason looks at Shiloh and gives Sam a “Why did you leave Danny with him?” look. Brad says hi to Jason and he leaves. Danny gets cookies and Shiloh asks Sam why Jason ignored him. Sam tells him Jason is like that and Sam and Danny leave. Shiloh asks Brad if he can hold Wylie and tells Brad that he has parenting classes at DOD. Brad says with work and taking care of Wylie, he doesn’t have time. Shiloh encourages Brad to take Wylie with him. There is always someone at DOD to watch Wylie.

At Willow’s classroom..................
Chase wants to know more about Shiloh and DOD. Willow tells him that Shiloh is very friendly and can convince anyone that he cares about them. He makes people feel like he cares and wants them to be their best self. He is very good at soliciting private feelings and secrets from all who are looking for acceptance. Chase wants to know why would anyone want to be in a cult? Willow tells him Shiloh doesn’t force anyone. They come because they want to belong to a family and get acceptance. She told him how she did whatever Shiloh wanted. He wanted her to teach the children of DOD. So he trusted her to leave the compound and sent her to college. She noticed the freedom she had when she left DOD and couldn’t teach the kids the lies she no longer believed in. Shiloh welcomes all people to DOD, especially children. He likes to get them young to brainwash them. Willow admitted to Chase that Shiloh was the father of her baby, but he doesn’t know. When she found out she was pregnant, she had to leave. She told Chase that she can’t stay in Port Charles now that Shiloh knows she is there. Chase says she should stay and he will protect her.

At Sonny’s house 🏠..........................
Alexis had a conversation with Kristina and came to the conclusion that Kristina is embracing DOD as her family. Kristina called her mother, Ms Davis, and said she is no longer her family. Alexis needs Sonny’s help, so she is telling him about her conversation and what are they going to do about Shiloh.Sonny tells her it is all taken care of, and not to worry.

In another location......................
(Michael tells Sam that he spoke to his dad about Kristina and her attachment to Shiloh.)
Michael - Sonny talked to Jason about Shiloh and it is under control.
Sam - No! I thought Jason would give me more time.
Michael is confused - Sam, you can’t think that Kristina being with DOD and Shiloh is a good thing?
Sam - No, but I hope Jason doesn’t ruin my plans.

Back at Kelly’s Diner............................
(Shiloh leaves and Jason is waiting for him.)
Shiloh - I KNEW this wasn’t over!
Jason gives Shiloh his stone cold stare - Stay away from my son, Danny. DON’T go near him. DON’T touch him.
Shiloh - Well, Jason, Sam is doing SO well at DOD. SHE knows what is best for Danny. If she wants me in his life, YOU can’t do anything about it.
(Shiloh makes the mistake of trying to touch Jason. Shiloh is pushing Jason’s buttons on purpose!)
Jason - DON’T touch me.
Shiloh - Sam and Danny are welcome at DOD. You could come too, but you’re too angry 😤 to accept help. Sam says you’re too controlling and you ignore whomever you don’t like. YOU will have to get used to the fact I am going to be in Sam and Danny’s lives!
(Jason pushes Shiloh to the wall and puts his hands around his neck and Shiloh is lifted off the floor. Jason is comfortable being a stone cold killer. He could end Shiloh’s life in a second. And he would have, if Sam didn’t 🛑 stop him.)
— MOM (3.25.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH................
At the docks.............................
(Well, the person who hit Kevin at the docks was Dr. Griffin Monroe. He was so angry 😡 that he used Kevin for a punching bag and took all his anger and frustration out on him. Kevin was pleading 🥺 with him to stop. Griffin told him he has nightmares about Kiki, wondering if he would save her.)
Griffin - No one is going to save you! You KNEW Ryan was alive and didn’t tell ANYONE.
(Griffin picks up a wooden crate and is about to hit Kevin over the head with it.)
Ava screams - Griffin STOP 🛑! He is NOT Ryan. This is KEVIN!
Griffin - I KNOW who he is.
Ava - WHAT are you doing?
Griffin - He KNEW Ryan was alive and he HID him.
Ava - Is that true?
Kevin - Yes.
Griffin - WHY are you protecting him?
Ava - I’m protecting YOU! Go home, Griffin. Kiki wouldn’t want you to have his blood on your hands. She loved you!
(Griffin drops the wooden crate and leaves.)
Ava - Did you know Ryan was alive?
Kevin - Yes, I brought him to Ferncliff and treated him there until he overpowered me. I’m SO sorry.
Ava - Yeah, well, I bet you thought you did a bad thing for the right reason. I’ve done that many times.
(Ava wants to call an ambulance for Kevin, but he refused because they will have to report his beating to the police. He doesn’t want to cause any more trouble for Griffin. Ava says she will call her brother, he will know someone. A policeman comes by and asks if they need help. He notices Kevin as Ryan and arrests him. Ava has been drinking so Kevin tells her to call a cab and go home.)

At General Hospital..........................
Sonny is back and Lucas is patching up his gunshot wound. Carly is there and wants to know how he got shot? Sonny tells her Dante shot him to appease Raj.

Also at GH................
Jason and Sam are on Sonny’s floor. Sam tells Jason that she has convinced Shiloh she wants to join DOD. He tells her she has to give her self-control to him. Jason cant understand why anyone would do that. Sam says she has to be available 24/7 when he calls her. Jason doesn’t like that and tells Sam that Sonny is back and he has to tell him about Shiloh’s hold over Kristina. If Sonny tells Jason to take him out, he will. Sam reminds Jason that if anything happens to Shiloh Kristina will blame herself.

In Sonny‘s room......................
Jason goes in and asks Sonny how is Dante doing? Sonny says he was upset when he heard what happened to Lulu. Carly tells Sonny about Ryan and how Jason saved her. Sonny is angry and tells Jason to alert all their connections in Niagara Falls to find Ryan so Jason can take him out. Jason says they have another problem, with Shiloh. He is controlling Kristina and encouraging her to alienate her family. Sonny wants Jason to deal with Shiloh, but Carly says if something happens to Shiloh then Kristina will know it was Sonny and blame herself.

At the PCPD..................
Laura is questioning Jordan and DA Dawson about the progress in finding Ryan Chamberlain. They tell her the Niagara police 👮‍♀️ have searched the Niagara River into Lake Ontario and have not found Ryan’s body. They think he is dead and have stopped the manhunt. Laura wants Jordan and the PCPD to keep looking until they find a body. Jordan tells Laura she is questioning Mac and Felicia, and maybe Kevin. Laura tells her of course she needs to speak to Kevin! DA Dawson objects and says she is going to charge Kevin as Ryan’s co conspirator. He knew Ryan was alive and didn’t tell anyone. Laura doesn’t think Kevin is responsible for what Ryan did. DA Dawson wants Laura’s support when she speaks to Kevin.

The police 👮‍♀️ bring Kevin in and Laura sees he was beaten up. Kevin tells her he got what he deserved. She assures Jordan and DA Dawson he is Kevin, and not Ryan. They take the handcuffs off. Jordan wants to ask Kevin some questions and he agrees to answer all their questions, but Laura tells him he should have an attorney with him.

In the interrogation room..................
(Jordan asks Kevin if he Knew Ryan Chamberlain was alive and if he kept him from the authorities.)
Kevin - In May 2018, I found Ryan and he was in very bad shape. I took him to Ferncliff to treat him and hide him from the police.
(DA Dawson told Kevin he was under arrest as a co conspirator of Ryan Chamberlain.)

At Willow Tate’s classroom.......................
Willow - Shiloh, how did you find me?
Shiloh - I’m here to check this place out!
Willow - You don’t have children!
Shiloh - How do you know?
Willow - I want you to leave, or I will call the police 👮.
(Willow sends a text to Chase she needs him.)
Shiloh - YOU left me. You told me you would NEVER leave me. I see you changed your name, Ms. TATE?
Willow - You are a horrible monster and I will tell ALL your secrets.
Shiloh - I want you to come back to DOD with me.
(Chase storms in to the room.)
Chase - Am I interrupting anything?
Shiloh - Yes.
Willow - No! Shiloh was just leaving. You’re on time for our meeting.
As Shiloh leaves he tells Willow - It was nice to see you. My door is always open, all you have to do is come in.

Chase notices Willow is frightened and tells her she can talk to him. But she tells him not to get involved. He tells her he is already involved. He tells her he can see that she is afraid 😱 of Shiloh. She was a member of DOD. She ran away. He believes Shiloh is her baby’s father. Willow tells Chase that Shiloh seduced her and she became pregnant. She couldn’t keep the baby, so she gave him up for adoption.

At Kelly’s Diner..........................
(Brad is there with Wylie. Sam and Danny come in and she sees the baby and wants to hold him. Brad is about to give the baby to Sam when he spits up on her jacket. Shiloh comes in and wants to clean 🧽 her jacket. Sam tells Danny to go with her to the bathroom, but he doesn’t want to. She insists and Shiloh say don’t you trust me to be with your son? Brad says he will watch Danny, so Sam leaves. Danny sits at a table and Shiloh sits next to him.)
Shiloh - We haven’t met. I’m Shiloh, a friend of your mom’s. You’re Danny?
Danny - Yes.
Shiloh - Well, maybe we could be friends?
(Jason is about to enter Kelly’s Diner when he sees Shiloh talking to his son. This is not going to end well.)

At Lulu’s house 🏠..................................
Dante comes 🏠. Lulu is so happy to see him. They kiss 💋 and she tells him he has to promise he will never leave her again. Dante tells Lulu that Raj is dead. Lulu says now their family is safe and Dante confesses that he didn’t keep Lulu safe, and he he shouldn’t have left her. He gets a phone call from Frisco Jones, Director of the WSB. Dante tells him he will report to him for his briefing. Dante and Lulu have their reunion, and when Dante turns in bed we see huge welts and scars on his back. Dante was tortured while in Raj Patel’s control.

At the docks............................
(Julian arrives to take an inebriated Ava home 🏡. She is wobbly, so he grabs her. The phone rings and Ava says hello. She hears breathing.)
Ava - Ryan, is this YOU?
Julian takes the phone from a frightened Ava - Ryan, stay AWAY from my sister, or I will KILL you.
(The phone📱 goes dead 💀.)
— MOM (3.22.19)
Thursday on GH.................
At the docks....................
Ava is there drinking and Laura comes by and wants to help her. Laura tells her it is not good to keep thinking about what Ryan did to her. Ava tells Laura she is probably so happy she and Kevin are together. Ava says she tried to take her husband away from her and Laura is such a good person that if Ava needed her she would be there. Laura says anyone would do the same thing. Ava says no, they wouldn’t, and she wouldn’t. Laura wants to take Ava somewhere to get her from drinking but Ava won’t go. So Laura leaves.

At GH...............................
Finn performs the operation on Alex and her eyesight is restored. Anna is outside talking to Griffin. She sees the hurt in his eyes and asks if she can help. Griffin tells her he is tired of people telling him how to grieve. Anna says he can talk to her, but he is not interested. Griffin tells Anna that Ryan was roaming the hospital halls. Griffin shook his hand when Ryan/Kevin said he was sorry to hear about Kiki. Laura sees Griffin and tells him that Ava is in a bad way at the docks and she is worried about her. Griffin tells her he can’t help Ava. Laura says Ava needs someone who loved Kiki as much as she did to talk to. Griffin wants none of this and walks away. Anna asks Laura how Kevin is. Laura tells her that things aren’t good with them because Kevin knew Ryan was alive and hid him. If he had called the PCPD then three people would still be alive. Griffin overhears this.

At Kelly’s Diner....................
Molly calls a meeting and Alexis and Sam show up. Molly tells her mother that maybe it’s because she is not around Krissy as much that she can’t see that she is in a cult. Sam tells Molly she has an appointment and has to leave but not to badger Kristina about DOD or she will not achieve her objective.

At DOD........................
Shiloh tells Kristina she need to think of a secret that is so dark and disturbing that if people knew they would have a different opinion of her. Kristina says what if she told of a family member? Well Shiloh says that would really show her trust in the family. Then, Kristina gets a text from Molly.

Back at Kelly’s Diner....................
(Kristina arrives and Molly starts to talk to her about DOD while Alexis listens. Kristina tells Molly she doesn’t understand the good that Shiloh does. Alexis chimes in that Kristina is more confident and DOD does good things like the clothing drive in the community. Kristina says that Shiloh says.......)
Molly interrupts - Do you HEAR yourself? All you can say is Shiloh! Like you lost your brain and repeat whatever he wants you to say. You are BRAINWASHED, Kristina.
(Well, Kristina is insulted and says she can’t listen to this. Shiloh says she has to drop her negative family so she leaves.)

At DOD.......................
Sam drops by to speak to Shiloh .She tells him she has to understand why she shies away from relationships. She wants to join DOD and take his class on relationships. Shiloh tells Sam ok but she has to give up control. Sam wants to know why she would give up her decisions? Shiloh says she has to agree to give up control of her decisions to DOD. So Sam says ok. Then, Shiloh tells her she has to agree to be available at a moment’s notice. Sam says she can do that.and asks when do they start? Shiloh says he will let her know and leaves.

Kristina returns and wants to know what Sam is doing there. Sam tells her she wanted to talk to Shiloh about taking the relationship class and Kristina hugs her. When Sam leaves Kristina picks up a recorder and says she is going go tell a secret of a family member.

At the Floating Rib......................
Felicia and Mac 🖥 are at a table having a drink 🥃 when Kevin comes in. He goes to their table and they jump up. Kevin assures he is Dr. Kevin Collins and shows his hospital tag that is on his wrist. Kevin says he is sorry for all the pain Ryan caused them. Felicia says that she understands that Kevin was held hostage for months by Ryan. He is a victim too, but she can not forgive him. Mac is very angry 😤 at Kevin for putting Felicia in danger. Ava comes in and goes to the bar for a drink 🥃 and Felicia sees she is drunk so she goes over to her. When a Felicia leaves, Mac has a man to man talk with Kevin. He tells him he did a lot of damage to Felicia. She may look ok but at home he had to put locks 🔒 on all the doors and change all the windows. He says Felicia sleeps with a baseball bat 🦇 at her bed 🛌 and she cries in her 💤 sleep. He says Kevin betrayed his friends and his wife to protect Ryan.

At the bar.....................
Ava asks Felicia if she is going to take her martini 🍸 from her. but Felicia says no. Felicia tells Ava that she is a survivor of Ryan too. She knew him as Todd Wilson/Ryan Chamberlain in Texas. She tells of how handsome, friendly and attentive he was to her. She thought she cared for Todd/Ryan, but quickly changed her mind when she witnessed him killing his wife. Felicia tried to get away from him, but he came after her and held her captive. She managed to get away and would have killed him, if she had to. She remembers seeing Todd/Ryan in flames 🔥 at the fun house 🏠 and she thought he was dead 💀. Now, 25 years later, he survived and is back. Felicia tells Ava she is not safe. She had better hope Ryan is dead and they find his body. They also need to have DNA 🧬 evidence it is him, because if he is alive, he will come after her. Ava believes her and is scared to death 💀.

At Willow’s classroom..................
Willow writes a letter to the Principal of the school. She writes she has a family emergency and must leave school. Valentin and Nina come in and he asks to speak to her. Willow says this is not a good time. Nina tells her that since Charlotte is a very bright student she wants her in an advanced class. Willow tells them that Charlotte won’t be in her class anymore, because she is leaving. Valentin asks why? Willow tells her she has a family emergency and is going home 🏠. Well, Nina wants her to give a recommendation for Charlotte to the advanced class without taking a test. Willow says she will have to take a test for the next teacher. So Nina chastises Willow for leaving in the middle of the school year. If this is such an emergency why is she still there? Why are her things there? Willow tells Nina not everyone can afford to ship 🚢 their things. She tells Nina she is not helping Charlotte, with a stepmother like her the kid doesn’t have a chance! Willow has had enough and lets them have it. She tells Nina and Valentin that Charlotte is a smart girl who wants everything her way with the kids and with the teachers. She is entitled and thinks she is better than everyone. Willow blames Nina for instilling a feeling of superiority in her. She tells Nina the new teacher will decide if Charlotte should be in an advanced class, and they leave. Willow has tears in her eyes. She is about to erase her name, Ms. Tait, off the blackboard when someone says don’t do that, it is such a nice name. She turns around and sees Shiloh.
Shiloh - Hello, Willow.

At the dock................
Kevin is walking by and out of nowhere someone punches him and down he goes. Who do you think it is?
— MOM (3.21.19)
Wednesday on GH.....................
In Turkey 🦃......................
(Dante shoots his gun and a guard runs downstairs to the cell. He finds Dante and Sonny on the floor.)
Dante - I HAD to kill him.
(The guard opens the cell and bends down to touch Sonny. Sonny knocks the guard out.)
Dante - That was easy!
Sonny - Now, how do we get out of here?
(Sonny changes into the guard’s clothes.)

Outside the building............
The kid calls Robert. He tells Robert that Sonny gave him a number to call if he didn’t get out of the building where Raj Patel was. Robert gets a call from Carly, Olivia and Lulu. They want to know where Sonny and Dante are. While Robert is talking to them, the kid leaves and tries to get into the building to help Sonny.

Back inside..........
Dante and Sonny dressed as the guard are walking past the room that Raj is in. He wants to know what caused that sound. Dante tells Raj he had to kill Sonny. Raj tells him he did the right thing. Dante says he needs a minute outside. The guards come in with the kid. Raj wants the kid killed. Sonny tells Dante he knows the kid. As the guard is about to kill the kid, Sonny shoots him. That starts a gun fight. The guards are killed and Raj rushes out to get away, but Dante follows him and kills Raj too. Robert arrives with the WSB and it looks like everyone is going home 🏡, including the kid.

At General Hospital.....................
Anna and Alex may be twin sisters 👯, but they are NOT friends. Anna is getting angry at Alex because she has not told her what she needs to know. Alex decides she will tell Anna about Boris Macalif. Anna tells Finn that he was a scientist 👨‍🔬 that was defecting from Germany. The WSB was helping to get him out of the country. Anna has tears in her eyes as she remembers that they got caught in an ambush. Anna froze and couldn’t use her gun, and Boris died. Alex also has tears 😭 in her eyes as she tells Anna that SHE was the one that happened to, not Anna. She was happy to have Anna carry the burden with her. Anna now realizes that happened to Alex, but says she doesn’t feel better.

In a room at GH............................
Sam tells Jason that Shiloh has convinced Kristina to disown anyone who is negative about DOD. She tells him about Valerie, who was Kristina’s only friend outside of DOD. Jason mentions he witnessed Molly and Kristina fighting about DOD and Shiloh. He said Molly told Kristina that DOD was a cult and Kristina said Molly was so negative she couldn’t have anything to do with her. Sam tells Jason that Kristina will do whatever Shiloh wants. Jason suggest he has to take Shiloh out. If no Shiloh, then no DOD. Sam says that Kristina will blame herself if that happens. Jason says if he doesn’t act, then when Sonny gets back and hears about Kristina, he will deal with Shiloh himself. Sam says she has to go deeper and be a part of the cult.

At the Floating Rib......................
Chase and Willow are on a date and he asks her to go away with him. She has time off for spring break and he has four days off. Willow goes to get drinks 🍸 and Michael stops by Chase’s table and asks him if he heard anything about DOD. Chase tells him his only knowledge is they applied for permits. Willow comes back with the drinks 🍹 and hears Michael mention DOD and Shiloh. She freezes and drops the drinks! Chase asks Willow if she knows of Dawn of Day. Willow says she knows they were at Beecher’s Corners. Michael says he has heard a lot of things about Shiloh. Willow tells Michael he has to do whatever he has to do to get Kristina out of there. Willow excuses herself and finds an article on her cellphone 📱 about DOD having a rally. She immediately calls her landlord to say she need to break her lease. (I think Willow is running away from Shiloh and is scared 😱 he will find her. She knows it is a cult and Shiloh is a bad dude.)

At DOD............................
Kristina tells Shiloh she made all the preparations for the Rally. She also tells Shiloh she is ready for the next step. Shiloh tells her the next step is The Trust. They are the decision makers of DOD. She has to make an act of trust first. Shiloh tells Kristina she has to make a trust offering and tell something she has never told anyone, a secret so dark and disturbing that if people knew it would change their opinion of her. Shiloh wants something he can blackmail her with but Kristina doesn’t see it that way and starts talking while his phone is recording what she says. Kristina tells Shiloh that she and Parker were living together, but before that, she blackmailed Parker so she would give her a better grade in her class. Shiloh shuts the recorder off and tells Kristina that won’t do .She has already told other members of the family about this story. As she is about to tell him something else, Michael comes by and wants to talk to her in private. Kristina introduces Shiloh to her brother and says he can speak in front of Shiloh. Michael wants to take a walk with his sister and Shiloh tells Kristina it’s ok to go outside.

Outside DOD..............
Kristina wont go any further than outside the house. The window is open and Michael knows Shiloh is listening. Michael is annoyed that Kristina can’t go for a walk. He tells her she is shedding family and friends. Kristina tells him if people can’t accept her life with DOD, she has to shed the negativity. Michael wants to know if that includes him? She didn’t tell him he was lending her money 💰 for DOD classes. He thought it was for college classes. Michael says Willow told him that he needs to get her out of DOD. Shiloh is listening to this and hears that Willow is in Port Charles. Kristina asks Michael to support her. He tells her that if she needs him he will be there for her.
— MOM (3.20.19)
Tuesday on GH..............
At General Hospital..............................
Franco is being released today. Elizabeth goes into his room. He asks her if he is going to a hotel 🏨 or home 🏠. She tells him she still loves him, but she has to think of what is best for her three boys. Franco understands and tells Elizabeth to let him know what she has decided.

At the nurses’ station.....................
Drew and Kim are at the nurses’ desk waiting for Dr. Terry Randolph to tell them the results of the cat 🐈 scan since Oscar’s latest seizure. Julian brings coffee ☕️ to Kim and Drew takes time to go and see Franco.

Back in Franco’s room..................
Franco asks about Oscar and Drew tells him they are waiting for test results. Drew says he should be happy 😃, he is getting out of there. Franco says he doesn’t know where he is going to live. Cameron stops by with a gift from Jake and Aiden so Drew leaves. Cameron gives Franco fresh baked cookies 🍪 from Aiden and a drawing ✍️ of Franco with the Hero from Jake. Franco knows Cameron doesn’t want to be there and is doing this for his brothers. Franco promises Cameron he will prove to him that he is worthy of his mom and brothers.

Back at the nurses’ station................
Drew stops by to speak to Elizabeth. He tells her she was there for him when he was a broken man, when he first came to Port Charles. She assured him she still sees good in him. Drew asks her to see the good in Franco and understand he was in a no-win situation. He helped identify and stop a serial killer.

Then in Franco’s room....................
Elizabeth goes back and says she still loves her husband. Jake and Aiden think of Franco as a father. So she tells him she wants him to come home 🏡 with her. They exchanges I love yous 💕 and kisses 😘.

In Oscar’s room................
Drew, Kim, Joss and Oscar are waiting for Dr. Randolph. She comes in and doesn’t waste time. She tells them the tumor has grown. There is sadness and silence in the room. Oscar asks how long does he have? Dr. Randolph tells him he could have another seizure at any time. He has four to six weeks. Oscar asks Drew, Joss and Dr. Randolph to leave so he can talk to his mother. He thanks her for being his mother and raising him alone. Kim is crying 😢 and tells Oscar it is her privilege to be his mother. He is a smart, brave and compassionate person. They exchange I love yous and Oscar tells his mother he is scared.

At Sonny’s house 🏠...................
Carly gets a call from the guard at the gate that Ava wants to come up. Carly opens the door 🚪 to a drunken 🥴 Ava. She wants to see Avery and take her home with her. Carly tells Ava Avery is at the Quartermaine’s. Ava wants to go there to see her daughter. Carly says the Quartermaines won’t let her get past the gate. Ava tells Carly she can gloat over her misery. Carly tells Ava she didn’t treat Kiki right. Ava admits she was angry at Kiki and complained to Kevin about Kiki and slept with her daughter’s killer. Ava doesn’t know how go deal with that and asks Carly for help. Carly tells her she needs to call someone to take her home 🏠. So, Ava calls Julian. He comes by to get Ava. Ava wants to know if Carly will use her being drunk against her? Carly says no, but she will keep it for leverage.

At General Hospital.....................
Anna is still telling Alex that if she doesn’t tell her what she wants to know then there will be no operation. Anna says she has things in her life she did that she regrets. She doesn’t need the burden of Alex’s sins too. Alex says she will decide what to tell Anna about her memories. She also wants to be free of the WSB and no jail time. Anna agrees. Alex tells Anna she is not going to like what she has to tell her.

In Turkey 🦃.........................
We see Sonny in the cell talking to Dante. They have put together a plan to make it look like Sonny is dead. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what that is. Sonny asks Dante if he is ok. Dante says he has been undercover before, but what he saw and what he experienced (I think they tortured 😖 him), he hopes he can put aside when he gets back home 🏠. Sonny told him he needs to put whatever he experienced in the back corner of his mind and never look at it again.
Dante - Is that Mob 101?
Sonny - Yes.
— MOM (3.19.19)
Monday on GH...............
At GH....................
Stella is on her way to Jordan’s room when she sees Marcus. He tells her Yvonne fell and hit her head, so she is getting an MRI. Jordan is ready to go home, or should I say to work. Curtis wants her to go home and rest. He has an office for her and Chase will come by to update Jordan on the outstanding cases. Stella tells Jordan she can live a normal life with dialysis. She has to rest and eat well. If she feels ill, has headaches and is weak she should notify the doctor. Curtis puts his foot in his mouth by saying he wants to get back to normal and think about a baby. Well, if looks could kill from Stella! Jordan was very surprised and told Curtis they never discussed children. Stella said it’s best to talk to her doctor about that.

Also at GH.................
Anna found Alex and she is in GH waiting for her operation to get her eyesight back. Dr. Finn is in the room with Anna and Alex. Well, Alex likes the sound of Finn’s voice and wants the operation NOW so she can see what he looks like. Not so fast! Anna wants answers first. She wants to know which memories belong to Alex. Alex tells Anna let it go. What difference does it make? Finn tells Alex that she willingly participated in Dr. Cabot’s study but Anna was taken against her will. So, if she doesn’t cooperate with Anna, no operation! Alex reminds Dr. Finn that he took an oath: First, do no harm. The question on everyone‘s mind is: Is Peter Anna’s son or nephew?

At The Floating Rib.......................
Michael wants to have an evening of BBQ 🍖 with his mother and grandfather but Mike is restless . He is worried about Yvonne and wants to know if she is ok. Carly tells them she is pregnant and they are happy for her.

Also at The Floating Rib............
Sasha sees Peter and tells him she doesn’t want him to spoil the wedding of Valentin and Nina. She is the maid of honor and Peter is the best man. She knows about the history between Peter and Valentin. She warns him if he does anything to stop the wedding 🎩, he will hurt Nina.

Michael is at the bar and sees Sasha leaving. He asks her to have a drink 🥃 with him. While in conversation, Michael tells Sasha he is an honest person. He tells her he likes her. She says she likes him too and leaves. Meanwhile, Peter goes to Maxie’s table and tells her he thinks Sasha is on to them.

In Turkey 🦃...........................
(Raj takes Sonny’s gun. He removed all the bullets except one and hands the gun to Dante.)
Raj - You only need ONE bullet. Shot your father!
(Dante takes the gun and shoots Sonny. Down he goes! The guards get him up. Raj sees that Dante only grazed the skin on Sonny’s shoulder.)
Raj - You didn’t kill him!
Dante - Why kill him when we can use him? Sonny has many connections in Canada. We can move our product with HIM. Sonny is a businessman. If you kill him, Jason Morgan will take over. He is NOT a business man. He will kill you.
(Raj orders Sonny to be taken downstairs to the cell while he thinks of what to do. Dante goes to the cell to talk to Sonny.)
Sonny - So, you tried to KILL me?
Dante - I got what I wanted.
Sonny - I know, my son. You grazed me on purpose. How did you get into Raj’s organization?
Dante - I let him capture me. I wanted to get him for kidnapping Lulu (some time ago) and I found out he was selling military grade weapons to anyone who can afford to buy them. It was hard at first, he kept me in that cell for FOUR months until I proved to him I wasn’t a plant 🌱. He was going to let me go back to Port Charles so I could work with him and for any of his men who got arrested.
Sonny - So, go!
Dante - I can’t go now. If I leave you, he will KILL you.
Sonny - So, we beat him to it. YOU kill me.
— MOM (3.18.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH................
At the Metro Court...................
Anna asks Valentin to meet her. He is surprised she called him. She wants him to put her in touch with her sister, Alex Marick. Valentin wants to know what this is about and she tells him she must speak to her it is very important. Anna confesses that she was an unwilling patient of Dr. Cabot and she has her sister’s memories. She wants Alex to tell her which memories are hers. Valentin cautions her that she may not like what she hears. He sees that Anna has tears 😭 in her eyes 👀 and this is important to her, so he tells her he hasn’t seen Alex in a long while but knows someone who will know where she is.

At Charley’s Pub...................
Jason and Michael are having a beer 🍺 and he tells Jason that he thinks Kristina is back in school because he loaned her money for classes. Jason doesn’t say anything about DOD. Molly and Kristina are arguing and Kristina says she is not in a cult. Molly says she hasn’t been around much with college and her boyfriend, TJ, but she will always tell Kristina the truth. Kristina thinks that Molly is only happy with her when she is down on herself or confused about her life. Molly tells her to open her eyes, she is in a cult!

Jason and Michael hear them arguing and they come over to the bar. Molly tells Michael that Kristina borrowed money from him for classes in a cult, Dawn of Day. Kristina gets mad and tells them she wont listen to this and leaves. Michael tells Molly she is only going to push Kristina away if she attacks her. Jason suggests that they need to get as much information on Shiloh as they can, but let Shiloh think he is winning.

At DOD...................
Sam drops by to speak to Shiloh about Kristina. The door 🚪 is unlocked, so she walks in and asks if anyone is there. Shiloh comes out bare-chested. Sam asks him to put a shirt on, and he wants to know if he makes her uncomfortable. Sam tells him she has seen a man with out a shirt before. Sam asks Shiloh if he encouraged Kristina to shed all people who she thinks have a negative vibe? She tells him about Kristina’s friend, Valerie. Shiloh assures Sam he did not tell her to drop all who are against DOD. Kristina comes home and Sam tells her she is concerned about her and she spoke to Shiloh. Sam leaves and Kristina tells Shiloh she dropped her sister Molly because of all her negativity. She said she feels lighter and it made her feel good. Shiloh tells her good job 👍, now she is ready for the next step.

In Turkey 🦃 🇹🇷...................
(A streetwise kid finds the building where Raj Patel is. The kid brings Sonny there and he hopes Dante is there. Sonny gives the kid money and a phone 📱 number to call someone if he doesn’t come out of the building. The kid distracts the guards and they run after him. Sonny gets into the building. We see Raj Patel at his desk on the computer 💻, when he feels a gun in his neck.)
Sonny - Where is my son?
Then, Sonny hears someone in the dark - Who is there?
(Dante comes into the room. He looks healthy and doesn’t seem to be held against his will. He doesn’t speak. Sonny tells Dante, let’s go. The guards come back and hit Sonny on the head. Down he goes! He gets up, and Raj tells Sonny he should not have come.)
Raj - I know ALL about the WSB! Dante told me all I need to know.
(Sonny notices Dante doesn’t move toward him or speak.)
Sonny - What have you done to my SON?
(Raj picks up Sonny’s gun and takes all but one bullet out of the gun. He hands it to Dante.)
Raj - You only need one bullet. KILL your father.
— MOM (3.15.19)
Thursday on GH.............
At GH.......................
(When Ava leaves Franco’s room she sees Kevin Collins in the hall. She runs up to him and slaps him and beats him on the chest.)
Ava - Kevin, YOU killed my Kiki!
(Scott is there and stops Ava by telling her this is Dr. Kevin Collins, not Ryan Chamberlain. He shows her the hospital band he has on his wrist. He says Lucy called him to say she was in the hospital with Kevin when Ryan held her on the bridge at Niagara Falls. Ava is so confused she has to sit down and she apologizes to Kevin.)

Also at GH...................
(Laura is talking to Lulu when Alexis says now that Kevin is in the hospital she will invalidate Laura’s divorce papers from Ryan since he forged Kevin’s signature and Laura signed under duress. Laura is not in any hurry for Alexis to do anything. She tells her to wait until they find Ryan’s body. Alexis also warns her since she is a board member of the hospital that there may be lawsuits because Ryan took care of patients and they may sue the hospital 🏥 for malpractice. Alexis realizes she was a patient of Ryan/Kevin. She was telling all her most private thoughts to a serial killer!)
Lulu picks up on her mother’s hesitation - What’s wrong?
Laura - Kevin KNEW that Ryan wasn’t dead. He kept it a secret so he could treat his brother. If he had told the PCPD, Ryan wouldn’t have killed THREE people and harmed you and Franco!
(Kevin is being discharged and asks Laura if she wants him to come home 🏠.)
Laura - No, I think it is too early for that.

In Oscar’s room..............
Shiloh stops by to see Oscar and tells Drew and Kim that Oscar called him. He tells them he has holistic cures. Kim tells Shiloh they are long past that. Shiloh says he wants to help Oscar and repay Drew for saving his life. When he leaves, Kim tells Drew that she sees through Shiloh. He is a charlatan and a con artist 👩‍🎨.

At Charley’s Pub......................
Molly, Sam and Kristina are there to have lunch. They are waiting for Alexis when Detective Valerie Spencer comes in and speaks to Kristina in private. She tells her she is sorry for walking out earlier. They don’t have to agree about DOD and can still be friends. Kristina says no, they can’t. If Valerie can’t accept her devotion to DOD and is so negative 👎🏻, Kristina will have to end the friendship. Valerie leaves.

Molly is sitting with Sam. She reads Kristina‘s body language and tells Sam that Kristina is preaching to Valerie. Kristina returns to the table and tells her sisters that Valerie is so negative and she can’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t accept her involvement with Shiloh and DOD. Molly wants to know if that includes her sisters if they have questions about Dawn of Day? Kristina tells her sisters are exempt and Sam took classes and Shiloh took her to his special place where DOD was born. Kristina is jealous. Molly says all Kristina does is talk about Shiloh and DOD. She says she doesn’t think for herself and is brainwashed. She things DOD is a cult!

At Chase’s apartment....................
Chase and Willow go for a walk and get caught in a rainstorm. They make it back to his apartment and their clothes are soaked. Chase tells Willow to go in the bedroom to take her dress off and put on whatever she can find. He takes her dress and puts it in the dryer. While they are sitting by the fire and 🍷 drinking wine, he tells her he likes her and wants to see her as a couple, if she agrees. She says she would like that and he 💋 kisses her. Her dress 👗 is dried so she goes into the bedroom to put it on. That is when we see the same tattoo on her back as Daisy had. Willow is a cult follower of Dawn of Day!

At the Metro Court.....................
Anna and Finn meet up with Andre Maddox. Anna tells him that she was the patient who was used against her will to help Dr. Cabot with his studies, which he gave to Andre so he could perfect his research. Andre wants to help Anna and pulls up the study 📖 Dr. Cabot gave him. Andre destroyed the research he did on Drew and Jason. The study is given to Finn and Anna. Finn reads that Dr. Cabot was successful in transferring memories from Patient 2 (Alex) to Patient 1 (Anna). Anna wants to know which memories are her own and the only way to know that is to ask her sister, Alex.
— MOM (3.14.19)
Wednesday on GH..........
At Jason’s apartment.............
Jason gets home to his apartment and Sam is waiting for him. He tells her about meeting up with Ryan Chamberlain and how he fooled everyone into thinking he was Dr. Kevin Collins. Then he says on the bridge at the Niagara River with Laura and Ava, he shot Ryan in the shoulder. Jason tells Sam it was Ava who told him that Kevin left Carly five miles down the road. Then Ryan was trapped so he grabbed Ava and went over the railing of the bridge. But Jason caught Ava and saved her. Jason also found Carly and got her to the Niagara Falls hospital. Mother and baby are ok.

Also at Jason’s apartment...............
Sam tells Jason that Kristina borrowed money 💴 from Michael. He thought it was for tuition, but she used the money to pay 💰 Shiloh for the exclusive classes at DOD. Sam is afraid 😱 that Kristina is way deep into Shiloh and DOD. Sam tells Jason about the huge tattoo on Daisy’s back. They send a photo of a drawing Sam made on Daisy’s tattoo to Spinelli to see if he can figure out what it means.

At Charley’s Pub.......................
(Kristina took her friend, Detective Valerie Spencer, to a DOD rally. Valerie was not impressed and Kristina can’t understand why she doesn’t think Shiloh is fabulous. Valerie tells Kristina the only reason she went was to spend time with her.)
Kristina - DOD changed my life! I’m not that girl anymore. I have confidence and feel like I belong to something good. Shiloh does great things for everyone and helps people who are lost.
Valerie - I don’t know why you think what Shiloh is doing is earth shattering! He is a good talker, but he is a con.
Kristina - HOW can you say that about Shiloh?
Valerie - You are an heiress. Your father is a very wealthy man, and I’m sure Shiloh knows how wealthy. I am sick of hearing you only talk about him. I’m out of here!

At DOD...............................
Shiloh asked Harmony to come to the rally. She is so happy because she was his lover. He is not interested in her anymore, and she thinks it’s because of Sam. He tells her the money isn’t coming in as it should at Beecher’s Corners. She needs to get more recruits.

At General Hospital..........................
(Franco is doing better, walking in his room with a cane, but still in pain. He hears Ava asking about Kevin and invites her into his room. At first, she is still saying Franco is a killer. Then, he tells her “Kevin” admitted he was Ryan Chamberlain before he stabbed him. Ava remembers how Kevin was there for her in her grief. He told her she was a goddess and was so kind to her, and yet on Thanksgiving Day he made love to her right after he killed her Kiki! She knows Ryan is the serial killer and she hopes he is alive.)
Franco - What, so you can FORGIVE him?
Ava looks into Franco’s eyes and says - NO, so I can KILL him. I will do it for you, me and Kiki.
(As Ava leaves Franco’s room, Elizabeth and Cameron come in.)
Cameron - I want to apologize to you, Franco, for thinking you were the killer.
Franco - No. No, I should have been honest with you and your mother. Jordan wanted to keep our plan between us. I was used as bait to get the REAL killer, Ryan Chamberlain.
Cameron - Mom, you were right. Franco was innocent. Hey Franco, there are reporters outside and they are saying you are a hero 🦸‍♂️!

In Dr. Kevin Collins’ room...........................
(Laura is back and Kevin can finally see her beautiful face. He tells her it is all over the news that Ryan is dead. He asks Laura if she thinks Ryan is really dead. Laura tells him the Niagara Police 👮‍♀️ said he couldn’t have survived. He went into the freezing 🥶 water which ends up going over the Falls, but they will look for his body. Kevin blames himself for Ryan overpowering him and getting out of Ferncliff. He was afraid of the damage Ryan could do. Laura says he can’t blame himself for what his brother does. Laura thinks Kevin found out Ryan was in Ferncliff when he went to see him. Then, Laura asks the $64,000 question.)
Laura - Kevin, when did you first see Ryan?
Kevin - I got a call from the DVX. A man said they had a patient there who was causing a lot of trouble. If I didn’t come, they were going to KILL him. Well, I couldn’t let them kill this person. So I went! I should have called Anna or the WSB. When I got there, it was my brother, Ryan. He was completely out of it. He was howling and didn’t know where he was.
Laura - What did they think he could do?
Kevin - Well, they knew my father was a mathematician and a spy 🕵️‍♂️. They thought Ryan might have some of our father’s mathematical genius. He did things for them, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was. I took him to Ferncliff to try to rehabilitate him. He was getting better.
Laura - Kevin, when did this happen?
Kevin - May 2018.
Laura is in shock - You KNEW Ryan Chamberlain was ALIVE and you didn’t tell ME?? Do you know what you did? You kept this secret and people DIED! LULU almost died. I don’t know if I can forgive you for bringing that MONSTER to Port Charles.
(Ryan’s first victim was Mary Pat Ingles on Halloween 🎃 in October 2018.)

At the DOD............................
(Kristina tells Shiloh that Valerie wasn’t interested or impressed with the rally.)
Kristina - She told me I am wasting my time here, and you are a con.
Shiloh - Kristina, you are doing so great here! You are more confident since you took those classes. If Valerie, or anyone, is a downer and so negative around you, you don’t need them. You need to shed ALL that negativity. DOD and I have your best interests at 💜 heart.
— MOM (3.13.19)
Tuesday on GH.................
At the Niagara Falls hospital..................
Jason and Carly are in the hospital. She has stitches 🧵 on her forehead but is ok and so is the baby. She is angry at Ava. She remembers Ava opening the trunk and looking at her. Jason tells Carly that “Kevin“ was Ryan Chamberlain and he tried to take Ava with him over the railing on the bridge, but she grabbed onto the bottom of the railing and Jason pulled her up. Jason told Carly that Ava told him where to find her and if it wasn’t for Ava’s help, he could not have found her. Carly was glad that Jason saved Ava and told him she thought she was going to die.

Jason - As long as I am alive, if you need me, I will be there.
(Jason and Carly’s relationship are more than best friends. More than brother and sister. They are kindred spirits.)

Also at the Niagara Falls hospital.................
Oscar is also in the same hospital. His parents are eager to get him back to Port Charles and General Hospital 🏥. Oscar has other ideas 💡. He wants to spend a few hours at the Falls with Joss so they can kiss at the Falls. After all, Isn’t that the reason they snuck up to Niagara Falls? Even if Oscar doesn’t want to acknowledge how serious his condition is, his parents know. So, Drew convinces Oscar that he will politely ask the pilot 👨‍✈️ to fly over the Falls so Oscar and Joss can see them.

Joss is sitting in the waiting room and Jason walks by and wants to know what she is doing there. She tells Jason her story about the flat tire, staying at the motel and Oscar’s seizure. Jason tells Joss that her mother is in that same hospital. Joss runs into her mother’s room and wants to know what happened to her. Carly tells Joss she is fine, nothing to worry about. Then, Carly tells Joss she is pregnant and Joss is speechless.

Joss - You’re having a BABY? I know you and Sonny love 💕 eachother, but aren’t you too OLD to have a baby?
Carly - Apparently, I am not.

At GH....................
Maxie asks Brad to perform the DNA 🧬 test. She wants him to give the results only to her and Peter. Valentin followed them to Brad’s office and is determined the DNA test will say Sasha is Nina’s daughter.

At the Metro Court.......................
Peter congratulates Lisle on her column, Ask Dr. O. It is very popular. Later, we see Lisle is sending herself Ask Dr. O letters and questions.

In Turkey 🦃......................
Sonny finds a young man who is a street kid. He knows where all the alleys and back roads are. Sonny convinces the kid to help him find Dante.
— MOM (3.12.19)
Monday on GH.............
At Niagara Falls.................
(Jason saves the day again. He rescued two femme fatales. When Ryan, whose ruse was exposed, went over the bridge on the Niagara River, he pulled Ava over with him. Jason leaned over the railing and caught Ava’s hand and pulled her up. The police arrived and Jason told them Ryan Chamberlain, serial killer, went over the bridge and tried to take Ava with him.)
Jason - He took my friend and hid her. I have to find her!
Laura - Jason, go find Carly! I got this.

Ava is in denial and is screaming 😱 for Kevin. Where is he? He may be hurt! Laura tells Ava she wasn’t with Kevin, but Ryan Chamberlain and he switched places with Kevin at Ferncliff all the way back in September 2018. Ava can’t believe this. She thinks the switch happened that morning when “Kevin“ asked her to go with him to Canada and get married.

Jason calls Spinelli to look at a map of the Niagara River and look down the road for five miles. He tells him he needs to find a place where someone would dump a body.

At General Hospital.........................
Elizabeth goes into Franco’s hospital 🏥 room and he wants her to put her wedding ring on. She is not able to do that. She is very angry at him and doesn’t feel she can ever trust him again. He lied to her and didn’t tell her about the plan he had with Jordan. The interview he did with the reporter destroyed her three boys, especially Cameron, who was so angry 😤 at his mother for bringing Franco into their house🏠. She tells Franco she might have to leave him for the sake of her children. Franco stands beside his decision to work with Jordan. They were trying to catch a serial killer and prevent more murders. He did it for Kiki.

Elizabeth goes into Jordan’s room to check her vitals. Jordan asks about Franco. Elizabeth lets her have it and blasts her for forcing Franco to help her identify Ryan Chamberlain as the serial killer. Elizabeth tells Jordan SHE is responsible for the destruction of her family. Her children are devastated. Jordan gives it back to Elizabeth . She tells her Franco knew what he was doing. They were trying to save lives. And if she felt this way, then why did she bring Franco, a serial killer, into her home 🏠?

In Turkey 🇹🇷 🦃......................
(Robert tells Sonny he is out of his comfort zone. He should stay back and let Robert handle getting information on where Dante is.)
Sonny - If Dante is being held hostage, what does he have to trade with Raj Patel that no one has?
Roberts looks at Sonny - YOU!
(Robert leaves to speak to someone who might have information as to Dante’s whereabouts. He tells Sonny the best thing he can do for his son is to stay there. When Robert returns, Sonny is gone.)

At the Niagara River........................
Jason finds Carly. She is making another attempt to climb up the rock ladder. Jason finds the ravine where Carly is and as she is climbing 🧗‍♀️ up Jason stretches his hand down toward her and pulls her up.

At the Bridge 🌉...........................
Laura has to bring Ava back down to earth 🌎 by telling her the real Kevin Collins was held captive by Ryan is at General Hospital. Ava doesn’t believe her. She thinks Laura is jealous that Kevin loves her and wants to marry her. Laura brings Ava down gently and tells her Ryan switched places with his twin brother, Kevin, while she was still in Europe. So, when she came home 🏡 it was to Ryan, and not her husband Kevin. She tells Ava she was never with Kevin Collins, she was with Ryan Chamberlain all the time.

Ava is having a breakdown. She tells Laura this is what she deserves. Most guys treat her like 🗑 garbage. She finally finds a man who loves her, who treats her with kindness and wants to marry her, who accepts her for who she is, who she kissed and touched and loved turns out to be Ryan Chamberlain, a serial killer! Ava falls to the ground and says, Kiki, what have I done? Laura holds Ava in her arms as she cries big, sad broken-hearted tears 😭.
— MOM (3.11.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
While in Turkey 🇹🇷, Sonny has his fortune told. The fortuneteller is a WSB agent. She slips Sonny the address of a place to meet.

At Niagara Falls.........................
(Jason is too late. Ryan and Ava are on their way across a bridge to safety in Canada 🇨🇦. Ava is concerned with Carly.
Ava - Carly is very hurt. It is very cold .We need to call 911, someone needs to help her!
Kevin/Ryan - So?

In Turkey 🦃....................
Sonny is very jittery and can’t wait for the WSB agent to arrive. He wants to find Dante NOW. He is afraid 😱 Dante may be dead 💀. Robert is concerned that Dante may be held hostage.

In Charley’s Pub.......................
The DNA 🧬 test was negative 👎🏻 because Maxie took the wrong coffee cup. She wants to try again, so she pulls a hair out of Sasha’s head.

Back at Niagara Falls..................
(Carly woke up and doesn’t know where she is. Jason tells Laura they went across the bridge to get to Canada. “Kevin“ and Ava are arguing about Carly. Ava doesn’t want to be charged with murder. She tells “Kevin“ he can never get away from Sonny and Jason.)
“Kevin“ - I know a little cabin on the other side. We can hole up there and plan our next move.
Ava - Kevin our next move is to call the police 👮!

Carly screams for help and no one hears. So, she gets up and in high heels 👠 and pregnant 🤰, attempts to climb a rock wall. She sees large square rocks going up a ravine. It looks like a ladder, so she attempts to climb up the “mountain.”

Ava tells “Kevin“ if they don’t help Carly and go on the run, they will be caught and separated forever. A delusional “Kevin“ tells her he would never let that happen. Ava begs “Kevin“ that it has completely gone out of control.
Ava - Let me call 911. We can make this right, Kevin!

At Charley’s Pub........................
(Kristina borrowed $1500 from Michael to pay for her expensive classes at DOD. Sam tells Kristina it is harder for her than Jason to be separated. He has Carly. Kristina tells her DOD can help her. It’s a process.)
Sam - I wish I could snap my fingers and be enlightened!
Kristina - That’s why I am investing in myself with the high-level classes.

At Alexis’ house.......................
(Alexis calls her shrink and says she doesn’t need any more therapy. She falls asleep 😴 and dreams of Julian coming to her house 🏠 to seduce her. At first she plays hard to get and slaps him.)
Julian - Do you want to keep hitting me or do you want me?
(Well, clothes are flying and lips are 💋 kissing and you know the rest. Alexis wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. So what does she do? She goes out and comes home with a huge bottle of vodka.)

At Charley’s Pub....................
Nina is so impressed with Michael that she takes him with her to meet her daughter, Sasha.

On the bridge to Canada 🇨🇦......................
(“Kevin“ tells Ava he is going to Canada 🇨🇦 and she is going with him.)
“Kevin” - We can handle anything life throws at us. Take this chance with me! I will make it up to you. Together we can be better and grander than ANYTHING we can be apart. We’re destined to be together, Ava!
Ava - Ok, let’s go.
“Kevin“ - There she is! My beautiful goddess. I love 💕 you.
(Guess who shows up? Jason! And he shoots Kevin/Ryan in the shoulder. Jason always shoots to kill, but he needs to know where Ryan put Carly.)
Ava is in shock - WHAT is the matter with you? You shot KEVIN! Are you alright?
”Kevin” - He hit me in the shoulder!
Laura - He is NOT Kevin. He is RYAN Chamberlain! Ava, get away from him!
Ava - Ryan is dead! Kevin is having a breakdown!
Laura - No, KEVIN is at General Hospital. YOU are with Kevin’s twin, Ryan Chamberlain!
(Jason points his big, shiny gun at Ryan and demands that Ryan tells him where Carly is or he will shoot him between the eyes.)
Ryan is sly - If you shoot me you will never know where I put Carly!
Ava - He dropped her off five miles east of the motel.
Ryan - AVA!
Ava - You think he is kidding? He will KILL you. Jason, Carly is in bad shape. If you want to save her, you have to go now.
Ryan - WHY did you tell him that? We might not go to Canada, but we will have our happy 😃 ending.
(Kiss 💋 Kiss 💋. Then Ryan picks Ava up and he takes her with him over the railing of the bridge to the Niagara River. We see Jason run to the railing, but he can’t save Ava. Ava is at the bottom of the bridge and badly injured. I think Ryan got away.)
— MOM (3.8.19)
Thursday on GH............
At the Inn at Niagara Falls................
(Cameron bumps into “Kevin“ and he wants to know what he is doing up there.)
“Kevin“ - Are you here with your mother?
Cameron - I’m with my friend, Trina.
“Kevin“ - Well, I won’t tell if you don’t!

Outside the Inn.............
(Ava is near the car 🚘 when she sees Joss, who tells her friend had a seizure and she is on her way to the hospital.)
Joss - Oh, there’s my Uber!
Ava - Ok, hope your friend is better.
(Ava opens the trunk and sees Carly with tape on her mouth, hands and ankles.)
Ava is horrified and screams - WHAT IS HAPPENING?
(She turns around to a smiling “Kevin,” who tells her to go back into the cabin. He will be only a few minutes.)

In a hotel room................
(Ava raids the liquor cabinet and takes out all the little bottles. She makes herself 🥃 drink of vodka and tries to rationalize what she saw. She concludes that Kevin had a nervous breakdown. “Kevin“ returns and pours himself a bourbon 🥃.)
Ava - Kevin, WHY is Carly in your TRUNK?
“Kevin“ - Didn’t I tell you? Carly is your wedding 👰 gift 🎁!
Ava - Kevin, we need to leave Port Charles behind us. So, we need to get Carly OUT of the trunk and bring her back to Port Charles.
“Kevin“ - I took care of her. The last time I saw her, I left her five miles down the road.
(We see a unconscious Carly on the grass in the freezing cold 🥶 with snow ⛄️ on the ground.)

At GH.................
The real Kevin is in the operating room getting his eyesight back. Lulu rushes to GH to find out about her mother. Chase tells her Laura is ok and on her way to Niagara Falls to warn Ava. She thinks she is marrying Kevin Collins. Chase tells Lulu that Ryan Chamberlain is the killer. Lulu gets a flashback and finally sees Kevin/Ryan’s face. She tells Chase that Ryan put Franco’s name in her mind when she was under hypnosis. She also apologizes to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is speaking to Drew when Kim tells him Oscar had a second seizure and is in Niagara Falls. Drew and Kim take the corporate helicopter 🚁 (thank you 🙏, Jason) to the Falls. Elizabeth calls Cameron to tell him she knows where he is and that Franco is innocent and never killed anyone. At first, Cameron does’t want to listen. He has a friend who just had a seizure. Then, his mom tells him that Ryan Chamberlain is the killer and fooled everyone as Dr. Kevin Collins. The real Kevin is in GH. Cameron is frozen with fear telling his mother he saw Ryan, the REAL killer at the Inn in Niagara Falls. Elizabeth tells Cameron and friends to stay at the hospital, Drew and Kim will be there shortly to get Oscar.

At the hospital in Niagara Falls.............
Joss is in Oscar’s room with him. This seizure was massive and Oscar knows it. He tells Joss that he loves her and tries to prepare her for his death. Drew and Kim arrive and rush into Oscar’s room.

On the way to The Falls......................
Jason and Laura are driving (it’s strange to see Jason driving a car 🚘, he always rode a motorcycle 🏍). Laura gets a call from Elizabeth and she tells her that Kevin/Ryan and Ava are at the Inn at Niagara Falls. Jason calls Spinelli and tells him to find out what room Kevin Collins is in. Laura tells Jason to do what he has to do. She wont try to stop him. They get to the Inn and Jason opens the glove 🥊 compartment and takes out a big silver gun. He gets out of the car 🚘 and Laura stays there.
Jason kicks the door 🚪 in but it is too late. They are not there.
— MOM (3.7.19)
Wednesday on GH............
Well EVERYONE now knows Ryan Chamberlain is alive. Curtis, Chase, Anna, Finn, Laura, Franco and Jason.

At GH............
Jordan wakes up and has to be given the bad news. Curtis tells her she needs a kidney transplant. For the time being, she need to have dialysis. Curtis also tells Jordan that her plan worked. Ryan Chamberlain Is the killer. He was masquerading and fooling everyone as Dr. Kevin Collins. He also tells Jordan that Franco is in the ICU with a knife 🔪 stab wound courtesy of Ryan. Jordan is very angry at herself for bringing faux Kevin into the serial killer case, telling him all the information and plans to catch the killer. Anna and Laura tell her not to be so hard on herself. No one knew Ryan Chamberlain was still alive.

At Niagara Falls.............
Ryan and Ava make it to Niagara Falls. Carly is in the trunk of the car 🚘, but Ava doesn’t know that.

The kids, Oscar, Joss, Cameron and Trina are in the cabins at the same motel that Ryan and Ava are. Cameron and Trina are playing cards ♣️ in their room. Oscar and Joss are kissing 😽 in their room. Suddenly, Oscar feels weak and dizzy so he eats some of the junk food they got in the vending machine. While Joss goes into the 🛁 bathroom to get some water 💦, Oscar gets a stabbing pain to his brain 🧠 and falls to the floor. Joss comes back and sees Oscar jerking on the floor. He had his second seizure. She screams for help and Cameron and Trina run into the room. Cameron calls 911 and tells the operator his friend has a seizure and needs an ambulance 🚑.

At Charley’s Pub............
(Jason overhears Laura tell Detective Chase Ryan Chamberlain is the killer. Jason goes to Charley’s Pub and bangs on the locked 🔒 door 🚪 . Julian opens up and Jason demands to know where Ava is. He says Carly is missing and Ava may know where she is.)
Jordan - I don’t have to tell YOU anything! I’m not afraid 😱 of you.
Jason - You should be! If anything happens to Carly, I’m coming after YOU.
(Kim, who is there with Julian, tells Jason that Ava went with Kevin to Niagara Falls.)
Jason - Thank you.
(Julian leaves a voicemail for Ava telling her Jason is looking for her and not to say congratulations. Kim gets a frantic call from Joss who tells her Oscar had a seizure and is at Niagara Fall hospital 🏥. Laura is waiting outside of Charley’s Pub for Jason. She wants to go with him. He says no and she tells him all she has to do is call Sonny. She goes with Jason to warn Ava.)

Back at Niagara Falls motel....................
Ava takes a shower 🧼 and while “Kevin“/Ryan is taking a shower 🚿 Ava’s shoes 👠 are missing. So she takes the car 🚘 keys 🔑 and goes to the car 🚙 . We see her look in the back seat and no shoes 👠,.so she she walks around to the trunk. Ryan comes back into the room. No Ava. He runs outside and bumps into Cameron. This is bad news for Cameron! Ryan doesn’t know about Joss and Trina.
— MOM (3.6.19)
Tuesday on GH................
At Niagara Falls..................
The kids, Oscar, Joss, Cameron and Trina, made it to Niagara Falls. They had a little accident. Cameron hit an ice skid and damaged the car 🚘 so they had to stay in a motel until morning. Now, they wont get back before anyone knows they are missing but no biggie. They have two rooms. It was supposed to be boys in one and girls in the other, but fat chance. Trina and Cameron went to one room. They like each other, but not like that. Joss and Oscar are in the other room and they DO like each other like that. Oscar wants to experience as much as he can and Joss is agreeable.

At Ferncliff................
Laura and Kevin find a way out of the basement at Ferncliff. Kevin wants Laura to go without him. He can’t see and doesn’t want to prevent her from getting out. We see Laura travel through the tunnel to get help for Kevin and warn the cops 👮 about Ryan Chamberlain. She makes it out of the tunnel and escapes.

At DOD........................
Daisy is not in Shiloh’s good favor. She sent those emails to Sam and broke DOD rules. So Shiloh is punishing her by putting Krissy in her place to assist Shiloh in the seminars.

At Sam’s penthouse...................
Daisy goes to Sam’s penthouse to apologize and ask for forgiveness. She tells Sam she is trying to get back in Shiloh’s good graces. Sam accepts her apology and she offers to help Sam pick up all of Danny’s toys 🧸 that are on the floor. As Daisy bends over to pick up a top, Sam sees a large tattoo on Daisy’s lower back. It reminded me of the branding cowboys 🤠 did to cattle 🐮. It was that large! Sam asks about it and Daisy is flustered 😫 and says she got it when she was young. She is not that person any more.

Back at DOD...............
We see Shiloh take a secret iPad out of the drawer and the same branding is on the screen 📺 . He says something about converting Kristina.

At GH..................
Jason is supposed to meet Carly, but she is not there. He is in the GH parking garage and calls her but hears her phone 📱 ring in the garage. Jason finds Carly’s phone on the floor. Carly is in trouble!

Outside Franco’s room............
(Elizabeth and Drew are outside Franco’s room and she tells Drew what Franco said about Ryan Chamberlain.)
Drew - That’s impossible! Ryan died TWENTY years ago.
(Chase shows up to talk to Franco and blabs about the phone 📱 message Franco left Jordan about Ryan Chamberlain.
1 - Police 👮 investigations are not supposed to be discussed with civilians .
2 - Can’t anyone think out of the 📦 box!?)

Epiphany is in Franco’s room changing the bandages of his knife 🔪 wound when Franco wakes up. Elizabeth and Chase go in and Franco tells Chase that Ryan stabbed him a then he cut his own hand. He and Jordan cooked up a plan to catch the real killer who turned out to be Ryan Chamberlain. They still don’t believe him about Ryan.

Outside GH......................
(While Drew waits outside, Laura shows up with a police officer 👮‍♀️ who wants her to see a doctor. She has black soot on her face and clothes. The police officer tells Chase the Mayor is outside and knows who the killer is. Laura tells them Ryan Chamberlain is the serial killer and has held her husband, Kevin Collins, and her captive in the basement of Ferncliff.)
Laura - We need to HURRY! Kevin is blind and we need to get to him!
(At last, now Chase, Elizabeth and Drew believe that Ryan Chamberlain is alive and is the killer.)
— MOM (3.5.19)
Monday on GH..........
In the Ferncliff basement.................
Laura looks everywhere to find a secret passage to get out of there. She sees the name of a serial killer from many many years ago carved into wood. She tells the real Kevin and he recognizes the name as a brilliant physicist who disappeared and was never found. Laura sees “CU” carved into the wood and Kevin tells her CU is the symbol for Copper. They look for copper pipes and Laura locates one. Kevin turns the pipe and it makes a creaking noise. He continues, and a door 🚪 opens up to a tunnel. Laura and Kevin get out of there!

In Turkey...............
Sonny is looking for Dante. We see him sit down for a game of poker with some bad dudes. They think he is WSB. He flips the card table over and takes his big gun out. Now, Sonny has a gun to one guy’s head and another guy has a gun to Sonny’s head. All of a sudden, Robert appears and puts his gun to the guy’s head says he is WSB. A small fight ensues and Robert and Sonny are back to back with guns drawn. It gets a little hairy, so Sonny says two of us are going to die. Robert suggests they all lower their guns and leave.

At the PCPD...............
Curtis wants to see who is emergency 🚨 who called Jordan. He doesn’t have her password so he asks Chase to get it from the PCPD. It’s very important. Chase tells Curtis that Jordan called him before the accident and wanted him to be part of the plan with her. Curtis admits Jordan didn’t think Franco killed anyone. Chase tells Curtis about Franco and “Kevin“ and how Franco made it to Elizabeth’s house and he told her he is innocent and didn’t kill anyone, but Ryan Chamberlain did. Chase thinks Franco is delirious, but Curtis doesn’t. Chase gets the password and sure enough, Franco left a message to say to Jordan the plan worked. Ryan Chamberlain is the serial killer. Anna and Finn hear this and now know Ryan Chamberlain could be alive. Jordan is still in a coma. She lost one kidney. The other is badly damaged, so she needs a kidney transplant.

At the GH elevators......................
At the elevators, Mac and Felicia are talking about Kevin and Ava getting married. Lucy Coe hears this and is beside herself. If Kevin divorced Laura, why didn’t he marry her? Not Ava Jerome.

In the GH garage.................
Ok, now we see Carly in the garage of GH asking Kevin what is he doing. She wants to know if the Wilson at Ferncliff was the same Wilson that Franco mentioned in his interview with Lulu. She also tells “Kevin“/Ryan that when she was at Ferncliff she saw him when Mary Pat was dragging her to the room for the lobotomy. Of course, Ryan tells her she was so drugged up she didn’t know what she saw.

Thick head Carly insists she is going to get to the bottom of this Wilson person. When we come back from commercial, we see Ryan cleaning blood off of a tire iron with a bloody cloth.

Just then, Felicia appears on the other side of the car 🚙. She tells Kevin she is not happy he is marrying Ava, he changing so much. “Kevin“ tells Felicia to stop 🛑 and not to make a big deal out of it. Well, Felicia ‘s eyes pop out 😳😱🤧! She recognizes that voice and remembers Ryan Chamberlain saying the exact same thing in the exact same way. Ava shows up and tells Felicia they are leaving tonight for Niagara Falls. Felicia leaves and runs upstairs to Lucy and Mac 🖥.

Felicia - KEVIN is Ryan Chamberlain!
— MOM (3.4.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH...................
At the Invader.....................
Felicia and Mac 💻 visit Lulu and see Maxie there. Lulu asks Felicia if she ever heard Ryan Chamberlain talk about Deborah Jones or Susan Smith. Felicia says no, so Lulu tells her and Mac about the paper 📝 her mother saw on Kevin’s desk with the names of nine victims. Mac wants to know why Kevin would have the names of the victims. Lulu tells him she researched that Deborah and Susan were killed in Texas and are unsolved murders. Mac decides to call the sheriff departments in Texas. When he returns, he says the girls had their wallets but the driver’s licenses were missing. Felicia and Mac decide to speak to Kevin. He will tell them, after all they are such good friends.

At General Hospital........................
(Jason is released and Carly tells him she is very worried about Sam. She could be in trouble with Shiloh.)
Jason - Don’t stress over this. Think of your baby! You’re a thousand times more important than Shiloh.
Carly is smiling - 😃 Just a thousand times?

Also at GH......................
Chase brings “Kevin“ in to get his hand looked at. The nurse comes to his office. “Kevin“ says he got the cut on his hand from the knife 🔪 Franco had but really, “Kevin“ cut himself with the knife. He also told Chase and Ava that he stabbed Franco in the side trying to defend himself. Ava scolds him for going to Ferncliff to speak to Franco. “Kevin“ tells her the interview was such a disaster, he thought Franco could use his help. He asks Chase if he found Franco yet.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠.......................
Someone is banging on the door 🚪. Elizabeth opens it, and a bleeding Franco falls in. She helps him, and he falls to the floor. Elizabeth tries to stop the bleeding. She starts to call for an ambulance 🚑, but Franco insists she should call the police 👮. He tells her he lied and didn’t kill anyone. Ryan Chamberlain did. She thinks he is delirious because Ryan died twenty years ago.

At General Hospital..........................
Chase gets a call that Franco is at Elizabeth’s house 🏠. He blabs to “Kevin“ that he knows where Franco is. Chase leaves and “Kevin“ tells Ava they need to elope tonight across the Canadian border to Niagara Falls. Ava is not so sure, so “Kevin“ convinces her with a load of BS. When he lost his eyesight, he didn’t think he would see her again. Tonight he thought he would die. And the cherry 🍒 on the sundae 🍧, he is only half a man without her. Ava buys this dung 💩 and says yes. “Kevin“ tells Ava to go home and get her passport and warm clothes. Ava sees Carly at the elevators and tells her the good news. As the elevator opens up Mac and Felicia get off. Ava gets on and says she will send pictures.

At the Metro Court.........................
(Robert and Anna corner Peter to ask if he knew Dr. Cabot and who Patients 1-4 were. They know Jason and Drew were Patients 5 & 6. They tell Peter they think Dr. Kline, who kept Jason captive at Peter’s request, was working with Dr. Andre Maddox. Anna says she is Patient 1. Peter tells them he didn’t give Jason and Drew numbers 5 & 6, Dr. Kline did. He remembers that Dr. Cabot was with the DVX and could have given his notes to Dr. Kline. Anna thanks Peter and leaves.
Robert tells Peter, or Heinrik as he calls him, that he didn’t keep his bargain to tell them everything he knew. Peter warns Robert if he continues to harass him he will get his lawyers and Robert‘s ex wife to stop him. Robert returns with he will just took from Faison’s files to find dirt on Heinrik Faison.
Peter - You don’t like or trust me.
Robert - Don’t be so civilized. I DESPISE you.

At General Hospital.................................
(Anna asks Finn if he thinks a doctor would keep his notes 📝.).
Finn - Yes, and there could also be files of each patient.
Anna sees Jason - When you were in Moscow, did you hear about or see any files?
Jason - No, I was so drugged up I didn’t know who I was.
Anna - Sonny got Dr. Kline out of jail at the PCPD and put him on a plane to Moscow. Did you off him?
Jason - No, he went up into the air.
Finn - Well, that’s that!
Anna - I don’t think so.

In the GH parking garage.......................
(“Kevin“ opens the trunk of his car 🚘 and takes the wooden 📦 box out . He unlocks it and takes out the remaining driver’s licenses.)
“Kevin“ - Well, I had to sacrifice the others, but at least I have you guys.
(He puts the licenses back in the box 📦 and locks 🔐 it. He closes the trunk turns around and sees Carly standing behind him.)
— MOM (3.1.19)
Wednesday’s GH was pre-empted by ABC News so it wasn’t on.

Thursday on GH............
At Charley’s Pub....................
Cameron is livid about Franco’s interview with the Invader. Joss, Oscar and their friend Trina are all sympathetic. They decide to go on that Niagara Fall adventure. Joss tells them she has a Jax Adventure Fund, courtesy of her father. So they have the money they will need for the trip.

Also at the pub.....................
Ava and Scott are discussing the interview and agree that Franco would never hurt Kiki. So why did he say he did? Ava shows Scott her engagement ring 💍 from Kevin, and Scott asks how long will it be before Kevin kicks Ava to the curb like he did to Laura?

At The Invader....................
Today is Lulu’s first day back at work. Maxie holds her hand as she opens the door 🚪 to her office, the scene of the crime. Lulu sits at her desk. While she is talking to Maxie, she remembers she was looking at something about Ryan Chamberlain. Maxie mentions that Franco didn’t kill as many people as Ryan Chamberlain. Lulu looks at her computer screen 📺 and gets a flashback and sees Ryan Chamberlain to the left and photos of seven of his victims on the right. Lulu remembers saying to someone, who are Deborah Jones and Susan Smith? She now remembers about a conversation with someone that she thinks her mother, who saw a paper with the names of nine victims instead of seven on Kevin’s desk. Lulu and Maxie wonder how did Kevin know about nine victims when the police 👮‍♀️ didn’t know? Lulu researches Deborah Jones and finds that she was killed in Texas in the early 90’s and the murder was never solved.

At Elizabeth’s house.................
Drew visits Elizabeth and they still think Franco is innocent 😇 and he would never hurt Kiki. As Elizabeth reads the transcript of the interview to Drew, she comes across a portion that she and Drew know is false. Franco says he began his life of crime at age four, when he pushed his brother down the stairs. Drew and Elizabeth know he tried to save Andrew from Jim Harvey. They wonder if he is trying to tell them something?

At Ferncliff...................
(“Kevin“ is in the room with Franco and he is badgering him to tell him why he lied about killing those people in the interview. Franco keeps up with the charade and boasts that he killed those victims. “Kevin“ tells Franco he is positive he didn’t kill anyone. Franco tells him that his therapy failed and he did kill again.)
“Kevin“ blows up at him - I KNOW you didn’t kill anyone, so tell me what was your plan? If you tell me the plan, I wont tell anyone. You can trust me.
(So Franco gets a case of verbal diarrhea and blabs the entire plan Jordan and he cooked up. At this point, “Kevin“ tells Franco that Jordan was in a horrible accident and is in a coma. Well, Franco is beside himself and blames Kevin for the bad job he did with Lulu. How could she think he was the murderer? He accuses “Kevin“ of making a mistake and also tells him about the phone 📱 Jordan left him. Franco turns his back to “Kevin,“ and when he turns around, “Kevin“ is in his face telling him he doesn’t make mistakes and stabs Franco in the stomach. Franco falls to the ground in excruciating pain and realizes “Kevin “ is the killer.)
“Kevin“ - Come on, Franco! Think again.
(Franco is holding his side in agony.)
“Kevin“ - That’s right!
(The nurse enters the room.)
“Kevin“ tells her - Franco tried to KILL me! I don’t know where he got this 🔪 knife. RUN, get help!
(“Kevin“/Ryan is about to finish Franco off when Franco gets up and punches Ryan in the face. He falls back, which gives Franco the chance to get the phone and get out of the room.)
The door locks and we see “Kevin” banging on the window - I don’t make mistakes!!
(The nurse returns and lets “Kevin” out of the room. He tells her to have the guards close all entrance ways and runs to find Franco. We see Franco running down a corridor and stops to call Jordan.)
Franco - Jordan, I don’t know if you were in an accident, but I KNOW the killer! It’s Ryan Chamberlain!
(Franco runs out of the building.)
— MOM (2.28.19)
Tuesday on GH.................
At General Hospital................
(While Sam is 💋 kissing 😽 Jason, he notices Shiloh is standing in the doorway. Jason squeezes Sam’s arm. She pulls away and 👋 slaps Jason in the face.)
Sam - I TOLD you we are over. Get that in your head!
(Kristina comes into the room and witnesses this. Sam storms out of the room and Shiloh comes in. He tells Jason that Sam is with DOD now and he is her protector. Kristina follows Sam outside. Sam apologizes to Kristina for her seeing that exchange with Jason. She lies that Jason is so controlling .She always had to do what he wanted. Then he would leave and put Sonny and Carly ahead of her. Kristina says she was always saying that Sam and Jason were the perfect couple. Yes, Jason was so possessive.)

Back in Jason’s room...............
(Sam and Kristina return to Jason’s hospital room.)
Kristina tells Jason - Thank you for all the times you saved me. I realize now that Sam is better off away from you.
(Jason doesn’t say anything but is surprised to hear her say that.)
Kristina - Come on, Shiloh. Let’s go.
(Sam is standing at the door 🚪 way and signs I love 💕 you to Jason.)

Also at GH............
Curtis and TJ are waiting to hear from the surgeon 👩‍⚕️ about Jordan. She needed an emergency operation because of her damaged kidney. The surgeon told them she had to removed the kidney. Curtis is besides himself, but TJ ,who is a doctor 👨‍⚕️, tells his uncle that a person can live with one kidney. Jordan is not out of the woods yet.

At Ferncliff......................
(Franco is going to sit down with a reporter from The Invader. Guess who the reporter is......? Lulu Falconieri. Of all the people to do this. Peter could do the interview, which was televised. Lulu reminded the audience she was one of his victims.)
Lulu - WHY did you do this?
Franco calls upon his inner serial killer - For my art 🖼. I posed all of the dead. I had such a great pose for you! If I was successful, you would be in an art form when the elevator doors 🚪 opened.
Lulu - How HORRIBLE!
Franco - Look, it is not personal. I had nothing against you, but Kiki was so beautiful 😍. She HAD to die.
Lulu - Were you a copy cat 🐈 to Ryan Chamberlain?
Franco laughs 😂😂 - He is SUCH an amateur. I am an artist 👩‍🎨. He is a FOOL.

At Charley’s Pub......................
“Kevin,“ Ava and Julian are watching this . Ava is angry 😤 and hurt to hear what Franco said about Kiki. “Kevin“ is livid tells Ava he has to see a patient and leaves.

At Ferncliff...........................
(After the interview, Lulu tells Peter something isn’t right with the interview with Franco. We see Franco back in his room.)
Franco - Take THAT, you son of a bitch. Come and get me!
(Franco’s door 🚪 opens and “Kevin“ comes in.)
— MOM (2.26.19)
Monday on GH.............
Drew is in the hospital and talking to Kim. He can see, so Finn must have restored his eyesight. He wants to know what happened. Kim tells him when he lost his eyesight, he hit Jordan in the garage.

Curtis is sitting by Jordan’s bed. She is in a coma. She has broken bones and damage to her kidneys. She did not injure her head or spinal cord. Aunt Stella is with Curtis and tells him to go to the chapel to pray. Drew comes by to say he’s sorry and wants to know what he can do for them.

Carly is sitting in Jason’s hospital room waiting for him to wake up. Jason also had the surgery and can see. Carly tells him Sam called her to go be with him. She also tells him she is pregnant and Jason is very happy for her.

Shiloh wants to know how Jason knew where they were. Sam lies and says he must of followed them because he is obsessed with her. Shiloh saw Jason’s gun when he fell and wanted to know if Jason went there to kill him. Sam dismisses the gun and says Jason always has a gun on him. It must have fallen out when he fell down the stairs.

Anna goes into Jason‘s hospital room to tell him he was infected with the HN242 virus 🦠, the same virus that blinded her. She also tells him this is an effect of the memory mapping performed on him by Dr. Andre Maddox. Anna tells Jason that Dr. Cabot is the originator of the study. She and her sister, Alex, were the first subjects.

When Sam gets away from Shiloh, she rushes to Jason’s side. Carly is upset with Sam and tells her she is putting herself and Jason in danger. Sam is angry 😤 and is about to answer Carly when Jason says Carly can’t have stress, she is pregnant. Sam and Carly hug and all is forgiven. The door 🚪 to the room is open so while Sam and Jason are kissing 💋, Shiloh looks in and sees them.

Dr. Cabot informs Anna she has memories from her sister that she thinks are her own. Anna wonders what action or memory she is fretting over that actually belongs to her sister, Alex.

🚨🚨🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨🚨🚨
I read that Anna is not Peter August’s mother. Her sister, Dr. Alex Merrick, is!
— MOM (2.25.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH....................
At Ferncliff........................
(Jordan wants Franco to give the performance of a lifetime when he speaks to the reporter. She wants him to boast about his brilliance, achievements and 🖼 art.)
Jordan - You will hit the killer in his EGO. He won’t be able to keep from revealing himself to you.
Franco - Only one problem. I’m NOT doing that.

At the Metro Court.......................
(“Kevin“ and Ava tell Carly they are getting married 👰 and want her best Champagne 🍾.)
Carly - How does your WIFE feel about that?
(At the table, Ava agrees they may be rushing things. “Kevin“ excuses himself and goes to the Ferncliff basement. He threatened Laura, saying he will kill the real Kevin in front of her if she doesn’t sign the divorce papers. “Kevin“ returns to the table and tells Ava he went to his office and the divorce papers were delivered this morning.)

In Dr. Cabot’s room.........................
(Dr. Cabot informs Anna she was drugged and abducted..A necessary cause for science 🧬.)
Dr. Cabot - That is when you were exposed to the HN242 virus 🦠 to facilitate the protocol. There was no reaction at that time.
Anna - Blindness was a BIG reverse reaction!
Dr. Cabot - Whomever was exposed to the serum was infected with the virus 🦠 which remained dormant for years. Recently, it began to manifest, causing sudden blindness.
Anna - You BITCH 😡🤬🥵! When was I taken? Where was I held?
(Anna wants to attack the good doctor 👨‍⚕️ but Finn pulls her back and out of the room.)
Finn - Now we KNOW you were infected with the HN242 virus 🦠 . We need to keep him talking!

At Ferncliff....................
Franco - You said you needed more time. I GAVE you more time.
Jordan - The killer needs to come after YOU.
Franco - How do you know he won’t KILL me?

At GH....................
Curtis - It must have sucked when Franco pleaded guilty.
Drew - I can’t help thinking Franco had an ulterior motive. Maybe I’m just kidding myself?
Curtis - No, you’re not kidding yourself. There is more going on than you realize!
Drew - Do you know something about Franco’s guilty plea?
Curtis - No. Jordan is holding her cards ♦️ close.

At Ferncliff........................
Jordan gives Franco a burner phone 📱. She tells him to call her if he is in a jam. He tries to call Elizabeth but all calls are blocked except calls to Jordan.

In the GH parking garage.......................
(Elizabeth is sitting in her car 🚗 and crying 😭. Dr. Terry Randolph sees her and gets into the car 🚘.)
Elizabeth - I know Franco is innocent 😇! There HAS to be another reason for this.
Terry - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️, Franco but I know and trust YOU. If you say he is innocent 😇, and there is more to this story, I believe you.
Elizabeth - Thank you.

At the Metro Court.....................
Sam wants to know where Shiloh is taking her. He tells her it’s a secret. They enter a dark room to The Tower. It is a Lighthouse in Canada 🇨🇦. They go up a winding staircase to the top. Jason enters The Tower. He listens as Shiloh tells Sam this is where he went after he left Afghanistan 🇦🇫. He slept on the floor and in the morning, he saw the most beautiful dawn of the day he ever saw. Shiloh wants Sam to spend the night with him to see the DOD. She is not eager to do that.

In Dr. Cabot’s room...................
Robert - There is no immunity deal here. So, it would go a long way towards your sentence if you cooperated.
Dr. Cabot - Ask away!
Anna - What was your objective?
Dr. Cabot - To transfer memory from one person to another.

At the Metro Court bar......................
Sonny - Robert said the WSB can’t go after Dante.
Carly - So YOU’RE planning to go after Dante, aren’t you? GO! Bring Dante home, so he can meet his new brother or sister.🙄

In Dr. Cabot’s room...................
Dr. Cabot - This is the humane way to extract information . No need to intimidate, coerce or torture. Memories are simply transferred into the mind of someone else. Anna, you and your sister were in the first trial. We extracted memories from Alex to you.
Finn - She doesn’t have those memories. So you failed.
Anna - No, he didn’t.

At The Tower........................
(Sam turns her phone 📱 on and Jason listens as he climbs the spiral staircase. He hears Shiloh tell Sam once she sees the dawn break she will know her path.)
Sam - Sunrise 🌄 is HOURS away! You didn’t say anything about spending the night?
Shiloh - The kids are with their grandmother 👵. It’s not like you have anyone to go home 🏠 to!
Sam - This is moving a little too fast for me.
(Jason takes his gun out and is making his way up the staircase.)

In the GH parking garage......................
Drew is on the phone 📱 - Hey Elizabeth, I went to the nurse’s desk and you didn’t get in for work yet. We need to talk about Franco. Call me.
(Drew gets into his car 🚙 and is driving out of the garage.)

In Dr. Cabot’s room...................
Anna - Dr. Andre Maddox took your study and used it as a basis to develop his procedure. Right?
Dr. Cabot - Dr. Maddox was able to build on my work to produce a fully perfected procedure.
Robert - What does it mean?
Anna - It means there are 2 other unwilling participants in this study 📖.
(Jason and Drew)

While Drew is driving out of the garage he is hit with a bolt 💥of ⚡️lightning to his temple and goes blind. He can’t see here he is going and slams into Jordan Ashford.

At the same time, Jason is also hit with a bolt 💥 of ⚡️lighting to the temple and falls down the metal winding staircase. Sam and Shiloh hear this and run down the stairs. Sam screams Jason’s name while Shiloh looks on.
— MOM (2.22.19)
Thursday on GH................
At the Courthouse..................
Franco is a broken man. Ava asks him why. Lulu is confused as to why she is not happy he is going to jail. As Franco passes her, she has a memory. She remembers opening the door 🚪 and going to her desk. She says, thank you for coming by. Lulu almost faints and Curtis catches her.

At Elizabeth’s house..............
(Drew goes to visit Elizabeth. She tells him she can’t understand why Franco would plead guilty to an attack he didn’t commit. Cameron hears this.)
Cameron - You are completely out of your mind! Franco says he is GUILTY and you wont believe him?

At the Pier...................
Jason - Spinelli found out that Shiloh had a fight with a member and the man wound up dead 💀 from drugs.

At DOD............................
(Harmony visits Shiloh to tell him a little man, Spinelli, came by to ask her questions.)
Harmony - You should watch out for Jason. He wants to bring you down.

At the Courthouse...................
Ava tells “Kevin“ Julian thinks she is depending on him too much. So “Kevin“ asks Ava to marry him so they can spend the rest of their life together.

At GH.....................
Dr. Cabot has his eye 👁 surgery. He is not going to give Anna and Robert any information. He wants the bandages off and wants to regain his eyesight first.

Also at GH....................
(Curtis takes Lulu to GH to get checked out. Sonny was called and wants to know what happened.)
Curtis - She almost passed out.
Lulu - Franco pled guilty.
Sonny - Franco KILLED Kiki? That son of a bitch!
Lulu - When he passed by me, I got this strange feeling that something was very wrong.

At Ferncliff.........................
Franco exchanges his clothes for hospital 🏥 grey clothes. He is put in a locked 🔒 room.

At the Pier......................
Jason - A woman took the fall and she OD’ed.
Sam - Just like Daisy took the blame for sending the emails!
Jason - He is VERY dangerous.
Sam - That is why I have to go with him tonight.

At DOD............................
Harmony - If you go down, we will not go down with you! You need to leave Port Charles and stay low.
Shiloh - Go back to Beecher’s Corners. You don’t have to worry about me. As long as I have Sam McCall close to me, everything will be fine.

At the Pier.................
(Jason tries to talk Sam out of going with Shiloh.)
Sam - He is manipulating Krissy. He THINKS he can manipulate me. The sooner we can get something criminal on Shiloh, the sooner we can get Kristina out of there.
Jason - Ok, but I will be tracking you every step of the way. I have a tracking device for your phone 📱.
Sam - Ok.
Jason - Did you just say ok? You and I just found our way back, I can’t lose you again!
(Kiss 💋 kiss 😘.)

At DOD........................
Harmony - What’s up with you and Sam?
Shiloh - I find her fascinating!
Harmony - Right. And the REAL reason?
Shiloh 😆 laughs - She showed a genuine interest in our program! I think it’s time to take her to The Tower.
Harmony - Why would you bring Jason’s ex-wife THERE??
Shiloh - Because the closer I keep Sam to me, the more distracted Jason is going to be.
(I think he is using Sam to get to Jason.)
Harmony - I hope this doesn’t blow ☄️ up 💥 in your face 😃!
(Jason is a hired gun and stone cold 🥶 killer. Shiloh is not afraid 😱 of him, so he must have some control or information about Jason he doesn’t know about.)

At Sonny’s house 🏠............................
Joss - Oscar couldn’t get a license because of his health issues. So, since Oscar has a 🚘 car, Cameron will drive us!
Carly - Where?
Joss - To Niagara Falls.
Carly - Cameron is NOT an experienced driver. What if Oscar has another seizure? Did you tell Kim?
Joss - No.
Carly - You weren’t planning on letting her know, were you?

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠..........................
(Cameron blows 💥 up at his mother. He tells her she is sick.)
Cameron - You won’t accept that Franco is guilty. You’re putting my little brothers in DANGER by bringing Franco here!
Drew - I know you’re upset but you can’t talk to your mother like that.
Cameron - YOU can’t tell me what to do! If YOU won’t tell her the truth, I will!
(He leaves and Elizabeth starts to cry 😭.)

At Ferncliff...........................
(Jordan assures Franco he is only in here for a two week evaluation.)
Franco - Ask Carly! A LOT can happen in two weeks. What about Elizabeth? What if by taking credit for these crimes, I put her right in this bastard’s crosshairs?

At GH..................................
Lulu - I can’t remember how I got out of the room after I got stabbed?
Curtis - Now that Franco confessed, there won’t be a trail. You don’t have to go on the stand and tell what happened to you.

Also at GH...........................
(Robert informs Sonny and Lulu he has information about Dante from the WSB. They tracked him to Turkey 🇹🇷. and Lulu leaves.)
Robert - Dante has gone rogue! He is acting like a private citizen.
Sonny - So, your telling me the WSB is going to do NOTHING? They are going to leave him out in the COLD 🥶?

In Dr. Cabot room..........................
(His bandages are off and he can see again.)
Dr. Cabot - Your sister, Alex Merrick was one of my subjects.
Anna - Why?
Dr. Cabot - Because she is your twin! Not YOUR twin, but A twin. It’s well documented that some identical twins 👯 can feel what the other is feeling.
Finn - That has not been proven.
Dr. Cabot - But IF a link does exist, that would be important to those who trade in Diplomatic Secrets. The fact that Dr. Merrick had a sister who worked for the enemy (WSB) made her a prime candidate for the study.
Finn - So you were working for the DVX?
(WSB = USA and DVX = Russia)
Anna - If I were to believe you, a study would require BOTH twins to participate. I NEVER participated in any study like this!
Dr. Cabot - Not willingly, but you did, Anna! You simply don’t remember.

At Ferncliff..........................
Franco wants Jordan to put a guard on Elizabeth and the boys. Jordan can’t do that. She would have to explain why that was necessary.

At Sonny’s house 🏠............................
(Cameron needs to talk to someone about his mother and Franco. So, he goes to see Josslyn.)
Cameron - I needed to get out of the house.
Joss - So do I! What do you say we go on that trip tomorrow?

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠.......................
Elizabeth - Franco and I agreed no more secrets!
Drew - I’m sure you did! We ALL keep secrets, even with the best intentions.
Elizabeth - I believe he is innocent 😇 and I will continue to fight for him!
(Drew gives her back the 👰 wedding 🎩 rings she left behind at the Courthouse.)

At Ferncliff..........................
Franco - How can you be SO sure the killer won’t leave me here to rot?
Jordan - He NEEDS the spotlight. You’re taking credit for his work, his accomplishments.
Franco - His genius!
Jordan - Exactly! If you step in the spotlight, he won’t like that one bit.
Franco - Ok, so how do I steal the spotlight?
Jordan - By giving a reporter an interview.

At the Courthouse........................
(“Kevin“ has convinced Ava to marry him.)
Ava - What the hell, Kevin? Let’s do it! Let’s get married.

At the Pier.................................
Jason - Ok, I installed a GPS tracking device in your phone 📱. I will know where you are at ALL times. If anything goes wrong, I will be right there.
Sam - Thank you.
(Ring Ring)
Sam - Hello?
Shiloh - Hey Sam! Where are you?
Sam - Just getting home. Why?
Shiloh - I was figuring we can meet at the Metro Court and leave from there. Ok?
Sam - Are you sure? Do you really want to do this TONIGHT?
Shiloh - Oh yeah, absolutely! You’re not having second thoughts, are you?
Sam - NO! No, I’m really excited to see whatever this is.
Shiloh - Oh, Sam! It is going to change your life!
(Mind Control.)
— MOM (2.21.19)
Wednesday on GH.........................
Elizabeth tells Cameron she is going to the arraignment as Franco’s wife. They got married last night.

Ava wonders where “Kevin“ is. They were supposed to go to the arraignment together.

At GH...........................
Maxie is at GH with Peter waiting to speak to a nurse 👩‍⚕️ about a DNA 🧬 test on Nina and Sasha. She got Nina’s DNA 🧬 from a coffee ☕️ cup. The nurse tells her it will take ten days, so Peter drives Maxie to Poughkeepsie, where they do same day tests.

Lulu is wondering where her mother is. They were supposed to meet at the Courthouse.

Laura comes to, and sees her Kevin. They are in the basement of Ferncliff. Laura is now looking at two Kevins.

Oscar tells Joss he was denied a junior driver’s license because of his health condition.

While at Kelly’s, Sasha tells Nina and Valentin she spent time with Maxie. Valentin is suspicious.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠 ............................
Cameron is furious and tells his mother she is out of her mind for marrying Franco. He wants her to open her eyes 👀 and hopes Franco doesn’t make bail. Cam doesn’t want Franco near his little brothers.

At Charley’s Pub...........................
Julian tell Ava he is worried she is getting too close to Kevin.

At the Courthouse......................
(Scott wants Franco to tell the truth and he will take care of the rest.)
Franco - I know what to do.

At Kelly’s Diner..........................
Alexis comes in and Nina wants to privately speak to her. She tells Alexis she wants to change her will to include Sasha and Valentin. Nina is willing to pay 💰 double, if Alexis can make the changes before her wedding 👰.

Valentin is not happy with Sasha. He heard she didn’t want Nina to marry him. Sasha assures Valentin she likes him, but this deception will not end well.

Alexis asks Nina how she could marry Valentin after all the horrible things he did. Nina reminds Alexis she still loves Julian and tells her to put a rush on the papers.

In the Ferncliff basement......................
(Laura now knows that Ryan Chamberlain is alive. He tells her he is the killer of those three people, and the attacker of Lulu, but Franco is going down for them. Ryan also tells her the real Kevin is blind. Laura is horrified she thought Franco was the serial killer.)
Ryan - If I wasn’t struck with blindness, Lulu would have been number four.
Laura - You SICK son of a bitch! You are a MONSTER!!
(Ryan wants Laura to call Lulu and prepared a script for her to read.)
Laura - Why should I help YOU? You’re going to kill me anyway.
Kevin - No. No, Laura make the call. Ryan, you screwed yourself! You could have gotten away with this for YEARS if you didn’t kill someone. You had to give into your demented EGO.
Laura - It must be SO awful for you, Ryan, accepting the fact your brother is so much smarter than you.

At the Courthouse......................
(Lulu hears that Elizabeth married Franco and wants to know if she is insane.)
Elizabeth - My husband did NOT attack you. I love 💕 my husband, and nothing will ever change that.
(DA Dawson tells the Judge 👨‍⚖️ the charges against Franco are for three murders, Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki Jerome and Peyton Mills, and for attacking Lulu Falconieri.)
Judge - Mr. Franco Baldwin, how do you plea? Mr. Baldwin, did you hear me?
Franco - I heard you, Your Honor, I plead guilty to all charges.
(Scott, Elizabeth, Drew and Ava are shocked 😳 and thought he left out a key 🔑 word......NOT. Scott and DA Dawson fight over what Franco just said. Scott argues to the Judge 👨‍⚖️ Franco has to be evacuated for competency.)
Scott - It’s not just the law, but the human thing to do.

At Cameron’s house 🏠........................
His friends stop by. Since Oscar doesn’t have a license (but has a car 🚘?) Cameron will drive everyone to Niagara Falls for their road trip.
(These kids are only 16 years old and nuts 🥜.)

In the basement of Ferncliff...................
Kevin professes his love 💕 for Laura and she is so glad he hasn’t changed. Kiss 💋 kiss 😘. Kevin says Ryan had him captive since September 2018. He knew she would find him.

In the Courtroom............................
(The Judge 👨‍⚖️ remands Franco Baldwin to the state hospital 🏥 in Ferncliff for two weeks. There, he will undergo an evaluation to determine his mental competency. Franco 👀 looks at Elizabeth and she looks back with a broken heart 💔. Lulu thought she would be happy, but something is off, and Ava agrees.)
Elizabeth walks up to Franco - WHY?
Franco - Because it is the right thing to do.
(Elizabeth slaps Franco in the face, takes off her wedding 👰 rings ,throws them in his face and walks out of the court room while stunned friends look at them. Franco bends down to pick up the rings and 😭 cries.)
— MOM (2.20.19)
Tuesday on GH...........
Dr Kim Nero informs Carly and Sonny that Carly is pregnant. She also cautions her not to be stressed, since she can still get a stroke. Carly needs to rest, eat well and avoid stress.

At the docks......................
Drew and Jason speak about Shiloh and agree to work together. Drew assures Jason he will tell him if he uncovers anything about Shiloh. When Drew leaves, Sam shows up and she tells Jason that Shiloh wants her to go away with him. Jason thinks this is a very dangerous idea, but as usual, airhead Sam tells him she will get all the information she needs. Then they can be together.

Maxie meets Sasha for a medi pedi and takes the finger nail cuttings from Sasha. She will match this to Nina’s DNA 🧬 to see if Sasha is really Nina’s daughter.

DA Dawson pays Lulu a visit at her home 🏡 to prepare her for the arraignment of Franco Baldwin.

At the Floating Rib....................
(DA Dawson then goes to the Floating Rib and sees Shiloh. He recognizes her from the DOD classes she took. Shiloh goes over to her and he asks her if the classes helped her. She tells him they made her realize she was unfair to a friend.)
Margaux - I had something that would have given him back all his memories he lost, but I kept it for the wrong reasons.
(She continues her verbal volcano 🌋 and tells him things she shouldn’t.)
Shiloh - What did you have?
Margaux - A flash drive of his memories and I gave it back to him, but he didn’t want to use it.
(Shiloh is very interested because he knows she is talking about Drew Cain.)

At Lulu’s house.............
While Margaux was at Lulu’s house 🏡 Curtis asked an innocent 😇 question and the woman went berserk.
Curtis - How is Franco?
Lulu - WHY would you ask about HIM? Don’t you believe ME?
Curtis - Well, DA Dawson, you threw everything you had at him and he still insists he is innocent .

Marcus and Stella meet at Kelly’s Diner. He is happy to see her. It looks like they will renew their 30 year old relationship.

Curtis sees Sasha at the Metro Court and is surprised she is back in town again. He hopes he didn’t do anything to hurt Nina bye finding Sasha for Valentin.

At the Floating Rib.............
(Julian tells Brad they are hiding a big lie.)
Julian - Don’t be too sure that Willow won’t want her baby 👶 back.
(Willow doesn’t know her baby died.)

At GH...........................
(Kim and Drew discuss the what if’s.)
Kim - What if we were together when Oscar was born and brought him up together?
Drew - You knew me back then?
Kim - Yes, and then AND now, you would have been a great dad.
— MOM (2.19.19)
Monday on GH................
At the PCPD................
(Jordan tells Franco tomorrow when you’re arraigned you will plead guilty.)
Franco - What, on THREE murders AND an attack on Lulu? I won’t do it!
Jordan - This is the ONLY way to draw the real killer out of hiding.

Nina and Charlotte welcome Lulu home 🏠....................
Curtis and Spencer are there also. Charlotte eagerly tells everyone Papa and Nina are getting married again.

At Ferncliff.................
(“Kevin“ goes to Ferncliff to speak to his brother, Kevin. Laura follows him, but is stopped by a guard. “Kevin“ tells his brother he made a big mistake lying to him about the prenup. Laura assures the guard that the board has given her clearance to visit anytime she wants. “Kevin“ brags that he used hypnosis to plant 🌱 false memories in Lulu.)
Kevin - You bastard!
“Kevin“ - You TOLD me that you and Laura had a prenup! Ava caught it. She didn’t think a prenup was Laura’s marital style. You forced my hand! Now, I will have to deal with both you AND Laura.
Kevin - Ha ha the joke is on YOU! It was LAURA who insisted on a prenup. I can prove the prenup is real!

At the PCPD jail cell........................
Jordan - The monster who committed these crimes will be jealous that you are getting all the attention. Think of all the press and notoriety! YOU will be enjoying the fruits 🍉 of his labor.
Franco - I am NOT going to admit to killing Kiki!
Jordan - The killer will try to reclaim the spotlight. Trust me! If you follow my lead, you will not get blamed.
Franco - It would destroy Elizabeth if I plead guilty.

At Lulu’s welcome home 🏡 party 🎈...................
(Curtis is not happy to hear the news, so he suggests that he and Nina speak in the kitchen. Lulu follows and she is not thrilled either.)
Lulu - You’re making a mistake marrying Valentin!
Nina - Like YOUR mistake saying Franco attacked you? I know him very well. It is no longer in him to hurt anyone. He didn’t do this!

At Ferncliff..........................
(Kevin informs his brother that the prenup is in his office safe, behind a frame 🖼 of his medical accreditation. He offers to give “Kevin“ the combination to the safe.)
“Kevin“ - Why would you help me?
Kevin - I want Laura away from you! Go see for yourself. I’m not going anywhere.
(“Kevin“ leaves and Laura walks down the corridor and looks into the window of the door 🚪 “Kevin“ came out of. She sees her Kevin and bangs on the window to get his attention.)
(He turns around and recognizes her voice but he still can’t see. He makes his way to the door 🚪.)
Kevin - LAURA? Laura is that you?!?
(“Kevin“ comes up behind Laura and injects her with a serum and she falls to the ground.)

At Lulu’s house 🏠....................
Charlotte - I know you rigged the voting machines!
Spencer - I only delayed the 🗳 election.
Charlotte - It’s against the law!
Spencer - I’m prepared to tell Grandmother 👵 Laura the truth, and suffer the consequences.

In Franco’s jail cell............................
Jordan - Focus on what you have to gain! YOU could be responsible for bring Kiki’s killer to justice.
Franco - This is a LOT to ask of me! I’m not making any decision until I speak to Elizabeth.
Jordan - No, THAT is not going to happen. No one can know except YOU and ME. If you plead not guilty, you will be convicted and sent to prison for the rest of your life. I don’t believe you are the killer I’m investigating. That killer is still at large and YOU are my best chance of catching him. My way, you’re publicly disgraced for a little time. Then you are exonerated and you receive the thanks of a grateful city! I’m sorry this is where we are, but this is your ONLY way out of this mess.
— MOM (2.18.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH...............
(What is this?!! We see Carly and Sonny with tape on their mouths 👄,hands and feet 🦶 bound in the living room at Sonny’s house 🏠. Carly comes to and “Kevin“ pulls the tape off her mouth 👄. Sonny is still passed out.)
“Kevin” - Better?
Carly - Sonny! SONNY!
“Kevin“ - Let’s just check. Sonny? Sonny?
Carly - Don’t you TOUCH him!
“Kevin“ - Oh, you don’t think 🤔 there’s something wrong, do you?
Carly - Don’t you hurt him!
“Kevin“ - Be nice, or Sonny will be the first one on the chopping block!
Carly - NO!
“Kevin“ - YOU get to watch.
(Ava comes in and Carly begs her to help them.)
Carly - Ava, PLEASE call 911. He’s crazy 😜!
(“Kevin“ puts the tape back across her mouth 👄.)
Ava - What is this?
“Kevin“ - This is my gift 💝 to you.
(He shows her ten different 🔪 knives.)
Ava - What am I supposed to do with these?
“Kevin“ - Whatever your heart 💜 desires.
(Ava moves her hand 🖐 across the ten knives 🔪 , picks up one and walks over to Carly.)
Ava - How about a face lift?
“Kevin“ - You like my present 🎁?
Ava - I love 💕 it! How did you know?
“Kevin“ - Because we’re kindred spirits! Happy 😃 Valentine’s 💝 Day my love 😍.
(Kiss 💋 kiss 💋.)

In “Kevin‘s” office....................
Ava - Where were you just now? You look 👀 positively blissful!
“Kevin“ - I was thinking 🤔 about you! Making all your dreams come true.

(It’s time for Lulu to go home 🏠 and she is so happy that Franco is in jail.)

At the Metro Court.......................
Maxie complains that Valentin is going to marry Nina again while harboring some deep dark secret. She tells Peter she believes Sasha may not be Nina’s daughter. Maxie is going to find a way to prove it.

At Sonny’s house 🏠.........................
Sonny - You’re PREGNANT 🤰?
Carly - Yeah.
Sonny - You sure?
Carly - I took a home pregnancy test this morning.
Sonny - Well, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but it’s got to be a mistake!

At the Metro Court......................
(Valentin wants to plan their wedding 🎩 and Nina wants a long engagement. She wants to give some of her relatives like Sasha, Maxie and Lisle, time to get used to the idea 💡. This is hysterical 😭😜😃😳! Lisle is 🎤 🎶 singing an old torch song in a smoke 💨 filled bar 🥃🍻🍷. She sees Sasha and Griffin there and goes over to say hello 👋.)
Lisle - Dr. Monroe, you met my lovely niece?
Griffin - We’re acquainted.
Lisle - Sasha is like my Nina. She burns 🥵 hearts 🥰. Be careful not to get too close to her flame 🔥. You might get singed.

At the PCPD......................
(Jordan has doubts about Franco being the serial killer.)
Curtis - If YOU have doubts, first you have to prove it to yourself, and then to a court. So, let’s go over your plan?
Jordan - Like I told you, I throw the book 📚 at Franco!
Curtis - I get Franco’s arrest doesn’t sit well with you, so let me be your sounding board.
Jordan - My plan is not what anyone would call orthodox.
Curtis - My favorite kind! Is it lawful?
Jordan - Not strictly. It carries a certain amount of risk.

In “Kevin‘s” office......................
“Kevin“ - You freed me, Ava. With you by my side, I can do anything!
Ava - I feel exactly the same way!
“Kevin“ - Today is our first Valentine’s 💕Day. What do you want the most? I will get it for you, no matter what it costs.

At Sonny’s house 🏠..........................
Carly - The tests are 99% accurate and I took two.
Sonny - You’re on the pill 💊!
Carly - No, I ‘m not. I thought I was past the age where I could get pregnant.
Sonny - What are you going to do?
Carly - Well, I was hoping that WE could figure it out together.
Sonny - When was it?
Carly - New Year’s Eve. When you surprised me with that trip to New York.
Sonny - What are we looking at?
Carly - About six weeks.
Sonny - Having another kid 🧒 NEVER entered my mind. Did you see a doctor 👩‍⚕️? We have to find out how safe it is for you to have a baby 👶. When you were pregnant with Josslyn there was a 50/50 chance you could have a stroke!
Carly - Maybe the odds have improved. You don’t want this baby 🍼?
Sonny is crying 😢 - I don’t want you to have a stroke and die!

At the PCPD..................................
Curtis - You didn’t tell me your plan could be dangerous!
Jordan - It stands a better chance of getting the killer than everything we’ve tried so far. First, I’m not convinced Franco is innocent 😇. If he is, we exonerate him by exposing the real killer. Make him feel over-confident, like Franco is going to take the fall.

At Sonny’s house 🏠................................
Carly - It seems to me, you don’t want this baby 👶 under ANY circumstances?
Sonny - I didn’t say that.
Carly - You know, do we really want to start over? And what about the baby 👶? Do we really want to bring a baby 🍼 into our world 🌍?
Sonny - Even if you have a healthy baby 👶, boy 👦 or girl 👧, with big brown eyes 👁 and dimples, who will it remind you of?
Carly - Morgan.

At the PCPD cell......................
Franco - You can’t tell anyone we are married.
Elizabeth - Our sons have to know! I will fight for you and you will never be alone again.
(Commissioner Jordan Ashford tells Elizabeth, Drew and the guard to leave. She needs to speak to Franco in private.)
Elizabeth - I love 💕 you.
Franco - Thank you, Drew.
Drew - My pleasure.

In “Kevin‘s” office......................
“Kevin“ and Ava are 💋 kissing and Laura comes in and sees them. “Kevin“ takes the opportunity to tell Laura that he is with his love 💕 Ava now and their marriage is over. Laura came by to thank him for helping Lulu remember her attacker. He then asks about the prenup. Her eyes 👀 widen 😳. This is very strange, but she plays along with this Kevin who she doesn’t recognize. Laura says she will speak to Alexis and then they can hash it out with the lawyers. “Kevin“ tells her he will accept what she offered in the prenup and wants a prompt conclusion to the matter.

At the Metro Court..................
Maxie - Valentin gave Nina the ONE thing she thought she would never have. With Valentin, the ends justifies the means.
(So Maxie decides she will do her own DNA 🧬 test. She calls Sasha and invites her to a spa day. Maxie is positive she will get a DNA sample. She thinks Valentin hired Sasha and she is in on the deception.)

In Franco’s jail cell........................
(Jordan wants Franco to look at what is inside the envelope she got from the prosecutor. Franco is suspicious.)
Jordan - It’s a wedding 🎩 gift 🎁!
(Franco take the photo out of the envelope. It a picture of a bloody and butchered Kiki. Franco is horrified 😱 and drops the photo.)
Franco - WHAT are you doing? What is THIS??
Jordan - Don’t you recognize your handiwork?
Franco - How could you DO that to me? How could you do THAT to me? I didn’t do that! I couldn’t have done THAT. (Franco sits down and bows his head.) I couldn’t kill anybody. I just couldn’t. I don’t have it in me, anymore. If I live to be a hundred years old, I will never understand how someone could do THAT to my Kiki.
Jordan - Only a person without a soul could commit that kind of violence. You’ve got one, don’t you? You didn’t attack Lulu and you didn’t kill Kiki. You didn’t kill ANY of them.
Franco shakes his head - No. I SWEAR to you I didn’t do it.
Jordan - I’ve seen your files with the PCPD AND the FBI. You’re definitely, a killer but not the one I’M looking for.
Franco - So you will let me go?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.....................
Sonny - You know, I love ALL our kids. Your’s AND mine. Morgan came from BOTH of us, OUR DNA. And when he died? You KNOW I wanted to die, too. I don’t want to go through that grief again, if anything happens to you!
Carly is crying 😢 - I loved Morgan so much and miss him every day. We don’t know what kind of life this baby 👶 is going to have. But if it’s safe, I want to find out. I WANT to have this baby.
Sonny - Ok, so we go to the doctor 👩‍⚕️ and see how big the risk is.

In ”Kevin‘s” office..........................
After talking to Laura, “Kevin“ is not so sure about the prenup. So, he calls the nurse at Ferncliff to get his patient ready to speak to him. He will be there shortly. “Kevin“ leaves the hospital 🏥 and Laura follows him to see where he is going. I think this phony “Kevin‘s” days are numbered.

In Franco’s jail cell...........................
Franco - FINALLY, some sanity! When can I get out of here?
Jordan - You’re staying where you are.
Franco - I’m a little confused 😐? You just TOLD me you know I didn’t do any of this. You’re going to let me take a fall for a crime you KNOW I didn’t do?
Jordan - That depends on what you are going to do to prove you’re innocent 😇?
Franco - Anything. Whatever it takes!
Jordan - Here’s what you’re going to do...
— MOM (2.15.19)
It’s Valentines 💝 Day on GH!
(Sam and Jason are 💋 kissing 😘 in his apartment.)
Sam - I brought you something.
Jason - What?
Sam - Danny make you a card.
Jason - No!
Sam - Yes!
Jason - Wow! (Jason opens the Valentine.) I love it!
Sam - I love 💗 you. I’m really sad I won’t be able to spend Valentine’s ❤️ Day with you. I know, its the holiday you could care the least about.
Jason - That’s not....really. Hold on! That’s not 100% true. Ok, I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day celebratory person but...
Sam - Yeah.
Jason - I was actually looking forward to celebrating with you!
Sam - Can I get that in writing ✍️?
Jason - Why? You know I love being with you!
Sam - I know. Ok, I have to go to this party 🎈. Then, I have to pick up the kids at Monica’s. I don’t have to leave right now.
Jason - No?
Sam - I’ve got some time!
Jason - We should make the most of it.
Sam - Yeah.
(Kiss 💋 Kiss 😘.)

At DOD................
Shiloh - Kristina, you did a wonderful job planning this event.
Kristina - I can’t take all the praise. I had a LOT of help.
Shiloh - Any idea when your sister will be arriving?

At the PCPD................
(Elizabeth proposes marriage to Franco in his jail cell.)
Elizabeth - Let’s do it right now. Tonight!

In a Swedish Clinic............................
Robert - Come on, Doc! We ALL know there are aspects of your work that was NEVER meant to be made public.
Dr. Cabot - Why should I tell you anything?
Anna - If you don’t answer our questions, you won’t get your sight back!
Dr. Cabot - Wait! I know that voice! Alex Devane.
Anna - Yes, Dr. Cabot. It’s me.
(He is mistaking Anna for her twin sister, Alex.)

At Jason’s apartment....................
Sam - Spinelli, it’s always good to see you!
Spinelli - Hope I’m not intruding?
Sam - It’s ok. I was just leaving.
Jason - Sam is going to the DOD party tonight.
Spinelli - Please, fair Samantha, I implore you! Proceed with caution. From what I uncovered, this Shiloh character could be quite dangerous!
Sam - Ok. Fill Jason in and I will see you tomorrow.
Jason - Be safe, ok?
(She kiss 😘 kisses him goodbye.)
Jason - How dangerous?
Spinelli - Murderously so!

At the Clinic........................
Dr. Cabot - Alex Devane or Alex Merrick. It’s been far too long!
Anna - Yes, it has. Because of the bounty on my head, I wasn’t able to approach you sooner. I need to know everything about the project we worked on together.
Dr. Cabot - That’s NOT happening. Wait a minute? You’re not Alex, you’re the OTHER one!

At Franco‘s cell at the PCPD........................
Franco - No, you can’t marry an accused killer while I’m behind bars. That’s not the wedding 💒 of your dreams!
Elizabeth - If I’m marrying you, all I need is you. So, what do you say? Will you marry me ?

At Jason’s apartment.....................
Spinelli - So, the story that Shiloh spun was that his father was a ruined man 👨 who lost all his finances. Correct?
Jason - Correct.
Spinelli - Well, it IS a compelling story. A few years after Samantha fled, Mr. Archer registered for a patent. There was even a bidding war for the rights!
Jason - So, people wanted to get their hands on it?
Spinelli - Yes, many people. Shiloh’s father was on his way to another fortune.
Jason - So, what stopped him?
Spinelli - His death 💀! The brakes in his car failed, which was a freakish accident, since it was a brand new high-end vehicle.
Jason - You think they were tampered with?
Spinelli - It’s unclear. Requires a little more digging.
Jason - Ok, so do that! Start with what happened with the patent.

At DOD.....................
Shiloh - Sam, I’m so glad you made it!
Sam - Yeah, me too.
(Shiloh gives her his book 📖, “Every Day Is a New Dawn”.)
Sam - Thank you! I’ve already read it cover to cover, and I couldn’t help but notice something was missing from it. You!

At the Swedish Clinic....................
Dr. Cabot - You’re Anna Devane!
Anna - No, you’re mistaken.
Dr. Cabot - Don’t even deny it! I know your sister pretty well and let me guess, you’re not a medical colleague?
Robert - Robert Scorpio, WSB.
Anna - Who WE are doesn’t change a damn thing! If you want your sight back? You’re going to answer our questions, or my friend won’t treat you.
Dr. Cabot - I’m afraid you have already overplayed your hand 🖐, Agent Devane. This is part of a WSB investigation. So, no, I won’t be waiting for my surgery until after I’ve provided YOU answers. If you want MY cooperation? You treat me FIRST!
(Long story short, they all go back to Port Charles, N.Y.)

At DOD...............................
Sam - There wasn’t much in there about your family, or you.
(They go off to a cozy corner.)
Sam - Remember you told me you never wanted to settle down because your followers are your family? Was that true? There HAD to be someone that you were serious about!
Shiloh - My father’s personal experience left me closed off to sharing my life with another.
Sam - Oh, you mean his experience with ME!

At the Metro Court restaurant.....................
Sonny takes Carly to a Valentine Day dinner. He wants to spend alone time with her and tells Carly he has tickets 🎫 to a big beautiful vacation. Carly is not happy and doesn’t want to go.

At DOD......................
Shiloh - That’s not the ONLY reason. In order for me to find happiness, I have to find peace within myself.
Sam - Wow! That resonates with me.
Shiloh - So tell me, Sam, when are you going to stop ✋ running 🏃‍♀️ and find peace within yourself?

In Franco’s jail cell...........................
Franco - We don’t have anyone to marry us. Hey, Cliff (the guard), are you an ordained minister? I will take that as a no...
Elizabeth - Well, I actually thought about that. This is why I recruited someone for the job!
(You will NEVER think of who she got!!)
Drew - Hey, I heard you crazy kids want to get married?

(Drew Cain the former Navy Seal? When did HE become an ordained minister? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a joke!)

Franco - What’s going on here?
Drew - Elizabeth approached me last night. She wanted me to marry you guys!
Elizabeth - I wanted someone important to both of us to do the honors.
Franco - Are you ordained?
Drew - Man, it’s so easy it’s frightening! We just need a witness.
Franco - Hey, Cliff!
Cliff - What now?
Franco - Your job, right, is to keep an eye 👁 on us? So by definition, I think that would make him a witness.
(Drew produces a wedding ring for Elizabeth.)
Franco - You have a bright future as a wedding 🎩 planner!
(Elizabeth leaves to get dressed and returns to get married.)
Elizabeth - I will love 💕 you and honor you and cherish you till death do us part.
Franco - I love 💗 you, that’s it. I hope it’s enough. I love 💕 YOU, Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Till death do us part.
Drew - Elizabeth, do you take Franco to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Elizabeth - I do!
(Franco puts a ring on her finger.)
Drew - Franco, do you take Elizabeth to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Franco - I do.
Drew - By the powers vested in me by the internet, you are husband and wife.
(They kiss 💋.)

At DOD........................
(In their cozy corner, Shiloh puts his hands on Sam’s face and massages her temples.)
Shiloh says softly - Close your eyes 👀. We get so sidetracked on our path that our lives became road blocks. We worry about the past. The past is behind us. The FUTURE is our imagination!
(Kristina sees this and is very jealous. Sam notices her reaction and stops Shiloh. She tells him she is going to leave.)
Sam - This is Kristina’s house and I don’t want to overstep.
(Shiloh is not happy with Kristina.)
Shiloh - Will you come again?
Sam - Yes. Yes, of course!
Shiloh - Your sister left quite abruptly. Were you upset by what you saw?
Kristina - Yes, I was. It bothered me. I’m not as enlightened as I want to be.
Shiloh - What levels have you completed in the courses?
Kristina - The introductory stage. I can’t afford the advanced courses.
Shiloh - If you had a heart disease, you would get the money for an operation! You should give the same attention to your soul. Something to think about?

At Jason’s apartment..................
(Ring Ring 📱)
Jason - Hey 👋! How did it go with Shiloh?
Sam - It’s pretty creepy. It‘s so weird how he can get people to do things for him and make them think its their idea 💡. I’m on my way to pick up the kids at Monica’s.
Jason - What about Kristina?
Sam - She’s pretty possessive! I think she’s got a thing for him. It makes it difficult.
Jason - We will figure it out.
Sam - Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Jason - You’d better! Happy Valentines Day.
Sam is smiling 😃 - Did it just kill you to say that?
Jason - No, I love 💕 you.
Sam - I love 💗 you, too!

Sam comes back to Jason’s apartment..........................
Sam - Hi.
Jason - Hi! What about the kids?
Sam - Well, they were asleep 😴. Monica wanted to take them. It wasn’t hard to say ok.
(Jason and Sam embrace and kiss 💋 😘 .)

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
Sonny - Do you want a drink 🥃?
Carly - Ahhh, no. Come here! I want you to sit down with me.
Sonny - Ok. You ok?
Carly - Yeah, I’m great 👍! I was just thinking about life and us and everything. How life has it’s ups and downs. I think as long as we have each other, we can handle ANYTHING that life throws at us.
Sonny - I agree.
Carly - Good. Ahhh, because I’m PREGNANT.

In bed with Jason and Sam.....................
Sam - Hey 👋! When did you get THOSE?
Jason - What?
Sam - FLOWERS 💐 🌺 🌸! Who got them?
Jason - I did! I asked the flower lady for flowers 💐 from someone who doesn’t like to make a big deal about things but secretly likes holidays. I told her they make you smile 😃.
Sam - So did the 🌹flower 🌺 lady pick them out?
Jason - No, she said whoever it was, was a luck woman 👩. She moved on to the next customer. Did I make a bad choice?
Sam - You made a GREAT choice. And that flower 🌹 lady? She is right. I’m a REALLY lucky 🍀 woman. On Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here with YOU. The pink and white roses 🌹 are beautiful!
Jason - You know? I get it now!
Sam - What do you mean?
Jason - I get the part about Valentine’s Day. It’s not about chocolate 🍫 and flowers 💐. It’s about not taking love 💕 for granted. It’s about saying those words. I just love ❤️ you. I love you 😘 SO much.
Sam is smiling 😃and crying 😢 - I love 💕 YOU!
Jason - I know.
(Kiss 💋 kiss 😘.)
— MOM (2.14.19)
Wednesday on GH...................
Robert and Finn are in a clinic in Stockholm Sweden 🇸🇪 to talk to Dr. Arthur Cabot . Anna shows up and Robert wants her to go home. Finn is concerned the doctor will recognize her and not want to speak.

In Jason’s apartment.....................
Sam - I don’t want to go!
Jason - I wish you could stay.
Sam - I can’t. I have to go to the Metro Court to meet up with my mom and Kristina.
(Knock. Knock.)
Shiloh - Jason? It’s me, Shiloh.
(Jason doesn’t answer the door 🚪 and lowers the volume on his phone 📱. Shiloh leaves a message.)
Shiloh - Kristina gave me your address and I heard you went to Beecher’s Corners. That’s not necessary. If you have any questions, just ask me. You know where to find me!
Jason - He’s gone.
Sam - Now he knows where you live! We won’t be able to meet here anymore.
Jason - I bought this place because of the many ways to get in or out. I thought it was to avoid the cops 👮‍♀️, not a con.
Sam - I’m going to tell my mom and Kristina that we broke up.
Jason - Ok, your mom will be happy 😃.
Sam - Come on, my mom likes you. She just doesn’t like ME with you.
Jason - Right.
Sam - Hey, listen, this is temporary. I want to get this over with. So, come here and give me a kiss 💋. Wish me luck?
Jason - Good luck 🍀.

At the Clinic.......................
Nurse - May I help you?
Finn - Hi 👋. I’m Dr. Hamilton Finn. I traveled all the way from the USA 🇺🇸 to confer with Dr. Cabot. I believe he’s on staff here?
Anna - I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Finn. He is expert in infectious diseases.
Nurse - Of course! It’s an honor to meet you, Dr. Finn. I’m sorry, your information is out of date.
Robert - Dr. Cabot is not here?
Nurse - He is here, but he is a patient.
(The nurse wheels Dr. Cabot in. He tells them he can’t see. Finn asks if he had a severe headache, passed out and when he regained consciousness he lost his eyesight.)
Dr. Cabot - Why, yes!
(Finn tells him he knows the virus 🦠 that caused him to lose his eyesight. He also assures the doctor that he can cure him with surgery. He has already cured two patients.)
Dr. Cabot - I guess you want some information?
Robert - You help us, and we will help you.
Dr. Cabot - I may not want to do that.
Anna - No information? Then we won’t restore your eyesight.
Dr. Cabot - I recognize that voice!
Finn - We want to know about your research on identical twins 👯👬👫.

At the Metro Court............................
Kristina - Come to our Valentine’s Day event!
Alexis - Oh, I hate Valentine’s Day.
Sam - Come on, Mom. If I can go, YOU can go. It says on the invitation, true love 💕 begins with self love ❤️.
Alexis - You’re going to the DOD Valentine’s Day party 🎈 with Jason?
Sam - No. Jason and I broke up.

Shiloh - Jason, welcome 🙏!
Jason - I got your message. You said I should come to you with my questions. Here I am.
Shiloh - Find what you were looking for in Beecher’s Corners?
Jason - Your friend, Harmony, was very helpful. She had a lot of good things to say about you. Just like Kristina, and all these people who are devoted to you. Your mission seems to be very successful in Beecher’s Corners. Even the local police 👮 seem to be your friend!
Shiloh - I would like to think 🤔 the police appreciate the influence that DOD has in the community.
Jason - You’re so active there, why did you come to Port Charles?

At the Metro Court...................
Alexis - Since when??
Kristina - What does that mean?
Sam - Jason will be here. I will be here, but not with him. I will always love Jason. It’s just we don’t have a future together.
Alexis - WHAT?!?
Sam - Jason has been back for over a year now, and we are still not together. Our lives are just on different paths. He’s amazing. He’s wonderful and fearless. He refuses to change and is set in his ways. That’s ok. He is not open to self discovery. Discovery is what I need. There is so much more I need to learn about myself and explore.
(That was a mouthful and she said it with a straight face 😂😂😂.)
Kristina - Well, Sam, that’s amazing! You have taken a HUGE step towards enlightenment. I’m SO happy 😁 for you.
Alexis - Isn’t this a little sudden? It is no secret I have always had reservations about Jason. You always insisted there was this bond between you and Jason.
Sam - I know. My perspective has changed. I realized my bond with Jason was holding me back.
Alexis - How does Jason feel about this?
Sam - He doesn’t like it. He thinks it is just temporary, which is why I am going to the Valentine’s 💝 Day event at DOD. Shiloh wants me there.
Kristina - That’s great, Sam! It’s not a big deal. Shiloh could have invited anyone. (The green 👁 eyed monster is rearing her head.) Don’t feel like you have to go.
Sam - I thought you would be happy!
Kristina - Maybe this event will be the kick start that you don’t need Jason?
Sam - Yes, that’s the plan. I don’t need a man to complete me!
Kristina - I will see you at the event.
Alexis - Bye bye 👋, honey 🍯! Ok, what is really going on with you and Jason?

At DOD.........................
Shiloh - Jason, I prefer direct questions. What is it you want to know? First, Beecher’s Corners. Then, Port Charles. What’s next? THE WALL?
(That made me 😂 laugh 😆.)
Jason - You said it, I didn’t!
Shiloh - I’ve been accused of a lot of things. World 🌍 domination is NOT one of them.
Jason - What HAVE you been accused of?
Shiloh - Caring too much. Offering something that money 💰 can’t buy. Jason, look 👀 at me! There is nothing up my sleeves or offshore in the Caymans or a Swiss bank 🏦 account. (A dig at Jason.) What you see is what you get! If you can accept what we offer, you can get past the obstacles in front of you and Sam.
Jason - Always comes back to Sam, doesn’t it?
Shiloh - Always what?
Jason - The emails.
Shiloh - I told you she sent those without my knowing.
Jason - You are interested in Sam.
Shiloh - I am interested in anyone who turns away from the dark and follows the light 💡. Join us, brother!

At the Metro Court......................
Sam - Please don’t ask any questions about me and Jason! You don’t have to worry.
Alexis - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what you’re up to ? I don’t know why you and Jason are not together. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ why you are going to that party at DOD ? Please consider your sister has been through a lot. She has finally found peace and made new friends . So please don’t spoil it!
Sam - Trust me. I would never do ANYTHING to hurt Kristina. In fact, what I am doing is FOR her.

At DOD...................
Jason - I’ve no idea why Sam is wasting her time with you. I trust HER judgment and she will see right through you. Then, she will be done.
Shiloh - Jason, Sam has taken the first steps on the right path. The path that can lead her to her best life. Now, YOU could walk with her. You could walk with US and join us! Or, you can keep walking down that same old path you’ve been walking down your entire life. But, brother, I’m TELLING you, that path is a dead 💀 end.
Jason - I’ll take my chances.

(Once Jason leaves 🍁, Shiloh turns around and 👀 looks at the huge banner over the fireplace.)

Dawn Of Day
True Love ❤️ Begins With Self Love 💗
— MOM (2.13.19)
Tuesday on GH.................
At the PCPD..............
(Drew goes to see Jordan to defend his brother from another mother, Franco. He tells her Franco is innocent 😇. He says when Jim Harvey was choking Franco he couldn’t kill him. Drew had to kill Harvey. Drew also asks if Jordan knew of Franco’s childhood. Jordan says she read the file.)
Drew - Take your cop 👮 hat off! If TJ was molested by Harvey, what would YOU do?
Jordan - I would kill the SOB!
Drew - Yeah, so would I. Even though Jim Harvey molested Franco he couldn’t kill him. You got the wrong man!

Also at the PCPD...................
(Laura visits Franco in jail to see the man who tried to kill Lulu. Franco insists he is innocent and didn’t harm Lulu or kill the other 3 people. Laura doesn’t believe him and says she read his sessions with Dr. Collins.)
Laura - You are a monster! I am going to make sure you don’t hurt anyone EVER again.

At Sonny’s mansion..............
(Spencer Cassadine visits Uncle Sonny and wants to know if he heard anything about the rigged voting machines. Sonny tells him Valentin didn’t tell anyone what he did. He also advises Spencer to fess up to his grandmother, Laura.)
Sonny - Don’t let your enemies ever have anything they can blackmail you with. Tell your grandmother! She hates Valentin as much as you do.

At the Metro Court..................
(Nina invites Sasha and Maxie to her celebration 🎉 🍾 with Valentin at the Metro Court. Maxie brings Peter and is told that Nina and Valentin are getting re-married. They fake an, “Oh, how wonderful!” Valentin invites them to have champagne 🍾 🥂 with them. Maxie and Peter make an excuse and leave. While Valentin is getting the champagne 🥂, Nina tells Sasha one of the reasons she said yes was her. Sasha suggests Nina should think this over.)
Nina - I wanted a family, and now I have TWO daughters!
(Lisle shows up and makes her way to Nina’s table. Nina introduces Sasha to Aunt Lisle, who says she wants to better get to know Sasha. When Valentin gets back he doesn’t want Lisle there, but Nina says she is family.)

Maxie is at another table with Peter and notices Lisle at Nina‘s table. Peter confides in Maxie that he didn’t have Lisle put in prison because Valentin asked him not to. Valentin also asked Peter to give Lisle a job at The Invader.
Maxie figures out that Lisle has something on Valentin. It has to be something that can hurt Nina. Then, Maxie concludes that Lisle knows something about Sasha that Valentin doesn’t want Nina to know.

At Elizabeth’s house.............
(Cameron comes home 🏠 with a bloody face. He was fighting with kids in school who were saying things about Franco and his mother.)
Cameron - They said you’re living with a serial killer!
Elizabeth - Franco is innocent 😇! He didn’t do it.
(Elizabeth has the three boys lined up on the couch 🛋 to tell them about Franco. Drew comes by to check on the family. He tells the boys Franco is innocent and that he told Commissioner Ashford she has the wrong man.)

At the PCPD................
(Curtis stops by Jordan’s office. She wants to brainstorm with him about Franco.)
Jordan - Franco didn’t have any problems with Mary Pat. He loved Kiki! Peyton Mills tried to contact Franco, but he didn’t respond. Lulu could be a problem. Before the tumor, Franco DID kidnap Lulu.
Curtis - Franco didn’t know the driver’s licenses where taken as trophies for Ryan Chamberlain. So, why were they put in the drawer of the art 🖼 room. Franco is not a dumb guy. ANYONE could have found them.
(Jordan comes to the conclusion that if Franco is being set up the real killer is still out there.)
Curtis - So, you going to let him go?
Jordan - No, I’m going to charge him!
— MOM (2.12.19)
Monday on GH.............
Jason goes to Beecher’s Corners to meet Harmony.

Drew tells Carly and Sam he wants to help in checking out Shiloh.

Alexis meets with Dr. Neil Byrne, the stranger she told her life story to in Charles Pub.

On the roof at GH..................
(“Kevin“ and Griffin are on the roof. He has the syringe 💉 in his hand.)
“Kevin“ - Do you see the spot for Kiki’s memorial brick 🧱?
Griffin leans over - Yeah, right down there 👇 near the flower 🌺 🌸 🌹 bed. She would like that. The GH community means a lot to Kiki. It’s a very thoughtful gesture.
(Griffin turns around and “Kevin“ is very close to him.)
Ava - Griffin! Come away from there. You’re too close to the edge. Do you have a death wish?
(Ava just saved Griffin’s life.)
“Kevin“ - Wouldn’t want you to lose your balance. (“Kevin“ puts the syringe 💉 in his pocket.)
Ava - I was looking for you.

Dr. Byrne and Alexis meet....................
Dr. Byrne - If you’re uncomfortable, I will recommend another Therapist.
(Alexis agrees to stay and he tells her if he knew she was the new patient he would not have asked her out to dinner.)

Drew calls Shiloh and says he wants to stop bye DOD to talk about Afghanistan 🇦🇫........................
Shiloh - It’s true you saved my life, but it’s more than that. There were many drunken, sloppy late night confessions from me. Things I had to get off my chest in case I didn’t make it back that day.
Drew - That’s understandable.
Shiloh - You said you don’t remember but I think it is because you want me to feel better?
Drew - That must have been SOME confession!
(Drew begins to confide in Shiloh. He tells him he didn’t go AWOL and was abducted. He also tells him about the memory mapping.)
Shiloh - So, is there any chance you memories will return?

At Beecher’s Corners............................
Harmony - You’re here on someone’s behalf. Who? A family member?
Jason - I consider her one, yes.
Harmony - Why come here? Shiloh is in Port Charles.
Jason - Because I wanted to talk to someone besides Hank Archer.
Harmony - A blast from the past! I used to be called Lorraine. It was never a good fit. So I chose Harmony. DOD and Shiloh opened my mind and heart ♥️ to my own potential. Shiloh and I built that Community Center across the street from the ground up!
Jason - Are you still in touch with Shiloh?
Harmony - Yeah, we still conduct business together.
Jason - But you’re not together. Your here and Shiloh is in Port Charles. Why?
(Harmony tells Jason that after the earthquake in PC there was a need for DOD. Jason asks why Shiloh has no interest in having a family. She says DOD is his family. She was one of the earliest supporters.)

On the roof......................
Ava - Kevin I went looking for you and found this letter in your office. It was about a commemorative brick 🧱 for Kiki. It said the best place to look for a spot was on the roof. Thank you for the brick, and I want to apologize.
(Griffin says Ava should pick the spot and leaves.)
“Kevin“ - I just want to bring some small comfort to the people who miss Kiki.

At the Metro Court.......................
(Sam confides in Carly about her plan for Shiloh.)
Carly - Do you think he is a sexual predator?
Sam - Well, I have to find out for Kristina’s sake. Shiloh is about to get a taste of his own medicine!

At Beecher’s Corners....................
Jason - The young lady I’m here for is involved in DOD and is growing attached to Shiloh as more than a mentor.
Harmony - I’m sorry, what are you implying?
Jason - She’s falling for him. So how does he handle situations like this when they come up?
Harmony - Shiloh is naturally warm and inclusive. That can be misconstrued by our young volunteers.

On the roof.......................
Ava - I spoke to Franco and am convinced he is innocent. Kevin, you have to go to the police 👮‍♀️ and say they have the wrong man so they can look 👀 for the REAL killer of my daughter!

At the Metro Court.......................
(Sam says she is an experienced con. Shiloh expects Kristina to fall for him and all the other girls who are groupies. He thinks he can pull me in. All I have to do is play along.
Sam - I’ve known a lot of men who used me and took away my self confidence. I won’t let that happen to Kristina!

At Beecher’s Corners.......................
Jason - So, what did Shiloh do about that?
Harmony - He handled it.
Jason - I don’t want my friend to get hurt.
Cop 👮‍♀️ - Jason Morgan?
Jason - Yeah, is there a problem?
Cop 👮 - I ran your plates and you have an arrest record in Beecher’s Corners for murder!
Jason - Yeah, those charges were dropped.
Cop 👮‍♀️ - Yes, I know, but you’re on the wrong side of the law again.

At Dr. Byrne’s office....................
Dr - Why did you need to return to therapy?
Alexis - The feeling I had when I saw my ex-husband with his girlfriend.

At DOD....................
(Drew tells Shiloh there is a procedure that will give him back his memories.)
Drew - I don’t want to lose the last FIVE years of my life. I would lose the relationship with my son and daughter! They mean everything to me, so I will NOT do the procedure.
Shiloh - That’s good, man! You have your priorities straight. That’s a lot of pain you’re carrying, man. If you want help, my seminar eases a lot of suffering.

At Beecher’s Corners................
Jason - Officer 👮‍♀️, I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m just having a conversation.
Harmony - Could there be a mistake?
Cop 👮 - No mistake. Mr. Morgan’s vehicle 🚗 (hey, what happened to Jason’s motorcycle 🏍?) is parked across a handicap spot.
Jason - I didn’t see a sign?
Cop 👮‍♀️ - Move it now, or I will impound you!
Harmony - It’s ok, Billy. Mr. Morgan will move his car 🚘 shortly. Thank you for your diligence.
Billy - Sure thing.
(Jason thanks her for intervening. She tells him the community look out for each other.)
Harmony - Do you feel more comfortable about DOD now?
Jason - I’ve learned a lot.
Harmony - I wish you would accept help. You must bare 🐻 scars for a murder you didn’t commit.
Jason‘s stone cold stare - No, I don’t. Thank you for your time.

Up on the roof...........................
(“Kevin“ is relieved. He thought he lost Ava to Griffin, who he considers an Adonis.)
Ava - Oh, Kevin. I would have to be CRAZY to go back to a man who left me for my own daughter!
(She embraces the killer of her beloved Kiki.)
“Kevin“ - I really thought I lost you! It’s only been a short time, Ava, but you have my heart ♥️. You’re everything to me. I love 💕 you.
Ava - You love 💗 me?

At Dr. Byrne’s session...........................
Alexis - You said I tend to frame 🖼 everything in the context of my ex. I don’t want to do that anymore. However, his type is the type I am drawn to.
Dr. - So you have a type?
Alexis - Yes. Dangerous, incapable of intimacy and honesty. Someone who loves power more than they will ever love me.
Dr. - Is there a man in your life who set this pattern up for you?
Alexis - My father. He was distant, unapproachable and a controlling figure in my life. He was ruthless and powerful! I was drawn to him AND repulsed by him. I didn’t get his attention and I never earned his love.
Dr. - You mentioned earning your father’s love. That’s not your job. Parental love is a gift 🎁. No strings attached!
Alexis - In my family, love is not a gift 🎁. It’s a weakness to be exploited.
Dr. - At what age did you discover that?
Alexis - I have no idea 💡? I blocked out most of my childhood. My mother killed my father and I witnessed it.
Dr. - You probably suffer from post traumatic stress. Have you ever been diagnosed or treated? Perhaps you equate cruelty and ruthlessness with safety? Powerful men are selfish and unattainable.
Alexis - I never really thought about it like that!
Dr. - If you decide to move forward, we can lead you away from men who are not good for you.
Alexis - I would like that.

At DOD...................
Shiloh gets a call - Harmony! To what do I owe the pleasure? It is a beautiful night. I have just discovered a potential threat isn’t a threat anymore.
Harmony - Well, I just met with a Jason Morgan. He was questioning me about you?
Shiloh - I expected that.
Harmony - We got an assist from our favorite cop 👮, Billy.
Shiloh - I hope he made Jason feel more than welcomed?
Harmony - Billy did his part. Jason didn’t seem to be intimidated, but I doubt he’ll be back in Beecher’s Corners. He didn’t learn anything we didn’t want him to know.
Shiloh - That’s good.

At the Metro Court........................
(Jason informs Carly that Sonny told him a bartender is involved with DOD. Carly tells Jason the clothing drive the kids participated in last fall was sponsored by DOD.)
Jason - I just came back from DOD in Beecher’s Corners. I know how it operates, but I have to figure out how to take them down!
— MOM (2.11.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH................
(Jason read Every Day Is a New Dawn. Sonny is reading it too so he can understand Kristina’s infatuation with DOD.)
Jason - Yeah, I read it to research Shiloh. Didn’t buy a word.
Spinelli - Allow me? I’m pleased to announce my research has found some 🍉 fruit 🍌.
Jason - I asked Spinelli to check into Shiloh ‘s background.

At DOD................
(Sam goes to DOD and Kristina wants to know what is she doing there.)
Shiloh - Your sister is here to see me.

Dr. Collins refers Alexis Davis to another Psychiatrist, Dr. Neil Burn. She makes an appointment with his office.

At the PCPD..................
(DA Dawson tells Elizabeth that four driver’s licenses were found at Franco’s art room.)
Franco - I don’t know how they got there!
Elizabeth - Obviously 🙄, someone set you up. It wouldn’t be the first time.
DA Dawson - Lulu Falconieri ID’ed Franco.
Elizabeth - Well, she’s confused! As for the four licenses? Didn’t the killer shift the blame before? Didn’t you find a strand of Carly’s hair on Mary Pat’s body? The knife 🔪, first it was missing. Then it was placed in Griffin‘s apartment. They’re both innocent 😇. So I don’t understand why you’re so convinced that Franco is the killer??

At the Metro Court.....................
Spinelli tells Sonny and Jason that Shiloh/Hank Archer was a young man with too much money 💰 who got into trouble. According to his research, the story of Shiloh‘s redemption checks out.

At DOD.....................
Sam - Yes, I want to learn about what you do here.
Kristina - Oh, really?
Sam - I thought you would be happy?
Kristina - It’s great you’re here!
Sam - I came here with an open mind.
Kristina - It means a lot.
Shiloh - Shall we start the tour?
Sam - Yeah, do you want to join us?
Shiloh - Actually, Kristina was going into town to do some outreach passing out fliers for Valentine’s Day.

At GH....................
(“Kevin“ confronts Griffin and tells him he saw him with his arms around Ava.)
“Kevin“ - She is my girlfriend.
Griffin - I don’t know what you thought you saw? There is NOTHING going on between Ava and me.

At the PCPD.......................
Franco - You came to ME and asked me to share my past with you? Now, you’re using it against me!
Scott - Ok, you need to look at this. Turns out you won’t be railroading 🛤 🚆 my innocent son, after all.
(Scott shows DA Dawson and Commissioner Ashford a court order for Franco to go to General Hospital 🏥 to get an MRI.)
Scott - My son won’t be charged with ANYTHING until all medical factors are reviewed.
DA Dawson - This is a classic stall tactic.

At the Metro Court..................
Spinelli - Since Hank Archer became Shiloh, I have only found glowing endorsements of his charity work.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
(Julian tells Alexis that he and Kim are back together. Alexis says she feel sorry for her. She sits at the bar and orders a ginger ale. She tells a perfect stranger how her ex pushes her buttons. She says she stopped drinking. He tells her he is drinking coffee ☕️ . He is a doctor and has to go back to the office.)
Alexis - I’m sitting in a bar owned by my ex-husband. He drove me to drink 🍹 in the first place 🥇! Then, he drove me to a psychiatrist.
(She tells this stranger she has to see her new psychiatrist tonight.)
Stranger - Well, everything you told me tonight has been in the context of your ex.
(He then asks her for a date to discuss this further. Alexis refuses and says her life is too complicated. He then gives her his business card if she changes her mind. Alexis doesn’t look at it. Then, Alexis arrives for her doctor appointment and finds the stranger is Dr. Neil Burn.)

At DOD.......................
(Shiloh informs Sam at DOD they interrogate the mechanics 🧰 of human behavior.)
Shiloh - If you want to have a session, we could help you with your barriers.
Sam - You know? Yes. Fine, make a believer out of me! Tell me why I can’t settle down.
Shiloh - Are you sure you want to know?
Sam - Yeah, absolutely.
Shiloh - I think it’s because everybody you have ever loved has abandoned you.

At the Metro Court....................
(Spinelli shows Jason a photo of Shiloh with a woman 👩.)
Jason - Who is she?
Spinelli - Shiloh‘s closest ally, at least she was. Her name is Harmony. She was born Lorraine Miller. There is another DOD at Beecher’s Corners.
Jason - She may have the information we are looking for. I will have to go to Beecher’s Corners.

At General Hospital 🏥........................
Scott - Excuse me, officer 👮‍♀️? Can I have a moment with my client?
Franco is handcuffed - So this little field trip...
Scott - Is to stall for time. Take the MRI at a snails 🐌 pace.
Elizabeth - So this is a stalling tactic?
Scott - The MRI won’t show anything. We want to delay them filing charges against him.
Elizabeth - Ok, I’ll make arrangements with Griffin.

Ava comes by - I heard you’ve been arrested.
Franco - You heard right. I was arrested. It’s all a misunderstanding!
Ava - It is? You’re no stranger to violence!
Franco - I would NEVER hurt Kiki.
Ava - You did love 💕 her.
Franco - Like she was my own daughter! You don’t seriously think I would hurt her?
Ava - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what to think any more. Cops 👮‍♀️ say they have evidence.
Franco - They are trying to pin this on me. I am completely innocent 😇! Kiki was the better angel 👼 for both of us. I loved her and I would take my own life before I would EVER lay a hand on her.
Ava has tears 😭 in her eyes 👁 - Franco, I believe you.

Griffin is refusing to give Franco the MRI.....................
Elizabeth - He didn’t do it!
Scott - This is not an option. Legally, you have to perform the MRI.
Griffin - I have other patients who need an MRI. It will be a few hours before I can get to him.
Scott - Ok, take your time. I will tell him.
Elizabeth - Thank you.

In “Kevin‘s” office......................
(“Kevin“ picks up the photo of Ava he has on his desk. He is angry 😤.)
“Kevin“ - So, he thinks he can throw you away like this? Then, you go crawling back and he can take you away from ME? He just has to go! Of course, it will be a little difficult with Franco in jail. Dr. Monroe has been visibly depressed ever since Kiki’s death 💀. It’s the talk of the hospital. It would be so terrible if Griffin were to suffer an unfortunate accident...

At DOD.................
Sam - You don’t pull any punches, do you?
Shiloh - I didn’t mean to offend you. I can be upfront with the truth sometimes. Kristina told me about your hardships. How your mother gave you up at birth. How your adoptive mother abandoned you. How you were raised by a con artist 👩‍🎨.
Sam - Krissy didn’t hold back, did she?
Shiloh - That’s a positive thing.
Sam - What? Sharing all my private information with a person I don’t know?
Shiloh - I don’t know what it was like for you to go through all those disappointments. There IS a reason why you are attracted to dangerous men. It is the only thing you have ever known!
Sam - I think it’s made me stronger. Do you have any insights?
(Shiloh gives her a copy of Every Day Is a New Dawn. He also grabs her hand and invites her to the Valentine’s Day event. Sam accepts.)

At GH.......................
Ava - It’s obvious you’re heart broken about losing Kiki. You couldn’t kill her. I know you’re telling the truth.
Franco - Thank you, Ava. It means a lot to me, that you believe me.
Ava - I just needed for you to say the words.
Franco - Can I ask you a favor?
Ava - Yeah.
Franco - The cops 👮 subpoenaed the notes 📝 of our sessions together. Kevin made me sound like I was on the verge of a sadistic, homicidal break. If he felt this way, why didn’t he do anything to help me?
Ava - Well, maybe he didn’t believe you would act on your tendencies. Oh, which is why he didn’t say anything to me! I owe somebody an apology. Excuse me.

“Kevin“ - Griffin, things got a little tense between us early on. I just want to apologize. I know how badly Kiki’s death affected you. I’m very sorry if I upset you.
Griffin - Apology accepted.
“Kevin“ - Thank you. The other doctors and I would like to buy a brick 🧱 for Kiki in the Memorial Courtyard.
Griffin - Wow, that is...
“Kevin“ - The way to view the courtyard to pick a spot is from the roof. Do you have a few minutes to come up with me? I would really appreciate your input.
Griffin - Yeah, ok? I have a few minutes.
“Kevin“ - Excellent! Let’s get to it.

Elizabeth comes back to Franco. He tells her he doesn’t want the MRI.........................
Franco - What if the tumor came back and I did all these things and didn’t know it? I’m capable of horrible violence. What if I’m wrong? What if the tumor’s back and it’s calling the shots again?
Elizabeth - Ok. I know this is a total nightmare. It’s really hard to have faith in yourself right now. That’s ok because I have enough faith in you for the BOTH of us. I love ❤️ you.
(Kiss 💋 kiss 😘.)

At the PCPD..........................
(Jordan is having some doubts. She tells DA Dawson it’s too easy.)
Jordan - I want some iron clad evidence Franco is the killer. If we are wrong? The killer is still out there!

At GH...........................
(Ava goes to “Kevin‘s” office to apologize but he is not there. We see “Kevin“ and Griffin on the roof of General Hospital.)
“Kevin“ - This is the best vantage point to view the courtyard.
(Griffin walks over to the edge of the ledge and looks down. “Kevin“ is right behind him. Then, we see “Kevin“ take a syringe 💉 out from the cuff of his 👔 shirt sleeve.)
— MOM (2.8.19)
Thursday on GH...................
Sonny wants DA Dawson to prosecute Franco Baldwin.
Sonny - He got away with it (brain 🧠 tumor) before. Don’t let him get away again!

Scott Baldwin finally answers his phone 📱 and talks to Elizabeth about Franco.

Ava finds out that Lulu identified her attacker. She goes to see “Kevin“ to find out who it is.

At General Hospital...................
(Dr. Terry Randolph has Oscar’s latest test results and calls the family to her office.)
Dr. Randolph - Ok, the first brain 🧠 scan is eight and a half centimeters into the brain 🧠 tissue. The second scan is nine centimeters. The scan after treatment is nine centimeters. The tumor has not grown or is in a mild reprieve.
(Oscar is so happy with the news he leaves to tell Joss. After he is gone, Dr. Randolph confirms to Drew and Kim that the prognosis has not changed. Oscar’s tumor didn’t shrink,.it is still inoperable, he will have some bad days soon. They should make plans for when this occurs.)

In Franco’s art 🖼 therapy room............
(Elizabeth is very upset 😢 that Detective Chase and the other officers 👮‍♀️ are destroying the artwork. Drawings on the floor, art 🖼 in frames ripped. She tells Chase he’d better clean this up before Franco returns.)
Chase - Franco is not coming back any time soon.

In “Kevin‘s” office...................
(Detective Chase comes in to get the file on Franco. He gives “Kevin“ the warrant. Ava is watching this and wants to know who the killer is.)
“Kevin“ - It is Franco Baldwin.
(Ava can’t believe this. She tells Chase and “Kevin“ that Franco and Kiki loved each other.)
Ava - He couldn’t have anything to do with Kiki’s murder!
Chase - He is only being charged with Lulu’s attempted murder. For now.

In Franco’s art 🖼 room.....................
(Griffin helps Elizabeth clean 🧽 up the room. She tells Griffin the police 👮 think Franco tried to kill Lulu.)
Elizabeth - We have a beautiful life together. Franco would NEVER throw that away.
(Griffin is not so sure and tells her to open her eyes 👀.)

At the PCPD and interrogation room......................
(Franco is very angry 😤 and tells Commissioner Jordan Ashford that he is innocent 😇. He didn’t try to attack or kill anyone. Jordan seems unimpressed.)
Franco - I am going to sue the PCPD AND the town. Before I’m done, I will OWN Port Charles!

Scott Baldwin, attorney and Franco’s dad, arrives at the PCPD..........................
Scott - How bad is it?
Jordan - Lulu Falconieri ID’ed Franco as her attacker.
Scott - I’m sorry about what happened to Lulu, but she is not exactly a reliable source.
Jordan - Dr. Collins performed hypnosis on her to help Lulu remember. She was very clear that Franco came to her office. He attacked her. Franco is in a LOT of trouble .

In “Kevin‘s” office...............
Ava is upset with “Kevin“ for not notifying her. “Kevin“ tells her he helped Lulu to get past her memory block with hypnotherapy.

In Franco’s art 🖼 room...................
(Elizabeth watches Chase ask if they found anything useful.)
Chase - Damn! Ok, bag it. The Commissioner needs to see this.

At the PCPD.....................
(DA Dawson wants to know the status of the Franco Baldwin investigation.)
Jordan - It is on hold. Franco is conferring with his attorney.
Scott - How is it going? Did you get something to eat?
Franco - Not hungry.
Scott - So, what did you tell the cops 👮‍♀️?
Franco - Only that I didn’t do it.
Scott - Don’t worry. Once you get out we will straighten it all out.
Franco - Only if you get me released.

DA Dawson - What do you have?
Jordan - No physical evidence but we are still searching. Franco’s alibi the time Lulu was attacked is thin. We have no DNA 🧬 evidence, which makes this case hard or build.
(Chase texts Jordan that they have evidence.)

At “Kevin‘s” office..........................
Ava - It couldn’t have been Franco who attacked Lulu!
“Kevin“ - Lulu was MORE than certain.
Ava - Is it possible she saw someone who looked like Franco?
“Kevin“ - Lulu had a very clear recollection of Franco in her office with a knife 🔪. Franco is responsible for the other murders, including Kiki’s.
Ava - Something about this just doesn’t feel right.
“Kevin“ is angry 😡 - I don’t understand? You were SO determined to find justice for Kiki. Aren’t you relieved that her killer is in custody?
Ava - I witnessed FRANCO’s transformation first 🖐 hand! The man he is today is simply not capable of harming somebody he loved. And much as he loved Kiki? It doesn’t make sense!
“Kevin“ - HELL, don’t try to understand a serial killers mind! I know I tried with my brother.
Ava raises her voice - YOU were treating Franco for over a YEAR. IF he was starting to unravel, YOU would have noticed! Or did you?

At the PCPD interrogation room...........................
Franco - They think I killed THREE people including KIKI?
Scott - Who cares what what they think? It shows they are biased. That will work in our favor when we go to trial.
Franco - TRIAL??
Scott - Take it easy! We are NOT going to trial. They haven’t got anything to hold you, let alone to connect you to those murders! They know it and I know it.
(DA Dawson and Commissioner Ashford come in.)
Jordan - We have a few questions for your client.
Scott - He already said he didn’t do it.
DA Dawson - How would you characterize your sessions with Dr. Collins?
Scott - Franco, don’t answer.
Franco - I would characterize them as therapy. Why?
Jordan - What did you discuss in therapy?
Scott - For crying 😭 out loud!! This is PRIVILEGED!
Franco - Stuff. My anxieties, my childhood .
DA - Your bloodlust?
Franco - My BLOODLUST? What am I, a werewolf? I don’t have bloodlust.
DA Dawson - Dr. Collins disagrees.

In “Kevin‘s” office..............................
Ava - I remember the night you told Franco you couldn’t treat him anymore!
“Kevin“ - I changed my mind. I took him back.
Ava - WHY?
“Kevin“ is annoyed - I thought I was hasty. WHY are you grilling me?
Ava - Because there is something you’re not telling me! Something changed your mind. What was it?
“Kevin“ - I can’t discuss a patient’s case.
Ava - PLEASE! Just tell me the truth, ok? Were you concerned that Franco might be capable of violence again? That he might be a danger to others?
“Kevin“ - Yes.
Ava - So you KNEW Franco was going off the rails? That he might actually KILL again??
“Kevin“ - My concern hadn’t jumped to a level where I thought I would alert 🚨 the authorities.
Ava - What will you say when you’re called into court?
“Kevin“ - That he had bouts of rage.
Ava - Why didn’t you SAY something? Warn the POLICE👮? Make an anonymous tip if you had to?
“Kevin“ - I can’t. I’m bound to duty.
Ava is mad 😡 - So, what happened to, you would do ANYTHING for me?
“Kevin“ - You question my FEELINGS for you?
Ava - I question your JUDGEMENT! How long did you know that Franco was a threat? Before or after he killed that NURSE 👩‍⚕️? Before or after he killed my DAUGHTER?
“Kevin“ - I would have done anything to save Kiki. Don’t you know that?
Ava - You know? I’m not sure I know ANYTHING anymore!
(Ava starts to walk away and an angry 😤 “Kevin“ grabs her arm and stops her.)
“Kevin“ sneers - DON’T walk away from me!
(Ava gives him that “take your hands off of me” look 👀.)

At the PCPD..............................
Jordan - According to Dr. Collins, Franco displayed signs of aggression, grandiosity, failure to accept responsibility for his actions. Also shallow, glib and superficial charm.
Franco is surprised - You’re LYING 🤥. Dr. Collins wouldn’t say those things about me!
Scott - Collins can’t just offer his opinion without Franco’s consent.
DA Dawson - Yeah, we got a warrant.
Franco - Kevin is a little flaky, but he would NEVER write those things down about me.
DA Dawson - Those notes 📝 were about YOU! That assessment is Text Book Serial Killer.
Scott - Those are the ramblings of a pompous jerk! You have no evidence for one single reason. My client did not commit these crimes!
Jordan - You want evidence? THESE were just recovered from Franco’s art 🖼 therapy room.
(She shows him the 4 drivers licenses. The DA brings additional charges for Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki Jerome, and Peyton Mills.)

In “Kevin‘s” office.....................
Ava - Let GO!!
“Kevin“ - Forgive me. We never fight. I don’t know what came over me? I can’t say that I like it.
Ava - Yeah? Well, right now I can’t say that I like you very much at ALL.
(Ava storms out of the room. “Kevin“ looses his cool 😎 and in a rage knocks all the papers, reports and other objects off his desk.)

Outside of Dr. Collins’ office..........................
(Ava is leaving the hospital and bumps into Griffin.)
Griffin - Ava ?
Ava - NO! I can’t deal with you right now, Griffin.
Griffin - You heard about Franco?
Ava - They’re saying that he killed Kiki! He was supposed to LOVE her, right? How COULD he? How could he possibly do that?
Griffin hugs 🤗 Ava - I don’t know 🤷‍♂️.
(“Kevin “ walks by and sees 👁 Ava in Griffin’s arms. Is Griffin “Kevin‘s” next victim? Oh no! He can’t do anything because if he does, he will set Franco free.)
— MOM (2.7.19)
Wednesday on GH..............
(Sasha and Nina watch Charlotte ice skate ⛸. Nina tells her Valentin asked her to marry him. Sasha is not happy to know that. Nina wants to know why.)
Sasha - You told me of all the horrible things he did to you!
Nina smiles - Yes, in the past he would lie and keep secrets. He found my daughter, so how can I not love ❤️ him?

Finn tells Anna and Robert that he read a book about Identical twins 👯‍♀️. He found that Dr. Cabot is studying in Sweden 🇸🇪. Robert and Finn want to go there alone. Dr. Cabot knows Anna’s twin Alex. So, if Anna goes he will think she is Alex and not cooperate. Anna is ok with that because Lisle told her that Peter hired her at The Invader. Anna is furious and plans to confront Peter about that.

In Dr. “Kevin“ Collins’ office......................
“Kevin“ - Look 👀 at the man with the 🔪 knife. You can see his face now. Who is it?
Lulu - FRANCO!! It’s Franco. He’s the killer!
“Kevin“ - Good! You remembered that Franco is the one who attacked you. Is that right?
Lulu - Yes! It was Franco.
(“Kevin“ smiles at his deception.)
“Kevin“ - Alright. I’m going to count to three now, and when I do, you will awake and everything you just told me will be true. One-two-three!
(He snaps his fingers and Lulu wakes up with tears streaming down her face.)
“Kevin“ - Tell me what you remember?
Lulu - I saw him. I saw EVERYTHING. It was Franco! I saw Franco.
“Kevin“ smirks - Good. Good, you’re safe now. Just breathe. I will have your mother and the Commissioner come in. Ok? (“Kevin“ opens the door 🚪). You’d better come it.
Laura - Oh, sweetheart . Are you alright? Did you remember?
Lulu - I did. I remember everything. His gloves 🧤, the knife 🔪 and feeling trapped. I keep seeing his face ......FRANCO! Franco tried to kill me!
(Jordan records a statement from Lulu Falconieri with Laura Webber and Dr. Kevin Collins present. Lulu rehashes all of the suggestions “Kevin “ gave her. Jordan and Laura buy it.)
Lulu - It was Franco. Franco Baldwin is the man who attacked me!
(Laura wants Jordan to arrest Franco but they don’t know where he is.)
Laura calls Elizabeth - Are you at work today?
Elizabeth - I am. I’m with Franco in the Art 🖼 Therapy room. Do you need to see me?
Laura - Yes, meet me in Lulu’s room. Thank you.
(She turns to Jordan and tells her where Franco is.)
Jordan - Thank you.

Still in “Kevin’s” office.......................
As soon as Laura and Lulu leave “Kevin“ goes to the wooden box 📦 that holds the driver’s licenses of his victims. He takes out four that will put the final nail in Franco’s coffin ⚰️. ( Mary Pat, Kiki, Peyton Mills and Lulu.) He puts them in a white handkerchief and one by one 🧻 wipes off any finger prints that may be on them.

At The Invader....................
(Anna confronts Peter August and tells him that Lisle working for him is crazy 😜.)
Anna - That is like Stockholm Syndrome! What would possess you to do that?
(Maxie is with Peter and confesses that she asked Peter to hire Lisle. She is also the one who convinced Peter to drop the charges on Lisle Obrecht.)
Peter - It is not Maxie’s fault. It was MY decision to drop the charges against Lisle.
Anna - She tried to KILL you! Explain to me why you did this.
Peter - Lisle is Nathan’s mother and James’ grandmother. I didn’t want to take her away from the only family she had left.
Anna - Oh, ok. That is more mercy than she would have shown you!

At the Art 🖼 Therapy room..................
Jordan bursts in - Elizabeth, step away from Franco!
Elizabeth - Commissioner, WHAT are you doing?
Franco - You’ve got to be kidding!
Jordan - Elizabeth, step away.
Elizabeth - NOT until you tell us what is going on here?
Jordan pulls out her gun - Franco! Keep your hands where I can see them.
Franco - I would NEVER hurt her.
Elizabeth - Just tell me what happened!
“Kevin“ - It’s best you just do what you’re told, Franco.
Franco - Dr. Collins, would you please tell this woman 👩 that whatever she thinks I’ve done, that I couldn’t possibly have done it? TELL her!
“Kevin“ - You’re getting agitated now. You need to calm down.
Elizabeth - Franco didn’t do ANYTHING. You guys are making a BIG mistake.
Jordan - Elizabeth, I’m sorry, but Lulu remembered what happened. She named Franco as her attacker.
Elizabeth - WHAT!?!
Franco - I swear I di........
Elizabeth - Ok, STOP 🛑! I know you didn’t do this. You need to go back to Lulu and you need to get her to.....
Jordan - Franco, turn around. Put your hands behind your head.
Elizabeth - NO! Don’t move! Let me call your father!
Franco - It’s alright. Do you think you can just move aside so you’re not in any danger? Ok?
Elizabeth - This is CRAZY 😝! I’m not in any danger from YOU?
Franco - I know that. SHE has a gun. I love 💕 you. I’m going to be ok.
(Franco puts his hands behind his head and the officer 👮‍♀️ handcuffs him.)
Jordan - Franco Baldwin, you are arrested for the attempted murder of Lulu Falconieri. You have the right to remain silent. If you speak, anything you say can be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?
(Jordan takes a handcuffed Franco through the hospital to the elevators.)
Elizabeth - I will call your father!
Franco - Tell him I didn’t do it.
Elizabeth - I’m sure he already knows that, just as I do. (Elizabeth kisses 😘 Franco goodbye and calls Scott Baldwin to get down to the PCPD ASAP. Franco is in trouble. Then, Elizabeth sees Laura come around the corner with Lulu in a wheelchair.)
Elizabeth - Is THIS why you needed to talk to me?
Laura - I’m sorry 😐, Elizabeth. He attacked Lulu! He could have KILLED her!
Elizabeth - Except he DIDN’T. You KNOW he didn’t! I know Franco has done terrible things to you, Lulu, in the past. He is NOT the same person. How can you accuse him like this?
Lulu is angry 😤 - BECAUSE IT WAS HIM! I’m so sorry, Elizabeth, but IT WAS FRANCO!

In “Kevin‘s” office......................
(He opens the wooden box 📦 again and takes out the remaining victims’ driver’s licenses.)
“Kevin“ - Hmmm. Oh well! Your friends have gone to serve the greater good. At least I still have you. A testament to a job 👍 well done.
(“Kevin“ took the driver licenses as a “TROPHY 🏆 “ for each killing. He planted the 4 driver licenses as evidence to guarantee Franco’s guilt.)
— MOM (2.6.19)
Tuesday on GH............
Jason visits Carly to say Sam is breaking up with him. Carly becomes enraged and picks up the phone 📱 to call Sam. Jason has to stop 🛑 her and tells her the truth. They are pretending to be broken up so Sam can investigate Shiloh Archer and Dawn of Day.

Maxie asks Peter August to do a favor for her and hire Lisle Obrecht as a medical 🏥 reporter at The Invader. At first, Peter refuses but Maxie convinces him to look at the report Lisle wrote. She went online to find the questions patients were asking doctors. Peter read it and liked her simple answers. They were not condescending. So, he hired her on a trial basis.

At Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room....................
“Kevin” - Ready to be hypnotized?
Lulu - If you can help me remember who attacked me, everyone will benefit. I am more determined.

Laura and Jordan want to be present when Lulu is hypnotized but “Kevin“ won’t hear of it. He has many excuses of why this is a bad idea 💡:
1 - No Psychiatrist, who is worth his/her salt, would allow others in the room during hypnosis.
2 - What if Lulu mentions personal things she doesn’t what others to hear 👂?
3 - Jordan says a police 👮 presence is a must and she has questions she wants him to ask Lulu. “Kevin“ says there is no map to Lulu’s recovery.
4 - This is non- negotiable. If they want to be present, he can’t perform the procedure.
5 - Jordan wants the session recorded and he is against that too. “Kevin“ doesn’t want a record of his deception.

Lulu - I’m not happy with the way you treated my mother, but professionally, I trust you, Kevin.
(So Lulu tells her mother and Jordan if she remembers who the killer is she will tell them.)

At Wyndmere.....................
Sasha visits Nina. Valentin made that possible. Sasha wants to really get to know Nina. She sees her as a kind and generous person. Nina wants to introduce Sasha to Aunt Lisle to prove her daughter is not a threat. Valentin warns Sasha to never meet Lisle Obrecht.

In “Kevin‘s” office............................
(Laura agrees to wait outside with Jordan while Lulu hypnotized by “Kevin.”)
Lulu - I want to know why I didn’t go with my mother to the book 📖 launch 🚀. What was I working on that was SO important? It must of had something to do with the killer.
(“Kevin“ remember a call from Lulu on that night where she says her mother told her she saw a paper on his desk with nine victims names instead of seven. Lulu asked him to return her call. “Kevin“ closes the door and shuts off the lights and asks Lulu if she is comfortable on the sofa 🛋. He tells her with self hypnosis you have to be willing.)
”Kevin” - You’re neither asleep 😴 nor unconscious. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.
Lulu - I understand.
“Kevin“ - Take a few breaths. Just relax. Start with your face. Then your shoulders and all the way down to your toes. This is a safe, calm, peaceful place. Your eyelids 👁 might start to feel heavy, close your eyes 👀. You control this entire experience. Listen to my voice as you become calmer. Let my words wash 🧽 over you. How do you feel?
Lulu - Good.
“Kevin“ - Alright, let’s go to the night of the attack. All you have to do is let me guide you to what really happened. Are you ready?
Lulu - Yes.

Outside “Kevin‘s” office.........................
(Laura tells Jordan that Elizabeth is like a daughter to her. She told her that the police 👮 questioned Franco.)
Jordan - One of the victims, Peyton Mills, tried to reach Franco. His alibis range from flawed to non existent. The evidence is circumstantial, and I don’t know if Franco is the killer, but it’s possible.
Laura - I really hope you’re wrong!

In “Kevin‘s” office.....................
“Kevin“ - Where were you the night of Lucy’s book 📚 launch 🚀? Can you picture yourself in your office?
Lulu - Yes.
“Kevin“ - Tell me everything you can remember about that night. You were working?
Lulu - I remember my mom came to get me to go to the 🎉 🎈 party. I was frustrated with Peter, he wouldn’t publish my article. It was about a link between Ryan Chamberlain and the serial killer. My mom talked about a list that troubled me. It was a list that YOU made of Ryan’s victims. My mother said there were nine names on the list, but the police 👮‍♀️ report said Ryan killed seven people. He didn’t kill NINE people!
“Kevin“ - Don’t let your emotions cloud the truth. Calm down. Your mother NEVER mentioned nine victims.
Lulu - Oh??
“Kevin“ - You and your mother talked about the list, but she never talked about the number of victims.
Lulu is confused - She didn’t??
“Kevin“ - No, in fact you called me and WE discussed the seven victims. Do you remember that?
Lulu - That’s right! I did.
“Kevin“ - Good. There, you see? You remember everything clearly now. There is nothing amiss.
Lulu - No, I was confused.

At the Metro Court bar...................
Lisle - Can I have some service? I’m celebrating 🥳 my new job. Perhaps you will offer me complimentary waffles or strudel?
Carly - Why would I give YOU complimentary anything?
Lisle - Common courtesy. Good business sense. I’ll be working in this building and I will likely send patrons your way!
Carly - I don’t need your help getting customers, but congrats on your job.
Lisle - Oh, I’m sorry. Your lack of manners must stem from the loss of your grandson. My condolences. I met the child’s mother only briefly. Poor creature.
(Lisle finds a seat and orders Champagne 🍾.)
Carly - That was random!
Jason - How well do you know her?
Carly - Not well.
Jason - How did she meet Nelle?

In “Kevin“ Collins’ office..............................
“Kevin“ - Then, what were you doing?
Lulu - I was working and someone came to the door 🚪. The door handle rattled. My mother insisted that I lock 🔐 the door 🚪 and someone was trying to get in. I went to open the door 🚪 to let him in. I wasn’t afraid 😱. I went back to my desk and he followed me. Oh! He’s wearing gloves 🧤. How very odd. I can see the gloves 🧤. I can see 👀 his coat . I am looking 👁 right at him but I can’t see his face.
“Kevin“ - Ok, let’s stop ✋. I promised your mother I wouldn’t let you get too upset. So, let’s take a breath and.......
Lulu - I can remember him, but I can’t see his face!
“Kevin“ - Calm down. Take a breath. Let it out. WE will get there. I’ll help you to see your attackers face. (He is now speaking very softly.) Now, just listen to my voice. Listen to what I’m telling you. Can you do that?
Lulu - I’m listening.
“Kevin“ - Did you hear everything I said?
Lulu - Yes.
(Ah, the power of suggestion.)
“Kevin“ - It’s easier to remember when you’re calm. Alright, are you ready to remember the face of your attacker?
Lulu - Yes.
“Kevin“ - You’re in your office. You’re working. There is a rattle at the 🚪 knob. You go and open the door 🚪 . The visitor follows you into the office. You go behind your desk.
Lulu - I’m behind my desk. Something’s not right. He is scaring me! I try to leave, but there he is! OH MY GOD!! He has a knife 🔪! I can see....
“Kevin“ - Who is it? Who do you see?
Lulu see the knife 🔪 and goes up to the face and she says - IT’S FRANCO!!
(“Kevin“ is smiling..... Mission Accomplished!!)
— MOM (2.5.19)
Monday on GH...........
Sonny visits Anna asks for her help

Finn and Robert go to the library 📚 to get books 📖 about Dr. Arthur Cabot.............
Finn - Admit it, Scorpio ♏️. You need me!
Robert - Yeah. Do you know you parked in a no parking zone?

Kristina asks Jason to stop by Charley’s Pub..............
Kristina - Jason, you need to tell Sam that not only am I ok, but DOD is the BEST thing that has happened to me.

Sam agrees to meet with Shiloh at the Metro Court bar..................
Shiloh - You still don’t trust me. Do you?
Sam - Why would I ?
Shiloh - Then let me tell you my story instead.

Ava corners Detective Chase and demands to know what he is doing to catch Kiki’s killer.....................
Ava - How have you not found the person responsible?
Chase - We are doing everything we can.
Ava - Well, do more!

Franco is stunned that Dr. “Kevin“ Collins agreed to see him again as a patient. He thought it would be harder to convince him.

Lulu agrees to try hypnotherapy...................
Lulu - If hypnosis can get me to remember the killer, I am all for it.
Laura - No, I’m sorry. Not on my watch!
Lulu - Mom, I know you’re scared 😱, so am I. But this is not your call to make. It’s mine.
Jordan - So, we go ahead?
Lulu - I’m ready.

In “Kevin‘s” office....................
“Kevin“ - I may have underestimated that the real murderer may have tugged feelings in you that were under control.
Franco - Thank you so much! I am really scared since the police are looking at me.
“Kevin“ - Surely they don’t consider YOU a suspect?
Franco - They just want to make an arrest. They don’t care about my tumor.
“Kevin“ - I’m going to help you, Franco. You need to let down your defenses and explore in full detail all of your crimes. You need to tell me everything.

At Anna’s house 🏠...............................
Sonny - I need to track down Dante. Since he is on assignment with the WSB, I was hoping you could help me?
Anna - I will see what I can do.

At Charley’s Pub..........................
Kristina - If I’m miserable, you worry. If I’m thrilled, you worry. How can I win with you guys?
Jason - The reason Sam is so concerned is there are things in her life you she hasn’t told you about. There are a bunch of people throughout the years who have used Sam. People who did a lot of damage! People who hurt her, and she doesn’t want to see that happen to you.

At the Metro Court...............................
Shiloh - If you hadn’t swindled my father, I would be dead. I’d have a needle in my arm and a spoon 🥄 up my nose 👃. Losing everything made me realize I can be in control of my life instead of using a substance like alcohol 🍺, money 💸, woman 💃🏼and drugs 💊. I was reborn after that experience.
(Sam tells Shiloh why she needed the money 💰. She and her brother, Danny, were orphans. He was a special needs child. She had to take care of him and pay for his medical bills. Stealing from rich men was the only way for her. As much as she hates that part of her life, she has no regrets.

At Charley’s Pub..........................
Kristina - That must be where all of her trust issues come from!
Jason - The hardest thing for Sam was believing that something could be good because it was good. There wasn’t a catch or a price to pay.
Kristina - Shiloh can help her. This is what DOD is all about!

At Anna’s house 🏠............................
Robert - You’re the LAST guy on the planet 🌍 I figured to find here.
Sonny - I came by to ask Anna to help find Dante.
Robert - Do you want to tell him? Or should I?
Anna - Go inside. I will tell him. Dante is under cover with deadly guys. If we were to contact him, it would blow his cover and get him killed! Dante is the best I have ever worked with. He will come home.

In “Kevin‘s” office...................
(Franco is laying on the couch 🛋 and spilling his guts.)
Franco - The thing about art 🖼 is it resonates. An artist 👩‍🎨 has the power to make people FEEL things. The simple truth is killing those people, staging those scenes, watching the police 👮 run around trying to solve the riddles ? It was really, REALLY, really fun. The best part wasn’t the killings, but all the attention from the media, cameras 🎥, lights, everyone calling my name. That attention was the BEST part.
(Franco is digging his own grave. “Kevin“ is writing ✍️ all of this down.)
Franco - It really scares me 😱. The compulsion to do those things.
“Kevin“ - To kill.

At the Metro Court......................
Shiloh - It seems like you have gone through hard times. What I see is a woman who has starved herself. A woman who has not allowed herself to explore the pain she went through all those years ago. You’re suffering from post traumatic stress. It doesn’t have to be that way, Sam. DOD can help you, if you will let us?

At “Kevin‘s” office....................
Franco - My body remembers what it feels like to grab on a live wire and cant let go. That’s not true, I could let go. I just didn’t WANT to.
“Kevin“ - Why not?
Franco - For me, it was the spectacle, just like it is for whoever murdered Kiki. The ultimate high of getting away with something. ALWAYS being one step ahead of the cops 👮. Yeah, I really loved that!
“Kevin“ - Well, you have done an amazing job today. I’m really proud of you.
Franco - Really? Everything I said, that helped?
“Kevin“ - More than you could possibly know.

At GH.....................
Jason - I got your text. You ok?
Sam - No, Jason, this guy is GOOD. He is better than I thought. I’m really scared. He sells this redemption story and I almost fell for it! If he could almost get to me? What the HELL could that guy do to Kristina?
(Told you Sam, Shiloh is way smarter and a better con than you.)

Outside of Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room.......................
Chase - I’ve been looking at Franco Baldwin’s whereabouts during the attacks. Nothing rules him out.
Jordan - Damn, we let him play us! The first time we interviewed Franco he told us point blank that the killer wasn’t done.
Chase - And he was just getting started!
Jordan - He must have been 😂 laughing the whole time!
Chase - Franco is part of Lulu’s extended family (with Elizabeth and the boys). Maybe that is why she couldn’t remember?

At “Kevin‘s” office..........................
(He reads back his notes 📝.)
“Kevin“ - Franco, I couldn’t have said it better myself!
(Knock. Knock.)
“Kevin” - Come in, Commissioner and Detective Chase. If this is about that patient’s file, I can’t help you.
Jordan - You CAN help Lulu Falconieri.

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room...............................
(Jordan bring in “Kevin“ and tells Laura she gave him Lulu’s case. Laura objects to “Kevin“ administering hypnotherapy to her daughter. She feels he is not himself and may have some issues of his own to take care of. “Kevin“ apologizes and promises to do all he can to help Lulu remember. Jordan and Lulu pressure her.)
Jordan - “Kevin“ is consulting on the case, Laura. He is the right doctor 👨‍⚕️ for the job!
Laura - Alright.

At Anna’s house 🏠...............................
Robert - I can’t believe you had dealings with Sonny Corinthos!
Anna - I can’t believe YOU! He is worried about his son. He doesn’t put his business in my face, besides Robin loves him.
Robert - Remind me to thank him.
Anna - Oh, please 🙄! YOU, more than anyone, understand situational ethics. Zip it 🤐!

At Charley’s Pub......................
(Sonny visits Kristina and while they are talking Shiloh comes in.)
Kristina - Shiloh, this is my dad?
(Shiloh shakes Sonny’s hand 🤚.)
Shiloh - Kristina told me so much about you!
Sonny - Yeah? I’ve heard even more about YOU.

At GH.........................
Sam - I want to hold your hand right now. Its just that Kristina, her confidence is shot, which means she is really vulnerable and it’s not going to take Shiloh long to manipulate her. She’s prime and ready.
Jason - She certainly bought into the whole thing, that’s for sure! She has us and we will get her out of this. You just have to be smart about it.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
Sonny - According to my daughter, you hung the moon 🌙!
Shiloh - Well, I hope your daughter ALSO told you my feet are planted on the ground.
Kristina - I told him how you changed my life!
Shiloh - Kristina is an amazing young woman 👩. You should be very proud.
Sonny - Yeah, that’s the best thing about my daughter. She has a big heart 💜 and when she gives it, she gives her all. The problem is, certain people take advantage of that!
Kristina - That’s why I’ve got you, Dad. Right?
Sonny - Yeah, that’s right. Anybody hurts my daughter? They have to answer to ME.

At Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room..........................
Lulu - You really think you can make me remember?
“Kevin“ - No. Hypnotherapy doesn’t MAKE you remember. It helps you feel safe enough so that you CAN remember. So you can access what you have been blocking. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I will do everything that I can to make sure that it does.
— MOM (2.4.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.....................
Carly visits Kim to tell her she is so happy to hear Oscar is back in school 🏫. She brings bagels 🥯 and while talking to Kim finds out she is spending more time with Drew. Carly immediately tells Kim that she and Drew have so much in common and should expand the relationship.

Ava stops by the Metro Court bar to talk to Olivia...............
Ava - I would like you to help me track down Kiki’s killer. I heard you have special powers. I want you to 👀 look at this picture of little Kiki and hold her locket. Tell me if anything comes to you?
Olivia - That was a long time ago. I saw things for the future not the past.
(Ava is insistent and causes a scene. Sonny is having breakfast there too.)
Sonny - What is going on?
(Ava leaves.)
Olivia - Sonny, Ava is just a grieving mother.

Alexis stops by “Kevin‘s” office to take advantage of his open door 🚪 policy..................
Alexis - Do you have a few minutes?
“Kevin“ - Actually, you caught me at a bad time.
Alexis - I should have known the “open door 🚪“ was a metaphor.
“Kevin“ - Alexis, while you are here, I want to talk to you about the prenup. I lost my copy.
Alexis - I will speak to Laura and get you another copy.

At GH.................
Jordan tells Curtis, who is guarding Lulu, that the PCPD has a new suspect. Laura overhears and asks about it.
Jordan - We are still working on it, so I can’t say who it is.

Franco sees Elizabeth at the nurse’s desk and informs her the PCPD called him in last night for questioning. They think he is the serial killer.

While Jordan, Curtis and Laura are talking outside of Lulu’s ICU hospital room, she has a dream. She is in her office at The Intruder. Someone is twisting the door 🚪 knob . She gets up from her desk to open the locked 🔒 door 🚪 and screams, “NO! NO!” Everyone runs 🏃‍♀️ into the room.

At Charley’s Pub.........................
(Drew confronts Julian about Kim. He tells him to back off, cut ties and leave Kim alone.)
Julian - Why? So YOU can take my place.

In the ICU hospital room.......................
Laura - Lulu, slow down! You’re having a dream.
Lulu - A nightmare about my attack! I went to open the door 🚪, but couldn’t see who was there.
Jordan - There are other methods that will unlock ....
Laura - NO! She is not ready for that. She needs to rest.
Lulu - I won’t get ANY rest while that monster is still free!
Laura - I hired Curtis to guard you and keep you safe.
Lulu - Thank you. I’m scared 😱 for everyone else. The killer is out there and can strike again!

Outside of Charley’s Pub...................
(Drew sees Carly and wonders what she is doing in this part of town. She tell him she visited Kim.)
Carly - It’s great that you and Kim are enjoying each other’s company.
Drew - I’m sure this concern is not for my sake, but for Jason and Sam. I heard they are together.
Carly - Yes, I’m happy for them. Kim knows you better than anyone else. You share a past with Kim. YOU deserve some happiness!

At Kim’s apartment....................
Julian stops by again. Kim tells him she misses and needs him. They get back together. As she is leaving for work, Drew stops by. She is very cheerful as she tells him she and Julian are seeing each other again.

At Lulu’s ICU hospital room....................
(Curtis is guarding the door 🚪 when Ava comes by to see Lulu.)
Lulu - It’s ok let her in.
(Ava tells Lulu she is so happy she is alive and getting better.)
Ava - The police 👮 believe your attacker was the same person who killed my Kiki. Can you tell them who attacked you?
Lulu - I tried to remember, but I can’t.
Ava is angry 😤 - Well then, TRY HARDER!!
Laura - Ava! AVA! Stop 🛑 it!
Ava - I will NEVER see my child again. Here, Lulu, is a picture of my little Kiki (Ava is crying heartbreaking 😭 tears), PLEASE promise you will remember who took her from me!
Laura is furious - AVA! How DARE you? You need to leave.

(Where is Curtis while this fighting is going on and Lulu is upset? Is he at a coffee ☕️ break? Curtis returns and escorts Ava out of Lulu’s room.)

In “Kevin‘s” office..................
Jordan - Got a minute?
“Kevin“ - Commissioner, how can I help you?
Jordan - I want to ask you about one of your patients, Franco Baldwin? We would like to see his records.
“Kevin“ - You know I can’t give you a patient’s file.
Jordan - We will get a warrant. We think he may be the serial killer we are 👀 looking for. Expect to hear from me!

Outside of Lulu’s ICU hospital 🏥 room..............................
Laura - You can’t pressure my daughter like that! We ALL want to find the killer! You could have damaged her where she can’t remember.
Ava is crying - I’m so sad 😭. I want to find the killer of my daughter!
Laura - I understand your pain, but you will NOT talk to my daughter like that! Do you understand?
Ava - Ok, I’m glad Lulu is getting better.

Laura sees Elizabeth who asks about Lulu....................
Laura - She is getting stronger, but can’t remember who attacked her. She is getting pressure because she is the only one who can identify the killer.
Elizabeth - It will be a real relief when the police 👮‍♀️ start focusing on the REAL killer and stop 🛑 wasting time questioning Franco.

In “Kevin‘s” office................
“Kevin“ - I was just thinking about you. What brings you by?
Franco - I need your help. My life is falling apart AGAIN for something I didn’t do. No one knows me the way you do. PLEASE see me again as a patient?
“Kevin“ - You know what, Franco? That’s an excellent idea 💡!

In Lulu’s hospital ICU hospital room....................
(Lulu calls Jordan in to tell her she will agree to hypnosis therapy.)
Lulu - If hypnosis can help me remember the killer, I’m all for it.

(Who do you think the doctor 👨‍⚕️ will be to administer the hypnosis?? Jordan is making it SO easy for “Kevin,“ Ryan Chamberlain, to put a suggestion into Lulu that Franco is the killer.)
— MOM (2.1.19)
Thursday on GH...............

At Dawn of Day...............
(Alexis visits DOD at Kristina’s invitation.)
Shiloh - I’m excited to get started! With an open mind we may just learn about each other.

At GH..............
(Franco brings Elizabeth books 📚 he got at the library 📚 for parents of a potentially LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 kid 🧒.)
Elizabeth - Thank you 🙏 for the 📖 books. I’ll see you at home 🏠.

At the PCPD.......................
Detective Chase has a box 📦 of victim Peyton Mills’ materials from the LA office.

At DOD...........................
Shiloh - Welcome, everyone! The class tonight is Finding Yourself in a Relationship. Our lives are filled with relationships. We are endlessly bound to eachother .
Alexis - You didn’t tell me this was a class about relationships?
Kristina - So?
Alexis - I agreed to come here, but I am NOT talking about my past with Julian so everyone could evaluate that!
Kristina - No one said you have to talk about Julian. There are all kinds of relationships. I was looking to explore my relationship with you!
Alexis - Ok, but we don’t have to do that here.
Shiloh - Before we can define ourselves in a relationship it is vital we define WHAT we want from a relationship. Who will be the first volunteer?
Kristina - I will!
(Kristina has bought the Dawn of Day lifestyle hook, line and sinker.)

At the PCPD...................
Jordan - All four driver’s licenses were missing, but only Kiki Jerome and Lulu Falconieri fit Ryan’s pattern. So what kind of a person knew the three persons of Port Charles AND a TV 📺 Producer?
Chase - An already-established killer.

Franco gets a call from Commissioner Jordan Ashford...............
Franco - Whatever it is? I didn’t do it.
Jordan - Could you meet me at the station 🚉 anyway? We believe you have information that will help us solve Kiki’s murder.

At DOD..................
Shiloh - Do you have a relationship in mind?
Kristina - I do!
(She 👀 looks at Alexis.)
Shiloh - Alexis, ask the question.
Alexis - WHAT question? Oh. What do you want from a relationship?
Kristina - To get along better.
Alexis - What do you want from a relationship?
Kristina - To communicate more.
Alexis - What do you want from a relationship?
Kristina - Not to fight so much.
Alexis - What do you want from a relationship?
Kristina - I want your respect.
Shiloh - There you go! Now, we’re getting somewhere.

At the GH lounge...............
(Elizabeth is reading 📖, ”This Book 📖 Is Gay,” and Lucas and Brad come by. She tells them she is reading 📖 because she wants to help Aiden. They sit down to talk to her.)
Lucas - Oh, I know this book 📖! Someone gave it to my Mom after I came out to her.

At the PCPD...................
Jordan - Franco, have a seat. Thank you for coming in.
Franco - Yeah, my pleasure. Anything I can do to lend a hand 🖐.
Jordan - We were wondering what the connection was for all four victims?
Franco - I’ve been wondering what the TV 📺 guy has to do with the other victims?
Jordan - Thoughts 💭?
Franco - YOU tell me! I can’t figure out what they all have in common.
Chase - Neither can we! UNTIL we came across a Peyton Mills script he was using for his documentary on Ryan Chamberlain. The only thing the victims have in common is YOU.
(Franco 👀 looks at the manuscript and sees, ”Talk to Franco,” on the cover.)
Franco - I have NO idea where I was when these people got killed. I don’t keep a diary 📔. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ Peyton Mills.
Chase - Peyton Mills knew YOU!
Jordan - Why was he so keen to speak to you?

At the DOD......................
Kristina - Did it bother you to hear what I said?
Alexis - Yes. To hear you think I don’t respect you? I do. Sometimes I get upset 😡 because you’re not living the life I envisioned for you. I forgot your life is just that... YOURS.
Shiloh - So, Alexis, would you care to do an examination?
Alexis - No but thank you so much for asking.
Kristina - At least try! Got a relationship that needs work?
Alexis - You don’t know when to quit, do you? I’m not going to talk about Julian.

Ava sees Julian at the hospital 🏥................................
(Julian tells Ava he is no longer seeing Kim. Ava says he shouldn’t give up Kim when she needs him. She is good for him. So Julian decides to go to Kim and tell her the truth.)
Julian - I’m here because I don’t want to lie to you. I wasn’t with Alexis or anyone else on New Year’s Eve. I told you that because I felt I was no good for you and you would push me away. There is no one for me but you! I love 💕 you. I just wanted you to know that and I will leave now.

At DOD............................
Kristina - He is not here. He doesn’t have to know. What do you want from your relationship?
Alexis - I don’t want to have this relationship.
Kristina - If you still have this relationship, then you still want the relationship!
Alexis - I want to move on from the relationship.
Kristina - If you haven’t moved on is it because you don’t want to.
Alexis - Kristina, I’m not comfortable.
Kristina - What do you want from the relationship?
Alexis - I don’t want to talk about it or think 🤔 about it.
Kristina - If the relationship is still in your head it’s because it isn’t finished. What do you want in your relationship?
Alexis - Kristina, I want to feel again! I want to be happy. I want to feel passion. I want to be in love 🥰. I want to feel like I did when Julian and I were together.

At the GH lounge.....................
(Elizabeth tells Lucas and Brad the kids at school are picking on him.)
Brad - Does he like girly things? Not into sports 🥎?
Lucas - The main prerequisite for being gay is, does he like boys?
Elizabeth - He’s EIGHT!
Brad - I knew when I was eight.
Lucas - It took me a long time. I didn’t know until I hit puberty and I was attracted to other guys. I dated girls and played it straight as long as I could. Until one day, I couldn’t hide it anymore.
Elizabeth - So did things get better?
(Brad and Lucas look at each other.)
Brad - The getting better part? That takes a while.

At the PCPD......................
Franco - How would I know that?
Chase - He reached out to you! Did you speak to him?
Franco - NO, I didn’t speak to him. Maybe he reached out to me? I don’t answer phone 📱 numbers I don’t recognize. If you don’t believe me, you can check my phone 📱 records. Tell you what? You can check my phone 📲! When you’re done you can go catch this maniac before he kills anyone else.
(He gives them his phone 📱.)

(Good for you, Franco! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This guy wants to help kids in the hospital and love 💕 Elizabeth and her three boys. He doesn’t have time to be a serial killer.)

Still at the PCPD...............
(Chase tells Jordan that Peyton Mills called but Franco didn’t answer the call. Jordan gives Franco his phone 📱 back.)
Franco - The next time you want to talk to me? Talk to my lawyer. Goodbye.
Chase - He’s a fun guy! Do you want me to check on Franco’s whereabouts?
Jordan - Yeah.

(Once again going down the rabbit 🐰 hole 🕳. Looking at the wrong guy.)

At the Dawn of Day..................
Alexis - Ok, I’ve got to go.
Kristina - No, Mom, we just had a breakthrough!
Shiloh - You can stay and face your heart’s ♥️ darkest fears.
Alexis - Shiloh, I’m sure this process works for a lot of people. It works for my daughter. I love you 😘, Kristina, and I’m proud of you. I respect you.
Kristina - Well, let’s talk about you and me.
Alexis - And we will, but not here. Not now. This is NOT for me.

At the GH lounge....................
Elizabeth - So, what do we do? Franco thinks we should think of a way to talk to him about it.
Lucas - It looks like you’re on top of this. My parents weren’t. There IS a way you can create a safe environment so Aiden will feel safe to speak up when he is ready.
Elizabeth - How?
Brad- By inviting Lucas and I over for dinner 🥘 🍽 .
Lucas - Yeah. Let him see you around your gay friends 👬. Let him see you accept people for who they are without making it all about him.
Elizabeth - Ok, let’s do it!
Brad - SCORE 🙌🏽 !
Lucas - Alright! You and Franco got this .

At the PCPD..................
Jordan - Isn’t Franco a patient of Dr. Collins?
Chase - If he is, he couldn’t discuss it.
Jordan - He could if he thought Franco was committing a crime! Worth following up on. Set up a meeting with Dr.Collins. If anyone knows if Franco is capable of killing again, it’s him!

(This is getting ridiculous. Now they’re giving “Kevin“ an opportunity to put the blame on someone else.)
— MOM (1.31.19)
Wednesday on GH................
Drew sees Kim at the Metro Court and offers to buy her dinner 🍽 .

Lucas and Brad have a date night and Michael is babysitting.

At Anna’s house 🏠...............
Robert - This house 🏠 is homey.
Finn - It’s quaint but we make due. Right, darling?
Robert - Can we talk about Anna’s secret?
Anna - There is a subtlety to you that I find charming.
Robert - You said you never spoke to Cabot and the bureau says otherwise. So, WHO should I believe?

At Ferncliff.....................
“Kevin“ - This better be important!
Nurse 👩‍⚕️ - I’m sorry to call you over, but your patient needs attention.
“Kevin“ - You and your colleagues should be able to provide that to a sedated patient!
Nurse - We’ve done everything we can.
(The nurse unlocks the door 🚪 and “Kevin“ sees his sleeping 💤 or passed out brother.)
“Kevin“ - Has he died??

Michael & Wylie stop by Charley’s Pub to get take-out and bump into Willow Tate. Julian is worried that Willow is spending too much time with Wylie.

Oscar and Joss come by to get lunch 🥙. He is out of the hospital 🏥 and back in school 💼📚🖌.

In Anna’s house 🏠........................
Finn - You’re not calling Anna a liar 🤥, are you?
Robert - She’s a spy 🕵️‍♀️! It comes with the territory.
(Anna tells Robert she never met Dr. Cabot. Robert shows her proof ...a photo of her with the good doctor 👨‍⚕️. Anna offers to take a lie detector test.)
Anna - I am confident I will pass with flying colors.

At Ferncliff.........................
“Kevin“ - How could you let this happen?
(He goes over to his brother and touches his wrist and the real Kevin grabs his arm.)

For the purposes of interaction between these brothers :
1) “Kevin“ is Ryan Chamberlain
2) Kevin is Dr. Kevin Collins

Kevin - Got you!
(“Kevin “ pulls away.)
“Kevin“ - Not any more!
(Kevin sits up and realizes he can’t see. The Nurse thinks Kevin is a patient named Wilson Ritter.)

At the Metro Court.................
Drew and Kim are enjoying dinner 🥘 when he suggests they should go away for President’s Day to the mountains ⛰. He can rent a cabin for them with Oscar. Of course, Oscar would want Joss to go too.

At Charley’s Pub................
(Joss asks Oscar if he ever got tired of bussing tables.)
Oscar - Actually, I am grateful to Julian. He helped me to be independent and make my own money 💴.

At Anna’s house 🏡.......................
(Anna takes a second look at the photo and realizes it’s her twin sister, Alex, in the picture.)
Robert - Dr. Alex Merick was with the DVX in Eastern Europe the time this photo was taken. However, it doesn’t explain how you contracted the virus 🦠!

At Ferncliff....................
Kevin - What is happening to me??
Nurse - Look 👀, he should be transferred to GH.
“Kevin“ - It’s the last thing he needs.
Nurse - Sorry?
“Kevin“ - Did I stutter?
Nurse - I don’t understand? GH is known for its eye clinic.
“Kevin“ - Who’s the doctor there?
Nurse - The patient went blind for no reason! It’s standard protocol, he should be scene by a specialist.
“Kevin“ - That will be all, Nurse. I’ll call you IF I need you.
(She leaves the room and closes the door 🚪.)
“Kevin“ - WELL... identity stolen, locked in the loony bin and NOW blind. This really has NOT been your year, has it? Let’s talk business: Your condition is treatable.
Kevin - How the hell would YOU know?
“Kevin“ - Because I was blind last night, and now my eye 👁 sight was restored. Too bad you won’t have access to the same help I had.
Kevin - PLEASE, Ryan, if there is a way to restore my vision, get me the treatment!
“Kevin“ - I’ll think about it. Meanwhile, I need something from you. Have you ever met a Dr. Arthur Cabot? He was dealing with the WSB.
Kevin - Cabot? Arthur Cabot? Yes! Years ago. I met with him at his request. He wanted to talk about YOU. He said we had mutual interests. Cabot’s research focused on identical twins 👬👭.

At Anna’s house 🏠......................
Anna - I’m an identical twin and so is Kevin Collins.
Finn - Who suffered from the same virus 🦠? Is it possible his twin was affected as well?
Robert - We will never know. Ryan Chamberlain died twenty five years ago.

At Ferncliff.............................
“Kevin“ - What was the nature of the research?
Kevin - I wasn’t interested in working with him so I never found out. I told you everything I know! I held up my part of the bargain! If there is a treatment to regain my eyesight, I want it!
“Kevin“ - No. I think you’re better left in the dark. Oh, Laura is the new Mayor of Port Charles and the divorce should be finalized soon. Oh, yes! Someone tried to kill Lulu.

At Charley’s Pub.........................
(Oscar tells Joss the next adventure will be when he gets his driver’s license.)
Joss - You’re only sixteen. Your license will have restrictions in New York State.
Oscar - Then we will have to go to a state that doesn’t have restrictions.
(I guess when you’re dying, a death 💀 wish is redundant).

Also at Charley’s Pub.............
Brad comes in to pick up Wylie and stops to talk to Willow about what is the best time to enroll Wylie for daddy and baby classes. Julian pulls Brad aside and says Willow is the birth mother. She thinks Wylie is the son she gave up for adoption.

At Anna’s house 🏠........................
Anna - We need to speak to Kevin again. If he had dealings with Cabot or the DVX, he is covering it up.
Finn - So he’s a damn liar 🤥. How do we get him to tell the truth?

At Ferncliff.....................
Kevin gets up and is very angry 😤 - WHAT did Lulu ever do to YOU!
“Kevin“ smiles - She was getting too close to the truth. I was concerned when I learned Lulu survived, BUT fortunately, she has a traumatic memory block. Can’t remember anything about the attack.
(“Kevin“ gets a text from Anna to go to her house 🏡).
”Kevin” - I’ve got to run 🏃.
Kevin - You will be doing a LOT of running 🏃 when they realize YOU’RE the one who tried to kill Lulu!
“Kevin“ - Oh, I can outsmart the cops 👮‍♀️.
Kevin smirks - I’m not talking about the law. When Sonny Corinthos finds out you tried to murder his daughter-in law? He will exact his own special kind of justice!
“Kevin“ - Ava and I will be starting a new life far away from Port Charles very soon.
Kevin - You know? The divorce has a pre-nup. Laura was so generous and now you are going to take off with the money 💰 she intended for me.
“Kevin‘s” eyes 👀 light 💡 up - Yes Laura IS so generous. Thanks 🙏 for pointing that out!
Kevin - Bastard! You’ve done enough to her. Leave her alone!
“Kevin“ - Just close your 👁 eyes and have sweet 🍭🍫 dreams. OH, forgive me! You don’t really have to close your eyes 👀 any more. Do you?
When “Kevin “ leaves Kevin snickers - You’re the blind one, you FOOL!

(Is Kevin setting a trap for his brother with the prenup?)

At Anna’s house 🏠...............
(“Kevin“ apologizes for completely forgetting he met with Dr. Cabot.)
Robert - Do you recall what you discussed?
“Kevin“ - Twins 👯. He wanted information about my brother, but I made it clear I had no interest in his research.

After he leaves..............
Anna - Do you think Kevin told us everything he knew?
Robert - He was defensive and too eager to leave.

At Ferncliff.....................
Nurse - Try to relax, Wilson!
Kevin - My name is NOT Wilson. It’s DOCTOR 👨‍⚕️ Kevin Collins. The man who just left here is the one who is listed as Wilson Ritter!
Nurse 👩‍⚕️ - You know what happens when you get too excited? I don’t want to see you back in that straight jacket 🧥.

At Anna’s house 🏠.........................
Anna - Why would Dr. Cabot be working on identical twins 👯 AND a virus 🦠 that causes blindness?
Robert - What if it went very wrong?
Finn - Or very right?

(So, we have Faison was with the DVX and working on mind control. Dr. Arthur Cabot was with the DVX and working on research on identical twins 👬. I think this will lead back to Drew and Jason and memory mapping.)
— MOM (1.30.19)
Tuesday on GH............
Today is the day Mike goes to live at Turning Woods Center. Carly is driving 🚘 him there. Sonny is too upset 😢 to go with them. He knows this is what is best for Mike.

Marcus has given up Yvonne to Mike. He feels this will make her happy 😆. He and Stella are having lunch ☕️🥪at the Metro Court. They are renewing their friendship of 30 years ago.

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room......................
(Jordan is hoping Lulu will remember who attacked her. She closes her 👁 eyes and tries to recall who she opened the door 🚪 for. When she opens her eyes 👀 she sees “Kevin“ standing at the door 🚪 and says, “It was YOU!” “Kevin“ is frozen in fear, but thanks to Laura, he gets a pass.)
Laura - Lulu, you saw Kevin here in this room .
(Lulu is very confused 🤷‍♂️ and starts to cry 😭. Jordan looks around and sees Ava there with “Kevin“ and asks them to leave. Laura tells Lulu to close her eyes and rest.)

Outside of Lulu’s room....................
Laura sees Dr. Griffin Monroe and asks him to examine Lulu to make sure she doesn’t have brain 🧠 damage. He examines Lulu and tells Laura she doesn’t have brain damage and her loss of memory could be psychological.
So, of course, Jordan sees Dr. “Kevin“ Collins, who was just discharged from the hospital. She asks him to go with her to Lulu’s room.
“Kevin“ is in Lulu’s room and tells them it is too soon for Lulu to remember her horrible attack. He suggests she get plenty of rest and quiet.
Laura decides Lulu should not be questioned any more and Jordan agrees.

I think Jordan,Laura and Curtis are the Keystone Cops 👮 with Moe 🤪, Larry 😳and Hairy 🧔🏻. “Kevin“ is making fools of all of them.
1 - No police 👮 or guard at Lulu’s hospital door 🚪.
2 - Jordan didn’t take Lulu’s computer 💻 to see what story she was working on .
3 - “Kevin“ was acting very strange. Laura said she could not recognize him and he was a stranger to her.
4 - The killer could be a doctor 👨‍⚕️ or medical person.
5 - “Kevin“ was one of the people Lulu left a message for. Did they ask him where he was when Lulu was attacked?

“Kevin“/Ryan was able to kill 3 people and injure Lulu. He is staring them in the face but they can’t see it.
If the store 🏬 owner where the killer bought the knife 🔪 doesn’t say it was Ryan Chamberlain, “Kevin“ is going to pull the 🐑 wool over their eyes 👀 for a long time.

Back outside the hospital 🏥 room..............
(Laura has finally hired Curtis to stand guard outside of Lulu’s room.)
Curtis - The killer will have to go through ME to get to Lulu.

At Dawn of Day (DOD)................
Shiloh preaches to Kristina that Daisy 🌼 is not a bad person and she should practice forgiveness. He also informs her that Daisy 🌼 will have to step aside for a while. He wants Kristina to take over the duties of the Major Organizer of DOD.
Even though Daisy 🌼 recruited Kristina and Oscar to DOD, Shiloh thinks Kristina will do a better job. Kristina accepts and calls her mother and tells her she signed her up for a Shiloh seminar tonight. She wants her mother to get to know DOD.

At Sam’s penthouse...................
(Sam tells Jason they will have to “break up.” She explains that Kristina is in a lot of trouble and she needs to save her. Sam says that Daisy 🌼 confessed to sending the emails but she believes that Shiloh is the real culprit. Sam explains her plan to Jason to make Shiloh show his true colors. She will tell Shiloh that they broke up. She needs to find herself. Then, she will say she can’t do it alone. Shiloh will offer to help her. She will out con the con.)
Jason - Sam, are you going to DOD?
Sam - Yes, Jason! I have to join and live at Dawn of Day to find out what Shiloh is up to. Shiloh HAS to think we are broken up. You can come here and see Danny. In public we have to act like we are broken up, but in private we are not.
(Jason is very confused 🧐?)
Sam - We are FINALLY together, and I won’t give you up. We can meet in your apartment. I haven’t seen your bedroom yet!
(Jason smiles.)
Sam - We aren’t broken up yet, so we can stay here.
(Jason picks up Sam, who is laughing, and takes the steps 2 at a time to the bedroom.)

(Is this a good idea? No. Sam doesn’t know what she is getting into. This DOD is a cult! Shiloh could drug or brainwash her. Jason will have to come to her rescue again. I would rather see Jason, Stone Cold, be Sonny’s enforcer.)
— MOM (1.29.19)
Monday on GH..............
“Kevin“ is in Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room. Laura left to get the doctor 👨‍⚕️.............
(Where is the security or guards at the door to protect this victim of a serial killer??)
“Kevin“- Hello, Lulu.
(He closes the door 🚪 and the blinds. He gets a pillow and walks over to Lulu’s bed 🛏.)

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Sam yells at Jason that she was paranoid when he was away. She wrote a text but didn’t send it.
Jason - You don’t have to make excuses to text me.
Sam - I know, you’re right because you’re here. You made it home 🏠.
Jason - Here I am!
Sam - Yeah. (She 💋 kisses him.)

At the PCPD................
Jordan talks to ballistics and they tell her there’s not one print on the weapon.
Jordan - Have we got the make and model of the knife 🔪? The longer this takes, the colder 🌬 the trail gets.

Anna - Why would Kevin lie about knowing Dr. Cabot?
Robert - We need to question him.
Anna - Let’s not get carried away. He hasn’t done anything criminal.
Robert - That remains to be seen.
Finn - Kevin’s doctor made me promise his recovery is not compromised.
Robert - We’re not going to water 💦 board him! Not yet.
Anna - Let’s stay focused. The ONLY information we need is how Kevin and I could have contracted the same rare 🦠 virus.
(They go into “Kevin‘s” room and......)
Anna - His clothes are still here, so he didn’t leave.
Robert - So, where the hell has he gone?

In Lulu’s room.........................
(“Kevin“ puts the pillow over Lulu’s face and tells her not to fight it.)
“Kevin“ - It will be over soon.

In the interrogation room at PCPD....................
Curtis - Have you had the staff at the Metro Court screened?
Jordan - Thoroughly. Curtis, I need a break in this case. Lulu wasn’t a random victim! She was the media. Maybe she was on to something?
Curtis - There is something there, we just aren’t seeing it.
Jordan - Well, Lulu sees it. She is an eye 👁 witness and that is a game changer!

At Sam’s penthouse........................
Sam - You know, I’m not normally this superstitious?
Jason - Yeah, I know.
Sam - It’s just that I’m really happy 😃 and when you were gone I was pacing around and making myself crazy 😜 worrying that something could take you away from me again! I have to accept that I have to be grateful for what we have. We’re together and there is nothing I can do to control this and just enjoy it.
Jason - I definitely don’t want you to be afraid 😱 for me!
Sam - That’s EXACTLY the point? I’m not! (WHAT??) I have been working the last few months to rebuild and trust my instincts. To know I am able to love 💕 without losing myself.
(What is she saying? I hope Sam doesn’t blow this reunion with Jason!)
Sam - I just want you to know you don’t have to worry about me worrying about you. I promise I won’t fall apart every time you walk out the door 🚪. I will be ok, I trust us.
Jason - Well, you seem pretty confident.
Sam - I know. I mean last night .....
Jason- Last night was great.
Sam - Yeah it was .
Jason - This morning was even better. When I woke up, and you were smiling at me. I thought, you’re just so beautiful 😍. I’m not talking about your face, I talking about all the ways I’ve seen you. 😃Happy, 😢sad, 😡angry, determined, 😂laughing out loud, playing dominoes, 💃🏼dancing in the rain ☔️. All these images, all the way back to the first time I set my eyes 👀 on you at the interrogation room.
(Sam 😂 laughs.)
Jason - Sam, I look at you and I think 🤔 how incredibly lucky 🍀 I am to love 💕 you and have you love 💗 me. I will never, ever take that for granted.
(This guy truly loves Sam and will always put her needs before his own. I’m sure that test will come very soon.)
Sam - Promise?
(She 😘 kisses him.)

At the interrogation room............................
Jordan is on the phone 📱 - Good work.
Curtis - Sounds like a break!
Jordan - The knife 🔪 was a national brand and only one ☝️ store sells it.

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room......................
(“Kevin“ puts the pillow on Lulu’s face and she raises her hand 🖐.)
“Kevin“ - Don’t fight it. It’s almost there.
(Laura opens the door 🚪, but her back is to the room. She is talking to the doctor 👨‍⚕️.)
Laura - Kevin, what are you doing ?
“Kevin“ - I came to check on Lulu. (He fluffs up the pillows.) I thought she could use a little help with her air waves.
(Dr. Lacy is checking Lulu’s vitals. She is going in and out of consciousness. Lulu is struggling to breathe and wake up.)
Laura - Lulu, honey 🍯, it’s me! You need to wake up now! Lulu, you can do it!
(Lulu is struggling to breathe.)
Lulu - Mom, is that you?
Laura - YES, honey. I’m here and you’re safe!
(“Kevin“ is in the room looking at Lulu.)

At Sam’s penthouse....................
(Jason and Sam are going upstairs to see the kids when..... Knock. Knock. Sam answers the door 🚪, it’s Spinelli.)
Spinelli - Gracious greetings.
(He notices Jason in the room.)
Jason - Hi, Spinelli!
Spinelli - Am I, per chance, interrupting?
Sam - NO. No, good to see you!
(They hug 🤗. They tell Spinelli his information helped Sam save Jason from drowning.)
Spinelli - An interesting reversal of roles since you, Jason, are the one who does the saving!
Sam - I think I owed him one!
Spinelli - It appears I picked a good time to visit. My dear 👫 friends are radiant and content. I was able to confirm the emails came from inside of Dawn of Day.
Sam - I KNEW it! I TOLD you Shiloh was lying all along.
(Sam gets a call from Kristina to come to the Dawn of Day ASAP.)

Outside of Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room......................
(“Kevin“ reminds Laura that Lulu will need Psychiatric help. He also cautions that it is too soon to ask her questions.)
Laura - If and when you speak to Lulu, I will be right by your side to make sure she is not upset.

At Sam’s penthouse (Jason gave his penthouse to her)...................
(Spinelli wonders if it was wise to let Sam go to DOD by herself? Jason says that way, Shiloh won’t be suspicious.)
Spinelli - Well, after much research, I can report that the man known as Hank Archer, being spiritually aware was the LAST thing on his mind. He was a popular student 👨‍🎓 at Bolton Aires Prep, where he flaunted his muscles 💪 and cash 💵 regularly. His parties were very popular. After his reversal of fortune, at fair Samatha’s hands, he secured employment at a Global Security firm. Then he fell off the grid for a while UNTIL he resurfaced as Shiloh.

At Dawn of Day (DOD)...................
Sam - What’s up?
Kristina - I’m not really sure?
(Sam sees Shiloh and a crying Daisy🌼.)
Sam - What’s going on here?
Shiloh - I have some information that will bring us all some peace, especially Daisy 🌼.
(Shiloh investigated the origin of the emails.)
Daisy - It was ME! I was the one who sent all those things to you, Sam.

In “Kevin‘s” room......................
Robert - We know Cabot worked for the DVX and we know Collins lied about having met Dr. Cabot. Collins might have worked for the DVX too!
Anna - Well, I don’t know about that!
Finn - Dr. Collins is well respected in his profession. I don’t know if I see him as a deep cover spy 🕵️‍♂️?
Robert - The good doctor 👨‍⚕️ may have had a secret life we know nothing about!
(“Kevin“ returns to find them in his room. He is not happy to see them.)
“Kevin“ - I’m tired and wish all of you could please leave.
Robert - No.
Anna - The WSB has proof you did meet with Dr. Cabot. Why did you lie about that?

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room..............
(Laura tells Lulu that Rocco and Charlotte are fine. Charlotte came by last night to see her.)
Lulu - She is my good luck 🍀 charm.
(Lara says they are trying to contact Dante but Lulu cautions to not blow his cover. Laura assures Lulu even though she was attacked, she is strong, brave and will survive.)
Lulu - They got him, didn’t they?

At DOD............................
Sam - Soo Daisy🌼, YOU’VE been digging around in my past? Sending me emails from Linda Black?
Daisy - I am sorry and Shiloh wouldn’t do anything like that! It was me. I read in Shiloh’s book 📖 how a woman 👩 swindled his father. Kristina told me about your past, how you conned men and I put it together and knew it was you, Sam.
Kristina - Daisy, you used what I told you against my sister. How could you?
Daisy - It was just research. I wanted to help you with your problems with your family. Then, Sam answered my emails.
Kristina - Sam, I didn’t mean to betray you! I was just comparing our lives. How easy it is to get off track. I don’t have to take care of a sick brother all alone!
Sam - That’s ok? I don’t blame you.
(As she looks at Shiloh.)
Kristina - Daisy, you stalked and harassed my sister!
Daisy - I didn’t mean to. I swear!

At Sam’s penthouse.........................
(Spinelli informs Jason if someone wants to know about Sam’s history, all they have to do is look online to find the records.)
Jason - So, is there anyway to tell if someone else is trying to access the records?
Spinelli - Yes, I could trace who got these emails.
(Jason then tells Spinelli that Lulu was attacked and he stops what he was going and goes to see her.)

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room...............
(Commissioner Jordan Ashford visits to talk to Lulu.)
Jordan - I’m glad you’re awake. Do you think you can answer some questions?
Lulu - You didn’t catch the killer?
Jordan - Not yet. We collected valuable evidence, but not an ID. We hope you can provide one?
Laura - You don’t have to do this now.
Lulu - Mom, I can do this!

In “Kevin‘s” hospital 🏥 room.......................
Robert - Arthur Cabot. We know you met, so why the secrecy?
“Kevin“ - How do you know you have the right Kevin Collins?
Robert - Because we have a WSB report with your photo and your name in his file!
Anna - Dr. Cabot used to do research with the DVX. So, all we want is to clarify what association YOU had with him.
“Kevin” - I don’t know the man! (His brother never mentioned this Cabot). The name Arthur Cabot means nothing to me. Finn, I really don’t feel well. I just had surgery, you’re my doctor! Will you please ask them to leave?
(He screams.) I SWEAR, I PROMISE I DON’T KNOW 🤷‍♂️ HIM!! Will you please leave NOW??

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room.......................
Lulu - I want to help, but everything is fuzzy?
Jordan - No pressure. If you need to stop, we will. You were attacked in your office on the seventh floor of the Metro Court. You saw your mother at 7:15pm. You told her you were working on a story. Your mother left you alone in your office. At approximately 9:30 🕤 you arrived in the restaurant semi- conscious with a stab wound to your chest. Can you tell us what happened in your office?
Lulu - I was working on a story about the serial killer. I called Dante. I spoke to Peter. He wasn’t going to publish my story.
Jordan - We believe the attacker entered your office after you answered those phone 📱 calls. Do you remember WHO it was?
Lulu - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️? I remember going to the elevator, pushed the button and felt sick. I just had to get to my mother.
Jordan - Think back when you left your office. Did you see anyone?
Lulu - I don’t know? I don’t remember. I’m so sorry!
Jordan - The most important thing is you survived.
Lulu - Kiki didn’t, and the other two, I have to remember for them.
Jordan - Don’t press yourself.
Lulu - No, it’s coming to me!

At DOD............................
Sam - Your explanation doesn’t make any sense.
Daisy - I swear, I was trying to help! If you were reminded of your past, you would be more receptive to Dawn of Day.
Sam - You found out I was married to Shiloh’s father. How did you find out the other things?
Daisy - I was a computer 💻 science 🧫 major. It’s easy if you know where to look 👀. Linda Black came up as one of your aliases. I got a copy of the newspaper 📰 with Henry Archer’s obituary.
Kristina - What you did was very creepy!
Daisy - Please don’t blame Shiloh for the dumb things I did. I’m so so sorry!
Kristina - How DARE you target 🎯 my sister! Your brazen, shameful scheme has completely backfired. NO way Sam is going to trust Shiloh now!
(She leaves and Daisy leaves crying 😭.)
Shiloh - I don’t like this, but Daisy is not a malicious person. She did the wrong thing for what she thought were the right reasons.
Sam - Funny how that never works out?
Shiloh - I apologize for Daisy. How can I make it up to you?
Sam - I don’t know? What do you have in mind?
(Shiloh puts a paper 📝 in Sam’s hand 🖐.)
Shiloh - Here is my number. If you need anything, for ANY reason, you can ALWAYS get a hold of me at this number.

(🚨🚨🚨 Alert 🚨 Alert 🚨 Sam this guy is coming on to you BiG TIME. He wants you, and I don’t think you are smarter than he is 🚨🚨🚨.)

At the nurses’ station 🚉....................
Robert - He played you and you let him!
Finn - I let it go as long as I could. Once he throws his tantrum it became a breech of ethics.
Robert 😆 laughs - ETHICS?
Anna - Let Kevin rest then we will question him again.
Robert 👀 looks at his phone 📱 - I found a rather interesting notation here. Cabot met with someone else......Anna Devane.

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room..........................
Lulu - I was annoyed Peter wouldn’t run my story. I was excited about something. A discrepancy, something wasn’t right. Oh! What was it? It’s right there on the tip of my tongue 👅.
Jordan - You were writing ✍️ your piece and someone came to the 🚪 door?
Lulu - I remember someone coming in.
Jordan - Who was it?
(We see “Kevin “ standing by the 🚪 door 👂 listening.)

At Sam’s penthouse...........................
Jason - So how did it go? Oh, Spinelli went to the hospital 🏥 to see Lulu and I’m just heading to my place. I’ve got to deal with this coffee ☕️ 🚢 shipment 🚚 soon.
(Sam is not listening. Her back is to Jason and she is thinking about something else.)
Jason - So, listen. Why don’t we do something together tonight?
Sam turns around and says - I‘m sorry 😐. We can’t do this Jason! We have to break up.

(I don’t care what her reason is, she doesn’t deserve this guy. Some day Jason is going to walk away from her and never look back.)
— MOM (1.28.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH...............
At Sam’s penthouse.............
(Sam is sleeping 😴 on her left side. She wakes up and turns around and sees Jason sleeping 😌 next to her. She 😊 smiles and touches his face. Jason wakes up and 😃 smiles.)
Sam - Sorry I woke you up.
Jason smiles - Good morning 🌞.
Sam - Good morning ☀️. I had to touch you. So, this is happening?
Jason - Yes, it’s happening.
(Sam kisses 💋 Jason.)
Sam - I love you ❤️ so much!
Jason - I love 💕 you too, Sam.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠................
Franco - Coffee ☕️?
Elizabeth - I couldn’t sleep 🛏 last night.
Franco - Bullies are awful. Kids are mean. Tell me what you’re thinking?
Elizabeth - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️? Say Aiden IS gay, what does that even mean at this point?

At the PCPD.................
Anna and Maxie are with Peter at the station. Jordan is still asking questions.

At General Hospital...............
Laura tells Lulu the surgery was successful, but it is time for her to wake up.

“Kevin“ - How long do I have to wait like this? I am anxious to see if I got my sight back!

At the elevators........................
Robert - Hey, the man I’m looking for! Suppose you can get my ex-wife to return my calls?
Finn - Good to see you, Robert.
Robert - I have some intelligence on Anna’s virus 🦠.

In the interrogation room at the PCPD.................
(Jordan shows Peter a photo of a bloody shoe 👞 print. She says he is wearing a shoe 👞 that fits.)
Peter - I’m a size 12 shoe 👞.
Jordan - That doesn’t match.

In Lulu’s hospital 🏥 room.....................
(Sonny visits Laura and gives her encouragement that Lulu will wake up.)
Laura - From your mouth 👄 to God’s ears. I wish Dante was here!
Sonny - We are trying to locate him. I’m sure Lulu will pull through, Laura.

At Sam’s penthouse....................
(Sam comes downstairs to find Jason made breakfast 🍳, eggs 🥚, potatoes and toast.)
Sam - Wow! You made breakfast? Grilled cheese 🧀 last night, and now THIS?
Jason - Just eggs 🥚.
Sam - Just eggs? My breakfast usually to consists of something frozen I put in the toaster.
Jason - Sam!
Sam - Come on! This is so familiar but really, really strange.
Jason - We just take it day by day, ok? No pressure to figure it out now.
Sam - Ok! (She takes a bite of the potatoes 🥔.) This is really good! SO much better than toaster waffles.
Jason - Glad you like it!
Sam - I do. So what are you going to do today?
Jason - I’m going to meet up with Spinelli.
Sam - Spinelli is in town? That’s weird! He didn’t tell me that the last time we spoke? Oh, the last time we spoke things were pretty chaotic .
Jason - Yeah, he was doing some research on....I had him look 👀 into those emails you were getting from Linda Black?
Sam - Really? So he is using that as an excuse to come visit.
Jason- He said he would text me. (Spinelli texts him.) Yup, that’s him! He is about to land and wants to meet at the Metro Court. I will tell him we can meet later.
Sam - No, you should go.
Jason - Are you sure?
Sam - Yes, I’m sure. It’s about the emails. I want to get closer to figuring out what’s going on. (Sam puts her head down.)
Jason - Sam, what’s going on?
Sam - What? Don’t laugh at me!
Jason - No.
Sam - It feels like we were back there. The last time we were together and happy. You left and I didn’t see you for FIVE YEARS.
Jason - This is different.
Sam - How?
Jason - Ok, because I’m not walking 🚶 into a dangerous situation. I’m coming back!
Sam - Ok, of course you are! Sorry. I’m sorry. An irrational moment. It will pass, I promise!
Jason - Ok. (He gets his black leather jacket.) You know what? You want me to text you when I get there?
Sam is smiling - Yeah, that would be great. Tell Spinelli I said hi? (She kisses 😘 him.)
Jason - I will.

In Lulu’s room.....................
(Sonny tells Laura he offered an reward to anyone who comes forward with information. Laura authorized a tips line.)
Sonny - It only takes ONE person.
Laura - One tip that leads us to the MONSTER who did this to my girl!

In “Kevin’s“ room..................
(Dr. Griffin Monroe takes the bandages off of “Kevin‘s” 👀 eyes. He can see.)
“Kevin“ - I see the most beautiful woman 👩 in the world 🌍.

In the interrogation room.......................
Peter remembers he was at Jordan and Curtis wedding 💒 the whole night. That was the night Kiki was killed. Jordan says she will look at the wedding 👰 tape.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏡.............................
Franco - I am going to ask you a question, and I want you to give me your 100% honest answer.
Elizabeth - Ok.
Franco - If it turns out Aiden is gay, would that be a problem for you?
Elizabeth - No.

At the Metro Court...................
(Jason is writing a text to Sam, ”At the Metro Court. See you....” then Carly comes up to him and he doesn’t send it.)
Jason - Hey!
Carly hugs him - I sorry, does it hurt?
Jason - My ribs are a little sore.
Carly - You need to get checked out! Your ribs could be bruised, or cracked, or worse!
Jason - Carly, I’m fine.
Carly - You don’t know if you’re fine! You could have hypothermia.
Jason - Do I look 👀 like I have hypothermia?
Carly - I need to know you’re ok!
Jason - The best I’ve felt in the last six years.
(Carly looks at him and smiles. She hugs him again.)
Carly - I’ll be gentle. I’m so happy 😃 for you and Sam. It’s about time!

At General Hospital 🏥..................
Robert - I’ve been doing some research on Anna’s behalf, but she won’t return my calls.
Finn - She has been dealing with her son at the police station.
Robert - Faison’s son in trouble? I’m shocked 😱!
Finn - Give me the file, I will make sure she gets it.
(Anna comes off the elevator.)
Anna - What are YOU doing here?
Robert - Your ears must be burning. We were JUST talking about you! I have this report for you. (He gives it to her.) Look at the name on the last page!
Anna looks and sees Dr. Kevin Collins.

At the Metro Court..............
Carly - I want to ask you a million questions, but I am not.
Jason - You’re not?
Carly - No, but you HAVE to let me tell Sonny!
Jason smiles - Yes, you can tell Sonny.
Carly 😆 laughs - I’m so happy for YOU. I’m SO happy for you guys. I KNEW it was going to happen.
Jason - I know. Thank you for believing in us.
Carly - I’m sorry, but you’re encouraging me. Now, I will have to run 🏃 your life!
Jason - And how is that different?
Carly - You know? I wasn’t crazy about Sam from the start. Then, I realized she loved you for who you are and NOT for what she wanted you to be. Or who she can turn you into but YOU.....Jason Morgan. She may ALMOST be worthy of you.
(Jason gets a text.)
Jason - Spinelli. His plane ✈️ is stuck on the tarmac.
Carly - What plane ✈️ ?
Jason - Yeah. He flew in this morning. I was supposed to meet him here. I guess I came here for no reason!
Carly - No reason? You came here to tell your best friend your good news!
Jason is smiling - Yeah, I did.
Carly - You seem so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted off you.
Jason sighs - You know, the hardest thing about coming back was seeing Sam question herself and struggling to make an impossible situation ok.
Carly - I really thought you would get on your motorcycle and take off. I would have hated that, but you didn’t! You stayed and gave Sam the space to make her own choices. Of COURSE she chose you, because it’s ALWAYS been you. You are the love ❤️ of Sam’s life!
Jason - And I’m going to get back to her.
Carly - Yes, get back to her and I’ll be here smiling from 👂 ear to ear 👂.
Jason - Carly, thank you.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏠.........................
Elizabeth is 😡 angry - What do you MEAN will that be a problem for me? Lucas is my family and Felix is my friend!
Franco - You’re not answering my question.
Elizabeth - Because I can’t believe you could ask that! I would not have a problem if my son turned out to be gay 🌈.
Franco - I know you would love Aiden no matter what. It’s ok if you have a bit of a learning curve in this!
Elizabeth- Aiden’s happiness is all that will matter to me. I would be proud we live in a time where my son can be who he really is.
Franco- I disagree because the world 🌎 is a scary place. What if there were people out there ,and I know that there are, who don’t see things the way we see things.

In Lulu’s room.......................
Laura - I’m scared 😱.
Sonny - Yeah, I know.
Laura - You and I, we’re part of a very undesirable club. You and I know sometimes the worst can really happen.
(She starts to cry 😢.)
Sonny - It didn’t happen this time. Lulu is going to wake up and be ok!
Laura - Do you promise? Thank you SO much for coming.
Sonny - If you or Lulu need anything, let me know ok? (Sonny goes over to Lulu’s bed 🛏.) Lulu, don’t stop 🛑 fighting your way back.

In “Kevin‘s” room...................
Griffin - You made a quick recovery!
“Kevin“ - Does that mean I can get out of here?
Griffin - I want to do some tests first.
“Kevin“ - As long as it doesn’t take too long? I have some pressing matters to attend to.

In Lulu’s room...................
(Laura kisses Lulu on the forehead. She talks to Lulu, saying she is taking too long to wake up. Laura is holding Lulu’s hand. Lulu squeezes it two times.)
Laura- Lulu That’s good honey 🍯. Stay with me. I’m going to get a doctor and will be right back.

At Sam’s penthouse......................
(Sam is sitting on the couch 🛋 looking at her cell phone 📱. No text from Jason. She is getting worried. She starts to send a text, ”Just checking in. How is Spinelli?”)
Sam - No, Sam! You’re not THAT crazy. You’re NOT calling him! He’s in a meeting with Spinelli. He is doing this for YOU. (She walks over to the table.) Everything is going to be ok. (She picks up the phone 📱 and puts it down.) You’re not calling him! Everything will be ok. You’re not crazy.

In Elizabeth‘s house 🏠.................
(She has been looking on the internet at places where gays are not allowed to work. I thought that was against the law!)
Franco - The good news is, Aiden is about ten years away from working. The world 🌎 may be a better place by then.
Elizabeth - We need to focus on the bullies who are bothering Aiden now.
Franco hugs and kisses Elizabeth - He is going to be fine.

At the PCPD....................
Jordan reviews the footage of the wedding and confirms Peter was there and had nothing to do with Kiki’s murder. Jordan tells Peter he can leave. Peter and Maxie hug and go to Felicia‘s house to get James.

At the Metro Court....................
Carly - Hey, I have something to tell you, but you can’t tell ANYONE.
Sonny - Am I going to be indicted?
Carly - NO! Jason and Sam.
Sonny - And?
Carly - What do you mean AND? They’re back together! Isn’t that great?
Sonny - Well, you’ve been saying that for a year and a half that they are going to get back together! Now, it’s happened?
Carly - Ok, can’t you just be excited for them?
Sonny - I’m excited!
Carly - No, can’t you tell me I’m right?
Sonny - You’re right!
(Carly and Sonny are smiling and hugging each other. A lot of hugging going on.)

In “Kevin’s“ room....................
Ava - How is Lulu?
Griffin - Dr. Lacy is hopeful of her progress.
Ava - So, she is going to pull through?
Griffin - It looks that way.
Ava - Excellent! Cause when she does, she can give me the name of the bastard that killed my daughter!

At the GH elevators................................
Finn - Kevin Collins is listed in that file?
Robert - According to the report, he knew Dr. Cabot.
Finn - Kevin told us he didn’t have any connection with Arthur Cabot, or the Bureau.
Anna - He lied! Why would he do that?
Robert - The good doctor may have had a secret life!

In Lulu’s room..............
(Lulu opens her eyes 👀 and looks around the room. She see someone in a white robe. It’s “Kevin“.)
“Kevin“ leans over her - Hello, Lulu.
(Lulu looks up at him. Oh boy! Bad news for Lulu.)
— MOM (1.25.19)
Thursday on GH...................
At Pier 55
We see Sam jumping into the freezing water 💦 to save Jason.
Sam- Jason!
Sam dives down deep into the water 💧 but comes up empty. She dives in again and this time pulls Jason up. She 🏊‍♂️ swims while holding him to the edge of the dock. Jason comes too and they get out of the freezing ❄️water 💦.

Franco takes Aiden and Jake to the store for Aiden’s kitchen supplies. Aiden wants to make more cookies 🍪. Franco suggests he bring them to school 🏫. Jake tell his mom and Franco the kids will make fun of him. He shows Elizabeth and Franco what is on Aiden’s iPad.” Get lost Gayden”.
Jakes asks them to not let Aiden let the kids know that he likes to bake. Elizabeth and Franco wonder if Aiden might be gay 🌈.

Oscar’s mother insists he stay the night for observation in the hospital 🏥. He had a seizure but Oscar says he’s ok.

Mike is getting worse so Sonny has to come to the realization that it’s best for Mike in the Turning Woods facility full time.
Sonny- I need to let him go. I need you to help me do that?
Carly- I’m here. I will be by you side.

Carly, Sonny and Joss wonder why Jason didn’t follow them to the hospital 🏥?
Carly- I hope he’s alright?
Joss- He better be. He saved my life.
Joss apologize to Sonny and her mom for putting herself and Oscar in danger. She will be more careful.
Carly- Going on an adventure is one thing,honey? Putting yourself in danger is another.

At Pier 55
Sam- Are you alright?
Jason- Yeah I think so? How did you find me?
Sam- Spinelli was able to tell me where to look 👀 for you.
Jason is freezing and may have hypothermia.
Jason- I was so cold 🥶 and when I made it to the harbor I could barely move my arms when I popped up.
Sam- I saw you ? That’s how I knew where to dive.
Jason- You saves my life.
Sam- Yeah! I guess I owed you on?
Jason is on the phone 📱 with Carly.
Jason - Carly I’m fine. I found another way out. It’s all good.
Carly- Is somebody with you?
Jason- Sam’s right here.
Carly- Promise me you’re not dying?
Jason- Carly I’m not dying.
Carly- Put Sam on the 📱 phone?
Sam - Carly he’s not dying.
Carly- Are you sure he’s ok?
Sam- Yeah. He’s a little banged up. We’re both really cold 🥶 but yeah he’s going to make it.
Carly- Well you need to take care of him?
Sam- Really? I thought I would leave him here bye the pier. Come on?
Carly- Sam?
Sam- I will. If I have to take him to the hospital 🏥,I will?
Carly- Thank you? Keep me updated on how he is doing ok?
Sam - Ok I promise.
Jason tries to get up
Sam- You need to rest?
Jason- That’s ok?
Sam- Jason the bruise on your side. I hope it’s not worse? You need to see a doctor? Please?
Jason- No. you know I don’t like hospitals 🏥?
Sam- I know you don’t? Nobody does. Pleas let a doctor check you out?
Jason- No not tonight .
Sam- Ok fine.
Jason - You don’t have to watch ⏰over me ok? I’m just going to go home 🏠 and take a hot 🥵 shower 🚿.
Sam- No! You’re out of your mind. You’re coming home 🏡 with me.

In Oscar’s room
Kim- What happened this night was not ok. We have to discuss what things look 👀 like moving forward?
Joss comes into the room to say “Good Night “ to Oscar.

At Sam’s penthouse
Sam- How do you feel?
Jason- I think I’m finally warming up?
Sam- Good. Here? ( she gives him a half glass of Brandy).
Jason- What is this?
Sam- Brandy.
Jason- Oh brandy?
Sam- Come on? Just drink 🍹 it.
Jason- I’ll drink it if you go take a shower 🚿?
Sam- No.
Jason- But you were in the water 💦 too?
Sam- I know but I was in a wetsuit?
Jason- Still you were....
Sam- I would rather go downstairs and make you something to eat.
Jason- Um what..What are you going to make?
Sam- Ah chicken 🐓 tenders?
Jason- Chicken 🍗 tenders.( he laughs).
Sam- Broccoli 🥦 with cheesy 🧀 sauce ? It’s Danny’s favorite but microwave?
Jason- Microwave. I think the food can wait? Come are you still 🥶 cold?
Sam- Fine. I’m fine.
Jason- Ok I can carry you into the shower 🚿?
Sam smiles- Ok fine. I’ll go. Drink 🍹 that brandy.

Sam and Jason are sitting on the floor by the roaring 🔥fire in her bedroom.
Sam- 🥂 cheers!
Jason- Cheers! ( they sip the brandy)
Sam- Oh that’s nice.
Jason- Yeah it is.
Sam- Grill 🧀 cheese( Jason made it) this is delicious. Now I know why Danny wants to spend nights at your place?
Jason- I love 💕 having him there.
Sam- What are we going to tell him about today?
Jason- What do you mean?
Sam- What do you mean! What I mean . Mommy saves Daddy’s back!
Jason- Oh! I mean that’s really a small part of the whole....
Sam- Small part! You’re out of your mind?
Jason- The whole story.
Sam- I rescued you!
Jason- Yes.
Sam - Look at me? I rescued you.
Jason- Yes you did.
Sam puts the sandwich 🥪 down and closes her 👁 eyes.
Sam- Pinch me?
Jason- Why?
Sam- I can’t tell you how many times I went to bed 🛌 and dreamed of a different ending the night you disappeared? Jason I went into the water 💦 to look 👀 for you and I couldn’t find you.
When I would go to bed 🛏,I would close my 👁 eyes and I would dream I rescued you . I pulled you out of the water 💧 . And then I would wake up and you wouldn’t be there.
Jason- Well I’m here now? Thank you for saving me.
Sam touches Jason’s face and they kiss 💋.

In Oscar’s room
Kim- You have every right to live your life ? It’s not the same as risking it and not the same as risking someone else’s .
Oscar- Joss and I talked about it . We won’t pull any more stunts .I promise.

In Sam’s bedroom
Jason and Sam are 💋 kissing, the fire 🔥 is roaring and love ❤️ is in the air.
Jason- Is it ok?
Sam- It’s perfect.
Sam takes her shirt 👚 off. Jason takes his shirt 👕 off. You know the rest.
A Perfect 🥰Romantic 💥💥Love 💋❤️ Scene.

At Elizabeth’s House 🏠
Franco- Would it surprises you if Aiden was gay?
Elizabeth- No. This has been in the back of my mind. It ‘s just the first time I’ve said it out loud.
Franco- Yeah me too.
Elizabeth- I just wonder if being gay is something Aiden is going to discover about himself?
Franco- Well if that happens we will be there for him every step of the way.

In Sam’s bedroom
We see Jason and Sam in bed 🛌 with the look of contentment on their faces.
Jason- I love ❤️ you. I missed you.
Sam smiles- I love 💗 you and I’ve missed you too.
Jason kiss 😘 Sam on the forehead.
— MOM (1.24.19)
Wednesday on GH..............
In the Cave 🍙
Sam- Jason!! Jason can you hear me? ( Sam looks down into a big black hole). Oh my God! Jason!

We see Jason fell through the rotted wood floor of the cellar to the catacombs. He lands on his back and hurts his side. He gets up and uses the light on his phone 📱 to look 👀 around. It’s very cold 🥶 and dark. He gave his jacket to Joss so he needs to get out of there .

At General hospital
Commissioner Jordan Ashford fills in Mayor Laura Webber on what was found at the crime scene.
Laura- What do you know about this guy and the evidence you found?

In “Kevin’s” hospital room
“Kevin “ thinks Lulu is gone.
Ava- No she is alive. She was in surgery last I checked.
“Kevin “ - Oh so she still may succumb.
Ava- She still has a fighting chance! I pray that Lulu make it so that the bastard who did this to her won’t claim another victim.
“Kevin “ - One can only hope.

At the Cave 🍙
Sam - Jason. Jason!! I can’t see you! ( Sam is using the light from her phone 📱 )
The men of the fire 🔥 department arrive.
Sam- Over here? A man fell and is trapped down there? I can’t hear him?
👨‍🚒 Firefighter - lets check it out.

We see Jason walking through low water 💦 and calling out to Sam.
Jason - Sam! Hello can anybody hear me? Ok somebody built this place so there has to be a way out. He gets a twinge of pain and doubles up.
He uses the light 💡 from his phone 📱 to look 👀 around and sees an open gate of steel. The size of a basement window with crumbled concrete around it. The grate has ice near the bottom half. Jason realizes he is near the river.

At the hospital
Jordan - We couldn’t extract any tissue from Lulu’s fingernails💅🏻. We have the knife 🔪 and we’re checking for prints. There is something else? We got a partial bloody shoe 👞 print. We believe it belongs to Lulu’s assailant.
Sonny- Was it a man’s shoe 👞 or a 👩 woman’s shoe 👠?
Jordan - It appears to be a man’s shoe 👞 print. We could be 👀 looking for someone who was injured by Lulu.

In “Kevin’s “ room
He is getting very agitated.
“Kevin “- What is taking the doctors so long? They already have my medical history?
Ava- We will find out?
Dr. Hamilton Finn and Anna Devane enter the room.
Dr. Finn tells Kevin and Ava that days ago Anna suffered a temporary loss of sight due to a viral infection.
Ava- Temporary?
Anna- Yes I have my eye 👁 sight back.
“Kevin “- Do you think I contacted the same virus 🦠?
Finn- We will know when your lab 🔬 work comes back?

At the Cave 🍙
Firefighter 👨‍🚒- Did you see him when he fell?
Sam- I put my phone 📱 light 💡 down there 👇 and couldn’t see him. The hole 🕳 is too deep?

We see Jason try to pull on the grate to loosen the crumbling concrete and get it away from the wall.

Firefighter 👨‍🚒- We found a break in the floor.
Sam - So Jason fell through the floor?
Firefighter- Yes where he fell is too deep to access without special equipment?
Sam - What are you doing to do?
Firefighter- We will get a team in here with the equipment.
Sam - How long will that take?
Firefighter- 5 or 6 hours for a detailed search of the tunnels.
Sam - Ok thank you. ( Sam calls Spinelli to check maps of the underground tunnels that run 🏃‍♀️ under Port Charles to see where Jason could be).

At the Hospital 🏥
Jordan tells Laura and Sonny there are certain indicators that point to the killer who killed Kiki and the other victims . Jordan has other information but asks Sonny to leave.
Laura- Ok what have we got?
Jordan - The killer stabbed Lulu with surgical precision. The killer is familiar with the human anatomy. Lulu’s driver’s license was missing.

In” Kevin ‘s” room
Anna and Finn leave to get the results of Kevin’s tests.
“Kevin “ - Ava would you be a love 💕 and bring me an herbal tea ☕️ ? I think it will help me to relax.
Ava- Of course.
“Kevin “- Where’s my coat 🧥?
Ava- I left it on the chair.
“Kevin “- Oh would you mind getting information about Lulu?

When Ava leaves 🍁 “Kevin “ drops to the floor and fumbles around to find the chair with his coat. He pulls out Lulu’s drivers license and it fall to the ground.

At the Nurses station 🚉
Sonny- Everything ok Laura?
Laura- Yes I have been briefed . It was the serial killer who attacked her. Oh one more thing , I need Lulu’s cell phone 📱 in case Dante calls.
Jordan - Sorry Laura? I can’t return Lulu’s phone 📱 just yet. It’s evidence.
Laura- Why is her phone 📱 evidence?
Sonny- They need go check Lulu’s phone 📱 and computer 💻 for activity. Especially 24 hours leading up to the attack.
Jordan - We spoke to all but the last person she spoke to before the attack.
Laura- Who is it?

Anna sees Laura and approaches her.
Anna- Laura this is horrible? Are you alright? I’m so sorry.
Sonny- You wouldn’t happen to know where your son is. Would you?

In “Kevin ‘s” room
“Kevin “ is on his hands and knees looking for the license. He finally finds it under the bed 🛏 just as Ava returns.
Ava- Kevin what happened? Are you alright!

At the Cave🍙
Sam - The firefighter said the floor was broken and Jason must have gone through.
Spinelli- I found an underground water 💦 system that leads to the Harbor.
Sam - Where? Please hurry up.
Spinelli- Give me a minute. I believe the waterway 💦 leads out near .....Pier 55.
Sam - 🤦‍♀️ Oh no!

Pier 55 is where Jason was shot and fell into the water 5 years ago. Sam tried to rescue him. She put on a wetsuit and had scuba gear to go under water 💦. She spent hour after hour diving into the freezing water 💧 but no Jason.

Sam- Could this be happening again? Oh Lord please don’t let it be a repeat of 5 years ago.

At the hospital 🏥
Jordan - Peter was the last person Lulu called before she was attacked and we want to talk to him?
Anna- Ok. Do you think he had something to do with Lulu’s attack?
Jordan - We won’t know until we question him.
Anna- I understand you want to question him but he didn’t have anything to do with this,Laura?
Sonny- Do you really know who Peter August is? From what I know, he kept Jason prisoner for 5 years. Had someone chase him all the way from Russia 🇷🇺. Had Peter’s true identity hidden for months?
Jordan - The sooner he comes in ? The sooner he can be eliminated.
Anna- He is far from perfect but he is not a serial killer.

Maxie and Peter arrive at the hospital 🏥. Nina told them Lulu was attacked.
Anna- Someone is looking for you?
Peter- I had messages on my phone 📱 but I thought I would handle it later.
Jordan - Would you go down to the station ? I need to ask you a-few questions .
Peter- I’m not going anywhere until I know Lulu is alright. You want to ask me questions? Go ahead. I have nothing to hide.
Jordan - Very well,I need to know what you and Lulu spoke about just prior to the attack? I need to know where you were the last 4 hours.
Peter- I went to Lucy’s book 📖 party 🎈 and then I took a walk. I was alone.
Maxie- Peter’s conversation with Lulu was professional.
Peter- That’s ok, Maxie.

In “Kevin ‘s” room
He picks up the license and hides it in his hand.
“Kevin “- This is so embarrassing? I just wanted to see if there was any news Lulu and I couldn’t find the dam remote.
Ava- It’s right here Kevin? Let me help you sit on the bed.
“Kevin “- No one cared about me the way you do ,Ava ? Whatever happens don’t forget that.
Dr. Finn enters the room to report the tests show he has the same virus 🦠 that blinded Anna. It can be fixed with surgery. Then you will be able to see.

At the Nurses station 🚉
Dr. Lacy - Ms. Webber?
Laura- How is my daughter?
Dr.Lacy- Lulu is in recovery. It was a severe wound but it was clean . We were able to repair the damage. Without complications, she will have a full recovery.
Laura- Oh thank you Doctor so much.
( Sonny and Laura hug 🤗 each other).

In “Kevin’s” room
Dr. Finn- Oh Monica wanted me to tell you,Lulu is out of the OR. The surgery was successful and she will make a full recovery.
Ava- Wonderful news!
“Kevin “- Yes wonderful.

At Pier 55
We see Sam in a wetsuit and carrying scuba goggles and a oxygen tank.
She notices something floating in the freezing water 💦.
Sam - JASON !!
She drops the goggles and tank and jumps into the water 💦 to save Jason.

Lets hope it’s not too late this time and there is a happy 😃 ending.
— MOM (1.23.19)
Tuesday on GH..............
Chase- We got a report of 2 missing kids? Josslyn Jaks 15 and Oscar Nero 16. Check the service tunnels to see if there is any sign of the kids. As well as possible access to the catacombs.
👮‍♀️ Officer- Yes Sir.
Chase asks Drew if this is some of the same since Oscar disappeared a few months ago.
Drew is angry he said this in front of Carly.
Drew- No I don’t think he would take off without telling us.
Carly- Joss and Oscar did not run away? Cameron Webber said they wanted to explore the catacombs . That was hours ago?

In the Cave 🍙
Joss is waiting for Oscar to come too. He had a seizure.
Oscar- What happened?
Joss- We have a little problem?

At Kelly’s Diner
Sam is bringing Jason up to speed about the Shiloh seminar when he gets a call from Carly.
Carly- I need you? I’m here at Rice 🍚 Plaza . Come quick ! Joss is in trouble!

At the Hospital 🏥
Lucas tells Michael it will be all night before we get any news about Lulu. Michael suggests they get something to eat and then come back to the hospital 🏥.

At the Rice Plaza
Sam and Jason show up to help find the kids. Carly tells Jason she is worried Joss and Oscar are lost down near the catacombs.
Chase informs Drew they think there are 6 tunnels
Drew is indignant - You THINK there are 6? You don’t have a map 🗺 of the catacombs?
Chase starts to answer Drew when he notices this guy isn’t listening to him. So he says he will go and check out the entrance by the park....alone it’s a restricted area.

Sam - If they are underground they won’t be able to get a signal to call you,Carly?
Carly- Drew called the cops 👮‍♀️ but no sign of them.
Sam - They may not have entered from Rice Plaza ? I know another way in and I think Josslyn does too.

In the Cave 🍙
Joss- How do you feel?
Oscar- It feels like someone put an ice pick into my temples.
Joss- I can’t call for help ? No service.
Oscar- We have to climb up that ladder?
Joss- You need to rest you had a seizure?
Oscar- Well one of us has to go for help and it my as well be you? It’s freezing 🥶 down here.
Joss- I can’t leave you here? What if you have another seizure ?

At Charley’s Pub
Lucas and Michael come in to get a bite to eat and Lucas sees Brad there with Julian holding Wylie. Lucas gets angry 😤 and takes Wylie out of Julian’s hands. He gives Wylie to Michael to hold . He goes outside to talk to Brad.
Lucas- Brad What are you doing? You know we promised the birth mother we wouldn’t let Julian near the baby?

At Kelly’s Diner
Alexis meets Shiloh and asks him if his meeting Drew,Sam and Kristina was a coincidence?
Shiloh- No it was fate.
Alexis - I’m an Attorney so I am suspicious of everyone.

At Rice Plaza
Sam - Do you know the Black Duck 🦆 distillery?
Jason - Yes the property Sonny is developing for ELQ.
Sam - There are cellars underneath the distillery yard and they lead to the catacombs.
Carly- Joss knows about Black Duck 🦆? Sonny and Michael were discussing whether they would shore up the cellars or fill them in.
Jason - Ok lets go Sam.
Carly- I’m going with you?
Drew- So am I.

In the Caves 🍙
Oscar- Joss no one knows we’re down here. Our phones 📞 don’t work? If you don’t go for help and no one comes down here? How will we get out? You need to go for help!
Joss- Ok fine! Sit down so if you get another seizure ? You will have less to fall.
Joss attempts to climb up the wooden ladder . The slats are old and rotting. She loses her balance and fall to the floor.
Oscar- Joss! Joss are you ok? Can you hear me? HELP!! We are trapped here !
Joss- I don’t think I broke anything?

At Charley’s Pub
While Michael is watching Wylie ,Willow comes in . She sees the baby 👶 and is frozen in place. Michael introduces Willow to Wylie, his godson. She attempts to hold Wylie’s hand but pulls back. She says she has to go.

Underground Cellars
Jason,Sam,Carly and Drew make it there and call out for Oscar and Joss.
Sam - It’s changed since the last time I was here ?
Jason - Where was the cellar before?
Sam - Lets go closer to the river.
Jason- Lets go.

They see an opening with a ladder.
Carly- Joss are you down there? Can you hear me? Josslyn!
Joss- Mom!
Drew- Oscar?
Oscar- Dad I’m down here ?
Carly- We will get you out of there. Are either of you hurt?
Joss - No but Oscar had a seizure .
Oscar - She fell trying to climb up the ladder?

At Rice Plaza
Chase is on the phone 📱- We searched the tunnels on Rice Plaza and there is no sign of the kids. The parents,Carly Corinthos and Drew Cain, are no longer on the scene. Please send a unit to track them down and see if they have called in? Advise the Commissioner I am on my way to the hospital to assist with the investigation of the assault at the Metro Court.
Chase to the officer 👮‍♀️ - Wrap it up . We’re done here.

In the Cave
Joss- I’m fine. I can make it up the ladder but Oscar can’t.
Drew and Jason go down to help the kids get up and out of the cellar. Oscar goes up first with Drew behind him. Jason notices the wooden floor planks are rotten and will cave in. He says nothing. Joss is the next to go up . Jason gives her his leather jacket since she is freezing 🥶 . Drew brings Oscar to the hospital to be checked out.

At Charley’s Pub
When Lucas and Brad return ,Michael introduces Willow to them. They don’t recognize her as the birth mother. Julian is the only one who has all the pieces to this puzzle 🧩. Michael is the only one who is completely in the dark.

At the Cave -
Carly told Jason the fire 🔥 department will be here any minute. Joss thanks Jason for saying her . They go to the hospital to make sure Joss is ok. Sam is there for Jason. When Joss went up the ladder on of the slats was so rotten it fell off. Sam is looking down at Jason.
Jason is taking the rotten wood pieces and puts them to the side .

Jason - Are they gone?
Sam - Yeah they just left.
Jason - You sure they can’t hear me?
Sam - No why?
Jason - I don’t think I can wait for the fire 🔥 department ? ( he is in a short sleeve shirt 👕 and it is freezing 🥶 down there). I’m coming up. The wood is about to cave in.
Sam - Be careful.
Jason climbs up the ladder and it pulls away from the wall.
Sam - Be careful . Take my hand ? Take it!!
The weight of Jason’s body pulls the ladder completely away from the wall . Jason and the ladder fall to the ground . He falls through the floor to the catacombs which are near the river.
Sam - JASON !!
— MOM (1.22.19)
Monday on GH......................
Kim is concerned that Oscar didn’t check in with her.

Oscar and Joss make it to the cave 🍙 - that is above the 1850’s catacombs under Port Charles.
Oscar- Wow! This place is a part of history.

Michael gives Lucas a very large check for Wylie’s college fund.

“Kevin “ visits Lulu at The Invader with malice on his mind.
Lulu- Thank you for taking the time to stop 🛑 bye. Do you remember how many people your brother Ryan killed?
“Kevin “ - 9.
Lulu - 9 ?? Really? See I researched ALL of the police 👮‍♀️ reports and only 7 came up? I don’t have Deborah Jones or Susan Smith. Those names didn’t come up anywhere ?
“Kevin “ - That is because those 2 murders were not solved.
Lulu- Are you saying Ryan told you he killed those women before he died? Why didn’t you tell the police 👮?
Lulu’s wallet is open on the desk and “Kevin “ picks up her license .
“Kevin “ - It’s such a shame driver licenses don’t really capture a person’s soul . Do they?
Lulu is sitting at her desk and is becoming concerned.
Lulu- Kevin what are you doing?
“Kevin “ - Your the investigative reporter. You tell me? ( he puts Lulu’s drive license in his pocket) what do you think 🤔 I’m doing!

Lulu is jumping out of her seat 💺 and is petrified.
Lulu- You are scaring me Kevin! I think that reliving Ryan’s crimes is taking a toll on you.
The only thing separating Lulu from “Kevin “ is her desk.
“Kevin “ - Ha Ha It certainly had an effect.
Lulu - When I started covering this story I wanted to make sure that ALL of Ryan ‘s victims were treated respectfully. That includes YOU.
“Kevin “ - I’m not one of Ryan’s victims.
Lulu - Except you are? Years after Ryan died you had a breakdown . You convinced yourself that YOU were Ryan ? You seem to be thinking that way now.
“Kevin “ - Oh Lulu I can assure you I don’t think I’m Ryan Chamberlain! For the record, you actually managed to capture a spark of Ryan’s genius.
Lulu- Thank you. My mom’s upstairs? I think I should..
“Kevin “ crosses the side of the desk and blocks Lulu.
“Kevin “ - Times up Lulu? I have given you hint after hint . The truth is staring Right in front of you. Literally staring in your face tight now! YOU still can’t see it.
Lulu- No Kevin? I do..
“Kevin “ - No lets try that again? Who am I !
Lulu- You are NOT Ryan. Ryan Chamberlain is dead.
A 🧤 gloved “Kevin “ takes out the knife 🔪.
“Kevin “. - You know Lulu if you’re going to be a reporter ? You really need to be diligent about checking your facts.

In the Cave🍙
Joss- You wanted go see the catacombs. I wanted to do this one thing for you? We can’t find the entrance.
Oscar- That’s ok? After weeks in the hospital, playing go fish 🐠 and celebrity ? We’re doing something 😎 cool! It doesn’t matter that we didn’t make it to the catacombs? We made it here and we’re together.

Kim and Oscar had an agreement he would text every 3 hours.
Kim- Where can he be Elizabeth ? It’s 3:52 minutes and counting.

In Lulu’s Office
We see Lulu on the floor. The room is a mess ,papers ,things all over the place. “Kevin “ is cleaning 🧹 his knife 🔪. Then Lulu gets up!!
“Kevin “ - How did I miss ? Well no worries I won’t make that mistake again!
As “Kevin “ approaches Lulu he get a stabbing pain in his head and drops to the floor. Lulu holds her side and tries to get out of the room. “Kevin “ stretches his arm and tries to grab her but can’t. She escapes.

Chase and Willow are on a date and go to the book 📖 launch. Later they get take-out and go to his apartment. After dinner ,Willow kisses 😘 Chase.
Chase- That was a nice surprise but I’m not a guy who thinks I deserve anything on a date. I like you very much and I don’t want to screw this up.
Willow tells him when they first met she had a pamphlet on seat of her car 🚘. She told him the Bereavement session was for a friend but was for her.
Chase- I figured that out.
Willow then tells him she has only been with one man . Her baby’s father didn’t stay and she put the baby up for adoption which she regrets.

At the Metro Court book signing
The elevator 🚪 doors open and An injured ,bleeding Lulu comes out. Sonny,Carly,Curtis,Lucy,Ava ,Michael ,Lucas and Jordan are watching.
Lulu- MOM!!
Laura- What happened to you Lulu? She has been stabbed! Lulu stay with me!
Jordan - Call 911 we need a paramedic. I want officers at all the exits.
Lucas ,a doctor, and Curtis try to stop ✋ the bleeding.
Laura - Lulu,honey, its Mom? Stay with me sweetheart? Keep breathing?
Michael gives Laura his jacket 🧥 to keep Lulu warm.

At the hospital 🏥
Emergency 🚨 Doctor- One internal wound. Heavy bleeding. Notify the OR!
Dr. Lucas Jones gives Sonny and Laura the update.
Laura- Thank God you were there.
Lucas- She lost a lot of blood but I think she got to us in time?

At the Invader floor
We see “Kevin “ use his hand to guide him on the wall to the elevators.
Carly- Who are you waiting for?
Ava- I’m waiting for Kevin?
Carly- You may want to call him? The police 👮‍♀️ are only letting hotel guests in the building for now.
The elevator 🚪 doors open and “Kevin “ is there.
Carly - Kevin are you ok?
“Kevin “- I was in the elevator and I thought the electricity went out? I can’t see!

Laura is told that Lulu is stable. She wants to see her. Lulu is resting and not awake.
Laura- Oh sweet, sweet girl . I love you so much . So many people love you honey 🍯? Especially, Rocco and Charlotte . I need you please honey to stay with us? I love you.

At Chase Apartment
Willow- I did what’s best for my son but not a day goes bye I don’t miss him. He is in a loving home 🏡 and I believe he is better off.

At the hospital 🏥
Carly is at the hospital and sees Sonny and Laura. She asks about Lulu and tells Laura that Kevin was brought in. She explains she and Ava found him getting out of the elevator.He was complaining about a headache and said he couldn’t see.

At the Crime scene
Jordan and Curtis surmise that Lulu put up a fight from the blood on the floor under the desk.
Curtis- He must have slipped in. Look at this ? The bloody 🔪 knife? This time the killer left his weapon.

At the hospital
“Kevin “- Carly said Lulu was attached. Is she alright? Would you go and check-on her and Laura?
Ava- I know Lulu is in surgery. I’m the last person Laura would want to see ? I will ask a nurse.

Kim- Carly have you heard from Josslyn?
Carly- No why?
Kim- I know their together . Do you know where they went? I hope they didn’t do anything foolish?

At the Cave 🍙
Joss wants to leave but Oscar wants to stay a little longer. He likes it down there. Oscar tells Joss he can’t imagine being gone . He prefers to imagine he and his dad climbing 🧗‍♀️ Kilimanjaro to the top . We look out over the plains . Something it’s just you and me . That’s when its most beautiful.
Oscar- The worst part of dying is leaving you. I will miss you very much. ( they hug).

At the hospital
Michael tells Sonny and Laura he heard over the police 👮 radio they found evidence but they are not saying.
Laura- We had officers 👮‍♀️ all over the Metro Court tonight and he still managed to attack my daughter. I don’t know WHAT it is going to take to stop 🛑 this guy!

At the crime scene Lulu Falconieri office
Jordan sees a bloody shoe 👞 print .
Jordan - After coming up empty at the other crime scenes ,the killer is making mistakes.
Curtis- We find the owner of these 👞 shoes? We find the serial killer.

“Kevin “- What did you find out?
Ava- They say Lulu may not make it through the night.
“Kevin “- Aw That’s just awful.
Ava- Yeah. You have your shoes 👞 here ( there in a plastic bag) Let me bring them home and I will bring you 🥿 slippers?

Anna and Finn hear about Lulu and want to talk to Kevin.

Carly asks Elizabeth if she can call Cameron and ask if he knows what Oscar and Joss were up to.

In the Cave 🍙
Joss- I don’t know about you but I’m 🥶 freezing .
Oscar- Yes it’s a little chilly 🥶.
Joss- Ok what do you say we go back to my house 🏡? Make some popcorn 🍿,hot🔥chocolate 🍫 and watch a movie 🎥?
Oscar- I could go for...( Oscar collapses).
Joss- Oscar look at me ? I’m right here? It ‘s going to be ok. Keep breathing?
— MOM (1.21.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.............
Tonight is the book 📖 signing for Lucy Coe’s 🧳 Travel Guide of Port Charles. All of the town people will be there.

At the Invader’s offices..................
(Lulu is writing ✍️ an article with the door 🚪 open.)
Laura - Why isn’t this door 🚪 locked 🔒? Lulu, do I REALLY have to remind you that there is a SERIAL KILLER on the loose?
(Laura 🔐 locks the door 🚪. Laura wants Lulu to go to the book 📚 launch 🚀 with her, but Lulu is working on an article about Ryan Chamberlain and the current murders. Laura lets it slip that Kevin had the names of all his brother’s victims on a piece of paper 📝 on his desk.)
Lulu - What would Kevin be doing with THAT?

At the Metro Court.............
Nina and Maxie introduce Lucy Coe and read the title of her book 📖: Travel 🧭 Guide of Port Charles, where to go, where to live and who to never cross.
The crowd claps 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 as Lucy, accompanied by guards, makes it to the podium. Lucy wants to give thanks 🙏 to her #1 benefactor, Sonny Corinthos. She starts to read about some VIP’s in the book 📖.
1 - Sonny Corinthos, the mob boss who lives in Port Charles.
2 - Felicia Jones, who brought Ryan Chamberlain to Port Charles and was stalked by him.
3 - Bobby Spencer and Tony Jones, who’s daughter, BJ, died in a school bus 🚌 crash.
4 - Little Maxie, who through a transplant, received BJ’s heart ❤️.
5 - Valentin Cassadine, who killed Nicholas Cassadine at Wyndmere.
6 - Peter August, who’s father is the notorious Cesar Faison.

(The crowd is not impressed. If they could have boo’d they would have. Felicia and Bobby were upset and Maxie was uncomfortable with Peter hearing about her heart 💜 transplant.)

At Sonny’s house 🏡.................
(Carly convinces Sonny to go with her to see Dr. Kevin Collins to get a perspective on Mike. When they arrive at “Kevin‘s” office he locks 🔐 the 🚪.)
“Kevin“ - So, what’s the problem?
(While Carly is talking about Mike and Sonny is reliving his battered childhood, “Kevin“ is rolling his 👀 eyes, not at all interested in what they are saying. He is 👁 eyeing the knife 🔪 he has out of their view. He gets a call from Lulu, but doesn’t take it.)
“Kevin“ - If I may?
Sonny - Well, that’s why we’re here!
“Kevin“ - I think this is about Morgan. This is about the son you couldn’t save. Your father is declining and you want to keep him close, in a way you couldn’t with Morgan. Your response is very human and admirable. I want you to visit Morgan’s grave. Tell Morgan the things you would say if he was still here.
Sonny - HOW does that help me with my father?
“Kevin“ - Talking to Morgan will give you a tool for talking with your father, who really isn’t here either. Is he?
(He is setting them up. They decide to go to Morgan’s grave instead of the book 📖 🚀 launch.)
As they leave, “Kevin“ says - Just call my assistant if you need a follow-up.
(Once they are out of the room, “Kevin“ picks up the 🔪 knife and he glides his thumb over the blade.)
”Kevin” - Something tells me, you won’t need it.

At the book 📖 signing...................
(Peter is sitting with Maxie when he gets a call from Lulu.)
Peter - Hey, where are you? You’re supposed to be covering this party!
Lulu - Peter, I BEG you to reconsider? I have new information! If it checks out, you will see the connection between the current killer and Ryan Chamberlain.
Peter is angry 😤 - Lulu, I said NO!! That’s final! Now get over here and cover this 🎉 party 🎈 like I assigned you!
Lulu - But?
(He hangs up on her.)
Maxie - Remind me never to work for you!
Peter - I just want to keep everyone safe. Especially YOU!

At the book signing.........
(Bobby tells Laura she is leaving the party 🎈. She had enough of Lucy.)
Laura - I’m meeting Lulu here. Besides, as Mayor I need to stay a while longer.

Felicia - Congratulations 🎉🍾 to a successful party!
Maxie - I’m sorry, Mom. I should have paid more attention to the content of the book 📖.

At the office of Dr. Kevin Collins...................
“Kevin“ listens to a voicemail. - “Kevin”? It’s Lulu. My mother told me you had a list of your brother’s victims that total nine instead of seven. I’d love to go over these names with you. Please get back to me?

At the Invader offices..................
(Someone is jiggling the 🔐 locked 🚪 door.)
Lulu - Who is it?
“Kevin“ - It’s Kevin.
(Lulu opens the door 🚪.)
Lulu - Kevin, you scared me!
“Kevin“ - I’m sorry. I got your message.
(You can see the top of the knife 🔪 in his 🧤 gloved hand 🖐.)
Lulu - I’m glad you came. Why weren’t you at the party 🎈?
“Kevin“ - Unfortunately, my plans changed.
(He 🔒 locks the door 🚪.)
Lulu - Kevin, WHAT are you doing??
— MOM (1.18.19)
Thursday on GH...............
At the Floating Rib...................
Sam - Ok, I should be going.
Jason - Do you want a shot of tequila first?
Sam - That’s tempting, but I need to be sober for this. Kristina is DYING for one of her family members to go to this seminar. I don’t want go, but it will get me closer to Shiloh.
Jason - I think that’s exactly what Shiloh wants. Let me settle up and we can go?
Sam - Jason, NO! We already talked about this!
Jason - I don’t feel right. Whatever con Shiloh is working, I think Kristina is the ramp and you are the target 🎯.
Sam - Ok, if I was going in this blind it would make sense. I used to BE a con, so if Shiloh is after something, I will be able to see it!
Jason - You know his MO. He gets people to trust him. They tell him things and then he uses it against them.
Sam - I’m not vulnerable.
Jason - Yes you are! What you did conning guys like Shiloh’s father? I think it still wears on you.
Sam - I did what I did to take care of my brother. You know there was no other way!
Jason - I know that, but Shiloh is going to try to use that against you. I hate the fact that you bring up that part of your life and it brings back all that pain.

(Woah, this is the first time Jason has expressed displeasure in Sam’s past. He is an honest person. He may not like the cons she played on guys. Just saying!).

Sam - All that pain? I have been through worse.
Jason - I know, but maybe there’s another way?
Sam - Like what?
Jason - I mean, the seminar is open to everyone, right? Why shouldn’t I go?
Sam - Because they would take ONE look at you and know you weren’t interested in a seminar. Come on, Jason! If you were at the Dawn of Day house 🏠, you would be on edge the whole time? No one would open up to me about what is going on in there.
Jason - Just be careful ok? I don’t trust this guy.
Sam - I know. Kristina does and I’ve got to figure out why. Wish me luck?
Jason - Always.
(Sam leaves and Jason gets a text from Drew. “Where are you? Need a favor.”)

In Monica’s office at GH....................
(Alexis calls Scott Baldwin, Laura Weber and Monica Quartermaine to the reading of Gail Baldwin’s will.)
Alexis - Thank you all for coming. As the Executor of Gail’s estate, I’m here to read her last will and testament.

At the Dawn of Day Seminar..................
Kristina - Sam? You came!
(🤗 hugs.)
Sam - You know I’ll always be here for you.
(Kristina approaches Daisy and she welcomes Sam to the house 🏠.)
Daisy - You’re going to love this seminar!
Sam - What is it, exactly?
Kristina - It’s called, ”Unburdening Your Past“.
Shiloh appears and welcomes everyone. He looks at Sam and says -.It’s good to have you here.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
(Jason meets with Drew.)
Drew - I appreciate you meeting me.
Jason - No problem. What can I do for you?
Drew - Did you hear about Oscar?
Jason - Yeah. I heard the medical trial didn’t work. I’m very sorry.
Drew - Thank you. The thing is, his mother and I are trying to help him face the end of his life. Josslyn has been a big part of his life and that is why I need your help.

At Monica‘s office...................
(Alexis reads that Gail leaves the majority of her assets in trust to be managed by a neutral third party.)
Scott - What kind of trust?
(Scott then rattles off all the things that are important to him: A home 🏠 on the water 💦 in Fort Lauderdale, royalties from Gail’s ✍️ writings, his fathers watch, rattan furniture.)
Scott - This stuff has sentimental value to me!
Alexis - There will be a codicil to address personal items. May I continue?
Monica - Please!
Alexis - An education fund has been set aside for any children Serena may have.
(She is Gail’s granddaughter and Scott’s child with Lucy Coe.)
Alexis - The Trust is to be used to further endow mental health services at GH.
Laura - What a wonderful idea 💡!
Alexis - Hold on, there is a catch!

At the book 📖 signing in the Metro Court......................
(While everyone is waiting for the event to begin. Lulu approaches Willow Tate to ask about Charlotte. Willow tells her she was going to call next week to talk.)
Lulu - We are here now, so let me have it! If Charlotte is still bullying I HAVE to know so I can stop 🛑 it.
Willow - It doesn’t involve Aiden.

Valentin asks Nina to marry him and she is about to give him an answer when Lulu and Willow interrupt them.
Valentin - This is not a good time.
Lulu - It can’t wait. Ms. Tate shared some troubling news about Charlotte.
Nina - And WHAT is the troubling news?
(Willow wants to discuss this at school 🏫, but Valentin tells her to speak in front of Nina. Willow tells them Charlotte is struggling with History. She got C’s on the majority of her tests.)
Willow - Last week she scored an A on 2 quizzes in a row.
Valentin - That’s excellent!
(Willow then says she places Charlotte next to her friend Kendra. Their quizzes had identical answers. The incorrect ones too.)
Nina - So Kendra was copying from Charlotte?
Willow - No.
Lulu - Nina, Charlotte was the one doing the cheating!

At Dawn of Day seminar....................
Shiloh - The seminar is Unburdening Your Past. The first step to self-actualization is realizing we are not alone. We’re in a constant state of reliving these past memories. The only way to break the cycle is to change the narrative, to realize we are only responsible for ourselves. No one else.
(The crowd claps 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Shiloh asks Daisy to come up and help him with a person who will want to shed a painful memory, to unburden themselves and just move on.)

At Charley’s Pub..........................
Drew - I’m sure you know Josslyn is a lot like her mother.
Jason - Yeah, I do.
Drew - Oscar doesn’t have much time left. I’m worried Josslyn is costing him time he doesn’t have!
Jason - How?
Drew - By encouraging him to look 👀 look for a cure, a miracle, that doesn’t exist!
Jason - Ok, I’m not sure what you want me to do?
Drew - This is hard. Carly listens to you! Maybe you could talk to her, and maybe she could explain the situation to Josslyn?

At Dawn of Day..................
Shiloh - Is there anyone who would like a session?
Kristina - I’ll go.
(She sits in front of Shiloh. He tells her to close her eyes 👀 and to think of a memory that is holding her back. Shiloh moves back and Daisy takes over.)
Daisy - Where are you?
Kristina - My mother’s old house 🏠.
Daisy - How old are you?
Kristina - I’m seventeen.
Daisy - Are you alone?
(Kristina says her boyfriend Kiefer is there and is angry 😤 with her. She explains she blew him off to be with another guy.)
Dais y- What did he do when he saw you do that?
Kristina - He called me a bitch for doing it in a dress he bought me. He then slapped me so hard that I fell to the floor!
Daisy - Did you run away or tell someone?
Kristina - No, I thought it was my fault.
Daisy - It’s because you didn’t want to lose him. Did you?
Kristina is crying - No.
Daisy - You were glad he was jealous! Even when he scared you and hurt you. He was paying attention to you and THAT was what mattered.
(This is making Sam angry 😤 and she gets up and hugs a crying Kristina.)
Sam - Hey! HEY! That’s enough.

At Monica’s office....................
Laura - What kind of a catch?
Alexis - It says GH will only receive said endowment if certain provisions are met. The parties that are here will be summoned back for further instructions. That’s it.
Monica and Laura - Thank you.

At the book 📖 signing.......................
Nina - Wow! First you accuse Charlotte of bullying Aiden. Now you’re accusing her of CHEATING?
(Willow offers that Kendra grades have been consistent, A’s all year. She offers to tutor Charlotte but Nina loudly rejects that.)
Valentin - I appreciate your bringing this to my attention. Charlotte and I have been studying history together. She can increase her test scores without cheating. Thank you.

At the Dawn of Day.......................
Sam - What the HELL is wrong with you? What are you doing to my sister?
Daisy - We’re only trying to help!
Sam - HELP? By saying her being hit is the ONLY thing that made her feel like she mattered?
Kristina - It’s ok, Sam.
Sam - No, Kristina! It is NOT ok. You have NO idea 💡 what her relationship is with Kiefer! I thought you were supposed to be her friend. What is WRONG with you?
Kristina - She didn’t do anything wrong!
Sam - Kristina, you were crying! What are you talking about?
Kristina - I have been carrying this shame since I was a teenager. Working through this with all this support is helping me HEAL. Can you understand that?
(Sam gave her the I Don’t Get You Look 👀.)

At General Hospital.....................
Anna - Did you find out how this happened to me?
Finn - You should be in bed.
Anna - I NEED to know why this happened!
Finn - We found that Dr. Cabot was a well-regarded researcher.
Anna - Yes and no. He had ties with the DUX.
(These are the bad guys that the WSB fights against.)
Finn - So, you knew him? What did he do for them?
Anna - The DUX was interested in biological weapons. The kind that can make a subject sick. The kind that is more susceptible to mind control, which was Faison’s area of expertise.
Finn- Suddenly, It doesn’t seem so random that you contracted the virus!
Anna - That’s not random at all.

(💥💥SPOILER 💥💥 Robert Scorpio ♏️ /Tristan Rogers will be returning to GH the end of January for February sweeps.)

At Dawn of Day......................
Shiloh - I know the process can seem a little discorded from the outside.
Sam - Discorded? Try brutal and unfair!
Shiloh - Your strong reaction can indicate YOU’RE dealing with some past trauma of your own. We would be happy to help you confront it and move on?
(Sam realizes she went too far.)
Sam - I’m sorry. I’m just trying to take this all in right now.
Shiloh - Ok, this would be a good time to wrap up this session. Thank all of you for coming and open your minds.
(Sam apologizes to Kristina for embarrassing her. Kristina tells her the group is really helping her.)
Kristina - You should go now.
Sam - Ok, I love you.
Shiloh - Sam, thanks for coming.
Sam - I have one question before I leave. What qualifies YOU to run a self help group without emotional training?
Shiloh - I don’t believe one person is more qualified than another. We all have darkness in our past. I sense you understand that more than most! I hope you learn more about the work we do here.
Sam - Oh, I will. This is not the last time you see me .

At Charley’s Pub.......................
Drew - I’m afraid that without meaning to Joss might make things harder for Oscar.
Jason - Yeah, I’ll talk to Carly. I don’t think you need to worry about Josslyn? Yeah she is like her mother but I think she has the courage to face reality no matter how much it hurts. She will keep fighting. She will fight to help Oscar make sure the time he has left is the best it can be.
At the Inauguration.............
(Cam is picking up garbage from the floor for his community service when he sees Oscar and Joss. Oscar starts talking about all the places in Port Charles he wants to see. The shop that has the best sugar cookies, and other places on their list.)
Joss - NOT the dog 🐕 show!
Cam - What? The dog 🐶 show is the BEST!
(Cam, Joss and Oscar are talking about the catacombs under Port Charles. Cam says the seniors at school 🏫 told him where the entrance is to get in. This trip is on Oscar’s bucket list.)
— MOM (1.17.19)
Wednesday on GH...........
Lucy Coe is 🚀 launching her Port Charles Guide Book 📖 signing today.

Lulu informs Peter August (Publisher of the Invader) that she can’t get anyone from the PCPD to confirm the connection of Ryan Chamberlain to the recent murders.
Peter - If the police 👮 won’t confirm, it’s because they lack evidence to back it up. Nothing more than a rumor.
Lulu - Are you saying it’s not newsworthy?
Peter - I don’t publish rumors. If you can’t get someone at the PCPD to talk, find someone who will.

Mac 🖥 and Commissioner Jordan Ashford want Maxie to cancel Lucy’s book signing before it becomes a crime scene.

On the day of Laura’s inauguration, ”Kevin“ tells her she needs a clean slate.
“Kevin“ - We need to finalize our divorce.
Laura - My new role compels me to decline your request. The divorce will have to wait.

Aiden is concerned his cousin, Charlotte, will be at grandma Laura’s ceremony.
Cameron - Jake what’s up with Aiden?
Jake - You should ask Aiden!
Cameron - I’m asking YOU.
Jake - Charlotte is bullying Aiden.

Ava asks Scott Baldwin to oversee the sale of her Gallery and Penthouse with all the contents.
Scott - So are you downsizing? Are you leaving town?
Ava - If all goes well.
Scott - If you’re going alone, I hope you have friends where you’re going?
Ava - Scott, I didn’t say I was going to be alone.

At Sonny’s house 🏠......................
(While Sonny is telling Carly that Ava is leaving town and wants to have Avery for 1-2 months at a time, they hear a loud noise.)
Sonny - Dad?
Carly - Mike?

At Crimson..........................
(Maxie is not going to cancel Lucy’s event.)
Lulu - Why would the PCPD care about a book 📚 signing?
(Mac and Jordan think the killer will do something at the signing because all the deaths happened at big events.)
Maxie - It’s not huge, and not a holiday, so we will be fine.

At the Inauguration.................
“Kevin“ - I have been patient with you. I want that divorce finalized!
Laura - So you can go play house 🏡 with Ava?

At Charley’s Pub...............
Scott - The Gallery will sell, but the 🏡 house market is down.
Ava - Do the best you can. I have one more matter? I can’t leave Port Charles without Avery!
Scott - Well Ava, you better put your feet up and get comfortable! There is NO way Sonny will let you leave the state line, let alone the country, with Avery!
Ava - Sonny and I have shared custody!
Scott - There is no wiggle room in the shared custody. The ONLY way you take Avery is over Sonny’s dead 💀 body!

At Sonny’s house 🏡...................
(Mike is running down the stairs and is very agitated 😡. Mike is complaining that he can’t find his watch.)
Mike - What the HELL happened to my watch? I had it, but now it’s gone!
(Sonny opens the desk drawer and retrieves the watch.)
Mike - What are you doing with it? Give it to me!
Sonny - Dad, you told me to hold it for you.
Mike - NO I didn’t! LIAR! You’re nothing but a thief.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏡.........................
Cameron - Charlotte is bullying Aiden?
Jake - Was. She got in trouble at school 🏫. Other kids are bullying him too. I’ve heard kids say he’s a weirdo.
Cameron - You just let that go?
Jake - What am I supposed to DO?
Cameron - If it’s a boy? Beat him up! If it’s a girl? Tell on her! Girls hate to get in trouble.
Jake - Cam, I’m not like you! I don’t beat people up. If I tell, people will think I’m a snitch.
Cameron - I didn’t say it was easy, but Aiden is your little brother. It’s YOUR responsibility to protect him.
Jake - I’ll try, but I only see him on the bus 🚌. I can’t follow him around all day!
Elizabeth - Ok, lets go! Grab your coat 🧥, get in the car 🚘. I don’t want to be late for the ceremony.

At Crimson.................
Lulu - The PCPD thinks the killer uses big events. Is there an aspect of the event that you think will draw the killer out?
Jordan - No comment. You KNOW it’s the right thing to do, Maxie.

At the Metro Court..................
Mac asks Peter August to help him protect Maxie by taking Lulu off the Port Charles murder story.

At the Inaugural.................
Laura - The divorce will have to wait, Kevin. The people of Port Charles are my priority now.
“Kevin“ - Or are you dragging your feet because of your commitment to a lost cause? Namely, our marriage!

At Charles Pub.................
Ava - What are the odds, do you think, of Sonny dropping dead?
Scott - Not good. People have been trying to kill him for 25 years! No such luck.
Ava - Why won’t you help me?
Scott - I AM helping you. I’m giving you free advice. Drop it!
Ava - I have a chance to get out of here, start over and Kevin says it’s just...
Scott - Hold on a second! Kevin? This is HIS big idea?
Ava - So what if it is?

At Sonny’s house 🏠..............
Mike - You took this out of my room? I want this man arrested. Call the police 👮‍♀️!
Sonny - Dad, it’s my house 🏠.
Mike - What kind of an operation are you running here, lady? You let TRASH go into my room? What’s your cut?
Carly - Mike, this is your son, Sonny! His name is Michael?
Mike - No, I don’t have a son!
(Sonny touches Mike’s arm.)
Mike - Don’t touch me! You can’t have my watch. I will NEVER let you have it!
(Mike punches Sonny in the mouth. It starts to bleed. Carly is frightened and repulsed by what she just saw.)
Mike - Come on, you coward! Fight me like a MAN.
Carly - Knock it OFF!! There is NO fighting here! Go up to your room, or I will have to throw you out! YOU’RE the one who has to cool off.
Mike - If you see me coming? You walk the other way.

At the Metro Court.............
Mac - Peter, you need to keep Ryan Chamberlain’s name out of the story. Look, if the killer knows the police 🚔 are on to him, he will take two steps ahead instead of one. The more Jordan has to study Ryan? The better to catch that killer before he can copy that bastard again! If the killer is copying Ryan, then Felicia and Maxie are BOTH 🎯 targets. So, for Maxie’s sake, you HAVE to bury the story!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Scott - Do you think Kevin will treat YOU any better than the way he treated Laura?
Ava - Why can’t you just be happy for me?
Scott - Because you can do better!
Ava - With WHO? With YOU? No! I’m with Kevin.

At the Inauguration...................
Laura - Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I believe the man I married still exists.
“Kevin“ - Perhaps I wasn’t the man you thought I was? I haven’t lived up to your image of me. We are not a good fit. You don’t challenge me. You don’t see the world 🌎 the same way I do. You don’t play for the same stakes. You don’t even understand the GAME!
Laura - Go to HELL!

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....................
Carly - Sonny, are you ok? This is serious! If Mike comes after you again, you will HAVE to defend yourself.
Sonny - Carly, I can handle it.
Carly - You’re a survivor of domestic violence! (Sonny’s stepfather beat him as a child.) If you have to hit Mike in self-defense? How is it going to feel knowing you had to go that far?

At the Inauguration.......................
Judge - It’s my pleasure to administer the Oath Of Office to Laura Collins.
(👏🏻👏🏻🤲🏼👍 Laura’s friends and family and voters are there.)
Judge - Raise your right hand 🖐 and place your left hand on the Bible. Repeat after me: I, Laura Collins, do solemnly swear...
(Laura looks down at her left hand on the Bible and sees her wedding 👰 rings and stops the ceremony.)
Laura - May I have a moment please? I don’t want to take the Oath this way today because I don’t want go begin my Administration with any sort of misconception. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I will take off these wedding rings. I, Laura Webber, do solemnly swear to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of New York and the Charter of the City of Port Charles. I will faithfully discharge the duties of the Office of Mayor of the City of Port Charles according to my best abilities. So help me God.
Judge - Let me be the first to congratulate you, Madam Mayor!
(The crowd cheers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍👍.)

Aiden gives out his from scratch cookies 🍪. They are a big hit!
Cameron - What’s with the baking?
Franco - You have a problem with it?
Cameron - No, but other kids might think he is weird.
Franco - Weird? Dude, the cookies are DELICIOUS! It’s a win for everybody. You’re not ashamed of your little brother, are you, Cam?
Cameron - At home we can protect Aiden. We can build him up to believing in himself. That doesn’t change how people in the world 🌍 treat him!

(I’ve got to make dinner 🥘. Baked chicken 🐓 and baked 🥔 potatoes.with buttered corn 🌽.)

At the Inauguration.......................
Lulu - You took off your wedding 👰 rings?
Laura - It was time. Kevin showed up to finalize the divorce right before the ceremony.
Lulu - I’m SO sorry, Mom! Never in a MILLION years would I believe that Kevin could do this to you.
Laura - Me neither.
Lulu - I am here for you if you need anything.
Laura - Thank you. If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to talk to Jordan.
Lulu- Good luck, Madam Mayor!

Maxie - So, am I going to see you at Lucy’s book 📚 signing?
Peter - I thought with everything going on with the serial killer, you, Nina and Lucy would think about it.
Lulu - Peter, I got some interesting denials from the Commissioner. We need to talk about it!
Peter - Don’t bother.
Lulu - What?
Peter - It would be a waste of your time to write it now.
Lulu - But you said?
Peter - I changed my mind. The Invader is not going to run with the story.

Laura - Commissioner, gather your detectives on the case. I want a full briefing within the hour.

At Charley’s Pub........................
“Kevin“ - Good news! Laura has agreed to a quick divorce. My marriage will be over soon. No muss. No fuss.
Ava - That is good.
“Kevin“ - Is it?
Ava - As much as I want to go away with you, Scott just gave me a reality check. Even with shared custody of Avery, Sonny is going to keep her by ANY means necessary. I can’t leave without my daughter!
“Kevin“ - Why don’t I have a go at this?
Ava - NO! No, I don’t want to drag you into this.
“Kevin“ - I’m EXACTLY where I want to be.

At Sonny’s house 🏡.....................
Carly - Sonny, can we please discuss this about Mike?
(Ring. Ring.)
Carly - Hello?
“Kevin“ - Carly? It’s Kevin Collins. I’d like to apologize for my behavior. You were right. This murder has taken a toll, but that is no excuse. I hope you will forgive me?
Carly - Apology accepted. I guess I could have been more understanding?
“Kevin“ - I know you wanted to talk. I’d be happy to make time?
Carly - There is something I want to discuss with you, but Sonny will have to come with me.
“Kevin“ - No problem at all. Do you have time today?

(This should be interesting! Will Carly and Sonny want to talk about Mike? Will “Kevin“ want to talk about Ava and Avery?)
— MOM (1.16.19)
Tuesday on GH................
At General Hospital 🏥....................
(Anna has a bandage 🤕 around her eyes 👁.)
Anna - I NEED to know! Did it work? Can I see? How bad was the damage to my eyes 👀?

Aiden wants to-bring cookies 🍪 to the school 🏫 bake sale. Elizabeth (his mom) wants to buy cookie dough, bake and put candies on it. Aiden wants to make cookies 🍪 from scratch. So, Franco helps him.

At the GH Chapel 💒..............................
(Joss sees Aiden stretched out on a bench. When she wakes him up, a book 📖 falls to the floor.)
Joss - The Road to Recovery? Are you on drugs?!

Still at GH...............
(This is the day Dr. Terry Randolph speaks to Oscar and Dr. Kim Nero about what comes next for him.)
Kim - Be as candid as you can with Oscar. He has some tough questions. He needs the truth.

Alexis - Oscar, nice to see you out of bed 🛌! Any change?
Oscar - No. I want to finish up my will and make sure everything is taken care of. I’ll call you about the will. Right now, I have a very important meeting to attend. See you.

At the Chapel.....................
(Cameron tells Joss he is on probation because he had to go to court for being busted for buying weed.)
Joss - You care a lot about Oscar to do that. The trials failed, and Oscar is not going to get better.

In Dr. Randolph’s office....................
Terry - So, what do you want to begin with?
Oscar - What’s it going to be like when I’m dying?

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room....................
Dr. Griffin Munro - The surgery went well. We stopped the hemorrhaging in your eye 👁 but we can’t predict if your eyesight will be fully restored. Once we get clearance from the Optic Surgeon 👨‍⚕️, we will remove the bandages. I’m sorry, you will just have to wait.
Anna - I understand.

At Charley’s Pub.......................
(Elizabeth meets with Willow Tate (teacher 👩‍🏫) to talk about Aiden.)
Willow - I haven’t witnessed any bullying since Charolette apologized.
Elizabeth - Do you think it’s over?
Willow - Aiden still avoids his classmates. He my not feel safe around them for some time.
Elizabeth - I don’t understand why these kids would turn on him! Is there something about Aiden that makes him a target 🎯?

In Dr. Randolph’s office........................
Oscar - If I can know what is coming next, I won’t be afraid 😱 when things start to change for me. Will my headaches get more painful?
Dr. Randolph - We will manage your pain with medication, but the pain will get worse and more severe.
Oscar - How about my balance? Will I fall down all the time?
Dr. Randolph - Eventually, you will have difficulty with your balance.
Oscar - What about having a stroke? Will I lose the ability to walk or talk?
Dr. Randolph - Those are all possibilities but you may feel normal for some time.
Oscar - How much time do you think 🤔 I have?
Dr. Randolph - I’m not trying to be vague but I can’t give you a definite answer.
(Oscar gets up and is angry 😤.)
Kim - Ok, what is the longest you have had a patient with a similar prognosis survive?
Dr. - Seven to eight months.
Kim - And the shortest?
Dr. - Six weeks.
(Upon hearing this Oscar drops the water 💦 bottle in his hand and cries on his mothers shoulder.)

At Charley’s Pub..................
Willow - Kids can be cruel and in a pack, single out a child. Aiden is a very sweet kid. He loves to take care of the class guinea pig 🐷. At recess, he stays by me or goes to the library 📚 to read. He is not into the games kids play on the playground. I feel he is taking the first steps to discovering his own identity? He needs the freedom to do that?
(Aiden may be more advanced mentally and creatively than the other children in his class.)
Elizabeth - That’s fine with us. He lives in a non-traditional family, but I still want to protect my child!
Willow - You are a very caring and involved mother. Please remember, I am monitoring this. And it is just ONE chapter in his life.
Elizabeth - This too shall pass, I hope?

In the kitchen with Aiden....................
Aiden - We sift the flour, add the creamed sugar and eggs 🥚.
Franco - I’m impressed with you Aiden! Did you learn this from 📺 TV?
Aiden - Some also from books 📚 in the library. I like the books 📖 with pictures the best. Next time, could we make a three layer chocolate 🍫 cake?
Franco - Sure! I don’t see why not? I’m kind of blown away. Why didn’t you tell us you like baking so much?
(Aiden shrugged 🤷‍♂️ his shoulders.)
Franco - You know, when I was your age I was really into drawing ✍️. I didn’t tell anyone, the way YOU didn’t tell anybody.
Aiden - I just didn’t want to be 😂 laughed at again.
(This kid is so cute! There are plenty of boys who became cooks and then famous chefs. In the end, Aiden, you will have the last 😆 laugh.)

At General Hospital 🏥......................
Monica - I heard. I am SO sorry.
Kim - I want to thank you 🙏 for the Quartermaine family being so welcoming to Oscar.
Monica - Oscar is a joy to me! The time we spent together, I will always treasure.
Kim - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what to do? How do I let go of my son?

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room.....................
(Dr. Griffin Munro takes the bandages off of Anna’s 👁 eyes as Dr. Harrison Finn watches.)
Griffin - Let’s try to be patient?
Anna - I can see, but it’s blurry.
Finn - Keep breathing?
Anna starts to cry - You have the most beautiful eyes. Thank you.

In the Chapel 💒...................
(Joss tells Cam that Oscar is home. The trials didn’t work.)
Cameron - I’m such an idiot! I went on and ON about how he beat ♋️ cancer.
Joss - I think he didn’t tell you because you thought he won. For a little bit, he wanted to pretend he did? Oscar and I have decided not to look for any cures. We don’t want to waste the time we have left. So we’re going to make the best of every day.
Cameron - Is there anything I can do for you and Oscar?
Joss - Just be his friend.

In Elizabeth’s house 🏠.................
Elizabeth - Mmmm something smells very yummy 🤤!
Franco - Come in and meet Chef 👨‍🍳 Aiden! Are you ready to unveil your creations?
Aiden - Tada! Chocolate 🍫 chip🍪, oatmeal and sugar cookies with sprinkles!
Franco - Aiden has watched a lot of cooking shows and it turns out he is a Kitchen Prodigy!
Elizabeth - Cameron, look at what your brother made!
Aiden is smiling - Have a 🍪 cookie!
Cameron - Dude! This is REALLY good.
Aiden - You mean it?
Cameron - Yeah!

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room...........................
Griffin - Looks good. No permanent damage. That’s strange? I don’t recognize some of these markers in this report. Maybe Finn will have better luck?

In the Chapel 💒........................
Oscar - Sorry you had to wait. Joss, I want to tell you about...
Joss - Not to be rude, but you’re on MY time now! We have the WHOLE afternoon in front of us. What do you want to do?

In Anna’s hospital 🏥 room...........
Anna - What is it?
Finn - The virus that caused your blindness is one I have never seen in North America!
Anna - How could I get it?
Finn - I honestly don’t know.
Anna - Do you think someone gave it to me intentionally?
Finn - What would be the point?
Anna - You don’t know what caused it? At ALL?
Finn - No, I don’t.

At Elizabeth’s house 🏡...................
Aiden holds a cook book 📖 - Thanks Mom!
Elizabeth - You’re welcome. I can’t believe how happy 😊 he is!
Franco - He is SO excited and chatty. He gives all the tips and facts. This kid is ready for his own cooking 🥘 show!
Elizabeth - HOW did I miss this?
Franco - He was keeping it to himself! This is who he is. Stop ✋ worrying about Aiden fitting in and let Aiden be Aiden.
(Cameron asks Aiden for the password to his iPad. He sees a message: Get Lost Gayden.)
Cameron - Ok, got it. Changed my mind. A stupid game anyway.
Aiden - That’s ok! Want to see a book 📖 mom got me?
Cameron - Sure! Do you know how to make macaroons?
Aiden - Yeah. It takes a whole lot of steps!

At the Chapel 💒 at GH...................
(Joss and Oscar take a look at a book 📖 they made of things they want to do together.)
Joss - The dog 🐕 show is off the list!
Oscar - Only if you take off pottery! THIS one is non-negotiable. Be with Joss on the 16th.
Joss - This is totally non-negotiable. Are you ready to start?
Oscar - Let’s do this. Let the end of my life begin.

(This storyline is very sad and tragic. It is going to be hard to watch.)
— MOM (1.15.19)
Monday on GH................
At Crimson....................
Lisle - There is something you need to know about your daughter!
Nina - There are a MILLION things I need to know about my daughter. I just found out she was alive! I tried to pack in a lifetime in the few weeks she was here. I think I succeeded, but I’m not sure. We have MILES to go. I’m enjoying the journey, Aunt Lisle. I really am! NOTHING you say is going to diminish my joy.
Lisle - Wait and see, my niece. Joy will change to disappoint someday.

At Dr. “Kevin“ Collins’ office..................
(Franco is looking for his medical 🏥 records. Scattering the files all over the desk. He comes across a brown wooden box 📦 and picks it up.)
Carly - What are you up to? Why are you ransacking Kevin’s office?
Franco - I’m not ransacking. I’m doing a little search to find out why Kevin is treating me like dirt! He’s avoiding me and putting me off. When I talk to him, nothing he says makes sense.
Carly - That’s why I’m here too!

At the Pier......................
(“Kevin“ wants Ava to leave town with him.)
“Kevin“ - I think the two of us should leave Port Charles for good. Lisbon, Rome, Madrid?
Ava - A few weeks ago you convinced me NOT to leave town!
“Kevin“ - I didn’t want you to walk out of my life! If you go away you won’t be haunted by Kiki in every restaurant, in your own HOME! I can take you away from all this! We only need each other. They will NEVER find us. Please say yes!

At Charley’s Pub.....................
(Alexis brings a gift 🎁 for Kristina’s new home.)
Sam - I don’t have an actual 🎁 gift. I just have a warning ⚠️ about her new 🏡 home.

At the Metro Court.................
Sonny - What did you need to see me about?
Jason - I got some information about Kristina.
Sonny - What about her? She seems happy!
Jason - Sam says the same thing, but there are some things you may not realize. Has Kristina ever mentioned the name Shiloh to you?
Sonny - WHO is Shiloh?
Jason - He is the leader of the people that Kristina has moved in with.
Sonny - What do you mean they have a LEADER?
Jason - Yeah, I was surprised by that too because Kristina made it sound like she was just moving in with a group of 👫 friends 👭. There is DEFINITELY a guy in charge who calls himself Shiloh.
Sonny - What did this Shiloh call himself before?
(Kristina shows up.)
Kristina - I don’t believe this, Jason! WHY do you want my Dad to worry about me?
Sonny - Is there something I should worry about?
Kristina - NO! I’m not going to give Jason my power.
Sonny - What did you say?
Kristina - I allowed myself to react negatively to your actions, but I can change that with all the positive energy in collecting 🥫🍤🥓🌭🍔🍞🥕🌽 food 🥘 for the soup 🍜 kitchen.
Sonny - Ok, so these are the same people you spent Thanksgiving 🦃with? Your roommate?
Kristina - Yes, I’m beyond happy 😊 and safe in my new home.
Sonny - Ok, good to know.
Kristina - Only Sam and Jason don’t think so!

At Charley’s Pub........................
Alexis - Just yesterday, you were ok with her new home. Do I need to worry?
Sam - No, I came to talk to her.
Alexis - This doesn’t have anything to do with the serial killer, does it?
Sam - NO! No, it’s not that bad. She is in a house with people who care about each other!
Alexis - So, what happened between last night and tonight? What do I need to know?

At Crimson....................
Nina - She would never hurt or disappoint me. Right now, that person is YOU. What happened? I thought we trusted each other?
Lisle - We did. That is why I am trying to HELP you! So that you don’t get a broken heart 💔 again!
Nina - Just because Britt broke YOUR heart 💜 doesn’t mean MY daughter will do the same! She TRICKED you to come out of hiding and return to the States.
Lisle - She is now out of prison, for which I am grateful.
Nina - She BETRAYED you to save her own skin. My daughter and I would NEVER do that to each other. I did nothing to alienate her!
Lisle - Who’s to say SHE will not alienate YOU?

At “Kevin“s office..........................
(Franco and Carly agree that Kevin is acting very strangely.)
Carly - You shouldn’t be looking at the files!
Franco - I am looking for my file because I am switching doctors.
Carly - Really? Things have gotten THAT bad?
Franco - Not my choice. He told me he didn’t want to see me anymore. I spilled my guts to this guy and he tells me to get lost!

At the Pier..................
(“Kevin“ is saying anything and everything to get Ava to leave with him.)
Ava - You make it sound sooo wonderful. So possible and what I need to hear to heal. What about Avery? I could NEVER leave my little girl.
“Kevin“ - We could take Avery with us? Be a family.

At Crimson....................
Nina - What is WRONG with you? Dropping all these hints about how Sasha will hurt me when you know NOTHING about her!
Lisle - Because I hate to see my niece wallow in blindness that often accompanies love 💕. Your comparison with Sasha and Nathan, basking in your new relationship with Valentin. Please Nina, keep your eyes 👀 OPEN. Do not be taken by surprise yet again! I was aware of Faison’s true nature. You REFUSE to see Valentin’s.
Nina - How DARE you compare Valentin to FAISON! Faison SHOT your son. He killed my BROTHER!
Lisle - Valentin killed Nicholas Cassadine! Laura‘s son and Lulu’s brother. How is he ANY better than Faison!?

At Charley’s Pub.......................
(Sam tells Alexis she is trying to figure out how to not alienate Kristina. She is really crazy about this Shiloh guy.)
Alexis - Who’s Shiloh??
Sam - He is the head if the charity Kristina is working with, Dawn of Day.
(Sam shows Alexis a picture of Shiloh.)
Alexis - He looks nice and it’s good to do charity work!
Sam - She says he turned her life around.
Alexis - Why don’t you like him? She seems to be in over her head with this Shiloh fellow.
Sam - Yeah, that would be the case.

At the.Metro Court.................
Sonny - Jason told me about this Shiloh fellow.
Kristina - Jason, you said it like it’s a fake name. Like he’s running 🏃 away from the cops 👮!
Jason - Shiloh has no police record.
Kristina - You HAD to qualify it. Didn’t you?
Sonny - Kristina, if this guy is SO important to you, I want to hear about it. If you don’t want Jason to tell me, you tell me yourself!
Kristina - Yes, his name is Shiloh now. He used to be Davis Henry Archer and he went by Hank. He changed his name after a major upheaval. After Drew saved his life in Afghanistan 🇦🇫!
Sonny - Drew Cain knew him??
Kristina - Yes, he was a defense contractor and Drew pulled him out of a fire 🔥 fight. When Shiloh returned to the States, he started a charity to serve the community. Sam and Jason think he is too good to be true.
Jason - We just have some questions.
Kristina - You question EVERYTHING about him for NO reason. Shiloh has taught me SO much. I love helping people. It makes me happy 😆.
Sonny- Ok, Kristina. I’m happy to hear that.
Kristina - Yet Sam and Jason continue to be paranoid!
Jason - Kristina, we just...
Kristina - I get it .You continue to look out for me. I appreciate that. I’ve got to go.
Sonny hugs her - I love you. You know that. Right?
(Kristina leaves.)
Sonny - What’s really going on here?
Jason - Shiloh is not only connected to Drew, he is also linked to Sam. She was married to his father.

At “Kevin”s office..................
Carly - I relied on Kevin too. Now, he is blowing me off about Ferncliff. Hey, when you taught Art 🖼 Therapy there did you ever encounter a patient named Wilson Ritter?

At Crimson.........................
Nina - Valentin killed Nicholas Cassadine in self defense. He is NOTHING like Faison! What does THAT have to do with my daughter?
Lisle - I’m just being a good keeper. I am only looking after what’s left of my family!
Nina - Your love is the most hurtful thing about you. Please leave and don’t come back until you are happy 😃 for me.
Lisle - Remember what I said.

Outside of Crimson......................
Valentin - What did you say to Nina?
Lisle - Nothing. You will make it more crushing for Nina when she finds out Sasha is NOT her daughter.

At “Kevin“s office
Franco - Give me something to work with.
Carly - He knew Morse Code.
Franco - Anything else?
Carly - Kevin said Wilson Ritter was a notorious serial killer. The worst of the worst.
Franco - I didn’t work with the violent patients. I’ve never heard of Wilson Ritter.
Carly - I couldn’t find no mention of Wilson Ritter online. If he was that big a psycho, how could he avoid the publicity?
Franco - No idea. Publicity follows ME around like toilet paper 📝 on the bottom of my 👞 shoe.
Carly - Something is 🐠 🎣 fishy and not right.
Franco - Well maybe the answer is in this 📦 box?
(Thats the box that has all the driver’s licenses.)

At the Pier...................
Ava - Sonny and Carly will never let Avery leave the States.
“Kevin“ - Maybe we can make some arrangements. I’ll speak to Sonny. I can be very persuasive.

At the Metro Court.................
Sonny - Does Kristina know that Sam conned Shiloh’s father?
Jason - No, not yet. Sam and I confronted him and he said it never occurred to him Sam was the one ☝️ who took all his father’s money 💰. Before Shiloh came onto our radar, Sam was getting emails from someone who knew about her past. Shiloh said he wasn’t involved, but who else could it be?
Sonny - Do you think this Shiloh is using Kristina as payback? That’s why he is giving her individual attention?

At Charley’s Pub.............
(Kristina arrives for work and sees Sam talking to Alexis.)
Kristina - Wow, Sam! You and Jason are definitely on the same page. I just left him talking to my dad about Shiloh!
Alexis - I got you a present 🎁 for your new 🏠 home. It’s a kitchen appliance. It cooks food 🥘 fast and uses 50% less energy.
Kristina - Really? Thank you.
Sam - I’m sorry if things got heated between you, me and Shiloh.
Kristina - Thank you for the apology.
Sam - There’s something I need to talk to you.about.
Kristina - Why, because Shiloh used to be named David Henry Archer?
Sam - It’s more than that. Sit down and hear me out please? I ran a con when I was young. Married rich guys, drained their bank 🏦 accounts and disappeared. I married Henry Archer, who was Shiloh’s father. Jason and I are afraid Shiloh is using you to get back at me!

At Dr. “Kevin“ Collins’ office......................
(Franco shakes the box 📦 and it makes a noise. There is something in there.)
Carly - No, stop 🛑 just leave it! Help me clean this mess up! Why don’t you go to another therapist?
Franco - I don’t WANT another therapist! I opened a vein for this guy, and now he treats me like I am a stranger? It’s weird my file isn’t here! Maybe his patients aren’t the only ones with secrets.

At the Pier.......................
Ava - Oh, a gentle soul like you? No. I will raise the subject with Sonny. I prefer you not get involved. I don’t think Sonny and Carly will say yes.
“Kevin“ - So, you’re just going to give up?
Ava - I would go anywhere with you if I could just see Avery two or three months at a time. But short of Sonny and Carly falling off the face of the Earth 🌎? I don’t see that happening.

(Oh boy! She said the magic words again! Who will be “Kevin”s next victims??)

At the Metro Court........................
Jason - I can’t be sure Shiloh is using Kristina against Sam, Sonny. But I think its possible.
Sonny - I hope you’re wrong because I want this new life to make her happy.
Jason - That’s why this is a tough call! We don’t want to hurt Kristina. We don’t want to make her think we are questioning her judgement. I just wanted to give YOU the heads up. We will stay on top of this.
Sonny - That makes me feel good. I need you to tell me if you uncover anything else on this Shiloh guy. He IS NOT going to be using my daughter!

At Charley’s Pub......................
Sam - You met Daisy and Shiloh when I was getting emails about my past.
Kristina - You think Shiloh is USING me?
Alexis - It sounds like a possibility!
Kristina - Shiloh has NO ill will towards the woman 👩 who married his father and emptied his accounts.
Alexis - How do you know that?
Kristina - He wrote about it in his book 📖. She used an alias. Right, Sam?
Sam - Yes, Kristina, I used an alias when I married Henry Archer. You don’t think it’s a coincidence you end up in his group?
Kristina - This is MY life. How can you make it about YOU? Shiloh doesn’t care who she was. All he cares about is she was a bridge to his betterment.

Outside of Crimson....................
Valentin - I gave her a daughter to bring her joy.
Lisle - You gave her a lie to get her back into your bed 🛌! A LIE that will break her heart 💜.
Valentin - You’re the only one who knows, so if the lie is exposed I will be breaking a LOT more than her heart 💜!
Lisle - What about Sasha? What if SHE slips up? Not everyone is as good as we are at subterfuge.
Valentin - She is back at Chappaque .
Lisle - A tempting solution. Nina will want to see the woman she thinks is her daughter.
(Nina tells Valentin she and Sasha will be going to Europe for a few weeks.)
Valentin - Please postpone the trip. Charlotte needs you, and so do I.
Nina - We can wait until Charlotte is on a break. Then, we can go as a family.

At the Pier.........................
Lisle - Are you sure it’s wise to be here with a serial killer on the loose?
Franco - I’m not afraid of a serial killer! The last time you and I were here, YOU knocked me out cold.
Lisle - I’m sorry, and after you tried to prevent me from killing Peter August. It’s good to see you, my friend.
Franco - Good to see YOU! How did you beat the charges?
Lisle - It always helps to know other people’s secrets. Secrets can be destructive in the wrong hands.
Franco - What secrets were you keeping?
Lisle - Only those that affect some very important people.

At “Kevin“ Collins’ office.......................
(“Kevin“ notices the door 🚪 is partly open.)
“Kevin“ - Carly, what are you doing here?
Carly - You told me the patient who used Morse Code was Wilson Ritter?
“Kevin“ - Yes, we’ve been through this!
Carly - Well, if he was a sociopath or a serial killer, why isn’t there any mention of him online?
“Kevin“ - Maybe someone decided not to reward brutality with fame!
Carly - Did you pull all references to Wilson Ritter off the internet?
“Kevin“ - You’re waiting here in the middle of the night about this pitiful patient? Put your energy on your family!
(When Carly leaves “Kevin “ opens the wooden box 📦 and takes out a paper and adds Carly’s name to the other victims. She will be #14.)

At the Metro Court........................
(Ava 🛑 stops Sonny to tell him she wants to discuss Avery with him.)
Ava - I need to leave town. Too many reminders of Kiki here.
Sonny - I get it. You leave, but Avery stays with us.
Ava - No, I would like to move to another country. I want you to let me have Avery for an extended period of time. Weeks or a months at a time. Parents who share custody do this all the time. Will you consider it?
Sonny - YOU can go to Europe, but you will have to come HERE to visit Avery.
Ava - It is SO painful for me without Kiki!
Sonny - I understand. I have to spend EVERY day of my life without Morgan because YOU messed with his medication! I miss Morgan AND Kiki, but I am NOT going to add Avery to the list of people I’ve loved and lost.

At Charley’s Pub.......................
Sam - Will you consider Shiloh as much of a con as I used to be?
Kristina - You haven’t even TRIED to understand what Shiloh is trying to do! To extend growth in ourselves, because being our best self can change the world 🌎. Go to one of his seminars! Look, Mom, here is one: Love without judgement.
(Jason comes in.)
Kristina - Oh, perfect timing! This seminar is called Handling Personal Relationships .You guys should check this one out!
Sam - Kristina, come on? You’re not even listening!
Kristina - If you want the best for me, then explore what I have discovered. Until then, there’s not much to say.
Alexis - That’s the calmest discussion she has ever had with me. I say we check it out. You game?
Sam - Yeah, attending one of these seminars is a good way to let Shiloh know we are watching him.

Ava calls “Kevin“ to tell him Sonny said no. “Kevin“ adds Sonny’s name to the list of victims. He is #15.
— MOM (1.14.19)
It’s Cliffhanger Friday on GH.................
At the ☕️ coffeehouse.....................
(Anna collapses and Peter catches her. When Anna recovers, she tells Peter she can’t see.)
Anna - I need Finn. I need a doctor!
Peter- Ok, I will take you to the hospital 🏥. Stand up. I’ve got you.

In his office..................
“Kevin“ pulls out Peyton Mills’ driver license. He put it in a box 📦 with about 20 other driver licenses representing his murder victims. We see Texas, California, New York and more.

At GH.............
(Lisle Obrecht is looking for a job. She is at GH to speak to HR.)
Finn - You may have conned Peter to drop the charges against you, but you have no leverage in this hospital and there is NO place for someone like you here.
Lisle - I am a healer and my employment options don’t concern you.
Finn - When Monica sees your face and she remembers all the things you did in this hospital 🏥? What do they say? What goes around comes around.
Lisle - I’m too good for this place! Mercy Hospital will appreciate my talents.

At the pier.................
(Franco is on his way to his Art 🖼 Studio when he bumps into Ava. He wants to know what she is doing there at night in the cold.)
Ava - Kiki’s killer is still out there. When he finds me he will wish the cops 👮‍♀️ had gotten to him first!

At Crimson......................
Nina is giving Valentin another chance be because he found her daughter.
(If she only knew the truth. Maybe her Aunt Lisle will tell her?)

At the GH Chapel 💒..................
Sonny - Your faith is shaken since Kiki died?
Dr. Griffin Munroe - Not shaken. My faith is BROKEN.
Sonny - Why are you here in the chapel?
Griffin - 🤷‍♂️ I don’t know? Maybe I’m hoping to feel something that will prove me wrong. That will make me feel like my WHOLE life wasn’t meaningless. That everything I believed in wasn’t a lie!
Sonny - There’s no denying I’ve sinned more than most. I believe there is something bigger out there. I’m here praying for a 16 year old boy who has a terminal illness.
Griffin - I’ve dedicated my entire life to healing as a doctor 👨‍⚕️. So, if Oscar gets a miracle it will be from science not from faith. I’m FINALLY clear on that.

At the Pier.................
Franco - That’s your big plan? You’re going to lure the killer here and use yourself as BAIT? That’s not going to work. I used to think like a killer and you’re just not a desirable 🎯 target.
Ava - Hey, what is that supposed to mean?
Franco - You have a reputation for being lethal. The killer will go after someone who may or may not kill him first.

At GH...............
Finn - Anna! Anna, what happened?
Anna - Finn! Finn, I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but I can’t see!

Also at GH.......
(Sonny is picking up medication for his father and sees Drew and Kim. He stops to talk to them.)
Sonny - Carly told me the treatment didn’t go as well as it should.
Drew - No, it didn’t.
Sonny - Well look 👀, you have my resources at your disposal. I’ve got a jet, connections. Anything you need!

At the Pier
(“Kevin“ shows up. Franco tells “Kevin“ that Ava is putting herself in grave danger to catch the killer.)
“Kevin“ - I see.
Franco - I’m really worried about her!
“Kevin“ - I agree with Ava. How she wants to deal with her grief is her business.
Franco - By wandering around the docks late at night with a GUN? What’s going ON? By the way, I have been trying to make an appointment with you for months!
“Kevin“ - I think the time has come for you and I to stop 🛑 working together.
Franco - You are dropping me as a patient?
“Kevin“ - Let’s just say our work together has plateaued. You’re just not progressing the way you once were.
Franco - I don’t want another therapist!
“Kevin“ - It’s in your best interest. I’ll gladly give you a referral.
Franco - The HELL with you!
Ava - Are you SURE you want to do that?
“Kevin“ - Trust me, it’s for the best.

(Why would “Kevin“ do that? Because he is afraid 😱 Franco would figure out he is not the real Kevin. Franco said he was a killer and knows how they think.)

In Dr. Munroe’s Office............
Griffin - Hi, I’m Dr. Munroe.
Anna - Oh, Griffin?
Griffin - Anna, what’s going on?
Finn - I don’t know? She was brought in unable to see anything!
Griffin - Tell me exactly what happened.
Peter - Anna and I were having coffee ☕️. She was complaining about a bad headache. So she said she wanted to see a doctor. She stood up and collapsed. I caught her, but when she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see.
Anna - I had a searing pain in my temple and I knew something was wrong!
Griffin - We will figure it out, I promise. I will send you upstairs for some tests. An EEG and a CT Scan. Hang in there!
Anna - Peter, thank you for bringing me to the hospital 🏥.
Peter - I just did what anyone would have done.
Anna - I’m not anyone to you! Not a random stranger. We have a complicated relationship.
Peter - That’s one way to put it.
Anna - I’m grateful you’re here. Thank you.

At Crimson..............................
Valentin - Hello, Lisle.
Lisle - Valentin, Nina, I hope I’m not interrupting?
Valentin - In fact, you are .
Lisle - A pity. I need to speak to my niece alone?
Valentin - Whatever you have to say, you can say in my presence.
Lisle - I’m sure you’d prefer that.
Nina - What’s going on with you guys and secrets?
Lisle - Secrets? Do you want to tell Nina what we’re keeping from her or should I?

At GH........................
Sonny - This wouldn’t be the first time I got medication into this country. I got the jet ready to go?
Drew - I appreciate that offer. The problem is, there is no miracle drug in some foreign country that’s going to help Oscar!
Kim - I’ve called every doctor, clinic and checked every trial.
Drew - The problem is, there is nothing to do.
Sonny - I really am sorry and hope I didn’t say anything to make it worse.
Kim - No, I’m very touched you want to help us.

At Crimson......................
Nina - Aunt Lisle, cough it up! What’s going on with you and Valentin?
Lisle - Must you, Nina? Cough it up is such an unattractive expression.
Nina - Stop 🛑 stalling!
Lisle - Very well. Your charming ex-husband has graciously offered me a job at Cassadine Industries.
Nina - You HAVE?
Valentin - Sure, I will make inquiries.
Lisle - The medical research department is not hiring, but I appreciate your saying you will keep me in mind.
Valentin - Yes, however I can help. The sooner we get you employment, the better it will be for all of us.
Lisle - I still require a private moment with my niece.
Valentin - Ok (he and Nina kiss 💋).
Nina - What is it you can’t tell me in front of Valentin?

At GH....................
The nurse comes in to take Anna for her first test. Peter wants to stay, but Anna says she knows he is busy.

Outside at the Nurses’ Station 🚉..........................
Finn - Are you up to this? I know you’re grieving over Kiki.
Griffin - You may not understand this, but Anna is the closest thing I have to family. I NEED to do this.
(Griffin is the son of Duke Lavery, the love of Anna’s life.)
Finn - Good. So, what are you thinking?
Griffin - It could be anything from nerve inflammation to glaucoma? We don’t know if it is treatable or if the blindness is permanent.
Finn - She will see again. Right?
Griffin - Yes. Yes, there are many causes for sudden blindness. Viral.neurological and a blocked blood vessel. Some are reversed and some are not. You have a medical degree!
Finn - Forgive me, for once I am not thinking like a doctor because I love the patient. May I say, your bedside manner SUCKS! What happened to holding on to hope?
Griffin - Oh, if you want hope you need someone else because my faith is in the data. Excuse me.

At Crimson..................
Lisle - I no longer have my medical license and it is not easy to find work. I have a more pressing matter to address. Valentin is making every effort to win you back!
Nina - Yeah, he is and I’m fine with it.
Lisle - There are two sides to Valentin. He can be witty and charming, but he is also ruthless and amoral! With Valentin the ends ALWAYS justify the means.
Nina - You’re not wrong or right. Valentin has so much love to give his daughter, and he shows it ALL the time. I made no long term commitments. I did move in with him.
Lisle - YOU are sleeping in his 🛌 bed?? How is that proceeding with caution?!
Nina - 🛑 STOP! I want you to be happy for me! He found MY daughter, Aunt Lisle! I have a daughter and she’s our family. I want you meet her because she is SO smart. She is beautiful and there is such a family resemblance! She looks exactly like Britt and she looks like Jay (Nathan) too.
Lisle - That woman is NOT like my son!

At GH......................
Finn - It’s ok to be scared 😱. I won’t tell anyone.
Anna - I AM scared 😱. Is that Griffin?
Griffin - Anna, it seems you’ve experienced a hemorrhage.
Anna - Wow!
Griffin - It’s ok, you’re stable. The bad news is. we don’t know what brought it about.
Finn - Any good news?
Griffin - Yes, there is a laser treatment that often yields positive results.
Anna - Often yields? What does THAT mean?
Griffin - We don’t know what caused the blindness. We can’t be certain we can restore your vision.

At Crimson...................
Nina - What could you POSSIBLY have against Sasha?
Lisle - Forget I said anything!
Nina - I understand this. You have a lot of guilt for leaving Jay with your sister. Your relationship with Britt is not good.
Lisle - You are sadly mistaken.
Nina - About what?
Lisle - There is something you need to know about your daughter!

At Dr. Collins’ office...............
Assistant - I’m afraid I can’t give you access to Dr. Collins’ office.
Franco - Who are you?
Asst.- I’m Dr. Collins assistant!
Franco - No, you’re not. Where’s Janet?
Asst.- Dr. Collins fired Janet and hired me. I can’t release your medical records. Now, please excuse me?
Franco - The HELL with this!
(Franco breaks into the office to get his medical records.)

At the Pier....................
(“Kevin“ asks Ava to leave Port Charles with him.)
Ava - I’m not in the mood for a vacation.
“Kevin“ - Not a vacation. Forever! I think the two of us should leave Port Charles for good.
— MOM (1.11.19)
Thursday on GH.............
Everyone at the Floating Rib is waiting for the results of the Mayoral election: Too Close To Call

At the Pier...................
Sam - You know something? I don’t know HOW you can come down here.
(This is where Jason was shot and thrown into the 💦 water.)
Jason - It’s bad memories for both of us.
(Jason and Sam were married at the time.)
Sam - Yeah, I’m looking for better ones.
Jason - Yeah, me too!
Sam - Although, I don’t think tonight is the night.
Shiloh - Jason, Sam how fortunate to find you here!

At Lulu’s house 🏡.........................
Peter - Let’s talk about business.
Lulu - No, we’re talking about murder.

At the Pier............................
Shiloh- You wanted to see me. What can I do for you?
Sam - Kristina mentioned you come down here at night to help the homeless.
Shiloh - Ok. What can I do for you?
Sam - Well, you can start by dropping the act!
Shiloh - I’m sorry? I don’t....
Jason - You knew who Sam was when you came to town. That’s probably why you came to town, but you never mentioned a WORD to Kristina. How come?
Shiloh - What makes you think I knew Sam?
Sam - Because I was married to your father!

At the Floating Rib..........................
“Kevin“ - What’s the urgency?
Mac Scorpio - What I am about to tell you HAS to stay between us.....about the murders.
“Kevin“ - I’m working with the PCPD. THEY trust me, so you can!
Mac - Of course, I trust you with my life! (Mac thinks he is talking to his dear friend, the real Dr. Kevin Collins.) Jordan and Curtis came to me with a possible link between your brother’s crimes and the recent killings.
“Kevin“ - Are you serious?
Mac - Dead 💀! No one realized it at the time, but going through files, they figured out Ryan was keeping a trophy 🏆 for each of his victims.....their driver’s license. Get this? The current killer is doing the SAME thing! All three victims’ driver’s licenses were missing from their personal effects.
“Kevin“ - Incredible!
Mac - So, that begs the question: If the Port Charles killer knows about Ryan’s MO, how come no one else did? Not even... the 👮‍♀️ cops?

(BLAH BLAH he let the cat 🐱 out of the 💼 bag. He was told this is confidential.)

At Lulu’s house 🏠......................
(Lulu tells Peter that DA Dawson came by and it was obvious the PCPD stumbled onto something to connect the Ryan Chamberlain murders with the current murders.)
Peter - You mean like a copycat 🐈. Why come to you?
Lulu - She didn’t tell me, but wanted to know if I found a common denominator looking at the files — a signature for Ryan’s crimes — which I did not. I tried to get it out of her. No luck!.
Peter - Say you find this missing link. What are you going to do with it?
Lulu - I’m going to print it! The public DESERVES to know!
Peter - No! NO! Think about it. If the police 👮‍♀️ haven’t revealed the information, it’s for a reason. They want to use it to catch the killer. If you write an article about it you will blow the whole thing up.
(Wow! At last the voice of reason. The Adults are taking over.)
Peter- I will, as the Publisher, decide if you go through with the story, IF and WHEN you find anything. We don’t want to make the same mistake we made with the Nathan West/Faison story!

At the Pier..........................
Shiloh - You and MY father?
Sam - I know you go by Shiloh now...
Jason - Before that, it was Hank.
Sam - But you were born David Henry Archer, right?
Shiloh - That’s correct.
Sam - I was married to your father ,briefly, Henry Archer. I knew he had a son but I never met him. He was overseas spending his trust fund money 💰.
Shiloh - That was YOU?
Sam - Yeah. Not a time in my life I was particularly proud of.
Shiloh - My father wasn’t married to anyone named Sam?
Sam - Like you, I also had a lot of aliases.
Shiloh - It‘s amazing! We’re connected in our own way.
Sam - I’m sorry? You show up in a town I live in . You get my sister to volunteer in your group the DOD. You somehow think it’s a coincidence?
Shiloh- No it’s not a coincidence. It’s fate! I had NO idea my father’s ex was living here in Port Charles.
Jason doesn’t believe this guy - Or Drew was living out here either?
Shiloh - No. No.
Sam - So this is WHAT? Some sort of divine intervention?
Shiloh - What would YOU call it?
Sam - A SCAM!
Shiloh - I wish you knew the person I used to be! Maybe you would understand. After my parents divorced, I bounced around from boarding school 🏫 to boarding school. By the time my father met you, I was an adult. I was burning through that trust fund money 💰 like it was limitless. Guess how that turned out? I was broke and in the streets. I couldn’t go to my father because my father had financial problems of his own. There was NOTHING left for me.
Sam - Because of me?
Shiloh - Now, if you ask me if I blame you, hated you? Yeah!

At a ☕️ coffeehouse..........................
Peter meets with Anna and thanks her for the wonderful time together at Christmas 🎄. She gave him a WSB file of her. No more secrets. He wants to know more and says it is incomplete. What about family?

At the Floating Rib.....................
Mac - You’re the Shrink? Why driver’s licenses?
“Kevin“ - Photos, addresses, date of birth.
Mac - He is a SICK mind!
“Kevin“ - He stayed one step ahead of the authorities!

The Newscaster says - Here it comes! With 99% of the precincts reported. The voters have spoken . We are able to declare a winner.
The next Mayor of Port Charles is Laura Collins.
Lulu - You won!!
Laura - I’m stunned!

At the Pier.............................................................
Jason (always the defender) - Sam didn’t mess up your life. YOU did!
Shiloh - Yes, I accept that. Here’s the thing about hitting rock bottom: It is ultimate reality check, man. There is no one to make excuses for you. There’s no one to clean up your mess. I looked in the mirror and I put the blame squarely where it belonged? So I found work . I wish I could say it was honest work but that wouldn’t be very honest of me. I went for easy money 💴 often in an unsavory way. See, you and I weren’t so different then. Eventually I wound up in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 as a private contractor. That was where Drew pulled me out of that fire 🔥 fight. Drew didn’t just save my life? Drew gave my life meaning. It started me on my journey that brought me here to Port Charles.
(I think this guy is being very truthful with them.)
Sam - That’s inspiring .
Shiloh - You don’t sound convinced .
Sam - It has me wondering: You’re digging around in my past. Using one of my aliases. Is that kind of harassment part of the journey?

At the ☕️ coffeehouse....................................
Peter - Mac 🖥 told me there is this big tribe? Robin, the kids, Patrick and Robert Scorpio?
Anna - Yes, Robert is part of the tribe. It’s your tribe too, if you want us?
Peter - I don’t know exactly what I want.
Anna - There’s no rush. We have all the time in the world 🌎!

At the Floating Rib...................
(“Kevin“ is at the bar . He opens his wallet and pulls out Peyton Mills’ driver’s license. He puts his finger over the face.
Laura - What are you doing? You’re giving me mixed signals. First you couldn’t get far away from me and now your my biggest fan?
“Kevin“ - We may not be together, but I think you will be a magnificent Mayor!

(Ned Quartermaine concedes in person and congratulates Laura.)

At the ☕️ coffeehouse................
Peter - I guess I need to figure out the family tree 🌳. As James’ uncle, I want to know where we all came from.
Anna - Yeah? I will be glad to help you!
Peter - Anna, are you ok? Anna, what’s wrong? Anna?
Anna - I’m in a bit of pain. I think I need to see a doctor?
(Anna gets up and falls down.)
Peter - ANNA!

At the Pier....................
Sam - I’m getting emails from Linda Black. Sounds familiar?
Shiloh - No, you didn’t use the name Linda Black when you were married to MY father. You say someone is harassing you? Is someone threatening you?
Sam - No, actually, they offered to help me?
Shiloh - With what?
Sam - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️?
Jason - The point is, someone is hiding behind a name they would ONLY know if they were aware of Sam’s past.
Sam - Someone like YOU?
Shiloh - Can I ask you a question? Do you think a person can go from one thing to another? Realize they are not on the right path? The person that is not the person whey want to be.
Sam - Well, I believe that people CAN change but whether or not YOU did? That’s a different story!
Shiloh - That’s what our lives are? The story, your story, my story and NOW as fate would have it? Our story. Just not the way you would 🤔 think! I think you and I should get to know each other.
Sam - Why?
Shiloh - Then you would see me the way your sister does! As a friend. Until then, I wish you both nothing but peace and fulfillment.
(Shilo leaves 🍁.)

Sam - How did I do?
Jason - I thought you were convincing. Unfortunately, this guy is good.
Sam - Shiloh didn’t let his guard down ONCE. I kind of bought his story. NO way do I think that it’s an accident that Kristina is in his orbit.
Jason - The whole time he was talking to you, he was looking for information. He was hoping you would give him something he could turn back against you.
Sam - Right. Con 101 you wait for a mark to tell you what they want. Kristina is very trusting. It makes her vulnerable and I’m sure she left herself wide open. Now, Shiloh has the opportunity to do whatever he wants with her.
Jason - You were right. It’s ALL connected somehow: 1 - Shiloh’s past with Drew. 2 - Your past with his father. 3- Kristina in this group.
Sam - So, what is Shiloh after?
Jason - Nothing good!

At the Floating Rib....................
Crowd - Speech! Speech!
Laura - Well, thank you all for being here tonight. What a night! Thank you, Mac and Felicia for hosting this wonderful event. Thank you SO much to my friends and family. My good luck 🍀 charm (she hugs Lulu) for supporting me through all of this and not letting me throw in the towel when I was terrified. Thank you to all of the voters who entrusted this wonderful town that we love 💕 so much, to my care. I can’t promise you I won’t make mistakes or do something you may disapprove with. I WILL promise my utmost priority is your safety, and welfare of the people of Port Charles. know a lot of us are afraid 😱. I want to assure you, I will work VERY closely with the PCPD . I will make sure they have everything they need to catch this serial killer. Whoever it is, and wherever they are. Their days are numbered!

“Kevin“ is listening to this at the bar. As everyone wildly clapped 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, Kevin gets up and also 👏🏻 claps, but if looks could kill... “Kevin“ is very angry 😤.
— MOM (1.10.19)
Wednesday on GH.............
At the Courthouse.................
Alexis - I’m hoping for a judge with a soft heart ♥️. If we end up with Judge Carson, that will be a problem. She is a hard nose!
Bailiff - All rise! Presiding today is the Honorable Judge Naomi Carson.
Judge - Court will come to order immediately.

At the Floating Rib.................
Carly, Sam and Laura are waiting for results of the election 🗳 for Mayor of Port Charles.

At the PCPD..................
(DA Dawson objects to Curtis, a PI, looking at police 👮 files.)
Jordan - Curtis has been a great help. We feel our killer has had access to police files and is a copycat killer.

At the Quartermaine Mansion.........................
Olivia - Laura is very appealing, but she came in after the fact. YOU put the town back together after the earthquake. People should appreciate all the hard work you put in!
Ned - I’m very grateful that when things went south after the earthquake, Port Charles had the very best First Lady.

At the Floating Rib...........................
(Carly tells Sam that Joss is in denial. She can’t let herself believe she is going to lose Oscar.)
Carly - It won’t be long before Joss has to face reality. Oscar is going to die. She will be left to grieve. She is too young to be going though this!

At the PCPD.................
DA Dawson - What is the proof someone got into the files?
Curtis - Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki and Peyton Mills all were missing driver’s licenses. All of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims were missing driver’s licenses.
DA - And the PCPD didn’t release that information?
Jordan - We cross-checked information and all victims were missing their driver’s license.
(Jordan calls former Police Commissioner, Sean Donnelley, who lives overseas. His wife, Tiffany, says he isn’t well and won’t remember, but she can speak to someone who is in Port Charles.)

Sonny visits his daughter-in-law, Lulu, to ask about Dante. He tells her he has someone watching the house 🏡 to keep them safe.
Sonny - Next time you talk to my son, tell him it’s time to come home!

At the Courthouse.......................
(Alexis tells the judge 👩‍⚖️ her client is only 16 years old and has no criminal record.)
Alexis - What he did could be considered an error in judgement. I want to ask if ONE error in judgement should be a mark against him for the REST of his life?
Judge - The dealer in this case, Cole Johnson, is also a minor. He has been sentenced to TWELVE months in a juvenile detention facility. Why should Cameron get a pass?
(Alexis asks if the judge will allow Cameron to read the letter he wrote to the court.)
Judge - Alright.
(Cameron reads the short apology letter and promises not to do this again.)
Alexis - I ask the judge to dismiss the case because it is a first offense.
(Elizabeth interrupts Alexis.)
Elizabeth - I am very proud of my son for taking responsibility, but his letter was incomplete. You should know WHY Cameron did what he did.

Curtis and Jordan go to the Floating Rib to speak to Mac Scorpio. He was involved with the Ryan Chamberlain murders.

DA Dawson visits Lulu and accuses her of looking at the police files. (Which she did.)

At the Courthouse.................
Elizabeth - My son didn’t buy the pot for HIMSELF. He bought it for a sick friend who was battling a serious form of cancer. I’m a nurse at General Hospital. I see the ravages of cancer every single day! His friend was nauseous, didn’t have an appetite. Cameron wanted to help him by making pot brownies. It was a BAD judgement call, but his motives were GOOD! He was just trying to help a friend.
Judge - Cameron, are you a nurse like your mother?
Cameron - No, Your Honor.
Judge - Yet, you thought it was appropriate to intervene in your friend’s medical treatment? How could you POSSIBLY know if it would make thing better or worse?
(Drew comes to the court to defend Cameron.)
Drew - My name is Andrew Cain. My son is the young man that Cameron was trying to help. My son was in pain and Cameron stepped up and tried to help. In my eyes, he is a hero.
Judge - This is a very emotional case. Court is in recess while I make my decision.
Elizabeth - Drew, I can’t thank you enough! (They hug.)

At Lulu’s house 🏡.....................
Lulu - I’m a journalist, and when I come across information the public should know, I report it!
DA Dawson - I am well aware of your First Amendment rights. What gives me pause is how you go about acquiring information! Specifically, classified police files pertaining to Ryan Chamberlain.
Lulu - Oh, my publisher, Peter August, requested I have access to the Ryan Chamberlain murder files for background on the series I was writing ✍️ on the Anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain killings. The PCPD cleared it.
DA Dawson - Did you share the information with anyone?
Lulu - I shared it with my readers. Those cases were all closed, so what’s the problem? Actually, I would like to record this conversation.
DA Dawson - No, don’t! What I am about to tell you is off the record.
Lulu - That’s not fair!
DA Dawson - I don’t care. What I say stays here. People’s lives are at risk!

At the Floating Rib..................
Jordan - We know you were close to the Chamberlain Murders because of Felicia Jones. Were the driver’s licenses ever discussed?
Mac - Not that I know of? Donnelly would have told me if he noticed the missing licenses.
Curtis - Anything else?
Mac - I CAN tell you of the fear in Felicia’s eyes 👀. The fear that MONSTER put there. Are you saying the killer is copying Ryan?
Jordan - We don’t have any reason to suspect that Felicia is in danger.
Mac - If this killer is copying Ryan, he is going to be hard to catch. You will need all the help you can get!

Sonny meets up with Carly and speaks to Laura....................
Sonny - It looks like things will go your way, so you need to distance yourself from me. And I’m ok with that.
Laura - Well I’M not ok with that! You’re connected to Lulu and your Spencer’s favorite uncle. It’s a bit too late to pretend we don’t know each other!

At Lulu’s house 🏡..................
DA Dawson - The PCPD has reason to believe whoever killed Mary Pat Ingles, Kiki Jerome and Peyton Mills may be a copycat killer of Ryan Chamberlain. Did you notice anything unusual in the files?
Lulu - No, but let me write about it. I might help the killer get caught!
DA Dawson - NO.
(When the DA leaves, Lulu looks at her notes and files to see it she notices anything.)

At the courthouse......................
Bailiff - The Honorable Judge Carson, please rise.
Judge - I have rendered my decision. I’ve agreed to an adjournment and dismissal for twelve months. I will also assign community service and counseling. Cameron, you have a year to prove yourself, provided you don’t show up in my courtroom. After that year, the charges will be dismissed and your record will be clean. This hearing is adjourned.
— MOM (1.9.19)
Tuesday on GH........
At the Courthouse..........
(Franco tells Elizabeth the trials didn’t work for Oscar.)
Elizabeth - How long?
Franco - A matter of months

At GH...............
(Cameron visits Oscar and sees he is packing to leave.)
Cameron - Dude, you’re out of here. Excellent!

At the Quartermaine Mansion...............
(Sam drops Scout and Danny off and sees Drew in the living room.)
Sam - Can I talk to you for a minute? It’s about Hank Archer/Shiloh.

Kim is frantically calling hospitals that have trials hoping to get her son in.............
(knock. knock)
Alexis - Hi, I hope I’m not interrupting?
Kim - What do you want?
Alexis - I just want to set the record straight.

At Sonny’s house 🏠....................
Carly - I just voted 🗳.The lines were SO long I can’t wait for you to vote!
Joss - I’m definitely voting 🗳. So is Oscar. That is, if you could get Uncle Sonny to do a favor for us?
Carly - What do you and Oscar need?
Joss - Sonny’s jet, money and his connections.

At the Quartermaine Mansion...................
Drew - I met Hank Archer, but I don’t know anything about a Shiloh?
Sam tells him everyone in Port Charles knows Jason works for Sonny - You are at Aurora Media. I don’t think Shiloh mistook Jason for you. That was his way in.
Drew - In for what?
Sam - You talked to him. Can you tell me, did you believe him?
Drew - You don’t!
Sam - Every con has a sliver of truth. No, I don’t believe this guy is who he says he is. He’s trouble Drew.

In Kim Nero’s office..................
Alexis - I heard you and Julian broke up, and you’re making a mistake.
Kim - Alexis, this is NOT a good time.
Alexis - Nothing happened! We were not together on New Year’s Eve.
Kim - I don’t give a damn who Julian sleeps with! Now, please get out of my office.

In Oscar’s room......................
Cameron - You’re out of here and back to your life? That is the BEST news I have ever heard! I have to face the judge today. I tell myself this is cake compared to what YOU went through. LOOK at you, dude. You beat CANCER!
Oscar - What?
Cameron - You beat it! The trials worked... right?

At Sonny’s house 🏠.......................
Carly - Where do you want to go?
Joss - Well, there is this clinic in Mexico 🇲🇽 that offers alternative treatment for inoperable brain 🧠 tumors, like Oscar has, with amazing results!
Carly - Well, Joss
Joss - There is also a drug in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and a doctor in Brazil 🇧🇷!
Carly - Ok, that is an amazing amount of research! What does Oscar’s doctor say? What about the clinical trials?
Joss - Over and done. It didn’t work, so it’s up to US to save Oscar’s life now.
Carly - I’m SO sorry Oscar’s trials didn’t work! Did you talk to Kim and Drew?
Joss - Kim IS a doctor. We don’t have time for a cure to be approved by all the bureaucracies and regulations. She won’t approve a holistic cure. She doesn’t know her way around the internet like I do!
Carly - Do these cures come with ads for the clinic and ask for money 💰?
Joss - Yes, but we have money 💰. Right? I know in my heart if I could get Oscar to one of these places, he will get better. I just need some help. So, will you PLEASE help me keep Oscar alive.

In Oscar’s room..................
(Cameron is happy Oscar is getting out and things will get back to normal.)
Oscar- Why are you wearing a suit? Is it because of your shoplifting?
Cameron - I wish! No, I got busted for buying weed.

At the Q Mansion.........................
(Drew asks Sam to fill him in on what she knows. She tells him Hank changed his name to Shiloh. He is the organizer who does community work around town with kids. His home is called Dawn of Day.)
Drew - Ok, what is bothering you?
Sam - Hank Archer/Shiloh is using Kristina to get to me.
Drew - Why?
Sam - I married his father, Henry Archer, under an assumed name. I cleared his bank accounts out. I need to help my brother, Danny. I would do ANYTHING for him.
Drew - I know all about your past. It’s ok.
Sam - I stole from his dad so I stole from him. He is in Kristina‘s life. She lives at Dawn of Day. I feel like I’m being set up.

At Dr. Kim Nero’s office..................
Kim - I have a lot on my plate right now. I don’t give a damn about your obnoxious relationship with Julian. Whatever was burning between the two of you still exists.
Alexis - I’m sorry. It was wrong to come here.

At the Quartermaine Mansion......................
Drew - Are you sure it’s the same place?
Sam - Yes, Kristina told me Oscar was living there. Did you call Oscar by his name when you talked to Shiloh?
Drew - I don’t remember.
Sam - I was hoping to see the records you got from the Navy? Was there something in the records that you saved someone’s life?
Drew - Nah. Didn’t say much and half was redacted. Sorry, I can’t help you.
Sam - Ok, I will keep you posted. Drew, with all these coincidences with Hank/Shiloh who shows up in town? He has Kristina in the palm of his hand! It doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sorry. I will call you if I find out anything else.
Drew - Hey. Hey thanks. I will call you if I find out anything.
Sam - I just told you the guy who said you saved his life is here and he happens to be the son of the man I conned and stole from! You have NO reaction to that? Drew, is something else going on?

At Kim’s office..................
(She tells Alexis the trials failed. The tumor didn’t shrink and is almost 9 centimeters.)
Alexis - Oh my God! I am SO sorry? Does Oscar know?
Kim - Yes, I made a mess of this entire thing. Not telling him of his diagnosis. Forcing him in to treatment. He was right to hire you so he could get away from ME.
Alexis - No, that is not the way I see it.
Kim - I dangled hope in front of Oscar. Made him believe he had a future. We could have gone ⛷ skiing ⛷ at Christmas 🎄 instead of him being sick here at GH.
Alexis - I took his case hoping he would chose the treatment. He chose hope willfully and freely, Kim.
Kim - And I failed him!

In Oscar’s room.........................
Oscar - Why would you do something so risky?
Cameron - Because the friend was worth the risk. I bought it for him.
Oscar - You IDIOT! You did that for ME? Talk about no good deed goes unpunished!
Cameron - I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but you getting better says everything is ok.
Oscar - I hope so.

At Sonny’s house 🏠...........................
Carly - We would do ANYTHING for you. What about Drew and Kim?
Joss - They have given up. Last night, we could see it was on their faces when they told us it was over.
Carly - They told you the truth. Right?
Joss - Yes.
Carly - Drew and Kim are Oscar’s parents. They can’t offer him another option, because maybe one doesn’t exist. Drew and Kim get to decide what’s best for Oscar! Maybe they want go be a family while there is still time to be a family. Maybe they don’t want to chase after cures!
Joss - If Drew and Kim don’t do anything now, Oscar will DIE! I need to be the strong one .
Carly - Ok, let me go to Drew and Kim and offer the jet. I’m here for you.

In Oscar’s room................
Joss - So?
Oscar - I didn’t feel like telling Cam.
Joss - That’s fine. How are you feeling?
Oscar - Better now that you’re here!

In Dr. Kim Nero’s office.............
Kim - I’ve made bargains with God. I’ve seen miracles! Mothers who couldn’t have babies have healthy babies. I believed I would get MY miracle. My boy would grow up to be a happy and healthy young man. Miracles are unpredictable.
Alex - I’m truly sorry. I’m here for you.
(Alexis leaves and Kim closes the door 🚪 and cries heartbroken 😭 tears.)

At the Quartermaine Mansion.................
Sam - What is going on?
Drew - You should know. I want you to know.
Carly - Hey, I’m sorry. The housekeeper let me in.
Drew - That’s fine.
Carly - Joss is really upset and I hoped we could talk?
Sam - I’ll leave you be.
Drew - No, please stay? You need to know this. The treatment failed. Oscar is terminal.

At the Courthouse...............
(Alexis arrives and Kim and Franco want to know what she will say to the Judge.)
Alexis - I will ask for adjournment or dismissal. It means if Cameron can stay out of trouble for six months or a year, all charges against him will be dropped.
Elizabeth - That would be great!
Cameron - I made it! I’m not late, am I? Let’s do this.
Elizabeth - This morning you were scared to death!
Cameron - I still am. I told Oscar if he could stand up to cancer, this is a piece of 🍰 cake!

At the Quartermaine Mansion....................
Sam - Drew, I am so sorry!
Drew - Dr. Randolph was very clear. There is nothing that can be done, medically anyway. Yesterday Oscar was having a great day. His energy was up, his appetite was back and he was making plans for the future. He looked so healthy. Perfectly normal. Now, he won’t spend the rest of his life in a hospital 🏥 bed 🛏. I hope he is not in pain.
Carly - How much time does he have?
Drew - A few weeks, a few months, less than a year. You should be very proud of your daughter. She was very sympathetic. Very mature.
Carly - I’m here because I promised Joss I would offer you Sonny’s jet to take Oscar out of the country for treatment.

In Oscar’s room....................
Joss - So, can you leave now?
Oscar - I can leave now. So to Kelly’s, then the pier and then go to the Quartermaine’s to play ping pong 🏓.
Joss - Are you sure you’re up for it?
Oscar - No, the worst part is I feel great! Maybe it’s because after all the worry of not knowing if I’m dying. I KNOW I’m dying so I’m with you and I feel alive.
Joss - Today I am not going to worry. I will spend EVERY second with you. (They kiss 💋.) Are you sure you can handle a cheeseburger 🍔 from Kelly’s?
Oscar - With fries 🍟!

At the Quartermaine Mansion....................
Carly - Joss was looking for cures on the internet.
Drew - Yes, me too. It’s some form of denial looking for a non-existent cure. If Oscar wants to go, I will spend ALL the money I have. It’s his choice how he lives the rest of his life.
Carly - Her first response was to fight!
Drew - I wonder where she gets THAT from?
Carly - She is strong enough to face reality, however painful. She knows what is important is what you do with the time you have.

At the Courthouse....................
(Alexis instructs Cameron to present himself to the Judge as a contrite young man who knows he made a mistake.)
Alexis - I hope we don’t get Judge Carson. She is a hard nose 👃.

The bailiff says - Stand for Judge Naomi Carson!
— MOM (1.8.19)
Monday on GH...............
“Kevin“ follows Laura into the gym. She was supposed to meet Sonny there.

At GH..........
Oscar is going to be released from the hospital 🏥.
Oscar - I just want to get back to my life.

Dr. Terry Randolph wants Drew and Kim to come to her office. She has the results from Oscar’s treatment.

At Charley’s Pub............
(Drew visits Julian. He lambasted him for breaking up with Kim.)
Drew - You’re an SOB!
Julian - You’re right. So maybe we BOTH agree that the relationship is over.

At Sam’s penthouse.....................
Sam - I’m a terrible sister.
Jason - No, you’re not!
Sam - Yes, I am. Kristina invites us to her home 🏠, to check it out. I put her on the defensive as soon as Shiloh walked in.
Jason - The guy is lying. Kristina can’t see it.
Sam - Probably.
Jason - No, definitely.
Sam - Listen to me. Right now, I’m doing EXACTLY what I tell my mother not to do. I’m jumping to conclusions. I’m judging her before I know anything about this!
(Knock. Knock.)
Sam - Mom? Hey, we were just talking about you?
Alexis - What have I done now? Does it involve your sister?
Sam - Well...
Alexis - Where is she? I was hoping I could spend one on one time with my favorite middle daughter.
(Sam tells Alexis that Kristina moved out and into a commune called Dawn of Day with Daisy and Oscar. Alexis is ok with it.)
Sam - WHO are you and what did you do with my mother?
Alexis - I think Kristina is an adult . She can make her own decisions. Hi Jason, good to see you.
Jason - Alexis.
Alexis - So, when did this move come about?
Sam - We went over to see her at Dawn of Day.
Alexis - So, what do you think about this move?
Sam - She feels like she is home.
Alexis - Thank you, Jason. It’s very nice Kristina has the two of you to look out for her. Bye.

(Wow! Alexis has changed her tune about Jason since he is helping her with Oscar.)

At Charley’s Pub...............
Drew - What did Kim do for you to treat her like this?
Julian - The relationship is over. There is nothing to discuss with Kim and you. So, you can get the HELL out of my Pub!
Drew - She TRUSTED you and believed in you when everybody told her not to!
Julian - Well, I guess everybody was right.
Drew - Ok, Charley. I’ve got to give you credit for one thing: You were able to keep up that good guy charade much longer than I thought you could!

At GH...................
Kim tells Dr. Randolph she is so happy Oscar is doing so much better. Joss is doing a great job . She has him thinking about his SAT’s and his future.
Dr. Randolph - Oscar has opened himself up to love 💕. Clinically and scientifically love ❤️ helps.

At the Gym...............
“Kevin“ - I followed you to make sure you were safe.
Laura - Thanks for endorsing me.
“Kevin“ - Port Charles needs a fighter like you in office.
Laura - I meant what I said. I will be an advocate for mental health. I will focus on Ferncliff and the patients.
(While “Kevin“ is talking to Laura, he takes the shoe 👟 laces off of the 🥊 gloves.)
“Kevin“ - You need to keep your eye 👁 on the problems in the city. I will keep my eye 👁 on Ferncliff.

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Sam - I understand why Dawn of Day appeals to Kristina. It’s all about empowerment.
Jason - Any specifics?
Sam - They do a lot of food 🥘 pantries, soup kitchens and sponsorships.
Jason - Well, bad guys don’t usually advertise to bad guys.
Sam - It’s a little TOO nice. A little too trust me, send me your money. All very sincere, but something is up! They are hiding something or they’ve got an agenda. I don’t know? How’s the book 📖?
Jason - Basically, what he told us. A little more detail. Hank goes to Afghanistan 🇦🇫, almost gets killed until Drew saves him. Listen to this, “it wasn’t just my body he lifted off the field that day. My soul was in this man’s hands. Only then did I understand his choice to save me could change not only my life, but the 🌎 world.”
Sam - Ok, I understand saving someone but that’s just a little too thick. Don’t you think?
Jason - Yeah. Kristina on the other hand...
Sam - She is looking for a spiritual identity. This is giving her direction.
Jason - And you don’t like the direction?
Sam - No, I do not. Do YOU?
Jason - I’m more interested in his life before he became Shiloh. Why did Hank have to reinvent himself? What’s this guy running from?

At GH..........
(Kristina and Shiloh visit Oscar.)
Joss - What are you doing here?
Kristina- Hey, Oscar. Joss, this is Shiloh.
Joss - It’s nice of you to let Oscar crash at your house. So, what do you do?
Shiloh - Well, I provide space for people to listen and trust themselves.
Joss - Like a therapist or guru?
Oscar - No.
Joss - What? I’m curious! Do you lead a community?
Shiloh - I don’t lead a community. These guys do most of the work. I just pave the way.
Kristina - Joss, you and Oscar should join us at our next community event!
Oscar - Yeah, that way I can pay you guys back for giving me a place to live.
Shiloh - That would be fantastic, but Oscar, you owe me nothing. Our community finds fulfillment in serving others.

At Charley’s Pub...................
Drew - You’re a SOB who strung Kim along as her son was sick! When did you decide to leave?
Julian - Ok, I will tell you. At the stroke of midnight at New Year’s Eve when I saw you kiss 💋 Kim.

At the Gym..................
(While “Kevin “ is talking to Laura about Ferncliff, he is tightly wrapping the shoelaces around his hands. Laura doesn’t notice.)
“Kevin“ - If some of these patients were found to be sane, they would have to go to prison.
Laura - What worse punishment could there be but to live with a broken mind? (Laura finally looks down.) Kevin, STOP 🛑 you’re cutting off your own circulation!
“Kevin“ - I’m sorry. It’s a nervous habit.
Laura - Kevin, are you alright?
“Kevin“ - I’m fine (he is looking around to make sure on one is there).
Laura - No one is here? We are alone. Kevin, is there something you need to tell me?
“Kevin“ - Actually, there is something I want to say to you now that we are alone. Maybe that moment has finally arrived.
(They are interrupted by Scott Baldwin.)

At GH..................
Kristina - It turns out your Dad rescued Shiloh in Afghanistan 🇦🇫. THAT is what caused him to start Dawn of Day.
Oscar - My Dad?? That’s the kind of guy he is, but WOW!
Joss - How is it possible that you guys all were together and NOBODY made the connection?
Shiloh - I had no idea who Oscar‘s parents were. He needed a place to stay.
Oscar - Did he remember you?
Shiloh - I did see your Dad, but he didn’t remember me. Even if your father has his memory back, he still wouldn’t recognize me. It was very hard to put the angry boy I was behind me. I’m a different person now.
Oscar - Could you tell me about my Dad? His time in the service? Without his memory, there is SO much we don’t know.
Shiloh - Of course! I will tell you everything I know as long as it’s cool 😎 with your Dad.
(Kim comes into the room and is introduced to Shiloh from the Dawn of Day house.)
Shiloh - Will you be coming back, Oscar?
Oscar - Thank you, but Mom, I would like to come home 🏡 tomorrow?

At Sam’s penthouse.....................
Jason - Here is something: Dawn of Day first incorporation documents were flied by D.H. Archer as a personal growth platform.
Sam - What does D.H. stand for?
Jason - David Henry. Why?
Sam - Oh NO! It can’t be? David Henry Archer is the ONLY son and surviving child of Henry Archer!
Jason - Who is Henry Archer?
Sam - One of my husbands!

At Charley’s Pub...................
Drew - That’s it? Julian you break it off with Kim because you saw a little New Year’s Eve kiss? That’s IT?
Julian - Drew, don’t say it was nothing! That would be an insult to all three of us. I was tired of spending night after night alone. New Year’s Eve was supposed to be OUR night. Since Kim preferred to spend the night with YOU I responded in kind. OK?
Drew - WOW! You saw this little kiss and you SLEPT with someone else?
Julian - Well, what’s good for the goose...
Drew - I’ve got to go. You don’t deserve Kim!
Alexis - Why did you just lie to Drew?

At Sam’s penthouse..............
Sam - Henry Archer was one of my first big marks. He was huge in advertising. He wanted a pretty, much, MUCH younger woman on his arm.
Jason - And you got him to marry you?
Sam - I was his trophy 🏆 wife. I wasn’t his first, and I’m sure I wasn’t his last!
Jason - Ok, if Shiloh is Archer’s son, you must have met him! Do you know anything about this guy?
Sam - No, I don’t remember meeting him.
Jason - He didn’t go to the wedding 👰?
Sam - No. I think he refused on the grounds his father was marrying a Gold Digger Tramp. I was taking his inheritance, which wasn’t entirely wrong.
Jason - This Archer must have talked about him?
Sam - His father called him David. So him going by Hank was his way of rebelling. I got the impression he was living off of his trust fund.
Jason - Even if you never met face to face, Archer’s son must have known about YOU. Seen a picture?
Sam - Then wouldn’t he have recognized me?
Jason - Maybe he was waiting to see if you recognized HIM!

At the Gym...................
(Scott tells Laura she should get into some self-defense class. There is a crazy person on the loose. He also says the guy that was killed was a TV 📺 producer . He was making a documentary of Kevin’s brother. He said the guy asked a lot of questions and the interview footage was missing.)
“Kevin“ - Is this going to be long, Scott?
Laura - Really? Do they think the killer took it?
Scott - Well, that is the theory. The producer stumbled on something about Ryan that the killer didn’t want anyone to know about.
Laura - What could that BE?
Scott - The connection between Ryan and the killer. That’s what the cops 👮‍♀️ think.
“Kevin“ - Do the police 👮 have any leads?
Scott - They think he is getting cocky and will slip up. He will try to kill the wrong person at the wrong time and 💥 POW💥, they will grab him. Send him to prison for the rest of his miserable life!

In Dr. Randolph’s office.............
Dr. - This is Oscar’s tumor before yesterday and this is Oscar’s tumor today.
Drew - Ok, I’m the only non doctor in the room. Explain?
Dr. - It means the tumor has not shrunk. It’s almost 9 centimeters, with considerable growth into the brain 🧠 tissue. Its entangled with major blood vessels. I’m sorry. The treatment failed.
Drew - So, what does that mean?
Kim - It means the tumor is still inoperable and Oscar is going to die.
(Kim starts to cry and Drew stares into space.)

At the Gym..............
“Kevin“ - I have to say, Scott, I admire your confidence in the 👮 police. You seem so sure the killer will be caught.
Scott - I agree with the PCPD. A head in an apple 🍎 barrel. Kiki found at the Haunted Star ⭐️. The producer at the Metro Court. This killer thinks LOT about him or herself. Nobody’s untouchable.
“Kevin“ - You never struck me as someone who believed in karma?
Scott - Karma has bit me SO many times. As my stepmother, Gail, use to say, ” What goes around comes around.” So, you’ve got to think before you act.

At Sam’s penthouse..................
Sam - Hank or Shiloh or WHOEVER he is made NO attempt to hide his personal history on the Dawn of Day website. It reads, ”growing up in extreme wealth was the chief motivator in Shiloh’s decision to reinvent himself. To create a more meaningful, more welcoming community.” All these buzz words. It’s just like he is full of 💩 crap!
Jason - There are TOO many coincidences: 1 - Your history with Shiloh. 2 - Shiloh’s connection to Drew, 3 - Oscar lives with him. 4 - Now, Kristina! Too many people we care about are in this guy’s orbit.

At Dr. Terry Randolph’s office...................
Dr. - Unfortunately, Kim’s assessment is correct. The therapy didn’t shrink the tumor and it will remain inoperable. So, so sorry.
Kim - Thank you.
Drew - I appreciate how much you fought for Oscar.
Dr. - Oscar is a wonderful kid. It has been my privilege to get to know him.
Kim - How much time do we have with him?
Dr. - I’m not sure. The best we can do is monitor. It’s too soon to tell.
Kim - So, there is time?
Dr. - There is. I will give you some privacy.
Drew - I KNEW it was a long shot.
Kim - Yeah, it was.
Drew - We’re going to have to tell him.
Kim - He’s having such a good day! Joss is here and he is eating. What if this is his last happy day?
Drew - It’s not. We can’t let it be!
Kim - Let him have ONE more day of hope?
Drew - One day becomes a week. Then a month. Ok, listen to me. I KNOW this is hard. We gave him our word. This is his LIFE. Whatever control he will have over that life, we’ve got to give it to him.

At the Gym...................
(Scott tells Laura his stepmother, Gail, passed. She tells him they should get a cup of coffee ☕️ and walk to the pier. Lee, Scott’s father, liked to fish there.)
Scott - I’m the only one left! No one to remember with me.
Laura - You can tell me all the stories about Gail and Lee. We can BOTH remember. Kevin, if you want to talk?
“Kevin“ - Never mind.

(Scott saved Laura from being killed at the hand of the serial killer, ”Kevin“ Ryan Chamberlain. Then, we see “Kevin“ turn the shoelaces in to a hangman’s noose.)

At Charley’s Pub...................
Alexis - This person doesn’t exist! WHY would you lie to Kim and Drew?
Julian - Because I had to give Kim a reason to give up on me.
Alexis - So you made her think you had a random hook up? I hope you didn’t make her think it was ME!
Julian - No, but I didn’t deny it either.

At Sam’s penthouse.................
Sam - Here’s what we have so far: 1 - Oscar is your nephew. 2 - Drew is your brother. 3 - Drew saved Hank/Shiloh. 4 - Shiloh is the son of Henry Archer, my ex-husband. 5 - He is now living with my sister, Kristina. Who is in the middle?
Jason - You.
Sam - First, Kristina is hanging out with Dawn of Day. Then, I get the email.
Jason - It’s not a coincidence.
Sam - No, Jason, it’s not.

Outside Oscar’s room...................
Kristina - Of ALL the people, YOU took the time to come here?
Shiloh touches her shoulder - Are you settled at the house 🏠?
Kristina - Yes, just like home.
Shiloh - It is YOUR home. I just want you to know I am 100% committed to help you learn whatever it is you need to learn about yourself.
Kristina - I know that. Thank you!
Shiloh - You’re welcome. Seriously, whatever you need. You can ALWAYS come to me.

(This guy is a snake 🐍. He is as phony as a $3 bill. Kristina is ⭐️ starry eyed and sees this guy as someone to worship. Beware!)

In Oscar’s room...............
(Knock. Knock.)
Oscar - Come in. Hey guys, what’s wrong?
Kim - Joss, honey, would you mind giving us a moment alone with Oscar?
Joss - Yeah, of course.
Oscar - No. Whatever it is, Joss is with me!
Joss - Only if that is ok with you?
Drew - Actually, Joss, I think it is a good idea 💡 you stay.
(They close the door 🚪. We can see through the glass Kim give Oscar the bad news.)
— MOM (1.7.19)
It’s the first Cliffhanger Friday of 2019 on GH..............
At the PCPD............
Detective Chase is the instructor for the PCPD self defense class. Maxie, Nina, Willow and Elizabeth are in the class. Chase is trying to teach them to defend themselves. There have been 3 murders in Port Charles. BUT all they want to do is argue about Aiden and Charlotte. Maxie has to be the referee.

At Charley’s Pub...........
Julian offers his Pub as a place for the Town Hall meeting on the Mayoral candidates......Ned Quartermaine and Laura Spencer Collins.
Lulu is the moderator 👩‍⚖️. It is an open forum, just ask a question .

The first question is about diversity.
Does Ned have a diverse staff? Ned says he does BUT Laura questions his close-knit staff. She wants to open it up to others and hear their points of view.

The next question to Ned - Do you think your business experience is a positive or a negative?
Ned - Yes it’s a positive. Without thriving business communities nothing else works.
Laura - Ned is a very successful business man BUT you can’t run a government like a business because it is not for profit.
(A dig to President Trump. Even a soap opera can be political).

The surprise comes when “Kevin“ gets up and endorses Laura for Mayor.
Laura assures the community she will be an advocate for mental health.
“Kevin“ is not too happy to hear she is going to put her two cents into the running of Ferncliff. What if she discovers that is where the real Dr. Kevin Collins is??

Lulu ends the meeting by saying the election 🗳 is tomorrow. So go out and vote 🗳.

At the PCPD.................
Jordan and Curtis are going over the facts of the 3 murders - Mary Pat, Kiki and Peyton Mills.
1 - All were surgically killed.
2 - Only driver’s licenses were taken.
3 - All killed on a Holidays - Halloween 🎃, Thanksgiving 🦃 and New Year’s Eve 🎉🎈🎊.
4 - A serial killer is at large.
Jordan - It all began on the 25th Anniversary of Ryan Chamberlain’s murders.
(So she looks at the information on the Ryan victims and finds that the only thing taken was a driver’s license.)
Jordan - 25 years ago Ryan Chamberlain took trophies 🏆.

Jordan and Curtis wonder if this is a copycat 🐱 murderer. They tally the names of all the persons at the 3 events. They zero in on Laura Collins. They don’t think she is the killer. but they think she knows the killer or the killer knows her.

Jordan gets a call from investigators saying there is no sign of the Peyton Mills documentary.

At the ☕️ coffee shop...................
(Stella informs Sonny and Mike that Marcus is taking Yvonne home 🏠. Upon hearing this. Mike becomes very upset.)
Mike - He is trying to take Yvonne away from me!
(Sonny decides to go to Turning Woods center and try to convince Marcus to let Yvonne stay.)

At Turning Woods center...................
Sonny - This is a difficult situation because Yvonne and Mike can’t make decisions for themselves. We have to do the best we can for them.
Marcus - I knew my wife wouldn’t remember me at some point but I am NOT ok with your father giving my wife a gift 🎁.He spends more time with her than I do!
Sonny - When you love 💕 someone, you have to do what is best for them.
(Yvonne comes into the room and wants to know where Mike is?)
Marcus - Honey 🍯 I’ m your husband. We’ve been married for 33 years!
Yvonne - Don’t tell me that! I don’t know you. I want Mike!
(Stella and Mike are waiting for Sonny to return. She is trying to prepare Mike for the possibility that Yvonne won’t be there. Sonny returns and they go back to the center.)

At the Turning Woods center...........
(Mike sees luggage with Yvonne’s name on it.)
Mike - Are we too late? Did she leave?
(Marcus and Yvonne appear, and Marcus tells them Yvonne is staying at the center.)
Mike - What made you change your mind?
Marcus - Your son convinced me.
(Mike gives Yvonne his present 🎁.....a shawl.)
Yvonne - It’s so beautiful and soft. Mike, help me put it on!
(Marcus stands on the sidelines and watches Mike and Yvonne in their own world 🌍. This is very sad.)
— MOM (1.4.19)
Thursday on GH.................
At the Group House.................
(Jason and Sam visit Kristina at the Group House 🏡. Kristina introduces them to Shilo. Jason recognizes him as “Hank” the guy who knows Drew.)
Shilo - Hi, welcome!
Jason - Shilo?
Sam - What? You know him?
Jason - I know he’s lying.
Kristina - What the hell, Jason! You show up right after I move in and call Shilo a liar?.
Jason - Cause he’s lying!
Shilo - Jason and I have met.
Jason - You said Drew knew you as Hank?
Shilo - That’s true. He did. I didn’t want to introduce myself as Shilo to not confuse matters. My apologies.
Sam - You said you knew Drew when he was a 🌊 Seal?
Shilo - I did. That’s true. I’m sorry., I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage?
Sam - Sam McCall.
Kristina - My sister and Drew’s ex-wife.
Shilo - Really? Small 🌍world! Well, Sam, I think you can appreciate when you change lives you change names too. (This guy could be the one texting Sam about her past) Jason, Sam you are more than welcome here any time. Any friend of Kristina is a friend of mine. I hope!
Kristina - If you 🛑 stop being incredibly rude!
Sam - Did you speak to Drew?
Shilo - I did. I did speak to him. He told me about the accident. He told me about his memory loss. I hoped that our reunion may have sparked something, but It didn’t.
Kristina - Drew hasn’t remembered anything before he came to Port Charles.
Shilo - It’s a shame because he will never truly understand how he impacted my life. If not for Drew’s intervention, I might still be “Hank,” shallow, lost and wasted. Drew saved my life! He saved it literally AND figuratively. I intend to repay that debt.

At General Hospital.....
(Kim tells Elizabeth that Julian broke up with her.)
Elizabeth - I don’t believe it? You guys seemed so good together!

At the Turning Woods center................
Marcus informs Stella he is taking complete control over Yvonne’s health. He is taking her home and away from Mike Corbin.

Lucy talks to Maxie about publicity for the book she wrote. It’s about Port Charles as a tourist and vacation attraction. Also a book signing.
Maxie - That’s not what crimson does but Nina and I can come up with some sort of angle.

At the Group Home 🏠................
Jason - So what exactly put you in Drew’s net?
Shilo - Well, it’s in my book 📚.
Sam - Your book 📖? You’re a little too young to be writing a memoir, aren’t you?
Kristina - It’s a LOT more than that!
Shilo - It’s a confessional. The study 📖 of the human condition. A way to look at life.
Kristina - You should read it Sam! There is a lot of stuff in there that can help you.
Jason - So, Drew pulled you out of a fire 🔥 fight?
Shilo - Yeah, he did. He did with bullet 🕳 holes and a few stitches but minus a life wasted. Since I had to evolve, I had to change. I wasn’t much of a man.
Sam - Oh, and Shilo is?
Kristina - YES!
Shilo - Well, that’s for other people to judge 👨‍⚖️. I’m just doing my best day by day.
Sam - How’s that?
Shilo - By creating this.....Dawn of Day. This house 🏡 is where 👫 friends 👬 come to meet and some, like Kristina, they live here.
Jason - What does your outfit do?
Shilo - Anything that needs to be done for our community. For the world 🌎 around us .
Kristina - They help people find houses 🏠 on Charles Street. Ran 🏃 a clothing drive and started a neighborhood compost program.
Sam - Wow? I mean that sounds ambitious and costly! People who live here, do they fund Dawn of Day by paying rent??
Kristina - They don’t pay rent, but they can. That is how Oscar was able to stay here. He’s Drew’s son (she says to Shilo)..
Shilo - Oh really? I knew Drew had a son, but I didn’t connect him to Oscar!
Sam - So, you had a minor living here without telling his parents?
Shilo - Well, Oscar wanted to make it on his own, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the money 💴. We were able to find a spot for him here.
Sam - I’m still not clear how you can afford to take in people who don’t pay rent?
Kristina - Do you have to be such a bitch?
Shilo - Kristina, look, your sister’s questions are completely valid. The way that we can provide outreach and a safe place for people is because I fund Dawn of Day with my own money 💰.
Sam - And the money 💰 comes from what, exactly?
Shilo - Well, I’m a life coach. I help people realize their full potential.

At the Gym...............
Drew isn’t having good days so he tells Curtis - I wonder if a blast from the past is actually a good thing.

At GH..............
Elizabeth - That jerk broke up with you because of OSCAR?
Kim - To hear Julian, it is too much to be with him and take care of my son at the same time.
Elizabeth - Your son is fighting for his LIFE and Julian decides to leave you and acts like he is doing you a FAVOR?
Kim - It just didn’t come out of nowhere. Julian saw Drew and me kiss 💋 on New Year’s Eve.

(Julian didn’t tell Kim that Joss paid him a visit and asked him to stay away from Kim. She said Oscar wanted his mother and father to be together as a family.)

At Charlie’s Pub.................
Alexis - How is Oscar doing?
Julian - You would have to ask Kim. She didn’t tell me.
Alexis - Did I say something wrong?
Julian - Kim and I are through.

Stella meets with Mike and Sonny for coffee ☕️ and tells them Yvonne’s husband is taking her out of Turning Woods. He is taking her home 🏠. Mike asked about the Christmas 🎄 🎁 present he asked Stella to give Yvonne. She said it wasn’t the right time to give it to her so she left it there.

At Dawn of Day.......
Kristina - Are they gone?
Shilo - Yes.
Kristina - I’m sorry.
Shilo - Why?
Kristina - Didn’t you see how patronizing they were to me? They were extremely rude to you!
Shilo - I wasn’t referring to their behavior, I was referring to YOURS!
Kristina - I don’t get it?
Shilo - Sam and Jason, they didn’t bring that anger to you. That negativity came from inside. That came from within YOU. It doesn’t have be that way. That’s the way YOU chose to deal with them. Kristina, we can teach you a different way to interface with the world 🌍 around you. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can teach you to be free of all that negativity!
Kristina - How?
Shilo - Stick around. You just might find out!

At Sam’s penthouse................
Sam - Ok, that could have gone better!
Jason - Well we did get a good look 👀 at her living situation. Her relationship with the guy. Many things.
Sam - Relationship? She practically WORSHIPS the guy. Everything that came out of her mouth 👄 was Shilo’s words. NOT hers.
Jason - It’s too good to be true.
Sam - I think Shilo is neither good or true.

At Charley’s Pub...............
(Scott tells Monica and Lucy that his step-mother Gail is gone. They are all very sad. The actress, Susan Brown, actually die.).
Lucy - Who do you think 🤔 gave Gail the most heartache?
Scott - Not me!
Monica - Not me, either!
Lucy - Don’t look at ME. It was Tracy! I’m going to miss Gail so much.
Alexis - Excuse me. I would like to offer my condolences to all of you. I’m very sorry for your loss.
Scott - Thank you. I called Alexis this morning because Gail hired her to change her will after Lee (Scott’s father) passed away.
Lucy - Can’t this wait?
Alexis - No, it can’t, Lucy. Gail’s will contains a bequest that involves all three of you.
Scott - A bequest?
— MOM (1.3.19)
Wednesday on GH....................
At party/crime scene.............
Jordan - Jason, I would like you to take me through what happened.
Jason - Sam and I have already been questioned together and separately. Our story is not going to change.
Jordan - Investigations are tedious. We need to hear the story several times because any new information can open up the investigation.

Lulu visits Ava looking for “Kevin.“ She wants to interview him about last night.
Ava - What happened last night?
Lulu - A body was found on the terrace of the Metro Court. There’s a chance this murder is tied to whoever killed Mary Pat Ingles and Kiki.

At the party/crime scene.............
Jason - Sam was cold, so I gave her my suit coat 🧥. I spotted something. We were watching the fire 🔥 works 💥💥so the lighting wasn’t good. I thought I saw a hand or arm with blood on it. So I went over to check it out. I kicked over the snowman ⛄️ and the body fell out. It was a guy in late 30’s or early 40’s .
Jordan - Did either of you touch him or attempt to revive him?
Jason - No, it was obvious he was dead. I called 911 and we waited on the terrace for the police 🚔 👮.
Jordan - Did you see anyone else on the terrace or early in the evening?
Sam - No, there was no one out there.
Jordan - That’s all I need to know.
Sam - Does that mean we can go?
Jordan - You’re free to leave. Thank you both for your cooperation.
Jason - You ok?
Sam - Yes, I’m just tired 💤.
Jason - Come on, I’ll take you home 🏡.

“Kevin“ arrives at the scene of the crime..................
Curtis - Thanks for coming.
“Kevin“ - Jordan didn’t give me any details.
Curtis - A TV 📺 producer was murdered and left on the terrace.
(“Kevin“ makes believe he is surprised.)
“Kevin“ - The man who was doing the project on my brother? I thought he was finished. What was he doing in Port Charles?
Curtis - He was in Port Charles to put on finishing touches and was found here during a holiday party 🎉 🎈. I had gone bye the studio and saw lots of blood and no Peyton.
“Kevin“ - So, you knew the man?
Curtis - No, I saw him at the Floating Rib and pitched him a TV 📺 show. He sent me a text to meet him .
Jordan - Medical examiner says Peyton‘s death was approximately at 6 pm.
Curtis - That’s WAY before I got the text to meet him.
Jordan - Why would the killer want you to go to the crime scene?
“Kevin“ - I know why!

At General Hospital.........................
Drew wants Kim to forget about the kiss last night. He tells her he is here for Oscar so she can go to see Julian and wish him a Happy New Year.

At Ava’s apartment..................
Ava - Do you think there is some monster out there choosing victims at random? You know my daughter’s murder will NEVER make any sense to me! Just the idea that she was killed by some SICKO so he can get his kicks is just beyond horrible!
Lulu - Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you Ava. I’m so sorry for your loss.
Ava - Thank you.

At the crime scene...........
“Kevin“ - The killer must have seen Peyton’s previous text to Curtis and lured him to the crime scene to taint the evidence.
(Jordan gets more information from the coroner. Peyton was surgically stabbed 2x . Mary Pat’s head was surgically removed and Kiki was stabbed in the back.)
Curtis - Someone likes attention!
Jordan - It’s official, there is a serial killer among us.

At General Hospital 🏥.....................
A guy gets off the elevator and says - Drew.....Drew Cain?
Drew - That’s me! You must be Hank?
Hank - Yes. You look SO different. What happened to you?

At Sam’s penthouse.................................
Sam - I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault we had to spend all that time answering all those questions.
Jason - Don’t apologize! Most of the time when we are getting interrogated, it’s because of ME.
Sam - That’s most of the time, but this isn’t most of the time. You actually stayed and answered most of the questions. Which is confusing! I thought you would have insisted to have Diane there?
Jason - Well, Max took her to Vegas for New Year’s Eve.
Sam - What? Why Vegas? Are they getting married?
Jason - No, Diane is not going to get married to Max!
Sam - Why not?
Jason - Because it can create a conflict of interest that can be used against her in a court.
Sam - Oh, I don’t believe it! I think Diane will end up marrying Max.
Jason - What makes you so sure?
Sam - Because I think Max is an old fashioned kind of guy. He wants to be married and Diane wants to give him what he wants. I don’t know, maybe they will wait until they retire and get married in Vegas. Either way, I know they’re the type of couple that is going to end up together. It might be very romantic!
Jason - Max?
Sam - Why are you 😆 laughing? Come on! They got things figured out better than we do right now.
Jason - I disagree with that because I think we BOTH know what we want. Maybe it’s time we did something about it?
(They kiss 💋 and Kristina comes home.)
Kristina - Oops!

At Charley’s Pub..................
Kim brings Julian New Year’s hats, horns and a big smile. But he is not buying it. Julian tells Kim he saw her kiss 💋 Drew.

At General Hospital 🏥.............
Drew - I’m sorry, I don’t remember you?
Hank - That’s crazy! Everything we did together? Everything you did for me? You don’t remember ANY of that?
Drew - Don’t take offense. I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t want to talk.
Hank - I’m glad you called. Even with your accident, I thought you would remember me. You and I were real tight in Afghanistan!
Drew - Yeah, Jason mentioned you said that.
Hank - I was a private contractor. You and I crossed paths a LOT. We spent a lot of free time together. We played a lot of poker.
Drew - Was I any good?
Hank - No, you sucked! But man, you were a hell of a fighter. You were totally fearless!
Drew - I lost DECADES of my memory.
Hank - Hold on! Check this out. Maybe this will help? (He shows Drew a picture of both of them. Drew looks like Jason.) Remember that?
Drew - Sorry, I don’t.
Hank - I wish you could remember this because you changed my life!

At Sam’s penthouse....................
(Kristina apologizes for what she interrupted. She tells them she is moving in with Daisy at the group house, the same place where Oscar is staying.)
Sam - I’m concerned for your health. There is a psycho out there killing people!
Kristina - I can’t live my life in fear.
Sam - How well do you REALLY know these people?

At the crime scene................
Curtis - Let’s see? Floating Rib, Haunted Star 🌟 AND Metro Court. All public places on holidays.
“Kevin“ - We have one more thing.....Mr. & Mrs. Ashford. You were both at the Floating Rib the night Mary Pat’s head was discovered.
Jordan - The killer KNEW we would both be at the honeymoon suite at the Haunted Star ⭐️.
“Kevin“ - Curtis, you were led to the crime scene to taint the evidence. Also to taunt you or Jordan, or both of you. The killer chose Halloween 🎃, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve to display their handiwork. That would indicate a trouble with festive events. Perhaps a childhood trauma experienced on a holiday or a family gathering? The person you’re looking for is anti-social, isolated and envious of others’ ability to express joy.
Jordan - So, you think they will kill again?
“Kevin“ - It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN.

Jordan and Curtis are going to feel pretty foolish when they realize they came face to face with the serial killer.

At Sam’s penthouse..................
(Kristina tells Jason and Sam everyone pitches in and works together. They volunteer and Shilo is the head of the family.)
Sam - What is this Shilo like? You must have something nice to say about the guy?
Kristina - Do you think I’m sleeping with him?
Sam - Are you?

At Charley’s Pub......................
Kim - We were just talking and we got nostalgic about years ago in San Diego. That kiss 💋 was nothing!
Julian - Not to me.
Kim - I’m sorry.
Julian - I found a way to move past it. I slept with someone else.

At General Hospital 🏥.......................
Hank - It got a little rough over there, but we had some good times. I hit the bottle a little too hard and you helped me through the dark days. You helped me through a lot! I would really like to return the favor?
Drew - I appreciate that, but I’m good.
Hank - Forgive me, but your son is in the hospital? Is there anything I can do?
Drew - That’s very kind. Oscar is getting the best help at GH. Kim and I have it covered.
Hank - Kim is his mother?
Drew - Yeah, Kim Nero. Did I ever mention her back then?
Hank - No, I don’t think so.
Drew - I just found out I had a son last year. Kim and I lost contact when I went overseas. You know how it goes.
Hank - If you ever need help don’t hesitate to ask. I owe you big time!
Drew - You could just let it go?
Hank - No, I can’t do that Drew. You saved my life.

At Sam’s penthouse............
Kristina - No, it’s not like that, with Shilo, at ALL!
Sam - You seem very taken with him?
Kristina - He encouraged me to do my part to make the world 🌍 a better place. I don’t jump into bed with any guy!
Sam - Ok, I’m sorry. My mind just went there.
Kristina to Jason - What about YOU? Did you assume I was sleeping with Shilo?
Jason - I didn’t assume anything, but I can see why Sam is concerned. I’m concerned too! We don’t know anything about these people.
Kristina - Fine. Why don’t the two of you come by and see for yourself? Once you check it out, you will see it’s like one big happy family. I’m sure I”ll see you soon.
Sam - Ok, I’m going to need you on this right now! Don’t tell me she is old enough to make her own choices.
Jason - She said we can visit. I think we should.

At General Hospital 🏥.........................
Drew - The Navy gave me my service records, but most of it was redacted.
Hank - So you have NO idea that you are a hero? You rescued me from an IED!
Drew - What happened?
Hank - You were with me and some other contractors on a supply run. A IED went off under the jeep 🚙 that I was in. You were in the convoy right behind and it was BAD. I got hit really hard. The jeep 🚙 went up in flames 🔥. There were bullets flying everywhere. I thought I was a goner! You ran back in a hale of gun fire 🔥. You grabbed me and pulled me out and dragged me in the ditch to hide. You stayed with me and protected me. You kept me from bleeding out. The ONLY reason I’m still here is because of YOU. After that, I was a changed man. I cleaned up my act. I quit partying and got my head on straight! I looked for you after I recovered, but you were gone. I didn’t believe it when they told me you went AWOL. So what happened to you man? Where did you go?
Drew - I have no idea. I would like to talk more about our time, but my kid is due for some tests.
Hank - Of course, man! Go ahead! You have my number. Call, text when you are ready?
Drew - Sure.
Hank - Drew, one more thing? Thank you. I wanted to say that for a long time.

At Charley’s Pub.....................
Kim - You SLEPT with someone because you saw Drew and me KISS 💋? Was it Alexis?
Julian - It doesn’t matter. Seeing you and Drew like that made me rethink everything we’ve got going on here. Your son and his father are your priority right now and it’s ok. I don’t want to get in the way anymore, ok?
Kim - So that’s IT? To make absolute sure we are over, you get into BED with someone else?
Julian - It made me see I have to let you go. You can focus completely on Oscar.
Kim - You want to break up with me? Fine. Don’t go and SLEEP with someone else and say you’re doing it for ME. You’re a coward!

Also at Charley’s...................
Valentin sees Lisle with Maxie, Nina and James in the corner of the pub. He tells her it would be best if she left town. Lisle is not going anywhere now that she has a grandson. She tells Valentin in the event something happened to her, she wrote three letters. The first for the DA. The second for Anna Devane, who has always wanted proof of his treachery. The last letter, of course, goes to her niece, Nina. She will know he passed off that impostor, Sasha Gilmore, as her daughter.

At the crime scene................
(Jordan calls Lulu in to tell her off the record that they are dealing with a serial killer, one who will stop 🛑 at nothing to get attention.)
Curtis - There is no saying who the next victim will be!

At Charley’s Pub.................
Valentin - I agree to your terms. Nina is my life. She brings light to my life, but I am very comfortable in the darkness. I THRIVE there. So, should you choose to flex your muscles 💪 and reveal my secrets, I will have nothing left to lose. And every reason to make you pay for it!
Lisle - What do I have to gain by revealing the truth about Sasha?

At the compound..................
(Jason and Sam are looking around.)
Sam - This is a lot nicer than I thought! Let’s hope the people inside are too. (Sam rings the bell 🔔.)
Kristina - Hey, that didn’t take long!
Sam - Well, you said to come by.
Kristina - I’m glad you did! Come in. Good time, too! Shilo is here.
(Kristina introduces Jason and Sam to Shilo. He is the guy called Hank!)
— MOM (1.2.19)

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