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Stone Cold

"Behind every great man is a ticked off woman who hates him."
-- Ned Quartermaine

**My mom sent so many great updates that I had to start an archive for old posts.**
The notes below are from September - December 2017.

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Back in the '80s GH was my jam. Luke & Laura, Frisco & Felicia, Scotty Baldwin, Blackie... Dr Noah Drake!  These days, I don't keep up with the show except for when I visit my parents in Florida. Every day at 2pm, you'll find my mom in Port Charles. She sends me notes when something exciting happens, so I'll post them here. 

Also, you might notice a pattern: She is 1000% #TeamJason and only has eyes for Steve Burton (sorry, Billy Miller). And she loves emojis...



— MOM (12.29.17)
Today is the last day of GH updates until after the New Year.
We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, 🎄 Happy Holidays, and peaceful and prosperous 2018.
— MOM & JEN (12.22.17)
Today on GH, Nelle goes to Kelly’s Diner .........
Jason - It’s closed.
Nelle - Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁
Jason - Merry Christmas 🎄
Nelle - Don’t worry baby, I will think of something.

At Sonny’s home 🏡 for Christmas 🎄.....
Sonny - Last year we were drowning in our sorrow and grief.
Carly - Talking about Morgan, do you think 🤔 he got his wings? Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. (Carly rings a bell on the Christmas 🎄tree.)
Sonny - Imagine Morgan with wings!

At Laura’s wedding.....
Leslie - Merry Christmas, 🎄🎁 sweetie.
Laura - Mom! Mom! I can’t believe your here.
Leslie - Welcome to the family, Kevin! We had to rent an all terrain vehicle to get here. The roads are very icy ❄️. This is my significant other, Marcello. I don’t see 👀 a minister.
Lulu - You can do it, Grandma.
Laura - No, you can’t.

Carly is thrilled 😁 when Jason arrives for 🎄 Christmas.
Carly - Jason, I am SO glad your here! All my men are here. Jason you must stay over, the roads are icy and dangerous.
Michael - So since it is only us, I want to know how I wound up being a Corrinthos and not a Quartermaine? Nelle is pregnant, 🤰 if the baby 👶 is mine I have a lot of decisions to make. If you tell me, it will help me make the decision for my child.
Carly - I was a messed up young girl. I blamed your grandmother for abandoning me. I had an affair with Tony Jones, her husband. So one night, I was looking for a friend. I couldn’t find Jason, I ran into A.J. I got pregnant and told Tony he was the father. When A.J. tried to take you away from me, I told him Jason was the father.
Jason - Your mom showed up at my place soaking wet and she said she did something I was not going to like. You were wrong about that, it was the best thing that happened to me, taking care of you.

Leslie - Marcello says he can officiate your wedding. He has married Americans in Italy and they are legal and binding. He doesn’t speak English so I will translate. Laura it’s your wedding 👰 day!

Carly - When A.J. found out he was your father, he filed for custody. I married A.J. and moved into the Quartermaine Mansion with you.
Jason - I left town.
Carly - Sonny moved back from Puerto Rico. We got involved and I became pregnant. A.J. gave me a divorce but would not give you back to me. Sonny made him change his mind.
Sonny - A.J. pushed you down the stairs and you lost the baby! 👶 If it wasn’t for you, Michael, mom and I would have gone our separate ways.
Carly - Your father and Jason always put you first.
Michael - Do you think 🤔 having me made you a better parent?
Carly - Having you made me a better person. It’s one thing to conceive, but to take care of a child 👶 is what makes you a better person.

There’s a knock on door 🚪 and Nelle collapses in Michael’s arms.
Michael puts Nelle on the couch 🛋 and revives her.
Michael - What happened?
Nelle - I was going to get dinner 🥘 and was driving and there was a dead tree in the road. I didn’t know what to do so I got out of the car 🚗 and started walking 🚶. I didn’t mean to come here but I started feeling faint.
Michael - So how do you feel? Do you feel pain?
Nelle - No, we are going to be just fine.
Carly looks 👀 at Jason with disgust.

Laura and Kevin get married on Christmas 🎄 Day in front of their family and friends.

Jason - Carly, are you ok?
Carly - No, but I am not going to start a fight on Christmas 🎄. That is what Nelle wants me to do. How is my showing up at your door 🚪 any different from what Nelle did?
Jason - You didn’t try to manipulate me.
Carly - I have a present 🎁 for you.
Jason opens a box - Ok, looks familiar. (It’s a key chain with a key 🔑 to the house 🏡).
Carly - You always have a home here. This is your home.
Jason - I know.
Carly - Welcome 🏠 home!
Carly and Jason embrace.......❤️😎👍👍👍😁😍

After dinner......
Carly - Nelle, your room is ready. I put an extra quilt on the bed.
Nelle - I don’t want to be any trouble. Sonny, thank you 🙏 for dinner. Merry Christmas.
Michael takes Nelle upstairs..
Sonny - You ok?
Carly - Yes, Nelle can’t win Michael. He has us.
Sonny pours a drink 🥃 for Carly and Jason....
Sonny - To those we love, ❤️ to those we lost, and to those who came back. I would not be still here if it wasn’t for you two. Right or wrong, good or bad. I love you and will always have your backs. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁
— MOM (12.22.17)
Hey Jen💕🎄 It’s Christmas 🎄 at General Hospital........
Joss meets Jason at Kelly’s. She bought a Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁 for Jason to give to Jack. It’s a professional scratch pad and professional pencils. She tell Jason that Jack likes to draw.

At Sam’s apt. Scout is sleeping so Sam tells Drew to take Danny to Monica’s. She will come when Scout wakes up. Danny wants to play with Annabelle, the dog.

At Monica’s house she invites a few extra guests this year. The usual Olivia, Leo, Ned and Michael. The door 🚪 bell rings and it’s Kim.
Kim - Thank you for inviting me.
Monica introduces Kim to the family.
Monica - Where is Oscar?
Kim - At the last minute, he decided to stay home 🏡 with a friend.
Ned says to Monica away from Kim - Isn’t it a little early to invite Nero without a DNA test?

At Kelly’s.........
Joss - Jason do you want me to pick out a gift 🎁 for Danny?
Jason - No, I got him something myself. Do people tell you you’re a lot like your mother?
Joss - All the time.
As Jason leaves 🍁 Oscar meets his uncle.
Oscar - So I met my Uncle.
Josslyn - Yes he is my mother’s best friend.

At Sam’s apt,.....Drew has a ring in his hand and is down on one knee.
Sam - You can put that ring on my finger. Get up!
Drew - Only if you’re sure?
Sam - I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I love ❤️ you.
Drew - No, I love ❤️ YOU. 😘
Sam - I will be pleased 😀 to be Mrs. Drew Cain.

It’s Laura’s and Kevin’s wedding 👰 day. Maxie says it’s bad luck if the groom sees 👀 the bride 👰 before the ceremony.

Liz and Franco play with Star ⭐️ Wars toys.
There’s a knock at the door......
Liz - Jason?
Jason - Merry Christmas 🎁.
Liz - Come in!
Jason - I have something for Jake.
Jake - What is HE doing here?
Liz - Your father is saying Merry Christmas 🎁🎄.
Jake - I already have a father, I don’t want you here!

(See what happens when a mother doesn’t properly prepare the child to see his father?
Shame on you, Liz! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻)

Jake leaves the room.
Liz - Sorry, he loves Drew.
Jason - I have no intentions of pushing Drew out of Jake’s life. Whatever Jake needs.
Liz - I have to tell you something......Franco and I are getting married.
Jason - It’s your life. He did what he did to Sam and Michael.
Liz - He will not harm the boys.
Jason - Just tell Jake, I am here when and IF he is ready to see me.

Drew arrives at Monica’s house 🏡..........
Monica - Nothing has changed, Drew, you will always be my son.
Michael - Merry 🎄 Christmas.
Drew - Merry Christmas.
Ned - After the holidays we have to discuss ELQ.
Drew - What?
Ned - Grandfather’s will, the stock shares will change.
Michael - First a the waterfront, now you’re talking about stock. Ned I’m beginning to think I made a mistake bringing you into ELQ!
Olivia - Hey Drew, Merry Christmas. 🎄
Drew - Merry Christmas, Kim. Monica told me you would be stopping by.

At Kelly’s Diner.....Oscar gives Joss a Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁. A CD player with 12 songs that remind him of her.
Oscar - Do you like it?
Joss - Best gift 🎁 ever!

Sam looks at the metal knot she wore when she married Jason.
Knock at 🚪’s Jason.

Liz - I hope Jason is ok?
Franco - I think he is drooly Darth Vader. I will stay clear of Jason.
Liz - I hope someday you and Jason will be ok.

Kim - I got both of you something, photos of Oscar growing up.
Monica - Thank you so much. He looks like Alan.
Kim - Is it too much?
Drew - No, I am just getting used to the fact I have a teenage son.

At Sam’s apt......
Jason - Is Danny here?
Sam - Drew took him to the Quartermaine’s .
Jason - Ok, I can see him some other time.
Sam - You can put the gift 🎁 under the tree 🌲.
Jason - Nice tree, far cry from the tree you brought home.
Sam - Yes, I remember. Drew and I are getting married because we love ❤️ each other. After the holidays, we will get out of the apt and give it back to you.
Jason - This place is your’s. My son lives here, I have no intention of taking it back.
Sam - Thank you. The money 💰 .....
Jason - I spoke to Diane it will be in your hands.
Sam - Thank you.
Jason - Consider it a gift 🎁. Merry Christmas 🎄.
Sam - Merry Christmas 🎄.
Jason leaves.

Liz - Someone sent you a Christmas 🎄 card, just in time. Who is it from?
Franco - My mother.

Sam and Scout arrive at Monica’s......
Sam - Hi Oscar, Merry Christmas 🎄.This is your sister, Scout.
Oscar - Hi Scout.
Sam - I think she likes you, do you want to stay a while?
Oscar - I don’t know.
Sam - Change can be scary or it can be exciting. Why don’t you take your jacket off and we can walk into this new life together?
Drew - Oscar, glad you came!
Oscar - Merry Christmas 🎁.
Drew - Merry Christmas. Do you want to go in?
Your mother is inside.

Liz - What does the card say? I hope one day you can forgive me. What does it mean?

At Kelly’s......
Joss - Well, how did Jake like his present 🎁?
Jason - I left it.
Joss - What about Danny’s?
Jason - I left his, too.
Joss tells Jason that Carly is waiting for him to come to the 🏠 house. She doesn’t want you to be alone.

At Monica’s house......
Kim introduces Oscar to Monica.
Monica - Honestly, you do have Alan’s smile. He would be so proud to have another grandson.
Drew - I guess being thrown into a family like this could be a bit much. But their heart is in the right place.
Oscar - It is a lot to take in.
Drew - I get it. I was going to say that is what family is for. I am here and I am not going anywhere.
Oscar - Thanks.

The Minister who is officiating at Laura and Kevin’s ceremony just got a call that his wife is in labor. So no minister.....
Laura - I guess we are not getting married today.
Knock at the 🚪 door. Lulu opens it.
Lulu - Did someone order a miracle?

Franco - She feels guilty.
Liz - What can she be guilty about?

Oscar looks at Ned’s guitar 🎸.
Ned - Do you play?
Oscar - I love ❤️ music, guitar, piano.
Ned - Do you sing and compose?
Oscar - Sometimes.
Ned - Your Great-Grandfather insisted we sing 🎤 before we eat at every holiday. Do you want to give me a hand? First we sing than we eat.
🎶Silent Night....Holy Night🎵🎵
Ned and Oscar sing......

Sam remembers the small Christmas 🎄 tree she brought home 🏡 to Jason when they were married.

Jason leaves Kelly’s Diner all alone. 😥

(Hey writers and producers, give Jason a beautiful woman to love! ❤️)
— MOM (12.21.17)
Hey Jen. I am wrapping 🎁 gifts. No Jason, Drew, Sam stories today.

At Kelly’s ......
Nelle - Hi 👋 Michael.
Michael - How are you and the baby doing?
Nelle - I have expenses and basic needs for myself.
Michael - I have an idea, why don’t you get a job?
Nelle - When I asked if you had a solution, I was thinking more on the lines of.....
Michael - Of an allowance? I will pay 💰 for expenses for the 👶child. I won’t let you take advantage of me.
Nelle - Michael, you really don’t trust me.
Michael - Do you blame me?

Laura asks Lulu to be her Matron of Honor and Kevin asks Dante to be his Best Man at their Wedding 👰 on Christmas 🎄 Day.

Nelle - I did not plan for this pregnancy 🤰 to happen.
Michael - I stopped making excuses for you a long time ago.
Nelle - You can hate me all you want.
Michael - I don’t hate you.
Nelle - This baby 👶 was conceived out of love ❤️.
Michael - Good luck 🍀 with the job hunt.

At Charley’s Pub.......
Julian tells Alexis and Molly he is now a small business owner. His new adventure is Charley’s Pub, a bar on the Waterfront.

At the Gallery........
Griffin and Jordan argue about who murdered Duke Lavery, Griffin’s father. Ava loves both men and is put in the middle of the confrontation.

Mayor Lomax wants to tear down businesses and buildings on the waterfront. The problem is the people who live there are against it. They will not be able to withstand gentrification. She wants to privatize the parks and welcome new business.
Laura, Molly, Kevin, Alexis and T.J. are against it. Michael and Ned are willing to take on the construction 🔨 if approved.
Laura speaks to the crowd of people.- I remember Mary May Moore, she was here a long time ago. Here in the 1880’s, the Waterfront was a thriving place for diversity. I want all of you to go vote and vote NO.

Maxie wonders if she is not good enough to be a mother. She talks to her mom, Felicia, while Spinelli takes care of their girl, George.
Felicia - Maxie you already are a good mother,
Maxie - I am a train wreck with great hair.
Felicia - If you give this baby 👶 all the love ❤️ you have, you have nothing to worry about.

Nathan asks his mother, Dr. Obrecht, why Victor was not tested for Beta Calimesa. (What is this?)
Dr. Obrecht - Were you tested for Beta Calimesa?
Nathan - Yes, but I don’t have it.
Dr. Obrecht - Take this file to your doctor 👨‍⚕️. He will tell you all is well and you can stop 🛑 worrying.

At the Gallery,.....
Nell - Am I interrupting?
Ava - No, Griffin is heading back to work. How can I help you?
Nelle - I saw you were hiring an Assistant. Since you were so nice to me at Kelly’s........
Ava - Say no more, you’re hired!

At Charley’s Pub......
Mayor Lomax tells the crowd voting will begin next month.
Meeting Adjourned.
Molly wonders why her mother is talking to Julian. Alexis just can’t stay away from him.

At the Gallery.....
Nelle - I hope the reason you’re hiring me is because I can do this job and because you want to stick it to Sonny and Carly.
Ava - My reason for hiring you has nothing to do with Sonny and Carly. Just like your reason for taking this job.

At Charley’s Pub......
Ned to Michael- If we don’t give Mayor Lomax our support, she will give the project to a Venture Capitalist.

At the PCPD.....
Lulu tells Dante that Mayor Lomax stole the Mayoral Election and the people need to know. She found hundreds of ballots for Felicia Scorpio that were not counted.

At General Hospital.......
Nathan asks Dr. Griffin if he will look at the medical records of his father, Victor Cassadine.

Hopefully they will focus on Jason again tomorrow.
— MOM (12.20.17)
Today on GH, there was a knock on 🚪 door..........
Sam - Jason! What are you doing here.
Drew - Sorry, I should have told you I invited Jason over.
Sam - Tell me what is going on!
Drew - We need to know what is going on and why.
Sam - If you need information, my mother can get it for you.
Drew - I went to the PCPD to speak to Dr. Maddox and he wasn’t there. They told me Jason spoke to him.
Jason - Dr. Maddox said he took a baseline map of your memory. I wanted to know if it still exists.

Meanwhile, Nathan tells Maxie his mother, Dr. Obrecht, is very slow with the medical records of his father. He doesn’t believe Victor Cassadine is his father.
Nathan - We may never know who is the baby’s paternal grandfather 👴 is.

At PCPD.......
Britt tells her mother, Dr. Obrecht, that if she turns over Faison to the authorities, she will be free.
Dr. Obrecht - If you do that Faison will kill you! He was ok with you being a doctor. If he thinks you are betraying him, he will not forget.
Britt - They will put him in prison.
Dr. Obrecht - Don’t be a fool. Faison can escape any jail. Promise me you won’t betray your father.
Britt - Don’t worry. I won’t say anything. Nathan told me he asked you for Victor Cassadine’s medical records. Why haven’t given them to him?

Back at Sam’s (which is really Jason’s) apt........
Jason - Dr. Maddox put all his memory mapping in a flash drive in an ornament he gave to Anna. She didn’t know what was in it.
Drew - So you are unable to retrieve the flash drive?
Jason - Anna by accident gave a box 📦 of ornaments to the park for 🎄 Christmas trees.
Sam - So is it gone?
Jason - It is a little more complicated than that. When I told Anna about the flash drive, she went looking for it, but it was missing.
Drew - Someone knew it was in there and didn’t want us to have it.

Alexis comes home with Danny and he sees 👀 Jason........ Alexis leaves.
Danny - Hey 👋 I know you! You came back! This is mommy’s friend from when I was a baby.
Drew - Did you have fun at the park?
Danny - Yes, we gave toys to Toys for Tots. Grandma Alexis bought me a cookie! You look like someone. At my Grandma Monica’s, there is a picture of someone who looks like you.
Jason - I know your Grandmother.
Sam tells Danny to go and get a snack.
Jason - I need to go.
Drew - Your son, Danny, needs to know you’re his father.

(HOORAY!!! Good for you Drew, you’re doing the right thing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻)

Sam - Danny, so we found out something you need to know. It doesn’t change anything. Drew and I love you. Ok?
Danny - Ok.
Sam - Mommy found out Daddy and my friend are brothers. Just like you and Jake. So Daddy is your uncle and my friend is your father.
Danny to Drew - You’re not my father?
Drew - No son, I am not your father. I am your uncle. NOTHING will change. I will always love you.
Danny to Jason - Do YOU love me?
Jason - I do.
Danny - Why are you gone so long? When were you gone so long?
Jason - I didn’t want to be.
Danny - You’re my Daddy too. Why didn’t you say so right away?
Jason - I would like to get to know you when you are ready.
Danny - I am ready now.
Jason - What would you like to do?
Danny - You could hug 🤗 me.
Jason hugs 🤗 his son. 😥👏🏻👏🏻😊

(Ahhhh.....This is beautiful. Children are wiser than adults.)

Danny - If you come to my grandmother’s 👵 house, you can see 👀 Annabelle. I taught her how to shake hands.
Danny leaves...........Jason leaves....
Sam - This was very hard.
Drew - I am sorry 😐 you have to go through this. Telling Danny I am not his father broke my heart in a million pieces.
Sam - You have Jake, Danny and Scout and you will always have me.
Drew - I have nothing to give you. We don’t know who I am.
Sam - I know who you are! You are the one I love ❤️.
Drew - How can I ask you to choose me when I don’t know who I am?
Sam - You don’t owe me anything. Drew Cain, will you marry me? Please be my husband.
Drew - Are you sure you want to do this?
Sam - I am down on my knees!
Drew - I want to remember this is the moment we decided to get married because we love ❤️ each other.
Sam - THIS is the moment we will remember forever.
Drew - My answer is YES because I love ❤️ you.😘

(I have no words........saccharine.)
— MOM (12.19.17)
Hope you eat and have a good day.
At GH.......
Franco - It hurts me if I don’t tell you the truth.
Elizabeth - What hurts?
Franco - It’s not about me.
Elizabeth - I think we need some privacy. 🤔 Whatever it is, we will figure it out together.

At the Metro Court.....
Jason calls Robin - Hey Robin, I need to get in touch with your Mom.
Robin sends Anna’s cell phone #.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - You’re married to Jason Morgan. Our marriage is illegal. I meant every word I said to you. I need to say it again, will you marry me?
Sam - Our vows are still real. They don’t change anything.
Drew - There is nothing in this world 🌎 that can change how much I love ❤️ you.
Sam - Everything is so different, bank accounts, wills, trusts....
Drew - Oscar....It didn’t go so well.
Sam - We will figure it out.
Drew - I hope so, Mrs. Cain. Do you like that?
Sam - Yes.
Knock on door.......Oscar

Franco - Remember when we thought Jason was dead? I may have learned the truth before everyone else.
Liz - Ok, you knew the twins were in Port Charles?
Franco - I knew a lot more than that.

Jason - Anna, Jason Morgan. Can you meet me at the Metro Court?
Anna - I’m on my way!

Sam goes to the Metro Court to speak to Carly and sees 👀 Jason.....
Sam - Carly, I want to pay 💰 the bill for the Aurora Launch 🚀 Party.
Carly - With all that is going on you want to pay a bill? Is this really about that?
Sam - No.
Carly - We’re friends. What is this about?
Sam - Andrew said we’re not really married. He asked me to marry him.
Carly - What did you say?

Drew to Oscar - I am interested in you, Oscar. I know our last meeting didn’t go so well. I don’t want to pressure you.
Oscar - Tell me about Scout.
Drew - Do you like kids?
Oscar - Yes.
Drew - She is a great kid. We can set up a meeting for you.

Franco - Andre gave me a paper. It told me who was Drew and who was Jason.
Liz - YOU knew who was Drew and who was Jason? Why would you lie? You have to explain that to me! You could have helped them, why didn’t you?
Franco - Jason.

At the Metro Court.....
Jason - This investigation is costing you a fortune. Thank you.
Sonny - I got my right hand 🤚 man back. It’s worth it.

Carly - If you’re here you didn’t answer him. I’m sorry, I know you love ❤️ Drew. You also have a family with Jason. I can’t imagine how you’re handling this. I know what I would do.
Sam - Yes, because you’re selfish.
Carly - Drew asked you to marry him. You’re not married at the moment. You have to take time to think.
Sam - It is just a piece of paper.
Carly - It’s more than that, you love ❤️ Jason,
Sam - I love Jason, I am not diminishing that.
Carly - Yes you are. Jason is out there doing the noble thing and so are you. No one wins. Not Drew or Jason and especially not YOU.

Franco - When I knew real Jason was back in town, I panicked. He hates me and has a hold on you. Jason will not accept an explanation of the tumor or why I did those things to Michael and Sam.
Liz - Yes when Jason doesn’t like someone, you can’t change his mind.
Franco - I did not tell you the truth because I was a coward.
Liz - Yes you were.

Jason - Thanks for coming.
Anna - How did you get my number?
Jason - Robin. Dr. Maddox put a flash drive in a Christmas 🎄 ornament he gave you. Do you still have it?
Anna - Yes, I will get it for you.
Jason - Thank you.

Sam - You just want to give your best friend what he wants,
Carly - Yes, I will admit, I want you and Jason together, but Jason will survive without you. I am worried about YOU. It sounds like Drew has all our sympathy. Jason came back after 5 years and all you can think 🤔 about is Drew!
Sam - Jason is going to be fine. He can handle it.
Carly - Did you 👂 hear what you said? That is exactly why you’re with Drew and exactly why it is a mistake.

At GH.....
Liz - The biggest problem I have with that is Jason IS Jake’s father. Don’t you care about how Jake feels? 😥
Franco - Jake is the second best thing in my life. I don’t want Jason anywhere near Jake. I don’t want Jake to find out about the horrible things I did to people. Jason will tell him because he hates me.
Liz - Soon or later Jake will find out. We can’t keep doing this.
Franco - You are my world. Tell me you love ❤️ me?
Liz - Yes, but this has got to 🛑 stop right now. If you have any more secrets, now is the time to tell me.

Drew - School, are you a fan?
Oscar - Yes, I like school.
Drew - Any questions for me?
Oscar - What were you like at my age? Did you play football 🏈 or track and what was it like to be a Navy 🌊 Seal?
Drew - I can’t answer these questions. I don’t remember.
Oscar - What was my Mom like?
Drew - Ask your Mom. She might like the conversation.
Oscar - I have all the songs you like.
Drew - Your Mother kept a CD of songs for 20 years?
Oscar - You can listen if you want.
Drew - Ok.

Carly - You just admitted you love ❤️ Jason.
Sam - I always will but I am IN love 😍 with Drew.
Carly - All I have to say is be with the one that gets you all the way to your toes, or else what is the point?

Sonny - Even if you get the flash drive, what good will it do?
Jason - I think Drew knows a lot more than he is saying.

At the Park......
Anna asks Jordan if she has the box 📦 of Christmas 🎄 ornaments she donated to the Park Christmas trees.

Sam - You make it sound so easy.
Carly - I am rooting for Jason but the team I am on is yours.

Liz - Promise me, no more secrets.
Franco thinks about going to see 👀 Betsy and her telling him that she sent Drew away because he threw him down the stairs. Franco remembers he was 3 years old. Then he imagines Liz not understanding and accusing him of being evil. So he makes a decision.
Franco - No, no more secrets.

Anna calls ......
Jason - Anna, did you find the ornament?
Anna - Can you meet me in the park? We have a problem.

Sam - How did it go with Oscar?
Drew - Ok. I thought you left because I asked you to marry me.
Sam - You were right with everything. I love ❤️ you and our life together and all we have created. I will marry YOU. It will make me the happiest woman in the 🌎 world..
Drew - I love ❤️ you too. We can’t get married now. Not like this.

Liz - I don’t agree with you but I understand why you did it. I have to trust you.
Franco - You do. So what does that mean?
Liz - I love ❤️ you more than I have ever loved anyone and I can’t wait 😊 to be your wife.

At. Metro Court ....
Sonny - So what is going on with Sam?
Carly - Sam and Drew found out they are not married.
Sonny - And the hits keep on coming!
Carly - How can you love someone when the other person is still the picture?
Sonny - Faison switched Drew with Jason for a reason. We just don’t know what it is.

Drew - Oscar asked all kinds of questions I couldn’t answer. I realize its not fair to him and not fair to you. Wait for me please. I have to find myself. We are meant to be, we are forever.

(Whenever someone says that it is the kiss of death!)

Anna - The ornament is gone.
Jason - WHAT?!?
Anna - Someone took the ornament.
Jason - Of all the ornaments here, someone took THIS one? The ornament has a memory mapping flash drive in it. If we find the ornament Drew gets his memory back.

Then you see 👀 the silver Xmas ornament is open and the flash drive is gone.

The traitor has it. Who is this person??😳😱
— MOM (12.18.17)
Hey 👋 Jen😍💕 It’s Friday.
At General Hospital....
Elizabeth - Jake made this Christmas card for you. He made one for Drew, he still thinks of him as his Dad. Nothing for Jason.
Franco - I don’t see 👀 the point of making trouble where it doesn’t exist.

At Aurora Media......
Drew - I need your help.
Alexis - I need to talk to you about doing right by my daughter.

At the Waterfront Pier......
Jason - My grandfather 👴 wanted you to have the ring.
Sam - Because I WAS your wife and I am NOT any more.

(Boy are you in for a SURPRISE!! 💥💥 Sam, wake up! Your NOT married to Drew Cain.)

Drew - I’m not talking about Jason, I need help with Aurora. Diane is no longer my lawyer. Can I count on your help? Now that I am Drew, do I still own Aurora?
Alexis - Can I count on you?

Sam to Jason at the Pier - Drew and I wanted a clean slate so we divorced. When he asked me to marry him, he put this ring on my finger. But it wasn’t his ring to give. It was yours.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - Do you want me to send Sam back to Jason?
Alexis - No, you can keep my daughter safe. I am happy with you. We can talk about business later. At the moment, you and Sam are NOT legally married.😱😱😳😳

(BINGO!!! I Told You!! 💥💥💥💥)

At the Pier.......
Jason - Faison is the reason you want to give the ring back to me. You’re afraid he will come after you.
Sam - WHY are you talking about Faison when I want to give you back the ring? 😠🤔
Jason - Because I need my brother’s help to find Faison.

At the PCPD....
Elizabeth - Jake trusted you and you broke his trust. He can’t talk to you like his father is not his father and a stranger is.
Andre - Jake has learned to trust his family. He will find his way through this with your help.

(Yeah Liz....maybe if you helped your child adjust to Jason, his real father, he wouldn’t be so freaked out. 😠👎🏻)

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - I have all their papers that belong to Jason. This document is a marriage license that belongs to Jason and Sam.
Alexis - You know they are not legal. Your will has Sonny and Carly as guardians of your kids. Do you still want that?
Drew - No, I think not.

At the pier......
Jason - They took Drew 3 months before they got me. Dr. Maddox took a base line of Drew’s memory. If we could.......
Sam - Even IF they could get his memory back, it does not matter. I am married to Drew. I know Danny is your son, but HE loves Drew. We can’t go back!! I can’t keep this ring. I can’t keep the promise. TAKE IT!! TAKE IT!!

(How heartless!! Even though you’re Danny’s father, I am going to push you aside for the IMPOSTER I am living with. 😡 Time for Stone Cold Jason to show up! 💥💥)

Jason - I can’t it is yours.
Sam - Not any more.
Jason - Save it and give it to Scout.
Sam - That wouldn’t be fair to Drew.
Jason - Then give it to Danny, he is our son. Someday he can give it to the woman he loves.
Jason walks away.

At Aurora.....
Alexis - We have to revise your will. We are in uncharted waters.
Drew - I have a son named Oscar. It happened when I was in the Navy.
Alexis - Does Sam know?
Drew - Yes.
Alexis - So we add Oscar.
Drew - I have been delaying talking to Sam about our marital situation. Will you help me?
Alexis - Yes, you’re good for my daughter. That works for me.

At the PCPD......
Jason to Jordan - Can I speak to Dr.Maddox? It will be brief.
Maddox - What do you want to ask?
Jason - You took a baseline of Drew. Do you still have the baseline?
Maddox - I destroyed my computer and notes before I left town.
Jason - So is that it?
Maddox - Not quite.

At Aurora.....
Drew - Where have you been?
Sam - I went to the Pier to think 🤔 and ran into Jason.
Drew - Are you ok?
Sam - It was a little intense. He knew that Spinelli married us. I realized I am still wearing Jason’s wedding ring. It was Lila’s. She is your grandmother too. So I will keep it for Scout.
Drew - Now is as good a time as any. Turns out we are NOT legally married. We shouldn’t be wearing wedding rings anyway.

(HaHa 😆 Sam! Now you have to eat some crow🦅🙉🙈🙊 You should have been nicer to Jason.)

At GH.....
Franco needs to tell Elizabeth the truth about Jason and Drew.
Franco - Where have you been?
Elizabeth - I went to see Dr.Maddox. We talked about Jake and you. I told him we were engaged.
Franco - Did he tell you to run for the hills?
Elizabeth - No. He congratulated us. He said I was very good for you. I told him you are very good for me.
Franco- There is something I should have told you a long time ago. 😍 I love you and can’t lie to you.

At PCPD.......
Jason - Is there a backup on Drew’s memory?
Dr. Maddox - Yes, there is an Xmas ornament I gave Anna. It has Drew’s baseline and yours too. She doesn’t know what’s in it.

At Aurora Media.....
Drew - You are married to Jason, so our marriage is illegal. I meant every word I said to you and I will say them again as Drew Cain. I love ❤️ you .Will you marry me?
— MOM (12.15.17)
Today in GH.....
Kim visits Monica at Q. Mansion. She looks 👀 at a family photo.
Monica - That picture was taken in 1995 .Jason was attending college and was studying to be a doctor like Alan and me. After the accident, he moved out of our home and was distant. We still loved him and I think 🤔 he loved us too. Then a couple of years ago, he returned and was easy going, approachable. I should have known he wasn’t Jason.

At the pier, Sam runs into Jason.....
Jason - Sam.
Sam - I have to go.
Jason - Sam, don’t walk away. Talk to me!
Sam - What do you want to know?
Jason - How is Drew doing? Did they drop the charges?
Sam - Drew has been exhonerated, because of you. Thank you for helping Drew.
Jason - That is fine.
Sam - Jason, well you let me thank you again.
Jason - Why are you mad 😠 at me.
Sam - When I heard you at the police station, I realized I was focusing on Drew. Everything has been taken away from you.
Jason - That’s ok.
Sam - No. It’s not. I don’t know what to do, I love ❤️ Drew.
Jason - I know.

Drew visits Oscar......
Oscar - I’m not supposed to let strangers in. 😳
Drew - I’m not exactly a stranger. So you skipped gym?
Oscar - It’s square dancing. I trip over myself.
Drew - Yes, I have two left feet.

Monica - I heard your son is my grandchild?
Kim - Yes, this has hit me hard and fast as you.
Monica - I don’t think it is an accident that you and Oscar wound up in a city where his very wealthy family resides? 🤔
Kim - I don’t need this.
Monica - Where are you going?
Kim - To work.
Monica - I took the liberty of canceling your appts for the day. You have a thriving practice in Chicago and you come to Port Charles? Did you come here with Oscar on the chance that he would bump into his missing father?
Kim - Look, I had no idea that Drew was in Port Charles and was a Quartermaine. You don’t have to see 👀 Oscar and I will have none of it or you. 😠 I don’t need your money. I don’t want anything from you.

Drew - When you and Joss came to my home, were you looking for your father? How long were you looking?
Oscar - Joss helped me, it took a couple of months.
Drew - Oscar, I did not know I had a son.
Oscar - That’s ok.

Jason is about to leave after Sam tells him she loves Drew.
Sam - Jason, wait. Is everything ok with Sonny? When you left the police station, you said you had to meet him.
Jason - We got a lead on Faison.
Sam - What happened?
Jason - Britt said Faison thought I was dead. He saw the story on TV of me coming through the roof. Faison wanted me dead but I was kept alive. That person is the reason why I am here today.

Kim - Oscar is a Quartermaine but I will keep him away from your family
Monica - Wait... maybe I have gone on a bit too strong. I apologize.
Kim - I accept your apology.
Monica - Would you give me a history lesson on Drew? Alan and I raised Jason. I want to know anything you can tell me about Drew.

Jason - I remember that Bernie was in trouble. Faison shot me at this Pier and Bernie died. What does Faison get from putting Drew in my place? It was all a set-up.
Sam - 🛑 STOP! Bernie died that night. He was a kind man but there were other losers that night.

Kim - I can’t tell you too much. Drew and I were only together 3 months.
Monica - What about his childhood?
Kim - Drew was brought up in an orphanage. He was a Navy Seal.
Monica - Well, Drew has a brother and we will welcome Oscar with open arms.
Kim - It’s up to Oscar.
Monica - Tell him, he is welcome here any time.

Drew - I can see 👁 you have managed very well without me.
Oscar - Yes, me and Mom did ok. Just the two of us.
Drew - I want you to give me a chance to get to know you.

Sam - The night you were lost, they said they couldn’t find you. I put on my wetsuit and dove into the water to find you. All I found was the Phoenix I gave you. 😥 My instincts told me you were still alive. A part of me was waiting for you. 😥💕
Jason - Then you thought I’d come back.
Sam - Yes, I thought your brother was you. But that doesn’t change anything. I could never regret loving him.

(The fact that Drew is not Jason should change everything. She married Jason TWICE. Sam did NOT marry Drew Cain.)

Jason - We got a lead on Faison, a book.
Sam - A 📖 book?
Jason - A manuscript by P.K. Sinclair.
Sam - That is Faison’s author name.
Jason - Spinelli is helping us.
Sam - He really came through for Drew. He made him see 👀 who he is with the Navy Seal information.
Jason - Diane called him.
Sam - Why didn’t you call him?
Jason - Because he is your friend too. I didn’t want to put him in the way.

Kim returns home....
Kim - Drew, what are you doing here?
Drew - We’re trying to get to know each other.
Oscar leaves to study.......
Kim - So how did you do?
Drew - Nothing right. 😳
Oscar stops studying and comes out.
Kim - He isn’t here. He didn’t want to interrupt your studying. How did it go?
Oscar - I don’t want to talk about Drew.
Kim - I saw your Grandmother today, Monica Quartermaine. There is a whole house 🏡 of people who can’t wait to meet you.
Oscar - Mom, I need to get this done.
Kim - Ok.

Sam - I should call Spinelli and thank him.
Jason - You should have seen him when he explained that he married you to Drew. If we tell him, he is still our friend .....
Sam - Oh My God!! 😱😥
Jason - What??
Sam - My wedding ring. I got it from YOU!! 😢😳

(Sam you thought you were marrying Jason Morgan, that is why you have his ring! Does Sam have brain damage? Lots of surprises in store. Like you’re still married to Jason, are living in his apt and he is Danny’s father! So Jason will always be in your life. Oh yes....and Drew my be a loose cannon who will go 💥 BOOM.)
— MOM (12.14.17)
Hey Jen💕😍❤️🥓 GH went back to the Jason storyline today!

At the Metro Court.......Michael, Nelle, Sonny and Carly
After that BIG french toast breakfast, Nelle orders Surf and Turf. She is eating for two.

At Q Mansion.....
Monica - Can you believe it’s another Quartermaine? I wish Alan was here to see 👀 this. Next stop, everyone under the same roof!!
Ned - Sure, try getting Jason and Drew together without them coming to blows.

Sam hugs and kisses Drew. She tells him it will all be ok. Sam loves 💕 to mother Drew. She couldn’t do that with Jason. Drew is so confused about his life and Oscar.

Kim tells Oscar Drew is his father.
Kim - The ONLY thing that matters is you.
Oscar - So why weren’t you honest with me? 😢

Jason goes to see 👁 Drew at Aurora Media.
Drew - Sam is not here.
Jason - I came to talk to you.

Back at Q mansion.....
Monica - They both love Sam and will find a way to co-exist.
Ned - This family is nothing if not a study in conflict. 🙃
Olivia - Well, Debbie Downer.
There’s a knock on the door......
Monica - Sam, what a surprise! I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you.
Sam - I’m here because of Drew. I think Drew could use your support.
Monica - Of course, I will get in touch with him today.

At Aurora.....
Jason to Drew - I got a lead on who shot me......Faison. He has the resources to take a Navy Seal and was here yesterday.

At the Metro Court.....
Michael to Nelle - I will cover all medical expenses IF the baby is proven to be mine, and ONLY my child. 🍼
Nelle - No. No deal.🤑
Sonny - What are you talking about? That is very generous.

Sam - It’s been a changes day after day.
Monica - Has something happened?
Sam - I don’t know if I should be the one to tell you.
Monica - Tell me, Sam!
Sam - Last night we found out Drew has a son, you have another grandchild. 😳😥

Oscar - Where did you meet him?
Kim - We met in San Diego, your father was at the Naval Base.
Oscar - Did you love him? 😢
Kim - I think I could if we had more time. He was overseas and you were born. My family was complete, just you and me. No dad in the picture. You and me were a team. Kim and Oscar against the world.

Jason - Sonny and I found Britt and Faison was gone. She said Faison thought I was dead and didn’t care about my family.
Drew - How does that protect MY family?

(This guy is so unpleasant. Hey Drew, Jason is a victim too. Lighten up! 😤🙄)

At the Metro Court.....
Michael - What is it about my offer you don’t like?
Nelle - The part about leaving me high and dry. 😢🤑 What will I do?
Carly - It‘s called you get a job!
Michael - There is no reason you can’t work while pregnant. Many woman do it.
Nelle - I can’t work, I am carrying your baby. I need to be calm and take care of myself. If you refuse to take care of me, I promise you, you will regret it.
Michael - Are you planning to leave town? 🤔
Nelle - Faster than you can say Child Abduction.
Sonny - We can stop you.
Nelle - What are you going to do, Sonny? Keep me in prison till I have the baby?
Sonny - Do you want to find out? 😡😎

At the Q Mansion.......
Sam - Oscar is 15. He lives in Port Charles. His name is Oscar Nero.
Monica - I just hired a doctor with that name. TWO additions to the family in the space of a week?

Kim - You have every right to know your dad.
Oscar - I don’t know what to do? 🤓
Kim - The decision is up to you. Drew seems like a good guy and is very open to getting to know you.

Jason - Faison is on the run.
Drew - He has to be stopped.
Jason - Yes, you can help, Faison‘s people had you 3 months before they got me. You might remember something.
Drew - Well then, we are stopped before we begin. All my memories are yours.

Ned to Olivia - My issues are not with Jason’s return. It is about what is best for ELQ. Jason will always support Michael as ECO.
Olivia - So Jason’s coming back is a wonderful thing for the Quartermaine’s but not for you?

Nelle - Sorry, Sonny you can’t intimidate me. 😤🤑
Sonny - You must be stupid. 😎
Nelle - Michael, are you going to let your father talk to me like that? 😥🍼🤑🤑 I have suddenly lost my appetite.
Michael - Nelle, wait!
Then, Michael says to Sonny & Carly - Nelle thinks she hit the jackpot and has a hold on me. My #1 priority is to look out for my child because Nelle, she as hell will not!
Michael leaves the Metro Court......
Sonny - We have to let Michael handle it now. Of course, Carly, if I have to step in I will, and if I do you have to be quiet because everything will change. 😎😡🙀🤑

Oscar - I wonder what it would be like to have a father and talk about stuff? Maybe he doesn’t want a teenage son?
Kim - He has a daughter. The decision is up to you but give it a try. Deep down you want it to work.
Oscar - What if he doesn’t like me?? 🤔😢

Jason - Even though you were mapped, you are different from me. Drew Cain is in there someplace.
Drew - I do have sympathy for you. You come home and someone is living your life. All I have is a photo of me in a Navy uniform.

(Drew you’re a human being after all. Good for you. 👏🏻👏🏻)

Sam - I am happy for Drew if he and Oscar can work it out. That’s good.
Monica - You have been talking about Drew all this time. You have’t uttered a word about Jason. I think you knew it was Jason when he returned. You had to protect Drew, but you didn’t know that he had a family.
Sam - What are you getting at? 😥
Monica - Did you say to yourself, do you let Drew go back to his family and if you do that are you afraid to be with Jason? 😱😢😢

Kim - You are a smart, interesting and compassionate person. What is there not to like? 💕💕
Oscar - He is a Navy Seal? I like to read, listen to music and love science. He may think I am a nerd! 🤓🤓
Kim - So, he is a macho man? All you have to have in common is to be good, open people.
Oscar - I think I will go for it.
Kim - No matter what happens, you always have me. 💕💕

Drew - I can’t remember anything, what makes you think I have information on Faison?
Jason - Many years ago, I had brain damage and lost 20 years of my life. I believe your life is in there. Thanks for your time.
As Jason leaves, Drew says - Jason, if you get a lead on Faison, I want to help.
Jason - You will.

(Ahhhh nice.....brotherly love.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻)

At the Q Mansion....
Sam - Drew and Kim are not in love.
Monica - I know, just you and Jason.
Sam - I can’t think of him, I don’t know what to do with my feeling for Jason. Drew is my husband. I can go on.
Monica - I don’t think you can go on. Sooner or later it will all come to a head, and you will-have to make a decision.

Ned- Who was at the 🚪 door?
Monica- It was Sam.
Michael is home...
Michael - I have some news.
Ned - Is It Champagne news?
Michael - I am going to be a father. 🍼😱
Monica - Wonderful news!
Olivia and Ned - Congratulations, 🎉 Michael!
Monica - There is another new addition to the family. Drew has a son. His name is Oscar and is 15 years old.
Michael - Oscar Nero, Joss’s friend? 😳
Monica - Yes, the family is growing in leaps and bounds.

Sam is at the waterfront and sees 👀😳 Jason...... and is about to leave.
Jason - Sam, don’t walk away, talk to me.

Drew goes to see Oscar, his son.

I think Sam is afraid to be alone with Jason. She may love Drew but she is IN love with Jason. 💕😍

Only time will tell. 👏🏻👏🏻😀😎💃🏼💃🏼💐💐💐
— MOM (12.13.17)
I’m writing this on my new iPad, I hope it works!

Bobby -What is wrong?
Carly - Nelle is pregnant. 🍼😥👎🏻

At the Metro Court......
Nelle - Morning, Sonny.
Sonny - Need something? 🙄
Nelle - No, just trying to be friendly. 😀
Sonny - So what are you doing here at my wife’s restaurant?
Nelle - I just love the french toast here.
Sonny - Well, as long as Michael doesn’t have to pay for it.

Michael tell Dante his car was towed.
Dante - Can I help you get it back?
Michael - No, I already paid for the ticket. Nelle is pregnant.

At the Metro Court.....
Sonny tells Anna that Faison was in Port Charles.
Sonny - Jason and I just missed him.
Anna is in panic - It’s starting again. 😳🙀

Carly - I should have trounced that scab out of town when I had the chance! 😬 I think she IS pregnant. 🍼 Nelle agreed to take a paternity test.
Bobby - What do you want me to do?
Carly - When the paternity test comes back, you can change it with a few key strokes.😳
Bobby - Carly Corrinthos! What are you suggesting? 😕

Michael to Dante - Yes, Nelle is pregnant and I am the father. Just when I thought I was through with Nelle, there is a child.

Sonny to Anna- I invited Dr. Obrecht to my restaurant. When she left, she made a call to a Cosmopolitan Hotel suite. We just missed Faison.
Anna looks at the manuscript.

At Sonny’s house.....
Carly - Nelle is going to use every trick to hold on to Michael. If she plays dirty, we play dirty. 🤑
Bobby - If you try to keep Michael from his child.....
Carly - What am I supposed to do? 😡😫😤.Nelle is going to use this baby 🍼to get whatever she wants! 😢😡

Dante - Nelle is not my favorite person. Did you tell your Dad?
Michael - No, not yet.
Dante - Tell him Sonny despised Ava but he loves Avery. He will understand.

At the Metro Court...
Anna looks 👀 at the manuscript.
Anna - Have you read this?
Sonny - No. Britt said Faison did not write it. It just showed up.

At the Metro Court.....
While eating french toast, Nelle sees 👁 Nina.
Nelle - I am pregnant.
Nina - Oh no! Poor Michael. 😳😱
Nelle - You can’t have children, can you?

Carly - From the moment she came to town, she had an agenda and Michael is so good. He is can I help?
Bobby - Nelle is not you. She is a scheming conniving snake.
Carly - I know! I have to focus on Michael’s baby.

Sonny - P.K. Sinclair wrote the manuscript. Who is he?
Anna - Tell Jason not to take any chances. Words can’t kill but Faison can!

Michael - I promised Nelle I would meet her and discuss the situation.
Dante - That sports car you had towed.....
Michael - No, I am not turning it in for a minivan.
Dante - Yeah....I said the same thing.

At the Metro Court....
Sonny - Spinelli, I am sending you a package and I want you to work on it ASAP.
Nelle to server - Please put my breakfast on Mr. Corrinthos’ tab.
Sonny - I’m NOT paying for that.
Nelle - I meant Mr. Michael Corrinthos. I think we should all begin to get along now that Michael and I are having a baby.
Carly and Michael show up.....
Nelle - Carly, I just told Sonny about the baby.
Sonny - Oh no. Let’s go!
Nelle - Oh are you leaving? 😀🤑💃🏼💃🏼 I thought we should discuss your grandchild. I am not going to apologize for wanting the best for my child. You understand that. Michael, you have to know I realize that you are all in shock right now. So now that you all are here, lets sit down and talk about the new addition to our lives. we are ALL blessed.

She’s a piece of work!
— MOM (12.12.17)
I didn’t have time for a real update today, but here are some highlights from today’s show.

Jason and Sonny grill Britt on the whereabouts of Faison. She says she knows nothing, She only knows her father was very angry that Jason Morgan wasn’t dead. He was betrayed by someone, she didn’t know who. Faison left the apt in a hurry and told her if she didn’t come with him, she was on her own.
Jason found a manuscript in the fire place with burnt edges.
Faison was the author and they thought the manuscript might have some clues.
Britt asked Sonny to take her to the PCPD so she could give herself up.

Nelle and Michael see 👁 Carly at GH and tell her she is a grandmother. 🙄🍼
Carly - Michael is not the father of your baby. You need to show proof! Take a paternity test.😱
Michael - Nelle, you have lied to me many times. I was told I was the father of a child once before and it turned out I wasn’t. So you need to show me proof.
Nelle - I will not do a test that could hurt this baby.
Carly - These tests have come a long way, no harm to the baby.
Nelle - Ok, if no harm to baby, I will have a paternity test in 4 weeks. Michael is the father of this baby. Carly, when you had Michael you said Tony Jones was the father. Then it was Jason Morgan. Then A.J. Quartermaine was the father. You slept around. I do not. 😡😂💃🏼😎
Carly - Why you......Don’t hold me back, Michael!
Nelle - I am having this baby, Michael. You can be a part of this baby’s life if you want. If not, I will raise this baby.

At Sam’s apt......
Kim to Drew - We didn’t have much time together but it was intense. I got pregnant and YOU are Oscar’s father. 🙀😢😳😳
Drew’s eyes 👀 bug OUT! 😳😳😳
Kim - After Oscar was born I wanted to find you to tell you, so I contacted the Navy.
Drew - When was that?
Kim - 2013. You were always on a secret mission. They told me you deserted and could be dangerous. I wanted to protect Oscar and keep him safe.
Drew - I think you did the right thing.
Kim - Now that I know you and you know me, you can decide if you want contact with Oscar. 🤔
Drew - Well, I can’t give you an answer right now.
Kim - I don’t want anything from you, I can take care of Oscar myself. If you don’t want contact, that’s ok.
As Drew opens the door for Kim to leave.......
Drew - What is he like?
Kim - Oscar is a great kid. He is a fine young man, like you.

Joss tells Oscar, if you don’t want to know the results of the paternity test, I will delete it.
Oscar - No, I have to know, will you open the email for me?
Joss smiles - Oscar, Drew is your father!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤔😳😬🙀😱
— MOM (12.11.17)
Good Luck with presentation today. 🧐🤓 Today is Friday. sammy day.🍔🍟🍕 I found some new 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻 emojis for today’s GH update......

Sonny and Jason break in the door..........Don’t Shoot......Don’t’s Dr. Britt Westbourne, the daughter of Dr. Obrecht and Cezar Faison.

At GH Carly drops off toys for Toys For Tots....
Carly - The whole situation with Jason and Drew is a mess.
Dr Kim Nero - So you heard, Drew was arrested this morning?

At the Police Station......
Sam - Drew you’re free. 💕😂💐
Drew - Yes.
They embrace👏🏻👏🏻💕💐😍💃🏼💃🏼

At the Santa Park 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻.....
Nell - How can I move on when I’m carrying your child?
Michael - Don’t do this, Nell. Don’t make up another lie. You’re not pregnant, you’re desperate. 🙄
Nell - I’m BOTH!! 😥😱🙀

At Britt’s apt......
Sonny - Where is your father?
Britt - I told you, my father is gone.
Sonny - When was the last time you saw 👁 him?
Tell us what we want to know!

At PCPD.......
Drew - The Commander said that in light of my service record, it won’t be a problem. They will give me an Honorable Discharge. I don’t know what your mother did........
Sam - It wasn’t just us, Jason came here and spoke on your behalf. HE is the reason you’re free.

At GH....
Kim to Carly - I went to his office to talk to him about Oscar. While we were talking, a Master of Arms showed up and Drew was arrested.

Also at GH.....
Joss - You want to delete the results of the paternity test? 😳
Oscar - Yes, maybe my mom has good reasons for keeping my dad from me.

At the 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻 Park....
Michael - Your timing is convenient. When I say I’m selling the apt, you tell me that. Did you take a pregnancy test? 🤔
Nell - Yes, I’m 6 weeks pregnant.
Michael - IF you are pregnant and IF I am the father.

At Britt’s apt.....
Sonny - You know Jason, he is the guy your had father drugged in Russia.
Britt - We met briefly in 2012, I did the exam on Danny.
Sonny - How much do you know about what your father did to Jason? 😡
Jason - You remember Danny? He is 5 years old now. He lives with his mother and baby sister and a man who is NOT his father! 👿😡

Back to the PCPD........
Drew - Why did HE do that?
Sam - I called him. I asked him to help us.
Drew - And that was enough.
Sam - He explained what was done to him and you and they believed him. You could be in a prison now!
Drew - You’re right, lets go home.

At GH....
Carly makes a phone call - Drew has been released of criminal charges. Thank you, you helped a lot.
Kim - I guess Jason is ok?
Carly - Jason lost so much and everyone thinks he will be ok.
Carly hears from Kim that Elizabeth and Franco are engaged.
Carly to Elizabeth - How are you going to look 👀 Jason in the 👁 eye and tell him the man who sexually assaulted his wife is going to be your husband?
Elizabeth - I love Franco and we are going to get married,
Carly - I almost married him. It’s a good thing I came to my senses!
Franco - I left you.

At the 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻 Park.....
Michael - You can fake a pregnancy! 🙄😬
Nell - Why would I do that?
Michael - The sooner we have a test by a medical professional, the sooner we can have a conversation.

At Britt’s apt.....
Jason - I have a twin brother, an identical twin. Drew is a Navy Seal. Dr. Maddox implanted my memory into Drew.
Britt - I know that he called himself Jake Doe and helped my father escape from prison.

At the Santa 🎅🏻 Park.....Drew and Sam go to meet up with Elizabeth, Jake and Franco
Jake - Hey Dad, we just saw Santa.
Sam - Jake, did you get your picture with Santa? Is that a ring?
Franco - What are you going to say to Jake about Jason when he gets back?
Drew - I don’t know, I hate it but I am not Jake’s father.

At GH.....
Michael to Dr. Nero - We met at Thanksgiving. Thank you for seeing Nell on such short notice. Nell said she is pregnant and I told her to prove it....
Nell - Dr. Nero, thank you for seeing 👀 us on such short notice. We are so happy.

At 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻 Park.....
Drew- I think we should tell Jake that I am not his father and Jason is.
Elizabeth - Maybe we should tell him together. Jake we need to have a talk.
Franco - Poor kid.
Sam - Do you really care about Jake? You’re lucky we didn’t have a trial. Michael and I would have told what you did to us.
Franco - I thought we put that behind us.
Sam - You may have had a tumor but I remember what you did to me. I will NEVER forget it. Jason was there and he won’t forget either. You’re worried Jason will tell Jake what you did to me. He is NOT through with you. 👿😡
Franco - Sounds like YOUR not through with Jason either. When Andre confessed, you knew HE was Jason. You weren’t surprised. Maybe YOU’RE going back to Jason!
Sam - Maybe Jason will take Elizabeth from YOU!

At Britt’s Apt,,,,,
Sonny - Did Faison put Drew in Port Charles as a sleeper agent to use later?
Britt - I’m not sure, I don’t know.
Jason - You know something. Whatever that is, you have to help us.

Elizabeth to Jake - Remember you were told about a twin? Well, Jason is your biological father and Andrew is your uncle.
Jake - Mom, I know all of that, he is sitting here next to me.
Drew - Jake, JASON is your father. I am DREW, your uncle.
Jake - NO! NO! You made a mistake! 😥😢
Drew - You’re a strong boy. You’re a tough kid. I will always be there for you but HE is your father.
Jake - I don’t want him to be my father! YOU are my dad.

At GH....
Nell - Good news! I want you doctor to tell Michael everything.
Dr. Nero - Nell is 6 weeks pregnant. 🍼 Congratulations!!
Nell - Now are you going to apologize for doubting me?

At the 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻 Park.....
Elizabeth - Jason wants you to be ok. That is what we all want!
Drew - Remember, you will always have me.
Jake - YOU will always be MY dad. Does that mean that he is Danny’s biological father too?
Sam - Yes.
Jake - What about Scout. Is she his daughter too?
Sam - Drew is her father.
Drew - Here take some money, I want you to go and win a teddy bear for Scout. I love you.
Jake - I love you too.

At Britt’s apt.....
Jason - Faison made it look like Drew deserted.
Sonny - Drew is living in Jason’s house with HIS wife and using HIS money.
Jason - I woke up in a clinic in Russia and am missing 4 and a half years of my life. I have to protect my family from your father!
Britt - My father doesn’t care about you or your family. Until a month ago, he thought YOU were dead! 😳🙀

At GH....... Michael sees his mother.
Michael - Mom.
Carly - Hey what are you doing here.
Michael - I got some important news.
Nell - I’m so glad you’re here so we can tell you about the test!
Carly - A test??😳
Michael - Nell is pregnant. 🍼
Nell - Congratulations! Grandma!! 🙀😱💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

At Sam’s apt. (which is Jason’s apt).......
Drew to Scout - At least I have you. You’re MINE. No one will take you from me and no one will take me from you.
Sam - We have to tell Danny.
Drew - I don’t think Jake is ok.
Sam - He will be.

At Britt’s.....
Sonny - Why did Faison think Jason was dead?
Jason - When was the first time your father thought of me?
Britt - There was a man who broke through the skylight and it was on TV. When Faison saw that he was furious, he thought you were dead! He called someone and was very angry. He said he was betrayed. I don’t know who he was talking to.
Jason - Is that why your father left?
Britt - Yes.
Jason to Sonny - The traitor is still here.

There’s a knock on the door at Sam’s......... It’s Kim again?? 🤔🤔
Kim - I’m sorry to just show up like this.
Sam takes Scout up to bed.
Drew - So is this about Oscar?
Kim - I heard about you being released. Is everything ok?
Drew - Yes, I am not a deserter.
Kim - You were always very proud of your service.
Drew - How well did you know me?
Kim - We didn’t have much time together in San Diego. The time we had together was pretty intense. I got pregnant. 😳😱🍼🍼 Oscar is your son! 😱🙀😳👏🏻👏🏻😂

What a cliffhanger!! Next week should be goooood!! 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💃🏼😀😀💃🏼
— MOM (12.8.17)
I had a few opinions about today’s episode. Let me know what you think.....
At Santa in the Park, Michael and Nelle clean up. Maxie and Lulu confront Nelle.

Franco is in the Art Room at GH putting candles and flowers around for his surprise for Elizabeth.
Elizabeth arrives.....
Franco - Surprise! 💕💐 I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Elizabeth Weber, I love the way it feels when you smile at me. I love all your perfect flaws. I love the boys and when you asked me to marry you.
Franco gets down on one knee ...... Will you marry me?
Elizabeth - Yes! 👏🏻👏🏻 Yes! 😂💃💃💐💕

At the PCPD Drew is in jail..............Andre is in the cell across from him.
Andre - I have to say, I am so sorry Andrew, or do you prefer Drew?
Drew - I didn’t know that was my name until you confessed. You knew who I was and you didn’t say anything. The Navy is charging me with desertion. You’re lucky there are bars separating us or I would KILL you. 😱👿😡

Sonny - Anything from Spinelli?
Jason - Yes, Orbecht got a burner phone and called someone. Spinelli is tracing it.
Jason’s phone rings......
Sam - Jason, it’s me. I need your help. 😥
Jason - Where are you?
Sam - I’m at the police station.
Jason - Should I call Diane? 😳
Sam - No, I need you.

Sonny - Who was that?
Jason - Sam.
Sonny - You’re going? Some things never change.

Alexis - Did you tell Jason you are asking him to come here for Drew’s defense? 🤔 You’re asking too much of Jason. You can’t count on Jason not taking advantage of the situation. I will make some calls and get someone else.

Drew - You took my life away from me and made me someone else. I thought I was Jason Morgan. Why didn’t they put MY thoughts in Jason? Tell me what am I supposed to do now? 😥😡 You want to help me? Help me with that!

Elizabeth - I can’t wait to tell the boys! 👏🏻👏🏻💕💐
Franco - I woke them up this morning and asked them for your hand. 😀😂
Elizabeth - I’m very happy, this marriage was meant to be.
Franco - I need to tell you something about Jason.
Elizabeth - What is it? I know we have to be honest with each other but my break is over. So we will have to talk about this later.

Back at the park.....
Maxie - We went undercover to find the liar who sold Ask Man Landers to the Invader. It is Nelle Benson! 👎🏻👎🏻😬😡
Nelle - NO! No! I didn’t do that!
Lulu - Yes you did. We have a photocopy of a check made out to Nelle Benson for $10,000.
Michael - WHAT!! You sold information to the Invader? Do you know what garbage they write about my family? 👿
Nelle - I didn’t do it about you.
Lulu - You sold someone else’s secret. Michael, does that sound honest to you?

Back in jail.......
Andre - I feel for your pain.
Drew - YOU feel for my pain?! YOU took away my life! You made me care for people I didn’t have a right to. All I know about myself is in a Navy Seal report.
Andre - Now that you have it, it will help you explore who you really are. 🙄

Jason arrives at the PCPD.......
Sam - Hi, thank you for coming.
Jason - Are you ok?
Sam - I’m not the one in trouble. I need you to help Drew.
Jason - What do you want me to do?

(Jason, you are WAY too good for Sam. She is using you. It’s ok to say no! The mobster, the criminal, is a better human being than righteous Sam and Drew. 😡👿)

Sam - I realize it is not fair to put you in this situation.
Jason - It’s ok.
Sam - The Navy wants to take Drew into custody and charge him with desertion.
Alexis and the Navy Petty officer return and he looks at Jason.
Petty Officer - Soo Andrew Cain does have a twin brother?

In jail....
Andre - I think you don’t want to know who you used to be. I think it would invalidate who you are today.
Drew - Or maybe Andrew Cain is someone who threw away his life?
Andre - I have to believe you have a whole full life. A woman who loves you. People who love you. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? 🤔 Drew you have a life here if you want it right now. Sam is going through a lot. She has a lot of decisions to make. I can’t promise you it won’t change.
Drew - All I want to know is if my memory will come back. 😬😥🤔 Am I to be stuck with Jason’s memory? Answer me! Do you have my memories stored somewhere?? ANSWER ME!! 😥😡😡
Guard - Andre, they want you upstairs.
Andre - We will have to talk about that later.

At GH.....
Kim - I knew Drew Cain a long time ago when we were in San Diego. He left a big impression on me.
Elizabeth - You’re not the only one. I almost married him!

At the park.....
Maxie - Nathan and I were at Crimson and talking about Ask Man Landers and you came in to get your paycheck. That’s where you heard what we said.
Lulu - You did it for revenge.
Nell - Actually, I did it for money. Michael, I was behind in my rent. You know that the public has a right to know.
Michael - No, I don’t.

At the police station.....
Petty Officer - The existence of a twin doesn’t stop the charge of desertion. Do you think you can shed light on this case?
Jason - Yes, sir. My name is Jason Morgan, it was proven today. Andrew Cain is my twin brother.
In 2012 I was shot and lost 5 years of my life and I can’t account for it. Andre Maddox performed, against my will, a procedure which took my memory and put it into Andrew’s brain. He erased all of Andrew’s memories. Andrew is a decorated Navy Seal. He would not willingly go AWOL! He has an exemplary service record with many medals and commendations. The man responsible for this is Cesar Faison. He is wanted by the WSB. He wanted to replace me with my brother. Drew did not return to the Navy because he did not remember HIS past. Instead, he remembered MINE.

(You’re a good man.....Jason Morgan 👏🏻👏🏻💕💃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻)

At the park......
Nell - I didn’t do anything wrong. I told the truth.
Lulu - So did we. 😴😴🙄
Lulu and Maxie leave.
Michael - Nell, you always have an excuse.
Nell - Maxie tried to get Nina to fire me.
Michael - You take advantage of people. I think you are broken. I can’t be around you.

At police station......
Petty Officer - I need to contact the Navy to see 👀 how they want me to proceed.
Alexis - What will you say?
Petty Officer - If we can verify this information, well we will see.
Sam - Thank you, Jason.
Jason - I want to help you any way I can.

(Jason is a gentleman, Sam is the mother of his son, Danny. 😀😍👏🏻👏🏻💕)

The phone rings.....
Jason - Got to meet up with Sonny.
He leaves.

At GH...
Elizabeth - I was working in the ER when Drew came in. He was hit by a car and needed facial reconstruction. I got to know him and he was very nice to me. He is a wonderful, good man and dad.
Kim - Now that Drew isn’t Jason Morgan, how do you feel about that?
Franco is listening to the conversation....
Elizabeth - Well, Drew is married to Sam and they are soulmates. I am engaged to Franco.
Kim - You’re not answering my question.

Back at the park...
Nell - You never had creditors calling you day and night.
Michael - I am breaking all ties, Nell. You’re on your own.
Nell - What are you doing?
Michael - I’m notifying my broker to sell the apartment.
Nell - You don’t care what happens to me. 😥😥
Michael - You need to start fresh,
Nell - How can I start fresh if I am carrying your child?! 😱🙄😴😴😴

(That was NO surprise. Why do woman think they can hold a man that way? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🙄🙄)

At the PCPD.....
Alexis - Jason did a good job.
Sam - Yes, Jason always does what I ask him to do.
Alexis - I don’t know HOW you can live this way. 😢😬😳

Sonny and Jason break into the door of........

Do you think Drew will be grateful to Jason when Sam tells him she called him and what his brother did for him? OR........will he be angry and insanely jealous that Sam spoke to Jason?

Tomorrow is cliffhanger Friday....👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙀😂😍💕💕
— MOM (12.7.17)
Hey Jen💕💐😍 Glad u liked yesterdays GH. Hope u have a good day. Eat lunch and will talk tonight.

Today’s update is shorter....
Sonny to Carly - Can we have just one day to enjoy Christmas? Let’s count our blessings, we got our kids and our best friend is back.

At the PCPD......
Sam - You’re not arresting my husband. 😢
Dante - Why are you in such a hurry? Let us look 👀 over these papers.

Sam to Drew - If we don’t come up with a miracle, you will be court-marshaled.
Drew - For a life I don’t remember.
Sam - Your not a deserter, you were kidnapped.
Drew - I don’t know what I did but I am sure the Navy doesn’t want me to tell all I know as a Navy Seal. They will debrief me but I don’t know what I can tell them.

Carly - Drew wants everything that belongs to Jason and Jason won’t fight him. Drew feels like we betrayed him, Sonny.
Sonny - We are his friend, but he has to figure out who he is.
Carly - What if he never does? 🙄😳

Sam - We must make sure they keep you here in Port Charles. The Navy can take you anywhere! They don’t have to disclose it.
Drew - Whatever happens, I will come back to you.

Nathan to Dante - I know Drew is your friend, Dante. I don’t think you can do anything to stop this from happening.

At the Christmas Wonderland at the park.....
Jordan to Santa Curtis - The Navy is going to take your friend Drew in custody, I need to get back to the PCPD.
Michael takes Rocco (Dante’s son) to see 👀 Santa and runs into Nelle, the Elf.

Maxie and Lulu sneak into the Invader Offices to find out WHO the person was who sold them Ask Man Landers info.
Lulu - Look for any pay stubs.
Maxie - Why are we looking for pay stubs? 🙄😴
Lulu - Because.......The Invader paid for the information. LOOK.......a stub with Ask Man Landers with $10,000!
Maxie - Made out to NELLE BENSON!! 😡👿👿

Sonny and Carly take Avery, his and Ava’s daughter, to see 👀 Santa and Nelle the ELF. She tells Carly that she will be in Michael’s life for a loong time.

Back at PCPD as Navy Petty Officers take Drew away........
Sam - Wait!! 🙀 You’re making a mistake! 😥 He is not a deserter, HE was kidnapped! 😢
Alexis saves the day......
Alexis - UNcuff him!! 😳😂🙀
Petty Officer - Who are you??
Alexis - The woman who is going to see you swabbing decks! That man is my client.

At Santa in the Park.......
Carly - You got something to say to me? 😬😡😡
Nelle the Elf - It is NOT the right time.

(What do you think she will say?? 🤔 Yes, I think so too. 😎😂🙀🙀)

Back at the PCPD.......
Petty Officer - We have a warrant for Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain, he went AWOL and is a deserter. These are his records. We know .......
Alexis - My client is Jason Morgan. What proof do you have?
Alexis to Jordan - If you let them take my client, he is a WSB witness. You will lose the only connection to Cesar Faison! I have a warrant from Judge Chow.

(OH BOY!! The 💩 BULL is getting THICK!! 😳😂😂👎🏻👎🏻)

Navy Petty Officer to Commissioner Jordan - Well, can I be on my way with Chief Cain? 🙄🤔
Jordan - No. Go to courtroom 22 for Judge Chow.
Sam - Thank you, Mom. 💕💐👏🏻👏🏻
Alexis - Don’t thank me yet, We have less time to convince Judge Chow than Pisano’s has for a Pizza delivery. 😂😂😱😀😬

Drew is taken downstairs to the jail.......
Nathan - Sorry we have to keep you here, when this all gets figured out.......
Drew - If Alexis can’t prevent me from going to jail, help me to keep Sam away from Sonny and Jason. I don’t trust them.

Alexis - Our best shot is Dr. Andre Maddox. If he can’t help us, we will need more ammunition.
Sam - I know WHO to ask!

What gaul this woman has, she has NO shame!! 👎🏻👎🏻👿😡

Until tomorrow......
— MOM (12.6.17)
Today’s GH was so good!
Alexis visits Michael and Ned at the Quartermaine Mansion
Alexis - I wanted to speak to you before you went to work. As the attorney for ELQ, according to Edward’s will, Drew is entitled to stock with all the grandchildren of his generation. This could mean a NEW CEO.
Michael - I will think about that when I have to. Jason will support me.
Ned - We need to buy Jason and Andrew out of ELQ. 🙀

At the Aurora offices......
Sam - How are things going?
Andrew - The way that I see 👀 it, this is the first day of the rest of my life.
He takes the name plate on his desk that says Jason Morgan, President, and throws it into the garbage.
Andrew - So last night I went to the bridge and realized it is not my spot. I have a lot of memories at that bridge, like Jason buying that bridge for Robin, but the memories are not mine.
Sam - The last 3 years all happened. You, me and Scout, they all happened.
Andrew - Yes, all my memories are not my own but the last 3 years are all mine. 😀😥

At Q Mansion.......
Olivia and Monica argue over a white plastic Christmas Tree! Olivia wants in the living room.
Monica - Ever since you arrived, you have tried to take over. This is MY house. 😳
Olivia - Yes, it is YOUR house. Alan gave it to you.
Monica - If you don’t like it here........
Olivia - Living in this house means a lot to Ned. Don’t you think I would love to have MY own house to decorate the way I want? For the sake of the family, I wish you could see ME as family. 😢

Lulu interviews with Aurora’s Peter August, at Sam’s recommendation, at the Metro Court. She tells him she is the owner of the Haunted Star and has 2 children but her first love is journalism. 😀
Peter - People who return to work usually have prior experience.
Lulu - Well, I want to be a journalist in the investigative reporting division. Thank you for your time.
She gets up to leave...
Peter - Wait.... bring me a good news story and I will reconsider.

(Peter August is a wild card. 🤔 Who is he?? 👀😳)

Maxie and Nathan go to GH to meet with Dr. Nero, OBGYN, for pre-natal care.

Monica hears Ned say he wants to buy out Jason and Andrew.
Monica - Why would you want to do that?
Ned - We are finally making money, why rock the boat? Andrew is a wild card. Jason doesn’t care about ELQ. Michael, you are CEO and it’s time for you to step up to what is best for the company!

While Dr. Kim Nero examines Maxi, Nathan speaks to Amy.
Nathan - Dr. Nero asked about my family medical history. Growing up I thought the people who raised me were my biological parents. I didn’t know Dr. Obrecht was my mother.
Amy - I have no doubt you will be an excellent father.
Dr. Nero - Nathan, do you want to hear your baby’s heart beat? 👏🏻👏🏻💕💐😍😀
Maxie and Nathan hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂💕💕

Michael - Ned please try to buy Jason out of ELQ, I want to be there when you do. Jason was the 🍎 apple of Grandfather Edward’s 👁 eye.
Ned - Jason is a common criminal. 😳
Michael - Jason had shares while he was a criminal.
Ned - Ok, Jason is off the table. 😀😂 I have nothing against Andrew, but he is an outsider. If it wasn’t for Jason we would not be talking about him.
Monica - Did we find out who is Jason and who is Andrew?
Alexis - The man who came through the skylight is Jason. Andrew is a Navy Seal. I was with Jason last night, we talked but did not discuss ELQ.
Monica - How was he?
Alexis - He was very quiet, as usual.
Monica - You’re NOT seriously thinking about denying Andrew of his birthright, are you, Ned? 👎🏻👎🏻
Ned - This is what Edward would want.
Monica - To hell with what Edward would want!! 🙀 What would ALAN want? HE is Drew’s father!

Nathan tells Maxie that Sam’s husband is Andrew and Jason is Jason
Maxie - Sam thought she was married to Jason Morgan and now she is married to a stranger named Andrew Cain? SURPRISE! 🙀😱👀

At Aurora....
Sam - I didn’t love you because I thought you were Jason Morgan. I love you, the man. I think about you from the time I wake up in the day to the time I go to sleep at night.
(Sam is really laying the BS on thick 😂😂😂😂)
Sam - We can start a brand new life together, I love you DREW, so much. 💕💕💕
Drew - I love you too.
Drew picks up Sam and swings her around.
Drew - This is the FIRST time you called me by my real name.
Sam - I will call you by your real name for the rest of our lives. 😍💕💐

Dr. Kim Nero arrives at Aurora Offices......
Kim to Drew - I want to talk to you about my son. 🙀🤔

Back at Q Mansion......
Alexis - The stock needs to be redistributed.
Monica - You remember what happened when it was said that Jason was illegitimate? Alan would want Drew to be treated the same as Jason.
Ned - Drew doesn’t care about ELQ.
Monica - I remember when Drew bought ELQ from the Casadines and gave it back to the Quartermaines, that sounds like caring in my book!
Michael and Olivia said they agreed.
Ned Looked 👀👀 at his wife - ET TU Olivia? 😬
Olivia - Drew is a Quartermaine just like the rest of us. The Quartermaines and Falconeries have a loyalty to family. Drew is a Q the same as Jason, Michael and you. There is room in the family for all of us.
Ned - Excellent point.
Monica - I am going to get in touch with Jason and Drew and welcome Jason back and let Drew know he is welcome here at any time.

Nathan asks Dr. Obrecht for her medical records and all information on the father he never met.

Maxie hires Lulu to find out WHO the creep is who sold Ask Man Landers information to the tabloids.

Back at Aurora...
Sam - What about your son? 😳
Drew - Did Oscar tell you I was with him last night?
Kim - No.
Sam - Carly Corrinthos, said you knew Drew, is that true? 🤔 Did you know my husband? We saw Drew’s service record, it had basic facts. We know he went missing 2012.
Kim - Yes, we were both in San Diego.
Sam - Anything you can tell us would help.
Kim - I’m afraid I can’t help you. He was deployed and we lost touch. I haven’t thought about you in years.

(😂lies 😎lies 👎🏻 lies.)

Dr. Obrecht to Nathan - I had a full medical workup when you were born. I will get it out of storage and send it to you.
Nathan - Thank you.
Dr. O- Don’t mention it. I will get the records to you right away.
When Nathan leaves, Dr. O panics and calls someone - What am I going to do??

Monica to Michael - I left messages for Jason and Drew. I hope they know they have family here!
Michael - I’m sure they know.
Olivia look at the plastic tree - You’re right, it is tacky.
Monica - This comes from the heart, when you stood up for Drew you became aces in my book. I want you to think of this place as your home, Olivia.
Olivia - You’re going to make me cry. If you want a pine, smelly, needle-dropping tree, you got it. Let go and get one together. 😍💐
They embrace....

Back at Aurora.......
Drew - I hope you appreciate that I don’t know Andrew Cain. I don’t know who he was or what he did. I’ve got to figure out who I am, who Andrew Cain is. I hope you understand.
Kim - Yes.
A Navy Chief Petty Officer appears ......Andrew Cain?
Drew - Yes, who are you?
Petty Officer - You are under arrest! Come with me. 😳🙀😱

How did this happen just when Kim showed up?
Is she the reason Drew got arrested?? 😳🙀
What will Sam do now?? Will she find Jason to help them? Damn right!! 😢
This is getting very interesting.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
— MOM (12.5.17)
Warning: I have a lot of opinions about today’s GH.......
Elizabeth to Franco - Dr. Maddox mapped Jason and Andrew’s thoughts. He lied about something huge, I don’t know how he can come back from that.

Andrew - I have no idea where we go from here? 😢
Sam - We go home.

Jason goes to the waterfront docks and sees Alexis.
Alexis - I wondered when I would run into you, Jason.
Jason - Yes, it’s me. We now have proof.

Sam - You are the man I married and love. We have a family and home. Tell me you hear me!
Andrew - I hear you.
Sam - Tell me this is real!
Andrew - This is as real as it gets. I have a name but it is not MY name.

Elizabeth - You helped unravel the mystery of the two Jasons. I am grateful for you dropping the charges.
Franco - I love you and can’t say no to you.
Robin - Do you know who is Andrew and who is Jason?
Elizabeth - Yes, Jason is Jason and Sam’s husband is Andrew. They had Andrew’s fingerprints.
Robin - Now Jason just lost 5 years of his life. How did this happen?
Elizabeth - Andre Maddox.
Robin - My mother’s friend?
Elizabeth - He mapped Jason’s memory to Andrew.
Robin - So much to think about for you, Jason and Jake.
Franco - We need to go.
Robin - Liz, do you remember when I came back and Patrick was about to get married? You told me you didn’t call or write, it is not your fault. Well, it is not Jason’s fault either, he is the victim .

Alexis - So what are you doing here?
Jason - I need to think, what about you?
Alexis - Does Sam know you’re here? Where is she?
Jason - She is with my brother.
Alexis - I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to hear that.

(Alexis your daughter loved this man but go ahead and treat him like the enemy, your son-in-law.)

Michael tells Joss and Oscar that Sam’s husband is Andrew.
Joss - You can admit you’re happy for Jason.
Michael - Yes, but what about Andrew? He has to think about his future.

Robin - I know Jason will not push to see Jake. Jason is kind, devoted and trustworthy and Jake will be lucky to have him in his life.
Elizabeth - Yes I know. But Jason hates Franco. I am stuck.
Robin - Does Jake love Franco?
Elizabeth - Yes.
Robin - Jason would never do anything to hurt Jake. I don’t think it is best for Jake to keep him from Jason and as his mother, you don’t think so either.

Alexis - That night you disappeared into the water my daughter’s heart was completely broken. She even put on diving gear and went into the cold water and looked and looked for you, but she could not find you. Sam survived, she has a new life now. Do you understand that? She is happy with her husband and children. Don’t make her give that up.

Andrew - What about Danny? He is a stranger. Danny will be afraid of him. Do you want me there with you when you tell him?
Sam - Yes, I love you. You are my heart.

(Thats right Andrew, fill Danny’s head with lies. 😬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻)

Elizabeth - Yes, Jason would not hurt Jake. I get Franco is not your favorite person, but he is a good man
Robin - Tell me about him.
Elizabeth - He makes me laugh all the time and is amazing with the boys. I am even thinking about art again. He challenges me and thinks I can do whatever I want. We have created a home together.

Franco visits Andre in jail.
Andre - I was hoping you would do the right thing, Franco.
Franco - I’m glad you didn’t tell anyone.
Andre - It wasn’t your mess to clean up. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you had the truth and didn’t tell anyone. I feel relieved. The truth shall set you free. No more lies or secrets.

Andrew - Thank you for standing by me the last few weeks. If you want to go back to him, I will not stand in your way.
Sam - Yes, I loved him 5 years ago, but a lot has changed. I love you and that will not change.

(How can Sam just push away the love she has for Jason? Two minutes ago, she thought the man standing next to her WAS Jason Morgan.)

Alexis - I don’t know why you do what you do? You put Sam in danger!
Jason - Sam was always ok with that life.
Alexis - She is not ok with it now, she is a mother. I know you love my daughter. So love her. Don’t call or show up. Just let Sam go.

(Ok, Alexis is in love with Julian, Sam’s father, a MOBSTER who was in jail. What a hypocrite.😂😂)

Oscar swabs the inside of his cheek and gives the sample to Joss. She has Andrew’s glass. We will see 👀 what happens.

Robin - If Franco means that much to you and makes you happy, that’s good enough for me.
Elizabeth - Do you have to get back?
Robin - Yes, Patrick is waiting for me.

Franco - I am threatened by Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee.
Andre - Are Andrew and Jason really the problem? Are you sabotaging your own happiness? You don’t believe you are worthy to be loved.
Franco - No now there are two brothers from the same mother who wants me dead,
Andre - Franco,the more you hold it in the more it will erode your relationship with Elizabeth. Tell Elizabeth the truth and give her a chance to decide. You will be pleasantly surprised. Good luck.
Franco - Good luck to you, too.

Back at the docks.....
Alexis - They have a child together.
Jason - So do we. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕👀😀
Alexis - Your brother is a good man, he got out of the mob for her.
Jason - I have never told Sam what to do and I won’t start now.
Alexis - I hope you are not an option for her. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Sam - I fell in love with you not because you were Jason Morgan. (💩 BULL!)
Andrew - It would kill me if I lost you.
Sam - I am standing right here.
Andrew - I have to figure out who Andrew Cain is.
Sam - Ok. We will do that together.
Andrews leaves.

Alexis- Sam, I just ran into Jason at the docks.
Sam - What did he say?
Alexis - How are you doing?
Sam - I am a little overwhelmed right now.
Alexis - I know you loved Jason, but he is not going to change. You have to think about your children. If you go back to him, you know what he does.
Sam - I can’t talk. I have to go.

Franco - There is something I have to tell you.
Elizabeth - Yes, Franco let’s get married. 💕💐😍👏🏻👏🏻

Andrew at the bridge - So we meet again.
Oscar - I didn’t know you would be here.

Franco - Did you just say.....
Elizabeth - Yes! Yes!
Franco - You want to marry ME? Why now?
Elizabeth - I can’t think of a world without you in it. Is that a yes?
Franco - Yes, will you marry me?
Elizabeth - Yes! 💐😍
They embrace.....
Elizabeth - Sooo what did you want to tell me?
Franco - Nothing. It is not important. I love you, you make me happy.

(I have to stop again. Time to cook. Macaroni tonight )

Ok, I’m back......
Oscar - I guess I will leave you alone.
Andrew - There is plenty of room for both of us. Does your Mom know where you are?
Oscar - No, I disabled the GPS on my phone.

Jason sees 👀 Sam at the waterfront docks.
Jason - It will be ok. It will all work out.
Sam - Thank you.
Jason leaves and Sam watches him walk away.

What is happening here?? This is the exact place where Jason vanished 5 years ago. Sam was devastated! Now that he is back she can’t give him a hug? I know that this is a soap opera but come on! I don’t care how much she loves her “husband” of 2 years. Jason was the love of her life! That kind of love you never forget. Oh yes....Sam is still married to Jason Morgan. She never declared him dead. So her “marriage” to Andrew is a fraud. 🤔😎😢😳💐💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
— MOM (12.4.17)
Hey Jen. It’s Friday! 👏🏻😍💕
Well today was a great day at GH. WOW terrific story. I am so glad that the writers respected the history of GH and Steve Burton as Jason Morgan.

I will start calling Fake Jason (FJ) Andrew now to show him respect. Now that that is over, it should get interesting with Jason and Andrew. Andrew is angry and threatening and thinks that Jason is a push over. Jason hasn’t reacted because he knew all along he was Jason Morgan. Wait until Andrew meets Stone Cold Jason Morgan!!

Ok at PCPD........
Carly - Curtis found Andre and he will answer our questions. I know you’re not Jason Morgan.
FJ - Tell the truth, Andre, I’M Jason Morgan and THAT’S my twin brother, Andrew Cain.
Elizabeth - Andre, I trusted you with my son, Jake. You told him he didn’t see this man, when you knew he was real!
Diane - This man, Andre Maddox, knows the man known as Jason Morgan. I have been retained to prove my client is Jason Morgan. I can subpoena Andre in court to say who Jason Morgan really is.
FJ - Right. Now, Andre, tell us the truth!
Franco - Let’s go, we don’t need to hear this.
Elizabeth - Franco, I need to be here.

Diane - Dr. Maddox, this is not a court of law. How did you become involved with my client and his brother? 🤔
Andre - I developed a memory mapping system for Alzheimer’s. I began my process at the WSB.
Diane - Who financed your project?
Andre - I don’t know. Never met him. I realized my procedure could be misused, but I felt it was worth it to help people with Alzheimer’s. I needed identical twins. Jason Morgan and his twin brother were used for the procedure. I received 2 patients, unconscious and on a gurney.
Sam - What kind of a doctor are you? 😢
Diane - Doctor, do you know which man is Jason Morgan and which is Andrew Cain? 😳
Andre - Yes, I took Jason Morgan’s memory and gave it to Andrew. Jason was ok and remembered everything, but Andrew’s memory was erased. He had Jason’s memory. Jason went on to phase 1 and I mapped his memory. Andrew went through 2 phases. I mapped his memory and put Jason’s in. 😱
Diane - What brought you to Port Charles?
Andre - In early 2015, one of the patients appeared in Port Charles and I was to go there to monitor his whereabouts.

FJ gets very angry!👿 He grabs Andre and says were you after my family? You pretended to help my son, Jake! 😬
Andre - I didn’t pretend to help Jake.
Diane - Do YOU know which is Jason and which is Andrew?
Andre - Yes. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Diane - Then TELL THEM, they have a right to know! 😍
Andre - You won’t have much use for me when the truth comes out. Alzheimer’s is.......
Sam - SHUT UP!! No one feels sorry for YOU. YOU did this for money. Screw YOU and your intentions. TELL US WHO IS JASON! 👿👿👿

Andre - I was sent to Port Charles to monitor Andrew Cain. YOU’RE Andrew (FJ). 😢😱😱😱 And YOU’RE Jason Morgan (Patient6). 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍💕💕💕💐💐💐💐💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😀🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Sam looks 👀 at Andrew - Oh My God. 😢🙀😳
Andrew - How much is HE paying you? 👿👿👿
Andre - Who?....
Andrew - Sonny! I AM JASON. I know my life and my memory.
Looking at Sonny, Andrew says - WHY would you do this to me? Because I left the Mob??
Sonny - What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything to you!
Andrew - You believe THIS fraud?? 😢😢
Andre says as he is taken away - I am truly sorry.
Andrew - I truly do not care. Come on, Sam, let’s go.

Spinelli - I have proof! 😀😎🙀
Sam - Spinelli, now is not the time.
Spinelli - The longer this goes on it’s not good for anyone. I have proof that YOU are Andrew Cain.
Andrew - You can make a fake data file.
Spinelli - Why would I do that to you? My goal is to establish facts.
Curtis - Let’s see what he has.
Andrew - Show me what you’ve got. 🤔
Spinelli shows a picture of him with Jason’s face dressed in a uniform.
Spinelli - This is Chief Officer Andrew Cain. I commend you, Sir, you are a Navy Seal........ Navy Seal Andrew Cain served with Honor. He had many medals and commendations. For some reason, in 2012 he went AWOL. He just vanished 3 months PRIOR to Jason Morgan being shot and imprisoned.
Diane - Do you have any more?
Spinelli - I have no more facts at my disposal. The Commissioner does.
Jordan - I do? 😳
Spinelli - Do you have Andrew Cain’s fingerprints after 2012? 😬🤔😬 It would take a simple search to prove he is Andrew Cain.
Jordan checks on the PCPD computer.
Jordan - I’ve got it and its a match. You can see👀 for yourself.
Andrew - This could be a fake.
Diane - I’m sure that the Navy has copies of Andrew Cain’s fingerprints.
Curtis to Andrew - It’s time to give it up! You got screwed and so did your brother. You are Andrew Cain, a Navy Seal. It’s a badge of honor, be proud of yourself!
Andrew - I wish I could remember ONE thing about my life.

Sonny - Diane, do me a favor. When you bill me, give yourself a bonus.
Diane - This one is on the house. It was a pleasure to help Jason.
Jason - Thanks Diane. Spinelli, you did great.
Spinelli - I don’t feel great, I didn’t get you back your 5 years.
Jason - Thank you for being my friend. 😀😥👏🏻👏🏻
Sonny and Carly, thank you both. I knew that if I got home it would be ok.

Carly and Jason hug💐💕👀👏🏻👏🏻😀😀😀😀😍😍😍

Spinelli - It was my honor, Jason.
Sonny - I need a drink, let’s go.
Diane to Jason - No drink for you, we have papers that need to be processed.

Andrew and Sam are in the interrogation room.
Andrew - What do you think? 😳🤔
Sam - You are a Hero! 👏🏻👏🏻💕💐😍
Andrew - Only on paper, I have NO connection to Andrew Cain.

Elizabeth - Are you surprised?
Franco - Disappointed. Andrew is easier to get along with. Jason still wants to kill me.
Elizabeth - I have to tell Jake that Andrew is his Uncle and Jason is his Father.
Franco - Do you really want to do that? Jason is dangerous.
Elizabeth - Whatever you think about Jason, he loves his son and won’t hurt him. He will not see
👀 him until I say it’s ok.

Andrew - Slow motion nightmare. This guy comes to town, my long lost twin. I’M the one who is lost!
Sam - That’s not true.
Andrew - Diane could take EVERYTHING we worked for from us.
Sam - Jason won’t do that.......
Andrew in anger opens the door.
Sam - Jason, stop! 😥
Andrew - I’m not Jason, I’m ANDREW.
Andrew to Jason- I don’t care what the DNA says, We are NOT brothers. 👿 👿👿
Jason looks at Sam - Take care of yourself.
Then Jason leaves.

Curtis to Jordan - Did you see 👀 the look on Andrew’s face when he learned that the life he thought was his belonged to someone else .😱😳🤔

Great show today💃💃💃💃💃💃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍👀👀💕💕💐💐💐💐
— MOM (12.1.17)
Ok, this is a long one...
Sonny and Jason meet Dr Obrecht at Pissulo’s, Sonny’s restaurant.
Sonny - Good to see you 👀 Dr. Obrecht, I don’t know if you met my associate, Jason Morgan?

Meanwhile, in Cuba....
Andre to Jordan - You want me to go to the U.S.? I will go to prison. There is no extradition in Cuba. You don’t have the authority.
Jordan - Well, Anna and the WSB does.

At Sam’s apt...
Sam to Fake Jason -Did you figure out how you know Oscar’s mother?

At the PCPD.....
Franco - That guy who is Jason Morgan attacked me without provocation.
DA Campbell - Are you sure? 😳 No one will testify on your behalf, even your girlfriend Elizabeth.
(When Franco gets nervous, he tells the truth!👏🏻👏🏻 That guy is Jason Morgan!)

Dr. Obrecht - By the way, I informed my son the Police Detective. If I have trouble, you will be at the top of the list.
Jason - Faison shot me in 2012, do you have any idea why he came after me?
Dr. O - Faison needed an enforcer, Jason Morgan was a valuable asset providing he could be controlled.
Dr. Obrecht leaves.
Sonny - What time is the hearing on Franco with Diane?
Jason - At 3 pm.
Sonny leaves. Knock at the door. Jason opens it and sees 👀 Spinelli.
Spinelli - IT’S YOU! 👏🏻🌞😀

At the Metro Court.....
Carly - Joss, you took advantage of my trust in you.
Joss - I want to tell you everything but I have to check with Oscar first. I will not let you down again, I promise.
Joss texts Oscar.

At GH.....
Kim - Oscar, what are you doing here at the hospital?
Oscar - You won’t talk to me at home. Mom, I’m not ok.
Kim - You sneaked out of the house last night!
Oscar - We went to see him. If that guy is Andrew Cain, he meant something to you.

Back to Sam’s apt.....
Sam - I don’t believe Oscar and Joss are looking for a missing person.
FJ - I hope Curtis find something to prove that I am Jason Morgan.
Sam - Where do you know Kim from?
FJ - I don’t know.

In Cuba.....
Curtis to Andre - Think about Jason Morgan, his wife and children.
Jordan - The man I know would want to make amends. Show me I wasn’t wrong about you.

Jason - Hi Spinelli.
Spinelli - I’m glad to see 👀 you.
Jason - Who called you?
Spinelli - You didn’t! You must be angry at me, thinking that other guy was you.
Jason - I’m not angry.
Spinelli - So why didn’t you call me? 😥 I was certain he was you, DNA and my facial profile... I officiated at their wedding!
Jason - You married them? 🤔 I didn’t know that.
Spinelli - They didn’t tell you that? 😱
Jason - Were they happy? It’s all right...
Spinelli - I misidentified a stranger and gave him your wife and it’s all right?!??
Jason - You didn’t do it maliciously.
Spinelli and Jason embrace. 👏🏻👏🏻😀😂
Spinelli - We have to get your wife and kids back, you have rights too.
Jason - I told Sonny, Carly, and now you. I will not hurt Sam.

Oscar to Mom- I thought Andrew could be my father. I have been thinking about this my whole life
Dr Kim Nero - It’s that Josslyn, she put you up to this!
Oscar - You are my mother, but I need to know who my father is.
Kim - Look, I don’t want to get fired on my first day at work.

Franco - If he is not Jason Morgan, what are we calling him?
DA Campbell - John Doe.
Franco - No one will testify for me, well I will crush HIM with my testimony!
Elizabeth - No, you will not! You won’t get help from me.

Spinelli - Jason oh... please accept my humble apology for marrying your wife to that guy.
Jason - Ok, were they happy?
Spinelli - We need to get you and Sam back together again. You are Sam’s family.
Jason - I don’t think that will matter, I’m going to prison because of Franco. When I saw him I beat him to a pulp. They handcuffed me and I broke away and beat him again.

Franco - What is going on??
Elizabeth - He has been missing for 5 years. He believes he is Jason Morgan and he saw you.
Franco - Yeah. Tell it to my windpipe! What is going on ,why are you taking HIS side? 😢

Oscar to Joss - It’s ok, you can tell your mom my mom knows.
Joss - Did you ask your mom about Andrew Cain?
Oscar - He may not be my father.
Joss - Why can’t she just tell you who your father is?
Oscar - She says she is protecting me.
Josslyn - I swiped a glass your dad drank from last night. Now we will know if he is your father.

There’s a knock on Sam’s door.
FJ - Come in, Carly.
Carly - I know you feel like I betrayed you. This has been tough on everyone. I know who can clear this up: Kim Nero. She was at our home for Thanksgiving and when she saw your brother she thought he was a guy she knew, a Navy Seal named Andrew Cain.

Jason - I walked over and saw Franco, I had my hand around his throat. Carly told me he wasn’t worth it. And don’t say anything about a tumor, I will make him pay!
Diane - Jason did attack Franco but I am going to put the victims on the stand. Sam and Michael will tell their stories.
Sonny - Ah....Spinelli!
Spinelli - I wanted to see 👀 with my own eyes that my friend has returned.
Sonny to Spinelli - You can come with us if you keep your mouth shut and let Diane do what I am paying her to do.
Diane to Spinelli - Did you check the fingerprints I sent to you?

Jen I have to stop and cook dinner. Will finish later. 🍤🥦🍤🥦🍚🍚

Ok, I’m back.
Liz - I don’t want to see 👀 that guy go to prison.
Franco - Ok, look at his brain tumor and if it is bigger than mine, I will drop the charges.
Elizabeth - You’re afraid that he really IS Jason Morgan.

Sam to Carly - Jason thought he knew Oscar’s mother, Kim.
Carly - Andrew Cain was very important to her, I can have her meet with you again. 😀
FJ - NO! 😳 I know who I am, my name is JASON MORGAN! If you can’t believe that then you can go to hell. 🙀😳👿

Franco - Two Jasons, one Sam. What happens if Jason wants YOU?
Elizabeth - I’ m in love with YOU! 💕💐😍 Please drop the charges.

Carly - Your’re being very direct so I will be direct. I know you’re very upset but there are 2 men who think they are Jason. Kim could help us with this. I will tell you the truth.
Sam - Carly......
Carly - I’m sorry, you may think you’re Jason but your NOT. 😳🙀
FJ gets a text from Curtis
FJ - Curtis just found Andre. He will tell us the truth.

Sonny, Diane, Jason and Spinelli arrive at the PCPD for the hearing.
Liz - Franco......PLEASE.
Franco - I want to drop the charges.....YOU can say thank you.
Jason - I’m not grateful.
Franco - I had a brain tumor, I was physically and mentally not myself and wanted to stop the things I had done. But you’re a criminal and you don’t want to change. You need to let it go.
Jason - I will make you pay.

Dr. Obrecht to Faison on phone - I lied to Sonny and Jason. They are looking 👀 for you. You need to run.

Elizabeth - Do you know how proud I am of you and happy you dropped the charges?
Franco - I love you 👏🏻💐 and can’t say no to you.
Elizabeth - You are a good, honest man. 👏🏻💐💕😍

FJ, Carly and Sam arrive at the PCPD.
FJ - Spinelli, having a hard time saying hello to an old friend.
Sonny - Look 👀😎 who is with the man with all the answers?
Then Jordan and Curtis bring a handcuffed Andre into the PCPD.

Oh boy, tomorrow will be a great day! 👏🏻👏🏻🎷🎺😍🌞💃💃
— MOM (11.30.17)
Hey Jen💕😍💐
Just saw This Is Us....... I love this show. Randall is my favorite character and Jack too.
Now for today’s GH. Pretty good stuff.

Maxie and Nathan call their family to the Floating Rib (Uncle Mac’s place), to celebrate their baby news.
Maxie - We are having a baby. We want to share the joy with our families.
Dr. Obrecht (Nathan’s mother) tells Felicia and Mac - We are bonded together for eternity.

Curtis and Jordan are in Cuba....
Jordan - Asked at the front desk, no one checked in as Arthur Murtal.
Curtis - He is here and all we have to do is sit back, relax and wait. He will show up.

Jason goes to the PCPD to talk to Dante....
Jason - Dante, I’m hoping you can help me.
Dante - I knew it was you the first time I saw you. Your brother saved my life. He pulled me out of a fire. He is a good friend for a mobster.
Welcome home...Jason.
Dante extends his hand.

back in Cuba....
Jordan offers her credit card to pay for lunch, the server refuses.
Curtis - You can’t use an American credit card in Cuba, cash only. Wow....Andre didn’t have time to empty his bank accounts so he is in need of cash. He will show up. 😎
Jordan - How do you plan to draw him out?
Curtis - I spoke to the consigner and said I was interested in artifacts and coins. He said he knew an American who could help me. He set up a meeting.

Dante - Your beat up of Franco was brutal!
Jason - Diane is working on proving my identity and why I beat up Franco.
Dante - You tell Diane I will testify that he was a threat.
Jason - Thanks, but that is not why I’m here. I need to see my arrest records.
Dante - These files don’t leave this room or get copied!
Jason - Are you going to watch me read my own files?
Dante - Now that you’re back, you’re Sonny’s right hand man. I love my father. He tried to distance himself from the Mob. Now Sonny has you. If someone crosses him you’re right there. Jason, I like you but we will always be on opposite sides.

Lulu - Hey Sam, is everything ok? This may not be the right time but are you and Jason hiring?
I’ve written some stories for a publication. I would like to work at a Media company.
Sam - I will be glad to help you, contact Peter August and tell him I sent you.

Andre - I understand you want to take something back from Cuba?
Curtis - Yes, Good to see 👀 you, doctor.

Nathan tell his sister Nina he and Maxie are having a baby
Nina - A baby.....I’m so happy for you!

At Maxi’s party....
Robin to Sam - I meant to call you. I know how confused they are right now. I saw his face and it was the same face I knew all my life. I know how you feel. Patrick.....
Sam - STOP! Stop, you don’t know how I feel.

Andre and Curtis are exchanging blows back in Cuba.....
Jordan - Stop! Andre I think you know why we’re here. Just tell us what you know about the two Jasons.
Andre - I’m sorry if you think I’m going back to the US with you. You’re wasting your time.

Sam - I’m sorry, I’m on edge now. This party is for Maxi. Can we talk about something else?
Robin - I will be leaving soon.
Nina - Are you ok?
Sam - All you people think that I am confused. I am NOT confused!

Curtis - It would help Jason Morgan. He has been through hell and back.
Andre - I feel bad for both Jason and his brother, but people don’t want the truth to come out.
Jordan - I’m asking you as someone you once loved. Come back with us and make this right.

Dante - Tell me what you’re looking for.
Jason - Where I was the last 5 years.
Dante - Well, you went into the water, we looked but no sign of you. Sam even dove into the water to look for you. All she found was a small phoenix.
Jason - What about Faison?
Dante - He shot you. We don’t know where he is. The only thing we do know is he is obsessed with Anna Devane.

Jason goes to see Anna.....
Anna- I heard you were back! Do you want to see 👀 Robin?

Dante and Anna know Patient6 is Jason, plus Morgan. That makes what 10 or 12 people! 👏🏻👏🏻😍💐💕

Jason - Actually, I’m here to see if you know where Faison is?
Anna - He is the one who shot you.
Jason - If anyone knows where he is, it’s you.
Anna - I appreciate your faith in me but I don’t know where he is.

Oh boy.
— MOM (11.29.17)
Today’s GH update for you.....
Zajac - I was able to reach a nurse. I have paperwork for you to sign. No guarantee of results and you can’t sue me.
Ava - I can’t sue you?
Zajac - This is standard. I have to protect myself.

Oscar - Do you think Andrew Cain could be my Dad?
(Who is Andrew Cain? 😳 I know an Andrew/Moore/Frank/Quartermaine only. 🤔)
Josslyn - Maybe.
Oscar - So Andrew was in an accident and had his face redone?
Josslyn - Yes, the man you met at the house is Jason Morgan and he remembers everything. Mom and Sonny are working to prove that he is Jason. Sam has 2 kids one with old Jason and 1 with new Jason.
Oscar - What is Andrew like? Tell me about him.
Josslyn - I can do better than that. Prepare to be blown away.

Julian Jerome is now out of jail and wearing an ankle monitor. He sees Alexis at the Floating Rib.
Julian - You’re not seeing 👀 things. It’s me. I think we have grounds for a re- trial. How is Sam doing with the two Jasons?
Alexis - The DNA test was a match for the two Jasons. Sam is staying with her husband.

Ava - I know you want to protect yourself but this is extreme.
Zajac - Didn’t you sign papers with the other doctor?
Ava - Yes, but I didn’t look at them.
Zajac - You are an excellent candidate for this type of procedure. The nurse is ready.
Ava - Don’t you want to take pictures and relax me?
Zajac - All set, just need you to lie back. Are you ready?
Ava - AHH....NO...Definitely not....Not ready!! 🙀

Julian asks Alexis if she helped change Liv Jerome’s mind.
Alexis - Do you think that I have the wherewithal to act on your crazy sister, or I would do anything on your behalf? Do you have a date for re-trial?
Julian - Not yet.

At Sam’s apartment.....
Sam - We had such a good day, let’s open a bottle of wine.
FJ - Lets have tequila instead and we can talk about the things I remember.
Sam - You don’t have to prove anything to me.
FJ - You make me whole again, we are so in love.
Sam - The past is past. Now is now. The future is...
Sam takes a drink of tequila.
Sam - Now that is better than wine? Let’s go upstairs.....
There’s a knock on the door.
Josslyn takes Oscar to meet FJ.

Ava - This is happening much too quickly. First papers.....Did the check clear already?
Zajac - Look, I have testimonials from other patients.
Ava - What’s the rush?
Zajac - If you want to prolong treatment, I will return the check and book you after the New Year.......February.
Ava - Ok... Lets do it....I don’t want to wait 3 months.
Zajac - You won’t be sorry. By the New Year you will look like you used to.

Back at Sam’s.....
Josslyn - Jason this is my friend, Oscar. Sorry to drop in so late. I figured you don’t turn in early.
Sam - Does Carly know you’re here?
Josslyn - No, they have enough to worry about with two Jasons. But Oscar and I are Switzerland. We take no sides on Jasons.
FJ - What brings you here this late?
Josslyn - Research on a lost person.

Griffin calls Ava at home many times and suspects she went to get the treatment on her face.
Zajac - Who are you, barging in? Ms. Jerome is here of her own choice. I am a physician!
Ava - Griffin, I know what I am doing.
Griffin - Ava , you don’t.
Zajac - Your friend thinks he is helping but he is not.
Ava - I am sorry Griffin, this is right for me.
Griffin - If you don’t leave with me, Ava, I will call the medical association on this fraud.
Zajac - Get out both of you or I will call the cops!
Ava leaves with Griffin.

Commissioner Jordan to Curtis - The longer Andre is on the loose, the trail will get cold..
Curtis - We have to find him. This is important. Jason is a friend of mine.
Jordan - I hope tomorrow we will get the answers we need.
Curtis’ phone goes buzzz....
Curtis - Hey, my contact came in, we got a new address for Dr. Maddox.
Jordan - Andre is the only one who can tell us who is behind this and why there are two Jasons. Let’s go to Cuba! 😎

Josslyn - Sam you’re a PI, so I thought you could give Oscar some pointers.
Sam - So what is this about?
Josslyn - Oscar is working on a project of finding a missing person.
FJ - Oscar is this really for school?
Oscar - Yes, sir.
FJ - Oscar, tell us the real reason you’re here.
There’s a knock on the’s Dr. Kim Nero!
FJ - Can I help you?
Kim - I’m sorry to disturb you. Oscar why are you here at night with people we don’t know?
Oscar - How did you find me?
Kim - GPS is on your phone. I need to know where you are at all times! I’m a single mom.
Oscar - I’m doing research for school.
Sam - I used to be a PI, Oscar wants help to find a missing person.
Kim - Come on Oscar, you too, Josslyn. I will take you home. Thank you, Mr and Mrs. Morgan
They go outside.
Oscar - Mom, that is the other Jason. He may be Andrew Cain?
Kim - Then he will have a lot of problems. I will get the car.
Josslyn - I’m sorry I got you in trouble, Oscar.
Oscar - I may have just met my father.

FJ - What just happened?
Sam - Joss is like her mother and Oscar’s mother stopped them before they could get in trouble.
( the matter? 🤔)
FJ - That mother, I think I met her before? 😳

The plot thickens....👏🏻👏🏻😍💐💕
— MOM (11.28.17)
GH is back! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Kiki tells Griffin, thank you for telling Ava she doesn’t need that experimental treatment on her face. She is beautiful the way she is.

Ava sees Dr. Zajac, who examines her face.
Zajac - There was more scaring but this is remarkable. Why are you talking to me?
Ava - The other doctor Is not available. I do have his protocol, and now so do you.

Sam - Glad we were able to be with Monica.
FJ - Did you interview Peter August for the job at Aurora?
Sam - Yes. He is acceptable.
FJ - Hope we are not wasting our time. He may want Aurora.
(Well, FJ did buy Aurora Media with Jason Morgan’s money! 🤔)

Back at Sonny’s mansion, he introduces Jason to Kim and she calls him Drew!
Kim - Drew, how is this happening?
Jason - I am NOT Drew, you are mistaking me with someone else. I’m Jason.
Kim - You don’t have a clue who I am? 😥
Jason - No, my name is Jason Morgan and I have a twin brother named Andrew. 👀
Kim - I’m sorry, you look so much alike. 😳
Carly - How do you know Andrew?

Back at Sam’s.....
FJ - We built Aurora for OUR family.
Sam - Don’t worry, we will be ok.
FJ - They will believe whatever this guy is selling! Sonny and Carly will prove he is Jason Morgan.
Sam - Sonny and Carly love you and won’t do that to you.
FJ - I don’t believe that. 😬

Back at the doctor with Ava.....
Ava - Well can you do it? Can you follow the instructions?
Zajac - Of course I can.

Sam- You don’t think that Sonny and Carly would steal your identity and give it to someone else?
FJ - I just had Thanksgiving Dinner at the house and my relatives were staring at me like they didn’t know me. 🙀
Sam - If Aurora goes belly up until we straighten this out. Who cares?
FJ - I tell people don’t buy this, don’t believe him. But they don’t hear me. Sonny, Carly and Robin. What I can’t handle is what if they convince you too? 😱

(I think in her heart💕 Sam knows Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan. But she may love Scout’s father because he is not dangerous.)

Back at Sonny’s.....
Kim - I didn’t know Andrew very well. He is a friend from San Diego. Oscar, we have to go.
Carly - Can you answer some questions about Andrew? 😍👏🏻 The brothers were separated at birth. They don’t know each other and Andrew was in an accident. His face is different.
Sonny - Can you tell me what you know about Andrew? How you met him? Anything you can tell us will help.

Ava - Your license has never been revoked but you have been investigated many times. Are you available?
Dr. Zajac - Yes, sounds like you came to the right place. Let’s talk price with the delicate nature of this problem......$75,000.00?
Ava - Good, when can we start? My schedule is open, I can be in Boston in few weeks.
Dr. Zajac - Lets not wait that long, I can do the procedure tonight.

Dr. Kim Nero - I am an OBGYN. Drew is a Navy Seal. We met in NYC in a bar on 5th Avenue. He was a nice guy, honest, straightforward and he could make all of us laugh.
(That last part did not sound like STONE COLD.)
Sonny - When did you see him last?
Kim - It was a long time ago. I have no idea what happened to Drew. 🤔
Carly - He is here, Andrew is here in Port Charles! So back in San Diego, he disappeared?😳
Kim to Jason - What did you mean, you were lost?
Jason - In the fall of 2012, I was shot and fell into the water. I don’t know that happened to me. I lost 5 years of my life.
Kim - I did not see 👀 Drew for 15 years.
Carly - Some day you will, Port Charles is not that big.
Jason - Thank you for answering our questions.
Kim - Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
Carly - You helped more than you know.
Kim and Oscar leave Sonny’s house.
Sonny - Your twin is a Navy Seal. That explains a lot! It makes sense why he was so good with weapons.

Outside of Sonny’s compound....
Oscar - Mom what is wrong? Are you ok?
Kim - Yes, as long as I have you, we will be all right.

Sam - I know who you are, you delivered our baby in the snow. You’re the man who makes the kids laugh and makes love to me in a barn. You make the kids and me feel like were the most important people on the planet. You are my heart, soul and compass and I love you and no one can take that away from us.

(Wow. How can the writers erase the love story of Stone Cold and Sam who met at a very young age and have a son, Danny, for a guy she met 2 years ago? 👎🏻👎🏻)

FJ - Thank you for that. I hate that people feel sorry for me.
Sam - I don’t think that.
FJ - I would not be able to go on if you did.
Sam - That is the table where we have breakfast as a family. This is our life, Jason. Our home, our family and we love you with everything in us.

(This guy need constant reassurance and has so much doubt, maybe deep down he knows he is NOT Jason Morgan and he is the imposter! 👿👎🏻👎🏻)

FJ - You know what, you’re right. If we lose everything it would be ok because we have each other. But we are not going to lose one thing. Not Aurora or our family!
FJ and Sam kiss.💕
— MOM (11.27.17)
Today’s GH Update 🦃🦃🦃

There is a knock on Sam’s’s Jason!
Jason - Is he here?
Sam - No
Jason - Can I come in?
Sam - I don’t think its a good idea.
Jason - Please Sam, it’s important. I need you to tell me what you want me to do.

Fake Jason goes to the Quartermaine Mansion and is looking at the Q pictures on the mantle when Monica comes in.
Monica - Well I didn’t expect to see 👀 you here.
FJ - Where is everyone?
Monica - Ned and Olivia are at Dante’s and Michael is with Sonny and Carly. I was supposed to be in a Spa at New Mexico but my plane was grounded.
FJ - I’m happy to see you.
Monica - Something tells me you didn’t come here to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃
FJ - I just want to know that we are good. Sonny, Carly and Robin said my life isn’t mine.
Monica - Robin is here?
FJ - Yes, she saw the OTHER guy, one look at that face and now I’m a stranger!

Jason - Diane is looking for files of my past arrests to find fingerprints to prove that I’m Jason Morgan.
Sam - Why are you telling me this?
Jason - I know I’m Jason Morgan. I know the truth. If you want him to have the name, I will go my whole life and not use my name again. It all depends on you, I want to make it easy for you.
Sam - You are not making it easy, you are making it harder!

Back at the Q Mansion.....
Monica - You are NOT a stranger. The events are real and feelings are real.
FJ - Sonny and Carly, we have always had each others back.
Monica - What has changed?
FJ - I think the time will come when my family won’t know me...

Back at Sam’s......
Sam - You just can’t come to me and say you have to fight for your life. Just as you know YOU’RE Jason Morgan, he believes that HE is Jason Morgan! He remembers his friendship with Sonny and Carly. He remembers when we first met. What do you want me to do?
Jason - I don’t know. That is why I am here. If I step back, he can use the name of Jason Morgan. And you can go on with your life.
Sam - But what will you do? What would happen to you? Do you think for one minute Carly and Sonny will let go of you? They spent 5 years missing you! Five years waiting to hear your voice again. 5 years they would never see you again. They have you back, I don’t think you want to leave. 💕😍
Jason - I will tell Diane to stop looking.
Sam - That would be worse. I want the truth. I want to know who is Andrew Moore and who is Jason Morgan. 😎👏🏻💐
Jason - Ok, I will tell Diane to keep on working.
Sam - Are you going to Sonny’s?
Jason - Yes, Carly invited Oscar and his mother to Sonny’s for Thanksgiving. 🦃 Sonny told the guards to keep the gates open and to stay out of sight.
Sam smiles - Carly thinks she can hide that Sonny is in the Mob?
Jason - Well, they want to keep it low key.
Sam - Happy Thanksgiving.
Jason - Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Then Danny comes downstairs and recognizes Jason as the man who came to visit his mom in the hospital.
Danny - I’m going to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, are you coming too?
Jason - No, I’m going to my friends’ house.
Danny - Do you have a dog? My other Grandma has a dog.
Sam - Danny go up, we are going to leave soon.
Jason says Happy Thanksgiving to Danny and leaves.
Danny - I like your friend, he is nice.
Sam - Yes, he is special.

Back at Q....
Monica - You are not going to lose your family. Sonny and Carly are NOT your family, I am! Family doesn’t cut and run, they stay.
FJ - What if you find out that I am not your family? I am grateful to have you for my mother.
Monica - I am grateful for you, my son.
(NOTICE she does not call him JASON)
FJ - Hey Mom, Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃

Oscar’s mom arrives at Sonny’s for Thanksgiving
Carly - You must be Kim!
Kim - You must be Carly.
Sonny - Have a seat and make yourself at home.
Kim, looking around - This is very nice. Obviously, organized crime has been very good to you.
Sonny - I’m a Coffee Importer, Dr.Nero.
Kim - I have done my best to honor my son’s privacy, I know who you are. Your name is attached to a long list of crimes.
Carly - I have tried to text you many times, you never responded.
Kim - My practice is very demanding.
Carly - Oscar and Jocelyn have been together for months.
Kim - I’m sure that Oscar is Jocelyn’s first boyfriend. Jocelyn is Oscar’s first girlfriend. Soon they will get bored, does that work for you?
Sonny - I wouldn’t bet against them just yet.
Carly - Jocelyn and Oscar have a special connection, you would know that if you spent time with them. It must be tough to be a single mom, was Oscar’s father ever in the picture?🤔
Kim - The situation with Oscar’s father is complicated.
Jason arrives and Sonny is introducing him to Kim.
Sonny - This is my friend, Jason,
Kim looks 👀 at him as if she sees a ghost!
Kim - Drew!! 😱😳😥

Oh boy.
— MOM (11.22.17)
Today’s GH was good!

Robin visits Carly and Sonny.
Carly - Hi, Sonny told me you were in town. When you saw him did you believe he was Jason?
Robin - Yes, I was playing the doctor and told him he could be the twin. But he said something we said to each other when we were young. I knew it was him... I came by to see Jason again.
Carly - We made a terrible mistake.

Sonny and Michael - We missed you and want to celebrate your return on Thanksgiving.
Jason - I am grateful to be here.
Sonny - Looks like Klein’s boss cut loose and left.
Jason - He is probably laying low but I will find him.

Jason - What was Morgan like?
Michael - He was funny and kind, but we had problems. He was bi-polar. I got angry. Why did I have to take care of him?
Jason - Because he needed you.
Michael tells Jason of his problems with Nelle his ex-girlfriend.
Michael - I don’t know if mom told you about Nelle. She is Joslyn’s kidney donor. Her father is Frank Benson, Carly’s step-father. She lies all the time and can’t stop. I told her we should take a break but she kept pushing. If she gave me some space, we might have been able to make it work.

Carly to Robin - I convinced myself that Jack Doe was Jason. The DNA test and Spinelli’s face program... when I looked into Jason’s eyes, I knew it was him.
Robin - The minute I saw him on the bridge, I knew it was Jason and remembered how much I missed him.

Griffin to Ava at her gallery - Things got bad at the Metro Court last night.
Ava - Carly said some horrible things about me.
Griffin- Are you free to spend Thanksgiving with me?
Ava - Once a do-gooder, always a do-gooder.

Alexis visits Sam - Jason (FJ) is really interested in his Media Co.
Sam - Yes, he is doing this for his family and Aurora it’s something no one can take from him.

Ava - And what have we here?
Griffin - Thanksgiving turkey subs from Kelly’s. It Is a complete turkey dinner!

Robin to Sonny and Jason - Happy Thanksgiving. Sonny, thanks for your help . I thought last night was a dream, so I came to see 👀 Jason again.
Sonny and Carly leave the room.
Robin - How are you feeling?
Jason - I can’t complain.
Robin - Let me guess. you’re home but still far away from Sam and Danny.
Jason - Yes, he still believes he is Jason and I don’t want to put Sam in the middle.
Robin - Sam can’t recognize you without breaking her husband’s heart, but she still loves you.
Jason - How do you know?
Robin - If anyone knows how she feels, It’s ME! Jerry Jax and Helena were keeping me captive.
Everyone thought I was dead! Patrick was going to marry another woman. He was moving on with his life. When I returned, Patrick didn’t remarry, but he needed time to figure out what to do. Maybe Sam needs time too.

Alexis - Have you heard from Patient 6? I don’t blame you and Jason (FJ) for wanting to keep your family together.
Sam - I love my husband. If I say the other guy is Jason, what does it do to my family and future?

Nora Buchanan holds a press conference to say that she represents LivJerome and will talk about her brother, Julian Jerome. She says that Liv Jerome is responsible for the death of Duke Lavery and Julian Jerome is innocent of the crime.

Alexis tells Sam - If your father, Julian, gets out of prison, I will go back to him.
Sam - Why will you do that? He tried to kill you!
Alexis - I am a Cassadine and I have always lived in a toxic world. I love him.

Carly to Sonny after watching the press conference - Who would give Julian a Get Out of Jail Free card?
Sonny - Someone who wants Liv to take the rap for him.

Now..... Nora Buchanan is doing this because Valentin Cassadine said if she didn’t he would stop payments to her and for the care of Liv. Jerome. He did this because Alexis told him if she didn’t get Julian out of jail (he was beaten up very badly) she would tell Sonny that Valentin is responsible for Morgan’s death. Valentin put the bomb in the car that killed Morgan.

Fake Jason visits Elizabeth - At least you and my son believe who I am. Sonny and Carly don’t. It makes me crazy that they are willing to trust that guy!
Elizabeth - This situation is completely out of your control. Jason, I have faith you will find the answers you are looking for.

There’s a knock at the’s Robin.
Elizabeth - Hello, I heard you were in town.
Robin sees 👀 FJ.
FJ - Hi, Robin.
Robin moves back - Hi.
FJ - Not much of a greeting.
Robin - I thought you were Jason, but now that I see 👀 your brother.......
FJ is angry - And now you think HE is Jason! How can YOU of all people not know the truth? I was with you on the Island and I saved your life!
Robin - Yes, you saved my life, but you are NOT Jason Morgan. Where did you come from? 😳
FJ, now very angry - Faison shot me and I went into the water. I remember what we meant to each other.
Robin - Helena made you THINK you were Jason.
FJ - I remember what we meant to each other and you’re telling me none of it was real?! So you’re trying to tell me the life I had with Sonny, Carly and MY WIFE was not real and that I was programmed?!?? 🙀
Robin - You are a twin. You are still a Quartermaine, and the people who love you still do.
FJ - Yeah, they still care about me. And I’m looking at someone I care about very much and she doesn’t believe me.
Robins leaves....
FJ - Franco, step aside and let me leave.
Franco - I know what it’s like for people to tell you who you are. Screw everybody who tells you you’re not Jason Morgan! Don’t give up without a fight! Once upon a time you were Jake Doe, penniless, and you built a life that works for you. You have this whole life, don’t let anyone take it away from you!
FJ - Franco, your opinion is the only one I don’t care about.

Franco is so scared that Elizabeth will want FJ if real Jason goes back to Sam! 🤔

Ava sends an email to Dr. Zajac to ask for his help with her facial scars. She gets a phone call and sets up an appt. with him.

Sam gets ready to leave with Danny and Scout to go to Alexis’ house to celebrate Thanksgiving when there is a knock on the door.

It’s Jason. 😎💕👏🏻👏🏻
— MOM (11.21.17)
Happy Turkey🦃 Week! Only two days until you arrive ✈️ for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait 4 us to cook, listen to music🎺🎷🎹 and dance 💃 around the kitchen. Weather🌞 72 degrees.

Now GH.....
Sonny to Jason - Carly made it clear that after the gym, you will come to our home for Thanksgiving.
Jason - Yes, I have to skip the gym. I need to see someone.

Ned to Michael - You and I need to have a conversation about Jason and the future of ELQ.

Robin visits her mother, Anna, Uncle Mac and Felicia for Thanksgiving. She invites Finn, who she thinks is her mother’s boyfriend, to celebrate the holiday with them. 🦃🎃

Michael - The twins don’t even know who the real Jason is.
Ned - We need to have a conversation about ELQ if there are two Jasons.
Monica - Ned, there are NOT two Jasons. Alan didn’t know he had twins.
Ned - Look, the Jason that just came home may not care about ELQ, but the Jason of 2 years ago used money that was NOT HIS to bail out ELQ. If he is a Quartermaine, we all get LESS ELQ stock!

Sonny to Cassandra Pierce - Have we met?
As Cassandra is answering, Valentin shows up!
Sonny - Is this your friend?
Cassandra - This is Valentin C...
Sonny - I know Valentin, any friend of Valentin Cassadine is no friend of mine!

Jason visits Monica at Quartermaine Mansion
Monica - Hi Jason.
Jason - I wanted to say good bye before you left on vacation.
Monica - Yes vacation. Who am I kidding? I am not good at lying to you. I’m running away. Too many people are gone, Alan and A.J. Ned and Olivia are going to Dante’s. Michael is going to Sonny’s for Thanksgiving.
Jason - Why don’t you come with me to Sonny and Carly’s?
Monica - Sonny, Carly and I only have two things in common: You and Michael. Let’s keep it that way. I am so thankful to see 👀 you and that you are home.
Jason - I am thankful to be home.
Mother and Son embrace. 👏🏻👏🏻💕💐

Valentin - Why were you talking to Sonny, he doesn’t touch drugs.
Cassandra - Well, you may have to change that for him.
Valentin - Our operation will be over before it begins if you rub Sonny Corrinthos the wrong way.
Cassandra - I will NOT let some provincial mafioso stop me now!

Sonny sees 👀 Finn at the gym and invites him to Thanksgiving Dinner. 🦃
Finn - Thanks, I have an invite already, but what do you know about the street drug trade?
Sonny - What?! Do you think I have anything to do with drugs??
Finn - There are scores of people overdosing at GH.
Sonny - I get your meaning. These drugs are made overseas. It is hard to stop. Stick with you know best, save lives. This is way over your pay grade. Hell, it’s above mine too!

Michael to Jason - I didn’t know you were here.
Michael can’t believe his eyes, He’s the Jason Michael knows and loves!
Jason - I came to see Monica and you. Carly invited me to Thanksgiving. 🦃
Michael - You have to be at Thanksgiving. It would break their hearts if you didn’t go. I was hiding from you. I offered (Fake) Jason a job at ELQ and he went in a different direction. Jason has changed. I would not have asked him to join if he said yes. I felt guilty. I hid my shame. We were not close, he was someone else. You came to me to make it easy for me. You ALWAYS take care of me. That’s who you are, Jason. I’m sorry!
Jason and Michael hug😎👏🏻👏🏻
Jason and Michael walk Monica to the car to start her trip.

Ned to Olivia- Did you see 👀 that?! Jason and Michael. He IS Jason, I don’t know how he will prove it. The other one is going to hold on with a death grip! This is going to get complicated.

Now we have two more checks in Real Jason’s column. What will FJ do when cousin Ned tells him he is NOT Jason Morgan??

Valentin - I need to leave, Nina is waiting for me.
Cassandra - Let’s go.
Valentin - You’re not invited! You threatened my family. You can have my services but you will not come near my family!

Ned - I have no intention to allow Alan’s sons to feud over ELQ.
Olivia - This may be way over Michael’s head. Maybe you should step in as CEO.

At the gym, Sonny, Jason and Michael laugh and playfully trade jabs. Happy to be together.
— MOM (11.20.17)
It’s Friday🌻😱🎃🎉💕

Fake Jason/Andrew visits Curtis at the gym.
FJ - Thanks for doing this for me. Did you find the evidence I need to prove that I’M Jason Morgan?
Curtis - I tried to find Betsy Frank....dead end.
FJ - Curtis, I need answers. I have a new direction for you to follow, Dr. Andre Maddox. Can you find him for me?
Curtis - Yes I can. Jordan, what are YOU doing here?
Jordan - I need your help with a case and no paper trail. We believe that Dr. Andre Maddox is involved with the Jason and John Doe case.
Curtis - Andre, the guy you took over me. I’m already on the case for Jason (FJ). I will share the info with you.
Jordan - Andre was with the WSB and was working on Memory Mapping.
Curtis - I don’t like the way that sounds.
Jordan - I just don’t know what, or who, we are dealing with! Andre wasn’t always honest with me when we were dating. I didn’t know what he was all about.
Curtis - I did some digging and got an address on Elm St. A package was delivered to that address. Andre was there a few hours ago.

Elizabeth- I need to tell Jake about his father, about the twins. What if he sees 👀 the guy in the park again?
Franco - No! That is the last thing you need to do.
Elizabeth - Why don’t you want me to tell Jake?
Franco - It’s hard for me but can you imagine how hard it would be for Jake to know there are TWO Jasons. It is his father’s place to tell him that there is a twin.
There’s a knock at the door......
Franco - A package...someone left me the picture of the twins. The note states, I am returning this painting to you....Andre.
Elizabeth - You are not going to destroy it, are you?
Franco - No, tell Jake to enjoy the popcorn and watch the movie, I will be back.

Franco goes to Ava’s art gallery.
Franco - I brought the painting that Dr. Maddox returned to me. Now you can sell it to another sucker.
Ava - Kiki, take this painting to the storage room. What’s with the late night delivery, Franco?
What are you going to do now that you have TWO Jason’s nipping at your heels?
Franco - Everybody needs to shut up about that!
Ava - Are you concerned that one wants Sam and the other my want Elizabeth?
Franco - So your saying I should be worried?
Ava - I would be!

When Franco leaves, Ava looks on the internet for a doctor to perform the operation to restore her face. She comes across a Dr. Grey Zjac, who performs facial reconstruction and says, “Who can say what is ethical and what is not?”
Hmmmm 🤔

Nina enters Sam’s office at Aurora Media.
Nina - I need to talk about the budget for Crimson.
Sam - Jason is not here.
Nina - Aren’t you co-owner with Jas....or whoever he is? If he isn’t Jason it puts the sale of Derrick Wells Media in jeopardy!
Sam - That is none of your business.
Nina - Well, he used Quartermaine money to buy the company. I feel sorry for the other Jason. It must be hard for him to come back and see 👀 someone else has his life.
Sam - He is not the only one it is hard for.
Nina - I didn’t mean to upset you.
Sam - I am just going to say this: We are not friends. You are an employee.
Nina - I don’t think either of us are who we were 3 years ago. I think you are hurting, you can talk to me. Don’t be afraid to talk to me.
Sam - You say that man is the real Jason, I’m not afraid of that.
Nina - You may not want to admit that you are in love with two men.
Sam - The man I am married to is my husband.
Nina - Do you love the Jason now or who he used to be?
Sam - I love the man I am married to. I love my husband. I am busy now.
Nina - Ok, I will discuss the budget with you another day.
When Nina leaves, Sam thinks about real Jason — “It just is, the person you will always love but can’t be in your life.”

Real Jason sees 👀 the person he knows at the bridge where he, Robin and Sonny scattered Stone’s ashes.
Robin - I’m NOT surprised to see you here.
Jason - When Sonny told me you were alive...
Robin - Sonny told me you had your old face, how can it be? 😢
Jason - It is Jason, you know me. Don’t you?
Robin - I don’t know what to think? Sonny knows to his core that you are Jason. The man I know as Jason Morgan saved me from a bomb. Who can HE be?
Jason - He is my twin brother. He doesn’t have our memories.
Robin - I don’t know, maybe YOU’RE the twin!
Jason - He didn’t stand on the bridge with you and talk about nothing. He didn’t say goodbye to you when you went to Paris.
Robin - The other man has those memories too.
Jason - He didn’t experience them.
Then Jason says.- If you believe in me it would be the icing on the cake.
Robin - I remember you kissing me and I said icing on the cake!
Jason - I didn’t know what you were talking about. Better than the best icing on a cake. you being here is better than the best.
Robin - Oh My God, Jason it’s YOU!
Robin and Jason embrace.

Bing!! Another check in Jason’s corner.👏🏻😍💕💐

Robin - I can’t believe you are here!
Jason - I heard you have a little boy.
Robin - Yes, maybe we can have a play date with Scout. Oh... she is not your little girl.
Jason - Thats ok. Sam and the children are happy. That’s all that matters.
Robin - I feel sorry for Sam, if she admits you are you then the last 2 years will be a lie.
Jason - Carly and Sonny want me to prove I am Jason Morgan. They are focusing on the wrong thing. I want to find out who made my twin think HE was ME!

Elizabeth to FJ - I think it is time for you to tell Jake you have a twin. He needs to be prepared.
Jake - Dad, what are you doing here? Do you want to watch a movie with me?
FJ - No, son. Sit here I need to tell you something.
Jake - I knew it! What was he like when you were kids?
FJ - He my look like I used to look but I am your father and that will not change.
(Boy, is he in for a surprise 🙀)
Jake - I love you, Dad.
FJ - I love you, son. (The expression on FJ’s face says, I hope I’m right) 😳
Elizabeth - Jason, thank you. You did the right thing. We may have our differences but when It comes to Jake we make a really good team.
FJ - Thank you for believing in me. It means more to me than you know.

Franco watches FJ/Andrew leave Elizabeth’s house......
— MOM (11.17.17)
Hey Jen💐👏🏻👻🎃 Jason was back on GH today!

At General Hospital, Ava shows Dr. Griffin Munro a picture of how she used to look.
Ava - Griffin, turn me back to the way I used to look.
Griffin - I can’t, that formula hasn’t been approved. I could lose my license!
Ava - If I have a chance to restore my face, why wouldn’t I take it?
Griffin - What your asking me to do is highly unethical and dangerous. Why did Jason give it to you?
Ava - Jason was grateful for my help in Russia.
Griffin - He is not a doctor, Ava. You are beautiful the way you are. I’m hungry, let’s go to the Metro Court for lunch.

Sonny and Real Jason are at the Metro Court.
Jason - I need to find out who did this to me.
Sonny - It could be Faison and Dr. Albreck, she was a nut job! She did everything Faison asked her to do. She is out of town.
Jason - How are you? The business?
Sonny - Ok, I still have Pissulo’s and I was going to buy a place called Perks for Morgan.
Jason - Morgan running a business? The last time I saw him, he was a kid.
Sonny - Now he’s gone.
Jason - I hate that I wasn’t here for you and Carly.
Sonny - Looking back, HE didn’t take Morgan’s loss like you have. He wasn’t close to Morgan.
Did Carly tell you Morgan was bi-polar? I felt so guilty that I gave it to him.
Jason - I know you supported him.
Sonny - Once he was on the meds, he was great and focused. I was so proud of him until that bitch took him away.
Jason - Carly mentioned something, said we can talk about it later.
Carly enters and looks at Sonny and Jason together.
Carly - Would it be embarrassing if I burst into tears right now?
Jason - Yes, Carly.
Carly - It’s so great to see the both of you here. Sonny, I invited Oscar and his mother to Thanksgiving dinner.
Sonny - Why are you interfering with Joslyn and Oscar?
Carly - I want to meet his mother.
Sonny - Ok.
Carly -Thank you ,Sonny.
Jason - You and Sonny are good people. Carly, you sound like a mother who cares about your kid.

Jason sees 👀 Ava Jerome and walks over to talk to her.
Ava - Hi, happy to see you. Do you know my friend Griffin?
Jason - Yes, thank you for helping me at the church. I want to pay you back the money you gave me.
Carly - WHY are you talking to HER? 👿
Jason - Ava is the woman I told you about. She helped me in Russia.
Carly - She is ALSO responsible for Morgan’s DEATH!
Griffin - Carly, this is not the time or place.
Carly - Ava went into Morgan’s room and switched his meds for a placebo.
Jason, looking at Ava - Why??
Ava - He wasn’t supposed to die! I cared for Morgan but I wanted to get him away from my daughter, Kiki. I thought they would bring him to the hospital. If his parents did the right thing
this would.....
Jason - ENOUGH!!😢 Morgan was my God-child. I paid my debt to you and now we are done.

Sonny and Jason walk away.
Sonny to Jason - When you told me that Ava helped you in Russia, I was going to tell you but it was too painful for me to talk about Morgan.

Ava - This is your best day ever. You have your Jason back to fight your battles.
Carly - I fight my own battles.
Ava - I did not kill Morgan! Can you get off your pedestal for a second?
Carly - One day Griffin will look at you and not only see 👀 your ugly scars on the outside but on the inside. It won’t bring back Morgan but, it will help.
Griffin - Hey, let’s get out of here, Ava. Don’t let Carly ruin it for us.
Ava - It has, I have to go.

Carly to Sonny and Jason - That was fun. Sorry that I got into it with Ava.
Jason - I’m sorry, Carly. I need to go and clear my head.
Carly - I love you, Jason.
Jason - I love you too.
Carly to Sonny - Do you think Jason went to the bridge? He looks so lost. I wish there was a way we could help him.
Sonny - Maybe there is.

Jason goes to the bridge and is surprised to see someone he knows and says, “It is ME.”

Who do you think it is? 🤔
— MOM (11.16.17)
Hi Jen. 💐💕🙀 Today’s episode did not connect to the Jason Morgan story.

The sudsy stories are:
1) Lulu Falconeri discovers that Maxie Jones is pregnant.
2) Nina Cassadine meets Cassandra Pierce at the Metro Court for lunch.
3) Alexis visits brother Valentin Cassedine and asks for help with Julian Jerome.
4) Scott Baldwin visits his client Julian Jerome in jail.
5) Nell Benson interviews for a job at GH with Laura.
6) Nathan West gives Nurse Amy a copy of Ask Man Landers.
7) Valentin visits his lawyer Nora Buchanan in Llanview Pa.

Tomorrow we might find our what Fake Jason/Andrew will do now that EVERYONE is telling him he is NOT Jason Morgan. 👏🏻👏🏻😳🙀🤔.

Stay tuned!
— MOM (11.15.17)
Hey Jen 🌻💕😎 Hope ur having a good day. Wanted to go to the pool today but it was 73 degrees and windy. Eat 😍 lunch today. Lots of TV tonight.

Back to General Hospital......
Monica - Dr.Andre Maddox left and didn’t let me know.
Commissioner Jordan - Yes, Dr. Maddox has something to do with the Jasons. I have an APB out on him. DNA confirms they are both Jason Morgan.
Anna - Andre at the WSB was working on a procedure where you can copy one memory and put it into someone else. The WSB cancelled it because it was too dangerous.
Jordan - That is insane.
Anna - Yes, but it would explain why there are two Jason Morgans.

Real Jason dreams about when he first saw Sam at his apt, When her husband appeared he was kissing her. He entered the apt with gun in hand and shot Fake Jason dead. Sam kneels at FJ body and says, “Jason what are you doing!? I love him!” Jason wakes up and says, “What am I supposed to do?”

Sam to FJ - You never came to bed last night, where were you?
FJ - I had a lot to think about. I know I have a twin but HE will not take my life. He is coming after EVERYTHING! I love you and the kids and I won’t let him do that.
Sam - He won’t do that.
FJ (angry) - That face, he can’t prove he is Jason Morgan. I’M Jason Morgan, your husband, standing in front of you! Do you believe me? 👿
Sam (wide eyed) - Yes.😳
FJ - Carly and Sonny will take HIS side.
(Someone doth protest too much! 👎🏻👻🌻) He may go after Aurora Media. That is OUR company!
Sam - He won’t do that.
FJ - Sonny wants him to be me and he wants unwavering loyalty.
Sam- I agree, but you and he share the same DNA and family.
FJ - He is NOT my family. Look, I have an the Metro Court about hiring someone for Aurora Media. I am not sharing that bastard with my wife and kids.
Sam - Ok, see you later.
Then Sam thinks back to when she & REAL Jason were in love.💕😢

Carly visits Jason in his new apt.
Carly - I’m always hugging you. I’m so glad you’re here. 💕😍
Jason - It’s ok if you hug me, I’m glad to see you.
Carly - You’re my best friend and you mean so much to me. You took care of me. I remember you telling me to count to 10 before I do anything. I miss you all the time. We have to clear up the mess I made, it’s my fault.😥
Jason - Yes but he is my twin brother.
Carly - As much as I needed him to be you, it was never the same. i need you to know that. You have to go after her. (She is talking about Sam.)
Jason - She loves him and I can’t move against him without hurting Sam and you know I won’t do that.
Carly - You should be fighting for Sam!
Jason - I just got my name back and I’m glad to be home. Please Carly, don’t fight me on this. I had a nightmare in that I killed him and Sam said she loved him.
Carly - She may love, him but not the way she loves you.
Jason - I don’t want Sam to be caught in the middle.
Carly - Well Sam has to decide if she wants to be with you, the only real Jason Morgan, or HIM.

As Carly leaves, Monica enters Jason’s apt.
Jason - Do you want to sit down?
Monica looks at him and recognizes him immediately.
Monica - Actually, I just wanted to look at you. I am so happy to see you. 👀💕 You look well. I’m surprised that you’re not at Sonny’s house.
Jason - I wanted to be alone.
Monica - You have always been so independent. (Smile)
Jason - I know what you are dealing with.
Monica - I keep telling myself that you’re both my sons. If Alan and I knew about twins, life could have been so different.
Jason - I don’t know about him, but I love my life. I do regret one thing. I was unfair to the family, especially to you.
Monica - No, you were confused and I didn’t know what to say.
Jason - You don’t have to say anything, I know you love me. I love you too. 😢😥💕
Jason and his mother embrace.
Jason - You don’t have to worry about me.
Monica - I worry about you AND your brother. We kind of had a bond.
Jason - He is easier than me.
Monica - No, he is different. I love both of you and want you to be brothers.
Jason - That could be difficult.

FJ to Diane at Metro Court - Did you call this meeting because you know about my twin? I want you to protect Sam and me against him. We don’t want him to get anything we own.
Diane - I am resigning as your attorney.
FJ - Since when?
Diane - It is a conflict of interest. I know you are NOT Jason Morgan.
FJ - That didn’t take long. If you give any of my information to THAT guy, I will have you disbarred. Tell THAT guy to stay away from my family!
Diane - I intend to prove that he is Jason Morgan in court. 😎💐👏🏻👏🏻
FJ - You can go to hell. 👿👿

Jason enters the Metro Court.
Jason - Are you ok? He looked mad.
Diane - I like you as my client because you listen to me.
Jason - What do we have to do?
Diane - We have to prove that YOU are the only Jason Morgan. You have to proceed from a position of strength. You don’t have assets or property and we have to get it back for you. You must reclaim your name!
Jason - I won’t do anything to hurt Sam. I don’t care about assets or property.
Diane - First, we get all of it back. Then, you can give Sam everything if you want.
Jason - Ok.
Diane - We need to check all the files, starting with the year 1996.

Carly visits Sam - Is he here?
Sam - No, my husband is afraid you want to take everything from him. His family, kids, everything.
Carly - Andrew will fight for you but Jason won’t its not his nature. He will wait to see what you do. All Jason wants is for you to be happy but you won’t be happy, Sam. Andrew is a good man and you love him, but Jason is in your heart and soul. I know all this is my fault, I made you believe Andrew was Jason. The minute I saw Jason and heard his voice I knew HE was Jason Morgan. You can’t deny that when you saw him you knew too.
Sam - Carly, everything isn’t about you.
Carly - No, it’s all up to you. This is the hardest thing you will ever have to do, especially for Andrew.
When Carly leaves, Sam thinks back to a young Jason. The love of her life. 😍💕👏🏻👏🏻

It gets better every day!
— MOM (11.14.17)
I found a website called - do you know it? It has GH Spoilers! Here is one question they asked....
Who do you think is the real Jason Morgan?
Steve Burton..........72.87%
Billy Miller...............11.95%
I don’t have a clue...15.18%

I’m now more convinced than ever!

The gang is still at Sam’s house.
Carly - This can’t be right.
Commissioner Jordan - We took two tests. This isn’t what you want to hear but these two men have the SAME DNA. We ran the tests multiple times and it is an exact match.
Fake Jason (angry) - If the tests are right, we must be twins. 👿
Sam - Twins.
FJ - Did you know you had a twin?
Sonny & Carly - We know nothing about this.
Real Jason - Not until yesterday. Elizabeth told me Susan Moore had twins.
FJ - Franco told us that Susan Moore gave her baby, Andrew Frank, to Betsy. Franco said Drew died. When I went to see Betsy, she was gone. Now I know why (looking at Jason)... Drew. You fooled a few people. What con are you pulling... Drew?
Jason (stone cold stare) - The only name I know is me... Jason Morgan. 👏🏻👏🏻💕😍
Carly - Lets take the test again. Jason has plenty of finger prints at the PCPD.
Jordan - Helena Cassadine had all the finger prints erased.
FJ - What do we do now?
Sam - If we can’t get answers from Betsy, let’s do the next best thing.

Meanwhile, at Elizabeth’s house....
Elizabeth to Franco - I went to see Jason in lockup.
Franco - What was it like?
Elizabeth - Seeing him in the cell brought back 5 years.
Franco - You were in love with him, and now?
Elizabeth - I love you whether he is Jason or not. He was gone 5 years and didn’t know you changed and had a brain tumor. I think you should drop the charges.
Franco - He beat me up! And besides he is out on bail.
Elizabeth - Think about it.

There’s a knock on the door, Scotty Baldwin visits Franco. Franco pushes him outside and closes door.
Franco - Keep your voice down! I don’t want Elizabeth to hear.
Scott - You need to tell the Jasons that Susan Moore had twins.
Franco - They already know.
Scott - Then you need to tell the Jasons who the REAL Jason is.
Franco - Why should I do that?
Scott - You may think you are protecting yourself but, it will not end good for you.
Franco - I could tell them the truth. Elizabeth went to see Jason in jail and all her feelings for him came flooding back. She is still in love with him. I will lose her and I will not let that happen.

Elizabeth - Franco why didn’t you tell me your father was stopping by?
Franco - Because I didn’t know.
Scott - I heard you were in the hospital and came by to see if you were OK.

Another knock on the door
Commish Jordan (with FJ, Sam & Jason) - Good evening Franco. Do you have a minute?
Franco - No, not really. 😳
FJ - They ran a DNA test and we match.
Franco - Impossible!
Sam - We want to know if there is any part of the story that you left out.
Franco - Absolutely, there is. I didn’t believe Betsy that Andrew was dead.
Jason - So the death certificate is bogus?
Sam - Didn’t Betsy give you the death certificate?
Franco - No Dr. Maddox gave it to me. He left Port Charles.
Jordan - I will put an APB out right now.
Franco - Good luck, he could be anywhere by now.

Carly to Sonny in bar - Wow, twins! This is going to get messy. I know Sam still loves Jason. Do you think Sam feels guilty? Drew thought he was Jason. Drew will have to accept that Jason is the father of Jake and Danny. What will Jason do?
Sonny - Jason will give up everything to give Sam what she wants.

After Jordan and Company leave Elizabeth’s house - This is too much. what would Andre have to gain by saying that Andrew Frank was dead?
Andre is the only one to tell us which one is Jason.

When Elizabeth leaves, Franco burns the proof of who the real Jason is.

Sam - OK, do we believe him?
Jason - Franco is lying.
FJ - Don’t speak to my wife like that. (This guy’s world is falling apart) 🙀
Sam - Stop! The two of you are brothers and that won’t change.

— MOM (11.13.17)
To all Veterans, thank you for your service. In 1967 I was a young bride. When my husband, John, was drafted into the Army, I was scared to death. When he went to Vietnam, I couldn’t breathe. Every Veteran’s Day I give thanks that he came home.
— MOM (11.11.17)
Ok, yesterday’s GH was an 👀 eye opener. The DNA tests said Real Jason & Fake Jason were BOTH Jason Morgan. The two men have the same DNA.

Let’s examine this... if they are identical twins, they may have the same DNA. Now Jason and FJ know they are brothers. The DNA tests were only done in the name of Jason Morgan. FJ took the name Jason Morgan when his DNA matched to Jason Morgan. He didn’t know who he was.
Now, Real Jason Morgan had a ton of DNA in General Hospital because he was shot many times. He also was arrested countless times. His DNA is everywhere! So I am not surprised the DNA matched for both men.

Let’s get to the meat of the story. WHY are two men saying they’re Jason Morgan? 🤔😳

Dr. Klein was given a victim who was shot and thrown into the water. Everyone thought Jason was dead. No one looked for him. Then, Dr. K got the twin brother of the victim. He created a formula that could transfer the mental capacity of one person to another. So he transferred the mental capacity from the victim (Real Jason) to the twin (FJ). Klein new his formula wasn’t perfect but he found a Donor for his project.
Since he knelt at the alter of Science, he felt the risks were worth the consequences.

The victim, Real Jason, was held and drugged at the St. Petersburg, Russia Clinic for 5 years. The twin was held on Cassadine Island where Robin Scorpio Drake was a prisoner. He escaped with Robin and she brought the man she thought was Jason Morgan to Port Charles 2 years ago.
So we have 3 YEARS where Real Jason and the twin were manipulated by Dr. Klein.

I know some say that FJ (Billy Miller) is the Real Jason Morgan and Real Jason (Steve Burton) is actually Andrew Frank.

I say Real Jason is Jason Morgan. The writers will have many twists and turns, but let’s go with the facts........

Andrew Frank
- Susan Moore and Alan Quartermaine are his biological parents.
- Susan kept him from Alan when he was born.
- AF has a twin brother.
- He was given to Heather Weber who gave him to Betsy Frank to care of.
- Betsy also took care of Heather’s son, Franco. His father is Scott Baldwin.
- Andrew was injured by Franco at the age of 3. Betsy, fearing that Franco would kill him, brought Andrew to a foundling home and left him on the steps.
- We have a huge gap in Andrew’s life from age 3 until he shows up in Port Charles 2 years ago.

Jason Quartermaine
- When Susan Moore gave birth to her first son, Alan Q took the baby to the Quartermaine Mansion.
He and wife Monica grew the child up with his half brother A.J.
- Jason Quartermaine lived in the mansion until he was in a car accident as a teenager. Brother AJ was driving and Jason had brain damage.
- Before the accident he was studying to be a doctor. After the accident, he changed dramatically and divorced himself from the Quartermaines.
- He took his birth mother’s name and became Jason Morgan.
- From Jason’s teen years to the present day he had a brotherly relationship with Sonny Corrinthos.
- His relationship with Carly and Sam began in his twenties to the present.

When Steve Burton came back to GH, the writers has a lot of back history since the actor was on GH for over 20 years. They used flashbacks of Sonny, Carly and Sam speaking to a young Jason (Steve Burton).

When Billy Miller joined GH as Jason Morgan, the writers didn’t have any history or flashbacks to use. Characters only talked about the past.

In previous episodes, Sonny, Carly and Michael lamented that Sam’s husband was not like the old Jason. They never really got close to him. It wasn’t the same loving feeling.

Here’s why I say Steve Burton’s Real Jason is the original and ONLY Jason Morgan and Billy Miller’s Fake Jason is not.......

1) Real Jason took care of Michael as a baby. FJ doesn’t have a close relationship w/Michael.

2) Real Jason went to jail with Michael
FJ ? ?

3) Real Jason sent Sonny a note with a secret that he gave him $40 as a teenager.
FJ had no knowledge of $40 gift

4) Real Jason knew Sam when she was pregnant with Sonny’s child who died.
FJ didn’t know Sam had another daughter.

5) Sonny& Carly knew Real Jason when they saw him and heard his voice.
Carly had to tell FJ who he was

6) Real Jason is a Stone Cold enforcer for Sonny.
FJ doesn’t want anything to do with Mob.

7) Jake said Real Jason look like his father used to.
Elizabeth told Jake FJ was his father.

8) When Real Jason saw Franco, he beat him up for attacking Michael in jail
FJ had no knowledge of what happened to Michael in jail.

9) Real Jason knew of Sonny’s safe house of years ago.
FJ ???

Lastly, if the writers bring Steve Burton back and make HIM Andrew Frank, his fans will go berserk.

What do you think?
— MOM (11.12.17)
Have a safe trip💕😍💐. Enjoy yourself. Today’s GH was great! 😍

Sonny and Carly are drinking champagne to celebrate Real Jason’s return. Commish Jordan enters Sonny’s “Restaurant.”
Jordan - Celebrating? Well, it’s not over yet.
Sonny - Commissioner, what can I do for you?
Jordan - I’m not here socially. I hear you paid for Dr. Klein’s bail. Why? So help me Sonny, if this man doesn’t show up for trial...
Sonny - He’s fine. I let him go. I know that Dante had a DNA test done for Jason and Jack Doe.
Do you have the results?
Jordan - Wow, already you changed his name! Of course you want to know, but you will have to wait a little while.
Carly - Well, Jake Doe wants to know too.
Sonny - Dr. Klein spoke to the client but he told him he was on his own. The client is in Port Charles. My guy got it off the cell phone. The voice was altered.
Jordan - Do you have the phone?
Sonny - I will see if I can find it.
Jordan - Sonny, that phone is evidence and will help us solve a case. I need it ASAP.
Sonny - I will send it ASAP.
Commish Jordan leaves.
Carly - Does Jason know that the client is here in Port Charles? How is Jason?
Sonny - He’s fine.
Carly - I can’t get over that I did not know Jack Doe was not Jason.
Sonny - Carly, whatever, it still happening. It is not your fault.

Meanwhile, Fake Jason goes for a ride and winds up at the Quartermaine Crypt.
FJ - I don’t know what I’m doing. There is nothing here for me. (He puts his hand on Alan Quartermaine’s vault.)
Monica - The guards told me someone was on the property. I saw your motorcycle. It’s good to see you.
FJ - You might change your mind when I tell you what I have to say. Did HE come to see you?
Monica - No, I wouldn’t know what to say to him.
FJ - I want you to know, I never lied to you. I’m your son.
Monica - Yes, you will always be MY son.
FJ - The thing is HE might be your son too. Susan Moore gave birth to identical twins.
Monica - Are you saying Alan had another son?
FJ - Yes. I need to go, Sam is waiting for me.
Monica - I heard you say there is nothing here for you. You have a home here and ME.
When FJ leaves, Monica thinks back to when Real Jason was a teenager and said, I love you Mom.
Monica talks to herself - Oh Alan, I think we are on the verge of a miracle. I wish you were here.

Now the GOOD STUFF at Sam’s house.......
Real Jason to Sam - Can I come in? Is he here?
Sam - No, he’s not. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to stay.
A baby starts to cry
Jason - Sounds like someone’s hungry.
Sam - That would be my daughter, Scout.
Jason looks at the baby - She’s beautiful.
Sam - Her name is Emily Scout Morgan.
Jason - You named her after my sister. Thank you. You have a family and home. A little girl and Danny has a sister.
Sam - Yes, Danny loves his sister.
Jason - What matters is you have two beautiful children and you’re happy.
Sam - I have no idea how TWO men could think they’re the same person?
Jason - Well, I woke up in a clinic, I was drugged and lost time. They put me in a wheelchair and put me in front of a window and left me there. I would look out the window for hours and think of a way to escape. I wanted to get back to you and Danny. Sam, I love Danny no matter what. I just wanted you to know.
Sam - How did you get from Russia to Port Charles?
Jason - Ava Jerome helped me. She said Julian Jerome is your father.
Sam - Yes, she is my aunt. Julian and my mother met while he was in college. They figured out that he was my biological father. He was cruel to my mom and is a pig. He is in prison now.
Jason - For what he did to Alexis?
Sam - No, for a lot of crimes. He was with the Jerome Crime Family. Did you know him?
Jason - No, he was before Sonny came to town. Sam, I’m sorry.
Sam - Yes, it was really bad for her. She still loves him.
Sam sits on the couch and starts talking about her mother and herself.
Sam - You know, it is the kind of love that just is. You can’t deny it. You can’t shut it down. You have to accept the one you love can’t be in your life. 😢
Sam leaves to get Scout her bottle. Jason picks up the baby.
Jason - Hello, I was almost your father. Someday, your Mother will tell you about your big sister, Lila. Lila brought your mom and me together. She gave us a reason to fall in love, the kind of love that just is.
Then FJ comes home - Get away from my daughter or I will kill you! 👀👿
Jason - I am going to put her down and go away.
Sam returns with the bottle and says to FJ- He was only holding her while I got her bottle.
Then Sonny and Carly come to visit Sam and FJ.
Carly - Jason, what are you doing here?
FJ - He was just leaving.
Sam - NO!! We have to stop doing this.
(FJ doesn’t like this.)
Sam - WE all 5 of us have to figure out how to deal with this. What we are doing isn’t working. 😎

Next Commissioner Jordan arrives at Sam’s apt.
Jordan - Good, your’re all here. I have the results of the DNA tests.
FJ - You had my DNA tested without asking me?
Jordan - We ran TWO separate tests and this test confirms that YOU (FJ) are Jason Morgan.👻😳
YOUR test (Real Jason) confirms that you are ALSO JASON MORGAN. 👏🏻👏🏻💕😍 There are TWO men with the SAME DNA! 👀😱


At the end, Kiki takes the flash drive with Dr. Klein’s formula to General Hospital. She gives it to Drs Munro and Bench. They examine the formula and tell her that there were not enough trials to test the formula. Besides, patients may suffer from serious side effects. It all amounts to VOODOO science.

Then Ava arrives at GH looking for Kiki. Dr. Griffin Munro tells her Kiki gave him the flash drive. He says the treatment would be too dangerous, no doctor would do this
Ava - I don’t need any, doctor. I only need one .....You. .😎

What a week!!!
— MOM (11.10.17)
Hey Jen 💕 Hope your bagel was good today? Lots happened on GH today.

Fun Fact 😀 When I heard that Steve Burton was back at GH, I went on the website and read that the Jason Morgan story will affect 30 characters!

📞Phone Rings😳
Sonny to Dr. Klein - Answer that. It is for you.
Klein to client - We need to meet. I need to fill you in on some things. Where can I find you?

Sam to Fake Jason - Where have you been?
FJ - I left you a message. We NEED to talk about security for Danny.
Sam - Why?
FJ - Because..... There is a man in town who may try to take Danny!
Sam - Jason, HE saved my life!
FJ (very anxious) - WHY are you not concerned!?👀 Sonny and Carly think he is me and I’m starting to believe that YOU do too. 😱

Back to Dr. Klein, covering his voice on phone - I need to update you with everything that happened with Patient 6.
Voice - No, you’re on your own.
Dr. Klein - Wait! Wait!
(I think I know who the client is. No, it’s not Valentin Cassindine.)
Sonny to Jason - What should we do with him? He drugged you and held you hostage.👎🏻

Back at Sam’s.....
Sam to FJ - I’m a little bit confused. It brings up mixed feelings for me.
FJ - I know, I don’t want to make this harder for you. Do you think I’m Scout and Danny’s father? 🤔
Sam - Yes, you are their father, believe me.
FJ - No, you want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, I don’t! 👿
Sam - Where did you go today?
FJ - I went to see Betsy Frank.
Sam - Betsy Frank! You went to see Franco’s mother? What did she say?
FJ - Well, she wasn’t there. Neighbors said she cleaned the place out and left.
Sam - I wonder what she is running away from?
FJ - Have you talked to Sonny and Carly?
Sam - No, have you?
FJ - I haven’t talked to them since this whole thing started.

Back at Sonny’s.....
Sonny to Real Jason - I will let you decide what you want to do with the Dr.
Dr. Klein - I know you can kill me, Jason. Is there anything I can do to help you? 😢
Jason - Maybe. There is something you can do. I want to help the woman who helped me escape from the clinic, Ava Jerome.
Klein - Ava Jerome?
Jason - I want you to fix her face.
Klein - I can’t. I don’t have the equipment.
Jason - How much is your life worth to you?
Klein - Tell Ava Jerome to go back to Russia and I will fix her face.
Jason - This is NOT a negation! Give me the formula and I will decide what I will do with it. 👏🏻👏🏻
Klein - If I put it on a flash drive, will you let me go?
Jason nods and Klein says - It is done, don’t worry it’s everything.
Klein gives Jason the formula.
Jason to Sonny - I got what I want, you can decide what to do with him. He leaves.
Sonny - Let’s see if I have a use for you. 😱

Ava and Kiki find a package at her door.
Ava - What is this?
She opens package to find a note which says, “In case you want this, JM.”
Ava - This note has Dr. Klein’s name on it. He is the Dr. Who treated me.
Kiki - This is a formula.
Ava - Do you understand it?
Kiki - Mom, I think this is Dr. Klein’s notes on how to treat your burn scars.💐

Jason always remembers his friends.😍

FJ - I love you so much. Before this FRAUD showed up, we had a wonderful life.. Has anything changed?
Sam - Yes, we still have a future and we still are us.
FJ - When you dropped off Danny at the Quartermaine’s, did they say anything about THAT guy?
Sam - No one said anything.
FJ - How about Danny? Did he say anything about meeting that guy in the hospital?
(FJ is imploding !👻 He is full of doubt about who he is.)
Sam - Yes, he asked about my friend and wanted to know how he knew my brother and why he was gone so long. Don’t worry, it’s going to be ok.
FJ - You were blindsided but, YOU should have handled it differently. 😳
Sam - WHAT do you mean?
FJ (with desperation in his voice) - Carly and Sonny think HE is ME. That guy with MY face is dangerous and I’m the only one who sees it. 👿
(Yes FJ is paranoid and losing it fast! 😎)
Sam - I think someone set us up, but I don’t think HE set us up.
FJ - Based on WHAT? What if Andrew Moore’s death certificate is a fraud? What if this guy was sent to infiltrate my life?
Sam - You need to relax!
FJ - Relax is not one of my virtues.
Sam - Go for a ride and clear your head.
FJ - Do you want to go with me?
Sam - I would love to but Scout is sleeping.

While FJ is gone real Jason goes to see Sam. Sam opens the door and.........

Sonny to Dr. Klein - My men did a thorough job tracing the call on your phone. You should get out as soon as you can. We did not get the exact location but your client is in Port Charles. 😱

What a day! Cliffhanger Friday tomorrow!
— MOM (11.9.17)
Hey Jen 💐😍💕👻 How r u today? Hope your presentation goes well. 🌻

GH went back to Jason today!
Sonny calls Carly - Did you talk to Diane? Can you get her to get the charges dropped?
Carly - I will call you after I speak to her.

At the jail....
Real Jason to Dr Klein - Who paid you to keep me in the clinic?
Dr Klein - You can’t find my client.
Jason - Yes I can, and you’re going to help me.

Sonny to Michael - Diane will get Jason out of prison. Have you visited him yet?
Michael - No, Why is he in jail? Do you really think that he is Jason?
Sonny - Yes I do. Jason saw Franco and beat the hell out of him. Look, someone took Jason away and put Sam’s husband in his place. Jason would love to see you.
Michael - If this man really is Jason, what can I say to him? He is like another father to me, a brother. How will I tell him I didn’t know that Sam’s husband wasn’t HIM?
Sonny - You don’t have to say anything, he understands.

Back at jail...
Guard to Dr. Klein - You can leave, you made bail.
Dr. Klein to Jason - All that matters is that I’m free and your not.

Carly to Jason - We have got to stop meeting like this. Diane is working to get you out.
Jason - I’m not claiming insanity. Franco raped Michael and I wanted to beat him up.
Carly - Look, let’s just concentrate on getting you out of here.
Jason - How is Sam? Don’t put pressure on her, she is dealing with a lot.
Carly - Sam and I are friends, really friends. Losing you almost killed Sam, that is how much she loves you. It brought us together in our grief. Sonny will pay the bail to get you out.
Jason - It will be expensive.
Carly (smiling) - Money well spent for our dear friend. I bought you all new clothes!
Jason - You didn’t have to do that.
Carly - I told the guards to throw away your old clothes. Besides, I love to buying clothes for you. I bought you all your favorite things. You’ll see. 😍💕👏🏻👏🏻

Sonny paid Dr. Klein’s bail and has his bodyguards bring him to the house.
Dr. Klein - What am I doing here? 😳
Sonny - Who paid you to drug and keep my friend in the clinic? 😎 Tell me what you know!
Dr. Klein- Mr. Carrinthos, you are a very powerful man. I only did what I was told to do. Imagine if you paid me to keep a man sedated, would YOU want me to tell someone? 😱
Sonny -Who gave you the order?!?
Dr. Klein - I don’t know my client’s name. We only talked on the phone.
Sonny - This phone is a burner, untraceable phone. We will wait for the call to come in and hear your Master’s voice.
Dr. Klein - Mr. Corrinthos, please let me go. If I could leave Port Charles, I can help other people like Miss Jerome.
Sonny - Miss Jerome? You didn’t finish the job. Why don’t we ask my friend if you deserve to go?

And here he is.........
Jason enters dressed all in black with his signature Black Leather Jacket. WOW 👏🏻👏🏻💕😍

Jason - Dr. Klein, I told you I had friends. I won’t forget that you drugged me and kept me in shackles at the clinic or that you threw Sam in the water but, all I want is a name.
Dr. Klein - I don’t have a name!
Sonny - Why would we believe that?
Dr. Klein - I would tell you, but I don’t know.

Just then, the phone rings 👀😱👻

Cliffhanger for tomorrow!
— MOM (11.8.17)
Well, today’s stories were about......
1) Synthetic Opioid Epidemic
2) Julian Jerome got beat up in Prison
3) Ask Man Landers (awful)

I have decided to stick to the Jason Morgan story. If a character becomes part of his story I will let you know.

One interesting part today was when Scott Baldwin told Alexis that her ex-husband Julian (Sam’s father) was beat up in jail. So Alexis goes to Pentonville Prison to see him. Julian won’t talk about who beat him up. Alexis tells him she knows he sold his Publishing Co to: Sam’s husband.
Alexis - He may not be Jason Morgan, your daughter’s husband.
Julian - What are you saying?
Alexis - Someone kidnapped Sam at the launch party. A different person who says he is Jason Morgan found her and saved her from drowning.
Julian - If she finds out the man she is living with is not her husband... what did she say to you?
Alexis - I can’t say any more. Sam would not want me talking to you about her.

Just so you know, here is some back history of Julian and Alexis.

Julian Jerome was an Organized Crime Kingpin. He is an enemy of Sonny Corrinthos. While Julian was married to Alexis (who is also Sonny’s ex), he told her that his life of crime was over and his Publishing Co. was a legal business. Alexis found out that he lied and never left the Mob. He also killed someone and made it look like Alexis had a part in the murder. Alexis lost her law license, divorced him and became an Alcoholic! Sam blames her father for mother’s downfall.

I hope Jason comes back tomorrow.
— MOM (11.7.17)
Hey Jen🌻💕👻 How r u doing? Another good GH today. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. 😎
Franco on a cell phone - Elizabeth, where are you?
Elizabeth goes to PCPD to see the man in jail.
Real Jason - Elizabeth, hi.
Elizabeth - It’s great to see you again. Is this even possible?
Jason - It’s ME. It’s Jason.

Fake Jason to Sam - I never gave any thought to how this was affecting you with this IMPOSTER.
Sam - You are my husband. You are the man I love. We built a life together with Danny and Scout.
FJ - Yes, but, I need to hear you say the words. I need to hear you say you are positive that I AM Jason Morgan. Sonny and Carly don’t think I am and it hurts. It’s bad enough. I need to know that man in jail is NOT Danny’s father. Tell me that PLEASE. (I think that even FJ is doubting himself!) 🤔
Before Sam can answer, FJ gets a cell call from Curtis the PI he hired.
While FJ is on the phone, Sam remembers seeing Real Jason in the hospital. She heard his voice and looked into his eyes and said, “It IS you.”
FJ to Sam - I asked Curtis to look into Franco.
Curtis faxes FJ a drawing of Jason Morgan by Franco.
Sam - Where did this drawing come from?
FJ - Franco drew it. Look this is a death certificate of Andrew Moore. That is my birth mother’s name.
Sam - The date on the death certificate is YOUR birthday!

BINGO!!! 👏🏻👏🏻We now know that FJ IS Andrew Moore/Frank. Franco’s little friend. 👻😎💕👀👏🏻

Meanwhile at jail.....
Elizabeth to Real Jason - So it’s true, Jake DID see you in the park. He said you smiled at him.
Jason - He is beautiful, like nothing happened to him.
Elizabeth - Are you getting out soon?
Jason - Diane wants me to plead insanity, but I won’t do that. I meant to beat Franco up.
Elizabeth - If you really are Jason, you have to understand a lot has changed in 5 years. Yes, including Franco.
Jason - Yes, Carly told me.
Elizabeth - You don’t know him. You should see the way he is now.
Jason - All I know it that HE hurt Sam and raped Michael in jail.
Elizabeth - Franco had a medical condition, after it was removed he changed. Franco has helped Jake. For a while he was the only one who could reach Jake through art and drawing. Franco is so wonderful with all my boys. Does that change anything for you?
Jason - NO. Is that what you came here to tell me?
Elizabeth - No, there is something you and Sam’s husband need to know. Heather Weber lied about you and Franco being brothers. Susan Moore had twins and didn’t want the Quartermaines to know.
Jason - So you think that Sam’s husband is my twin brother?
Elizabeth - Franco did not want me to tell you this, but I lied to (Fake) Jason in the past. I am telling you the truth. YOU have a twin brother. You know, I almost married Sam’s husband, but I didn’t.
Jason - Is it because deep down, you knew he wasn’t ME?
Elizabeth - When Nicholas told me that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan, I believed it. I still do.
Jason - Well how do you explain me?
Elizabeth - I don’t know, HE is Jason. (Yeah right) 👎🏻

Diane Miller to Franco- An innocent man is in jail. You need to get him out, he has been gone for 5 years. He didn’t know about your tumor. You need to drop the charges.
Franco - NO! He should rot in jail. He IS dangerous.
Diane - I know you, you’re working yourself up to something when you’re backed into a corner. Look, I defended you once, but if I have to I WILL drag your ugly past into court to save MY client. Don’t think I won’t! 👿 You have my number...

FJ and Sam enter Franco’s office at GH. FJ grabs Franco.
FJ - What do you know?? Start talking!
Franco - The guy who has your old face is in jail.
FJ -Andrew Moore, who is he?
Franco - Andrew Moore and you are twin brothers. Susan Moore hid that she had twins from Alan Quartermaine. She was afraid that he would take both babies. I didn’t know the truth until recently. My mother Betsy Frank told me Andrew has a heart condition. You saw the death certificate.
FJ - How do you know he is dead?
Franco - Betsy told me this.
FJ - The picture that Jake says looks like me, show it to me!!
Franco - That is me and my imaginary friend. You should be happy that the man in jail is not your brother.
FJ is now sick and leaves with the picture.
Franco - Hey, that is my picture! You can’t keep it!
Sam - Franco, I think you have more to worry about than a picture. That man in jail WILL kill you.
Franco - Does your husband know that you think the man in jail IS Jason Morgan.
Sam - THAT is none of your business. I will have a front row seat when HE dismantles YOU!!
(Tell him Sam. 😎👏🏻💕 SHE KNOWS!!)
Franco says to himself - I can’t let Elizabeth know that as a child I wanted to kill Andrew. That all the evil things I did was my natural DNA. I can’t tell her all I know about the TWO Jasons. I have keep telling Sam’s husband that Andrew is dead. (He knows the death certificate is a phony.)

FJ to Sam - This is crazy, I find out that I had a twin brother and he is dead.
Sam - We will get to the truth Jason, I have your back. (I think that Sam knows this Jason is not as strong as real Jason and she wants to help him find out who he is.)

What do you think about today’s episode? 🤔
— MOM (11.6.17)
A lot happened this week. I thought you needed a recap 👀 ....

Let’s list all the people who know that Patient 6/Real Jason is Jason Morgan.
1 - Sonny
2 - Carly
3 - Ava Jerome
4 - Dr. Griffin Munro
5 - Diane Miller the lawyer
6 - Dante
7 - Epiphany the nurse
8 - Scotty Weber
9 - Elizabeth
10 - Franco
11 - Alexis (Sam’s mother)

People who think he is Jason Morgan from a picture.
1 - Curtis
2 - Commissioner Jordan
3 - Jake, Jason’s son

People who have drugged and held Jason captive.
1 - Dr. Klein
2 - Valentin Cassadine
3 - Cassandra (maybe)

People who say Jason is a fraud or imposter.
1 - Faux Jason
2 - Sam Morgan
3 - Monica Quartermaine

Do you agree?
— MOM (11.4.17)
U have a Dentist appt. this weekend.🙀UGH!! Remember when u were young and had a Dentist appt, I would take you to the toy store💕💐 to ease the pain? Give yourself a treat this weekend🌻💐💅🏻👜👠💄

Ok, GH Update....
Diane the lawyer is talking about Real Jason - He has no ID so they are calling him John Doe.
Sonny - So you don’t believe that he is Jason?
Diane - I know that you and Carly believe he is. I think you’re being played.
Sonny - When you meet with him, you will see. The guy who bought Julian’s business is not Jason. The guy in jail IS Jason. Call me when you know he’s Jason.

At the Police Station
Curtis (PI) to Jordan - I have only seen pictures of Jason Morgan but, damn he is a dead ringer!
Scotty Baldwin - Does someone need my services?
Jordan - Well he is Diane Miller’s client. Why, do you want him?
Scotty - Does he have a name?
Jordan - Says he’s Jason Morgan.
Scott looks into the interrogation room and recognizes Jason.
Scotty - NO, I have a full case load. (He leaves.)

At the hospital
Elizabeth cleans blood from Franco’s face
Elizabeth - Oh my God. It all makes sense. That guy looks like old Jason. YOU knew more that you told me. You said your Mother was LYING.
Franco - All the stories Mom told me were true. Jason has a twin brother and I know what happened to him.
Elizabeth - Ok, if Jason and Drew are twins it is not our secret to keep.
Franco - No a friend helped me find this death certificate for Andrew Moore, who died as a child. I was looking under Andrew Frank, that’s why I couldn’t find him.
Elizabeth - We owe Sam and (FJ) Jason as much information we can give to help them find out what is going on. I kept a lot of info from Jason in the past. We MUST tell him what we know!

Alexis and FJ enter Sam’s room at the hospital
Sam - Where is Danny?
FJ - He is ok, I took him to the Quartermaine’s.
FJ to Alexis - A man is in town who looks like I used to look. He is at the PCPD now.
Alexis - I am thankful to whoever he is. Sam, he saved your life.
FJ leaves and says - I’m going to talk to Epiphany and get you out of here.
Alexis - So, what do you think about the guy that saved your life? What do you remember?
Sam - I remember being thrown into the water and it was cold. Next thing I remember, I’m on the docks and its cold. I could feel his hands on me and then I heard his voice. I was his face.
Alexis - This guy says he is Jason. What do you think?
Sam - I believe that he believes he is telling the truth.
Alexis- If this man’s story is true and he really is Jason, where does that leave you and your husband?? 😳
Sam in DENIAL - I love my husband and he loves me and the children. We spent 2 years building a life together.
Wow, even her Mother thinks he could be real Jason.👀🤔
FJ comes back in - Come on Sam, you can go home now.

Back in Jail
Jason in a cell to Dr. Klein - We finally have a chance to talk. How long was I at the clinic in St. Petersburg? Who brought me there? Who paid you to drug me and keep me there?
Klein - I only spoke to him on the phone.
Jason - You threw Sam in the water, you almost killed her!
Klein - That was the only way I could get away from you. i knew I couldn’t overpower you. I knew you would save her.

Sonny sees Ava at the Metro Court
Ava - Sonny, what do you want?
Sonny - I want to ask you about Jason. So you met Jason in Russia?
Ava - I met PATIENT6.
Sonny - Who was the Dr. in the Clinic?
Ava - Dr. Klein
Sonny - Are you sure?
Griffin - Look Sonny, Ava put herself in danger to help Patient 6.
Griffin - I’m no longer a priest so I can’t talk to you anymore. (Griffin Munro was a Priest and a Dr)
Sonny - You gave up being a Priest for HER?

Diane arrives at PCPD and goes to Jason’s cell
Diane recognizes Jason Morgan right away - MY MY! 😎
Jason - Hello Diane.
Diane - I feel silly, it really is you. Great to see you again!
Jason - So you don’t think I’m a fraud?
Diane - I always had my doubts about the other guy He had gaps in his story that no one could fill. Sonny and Carly loved you and wanted him to be you. You’re the one and only Jason Morgan. No doubt in my mind. Let get you out of here.
Jason - How?
Diane - You claim insanity.
Jason - NO way. Franco raped Michael in prison. I want you to get a message to Sonny.

Sonny to Diane- How is Jason?
Diane - For the first time I can remember, he refused my suggestion. I told him to plead insanity.
Sonny - He won’t go for that.
Diane - Jason says Dr. Klein is being arraigned, if you want answers follow him.

FJ asks Curtis to investigate that fraud Jason (which is really REAL Jason!)
FJ - He has ALL the people who are close to me believing HE is Jason Morgan!
Curtis - Even Sam?
FJ - No, not Sam.
Curtis - I will help you because I’m not sure you can look at this thing objectively. But I don’t know where to begin?
FJ - Talk to Franco he has a pic of two boys he painted. That’s all I got. I reached out to you because I trust you.
Curtis - I’m sorry people don’t believe you, I got your back, friend.
Curtis goes to Franco’s office at GH and finds a copy of a death certificate for Andrew Moore.

Monica sees Elizabeth at GH while she is signing out so she can be released from hospital.
Elizabeth - Didn’t they tell you that a man who looks just like Jason Morgan attacked Franco the way old Jason would if he didn’t know Franco had a brain tumor? He is now in jail.
Monica - Are you saying HE is my SON? I have been developing a relationship with my Jason for the past 2 years. We are close now. I have MY son.

Scott to Franco - I saw that guy in jail, he is a dead ringer for Jason Morgan. What is going on?
Franco - Jason has a twin brother. When I was a kid I pushed Andrew down the stairs and almost killed him.
Scott - You heard this from Betsy that there are two Jason’s?
Franco - No, a friend told me.
Scott - Did this guy tell you which Jason is which?
Franco - There are 2 people who think they are Jason Morgan. Do you think I want TWO Jasons who hate me in this world?
Scott - You must tell real Jason who he is.
Franco - I can’t tell Elizabeth that I was a monster when I was a kid. I wanted to kill Andrew. Dad you must keep quiet.
Scott - Ok, I will but this will not end good for you.

FJ to Sam - How are you holding up?
Sam - Good
FJ - I don’t know what I would do if I lost your love.
WHOA Is this guy unhinged! 👀🤔
FJ - Carly and Sonny think he is Jason. I am trying to figure out who I am. We will figure this thing out. Who is this FRAUD and STRANGER? I AM your husband! 👿 (He is mad.)

Guard to Prisoner - Yo mister man, you have another visitor.
Jason looks up to see Elizabeth who recognizes him.
Jason - Yes Elizabeth, It’s ME.

Great episode 👏🏻👏🏻💕💕😍👀💐
— MOM (11.3.17)
GH was action packed today!
Dr. Klein meets Valentin Cassadine at the waterfront.
Dr. Klein- You were ignoring my messages. Help me get out of Port Charles. The cops are after me!!
Valentin puts a phone to his ear.
Valentin - I have a friend that needs help only you can provide.
Dr. Klein - Don’t you wish we could turn the clock back?
Just then, the Port Charles Police arrive to take Klein away.
Dr. Klein - You betrayed me! I’ll get you for this!
Valentine - You put my wife in danger.

Dr. Andre Maddox visits Anna to tell her he is leaving Port Charles.
Anna - I have always wondered why you left the WSB to have a desk job at General Hospital?
Dr. Maddox- I enjoyed the time I spent there working with patients.
Anna - Tell me what is wrong, I can help you.
Dr. Maddox - A choice I made before I came to Port Charles caught up with me. I hoped that one day it would be my legacy, now it is my curse.
Maddox leaves Anna and goes to the waterfront. There he puts all his research in a garbage can and burns it!

At the hospital, Real Jason enters Sam’s room. He sits at her side and holds her hand.
Sam - I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m losing my mind.
Jason - It’s ok.
Sam - This doesn’t make any sense.
Jason - I don’t know what is going on but I want you to know you’re not crazy. It’s me, Jason.
Then her son, Danny, comes into Sam’s room.
Danny - Who are you?
Jason - You’re Danny, right? I’m a friend of your mom’s and I knew your uncle who you are named after. (Faux Jason doesn’t know Sam’s brother.)
Danny - How come I’ve never seen you? Mom why are you crying?
Sam - Come here, Danny.
Danny to Jason - Pick me up!
As Jason picks up Danny FJ comes into the room.
FJ - Take your hands off MY son! Get out, you don’t belong here!
Danny - Did I do something wrong? Mommy said he was her friend.
Carly enters and take Danny out of the room.
FJ - I don’t know who you are, but if you come near my wife and kids I will have you arrested!
Jason - I don’t know what happened either. This I know: I am Jason Morgan.

I am disappointed with Sam’s reaction. When is she going to realize this is Jason? The love of her life!

Jason - I can’t remember what happened the last 5 years...
FJ - I don’t want to HEAR that. My wife doesn’t want to hear that.
Sam, holding FJ hand, looks at Real Jason.
Sam - Danny is Jason’s son.
Carly returns to the room.
FJ - Carly, call security and get him out of here.
Carly - I can’t do that. I told him to see Sam.
FJ - Carly, What the HELL are you doing?
Carly - You’re not Jason, HE is!
Nurse Epiphany enters the room and sees Jason, who she recognizes. Jason nods yes.
Nurse - Are you the one making all this noise? You know better. This is a hospital! You need to leave.
Carly and Jason leave.
Nurse to FJ - You too.
To Sam she says - This is such a shock! Do you want me to get the Doctor?
Sam - No, I have a lot to think about.

Outside the room
Carly - I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.
Jason - Stop, I’m glad you made me do this. I met Danny and found out that he is my son.

Then Jason sees Franco near the elevator. He runs to him and beats the cr$p out if him! Punch after punch. .Carly screams “JASON STOP” as Elizabeth looks on in horror. Nurse calls security and they handcuff Jason.

Jason looks at Carly - WHY is he still alive??👿👿
Jason breaks loose and stars beating on Franco again. Security takes Jason and elevator doors close.
Carly - It’s not his fault, Franco attacked his wife and nephew.
FJ watches this and says to Carly - I wouldn’t know who I am if YOU didn’t tell me. If HE is Jason Morgan, WHO in God’s name an I??😳😱
Carly - I wish I knew?! 🤔

At the police station
Jason - Call Diane.
Carly - Franco is free because of Diane.
Jason - WHAT!
Carly - He had a brain tumor and we thought he was your brother. Diane proved he did bad things because of the tumor. So he wasn’t responsible. I almost married Franco but Sonny stopped it.
Jason - OMG. It makes me sick to think that you were with Franco!
Jason sees 👀 Dr. Klein (the one who drugged him at the clinic) in the police station.
Jason - Carly, call Diane. Tell her not to work too hard to get me out of here. Not yet.
Carly - What are you going to do?
Jason - I think Sam’s husband was right about one thing. This was a setup.

Elizabeth - Franco, that man looks like Jason. You knew that Jason Morgan had a twin and you lied to me!
Franco - Yes, Jason has a twin brother.

FJ enters Sam’s room and she is sleeping on her side.
FJ - I don’t know what is happening, but I am your husband and we will work it out.
Sam opens her eyes and the expression on her face says, I don’t know about that.......

What a day!
— MOM (11.2.17)
Today is Nov.1st.😎 Only 22 more days ‘till Thanksgiving Day🦃. We will cook together😍💕💕and make some delicious food.

Ok, I hope you can follow me today because I am a little confused about the episode.

Dante at the Police Station...
Michael - You had a busy night. Dad says the man who is here is Jason.
Dante - Sorry, Michael, he’s been released.
Michael - Well, the guy who came back 3 years ago, the new Jason, never felt like Jason to me.

Sam wakes up and sees TWO Jasons!
Fake Jason - Sam, it’s ok I’m here. What do you remember?
Sam - When you pulled me out of the water, I saw your old face.
FJ - Sam, I didn’t pull you out of the water.
Sam - I saw you.
FJ - Sam, you didn’t see me, there is a man who pulled you out of the water.
Sam - This is real, I actually saw him! Who does he say that he is?
FJ - HE says that he is ME.
Sam - Did he take me to Sonny’s house?
FJ - Yes, he wouldn’t put you down until Sonny said it was ok. Carly and Sonny believe he is me. Sonny called him Jason. It’s like they have a secret handshake. I love you, we are going to get through this. Everything will be ok.

Real Jason enters Sonny’s house.
Carly - I can’t believe its you, you’re here with me. There’s so much I want to say to you. I’m so relieved and happy to see you. I messed up very bad and convinced that guy he was YOU. I had a DNA test and it said it was you. Spinelli’s facial test said it was you. I turned him into YOU. I should have known, as time went on, he became less like you. He wanted to leave Sonny and start a BUSINESS. He wasn’t you. He was there when I needed him but he was performing a duty. That love wasn’t there.
Jason - Stop beating yourself up.
Carly - If a girl looked like me, would you believe it was me?
Jason - No.
Carly - Why?
Jason - Because there is only ONE Carly.
Carly - When I saw you with Sam, I knew it was you! You came home to us. Where have you been?
Jason - I don’t know, I woke up in a Clinic. A patient (Ava) helped me escape. I got on a freighter and saw a newspaper. It said 2017. I realized I LOST 5 years of my life.
Carly - Five years, I can’t imagine what that feels like.
Jason - I was in shock but it could have been worse. I’m sorry about Morgan. I went to his grave. He was just a kid.
Carly - He wasn’t a kid, he grew up in 5 years. He was Bi-Polar. There were a lot of dark days.
Jason - So what happened?
What will Jason do when he finds out that the patient (Ava) who helped to escaped from the clinic in Russia is responsible for Morgan’s death?
Carly - You have to get to the hospital to see Sam.
Jason - I don’t want to push myself on Sam. Does he love her? Is he good to her?
Carly - Yes but Sam loves YOU and you love her. She deserves to know that you are alive.

Carly and Jason go to General Hospital.
Carly - Do you trust me?
Jason - Yes.
Carly - Go in there, Sam wants to see you.
Sam - I was right, it is you.
Jason - Yes, it’s me.

Then Franco goes into Dr. Maddox office at GH.
Franco - Tell me what is going on? Elizabeth goes to a party and is shot. Monica says there are TWO Jasons. You gave a phony death certificate for Andrew. I didn’t hurt Andrew. People know how DANGEROUS I can be. Tell me, does all this have something to do with Andrew?
Dr. Maddox - Yes, Andrew is alive.
Franco - So my mother didn’t lie to me. YOU lied to me.
Dr.Maddox - ALRIGHT!! I demolished a person’s life. I meddled with his MIND. Now two men think they are the same person. I discovered a computer with memory matter. I discovered a way to take the memory of one man and put it in another. With financing five years ago, I was presented with a victim who was rescued from the water in Port Charles. I didn’t know who the subject was, only that he had an identical twin. I copied one twin’s memory and transferred it to the other.
Franco - So you were playing GOD? Jason and Andrew don’t know which is which!
Dr. Maddox - As far as they know, they both think they are Jason. 😳👀

Holy Moly, he sounds like a Mad Scientist🙀👿👹

Franco - Who is who? Which is which? Who is Jason and who is Andrew?? Is the guy that I was with for the past two years Jason or is the guy that hates my guts Jason?? Who is Jason? YOU must know!!
Dr. Maddox leaves - I sent a document to the printer, it tells you everything you need to know. Maybe you can undo the damage I have done.
Franco takes the paper from the printer.
Franco - OH MY GOD !! 😱😳

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Great Show!!
— Mom (11.1.17)
Today’s GH update.....
Real Jason enters Sonny’s house with Sam
Real Jason - Sam was kidnapped.
Faux Jason - Look, I don’t know what is going on but YOU put my wife down now!
If Real Jason’s look could kill, Faux Jason would be dead.
Jason - The gunman threw Sam into the water, I got her out and gave her CPR. She came to and then passed out again.
Faux Jason - If you don’t put my wife down I will kill you.
Sonny - He isn’t going to hurt her.
Real Jason puts Sam down on the couch.
FJ - Sam open your eyes! Hey, we have to get her to a hospital.
Real Jason - No, you can’t it’s too dangerous. They will go to the hospital.
FJ - I want an ambulance NOW. Sonny, keep this guy away from Sam.
Sonny - You don’t understand what is going on.

Just then, Commissioner Jordan comes into the room.
Bodyguard - Sorry Sonny, she has a warrant.
Commish - Will someone tell me what I am looking at right now?
Sonny - What are you doing here? What is the warrant for?
Commish - I saw the tape footage of the party and saw that you came with another person.
FJ - Well you can arrest him now.
Sonny and Carly - NO!! You don’t want to do that.
FJ - Sonny, WHAT are you doing!?
Jason goes with the Commissioner to the police station.

FJ doesn’t have a clue. Didn’t he see what his face was supposed to look like before his facial surgery?
FJ to an unconscious Sam - I don’t know what is going on but it’s just you and me. All else is just noise.
Carly has tears in her eyes while Sonny wants to strangle FJ. His hatred for him is growing.

Meanwhile, Nina and Valentin are on the waterfront dock waiting for the launch. They hear someone call for help. It’s the gunman who was shot by Jason. Dante arrives and arrests him and takes him to General Hospital.

Dr’s Klein and Maddox are in a panic! All they wanted was to do research on Patient6 (use Jason like a human guinea pig). Now it is ALL blowing up in their faces. Dr. Maddox says I am out. Dr. Klein calls the mastermind of this mess. Who do you think it is? Valentin Cassadine.

Back at the hospital...
Dr. Park - Sam can you hear me?
Sam - He was here. I saw him.
Dr. Park- Who?? Your husband is here outside waiting for you.
FJ, Sonny and Dante are all outside of Sam’s room.
FJ to Sonny - All I know is we were at a party and then someone takes my wife.
Sonny - Yes. but Jas (doesn’t finish his name) saved her.
Could it be that FJ knows who the guy who fell from the skylight IS??
FJ goes into Sam’s room.
FJ - I don’t know what is going on but I’m Jason, I’m YOUR Jason.
Dante wants Sonny to confirm who that guy is.
Sonny - He is Jason Morgan.

Back at the police station...
Commish to Jason - You’re not under arrest, I just want to ask you a few questions.
Jason - I have nothing to say without my lawyer.
Carly enters the interrogation room.
Carly - Don’t say a word to this woman. Diane is on her way.
Commish - Carly, what are you doing here?
Carly - You can arrest me, there is no way I am leaving this man.
Commish - Last time I checked, Carly, you are not a lawyer.
Carly - He is not talking.
Commish - Come on, let’s get rid of her and we can talk.
Jason - Like I told you, I have nothing to say without my Lawyer.
Commish - Carly, you’re forcing me. I just wanted to know his name and WHO he is? So now I will have to get his fingerprints.
Carly - You don’t have to do that. He is JASON MORGAN!!
Fade to black👍💕😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wow. Eat lunch and lots of TV tonight. Menendez Case and Below Deck. Talk tonight. 😎
— MOM (10.31.17)
WOW🏍💕👏🏻👏🏻 another exciting day!
Back at Sonny’s house......
Carly - I did what you asked, I waited until we got home. Who was that guy?
Sonny - He’s Jason.
Carly - What are you saying? Jason took Elizabeth to the hospital.
Sonny - The guy that you saw for the past 2 yrs. is NOT Jason. The guy that you saw drop from the skylight IS Jason, our brother, the godfather of our kids. I swear it’s true.

Meanwhile, Jason jumps into the water to rescue Sam. He locates her in the water but her feet are entangled in vines.

Monica tell Faux Jason that the gunman took Sam. She says the guy who came through the skylight was not with the gunman. He wanted to rescue Sam.
FJ - Enough! I’m going to find my wife.

Back to Sonny’s...
Sonny - You saw him, Carly.
Carly - What, 5 seconds tops?
Sonny - It was Jason, I spent a few hours with him this afternoon.
Carly - I can’t believe it.
Sonny - Carly, all you have to do is look at his face.
Carly - So tell me what happened.
Sonny tells her what happened at the safe house. That he saw Jason and recognized him but said nothing. He had a gun on Jason and Jason had a gun on him and...Carly jumps up.
Carly - That’s your proof! Jason would NEVER pull a gun on you.

At the dock, Jason rescues Sam and performs CPR on her. Sam regains consciousness.
Sam looking at REAL Jason - You’re here!
Jason - I got you Sam.
Sam - How did you find me?
Jason - I just did.

Carly - Sonny, we have been through a lot. Your judgement may be confused.
Sonny - I know my best friend, Carly.

Back at GH, Monica tells Elizabeth, who is groggy from medication, that a man came through the skylight at the Metro Court.
Monica - If I didn’t know better I would say the man was Jason, but Jason was here with you in the hospital.
Elizabeth is so confused - Oh Monica, how could Jason be there if he was here with me?
Monica - Well, the only answer is there are TWO JASONS.

Back to Sonny’s.
Carly - We have DNA, fingerprints, Spinelli’s program which recreated his face.
Sonny - No way to convince you?

Then Dante shows FJ a tape of what happened when the man came through the skylight. As FJ looks at it Dante looks at him in a strange way.
FJ Goes to Sonny’s house to confront him.
FJ - Sonny do you want to tell me, What The Hell Is Going On!! The 4th guy who came through the skylight, he came with you. I saw the tape.
Sonny looks at Carly and then looks at FJ with a sneer on his face.
Sonny - Oh, he is one of my bodyguards.
FJ - Well I want to talk to him, who is he?
Sonny doesn’t answer.
FJ is now very angry - Sonny, I love you but you better tell me where my wife is!

Just then the door to Sonny’s terrace blows open and there is REAL Jason with an unconscious Sam in his arms.
Jason look directly at Carly and she knows it’s him.
Faux Jason looks in disbelief.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.😍😎👍👍
— MOM (10.30.17)
Today’s episode tells you why GH fans love Steve Burton. 😍💕 He brings so much action and excitement to every scene. Steve left GH 5 years ago. He comes back and can easily step into character as Jason Morgan. This guy is the best thing that happened to Soap Operas!!

Sonny - Why did you leave the Quartermaines?
Jason - They wanted to control me and make all my decisions for me.
Sonny - Isn’t that what you’re doing to Sam?
Jason - She has a husband.
Sonny - You HAVE to tell her you’re alive. Her husband thinks he is Jason. He probably has a whole life he doesn’t know about.

At the Metro Court launch party, a gunman tells Dante to drop his gun or someone will die. In the commotion Elizabeth is shot. Gunman grabs Sam and tells her to get all cellphones. As she collects phones, she throws one at gunman and Faux Jason tackles him and knocks him out. He drops his gun. Meanwhile, Carly sends a 911 email to Sonny. Carly picks up a gun and the gunman overpowers her. Gunman tells Dante to stay where you are or I will kill her! Sonny and Jason go to the Metro Court. Sonny enters the party, gun drawn. Real Jason makes it to the roof and watches through the glass skylight.

Sonny - Drop your gun! You have my wife, if you hurt her I will kill you. Drop it NOW.

Gunman drops gun and Dante arrests him. Fake Jason takes Elizabeth to the hospital. Real Jason sees a third gunman grab Sam and inject her and walks her to the exit. Jason breaks through the glass skylight and just like BATMAN 👏🏻👏🏻 He flies down to the floor with his gun drawn at the man holding Sam!! Everyone sees 👀 who he is. Are their eyes 😳 deceiving them? Gunman runs with Sam and Jason follows. Carly sees someone who looks like Jason and is in SHOCK. Dante, not believing his eyes, follows Jason. Police ask Monica what she saw, did she recognize the guy? She says NO (it couldn’t be).

Dante - Sonny, who was that guy? I know who he looks like. You’re the only one who was not surprised?
Sonny - You have to find Sam.

At the hospital, Dr. Griffin tells FJ and Franco that Elizabeth will be OK. It is just a flesh wound.
Franco - How does she get shot at a Launch Party...Jason? Is this your fault?
Faux Jason - Gunman came in and Elizabeth got shot.
Franco - I’m leaving to see Elizabeth.
FJ - Thank you Dr. Griffin for saving Elizabeth but what were you doing at the party?

The gunman takes Sam to the waterfront and meets Dr. Klein.
Dr. Klein - Good now we can smoke out Patient 6.
All of a sudden Jason appears.
Jason - Let go of her. You have ONE chance to live. Let go of her and walk away! Do it or you die.

One gunman moves and is shot dead. Dr. Klein drops Sam in the water and runs.
Jason dives into the water to save Sam.
WOW!! 👏🏻👏🏻👍😍💕
— MOM (10.27.17)
It was another great day in Port Charles!
Real Jason - Thank you for believing in me.
Sonny - I just can’t believe it. When Carly sees 👀 you she is going to lose her mind that Jason, OUR Jason, is alive.
Jason - I saw Elizabeth in the park and a boy about 10 years old. He called her Mom. Who was that boy?
Sonny - That was your son, Jake.
(Jason steps back and tears up!)
Jason - My son, Jake?? I saw him in the hospital and he was brain dead.
Sonny - No, Helana Cassadine kept him on Cassadine Island to screw around with Luke.
(Jason has no words.)
Sonny - I need a drink. Jason, no matter what happens or how hard it gets, I’m glad you’re alive. Welcome Home Buddy!
Jason - What do you know about Sam’s husband? Why did you think he was me?
Sonny - I didn’t like him at first . But we has a DNA test and Robin helped him escape from Cassadine Island so we thought he was you.
Jason - Robin is alive too?
Sonny - Yes, she is married and has a little boy and is very happy now. Coming back wasn’t easy and it won’t be easy for you either.
Jason - Is it possible that Sam’s husband was in on it all the time? That he was working with Helena Cassadine?
Sonny - No, he didn’t want to be you and did everything to distance himself. He thinks I want him still in the business. I don’t. He wants out.
Jason - He doesn’t know you.
Sonny - No not like you do. I have to tell Carly.
Jason - Not yet.
Sonny - You must tell Sam you’re alive.
Jason - I just can’t drop that on her, she has a husband.
Jason - No, people are after me. She could be in danger.

Meanwhile at the Metro Court, everyone is so happy that Fake Jason is in a legit business now. He and Sam tell the guests that the new name of this enterprise is AURORA MEDIA. Ava and Griffin notice that two of the servers look like the men they saw in Russia looking for Patient 6. They alert Dante and he tells Faux Jason. Gun drawn, Dante makes his approach. The men take out their guns and yell, “EVERYONE GET DOWN!!” 🙀😿
— MOM (10.26.17)
Today is the day I’ve been waiting for since I heard that Steve Burton was returning to General Hospital! It went like this......
Real Jason - It’s Jason.
Sonny - Well, someone has been saying HE is Jason for the last 2 years.
Jason - Come on Sonny, It ‘s ME.
Sonny - I don’t know why I’m holding a gun on you because if you really are Jason you can shoot my head off before I pull the trigger.
Jason - I saw you at the bridge and didn’t kill you.
Sonny - So explain to me where have you been!! Five years is a lot of time.
Jason - I woke up in a Clinic in Russia. I don’t know if it was 5 years, they kept me drugged. It felt like 3 months.
Sonny - Did you send me the note?
Jason - Yes, I gave it to the woman I met in the Clinic.
Sonny - Ava Jerome?
Jason - Yes, she helped me escape.
Sonny - Who put you there?
Jason - I don’t know but I had a lot of help to escape. Father Stanislov, a Greek priest, got me passage on a freighter bound for NYC. Klein, the Dr. who drugged me, and his thugs followed me to NYC. I got away from them but now they are in Port Charles.
Sonny - Why didn’t you come to me?
Jason - I went to your house but heard that you weren’t there. Then I did a stupid thing and went to see Sam. I got into the apt. and as I looked around it felt like only hours had passed, like I was coming back from a job with Max. I got overwhelmed and went on the terrace. Sam arrived and so did a man. I thought he was her husband. They were talking about their wedding and I realized she thought he was ME!!
Sonny - DNA tests prove he IS Jason Morgan!
Jason - Sonny, I’M JASON MORGAN!! Come on, you’re my brother, my best friend. You know me, don’ t you? (He has TEARS in his eyes now!) I went to work for you in 1996. You taught me everything I know. I would never betray you. I don’t want anything to do with a Publishing Company. I was shot in the back and fell in the water.
Sonny - (Puts his gun down.) STOP, I know it’s you, Jason.
They embrace. Fade to black!
WOW, what a great day! 👏🏻👏🏻💕🎉👍👍
— MOM (10.25.17)
Todays GH is a 10 👏🏻👏🏻. Franco drew a picture that he is hiding from Ava. When he turns his back she looks at the drawing. It is Jason Morgan, the original version 😳🤔. When Franco leaves, Ava takes the drawing. Next, Jake tells Dr. Maddox (bad guy) that he saw a man that looks like his Dad 😎. Dr. M tells Elizabeth not to worry, then he tells Patient6 captor that once they connect a few more dots, they will know everything 😤. I just love a puzzle 🤓! Sonny🤑 shows Carly💃 the note and tells her it mentions that 20 years ago he gave Jason $40 💵 so he could get away from the Quartermaines. He needs to meet the person who sent the note. Jason goes to Sonny’s Safe House. Sonny gets a call that someone broke in. Sonny, with gun in hand, enters the house and yells out “You want to see me? Well here I am.” Jason, with his gun drawn, calls Sonny. Sonny sees 👀 Jason and says, “Who The Hell Are You❓😳 🙀” This is soo great!! Sonny🤑and REAL Jason 🏍 finally meet.😍👏🏻👏🏻👍👍
— MOM (10.25.17)
A lot happened today. Faux Jason tells Sonny🤑 that the stranger at the bridge was after him. Sonny disagrees and says he could have hit me, he had a perfect shot 🔫. Then, FJ thinks that the phones of Sonny, Sam & Carly 👪are tapped by the Feds because they think that FJ purchased a Publishing Co. as a front for the mob. Boy is he wrong. Then 🎭 Franco wants to know if he should tell Elizabeth that Jason’s brother Andrew is alive? To his surprise the Doctor tells him not to say a word! Later, Jake tells his Mom that when they were in the park on the day he won the 🎃 contest, he saw a man that looked like Dad before he had his surgeries. 🙀 He said he smiled at me and made me feel safe. Concerned, Elizabeth takes Jake to see the Psychiatrist at General Hospital. Then the men who have been after Patient6, REAL Jason Morgan, arrive in Port Charles and decide to kidnap a loved one of Jason’s to smoke him out.👿 Two of the men get jobs as servers at the Metro Court for the party🎉🎈🍾. The main man calls the person he is getting orders from and who do u think it is❓It’s the Psychiatrist at General Hospital⁉️ Crazy! 😳
— MOM (10.23.17)
Today real Jason goes to the bridge where Sonny and Robin scattered Stone’s ashes. He hides out of sight and sees Sonny approach the bridge with Faux Jason. All of a sudden he feels a gun in his back and turns to find Sonny’s bodyguard. Real Jason knocks him out as the gun goes off. He takes the gun and leaves. Sonny and Faux Jason hear the shot and FJ goes to check it out. He finds Sonny’s bodyguard who wonders why this stranger didn’t kill him. No emojis today because I don’t have it in me. How many times will the Imposter interfere?
— MOM (10.20.17)
Real Jason sees his son Jake in the park with Elizabeth. Jake won a 🎃 contest. Imposter Jason comes along 👿. Real Jason watched him hug his son and wonders who is this person who is living my life 🤔?? Ava gives Sonny 🤑 the note from Real Jason. The note asks Sonny to meet him at the place where they scattered Stone’s ashes. Sonny knows that only he, Robin and Jason know about this. So he 📞calls Faux Jason to come to house. The Imposter tells him that he did not send a note and this could be a setup from his enemies! Real Jason goes to the bridge to wait for Sonny. Will Sonny, his dear friend who he loves like family, show up? What will Sonny say when he sees 👀 that Jason is alive? I can’t wait to see what happens!! 👏🏻👏🏻💕😎 Got my flu shot 💉 today. Hope u get yours too.
— Mom (10.19.17)
Real Jason 🏍 asks Ava to show 🔎 him picture of Jason Morgan. When he 👀 picture he recognizes the man who was kissing Sam at the apt. She tells him that Fake Jason was shot by Caesar Faison and fell into 🚿 water at the pier. Helena Cassadine rescued him and kept he prisoner. He escaped and was on way to Port Charles when he was hit by 🚘car. Badly injured, he had facial reconstruction. For 2yrs he did not know who he was. Carly 💋💃helped Faux Jason remember who he is. Ava tells Real Jason she has a 💁daughter with Sonny Corrinthos. Real Jason says they are friends and asks her to give Sonny a note. Ava tells Jason that Sonny 😡 hates her but he convinces Ava to meet with Sonny 🤑 and give him the note. The plot thickens. 👏🏻👏🏻🙄📺
— Mom (10.18.17)
Jason still sees Sam. What will Sam do when she sees Jason? Will she faint or maybe she will run to him 💕👟👟 and say I knew you would come back to me? OH NO Faux Jason enters the room and Real Jason sees this stranger kiss his wife. He listens as they tell eachother how much they’re in love. So sad 😢 to see the expression on Real Jason’s face. He also hears that Morgan, his namesake, is dead. 😢😥 Jason goes to the cemetery to Morgan’s grave site and meets Ava Jerome. He thanks her for helping him escape from Russian hospital. She invites him to stay with her. At the apt Ava gets a phone call 📞 about the sale of her brother’s publishing company. She tells Real Jason that Fake Jason Morgan bought the company. The look on Jason’s face is priceless. 😳
— MOM (10.17.17)
More GH. Real Jason makes it to Port Charles and to his apt with Sam. Sam leaves the Metro Court where she is with Fake Jason, Carly and Sonny to get a permission slip for Jake. She enters the apt and Jason see her 👀 through the glass door to balcony. Fade to black. 📺
— MOM (10.16.17)
Fake Jason - Billy Miller - tells Sam he bought a Publishing Co. And wont work with Sonny any more. Fake Jason says he still has the motorcycle and black jacket. HAHA Ha 👎🏻👎🏻 If he thinks these accessories make a Jason he is NOT Jason. The real Jason - Steve Burton - is a force of nature without a motorcycle and black jacket. He is strong, mysterious, lethal, silent, loyal to Sonny, righteous and a protector of Sam, Carly and Michael. He may not know he has 2 sons. I love this character, he makes the show. Jason, Steve Burton, is a one of a kind soap character.
No one can play Jason but Steve Burton. PS Eat. 🍔🍟
— Mom (10.16.17)
GH was quite good today. Jason is going home. 😎💕Have fun tonight at the Cuban Restaurant. 👯👯
— MOM (09.29.17)
Hooray 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉 Jason got out of chair and beat up 4 men. The fifth stuck him with a needle full of meds and he fell down 😪 Now he is chained to bed. The phone # he wrote was for Sonny. Franco finds out Jason had a twin brother named Andrew. He had a heart condition and “died” at the age of 3. Sonny gets phone call from Russia and wonders who is calling me? 😬When the Dr hears Sonny at the other end of line, he turns to Jason and asks “Who are you”? Good stuff today.
— MOM (09.25.17)
Hope u have a good day? Saw GH, Jason on for 10min. Got the impression they are going with the twin story. Time will tell. Eat lunch . 🍰🍟🍔 Talk☎️ tonight.
— Mom (09.22.17)
Well Jason got about 5min today. Ava Jerome is the key to his story line. I guess each day he will get more face time.😬 Eat🍤🍰🍗 lunch today and we will 📞tonight.
— Mom (09.21.17)
How r u and did u eat lunch?🍗🍟🍕 Well GH is on for 17min and no Jason. People watch to see him not stale story lines that were not working. Hope it gets better. Talk tonight 📞💕
— Mom (09.20.17)

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