The Challenge



"Ketchup is legitimately my biggest fear."
-- Jemmye, Rivals II

Remember when this show used to be called Real World/Road Rules Challenge?  Since this reality competition began in 1998, there have been over 300 contestants (including the teams from Final Reckoning, airing right now) and they've visited over 20 countries. 

I think host TJ Lavin delights in watching these competitors suffer, and I delight in watching him mock the quitters. 

Each season has a mix of veterans, rookies and double-crossers facing off in an exotic location for big bucks. The challenges look impossible and disgusting, but my fave is when everyone is suspended in the air answering trivia questions.  Hilarious.  My fave players have big personalities, are challenge beasts, and are probably busy drinking (or smooching) when they aren't killing each other.

Here are the best of the badasses...


MY dirty (two) dozen

Note: AYTO = Are You The One?, C = Challenge, RR = Road Rules, RW = Real World

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