Big Brother



"Who flipped?"
-- Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, BB20

Man, I love this show!

It follows a group of 16 strangers, called Houseguests, for three months. They live in a house with zero outside contact or information — totally isolated — and fight each week for power or safety to avoid eviction. It’s like a modern day Lord of the Flies. Minus the murder.

I think season 20 really broke the mold, I’ve never enjoyed a season and a cast so much, and I’m not sure I will again. But in 21 seasons, over 700 episodes have aired (since it’s on 3x a week), and if that wasn’t enough, 90 cameras and 114 microphones pick up ALL the action and broadcast them 24/7 via live feeds. Big Brother is most definitely watching.

I’ve watched at least 10 of the regular seasons that have aired, plus the 2 celeb seasons. I didn’t watch Over the Top, which was only online, but whatever. In every season, the personalities that get cast are awesomely extreme, the competitions are exciting to watch, the punishments are pretty funny and all the scheming in between is so great to witness. But you know what I tune in for?

Showmances & alliances. Oh, and Julie Chen’s outfits, too.

(Note: I can actually do without the showmances — and the majority of the cast — in season 21. They are just gross. If you watch, you know.)

Anyway, a showmance is a romance that blossoms during the show. What else is there to do when you’re locked up for 100 days? And I have a whole new respect for those that take it slow because they realize they’re on TV. Many couples fizzle when the cameras stop rolling, but some actually last! And an alliance is a pact made between Houseguests that they’ll work together in the game and vote the same, not put each other up for eviction, or vote each other out. No one can play BB solo. The better your alliance, the closer you get to the $500K grand prize.

But it turns out, you can win the game without actually winning the game… four of these couples are still together (and I’m pretty sure Zankie is still friends). Those are better odds than The Bachelor!


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