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The Women Tell All

"The fact that she's talking about aliens on the first date does raise a few red flags for me."
-- Chris Soules

I'll be honest, I love this show.  It's not guilty, it's just pleasure.  The Bachelor.  The Bachelorette.  Bachelor Pad.  Bachelor in Paradise.  Bachelor Live.  Winter Games. 

Yes, please. I. Love. Them. All. 

And I've watched since the very beginning in 2002 from cringey Alex Michel (who, incidentally, is MIA -- even Chris Harrison doesn't know where that guy is) to dreamy Ben Higgins (my all-time fave), and beyond.  In 20+ seasons of The Bachelor & 15+ of The Bachelorette, the cast may change, but there are some things you can always count on: There will be tears, there will be trouble, and there will be true love (kinda).  And each episode will be the MOST dramatic one EVER.

As a tribute to a show I love to love, I've created these bingo cards.  They work no matter which season is airing -- you can even print them!  Please accept the center rose as a free spot so you can start this journey on the right foot, then mark off each phrase or event as it happens during the show.  And by all means, if you prefer your bingo with a little booze, have a drink too (because you KNOW the contestants will). 

So, invite a few friends from Bachelor Nation over, and play along!  



Bingo Card #1

If you live for the swirl of drama when someone is ambushed by an ex, has a skeptical family member on a hometown date, or is victim to a senseless medical emergency, this card is for you!

Bingo Card #2

If you can't wait for the moment when someone is thrown under the bus, is bitter about being asked on a group date, or is not there for the right reasons, this card is for you!

Bingo Card #3

If you swoon for dates with private fireworks displays, when there is an awkward slow dance at a concert for two, or where there is kissing at the dinner table, this card is for you!

Bingo Card #4

If your heart melts when someone reads a poem, gives a homemade gift, or talks about how much they deserve love, this card is for you!


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