Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


To Josh, With Love

"I'm so confused! I mean, I've barely been sleeping or eating. Except for this sandwich, that was delicious."
-- Rebecca Bunch

Who says it's crazy for a Yale and Harvard-educated lawyer to leave NYC and move to West Covina, CA to stalk her childhood boyfriend? Not me! The show's star and creator, Rachel Bloom, is super talented, but the best thing about this nutty show is the songs. 

So let's play a lyrics game -- just fill in the blanks (answers at the bottom)...


Crazy Karaoke


Song #8 (season 3)

I watched you have sex with Anna
While I was hiding in a bathroom stall
I also watched you have sex
During a poop attack on Thanksgiving
I now associate toilets with __________
Welcome to the hell I'm living


Song #7 (season 2)

We’re Jerry Springer, not Casablanca
There’s "hard to get," then there’s neglect
To say it’s fate, you’d have to be a bit slow
Not to be crass, but this sucked ass
This was a ____ ____


Song #6 (season 2)

Hairs! Nailies! Sparkle magic horse!
Makeover, it's a makey makeover
It's a makey lakey wakey fakey bakey cakey rakey nakey
I had a _____. I had a _____.


Song #5 (season 2)

I banged you here. I nailed you there.
And on this couch. And on this chair.
In the doorway...
The hallway...
On every stair...
We ______ ____ ___ all over this house.


Song #4 (season 2)

He gives me ____ _______
Each little crumb another tasty clue
____ _______
'Cause if you read between the lines he's sayin' I love you


Song #3 (season 1)

Let me break down what I just said
Each of my double D's has the volume of a ________ ____
Not bitchin' 'bout my boobies, they look super fly in shirts
But if I swung them in your face, you'd be like,
"Oh my God, that hurts!"


Song #2 (season 1)

Baby, you can kiss all your childhood traumas goodbye
You’re never gonna miss all that stress you’ve been keeping inside
All your psychological problems
Girl, we’re gonna solve them
‘Cause we’re not just a boy band made up of four Joshes
We’re also a team of _________ ______ ______ _____________


Song #1 (season 1)

In my soul I feel a fire
'Cause I am heading for the pride of the inland empire.
My life's about to change -- oh my gosh!
'Cause I'm hopelessly, desperately in love with...
____ ______!


ANSWERS: #8: heartbreak. #7: shit show. #6: stroke. #5: tapped that ass. #4: love kernels. #3: toddler's head. #2: licensed mental health professionals. #1: West Covina.

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