The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race

"I'm sorry to say, you have 'bean' eliminated from the race."
-- Phil Keoghan


I first started watching The Amazing Race years ago when I was working for Travelocity.  They were a sponsor of this exotic trip around the world, and we had just launched the Roaming Gnome.  From the first episode, I was hooked.  It's fun to go along on the adventure, but not have to get stinky. And I adore host, Phil Keoghan.

Now in its 30th season, I love seeing the team dynamics and the skills it takes to win the million dollars.  I have also noticed a pattern in the challenges over time.  

I would be truly horrible on TAR, but here's a little checklist to see if YOU might be up to the challenge:


The Amazing Checklist

Before applying, you should possess at least 7 of the following skills:

☑️ 1. Know How to Drive Stick - You will be driving, and it won't be in America. So get comfy with a five speed and know your clutch from your brake.

☑️ 2. Not Afraid of Heights - Zip lining, bungee jumping, rock climbing and/or rappelling off the side of a skyscraper are bound to be in the mix. No vertigo allowed.

☑️ 3. Not Afraid of Water - Similarly, you'll be diving, rowing, swimming, or wading through swamps. Water is your friend.

☑️ 4. Can Swallow Gross Things - Check your sensitive gag reflex in your luggage because you'll be asked to eat and/or drink something disgusting at least once.

☑️ 5. Know How to Dance & Follow Choreography - No doubt you will be wearing a costume doing a local dance. Practice some fancy footwork.

☑️ 6. Can Speak a Second Language - Poor taxi communication will land you in last place. At least know some Spanish, bonus points for Mandarin.

☑️ 7. Can Hustle in a Footrace - Whether it's to the ticket counter for the last seat on the first flight, or to the finish line, count on a good sprint.

☑️ 8. Have a Solid Memory - Study the order of countries, and their flags, capitals, and challenges. A memory comp always ends the race.

☑️ 9. Have a Good Sense of Navigation - Pick the wrong direction and you're toast. Listen to the ladies on this one, they're usually right.

☑️ 10. Pay Attention to Details - At least once, you'll be asked to assemble something based on a model.  If you want that next clue, every detail counts.

☑️ 11. Can Carry Heavy Objects Long Distances - Prepare to be a sweaty human mule. These are generally team comps so you both better hit the gym.

☑️ 12. Can Fly Under the Radar - You want to be good, not great. Always keep a bigger threat ahead of you until the last few legs. Let THEM get U-Turned.


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