Bust Out the
Shoulder Pads

"You can sleep in the master bedroom tonight. I'm having it disinfected tomorrow."
-- Blake Carrington


I'm watching the Dynasty remake because I've seen the original from start to finish at least twice.  The wealth.  The cat fights.  The shoulder pads.  Yes, yes and yes, please!

In the reboot, I love that each episode gets its name from a line in the original series. So I thought it would be fun to see how the new and old casts stack up...


Then & Now


Blake Carrington

In the face off between John Forsythe & Grant Show... new Blake -- Grant Show -- wins! 

He's way cuter than that old goat.


Krystal/Cristal Carrington

In the face off between Linda Evans and Nathalie Kelley... old Krystle -- Linda Evans -- wins!

She was always had Blake wrapped around her pinky.


Fallon Carrington

In the face off between Pamela Sue Martin and Elizabeth Gilles... new Fallon -- Elizabeth Gilles -- wins!

Her lines are the BEST, she is quickly becoming my fave Carrington.


Jeff Colby

In the face off between John James and Sam Adegoke... old Jeff -- John James -- wins!

Sure new Jeff is cute, but I prefer my Jeff Colbys to be good looking and dumb.

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